True peace comes from God. While the world is running around in panic and turmoil, God’s people can have complete peace. The reason why Jesus could sleep through the storm, while the disciples were panicking that the boat might sink, is because Jesus trusted the Father. If you trust the Father in heaven, then you have complete peace. If you do not trust the Father in heaven, then you will panic. That is why God’s people can have a peace that transcends all understanding—a peace that the world cannot understand.


The world has no peace. You can see them running around with bills to pay, mortgages, marital issues, children’s issues, car insurance, medical bills, health problems, human relations problems, work related concerns, deadlines, traffic irritations, busyness, etc. There is no peace in the world, since the world does not have the Prince of Peace, who is Christ—the Creator of the universe. If one knows the Creator and owner of the universe, then one can be at complete peace. If you are driving, but if you know that the driver is a F-1 driver, and not a 12 year old, then you can be at peace, since you know who is at the steering wheel.


Love and fear are opposite spirits. If you love the Lord, then there is no fear. If you have fear, you have no love. If you do not love God, then you always fear what may happen to you. If you love your God, you will not fear any persecution or demon or financial problems or humans or future. God has given us a Spirit of love, and not of fear. The non-believers are always fearful and living in worries. Worry is sin. If the Creator of heaven and earth is watching over you, what can you add to your life by worrying? This is where faith and love comes in. If you lack love and faith, ask the Father in heaven, and He will give them to you. Peace be unto you, brethren.