There is no obligation to give tithes or offerings, but if you are a real Christian, you would give back to God for His work. It is not an obligation, but it is a joy and a blessing to be able to give to God. Everything belongs to Him anyway, including our very breath. He is the owner of the universe, and has given us everything that we have. He does not need our money, but He blesses us by using us to give to His work.


God says to bring in the offerings, so that His House will be full. Western churches require that you give to them. This is not biblical. You should give to whoever God leads you to give, whether it is a person or group or ministry. Churches should not always be asking for money. God does not expect us to be beggars. If we are doing God’s work and obeying Him, then He will provide for all of our needs and a lot of times even beyond our needs. The Western Christianity is a religion, so it has become a Corporate Christianity. There are many false-prophets joining the churches, trying to make money off of the Christians. This is why discernment by the Holy Spirit is important. All giving should be led by the Holy Spirit.


God says that you cannot out-give God. He will pour out blessings to you, whether they are spiritual or material, if you give to Him. However, many false ministers use this to try to make people give to them. This should not be. Our motive for giving should not be to make more money. God is not a servant or genie to provide all your wishes. He is our Father and provider.


God says not to be anxious or fearful like the heathens concerning what we shall eat or wear, but first seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things shall be added unto us. If Jesus died for you on the cross to save you, He is not going to abandon you when He knows you need food and clothing and money to pay for rent. The difference is that love creates faith in our Father, and distrust creates fear in the heathen’s heart.


Giving does not mean only giving money, but it means our time, energy, labor, prayer, and heart. Giving means giving all of ourselves to the Lord.