Discussion Entry: February 20, 2012

We are moving quickly toward God’s Ezekiel 38 prophecy Middle East nuclear war, as Iran’s president rushes to build nuclear weapons to attack Israel in order to create a nuclear war and world chaos, since he believes he has been called by Allah (ancient Arab pagan moon god or Satan) to usher in the prophesied 7-year Muslim Messiah or Mahdi (cursed 7-year Anti-Christ) who is prophesied in Muslim prophecy to appear amidst chaos in the world to lead the Muslim people to world domination. All of God’s biblical prophecies of the End-Times are coming true at breakneck speed all at once, so we need to be ready to be raptured out of this world at any time, when our Lord Jesus Christ comes to take His children out to heaven, before the great and terrible judgment and wrath of God upon the earth during the last 7-year Tribulation Age of human history (70th Week of Daniel). God said in His Bible to look up when all of these things start happening, for our redemption is close. Nay, He is right at the door!