Since the prophecy that Israel will return as a nation was fulfilled by God in 1948, all the other prophecies for the Tribulation Age is coming true at breakneck speed never seen before in human history. As you know, one-third of the Bible is on prophecy or eschatology, so one-third of all sermons should be on Bible prophecy. We are living in an age which is most talked about in the Bible than any other time in the Bible.


The prophecies about the 666 biochip mark of the Beast; 200 million troop army of the Kings of the East of China; the drying up of the Euphrates; the satellite television technology for the whole world to view the two witnesses being resurrected; the rise of the New Roman Empire; the coming together of the Ezekiel 38 Israeli nuclear war nations allied against Israel, including the Gog of Russia and Muslim coalition of Persia, Libya, Turkey, Sudan; the preparation for the rebuilding of the Temple; the move for a one-world currency and economy; the move for a one-world religion; the move for a one-world government by the Anti-Christ; the rise of Islam; the building of the FEMA concentration camps and import of thousands of guillotines by the Anti-Christ; the increase in frequency of wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes and tidal waves and famines; the increase in Satan’s deceptive UFO sightings; the apostasy of the End Times churches; the increase of ungodliness in the world; etc., etc., etc.


If the prophecies for the last seven-year Tribulation Age is coming true already, how close is the rapture of the Christians when Jesus comes back, which will take place before the Anti-Christ signs the peace treaty between Israel and Palestine that will start the last seven-year clock of the Tribulation Age of God’s judgment and wrath upon the earth? There is no prophecy that needs to be fulfilled before the rapture, so Jesus may come back for His Church anytime now. We need to be pure in our lives, since the Groom may come back anytime. Once we are gone, all hell will literally break loose on this earth with meteors, earthquakes, plagues, hyper-inflation, nuclear wars, etc. The Anti-Christ will behead all the Tribulation Saints during the Tribulation Age. However, we the Church Saints will be in heaven celebrating with the Lord, along with all of our brothers who Jesus will raise from the grave, when He returns.


After the Tribulation Age, Jesus will come back at His Second-Coming during Armageddon along with us the Church Saints and His angels, and destroy the Anti-Christ and his armies of the earth; and Jesus will set up His millennial kingdom on this earth. Be ready, for the Bible teaches us to be ready and to look up, when all of these things start happening, for our redemption is near; and our Lord Jesus Christ is right at the door! Be ready to receive your spiritual glorified bodies.