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Simon Moore YouTube Video Link – “Gang Stalking Can Be Defeated!!”

Explains how gang-stalking can be easily stopped by fighting back with God’s Scripture and prayer and praise songs.

Simon Moore YouTube Video Link – “Gang Stalking Why Most People Will Not Defeat It”

Explaining why so many people cannot stop gang-stalking, because they do not fight it spiritually with God’s Word the Bible verses and prayer, and they think the battle is physical.

Zeph Daniel YouTube Video Link – How All Real Christians Are Gang Stalked

Real follower of Christ talking about how all churches are owned and run by the Illuminati Satanists.

Zeph Daniel YouTube Video Link – “Witchcraft Explained ~ Zeph Daniel”

Explains how witchcraft is behind the gang-stalking, and how the fallen angels and their aliens are orchestrating the gang-stalking using the non-believer humans.

Sid Roth YouTube Video Link – Alien Hybrids in the Vatican Catholic Church:

The pope and other Catholic leaders are getting ready to welcome their alien extraterrestrial fallen angels to create the one-world religion with all the pagan religions (Mystery Babylon religion or Satanism that has continued from the ancient times of Nimrod) with signs and wonders of alien technology to deceive the world into worshipping aliens and the Anti-Christ of the devil, as the Bible prophesies. The Catholic church will be at the center of this one-world religion, for they are the underground Church of Satan that disguises itself as Christianity. There are said to be about 5% of the world’s population that has genetics of snake eyes, or fallen angel’s Nephilim alien reptilian hybrid genes. There is a cloning and mixing of genes of fallen angels and humans going on in our world right now, just like in Noah’s flood’s times, as the Bible prophesied. There are hybrid reptilian Nephilims walking amongst our society ruling the politics, financial institutions, intelligence agencies, militaries, educational institutions, churches, secret societies, laboratories, Mystery Babylon religion of Satan (Islam, Freemason, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Winess, American native spiritualism, eastern mysticism, Wiccan witches, druids, pagan Germanic norse Nazi Aryan occultism, Roscicrucianism, Esoterism, Templar Knights, emperor Shintoism, Korean shamanism, African voodoo, etc., etc., etc.), etc. The world is ripe for judgment and wrath of God, just like in Noah’s times when Noah’s family was the only pure, original genetic human left on earth.

Steve Quayle YouTube Video Link – Alien Demonic Spiritual Being Coming Deception:

Korean & Native American shaman ancestors were Nephilim giants who ate human children as live satanic sacrifice in feminist Molech rituals. Noah’s flood’s times’ Satan’s feminists took witchcraft potions to lure fallen angels to sexual intercourse to mix their genes with reptilian fallen angels or demons. Their reptilian descendents roam the earth, who cannot be saved. These non-human creatures gang stalk me and try to shoot me with Electromagnetic Pulse weapons to persecute God’s prophets and apostles. God calls them “bastards” or hybrids with their evil Nephilim ancestors’ violent characters that used to rip humans apart and eat them. They are creating half animal half human clones, just like in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and just like in Noah’s Atlantean civilization. The Judaist laws allow for this genetic manipulation.

Steve Quayle Video Link – Disarmament Plan of the Western Illuminati:

The Western Illuminati is already training their U.S. and world’s military and law enforcement agencies to carpet bomb whole states and cities in the United States to eliminate populations as part of their depopulation plans to exterminate 95% of the world’s population. This includes men, women, pregnant women and infants. They already have algorithms of grading of how dangerous you are to their coming Anti-Christ’s regime. On the top of the list are gun owners. They will go from house to house and massacre the highest risk individuals, and confiscate the guns of those with lower risk individuals. It will be a cruelty beyond explanation. They are training Illuminati demon-possessed lower level members (1% to 2% of the U.S.’s population) who can immediately take over the positions of those in law enforcement and military jobs, who will refuse to carry out the mass executions of most of the world’s populations and leave their jobs. The FEMA camps will be mass genocide concentration camps for the Western Illuminati. They need to confiscate all private gun owners in order to start their one-world government dictatorship New World Order that will be controlled by Satan’s Anti-Christ. They will have the religious Christian pastors to call all their church members to report to the prison camps, and secretly slaughter them. They are already poisoning the food and groceries you buy in the supermarket. The occupying peace-keeping NATO and UN military forces will kill and slaughter all military and police officers who try to protect the populace.

Steve Quayle Video Link – Western Illuminati Plans for Mass Genocide of 95% of World’s Population Underway

The Western Illuminati Satanist cabal is planning to unleash their designed biological diseases throughout the world, and inject vaccines with biochips into each person, just like the Bible warned about the damned people receiving the Mark of the Beast 666. If you refuse to have it, they will imprison you in their FEMA camps. They are bringing foreign troops into the United States for urban war and arresting U.S. citizens. The Western Illuminati are going to unleash their weather weapons to create droughts to create huge starvations of the world’s population, so they are preparing for warfare with the people and martial law. They will crash the world market and cash to create the riot, so that they can institute their martial law to kill the starving people. These Nephilim bloodline Illuminati creatures hate humans and want to kill off every single human from the earth, and replace them with their genetically manipulated monsters or cyborgs or chimeras: Satan hates humans that God created, and wants to alter them into super human half-animal monsters. These Korean Illuminati spies come into the Japanese churches to spy on you. These tens of thousands of foreign troops entering into the U.S. are sent all over the U.S. to spy on law enforcement personnel who may show signs of disapproving with the Illuminati martial law massacre of their fellow citizens. The Tribulation Saints who will be left behind at the rapture will face terrible times of persecution. They do not have the Holy Spirit, and they will be slaughtered by the Anti-Christ and these human hybrid Illuminati. All the government agencies are making lists of these Tribulation Saints and church rosters and private personal information.

Steve Quayle YouTube Video Links – Half-Animal Half-Human Genetically Manipulated Chimeras / Transgenics & Transvestites Developments Already Underway by Illuminati Luciferians

These Western Illuminati scientists of the governments are tampering with human genomes, and the genome project was not to decipher the human genome, but had more sinister objectives. They invaded Iraq to get to Gilgamesh’s tomb to take DNAs from the Nephilim giant, in order to clone the Nephilim giant’s body, so that the demon spirits can reenter their bodies, and be resurrected during the End Times. The Illuminati had mummified a lot of the bodies, so that a few thousand years later, the Illuminati could clone and resurrect their gods or the most evil creatures. Chimeras or half-human half-animal genetically mixed monsters you see in the Book of Enoch and on Egyptian hieroglyphs are being recreated by the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist world rulers. They have massive underground secret bases. The Illuminati are also going to Satan’s feminist and homosexual agenda just like in the evil days of Noah, where they are making genetically altered creatures in transgenics and transvestites. They are just waiting for God’s wrath and judgment to fall on the earth, just like in the days of Noah’s flood, which was a feminist homosexual culture and civilization of satanized creatures. It is happening all over, again. The Illuminati are opening up stargate trans-dimensional portals to demonic spirits, just like the Bible prophesies that evil spirits will come out of the abyss to go throughout the world to spread Satan’s deception in the End-Times. These so-called “Bible Answer Men” religious leaders mock and ridicule us; and these evil carnal religious Christians beat and throw God’s prophets out of their homes, so God will throw them into the Tribulation.

Alex Jones YouTube Video Link – Full Show How Turkey May Have Started World War 3

Benjamin Fulford YouTube Video Link – Western Illuminati versus Eastern Illuminati War for Survival:

Western Satanist Illuminati cabal versus Eastern Illuminati Alliance (Russian Gnostic Illuminati & Chinese Japanese Green White Dragon Society & Western White Hats Faction) War for Survival

Benjamin Fulford YouTube Video Link – Western Illuminati Mission to Genocide 95% of the Earth’s Population:

Western Illuminati Cabal is destroying Eastern Illuminati cities with earthquake tidal waves using stolen nuclear weapons under the sea and HAARP weather disaster weapons, as well as scientifically developed SARS bird influenza biological weapons to kill Asians with Asian genes, as well as hiring Chinese and Japanese paid rioters to intentionally trying to start World War 3 between China and Japan to make colored skin people kill each other, so that they can make their Western Illuminati fake utopia New World Order Five Hundred Million Elite Survivor Aryan race society.

Tim Refat YouTube Video Link – Barack Obama: The Chosen Pharaoh part 1 of 4

 The Western Illuminati New Roman Empire New World Order Criminal Organization headed by the Illuminati Rothchild family is trying to create a drone populace by eliminating the alpha leaders of society through taking out the father’s from the family by using the feminist movement and women’s liberation movement, so that biologically speaking, the child grows up with a drone mind-controllable dumb-down brain. Feminism and abortion are a key to the reptilian Nephilim hybrid descendent witches or reptilian feminists of the Rothchild’s plan to make the drone society of stupid mass human followers who obey mindlessly, and eliminate all the alpha leaders who think and act by themselves. The Illuminati uses microwaves, HAARP, mobile phones to destroy the genes of the alpha leaders of society by damaging their morphagenetic fields. The Rothchilds are trying to create a Pharaoh dictatorship Homeland Security police state world government by using Barack Obama who can cancel out the good points of both the Caucasian, Negroid and Arab populations using the pharaoh’s technology. Anyone who cannot be controlled are gang-stalked and attacked by electromagnetic weapons, in order to kill. The MI6 and CIA are occult assassin organizations. Obama is the key to bringing the world under this neo-Stalin system of Ashkenazi Edomite control. Stalin was like Hitler, a Zionist Satanist Edomite of the Illuminati. The Illuminati uses their female reptilian Nephilim people and the worst scums of society to push forward their feminist movement (though some hold high offices, they are the most ungodly of people from God’s holiness). This is why the hundreds and hundreds of feminist women who gang-stalk me and shoot EMP weapons at me all day and tried to kill my family do not look human, but they look like reptilian, cold-blooded murderers (the witches and wizards are descendents of the Nephilim reptilian race) who would not hesitate to kill human fetuses and conduct live Molech child sacrifices because of their hatred toward humans, and they behave like criminal female gangsters or convicts. These feminists are the most foul and vile reptilian Nephilim  witch creatures that have walked upon this earth, because Hitler, Stalin, Caesar, Count Dracula (Count Dragon the reptilian of Romania) are nothing compared to the feminists who have genocide millions and millions and millions of humans (homo-sapiens). They are mass serial killers who have tried to murder all of God’s people and those who oppose the Illuminati feminist movement and abortion and reptilian Nephilim witches’ goal to genocide exterminate the human race. The mass murder of the feminist Satanist witch religion has continued for thousands of years, and they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire for what they have done. They are the greatest enemy of the human race who carry the human genes.

Directions on How to Change Back Satan’s Post-1960s 440 Hertz Pitch Music Back to God’s Original 432 Hertz Pitch Music

Free Download of Audacity Software to Revert Satan’s 440 Hertz Music Back to God’s Solfeggio 432 Hertz Pitch

Illuminati’s CERN Hadron Collider or Gates of Hell Opening To Let Demons Into Our Realm in These End Times as Prophesied by God in the Bible

Ken Rohla – How to neutralize homo-capensis nephilim government chem. trail and radiation poisoning to genocide the human homo-sapiens population

Ken Rohla – How to stay healthy amidst the Illuminati government’s poisoning of the human population to kill off all humans so that Satan can replace humans with cyborgs

Online stores where you can buy coral to put in your water bottle drinking water in order to protect yourself from the dangerous homo-capensis reptilian hybrid Illuminati chem trail poisons and radiation

How feminism is a fake movement run by the Luciferian Satanist reptilian hybrid Illuminati Grand Mother Council of supreme witches for thousands of years in a matriarchal female dominated society behind-the-scenes, while they sacrificed millions of girls in their Satanist live child sacrifices or abortion, and killed millions of women for thousands of years for their self gain, and how Satan and his fallen angels and their Illuminati witches’ run feminism is a reptilian homo-capensis run deception to genocide the human homo-sapiens race and destroy God’s society