God loves you, this you know. If a parent loves a child, they want the child to be good, not evil. Therefore, the parent disciplines the child. The child cannot give anything to the parent, for the parent has everything, and the child does not. The child can only receive. The only thing that the parent requires of the child is obedience. That is why we cannot do anything for God, because He owns the universe and even every breath that we breathe. He only expects us to obey Him, for it is for our good. If we disobey, we will sin, and sin leads to death ultimately, after creating much pain and suffering. God knows what is best for us, and His intentions for us are good and love.


The Christian life is a process of becoming more like God in our Christ-likeness. We change from the nature of our former father Satan, to the nature of our new Father in heaven—God. This takes God’s sanctifying work, for we cannot change our human sinful nature ourselves. We are justified when we receive Christ; we are sanctified through discipline by God in our lifetime; and will be glorified when we are raptured and resurrected to receive our new glorified spiritual bodies. Therefore, we must not resist the discipline of God and His love and His sanctifying work. We must be grateful, for He is able to do what we are unable to do.


God may use the curses of sin to discipline us. He may use illness to rid our hearts of the lusts of the flesh. He may use financial difficulty to rid our hearts of the lusts of the eyes. He may use attack from humans to rid our hearts of the pride of life. These are the three major categories of sin. Once we are free of sin in our lives, there is no longer the power of sin over us, and therefore, we are free from the curses of sin. We are protected by God, for we obey Him. Just as when Israel disobeyed, God allowed them to go under bondage; and when they returned to the Lord, He freed them and not only that, He blessed them.


God knows we do not have the willpower or goodness to obey. So, He will do it for us through discipline, so that we may obey Him. It is because you are His child. If you are not a born-again Christian, then He would not discipline you. A parent never disciplines his or her neighbor’s child or an illegitimate child; a parent only disciplines his or her own child, for the parent loves the child or legitimate child. This is how you know you are loved, and that you are a legitimate child of God and not a illegitimate child. He treats you as would any parent treat his or her child. So, rejoice! You are a child of God! And learn from the discipline, and be sanctified by the Holy Spirit. The fire tempers the steel and makes it stronger, and refines the gold to make it pure; and to make your character more like Christ. Praise be to God!