God tells us that we must be born by water and by Spirit to see the Kingdom of God: once in the physical, and born-again by the Holy Spirit.


There are two types of baptism: one is the baptism of salvation, where your soul is saved; and the other baptism is by the Holy Spirit for the empowerment of the Christian. Jesus received the Holy Spirit from the Father before He started His ministry. We need an anointing from God in order to do His ministry.


That is why it is vital that we lay hands on our brothers to pray for their receiving of the Holy Spirit, so that they may go out in the power of the Spirit to disciple all men to Christ. No work of God can be done in one’s own power. It must be by the grace and Spirit of God.


You do not have to worry about what you will say or do. The Holy Spirit will give you the words and guidance where to go and who to talk to. Just as a demon-possessed person does the will of the demon, a Christian filled by the Holy Spirit is enabled to do the will of the Lord.


Many Christians go through a roller coaster life of struggle with sin and depression and weakness; since they are not filled by the Holy Spirit. The apostles and disciples of God should be filled by the Holy Spirit rejoicing and empowered to go to all corners of the earth preaching the great news of salvation to all men. Instead of human fear, self-focus, sin, defeatism, doubt of salvation, worry, guilt, sickness and religious routine; you will have boldness, faith, love, victory over sin, joy, peace, healing, power, deliverance, gifts of the Spirit and a Christ-centered life. This is the true life of a Christian that God intends. It is not possible with man, but it is possible in Christ through dependence in Him. It is not by man, but by the His Spirit.


Distrust and religion will obstruct the Holy Spirit and Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Faith and an intimate relationship will allow the Holy Spirit to flow and to be Baptized by the Holy Spirit. Receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit and God’s provision to do your ministry.