Sin is the great divider between man and God. You may think of it as a wall. It is because God’s nature is holy, and He cannot fellowship with evil. If you are saved, you are saved by grace, regardless of your past, present or future sins. God has forgotten all sins as far as the east is from the west. However, sin will keep you from being filled by the Holy Spirit, and from that intimate relationship with Christ, and God listening to your prayers.

God says to be holy as He is holy. Of course, as Apostle Paul said, we do what we do not want to do, and we do not do what we want to do. He said that with human sinful nature, it is impossible, but with God’s Holy Spirit all things are possible. If you need deliverance from sin, all you need to do is to depend on God and ask Him in prayer. He will discipline you, so that you will repent. It may be through illness or finance or people, but God has His ways. He is love.

Of course, if we are born-again Christians we cannot continue to live in sin. It is because the Holy Spirit will convict our hearts. God would take away the life of a back-slider, before they can sin to the extent of losing their souls. So, their salvations are safe with God. God will not allow anyone to snatch you away from His hand. Those who renounce Christ and go into sin were not born-again Christians in the first place, since you cannot get unsaved. Your salvation is secure in Christ if you are a true believer.

Sin is deceitful in that it makes you compromise a little, then slowly gains control over you, and then enslaves you: whether it is greed, gluttony, hatred, anger, bitterness, laziness, stalking lust, idolizing a car or career or family, religion, pride, lying, or whatever sin it may be. Even if it is as small as using the company pen. Sin is evil to God. However, through Christ, God sees you sinless through Christ’s redemptive blood on the cross, so that He sees you as pure and righteous. It is mind-boggling, but true. It is a mystery and love and grace of God.

We are not saved by our good deeds or reciting “Hell, Mary,” three times or doing rituals or giving money. Our works are pride and like dirty rags to God. His salvation is free by God’s grace, and we only need to accept it by faith. It would be an insult to try to buy a Christmas gift from someone, if he is trying to give it to you free. The only way you can refuse that salvation is by refusing to believe in Christ (God’s only payment and solution to sin). That is the only sin that God cannot forgive, although He can forgive all other sins, whether it be a serial killer or abortion or stealing or divorce. He is only a repentance away.