Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 9


Mars sister nephilim civilization was destroyed in ancient times. There are still lakes and rivers on it, but much of the water was displaced to earth. It shares a lot of the wildlife species with the earth. If you look at the top secret photos of mars with the blown up alien military crafts and bodies of reptoids and insectoids and humanoids, you see reptile animals devouring the dead corpses of the soldiers. The atmosphere was blown off, so the air is very thin, and it has become like a desert. The indigenous nephilim reptilian aliens and indigenous nephilim insectoid aliens are trying to terraform it back to its original condition. They are living alongside and fighting with the indigenous human nephilim Aryan race that descends from Nazi Germany that moved there during World War 2 (SS troops), and the human nephilim super soldiers of the Mars Colony Corporation United States Marine Corp Special Section (SS troops) who were created by the Nazi scientists who moved to the United States military industrial complex after World War 2 that is run by Dick Cheney. There are many species of nephilim aliens spread throughout the universe. The Draco reptilian nephilim aliens started attacking the mars indigenous species, so there was an alliance formed by the three indigenous species to fight the Dracos. The reptilian fallen angels and Satan has controlled the Dracos who have controlled the earth’s human homo-sapiens race for thousands of years through their fellow reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati bloodline families on the earth. The nephilim grey aliens are hybrids created to serve the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens. The Draco reptilian nephilim aliens have been at war with the Pleiadian humanoid nephilim aliens for thousands of years, who also under the Council of the Galaxy of different nephilim alien species, have influenced and provided technology to different governments of humans on the earth. It is allowed by the Council to provide technology to the certain human governments and Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodline families, in order to counterbalance the technologies given to other human governments and reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline families by the Dracos to further their purpose on the earth. Satan and his fallen angels control the Western nations and their New World Order. Opposing fallen angels and watchers control the Eastern nations and Russia. There are dozens of earth organizations and alien nephilim groups competing with each other and fighting. Various alien nephilim species have controlled and manipulated different governments on earth and different Illuminati bloodline families to further their own agendas. The Draco reptilian nephilim aliens and the Pleiadian humanoid nephilim aliens hate each other, and have been at war for thousands of years. There were nuclear wars on earth during Noah’s days and the Atlantis empire, Lumeria empire, Rama empire, Hyperborea empire days, and God destroyed their nephilim empires with the Great Flood. Again, they are going to cause a nuclear war, and this time, God will destroy their empires with Great Fire. Jesus will return and set up His Millennial Kingdom upon the earth. Just as they exterminated the human homo-sapiens race from the earth during Noah’s days through their genetically engineered nephilim creatures and monsters, they are again creating in these End Times genetically engineered nephilim creatures and monsters to exterminate the human homo-sapiens race, which is Satan’s agenda. Satan and his Dracos are creating powerful nephilim demons that will be animated with their technologies, in order to prepare for their battle with God and His holy angels. The love and light psychic occult magic white witch New Agers’ Pleiadian humanoid nephilim aliens, and their darker partners, the satanic child live sacrifice paedophile Illuminati occult black magic reptilian hybrid Satanist witches’ Draco reptilian nephilim aliens are getting their human governments and armies together for a final battle. The Draco Anunnaki had left the world limelight to work in the background as God destroyed their Atlantis civilization and allowed the human race to receive Jesus Christ who is our salvation, but now, God will be allowing the Draco Anunnaki to return to the limelight or rather come into the open to conduct Satan’s last deception of mankind through his Illuminati, just as it was in the days of Noah and the last days of Atlantis. They had created an Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodline family to operate through and control the governments and nations. The white witch New Agers’ of the fallen angels who are opposing Satan keep talking about Timelines, because these time travelers believe that they can change the bad timeline of Bible prophesy to a good timeline of peace and light through projecting their positive energy and love psychic mind witchcraft upon the low vibrations of the earth. These fallen angels and their Pleiadian nephilim aliens of New Age religion believe that they can still be saved by not allowing their evil Satanist Luciferian Illuminati counterparts from projecting low vibration dark force. A Christian and child of God should not be involved in any black magic or white magic, or channeling of spirits or aliens, or doctrines of demons or aliens. We know that all of these fallen angels and nephilim beings have their own agenda. These nephilim alien species throughout the universe has not stopped the Dracos and other alien species from abducting humans, dissecting them, scalping their souls and taking over their bodies, selling them into slavery on other planets, selling their souls in the galactic black markets, and conducting what all the alien nephilim species call the “Great Experiment.” All that the aliens talk about is the Great Experiment. The Great Experiment is a program by all the alien species to kidnap and experiment on human  genes to try to decipher its soul DNA and God image and possibility for eternal life. These aliens do not have twelve dimensions, but they have fewer dimensions depending on their species. This is why they have all been watching the Draco reptilian nephilim four-dimensional aliens enslave humans, eat humans, torture humans, rape humans, sodomize humans, harvest their organs and tissues and genes, mix them with animals to make chimera beings, and conduct all kinds of heinous experiments on the humans. They do not like the humans and are very jealous, because they can be saved through Jesus and have a greater DNA and spiritual potential, which they have blocked and enslaved for now. To give their indifference to the plight of the humans an excuse, they have called it the Non-Intervention Galactic Rule, where they say that no species is allowed to save or rescue the humans, because they cannot interfere with the affairs of other civilizations. It is like a police officer who watches a victim get robbed and murdered. Recently, they have come out of the woodworks, because they know Jesus’ return is near, so they are making it look like they are helping the humans, and genuinely care about the humans. The Draco reptilians on the other hand, can only do to humans what the humans allow them to do to their civilization and population. The humans invited them in, and allowed them to abduct and harvest humans, in order to get Draco military technology in exchange. The humans allow the Dracos to survive by feeding on the humans’ negative energies of hatred, selfishness, pride, anger, laziness, gluttony, greed, envy, scorn for God and Jesus, and the more evil a human is the more that human allows itself to be demon-possessed by these Dracos. This is why in the evil End Times after the hippy satanic era of the post 1960s and the Calvary Chapel hippy movement into Satanism Christianity, the world has become more controlled by these Dracos and their boss Satan and the fallen angels.


The aliens are the nephilim who were the inhabitants of Atlantis during Noah’s days. This is why these chimera and nephilim aliens are of tremendous giant sizes. The so-called Pleiadians channeled Barbara Marciniak preach the doctrines of Sumerian Satanism, and they deny the gospel of the Bible and the existence of Jesus Christ.


The United States has been taken over by the Illuminati Atlantean time traveling “Disney Tomorrowland movie type” Vril psychic Aryan race giant uberman clone Nazi Aldeberan Pleiadian Nordic Anunnaki Sumerian Borg aliens who have Nazi Pleiadian UFO bases in Antarctica, South Africa, the Andes mountains, the moon, on mars, under the ocean, and Nazi German cities in Argentina, so that is why they are blonde and blue-eyed and speak fluent German. They write the Draco’s nephilim Anunnaki reptilian writings. Their technology is much more advanced than ours, because they are a breakaway civilization started by Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel aliens. The reason when they use the pyramid time and space travel, the people are thirsty is because the electromagneticity affects the water in the body. They are preparing for a Nazi false flag alien invasion to deceive all the people of the world. Nazi Germany received technology from the Alderbran Pleiadian Nordic aliens through their Vril channelers. Satan’s fallen angels were not concerned with Nazi Germany winning the war, because their Vril Thule motives were to deceive and prepare the earth to fight God and Jesus who is returning. This is why the Vril Sumer Alderbran Pleiadian Nordic Nazis abandoned Nazi Germany to their enemies, and strategically took over the U.S. government instead. This is why as soon as the Nazis developed the nuclear bombs and anti-gravity UFO spacecraft and stealth supersonic aircraft, they did not use it to win the war, but they shipped all these weapons to Antarctica and the moon and other Nazi bases. They could have used these weapons to obliterate the allied forces. However, Satan and his fallen angels’ purpose for these weapons were to create a space fleet to fight Jesus and Almighty God YHWH at Armageddon. They could care less for the German people, because the Germans are human homo-sapiens species people. They wanted Germans and Russians and Americans to die in large numbers. If you look at it in this big picture, all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, and everything makes perfect sense. Satan and his fallen angels’ Illuminati Nazi Vril Pleiadians killed John F. Kennedy for trying to shut down the Nazi created CIA and NSA; the Nazis started Nazi Germany; the Nazis are in the hallow earth cities and undersea bases and moon bases and on the Aldebaran planet; the Nazis kidnapped people as slaves to populate other planet civilizations; the Nazis started the NSA and NASA and CIA; the Nazis killed all the world’s top bankers on the Titanic to start their privately owned Federal Reserve Bank; and so on and so forth. The Illuminati’s Nazis and their Luciferian Satanist secret societies are the strong arm of Satan Lucifer and the fallen angel archons. The Luciferian Satanist Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim globalist elites worship their Draco reptilian alien fallen gods who gave up their dimensions to breed with human women and who they consider their fourth dimensional gods, and the Nazi Aryans worship their Nordic aliens who have the same alien genes, because Nazi Aryan race people are the alien hybrid nephilim descendants of the Nordic aliens. Together they have cooperated to try to exterminate the human homo-sapiens race. This is the reason for the obsession with technology and space travel and time travel and space weapons systems and building a nephilim uberman super soldier army and fanatic building of a space fleet. These Aldebaran Aryan’s believe the humans homo-sapiens are profane and inferior and cockroach people. Satan who lives outside time and space is preparing an army to fight God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ, as ridiculous as it is. This is a war against God and His creation and his homo-sapiens humans, and a goal to exterminate all human homo-sapiens, just as Satan almost succeeded during Noah’s ancient Atlantis days when the nephilim Aryans took over the earth. The Vril are not concerned about Nazi Germany winning a war, but their agenda is all about winning a greater cosmic war that is coming in space against an old enemy. The humans are just gullible suckers being used as tools by these off-world entities for their purpose. After the December 21, 2012 astrological event where God’s truth is starting to wake up the human homo-sapiens from Satan’s Illuminati mind-control matrix, the Illuminati secret societies are very scared of being exposed, and are trying to quickly destroy all human homo-sapiens before everyone wakes up. The fallen angel archons can operate in this third dimensional realm as reptilian aliens and grey aliens, using the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim bloodline family demon spirit peoples’ electromagnetic genetic PLS technology to create flesh and flood bodies. From there, you already know how Satan and his archon fallen angels got control of the Illuminati MJ-12 avatar bodies and their psychopath CIA AQUARIUS fourth dimensional gene alien hybrids who now consist of 10% to 15% of our earth’s population. The alien enemies’ bases are located under American Indian reservations, and that is why some American Indian people do not have to work like the other ethnic people do, and they get free income from the U.S. government every month in various forms.The Illuminati Nazi MJ-12 AQUARIUS gave permission to the Draco reptilian aliens’ grey aliens to abduct your daughters and sons and fathers and mothers to be dissected, experimented on, sexually assaulted, and body parts harvested. This evolved into the modern day MILAB TR3B spacecraft alien hybrid crew rape rings that go around abducting your baby daughters and drugging them and raping them and injecting their reptilian hybrid gene Borg nanobot semen into them and returning them. These time traveling giant humanoid Alderberan Nordic Nazi Borg humanoid aliens work together with the Draco reptilians to invade, pillage, rape, enslave and assimilate humans into the Draco empire. Just as in their Illuminati movie “Alien,” humanoid women who get captured and raped by these Draco reptilians do not carry the fetus to term, but the nephilim giant babies are so big that they burst out of the mothers’ stomachs and kill the mother. These giant humanoid aliens are tall, blonde, handsome, genetically engineered, evil, nephilim super soldiers. When they travel through time, they create all these holes and ripples in time, and there are different time traveling humanoids that had escaped into different trajectories in time. The Illuminati NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS CIA and Nazi NSA were created by the aliens, for the aliens, as the aliens. The Nazi’s CIA was never a human organization, and never cared for the humans. How dare these uncircumcised nephilim illegitimate MJ-12 AQUARIUS Frankenstein monster freak CIA alien hybrids try to assassinate me, God’s prophet and apostle and legitimate human homo-sapiens person, every day, for speaking God’s truth. Therefore, God will destroy them, now. Our Heavenly Daddy is going to give these Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Trojan horse alien hybrids and their Draco reptilian CIA boss creeps a good kick in the buttocks. [See video “Sage of Quay Radio- Jim Nichols – Nazi Technology, Secret Space and the Occult (Nov 2014)” at and “UFOs ETs and Eisenhower – Jim Nichols” at .]


Now, since Jesus is coming back to set up His millennial kingdom, so the benevolent aliens are starting to help the humans by fighting the Draco reptilians to stop their enslavement of humans. The reasons that the benevolent aliens give for not helping the humans for thousands of years from the Draco reptilians’ torture, dissection, enslaving, parasitism, rape, pillaging, plundering, human sacrifice satanic rituals, narcotics, stealing through banking systems, and eating of humans on the earth is that they have a policy to not interfere and that they give the humans free will to either free themselves or not. However, this is a big lie. The humans had no free will, because the Dracos had overwhelming technology and they are four dimensional creatures that travel and control through time, and the humans had no idea that there were such things as aliens, in the first place. Since the benevolent aliens did not inform the humans that they were being mind-controlled, deceived, and bullied, the humans had no free will to decide to be free, because they did not know that they were being mind-controlled and deceived and parasite upon by the malevolent alien greys and reptilians and humanoid races. The humans were at the mercy of the Dracos Illuminati reptilian hybrid earth government globalist elite homo-capensis leaders. It is like watching a little girl getting raped, have her purse stolen, and stabbed, and saying that since she has free will and she did not even know that there was a way to be saved, they did not help her. So, they just watched her being killed and eaten by the reptilians. Millions of children have been raped and sodomized and ritually sacrificed in the Illuminati satanic rituals and eaten by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids and Draco spaceships would come to earth to load their ships with fresh human meat and bodies for food supply. Each nephilim alien race had their own selfish, personal agendas to watch the Dracos and greys and other alien races conduct their Great Experiment upon the human homo-sapiens race to try to decipher their DNA and twelve dimensional energy genes. Meanwhile, the earth has been replaced with millions and millions of alien hybrid people who are from all of these grey and reptilian and humanoid and other alien species, and who use these bodies to play and entertain themselves in human bodies on the earth. They are feminists and homosexuals and do all kinds of sexual acts on the humans. The earth is a playground for them, and the humans are toys for them. They use their higher technologies and higher dimensions to exploit and use and enslave and steal from the humans, as well as impersonate humans with cloned human bodies. The earth has been ruled by these nephilim. The aliens say that they seeded the earth, and the humans are their genetic experiment and offspring. They are not the ancestors of the humans as they claim, and they did not add their genes to create humans. They are the ancestors of the nephilim, and added their genes to the nephilim. This is why they are trying to exterminate God’s humans. When the aliens say the word “human,” they mean the “nephilim,” because to the aliens, the nephilim are the true humans that they have created through transhumanism genetic engineering of God’s humans, and God’s human homo-sapiens are just weak, garbage people that need to be gotten rid of, and replaced with the Nordic aliens’ Aryan super race or Draco aliens’ reptilian hybrid homo-capensis super race of nephilim superhero super soldiers Borg cyborgs. However, Jesus is coming back to set things right and stop this nonsense and party and torture and pillaging and looting and rape and cannibalism of the human race.


All of a sudden, just when Jesus is about to return, you have disgusting people like Alex Collier who have arisen to start the great deceit about the existence of aliens, and preach the doctrine of demons. He says that all humans are gods, and they are powerful. He himself does not have a human soul, and is a nephilim creature. He claims to witchcraft channel information from demonic spirit aliens. Alex Collier says that he is made nauseas about the concept of sin, and that we are not sinners. He says that we need a one-world government and a cashless society, just as the Bible says that the devil and his Anti-Christ will set up. He is pushing forward an evil agenda by making himself look like a man who is standing up for the people and their freedom from the evil Illuminati government. Do not be deceived by people who preach such wicked doctrines from fake so-called benevolent extraterrestrial alien beings. The question is if his benevolent alien beings are telling the truth, why did they wait this long to come and stop the Illuminati and Draco reptilian alien tyranny and human abduction and alien human hybridization program and wars and suffering and parasitism and child sacrifice Satanist rituals of the Illuminati. He says that it is not the benevolent aliens’ responsibility to help the humans, but it is the humans who have to help themselves. If his aliens were so benevolent, they would not watch humans being eaten, sacrificed, dissected, experimented on, poisoned, and genocide exterminated. The question is why when Jesus is about to return, he is saying that his benevolent aliens are all of a sudden interested in freeing mankind from the Illuminati and Draco reptilian alien slavery and teaching the humans the truth and protecting mankind and helping mankind to achieving a higher consciousness dimensional change. You can immediately tell that the doctrines about his so-called benevolent good aliens is lies, because they are diabolically opposed to God’s Torah Truth and the Bible and what our Lord Jesus Christ says. Be careful of these servants of demons and liars. If the spirits that Alex Collier is channeling are really benevolent aliens, then why are they allowing him to be homeless and live in a car? My God YHWH and Lord Jesus Christ provides for all of my need, and I have never been in lack.


Satan is setting up his great End Times deception of mankind by planning to send his fallen angels as the Ashtar Command’s Jesus Sananda, who is a fake Jesus to deceive mankind, disguised as benevolent aliens to bring peace and one-world unity after the ravages and horrors of World War 3. Jesus Sananda is the fake Jesus of the hippy rogue pastors, and not the Almighty God Lord Jesus Christ the Creator. The Illuminati people are going to welcome this fake Jesus Sananda as their great savior and benevolent alien. Jesus is not an alien. Jesus is the Holy God. All these alien hybrids who are parading around our society as humans are saying that humans are going to ascend into the 4th dimension and gain psychic abilities, and they all claim to have reptilian witch race nephilim supernatural power psychic abilities and telepathy. They are promoting this return of the benevolent aliens, and driving out of the old Illuminati reptilian hybrid globalist elite cabal. They call themselves the star seed children or “walk ins” (demon-possession by nephilim spirits) into human bodies, who have been incarnated into earth human bodies, in order to lead the humans through the earth’s dimensional change or what they call ascension of mankind to the 4th dimension. They claim to have alien souls that have entered human bodies called “walk-in’s.” Some of them have memories of living some lives as dolphins, too.


There is a sudden surge of human alien hybrids who had been bred by the Illuminati and reptilian aliens and Satan and his fallen angels since the early 20th century and even from ancient times, who have been sent out to the world to promote their New Age White Magic witchcraft doctrine of panspermia and humans evolving into a higher dimension and higher consciousness, and how the good aliens are trying to help us. Once the Illuminati wipes out the electric grid with an EMP weapon and people are in chaos, then the Satan’s Illuminati will come in with his good alien Savior who will provide amazing technology to restore electricity and normal lifestyle to the human civilization. This is how Satan and his fallen angels plan to deceive the unbelievers and heathens with their fake alien agenda.


The Nazi NASA space program and military space fleet and Mars colony was started by Satanists, so they were nephilim descendants. Now, these nephilim descendants have created all these alien hybrids who work for them in the space fleets and space bases in the space program. They have photographic memories, super human physical capabilities, and extraordinary understanding of technological and scientific knowledge, much like in their Illuminati movie “Star Trek,” or “Star Wars,” and they have nephilim psychic or psionic abilities, just like the alien nephilim.


However, all these aliens who escaped Noah’s civilization in Atlantis and Lemuria and other nations into the various planets and into the underground cities of the earth may have advanced ancient technology, but they do not have human souls. They are genetically engineered chimera and nephilim, often between humans and animals and plants and other things. They may be four dimensional or eleven dimensional. Their Great Experiment they have been doing by abducting humans and cutting them up and selling their souls and DNA in their off planet alien black markets is to decipher the twelve energetic DNA strands of the humans whom God created. If they decipher this twelve strand DNA and humans’ twelve dimensional capabilities, they would be able to travel at much faster speeds and have amazing powers and capabilities. These alien nephilim have very little band of emotions, so they are more like the Borg cyborg zombie hive mind slaves of Satan and his fallen angel Archons who control them. There are warring factions among the aliens, because there are warring factions among the fallen angels, as well as fallen angels like God and the Asian Dragon who are opposed to Satan. There has been a war going on between the reptilian Draco alien nephilim and all the humanoid alien nephilim for a very long time. There has been a cooperation between the alien races in order to create their alien hybrid Illuminati New World Order on the earth. Currently, there is war, because many of the other alien species want a piece of the pie of the New World Order that the reptilian hybrids of the Draco reptilian aliens had monopolized on the earth. There are millions of these various alien hybrids being manufactured and replacing the humans on the earth. All these humans are abducted or disappear from tidal waves, because thousands are taken off planet as slaves. There is a war between the reptilian hybrid bloodline families and the Aryan race Illuminati people. The Pleiadians are a super soldier race from the future. The alien greys are a shriveled up humanoid species from the future who claim that they got a terminal DNA lifespan because of all the radiation they received from their nuclear wars, and are engineered with reptilian genes to be the humanoid servants of the reptilian Dracos. The Dracos reptilian alien bodies were created by the fallen angels to house themselves, so that they can rape the human earth women. They have taken on fourth dimensional bodies. They are controlled by the Archon fallen angels. They are more Borg nanobot parasite controlled bodies rather than normal life form. As in their Illuminati movie “Alien,” when they rape the human women, the reptilian fetuses are so big nephilim that they break out of their mothers’ stomachs and kill them. There are fallen angels who did not take on these lower dimensional bodies, and still possess spiritual bodies and are very powerful. The Watchers have been kept for 70 generations in Tartarus, and are now being released, so they need to get together their alien deception program, and that is why there has been a high pitch alien human hybridization program and technological seeding of human civilization since the 19th century’s 40s and 50s, starting with the Nazis. Satan and the occult ancient pagan religions of the Nazis and the current day Illuminati Satanists are all one and the same, and just different outward appearances of Satan’s agenda.


Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien nephilim and their Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid globalist elite royal bloodline families needed all these human homo-sapiens to build the infrastructures on the earth and the Secret Space Program and space fleets, in order to fight our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. They needed this fleet and technology to prepare to fight God when Jesus returns at Armageddon. Now that they have all the infrastructures, computers, weapons, spacecrafts, space fleets, plasma weapons, etc. to fight God and his holy angels, the Illuminati no longer need the human homo-sapiens species. To them, the humans are only good for soul-scalping from the body and feeding off energy from the human souls, and feeding on human livestock meat physically. This is the reason why Satan Lucifer and the fallen angel Archons and Draco reptilian aliens and the Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elites are starting their global genocide extermination of 99% of the human homo-sapiens populations. Their alien hybrid manufacturing program has progressed, and they are secretly abducting millions of human homo-sapiens and their children to be used as slaves on other planets, and replacing them with alien hybrids, fake clones, and imposter infiltrators. These things do not have human souls. They are alien. Satan will be given power and a short time to come to power to conduct his activities and New World Order, until Christ returns. Gog and the benevolent aliens will be suppressed until Satan is allowed to work out his End Times purpose.


There is a war going on between the Nazi Fourth Reich breakaway society in space and the Antarctic against the earth’s Secret Space Program space fleets.


There are alien races that believe that if they oppose Satan’s Dracos and Illuminati, and do good instead of bad, they will be allowed to survive during Christ’s millennial kingdom that will be five dimensional and people will live much longer and there will be peace, unlike the Dracos who would be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Satan will be released from the abyss after Christ’s millennial kingdom, and he will go throughout the universe to bring all the nephilim alien species and their high tech weaponry against Jesus and His Saints, but since they are from false future timelines that do not exist, when time disappear, their existence will disappear. All elements and time and space will melt away, and the universe will be rolled up. A new heaven and earth that is not separate from each other and a New Jerusalem that is multi-dimensional and spiritual will be created by God. All unclean evil entities cannot enter this dimension and spiritual realm. They will be forever shut out, because they are not compatible. Their dimensions are much lower and less, and they will exist in the Lake of Fire. This is why there is tremendous jealousy and envy and hatred from the nephilim and chimera aliens against God’s human race. They believe that by hybridizing their fallen angel genes and human genes, and inhabiting their hybrid bodies, they can reach immortality and salvation from their fallen state. Not so. They are fallen creatures, and are forever fallen, and have no chance of salvation, just as Brother Enoch has said. They have higher dimensions now and higher technology than three dimensional humans, but they do not have the ability to create reality and things from thought like the humans have. It is because humans were created in the image of God who is the Creator, so we have the ability to create. These aliens do not have that ability. This is why the Draco reptilian aliens and the Illuminati reptilian hybrids have to show what they are going to do, such as the 9.11 terrorist twin tower bombing in their game cards and televisions and Hollywood movies and other mind programming devices, so that the humans would believe it and think it, so that it will actually manifest into reality. They need the humans think things into existence, in order to carry out their devilish plans. They feed off of the negative energies created by the humans, in order live. This is why these fallen angels have to create wars and hatred and conflict and pain and torture among humans through their Draco reptilian aliens and Illuminati reptilian hybrid globalist elite nephilim, in order to feed. If all humans on the earth got along with each other, and loved each other, and laughed, then the fallen angels would cease to live because they would not have any life energy. These fallen angels have no life energy of their own, because they have fallen. They have to feed off of humans. Some have dozens of human souls attached to them, which they feed off of, just like the reptilian Predator alien collects human skulls as trophies in their Illuminati movie, “Predator.” Humans souls that are soul scalped from human bodies are very precious trade commodities between aliens in the universe, along with human DNA, because human DNA is actually twelve strand twelve dimensional, where the humans are currently in their fallen state and estranged from their energy higher dimensional DNAs. In these End Times, just as God said in the Bible Book of Daniel, the fallen angels will try to mix their genes and seeds with that of humans, and genetically engineer human bodies to live in. This is why you have so many feminists and homosexuals in these evil End Times, because they are nephilim demon spirits that have taken over or human bodies or cloned human looking bodies or are fallen angels living in human bodies that have both genes so that they can operate in this three dimensional realm. They take over bodies, and when those bodies die, they take over another body. Many have lived in female bodies over and over again for thousands of years like parasites, and their demon nephilim spirits take on the energy signature of the female bodies, so when they are born into male bodies in these End Times, they become homosexual gays, because their bodies are men, but their demon nephilim spirit energy signature is women. They get confused. Likewise, those demons who have been reincarnating in male human bodies, and are now incarnated into female alien hybrid bodies are lesbian, and lust after other witch race witches who conduct their lesbian witch Satanist sex rituals. This is why the fallen angel reptilians who created their own Draco reptilian nephilim bodies to have sex with human women possess both male and female sexual organs, and they demon-possess the three dimensional avatar bodies the Illuminati reptilian hybrid royal bloodline globalist elite nephilims on the earth to have their homosexual and bisexual sexual orgy Satanist witch rituals and blood sacrifice rituals of humans and cannibalizing of children and paedophile child rape sodomy rituals. The blood of the children they sacrifice contain special fear adrenaline that give these creatures a natural narcotics like high when drinking them. They have fed on humanoid species throughout the galaxy for thousands of years. The reason why they have histories like thousands of years and millions of years and billions of years, and come from future timelines is because the time in their fourth dimension and all the way up to the eleventh dimensions pass by at a higher speed than our three dimensional realm, because they are more energy and light. Decades in our earth time could be a few hours in their time, because they have more dimensions than we do. In this way, time is an illusion and deceptive, because all things are happening at the same time. Higher dimensional beings can see lower dimensional beings, but the lower dimensional aliens cannot see higher dimensional aliens. This is the reason why all these feminists and homosexual and lesbian and bisexual people are so antagonistic toward Christians and toward God’s righteous holy precepts, because they are not human souls, but they are demon spirits and alien hybrids of the fallen angels. They are not God’s legitimate creation’s creatures. This is why they are trying to exterminate the human homo-sapiens species of God, just like they did in Noah’s flood’s Atlantis days. They plan to microchip all humans and change their DNA to reptilian nephilim Borg cyborgs nanobot parasite infested zombie slaves through transhumanism alien technology. This is why the Dracos are masters of DNA manipulation and nanobot parasite technology. This is why if you write about feminism or homosexuality, they will make up Satan’s doctrine of “political correctness infringement” and “hate crime laws” and try to stop your freedom of speech and teaching of God’s Torah Truth and try to silence you. Just like Hitler did in Nazi Germany using “political correctness” and “hate speech crime” laws to suppress all opposing voices, they try to silence God’s people and God’s precepts, by saying that any criticism against feminism or abortion or homosexuality or sexual perversion are evil and crimes. They will also send thousands and thousands of their alien hybrid people to gang stalk you and try to assassinate you, if you talk or write anything critical about feminism or homosexuality or any other of Satan’s alien hybrid agenda or behaviors. They will suppress the truth at all costs. These persecutions are not coming from the physical realm, but it is coming from the spiritual realm that controls it. This is why you get thousands of Koreans and feminists and Satanists and gangsters and street thugs gang stalking you with EMF mobile phone directed energy weapons to silently try to kill you and shoot at you, in every hotel room, street corner, apartment room, restaurant, beach, park, library, movie theater, etc., every few minutes. This is why they sneak into your room to poison your food, and poison your supermarket grocery shelves, and poison your restaurant food. This is why they use psychic and black magic witchcraft and Draco alien technology attacks against you every few minutes all throughout the day. This is why they kill your family who are not Christians or use your family to try to kill you, or try to bankrupt you and make you homeless. All these things are being orchestrated by Satan and his fallen angels and their Draco aliens and their Illuminati demon-possessed humans and alien hybrids. They will try to silence you, at all costs. This is why all these gang stalker assassins who  are homosexuals and feminists and Koreans and Freemason occultist Satanists and hired street thugs and low life people who are demon possessed, and who do not have the courage to be identified, but enjoy killing people from hiding, gang stalking you with their microwave ovens to cook you alive from the next room, or shooting you with EMF weapons wherever you go, especially while you sleep. This earth is now infested with either alien hybrids or demon-possessed humans or soul-scalped human bodies with fallen angels living in them or clones with demon spirits or organic robotoid hive mind people or other non-human people. Naval intelligence reports say that 10% to 15% of the population are already not humans, and they do not possess human souls. They are demonic. As you see more humans abducted and replaced with clone alien hybrid imposter infiltrators, you will see more feminism and homosexuality and Satanism and secret societies and occult pagan societies and tattoos and rock music and witchcraft and persecution of Christians and hatred toward God YHWH Lord Jesus Christ and development of secret intelligence agencies like the CIA NSA MI6 and CERN hadron collider star gate portals to bring in demon spirits into this realm and Illuminati nuclear war attempts to genocide the human homo-sapiens species populations and DARPA Nazi Mengele (age regression technology Nazi war criminal) pandemics and alien abduction hybridizations and other evil activities of Satan and his fallen angels, because they know their time is very short before they are thrown into the Lake of Fire. Those who fear gang stalking and assassinations and families being massacred and being bankrupted and reputations defamed and retirement pensions destroyed and kicked out of the ministers’ jobs and poisoned and employment cut off through slandering and stock gold investments destroyed and microwave cooked alive and genitals psychic attacked every few minutes every day and hated by all the religious Christian church people are not worthy of being God’s children. Those who love God and follow our Lord Jesus Christ will gladly dive into all these persecutions, because they are God’s children and real Christians and true followers of God. This is how you will be able to tell those people who are real Christians and those who are fake religious Christians. This is why in order to create a satanic fake reality so that Satan can kill you, they make their church ministers try to brainwash you into believing that Church Saints and the Bride of Christ can be killed. If they can make you believe it and drag you into their fake reality, then they can kill you. If you do not believe it, and believe in God’s love, they cannot kill you. They can kill the Tribulation Age Saints, but they cannot kill the present Church Age Saints or the Bride of Christ. Only the religious fake Christians and those real Christians who believe that they can be killed will be killed, because that is their concept of God’s love and that is their reality. They manifest the reality that they believe in. The church ministers who are demon possessed hate my teachings, so they adamantly oppose these Torah Truths of Christ, and they will also not teach their women to stop wearing men’s trousers or to wear head coverings. They are disgusting politicians and people pleasers and political correctness people, and servants of Satan. Many of them are the seed of Satan, and children of Satan, and are not even humans. This is why they teach Satan’s doctrines in their churches. Apostle John loved God, so he could not be killed. Elijah and Enoch stood up for God, and loved God, and believed in the true nature of God’s love, so they were raptured into heaven. As the situation stands in these End Times, many Pharisees and church ministers are alien hybrid nephilim and their father is Satan, so they will teach the post-tribulation rapture theory or even deny the rapture or preach medical science witchcraft hospital treatments or satanic vibration frequency control rock music or rebellious wearing of men’s trousers by women or rebellious dismissal of women having to wear head coverings or satanic patriotism nationalism democracy troop support or satanic Christmas Halloween Easter worship or satanic church institutions or satanic ministers’ salaried systems or promotion of marriage breeding of genetic descendants among Christian believers or other satanic evil teachings of the Western Christianity fake Babylon religion. They refuse to repent of their evil ways and values and thinking. They will not accept Jesus’ Torah Truth. Moreover, they despise our teachings and scorn it. This is why they are degenerate, carnal, ungodly, religious bunch of lukewarm, pseudo-Christian, fake people. They say they belong to God, but they are not God’s people. They love their evil ways more than God, and that is why their evil hearts are deceived by these Satan’s evil doctrines and fake Western Christianity that is taught in the Christian churches which was created by Satan.


Satan and the Illuminati often accuse the Christians and God’s people of being old-fashioned, and they need to be genocide exterminated, so that the world can go onto higher evolutionary state of becoming gods themselves, which is a lie of Satan because he intends to exterminate them all and create robotic hive-mind servants. However, the truth is the exact opposite. God’s children are being prepared to be with God, as we are raptured into heaven. On the other hand, the Illuminati Satanist pagans are holding on to their old-fashioned world of science and current dimensions, and trying to create their New World Order to foolishly try to prevent the Almighty God from finishing His creation by bringing His children into the eternal existence, and throwing the devil and his pagans into the Lake of Fire for eternal punishment. Evil is a hypocrite, because the Satanist pagans are guilty of the exact crime and sins that they accuse God’s holy people of being guilty of, when God’s people are actually the ones who are innocent and in truth. The Illuminati’s so-called Illuminated Ones want to stick this fallen world that they have tried to keep, and wait for their fallen angel Watcher gods to return to make them into gods. The Dalai Lama has done this for ages, by demon-possessing its own demon spirit into the next child who will become Dalai Lama. It is the same Babylonian Satanism religion of the Satanist snake of Atlantis. It is just ancient esoteric satanic nephilim alien technology of the fallen angels of cheap fake eternal life. They just clone new bodies and put their demon spirit back into that new body, because these globalist elite Illuminati people are not human souls, but they are reptilian hybrid nephilim demon spirits.


If you divide the modern End Times into a very general basic grouping of people, there are four groups. The first group is the Luciferian Satanists who hate God’s Torah Truth, and are trying to gang-stalk and assassinate all real Christians, do away with God’s presence from this earth, and create their own New World Order under the devil Satan and his fallen angels and his Draco reptilian nephilim aliens and homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist Satanist witches. The second group is the peace and light New Age occultists who are trying to follow God’s Torah Truth in order to desperately somehow try to get into heaven with the human homo-sapiens real born-again Christians, but warping and perverting the Torah Truth to fit themselves into the salvation without Jesus Christ and changing the Torah Truth teachings to their New Age occult teachings, and creating their own form of ascension under their fallen angels and Pleiadian humanoid nephilim aliens and humanoid hybrid nephilim New Age witches. The third group is the religious Christians and heathen pagans who are partying and enjoying themselves not knowing that they will be destroyed very soon like mindless zombie bodies, and following after the Satanist values and systems of this world worshipping Satan, and following after vain Christian church activities and various religions, and who are both ignorant and wicked and dumb. The fourth group is the small group of faithful, born-again, spiritual Christians who have the Holy Spirit of God, and who are destined to be raptured and saved from the coming judgment and wrath of God, and who are children of the Almighty God who love Him and follow His Torah Truth.


Under the secret black ops Project Pegasus, they succeeded in time travel technology. In addition to the teleportation invented by Tesla, chronovision, invented by Vatican Father Pellegrino Ernetti, OSB, was a major emphasis in Project Pegasus. Father Ernetti teamed up with another Vatican Father Pier Maria Gemelli, OSB (Augustino Gemelli) and Enrico Fermi to develop this chronovision fallen angel Luciferian technology. By 1952, they had succeeded in getting moving, flat screen images of past events in history. Andrew Basiago and Connie Chavez and his father who were part of the CIA time travel Project Pegasus actually saw the crucifixion of Jesus with their own eyes on the screen. He said the image was exactly as the Bible had said it was to the very small detail. The crown of thorn was like a bicycle helmet on his head, and the blood was flowing from his head to his eyes and down his cheek. Jesus looked emaciated. The Roman guard stepped up and jabbed his spear into Jesus’ side. It was just a horrific sight to behold. Connie Chavez squirmed in her seat and covered her eyes for most of the viewing, because the video image of Jesus being crucified was so horrific. Andrew Basiago said that after viewing the screening, Connie was absolutely shaken and traumatized. Andrew’s father asked her why she was so shocked, because he told her that his team also had a footage of the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days later when there was a flash of light from the crypt, Jesus stood up, two men appeared (angels), the three of them move the rock away, and they walked out of the crypt. With Project Pegasus’ time travel technology, they can go back to Kennedy’s assassination, but they cannot stop it, because in order to stop it, you would have to be going back in time where Kennedy’s assassination was foiled, but that simply is not true in our existence now. They talk about going into alternative timelines in the future that may be good or bad, depending on the timeline that they are in. In one case, they claim they traveled to 2013 where the capitol was submerged in water. However, that is was not the case in 2013. They say that we are now on a good timeline, whereas in 1990, we were in a bad timeline. This is how the Illuminati explain their timeline. (See video “Andrew Basiago – Jesus Crucifixion & Resurrection seen on a screen using Timetravel Technology” at and “Andrew Basiago – Pegasus: Obama on Mars Time Travel!” at .)


There is a group called Time Corps. They have created a time bubble in 2039, and all time travel is managed and monitored by them. It is obviously a false timeline, but they nudge things in the past from their 2039 time bubble, in order to move the timeline to one that is favorable to their idea of the future. When time approaches 2039, they plan to move their time bubble up another 50 years and continue to do what they do. It is a real location in 2039, but it is not the real timeline that we are going into. People actually live in these false timelines and function in it.


When Satan Lucifer uses the Mandela Effect to change our past timelines, in order try to traumatize us, kill us, torment us, make us sick, attack us, discourage us, and weaken us, God reverses everything to the extreme opposite. What happens is Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien chimera fallen angels and their Illuminati New World Order MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg reptilian hybrid homo-capensis royal bloodline family genocidal psychopathic Luciferian Satanist globalist elites end up shooting their own foot and strangling their own necks, and helping us. We become stronger and healthier and dedicated and effective and God blesses us more through the attacks that the enemy uses. Meanwhile, the devil and his fallen angels and Draco and Illuminati end up worsening their future timelines, and God changes it so that they are destroyed, weakened, traumatized, decimated, cursed, dead, sick, bankrupted, gang stalked, hunted, and not able to achieve their original intentions. In other words, the enemy ends up improving our future timelines and worsening their timelines, because that is how God has set it up. This is why we are being used in such great ways never imaginable, and the enemy is facing greater defeat and disaster and despair than timelines that they would have normally had. Everything works for the better of God’s children, and everything works for the worse of Satan and his children. You do not mess with our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ, nor do you mess around with His timeline. If they want to use the advantages they have to do sneaky things, God will use them back upon them, and at a much greater exponential form at that. This is why you are seeing God’s children being used in such great ways, and the enemy in such shambles and utter disaster. The enemy brought it upon themselves, but even that, God had planned and worked it out that way. Praise and glory to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ who reigns forevermore!


Genetic engineering made the Atlanteans into giant titans and superheroes. They could communicate telepathically with dolphins. All of Satan’s kingdom and evil itself is a matriarchal society with female apostles ruling and society is built on feminism and women’s liberation. The reptilian value and psychology of the Illuminati of the devil has always been female superiority. The scientist priestess witches of Atlantis used their advance technologies that seemed like magic for evil. They hid these secret sciences of freemason, witchcraft, black magic, Kabbalah, alchemy, etc., in order to control the populace. They manipulated brain waves to cause crime and violence. They took drugs and played with humanity as toys and conducted telepathic warfare and conducted human sacrifices. They offered other empires technology and luxuries, in exchange for control over them. The Rama and Athens empires refused to join their crazy New World Order (NWO), so the Atlantis superpower attacked them with psychic attacks, but higher powers intervened. Just like today as China and Russia warns the Illuminati that control Europe and the United States to stop their plans to destroy the earth, the ancient world leaders warned Atlantis. However, the millions and millions of people ignored them, because they were immersed in their hippy generation pleasures and decadence and ungodly lifestyles, just like today. Just like in modern days where the reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline families feel that their technologies will save them, and they can reincarnate themselves using ancient Atlantis technology by cloning bodies and uploading their memories from their computers, the ancient Atlanteans believed that even if they were killed, the Atlantis scientists would save them with their technologies and resurrect them with their technologies. Just like in modern days, the Illuminati bloodline family globalist elites plan to escape to their mars colonies and underground cities after causing nuclear World War 3 to wipe out the human homo-sapiens race and create a reptilian hybrid homo-capensis nephilim New World Order from its ruins, the ancient Atlantis priestesses and globalist elites built huge underground cities in ice-free Antarctica and Atlantic ocean and South America and the moon to escape the destruction of the earth in their huge spacecrafts. After God wiped out the nephilim empires of Atlantis and other empires that exterminated His human homo-sapiens race, they escaped to their underground cities and other planets, where they currently live. In modern times, God will again destroy them with fire, after they start exterminating the human homo-sapiens race with nuclear war, pandemics, chemical weapons, global warming terraforming, HAARP earthquakes / tidal waves, psychotronic CIA NSA MI6 weapons, etc. Their Babylonian Satanist Illuminati religion teachings of Freemason claim that Atlantis buildings were vaporized by the their anti-matter energy, which is free energy. Their existing anti-matter energy ray in the Bermuda Triangle still vaporizes planes and ships. The radiation moon craters were made by atomic bombs, and nuclear bomb radiation and vitrified glass is still found in many parts of the earth. The moon does not rotate because they locked it, and it is basically a satellite where the nephilim aliens use the dark side to hide all their bases, as well as the humans’ lunar base. They claim the Atlantis death rays could strike at targets around the earth and in space, but it could not hit targets on the other side of the earth. So, the Atlanteans shot into the ground to hit Rama empire cities. This disrupted the earth’s stability and made the earth tip on its axis. Cities were swallowed up in huge cracks and destroyed by nuclear bombs. Huge tidal waves covered continents. Radiation mutant descendants of Atlantis escaped underground, and became dwarves and trolls that have Atlantis machines underground, but they could not come to the surface due to the radiation. They capture farm animals and humans for food. These trolls cannot tolerate light. Many Atlantis and Lemuria nephilim people fled to their Antarctic underground city, where Hitler and the Nazis escaped to after World War 2, and their UFO spacecrafts attacked the American naval fleet that pursued them there and a battle ensued. The Atlantis civilization was destroyed, along with their interplanetary ships and crystal power plants and teleportation temples and pyramid portals and Satan’s Satanist society and fallen angel technologies. Some of the reptilian hybrid descendants of these nephilim people during Atlantis and Lemuria civilizations survived, and they now rule and terrorize the world as the Illuminati bloodline families’ globalist elite bankers, presidents, royal families, military leaders, media leaders, celebrities, intelligence agency leaders, mobster gangster leaders, and the matriarchal witches who control them all, and are again, trying to destroy the world with nuclear war and trying to exterminate the human homo-sapiens race through their ancient Babylonian secret society Satanist freemason New World Order plans by the order of Satan and his Draco nephilim alien leadership. These Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim psychic witch descendants cause all the genocides, wars, epidemics, crimes, narcotics industries, child trafficking industries, mobster gangster organizations, occult religions, feminism, abortions, homosexuality, Nazi “political correctness” police state plans, and other depopulation agendas, and all other deaths and sufferings and pains and parasitism and poverty and famine and sickness among God’s human homo-sapiens race and society. Through their politics and religions they divide and conquer, and try to suppress free speech through their “political correctness” dictatorship brainwashing and media control and assassination attempts against us who are not controlled by their hive mind collective matrix nephilim alien advanced technology mind-control of mankind. Some psychics will tell you that they are reincarnation of many reptilians and insectoids and humanoids and Atlantis nephilim humans, because they are possessed by many different demon spirits of these disembodied nephlim spirits. They are the Satanists and the New Age psychic witches. The reason why so many people just stare at you for hours and hours without looking the other way, whenever you eat in a restaurant or stand at a street corner or wait for a train is because they are demon-possessed. It is the demons that are staring at you through their eyes. I have found out that the low-life people are easily possessed and controlled by demons and do the gang-stalking for the Satanists, because of the sin in their hearts, and it is easier for demons to enter them. Christians have the light of Christ in their souls, so the demons cannot come near since darkness disappears when there is light. Christians do not take or conduct drugs, fornicate, adultery, witchcraft, alcohol, hate, pride, greed, and other darkness, so the demons try to make Christians fall in order to make them vulnerable, but God does not allow it. The Masonic Illuminati is trying to restore their Atlantis Satanist feminist nephilim reptilian civilization under Satan, again. The fallen angels and their Atlantis nephilim alien extraterrestrial children and chimera super soldier monster children went to Enoch to ask him to beseech God to forgive and spare them. God told Enoch that they are eternally cursed and destined to the Lake of Fire. This is why the aliens are stuck in spaceships and planets unable to go into the coming New Jerusalem new dimensional realm that God has prepared for His Saints and children. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid Atlantis nephilim descendant globalist elites think they can create their New World Order under Lucifer, and have a jolly good time traveling the galaxies in their spaceships and gorgeous cities and planets with their fellow nephilim aliens, but their time of destruction and judgment is coming soon. No unclean spirit and evil can enter into heaven and the New Jerusalem.