God is the master healer. He created us, so He is able to fix us. Only the One who made us knows how we are made. He is all-knowing, so He knows exactly what is wrong with us. He does not need help from man or medical institutions or from angels. God is more than able and willing to heal. He is love.


The only issue is whether the one who need healing believes that He is love, and that He is willing to heal, and able to heal. Where there is no faith or trust, God will not force His healing on someone. He is a gentleman. If one believes in Him, and asks the Father to heal, then He will. We do not have, for we do not ask. If we believe that God is a cold, unloving, indifferent God, then there really is no reason for Him to heal us. For if we believe He is evil, where is faith.


Therefore, faith is a key to God healing. We must believe that He can and will heal. Healing is nothing difficult for Him. He created the universe. Our bodies are nothing compared to the universe. Jesus healed people, and even brought the dead back to life. If He can do that, He can surely heal us, or make the lame walk, or the blind to see. He can bring the bed-ridden out of bed, and even the amputated limb to grow back. Nothing is impossible to God, for He is in the business of doing the impossible. He is the worker of miracles. He is all wise and all loving. If we have faith of a mustard seed, then if we tell this mountain to be moved into the ocean, it will be so.


Faith is the key for God to move. Every time Jesus healed, it required faith on the part of the receiver to believe in Him. If we distrust Him, He will respect that decision. If Jesus healed in ancient times, then He can heal now in modern times, for the Lord God Almighty lives outside of time, and is not restricted to the time continuum, and He is always the same. He has not changed, and He will never change. His nature is love and righteousness and holiness.


If you require healing today, seek Him and ask Him. He will work through that trust and faith in great and wonderful ways. And praise Him, believing in Him.