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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. It is good that there are fellow human homo-sapiens specie allies who are exposing the enemy, but there is a big problem. The very few people who are exposing the enemy are exposing only the Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant globalist elites or their various Illuminati sub-branch CIA or Islam or NSA or feminists or environmentalists or narcotic rings or Wiccan witches or Mormons or Freemasons or New Agers or Vatican or royal bloodline families or banking fraud system or plane crashes or CDC Nazi pandemics or chem trails or poison vaccines. All of this is important, but we have to get to the root of the causes. Even fewer people are exposing the Draco reptilian aliens and the other nephilim chimera aliens that are running the Illuminati. And, there are hardly anyone exposing the intentions and secret plans and motives of the fallen angel Archons and Satan Lucifer himself. In reality, there should be millions of Christians (if all those religious Christians who profess to be real Christians are indeed real Christians) exposing Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels. It is because the Illuminati is just the fingers and the Dracos are just the hands and the fallen angel Ascended Masters are just the arms of the enemy, but the brain and mastermind orchestrating all this is Satan Lucifer and his generals. You need to understand the thoughts of the enemy, in order to understand the actions of the enemy, and likewise, the plans and hidden intentions of the enemy. Expose Satan Lucifer himself and the fallen angels and how they are manipulating the Illuminati and Dracos and aliens, brothers and sisters, and storm the enemy strongholds with prayer. Leave these Illuminati salaried pastors and their 501c3 Illuminati Christianity churches that heckle and laugh at you when you talk about aliens or the Illuminati. They are spiritually blind, deaf, and dumb, and are headed for destruction. As for you, fight the enemy, and glorify God. For our King and Savior! End of transmission… Judgment will start in the House of the Lord. The Illuminati has plans to massacre every religious Tribulation Saint Christian. Christianity is the only thing that is in the way of these Illuminati Luciferian Satanists and globalist elites and Satan Lucifer and Draco reptilian aliens, in order to bring in their Illuminati New World Order under Satan Lucifer. This is the reason why they are smuggling into Europe and the U.S. thousands upon thousands of these Illuminati Muslim Draco incarnate avatars and Hispanic gang demon-possessed Illuminati Luciferian Satanists and United Nations international clone army imperial storm troopers, and producing so many Illuminati Nazi SS nephilim chimera incarnate avatar NSA CIA DHS FEMA Al-Qaeda ISIS super soldiers. The Christian brother in the video link below receives a warning from God that these creatures will be storming the churches throughout America, and locking up the doors, and gunning down all the religious Christian church members and ministers. Anyone who escapes will be shot outside. This will be the great purge of Christianity that the Illuminati Albert Pike and Adam Weishaupt had planned and talked about. Satan Lucifer and his Illuminati NSA CIA is going to be exposing all the sins of these lukewarm fake religious Christian ministers, and they will be presenting their deception of alien life and their deception that Jesus is some kind of ridiculous alien. Many are not firmly established in Christ and His Holy Spirit, so many will fall away from the faith, because they follow a religion and not God. God will expose all the evil sins of the religious Christian churches. These Illuminati fake Christian churches must be brought down, because this fake show must end, and the Illuminati’s fake Christianity organizations of Babylon needs to be exposed. Only through fire and persecution can the Tribulation Saints be purified. End of transmission… The Muslims’ worship the god Asherah Ishtar Easter of the Ashtar Galactic Command. The priests of Baal in the Bible cut themselves. In modern day, the religion that cuts themselves is Islam. Baal is Allah their god. Islam was created by the Vatican, and they worship their ancient indigenous Arab moon god Allah. They do not worship the Almighty God YHWH Jesus Christ. In the very top, the Muslim leaders are not Muslims, but they are Illuminati Luciferian Satanists, just like the Saudi kings and Wahabi Muslim terrorists are not Muslims, but they are in fact Illuminati CIA nephilim descendant Kabbalah Babylonian occult fake Jews. They report to the Illuminati headquarters Vatican and to Anu the Draco Prime reptilian alien chimera leader of planet earth to whom all the nations’ leaders and religions’ leaders report to. This is why the Bible says that all the kings of the world report to the Vatican Babylonian fallen angels’ mystery religion Illuminati headquarters of the Dracos. The Illuminati’s Operation Paperclip Nazi SS Planned Parenthood eugenics organization and Wiccan witch Druid feminists report to Baal, and that is why they have thousands of Baal Molek abortion clinic temples throughout the world. From ancient times, they sacrificed babies to the statue of Baal Molek, and Illuminati transgender satanic orgy rituals would be carried out just like in the governments and Hollywood and Freemasons. These Illuminati rituals have its roots in the reptilian Draco aliens’ Sumer Babylon. The Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanist reptilian hybrids will be setting up their Arch of Baal star gate wormhole portals in Times Square New York which is a time travel gateway, hence the name “Times” square. They will also make an Arch of Baal in Trafalgar Square in London. They will also be making hundreds of these satanic arches all over the world, too. The Babylonian demonic entities will be coming through these star gate wormhole portals. You see these things depicted in their Illuminati propaganda movies like “Avengers” and “Ghost Busters.” These are not just fiction, but they are real. This earth is under invasion by reptilian infestation. End of transmission… Most of the godly Christian generation before World War 2 has died. The generations that are alive now were all youths after the Illuminati alien hybrid infiltration began in the 1960s “Flower Children” hippy Illuminati New Age Eastern mysticism Babylonian Luciferian Satanism Wiccan witchcraft corruption of the Christian churches, or generations born after that. The Illuminati alien incarnate avatars infiltrated the churches and corrupted them with their political correctness doctrines and humanism and Satanism teachings, and kicked out Jesus. This is why during the Tribulation Age, this harlot church that has married Satan Lucifer and his Sananda fake alien Jesus will be judged by God. They do not want to teach the Bible verses that are unpopular, and they put all of their humanistic teachings into the churches. This is blasphemy. The ministers teach what the people want to hear, and do not expose the darkness, because they will be ridiculed and assassinated. It is a disgusting fake church that has a form of religiousness, but denies its power which is the Holy Spirit and the truth of the Word of God. Repent, and receive Jesus as Savior! End of transmission…


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*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。敵を暴露している同胞の同胞同胞がいるのは良いことですが、大きな問題があります。敵を暴露している人はほんのわずかで、イルミナティのホモ・カペンシス爬虫類ハイブリッドネフィリムの世界的エリートやイルミナティ支部のCIA、イスラム教、NSA、フェミニスト、環境主義者、麻薬のリング、ウィッカンの魔女やモルモンやフリーメーソン、新しいアゼルサーやバチカンやロイヤル・ブラインド・ファミリー、銀行詐欺システムや飛行機のクラッシュ、CDCナチス・パンデミックやケミカル・トレイル、毒ワクチンなどがあります。これはすべて重要ですが、私たちは原因の根幹に立ち入らなければなりません。 Illuminatiを動かしているDracoの爬虫類のエイリアンと他のネフィリムのキメラエイリアンをさらしている人はさらに少なくなっています。そして、堕落した天使ArchonsとSatan Lucifer自身の意図と秘密の計画と動機を明らかにする者はほとんどいません。実際には、何百万人ものクリスチャンがいるはずです(実際のクリスチャンであると宣言している宗教的クリスチャンは本当に本当のクリスチャンです)。イルミナティはただの指でドラコスは手に過ぎず、倒れた天使は敵の腕に過ぎないのですが、これを支配する脳と魔術師はサタンルシファーと将軍です。敵の行動や敵の計画や隠れた意図を理解するためには、敵の考えを理解する必要があります。サタンルシファー自身と倒れた天使と、イルミナティとドラコと宇宙人、兄弟姉妹をどのように操作して、敵の拠点に祈りを吹き込んでいるのかを明らかにする。これらのイルミナティ・サラリーマンの牧師と501c3イルミナティキリスト教の教会を離れると、あなたは外国人やイルミナティについて話しているとき、あなたを笑い、笑います。彼らは霊的に盲人であり、ろう者であり、愚か者であり、破壊に向かっている。あなたは敵と戦い、神に栄光を与えます。私たちの王と救い主のために!伝道の終わり…審判は主の家で始まります。 Illuminatiはすべての宗教的な苦難の聖キリスト教を虐殺する計画を持っています。キリスト教のみが、これらのイルミナティルシファーの悪魔師、グローバル勢力のエリート、サタンルシファーとドレイコ爬虫類の宇宙人の道で、サタンルシファーの下でイルミナティ新世界秩序を持ち込むための唯一のものです。これが、イルミナティ・ムスリム・ドレイコの化身アバターやヒスパニック・ギャングのイルミナティルシファー・サタンと国連の国際クローン軍の帝国ストーム・トルーパーを数千人も抱えてヨーロッパと米国に密輸している理由であり、イルミナティ・ナチSSネフィリムキメラ化身アバターNSA CIA DHS FEMAアルカイダISIS超兵士。下のビデオリンクのクリスチャンの兄弟は、これらの生き物がアメリカ全土の教会を襲ってドアを閉め、すべての宗教的なキリスト教の教会員と閣僚を砲撃するという警告を神から受けています。エスケープする人は誰でも外に撃たれるでしょう。 Illuminati Albert PikeとAdam Weishauptが計画し、話していたことは、キリスト教の偉大な浄化であろう。サタンルシファーとイルミナティNSA CIAは、これらの偽の偽の宗教キリスト教閣僚のすべての罪を暴露するつもりです。彼らは、異星人生の欺瞞と、イエスがばかげた宇宙人であるという彼らの欺瞞を提示します。多くの人がキリストと聖霊の中にしっかりと確立されていないので、多くの人が信仰から離れます。なぜなら、彼らは神ではなく宗教に従うからです。神は、宗教的なキリスト教の教会のすべての悪い罪を明らかにするでしょう。この偽のショーは終わらなければならないので、イルミナティの偽のキリスト教の教会は暴かれなければなりません。苦難と迫害によってのみ、苦難の聖徒が浄化されます。伝道の終わり…イスラム教徒はアシュタール銀河司令のアシライシュタルイースターを崇拝する。聖書のバアルの司祭たちは、自分たちを切り捨てました。現代では、自分自身を傷つける宗教はイスラム教です。バアルは彼らの神アッラーです。イスラム教はバチカンによって創造され、古代の先住民のアラブ人の月の神アッラーを崇拝する。彼らは全能の神YHWHイエス・キリストを崇拝しません。イスラム教徒の指導者はイスラム教徒ではなく、イルミナティルシファーの悪魔であり、サウジ王やワハビイスラム教徒のテロリストと同じようにムスリムではないが、実際にイルミナティCIAネフィリムの子孫であるカバラバビロニアの潜伏偽ユダヤ人である。彼らはイルミナティの本部バチカンと、すべての国の指導者と宗教指導者が報告する惑星地球のドラクロプライム爬虫類エイリアンキメラリーダーであるアヌに報告する。これが、聖書によれば、世界のすべての王たちが、バチカンのバビロニア人に落ちた天使たちのミステリー宗教Illusa Dracosの本部に報告している理由です。イルミナティのオペレーション・ペーパークリップナチスSS計画親子優生学組織とウィッチャン・マジックドルイドフェミニストはバアルに報告しています。そのため、世界中に何千ものバアル・モレクの中絶クリニックがあります。古代から、彼らはバアル・モレクの像に赤ちゃんを犠牲にし、イルミナティのトランスジェンダーの悪魔の乱交儀式は、政府やハリウッドやフリーメーソンのように行われます。これらのイルミナティの儀式は、爬虫類のドレイコエイリアンのシュマーマーバビロンに根ざしています。 Illuminati NWO Luciferian Satanistの爬虫類のハイブリッドはタイムトラベル・ゲートウェイであるタイムズ・スクエア・ニューヨークで「Baalのスター・ゲート・ワームホール・ポータルのアーチ」を設立します。ロンドンのトラファルガー広場でアール・オブ・バアルを作る予定です。彼らはまた世界中の何百もの悪魔のアーチを作っています。バビロニアの悪魔団体は、これらのスターゲートワームホールポータルを通って来るでしょう。イルミナティ宣伝映画に描かれているこれらのものは、「アベンジャーズ」や「ゴーストバスターズ」のように見えます。これらはフィクションだけでなく、実際のものです。この地球は爬虫類の侵入によって侵略されている。伝道の終わり…第二次世界大戦前の神聖なキリスト教世代の大半は死亡しました。生きている世代は、1960年代にイルミナティ・エイリアン・ハイブリッド浸潤が始まった後のすべての若者たちだった。「フラワー・チャイルド」ヒッピー・イルミナティニュー・エイジ・イースタン神秘主義バビロニア・ルシフェリア・サタンイスラエルキリスト教の教会腐敗Illuminatiの異人種化したアバターは、教会に浸透し、政治的な正しさの教義とヒューマニズムと悪魔の教えを破り、イエスを追い出した。これは、高慢時代にサタンルシファーとサタンダの偽者エイリアンと結婚したこのハーロト教会が神によって審査される理由です。彼らは不評である聖書の詩を教えたくないので、人道主義の教えのすべてを教会に入れます。これは冒涜です。大臣は人々が聞きたいものを教え、暗闇を暴かさないでください。なぜなら彼らは嘲笑されて暗殺されるからです。それは、宗教の形をしているが、聖霊であり、神の言葉の真実であるその力を否定する嫌な偽の教会です。悔い改め、イエスを救い主として受け入れる!送信の終了…


(ビデオ「神からの最も激しい警告ですが、祈りを捧げてください、これは本当に驚くべきことです!」 。)


(ビデオをご覧ください。悔い改めに行かない国への最も暗い警告! 。)




(ビデオ:「神がアメリカの終わりまでこの男を連れて行った – 彼が見たことは、あなたを核に揺さぶります!」( )を参照してください)。 ***


*** עדכון חדשות ביון ממירוץ ההומו-סאפיינס אדם התנגדות הישרדות (HRSR) במטה הברית הקואליציה הבינלאומית WDS (ICA) לחזית. זה טוב כי יש אדם בן אדם homo-sapiens בעלי ברית ספציפיים אשר חושפים את האויב, אבל יש בעיה גדולה. האנשים המעטים שחושפים את האויב חושפים רק את האליטות הגלובליסטיות ההומו-קאפנזיס היברידיות היוצאות מן הכלל, או את האליטות הגלובאליות השונות של האילומינטי, או את האיסלאם או את ה- NSA או את הפמיניסטיות או את אנשי הסביבה או את הטבעות הנרקוטיות או את המכשפות הוויקניות או את המורמונים או הבונים החופשיים ניו Agers או משפחות הוותיקן או bloodline המלכותי או מערכת הבנקאות הונאות או מטוס קריסות או CDC הנאצים pandemics או שבילים כימיים או חיסונים רעל. כל זה חשוב, אבל אנחנו צריכים להגיע לשורש הגורמים. אפילו פחות אנשים חושפים את חייזרים דראקו reptilian ואת חייזרים אחרים כימפר nephilim כי הם מפעילים את האילומינטי. וכן, אין כמעט אף אחד לחשוף את הכוונות והתוכניות הסודיות ואת המניעים של המלאך הנפל ארכונים השטן לוציפר עצמו. במציאות, צריך להיות מיליוני נוצרים (אם כל אלה נוצרים דתיים המתיימרים להיות נוצרים אמיתיים הם אכן נוצרים אמיתיים) לחשוף את השטן לוציפר ואת המלאכים שלו נפל. זה בגלל האילומינטי הוא רק את האצבעות ואת דרקונים הם רק את הידיים ואת המלאך נפל מאסטרס נעלה הם רק זרועות האויב, אבל המוח ואת המוח הראשי מתזמר את כל זה הוא לוציפר השטן ואת הגנרלים שלו. אתה צריך להבין את המחשבות של האויב, כדי להבין את הפעולות של האויב, וכן, את התוכניות ואת כוונותיו הנסתרות של האויב. לחשוף את השטן לוציפר עצמו ואת המלאכים הנופלים וכיצד הם מניפולציה האילומינטי ואת דרקונים וחייזרים, אחים ואחיות, ואת הסערה מעוזי האויב עם תפילה. השאירו את הכמרים האילומינים השכירים האלה ואת כנסיות הנצרות האילומינטי 501c3 שלהם, המזיקים וצוחקים עליכם כאשר אתם מדברים על חייזרים או על האילומינטי. הם עיוורים מבחינה רוחנית, חירשים, מטומטמים, והם הולכים להרס. אשר לך, להילחם באויב, ולהלל את אלוהים. עבור המלך שלנו ומושיע! סוף השידור … הדין יתחיל בבית ה ‘. האילומינטי יש תוכניות לטבח כל דתית התלאות הנוצרית. הנצרות היא הדבר היחיד שעומד בדרכם של אלה השטנינים הלוציפריאנים האילומינטיים והאליטות הגלובליסטיות והלוציפר השטן והחייזרים של דראקו ראפטיליאן, על מנת להביא את סדר עולמם האילומינטי תחת השטן לוציפר. זו הסיבה שהם מבריחים לאירופה ולארצות הברית אלפי אלפים מאלטים דומיונים מוסלמיים מאילומי דראקו, שד השד היספני, מחזיקים בשטני אלומינטי לוציפריאנים ובשוטרי הסער האימפריאליסטים של צבא האומות המאוחדות של צבא האומות המאוחדות, ומייצרים כל כך הרבה נאפילים כימאה גלגול גלגול NSA CIA DHS FEMA אל קעידה ISIS חיילים סופר. האח הנוצרי בקישור הווידאו להלן מקבל אזהרה מאלוהים כי היצורים האלה יהיו סערה בכנסיות ברחבי אמריקה, נעילת את הדלתות, ואת gunning למטה כל חברי הכנסייה הדתיים נוצרים ושרים. מי שיימלט יירה בחוץ. זה יהיה הטיהור הגדול של הנצרות שהאילומינטי אלברט פייק ואדם וייסהאופט תכננו ודיברו עליהם. השטן לוציפר ואת האילומינטי שלו NSA CIA הולך להיות לחשוף את כל החטאים של אלה נוצרים מזויפים דתיים נוצרים מזויפים, והם יציגו הונאה שלהם חיים זרים הונאה שלהם כי ישו הוא איזה זר מגוחך. רבים אינם מבוססים היטב במשיח ורוח הקודש שלו, רבים כל כך תיפול מן האמונה, כי הם עוקבים אחר הדת ולא אלוהים. אלוהים יחשוף את כל חטאי הרשע של הכנסיות הנוצריות הדתיות. אלה כנסיות נוצריות Illuminati מזויפים יש להביא למטה, כי זה להראות מזויף חייב להסתיים, ואת הארגונים המזויפים של האילומינטי של בבילון צריך להיות חשוף. רק באמצעות אש ורדיפות ניתן לטהר את קדושת התלאות. סוף השידור … המוסלמים לעבוד את אלוהים Asherah Ishtar חג הפסחא של Ashtar פיקוד הגלקסיה. הכוהנים של בעל בתנ”ך חתכו את עצמם. כיום, הדת החותכת היא האיסלאם. הבעל הוא אללה אל שלהם. האיסלאם נוצר על ידי הוותיקן, והם סוגדים לירח הערבי העתיק שלהם אלוהים אללה. הם לא עובדים את אלוהים אדירים ישוע המשיח. בראש ובראשונה, המנהיגים המוסלמים אינם מוסלמים, אבל הם מלכים מוסלמים סעידים, כמו המלכים הסעודים והטרוריסטים המוסלמים הווהבים אינם מוסלמים, אבל הם למעשה אילימנטי CIA נפילים הצאצאים קבלי בבל יהודים מזויפים. הם מדווחים למפקדת האילומינטי של הוותיקן ולמנהיג הכירו זר של כוכב הלכת של אנוו דראקו ראש דרקו, שאליו מובאים כל מנהיגי האומות ומנהיגי הדתות. זו הסיבה התנ”ך אומר כי כל מלכי העולם לדווח על הוותיקן בבבלי המפולת של המלאכים הנופלים דת המטה האילומינטי של דרקונים. מבצע האילומינטי של המשוררים ארגון הנאצים של האס.אס הנאצי, ארגון הפאשיסטים הדרואידים, מדווח על כך לבעל, ולכן יש להם אלפי מקדשים למרפאות הפלות של מול מולקולות ברחבי העולם. מימי קדם הם הקריבו תינוקות לפסל בעל מולק, וטקסי האורגיה השטנית של אילומינטי יתבצעו בדיוק כמו בממשלות ובהוליווד ובבונים החופשיים. אלה הטקסים Illuminati יש שורשיה של זוחל דראקו חייזרים “שומר בבילון. איליומינטי NWO לוציפריאן השטן היברידית השטן יהיה הגדרת קשת שלהם שער שער שער פורטלים פורטלים בכיכר טיימס בניו יורק המהווה זמן נסיעה שער, ומכאן שם “טיימס” מרובע. הם גם להפוך את קשת הבעל בכיכר טרפלגר בלונדון. הם גם יהיו מאות מאותן קשתות שטניות בכל רחבי העולם, גם. הישויות הדמוניות הבבליות יגיעו דרך פורטלים אלה. אתה רואה את הדברים האלה מתוארים בסרטים התעמולתיים האילומינטי שלהם כמו “נוקמים” ו “רוחות Busters”. אלה לא רק בדיוני, אבל הם אמיתיים. כדור הארץ הזה נמצא תחת פלישה של דלקת זוחלת. סוף השידור … רוב הדור הנוצרי האלוהי לפני מלחמת העולם השנייה מת. הדורות שחיים עכשיו היו כל בני הנוער לאחר חדירת היברידית חייזרים האילומינטי החל בשנות ה -1960 “ילדי הפרחים” היפי אילומינטי עידן חדש מיסטיקה המזרחית בלביפרית השטן השחיתות wiccan שחיתות של הכנסיות הנוצריות, או דורות שנולדו לאחר מכן. האויטרים הזרמים של האילומינטי התגלגלו לכנסיות והשחיתו אותם בדוקטרינות התקינות הפוליטית שלהם ובהוראת ההומניזם והשטן, ובעטו בישוע. זו הסיבה שבמהלך תקופת התלאות, זו הכנסייה הזונה כי יש נשוי לוציפר השטן ואת סנדה שלו זרה ישו זר יישפט על ידי אלוהים. הם אינם רוצים ללמד את פסוקי התנ”ך שאינם פופולריים, והם מכניסים את כל תורותיהם ההומניסטיות לכנסיות. זה חילול הקודש. השרים מלמדים מה העם רוצה לשמוע, ולא חושפים את החושך, כי הם יילכו ללעג ולהתנקש. זוהי כנסייה מזויפת מזויפת בעלת צורה של דתיות, אך מכחישה את כוחה שהיא רוח הקודש והאמת של דבר האלוהים. בתשובה, ולקבל את ישו כמושיע! סוף השידור …


(ראה וידאו “רוב אזהרה חזקה מאלוהים עדיין! להיות תפילה, זה אחד ממש מדאיג!” ב .)


(ראה סרטון “האזהרה האפלה ביותר לאומה חסרת חרטה שתעבור!”, בכתובת ).


(ראה וידאו “שערי הגיהינום שייפתחו בקרוב! האו”ם יוצר פורטלים שטניים לפתיחת גלובלי?”, בכתובת ).


(ראה וידאו “אלוהים לקח את האיש הזה עד סוף אמריקה – מה שהוא ראה יהיה לנער אותך אל הליבה!” ב . )  ***


***人類智力競賽生存抵抗(HRSR)總部和WDS國際聯盟聯盟(ICA)戰線的情報新聞更新。有同情的人類同性戀者是暴露敵人,但有一個很大的問題。暴露敵人的極少數人員只暴露了光明帝國的爬行動物雜種nephilim後裔全球化精英或其各種Illuminati分支機構CIA或伊斯蘭教或NSA或女權主義者或環境保護主義者或麻醉戒指或Wiccan女巫或摩門教徒或共濟會或新老年人或梵蒂岡或皇家血統家庭或銀行詐騙系統或飛機墜毀或CDC納粹大流行或化學藥物或毒藥疫苗。所有這一切都很重要,但我們必須了解原因的根源。更少的人暴露了Draco爬行動物外星人和其他運行Illuminati的nephilim嵌合體外星人。而且,幾乎沒有人暴露出墮落的天使Archons和撒旦Lucifer本人的意圖和秘密計劃和動機。在現實中,應該有數以百萬計的基督徒(如果所有那些自稱是真正的基督徒的那些宗教基督徒確實是真正的基督徒),就會暴露撒但路西法和他墮落的天使。這是因為光明會只是手指,德拉可可只是手,墮落的天使升天大師只是敵人的武器,但腦子和策劃者都是撒旦路西法和他的將領。你需要了解敵人的想法,以了解敵人的行為,同樣了解敵人的計劃和暗示意圖。暴露撒旦路西法自己和墮落的天使,以及他們如何操縱照明會,德拉科斯和外星人,兄弟姐妹,並用禱告暴擊敵方據點。離開這些光明牧師和他們的501c3照明基督教教會,當你談論外星人或者光明會時,你們會嘲笑你們。他們在精神上是盲目的,聾啞的,並且是愚蠢的,而且是為了毀滅而進行的。對於你,打敵,榮耀神。對於我們的國王和救主!傳播的結束…審判將在耶和華的殿中開始。照明會計劃屠殺每一個宗教苦難聖徒基督徒。基督教是唯一的事情,就是這些照明會的露西亞撒旦和全球主義精英,撒旦路西法和德拉科爬行動物外星人的方式,以便在撒旦路西法引入他們的光明新世界秩序。這就是為什麼他們偷運到歐洲和美國的成千上萬的這些照明穆斯林德拉科身體化身的化身和西班牙裔黑社會惡魔擁有的光明路西亞撒旦和聯合國國際克隆軍隊的皇家暴風雨軍人,並生產瞭如此多的照明納粹SS尼菲爾嵌合體化身頭像NSA CIA DHS FEMA基地組織ISIS超級士兵。下面的視頻鏈接中的基督教兄弟收到上帝的警告,指出這些生物會在整個美國各地的教堂進行攻擊,並鎖定門,並對所有宗教基督教會成員和牧師進行槍擊。任何逃跑者將被外面射擊。這將是伊麗莎白二世派克和亞當·溫沙特(Adam Weishaupt)計劃和談論的基督教大掃除。撒旦路西法和他的光明國家安全局中央情報局將會暴露這些溫暖的宗教基督教部長的所有罪惡,他們將提出他們的外星生活的欺騙和他們的欺騙,耶穌是一種可笑的外星人。許多人在基督和他的聖靈中並沒有牢固地建立,所以許多人將離棄信仰,因為他們遵循宗教而不是神。上帝將暴露宗教基督教教會的一切罪惡。這些照明會的假基督教會必須被放下,因為這個假的表演必須結束,而且照明會的假的基督教組織巴比倫需要暴露。只有通過火災和迫害才能淨化苦難聖徒。傳輸結束…穆斯林崇拜神阿什哈爾伊斯塔爾阿什塔爾銀河系的複活節。聖經中巴力的祭司切割自己。在現代,自封的宗教是伊斯蘭教。巴勒是真主的神。伊斯蘭教是由梵蒂岡創造的,他們崇拜他們古老的土著阿拉伯月亮神安拉。他們不崇拜全能的上帝耶和華耶穌基督。在最頂端,穆斯林領導人不是穆斯林,而是他們是光明的西班牙撒旦,就像沙特國王和瓦希比穆斯林的穆斯林恐怖分子不是穆斯林,但實際上他們實際上是照明中央情報局尼日利亞後裔卡巴拉巴比倫隱匿的假猶太人。他們向光明會總部梵蒂岡報告,並向所有國家領導人和宗教領袖報告的地球上的Draco Prime爬行動物外星人嵌合體領袖Anu介紹。這就是為什麼聖經說世界各國的國王向梵蒂岡巴比倫墮落天使的神秘宗教照明教會德拉科斯的總部。光明會的操作指南納粹SS計劃生育優生學組織和Wiccan女巫德魯伊女權主義者向巴力報告,這就是為什麼他們在全世界有成千上萬的巴勒莫萊克流產診所寺廟。從古代來說,他們犧牲了寶馬到巴勒莫萊克的雕像,照明會變色的撒旦狂歡儀式將像政府和好萊塢以及共和黨一樣進行。這些照明儀式的根源在爬行動物Draco外星人的蘇美爾巴比倫。光明網NWO Luciferian撒旦式爬行動物雜種將在紐約時代廣場建立他們的巴勒星門蟲洞門廊,這是一個時間旅行網關,因此名為“時代”廣場。他們還將在倫敦的特拉法加廣場建造一個巴爾拱門。他們也將在世界各地製作數以百計的這些撒旦。巴比倫惡魔實體將通過這些星門蟲洞門戶網站。你們看到他們的照明宣傳電影,如“復仇者”和“鬼魂”這些東西。這些不僅僅是虛構,而是真實的。這個地球受到爬行動物的侵襲入侵。傳播結束…第二次世界大戰之前,大多數敬拜的基督教世代已經死亡。現在還活著的幾代人都是在20世紀60年代開始的照明外星人雜種滲透之後的青春期。“花兒”嬉皮士光明新時代東方神秘主義巴比倫路西法撒旦主義Wiccan巫術基督教教會的腐敗,或之後出生的世代。光明外星人化身化身,滲透了教會,用政治正確的教義和人文主義和撒旦教義玷污了他們,並踢出了耶穌。這就是為什麼在苦難時代,這個已經結婚了撒旦路西法的妓院和他的桑達達假外星人耶穌將被上帝評判。他們不想教聖經不受歡迎的經文,他們將所有的人文教義都納入教會。這是褻瀆部長們教會人們想听什麼,不要暴露黑暗,因為他們會被嘲笑和暗殺。這是一個令人厭惡的偽造教會,具有宗教信仰的形式,卻否定了聖靈的力量和上帝話語的真理。悔改,接受耶穌為救主!傳輸結束…


(見視頻“上帝的最強烈的警告!虔誠,這一切是徹頭徹尾的!”,網址為 )。


(見 ),視頻“對無辜國家來說最黑暗的警告!”


(見 ),視頻“地獄之門即將開通!聯合國創建全球開放撒旦門戶網站”


(見視頻“上帝把這個人帶到美國的盡頭 – 他看到的會把你搖到你的核心!”在 。) ***


*** Обновление новостей Intelligence из штаб-квартиры Human Race Гомо-Sapiens выживания Сопротивление (HRSR) и WDS Международной коалиции альянса (МКА) фронт. Хорошо, что есть другие человеческие союзники-гомосепсины, которые разоблачают врага, но есть большая проблема. Очень немногие люди, которые разоблачают врага, разоблачают только гомологичные гомофобные гибридные нефилимы иллюминатов-гомосексуалистов или их различные поддиапазоны Иллюминатов или ислам или NSA или феминистки или защитники окружающей среды или наркотические кольца или викканские ведьмы или мормоны или масоны или Новые агенты или семьи Ватикана или королевской семьи или система банковского мошенничества или авиакатастрофы или нацистские пандемии CDC или химические тропы или ядовитые вакцины. Все это важно, но мы должны понять корень причин. Еще меньше людей подвергает репсилийских инопланетян Драко и других нефилимских химерских пришельцев, которые управляют иллюминатами. И вряд ли кто-либо раскрывает намерения и тайные планы и мотивы падшего ангела-архонта и сатаны Люцифера. На самом деле должны быть миллионы христиан (если все те религиозные христиане, которые исповедуют себя настоящими христианами, действительно являются настоящими христианами), подвергая сатану Люциферу и его падшим ангелам. Это потому, что Иллюминаты – это всего лишь пальцы, а Драко – это только руки, а падший ангел Вознесенные Владыки – это только руки врага, но мозг и вдохновитель, все это организует, это сатана Люцифер и его генералы. Вам нужно понять мысли врага, чтобы понять действия врага, а также планы и скрытые намерения противника. Выставляйте Сатану Люцифера и падших ангелов и как они манипулируют Иллюминатами и Драко и инопланетянами, братьями и сестрами и штурмуют вражеские цитадели молитвой. Оставьте этих пасторов Иллюминати и их христианские церкви 501c3 Illuminati, которые щекочут и смеются над вами, когда вы говорите об инопланетянах или иллюминатах. Они духовно слепы, глухие и немые, и направляются к разрушению. Что касается вас, сражайтесь с врагом и прославляйте Бога. Для нашего короля и Спасителя! Конец передачи … Суждение начнется в Доме Господа. Иллюминати планирует убить каждого религиозного Скорби святого Христианина. Христианство – это единственное, что стоит на пути этих иллюминатов-сакранов Люцифериан и глобалистских элит, а также сатаны Люцифер и драконовские рептилии-инопланетяне, чтобы принести их новый мировой порядок Иллюминатов под сатаной Люцифер. Именно по этой причине они контрабандой впадают в Европу и США тысячи и тысячи из этих иллюминатов Мусульманский Драко воплощают аватаров и латиноамериканских банд, обладающих демоном, Людмиферских сатанистов Иллюминати и международных солдат-клонистов армии Организации Объединенных Наций, а также производят так много нацистских нацистов-нефилимцев Химера воплощается аватар NSA ЦРУ DHS FEMA Аль-Каида ISIS супер солдаты. Христианский брат в видеосвязи ниже получает предупреждение от Бога о том, что эти существа будут штурмовать церкви по всей Америке, запирать двери и уничтожать всех членов религиозной христианской церкви и министров. Любой, кто убегает, будет расстрелян снаружи. Это будет великая чистка христианства, о которой планировали и говорили о Иллюминатах Альберт Пайк и Адаме Вайшаупте. Сатана Люцифер и его иллюминаты NSA CIA собираются разоблачить все грехи этих теплых поддельных религиозных христианских министров, и они представят свой обман чужой жизни и их обман в том, что Иисус – какой-то смешной инопланетянин. Многие не прочно утвердились во Христе и Его Святом Духе, поэтому многие отпадут от веры, потому что они следуют религии, а не Богу. Бог откроет все злые грехи религиозных христианских церквей. Эти фальшивые христианские церкви Иллюминати должны быть сбиты, потому что это поддельное шоу должно закончиться, и фальшивые христианские организации Иллюминати должны быть выставлены. Только через огонь и гонения Святые Скорби могут быть очищены. Конец передачи … Мусульмане поклоняются богу Ашере Иштар Пасха Астарского галактического командования. Священники Ваала в Библии отрезали себя. В современный день религия, которая режет себя, это ислам. Ваал – Аллах, бог их. Ислам был создан Ватиканом, и они поклоняются своему древнему арабскому лунному богу Аллаху. Они не поклоняются Всемогущему Богу YHWH Иисусу Христу. В самом верху мусульманские лидеры не мусульмане, но они являются иллюминатами-сатирадами-люциферами, так же, как саудовские цари и мусульмане-мусульмане-вахабиты – не мусульмане, но они на самом деле Иллюминаты Цай, нефилимы, потомок Каббалы Вавилонские оккультные поддельные евреи. Они сообщают в штаб-квартиру Иллюминати Ватикан и Ану Драко Первому рептилийскому чудо-химеру-лидеру планеты Земля, которому сообщают лидеры всех народов и лидеры религий. Вот почему в Библии говорится, что все цари мира сообщают Ватиканскому таинственному вероисповеданию павших ангелов, озаглавленному «Истолками» Дракоса. Операция иллюминатов «Нарциссическая нацистская СС» Планируемая организация евгеники родительства и феминистки друидов-викканских волшебников сообщают Ваалу, и именно поэтому у них есть тысячи клиник клиники абортов Ваала Молека по всему миру. С древних времен они приносили в жертву младенцам статую Баала Молека, а ритуалы сатанинской оргии иллюминатов трансформировались в правительство, Голливуд и Масоны. Эти ритуалы Иллюминати уходят своими корнями в рептилий-драконовский шумерский вавилон. Иллюминаты NWO Люциферианские сатанистские рептильные гибриды будут создавать свои портальные порталы с воротами в Ваале в Нью-Йорке на Таймс-Сквер, который является временным путешествием, отсюда и название «Таймс». Они также сделают арку Ваала на Трафальгарской площади в Лондоне. Они также будут создавать сотни этих сатанинских арков по всему миру. Вавилонские демонические сущности будут проходить через эти шлюзовые шлюзовые ворота. Вы видите эти вещи, изображенные в их пропагандистских фильмах Иллюминати, таких как «Мстители» и «Призрачные нарушители». Это не просто выдумка, а настоящая. Эта земля находится под нашествием вторжения рептилий. Конец передачи … Большая часть благочестивого христианского поколения до Второй мировой войны умерла. Теперь поколения, которые сейчас живы, были молодыми людьми после того, как инопланетная инфильтрация иллюминатов началась в 1960-х годах. «Хлебница цветов». Иллюминаты. Новая эпоха. Восточная мистика. Вавилонский сакранизм Люцифериан. Викканская колдовская коррупция христианских церквей или поколений, рожденных после этого. Иллюминаты-инопланетные воплощенные аватары проникли в церкви и испортили им свои доктрины политической верности и учения о гуманизме и сатанизме и выгнали Иисуса. Вот почему в эпоху скорби, эта церковь блудницы, которая вышла замуж за сатану Люцифера и его поддельного чужого Иисуса, будет судить по Богу. Они не хотят учить библейские стихи, непопулярные, и они вкладывают все свои гуманистические учения в церкви. Это богохульство. Министры учат тому, что люди хотят услышать, и не раскрывают тьму, потому что их будут высмеивать и убивать. Это отвратительная поддельная церковь, которая имеет форму религиозности, но отрицает свою силу, которая является Святым Духом и истиной Слова Божьего. Покайтесь и примите Иисуса как Спасителя! Конец передачи …


(Смотрите видео «Самое интенсивное предупреждение от Бога еще! Будьте молитвенны, это совершенно тревожно!» На .)


(Смотрите видео «Самое мрачное предупреждение для нераскаявшейся нации!» На .)


(Смотрите видео «Скоро откроются ворота ада! ООН, создающая сатанинские порталы для открытия в глобальном масштабе» на .)


(Смотрите видео «Бог взял этого человека до конца Америки. То, что он увидел, потрясет вас до глубины души» на .) ***



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  1. Christian Rapture / Armageddon / Apocalypse / End Of World / Explanation Description Definition כריסטיאן התלהבות / ארמגדון / אפוקליפסה / סוף עולם הגדרת תיאור / הסבר クリスチャン再臨歓喜・アルマゲドン・世界終末期・説明 (October 8, 2009)
  2. Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 1 to 44 十四万四千人のヘブライの末裔へのメモ・二つの血筋の戦争・1巻から44巻 מזכר 144,000 שריד עברי – שתי מלחמת Bloodline – כרך 1 עד 44 (October 1, 2016)
  3. The Jews’ Long Trip Home to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob アブラハム・イサック・ヤコブの全能神へ戻るユダヤの民の長い道筋 (あなた方ユダヤの末裔である日本人も含め)犹太人的长途旅行家对亚伯拉罕,以撒,雅各的神 בית הטיול הארוךשל היהודיםלאלוהי אברהם , יצחק ויעקב  Еврейская ” Длинные Главная Поездка в Бога Авраама , Исаака и Иакова (January 14, 2014)
  4. Warning: Your Spouse or Children May Be Replaced Clones 警告:貴方の結婚相手又は子供たちは入れ替えられたクローン人間かも知れません 警告:你的配偶或子女可更换克隆 המשובטים בן הזוג או הילדים שלך עשוי להיות מוחלף : אזהרה ВНИМАНИЕ: Ваш супруг или дети могут быть заменены Клоны  (January 13, 2014)
  5. The Secret Takeover of the Human Race (January 6, 2014)
  6. 秘密に人類を入れ替える秘密結社の陰謀 (January 6, 2014)
  7. 人类种族的秘密收购 (January 6, 2014)
  8. השתלטות סודו של המין האנושי (January 6, 2014)
  9. Секрет Приобретение человеческого рода (January 6, 2014)
  10. The Nephilim Hybrids Are Already Living Amongst Us: Superhero Transhumanism and Transgenetics – 2nd Letter ネフィリム混成物は、我々の周りに既に生きている:スーパーヒーロー人類遺伝子と墜天使遺伝子と動物遺伝子の遺伝子を混ぜている怪物たち ・ 第二の手紙 כלאי הנפילים כבר חיים בקרבנו: Transhumanism גיבור וTransgenetics – מכתב伟人杂种已经生活在我们中间:超级英雄超人Transgenetics, – 第二个字母Нефилим Гибриды уже живут среди нас: супергерой Трансгуманизм и Transgenetics – 2 Письмо (October 30, 2013)
  11. The Nephilim Hybrids Are Already Living Amongst Us: Superhero Transhumanism and Transgenetics – 1st Letter ネフィリム混成物は、我々の周りに既に生きている:スーパーヒーロー人類遺伝子と墜天使遺伝子と動物遺伝子の遺伝子を混ぜている怪物たち ・ 第一の手紙 כלאי הנפילים כבר חיים בקרבנו: Transhumanism וTransgenetics גיבור – מכתב伟人杂种已经生活在我们中间:超级英雄超人Transgenetics – 第一个字母Нефилим Гибриды уже живут среди нас: супергерой Трансгуманизм и Transgenetics – 1 Письмо (October 30, 2013)
  12. Satan’s Recruitment Business Revealed悪魔サタンの採用募集ビジネスを暴くעסקי גיוסו של השטן נחשף (October 6, 2013)
  13. How to Defeat the Illuminati & Protect Yourself from EMP Electromagnetic Weapons – Third Letter イルミナティ秘密結社を敗北に追い込む方法と自分をEMP電磁波武器から守る方法 - 手紙第三枚目 איך להביס את האילומינטי ולהגן על עצמך מנשק אלקטרומגנטיים EMP – המכתב שלישי (September 30, 2013)
  14. How to Defeat the Illuminati & Protect Yourself from EMP Electromagnetic Weapons – Second Letter イルミナティ秘密結社を敗北に追い込む方法と自分をEMP電磁波武器から守る方法 - 手紙第二枚目 איך להביס את האילומינטי ולהגן על עצמך מנשק אלקטרומגנטיים EMP – המכתב שני (September 30, 2013)
  15. How to Defeat the Illuminati & Protect Yourself from EMP Electromagnetic Weapons – First Letter イルミナティ秘密結社を敗北に追い込む方法と自分をEMP電磁波武器から守る方法 - 手紙第一枚目 איך להביס את האילומינטי ולהגן על עצמך מנשק אלקטרומגנטיים EMP – האות ראשונה (September 30, 2013)
  16. Video Links קישורי וידאוВидео Ссылки视频链接 ビデオリンク(September 6, 2013)
  17. —–Western Illuminati’s Hidden Ancient Technology to Destroy and Deceive the World—–טכנולוגיה עתיקה חבויה של המערבי האילומינטי להרוס ולהונות את העולם—————Скрытые Древние западные иллюминаты Технология разрушать и обмануть мир ———-西方光明隱藏的古代科技的破壞和欺騙世界———-世界を破壊し、欺くために西洋イルミナティの隠された古代の技術—– (September 5, 2013)
  18. —–Eastern Illuminati is Trying to Stop Western Illuminati from Starting World War 3 to Make Asians Kill Each Other———- מזרח האילומינטי מנסה לעצור מערבי האילומינטי מהתחלת מלחמת העולם 3 לעשות אסייתים להרוג אחד את —– אחר—– Восточной иллюминатов пытается остановить западные иллюминаты с Начальная мировой войны 3 для азиатов убивать друг друга ———-东区光明正试图阻止西方光明启动第三次世界大战亚洲人杀死对方———-アジア人同士がお互い殺しあうように第三次大戦を起こそうとしている西洋イルミナティ秘密結社を東洋イルミナティが止めようとしている—– (September 3, 2013)
  19. —–Beware of the Eastern Collaborators of the Western Illuminati———-היזהרממשתפי הפעולההמזרחיים שלמערבהאילומינטי———-ОстерегайтесьВосточнойсоавторызападныхиллюминатов———-當心東部的合作者的西部光明———-西洋イルミナティの東洋協力者には注意して下さい—– (August 30, 2013)
  20. —–The Replacement of Russians and Asians and Brown Skinned People by Clones of the Western Aryan Illuminati———-ロシア人やアジア人や茶色い肌の人間を西洋アールヤン人イルミナティのクローン人間で取り換える計画———-俄羅斯和亞洲人和布朗更換皮膚的人無性系西方雅利安光明的———- Замена русских и азиатов и Браун кожей людей клонами западных арийских иллюминатов ———- ההחלפה של רוסים ואסייתים ובראון קלופים אנשים לפי שיבוטים של מערב הארי האילומינטי—– (August 25, 2013)
  21. Update on the Western Illuminati versus Eastern Illuminati War for Survival עדכון במערב לעומת מזרח האילומינטי האילומינטי מלחמת הישרדות Обновленная информация о Западной и Восточной Иллюминатов Иллюминаты Война за выживание 更新西方光明和東歐先覺生存戰爭 西洋イルミナティと東洋イルミナティの生存をかけた全面戦争:アプデート情報 Update pada Illuminati Barat dan Timur Illuminati Perang untuk Survival पश्चिमी प्रबुद्ध और जीवन रक्षा के लिए पूर्वी प्रबुद्ध युद्ध पर अद्यतन (August 14, 2013)
  22. Attempted Terrorism But God’s Sovereignty And Final Warning And Protection / Benediction (June 15, 2012)
  23. ניסיתיטרור אלאריבונותו של אלוהיםואזהרהוהגנה/ברכהסופית (June 15, 2012)
  24. The Myths Of Socialist Congressmen (May 21, 2012)
  25. את המיתוסים של חברי קונגרס סוציאליסטים (May 21, 2012)
  26. The Irony: Satan Uses Religious Christians To Attack Real Christians (March 8, 2012)
  27. האירוניה: השטן משתמש נוצרים דתיים כדי לתקוף נוצרים אמיתיים (March 8, 2012)
  28. Family Oriented Nations Are The Most Evil Nations (March 3, 2012)
  29. האומות משפחה ומוטות האם האומות המרושעות ביותר (March 3, 2012)
  30. How To Deal With Demonic Spirits (February 25, 2012)
  31. איך להתמודד עם רוחות שטניים (February 25, 2012)
  32. Fake Christian Media & Fake Christian Fund-Raisers (February 19, 2012)
  33. הואה נוצרי מדיה (February 19, 2012)
  34. Warning Concerning Japan Bible Institute אזהרה לגבי יפן Bible המכון (January 26, 2012)
  35. Western Christianity = Corporate Christianity (October 15, 2011)
  36. המערב והנצרות = חברות הנצרות (October 15, 2011)
  37. Connections Between The Aliens And The Occult (October 14, 2011)
  38. חיבורים בין החייזרים ותורת הנסתר. (October 14, 2011)
  39. Many Non-Christian Scientists Admit To Intelligent Design (October 12, 2011)
  40. רבים לא נוצריות מדענים להודות התכנון התבוני. (October 12, 2011)
  41. Attacks From Christians & Interference: Satan’s Tactics Exposed (October 10, 2011)
  42. התקפות מצד הנוצרים & התערבות: טקטיקות של השטן חשוף. October 10, 2011)
  43. Ancient Power Sources Of Atlantis Before Noah’s Flood (October 5, 2011)
  44. כוח מקורות עתיקים של אטלנטיס לפני המבול של נוח. (October 5, 2011)
  45. Examples Of How Lukewarm End-Times Western Christians Warp Truth – Head Covering (September 28, 2011)
  46. דוגמאות כיצד פושרים קצה טיימס המערבי נוצרים עיוות האמת: כיסוי הראש. (September 28, 2011)
  47. Pre-Adamic Creation (September 28, 2011)
  48. טרום אדם הבריאה. (September 28, 2011)
  49. Words Of Encouragement To Israel (September 18, 2011)
  50. מילות עידוד לישראל. (September 18, 2011)
  51. Religion – The Enemy Of God (September 17, 2011)
  52. דת – האויב של אלוהים. (September 17, 2011)
  53. Earth’s Doom Foretold (September 16, 2011)
  54. אבדון של כדור הארץ מראש. (September 16, 2011)
  55. Beware Of False Prophets, Brethren (September 13, 2011)
  56. היזהרו הנביאים, אחיהם שווא. (September 13, 2011)
  57. Pride Of Life: Children Of Satan (September 11, 2011)
  58. הגאווה של החיים: ילדים של השטן. (September 11, 2011)
  59. Fallacy Of Capitalism: God’s Provisions In Christ And Freedom From Sin’s Power (September 10, 2011)
  60. הכשל של הקפיטליזם: הוראות של אלוהים במשיח וחופש מהשלטון של חטא. (September 10, 2011)
  61. The Ultimate Decision: What You Do With God’s Love (September 8, 2011)
  62. ההחלטה הסופית: מה אתה עושה עם אהבת אלוהים. (September 8, 2011)
  63. God’s Zodiac (August 30, 2011)
  64. אלוהים של גלגל המזלות (August 30, 2011)
  65. God Loves You Regardless Of Who You Are (August 24, 2011)
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  96. התרמית הגדולה של השטן של חיים מחוץ לכדור הארץ האבולוציוני מתחיל. (January 13, 2011)
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  99. One Of The Reasons For 60% Divorce In Western Churches (January 8, 2011)
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  114. התגובה ההבדל בין אנשים של אלוהים ואנשים של השטן. (January 4, 2011)
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  266. খ্রীষ্টানইন্টারনেটরেডিওযীশুযীশুখ্রীষ্টদৈববাণীসংযোগ
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  348. Recent Scientific Evidence Of Asteroid Hitting Sodom & Gomorrah Changing The World’s Climate מדעי האחרונים הוכחות אסטרואיד ופגע סדום ועמורה הזכויות לשנות את העולם האקלים (January 5, 2010)
  349. Who Is The Anti-Christ? מי אנטי-הוצרי? (January 2, 2010)
  350. Anti-Christ Barack Obama and Satan’s Draco alien fallen angel reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant witch race royal bloodline family genes反キリスト・バラク・オバマ大統領と悪魔サタンのドラコ宇宙人堕天使爬虫類混血ハイブリッド・ネフィリム子孫魔女種族王室皇室血筋家族遺伝子 Anti-Christ ברק אובמה המלאך שנפל הזר דראקו של השטן היברידי הזוחלים 反キリスト・バラク・オバマ大統領と悪魔サタンのドラコ宇宙人堕天使爬虫類混血ハイブリッド・ネフィリム子孫魔女種族王室皇室血筋家族遺伝子  (November 30, 2009)

(The Hebrew translation of this article is located at the bottom of this page. See bottom.)

(תרגום עברית של מאמר זה ממוקם בחלק התחתון של דף זה. ראה בתחתית.)



Journal Entry Date: October 8, 2009


Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren,


If you are reading this, then the rapture has already occurred, and the real born-again Christians with the Holy Spirit have been caught up to heaven, and only the religious Christians are left on the earth.


I would like to extend to you a loving welcome into the Kingdom of Christ Jesus our Lord. We are living in the very last days of human history as we know it. The prophecies of the Bible are coming true at unparalleled frequency. As God told us, when these things start to happen, look up, for our redemption is close.


I will be giving you a timeline of Bible prophecy eschatology, to give you an idea of what is about to happen. There will be a series of events that will be taking place during the last seven-year Tribulation Age, in which you are now living in. The Lord has given me His command to give you insight into His Bible timeline and your coming mission. You are the commando crack troops of God to carry out the gospel salvation news of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Almighty God YHWH to all nations, tribes and tongues throughout the world.


God our Father and Creator of all creation came in the form of a man, Jesus Christ, and died on the cross to solve the problem of our sins, so that if we believe in Him, our souls can be saved through faith in Christ, and we can have forgiveness for our sins and eternal life with Him, as well as a personal relationship with Him..






  1. Rapture of the Church (Born-Again Believers are taken into heaven by Jesus before the Tribulation Age begins)
  2. Appearance of the Anti-Christ (Satan will use him to rule the world)
  3. Ezekiel Chapter 38 Bible Prophecy (Israel will be attacked by Gog and Magog and a
    coalition of Muslim nations, but God will destroy their enemies)
  4. Anti-Christ will be Assasinated (Satan, the devil will possess his body & fake resurrection)
  5. Anti-Christ will Form a One-World Government/One-World Economy/One-World Religion
  6. Anti-Christ will Use New Roman Empire (7-Headed Beast) to Rule the World
  7. Anti-Christ will Force Everyone to Receive the Mark of the Beast “666” on the Arm or Forehead
  8. Anti-Christ will Set-Up the “Abomination of Desolation” in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem
  9. 144,000 Hebrew Remnant will Receive Jesus & Be Saved (They will go into the world to share the gospel)
  10. 7 Seal & 7 Trumpet & 7 Bowl Judgment of God Upon Those Who Do Not Receive Christ
  11. Euphrates River Dries Up & 2 Million Troops March Across for Battle of Armageddon
  12. Babylon Religion is Judged and Destroyed
  13. 2nd Coming Of Christ with His Saints to Battle the Armies of the World (Armageddon)
  14. Devil is Thrown into the Abyss for a Thousand Years
  15. 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom Reign of Christ with His Saints
  16. Satan is Released to Deceive the Armies of the World Again to Fight God
  17. Satan is Thrown into the Lake of Fire
  18. All Humans Receive Judgment Before the Great White Throne of God
  19. All Humans who do not have the Atonement for Sins Through Jesus’ Shed Blood on the Cross are Thrown into the Lake of Fire
  20. Present Physical World’s Elements will Melt Away
  21. God Creates a New Heaven & Earth for His People (Saved Saints in Christ)
  22. Eternity (New Jerusalem)




First, the Church (born-again believers in Christ) has been raptured into heaven, as you already know. The Church Saints or the Bride of Christ are those who were saved during the 2,000 years of the Church Age, along with all of those who have fallen asleep in the Lord prior to that period. They are referred to as the Bride of Christ, in contrast to the Tribulation Saints during the Tribulation Age, who will not be the Bride, but will be the guests to the wedding feast of the Lamb—Christ Jesus our King. The Tribulation Saints are those who did not have the Holy Spirit at the time of the rapture, just as those who fell asleep prior to Christ, who were lukewarm saints.


In Christian teaching, the rapture means that event where Jesus returns and redeems His saved believers who are the real born-again Christians, not the religious carnal Christians. The Bible says that He will come with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call of God, as a lightning from the east to the west. The dead in Christ will be resurrected from the sea and the earth, first. Then, we who are still alive will be “caught up” into the sky with them. In a twinkling of an eye, we will all be transformed into our spiritual glorified eternal bodies. We will be taken to heaven to dwell with Him forever. On the Bible prophecy timeline, this happens right before the Tribulation upon the earth begins (hyper inflation, plagues, wars, persecution of Christian believers, etc.), or right before the Anti-Christ confirms the fake peace treaty between Israel and Palestine (Philistine), where the last seven-year Tribulation Age clock starts ticking.


The great deceiver, Satan will make excuses for the rapture or disappearance of all the Christians. Only the Born-Again Christian believers will be raptured, and a lot of the religious fake Christians & Catholics will not be raptured. Satan has introduced the theory of evolution in these last days, in order to concoct his great deception which God talks about, concerning extraterrestrial intelligent life. These fallen angels can transfigure themselves into angels of light and other forms, as well as create material objects such as UFOs. These “Watchers” or fallen angels were here before Noah’s flood, and taught people technology and Satan’s evolutionism, and society became corrupt. They created half breed children with human women, in order to create nephilim giants. Their genetically engineered nephilims and chimera monsters killed the humans. Therefore, God wiped out the ancient technologically advanced civilization and the perverted creatures with the Flood, and started the human race all over again with Noah’s family who had pure human genes, as well as the genetically uncorrupted animals on the ark.


Satan is a master deceiver. He and his Anti-Christ will deceive the whole earth. He deceived and took one-third of the fallen angels from heaven in rebellion to God because they did not want to serve humans, so it would not be difficult for him to deceive the evil-doers remaining on the earth. God says that because the people have rejected God’s Torah Truth—Jesus Christ, He has allowed a strong delusion to come upon them, by the deceiver of the world. They are spiritually blinded. If you reject God’s Truth (the Bible), then you will believe the craziest of lies, such as the evolutionist theory that you are an evolved ape. The Luciferian Satanist Illuminati secret societies’ reptilian nephilim bloodline family descendants do not believe this evolutionary theory that they brainwash the humans with. They believe in Satan and his fallen angels as being their fathers, and that they are a superior race that must create a New World Order to exterminate all human homo-sapiens again, and restore their ancient Atlantis civilization with their nephilim homo-capensis race. They want to be gods themselves.




The Holy Spirit was holding back the spirit of the Anti-Christ, until the Church Saints were raptured out. Now that the Holy Spirit is taken away, the Anti-Christ will be allowed to be revealed. Since the Holy Spirit is in the Church Age saints or born-again Christian believers, when the saints were raptured into heaven, then the Holy Spirit was taken away with them. Then, the seven year tribulation age will begin, and during the last three and a half years, God’s judgment and wrath will be poured out on the earth for those who did not receive Christ’s redemption for their sins. You, the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant will be divinely protected from harm and will be raptured out three and a half years into the Tribulation Age, before the horrendous Great Tribulation begins—the last three and a half years where two-thirds of the Hebrew Jewish nation will be massacred by the Anti-Christ. When the Anti-Christ confirms the fake peace treaty between Israel and Palestine (Philistines), then the 7-Year Tribulation Age clock starts ticking. The Anti-Christ will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.




The Anti-Christ will come as a charismatic leader of peace, at first, deceiving many to destruction. He will be assassinated, and he will receive a terrible head wound and it will also wound his arm. Satan, the devil will possess his body, and fake-resurrect him back to life. Thereby, imitating Christ’s true resurrection. He will form a one-world government, a one-world economy, and a one-world religion. The False Prophet will create the one-world religion, and hand over authority to the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ will cause everyone to receive the “Mark of the Beast” “666” microchip implant in their arm or forehead. He will be ushered in by the world as a Savior and Masonic Messiah, for Satan will give him the power to provide the world’s economic solution and bring fake peace to the Middle East.


Ezekiel 38 Bible Prophecy


Ezekiel prophesied that Gog and Magog, Iran (Persia), and an alliance of Muslim nations (Turkey, Libya, Sudan) will attack Israel. However, God will save Israel and destroy the the enemy’s armies. It will be a nuclear war. When they find bodies, they won’t bury them, but they will only set up markers there, and later on, professionally-hired buriers will come and dispose of the bodies (due to fear of radiation). Then, Israel will know that it was the Lord God Almighty that had saved them. Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad believes that he has been called by Allah (the pagan Arab ancient moon god) to usher in the seven-year Mahdi or Muslim Messiah (12th Imam), or who is referred by the Bible as the seven-year Anti-Christ who will set up the one-world religion. The Mahdi is prophesied in Islam to bring a period of seven year peace, and can only be revealed when chaotic times come upon the world. So, the Iranian president is hell bent on destroying Israel with nuclear weapons and creating that chaos, so that the Mahdi can be ushered in. He said that “Israel’s days are numbered.” The Illuminati globalist elites are trying to cause the World War.


One-World Religion


The one-world religion will be made up by Catholicism, Islam and Judaism. Catholicism is Satanism or the Mystery Babylon religion disguised as Christianity. All the secret societies of the nephilim bloodline families are connected to each other (Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Illuminati, Club of Rome, Skull & Bones, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, United Nations, CIA, NSA, MI6, MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS, Committee of Three Hundred, Council of Foreign Relations, etc.). The Vatican Jesuit Luciferian Satanism will be the fake shell of Christianity left on the earth, after the real Christians are raptured out. The False-Prophet (the 2nd Beast) or Pope will do great signs and wonders to astonish the people of the earth with their fallen angel alien technology, and make them worship the Anti-Christ (the 1st Beast). The devil, Satan will deceive the whole world into worshipping the Anti-Christ.


The word “Catholicism” means “universalism”. It tries to unite all the religions of the world together, welcoming all faiths. It has its roots in the Mystery Babylon religion of the nephilim descendants’ secret societies since the days of Cain’s Enoch and Tubal-Cain, and that is why they worship the same goddess—Mother Mary with Islam’s Fatimah; as well as the Pope lying that Allah and Jehovah are one and the same God. They just overlayed Christianity’s name over the pagan Satanist mystery religion that was in Rome—an offshoot of the Babylonian mystery Satanist religion. All the religions of the world and occults and pagan worship and secret societies are just offshoots of this Mystery Babylon religion or Satanism that has its roots in Babylon, and belong to the thousands of years old “Brotherhood of the Snake” nephilim organization. They worship their gods or fathers, who are the Anunnaki or fourth dimensional Draco reptilian alien fallen angels. They gave up their dimensions in order to detach from God, so that they can put on physical chimera bodies to enslave mankind in the third dimension, and to parasite off of them. They are detached from God, so they have to parasite life force off of the humans by creating negative energy through causing all the wars in history, economic crashes, plagues and cancer viruses, Illuminati witch race nephilim descendant reptilian hybrid homo-capensis species’ live child sacrifice Satanist rituals. They eat the humans and harvest their DNA and souls through soul-scalping. The most precious commodities traded among the nephilim aliens on other planets are human DNA and human souls in jars. There are many abducted human slaves on other planets. There are many alien species like the Draco reptilians and Hydra and grey aliens and tall white aliens that control the rogue shadow governments through their secret societies’ nephilim alien hybrids.


Those who do not receive the Anti-Christ’s “Mark of the Beast 666” will be beheaded in Muslim style. Beheading is commanded in the Koran for the infidels, meaning the Jews and Christians and non-Muslims. So, Islam will play a big role in the one-world religion. The Jews will also be deceived into believing that the Anti-Christ is their Messiah, and worship him, thereby, Judaism becoming a part of the one-world religion, also. The Jews are people from different ethnicities living in Israel. God will call the Hebrew descendants back who have spread to all the nations of the world over thousands of years.


One-World Government


Daniel and John prophesied that the Anti-Christ will set up a one-world government. A one-world government cannot arise as long as the United States is a superpower. China and Russia are trying to introduce a one-world currency to replace the dollar. The best way to destroy a country is to devalue its currency. The Anti-Christ will create a huge national debt to crash the U.S. dollar and start a hyper-inflation. When the people riot, he will use the DHS FEMA alien hybrid Nazi SS armies to come to power through martial law.


The Anti-Christ will lead the Revived Roman Empire (the 10-crowned, 7-headed beast). The ten crowns refer to 10 world leaders, and seven heads refers to 7 hills of the city where the Mystery Babylon religion is located. The Anti-Christ will be an eleventh leader, who will uproot three of the other leaders, and the other 7 kings will give him their authorities. The Anti-Christ will use this so-called “One-World Government” or “Revived Roman Empire” to rule the world for 1,260 days as prophesied in the Bible.


One-World Economy


Due to the crash of the U.S. dollar and the United States, and consequently, a world-wide economic crash, there will be a move for a one-world currency and economy. Just as Hitler came to power during the depression, Satan has created this destruction of the dollar in order to bring his Anti-Christ to power through providing the world’s economic solution. The banks want a cashless society. It will also allow the Anti-Christ’s IRS to prevent tax evasion. The Anti-Christ will introduce and astonish the people with a proposal for a one-world cashless economy. He will force all people of the world to receive a Mark of the Beast “666.” No one will be able to buy or sell without this mark. The bar code which is on all the products we buy at the supermarket & stores in the world has this number “666.” The separator numbers in the beginning, middle and end are the number “6.” Hence, “666.”


There are microchips already in use by many people that are implanted into their bodies. The microchips allow the employees of certain companies to get through security doors in their workplaces. There are biochips being used in Spain, much like a cash card, which are implanted into people’s arms. Anyone who receives this mark of the beast microchip implant cannot be saved, because their DNA will be changed to nephilims, and they will no longer have human souls that can be saved through faith in Christ. The Tribulation Saints during the tribulation age will refuse to receive this mark. The Anti-Christ will behead these saints in typical Muslim fashion. So, in order to be saved during the tribulation period, the believers will have to be martyred for their faith. But for those who receive Jesus and are martyred, they will enter into God’s kingdom.


God’s Judgment & Wrath Poured Out On The Earth


John prophesies to us about the fearful judgment of God that will fall upon the earth, during the last three and a half year Great Tribulation Age. Three and a half years into the Tribulation Age, the Anti-Christ will set up the “Abomination That Causes Desolation” in the Holy-Of-Holies of the Temple in Jerusalem that he will rebuild, that will bring about the final judgments of God. The Anti-Christ will then try to elevate himself as God, and make people worship him. The Hebrew people will then finally realize that he is a fake Messiah. You, the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant will be raptured away by Christ, and so you shall be with Him forever. God will miraculously protect the Israelite nation from the onslaught of the Anti-Christ’s army by taking them to Petra in Jordan. There will be wars, famines, earthquakes, hyper-inflations, asteroids hitting the earth, and plagues. The Illuminati New World Order nephilim descendant globalist elites and their fallen angel Archons and Satan are manufacturing large numbers of nephilim giants and chimera monsters and dinosaurs and ancient mythological creatures. This is why they invaded Iraq, in order to steal the ancient technologies and mummies of tne ancient nephilim giants, so that they can use their DNA to clone bodies for their disembodied demon spirits of the dead ancient nephilims. They are kept for the time of judgment. In the underground alien bases, the nephilim aliens and alien hybrid human military are creating all these nephilim giants and dinosaurs and mythological creatures of ancient legends and monsters, in order to exterminate the human homo-sapiens specie populace. Many of these giants are tens of feet tall, and the tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs run along as pets alongside them. They are supernatural and have psychic abilities, just like the Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their witch race hybrids. They dissect the humans they alien abduct, and make half human half animal half plant creatures to create their armies to eradicate the humans. They are creating an army of nephilims and chimeras to fight God at Armageddon. This is why they seeded the earth with fallen angel alien technology at Roswell and Nazi Germany, in order to create their space fleets Solar Warden and Radiant Guardian. One in ten to fifteen people are now non-humans without human souls. They are alien hybrid infiltrator invaders and organic robotoids and fallen angel avatars and clones. It is the secret silent invasion of earth and replacement of humans with their new transhumanism nephilim race. Their armies include their vampires and werewolves and minotaurs and centaurs and dinosaurs and fairies and goblins and gargoyles and dragons and bigfoot sasquatches. They are creating zombie viruses, in order to create zombie armies that will kill the human populace. They are the “Seven Seal Judgments,” “Seven Trumpet Judgments,” and the “Seven Bowl Judgments” that will be poured out on the earth. Almost the entire earth’s population will be killed by meteors, earth polar shifts, earthquakes, and the demonic entities that the Illuminati black magicians are bringing in from their CERN hadron collider star gate portals and other star gates. These ancient star gates are what the Bible calls the Gates of Hell where all the demonic creatures come through in the Great Tribulation Age.


Two Witnesses


Two witnesses of God will arise to prophesy. Those who try to harm them will be consumed by fire from their mouths. They will be given power to shut up the sky’s rain, and bring plagues. After they have given their testimony, the Anti Christ will be allowed to kill them, and the world will celebrate. However, on the third day, God will resurrect them into heaven, and the people of the world will see this live on satellite television in horror. An earthquake will destroy the city where they were resurrected.


Babylon Destroyed


The city of commercial power and corruption, Mystery Babylon religion, the adulterous city with seven hills will be destroyed. Rome’s Vatican Satanism that was the center of world commerce and wealth, and it will be destroyed in an instant by fire. It’s musicians, entertainers, business traders, and world’s greatest merchants will be annihilated in a flash. The ships and sea captains will stay clear of its ports out of fear, and lament in shock, from afar. The Vatican Mystery Babylon religion has martyred the greatest number of Christians in the history of the world, even more than Caesar, and God will take revenge upon it. God calls the city the Great Mystery Babylon harlot, since it disguises itself as Christianity and commits adultery with Jezebel or Satanism.


Battle Of Armageddon


The Anti-Christ and the armies of the world, whom Satan has gathered to fight against the Lord, will assemble in Armageddon. Demonic spirits will come out of the Anti-Christ, False-Prophet and the devil’s mouths, to go into the world to deceive the leaders of nations. Our Lord Jesus Christ, during His second-coming, will land on the Mount of Olives, and split the mountain in two. The world’s armies will be annihilated by our Lord Jesus Christ at Armageddon. Then, the Anti-Christ and False-Prophet will be thrown into the Lake Of Fire. The Tribulation Saints will be resurrected along with those lukewarm Christians who had fallen asleep in Christ from their graves to join the wedding feast of the Groom—Jesus Christ.


1000 Year Millennial Kingdom Reign Of Christ


After Jesus’ 2nd-Coming, our Lord will set up His kingdom on this earth for one thousand years. Satan will be captured, and thrown into the Abyss for a thousand years. Jesus and His saints will reign on the earth. There will be peace for a thousand years. After a thousand years, Satan will be temporarily released to go out into the world to deceive the people of the world, again. He will assemble the armies of the world to fight against the Lord and His saints. They will be destroyed by fire from heaven, and Satan, the devil will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, along with the Anti-Christ and False-Prophet.


Great White Throne Judgment Of God


All those people who do not have the payment for their sins through Jesus’ blood, will be resurrected to life, and face their judgment before God’s great white throne. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. If they do not have Jesus’ payment on the cross for their sins, then they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire with the devil and his fallen angels.




The old heaven and earth will pass away, and the elements will melt away. A new heaven and earth will be created by God. There will be no ocean or night there. The New Jerusalem will have streets made of pure gold and gates of pearl. There won’t be any sun, since God’s glory will be its light. There will be no pain, tears, death, suffering or sin. The river of life will flow from God’s throne, through the middle of the city. On each side of the river will be the tree of life. God will dwell with His people, and we shall reign forever with Him.




The Lord bless you and provide you His Spirit of wisdom and love and righteousness. His peace be with you, dearly beloved. Glory and praise be to His name forevermore!















————————————————– —————–









6.アンチキリストがワンワールド政府/ One-世界経済/ワン世界宗教を形成し、



9.アンチキリストがセットアップされます “荒廃の嫌悪を「エルサレムの再建寺で

  1. 144000ヘブライレムナントは、(彼らは福音を共有するために、世界になります)イエスを受信します&救われます
  2. 7シール&7キリストを受信していない人の時に神のトランペット&7ボウル判決






















サタンは、マスター詐欺師です。彼と彼の反キリストが地球全体を欺くます。彼は騙され、彼らは人間に奉仕したくなかったので、神への反逆で天から落とされた天使の3分の1を取ったので、彼は地球上に残って悪徒を欺くことは困難ではないであろう。神は、人々が神の律法の真実 – イエス・キリストを拒否したため、彼は世界の詐欺師によって、強力な妄想が彼らに来ることができましたことを述べています。彼らは霊的に盲目にされています。あなたが神の真理(聖書)を拒否した場合、その後、あなたは進化類人猿であるような進化論の理論として、嘘のクレイジーを信じています。ルシファーの悪魔崇拝者イルミナティ秘密結社「爬虫類のネフィリムの血統の家族の子孫は、彼らが人間を洗脳することを、この進化論を信じていません。彼らは自分の父親であるとしてサタンと彼の堕天使を信じ、そして、彼らは再びすべての人間のホモサピエンスを退治し、そのネフィリムホモカペンシスレースで彼らの古代アトランティス文明を復元するために、新世界秩序を作成する必要があり、優れた種族であること。彼らは神自身になりたいです。
















1世界の宗教はカトリック、イスラム教やユダヤ教によって作られます。カトリックは、悪魔主義やキリスト教を装っミステリーバビロンの宗教です。ネフィリム血統の家族のすべての秘密結社が互いに(フリーメーソン、バラ十字運動、イルミナティ、ローマクラブ、スカル&ボーンズ、三極委員会、ビルダーバーグ、国連、CIA、NSA、MI6、MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS、委員会に接続されています。スリーハンドレッド、外交問題評議会、などの)。本当のクリスチャンが出rapturedされた後、バチカン、イエズス会ルシファーの悪魔は、地球上に残され、キリスト教の偽のシェルになります。偽預言者(第二ビースト)または教皇は、大いなるしるしを行い、その堕天使エイリアンの技術で、地球の人々を驚かせる、と彼らは反キリスト(第一ビースト)崇拝するために疑問に思うでしょう。悪魔は、サタンは、反キリストを崇拝に全世界を欺くます。


単語「カトリック」は「普遍主義」を意味します。これは、すべての宗教を歓迎し、一緒に世界のすべての宗教を統一しようとします。これは、カインのエノクとトバル・カインの時代からネフィリムの子孫「秘密結社の謎バビロンの宗教にルーツを持っており、彼らはイスラムのファティマと同じ女神-聖母マリアを崇拝する理由です。だけでなく、教皇は、アッラーとエホバが1と同じ神であることを横たわっています。彼らはただローマにバビロニアの謎サタニストの宗教の分派した異教の悪魔崇拝者の謎の宗教の上にキリスト教の名前をオーバーレイ。世界とoccultsと異教の礼拝と秘密結社のすべての宗教は、バビロンにルーツを持つこのミステリーバビロンの宗教や悪魔崇拝のちょうど分派であり、数千年の昔、「蛇の兄弟愛 “ネフィリムの組織に属しています。彼らは、アヌンナキまたは第4次元のドラコ爬虫類エイリアン落とされた天使である彼らの神々や先祖たちを、礼拝します。彼らは三次元で人類を奴隷に物理的なキメラ体上に置くことができ、それらのオフに寄生虫するように彼らは、神から切り離すために、その寸法をあきらめました。彼らは神から切り離さので、イルミナティ魔女のレースネフィリムは子孫の歴史、経済がクラッシュし、疫病やがんウイルス、内のすべての戦争を引き起こしを通じて負のエネルギーを作成することによって、人間のオフ生命力を寄生虫する必要がありますされている雑種の爬虫類ホモカペンシス種」ライブ子供はサタニストの儀式を生け贄に捧げます。彼らは人間を食べて、魂スキャルピングを介して自分のDNAと魂を収穫します。他の惑星上のネフィリム外国人の間で取引される最も貴重な商品は、ヒトDNAや瓶で人間の魂です。他の惑星上の多くの誘拐、人間の奴隷があります。ドラコの爬虫類とハイドラと灰色のエイリアンとその秘密結社「ネフィリムエイリアンのハイブリッドを介して不正な影の政府を制御する背の高い白い宇宙人のような多くの外来種があります。






ダニエルとジョンは、反キリストが1世界政府を樹立することを預言しました。 1-世界政府は限り米国が超大国であるとして生じることはできません。中国とロシアは、ドルを交換するために、1つの世界通貨を導入しようとしています。国を破壊するための最良の方法は、その通貨を切り下げることです。反キリストは、米ドルをクラッシュさせ、ハイパーインフレを開始するために莫大な国家債務が作成されます。人々は暴動とき、彼は戒厳令を介して電源に来てDHS FEMAエイリアンハイブリッドナチSSの軍隊を使用します。


アンチキリストが復活ローマ帝国(10戴冠、7頭の獣)をもたらすであろう。 10クラウンは10世界の指導者、および七つの頭を参照してくださいミステリーバビロンの宗教が配置されている都市の7丘を指します。反キリストは他の指導者の3を根絶し、他の7人の王が彼にその権限を与える第十のリーダーになります。アンチキリストが、聖書に預言として1260日間世界を支配するために、このいわゆる「ワン・ワールド政府」や「復活ローマ帝国」を使用します。




米ドルと米国の衝突、その結果、世界的な経済のクラッシュに、ワンワールドの通貨と経済の動きがあるでしょう。ヒトラーが不況時の電力に来たのと同じように、サタンは世界経済のソリューションを提供することを介して電源に彼の反キリストをもたらすために、ドルのこの破壊を作成しました。銀行はキャッシュレス社会にしたいです。また、反キリストのIRSは、脱税を防止することができます。アンチキリストが紹介し、ワンワールドキャッシュレス経済のための提案を持つ人々を驚かせるでしょう。彼は、誰がこのマークなしで購入または売却することはできません獣 “666”のマークを受信するために、世界のすべての人々を強制します。すべての製品であるバーコードを我々はスーパーマーケット&店舗で購入します世界はこの番号を持っている最初、中間および最後に「666」、セパレータ番号がある番号「6」したがって、「666」






ジョンは最後の3年半大艱難時代に、地球に落ちる神の恐ろしい裁きについての私達に預言します。艱難時代に3年半、アンチキリストは神の最終的な判断をもたらすこと、彼が再構築されていることを聖・オブ・ホリーズエルサレムの神殿の中で「荒廃の原因嫌悪者 “を設定します。反キリストは神として自分自身を高めるためにしよう、と人々は彼を崇拝するようになります。ヘブライ語の人々が、最終的に彼は偽の救世主であると認識するでしょう。あなたは、144000ヘブライ語のレムナントは、キリストによって離れrapturedされ、あなたは永遠に彼としなければなりません。神は奇跡的にヨルダンペトラにそれらを取ることによって、アンチキリストの軍隊の攻撃からイスラエル国民を保護します。戦争、飢饉、地震、ハイパーinflations、地球を打つ小惑星、および疫病があります。イルミナティ新世界秩序ネフィリムの子孫グローバエリートとその堕天使アルコンとサタンはネフィリム巨人とキメラモンスターや恐竜や古代神話の生き物を大量に製造しています。彼らは死んだ古代nephilimsの彼らの肉体の悪魔の霊のために体をクローニングし、そのDNAを使用できるように、TNE古代ネフィリム巨人の古代技術やミイラを盗むために、イラクを侵略する理由です。これらは、判定時のために保存されています。地下エイリアンの拠点では、ネフィリムエイリアンとエイリアンのハイブリッド人間軍は、人間のホモサピエンス種の民衆を駆除するためには、これらすべてのネフィリム巨人と恐竜と古代の伝説やモンスターの神話の生き物を作成しています。これらの巨人の多くは、背の高いフィートの数十あり、ティラノサウルスレックスの恐竜は彼らと一緒にペットとして沿って実行します。彼らは超自然的であり、ちょうどドラコ爬虫類エイリアン落とされた天使とその魔女のレースハイブリッドのように、精神的能力を持っています。彼らは外国人誘拐人間を解剖し、半人半動物半分植物生き物が人間を根絶するために彼らの軍隊を作成することを可能にします。彼らはハルマゲドンで神と戦うためにnephilimsとキメラの軍隊を作成しています。彼らは宇宙艦隊ソーラーウォーデンとRadiantガーディアンを作成するために、ロズウェルとナチスドイツで堕天使エイリアンのテクノロジーと地球を播種した理由です。 1015年に人に1人は現在、人間の魂のない非ヒトです。彼らはエイリアンのハイブリッド潜入の侵略者と有機robotoidsと堕天使のアバターとクローンです。それは、地球とその新しいトランスヒューマニズムネフィリムレースによるヒトの交換の秘密サイレント侵略です。彼らの軍隊は、彼らの吸血鬼と狼男とミノタウロスやケンタウロスや恐竜や妖精やゴブリンやガーゴイルや竜やビッグフットsasquatches含まれます。彼らは人間の民衆を殺すゾンビの軍隊を作成するために、ゾンビウイルスを作成しています。彼らは地球上に注がれる「七つの封印の判決、「「七トランペットの判決」、および「セブンボウル判決」です。ほぼ地球全体の人口は流星、地球極性シフト、地震、イルミナティ黒魔術師は彼らのCERNのハドロンコライダーのスターゲートポータルや他のスターゲートからもたらしている悪魔エンティティによって殺されます。これらの古代のスターゲートは、聖書は、すべての悪魔的な生き物が大艱難時代に通ってくる地獄の門と呼ぶものです。


























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תאריך פינוי Journal: 8 באוקטובר, 2009


אחים ורעים 144,000 שריד העברי,


אם אתה קורא את זה, אז ההתלהבות כבר התרחשה, והנוצרים אמת שוב נולדו עם רוח הקודש נתפסו לשמים, ורק הנוצרים הדתיים נותרים על פני האדמה.


אני רוצה להאריך לכם קבלת פנים אוהבת למלכות אדוננו ישו. אנחנו חיים בימים האחרונים של ההיסטוריה האנושית כפי שאנו מכירים אותה. הנבואות של התנ”ך מתגשמות בתדר ללא תחרות. כפי שאלוהים אמר לנו, כאשר הדברים האלה מתחילים לקרות, להסתכל למעלה, על גאולתנו קרובה.


אני אהיה נותן לך ציר זמן של חזון אחרית ימי נבואה בתנ”ך, כדי לתת לכם מושג של מה עומד לקרות. תהיה שורה של אירועים כי יהיה מתרחשים בתקופת תלאות שבע השנים האחרונות, שבו אתה חי כיום. השר נתן לי הפקודה שלו לתת לך תובנה ציר הזמן התנ”ך שלו והמשימה הקרובה שלך. אתה קומנדו מיומנותם הגבוה של חיילים של אלוהים לבצע את חדשות ישועת הבשורה של אדוננו ישו ואת יהוה אלוהים האדיר שלנו לכל העמים, שבטים ולשונות ברחבי העולם.


אלוהים אבינו והיוצר של כל הבריאה בא בצורה של גבר, ישו, ומת על הצלב כדי לפתור את הבעיה של חטאינו, כך שאם אנחנו מאמינים בו, ניתן לשמור את נשמותינו דרך האמונה במשיח, ואנחנו יכולים להיות מחילה על חטאינו וחיי נצח איתו, כמו גם מערכת יחסים אישית איתו ..


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לוח זמנים


  1. התלהבות של הכנסייה (המאמינים שנולדו מחדש נלקחים עדן על ידי ישוע לפני גיל התלאות מתחיל)
  2. מראה של Anti-Christ (השטן ישתמש בו כדי להשתלט על העולם)
  3. הנבואה בתנ”ך יחזקאל פרק 38 (ישראל תותקף על ידי גוג ומגוג וכן

קואליציה של מדינות מוסלמיות, אבל אלוהים ישמיד את אויביהם)

  1. Anti-Christ יהיה Assasinated (השטן, השטן יהיה בעל גופו & תחיית זיוף)
  2. אנטי משיח יקי ממשלת אחת-העולם / One-כלכלה עולמית / One-דת העולם
  3. Anti-Christ ישתמש אימפריה הרומית חדשה (7-Headed חיה) להשתלט על העולם
  4. Anti-Christ יאלץ כולם מי שיקבל את הסימן של החיה “666” על הזרוע או מצח
  5. אנטי המשיח תהיה הגדרת את “שיקוץ משומם” בבית המקדש מחדש בירושלים
  6. 144,000 עברי שריד יקבל ישו & להיות הציל (הם ילכו לעולם כדי לחלוק את הבשורה)
  7. 7 חותם & 7 דין קערת חצוצרה & 7 של אלוהים על אלה שאינם מקבל המשיח
  8. נהר הפרת מתייבש ו -2 מיליון חיילים במרץ מעבר עבור קרב ארמגדון
  9. בבילון דת נשפטת והרסה
  10. 2 ביאת המשיח עם הקדושים שלו לקרב את צבאות העולם (ארמגדון)
  11. השטן נזרק לתהום במשך אלף שנים
  12. 1000 שנה המילניום הממלכה Reign of Christ עם הקדושים שלו
  13. השטן הוא שוחרר כדי להטעות את צבאות העולם שוב כדי להילחם אלוהים
  14. השטן נזרק לתוך האגם של אש
  15. כל בני האדם קבלת דין לפני הכסא הלבן הגדול של אלוהים
  16. כל בני האדם שאין להם כפרה על עוונות דרך ישו “לשפוך דם על הצלב נזרקים לתוך האגם של אש
  17. אלמנטי הווה של Physical העולם יתמסמסו
  18. אלוהים יוצר ניו שמיים וארץ לעמו (שמורים הקדושים במשיח)
  19. נצח (ירושלים החדשה)




ראשית, הכנסייה (שנולד מחדש המאמינים בישוע) כבר raptured לגן עדן, כפי שאתה יודע כבר. קדושי הכנסייה או כלתו של ישו הם אלה שניצלו במהלך 2,000 השנים של גיל הכנסייה, יחד עם כל מי נרדם יהוה לפני התקופה. הם מכונים כלתו של ישו, בניגוד קדושי התלאות במהלך גיל התלאות, אשר לא יהיה הכלה, אבל יהיו את האורחים לסעודת החתונה של ישו כבש-המשיח מלך. קדושי התלאות הם אלה שלא היו להם רוח הקודש בעת ההתלהבות, בדיוק כמו מי נרדם לפני ישו, שהיו קדושים פושרים.


בשנת הוראה נוצרית, ההתלהבות אומרת במקרה שבו ישו חוזר וגואל המאמינים הצילו שלו מי הם הנוצרים אמת שוב נולדו, לא נוצרי הבשרים הדתיים. התנ”ך אומר כי הוא יבוא עם הקול של המלאך ואת שיחת החצוצרה של אלוהים, כמו ברק מהמזרח למערב. המתים במשיח יקום לתחייה מן הים ואת הארץ, ראשון. לאחר מכן, אנו שעודם חיים יהיו “דביקים” אל השמים איתם. בעוד כהרף עין, כולנו יהיה להפוך הגופים הנצחיים המהוללים הרוחניים שלנו. אנחנו נילקח לשמים להתעכב איתו לנצח. על ציר הזמן הנבואה בתנ”ך, זה קורה ממש לפני התלאות על פני האדמה מתחילה (היפר-אינפלציה, מגיפות, מלחמות, רדיפת המאמינים הנוצרים, וכו ‘), או ממש לפני Anti-Christ מאשרת את הסכם השלום המזויף בין ישראל לבין פלסטין ( פלשתי), שבו שעון שבע שנתי תלאות הגיל האחרון מתחיל לתקתק.


הרמאי הגדול, שטן תירוצי ההתלהבות או ההיעלמות של כל הנוצרים. רק המאמינים הנוצרי שנולד מחדש יהיה raptured, והרבה הנוצרים הדתיים המזויפים & הקתולים לא יהיה raptured. השטן הציג את תורת האבולוציה בימים האחרונים האלה, כדי לרקוח התרמית הגדולה שלו שבו אלוהים מדבר על, בנוגע חיים תבוניים מחוץ לכדור ארץ. המלאכים הנופלים אלה יכולים לְשַׁנוֹת צוּרָה עצמם צורתם למלאכים של אור וצורות אחרות, כמו גם ליצור עצמים חומריים כגון עב”מים. אלה “שומרים” או מלאכים נופלים היו כאן לפני המבול של הנח, ולמדו טכנולוגית אנשים הִתפַּתְחוּתָנוּת של השטן, והחברה הפכה מושחתת. הם יצרו ילדי גזע וחצי עם נשי אדם, על מנת ליצור ענקים נפלים. המהונדסים הגנטיים שלהם nephilims ומפלצות הכימרה הרגו את בני האדם. לכן, אלוהים מחק את התרבות המתקדמת עתיקת טכנולוגית יצורים הסוטים עם המבול, וחל המין האנושי בכל רחבי שוב עם משפחתו של הנח שהיו גנים אנושיים טהורים, כמו גם חיות גנטיות לא הושחתו על הארון.


השטן הוא רמאי מאסטר. הוא אנטי המשיח שלו יהיה להטעות את כדור הארץ כולו. הוא השולל ולקח שליש של המלאכים הנופלים מן השמים במרד לאלוהים כי הם לא רוצים לשרת בני אדם, כך שזה לא יהיה קשה בשבילו כדי להטעות את הרע, העושים שנותרו על כדור הארץ. אלוהים אומר שבגלל העם דחו תורת ה ‘אמת-ישו, הוא איפשר אשליה חזקה לבוא עליהם, על ידי הרמאי של העולם. הם מסונוורים רוחניים. אם תדחה האמת של אלוהים (התנ”ך), אז אתה מאמין מטורף של שקרים, כגון תורת האבולוציה כי אתה קוף מפותח. צאצאי המשפחה Bloodline הנפלים זוחל ‘אגודות-הסתר ולוציפרית השטן האילומינטי לא מאמין תורת האבולוציה זה שהם לשטוף את מוחם של בני אדם עם. הם מאמינים שטן המלאכים הנופלים שלו כמו להיות אבותיהם, וכי הם גזע עליון שחייבת ליצור סדר עולמי חדש כדי להשמיד את כל ההומו-סאפיינס האדם שוב, ולשחזר תרבות אטלנטיס העתיקה שלהם עם גזע ההומו-capensis הנפלים שלהם. הם רוצים להיות אלים עצמם.




רוח הקודש הייתה מתאפקת ברוח אנטי המשיח, עד Saints Church היו raptured החוצה. עכשיו שרוח הקודש נלקחה ממנו, האנטי-המשיח יהיה רשאי להתגלות. מאז רוח הקודש נמצאת קדושי גיל הכנסייה או שנולד מחדש מאמינים נוצר, כאשר הקדושים היו raptured לגן עדן, אז רוח הקודש נלקחת איתם. ואז, בגיל פורענות שבע השנים תחל, ובמהלך שלוש וחצי השנים האחרונות, על פי שיפוטה של אלוהים זעם יהיה נשפך על האדמה לאלה שלא קיבלו הגאולה של המשיח על חטאיהם. אתה, 144,000 עברי השריד יהיה מוגן אלוהי מפני פגיעה ויהיה raptured מתוך שלוש וחצי שנים אל תוך גיל התלאות, לפני הצרה הגדולה הנוראית מתחילה-שנתי שלוש והחצי האחרונות שבו שני שלישים של העם היהודי העברי יהיה נטבחו על ידי המשיח אנטי. כאשר Anti-Christ מאשרת את הסכם השלום המזויף בין ישראל לבין פלסטין (פלשתים), ואז השעון גיל התלאות 7-שנה מתחיל לתקתק. The Anti-המשיח יהיה לבנות מחדש את בית המקדש בירושלים.




The Anti-המשיח יבוא כמנהיג כריזמטי של שלום, בהתחלה, מרמה רבה להרס. הוא יירצח, והוא יקבל פצע ראש נורא וזה יהיה גם פצע את זרועו. השטן, השטן יהיה בעל גופו, זיוף-להחיות אותו לחיים. ובכך, מחק התחייה האמיתית של ישו. הוא יקים ממשלה אחת בעולם, כלכלה חד בעולם, דת אחת בעולם. נביא השקר ייצור את הדת אחת בעולם, ולמסור סמכות האנטי-המשיח. The Anti-המשיח יגרום לכולם לקבל את “סימן החיה” “666” שתל שבב בזרוע או המצח שלהם. הוא יהיה הוביל על ידי העולם כמשיח מושיע הבונים החופשיים, עבור השטן ייתן לו את הכוח לספק את הפתרון הכלכלי בעולם ולהביא שלום מזויף למזרח התיכון.


יחזקאל 38 התנ”ך הנבואה


יחזקאל ניבא גוג ומגוג, איראן (פרס), ואת ברית של מדינות מוסלמיות (טורקיה, לוב, סודאן) יתקוף את ישראל. עם זאת, אלוהים יציל את ישראל ולהשמיד את צבאות האויב. זו תהיה מלחמה גרעינית. כאשר הם מוצאים את גופות, הם לא יקברו אותם, אבל הם רק יקימו סמנים שם, ובהמשך, buriers-שכר המקצועי יבוא להשליך את הגופות (בשל חשש קרינה). לאחר מכן, ישראל תדע שזה היה אלוהים אדיר אלוהים כי הציל אותם. נשיא איראן, מחמוד אחמדינג’אד מאמין שהוא כבר נקרא על ידי אללה (אל הירח העתיק הערבי הפגאני), שנוצר לקראת שבע שנים מהדים או מוסלמי משיח (אימאם ה -12), או מי נקרא על ידי במקרא כשם שבע השנים אנטי -Christ אשר יקים את הדת אחת בעולם. המהדי הוא ניבא באיסלאם להביא לתקופה של שבע לשלום השנה, והוא יכול להתגלות רק כאשר פעמים כאוטי לבוא על העולם. אז, נשיא איראן הוא התכופף לעזאזל להרוס את ישראל בנשק גרעיני ויצירה כי הכאוס, כך המהדי ניתן הוביל. הוא אמר כי “בימים של ישראל ספורים.” האליטות הגלובליסט האילומינטי מנסה לגרום מלחמת העולם.


One-דת העולם


הדת חד העולם יהיה מורכב על ידי הקתוליות, האיסלאם והיהדות. הקתוליות היא כת השטן או הדת בבל המסתורין מחופש הנצרות. כל האגודות החשאיות של משפחות Bloodline הנפלים מחוברים זה לזה (הבונים החופשיים, הרוזנקרויצרים, האילומינטי, מועדון רומא, גולגולת & Bones, ועדת משולשת, Bilderberg, האו”ם, ה- CIA, NSA, MI6, MJ-12 מאגיי AQUARIUS, ועדת של שלוש מאות, המועצה ליחסי חוץ, וכו ‘). כת השטן לוציפר ישועי הוותיקן יהיה הפגז המזויף של הנצרות שנותר לו בעולם, אחרי הנוצרים האמיתיים הם raptured החוצה. השקר-הנביא (והחיה 2) או האפיפיור יעשה שלטים גדולים ונפלאות להדהים את האנשים של כדור הארץ עם טכנולוגיה זרה מלאך שנפלו, ולגרום להם לעבוד את Anti-Christ (והחיה 1). השטן, השטן להונות את העולם כולו לסגוד Anti-Christ.


המילה “הקתולית” פירושו “אוניברסלית”. הוא מנסה לאחד את כל הדתות בעולם ביחד, מסבירת פנים לכל הדתות. יש לו שורשים בדת בבל המסתורין של האגודות החשאיות “צאצאי הנפלים מאז ימי חנוך של קין תובל-קין, ובגלל זה הם סוגדים אותה אלת-אמא מרי עם פאטימה של האיסלאם; כמו גם את האפיפיור משקר כי אללה יהוה הם היינו הך אלוהים. הם פשוט יכסו את שמו של הנצרות על דת מסתורין השטן הפגאנית הייתה ברומא-שלוחה של דת שטן המסתורין בבל. כל הדתות של העולם occults ופולחן פגאני אגודות-הסתר הן רק שלוחות של הדת בבל המסתורין הזה או כת השטן כי שורשיה בבל, והם שייכים אלף שנים “האחים של הנחש” הארגון נפלה. הם סוגדים לאלים או אבותיהם, שהם Anunnaki או רביעיים ממדיים דראקו מלאכים זוחל זרים נפלו. הם ויתרו הממדים שלהם על מנת לנתק מאלוהים, כדי שיוכלו לשים על גופים הכימרה פיסיים לשעבד את האנושות בממד השלישי, וכדי טפיל את אחד מהם. הם מנותקים מאלוהים, ולכן הם צריכים טפיל כוח חי הנחה של בני האדם על ידי יצירת אנרגיה שלילית באמצעות גרימה כל המלחמות בהיסטוריה, קריסות כלכליות, מכות וירוסי סרטן, נפלי מירוץ מכשפה האילומינטי צאצא מינים זוחלים היברידי הומו-capensis ‘חיים ילד להקריב טקסים השטן. הם אוכלים בני האדם לקצור DNA ונשם דרך נשמה-הקרקוף. המצרכים היקרים ביותר הנסחרים בין החייזרים הנפלים על כוכב לכת אחרת הם ה- DNA אנושי ונשמה אנושית בצנצנות. יש הרבה עבדי אדם חטופים על כוכב לכת אחרת. ישנם מינים זרים רבים כמו reptilians דראקו הידרה והחייזרים אפורים וחייזרים לבנים גבוהים השולטים בממשלות צל הנוכלים דרך הכלאיים הזרים הנפלים ‘האגודות החשאיות שלהם.


מי שלא לקבל את “סימן החיה 666” של Anti-Christ יהיה נערף בסגנון מוסלמי. עריפת מצווה בקוראן עבור הכופרים, כלומר יהודים ונוצרים ולא מוסלמים. אז, האיסלאם ישחק תפקיד גדול בדת חד העולם. היהודים יהיו גם שולל ולגרום לו להאמין כי אנטי-המשיח הוא המשיח שלהם, וסוגדים לו, ובכך, יהדות הופכת חלק מהדת חד בעולם, גם. היהודים הם אנשים מעדות שונות חיים בישראל. אלוהים ייקרא הצאצאים העברים בחזרה מי התפשטו לכל אומות העולם במשך אלף שנים.


One-עולם ממשלה


דניאל וג’ון ניבא כי אנטי-המשיח יהיה להקים ממשלה אחת בעולם. ממשלה אחת בעולם לא יכולה להתעורר כל עוד ארצות הברית היא מעצמה. סין ורוסיה מנסות להכניס מטבע אחד בעולם להחליף את הדולר. הדרך הטובה ביותר להרוס מדינה היא פיחות המטבע שלה. The Anti-המשיח ייצור חוב לאומי ענק לקרוס לדולר ארה”ב ולהתחיל א-היפר-אינפלציה. כאשר האנשים משתוללים, הוא ישתמש צבאות הנאצים SS ההיברידיים הזרים DHS FEMA לעלות לשלטון באמצעות משטר צבאי.


The Anti-המשיח יוביל את האימפריה הרומית לתחייה (10-מוכתרת, 7 ראשי חיה). העשרה הכתרים מתייחסים 10 מנהיגי עולם, ושבעה ראשים מתייחסים 7 גבעות של העיר שבה הדת בבל המסתורין ממוקמת. The Anti-המשיח יהיה מנהיג י”א, אשר יעקור שלושה מראשי אחרים, ואת 7 המלכים האחרים ינתנו לו גם הסמכויות שלהם. The Anti-המשיח ישתמש זה מה שנקרא “One-עולם ממשלה” או “החיתה אימפריה רומית” לשלוט בעולם עבור 1,260 ימים כפי שניבא בתנ”ך.


One-כלכלה עולמית


בשל ההתרסקות של הדולר של ארה”ב וארצות הברית, וכתוצאה מכך, התרסקות כלכלית ברחבי עולם, יהיה מהלך למטבע וכלכלה חד עולם. בדיוק כפי שהיטלר עלה לשלטון בתקופת השפל, השטן יצר ההרס הזה של הדולר על מנת להביא Anti-Christ שלו לשלטון באמצעות מתן הפתרון הכלכלי בעולם. הבנקים רוצים חברה ומזומנים. זה גם יאפשר למס הכנסה של אנטי-ישו כדי למנוע העלמות מס. The Anti-המשיח יכיר ו להדהים את האנשים עם הצעת כלכלת cashless חד עולם. הוא יאלץ את כל אנשי העולם כדי לקבל סימן החיה “666.” אף אחד לא יוכל לקנות או למכור ללא סימן זה. הברקוד אשר על כל המוצרים שאנו קונים בסופרמרקט & החנויות בעולם יש את המספר הזה “666.” מספרים מפרידים בהתחלה, האמצע והסוף הם מספר “6.” לפיכך, “666.”


ישנם שבבים כבר בשימוש על ידי אנשים רבים כי הם מושתלים לתוך גופם. השבבים לאפשר לעובדי חברות מסוימות לעבור דלתות ביטחון במקום עבודתם. ישנם biochips בשימוש בספרד, ממש כמו כרטיס במזומן, אשר מושתלים לתוך זרועותיו של אנשים. מי שהגיע אליו סימן זה של השתל החיה שבב לא ניתן לשמור, כי ה- DNA שלהם ישונה nephilims, והם כבר לא צריך נשמות אנושיות שניתן לשמור דרך האמונה במשיח. קדושי התלאות במהלך עידן התלאות יסרבו לקבל את הסימן הזה. The Anti-המשיח יהיה לערוף קדושים אלה באופנה מוסלמית טיפוסית. לכן, על מנת להינצל בתקופת הצרה הגדולה, המאמינים יצטרכו להיות מות קדושים למען אמונתם. אבל עבור מי שמקבל ישו והם מעונה, הם ייכנסו לתוך הממלכה של אלוהים.


הדין של אלוהים & הזעם נשפך על כדור הארץ


ג’ון מתנבא איתנו על פסק הדין מפחד האלוהים כי תיפול על פני האדמה, במהלך שלושת האחרונים ושנה וחצי גיל צרה גדולה. שלוש וחצי שנים אל תוך גיל הצרה הגדולה, Anti-Christ תקים את “תועבה הגורמת שממה” בקודש-Of-הקודשים של בית המקדש בירושלים שהוא יהיה לבנות מחדש, שיביא את פסקי הדין הסופי של אלוהים . The Anti-המשיח יהיה ואז לנסות לרומם את עצמו כאלוהים, לגרום לאנשים לעבוד אותו. האנשים העברים אז יהיו סוף סוף להבין כי הוא משיח מזויף. אתה, 144,000 עברי השריד יהיה raptured משם על ידי משיח, כך אתם תהיו איתו לנצח. אלוהים מגן על האומה הישראלית בדרך נס מפני המתקפה של הצבא אנטי המשיח על ידי לקיחה אותם לפטרה בירדן. יהיו מלחמות, רעב, רעידות אדמה,-inflations יתר, אסטרואידים להכות את כדור הארץ, ואת המכות. האילומינטי סדר עולמי חדש הנפלים צאצא האליטות הגלובליסט ו ארכונים מלאך שנפלו והשטן ייצור כמויות גדולות של ענקים הנפלים ואת הכימרה מפלצות ודינוזאורים ויצורים מיתולוגיים עתיקים. זו הסיבה מדוע הם פלשו לעיראק, כדי לגנוב את טכנולוגיות מומיות העתיקות של tne ענק נפלים עתיקים, כדי שיוכלו להשתמש DNA שלהם לשבט מרכבי רוחות השדים הערטילאיות שלהם של nephilims עתיק מת. הם נשמרים בפעם בשיפוט. ב הבסיסים הזרים המחתרת, החייזרים הנפלים וצבאי אדם היברידי זר יוצרים כל ענקי הנפלים האלה ודינוזאורים ויצורי מיתולוגיים של אגדות מפלצות עתיקות, על מנת להשמיד את העם מצלצל הומו-סאפיינס אדם. רבי הענקים האלה הם עשרות מטרים, ודינוזאורי טירנוזאורוס רקס לרוץ לאורך כחיות מחמד לצידם. הם על טבעיים ויש להם יכולים על חושי, בדיוק כמו המלאכים הזוחלים דראקו נפל הזרים כלאי מירוץ המכשפה שלהם. הם מחלקים את בני האדם הוא לחטוף זר, ולעשות חץ יצורי צמח חצי אדם חצי חיה ליצור צבאותיהם לחסל את בני האדם. הם יצירת צבא של nephilims ו מפלצות להילחם אלוהים בארמגדון. זו הסיבה מדוע הם זורעים באדמה עם טכנולוגית זרת מלאך שנפל ב רוזוול וגרמניה הנאצית, על מנת ליצור ציי החלל שלהם ורדן שמש קורן Guardian. אחד מכל עשרה עד חמש עשרה אנשים נמצא כעת-אדם שאינו חסר נשמה אנושית. הם פולש מסתננים היברידיים זרים robotoids האורגני avatars מלאך שנפל ומשכפל. זהו פלישת סוד הדומם של כדור הארץ והחלפת בני האדם עם הגזע הנפלים טרנס הומניזם החדש שלהם. צבאותיהם כוללים ערפדים, אנשי זאב שלהם ומינוטאורים וקנטאורים ודינוזאורים ופיות ושדונים ומרזבים ודרקונים sasquatches ביגפוט. הם יוצרים וירוסים זומבי, כדי ליצור צבאות זומבי כי יהרגו את האוכלוסייה האנושית. הם “פסקי הדין החותמים שבע”, “פסקי דין חצוצרת שבע,” ואת “פסקי דין שבע קערה” כי יהיו נשפכו על האדמה. כמעט כל אוכלוסיית כדור ארץ כולו תיהרג על ידי מטאורים, משמרות קוטביות כדור הארץ, רעידות אדמה, כאשר הגופים שטניים עוסקת במגיה השחורה האילומינטי מביאה מ- פורטלי שער כוכב מאיץ ההדרונים CERN שלהם ושערי כוכב אחרים. שערי כוכבים עתיקים אלה הם מה התנ”ך קורא בשערי הגיהינום שבו כל היצורים השטניים לבוא דרך בעידן הצרה הגדול.


שני עדים


שני עדים של אלוהים יקומו להתנבא. מי שינסה לפגוע בהם יהיה נצרך על ידי אש מפיהם. הם יינתנו כוח לשתוק הגשם של השמים, ולהביא מכות. אחרי שהם נתנו עדותם, ישו אנטי יהיה מותר להרוג אותם, והעולם יחגוג. עם זאת, ביום שלישי, ה ‘, תחייה מחדש אותם לגן עדן, ואת אנשי העולם יראו חי זה בטלוויזיה בלוויין באימה. רעידת אדמה תהרוס את העיר שבה הם היו לתחייה.


בבילון Destroyed


עיר הכח מסחרי ושחיתות, דת בבל מסתורין, עיר הניאוף עם שבע גבעות תושמד. הוותיקן כת השטן של רומא היה מרכז מסחר ועושר בעולם, וזה יושמד באופן מיידי על ידי אש. זה מוסיקאים, בדרנים, סוחרי עסק, והסוחרים הגדולים ביותר בעולם יושמדו במהירות הבזק. הספינות ורבות החובלים יישארו ברורות של נמליה מתוך פחד, ולקונן בהלם, מרחוק. הדת בבל המסתורין הוותיקן מעונה את המספר הגדול ביותר של נוצרים בהיסטוריה של העולם, אפילו יותר מאשר קיסר, ואלוהים ינקום עליו. אלוהים קורא בעיר הזונה מבבל תעלומה גדולה, שכן הוא מסווה את עצמו בתור הנצרות תנאף עם איזבל או כת השטן.


הקרב של מלחמת גוג ומגוג


The Anti-המשיח ואת צבאות העולם, מי השטן אסף להילחם נגד הלורד, יתכנסו ב מלחמת גוג ומגוג. רוחות שטניות ייצא של Anti-Christ, False-הנביא ואת הפה של השטן, כדי לצאת אל העולם לרמות את מנהיגי מדינות. אדוננו ישו, במהלך שלו שני קרוב ינחת על הר הזיתים, ולפצל את ההר לשתיים. צבאות בעולם יושמד על ידי אדוננו ישוע המשיח בארמגדון. לאחר מכן, אנטי-ישו-נביא שקר יושלכו לאגם האש. קדושי תלאות יקום לתחייה יחד עם אלה נוצרים הפושרים שנרדמו במשיח מקבריהם להצטרף לסעודת החתונה של ישו החתן-ישו.


1000 שנה המילניום הממלכה Reign Of המשיח


אחרי ישו ‘2-Coming, אדוננו יקים ממלכתו על פני האדמה הזאת אלף שנים. השטן יהיה בשבי, והושלך התהום במשך אלף שנים. ישו קדושיו ימלכו על פני האדמה. יהיה שלום במשך אלף שנים. אחרי אלף שנים, השטן ישוחרר באופן זמני כדי לצאת אל העולם כדי לרמות את העם של העולם, שוב. הוא יהיה להרכיב את צבאות העולם להילחם נגד הלורד והקדושים שלו. הם יושמדו על ידי אש מן השמים, ואת השטן, השטן יושלך לאגם אש, יחד עם אנטי-ישו-נביא שקר.


דין כס הלבן גדול של אלוהים


כל אותם האנשים שאין להם את התשלום עבור חטאיהם באמצעות דמו של ישו, יקום לתחייה לחיים, ופונים שיפוטם לפני הכסא הלבן הגדול של אלוהים. כל ברך ישתחוו, וכל לשון אתוודה כי ישוע המשיח הוא האדון. אם אין להם תשלום של ישו על הצלב עבור חטאיהם, אז הם יושלכו לאגם האש עם השטן והמלאכים הנופלים שלו.




את השמים ואת הארץ הישנים יחלפו, ואת האלמנטים יתמסמסו. גן עדן והארץ חדש ייוצרו על-ידי אלוהים. לא יהיה אוקיינוס או לילה. ירושלים החדשה תהיה ברחוב עשוי זהב טהור ושערים של פנינה. לא יהיה שום שמש, מאז התהילה של אלוהים תהיה האור שלה. לא יהיה כאב, דמעות, מוות, סבל או חטא. הנהר של החיים יזרום מן כסאו של הקב”ה, דרך באמצע העיר. בכל צד של הנהר יהיה עץ החיים. אלוהים ישכון לעמו, ואנחנו נימלך לנצח איתו.


————————————————– ————-


השר יברך אותך ולספק לך רוחו של חוכמה ואהבה וצדקה. השלום שלו להיות איתך, שיקיריהם. גלורי ושבח שמו לעד!

Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 44


After God raised up His apostle and prophet to teach the Torah Truth to His 144,000 Jewish Remnant, Satan immediately raised up hundreds of his Illuminati messianic Jewish pastors to try to mislead the 144,000 Jewish Remnant to ignore Christ’s grace and to be under the Law, again. They usually grow Rabbi beards. They put Th.D. titles after their names. They will always beg for money at the end. They talk by yelling and raising their voices to make people think that they are great teachers. They read the rabbis’ teachings, and teach them. They try to sell themselves as great teachers. They will have their books in the background in plain view, in order to market them to the viewers. They set up seminaries with heathen degree certifications. They are usually very fat and gluttonous. They will always teach you that their ancestors have been conducting occult worship for so long that the psychic abilities are imbedded into their genes, and this is why they were born and trained through the NSA Monarch mind control program. This is a lie. They have psychic abilities because they are not humans and they do not have human souls. They are nephilim or embodied demon spirits, and their genes are completely different from the human race. They try to justify themselves before men, and teach Satan’s false doctrines to mislead people. If they were from the Holy Spirit, then they would never advertise their books, try to make themselves famous, put themselves all over the internet video, and make God’s house into a business place. They would give the Word of God to you for free. This is why they have a different spirit. If they are famous and popular and well-known, this is evidence that they are of the devil and not of God. If they were of God, they would be hated, despised, targets of assassination attempts, and 99.99% of the people would not listen to them or follow after them. There are real servants of God who have ministries and God uses them to teach the Torah Truth, but it is God who told them to do the things they do, and prepared them to do them. They are not like those who try to make the ministry themselves and make themselves look like they are called by God, and then, they make money off of the religious people. This is why the former teach the Torah Truth, and the later teach Satan’s lies. They are extremely proud and arrogant and selfish and patriotic about their Hebrew roots, and try to bring Christians under their Hebrew cultural slavery and practices. They teach 90% truth from the teachings of the rabbis to gain trust, but their main reason for teaching is to try to lead the people into following the Messianic laws and Judaist regulations. There is deception at every level of the church and in every sect and every level of teaching. It is the 10% false doctrine that is the trap. It is like a minefield that the enemy has laid. They teach people that the End Times lukewarm church is religious, by imitating the teachings of God’s apostles and prophets in order to make themselves look like legitimate teachers, but they themselves are teaching religious false doctrines. Therein lies their deception and trap. When God teaches through his apostles and prophets, Satan immediately imitates them. They teach people to observe the Sabbath and circumcision and abstaining from eating pork and many other laws. Those were shadows of things to come, but we are in Christ. Obviously, we do not commit adultery or murder or homosexuality, since they are sin. However, our life in Christ is not in what we eat or drink, or what days to observe or not observe, or whether we sacrifice the Passover lamb or not. Our life is Christ’s love. Therefore, our lives are not in observing certain rules or regulations or practices, but our lives’ purpose, meaning, intention, motive, and action should be dictated by Christ’s love. Christ’s love fulfills the Law for He came to fulfill the Law, and we are now under His grace. Because we love Him, we obey Him and His precepts. We do not sin, because we love Him. Because Christ came and accomplished His salvation work on the cross, we know have the Holy Spirit in us, and the Holy Spirit testifies in our hearts what is right and what is wrong. Our desire is to please Him and to bring joy to Him, for we love Him. Therefore, let Christ’s love which is fulfillment of the Law fill your hearts and dictate your actions and thoughts and motives. If any religious person accuses you of not observing certain days or eating some food or not being circumcised or not having your name listed under any church membership or not attending church every Sunday or not memorizing Bible verses or not waking up at 4:00 a.m. to attend a Koran prayer session every morning or not tithing to the church or not memorizing all the names in the Bible or handing you hundreds of CDs because these linguistic professors are so lazy that they do not want to teach you themselves and accuse you of not listening to them, then do not be tossed by their legalistic doctrines and religious vain enforcement of practices, but rather go by the gut feeling of the Holy Spirit who lives in you who has given you a sound logical mind and Jesus’ love who is in you. If those of weak faith try to force you to sacrifice a Passover lamb, tell them that Jesus is our Passover Lamb. If those of weak faith tell you to get circumcised, tell them that Jesus has circumcised our hearts. If those of weak faith tell you to observe the Sabbath day, tell them that through Jesus, we not have Sabbath rest in Him. If those of weak faith tell you to not eat pork, tell them that what God has made clean, and we have asked for His blessing, it is not unclean. What makes a person unclean is the evil in His own heart and not what He eats. When God commanded His people to observe these commands, in order to understand His precepts and worship Him, Satan and His Illuminati Pharisee leaders, and modern day hippy rogue pastors and Western Christianity ministers came and made religions out of these practices. This is why Satan and His Western Christianity religious leaders have taken out the purpose and meaning of the commands, and used it to worship self pride works instead of God and His love. Now, Christ has come and fulfilled those things, because those practices were a shadow of Him who was to come. We are in Christ. However, we should not judge and hate brothers in Christ who keep those rules and regulations and practices, but we need to love them. They should not judge us and hate us for not practicing them or putting ourselves under their religious rules and regulations that were being done before Christ fulfilled them in Himself. Be also careful of those Illuminati Judaist Satanists of Babylonian religion who come disguised as Messianic Christians, in order to try to put the people under their laws and religion, so that they can void Christ out and make Him meaningless. I trust the Holy Spirit will lead you to all discernment and understanding, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren. You do not have to keep their religious regulations and laws of sacrificing your firstborn livestock or keeping the Jubilee Year or conduct burnt offerings like these Messianic pastors will command you to follow. Jesus who is in you is our sacrifice for sins once and for all. Whatever you do, do unto Christ in faith, and let love be your motive. Some religious Christians will scold you and command you not to pray for someone’s healing on a Sabbath day or not teach some Torah Truth because it offends them and it is not a loving act towards them. This is Satan’s attack to prevent you from loving someone or teaching the Torah Truth, so do not listen to these ungodly men. However, if they start yelling at you and making a fuss about you eating pork, then do not eat the pork, and out of love for them, be at peace with them. Instead, leave these religious people, and go to God’s people who are willing to listen to God’s Holy Spirit and who will welcome you with joy for you teach them the Torah Truth. Be wise servants of your time and effort. And someday, we will enter into the true Sabbath in our home in heaven with Jesus. The Sabbath will be observed in the millennial reign of Christ to commemorate Him. It is not sin to drink alcohol to sterilize the dirty drinking water, but what usefulness is there in drinking alcohol for selfish pleasures? It is alright to eat desserts, but it is sin to become like fat hippo American Western Christianity religious Christians. Likewise, one should fast and pray, but it is wrong for the Confucian Christianity Koreans to force you to fast every day out of sheer Confucian mental discipline will power and militaristic religious Korean discipline. Only barbarians need strict cultures to keep discipline and prevent chaos. In Christ, the Holy Spirit is the one who disciplines us and keeps us living in holiness, and we have rest and free way of life through Christ. Everything and everyone of Satan lives religious lives that are the extreme opposite to God, but the true children of God has the Holy Spirit’s complete logic and balance and discernment and beautiful lifestyles through Christ.


It is interesting, however, that when these barbaric people and races get saved through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, they become the most dedicated, most proactive, most faithful Christians. These former gangster bosses become dedicated pastors for Christ. It is like Apostle Paul, who fanatically hunted down Christians to kill them, but when he got saved and realized what he had one and remembered Steven’s face, he was used by God to bring Jesus to all the world whose blessings we are a recipient of, too. These “Bible Answer Man” and their rogue hippy pastor gangs Pharisees will again find this statement an opportunity to religiously attack me by saying that I insult their Holy Saint Paul who is a great apostle and man. Far be it that I should insult any man, for I am just a sinner like them, and nothing more. Moreover, I have the highest regard for our predecessors who have faithfully carried the cross of Christ and suffered for His love, to whom we are indebted in carrying on the legacy of sharing the gospel to others, too, with the same fanaticism and devotion to love of Christ. However, I also understand that these predecessors, or whom these Pharisees call “Great Awesome Supernatural Holy Men Who Are Half Gods” are nothing but humans like us with their short-comings and their weak flesh, who were chosen and used by God for His glory and in amazing ways to bless many whom God intended to save through His Christ. Therefore, I have respect for all of God’s creation, but at the same time, I also understand that they are just the creation and not God Himself, so we do not elevate anyone higher than we ought to. Humans are humans, and God is God. No one is a Holy Saint to be worshipped as little Gods, as these Pharisees’ Illuminati Mystery Babylon religion of the “Brotherhood of the Snake” teach (as the Mormons and Vatican and other Babylonian Satanism branches teach), and far be it that anyone should worship me as a great and awesome Saint of God, since I am also but a lowly servant saved by the grace of God, and used by Him for a noble amazing purpose. Have high respect for your brethren for their love for God, but do not worship them as gods like these Western Christian hippy rogue pastors do, to the extent of prohibiting others from speaking the Torah Truth about these apostles and great men of God and us. We are just what we are, servants of Christ, and no one should make any religion out of us; and at the same time, we should understand who God is who has called all these saints and made them holy by His calling, and is the justifier and sanctifier of all men. Glory and praise be to Jesus Christ whom we have been called to and serve.


Whether they are fake religious Christians or real spiritual Christians, Jews or Edomites, Koreans or Japanese, apostles or Satanists, peaceful people or barbarians, the only way to be saved is through the precious blood of Jesus Christ our God, who made the only and true way to salvation. There is no other way, but by God’s grace in Christ Jesus. We have to love those who persecute us, and share the gospel of Christ in season and out of season, in the hope that even our enemies will be saved by the Torah Truth that we preach. Revenge is not for us to take, but it belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ, since He spilled His blood to save us so that we do not have to die, and therefore, he deserves to take revenge for us; and for us, He has unimaginable rewards waiting for us in heaven. The twelve fruits of the tree of life for each month in heaven and the river of living water running next to them will give life. For now, while we are here in our current bodies, we need to eat food that alkalizes our bodies, such as green vegetables and stay away from food like sugar that acidifies the body, since cancer cells and bacteria and viruses and parasites can live in acidic blood, but die in alkaline blood. God’s honey and maple syrup is better than acidifying Illuminati made sugars and candies. God’s coral and limestone where ground water passes through provide natural H2 hydrogen rich water that neutralizes harmful hydroxyl oxidants that make us sick, because of its mineral content such as magnesium and calcium. When you put rock chips like Shungite in your drinking water, it neutralizes the radiation, detoxifies the heavy metals, kills all the bad microorganisms, and purifies the water, which in turn regenerates your body’s cell and tissue. It is a very powerful stone. The phytic acid (phytate) in grains inhibit the magnesium and calcium from being absorbed into our bodies, and also leeches the minerals from our bodies. The Illuminati has taken out the God’s ancient sprouting and sourdough fermentations from our grain bread that kill off the phytic acid (phytate), so that the phytic acid will kill us. The homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati of Satan and his fallen angels have introduced cancer viruses that create cancers in our bodies. Tooth cavity can be healed by not having Illuminati sugars in the diet, and by having absorption of calcium and magnesium and other minerals to heal the teeth and bones. The Illuminati has saturated our food and tap water and mineral water with poisonous fluoride to kill us off, while fluoride does not prevent cavities. These heavy metals acidify our bodies and kill us. At the same time, the Illuminati has taken out all the vitamins from our food, such as Vitamin D and Vitamin K that help to grow and build teeth and bones. The Illuminati witchdoctor dentists instead plaster our teeth with poisonous fluoride, and fill our teeth cavities with highly poisonous heavy metal fillings like mercury and estrogen filled white fillings. The mercury acidifies our bodies, destroys our nervous systems, and causes cancer. The estrogen feminizes men so that they cannot fight and become infertile and the women get breast cancer. This is all part of the Illuminati reptilians’ and Satan’s and the fallen angels depopulation program and extermination plan for the God’s human homo-sapiens, just like in the ancient days of Noah’s Atlantis civilization, when Satan and the Illuminati killed off all the humans except for Noah, and the world was filled with nephilim. The humans were changed into nephilim. Due to the cannibalism and evil and Satan worship, God had to destroy the nephilim using Noah’s Great Flood. Using baking soda to brush your teeth will prevent cavities by disinfecting, and alkalize your blood, because it acts as a pH buffer for the body, and alkalizes the cavity bacteria that create acid to melt the teeth to create cavities. The herbs such as cloves kill off the cavity bacteria. The Illuminati’s toothpaste are filled with toxins to exterminate the humans. Use Himalayan salt lamps that create negative ions that heal your bodies. Satan and his fallen angels’ Draco reptilians are masters of nanobot technology, and the leaven or yeast or fungus or sin in bread and other food are biological weapons by them to mind-control their human host’s body by connecting with the Draco commanders who run the nanobot germs. These viruses and bacteria and fungus and parasites of Satan’s Dracos have a collective Borg consciousness, and like the Borg, they take control of the human mind and body, making them more violent, emotional, lustful, greedy, and selfish. It ties them to these demon spirits that control these nanobot etheric parasites. Everything that the Illuminati uses have positive ions, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, radiation, toxic heavy metals like mercury, pharmaceutical drugs which are witchcraft, etc., and acidify the body. Stress, alcohol, tobacco, etc., all create acidic blood. Aromatherapy and listening to relaxing DNA repairing, cancer cell repairing, Hertz 528 Solfeggio frequency music heals the body and cures cancers. Illuminati rock and roll music disrupts the human vibration frequency and creates sickness, just like their gang stalking directed energy weapons and electromagnetic frequency weapons used to assassinate humans and depopulate humans. If you are God’s children, you have already researched these things and know them. The foolish heathen pagan lives an ungodly life and gets sick, because the wages of sin is death. This is why all these religious Christians in the Western Christianity churches of Satanism and Jezebel feminist humanism worship are getting sick and dying. They love Satan’s Western values and Western thinking, eating, drinking, marrying, breeding genetic descendents, money making, and women’s equality. Their Mystery Babylon religion’s beliefs of Western Christianity are diabolically opposed to our Torah Truth and God’s Word who is Jesus Christ and God YHWH. They love their Satanist Illuminati pastors’ teachings, and they hate and despise us who are God’s apostles and prophets, and hate our teachings and our Christ Jesus. This is how you can distinguish between a real born-again spiritual Spirit-filled Christian versus a fake carnal religious Christian. If you tell the person that you are being gang stalked by tens of thousands of Illuminati Satanists, the religious Christians will in 100% of the time refer you to someone else to help you. They will never offer to house you or protect you or support you or risk their lives for God’s children and apostles and prophets. In every one of my experience, all of these religious Christians would not help me, but they would just do a short prayer and introduce me to someone else, just like Pontius Pilate did not want anything to do with Jesus. The people they introduce you to will always call you crazy and tell you to go to a Satanism medical professional such as a psychiatrist because they are afraid to get involved with you, or they will not contact you at all because they do not want to have anything to do with you. On the other hand, a real born-again Christian and Church Saint and Bride of Christ will offer to house you and help you, even when it means they risk their own lives and the lives of all their families. This is a true Christian and a brother in Christ. This is Christ’s unconditional sacrificial love. They are your true spiritual family. There is nothing more sweet than the heart of a real Christian, and nothing more nauseating and disgusting than a fake religious Christian who walks around saying that they are Christians. If they are willing to sacrifice their own lives and jobs and safety and house and family’s lives, in order to help you, they are real followers of Christ. If they throw you to the wolves and curse you by calling you a coward and faithless and a fake and mentally insane and hallucinatory, in order to save themselves and their families, then they are fake religious Christians and religious people. That is why they are impossible to be raptured into heaven, because they are not Jesus’ Bride, and not true Christians, and surely not the Bride of Christ, and they could care less for Jesus and his children. However, these Tribulation Saints will have one more chance to be saved, if they are willing to die for Christ and sacrifice their entire family for the gospel and Jesus. This is the only way they can be saved now through martyrdom. If religious people love their lives and lifestyles and family and safety and comfort and benefits of Satan’s society, then they are not worthy to be children of God and followers of Christ. Dear, 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, the Word of God and Jesus’ Torah Truth is free and will forever be free, and I do not charge a cent of royalty for any of these teachings as the religious people do, for it is out of my love for God and you that I am persecuted daily to bring this Torah Truth who is Christ to you. I am a servant like you, and have the privilege of being allowed to preach His truth. If you love Him who sent us, you would do the same for your brothers and sisters. Know that wherever you go, whatever you do, whenever you exist, He is with you forevermore. May His grace and be with you, brethren. Glory to the King who rides justice and righteousness.


(See YouTube video “Baby Blood Drinkers Control Our Money see description” at .)


(See YouTube video “Freemasonry’s Big Secret: RH- Blood” at .)


(See YouTube video “Most Amazing Video Ever! President Bush is Reptilian!” at .)


Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons were using their ability to foretell the future against God’s children, so our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ took away their abilities, once and for all. They are now confined to this time and space. I agree with Zeph Daniel’s video below, but I disagree with one thing he said. He said we need to dig in and stand our ground. I do not agree. I believe we should be charging the enemy, and breaking into their headquarters and demolishing everything and everyone. I already threw Satan and his fallen angels into the abyss by asking God, until they are needed for the End Times purpose. He is probably not very happy in the abyss. We need to be tearing down the gates of hell, storming the enemy camp, knocking down everything, stomping on every Baal priest and witch, making snake skin handbags out of all reptilians, and freezing hell over. We need to be praying to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ to destroy every witch ritual, gang stalk all Illuminati leader and black magician and henchman, block all attacks of the enemy against our ICA ally members, devastate their criminal income sources and assets, taking out their personnel and spirits and throwing them into the abyss, annihilating their technologies and weapons, taking away their peace and comfort and safety, zapping their will power and bringing despair upon them, bringing panic and confusion to their midst, and disintegrate all reptilian aliens. We need to love human homo-sapiens of God, fight for them, and shove hell down the enemies’ throats. There are too many alien hybrid zombies and incarnate fallen angels and incarnate Dracos walking around our society killing and gang stalking humans, ritually sacrificing human children in their Illuminati witch rituals, black magician psychic attacking our ICA ally members and Galactic Federation of Planets ally members, beheading and eating humans, shooting masses of humans in their CIA DHS ISIS Al-Qaeda nephilim terrorist attacks, and disguised demon arrogant fake humans thinking as if they can attack us. They need to be put in their place—the cesspool. They need to know who our Lord Jesus Christ is and our Almighty God YHWH is, and His awesome power that holds Creation together, and the love of our Father in Heaven for His children. If God fights for us, who can stand against us? All these Illuminati Gods and Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel clowns are a bunch of cockroaches without legs turned upside down. Do you know how many human homo-sapiens they are killing every day in their Illuminati witch Luciferian Satanist rituals? Is not anyone aroused with holy anger? We are untouchable people. Christ Jesus is in us and He lives through us and He fights through us! Moreover, we need to be stomping out these cockroaches. Who are these fallen angels and their alien human hybrids to even think that they can fight our God and His people? Are they dumb or are they suicidal crazy? We need to mobilize all our earth ICA ally organizations into one mean fighting machine to kick the buttocks of these alien hybrids imperial clone storm trooper people walking amongst us, and mobilize all our Star Fleet armada against the evil Illuminati NWO cabal Empire rogue holdouts, and mobilize all our Andromeda Council and Galactic Federation of Planets and other extraterrestrial alien allies to burn these Draco reptilians and Archon with the garbage. If you compare this fight with an American football game, you should not be blocking enemies, but you need to be charging into the enemy lines, knocking down every opponent player down to the ground, and stepping every one of them down. The dark evil forces realize their time is up and they are done, so they are panicking and going crazy. Pray and destroy the dark witchcraft mind-control that has been placed over the human homo-sapiens populace, so that they may awaken to the truth and the light will permeate and drive out the darkness, and the humans freed from the deception. The enemy wants to deceive us into thinking that they can touch us, but they cannot touch us. Throw these Illuminati pagan witches into their own cauldrons and boil them double over. Fight them on the land! Fight them on the seas! Fight them in the skies! Fight them in the galaxy! Fight them in the astral! Drive them into hell! Fight for our Commander-In-Chief Lord Jesus Christ and our awesome God YHWH! Enjoy the fight, and see our God obliterate the enemy, and bite their buttocks with joy! The power that created heaven and earth is with us! (See video “Kick Ass Pep Talk for TI’s ~ by Zeph Daniel” at and see video “Gangstalkers are the Fallen Ones ~ Zeph Daniel” at .)


Beware of these famous, popular, well-known people, who are preaching the deceptive Post Tribulation Rapture Theory on their radio programs to sell their gold and emergency food supplies, and making huge amounts of money from their Corporate Christianity. As Ezekiel 7:19 says, gold will be useless to starving people. Food supplies will be confiscated by the government or stolen by marauding mobs of hungry people.  Hand guns they sell are going to be useless against the missiles and fighter jets of the Anti-Christ Illuminati New World Order. These authors on these radio programs who sell their books and the Word of God at exorbitant prices, and market them every few minutes on their radio shows expose their spiritual conditions in that they make their daughters into famous country singers who wear lewd clothes and sing feminist lyrics. The spiritual condition inside the family exposes the spiritual condition of the parent and spiritual condition of that home. They say that they became a Christian when Jesus came as an angel of light shimmering in brightness with eyes like burning fire and pure white hair. These famous authors say that God’s men are incompetent, weak, emasculate, useless, and despicable, so the strong, powerful, faithful, heroic women have to preach the gospel and teach God’s Word. This view comes from a very ungodly spirit and a feminist Jezebel spirit that has overtaken the religious Christians. It caters to the pride of the religious Christian women and female radio listener customers. However, this is a lie from the enemy, and it is not true. In these final days before the rapture of God’s Church Saints or Bride of Christ and the start of the Anti-Christ’s Illuminati New World Order, God is using His men to teach and His women to prophesy, because it is basically all hands on deck and every Christian has a role to play and a mission to fulfill.


God’s men are not emasculate and weak and useless. It is only the religious fake Christian men who are effeminate and weak and useless. God’s real, born-again, Holy Spirit filled, true Christian men are fighting tooth and nail, face to face with the devil and his Illuminati alien hybrids and fallen angels and CIA assassins, and preaching the Torah Truth. These religious Christian authors and radio program speakers did not preach things like aliens or Illuminati member identities and unpopular Bible teachings that anger female listeners and female customers, unlike the true men of God who have been preaching these things so they are gang-stalked and assassination attempts made upon them every day. So, if anyone is emasculate and weak and useless, it is these religious Christian authors and radio program speakers themselves who are accusing God’s men. They were going to stop their ministry when their military and intelligence sources informed them that the final days are coming, and they were going to hide in their bunkers. This shows their true identities.


These famous authors who sell their gold and their post-tribulation rapture theories accuse God’s men of being effeminate and weak and useless, but God’s men are preaching the Torah Truth of God and fighting the enemy face to face. God’s men are losing their homes, getting their hearts shot with electromagnetic CIA weapons that cause heart attacks, shot in the genitals 24 hours a day with directed energy weapons and psychic attacks, attacked with psychic witchcraft spells all day long, poisoned with strong acid that burns holes through plastic cups, refrigerator foods and restaurant foods poisoned with lethal poisons, and gang stalked by thousands upon thousands of feminists and mob gangsters and Satanists and Korean groups and CIA Nazi hit squad assassins and MI6 alien hybrid assassins and street gangs and convicts and thugs and homeless people and occultists and Freemason demon-possessed people and Wiccan witch reptilian hybrid feminist black magicians. God’s true men are being gang stalked by dozens of CIA NSA MI6 tinted-window white trucks with Nazi SS assassins, and drone unmanned aerial vehicle reconnaissance, and F-15 fighter jets, and helicopters. God’s men have been cooked alive by open microwave ovens with their doors removed and safety features removed from adjoining apartment rooms and every hotel room they move to. God’s men are deprived of sleep 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by thousands of gang stalkers dragging chairs and crushing cans and clapping hands and banging of library shelves and security guards coming to prevent sleep and dozens of teenagers making noise outside or fake construction work going on outside all night or motorcycle noise by gang stalkers and so forth. The Illuminati police and FBI just tell God’s men to go to a doctor or psychiatrist and refuse to help. Potential future employers refuse to hire, after the Illuminati CIA and DHS tell them that God’s men are terrorists, when it is the Illuminati CIA and DHS that created and fund and supply arms to the ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists who are ancient nephilim demon spirits incarnated into cloned bodies. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid globalist elites and Satan Lucifer and his Draco reptilian alien fallen angels attack God’s men constantly, and remote control thousands and thousands of gang stalkers and demon-possessed Satanists and organic robotoids and reptilian alien hybrids and clones against them. They raise the stock prices and precious metal prices when God’s men buy them, and lower the prices when God’s men sell them, in order to bankrupt God’s men. They destroy God’s men’s savings by making them spend on hotel costs every day and airfare from nation to nation, in order to try to make them homeless and starve them to death. The Illuminati and the fallen angels funnel poisonous gases through the ventilation vents to try to kill God’s men. The Illuminati spies go into the workplaces and churches to slander God’s men, so that God’s men will be alienated and ostracized by all their friends and coworkers, and will not receive any help from them. The fallen angels and Illuminati NWO demon-possess God’s men’s families so that their family members try to kill them or report their whereabouts to the Illuminati, and they assassinate God’s men’s families. At the request of the demon-possessed mothers of God’s men, the extremely stupid church ministers and postal workers are used by Satan and his fallen angels to spend their entire life frantically looking for God’s men thinking that they are doing a good thing, in order to report God’s men’s locations to the Illuminati Satanists and assassins, and thereby assist in the reptilian hunt and killing of God’s men. The Illuminati nephilim secret societies’ reptilian hybrid Wiccan witches sexually molest God’s men’s genitals while they are sleeping by coming in their etheric astral energetic forms or psychic form, just like Incubus and Succubus spirits. The Illuminati send etheric parasites through the digital televisions and internet websites against God’s men. The Illuminati black magicians use the WIFI and fake mobile phone towers and computers and mobile phones and digital televisions to try to fry God’s men with radiation electromagnetic waves and send psychic attacks using satellites that magnify them. The Illuminati monitor God’s men’s computers 24 hours a day, and whenever God’s men exposes the devil Satan’s schemes and secrets or exposes the Illuminati plans and agendas on the internet, they shoot God’s men’s genitals and brains and eyes and ears and kidneys and livers and hearts and bladders and colon and pancreas and shoulders and tailbones and feet with scalar and frequency weapons and their fallen angel Draco reptilian aliens come in their invisible forms to the room to inflict pain in God’s men’s bodies. The Draco reptilian alien fallen angels remote control the brain waves of the dozens of people on the streets every single day to slam their shoulders and crash their bicycles into and shout at and step on feet and spit at and throw things and cut as they pass and walk into and stick out legs to trip and glare at for hours and kick God’s men, all day long. The Illuminati and fallen angel avatars time travel into God’s men’s past and childhood to abuse them, bully them, molest them, hit with tremendous illness constantly, torment them, get them fired from companies, inhibit their studying, fatigue them, and harass them constantly. How dare these religious Christian famous radio hosts and book authors have the gall to criticize God’s men of being emasculate and feminine and weak and useless, and praise God’s women as having to take over God’s men’s roles to preach the gospel and do the Lord’s work. Who do these famous Christian radio guests who sell gold through their Christian ministries and sell the Word of God books at crazy high prices and preach the post tribulation rapture theory that God does not love His people and make their daughters into famous lewd feminist country singers, think that they are? What right to they have to criticize God’s men, and praise God’s women, just as the fame loving, tithing and donation seeking, church customer pleasing, religious Christian ministers do every week in their churches, in order to retain the masses of church women who are demon-possessed by the feminist Jezebel spirit of Satan? It is the religious fake Christian men who have been made emasculate and weak and ineffective for God’s work by the tons and tons of female hormone estrogens being dumped into the tap waters and food sources by the fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid globalist elites. It is because they do not have the Holy Spirit of God, and do not love our Lord Jesus Christ and do not like the Torah Truth of God. This is why they are effeminate and weak and spiritually castrated by Satan and his Illuminati. It is not God’s men who are emasculate and weak and useless as these foolish religious Christian men and famous radio program book authors claim.


There are those who could not take the gang stalking and persecution, so they have left. I am happy to take their places and do their work. I will take over the jobs of a hundred people for my Lord Jesus Christ, and a hundred of their persecutions and fight. It is because I understand the urgency of God’s work in warning His people and teaching His people and equipping His people with His Torah Truth, before the rapture. I do not expect the sisters to take on the humiliation of being monitored with radiation cameras 24 hours in their homes without any privacy in their nakedness, or being shot in their genitals 24 hours a day with the Illuminati alien hybrid Satanist gang stalker mobile phone electromagnetic directed energy weapons and satellites. They can go be raptured early to be with the Lord, and I will take on their roles and jobs here on this earth to the last moment before Jesus returns to rapture His Church Saints. I will preach the truth and fight the enemy until the very last moment until Noah’s Ark’s door clothes, and sound the alarm to all the inhabitants of the earth, until Jesus returns to take us up into heaven with the other brothers and sisters in Christ. If Jesus went through that horrendous suffering for me on the cross to die for my sins, then I will stay here on this earth to do His work of love for humanity, until Jesus comes to get me out. I know He will come to rapture me out with everyone or alone. I am God’s man, and I will fight like a man. No feminist, women flattering, religious Christian famous author who makes Christianity into a gold and book selling business on the radio programs is going to criticize God’s men as being emasculate and weak and useless. God’s true Christian men are fighting the devil and Illuminati alien hybrids and fallen angels and CIA assassin groups and Nazis and Satanists and Freemasons and feminist Wiccan witches and mafia mob gangsters and thousands of hired gang stalkers every day and going through tremendous persecutions, in order to carry out Jesus’ work and ministry, and to preach God’s real precepts and Torah Truth and scripture and Bible and Word, and to protect God’s people and God’s women by driving back the enemy. God’s men are not selling gold to become rich or sell books at expensive prices or spending their time to write books or find a full time job or get wealthy or find a stable income or trying to find breeding mates or trying to leave genetic descendants or making their daughters into famous lewd feminist country singers or making nuclear bunkers in the Montana mountains with the money they make selling gold or seeking after the things of the flesh or seeking self. God’s true men are sacrificing their time and energy and money to give God’s Word and teachings and Torah Truth to as many people for free without cost, amidst the persecutions and terrible attacks of the enemy. Why are these famous feminist Christian authors who are selling gold and books accusing God’s men of being weak and useless, and praising the women as being strong and useful to God? This is what Satan preaches in his Jezebel spirit feminist Christian churches throughout the world. This is why his Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant globalist elites have set up their Draco reptilian alien fallen angel technology “Nephilim Gender Reversal Grid” (NRG) under the earth, in order to suppress the male and female DNA gene expression, and to reverse the male and female gender behaviors, and to invert God’s male and female creation so that the men become emasculate and women become masculine. It is part of their Atlantis’ human homo-sapiens species extermination program, just like in Noah’s days when all humans were killed or genetically transformed into nephilim soulless creatures, except Noah and his family.

You have been lied to by the Illuminati nephilim royal family globalist elites. Space is not a vacuum. It is plasma. This is why the fighter planes can fly through space at thousands of miles per hour, and the large space battleships can travel many times more faster than them. The planets have different dimensions. This is why these aliens are not only extraterrestrial, but they are extra-dimensional. Higher dimensions have faster time, so that is why these aliens come from timelines that are millions of years in the future. The Draco reptilian alien fallen angels gave up their dimensions, in order to live in fourth dimensional bodies, so that they can enslave and parasite on the human homo-sapiens species of God. This is why they have to create external technology wonder weapons, unlike the benevolent aliens who are in higher dimensions and who create internal technology by imagining them in their mind, such as spacecrafts that are living beings. Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons have still kept their spiritual dimensions, so they will be coming to the earth after they are kicked out of heaven in the End Times, disguised as benevolent humanoid aliens, in order to deceive the heathens and pagans. They are the seraphim archangels who control the Draco reptilian alien fallen angels. Archons means archangels.

Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 43


Korea will be laid in ruins, and there will be no singing heard in its lands anymore; nor will there be marrying. Its land will be desolate as the deserts of the Middle East. They have plotted and schemed against God’s people. They are a treacherous race—a nation of bloodthirsty, violent, barbaric people. They are genetically inclined to violence and killing. They have persecuted God’s apostles and prophets, and sought after their lives. They practice sorcery blatantly, and practice every kind of black art. They spread their gangrene to other nations. They spread their form of satanic sorcery Christianity, and its Taoist Confucian spirits. They desecrate the Lord’s house with money and religion and Korean culture of Confucianism. They call their national culture a culture instead of sin. Their end is near, and soon, they will be no more. Their evil will be buried with them. They boast of their families and worship their ancestors, but their descendents will be cut off. The world will be freed of their evil and treachery. Their boasting and patriotic slogans will be seen no more. The reason why there is a huge population of Illuminati Satanists in Hawaii is because Hawaii has a huge population of Koreans and Polynesians. They are very similar genetically and in temperament.


As for Edom and Amalek, their descendents will be cut off. They have sought to destroy God’s people and apostles and prophets. They have sought to cut off Israel through their financed holocausts and creation of Nazism and anti-semitism. They have led the world in Satanism through their secret societies of Luciferianism and other religions. They have taken over every office of king and world leader. They will end up as the Koreans and the Moabites and the Babylonians. They will be remembered no more: they and their accursed descendents. Their intelligence will be their own downfall. They and their father Satan the Serpent will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, where there will be wailing and anguish and weeping. Their many evils will kindle against them. So shall be the end of Edom and its descendents and Satan’s seed. Satan and his Satanist people are all about family-oriented self-righteousness and genetic descendants and ethnic kin and the evil flesh and genetic engineering. They want to leave their genes in this world. This is why they always try to mix their genes with the aliens or fallen angels, because they believe that is the only possibility for survival for the human race. They are very base and fleshly and degenerate in their thinking. They are not spiritual creatures, but very carnal and sinful in their way of thinking and values. This is why barbarian nations are obsessed with family, nationalistic patriotism, genetic superiority, ethnic discrimination and Han culture hatred toward neighboring nations and breeding genetic descendants and kicking down other people who do not share their genes. These barbarians think in terms of Satan’s way of thinking and evil values. They will not sacrifice their genetic families and parents and children, in order to save strangers who are our real spiritual families who will spend eternity in heaven with us. They are base, carnal people, just like the hippy rogue pastors and the religious carnal Christians, who share their values. The carnal flesh based religious Christians who live by base animal instinct existence instead of the Holy Spirit are obsessed with breeding of genetic descendents, but they do not realize that the Illuminati in the coming Tribulation Age have the technology and viruses to create zombies. Ancient walls in Noah’s flood’s days of Atlantis were constructed very fast to keep these nephilim armies of Satan Lucifer out of the cities.


The more evil a nation or people or that genetic pool is, the more they hate God’s apostles and prophets who inform them their sins, since they want to hide their sin and their sinful pride will simply not accept it. So, they try to silence those who speak the truth, and they will not listen to God’s warning and will not repent or apologize for their evil. The more evil a nation or race or ethnicity is, the more they will come out in rage and mass to gang stalk and attack and despise you; for they are barbarians and have no consideration for the truth or God’s holy things. They are like the Ninevites and Amalekites. These are the signs of a barbaric people, and their parents’ sins and curses will carry over to the third and fourth generations. They love hatred, the Korean “han” firm belief of rage and murder, deceit, cowardice, hiding, stealing, inflicting suffering, taking, tormenting, depriving, hurting, and every evil you can imagine. This is why God despises such nations and people for they oppose God’s very precepts and are full of evil. They are like the genetic shark family species, compared to the more gentle, peaceful genetic guppy species; or, like the aggressive lion species, compared to the more docile home kitten species.


For example, all these Korean women wanted to work for the Japanese army during World War 2 as prostitutes to make money, but after the war, they claim to have been forced into prostitution, and try to get reparation money from the Japanese government. They have no truth or ethics, and only have greed and dishonesty. It is a very base, depraved, barbaric genetic trait. However, during the Vietnam War, the Korean army kidnapped and enslaved and raped and used as prostitutes tens of thousands of Vietnamese women, by force unwillingly, but they do not make amends or apologize or publicize any of their own sins. To claim that someone did evil to you when you are the one who prostituted yourself for money and greed, and then, to go around and rape and kill other nation’s women is utter hypocrisy to the extreme level. These are signs of a barbaric race. There is no godliness or ethics or honesty with such nations. There is only judgment by God awaiting such nations. The atrocities committed by the Koreans during the wars exceeds imagination. Cutting up women alive and torturing them is only what barbarians do. Women should be loved and protected and cherished. These organizations such as the Light House impersonate human rights organizations and make money by accusing Japan of running human slavery, when in reality, all those who are running the human slavery criminal activities are Koreans and the Korean organizations. This is like stealing from the store, and blaming the store owner of stealing. These people groups are very unethical and sly, and they do evil things, and then blame them on the nations they do not like. Even waitress jobs are made to look like human slavery conducted by the Japanese. The evil Koreans use these types of sentiments to add flame to the Korean “Han” murder and hatred national value system and culture, in order to gain donation money and turn other nations against Japan. They also blame the Japanese yakuza mafia of doing evil, but the Japanese yakuza mafia is mostly owned by the Japanese of Korean ancestry, just like the Japanese politicians and celebrities are almost all Japanese of Korean ancestry. The Korean media advertises to the world that the prostitution rings of Korean students in Japan run by the Korean brokers are done by the Japanese and blame all the Korean criminal activities in Japan on the Japanese, but this is deliberate propaganda warfare against the Japanese and the Japanese nation. These are traits of a sinful people and evil nation, just like the Pharisees blamed Jesus of doing evil, when they themselves were the ones who were actually doing the evil. This is sin, both at the individual level and ethnic level and genetic level, which will be judged by God. What evil that is done in secret by people groups and nations will be exposed before God, and no sin will be hidden. It is not right to do evil and blame others for your sin. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


All the people who start cults in Japan like the Soka Gakkai Nichiren Soshu and Aum and Moonies are Japanese of Korean ancestry. They indoctrinate people in terrorist activities and make huge groups of Japanese sex slaves and make the Japanese money contributors as parasites to finance their criminal interests and Korea. The terrorist groups like the Japan Red Army are all Japanese of Korean ancestry, who carry out the terrorism in the world and in Japan to kill more Japanese. The ultra left-wing activists who take over buildings and shoot Japanese riot police officers are Japanese of Korean ancestry, and that is why they kill all of their fellow ultra left-wing activists who are Japanese and bury their bodies. All these drug arrests of Japanese celebrities who are almost all of Korean ancestry are just scapegoats for the Illuminati for their convenience. When you do investigation, you find out a whole network of the Korean Illuminati criminal activities connected underneath, which they prevent from being discovered by just assassinating their Japanese celebrities of Korean ancestry or having them take all the blame. The narcotics coming into Japan come from the Operation Paperclip Nazi descendents’ CIA, and go to North Korea, and then to the Soka Gakkai cult group and their Komeito political party, and then to the various Korean organizations and Korean secret societies within Japan, and finally, to the end users. If you find out the truth, and share their vast criminal enterprise and Korean network within Japan, including within the organized crime, police, politicians, economic leaders, celebrities, then these Koreans will try to assassinate you to conceal their secrets. How it all works is that the Japanese of Korean ancestry are very pro-American, pro-Korean and anti-Japanese. Therefore, these Japanese of Korean ancestry pimps all go to the United State schools or China to study, and get indoctrinated by the Western Illuminati criminal cabal Satanists, and get sent back to Japan as their secret CIA intelligence agents and Illuminati secret assassins. This is why all these big Illuminati companies’ top executives and senior managers who get huge pays and wear gold watches and fancy brand clothes are all disguised Japanese of Korean ancestry who hide their identities with Japanese names. They hire and promote their own kind or ethnicity or Satanists—the Japanese of Korean ancestry. I have seen over and over and over again in all these huge, famous Illuminati corporations, the Japanese of Korean ancestry people monopolize the top management positions by promoting all Japanese of Korean ancestry people to top positions, and kicking out all the Japanese executives and managers using corporate politics. They are exactly the same as the Edomites in the West who monopolize all the top management positions in these major Illuminati corporations, who are disguised as Jews. The Japanese employees think they are serving Japanese managers, because all these Japanese of Korean ancestry management people are disguised as Japanese. They all go overseas, become Illuminati members, and receive supernatural abilities from Satan. You look at their faces and their personalities and temper and ethical standards, you can tell immediately that these people are not Japanese, although they have Japanese names and speak Japanese and act Japanese. People wonder how they know that the others are Koreans. They meet at these secret society assemblies, and from there, they get introduced to the others, and get hired into their companies. So, as soon as you have a Japanese of Korean ancestry who does evil things to gain power in a company, you will find that person hiring and promoting all these other Japanese of Korean ancestry, and surrounding themselves with their same ethnicity. This is not only true in the foreign-owned Illuminati companies, but also in the Japanese entertainment world, Japanese political world, Japanese mob gangster world, and Japanese cult occult world. They have spiritual realm help from the demons and fallen angels and Satan to control all facets of society. They promote and surround themselves and monopolize all the top and influential positions with other Japanese of Korean ancestry, because they do not live by God’s righteous values and precepts, but they live by Satan’s corruption, fleshly genetic focus, deception, sabotage, propaganda, threats, bribery, brainwash, stealing, lying, and every other technique to gain what they want. The Japanese are usually nice and do not do those things, so they get kicked out or removed by these Japanese of Korean ancestry.


They believe that by attaining demonic “chi” powers, they become supernaturally immune to knife stabs and gun shots, because Satan’s evil spirits actually protect these people’s bodies. This is what the military intelligence is researching and developing. The Illuminati major corporations’ Satanist Human Resources and Legal Departments threaten you, if you try to disclose the human trafficking going on within their top ranks. All the executives of these Illuminati mega-corporations in Japan are actually disguised Koreans, and when you work with them, you can immediately discover that through their physical appearance and national traits and their genetic characters and their connections. It can be said that Japan is politically, economically, religiously, media brainwash, and socially controlled by their Korean Illuminati leaders and celebrities and criminals and assassin groups. They all work as one under Satan’s control to exterminate the Jewish Japanese, and it is part of the Japanese of Korean ancestry business leaders’ unified mission to bankrupt and destroy Japan’s economy and create ultra national debts and market crash. The trait of the Jewish people is that Satan’s nations surrounding them always hate them and are used by the devil to try to holocaust genocide them. The Korean genetic and Edomite genetic traits fit in perfectly with Satan’s mission and purpose and mentality. This is why he uses these people groups as his servants and Satanists. At first, people do not understand why all these hordes of Korean assassins are gang-stalking them and trying to kill them frantically, but when you understand the Korean people group, their Illuminati and Satanist background, their fleshly based values and corruption and criminal activities and national sentiments, every dot starts to connect perfectly and make perfect sense. It is not right to be prejudice or discriminatory toward any people group, but the truth should and must be shared about these people groups, and their sins revealed before heaven and earth, so that they are given a chance to repent, and people are delivered from the brainwash and mind control and from being genocide exterminated. These gang-stalkers are one of the most base, vulgar, stupidest people, because if God’s people disappear from the earth, God would have no reason to keep them around, because their only purpose by God is to persecute God’s people to bless them and to accomplish His work of love for His people. Likewise, the gang-stalkers are the stupidest people, because their boss Satan and his fallen angels plan to kill them first, and eventually kill all of mankind, and after that, to destroy the physical world to undo God’s creation.


The reason why the Illuminati is successful in hiring thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of evil people to try to gang-stalk and assassinate God’s prophets is because these evil people have evil genes. They are the low-life scum people of society and the people of wicked ethnic groups and nationalities. Their genes and their sins are handed down from their fathers and mothers and grandparents and great grandparents. Likewise, their genes and evil are handed down to the third and fourth and hundredth generations, and they become ethnic groups and nations like the Ninevites and Sodomites. They are people of the carnal flesh instead of the spirit, so they are obsessed with genes, family ties, reproducing genetic descendant, family feuds, shaman family demon spirits that control them who they believe are ancestral spirits, ethnic superiority, nationalism, street gang mentality, group identity, blood feud between genetic families and street gangs and mobster gangster families, national “han” culture of hatred and revenge and killing, self genetic pride, and flesh reproduction lust. The only way they can be freed from these evil genes and ethnic sin and family demon-possession and national traits is by the power of Jesus Christ when they become Christians. They hate God’s prophets who teach this Torah Truth, because the most evil people want to hide their sins and their own evil, and therefore, they try to silence God’s prophets who expose the truth about them and call them to repent. They are like the Pharisees who hated Jesus for exposing their evil and sins, so they conspired to silence Him by killing Him. This is the nature of evil people. It is in their genes that have been handed down through the generations, and because of their sexual obsession to leave genetic descendants, they will hand those genes down to many following generations. However, they cannot attain true happiness in life, because these low-life people live miserable lives of fornication, narcotic drugs, divorce, family feud and hatred toward family members, child sexual molestation and feminism, murder, street gang warfare, nationalism and hatred of neighboring nations, obsession with genetic descendants and breeding, group mentality, violence, fighting, hatred, ethnic and national pride, warfare, bloodshed, revenge, feelings of superiority over others, stress, fear, depression, suicide, betrayal through greed, and many other sins and evils that they are slaves of. These people will not listen to these truths about their genes or their family demon spirits or their sins or their ethnic group’s sins or their nation’s sins, but they will try to kill and silence God’s prophets who warn them in love about their sins and tell them to repent so that they and their family and their ethnic group and nation can be saved through Jesus Christ. They are a wicked people. They are the most prejudice and discriminatory and racist and sexist and feminist and wicked people you can find on the earth. However, when the Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist oligarch elites’ CIA NSA MI6 people tell these low-life, wicked, vulgar, scum of society type of people that God’s prophets are very prejudice and discriminatory and racist and sexist against their nation and their ethnicity and their family and them, so they need to be silenced and assassinated, they gladly receive the pay from the CIA NSA MI6 people, and gather in the thousands to try to kill God’s prophets. Because of their evil minds, they do not understand that it is the CIA NSA MI6 Aryan reptilian homo-capensis race people who are trying to exterminate their Korean ethnic group and Korean nation and Asian people and women through the Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist oligarch cabal’s CIA NSA MI6 genetically engineered ethnicity specific plagues and HAARP tidal waves and by causing nuclear wars with their neighboring nations of the same race and trying to make the human homo-sapiens kill each other. The Illuminati reptilians use these low-life, scum bag human homo-sapiens people of the earth because they are the most easiest to manipulate and use, because of their fleshly nature and greed for CIA pay and their hatred toward God’s prophets and their ethnic pride and their nationalism and their violent ethnic genes. Then, the Illuminati reptilians plan to kill them also later on with nuclear war, World War 3, DARPA genetically engineered biological weapon germs and plagues, economic crash and mobs and rioting and starvation, and through worldwide FEMA Nazi execution camps for human homo-sapiens, and HAARP earthquakes and tidal waves, and many other methods, in order to create their Illuminati New World Order for the reptilian hybrid homo-capensis race through genocide of the human homo-sapiens race. The low-life people and the evil ethnic groups are just their tools to use to kill the innocent and truth speakers like God’s prophets, and after they finish using them to kill the innocent and truth speakers, the Illuminati will kill and exterminate these dumb, stupid, low life, vulgar, genetically evil people and nations also. They need these genetically evil people and nations to accomplish their purpose and gain power, so that they can eventually kill all humans from the planet. The evil humans have always been used by the reptilian hybrid homo-capensis people to kill each other and fight wars and conduct mass satanic live human sacrifice ritual global wars to exterminate each other. The oligarch nephilim reptilian people laugh as the dumb, genetically evil, low life people run around killing each other and trying to assassinate God’s prophets who they think are evil and racist and sexist and need to be silenced, and they end up committing suicide later due to depression and stress and anger and pride and heartbroken romance and drug deliriousness. So is the life and death of these low-life, genetically evil, scum of the earth people. They were created that way by God, so that the righteous people of God will shine even brighter and glorify God through their righteousness and love and holiness, and that love for God and His truth and His Word will be proven by the persecutions they endure for their Lord Jesus Christ, at the hands of these low-life, vulgar, genetically evil, scum of the earth people and ethnic groups and gangs and nations. So, they serve a purpose for Satan and his Illuminati in one sense, but ultimately, they serve God’s purpose, until they are thrown into hell and the Lake of Fire for their sins and evil. I teach you this Torah Truth of Christ and the Word of God, because I know you have been surprised as to where these thousands and thousands and thousands of demon-possessed gang-stalkers, Koreans, feminists, Satanists, mafia mobster gangsters of Sicilian Arab ancestry, yakuza mobster gangsters of Korean ancestry, street gang punks, low life scum people with evil genes, witches controlled by their family ancestral demon spirits, CIA freed prison convicts, CIA NSA MI6 Nazi assassin squad members, Freemason Luciferian demon-possessed members, thugs and cutthroats and vagabonds all come from, and how the Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis oligarchs can hire so many gang-stalkers to try to assassinate and silence your preaching in Jesus Christ. The reason is that the Illuminati has no problem in hiring these tens of thousands of people and even hundreds of thousands of people, because they have killed off all the innocent and peaceful people from this planet, just like in ancient Noah’s days of the Atlantis civilization, and you now have in these End Times huge masses of people who have evil genes and nationalities and ethnic groups and bloodthirsty mobs and low life scumbag type of people left who will kill the innocent and truth speakers without hesitation so that they and their family and genetic kin and ethnic group and nation can survive. They are the ungodly bunch, who have no ethics or morals or true godly love or truth or righteousness or innocence or fear of Almighty God YHWH or respect for humans or humility or compassion or conscience. They are the bunch of evil genetic people who worship their ancestral spirits who are actually demonic spirits, run after their Asian pop singers, cheer on their national leaders who are trying to genocide them, go to Disneyland to enjoy their fake world that the Illuminati has given them, and live for sex and food and money and power and all the other things of the flesh, instead of the Spirit of God. They are the brain dead, and they are no longer on a human level, but they are at a base, decadent, sick, evil animal level of existence and thinking and values. This is why God is ready to destroy them for they have all forsaken God’s Torah Truth, and they have all run after Satanism and its values and its worship of the devil. All these evils lead to the worship of the devil, consequently. This is why when I start writing this to you, dear beloved 144,000 Hebrew Remnant, these genetically evil scum of society type of people keep crashing my computer, so that this letter will be lost. As soon as I start writing the Torah Truth teachings, they hit me with a barrage of directed energy weapons. However, God will not be stopped. He keeps a memory in my mind of all the things and the Torah Truth that I need to teach you before I leave for heaven. God’s love for you will not be so easily pushed aside by these genetically evil and nationalist and Satanist computer hackers and reptilian hybrid oligarch’s human slaves. Their sudden barrage of directed energy weapons and countless attempts to crash my computer whenever I star writing the Torah Truth is clear evidence that they hate the truth and they will do everything to stop it from being preached to the world, even if it means blaming God’s prophets as racists and sexists and evil people with dangerous ideologies. This has always been the case through the thousands of years, as Satan’s children have tried to blame God’s children of being evil. To those who belong to the devil and are evil people, the righteous people are evil, and they themselves consider their evil as being good. Everything is the opposite to those who are Satan’s people, because to them, evil is good, and good is evil. Satan and his people reverse everything. This is a spiritual war between the devil’s children and God’s children. If these things do not happen to them, then it means they are not teaching God’s truth. If they are attacked and hindered, then it is undeniable evidence that they are preaching God’s Torah Truth, because the devil will use the most evil people and genetically usable people and nations to attack those who are doing God’s work. You will suddenly see thousands of them come out of the woodworks in order to attack you, when you preach the Torah Truth. The reason why the Illuminati’s Christian churches do not get attacked is because they teach the Mystery Babylon religion Satanism. God’s truth will be heard, and the truth is God’s Word and God’s Word is Christ. God will always have His faithful remnant, who are not afraid to preach the truth, because they love God. Someday, these evil people and their devil and their genes and their evil deeds and their evil ideologies and their pathetic existence will perish, but God’s truth and glory and righteousness and love and Word will live on eternally. Praise be to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ!


God has given me as His prophet the mission to go to the nations and nationalities and ethnicities and people groups and tribes of the world and warn them of their sins, and their need to repent. However, the devil and his Illuminati Nazi reptilian hybrid nephilim homo-capensis people go around slandering me to all the nations and ethnicities and people groups that I am prejudice and need to be assassinated and silenced, just like they did to Jesus who spoke up against their homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim Pharisees and Saducees and religious leader ancestors. They try to do the same thing to me, and spend billions and billions of our taxpayers’ tax money to send their thousands and thousands of people from these nations and reptilian hybrid nephilim witch feminists to try to gang-stalk us and assassinate us and silence us. In reality, I have no prejudice or discrimination for I do not care about race or ethnicity or nationality or skin color or gender or age or religion or any other categorizations. I  speak against these nations and ethnicities and people groups and governments and Illuminati Satanist activist groups and what they are doing, because God has given me a mission to speak on His behalf to an evil generation, just as many prophets of ancient times were led to speak against peoples and nations and groups. God will always have His prophets and apostles. In reality, it is the Illuminati that are who are prejudice and discriminatory. They create the race genes specific pandemic biological weapons, and they hit certain nations with Hiroshima atomic bomb and Fukushima radiation terrorist attacks and Tohoku earthquake tidal wave genocide attacks using their imbedded Illuminati Japanese of Korean ancestry politicians and yakuza mobster gangsters and Japanese of Korean society organizations to kill thousands of people as part of their mass Illuminati live human sacrifice rituals, in order to kill off Japanese of Hebrew ancestry. Satan used his Tribe of Dan Edomite ancestry Illuminati bloodline family Nazis to genocide 6 million Europeans of Hebrew ancestry, during World War 2, and will again try to do so in the coming Tribulation Age. When I speak against these Korean people who are doing all the evil criminal activities in Japan, or the Tribe of Dan Edomite people who are doing all the evil criminal activities in Israel, or these other reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline family people who are conducting the child slave trafficking, and sex slave industry, and CIA narcotics industry, and manipulation of stock market and precious metals markets crimes, and poisoning of the tap waters and food sources to kill millions of human homo-sapiens race people, chem trail poisoning by planes, development of cancer creating viruses, and Asian genes SARS biological weapons, and African genes Ebola biological weapons, and other influenza and DARPA pandemics to kill rhesus positive blood human homo-sapiens race people, and kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of humans, and many other sins that God has seen them doing, then the Illuminati spend billions of dollars to hire their Illuminati Korean people and feminist people and mafia people and Satanist people and CIA hit squad people and Nazis and street gangs and narcotic ring people to try to gang-stalk me and assassinate me, by telling them that I am a prejudice and discriminatory person who speaks up against their New World Order genocide of 99% of the human homo-sapiens race. What kind of hypocrites are these Illuminati people? They accuse me of prejudice and discrimination when I speak warnings of God in love, while they are the ones who claim to be “politically correct” and noble people who are not prejudice or discriminatory, when they are the ones who actually create these ethnic-specific gene genocide germs and pandemics, conduct terrorist attacks against certain nationalities because of their “han” culture of racial ethnic hatred, and they consider their Nazi Aryan race reptilian hybrid nephilim homo-capensis descendants as being superior to human homo-sapiens people so that they are trying to exterminate all human homo-sapiens with nuclear war and pandemics to start their reptilian Draco New World Order, and even their Draco reptilian nephilim alien overlords are prejudice because they consider their white winged Draco prime reptilian aliens as being superior to their brownish greenish non-winged Draco reptoids. They accuse me of being sexist because I preach God’s Torah Truth and call out to them to repent, and expose their child slavery of girls and Illuminati rape and sodomy Satanist rituals and their fake Draco reptilian witch feminist movement that aborts millions of baby girls and their slavery rings of women to make billions of dollars. What hypocrites these Illuminati children of the devil are. They accuse me of being anti-government, when I have been loyal and supportive of my governments, while they have infiltrated our government congress and judiciary systems and law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to carry out their narcotics industry and human trafficking industry and gun smuggling industry and plan to kill 99% of the human homo-sapiens race with their homo-capensis race New World Order through nuclear war and biological weapon plagues and starvation.  What hypocrites these people are! They accuse me who speaks the Torah Truth of God as being evil, and they themselves claim to be righteous when they actually do evil. What hypocrites! They spend thousands and thousands of dollars to hire thousands and thousands of these Koreans and Satanists and feminists and street gangs and mafia mobster gangsters and CIA hit squads and prison convicts to gang-stalk me and try to kill me with their thousands of cellular phone EMP weapons and predator aerial drone crafts and F-15 jets and dozens of black-tinted-window trucks and microwave oven cook alive weapons and Illuminati witch psychic satellite genital attacks and sulfuric acid poisonings and bankruptcy of savings and precious metal investments and slandering me to everyone I know, because they want to silence me about their criminal activities and homo-capensis globalist elites’ enslavement and parasite on the human homo-sapiens populace by accusing me of hate crimes and hate speech and political incorrectness. What hypocrites they are! They accuse me of being rude and offensive and radical for speaking out the truth about their evil Illuminati crimes against humanity, when all other humans are afraid to speak out lest they be assassinated and gang-stalked and are boneless cowards who do not love mankind. What hypocrites these people are! Just like they accused our Lord Jesus Christ as being rude and offensive and heretic and crazy and of hate speech and of hate crimes and political incorrectness, and thereby crucified Him who came to warn in love and preach salvation to them, they also accuse us of the same things. What hypocrites! I was sent by God, just like the ancient prophets of old to declare God’s Torah Truth in love and warn them to repent and preach salvation and expose their ethnic and gender and government and national sins, but they want to accuse me of being evil for doing so. What hypocrites! I was sent by God to speak against their evil sins, but they accuse me of being evil instead. What hypocrites! Just like their Pharisee and Sadducee ancestors and nepilim giants ancestors and Satan who is their father, they are hypocrites. I have done my duty to warn them in love. Now, it is time for God to bring His judgment and wrath upon these evil nations and ethnicities and governments and nationalities and people groups and families and individuals and gang-stalker perpetrators (perps). There is a time for God’s mercy, and there is a time for God’s revenge. They have tried to kill and silence me and call me evil, who God has sent as ambassador to them. To try to kill God’s prophet and ambassador is to wage war against the Holy God our Creator and the King and His Kingdom. It is an act of war!


Of course, just like all other ethnicities, there are very nice Korean people who are good people, also. Most people love to say things about their enemies in secret, but they do not want to teach those things publically to all of mankind, because they have no love for the enemy. If they loved their enemy, they would boldly speak the Torah Truth about the enemy, and call the world to repentance. It is an unfortunate truth that evil people groups and genetic people do not want to declare their own evil activities and repent of them, but they want to hide them and assassinate those who disclose them, in order to silence them. This is why the people who come to deliver your fixed computer with their Illuminati bugging systems and hacking tools imbedded are all Japanese of Korean ancestry, and all the new managers and chefs who get sent in to the restaurants you eat lunch every day, in order to poison your food every day, are all Japanese of Korean ancestry, and all the Illuminati assassination squad members who move into the apartment rooms adjoining you to shoot their EMP electromagnetic weapons are Japanese of Korean ancestry. Normal descent Japanese do not do those types of criminal things and are more ethical, and that is why the devil’s Satanist Illuminati depend entirely on these Japanese of Korean ancestry to do all their criminal and dirty work. This is why when you start doing research about the Koreans’ secret Illuminati network and criminal activities in Japan, they immediately try to freeze your computer or block your access, and start barraging you with EMP weapons from every direction. They have a 24 hour 7 days a week monitoring of your computer and mobile phone and room. This is the devil’s character and sentiment, and the nature of evil. They revel in their Satanic secret society rituals, extermination of masses of Japanese people or Jewish ancestry, criminal Illuminati enterprises that give them high positions and unlimited wealth and sex with Japanese, fame, power, and everything else that the devil provides to them. It is the traits of barbaric people like the Nazis and Koreans and Edomites and Ninevites and Canaanites that Satan always finds easy to use for his purpose and evil mission. In return, Satan gives them power, money, sex, fame, glamour and political protection. It is the same temptation that Satan used when he offered Jesus the world and all its riches and powers, if Jesus would only bow down and worship him. Cursed are these people, for they do the devil’s bidding, and they persecute God’s apostles and prophets every day. However, someone must take up the cross, and disclose the sins and systematic extermination and financial bankrupting and rape and sodomy of the Japanese Jews that are taking place every day by these satanic barbaric people groups. All these Japanese politicians and economic leaders and social leaders are being assassinated by the Korean Illuminati henchmen, but the Korean controlled Japanese police will not arrest the Korean controlled mobsters or Korean assassination squad networks, and they are just made to look like daily suicide and accidents and disappearances by the Illuminati Korean controlled media and law enforcement agencies.


These hippy rogue pastors of Western “Flower Children” Jezebel hippy Christianity preach their Jezebel doctrines of Satanism’s teachings not to talk about God’s righteousness and judgment and soon coming wrath, but to only talk about their hippy christ peace and love, because it is God’s love that gets people saved. It almost seems that if you do everything opposite of what these hippy rogue pastors of Jezebelism teach, then you will be doing what is right in God’s eyes. God’s love is already evident in our gospel of Jesus’ self-sacrifice on the cross to save us, and there is no greater evidence of God’s love. There is no reason for the hippy rogue pastors to sugar coat everything for God. We need to preach the Torah Truth straight and true, and that Torah Truth is usually not sugar-coated or sweet, but it is bitter to those who do evil and joyous to those who have an upright heart. Sharing the Torah Truth is to share God’s righteousness and His justice and to warn the people and nations of His coming judgment. This is what is true, whether the people want to hear it or not, or they want to continue in their homosexuality or feminism or witchcraft or other sins. This is the gospel that wakes up the people to the reality of their sins, and brings repentance. This awareness of sin and one’s circumstance is the beginning of repentance of a righteous heart. The fear of God is the beginning of righteousness, and without this fear, there is no repentance, and you only have a fuzzy hippy love of a hippy christ of the Illuminati. The reality of sin and God’s coming judgment must be preached, for this is the foundation of the gospel of Christ coming to give His life on the cross to save us, which proves His love. When the hippy rogue pastors teach to not talk about people’s sins or to present the evil conditions of man, then they do the gospel a great disservice, and again, they have diced up, hid, and perverted God’s Word, who is Christ. Satan controls these people and their form of religion. We present the gospel as it is, and we do not hide the unpleasant parts, and only present the pleasant parts that attract the multitudes of lukewarm, religious Christians, who fill the multitudes of church offering baskets of these disgusting religious leaders. These Pharisees are politicians and they think like politicians and they smell like politicians and businessmen, for it is in their blood vessels. They have created this Illuminati form of the gospel of Christ with their hippy son christ of Jezebel, with their hippy “peace” and “love” gospel of Western values. It is the people’s popular gospel and not the gospel of Christ that we preach. We preach the truth straight and true, as it is, and should be, for this is what convicts the heart and brings one to repentance, though the majority of the lukewarm religious Christians will abhor this kind of gospel and say it is a hard teaching to follow and the masses will walk away. The Koreans and Edomite Amalekites will try to kill you, and the fallen angels will amass an army against you to try to hunt you and your family down to the last person, but we preach this gospel boldly, because we can do no other by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the Bride testifies to the Groom even at the loss of the church congregations and income and jobs and reputations and families and homes. We consider these things lost already, when we first decided to pick up the cross and follow Jesus. With this gospel, rather than attracting the crowds at the hippy Western Christianity rock concerts, you will anger the crowds and drive most of them away. This is because the gospel is not appealing, in all ages to the masses. Only the faithful remnant flock hear the Good Shepherd’s voice and come to Him. As I have said, these religious pastors wage war against us and despise us, for their father is the devil, and they preach a different gospel from us. We, however, proclaim the Torah Truth which is our gospel in its entirety, unblemished, undiluted, and unrelenting for it is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is who saves a man, and not the hippy rogue pastors’ clever conniving and manipulation of that gospel to what they think saves people. Stay true, dear brethren, and soon your redemption will be here. Oppose these hippy pastors who disseminate the Illuminati’s created gospel of Satanism.


Satan uses these upside down dove Illuminati symbol church conference hippy rogue pastors to spread their Jezebel doctrine and opposite image of God. They will teach you their hippy doctrine that if you pray that you are available for Him, He will keep to your word and suddenly throw you into ministry to become a hippy minister with hundreds of thousands of dollars of income and retirement pension and benefits, and a luxurious house in a rich neighborhood, and a nice pastor’s office in a nice church building, and bring in the hordes of religious lukewarm Christians to listen to your Jezebel doctrines. This is a lie, and Satan makes God out to be a very cruel, heartless, spiteful, strict, Illuminati god. This is not God’s true nature and His personality. If you pray that if God can use you for His ministry, to please do so, God is a gentleman, and He will always ask you if you are willing to be a real Bride of Christ and a Church Saint, and go through persecution and suffering for Him, even to the point of death. If you say yes and ask who else can we follow but Him, and He knows your heart, then and only then will He allow you to join Him as a Bride of Christ and Church Saint to share in His sufferings and persecutions; and then and only then will the Illuminati be allowed to shoot at your heart with EMP electromagnetic weapons to try to create a heart attack, or shoot your kidneys and brain and genitals and liver and pancreas every few minutes when you are in your room sleeping or in the workplace or walking on the street, and allow you to be poisoned by the Illuminati as they put poison in your food supply, and allow the Illuminati to put infectious diseases in your water supply, and have their Illuminati people scream at you as you walk by them on the streets, and have your family demon-possessed and killed by the Illuminati, and your savings and income and job and residence and stocks and precious metals and assets all destroyed by the Illuminati, and continuously followed by their unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters and fleet of white tinted-window trucks. Do not listen to the Jezebel teachings of these hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees who strive to depict a wrong image of God, as a strict, ungentlemanly, sarcastic Illuminati god who will all of a sudden without warning keep you to your prayer and make you quit your cheap job, and throw you into His wealthy and lavish hippy pastor’s job with lots of tithes and offerings and pastoral home and corporate Christianity pastoral car. This is simply not true, and God will always confirm with you, before He allow you to be part of His ministry and have all the hundreds and thousands of Koreans and Satanists and feminists and reptilian hybrid witch descendent Illuminati families and world bankers and CIA MI6 assassin hit squads and mafia mob gang and street gang pimps and all the other Illuminati hired hands gang stalk you every day. This is the true life of a real born-again Spirit-filled Christians, and virgins with oil in their lamps, and the Church Saints, and the Bride of Christ, and a true follower of Christ, and a person who the devil and fallen angels hate with a passion and dogged persistence, and a person who will be raptured out before the Tribulation Age begins, and a person who loves God and has the First Love, and a hot Christians who is neither lukewarm nor cold, and a normal life of a true believer, and the destiny of all those who serve the Most High Living God YHWH and His true Christ, and how the End Times church-goers really ought to be living. Instead, the End Times church-goers are having a heyday in Satan’s kingdom by holding allegiance to his feminist Jezebel doctrines, and living like the heathens non-believers do by pursuing a career of wealth, spouse to breed genetic descendents who will be destroyed in the Tribulation Age, continuing to feed the thousands who do not care for Christ and just come out for free food without working or asking God for work, and planning their church bazaars to finance their religious church activities, requiring people to go to their ungodly Sunday Osiris church entertainment and Puritan church ethics sermons and having fun socializing like a pagan party, and having pastoral home parties eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, and going to their Babylonian witchcraft doctors and medical clinics, refusing to wear women’s head coverings, wearing men’s trousers, denying parts of the Bible that do not agree with their Jezebel Satanist doctrines of Western Christianity and perverting the Bible teachings by taking only parts of the Bible such as on ancient tithing laws to enforce pre-Christ laws upon their Temple visitors, patriotically cheering on their Illuminati mercenary army troops and family members killing people in distant lands for the Illuminati Satanist sacrifice rituals, registering their church institutions with the Illuminati’s tax office Nazi Tribulation Saints extermination camp institution rosters with a list of all their church leaders in order to get tax exemption, making a whole fake political show about exhibiting their wives to the church congregation and praising her in front of the public and doing their hippy love and peace kisses and hugs while they have sex in secret with other women, and horde pastors’ savings and gold in their bank accounts, and go to ridiculous absurd seminaries to get Illuminati Jezebel doctrine Western Christianity minister degrees in order to get jobs in the Illuminati churches, and praise Hellenistic Satanist democracy and their Satanist founding fathers of their nations, and eat their ungodly disgusting food to become gluttons and hippo buttocks, and rush to get their Illuminati microchip vaccines, and spend their ministers’ entire work time hunting down God’s apostles whereabouts by retrieving privacy information from various churches’ internal documents and reporting them to the apostle’s family members who in turn report it to Satan’s Illuminati Satanists and assassin squads, and jump up and down in demonic frenzy in their Western Christianity rock concerts and Illuminati Satan worship services, and mark their bodies with pierces and tattoos, and attack God’s apostle to stop teaching the Torah Truth because it offends their brothers and it is not love, and buy Satan’s health insurances and retirement pension programs, and watch their Illuminati reptilian hybrid idols’ Hollywood movies or concerts or magazines, and allow their women to teach men and their Jezebel spirit wives to give orders to their Ahab spirit husbands, and preoccupy themselves with their church political activities of pro-life and right-wing conservative parties and environmental protection Gaea Satanism by collecting church cans and donating to the Illuminati Satanist save the whales campaigns and reptilian terra-forming global warming, and ridiculing and scorning God’s apostles and prophets’ Torah Truth teachings, allowing their wives to work in jobs and letting the religious heathens to babysit and raise their children, cheering their favorite sports teams, fervently supporting their charismatic Anti-Christ nephilim political leader who is kidnapping and killing millions of children and running the entire global narcotic business while taking tax money to finance black ops budgets to try to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets and to finance their criminal enterprises, and hunting for marriage partners in their Illuminati religious Western Christianity churches like animals in mating heat, listening to their ungodly Satanic rock music, and recycling cans and plastic bags, and going to the Illuminati bloodline Disney family’s occult Disneyland and worshipping Mickey Mouse, and reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson nephilim novels to their children, and supporting their military who are dumping tons of toxic poison from their planes onto their fellow citizens and schools, and following the Eastern Mysticism teachings by becoming a animal lover vegetarian, and giving nail polishes and ribbons to their pets, and their preposterous church institutions and buildings instead of going out into the world to make disciples of all men and people groups and tribes. The Illuminati pastors of Satan teach them that they do not have to go out, but all they need to do is to finance some fake missionaries who make a living by scamming off of the churches by writing monthly missionary newsletters, and that that would fulfill their duty to the Great Commission, instead of going out themselves to disciple men. They think they can buy their way into Christ’s service, and they and their fat buttocks are comfortable with their Western lifestyles that Satan has prepared for them, and they are financiers of the Illuminati’s Corporate Christianity. They hate me with a deep-seated hatred for they hate the Torah Truth who is Christ, and they have an opposite spirit that controls their souls, and will have nothing to do with the true Bible, and they want their satanically perverted Western Christianity bible made by the Illuminati. They love their Jezebel hippy Jesus Sananda of their Western Christianity Satanism more than the true and only living God Jesus Christ. This is why they and their nation will be judged first, since God’s judgment begins first in His House or the churches that are disguising themselves as His Church, but in fact are extensions of the Babylonian Mystery religion of Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, pagan religions, Eastern occult mysticism, witchcraft, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Esotericism, Freemason, etc. Thinking about these religious Christians truly makes one nauseas and want to vomit them out of the mouth. They have had countless and long, long, long periods of warning from God’s apostle and prophet because of Christ’s patience and love, as God’s apostle and prophet suffer through persecution for their sake, but they are a stubborn generation and sinful people, and refuse to have anything to do with the Torah Truth and Christ, and continue to adhere fervently to their satanic teachings of Western Christianity and their perverted interpretation of the Bible taught by these Illuminati ministers. They are even fearful of proclaiming about what the Illuminati Satanists are doing from the rooftops and mounds and street corners and internet, lest they be tapped and gang-stalked and their family killed to look like car accidents and their income taken away and houses burned. What religious scum they are, and how has the church become so weak and disgustingly putrid? They have adopted the ways of the pagans and love their foreign gods of humanism and feminism and religion more than the Almighty God. However, you my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren have been given the Word of Truth and His Spirit to do all good works in Him who lives forevermore and is the Torah Truth. Praise be to His name, and glory be to Him, and I give thanks to Him for you, and pray that He will keep you in His grace!


You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant who have the Holy Spirit know what I speak of and why the End-Times churches are so lukewarm and religious and do not have the Holy Spirit. Satan sends out thousands upon thousands of his Illuminati Satanist pastors and missionaries throughout the world to preach the Satanist form of Christ, so that they flood the world with their reptilian form of Jezebel doctrine Western Christianity. They believe strength in numbers, and saturation of the entire market to shut out the competitors. Therefore, if any real born-again Spirit-filled Christians and God’s apostles should come along and start preaching the Torah Truth who is Christ, then they can call them heretics, and kick them out of the churches. Basically, it is Satan’s monopoly on the Western Christianity. This is why the pastors and missionaries are nice people, but once you share the Torah Truth of God to them, they will get very abrasive, obstinate, offensive, irate, and drive you out. The Torah Truth who is Christ always reveals the true heart when comes into contact with any person. It creates either rebellion or obedience, and it creates either hatred or love. These hippy rogue pastors love their hippy rogue culture of wearing black clothes, leather jackets, and aloha shirts, which appeal to the hippy generation of the post 1960s age of counter culture rebellion, who now are the big money makers and retirees. This is ironic, because they tolerate all these troublemakers and demon-possessed and deranged people in their churches, but they immediately kick out God’s apostles and prophets and children. This is why it is a different spirit that is at work in the End-Times Western Christianity churches—a spirit of Jezebel “hippy love and peace” type of Christ with hugging and kissing and religious ethics teachings and superficial transformed perverted “Bible religious ethics” teachings. They love to hang around the similar people and form pastor gangs with similar rebellious hippy pastors, and will not tolerate God’s apostles and prophets who teach opposite of their culture. They call God’s people evil, because God’s people do not display their Western Christianity hippy peace and love and religious narcotic high emotions and refuse to fit into their hippy rogue pastor Sanhedrin gangs. They only accept people with similar post 1960s Western Christianity values of humanism into their restricted minister ranks, but they have no tolerance for God’s people and the Torah Truth, since it is complete opposite of what they preach and what they stand for.


The Calvary Chapel people preach that God always was. Their brains can only understand the dimension of time, so they create their Western Christianity doctrines, and teach silly things. If they had the Holy Spirit, they would know that God is, for He exists outside of time and He created the dimension of time. It is not that He always was, but He is. So, when people ask these hippy rogue pastors what the origins of God is, they answer by saying that God always was. This confuses the person, because they do not get their question answered, and start wondering how far back God has existed, and how long He has been around, and how did He come into existence back then. Do not listen to the hippy rogue pastors and church conferences that teach their hippy jesus, for they will mislead and confuse and introduce the Illuminati’s doctrines. I tell you, surely, God is not from the past, but He is. These hippy rogue pastors have their fat retirement pension lives and Satanist national holidays and church days off. For us the apostles of God, we do not have any of these, for we preach the Torah Truth, and every day is an opportunity for ministry. We do not prepare retirement programs or go to church gatherings on Sundays like a routine hippy rogue pastor does or increase genetic descendents for the future like they do, under their Illuminati created religious systems, but we live in the here and now, for our God is here and now, and we live each day by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are not here to make huge gatherings, but we go wherever the Lord leads to speak to whoever He leads us to speak to. It used to be a good thing to gather together with the brethren, but now, since the Illuminati has taken over all the churches, it is not beneficial to go to church, but rather, it is detrimental for one’s spiritual health to go to church. It is better to associate with the heathens rather than the religious Christians. There is nothing worse than religious Christians, because they live by the Jezebel doctrine of the Babylon mystery religion.


Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 42


The Satanists teach that there are hundreds of different species of aliens: greys, insectoids, reptilians, reptoid humanoids, human Nordic, human Aryan, human colored, etc. They teach that some species are evil and plan to take over the earth. They teach that some plan to take over secretly by creating half-breed human alien hybrids to take over human society and cross-breeding. They teach that some aliens are allies of humans and have been protecting the humans from evil aliens for thousands of years. They teach that some aliens are our ancestors, and our human species, and they are friendly to humans, because they look like us. They teach that some human alien Lyran species were defeated by reptilian aliens, and they escaped and set up colonies throughout the universe, including the earth. They teach that the Arcturians, who are the most advanced alien species who are light emitting beings will come to save the humans from the reptilian and grey alien attacks and invasion. They teach that some aliens have dwelled underground on the earth for thousands of years after escaping Atlantis during Noah’s flood, and consider themselves the owners of the earth. There are huge underground bases under Los Angeles, too. The devil, Satan, and his fallen angels are master deceivers, so they will use this alien story to deceive mankind into believing that they are the good aliens protecting mankind from evil aliens, and try to unite them under the Anti-Christ and False-Prophet and gather the armies of the world to battle against God and Jesus when He returns at His Second-Coming. Satan and his fallen angels are using the Satanists in the various nations’ governments to cooperate in carrying out their genetic manipulation and cross-breeding nephilim program, and mass extermination program of all humans. They are doing it under the lie that they are alien beings who are here to help humans evolve to a higher being with supernatural powers and universal peace and to unite against evil aliens. This is the devil’s agenda. The heathen unbelievers and religious Christians will be deceived by this lie, just like in the ancient Atlantis civilization during Noah’s flood’s days. By receiving the Anti-Christ’s DNA altering Mark of the Beast 666 microchip implant on their body, they themselves will become nephilim, just like the inhabitants of ancient Atlantis. And again, God will have to wipe out the nephilim demonic creatures on the earth, who have become vampires and Satan’s zombies. It will be Satan’s Anti-Christ’s army of nephilim. The Bible prophesies that in the Tribulation Age, men’s hearts will fail them. However, you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren will be sealed by the Holy Spirit and protected from all these things genetically and blood wise. Love for God affects our DNA. God’s seal upon you will protect you from the Illuminati’s zombie and nephilim vampire bite genetically engineered viruses and parasites. In Noah’s Atlantis days, great walls were created to keep out the nephilim freak monsters. The Bible prophesies that the Illuminati have demon Godzilla monsters within the earth in hell, in the ancient underground cities that the fallen angels have constructed, that will be released during the Tribulation Age. Jonah was there. Tower of Babel was a star gate to bring in extraterrestrial satanic fallen angels. Just like the 10 god kings who ruled Atlantis, the 10 headed beast will rule the coming New World Order. Those Tribulation Saints who refuse to take the biochip implant will be executed by the Anti-Christ and his dictator government of the devil. It is interesting to hear these radio hosts who market Satan’s post-tribulation-rapture-theory arguing with each other that they should just quietly go to the Anti-Christ’s human experimentation Nazi FEMA camps like a good Christian by trusting God, or whether they should kill every Satanist that comes to arrest them, so there would be one less Satanist to harm other Christians. All the serial killers are Illuminati Satanists. According to Dr. Preston Bailey, the greatest number of child sex abusers in school are the female teachers. They do not believe in our God. Your mission, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, is to share the gospel of Christ and His salvation to the world, so that those who believe in Jesus will be saved from the coming deception of the devil.


There are nations that are members of this Western Illuminati criminal organization of the Aryan reptilian race, and there are nations that are not members of this Western Illuminati. There are millions of these Koreans and Arab Edomites immigrating into these Illuminati New World Order member nations in North America and Europe. This is why the Western Illuminati criminal organization has tried to kill the leaders of the 57 nations that oppose them, and who are not part of their Western Illuminati. For this reason, the Western Illuminati have tried to exterminate millions of people in the Eastern Illuminati through artificial earthquakes, tidal waves, HAARP created massacres, poisoning of the food and water sources, radiation dispersion by blowing up nuclear plants, and other covert terrorist activities within the non-New-World-Order nations. The number of this anti-Western-Illuminati coalition of nations that has risen up to fight against the Western Illuminati, have increased to over 80 nations, which also include the White Hat factions of the CIA, U.S. and European military, FBI, NSA, U.S. and European government, Pentagon top, and other bits and pieces of various groups who have awaken to the fact that they as human homo-sapiens will eventually be on the execution death list and dinner menu of the Western Illuminati Aryan reptilians, also. It is no longer a war between the Western Illuminati gangster cabal and the Eastern Illuminati secret societies’ alliance, but it is becoming a war of two global factions fighting for their very survival, since there are groups within organizations like the CIA and Pentagon who are waging war against the Western Illuminati, and there are groups in Asia and Russia, such as the Illuminati Freemason Satanist prime ministers and finance ministers and government leaders of Japan who are actually all Koreans disguised as Japanese that are puppet servants of the Western Illuminati gangster cabal of reptilian Aryans. The F-16s scrambled during the 9.11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon to stop the airliner jets were intentionally not armed with any weapons by the Illuminati. Why would a military fighter jet not be armed with any weapons, making it just like a flying balloon or something? The Illuminati destroyed the Twin Towers and built the Illuminati’s One World Trade Center that symbolized their one world New World Order. There are two CIAs: one ignorant CIA that is frantically looking for Muslim terrorists, and another Nazi reptilian hybrid Satanist CIA that is creating the terrorism and killing thousands of people with their black ops budgets. The United States is not a government of the people, by the people, for the people, but it is an artificially created nation of the Illuminati, by the Illuminati, for the Illuminati. Many in the Western Illuminati are breaking away from the reptilian Aryans, and starting to join the Eastern Illuminati secret societies’ reptilian dragon families side, so it is becoming more difficult to distinguish between friend and foe. Like I have taught you, brethren, it is not a war between national borders, but it is a war between various factions within the Illuminati, and a war between the reptilian race and human race as a whole, and there are a lot of humans aligned and serving the reptilians to exterminate all humans including themselves and their own human families, eventually.


For example, the reptilian Illuminati freemason President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the reptilian Illuminati freemason Korean ancestry Emperor Hirohito of Japan agreed to start World War 2 to kill as many Japanese Jews (ten lost tribe of Israel) as possible, and to have a mass extermination of human homo-sapiens using the Hiroshima nuclear bomb Illuminati human sacrifice Satanist ritual, while the United States continued to provide Japan with the armament and petroleum required to keep Japan fighting the United States throughout World War 2. Illuminati bloodline families like J. Robert Oppenheimer created the nuclear bomb to do this. Roosevelt (whose name means “Red World” in Edomite language or “Esau’s World” or “New World Order of Edom”) pulled out all the U.S. aircraft carriers from Pearl Harbor before Emperor Hirohito attacked Pearl Harbor, in order to keep the aircraft carrier fleet to keep World War 2 going. The amount of profit that the Illuminati Edomites Danites (fake Jew who are hell-bent in genocide holocaust of all Jews in Israel and Japan) and Illuminati Koreans gained from the war and armament business is astronomical. The Korean ancestry Illuminati freemason Japanese Emperor was, of course, pardoned and left to live in happiness and continue rule in the Eastern Illuminati by the Illuminati freemason General Douglas MacArthur of the Allied Occupational Forces. The amount of negative energy emitted from blown up shredded humans and dismembered humans and burnt humans and disemboweled humans and tortured human prisoners was astronomical, too, which fed their reptilian fallen angel fathers, who feed on this energy created from terror, shock, horror, pain, suffering, agony, despair, fear, hatred, anger, rage, sadness of the human homo-sapiens, as a result of the three world wars the Illuminati had planned (the third world war is still in the future). The Edomites and Koreans are very bloodthirsty and barbaric and brutal races, and that is why it is easy for Satan to use these nations and use their deceptive characters, too, in order to infiltrate God’s people as fake Israeli Hebrews and fake Japanese Hebrews. Meanwhile, he uses these races to create nations around them like North Korea and South Korea and Jordan and Iraq and Egypt and Palestine (Philistine) and Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, in order to try to destroy the Jewish tribes, too. This is Satan’s usual two-pronged attack strategy, from both inside and outside: basically, the Zionist Edomite Israeli government leaders and Korean ancestry Japanese government leaders within the Jewish nations, and the Edomite Arab surrounding nations and Korean surrounding nations outside the Jewish nations, to incite hatred against the Jews and annihilation of the Jews from both within and from outside. He uses this strategy everywhere, such as in the Christian churches, too, where Satan has his infiltrated “Bible Answer Man” and hippy rogue pastors and other Illuminati Pharisee religious leaders inside the churches, and the homosexuals / feminists / atheists / etc. who hate the Christians from the outside. You have Satan’s reptilian Illuminati inside the police and also in the mafia. Basically, it is these races that secretly control and rule the world through their Zionist regimes and Zionist world banking systems and Iluminati’s many “Brotherhood of the Serpent” occult secret societies like the Freemasonry, Esoterics, Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Communists, Imperialist Capitalists, Illuminati Muslim Brotherhood, Freemason Muslim Shriners, Christian Satanist Templar Knights and Knights of Malta, Shintoists, Buddhist and New Age cults, Vatican leadership, Hindu Kali Thuggee organizations, Bilderberg Society, Trilateral Commission, Committee of Three Hundred, royal families, Council on Foreign Relations, CIA, MI6, KGB, etc. It looks like human homo sapiens are killing other human homo sapiens, but in reality, it is just the reptilian nephilim elites creating opposing forces, and making the humans fight each other, in order to genocide exterminate the humans. However, they cannot control the continued growth of the human race and food depletion, so the reptilian Aryan Illuminati race has to resort to things like globally created biological warfare pandemic microorganisms that kill human genes only talked about in future Bible prophecy, nuclear wars talked about in future Bible prophecy, market crash created FEMA Nazi execution concentration camp mass genocides talked about in future Bible prophecy, HAARP created mega natural disasters like the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster and tidal wave talked about in future Bible prophecy, global mega famine talked about in future Bible prophecy, extermination of humans by the reptilian Illuminati using humanzee hybrid monsters and beasts talked about in future Bible prophecy, global mega earthquakes, chem trail poisoning, food source / tap water poisoning, global radiation dispersion, cancer-causing viruses that kill human homo-sapiens, reptilian witch feminist pro-choice movement mass abortion Satanist rituals of human fetuses, mass human children kidnappings for their reptilian witch pedophile live sacrifices, etc., etc., etc. There are many Christian brothers who were former gang members, who constantly kidnapped masses of human children and sold them to the reptilian Illuminati for their child sacrifice rituals, before they got saved and became Christians. When children are eaten by the feminist witch reptilian vampires and humans are shredded alive in war and humans are experimented upon in their underground secret U.S. military nephilim grey alien bases, it creates a lot of negative energy that allows the Illuminati Satanists to open up more star gate portals in the dimensional rift wormholes to allow demonic spirits to enter our physical dimension. This is added power to them, in their preparation for the Armageddon War with God in the future. This is why the feminists have their witches chants and prayers and incantations and Druid rituals to incite these unclean spirits for their reptilian agenda. This is why the Druid witches and wizards have the Druid symbol of the Red Dragon or Satan on their robes. In some old British schools, fortune telling is used as a part of class curriculum. God’s love and Holy Spirit in the real born-again spiritual Christians have kept these reptilians at bay, but God will not tolerate forever the sins of the non-believing human population, if they continue to be brainwashed and mind-controlled by the nephilim reptilians and witches’ spells, and they continue to blaspheme God and run after the idols and reptilian gods or fallen angels and demonic deceiving spirits. God allowed the ancient Atlantis civilization to go on, giving them a chance to repent, but due to the level of blaspheme against God through their genetic reengineering of humans and other occult practices, He had to bring in Noah’s flood to destroy that civilization, and in these modern End-Times, Satan and his reptilian nephilim have started the same old things, again—the mass extermination of humans and reengineering of the human genes through their Illuminati sponsored human genome project. The world is ripe for God’s judgment, again. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! When the feminists’ ancestors, the reptilian nephilim giants of ancient Atlantis dismembered, skinned, sacrificed, and vampirically ate humans, it created a lot of negative energy for their fallen angel fathers to eat. This is why I stand against these Edomites and Koreans, and all who do evil in the sight of God. Cursed are their descendents for their sins against the Jews and God’s people. How dare they rage and frenzy and gang-stalk and come out in drones against God’s apostles and prophets. This witch party will be put to an end. They are a bunch of overgrown lizards mixed blood illegitimate bastards. Goliath and his Edomite Philistines will be put down. These Illuminati freemason Edomite Danite ancestry U.S. presidents and Korean ancestry Illuminati freemason Japanese prime ministers of our modern End Times still continue to plot bloodshed, war, radiation, mass execution of the non-Aryan human race, and suffering upon God’s creation, not to mention the genetic perversion of the humans by creating chimera half-human monsters and feminist/homosexual gene human clone children. These Japanese prime ministers of Korean ancestry kill tens of thousands of Japanese people using nuclear bomb caused tidal waves, and then, their wives go to pay their respects to the Japanese victims of these tidal waves they caused, and pay their respects to the Japanese World War 2 national cemetery to show their concern for the Japanese people: the level of hypocrisy just like the Pharisees and mental conditions of these Illuminati politicians is beyond sane comprehension. The Japanese Prime Ministers always go to Yasukuni shrine to make themselves look like nationalists on the surface, but in secret, they plot to kill all Japanese. Some fools ask why would the Edomites and Koreans disguise themselves as Israeli Jews or Japanese Jews. You do not go up to a crowd of people who is voting for you to be their prime minister, and tell them that you are a Philistine spy, and that you are here to exterminate every single Jew. How long will they incite God to anger; how long will they rage against God’s apostles and prophets; how long do they think they can continue in their evil, perverted ways? Do they think God is blind to their evil deeds; do they think God turns the other way to the screams and wailing of His created humans; do they think the Holy and Righteous God sleeps? I stand in the Spirit of the Most High God, and rebuke them in Jesus’ name! The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords who was the slain Lamb will return as the Lion of Judah.


The Edomites disguised as Jews form Sicilian mafia and Jewish mob gangs to do atrocious things, just like the Koreans disguised as Japanese form yakuza mob gangs to do atrocious things. They are both very similar to each other. All the U.S. presidents have been Edomite Zionists and all the Japanese prime ministers have been Japanese of Korean ancestry. The Edomite Nazis blew up the World Trade Center twin towers on September 11, 2001, and the Korean Society in Japan blew up the nuclear bomb off the coast of Japan to create the March 11, 2011 massive tidal wave. The Edomites have a thousands of years old creed of Satan to exterminate all Israeli Jews, and the Koreans have an ancient creed of Satan to exterminate all Japanese Jews. Israel has been saturated by Edomite blood for thousands of years by Satan, and Japan has been saturated by Korean blood for thousands of years by Satan. This is Satan’s tactics. However, the Jewish heritage is carried on by the father’s genes. It is not possible for Satan to wipe out all of Abraham’s seed through Jacob, since God always has his remnant, as you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren are proof of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. God has given power to His Israeli Jews and Japanese Jews over their enemies, so that they will not be annihilated. The enemy nations detest them. Satan is now mixing his fallen angels serpent genes with the human race, just like he did in the ancient Atlantis days of Noah to rid of the human race, but God kept the pure human race’s genes through Noah, and annihilated the nephilim hybrid monster soulless race.


The Illuminati almost succeeded in causing a nuclear war many times. God stopped it, because His children were still sharing the gospel to this lost world, and the wheat were still mixed with the weeds. There is no free world. The West is controlled by the banking elite imperialist Western Illuminati, and the East is controlled by the Illuminati’s communist elites. They are all tied together under the Illuminati’s New World Order. The human homo-sapiens are just its slaves. The Rothchild family and the other Zionist Illuminati bloodline families created Karl Marx and the communist revolution, just as much as they created Hitler and fascism. They created the modern day Russia, just as much as they created the modern day United States. They are all the same under the Illuminati. The Illuminati has to create two opposing forces every time, in order to create war, and kill more human homo-sapiens. It is the humans who are brainwashed by these clever reptilians who rule our earth, and end up killing each other in masses. The Americans and the so-called “Free World’s” humans live in a prefabricated fake democratic world and Illuminati created delusion, because no real democratic free world nation plans on mass extermination of its own citizens in the FEMA camps they are preparing for the humans, and bombs thousands of their own citizens in the Twin Towers on 9.11, and is currently planning mass carpet bombing of its citizens and civilians and elderly and women and children and human homo-sapiens populace in the millions. This is why these world leader reptilian nephilim hybrids are a different race with a different reptilian psychopath brain, just like Hilter was a hybrid reptilian psychopath and just happened to come out in the open. It is the hippy rogue pastors who will give patriotic speeches every Sunday sermon, in order to get popularity from their congregation, or else, the church members will get upset and leave their churches, and all the reputation and tithes will go with them. You may get very angry at these people for doing these horrendous things, but when you realize that they are creatures that do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits in human holographic bodies, then everything makes complete sense, for they are the same reptilian creatures as the ancient nephilim giants who cannibalized humans. Satan has placed all these Satanist reptilians in positions of power. This is why all the presidents in history have had hidden violent tempers.


These Illuminati’s branches like the Edomite Rothchild families, Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, CIA execution groups, etc., all lynched and tortured black people, systematically exterminated Jews, conducted human trafficking, killed millions of Russians, machine gun downed Greeks and Italians, drowned tens of thousands of Fukushima Japanese Jews, irradiated hundreds of millions of Asians, kidnapped millions of human families’ children for Satanist sacrifice rituals, systematically assassinated everyone who spoke up against feminism, etc.; but it is the Christians who gave rides to the black people to commute to work when they boycotted the buses in protest against discrimination, and provided visas to Jews from the Japanese embassies and sheltered Jews as German company employees during the Nazi holocaust and saved many lives, and stood up against these Illuminati reptilian Aryan supremacists in every segment of history. Evidence shows that normal German citizens and soldiers saw and knew all about the genocide of Jews, what was going on inside the concentration camps, torture, extermination of soldiers, and that after the war, all the blame for the atrocities were just placed on the SS, instead of the many normal people who carried them out. These mayors and police chiefs and judges and prosecutors and bankers and media people are all Illuminati Satanists and Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members, and they hire these black Afro-American families to stay in the adjoining hotel rooms where God’s apostles and prophets are staying, in order to try to lynch them with EMP electromagnetic Satanist weapons, so that the public has no clue as to the lynching that are taking place every day in our present day society. They beat their wives, just like the feminist witches beat their husbands, and higher ranking reptilian hybrids beat Queen Elizabeth of England who is a lower ranking reptilian hybrid witch descendent. This is why the Illuminati Satanists detest the Christians with a passion, because the Christians stand for everything that is against the reptilians agenda. In these End Times, it is the real born-again Spirit-filled Christians who stand against the execution of all humans on this earth by the Illuminati reptilians. The religious Christians could care less about the humans, because they are happy with their everyday fake church lives and Illuminati slavery secular workplaces, working as hive bees to pay for the huge mansions and private helicopters of these reptilian Illuminati elites with their enormous taxes. These religious Christians are in love with their nice houses and jobs and families and retirement pensions and music and satanic Western Christianity churches’ famous religious leaders, and tens of thousands do not want to give up their slavery under the Illuminati reptilians. Like the Illuminati says, if you make the dumb human livestock people love their slavery and believe that they have free will, then these dumb human homo-sapiens race people will embrace their peaceful slavery, and reject God’s apostles and the Torah Truth. They will be afraid to accept the truth, and will be brainwashed and mind controlled by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids to the point that they will feel that they are safe as long as they do not believe in the truth. This is the dumbing process of the Illuminati. This is why the dumb religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit will change the subject of the discussion or ignore what you tell them or even ridicule you when you talk about the Torah Truth and their slavery under the Illuminati. This is how evil their hearts are, so that Satan can control their hearts and minds completely to the extend of becoming like livestock cattle headed for the butcher’s factory, and believing that everything is free and happy and democracy, until their world suddenly comes crashing down upon them. They are dumber than a donkey’s ass. They have no respect for God or his messengers who bring His Torah Truth. If they reject God’s Word and Torah Truth and continue to adhere to Satan’s perverted version of the Bible, then God will reject them from the rapture.


What happens when these Caucasian children are brought up by these black housemaids is that they form a bond with them, and they become critical of discrimination against them. If enough humans rise up against the reptilian Illuminati before they can outnumber humans with their nephilim cloning projects, then the humans can easily depose all these reptilian hybrids from the governments and financial institutions and media and elementary schools and churches. This is what the Illuminati reptilians fear the most. This is why they are hell bent on trying to silence and kill all the real born-again Spirit-filled Christians. They do not care about the religious Christians because the religious Christians have the Illuminati reptilians’ Western values and preach the Illuminati’s Jezebel doctrines. Satan and the fallen angels are very worried about the real born-again spiritual Christians and God’s apostles, because they are filled by the Holy Spirit, and pose the greatest threat to his kingdom and human extinction plan and plans to populate the earth with his nephilim monsters, again, just like before the Great Flood of Noah. Why else would Satan mobilize thousands and thousands of his Illuminati families, and CIA / MI6 hit squads, mafia assassins, street gang thugs, and all his black ops government helicopters and military jets to try to kill me? Satan did the same thing to all the apostles and prophets of God, such as Moses and King David and Elijah, and the prophets sent to the Satanist Atlantean civilization, whose pyramids we see in Egypt and South America and Southeast Asia and China, etc. This is why they bring upon themselves a strong curse, and they get into terrible accidents, and have horrible illnesses, and tragedies never leave them. If they blessed God’s apostles and prophets, they would be blessed, too. To these Nazi occultist Satanist scum of the earth, it is cool to have a job as an assassin. This is why they are psychopathic. The reptilian Illuminati has stolen billions of dollars of taxes and criminal money to create their own black ops organization which is sort of like the Illuminati government sister organization of the mafia and other Illuminati organizations, in order to run rampant in doing everything they want from killing humans to sneaking into human homes and creating pandemic diseases that kill only the humans and surgically reengineering humans’ family members by kidnapping them. You will see these black ops people walk up to you in sunglasses with guns, if you approach any of their secret government Illuminati alien bases in the dessert, or their black painted non-marked helicopters fly over you, if you approach their Illuminati underground black ops bases where the reptilians plan out all their evil deeds. People are claiming that they are being abducted by the UFO crafts which are symbiotic with the alien gray nephilim themselves, and then handed over by the aliens to the U.S. reptilian military personnel for experimentation and harvesting of DNA, blood, and tissue samples in the black ops military bases, and used for breeding hybrids, and made to drink drugs that try to erase their memory. On scheduled dates and times, you will see these reversed engineered UFO crafts flying in formation next to the reptilians’ U.S. military fighter jets. Government documents evidencing this reverse engineering of the fallen angel’s technology and crashed UFO crafts have been authenticated by professors. Everyone who have talked about these things to the public have mysteriously died by assassinations made to look like natural deaths by these black ops reptilian men in black. These extra-dimensional reptilian hybrid nephilim are very powerful beings. They tried to kill me, too, but found Jesus standing in front of me facing them. The Illuminati reptilians will use their UFO and advanced mind-projecting technologies to fake a UFO arrival to earth to deceive all the heathen earth-dwellers who did not believe in Jesus Christ, and Satan and the fallen angels will do many great technological signs and wonders to mesmerize the unsaved humans, just as God prophesied in the Bible. If you are an Illuminati reptilian Satanist, they will make you into presidents and major corporation CEOs, and if you are God’s apostle, they will try to make you a homeless bum and kill you.


Since God’s Torah Truth is going out into the world at a very fast pace, due to internets and blogs and radios and information technology, uncovering all these genetic experiments that the Illuminati is doing, the Illuminati is frantically trying to spread disinformation and desensitization on their television programs like “Ancient Aliens” to try to explain away the truth with their deceptive alien panspermia theories and alien genetic chimera experimentation theories. What they claim as aliens are just hybrid genetically cloned Frankenstein monster nephilim that they are creating in their secret underground military bases, in order to deceive the world’s ignorant, foolish populace into believing in extraterrestrial beings. The Illuminati assembles all their most idiotic clowns and lying deceivers to speak their deceptive lies on these “Ancient Aliens” television series brainwashing programs who ignorantly and blatantly twist and pervert the Bible or Word of God or Torah Truth, in order to fit Satan’s lies; while at the same time, the Illuminati try to kill God’s apostles and prophets and stop them from preaching the truth. The evidence is so blatantly evident in the fact that those who spread Satan’s deceptive lies become famous and wealthy and published, while those who preach God’s Torah Truth become persecuted, hunted, and tried to be silenced. What other proof do you need to see that this world is controlled by Satan, and it is currently under the rule of the devil and his Illuminati reptilian people and world system? In these television programs, they interview so-called Western Christians, in order to attract the religious Christian viewers, but these so-called Western Christians only share enough information to sell their books and products, and they will not share the Torah Truth of God.


Satan uses the Edomites and Koreans for a reason, and it is because of their genetic traits. God loved Jacob (his name was changed to Israel by God) because he was a peaceful man, but hated Esau (the father of the Edomite genetic race of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and Bushs and Obamas and British royalty and Windsors the other Illuminati bloodlines) because he was violent and barbaric. Elizabeth is a derivation of the name Lilith—the feminist demon queen. The reptilian Edomite families like the Rothchilds and Roosevelts all carry the name “Red” because Esau’s skin was red and red stands for bloodshed. These races with Korean “Han” culture or “violent brutal hatred national character” culture, such as the Arabs and Koreans are easier for the devil to use and demonically possess, because of their sinful national genetic trait and witchcraft shaman demonic culture. The genes start with the original person who started that race or ethnic group, whether they were fugitives or pirates or convicts or castaways from the normal society. It is just like Satan used the Raphaim or the Sodomites, while God uses the Jews. The Jewish Israelis are very peaceful people, but the Danite Edomite Israelis are very violent, brutal and barbaric, just like the Arab Edomites. Therefore, the Israelis with strong Danite Edomite genes are always at war with the Arab nations who are the Edomite descendents, too. The Jewish Japanese are very peaceful people, but the Korean Japanese (Japanese who Satan has purposely and intentionally interbred the Korean genes over thousands of years into the Jewish Japanese, just like Satan purposely and intentionally interbred the Nephilim giants’ genes into the Raphaim purposely to obstruct the Jews from entering the promised land) are very violent, brutal and barbaric, just like the Koreans in Korea. Therefore, the Japanese with strong Korean genes are always at war and hatred with the Koreans in Korea, and there will be no peace between the Japanese and Koreans, just as there will be no peace between the Israelis and Arabs. This is because since the time Jacob (Jews) was in the womb with his twin brother Esau (Arabs), they fought with each other. Do you see how evil and deceitful and sly Satan is? Satan has interbred the Edomites into the Jews in Israel over thousands of years, so that the Edomite Israelis would do all kinds of evil against the Arabs who are Edomites also, so that all Arabs would hate the Jewish Israelis and try to genocide the Jews (God’s people). Satan has interbred the Koreans into the Japanese in Japan over thousands of years, so that they would do all kinds of evil against the Koreans who are Koreans also, so that all Koreans would hate the Jewish Japanese and try to genocide the Jews (God’s people). These two Jewish nations or descendents are at opposite ends of the world, but Satan always raises up his most violent barbaric genetic races to try to interbreed with the Jews, and then, to use the disguised Jews to fight with his other evil groups. This creates greater and greater hatred toward the peaceful Jews whether they are Israeli Jews or Japanese Jews, just like Satan wants. This is Satan’s tactic to infiltrate the Hebrew people and to annihilate them. East or West, he uses the same tactic. If you remember, Satan uses this same tactic with the Christians, too. Over thousands of years, Satan has infiltrated the Christian churches with his Illuminati violent cult people, and make them cause all kinds of trouble socially, so it would create war and bitterness between his satanic religious Christians and his other people like the homosexuals and feminists and orgy people and witches and Nephilim and Muslims. In every case, it gives Satan the opportunity to bring other people against God’s Christians or God’s Jewish Israelis or God’s Jewish Japanese or God’s apostles. This is the only way Satan can bring hatred and warfare to God’s peaceful people like the real spiritual born-again Christians or Jewish Israelis or Jewish Japanese. Satan uses this same cunning, deceitful, sly tactic and his evil genetic people to infiltrate, cause conflict, cause hatred, cause war, cause violence, and to ultimately try to destroy whoever are God’s people, whether they are Christians or Jews or apostles or prophets, by disguising themselves as God’s people. You can see this same tactic when Satan’s Illuminati hires all these vandals and hooligans and Illuminati occultists in Korea to demonstrate against the Japanese, and all these vandals and hooligans and Illuminati occultists in Japan to demonstrate against the Koreans, in order to try to cause World War 3, so that the Asians would kill each other and the Illuminati can decrease the population of Asians. Satan is a master deceiver when it comes to his favorite tactics in infiltrating his most evil genetic barbaric people into both sides, and using those same people on opposite sides who are disguised as people on different sides, in order to create war, hatred, conflict, and death. This is how he intends to exterminate Christians, Jews, and the human non-reptilian homo-sapiens race. The masses are stupid, so they have always fallen to these tactics of Satan to kill each other, and to try to kill God’s people. If you are wise, you see this recurring throughout the Bible and human history and even in modern times. We see what Satan is doing and his crafty schemes, but it is the foolish populace who are completely blind to what the devil is doing, and the religious lukewarm Christians are of course blind and ignorant and dumb, since they do not have the Holy Spirit, and they naturally cannot see this. They are absolutely dumb in concern to what Satan is doing. The Western Illuminati used opium to take over China, and used the Meiji Revolution to overthrow the Japanese government and place their own Freemason puppet government that we have now. Their Japanese government is a puppet of the Western Illuminati to kill Asians and blow up Fukushima nuclear power plants to kill more Asians. The Western Illuminati has infiltrated every aspect of Asian intelligence. The Western Illuminati (Committee of the Three Hundred and Majestic Twelve organization) Aryan Nazi criminal fanatic cabal is very similar to the Nazi SS fanatic troops, because they try to genocide as many Asians as possible with one tactic after another, and when the Eastern Illuminati (the ancient Dragon Societies and Triad organization) gets angry and arise to use their 60,000 ninjas to assassinate all the Western Illuminati Committee of the Three Hundred and Majestic Twelve members, they all come out of their fox holes with their hands up and waving white flags trying to surrender, after they had finished killing as many Asians as they could. It is a very reptilian Aryan tactic that is as sly as a snake, but very effective in decimating the enemy. The Muslims like Saladin or Arafat often use this technique of smiling and shaking hands and suing for peace, while holding a knife in the other hand to cut the enemy’s throat while the enemy is signing the peace treaty with them. It is a very serpentine reptilian characteristic. Satan and his fallen angels are serpentine reptilians, so their nephilim descendent Aryan race also shares their personality and tactics and deceptive strategies. They will tell the Jews that they are relocating them to a nicer and safer place, but in reality, the reptilian Aryans are just relocating them to Barack Obama’s FEMA federal Illuminati New World Order Aryan execution concentration camp gas chambers. They are not honest and holy and completely trustworthy like God and Jesus is. They are built on treachery, secret societies, hiding the truth, betrayal, brutality, dishonest money-making, reptilian mafia gangster omerta code penalty techniques, and if you are a good pirate and scoundrel who steals a lot of money from the Spanish galleons, then the reptilian royal family will reward you by dubbing you as a knight or lord. Things have not changed over the ages, and the reptilians still play the same tactics. This is how the “Brotherhood of the Snake” has maintained the power and control over the humans for six thousand years, and they will resort to every dirty trick in order to kill, steal and lie to continue maintaining the world elite’s position and owning 90% of the world’s money and being worshipped by the populace, even if it means killing or genocide of competitors, rival factions, or the whole homo-sapien non-Aryan non-reptilian race. They hate God’s apostles and prophets preaching the Torah Truth, because all their evil becomes public knowledge, so they try to eliminate those people who speak the truth, in order to keep their secrecy and keep their secret societies undetected. For many ages, these reptilian aristocracy and world elites use the “Droit du seigneur right of the first night with other people’s virgins” to steal the virgins of the humans to interbreed half-blood reptilian nephilim monster descendents with them. To them, the humans are like livestock to exploit.


James Forrestal (Secretary of Defense) who created the Illuminati Satanist’s shadow government “The Majestic Twelve” threatened to inform the public all about the Roswell Incident and the crashed UFO flying saucer and dead alien bodies that were retrieved and the existence of aliens. Therefore, the Majestic Twelve kidnapped him, incarcerated him in the naval hospital, and when his brother threatened to come and get him back, they threw him out of the hospital window to assassinate him. The naval investigation authorities claimed that it was a suicide, although there were scuff marks all over the window area and signs of tremendous struggle. The police could not investigate the murder, since it was on naval property, and the navy had complete jurisdiction over the investigation. The list of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of military leaders and politicians and scientists and witnesses and princesses and police officers and CIA agents and fathers and sons and mothers and daughters and normal citizens who have been killed and assassinated by the Illuminati Satanist criminal cabal is beyond count and numbers in the unimaginable amounts. The first COMM 12 person who was assassinated by the MJ-12 AQUARIUS was probably James Forrestal who set up the MJ-12 shadow government, because he realized the Majestic Twelve had gone rogue and not accountable to any government, and so he tried to inform the public about the dangers of the Majestic Twelve and their alien genocide program. These reptile children kill and assassinate people left and right every day without even a care, since they are nephilim. This shadow government of the Illuminati Satanists and Majestic Twelve reports to no one, is not accountable to anyone for their billions of dollars of black ops budget taxpayers’ money use, does everything evil and unethical without being prosecuted or arrested, creates its own philosophy and motives, and kills anyone who gets too close to knowing about them, using their Men In Black agents and military assets. The person who was responsible for the Roswell UFO crash, Major Jesse Marcel admitted before he died that he was ordered by the government to conceal the UFO crash, and to replace the alien flying saucer and alien bodies with a crashed hot air balloon. James Forrestal who created the Majestic Twelve felt that the Majestic Twelve people were getting out of hand and gaining unrestrained power and felt the public had a right to know about aliens, so the Majestic Twelve which he created felt threatened by Forrestal that he would compromise their secrecy and unlimited secret power and shadow government dictatorship. And, these stupid, dumb ass hippy rogue pastors and religious leaders are brainwashed by the Illuminati into believing that these are just conspiracy theories, and our nations stand for freedom, liberty, human dignity, righteousness, justice, preservation of human life, equality, fairness, truth, patriotism, fair trial, democracy, a nation controlled by the people and citizens, and honor. The U.S. presidents are low-ranking Illuminati members, so they are not given access to top secret alien information, except for presidents like Richard Nixon who took his close friend and UFO enthusiast actor Jackie Gleason to an Air Force base to show him several dead extraterrestrial alien bodies from crashed UFOs. CIA Director and later president George Bush told the president that the curiosity of presidents is not a justification for the president to receive information about extraterrestrial alien UFOs. George Bush is a member of the Majestic Twelve. The Nazi descendents’ CIA hold information about alien UFOs. When presidential candidates are running for the presidential office, they promise to disclose UFO secrets to the public, if they are elected as U.S. president. However, when they are elected as U.S. president, and given a disclosure briefing concerning UFOs, they become very silent and understand why they cannot disclose the information to the public. When former president Jimmy Carter was given the disclosure briefing about aliens, he was seen sitting with his elbows on his desk and crying profusely. The truth is too shocking and alarming and horrifying to them. Especially, when they find out things like why the alien abductions and lab experiments on humans are taking place, these presidents just cannot receive the truth calmly or without breaking down emotionally. However, we Christians are not surprised, because we know from the Bible that these horrific things happened during Noah’s Flood’s times in the Atlantis civilization and that is why God destroyed the nephilim and Satan’s society in those ancient times. History is only repeating itself, as these reptilian hybrid nephilim in these modern End Times do the same things that their predecessors did, in order to carry out Satan’s agenda. And these world leaders have the gall to come and try to kill me, God’s apostle and prophet sent to them to declare impending judgment, when I preach the Torah Truth? Who do they think they are, demigods? The Nazi’s United States and Germany are great cooperators in this human abduction program, so the grey aliens who work for the reptilian fallen angels started cloning the national leaders and replacing them with their malevolent reptilian hybrid creatures. In exchange, the Satanist humans received technology, so you see the sharp rise in technology in the 20th century, but they were eaten by the aliens and replaced. So is the result of those who betray the human race. There are now 4,000 underground joint human alien bases and human extermination concentration camps, where humans are processed as food or as lab rat experiments, and clones are manufactured to take over their places on the earth’s surface. These dracos or reptilians had been waiting for the return of their fallen angel gods in their underground bases and cities since the time of the Great Flood of Noah, waiting for the time when they can again just walk around normally and seen by all. According to the Illuminati NSA people, these reptilians are between 7 to 12 feet tall, have two hearts, they breed humans as food sources, have strength of 10 men, they can shape shift into human bodies using holographic technology, very religious and ritualistic, and speak English with a digital computerized voice. The story and character for the movie “Predator” was given to Hollywood by the NSA as a disinformation tactic. There are reptilians that look like the Predator Alien and they have thermoptic camouflage technologies of the Predator Alien on the movie, which the NSA and British military now use. They clone the world leaders to control the world, and kill the original world leaders. Some of these people shape shift into werewolf Lycan genetic super soldiers and others shape shift into reptilian genetic super soldiers. All the narcotics industry is run by the Illuminati. The Mormon church was created by the NSA and is a front for the NSA for its mind control program. It is the same Illuminati organization as the Freemasons, and teach occult teachings of the Illuminati Satanism. They have huge concentration extermination camps throughout the world called D-4 underground bases, where they color code people by their genetic races, and they have huge incinerators to genocide the human homo-sapiens race in the coming order out of chaos they are going to create on the earth. These humans may have high IQs, but they are utterly dumb. If they had any godly wisdom of the Holy Spirit, they would question why all these aliens that are supposed to have evolved on different planets are reptilians, when reptiles are indigenous to the earth. They would wonder why these reptilians look like humanoids when they are supposed to have evolved on other planets. They would wonder why if these reptilians destroy all other civilizations and life forms and are so technologically advanced, how any other alien civilizations can ever exist. They would wonder why the reptilians would wait until the population of humans increase over 7 billion, in order to start replacing them with their clones, instead of replacing humans when their population was only millions. These very intelligent scientists and academics and professors and so-called intelligentsia of this world who have tons of degrees do not think or question these things, because they are ridiculously dumb when they follow after their evil hearts and do not worship God, so they blindly follow after Satan and his fallen angels and fake aliens and Illuminati propaganda.


To prove to you how stupid the non-believers or heathens and religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit are, when they see a UFO in the sky, they pick up their phone and report it to the Illuminati government agencies and Satanists, who are trying to conceal their alien Babylonian Sumerian religion of Satanism. This is the extent of their utter stupidity and how extremely dumb down they have been made by the Illuminati, because they have not believed the Torah Truth of Christ, and that is why they are like brainless cattle walking into their Illuminati cattle slaughter house.


These hippy rogue pastors of the upside dove church conference and other Sanhedrin church conferences are sick people, and have brains and hearts like skunk dung, and this is why they fight against us God’s apostles and prophets day and night. They are a gangrene plague to God’s House, and spread their putrid Jezebel doctrines throughout the globe, and relish their monthly paychecks and retirement pensions and nice homes and church buildings and women’s equality. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, they are one of our greatest enemies for they impersonate ministers and Christians and as brethren and oppose the Torah Truth who is Christ. One rotten apple rots the whole carton of apples. A lot of them are not even humans, but they are reptilian witch descendent nephilim, so that is why they become witches, feminists, politicians, psychics, spiritualists, occultists, and pastors. They innately serve their fathers, the fallen angels’ purposes, and spread their Western Christianity Jezebel doctrines and church conference theologies into the human race.


They often say that the real enemy is not the person on the other side fighting for his country and family just like you, but the true enemy is war itself. However, this is not entirely true. The true real enemy is the Illuminati reptilian politicians who are purposely causing all the wars in history, with the goal of making the human homo-sapiens kill off other human homo-sapiens. This is the silent war the reptilians are waging against the humans. So, in other words, the humans are fighting the reptilians’ war for the reptilians against the humans to kill themselves and exterminate themselves and their own families. The crazy thing is that the reptilians have succeeded all through history in every war. After the war ends, they allow their enemy reptilians to live, just like General MacArthur spared the Japanese Emperor, who was cooperating together to keep the war going on to kill more humans and to test the nuclear bomb on humans as a mass satanic reptilian human sacrifice ritual. The real stupidity is that the humans hate the other nation’s humans who they were being made to fight with, but they love and worship as gods and heroes their own countries’ leaders who are the actual reptilians that were making them kill fellow humans and their own friends. People who do not believe in the Torah Truth who is God, become very stupid and are easily deceived by the devil, because they do not have the Holy Spirit, and this is why the hippy rogue pastors preach nationalism and patriotism to gain popularity and tithing from their religious church members who do not have the Holy Spirit.


It is a sin to create false riots and criticism toward a rival nation, in order to turn away the populace’s frustrations and irritations and dissatisfactions against the government’s bad leadership, which some nations are doing. Instead of feeding nationalism and patriotism and ethnic superiority, which are evil, a government needs to encourage their citizens to repent of their own sins and to receive Jesus Christ, rather than blaming rival nations for evil against their nation or holding “Han” hatred national genetic traits or criticizing neighboring nations. One must instead love the neighboring nation and love the enemy, and share Christ to them, so that they would also repent and be saved. These evil nations and people are usually family-oriented, ancestral oriented, gene oriented, Illuminati bloodline oriented, mafia family oriented, Korean nationalistic oriented, group and street gang oriented, family feud oriented, narrow-minded, hatred toward neighboring nation minded, nationalistic pride minded, carnal and base and animalistic minded, and barbarians, so if God’s prophets tell them to repent, they will all gang-stalk the prophets to try to kill them. This is the sign of a barbaric and evil genetic trait nation and people. These types of people and genetic families exist in each nation. In some nations, they are a small minority, and in some nations, they form the majority of the population. The more animalistic and barbaric a nation is, the more of these genetic traits the nation has. These little Korean children would come out of the church toilet with wet hands and wipe their wet hands on my trousers. Japanese children do not do those kinds of things. People must repent on an individual level, but they must repent at a national level, as well, or they will be judged both as an individual and as a nation. It is only by the grace of God that He withholds His judgment upon these nations and this earth. It is a time for each nation and people group to repent, to criticize their own selves, and love their neighboring rival nations, instead of rioting against them. And, instead of trying to kill God’s prophets who teach the Torah Truth, they should thank God for sending them His prophets to warn them of impending judgment against them. It is by the grace of God that they have been allowed time to repent of their nationalism and patriotism and family genetic solidarity and ethnic solidarity pride. These are things that each person must repent of, before they can have a relationship with Christ, just like each woman needs to repent of wearing trousers or each man repent of having sex with other men. The reason why genetic groups like the Koreans and Edomites or Amalekites have a very difficult time getting saved is because of their exceptionally strong pride, hatred, violence and deceitfulness, even to the deceiving of their own hearts. This is a sign of an evil heart. People may deceive themselves, but God is not deceived, since he knows the heart of each person, and every ethnic people group, and every nation. It is because I speak on behalf of God, the religious Christians despise and scorn and ignore me. They are part of the world and not of Christ.


The Korean synchronized dancing you see in the kindergartens and Korean pop singers is to create this Illuminati group mind-control to function like a horde of locusts without any individual minds. People are trained to move as a mindless mass and to conform. There is no one main singer. They are all just equal members of the group, although they have the regular Confucian Taoist hierarchy. All the Japanese music industry singer groups of Korean ancestry also come from this culture. This is why now this Korean synchronized kindergarten dancing has infiltrated and has been adopted into the all aspects of Japanese culture, too, including the Japanese singer groups and TV commercials and churches. It is the same satanic culture as the North Korean mass games or mass gymnastics and hundreds of South Korean k-pop singer groups that fans chase around in the thousands. The fans all dance in unison in the thousands with these k-pop group singers. If they are not willing to throw away their Korean genes and Korean families and Korean cultures and Korean churches, then leave these Korean religious Christians to their sins; and instead, go disciple those people who are willing to embrace Christ and the Torah Truth. It is truly ironic that these masses of people despise and abuse and poison God’s apostles and prophets, while they scream and chase after these Japanese of Korean ancestry Satanist singer groups who they consider national celebrities. The more evil their hearts are, the more they are that way, and the less evil their hearts are, the less they are that way. The devil finds it easier to control the more evil people of society, and ethnic groups and nationalities, for by their evil hearts they are led away by demon possession. The most evil Japanese of Korean ancestry people hold all the key leadership positions in the Christian churches, and they ridicule, bully, and attack the real born-again spiritual Christians as soon as they come to church.


The reptilian Illuminati caused the Crusade Wars using their fake Christian church called the Catholic church, which is their Satanist mystery religion church disguised as God’s church just like Islam which is also a part of the Satan’s mystery religion, for their own gain and also to feed negative energy to the fallen angels. The reptilians create these polar opposites like fake Christianity and Islam, communism and capitalism imperialism, axis power and allied powers, etc., in order to create war throughout history to profit from them and fulfill their purpose.


Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 41


All the real born-again spiritual Christians and human homo-sapiens descendents get weeded out and dropped before getting up to a certain level in any company or college or government or military or law enforcement agency or intelligence agency or church, because only those of reptilian descent or witches get promoted or chosen to higher positions in the organizations. This is why a Russian president’s wife could declare several decades ago that there will come a world leader whose name will be Barack Obama, who is being grown and programmed to be the U.S. president several decades later, and who will be part black and who will be a communist and who will be Muslim and who will be brought up in the elite schools to become the world leader. The Illuminati does not like surprises, and they like to plan everything out, so that everything goes according to their exact plans. Any Christian or human of the homo-sapiens race who has a conscience and stands up against evil will be kicked out or assassinated or ignored or bypassed. This is why lukewarm carnal religious Christians do well in this world, because they are loyal followers of Satanism’s Jezebel Western Christianity which originated in Babylonian doctrines. People just cannot understand why there are so much intentional evil and incongruence in this world, but when they understand that this world is not owned by the humans, but it is owned by the reptilians for reptilian agendas, of the reptilians, by the reptilians, for the reptilians, it is like a light going on in the brain and everything starts to make perfect sense.


Benjamin Fulford, the Forbes magazine Asia Pacific regional bureau chief and most highest selling author in Japan, started investigating where all the money trail of huge amounts of money from the taxpayers that could be used to make the humans of the world all rich and end all poverty were disappearing to. He discovered it was all going to the Illuminati. The Western Illuminati gave him a choice of either being killed or becoming the Japanese Finance Minister and owner of General Electric and General Motor companies. The Eastern Illuminati offered to protect him from the Western Illuminati, if he would act as their spokesman against the Western Illuminati to tell them to stop their plot to kill the 7 billion humans and replace them with the reptilian hybrid nephilim. The Western Illuminati was using the Japanese of Korean ancestry and Japanese yakuza gangsters of Korean ancestry to control Japan and make it a colony to be the generator of all their money. Benjamin found out about this, but since he was a foreigner and an editor of a famous magazine, they had tried to recruit him. Normally, all Japanese journalists or investigators would be assassinated by the Japanese of Korean ancestry to hide all the evil that they are doing in Japan and their secret control of Japan. The Western Illuminati and their Korean Satanists are now faced with war against Benjamin Fulford and his Eastern Illuminati secret societies. They always fill all the seats on the plane around you with their Japanese of Korean ancestry, and they shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons from under your seat from the cargo bay. They come up with these plans, because they know you just changed seats before to avoid their members from shooting EMPs at your kidney from behind. The Western Illuminati criminal cabal are able to crash any Asian plane at their whim, but if you are onboard, they cannot crash it, so that is why they just send all their multitudes of Koreans to harass you. Their Illuminati member TSA agents at the airport will harass you, too, by following after you and cracking jokes about EMP electromagnetic as you go through the baggage security area.


Every single time, I see the same thing happen over and over, again. These Korean Iluminati Soka Gakkai occultist women put aphrodisiac spells on these rich wealthy company owners and wealthy politicians and wealthy celebrities, prostitute themselves to them, and like thieves they steal them away from their former wives, put their Korean shaman witchcraft spell curses on their new husbands to kill them, and take over the money or business or assets. Then, they steal the company or form their own company with the stolen money or take over the assets and become millionaires. They do the same thing that Queen Himiko the shaman witch of ancient Japan did, in order to kill all others to gain power, just like the witch Jezebel. Then, they become prideful, arrogant company presidents or wealthy witches who live in rich neighborhoods, but their demeanor is very low-life and crude, though they believe they have joined the upper class elite because they have money. These Japanese of Korean ancestry in Japan who are secretly disguised as Japanese, form businesses and all the Illuminati Satanist members and Illuminati institutions give them business, so they become rich and affluent.


The people have high regards for these female company owners of wealth and power and authority, though they despise God’s apostles and prophets, even though these women are nothing but queen harlots and are no different from the common murderers and thieves in the prisons, and even worse than them because they are guilty of the sin of demonic witchcraft. They behave just like Jezebel of ancient times who married the King Ahab and made the kingdom worship Baal or the feminist god Molech, the witches’ god of abortion clinic Satanist temples and throwing infants into the burning statue of Moloch. Naturally, since they have evil hearts they are feminists, too, and believe they are the representatives of women’s justice and saviors of righteousness, though they are the devil’s feminist freak monsters. Like the devil Satan, they believe they are righteous and the Holy God is evil and a male chauvinist. These reptilian hybrid children of Satan’s fallen angels are very intelligent, since they are nephilim Frankenstein monsters, so they hold positions of key influence in our society like Hillary Clinton. And since they are nephilim, just like their ancestors nephilim ate and skinned humans alive, they are the feminist leaders and feminist activists, who lead the human society to more Satanist values. During the day, they go about these key roles in our society, and at night, these reptilian witches and wizards sacrifice live human children in their Satanist rituals and eat them, just like their nephilim ancestors. These feminists shape shift in their witch Satanist rituals, because their bodies are just like shells for these reptilian fallen angels, in order to carry out the abortion extermination plan and women’s rebellion plan and corruption of the human mind. Their human servants say that it has been scientifically proven that they do not come from ungodly parents and sinful backgrounds, but this is a lie just like all of Satan’s people, because a person does not become that evil and completely messed up and feminist unless there is deep demonic possession and demonic control of that person. Feminists and witches and abortion has contributed more than anything else to unleash demonic satanic control, power, activity, takeover, and star gate release of demon spirits, and perversion and change of human society. Feminism is at the core of the Illuminati and the devil, just as in Noah’s days.


The nephilim hybrids of the fallen angel fathers and feminist human women in ancient times of Noah’s flood skinned humans alive and tore their limbs off and ate humans. Some were tens of feets tall. They became the ancient kings and royal families, and their descendents are the modern day royal families and reptilian Illuminati bloodlines. These Big Foots or Sasquatch or Yeti or Yowie or Abominable Snowman or Meh-Teh or Kikomba or Momo or Skunk Ape or Goliath nephilim giants have elongated brains and heads just like the ancient gods’ fossils for greater intelligence which are found all over the world in archaeological excavations, have six fingers and toes, have two rows of teeth, are usually six to ten feet tall. Some of these bigfoot nephilim giants are over 10 feet tall. The Israelite warriors were afraid to face Philistine or Palestinian Goliath in battle, so David the servant of God killed this giant. These nephilim giant Big Foot Sasquatch Yeti Abominable Snowman nephilim can materialize and dematerialize into different dimensions because they are half fallen angel when they are shot at, and when they died, they became the demon spirits that haunt our world today. They are often seen where UFOs are sighted and animal mutilations occur. These nephilim that these fallen angels and Illuminati are creating are much more powerful than the most powerful high witch feminists who are the descendents of these demonic nephilim, who have these demonic witchcraft reptilian genetic powers of Wiccan witches and shamans. They weigh like a thousand pounds, are very strong, and there are modern genetic hybridization going on in these Illuminati secret military underground bases creating these half human half ape chimera monsters. Some of these nephilim in the military underground bases are huge giants just like in Noah’s flood’s times, so if you go under the new Denver Airport, you will find urinals that are three times the normal size in the toilets. They are still digging under the airport in the middle of nowhere, and it is billions of dollars over budget. Some of these alien bases are under the ocean. The Atlantis society was full of these giants and monsters and Medusa and Anubis and Naga and dinosaurs, and Noah was the only human left with God’s original human genes, so God had to wipe out these monsters due to the absolute terror and horror and brutality and cannibalism they were conducting. Satan’s fallen angels’ nephilim offspring have always tried to kill and genocide and exterminate God’s beautiful human creations and homo-sapiens race, so this is why even now, their descendents the reptilian witch feminists and reptilian Illuminati bloodline families are trying to depopulate the world by genocide exterminating all humans from this earth. They are the royalty and presidents and prime ministers and economic leaders and college professors and Hollywood celebrities and rock stars and Illuminati genetic scientists and coworkers who walk amongst the humans, and shape-shift into human holographic images and disguise themselves as humans. They will not settle for anything less than the entire extermination of all mankind and humans. These half breed nephilim alien greys were genetically engineered by the reptilian fallen angels and Satan, and these alien greys are themselves genetically engineering all kinds of nephilim hybrid chimera monsters. These feminists or witch race are impregnated by their ancestor fallen angels, in order to give birth to these reptilian half-breed hybrid nephilim clone creatures. They are feminists because they are witches and demon spirits in humanoid bodies, and are offspring of the devil, or what people call “star children” since they are half alien beings with psychopath genes. I have been raised by God to pray against these nephilim and to suppress the activities until the real born-again Christians are raptured out of this earth when Jesus returns. After the rapture, all hell will break loose on this earth, and it will pretty much be like the days of Noah’s flood’s Atlantis ancient civilization with all these monsters and abominations walking around the human society, because the Holy Spirit in the Christians who is suppressing the spirit of the Anti-Christ will no longer be here after the rapture; although the Holy Spirit will be with you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant. These Satanist Illuminati shaman trance witchdoctors like Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla and Socrates (founder of Western values and thinking or in other words Satanism) and Srinivasa Ramanujan all receive special knowledge from the fallen angels through trance altered states and witchcraft, just like the fallen angels taught science and medicine and astronomy and arts and weapons and feminism and cosmetics and architecture and pyramid constructions and electromagnetic power and nuclear weapons and all kinds of evil to the people of the Satanist Atlantis civilization during Noah’s flood’s ancient times, just like they are teaching these Illuminati famous genius scientists in our modern End Times. This is why people like Da Vinci paint extremely ugly and grotesque women like Mona Lisa, because Mona Lisa is not a woman at all, but it is Leonardo Da Vinci’s young transvestite boyfriend, since all these reptilian nephilim Satanists are homosexual in nature. The fallen angels and their alien hybrids abduct the most evil nephilim descendant witch people, and pervert their genes to reptilian homosexual genes. The more ungodly the society becomes and more satanic, the more feminist and homosexual it becomes, since the humans are replaced with reptilian clones.


This is why the Illuminati Freemason murals at the new Denver airport, where they are creating huge underground nuclear bomb evacuation military bases for the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist elites and Illuminati bloodline homo-capensis families, have pictures of many people dead and global disaster and fascist soldiers with gas masks killing the human homo-sapiens population and dead bodies in coffins and people in terror and people with Noah’s Ark life-support glass boxes with animal species to be preserved. It is a message to their Illuminati members that they are about to bring about war and disaster and a police state and a New World Order on the earth through destruction and chaos. It is a symbol of their Satan’s Aryan homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendant victory over God’s homo-sapiens human race. People thought they were creepy murals and started talking about them, so they replaced them later.


These shamans like Genghis Khan and Himiko and Korean women go into an altered trance state, where they feel their bodies broken into pieces and reconstructed by the evil spirits or whom they call extraterrestrial aliens. They are said to get sick or die like the future assassinated Anti-Christ, and then be possessed by these devils or fallen angels or aliens, as their genetic strain allows them to go through genetic restructuring. Rhythm instruments like the drum help the shamans or Western Christianity rock concert audience to enter into a trance. Through these rhythmic sound or movement, they can alter their consciousness, such as spinning or dancing or jumping. Their brain waves are tied into this rhythm, just like the Pentecostal Christians enter this trance in their rock music, or Catholics and Buddhists and Muslims and Hindus use the beads to create this rhythm. These altered states allow the shamans or witches to communicate with the fallen angels and demons, and opens a channel to them. These Amazonian shamans receive knowledge from these evil spirits on how to combine two plants out of a 150,000 different plants in the Amazon, in order to create a strong witchcraft hallucinogen, just like in modern medical science and medical drugs witchcraft. These shamans can control weathers or magical powers of the fallen angels to manipulate the world around them. These modern day witches inside our society who worship the devil and his spirits and are considered spiritualists pray for the apostasy of Christians, and are always sent in to try to obstruct God’s ministry. They try to create sleepiness or lack of concentration or nervousness or confusion or anxiety.


Satan is considered by the Illuminati reptilian descendents as their great hero who gave them advanced alien technology, and gave rise to a great technologically advanced Satanist Atlantis civilization where genetic manipulation was rampant. They are trying to bring back the old Atlantis civilization, which these Illuminati reptilians call the New World Order or the Nazi reptilian Aryan Fourth Reich. This technology has a devilish purpose, and the Illuminati worship these hidden sciences and illuminated knowledge of the thousands of years old Brotherhood of the Snake of the devil Satan. Dr. Wood’s investigation confirmed by government documents prove that the government had gotten all the major technologies from fallen angel crashed UFO alien craft reverse engineering, such as transistor technology, integrated circuit technology, laser technology, and fiber optics technology which they had since 1947. The fallen angels were giving the Nazi branch of the Illuminati all kinds of advanced technology already. The devil and his fallen angels are purposely crashing UFOs to jump start technology, in order to bring about their plan. Technologies include things like Element 115 which manipulate time and space and pull it using electromagnetic energy, in order to travel to a certain destination. The technology that these Illuminati Nazi in the secret U.S. military bases and Illuminati bases throughout the world have are beyond the technologies in the Star Wars and Star Trek Hollywood movies. They hide these technologies from the human homo-sapiens, and they will kill any humans who try to disclose anything. They can travel to the stars. They have the technologies of Atlantis that the devil and fallen angels gave to the Atlanteans, too. The human homo-sapiens would be very angry if they found out the highly advanced technology that the Illuminati are hiding from them, if they found out, which could provide humanity with amazing lifestyles and wealth. Hitler had technology from these crashed alien UFOs. Satan and the fallen angels are crashing these unidentified flying objects all over the world in many different countries to provide technologies to different nations. Obviously, these demon spirit children of Satan use these black ops technologies that they have retrieved from UFOs to harass God’s apostles and prophets, and to exterminate humans. Bob Lazar who worked at the secret base S4 has already told everyone that the fallen angels had given the Illuminati Satanists all the microwave, transistor, fiber optics, computers, stealth technologies through the Roswell U.F.O. crash incident and the 9 flying saucer alien crafts that they have through reverse engineering of alien technology that Satan has given them, just like in the times of Noah. The element 115 that has been recently discovered in science (the heaviest matter) was not retrieved from crashed alien crafts, but was given by the aliens to the Illuminati Satanists. Ben Rich has admitted that the government is hiding all the technologies that have taken people to the stars already and higher technology than any Hollywood sci-fi movie that can make all humans on this earth wealthy and comfortable, but they are hiding that technology for their own evil purposes of power and wealth and selfishness and reptilian hybrid agenda. Ben Rich said that it will take an act of God to make the Illuminati Satanists disclose and share that technology with the human homo-sapiens populace for their benefit, because it is hidden in deep black operations budget programs—through the trillions of dollars they are stealing and parasite off of the human population.


These people think there are ghosts in the house and buildings when an invisible hand touches their crotches or hits them or they hear footsteps on the stairs, but they are not ghosts. They are just stealth alien technologies called Thermoptic Camouflage that these pervert secret society members and intelligence agency agents are using to sneak into people’s daughter’s or favorite boy’s toilets and changing rooms and bedrooms, or people they just want to freak out. The alien technology allows them to become invisible. They carry the device on their belts that make them invisible. They can go through a thermoptic field that makes them invisible, but that only lasts for 48 hours and it wears off, so the portable device is more convenient. These Illuminati people are having a heyday having fun going around scaring people and spying on them secretly and destroying your family’s privacy. This is why people hear creaks on the hallway floor or things get toppled off the table or blankets get pulled off.


Iran used their crashed UFO reverse engineered tractor beam force field and alien UFO technology to capture an American military drone plane, so now the White Dragon Society and Russian Gnostic Illuminati and Triad have captured the Western Illuminati Nazi stealth drone plane technology. This is what happens when they use their drone plane to gang stalk God’s apostle and prophet every day: God takes their technology and hands it over to their enemies, so their enemy can now use it to gang stalk them. God is not mocked or to be taken for a fool. In places like South Korea, the Anti-Christ’s Illuminati has cameras on every street block, so these Illuminati Satanists are able to keep track and hunt down at all times any Tribulation Saint or Jew or anyone who will not receive the Mark of the Beast 666. In contrast, one of the Illuminati’s major corporations Apple has developed technology to allow the Illuminati to shut down all mobile phone and tablet cameras and videos, if people try to video Illuminati violence or crimes or Satanist rituals as evidence. Since the Western Illuminati Nazi descendents gang stalked God’s apostle, now God is using their mortal enemies to gang stalk them with their tens of thousands of Eastern Illuminati ninja assassins; and since they annihilated God’s apostle’s savings and assets, God is using their arch rivals to bankrupt them and confiscate all their assets; and since they tried to poison and irradiate God’s apostle, they are now plagued with illness and physical maladies and curses. Since they used their military and CIA assets to harass and try to kill God’s apostle, God will annihilate their military and intelligence forces, and blood will flow up to the horse’s bridle. God will now build up the military power of their enemies to destroy them. They used their Baal priests to try to bring little fire down on God’s apostle, so now God will bring down huge fire down upon their heads to show them what true fire is. If they use Pharaoh’s army to harass God’s people, God will use the Red Sea to harass Pharaoh’s army. The more they attack God’s apostle and prophet, God will just multiply and return that attack back upon their heads. Remember brethren, it is not a battle of flesh and blood, but it is God who is the one who fights on our behalf, and mighty is He. If they even knew who God the Father is, they would never pick on His children. They have disturbed a hornet’s nest, awoken a sleeping giant, and poked the apple of God’s eyes, at the same time, and they must get ready to pay the consequences. Terrible and fearful is the wrath of the Almighty God. However, it is too late for them to undo what they have done. They have signed their own death warrant. They should have repented when God’s sent His apostle and prophet to speak to them.


These reptilian Illuminati believe that we the apostles of God who disclose their plans for the complete extermination of humans are dangerous to their plan and we hold dangerous thinking, so they desperately try to kill us. DARPA is adding a 47th chromosome to humans. The British scientific organizations are trying to add non-humans for protection under the constitutions. They are creating all these nephilim humanoids with homosexual and feminist genes for depopulation programs, just like in Sodom and Gomorrah and Atlantis. The reason why these carnal, lukewarm, spiritually dead, evil, religious Christians insult God’s apostles and Christ’s Bride as liars, and dishonest, and deny the Torah Truth and Christ is because they are afraid of Satan and the Illuminati, and they do not want to be obligated to help the apostles, and they do not have to preach the truth or Christ. They are disgusting putrid people. They are worse than the heathens, who do not claim to be Christians. They are the worst kind of people. They are the ones who will most vehemently oppose you, and declare in front of others that you are a liar and the Torah Truth is a complete lie, although they claim to know the religious christ. These religious Christians who parade around disguised as real Christians will call God’s apostles and prophets and Bride as being crazy and delirious, and will try to force them to go to Satan’s medical institution witchdoctors; or even worse, these religious Christians are medical physicians themselves who prescribe witchcraft medical drugs. They will try to hand the real Christians over to the ambulances and Babylonian witchdoctor medical hospitals. It is because they are afraid of the devil and his Illuminati, and do not want to be considered by the enemy as knowing the Torah Truth, so they will vehemently deny the Torah Truth, deny God’s people, and deny Christ. They will try to get rid of you by handing you over to Satan and his hospitals, because they do not want to take responsibility for God’s people, and they believe that the devil can kill God’s people, and they will be left with a corpse. This is their bottom line belief and life. This is why the “Bible Answer Men” and the gang of hippy rogue pastors ridicule and scorn God’s signs in the heavens, and will mock God’s apostles. They are reprobate men who ridicule God’s Torah Truth who is Christ. They declare war on God’s people, on God’s Torah Truth, and on God, though they avidly follow after God’s apostle’s and prophet’s teachings, much like the Pharisees followed after Jesus wherever He went, but they oppose and scorn the Torah Truth teachings. They call themselves religious leaders, and gain respect from men for their academics, and have people call them pastors and teachers. They take pride in the number of people who follow them. Hypocrites! These upside down dove symbol church conference pastors teach half truth and half lies and cleverly mix in humanism and Satan’s Jezebel Satanist teachings into the Western Christianity churches that is very alluring to the evil hearted, and that is what makes them very effective in misleading the masses, as well as very dangerous. However, the Bride of Christ, who are the faithful remnant cannot be deceived.


Prayer is not the kind of prayer that the hippy rogue pastors do in their churches with their nice sounding prayers that appeal to the church congregation, but it is an intimate everyday conversation with God, where God gives you wisdom on what or how to do something or gives you a Torah Truth, and you talk to him about your ministry or aquarium or schedule or recipes or child-rearing or which route to take the dog for a walk. Often, He tells you to make the decision and His decision will be your decision. How can you go wrong with a God who loves you and is sovereign and who even knows the decision you will make? It is the religious people who just recite the Lord’s Prayer over and over again like a robot or broken record. If humans find a person who keeps repeating the same sentence whenever they meet for a date without ever listening to what they are saying quite irritating, then how much more annoying to God is a religious Christian who just repeats the same sentence everyday during prayer.


They have evil hearts, so that is why they adhere and spread the doctrines of Western values Satanism. This is why Satan prospers their churches and their fame and their riches, for they do his bidding. The Illuminati does not bother them, but rather, they support them. This is why these hippy pastors who worship Satanism and its Hellenist doctrines speak arrogant words of treachery from the deceptive evil spirits, taunting God’s apostles and people to heal people by faith, if they do not believe in Babylonian medical science. How despicable people they are to taunt God in such ways. God is a gentleman, and He does not force His love or His healing or His deliverance from evil spirits on people who do not want to believe in God’s healing or love. These hippy rogue pastors of Satan blame us for not loving these sick people and healing them, and they mock God for not healing them. It is not even us who heal people, but it is God who heals all people. Their thinking, their behavior, their words, their sermons, their attitudes are all from the pit of hell and exemplify their father the devil. This is why these religious Christians are like the heathen unbelievers, and when there is a crisis, they go to the store and buy up all the products for themselves, and leave the store empty. They will place value on their own families over other Christians. They are base, depraved, ungodly religious people, who are Christians only in fake title. Their have complete opposite minds from the real, born-again, spiritual Christians, who have the Holy Spirit.


The Illuminati form their pyramidal hierarchies—their Draco Empire or dragon reptilian society. This is why they created the caste system. These Ford, Carnegie, Heinz, J.P. Morgan, Wilson, Campbell, Oppenheimer, and other Illuminati families worship the Atlantean knowledge. These Iluminati reptilians worship science and knowledge, instead of the God who created them, while they hide these secret sciences and knowledge from the public masses. These medical half-bird half-human gods like the Chinese Bian Que and Egyptian Thoth and Indian Dhanvantari and Celtic Dian Cecht taught the humans the black arts of medical science and technology. This is why these Jezebel worshippers’ Calvary Chapel hippy pastors teach the religious Christians to worship these Jezebel black arts of medical science and witchcraft medical healing and Babylonian clinical sciences taught in these medical colleges. They have been thoroughly trained and sent out by the Illuminati with their Jezebel Western Christianity teachings of Satanism. These Bible Answer Man Pharisee thugs continue to despise and ridicule and persecute God’s apostles and prophets, because they worship Socrates’ Western academics and sciences and the Edomite Steve Jobs and medical witchcraft and Jezebel reptilian Western feminism and all kinds of satanic black arts. They have formed their own satanic Western Christianity to replace God’s people, and set up their own idol of Babylonian Mystery religion hippy 1960’s jesus movement idol of rock and roll and Western church religious life. Since these church conferences that grow big are made by the Illuminati to flood God’s church with their religious rock concert Christians and Satanist Western value Jezebel doctrines, they will teach you their doctrines of Satanism that you can get killed, you can get hurt, you can get into accidents, you can get sick, you can be overrun by the Illuminati Satanists, and you need weapons to protect yourself as if you are a Tribulation Saint or something. The actresses on the Hollywood movies scream in terror so loud that it brainwashes the foolish heathens and religious Christians into thinking that humans can get killed or hurt and are still under the curse of sin. The heathens and religious Christians are still under the curse of sin and they suffer the consequences of them. However, a Church Saint or Bride of Christ cannot get killed or hurt or sick or is no longer under the curses of sin. They do not believe in God’s love, but only believe in the hippy peace of love of Sananda Jesus their god, so that is why they can get killed or hurt or eaten alive or bitten or cut or get into a car accident or get cancer or get into a plane crash. What they believe is what will happen to them Through the Hollywood movies, they are led to believe in Satan’s fake reality of the world, and that is why he is able to hurt them. You can tell immediately by these teachings and their views on women’s equality that they are not of Christ or Torah Truth, but they are from the Illuminati’s Satanism Western Christianity which has its roots in the ancient pagan teachings of the Babylon mystery religion. They will call us God’s apostles and God’s born-again real Christians as being heretics and unrealistic and cultic and unscriptural. It is because they are here to spread Satan’s doctrine and defame God’s Church and people and His Torah Truth and Christ.


Satan is a master of deception, so he comes as an angel of light to all these branches of the Satanist “Brotherhood of the Snake’s” Babylonian Mystery religion and those who refuse to believe in the truth and our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Satan and his fallen angels comes as the angel Moroni to the Mormons, or as the angel Gabriel to the Muslims, or as benevolent extraterrestrial aliens to the Illuminati, or as familiar spirits to these New Age spiritualist shaman fortune-teller witches, or as buddhas to these Buddhists, or as gods to these Hindus, or as spirits to these American Indians, or as ancestral spirits to these ancestral worshippers.


As in their Illuminati movie “Prometheus,” which is a sequel to their movie “Alien,” they spread their panspermia brainwash theory that Satan and his fallen angels are aliens who engineered humans from monkeys. This is the thousands of years old “Brotherhood of the Snake” Sumerian Illuminati Satanist religion and their belief. A lot of the proponents of the Ancient Alien Theory “Mystery Babylon religion” panspermia theory are nephilim reptilian hybrid descendents, because since they are not human but are demon offspring of the fallen angel aliens, they are more susceptible to demon possession by the evil spirits, and thereby, they are used by their evil spirit forefathers to spread Satan’s deceptive Ancient Alien Theory Mystery Babylon reptilian religion panspermia theory that teach that they are the elite offspring of the gods or aliens, and that human homo-sapiens are inferior non-Aryan monkey-like cockroach-like livestock creatures to be enslaved and exterminated and to be cannibalized by the reptilian offspring in their Satanist rituals.


Why are the Satanists tend to be reptilian hybrid nephilim descendents of the fallen angels? It is because demon spirits in humanoid bodies tend to worship their father the devil by nature. Why are the Illuminati Satanists the rulers and presidents and queens and billionaire key bankers and holders of all the great positions in the humans’ society, and push forth their ungodly, evil, sinful values to change society to believe those evil beliefs and values and cultures? It is because evil’s nature is to gang up together to form secret societies and street gangs and drug rings and criminal organizations (by nature, the righteous people do not gang up together to do evil), and to only give and promote their fellow evil secret society Satanist members to these key positions of power in society to rule the earth. This is why they only inherit their royal kingships and presidential positions and billionaire banker positions to their own Satanist reptilian Illuminati bloodline family members, and only intermarry within their genes. This is why reptilian cultures like the Koreans are obsessed with genes and family and Draconian hierarchy. This is why the freemason Illuminati’s Japanese imperial crown prince of Korean ancestry was infatuated with the human homo-sapiens idol singer Yoshie Kashiwabara, but he was not allowed to marry her, and he married the homo-capensis reptilian hybrid Naoko Ueda’s best friend the reptilian hybrid feminist witch race Masako Owada. Also, it is because Satan is, right now, ruling the earth, and chooses who he will promote to these key positions of leadership on the earth and who to give the billions of dollars and who to give fame and popularity. This is why God’s Christians are hated and despised and discriminated and persecuted, because the devil is running the show on the earth. God is using the devil for a short time to accomplish his glorious purpose, and to prove evil people are evil and righteous people are righteous, so the evil people will burn forever in the Lake of Fire for their evil and the righteous people will shine forever in heaven to rule with Christ. Evil’s nature is to horde the power on this earth only among their evil group members, and these demon children of the fallen angels use every unethical and evil method to gain power and horde all the money. This is their father the devil’s nature. The demon spirits or reptilian humanoids who rule as our politicians and bankers and celebrities only promote their species or secret society members into these positions of inheritance. Evil will always behave in evil ways. They cannot do what is righteous. It is not in their nature to do what is right or righteous or good. Just like a rabbit does not hang around on trees like monkeys, Satan’s genetic hybrid people are demon spirits in humanoid bodies, so they cannot behave like human homo-sapiens. If the demon humanoid people were righteous, they would admit that they are evil, and give all their power and money to God’s children and humans, and they would jump into the Lake of Fire themselves, but this will not happen, because evil will not admit that they are evil and they cannot do what is righteous. This is why the devil Satan will not repent and jump into the Lake of Fire himself, but he will use all his Satanist reptilian hybrid nephilim children to persecute Christians and maintain power and rebellion on the earth. This is the nature of evil. Those who are God’s children are slaves to righteousness, and those who are Satan’s reptilian children are slaves to evil and sin. Their free choice is to choose evil, just like it is in the nature of snakes to kill in cold blood. This is why they cause all the wars and pandemics and natural disasters, and strive to exterminate the human race in both the ancient days of Noah and in present modern days. Satan gives his reptilian hybrid witch children on this earth through his alien witchcraft the knowledge of scientific technology, secrets of developing weapons of mass destruction, academic knowledge to create devastating biological weapons, revelations to create the religions of the earth, inspirations to produce mind-controlling Hollywood films, and Satanist connections to be promoted to presidents and queens and prime ministers. This is why the more evil a human is, the more they imitate the reptilian Illuminati bloodlines, and they hand their inheritance and power and position and money to their genetic bloodline children, just like the Western Christianity pastors who make their children the second-generation pastors of their churches. Evil gives favor to their own fleshly genetic bloodline children and gangs up together in Sanhedrin pastors’ committee street gangs, just like the hippy rogue pastors of the upside down dove Illuminati symbol church conference. It is like corporate Western Christianity church conferences handing over their company ownership and money to their children and genetic descendents. They are disgusting Pharisee religious scum who make Christianity and the House of God into an enterprise of teaching Jezebel doctrines and values. These hippy rogue pastors and Koreans and Illuminati Satanist reptilian hybrid cold-blooded nephilim witch descendent people like warm places and wealthy neighborhoods, so they live in southern California and Beverly Hills and Hawaii and Manhattan living like Pharisees with fat purses and comfortable homes. God’s apostles and prophets are warm-blooded and love God and His Japanese Jewish Remnant, so they live in the cold Illuminati sabotaged Fukushima super radiation contamination area sharing the gospel salvation and Torah Truth. When people eat the radiation contaminated vegetables and meat, their gums and tongues start bleeding and they keep getting colds, so the Illuminati people believe that they are going to be healthy and happy, and God’s apostles and prophets are going to get sick and die, but they are very mistaken, because it will be the opposite. The Korean Society in Japan are mass murderers and genocide maniacs who carry psychopath genes, because they killed thousands of innocent Japanese men, women, children and elderly with the Tohoku tidal wave, due to their national Han violence culture, and are even now still killing thousands of Japanese people through their radiation contamination sabotage from their Fukushima nuclear power plant terrorist bombings, including collateral damage radiation breathing and eating victims throughout North America and Europe.


They erect these ridiculous, foolish tombstones all over the earth. Soon, all the space on the earth will be filled with billions of them. They try to worship these tombstones by visiting them. They do not know that there are two types of men: those who are with Christ in heaven and those who are in hell. How foolish humans are. These tombstones will fall apart and get buried someday, and thousands of years later, they will be forgotten by people. No one will know who these people were nor care. The futility of the way these humans think. Everything they do is of an animal instinct existence of the flesh of courting, breeding, and proliferating their genetic descendents. They do not know that their genetic descendents will be in hell someday. They have no regard for God or the everlasting things or spiritual descendents of Abraham’s faith, but they are tied to the things of the flesh. If given the choice, these lousy religious Christians will choose to save the life of their own fleshly non-Christian daughters at the expense of the life of a complete stranger who is God’s prophet and who comes to point out all their evils and sins. They despise God’s prophet and scorn and ridicule them. These Pharisees are putrid gangrene that makes God’s House into their book sales campaign. They do not even have human souls, but they are evil hybrid nephilim spirits. Their stench rise up to heaven like a garbage heap. They try to grow rich and famous through their church conference, and use Jezebel doctrines to attract the masses who pay for their bloated salaries. Hypocrites! Instead of ridiculing God’s prophets and hiding all their teachings, they should be disclosing all the secrets of the Illuminati assassin squads that come after their and their families’ lives. Hypocrites! They make themselves fat through the crumbs that Satan feeds them from his Jezebel Western Christianity. They and their wives are a cursed bunch. If there are any sane or faithful among them, then let them abandon their church, their families, their fame, their retirement pensions, their health insurances, their jobs, their homes and their roofs over their heads, their personal safety, their families’ lives, their non-electromagnetic weapons attacked lifestyles and non-poisoned lives and non-assassin gang stalked lives, and come out of their cursed religious street gangs and jump into the hand-to-hand brawl with the bloodthirsty reptilian Satanist secret societies assassin squads and CIA smuggled Nazi descendents and FBI and NSA and United Nations and royal families and Catholic church and mafia and Freemasons and feminist organizations and KKK and Korean killer hordes and occultist murder rings and motorcycle Satanist street gang servants and their former Pharisee hippy pastor gang friends and the rest of Satan’s army. After they lose everything precious to them and are left in the wilderness or state park bench at night, let them wear sackcloth and cry and wail in repentance for the battle they have waged against God’s apostles and prophets. Then, they shall find God and they shall be saved and be true followers of Christ and a Bride of Christ. They shall wear the scars on their back and the crown of life. The question is simple: do they choose the world and all its comfort and try to play one foot on each side or do they choose the suffering of Christ? What say them? I already know the answer that you the beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren will give, just as the Lord knows. You will lose family members to the Illuminati and burnt homes and jobs and personal safety and savings and retirement pensions and the ability to dine in Illuminati assassin infested restaurants and polite civilized behavior from your religious Christian friends in your churches and your privacy and all your assets to the devil, but you will gain life eternal and a heavenly inheritance which is yours. These things will be indicative and true measurements of whether you are a real born-again spiritual Christian or just a regular religious lukewarm Christian whom the devil does not even care about. This is because if the Lord God Almighty knows you personally, then you can be sure the devil and his reptilian nephilim bloodline Satanists will know you for sure, also. This is why on judgment day, many will come to the Lord to say, “Lord, Lord,” but He will say to them, “I never knew you, depart from me.” If the religious Christians have been taught otherwise by Satan’s pastors and Illuminati Christian churches, then they have been misinformed greatly and their hearts do not realize it. A callous sleeping heart does not know the Torah Truth nor understand the things of the Spirit. It is indeed a slumbering heart. When the holographic space continuum of the universe is rolled up like a scroll, and heaven is revealed, all will realize the truth. Our life on this earth is but a record of our faith and choices like a video tape—a record.


These Illuminati or Freemason reptilian Satanists who follow their Sumerian Mystery Babylon religion of the Brotherhood of the Snake Satan believe that just like Prometheus who in Greek mythology gave fire to mankind and was penalized by Zeus for doing that, Satan (whom they call Lucifer) gave science and technology to mankind and was banished from heaven by God for doing that. These Luciferians believe that Satan is a hero alien, and that God is an evil alien, so they are trying to set up a Luciferian satanic kingdom, just like they did in the ancient civilization of Atlantis many thousands of years ago. They created the reptilian hybrid nephilim to kill or exterminate all of mankind, except for Noah, just as in their movie “Alien” or “Prometheus” where they create a biological weapon alien to massacre all humans. The Illuminati are creating nephilim monsters in the U.S. military underground bases and other bases throughout the world, which are thousands of times more powerful and dangerous than the alien in the movie “Alien.” They will be unleashed by the Illuminati reptilian elites of our world very soon to massacre the entire human race. This is why God says in His Bible how could any flesh survive, if God did not intervene, just like He did with Noah’s flood in ancient times, in order to save His creation—humans. In their Illuminati brainwashing movie “Prometheus,” they ask the question why the extraterrestrial engineers created mankind and why they tried to destroy mankind later. They try to make God look unjust by trying to destroy mankind with Noah’s flood, during the Atlantis times. Their “Ancient Alien” television series produced by the “Prometheus” production company states that Satan is the one who gave humans the knowledge of science, technology, warfare, weapons, medical science, cosmetics, mathematics, arts, etc., and they were reptilians, and that God is the evil one who wanted to keep humans ignorant and under slavery, which is exactly the Illuminati Sumerian “Brotherhood of the Snake” Mystery Babylon religion teachings taught in the Freemason temples and other secret society occult Satanist church of Satan. They believe that the Watchers or fallen angels who were sent to watch over humans and interact with them, rebelled against God to provide humans technology like Prometheus did, making them out to be heroes. The Illuminati are Luciferian Satanists who spread the lies of Satan’s Atlantean alien deception propaganda. Seraphim means “Serpent Giants.” These serpent gods appear in every South American ancient lore and American Indian lore and Asian lore and Middle Eastern Sumerian lore and European lore and legends from all over the world. This is why the Nazi eagle symbol is the same symbol as the Sumerian Anunnaki symbol of the reptilian seraphims depicted as winged fallen angels. These Satanists now rule the earth and believe that the devil is good, and God is evil. They drink human sacrifice blood at night like the Incas or Druids, but during the daytime, they parade around like secret society occult member presidents and astronauts and court judges and police chiefs and celebrities. They are chosen by the Satanists and the Illuminati’s various secret societies by how firmly they believe the lie that Satan and the fallen angels are the supporters of humans, and that they were maligned unjustly, just as the devil discloses slowly in the secret satanic rituals of the freemason, as members show more loyalty and ability to be brainwashed, as they rise up the freemason and other secret society Satanist organizations. There is a very strong demonic deception going on in our world, and these most loyal Satanists have pretty much taken over all royal thrones, economies and political positions of human society. They are demon-possessed. Just like the Mormon branch of the Illuminati Satanism believes that they will become gods themselves, these Illuminati Satanists believe that they will receive scientific technology from the fallen angel aliens and someday become gods themselves. This is how the devil creates Satanists: it is not someone all of a sudden becoming crazy and becoming absolutely evil and sacrificing children like a lot of people imagine, but there is a slow process of deception and a carefully orchestrated selection process of developing a full-blown Satanist, and that is why these secret societies are so critical in that brainwashing and selection process, so that they can find and develop Satanists who can be nurtured to be placed into these positions as presidents and banking leaders and celebrities and other positions of power. However, all these top positions are taken by reptilian nephilim hybrids, and the human Satanists who are recruited from the human non-Aryan homo-sapien race are just used as menial servants of these reptilian vampire masters. This is why God tells us in the Bible that Satan comes as an angel of light and not as a devil: the disguise is for the purpose of deceiving, killing and stealing. If he came in his real identity as the devil, no one would follow him or be deceived by him.


They deny the Bible which teaches that God did not destroy mankind, but Satan killed off all the humans and replaced them with his reptilian nephilim and chimera monsters, so God had to wipe out the nephilim humanoid monsters because of their violent horrible evil, and restart mankind with Noah’s original human genes, once more. Nephilim are vampires and eat humans, as you can see from the Book of Enoch, and that is why the feminists eat human children in their satanic witch rituals. Satan is a master deceiver and a master liar, and in his Freemason and other secret society occult initiation ceremonies, he slowly discloses to the initiates that he is the hero alien who is out to save mankind, and that God is an evil alien out to destroy mankind. He tells them that they are a reptilian master race of Aryan witches who are superior to humans, and that is why they need to holocaust genocide the inferior human race, and replace them with their nephilim Forth Reich or New World Order of the Illuminati. In order to do so, they have to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of humans through war and natural disasters and plagues and drugs and abortions and terrorist attacks and their satanic child sacrifice rituals, in order to open up the forbidden star gate wormhole portals, to let in all these demonic spirits. They have to create an army of chimera monsters and nephilim in their underground grey alien nephilim secret military bases of the CIA and other nation’s intelligence agencies owned by the disguised reptilian nephilim witches, in order to deceive the world into believing in a invasion by evil aliens, and to prepare to fight God at Armageddon with the devil and his fallen angels. This is the thousands of years old Satanist Mystery Babylon religion lie of the Sumerian “Brotherhood of the Serpent or devil” occult society, and its many sub-branch organizations, such as the freemasons, Mormons, Wicca witches, Druids, Templar Knights, Knights of Malta, Esoterics, Kabbalist Judaists, Anti-Jew Zionist Edomites, Theosophists, Nazi Thule Vril, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Korean shamanism, Germanic paganism, Scandinavian Norse mythology, Roman and Greek and Egyptian paganism, Soka Gakkai cult, Illuminati Luciferians, Jehovah’s Witness cult, Vatican Catholicism, African voodoo, CIA, MI6, Mafia, drug rings, occult motorcycle gangs, Rosicrucians, British and European royal families, U.S. presidents, Federal Reserve Bank, Trilateral Commission, Committee of Three Hundred, Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, feminist movement leaders, etc. They are all united toward one goal: to bring in the reptilians’ New World Order of the Illuminati and to depopulate the earth and to fight God at Armageddon with their alien super military technology black ops programs. This is the biggest alien panspermia theory deception of the devil that the world has seen, but it is the same deceptive alien theory that Satan used in the ancient Atlantis civilization to turn the world into his nephilim offspring utopia and living hell for humans, thousands and thousands of years ago. The occult teach that there are many alien species in the world, including these reptilians, hybrid reptilian greys clones, and these blonde, white skinned, identically human-looking aliens, and that they created humans with their genes by mixing it with earthly monkey genes. Satan’s lies and tactics have not changed, and it is always the stupid, unbelieving, heathen humans who fall for the devil’s same lies in all ages, and follow after his Illuminati reptilians, and end up in hell, because they stubbornly reject God. There is not a single movie in Hollywood with godly feminine women that depicts Jesus as being the righteous loving God, who returns to destroy the Illuminati reptilian race and feminists and holographic disguised British royal family and chimera half-animal monsters, and God throws the devil and his heathen unbelievers into the Lake of Fire. You have to wonder why, because they have made every other book that is occult and anti-God into a Hollywood movie, except the Bible and the Book of Revelation. The reason is obvious—this world is ruled by Satan and his reptilian descendent bloodline families—and they will not make a Hollywood movie that depicts themselves as evil and being destroyed. This whole world and its media is Satan’s circus with his reptilian clowns running around making circus shows that fit their purpose and propaganda. When Jesus returns, He will kick their butts and trash their occult Nazi CIA. These stories and legends about witches and giants and vampires and dragons do not pop up, all of a sudden, into people’s minds. People are not that imaginative. These creatures exist in reality, and they have their origins with Satan, for all evil comes from Satan and his Illuminati, whereas, all goodness and beauty comes from God. This is why the feminists come from Satan and godly women come from God. Mary Magdalene was a miserable scum, but she became a lovely, feminine woman of God after she believed in Christ. However, reptilian witches like first lady Hillary Clinton cannot change by the Holy Spirit or get saved, because they are not humans, but they are demons with holographic human bodies and they have Satan’s evil reptilian genes. That is why they are extremely intelligent, but they are evil feminists. They are shape-shifters.


If you investigate all of the Illuminati Satanist’s movies for children like “Aliens in the Attic” and “The Watch,” they are basically imbedding into the minds of the next generation, the lies and doctrines of the Satanist reptilian Illuminati or 6,000 year old “Brotherhood of the Snake Society” or Freemasonry. In every movie, the alien leaders who represent God is evil and trying to invade earth and make humans slaves, while Satan is represented as a good alien who revolts against the other aliens, in order to protect mankind and free mankind by giving technology to mankind to protect themselves. This is the Sumerian Babylonian mystery religion doctrine that has been handed down through the secret societies of the Satanists, such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati and NASA. They promote all the secret society Satanists who believe this doctrine of the Church of Satan to all the powerful and influential high positions in society.


Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 40


Beware of Satan who seems to be doing everything and anything, at all levels of ministry, to mislead and identify and infiltrate the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren with his religious Western Christianity Illuminati spies. He makes them into famous radio hosts and famous authors and discloses internal Illuminati information to them to gain the public’s trust and makes them very wealthy. Meanwhile, they make huge amounts of money off of their listeners and followers. This is not the Holy Spirit and not of God. God’s true servants do not do such things.


Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren, Satan has two levels of false-prophets. One type of false-prophet is the regular ones you see on the internet blog sites claiming to be prophets of God, and teaching all kinds of false doctrine based on their human beliefs and what their spirits instruct them. The second type of false prophet is the more dangerous ones who you see with their YouTube videos and radio programs and books and CDs and DVDs. They advertise their names and they become quite famous to the religious Christians. They receive huge amounts of donations from the religious Christian communities. They advertise their home address or office address where people are able to send checks and money orders for their tithing. They come in with many amazing teachings that regular people do not know or with “wow” revelations, especially with their amazing in-depth knowledge about Satanism and the Illuminati and esoteric and witchcraft and occults and astral knowledge and Eastern Mysticism and spiritualism. They claim to be always hearing God speak to them to give them amazing knowledge and information. Some claim to be able to read your thoughts and start yelling and arguing with you over the YouTube videos and podcast recordings. Although they teach a lot of amazing, “wow” teachings from the Bible with their amazing intelligence, they sneak in the dangerous heresies and false teachings of Satan that throw off the listeners’ spiritual soundness and biblical foundation. They teach things such as “no rapture” and “no Anti-Christ” and “no End-Times prophecy” and “reincarnation and past life” and “I am also gods and the Great I Am” and many other false deceptive dangerous doctrines. They claim to have great anointing from God, but also claim that demons have taken control of their studio volume switches and they call out to the listeners for help. They teach all kinds of New Age and Eastern Mysticism teachings, and claim to have psychic knowledge of people and events and the future. They are fervent and fanatic and obsessed in making their listeners believe that there are no more prophets of God and we prophets do not exist anymore, and they claim that God no longer has the office or positions of prophets. They make the prophets’ mission by God into some kind of human offices or positions. They will adamantly attack the role of God’s prophets and apostles, citing the many fake false-prophets on the internet and Corporate Christianity End Times prophecy money-making institutions of the Illuminati, as some kind of evidence that God’s prophets are fake prophets also because they should not exist. They will always claim that they are not prophets or apostles in a very arrogant and prideful and boastful way, and may even claim that they are some other type of people sent by God by giving themselves titles like “Watchmen” or “Bible Answer Man” or “Brother so and so,” but some of them will continuously give all kinds of prophesies about the future, and boast how their prophetic utterances and what they call “insights” proved to be correct later on, in order to further vindicate themselves to their religious listeners and masses. A real prophet and man of God will just tell you what is going to be happening, instead of saying things like, “I will tell you what’s going to happen,” or “Let me tell you what you see happening,” and so forth. They will always claim to have a close relationship with God or some kind of spirit, and claim to be always talking with God, and tell you what God told them. If God wanted you to know, and it was that important, God would tell you yourself. This is how these carnal, religious Christians get deceived so easily, and follow after these people on the internet ministries, with names that they have given themselves that sound very friendly and people can feel intimate with. They may have long hair and obnoxious behavior, instead of a clean cut appearance and hair. They will always try to capture the hearts of minds of the real born-again spiritual Christians and children of God who have been hurt by the Illuminati churches and ostracized from the devil’s Christians churches by showing how much they hate the Christian churches and sharing how unspiritual the Christian churches are, and by telling their listeners and followers that they were also rejected by the church and they are fellow companions and persecuted brothers of the real born-again spiritual Christian and God’s children. If Satan cannot deceive the real Christians in church and keep them there, then Satan has these famous people on the internet to capture and ensnare the real Christians who have left the Christian churches and who are disgruntled with the churches. The enemy always uses a two-pronged tactic using two extremes to ensnare their religious Christian victims, just like a military maneuver pincer movement from both sides, since foolish humans tend to go to one extreme or the other. For example, the first type of false prophets will be all obsessed with the rapture and be escapists and festival celebrators, and just make a whole big fuss all day long about the rapture making all kinds of occult esoteric calculations as to when it will be using crazy mathematical formulas or arguing about the timing all day long. Then, the second type of false prophets will get very angry and fed up with these first type of false prophets, and they will start criticizing the rapture teachings, and deny that there will be any rapture, and that all who teach the rapture are stupid evil people. The first type of false prophets and the second type of false prophets are very similar type of people, just like the capitalist fascist imperialists and communist socialists are the same type of people, and the religious people and the atheists are the same type of people, and the Pharisees and Sadducees are the same type of people, and white neo-Nazi supremacists are the same type of people as the black genocidal racist fanatics, and the people of two neighboring nations who hate each other are the same type of people. God is always balanced and He is the Torah Truth, and all who know and love Him are in the Torah Truth and logical, so they do not go under Satan’s two extremisms nor do they compromise by being neutral in the middle, but they discern each situation and each truth by the Holy Spirit of God. God has given us wisdom through His Holy Spirit and understanding through Him and a sound mind. We look with great expectation with joy for the rapture of God’s Bride the Church Saints and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ before the Tribulation Age begins, and we believe what God has said about the rapture in the Bible, but we do not make huge amounts of money by making the rapture into a crowd attracting campaign or stop doing God’s ministry here because we are so busy making a big fuss about the rapture or so busy arguing about nonsense religious rapture issues like the Pharisees and Sadducees always did, as well. The religious people and immature and carnal and stupid people always run to these two extremes of Satan, or Satan’s neutral middle ground of complacency and compromise and universalism. Rather, we who are in Christ and His Torah Truth know what is the truth, have the mind of Christ, discern through His Spirit, teach by His Spirit and Bible, and have a sound mind. If you find immature, stupid, religious people trying to argue with you about religious issues and matters of the law, ignore these religious people and mindless crowds and Pharisees, and go about the Lord’s business by preaching and discipling God’s children, instead of letting Satan waste your time on Satan’s religious Christians and heathens. We are better than that, and we do not stoop to their level of ungodliness, because we are in Christ, and we live in the complete wisdom of Christ, and we are firmly grounded on the foundation of Christ, and we are led by Him. One way of identifying these false prophets is that they will always identify who they are to their listeners and followers and readers, and they will make known their names to the crowds and to the public, and they will attract a following of people on the internet and radios and bookstores. They will also make known to people about the books that they have written, and they will disclose to the people their addresses, so that people might send donations to them. Whenever a person becomes known to the public or famous, that is a warning sign of a false prophet, and it is Satan’s opportunity to lead many astray. It seems like for one true prophet of God, there are tens of thousands of false prophets of Satan to draw the masses and crowds to deception, just like for every real UFO photo Satan has thousands of fake photos that purposely look fake to deceive the dumb crowds to thinking that all of them are fake. The enemy’s false prophets always adopt a lot of the teachings of God’s prophets, and they themselves believe that they are real teachers of God, but it is always that one false doctrine that they slip into their preaching that will make many people stumble from the truth and it will be spiritually detrimental. The false prophets may even have good intentions and are religious Christians, but they teach wrong doctrine because they are led by wrong spirits. Satan has multi-layers of traps and many methods of deceiving God’s people, although the real Christians and the Elect cannot be deceived because they have God’s Holy Spirit and discernment of spirits. Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren, teach the Tribulation Saints to be extra careful of these second type of false prophets for they are more dangerous and sneaky and deceptive. The first type of false-prophets are easy to notice, but these second type of false-prophets come to us as if they are one of us and that they are real born-again Christians who does not fit into the Illuminati Christian churches and they will have a lot of amazing “wow” teachings, especially concerning these End Times and Satanism. They imitate and steal and emulate and take much of the teachings of God’s modern day prophets and apostles, in order to gain trust and attain credibility and respect from the mindless religious crowds, but they twist them and pervert them in the most important key points. They will also pick Bible verses and teach nice ethical teachings ever so often to make themselves sound legitimate teachers of God, but they will ignore the core doctrines that the Illuminati Christians have changed and deleted and ignored and trampled under their feet, and will hardly touch on those topics or hardly call the people to repent and return to those proper core Torah Truth precepts that have been thrown out of the churches, such as Jezebel-ism in the church, or rock music, or medical science witchcraft, or health insurance, or retirement pension, or taking pastoral salaries, or breeding genetic descendants (these people will usually have families themselves so they cannot speak concerning this issue), or selling books, women wearing men’s trousers, gluttonous obesity, sports fans, masturbation and viewing naked bodies, pursuing careers, pre-tribulation rapture, etc. Those are the key teachings and precepts that make the church repent and return to Jesus Christ, but they will avoid those subjects and precepts that the church has thrown out. These false prophets do not teach them, because they do not agree with them, and they do not agree with God’s Word and Torah Truth who is Christ. They may just touch on those subjects lightly or just teach superficially about them by diverting it to another issue related to it, but they will not teach about them directly or in depth or its true essence. These false prophets who are led by the enemy will just take bits and pieces of what God’s prophets teach, use them to gain credibility for themselves, then mix in the rest with their own perverted beliefs and obsessions of how things should be and their biases. They teach to put forward their own ideologies and Christianity or cult, instead of God’s precepts or what is written in the Bible, because their concern is not on those things of God. They are like supermarket shoppers who pick and choose only what they want to eat, and not what is healthy for their family. They could care less for Christ who is the Word or for the things in the Bible or the Torah Truth that they do not like or if they have to change things in their lives or change their doctrines, in order to follow the truth or follow Christ. They will put Christ into their own box and shape, and will deliver only the frosting that they like. They are like cult leaders who just express their personal opinions, using parts of the Bible to justify their own egocentric philosophies for their cults Their reward is their fame of their name and gaining a cult following of people who agree with their perverted philosophies and the sales of their books. This is why they yell and scream and argue with fictitious listeners who may be disagreeing with what they are preaching. If they were truly preaching God’s Torah Truth, they would just preach and not scream at fictitious listeners of their YouTube video or Podcast recordings who they think disagree with their thinking. They do not get along with similar famous people on the radios and on the internet, who do the exact same things as they do, because they will get into fights and arguments with them. They are just like the Pharisees and Sadducees of ancient times. A lot of these false prophets teach their fad theologies that they are obsessed with, but they will not teach about the secrets of the Illuminati government or Draco nephilim alien fleets or Satanism or feminist witches, because they are afraid of getting gang-stalked, tortured and killed, which shows the short-reaching extent of their love for the brethren and love for God. Some of them will only teach about Satanism and the Illuminati and End Times prophecy, in order to become famous and sell their books, and they will not teach the Torah Truth about the things that people need to repent of, because their focus is not on leading the people of God to a pure life or leading the people back to God and His precepts. If they taught the Torah Truth, then the Satanists and feminist witches and Illuminati and Draco reptilian alien nephilim and the fallen angels to microwave oven them alive or poison them with strong acids or infect them with flesh-eating bacteria or kill their families or gang-stalk them with missile laden predator aerial drones.


God is using real Christian female sisters to teach the Word of God or Torah Truth in these End Times is because there are so few men who are real Christians, and there are so few men who are teaching the true Word of God or Torah Truth. This is the circumstance that we face in this most evil period of human society and most lukewarm, satanic Christian church. Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels and fake Jewish people and Illuminati took away a lot of the important books of the Bible such as the Apocrypha and verses in the ancient times for thousands of years. The current Christianity is a fake imitation, and owned by the Illuminati. The current homo-capensis reptilian hybrid leaders and Satanist ministers of the Christian churches have been hiding all these true important scriptures and Word of God from the human homo-sapiens species people. They have tried to kill me off many times, because God has been giving me directly through the gift of wisdom a lot these truths that were removed from the Bible by the Illuminati Luciferian Satanists. If these scum bag Satanist try to remove the books, then God will just give the truths to His prophets, once again. They cannot stop God’s Torah Truth. Those who are of God will recognize the truth, because they are in Christ. Those who are evil will reject it as not being in the Bible. (See video “The Lost Books of the Bible” at .)


When I taught biblical physics, and biblical anthropology, and biblical archaeology, biblical geo-politics, and biblical history, there were hordes of authors following my articles. Some would copy entire portions of my blog to write their books, and make huge money from it. They would throw out everything that had to do with Jesus Christ and Almighty God YHWH and the Torah Truth, and use only the parts that were pleasing to hear for their readers or customers, so that they would buy their books. But now, when I am exposing all the inner secrets of the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist rogue government that has taken over our nations and their criminal activities, they do not want to write about it, because they know they and their family will be assassinated. They are not concerned about the human homo-sapiens race’s welfare, at all, but they are only concerned about the immediate money-making and selfish pleasures. These authors are sick, disgusting, evil people. Because they have done this, they have now incurred God’s wrath and judgment upon themselves. Basically, these writers are only concerned about making money off of the human homo-sapiens species people and for their personal gain. They have no intention of warning and helping the human homo-sapiens species people by exposing all the dark secrets and agendas and activities of Satan and his fallen angels and their Draco reptilian aliens and Illuminati reptilian hybrid globalist elites, because they are afraid of being assassinated and tortured by the CIA and having their families killed and being gang-stalked by hundreds of thousands of alien hybrids. These authors are the worst scum bag, stinking crap people of the earth, and are like leeches. They are boneless cowards, and the shame of the entire humanity, and a symbol of a degenerate person. If they even had a fraction of any decency or right heart, they would be exposing everything about the Illuminati and the CIA and the Luciferian Satanists and Draco reptilian aliens, and they would write for free of charge on their internet blogs and charge bare minimum costs for their books. Instead, they only write things that do not get them into trouble and keep themselves safe from harm, and they try to make money off of their books. They cannot complain if they are eaten by the zombies in the coming apocalypse judgment tribulation age for their Pharisee mentality and values and depravity and putrid reprobate hearts. The worst are the fake religious Christian writers who write about Christian Illuminati theology academics and do not teach the real Torah Truth of God. They are cursed people. Brothers, do not be like these pig dung people, and shout out the warnings to your fellow human homo-sapiens species populace with Almighty God YHWH and Lord Jesus Christ’s unconditional love.


Some of these false-prophets under the disguise of being famous Christian radio hosts and Bible prophecy book authors are members of Satanist factions that want to oppose and expose the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Draco reptilian hybrid globalists, so they do not get gang-stalked and people do not try to assassinate them, because they are protected by their own intelligence agency or their Satanist organizations or Illuminati factions. They get a tremendous amount of money. These false prophets will often scold you and rebuke you, as if they have great spiritual authority, in order to make you feel they are somehow great teachers and men of God. A lot of them are Tribe of Dan Edomite people, just like the Illuminati Bilderberg oligarch royal bloodline families, and are extremely intelligent people, although they will claim that they themselves are not intelligent people. They will certainly not come and live in a place like this where it is full of Illuminati nuclear power plant terrorist attack radiation contamination. The first type of false prophets are there to catch the religious Christians who love sensationalism and raptures and prophecies and wild occult, and the second type of false prophets are there to catch the religious Christians who are disgruntled with the churches and who have been persecuted by the churches. These are double traps that Satan has set to catch those religious Christians who do not fall under the mind-control and hive-mind of those who are in church and go to Sunday sermons every week and go about church religious life every time. Many of them are Illuminati PSYOPS intelligence agents who belong to the Illuminati factions that oppose the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist oligarch Illuminati royal bloodline elite’s cabal, and are teaching to disclose all their activities and crimes of Satanism, and to expose the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens’ agenda and Satan’s agenda. This is why their knowledge base is very psychic or white magic or Pleiadean humanoid nephilim alien or Andromedan nephilim alien or mantis nephilim alien in nature, similar to David Icke who ministers to the non-religious secular people. These factions of fallen angels and nephilim descendant entities hate Satan and his Draco Prime reptilian fallen angels and Draco nephilim aliens and their MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist oligarch royal bloodline elites’ government. These fallen angels and nephilim alien entities are also very anti-pre-tribulation rapture in belief and doctrinal teaching, because the pre-tribulation rapture would mean the end of their chance for ascension and salvation, and it symbolizes the beginning of the end of their own existence in this universe. Currently, they enjoy their “Star Wars movie” type of life in their advanced technology cities and jumping around planets in their spacecrafts. Test the spirits and look at the fruits of that person, dear brethren, and God will lead you in the straight path. Trust the Lord and seek His glory and not personal notoriety like these people. You will know who these people are by the Holy Spirit, unlike the religious Christians who walk blindly into traps. Know the Bible and the Word of God, and compare what people teach whether they really match the Scriptures or not, and whether their behavior and manner and speech exemplify Christ, and whether it sits well with the Holy Spirit gut-feeling in you or not. Most of all love God and know that He will not lead you astray. You have the Holy Spirit, so you can discern for yourselves.


The judgment against those who disguise themselves as God’s children and use their disguise as ambassadors of God’s kingdom, and make money off of God’s name, will be much greater and severe. How dare they make money by impersonating God’s servants to make money and wealth, whether it is writing books or becoming pastors or conducting weddings, and how dare they disguise themselves as an ambassador of an enemy nation of which they are not even citizens of. These people are crazy to think that God is going to be lenient against them. These demon spirits have no fear of God and no godly principles and no human soul for they are the offspring of the fallen angels and are not God’s creation.



Now, I say that these religious Christians are stupid, but you have to remember that I used to be as stupid as they were, before God gave me wisdom and understanding and discernment and knowledge and Torah Truth through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. This is so that no man can boast. I was an ardent Nazi and a fanatic nationalist patriot and idolater and a zealot against Christianity before the Lord saved me. We are wise and blessed and protected and assured of our safety only through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of our Father in Heaven YHWH, the Almighty God, and the only true and living God. Glory and honor and praise be to Him! And now, you my blessed brethren, share along with me that same wonderful relationship that you have with our Father and Jesus by His will and love for you. He ordained you before creation to be servants to Him for the Torah Truth.


As for you, the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, be wise in the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and store up gold and silver, in preparation for the market crash and epidemics and World War 3 that the Illuminati will soon unleash upon the earth. Swords and guns will not stop the servants of Satan who have the alien fallen angels’ technologies, but your protector is Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit who led your forefathers through the Red Sea. Michael the prince will rise up to fight for you. As the abomination of desolation is set up in the Temple by the Anti Christ the Jewish nation will to go to Petra in Jordan. The Lord will rapture you out when the appointed time comes. Store up food and water purifiers and everything you need for the coming tribulation and persecution. There is no need to advertise to the hungry murderous mobs that you have food and water and gold. Your paper money will be useless. Do not trust those who seem most trustworthy for the devil is a master of deception, but follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. He will warn you and be a light unto your feet. He will be with you in difficult times and even through dark valleys. Do not trust Christians and the disguised nephilim religious leaders the most. They are like a snare that awaits its prey. Move as the Lord leads you. Perilous times are here. Be wary of those Illuminati religious leaders who taught post-tribulation-rapture theories to lead many into the Tribulation Age horror. The Tribulation Saints’ nice jobs and nice families and nice houses and retirement pensions and medical treatments and tattoos and ear pierces and men’s trousers and rock music and book sales and doctorate degrees and past titles and cross pendants and garlic and patriotic military troops will not save them. No HAARP natural disaster can harm you. Go out into the whole world, and share the gospel to the Tribulation Saints. Be wise teachers and be full of the Holy Spirit. Pray at all times for mighty is the power of the Lord and great in miracles. The Lord can shut up the heavens and open the heavens. He can summon the earth to swallow up your enemies, and He can blind your enemies, and He can cause your enemies to fall upon their swords. Meditate on the Lord’s Torah Truth Word who is the Holy Spirit. Obey His precepts at all times. Keep them dear to your heart. Do not have families or children, for they will burden you. Give yourselves entirely to the Lord and to His people, as I taught you. And,, the grace and blessing and love of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, now and forevermore.


It is the dumb ass, evil, communist, self-righteous, left-wing radical, religious Christian, self-proclaimed linguistic professors who say that all war is evil, and God’s people should quietly let the devil capture and murder them and martyr them. They imply that Israel should let the devil’s armies destroy them, and should sit around and not protect themselves. They imply that God is evil because He fights wars, and uses men and nations to fight for God and His righteousness. These Japanese of Korean ancestry, Pharisee, self-proclaimed linguistic professors name themselves after King David and make people call them David, but they accuse King David of fighting against Goliath and battling against the devil’s armies. They do not agree with the Israelites warring and destroying every male, female and child nephilim demon spirits or Raphaim of Satan’s genetic descent in God’s Promised Land where they conduct witchcraft and Satanism and sacrifice children. They feel that God’s people should not fight wars and that they should be cannibalized by God’s enemies and ISIS raphaim. What kind of heathen people use women and children as human shields to protect their rockets they shoot into Israel to kill innocent people, and what kind of dumb heathen people do not listen to God, but rather listen to the terrorists to become human shields, even when Israel constantly warns them to leave the area because they are going to bomb it? Israel needs to trust God to protect them. It is right to pray for vengeance against the evil people who shed the blood of the innocent people. The war is not physical, but it is first spiritual. The Church Saints of the Church Age and the 144,000 Jewish Remnant do not have to fight in wars, because they are protected by the Holy Spirit, and God fights the battles for them, because they have the Holy Spirit and love God. For every attack of the enemy, God will shield us, and attack them many times over that the enemy will fear even the idea of attacking us. It is because if the God of heaven and earth fights for us, what devastation can He inflict on the enemy, and if He protects us, what attack can reach us? We will trample on every serpent and devil, upon every scorpion and poison, every scheme and plot, every technology and witchcraft, and against all weapons forged against us and spirit that wages war against us, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Spirit and His love for us. God tells us in His Bible that we will trample over serpents and scorpions, because we will overpower and destroy the fourth dimensional Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Mantis insect alien fallen angels. These aliens or interdimensional nephilim have no power over us, and moreover, we have power over them. God has given us his authority and power through Christ Jesus our Lord. Be encouraged, dear brethren, for we have the God of all Creation your Father fighting for us.


Israel and the Tribulation Saints do not have the Holy Spirit. These self-proclaimed linguistic professors learn and speak fluent Hebrew, but they hate Israel and Israel protecting themselves from the devil. These self-proclaimed linguistic professors are one of the most evil and disgusting people, although they have faith comparable to the demons. They hunger to know about the Torah Truth, but they are afraid to teach it lest they be hunted down by the Illuminati, so they make God’s apostle teach it, but then, they get jealous at God’s apostles who speak in the Spirit of God, because they themselves cannot hardly speak proper sentences or grammatical linguistic sense due to weak brains, so they bully and torture God’s apostles and try to hand them over to Satan’s Illuminati. They spend all their time and energy trying to make money through pyramid multi-layer-marketing MLM businesses by making others work for them, so that they can grow rich, although the people at the bottom cannot make money. They say that they work with these MLM people, in order to do God’s ministry to them, even when they hate God. These criminal self-proclaimed linguistic professor scum bag feces people will use the most vulnerable times when people’s savings and income have been destroyed by the Illuminati and require financial income to lure them into their evil MLM multi-layer marketing business. They hang around with other criminal gang leaders of the MLM multi-layered marketing business who are like mob gangster leaders by making excuses that they are ministering to them for God. These criminal self-proclaimed linguistic professor scum bag people will adopt the same MLM mob gangster leaders’ intimidation and threat and abuse and power harassment and mental torture techniques to drive people into slavery and bondage. They are exactly the same type of people as the mafia or yakuza or any other mob gangster people. They go to dozens of different churches impersonating a great Christian leader and theologian, in order to deceive the religious Christians into putting their defensive guards down, so that they can enslave them under their MLM business and parasite off of them like the typical yakuza mafia gangsters they are. They know that the Temple of God is a ideal place to make money and steal from the visitors and make people think God is going to provide them a lot of money so they need to support these fake linguistic professors. They make them call them “sensei” or “great teacher” or “great theologian,” in order to make people respect them, put down their spiritual guards, become vulnerable victims, so that they can treat them like slaves and gang subordinates and parasite off of them. This is why they yell and scream and abuse and mentally torture and belittle and humiliate and bully and spy and slander and exploit and threaten and drive people to absolute break down. This is why they steal off of the government by dumping all their trash in the government parks in illegal shopping bags, instead of paying for government sanctioned trash bags, in order to rip off a few dollars from the government and other taxpayers. They yell and abuse God’s apostles and prophets knowing that God’s people will not harm them because they have a good spirit, but they are scared straight of demon-possessed, evil old ladies who live downstairs. They will boast that they have great faith and they are not afraid of anything. But, they are afraid to speak up against the Illuminati and CIA and Satanists and Nazis and mafia and street gangs. They are a wonderful example of an ungodly carnal person who does not know God, and denies everything that He is and stands for. They are a perfect example of a person who is led by the devil and lives by the devil’s precepts. This is why they will try to force God’s apostles and prophets to continue being victims to Illuminati reptilian witches by accusing God’s apostles and prophets that they are not loving and not godly and they do not love the Illuminati reptilian witch demon spirits. They ally themselves with all who are of the devil, and fight to destroy all who are with God.


Be especially careful of religious Christians in the church who talk Christian terms and behave like Christian brothers, but they will start sharing to you that they are homeless and have not eaten anything that day, or they will tell you how they are having financial problems and cannot pay the electricity water bills or feed their families. These people will always take money from the religious people who give out tons of money to religious activities, and they will never return the money. It is because they are thieves in their nature and genetic structure. If you give money to these people, you must believe that your money will never be returned, and you are wasting your money to evil people. If the person was a real born-again spiritual Christian, then he would be telling you that God always provides for his needs, and he needs nothing at all, and that God is faithful in providing his food and income and shelter and all other needs. Also, be careful of pastors who come to ask the church Sandhedrin elders committee for help in finances through monthly support or salary, because you know already that these are not real Christians but religious ungodly people, although they are super nice people, very minister-like, and extremely religious and pious. A true pastor would be giving money, and not asking for money. This is how you distinguish between a false spirit and the Holy Spirit.


What allowed Enoch and Elijah to be raptured and Apostle John to live a long life: it was love and trust. Do not listen to these Western Christianity big church religious hippy rogue pastors and their “Bible Answer Man” and Jezebel worshippers, but listen to God and His Torah Truth. There is absolutely no problem in accepting the “Flower Children” hippies into the church, and teaching them the “Torah Truth,” for that is what one should do. However, one should not bring into the church the idols of the hippies’ Jezebel humanism or Satanism, and receive those doctrines in order to be accepted by the hippies and to grow the church into a huge church conference. If you do, you are not teaching the Torah Truth, but you are throwing out the Torah Truth, and receiving in the doctrines of the devil or Jezebelism, just like in ancient Babylon, the Torah Truth was thrown out, and the doctrines of Babylonian mystery religion Judaism were brought into amongst the Israelites. This is how the devil cleverly works to poison the True Way with his seeds of deceptive doctrines. Then, all kinds of bad crop grow from them, such as women’s equality, Babylonian medical science, tattooing, rock music, astrology, Roman calendars, Hellenistic church democracy, women wearing trousers and not head coverings, men wearing dresses and covering heads, patriotism and political right-wing conservatism, “Bible Answer Man” and hippy pastor street gang Sanhedrin religious mobsters, strange rituals and Satanist pastoral garbs, post-tribulation rapture theories, ear-piercing, Disneyland goers, superhero comic and Star Wars idolaters, and every other stinking doctrine of Western Christianity of Babylon.


These hippy rogue pastors believe that since they do not punch people in the bars anymore, or take drugs, or sleep with any woman, they are now Christians. This is not true. To be born-again means to have a real trust and love relationship with Jesus. Not just being a nice person. Even the heathens can change their lives to become nice people. If they do not even believe the Torah Truth who is Christ and reject His prophets, then how can they have a relationship with someone who they do not believe in or trust or love. They say they have a prayer with God, but they have to first get the foremost things right. If they truly have a relationship with Christ, then they need to accept His Torah Truth.


The religious Christians are led by their base, animal, breeding instinct, and that is why they divorce their spouses and flirt with other men and women by getting marrying with them. They have no consideration for the Torah Truth. God is just a convenience for them. When He is inconvenient, they just throw Him out. This is why they refuse to accept or support His prophets. They just consider themselves servants of God. They are led to marriage by that carnal, animal instinct, and they are led to divorce and flirt with other people by that same carnal, animal instinct.


The problem is that the human race has been dumb down by the Illuminati’s media, education, MK Ultra Monarch HAARP mind control frequencies, mobile phone mind-control frequencies, open ridicule of so-called “conspiracy theorists” and open intentional disinformation to counter the conspiracy theorists, that the human homo-sapien race is now really like livestock pigs that are just herded by the Illuminati toward their butcher’s shack every day. Tens of thousands of their human children are kidnapped right under their noses for the reptilians’ Satanist live sacrifice rituals, and yet, they just wonder what happened to all the children who disappear every day, while the reptilian government and media covers up these Illuminati criminal rings. If they are not ignorant livestock pigs, when they reach this level of stupidity, I do not know what is; and their children deserve to be eaten by these hybrid vampire elites of our world and their reptilian extraterrestrial beings that invade our society every day. Although people may have super high IQ human intelligence, when they alienate themselves from the Holy Spirit of God, they become brain dead to reality and common sense, to the extent that they ridicule the Torah Truth as just being far-fetched “conspiracy theories” (a phrase coined by the Illuminati). Even such blatant and obvious inconsistencies in our society, these mind-controlled human populaces have been made not to question or research or analyze. The level of stupidity is sometimes incomprehensible to us. These religious Christians are happy with their golf courses, their chocolate cakes, their breeding family lives, their 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. timecard secular jobs, their Sunday sermons in church by their Western Jezebel-doctrine Illuminati-created hippy ministers, their Friday night partying, their comfortable retirement pension investments, their Sunday evening sports matches on television, their cosmetics, and they just constantly stuff their brains with the Illuminati’s television mind-control and stuff their bodies with the Illuminati’s toxic poisoned food and tap water every day. How stupid can they get?! They have an existence more like animals, rather than children of the Most High God. What is wrong with them? You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant have to speak godly sense into them if you love them, for they are like sheep headed for the butcher’s cutting block.


The Illuminati reptilians make it look like the humans are polluting the earth with their propaganda for global unity and their New World Order one-world central government plan, but in reality, it is the Illuminati reptilians who are dispersing tons of radiation into the atmosphere to kill off humans with things like diabetes and cancer and immune lowered diseases that come from radiation. Even though we can have absolute clean and absolute free and absolute instant energy, but the Illuminati is hiding these many technologies, and keeping the humans dependent on pollution creating smog creating petroleum fuel in order to profit trillions of dollars. They are using 80 billion dollars of taxpayers’ black ops budgets to kill human homo-sapiens, while they hide alien technology that can make each human homo-sapiens on this planet into wealthy multi-millionaires and eradicate poverty from the earth. The Illuminati is polluting the world with tons and tons of dangerously toxic chemicals from their planes all over the world, which are seen worldwide recently as chem trails in the sky, in order to get more humans and children sick so that they can exterminate humans. The Illuminati is polluting the waters, and even the tap water we drink with dangerous toxins, and flooding the sea with radiation, so that the seafood the humans eat and the rain ground water will exterminate more humans. The Illuminati reptilians are polluting our environment with toxins by spreading dangerous poison into the crops and food sources, so that the vegetables and livestock that humans eat will further compromise their immune systems and kill more humans with cancer and other diseases. All these poisons and radiation and toxins and chemicals in the environment and food that they are poisoning is designed to make the human infertility rates to sky rocket and humans to get dead fetuses and infant deformities and infant mortality, so that they can carry out their reptilian witch depopulation program of humans. The list goes on and on and on. It is not just wars, crime, narcotics, child kidnappings, natural disasters, feminist witch abortion pro-choice Nazi mass murder movements, terrorist bombings, daily assassinations by Illuminati local community murder hit squads families, designing of nephilim chimera creatures in their secret underground military bases specifically created for killing mass populations of humans and cities after they create the global market crash and famine and civil unrest and martial law, and polluting the food sources and the environment, but there is so much more evil things that the reptilian Aryan Illuminati is doing to destroy the earth and destroy humans, a normal mind-controlled human would not believe it because it sounds almost like a horror movie or fairy tale to them. The average human has been made so stupid by the Illuminati mind-control and witchcraft and alien gray brain technology that they would rather walk into the butcher’s shack and be butchered pretending ignorance, rather than to admit the truth and face the horror of reality. If you do not believe humans are this stupid, you can look at nature, and see the ostrich hides it head in a small hole while the lion tears its body apart. What is more surprising is not the reptilians extremity of evil, since they carry Satan’s genes or the Serpent’s seed, but it is the extremity of the stupidity of humans and their stubborn, stubborn, stubborn insistence on ignorance and denial of the truth that is happening to them. It is sort of like livestock pigs that do not believe that the ranchers are herding them into the butcher shop, but they insist on believing that they are being led into a five star hotel, and the butcher shop is a safe refuge where they are being led. The Bible says how could any flesh survive, unless God intervened, and Christ returns at Armageddon to stop this nonsense, just like He did during the age of Atlantis with Noah’s flood, when it was sheer terror for humans on this earth caused by Satan’s reptilian nephilim and chimera monsters. The reptilian nephilim giants were skinning homo-sapien humans alive and eating them. All flesh was corrupted on this earth during Noah’s days, for Satan and his fallen angels genetically reengineered all humans and animals and life on this earth. Therefore, God had to destroy everything with His global flood, and restart everything through Noah’s Ark with each animal species without corrupted genes. History repeats itself. These pagan religions and Illuminati worship them as their gods and ancestors. These fallen angels teach these primitive people about distant star systems that cannot be seen with the naked eyes, but only with high-powered telescopes. These people and hippy pastors eating donuts and coffee in church laughing with each other will tell you it is not a terrible world, but for the masses of children who are being sacrificed alive and being eaten in the Illuminati Satanist rituals every day and the drugged humans in the secret underground military gray alien Illuminati bases in cages calling out for help while they are being transformed to half-octopuses half-humans, it is very real and it is a terrible world. I tell these stiff-necked, spiritually stinking, Jezebel Pharisee “Bible Answer Man” and their gang of hippy rogue pastors to wake up and know the Torah Truth, and then, they ridicule me and blurt out words of abuse and blaspheme the Lord Most High? May God deal with them.


The Illuminati steals or parasites billions of dollars from the hard-working human taxpayers, and lets their reptilian Illuminati members create their silly miniature companies, and they distribute billions of dollars to these Illuminati Satanist company owners. They steal and pillage and plunder from the human homo-sapiens taxpayers and honest investor human populace through taxing and various despicable market manipulations, and share that spoil and money with their own secret society members and fellow Satanists. The Illuminati members get promoted to top positions with the multi-million dollar salaries and personal jets and big titles and huge mansions. This is why if you monitor these company owners, they go to these Italian restaurants owned by the Illuminati reptilian organized crime syndicates, and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for simple dinners, in order to contribute money for secret services and favors from the Illuminati. All those who succeed in this world are in one form or another attached with the Illuminati reptilians, and all the top positions have been taken over by the reptilian hybrid nephilim, and all the Satanist human servants have been kicked out of these positions, as more and more reptilians get cloned and integrated into the human society.


To become a company larger than a certain size, you have to be an Illuminati owned company. I could not understand why in many of these huge Illuminati companies, the women who have monopolized all the human resources management positions are feminists and very unethical. In order to be promoted over a certain level in the Illuminati companies, you have to be an Illuminati Satanist. The higher the reptilian witch genes they have, the higher the position they get. Therefore, the high witches get all the positions as Hollywood actresses and politicians and company executives and best-selling authors. That is why when I tell the Human Resources Departments about the human trafficking and homo-sapiens child and female slavery that is going on in the company, the Human Resources Department feminists and corporate attorneys tries to kick me out of the company by making up all kinds of false claims, because they cannot frame me on any issues; while completely incompetent, schizophrenic, psychopathic people who want to steal your position join up with them and get promoted and get pay raises. The corporate attorneys are also conducting these perverse, corrupt things, so if they prosecute all the Japanese of Korean ancestry upper management members, they would also have to prosecute themselves. Then, these Illuminati company all-female Human Resources Departments always threaten to sue you, if you speak anything about the corruption or criminal activities of all of their Japanese of Korean ancestry upper management members, and force you to sign legal documents to remain silent if you want to get paid your final salary. They will all gang up on you to force you to quit. In the corporate world that is owned by the Illuminati Satanists and reptilians, it does not matter how good you are, but it matters how evil you are. The more evil you are, the more higher positions you get. This is why all the scum float to the top management positions in these Illuminati Satanist major mega-corporations, whether they are feminists or Satanists or Japanese of Korean ancestry factions or slave owners or hidden psychopaths.


These Illuminati major global bank vice presidents of human resources will ask you to develop and send them materials for their companies’ employee evaluation programs and business management training materials. Once you send them the material, they will always tell you that they are no longer interested in hiring your services. Then, they will take credit for the materials by themselves, and give the training materials to their cheaply-employed, low-quality, in-house trainers to deliver the training courses, using the material you gave them. These Illuminati Satanist creatures are not only parasites, but they are also thieves and swindlers. This is their fallen angel ancestors’ reptilian nature. The huge global corporation Illuminati Satanist human resources executives and other executives are all criminals, Satan worshippers, unethical, and do everything evil to get promoted to their high positions and high salaries through their Illuminati membership Satanist secret society connections. They are no different from the common criminal. On the outside, they wear nice clothes, have fancy titles, get respect from their employees or soldiers or government workers, talk with amazing intelligence, but inside their hearts, they are demon creatures that have no human soul. They were not created by God, but they were manufactured artificially by the devil’s genetic reengineering, and they are descendents of the nephilim witch family bloodlines. They feed off of the human homo-sapiens’ society, and take all the nice positions of honor, wealth, influence, power and fame, through their evil methods, evil secret society connections, and the power of their fallen angel ancestors’ witchcraft. This is how they have taken over all the positions of power over the humans, whether it be the royal families, global bankers, multi-billionaires, military leaders, intelligence agency leaders, media moguls, mega-corporation executives, college Women’s Studies department feminist professor titles, college deans, police chiefs, famous celebrities, million seller authors, NASA top scientists, world leaders and top politicians, mega-church ministers, etc. These demons in human bodies are having a heyday of their lives and a pandemonium festival on this earth, and it is the reptilian descendants’ world, until Jesus comes back and throws them into the Lake of Fire.


The reptilians have done away with God’s ethical system, and brought in their legal system, which is a sign of a corrupt organization and nation. In the Illuminati major corporations, you have all these Japanese of Korean ancestry who get high level positions because all their bosses are Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanists also, even though they buy and keep many human slaves in Thailand, and do not show up to work without calling the company every time, and do not show up to meetings that they set up every time, and do not come into work because they are alcoholics, and keep making major mistakes. They kidnap these children, poke their eyes out so that they provide equal service to all customers, chain their feet, and force them into sexual slavery. And these are the type of feminist people who claim to be fighting for women’s rights—the hypocrisy—it’s a joke. The human homo-sapiens need to open their eyes. The Illuminati owns all the companies, and the Illuminati own all the unions through their mob organizations, and they own the law enforcement agencies. Since the mob and the politicians both have the reptilian psychopath brains, they both kill people indiscriminately. The public always criticizes the mob for the killings, but they do not realize that the Illuminati kills many, many, many times more people than the mob ever does. You can think of the Illuminati like a mega mafia mob parent organization that kills hundreds and hundreds of people, whereas, the mafia only kill people ever so often. Therefore, the mafia is scared of their parent organization the Illuminati, since the entire mafia can be killed by the Illuminati main organization, which has more manpower, technology, weapon firepower, stealth, court systems, assassins, money, and power. The mafia is only a small branch of the Western Illuminati organization that does the dirty work for them and earns money for them. Organized crime groups are just the henchmen of the Illuminati, and the Illuminati sometimes allow these mob gangsters to get indicted by their own Illuminati court judges, in order to deceive the public and low-ranking law enforcement officials into believing the justice system is working and effective. The organized crime groups are not criminal organizations, as people believe they are, but they are rather branch organizations of the bigger parent organization—the Illuminati. This is why the mob gangs, the intelligence agencies, the bankers, the politicians, are at odds with each other, but they also cooperate and work closely with each other for their Illuminati. It is a little complicated, because the yakuza Japanese mob owned by the Japanese of Korean ancestry are part of the Western Illuminati Freemason Nazi cabal and the Western Black Hat faction, while on the other side, the Triad Japanese and Chinese secret society is part of the Eastern Illuminati’s White Dragon Society and the Western White Hat faction. So, this is why the yakuza and freemason assassins try to kill the Eastern Illuminati leaders, and the White Dragon Society ninjas and Western White Hat faction assassins try to kill the Western Illuminati leaders. The mob is fighting on the side of whomever they are a branch of. This is why there are Asians who are fighting against the Eastern Illuminati, and there are Americans and Europeans who are fighting against the Western Illuminati. For example, you may wonder why in the world is Benjamin Fulford, who is a Westerner and was a former Forbes chief editor, fighting with the Triads and Gnostic Illuminati, while the yakuza mob and freemason assassins are trying to murder him, but you will understand that it is not by national borders, but a more complicated war going on between allied groups. This war goes back for ages, because Ben’s great grandfather was murdered by the Western Illuminati’s Rockefeller family (who made millions with Standard Oil company’s petroleum industry) because he was going to fund Nikola Tesla’s free energy technology. The Western Illuminati is not stupid, so they know very well that a lot of their assassins are Asians themselves, but they are willing to sacrifice a lot of their own member’s lives and mob organizations by targeting all Asians with SARS diseases and massive tidal waves and massive nuclear contamination and tons of chem trails and thousands of other methods to carry out their mass depopulation murder firm religious doctrine of Satanism. You can think of it as an extension of the Western Illuminati’s Nazi doctrine of the Jewish holocaust during World War 2 being realized at a much larger scale at a global level that is not only targeting Jews but also Asians and blacks and Slavs and middle-easterners and whom they call “little brown people” and others who carry the non-reptilian-Aryan human genes. If you have the Holy Spirit, you know what is going on, but if you are a religious Christian, you are dumb as a cow in a holocaust butcher shack, because you are basically spiritually blind to realize what is going on in the world.


Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 39


Satan’s Illuminati reptilian hybrid Hollywood producers that these fallen angels possess and control, create all these Illuminati Hollywood movies where ghosts kill people and people get into terrible accidents and catastrophes. These fallen angels and demons disguise themselves as ghosts to create fear. They transfigure into fairies and gnomes and ghosts and aliens and fake spirits of deceived relatives and all kinds of deceptive creatures. In Illuminati movies like “Jurassic Park,” they purposely choose the children who can act the most terrified in the auditions, because the movies are produced to brainwash people into believing this fear and helplessness of their fake plight. This fake reality of being killed and hurt is the Illuminati Jezebel doctrine that these punk ass hippy rogue pastors teach to their religious church congregations day in and day out with their fear of helping God’s apostles, and dependence on medical treatments and insurance plans, and fear of women and popularity. If they did not fear these things, they would have taught the Torah Truth long time ago, and they would have lost their church members or would have been kicked out of their pastoral jobs long, long time ago, and would be hunted down by the Illuminati like the real Christians are hunted. This is to brainwash humans into believing Satan and his Illuminati’s fake reality, because fear is a negative energy created by non-belief and non-faith in God. Satan and his fallen angels feed on this negative energy. If they can draw humans into their beliefs, then they can keep humans enslaved to this fear, and the fallen angels can use humans as livestock to harvest this negative energy for them, which are their food. This is why the Illuminati reptilian Hollywood propaganda team always, always, always makes very sure that the vampire or witch or ghost demon character inside the movie has a scene in the movie where they say the famous phrase, “God cannot help you, hah, hah, hah, there is no use praying!” All the stupid religious Christians watch these movies and get brainwashed after watching about three of these Illuminati movies, and that is why the religious ministers and Christians refuse to help God’s apostles, because they are afraid of the Satanists and the Illuminati and the fallen angels who control them. God does not need their help, since He just tests these ministers through His apostles to show them for who they really are—Illuminati propagandists and Jezebel doctrine Pharisees pastors. If they are afraid, you wonder why they ever decided to become Christians or to follow Christ, because they should have known they were getting into a war. Why follow the king and put your armor on, if you are going to hide in the bushes. The smart people with the Holy Spirit would start wondering after they research the second or third Illuminati movie why the Illuminati always, always, always makes sure that that the vampire or witch or ghost demon character inside the movie has a scene in the movie where they say the famous phrase, “God cannot help you, hah, hah, hah, there is no use praying!” It would make no sense for the Illuminati put that comment in their movies unless they knew themselves that God exists for real, and their greatest fear in the world is for a human homo-sapiens person to fall in love with God and to wield that power of faith in God that could annihilate any fallen angel, including the devil. For the Illuminati reptilians, it is absolutely essential for them to drag the human homo-sapiens into their belief system of fear, terror, disbelief in God, doubt in God, or to ask the question if God does not want us to eat the fruit in the Garden of Eden because He wants to maliciously keep scientific knowledge from humans, which is their Satanist doctrine. This is why the Illuminati’s hippy rogue pastors and Western Christianity Satanism ministers fanatically preach this Jezebel doctrine to the church people that Christians can be killed and get sick and get into terrible accidents. They pervert and cut out God’s Torah Truth which says that God will send His angels to keep us from dashing our foot on the rock. If we the apostles of God tell them that they teach lies from Babylonian Satanism, they ridicule us and oppose us, just like their predecessor the Pharisees. Satan and his Illuminati cannot harm us because they cannot pull God’s real born-again spiritual Christians into their deceptive beliefs and fake reality, because we do not accept that doctrine of Jezebel Satanism. If we do not believe it, they cannot have power over us. We are under God’s Torah Truth and His power and authority in us, who is Christ. We have authority over them. They shudder in fear because of the Holy Spirit in us. This is their greatest fear that all people will realize this, and that the devil and the Illuminati are just like an overgrown Goliath who cannot do anything against us. We can walk through Nebuchadnezzar‘s fiery furnace and not be harmed for mighty and faithful is the Lord in us. For those who love God, God will command His angels to lift us up so that we do not dash our feet against the stones. Psalm 91 tells us that no disease can reach us. This is why Satan tries to destroy the shield of faith. Humans were much more powerful creatures before the fall, when humans had the other 95% DNA which the Illuminati calls “Junk DNA,” and before humans lost other dimensions. Even the common hiccup shows us that man could live under water, and even fly before the fall of mankind. Humans have a natural disgust and hatred toward reptiles and snakes for a purpose. The reptilian hybrid nephilim love reptiles and cursed creatures, just like they love horror movies—it is in their nature. It is the religious Illuminati Pharisees who scorn the Torah Truth we teach, for they are ignorant. You can identify these Babylonian witchcraft Western Christianity Illuminati pastors, because they preach these Jezebel doctrines of fear, feminism, medical science Babylonian witchcraft, breeding, and everything satanic and ungodly. This is why they ridicule and oppose us every day. Next time you watch kid’s Disney movies like “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,” and the reptilian witch character in the movie says the famous phrase, “God cannot help you, hah, hah, hah, there is no use praying,” you will see their faces overlap with these religious Pharisee Jezebel-worshipper hippy rogue pastors and their jeering, since the same demonic spirits control both of them, and they basically preach the same hidden Illuminati doctrine—one in the church and one in kid’s movies. In movies like the Illuminati’s “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Seventh Son,” they make some reptilian nephilim witches look like they are good witches. The Wizard is depicted in the movie in a holographic image with a nephilim large brain cone head, green reptilian face, and fangs, just like the witch Illuminati bloodline families. In Illuminati propaganda movies like “Saving Mr. Banks,” you see these arrogant, obnoxious, nephilim personality descendent witches, who write books about witches like “Mary Poppins,” and prosper under Satan’s kingdom. They receive directions from demonic spirits. Their parents dabble in black magic which is drugs and spiritualism. Satan makes wealthy those movie makers who produce movies about witches like, “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” that makes Satan’s reptilian witches into idols to young human girls, and makes witches look cute and friendly. Whether they are witches or Satanists or Hollywood filmmakers or Nazis or gangster organized crime or feminists or Japanese of Korean ancestry or Illuminati assassins, they all belong to the same parent organizations, which is Satan’s ancient Mystery Babylon religion “Brotherhood of the Snake.” From the perspective of these people of the “Brotherhood of the Snake,” they are fighting a holy war against God, in order to try to place Satan as the ruler of the earth, and to create their reptilian form of utopia, which is the devil’s hell on earth, who they believe as the alien ally of mankind. It is like Hollywood, where you get all the most male chauvinist, sexual harasser, feminist, sexually lewd and unfaithful, sly, ungodly, criminal people gathering. In the past, only the Asian warrior class practiced the martial arts. However, in these End-Times, you have all these scum and low-life and convicts of the Illuminati practicing the MMA mixed martial arts from all the Asian martial arts, because they want to be powerful for selfish pride, and they do not have to do any work for a living, since they live off as parasites of the human homo-sapiens society from all the criminal income that they get paid monthly. Truly, truly, I tell you, true power is not in one’s martial arts knowledge or experience or physical strength or intelligence or money or technology or army or connections or the devil, but true power is in our Almighty God who fights for us. For example, the Western Illuminati Nazi criminal cabal thought they outnumber me, and out finance me, and out technology me, and out power me; but, they did not put God into the calculation. Now, since they have always been trying to secretly assassinate the Gnostic Illuminati and White Hat faction and White Dragon Society and 87 world leaders on ships in Monaco, and trying to exterminate all Asians and Blacks and Middle-Easterners and their so-called non-Aryan “little brown-colored inferior race” people and all Caucasian human homo-sapiens who consist of 95% of the world’s population, they in turn are the ones who are being gang-stalked, EMP shot, assassinated by 60,000 Eastern Illuminati ninjas, their families being eliminated systematically, their finances being bankrupted, arrested and imprisoned, their two underground military bases being blown up, their food and water and air being poisoned, hit with level 5 hurricanes and earthquakes, and being hunted down by the Eastern Illuminati alliance like scattering rats fleeing into a mousetrap. The devil and his fallen angels are also being gang-stalked and hunted down. What they tried to do to God’s apostle, they are receiving it back a million times more with interest. You can think of it as a hand ball, where the more harder you hit the ball, the harder it bounces back at you to hit you. Adolf Hitler attacked God’s people, and he learned his lesson not to disturb the bee hive, since he got hit back a hundred times harder, which demolished him. When they had annihilated 95% of the world’s population and established their New World Order, these Western Illuminati Nazis had planned to systematically execute all the Gnostic Illuminati members and White Dragon Society members and White faction members. Now, they are realizing that things are not as simple as they planned.


As for the Church Age Saints, they cannot be martyred, unless they believe that they can be martyred. Or, they want to hasten their death, so that they can get to heaven earlier. These Jezebel hippy rogue pastors of Western Christianity will sell this belief that the devil can get you or the boogie man can get you. This is the doctrine of Satanism that the Illuminati tries to spread through its Illuminati pastors and religious leaders of Western Christianity and their Hollywood movies. Even if you are in an arena full of lions or have the entire army of Jezebel after you or Pharaoh’s army after you, you cannot be killed. If you believe the devil can get you, then he can get you. If you do not trust God or love God, then the enemy can get you. However, if you trust and love God, nothing in the world can touch you. You can walk through burning hot furnace without even being singed. You can be raptured and delivered from the Great Flood. This is the Torah Truth that these “Bible Answer Man” and his religious Pharisee vagabond pastors try to deny and suppress. They are a plague to the church. However, only the carnal are deceived by their lies and false doctrines. As for you, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, listen to God, follow God and walk with His Spirit. Know Him through trust and love. These Illuminati Pharisee pastors of Western Christianity of Jezebel’s Satanism try to indoctrinate the religious Christians with this fake faith that if you believe hard enough that God will do something, you can somehow force Him to do it, making themselves masters and God an Illuminati brainwash movie genie. True faith is trusting God in His protection and love, and having His peace, when you have the entire CIA Nazi descendents, mafia and Satanists trying to assassinate you, or when you have the entire Saul’s army after you. It is not forcing God to stop persecution or give you a million dollars through faith, but it is rejoicing and thanking God for allowing persecution and trusting in His perfect good will. This is true trusting faith of God, and it is not the white-magic mind-power witchcraft-incantation faith that the Illuminati’s Western Christianity ministers teach and spread.


If you are a real Christian and a child of God, then you will get kicked out of the church and the Christian groups immediately, because we speak the truth and respect God’s Torah Truth. The Israelite Hebrew ten lost tribes have been spread to every nation and far away land, and they look like the people of those nations and far away lands, but they are Hebrews and God remembers them. These remnants of the ten tribes of Israel that have been spread to distant lands and nations, who were not even aware that they were Hebrews, are being saved and returning to our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are in Christ Jesus, you are Israel. (See video “The Witching Hour – The District of the goddess Columbia” at .)


Triceratops Dinosaur

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

Feathered Dinosaur

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

Draco Alatys (Dragon)

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

Homo Lupus (Werewolf)

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

Icthyo Sapien (Mermaid)

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

Homomimus Alatus (Fairy)

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

Homonculi (Goblin)

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

Homo Vampyr (Vampire)

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

Wraith Hunting Case

Images of Satan's alien hybrid nephilim and genetically engineered chimera

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They are disguised as humans. הם מחופשים לבני אדם. 彼らは人間に化けている。

Satan’s Illuminati Nazi Super Soldier Program Nephilim Giant 1

Satan's Illuminati Nazi Super Soldier Program Nephilim Giant 1

Satan’s Illuminati Nazi Super Soldier Program Nephilim Giant 2

Satan's Illuminati Nazi Super Soldier Program Nephilim Giant 2

Reptilian Head

Reptilian Head

Giant Nephilim Skull

Giant Nephilim Skull

Giant Nephilim Fossil

Giant Nephilim Fossil

Horned Nephilim Skull

Horned Nephilim Skull

Nephilim Skulls

Nephilim Skulls

Grey Nephilim Alien

Grey Nephilim Alien

Alien Nephilim Bodies

Alien Nephilim Bodies

Nordic Nephilim Aliens

Nordic Nephilim Aliens

Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Blackwater Corporation Al-Qaeda ISIS Nazi SS Clone Army Terrorist Giant Nephilim 1

Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Blackwater Corporation Al-Qaeda ISIS Nazi SS Clone Army Terrorist Giant Nephilim 1

Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Blackwater Corporation Al-Qaeda ISIS Nazi SS Clone Army Terrorist Giant Nephilim 2

Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Blackwater Corporation Al-Qaeda ISIS Nazi SS Clone Army Terrorist Giant Nephilim 2

Earth Defense Force Solar Warden Fleet – Lunar Colony

Earth Defense Force Solar Warden Fleet - Lunar Colony

Mars Defense Force Solar Warden Fleet – Mars Colony

Mars Defense Force Solar Warden Fleet – Mars Colony

Illuminati’s Earthquake Creator HAARP Electromagnetic Weapon 1

Illuminati’s HAARP weapon to create earthquakes deep underwater through tectonic heating, and damage nuclear power plants, in order to spread radiation into the atmosphere, to create cancer and other diseases to eliminate four-fifth of the so-called “ignorant masses” population, due to the world food-shortage, to usher in their Anti-Christ and New World Order, while they protect themselves from the radiation using negative ion force shields. Do not be a lukewarm religious Christian leading a religious life who will be left behind at the rapture, but rise up against Satan’s forces and boldly share the Torah Truth to the world. הנשק של האילומינטי HAARP ליצור רעידות אדמה עמוקה מתחת למים באמצעות חימום טקטונית, ותחנות כוח גרעיניות ניזק, כדי להפיץ קרינה לאטמוספרה, כדי ליצור סרטן ומחלות אחרות כדי לחסל ארבעה החמישית של “המונים הנבערים” כביכול אוכלוסייה, בשללמחסור במזון, שיוביל באנטי משיחם וסדר עולמי חדש, בעוד הם מגינים על עצמם מפני קרינה באמצעות מגיני כוח יונים שליליים בעולם. אל תהיה פושרים דתיים נוצריים מובילים חיים דתיים שיישארו מאחור בהתלהבות, אבל להתקומם נגד כחותיו של השטן ובאומץ לשתף את אמת התורה לעולם.

Illuminati’s Earthquake Creator HAARP Electromagnetic Weapon 2

Illuminati’s HAARP weapon to create earthquakes deep underwater through tectonic heating, and damage nuclear power plants, in order to spread radiation into the atmosphere, to create cancer and other diseases to eliminate four-fifth of the so-called “ignorant masses” population, due to the world food-shortage, to usher in their Anti-Christ and New World Order, while they protect themselves from the radiation using negative ion force shields. Do not be a lukewarm religious Christian leading a religious life who will be left behind at the rapture, but rise up against Satan’s forces and boldly share the Torah Truth to the world. הנשק של האילומינטי HAARP ליצור רעידות אדמה עמוקה מתחת למים באמצעות חימום טקטונית, ותחנות כוח גרעיניות ניזק, כדי להפיץ קרינה לאטמוספרה, כדי ליצור סרטן ומחלות אחרות כדי לחסל ארבעה החמישית של “המונים הנבערים” כביכול אוכלוסייה, בשללמחסור במזון, שיוביל באנטי משיחם וסדר עולמי חדש, בעוד הם מגינים על עצמם מפני קרינה באמצעות מגיני כוח יונים שליליים בעולם. אל תהיה פושרים דתיים נוצריים מובילים חיים דתיים שיישארו מאחור בהתלהבות, אבל להתקומם נגד כחותיו של השטן ובאומץ לשתף את אמת התורה לעולם.

Protect the Freedom of Speech & Religion

Protect the Constitution’s Bill of Rights Freedom of Speech and Religion by supporting against the secret disguised Illuminati secret-societies-owned government activists and politicians and assassin squads, who are trying to carry out their Satanist 6,000 year old “Brotherhood of the Snake” religious agenda of their god Lucifer, and trying to shut down all voices of opposition and rid of the freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of press and freedom to peaceably assemble. Save people’s favorite blog articles on flash memory right now, and distribute them to as many people as you can, before the Anti-Christ’s future New World Order shuts down all free media institutions and starts executing everyone who refuse to take their so-called “pandemic suppression” “666 Mark of the Beast” government microchip impants in the soon coming Tribulation Age of their Nazi Fourth Reich. 全ての反対派の声を消し、表現の自由、宗教の自由、自由メディアの自由、平和に集合する自由を止めようとし、彼らの神ルシファーを祭る悪魔崇拝である6千年の「蛇の秘密結社」の宗教的な企みを進めようとしているイルミナティ秘密結社の変装した政府の活動家や政治家や暗殺グループに対し、憲法の権限である話す自由と宗教の自由を、ワードプレス・ドット・コムをサポートする事によって、守って下さい。 もうすぐ来る彼らのナチス第4帝国で、彼らの言う「疫病を抑える」「怪物の印666」の政府体埋め込みマイクロチップを拒否する全ての人を処刑し、自由メディアを閉鎖する、反キリストの将来の「新世界秩序」が来る前に、人々の人気のブログの記事をフラッシュ・メモリーに今直ちに保存し、なるべく出来るだけ多くの方々に配布して下さい。 הגן על ביל של החוקה של זכויות חופש הביטוי ודת על ידי התמיכה נגד הפעילים החשאיים במסווה האילומינטי בעלות סוד החברות הממשלתיות ופוליטיקאים וחוליות מתנקש, שמנסים לבצע את "האחים השטן 6,000 בתם של הנחש "סדר היום דתי של האל שלהם לוציפר, ומנסה לסגור את כל הקולות של אופוזיציה ולהיפטר של חופש הדיבור וחופש הדת וחופש העיתונות והחופש להרכיב בדרכי שלום. להציל את המאמרים בבלוג האהובים של אנשים בזכרון פלאש עכשיו, ולהפיץ אותם לכמה שיותר אנשים שאתה יכול, לפני העולם החדש להזמין העתיד של אנטי ישו כיבוי כל מוסדות התקשורת חופשיים ומתחיל בביצוע כל מי שמסרב לקחת כביכול שלהם ""666 סימן החיה" דיכוי מגיפה "impants שבב הממשלה בתלאות גיל בקרוב הנאציים הרייך הרביעי שלהם.