Prayer is a key part of a Christian’s life. The Christian life is not a religion of trying to get saved through good works, rituals or inheritance. It is a relationship with the Holy God—the Creator of the universe. In any relationship, communication is a key. God created the world through His Word, who is Christ. The Word is alive, and He is the source of life. God is a person and He has a personality—a personality of love, righteousness and holiness. If we are to have a relationship through His Son who died for our sins and redeemed us, it is natural for us to communicate with Him daily and every moment. You do not get married and only communicate with your husband or wife once a month or twice a year in Christmas or Easter. Communication is a key to all relationships. You may have works and religious behavior, but if there is no relationship, there is no salvation.

If there is love, there is communication. If there is no love, there is no communication. Many religious people just repeat vain phrases of prayer over and over again every day. This is meaningless to God, for God desires and requires an active communication. If you repeated the same phrases over and over again to your husband or spouse, they will probably leave you. You can just buy a robot and program it to pray the same thing over and over again. If we believe that He exists, we will pray to Him; and if we do not believe He will give or that He is good, then we will not pray to Him.

What do we pray about? God tells us to pray about anything and everything. He is intimately interested in every aspect of your life. You must remember He is love: He does not have love, but He is love itself. God even knows everything you will pray, before you even pray for them. He knew you before you were born. He is all-knowing, but He still expects us to pray and come to Him. This is a relationship, and this is love. You cannot have a relationship with a robot, for there is no love. Humans are the only creatures whom God has given a spirit that can be aware and have a relationship with the Creator. Animals only have a body and soul (will, thought and emotion). We are blessed of all creation.

The Bible tells us that if an evil fleshly father would not give a rock to a child, if the child asks for bread, how much more would a loving heavenly Father give us all good things, according to His love. God will give and answer, according to His wisdom and love. He will not give us something, knowing that it will corrupt us or lead us to evil. The answer may be “yes” or “no,” but He will answer. He promises to provide all our needs, and many times even our wants.

He is always waiting for you to come to His presence. He is a God who is never far away. He is not a god like the other religions whose idols have no ears to hear or eyes to see or mouths to speak. He is the true and living God. Through prayer, the power that made the universe works. Often, we try to do things out of our own small strength and fail. If we learn to go to God first through prayer, we would save ourselves a lot of energy, time and heartache.

Rather than making God into a servant or genie or slave by telling Him you want Him to do this for you or you want Him to give you these things; it is important to see that we are the servants and that He is God. Therefore, we should be praying for His will to be done, and for us to be used by God to pray for the furtherance of His work and will. Yes, His will is for us to receive and be blessed. However, moreover, it is important that we seek to be used by God for His work through prayer, and we pray for others, in which we are used by God as His prayer vessel or tool. If we are selfish, we would always be preoccupied by ourselves, but if we are love, then we would be more preoccupied about the affairs of God and other people.

Daniel prayed and fasted for 21 days. Have you really gotten on your knees and face recently, to pour out your heart before God? Through Jesus Christ our salvation, He has made us able to come before the presence of the Almighty God. This is a mind-boggling truth to grasp, but it is true. What a joy! Let us come, dear Brethren, before Him today in prayer and praise and thanks and guidance and request and to seek His will. Praise be to the name above all names, and to the One who lives forevermore!