Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 8


These wives of these Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim assassins marry these assassin husbands because they are military officers and have good pay and have lots of authority and they like the military family benefits, and continue to stay married with them when their husbands tell them every night how they killed another innocent person. These wives claim that they were brought up in a devout religious Christian family, and that they have strong Christian values and faith. However, they condone their mafia mob gang member husbands assassinating innocent people every night, in order to carry on their narcotics industry through the military. They also condone their husbands taking part in these homosexual, satanic rituals with other military generals and colonels, every time. They are silent and go along with the killing and homosexuality and Satanist activities and mafia mob gang activities, as long as they are happy and everything is going well, but when they make a big fuss about strippers dancing in the officers’ club, and the Satanist generals come after their lives to silence them, all of a sudden, these military wives go public with all the information on the satanic activities of these Illuminati military leaders, saying that they are doing it because they are devout Christians and believe in Jesus Christ. You wonder if these military wives who are religious Christians have their head screwed on right or if they are not crazy, because they go along with all the killing and narcotics and their mafia member military husbands all through their lives, but when they see nude strippers in the military officers’ club, they make a big commotion against it, and then, when the Illuminati mafia homosexual Satanist military generals come after their lives, they publically disclose all the crimes taking place in the military, in order to get back at the generals, and claim that they are doing it because they are devout Christians who have Christ’s values. This is how sick these lukewarm, carnal, fleshly, religious Christians are. But, God uses these situations to uncover the evils that the Illuminati and the devil Satan is doing behind the scenes in our society and how the fallen angels control every aspect of human society. These wives are divorcees because they do not want to submit to their husbands, and they rent a room out to a military colonel, and only after two months, they marry them because they are handsome, and thereby commit adultery, instead of staying single and serving the Lord. If the generals did not try to kill these wives for making a huge commotion about strippers in the officers’ club, these wives would have continued to live their happy lives watching their mafia member military colonel husbands and other generals killing people for the mafia, running narcotics business, selling illegal armaments, conducting satanic homosexual rituals, etc. When these wives talk, they talk like nephilim feminist witches, because they continuously talk about how women are more superior than men, over and over and over and over, again, and this is why they get divorced, all the time. But, two months after meeting a colonel, they marry them immediately, because they want the privileged life and authority over other wives as a colonel’s wife, and stay married to these nephilim assassins, because they know that they will become generals some day. These religious Christians make me want to vomit. And, furthermore, all these other religious Christians praise and glorify these wives as some kind of religious Christians’ heroes and wonderful examples, and as if they had the courage to come out and speak against evil or something. They do not glorify God or recognize that God is the one who is disclosing these things. Therefore, it proves that these other religious Christians are just as sick and demented as these wives are. They idolize and worship these wives as some kind of Jezebel goddess, and declare their women’s strength, and as feminist role models, and their amazoness traits, and as fighters of women’s liberty. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, this is the condition of the evil End Times Laodicea Church. Stay away from such religious people. They are like the people who market Satan’s post-tribulation rapture theory to sow fear and doom and gloom and their imminent destruction, and then, they sell these religious cult people gold and emergency food supplies and so-called Christian End-Times books at ridiculous prices, and use that money to make their feminist Jezebel lewd daughters into famous celebrity singers, and preach that God will not take care of you and the devil will get you so you need to buy gold from them. They are sick, putrid people. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, it is God who will tell you what you need to prepare and how to prepare, if any, and He is the one who will take care of you. First, seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. Do not throw your money away to these scoundrels and wolves in sheep’s clothes inside the churches. Stay away from the churches and Pharisees, since that is where Satan dwells and runs his enterprise. Instead, go to God’s people who are outside the church, as the Lord leads you. These post-tribulation rapture theory people will say that the rapture was done by the aliens beaming the real Christians away, and they will call the Bride of Christ and Church Saints as collaborators with the aliens and Satan. They will insist that the Christians are still left on the earth, and will be martyred by the devil. The post tribulation rapture theory people can preach to the masses their false doctrine and deceive many, because they receive tremendous wealth, global fame, radio programs shows, books / CDs / tapes that they sell, fancy titles, and a large following of religious people. These post-tribulation rapture theorists have horded tremendous amounts of food, gold, and guns, but they will be confiscated by the Anti-Christ and Illuminati, and they will be overrun and slaughtered. There is something very strange about these post-tribulation rapture theory people. They trust in themselves, and they do not believe in who God is.


As for any Tribulation Saint who teach the post-tribulation rapture theory and are hording food and gold so that the Illuminati can confiscate them after the rapture, when the Anti-Christ appears, they will be not be raptured to heaven, just like Moses was not able to enter the Promised Land, because they misrepresent God’s nature and heart. They are saved and they will eventually enter heaven, but they will be persecuted and martyred by the Anti-Christ. These post-tribulation rapture theorists represent God as a wrathful, unloving God, who throws His Bride into judgment and beating. If they believe that, then that is exactly what will happen to them. Why should God help them in their time of trouble, if they believe that God is such a unloving, terrible Groom. All the gold and food and water purifiers and shelters that they stored away, thinking that they are smart, and preaching that God will not provide miraculously and He cannot, will have them all confiscated by their enemies. They trust in their own intelligence and their own belongings, rather than in God. Then, let their intelligence and their food and gold save them in the time of trouble and from the devil. They insult the very nature and love and person of Jesus and God YHWH with their post-tribulation rapture theory and misleading many to their doom theory.


When the real born-again spiritual Christians or Bride of Christ or Church Saints are be raptured up into heaven, the Illuminati’s post-tribulation rapture propagandists and mid-tribulation rapture propagandists and pan-tribulation rapture propagandists and non-tribulation rapture propagandists will blaspheme God and His rapture by saying that Satan and his aliens and UFOs teleported God’s people into the sky, and that it was not God or Jesus who raptured His people into heaven, or they will lie that the real Christians did not rapture, but claim that they got killed and disintegrated. These religious Christians and the Catholic Church Mystery Babylon religion will still be on the earth. They will come up with some excuse to explain away the disappearance of all the real Christians, so that they can continue the Illuminati’s Satanist Christian churches on the earth as being legitimate churches. Be careful of those Corporate Christianity Bible prophesy authors and famous radio hosts who are selling large amounts of books with information that they get from their intelligence agency connections, and selling large amounts of gold and emergency food supplies to their listeners and readers by selling their Post Tribulation Rapture Theory or Non-Rapture Theory doctrines of Satan. There are so many fanatic post-tribulation rapture theorists and pan-tribulation rapture theory “do not worry” type of people preaching part truths to gain trust, and then, teach their post or pan tribulation rapture theory, because Satan and the fallen angels want people to believe in those doctrines so that they will not be raptured with the Church Saints or Bride of Christ, and they will be able to now torture and kill them during the tribulation age as Tribulation Saints. Satan and his fallen angels do not like the Christians. It is good that God is using these people to bring to light many things of the enemy, but He does not approve of them on the YouTube videos and radio programs and television programs promoting each others’ books and DVDs in front of all the heathens and world, and praising each other with flattering words instead of praising and thanking God in front of all the heathens and world as well as preaching that they will not be raptured because God is a unloving cold God, so they need to buy gold and food supplies from their stores. Every few minutes, they market their books and DVDs by referring to them, and it is surprising the viewers do not realize this Corporate Christianity advertisement scheme of these so-called End Times Bible Prophecy “watchman” Christian celebrities, who boast over and over again about how their prophesies from many years ago came true, but they defame the position of prophet and refuse to call themselves prophets and call themselves watchmen, in order to gain their customers’ trust. What are they doing? Do they not fear God and respect Him? It is disgusting..


God protects the pre-tribulation rapture Church Saints so they cannot be harmed, but the post-tribulation rapture theorist Tribulation Saints will be overcome by the Anti-Christ and martyred. However, all these fake Illuminati disinformation propagandists on radio programs, tell the religious Christians to not buy guns or defend themselves, because God will protect them, so they should just let the Anti-Christ and Satan arrest them and take them to their Nazi FEMA concentration camps. This is exactly what the devil wants. They should not be lured into causing fights or battles or riots by the Illuminati, to give the Illuminati the reason and excuse to bring in martial law and massacre them. However, if the Illuminati brings in martial law and tries to peacefully evacuate them to the Nazi FEMA execution camps, then they need to fight. It is because God has destined the tribulation saints to be overcome and martyred by the Anti-Christ. It is only the Church saints and 144,000 Hebrew remnant who are protected by God, and cannot be harmed. God fights for us who are the Church Saints, or God disallows the devil to harm us, or the gates of hell to overcome the Church. However, the tribulation saints are not the Church or of the Church Age or the Bride of Christ. The non-Christians are a lot smarter than the religious Christians, because they are buying up guns and bullets and hiding them, in preparation for the coming slaughter of the human homo-sapiens race by the homo-capensis Anti-Christ.


The enemy propagates these post tribulation rapture theories and partial rapture theories and alien abduction teleportation theories, in order to make an excuse to dismiss the true rapture of our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. They have to explain away in some way why many of the so-called religious fake Christians and Christian churches have been left behind and are still on the earth. In order to do so, they have to discredit God’s real rapture that occurred as a hoax or fake or not entirely real. However, these post-tribulation rapture theorist propagandists of Satan and partial rapture theorists and alien abduction teleportation theorists will have one more chance to be saved during the Tribulation Age, if they stop calling God a heartless, cold, evil, unloving, uncompassionate God who throws His righteous people into the Tribulation Age judgment, and they repent and receive the true loving and holy God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. First, they must stop their post-tribulation rapture theory derogatory claims toward God, and stop their partial rapture theory disinformation tactics. They must admit God is love, God did rapture His Church Saint and Bride of Christ, and God does not allow the devil and his Anti-Christ and gates of hell to massacre His Bride and Church, as long as His Holy Spirit in His Church Saints and Bride are here on the earth to hold back the enemy. They must stop their post-tribulation rapture theory and partial rapture theory and pan-tribulation rapture theory and alien abduction teleportation rapture theory blasphemies against God. God is God and He will not be defamed or ridiculed. He is who He is. They must accept Him as He is. They have one more chance to repent of their false claims about God, after the true Church Saints and Bride of Christ is raptured out, and to acknowledge and receive the true God. Pre-tribulation rapture believers who refused to preach or warn the people about the Illuminati and reptilian hybrid globalist elites and CIA alien hybrids and Draco reptilian aliens and nephilim Illuminati bloodline families, because they were afraid of being gang stalked and assassinated, and refused to help God’s Church Saints because they were afraid of being attacked by the Satanists also, must also repent and stop being afraid, and they must have first love for God, and start preaching the Torah Truth, in order to be saved. Those religious lukewarm Christians without the Holy Spirit who were going to the Illuminati Western Christianity churches’ Sunday services every week, thinking that that was what it meant to be a Christian, and living religious lives just like the heathens, must also repent and jump into the persecution and fight, in order to be saved. If they were afraid to be persecuted like the Church Saints during the Church Age or just wanted to live nice peaceful lives like the heathens during the Church Age, that time is over, and they have been left behind from the rapture, so they must now repent of their sins and pick up the cross of Christ and start living as true Tribulation Saints of God ought to live. They cannot play on middle ground and play harlot with the world anymore, but they must believe in the true loving God who raptured His Church Saints out before the tribulation age, and accept the pre-tribulation rapture God as He is, and acknowledge that they were not raptured because of the evil of their own hearts, and repent, and start living as God’s people ought to live. This is the only way they can be saved. They have one more chance to get saved, and it will be as Tribulation Saints through the tribulation age persecution and martyrdom. They missed their chance to be Church Saints, but they must not miss this chance to be Tribulation Saints.


These Tribe of Dan Edomites of Esau’s descendents nephilim hybrid Illuminati bloodline Zionists who rule our modern day banks and governments and military and intelligence agencies and secret societies and mass media are very violent, brutal and snake like serpentine in their psychopath brain functions and genetic traits. They do not have human souls, but they have demon spirits, so they do not go to heaven or earth when they die, but they roam the earth after death as ghosts or disembodied spirits, just like their nephilim giant ancestors’ spirits still do. They possess human bodies, just like the demon spirits called Legion whom Jesus cast out of the demon-possessed man. The reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist witch race Illuminati family descendents believe in their 6,000 year old Sumerian Babylonian mystery religion Brotherhood of the Snake religion that their ancestors were alien gods who came to earth (fallen angels) and genetically reengineered them with alien genes that were combined with the monkey people (human homo-sapiens), and their Mormon alien god fathers will return to set up their New World Order of the New Age of Aquarius. And they also believe that they have to exterminate all human homo-sapiens in preparation to set up their father Satan’s reptilian alien kingdom on the earth, just like their nephilim ancestors were able to genocide all humans from the earth during their Atlantis civilization days before God wiped out all the nephilim people with Noah’s Great Flood. Just like their ancestors, the royal families of Europe and Asia and Egypt and Maya and Incas and other kings and pharaohs and emperors and Romanian King Dracula (which means dragon or devil in Romanian) and Genghis Khan and Hitler and Caesar Nero of the ancient world, these current day Illuminati reptilian bloodline family members are known for their tortures and brutality and cold-blooded reptilian psychopath snake ways of killing people. These Satanist ritual baby flesh eating and blood drinking vampire reptilian race Illuminati families hate humans and God and Jesus Christ by nature, because they are demons and not human souls. These Edomite Idumean Tribe of Dan reptilian hybrid bloodline families love power and will kill their family members in order to gain power, just like their ancient royal families and mafia mob gang families did. These royal families of the Illuminati and their Tribe of Dan genetic relatives like the U.S. presidents and world bankers and Saudi Arabian royal families have from ancient days monopolized all the organized crimes and narcotic witchcraft drugs industries and slave business and child kidnap rings. For example, these Tribe of Dan Edomite Satanists like George Bush pretend to be Christians and these Tribe of Dan Edomite Satanists like the Saudi royal family pretend to be Muslim, but they are basically the same satanic bloodline family. All these oligarchs are the reptilian hybrids of Satan’s Draco nephilim alien fleet based in London. Just like their Spartan and Merovingian Mafia and Nazi SS Aryan ancestors, these Illuminati family members train their children to obey the organization by hitting them so that they fly across the room, and train them in fighting, and many die in these witch tournaments and nephilim tournaments during training. Just like their Spartan and Merovingian Mafia and Roman and European royal family ancestors, their Illuminati families’ young children are trained to assassinate people, just like they have continually tried to assassinate me, and just  like they continue to assassinate tens of thousands of people to this present day. Their reptilian hybrid nephilim witch wizard species Illuminati bloodline families have existed throughout history, and they live in the typical discipline, fanatic, violent, unethical, hierarchical, religious, legalistic, reptilian lifestyles and mentalities. They are known throughout history with different group names, but these reptilian Illuminati bloodline people are the same people, whether they are the Spartans or witch race or reptilian nephilim or Merovingian Mafia mob gangster families or Templar Knights or Freemasons or European royal families or Nazi Aryans or Caesars or modern day Edomite Tribe of Dan Zionist world bankers and world leaders. The descendents of the fallen angels or nephilim have not changed at all, but the current day Illuminati families continue to live by their reptilian hierarchical, religious, systematic, disciplined, strict way of thinking and lifestyles. They are bloodthirsty genetically, so they cause bloodshed in all eras and societies and civilizations. The Satanist organizations like freemason, skull and bones, committee of three hundred, etc. are all just nephilim clubs; and the nephilim are the witch race, and the nephilim are the feminists, and the nephilim are the reptilian hybrid alien descendents, and the nephilim are embodied demon spirits who do not have human souls, and the nephilim bloodline families run our banks and governments and media. Just like Brother Michael Hoggard says, just like Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, the Zionist descendants of the Tribe of Dan is still trying to genocide the Jewish Tribes as Dan tried to kill Joseph This is why the Tribe of Dan has been excluded from the 12 tribes of Israel forever. The current day Illuminati are the global bankers and Satan’s thirteen bloodline families that carry the genes of a mixture of the fallen angel reptilians and the nephilim giants and the Edomites of Esau and the cursed Tribe of Dan. They are the genetic bloodline of King Herod and Hitler and Rothchild and crucifying Pharisees and Pharaohs and Caesar and Trojans and Romans and Spartans and Merovingian mafia and European royal families mob gangsters and black nobility and Bolsheviks and Nazi SS members and Delta Force Navy Seals and modern day U.S. president bloodlines and mafia and freemason upper echelons and Mormons and Templar Knights and Rosicrucians and Druid witches and Catholic Jesuits and and other identities that they have secretly taken through history to disguise themselves. They are the same nephilim reptilian demon bloodline, and same nephilim race people. Throughout history, they have done unimaginable atrocities upon the human race. This is why they are using the same technique that they used in Nazi Germany by creating terrorism to make a police state, in the modern day United States, too, in order to create a Illuminati New World Order police state. This is why they are using the same technique that they used in Nazi Germany by creating terrorism to make a police state, in the modern day United States, too, in order to create a modern day Nazi Illuminati New World Order police state. And they tell their people that they need to try to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets, because God’s apostles and prophets have dangerous beliefs that the nephilim should be destroyed for all the crimes against humanity and the genocide of 6 million Jews and millions of other ethnic people groups and their constant extermination of the human homo-sapiens race through war, biological weapon epidemics and satanic live sacrifice ritual killing of children? What hypocrites they are! They are the ones who have dangerous beliefs, because they are trying to exterminate all human men, women and children, just like they did before Noah’s flood, before God intervened. Why are they accusing God’s apostles and prophets of holding dangerous ideologies by believing in God’s righteousness and love and salvation and judgment? God’s apostles and prophets are only speaking on behalf of God that these Satan-worshipper nephilim demon spirit people should be executed for their crimes and their genes destroyed just as they were in Noah’s Flood. This is why their reptilian brains are illogical and psychopaths. They are what the world calls the Zionist rogue Jews global bankers. They are fake Jews or Edomites or cursed Tribe of Dan bloodline who have mixed their genes with the witch reptilian nephilim bloodlines of Canaan. The true genetic descendents of the tribes of Israel are spread throughout the world, which includes Japan. These nephilim demon spirit reptilian hybrid witch race people and descendants of the fallen angels are the mob gangsters and the world’s elites and the blue bloods and the reptilian hybrids and the Nazi genocide people and the feminists and the homosexuals and the witches and the occultist Satanists and the freemasons and the government assassins and the hippy rogue pastors are all demon spirits and the soulless ones. This is why you see these reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants become Hollywood television actresses kicking down doors and punching men and swinging from tree vines and shooting thousands of men with machine guns and yelling at the men and preaching occult pagan values and using Jesus’ name in vain purposely in the movies and trying to mind control the stupid human women of this earth to become strong and push aside the dumb men and become leaders. It is world controlled by reptilian Satanist Illuminati philosophy, values, actresses, lifestyles, beliefs and media. The more humans they abduct and replace with reptilian hybrid clone nephilim into society just like at Sodom and Gommorah, and the more the Illuminati control the world’s media and politics and court rooms, the more satanic and more evil the world becomes in the modern End Times, just as it did before Noah’s flood when God destroyed them with the Great Flood. It is because the Illuminati reptilians hack all mobile phones and computers and minds and know who the people who are wise and are able to identify the reptilian Illuminati mind-control and scam, so they assassinate all of them. The only humans left on the earth in the End Times are those who carry the dumb, stupid, brain dead genes that can be easily mind-controlled by the alien reptilians and their fallen angels. These humans may have high I.Q.s, but the I.Q. is a fake intelligence and is not true wisdom and is irrelevant, so that is why they are being exterminated systematically by the reptilian hybrids and being replaced with a robotic black-eyed star children clone race. The dumb, stupid human homo-sapiens parents do not even realize that their babies are being sacrificed in satanic rituals of the reptilian Illuminati hospitals, and their babies are being replaced by disgusting reptilian hybrid alien clone demon star children. In the ancient days, they were called changelings. The royal families and people like the Dalai Lama are ancient reptilian hybrid star children, who have reincarnated continuously through history, as the same demon spirits and fallen angels have possessed different bodies through the generations, in order to carry out their evil purpose upon the earth. The Freemason P2 Lodge are the descendants of the Roman emperors, and they are in-charge of the Vatican and mafia branches of the reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race. The Roman emperors came from the reptilian Tribe of Dan who were the Trojans. Just like the Vatican child paedophile Satanist Catholic priests and mafia murderers, the Roman emperors burned Rome to claim the burnt land for themselves to build monuments and places for themselves, and blame the Christians for the arson, in order to torture and massacre them for entertainment in the colosseum. These people are nephilim reptilian hybrid descendants so they are psychopaths. People are appalled to see these modern day feminists who control the Illuminati cannibalize and sacrifice tens of thousands of children in their witches’ Satanist rituals, but the reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants have been doing this for thousands of years, and you will find ancient burnt corpse remains of 30,000 male children who were sacrificed to the feminist god Jezebel Baal or Moloch in Carthage and all over the ancient world by the nephilim ancestors of these feminists. The Illuminati claim that for over the thousands of years, the Illuminati has secretly hidden these psychic witch race Edomite Tribe of Dan Celtic red-haired RH negative blood nephilim descendants. They were searching for the descendants of these nephilim demon spirits to create their psychic superhero uberman super soldiers, so this is why the Illuminati Mormon church was frantically researching each person’s genealogy, in order to locate these people. This is why that Queen Elizabeth transvestite man was dressed as a woman and had red hair, which the Illuminati has hidden. They are the descendants of the Celtic druid priestesses and pagan idolaters and wiccan witches and feminists and royal families of Europe and Satanists. These reptilian Satanists are bisexual and homosexual and feminists because they are Jezebel spirits and do not have souls, and are New Agers. The more humans they abduct, and replace with black-eyed children clones, the more Satanists and bisexual homosexuals and feminists and witches and pagan worshippers you will find in society, just like Sodom and Gomorrah, and it will become a nephilim filled violent satanic society like the Atlantean civilization that God destroyed with the Great Flood in Noah’s ancient times.


If you look at the name of Denmark, it has the name “Dan’s Mark.” The flags of Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, England, all have the cross Dan’s mark. These are the nations which have led the world in evil and sin through feminism and Jezebel worship. Many of these Tribe of Dan reptilian hybrid descendants of the fallen angels who are called the nephilim demon spirits in the Bible have settled in these nations and have spread feminism and women’s equality. They have especially settled in Ireland, so this is why the Illuminati are looking for Celtic people and negative blood type people to create more nephilim with fallen angels and program as Satan’s super soldiers. This is why the Celts developed Druidism or witchcraft based on ancient Sumerian occult Satanism and witchcraft. This is why all of these most disgusting, reptilian hybrid nephilim high witches like Hillary Clinton and Sigourney Weaver are all of Celtic genetic descent and they have the nature of Satan’s feminist daughters. The reptilian hybrid nephilim Edomite Tribe of Dan have monopolized all positions of power from ancient times, such as the presidents and judges and global bankers and police and royal families and media leaders and celebrities and Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors and European nobility. This is why the Danite Illuminati nephilim Satanists are hell bent on exterminating all human homo-sapiens race people from the face of the earth. You have all these Nazis Aryans who are trying to assassinate me, because they are descendants of the nephilim who have settled in the feminist nations. They do not have human souls, but they walk around with humans as if they are humans. They are a reptilian hybrid witch race of very evil, violent, psychopath reptoid brain people. Throughout history, they have created all suffering, death, war, disease, pain and misery upon God’s creation and the human homo-sapiens race, and they have ruled over every government, business, Christian church, religion, military, law enforcement, court system, media, education, organized crime mobs, etc. through their satanic secret societies. They have spread their Satanist occultism and feminism and everything evil throughout the earth. This is why God has cursed in the Bible, these Esau’s Edomite Tribe of Dan nephilim descendants. The Bible calls these soulless demon creatures that live alongside the humans, the tares who live among the wheat. These people run every aspect of our society, and disguise themselves as humans with their holographic electromagnetic human appearance. These nephilim are the great men of renown such as famous church leaders who teach Jezebel Satanism, and who the dumb, stupid, scum bag, religious Christians multitudes idolize, and who scorn and ridicule God’s prophets and apostles. These religious Christians like to flock in mass to the Illuminati Satanist Christian churches where these star children heal them from all kinds of illnesses using the devil’s power, but they do not want to be poisoned and shot with EMP electromagnetic weapons and assassination squads gang stalk them for Christ. This is why these religious Christians are fakes and vomit people and congregations of worst scum bags of the world.


These star children clones assassinate thousands and thousands of other human homo-sapiens secret agents who do not go along with the Illuminati reptilian hybrids’ evil agendas and violent tactics. In their Illuminati brainwash movies, the bad guys always lose and the good guys always win, and the dumb human populace feels good and go home. In the real world, the Nazi descendents assassinate all the good, honest, upright people. The hospitals are Babylonian medicine witchcraft temples that the hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians worship. It is because these sick, dumb religious Christians worship breeding and reproducing genetic descendents. That is their whole life value—leaving descendents who will soon be destroyed by the coming judgment. In the soon coming judgment upon them, they will scream and wail, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” over and over and over, again. Even when they are dying, they will use God’s name in vain and insult His existence. Which God are they screaming and wailing out to? It must be their god Satan, who is only the devil. They certainly do not worship our God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ, because they despise and hate our Torah Truth teachings who is Christ and who is life and who is the true God. They love their Satanism Babylon religion teachings in their Christianity churches. They love the ethereal teachings of Christianity, but they hate the essence and real teachings of Christianity, so that is why their hearts and minds are led astray by the Illuminati Satanist-owned Christian churches and the devil. The totally demon possessed are those who go to work, marry, breed genetic descendents, go to church, and live out their lives according to Satan’s mind control. They are given Disneyland and sports and evangelical missions to keep them happy and content and comfortable. They belong to the world and its satanic hive-mind collective-matrix alien technology witchcraft mind-control that they love to be under. They are the totally possessed, so they do not see how hilarious they look wearing men’s trousers or running around creating genetic descendants when their children are going to be sold into prostitution and sacrificed on the Illuminati Satanist rituals or jumping up and down in their Satan worship service Christian rock and roll concerts. They are a sad group of people. They will eat each other in the coming days of the Tribulation Age and kill their children. The children whom they worshipped will be eaten by them. The Christian churches have been turned into a spiritual cesspool by these base, degenerate religious Christians looking for men and women to breed with, and bare genetic descendants of the flesh. Their entire life is very much like the animal instinct pagans and heathens. They have no love for God enough to sacrifice their children to the Illuminati Satanist CIA assassin squads, in order to preach God’s Torah Truth who is Christ. They are only concerned with hunting for the opposite gender in the churches to breed more children like themselves, and have turned God’s House into a social club and dating spot. They disgust me, and that is why I stay away from the church and all these pestering religious Christian women who look at me as a reproductive tool for their carnal motives. They are degenerate to the core. They have no godliness. They just have a form of religiousness and hippy emotional love. It is not a love of the will. If they loved people, they would speak the truth to them also, and they would be kicked out of the churches, too.


They have constantly used the authorities and company superiors and church leaderships to force me to apologize to them for speaking the truth about their evils, and accused me of being evil for speaking the truth in love, but I will not apologize any more. Those days are over. They would publically accuse me of being an evil person in front of the church, because I had refused to marry them due to their sick, perverted, disgusting purpose for coming to church is to look for Christian men to marry. These religious Christian women accuse me of being sinful and do bad things to me, because I refuse to marry these religious Christian women who come to God’s House to hunt for animalistic mates to breed genetic descendants instead of seeking the Almighty God. Who is the evil one? Why do they always force me to apologize to them? The evil people always try to make God’s children apologize to them for doing evil, when God’s people are in reality doing good instead of evil, and the evil people who are demanding apology from God’s children are the ones who are doing evil things to God’s people. The people of this world are demon-possessed and inversed. All real born-again spiritual Christians experience the same persecutions and injustice from the people of this world. I refuse to go along with their evil deeds, so they accuse me of being an evil executive, and always gang up to kick me out of the company? They accuse me of being the evil person, because I confront and expose their evil deeds, and they try to get me fired and turn the whole company and church and school and society and home against me? The people of this world and the church people do the same thing they did to Christ our Lord, which was to crucify Him and try to make Him apologize to them for doing evil, when He was innocent and spoke the Torah Truth about them. All these feminists and Koreans and Satanists and CIA Nazi Blackwater Corporation SS troop assassins and mob gangsters and Wicca witches and street gangs and low-life Illuminati henchmen and queens and presidents all conspire against me for their Satan and come in the thousands to try to gang-stalk and assassinate me and send their military drone crafts and F-15 fighter jets and satellite tracking systems? They do the same thing they did with all the ancient prophets that God sent to Atlantis and to Moses and Elijah and King David and Apostle Paul and Jeremiah and Daniel. The people of this world have not changed, at all. They are all under Satan’s hive-mind collective-matrix mind-control demon-possession.


The most evil women come out to the Christian churches to look for marriage partners. They know that they themselves are extremely evil, so they are looking for Christian husbands who will tolerate their evil, and not fight back even when they are abused by them. When we show no interest in marrying them, their evil pride is hurt, so they testify against us as being evil, before all the church congregation, when in reality we have done no evil against them. In fact, it is the opposite, and these women do evil to us through false witnessing and false testimony. They are like Potiphar’s wife who tried to force Joseph to have sex with her, and when he refused because he loves God, she reported to her husband that Joseph tried to rape her. These evil women are not concerned about coming to church to worship God or love Him, or to serve their spiritual brothers and sisters. They are not spiritual or have the Holy Spirit or born-again. They are carnal, fleshly, degenerate women. That is why they are only thinking of finding men to use as breeding tools to reproduce fleshly physical genetic descendants, who carry their same evil genes as them. To them, it is not reproducing the goodness of the spirit, but they are only concerned with reproducing the animal instinct genetic descendants of the flesh. They think like animals and behave like animals. They are demon-possessed by Satan and his fallen angels to attack God’s children and God’s apostles and prophets, and that is why they come out to the Christian churches. They are the religious Christians.


Why do we suffer such? It is because of Jesus’ love in us. It is our love for Christ that we share in His suffering, for His people we love. So that we may be in heaven together when our Lord with the scars of His suffering (the Lamb that was sacrificed for our sins) takes that scroll of redemption and opens it. It is for that we fight and we do not back down. The fruits of our suffering are the children of God and the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant and the Tribulation Saints who will sing forth in heaven with joy and praise to our God YHWH. That is what we see and what drives us forward. It is seeing our Lord Jesus Christ in all His majesty and His amazing, awesome nature walking among His people. That utter reverence for God and heart-moving greatness of God gives us strength and the drive to keeping moving forward every day. It will be a joy indescribable in our human words right now. It will be way beyond anything our minds can comprehend right now. But, we feel it in His Holy Spirit. That music of love vibrating through every part of our being. The breaking forth of all the people of God in praise to Him in one Spirit and one mind and one heart. Each will know all other’s minds and hearts, as we know the Lord and the Lord know us all. The complete peace and the constant joy that bubbles out of our very souls like pure spring water, and breaks forth like a stream. Heaven just cannot be explained in our words. The music and the vibration of harmony. It is felt in the Holy Spirit of the One who loves us in us. The men will be gentle and strong and full of love. Women will be feminine and beautiful once more and full of true joyful laughter. It is a laughter not heard on this earth. It is a sound of laughter everywhere around us that comes from the soul and from God’s Holy Spirit and our Father in Heaven and such glee. Those of you who are in Christ can sense heaven already and it is near and understand what I cannot express in human words. It will be amazing. It will be amazing. This is why we take each electronic directed energy weapon lashing on our backs, and every poisoning of our food crown of thorn imbedded into our heads, and every destruction of our job employment and bank savings drawing of lots for our garments and every Illuminati witches’ psychic attack tearing of our beards from our face and the gang-stalking cross on our backs that we drag, and take extreme joy in each of these things and our hearts are filled with such gratitude to Jesus Christ our Commander-In-Chief and Groom who allows all this suffering upon us because He has counted us as His children and for His glory and for our purification sanctification. Hallelujah! May our Lord Jesus Christ and our Almighty God and Father YHWH be praised and receive glory forevermore! Awesome!


They are like descendants of dumb livestock cattle people running into the Illuminati alien Nazi butcher shop. I have finally found out how these foolish earth-dweller homo-sapiens humans who are left alive on this earth in these End Times think, who are not part of the smart people who have been assassinated by the reptilians and their Illuminati feminist death squads and intelligence agency assassins and Korean hordes and Nazi extermination teams and alien abductors: they do not want to know the truth because it scares them, so they want to live the Disney fantasy world life of careers and family and church and food and entertainment that the reptilian Illuminati Satanists have made for them, until they are either abducted by their aliens and dissected in their underground bases or killed by their soon coming World War 3 nuclear war or exterminated in their underground vast FEMA Nazi slaughter camps prepared for the human homo-sapiens race. I have realized that the genes of those dumb humans that the reptilians have allowed to breed and be left on this earth are those who want to be mind-controlled and love the fake life that the reptilian hybrid elites have given them, and when the time comes to just have themselves and their families and human descendents butchered. They feel that one moment of fake happiness is fine, and if they get thrown into hell afterwards, that is fine. These last generation survivors of the human race on this earth are very vile, ungodly, dumb, base, vulgar people, although they wear suits, drive nice cars, have big happy families, lead huge church congregations, have fancy titles and have bloated I.Q. intelligences. No wonder God has allowed them to be mind-controlled by the reptilian hybrids of Satan, and are being prepared to be slaughtered from the face of this planet.


The Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid globalist elites think these human homo-sapiens are dumb livestock people and only good for Satanic live human ritual sacrifice and to be eaten as food, because their simple-minded brains can be easily manipulated. The Illuminati can create a war like the War of 1812, where during the “British invasion,” they made the American people hate and torture the British who burned their capitol Washington, D.C. down, and their fallen angels fed off of all the negative energy that was created. However, during what they call the “British invasion” in 1964 when the Beatles band landed in the United States, the Illuminati had the American girls cheering on the British band and even some were fainting as a result of the frenzy from seeing them in person, and the fallen angels were able to make the Americans worship Satan during the satanic Illuminati Beatles rock and roll concert. This is how easy it is to manipulate the human homo-sapiens’ minds, because of the wickedness of their hearts, and hatred toward God. They can make them hate the British with a passion one day enough to stab a bayonet into their guts, and make them faint out of worshipping the British another day. Moreover, some of these Americans are cousins of the British, because they share the same genetic ancestry. It is as if killing or raping or pillaging your own genetic descendant son or daughter, just because the Illuminati have mind-controlled you to do so. If their ancestors were still in Britain, they and their enemies would have been cousins and nieces and nephews, but instead, they were killing each other, because the homo-capensis British royal family and homo-capensis U.S. politicians were telling them that these people were their enemies. Meanwhile, the homo-capensis British royal family and the homo-capensis U.S. politicians were all part of the same Illuminati bloodline families, and one big happy family, orchestrating the killing of human homo-sapiens by turning them against each other, just like moving chess pieces in a chess game or something. The same thing has been happening for thousands of years and through World War 1 and World War 2 and every war since, because the nephilim have controlled the foolish humans who do not listen to God. This is why the Illuminati reptilian globalist elite nephilim homo-capensis people consider the human homo-sapiens people as dumb livestock animals. This is why with one simple button that these Illuminati Draco reptilian hybrid nephilim aliens push on their spaceship somewhere, they could make these dumb human homo-sapiens worship you one day, and then kill you another day. It is relatively easy to manipulate these human homo-sapiens as robots, because of their mindlessness and lack of godly wisdom. This is why the Illuminati use all these hordes of Satanists and Nazis and CIA hit squads and Koreans and feminists and mobster gangsters and street gangs and other low-life ungodly people of society to come in the thousands to try to assassinate you, because you speak against the Illuminati and expose all their secrets to the human homo-sapiens and preach the Torah Truth of Jesus with love. They are all mindless fools.


They will not repent, and they deserve to be destroyed, because they have rejected God’s love and Torah Truth. If these dumbest of the dumbest generation of mind-controlled End Times humans do not repent of Satan’s reptilian doctrine of women’s equality ideologies and occult practices and continue to adhere to Jezebel and scorn God’s apostles and prophets’ warnings and Torah Truth, then they deserve to be destroyed in God’s soon coming judgment by fire upon the earth. Homosexuality and feminism are a judgment from God against a nation, because a when a nation’s people reject God’s protection and blessings, and they follow after women’s equality and rock music and ear piercing and drugs and Eastern mysticism hippy occults and kicking off coworkers in order to get promoted for higher salary and running after Disney witchcraft and going to witchcraft medical science hospitals and worshipping Western Christianity mystery Babylon religion, then they are allowing Satan to alien abduct them and replace them with homosexual and feminist reptilian hybrid clone nephilim creatures. A nation that is filled with these nephilim reptilians is a nation that becomes like Sodom and Gomorrah—a nation filled with hybrid reptilian people who are homosexual and feminist in by nature of their reptilian genes. For this reason, many of the citizens of the United States and Europe already do not have human souls, but they have demon spirits. By genetic nature, they are firm adherents of Satan’s religious beliefs of women’s equality, rock music, marijuana legalization, tattooing, pagan occult spirituality, religious Western Christianity, homosexual rights, national patriotism, democracy, obesity gluttony, women wearing trousers, medical science, retirement pensions, health insurance, Corporate Christianity selling of one’s own books to Christians, and everything else that originates from Babylon or reptilian nephilim Sumer. These are all but signs of a nation and people that are ripe for God’s judgment and destruction. Wherever the Edomite Tribe of Dan reptilian hybrid nephilim bloodline have moved through history, they were homosexuals and feminists and very violent warriors and torturers, because of their reptilian genes and nature, whether they were the nephilim giants of old, Atlanteans, Egyptian royalty, Trojan royalty, Roman royalty, Spartans, Templar Knights, Bolsheviks, Celtic Druids, Irish red-hair Dannites, Gauls, Black Nobility European royal families, Merovingian mafia families, Sicilian mafia bloodlines, Nazi SS storm troopers, current day NSA military base American Nazi SS storm troopers, U.S. Marine Corp and Army Nazi SS generals mafia mob member assassins secret brotherhood homosexual Satanist Illuminati military clubs, and all other descendants of the Edomite Tribe of Dan reptilian nephilim bloodline race of the fallen angels throughout the thousands of years of human history. They have slaughtered human homo-sapiens, caused wars, run the narcotics industries, sodomized each other in their satanic Illuminati homosexual rituals, caused all disasters in history, and genocide exterminated millions and millions and millions of human homo-sapiens race people. This is why God says in the Bible that the weeds live among the wheat for their cursed reptilian genetic demon spirit people live among the human homo-sapiens and conduct all evil in society and become Satanists and occultists and run society (See video “Illuminati Wife Tells All – Part 1 of 4” at .)


The U.S. military have fleets of spacecraft that travel the stars, and they travel through time and through wormhole in space. They have lunar and mars bases next to alien bases, and they have armies that fight the alien armies. There are many competing factions of nephilim aliens and human groups fighting each other and forming alliances. The universe is filled with nephilim soulless creatures with Atlantis civilization fallen angels advanced technology. They have spiritual cities that cannot be seen with human eyes. The human space soldiers are nephilim people with cyborg implants in their bodies, so that they will not be destroyed in time travel and have supernatural superhero psychic abilities. They are bred from babies to be super soldiers, because they carry the nephilim descendant bloodline genes that have psychic powers. Sometimes divisions of soldiers are killed in battle with the alien nephilim as Randy Cramer, USMC can tell you. All these nephilim alien civilizations hide their existence by blocking their own radio waves and electronic transmissions that are emitted from their planets, just like we do and our private contract company Galactic Defense Federation alliance forces on Mars do. The indigenous reptoid and insectoid nephilim aliens are joining the earth’s forces to protect Mars from the Draco reptilian invaders, and they are trying to rebuild their planet Mars which was destroyed in ancient times. (See video “FULL DISCLOSURE: Secret Space, Lunar Base, Mars Colonies & Alien Wars“ at .)


These homo-carpensis or homo-serpentis people are a totally different species of people although they look like us humans. Once they die, their spirits do not go to heaven or hell like the human souls do, but these unclean spirits roam the earth as ghosts, so that is why Jesus had to drive them out of the demon-possessed man. Their forefathers, the nephilim giants’ spirits also roam the earth until this day as bodiless spirits. They await the day when they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire with their fathers the fallen angels. The royal families, the presidents, the global bankers, the most powerful and prestigious people, the witches, the feminists, the homosexual creatures, Satanists, Ancient Alien theorists, occultists, and all the cloned manufactured humans in the secret underground military bases and black-eyed children do not have human souls like normal humans do, but they have demon spirits because they are bred by the fallen angels who are spirits. Only humans created by God have souls. The human souls are capable of feelings, compassion, love, faith in God, femininity, gentleness, self-sacrifice and noble acts. They do not have reptilian psychopath brains that murder 6 million Nazi prisoner Jews or thousands of Fukushima nuclear plant area children or thousands of 9.11 World Trade Center people or thousands of people in a Hiroshima atomic bomb Satanist live human sacrifice ritual. They are a different artificially manufactured species of humans made by the devil and his fallen angels through genetic manipulation and genetic engineering just like in the ancient Atlantis civilization before Noah’s flood. The grey aliens are also nephilim creatures who do not have human souls. They are reptilian hybrid creatures made by Satan to deceive the End Times human populace, just like the famous actors and celebrities and royal families and Walt Disney and idol singers and superheroes and great military generals and Ghenghis Khan and emperors and princes and princesses and rock band musicians and mega-church ministers and popular politicians like the Anti Christ are not real humans, but they are actually genetically demons. They are imposter creatures parading around as if they are humans. That is why they shape shift into reptilian hybrid monsters, and they can change form. The U.S. leads the world in feminist values and people, because there are more nephilim reptilian hybrid demon spirit witch species people being released into its society, due to all the alien grey and U.S. military joint underground secret base cloning laboratories and monster factories that are manufacturing all these genetically engineered feminist and homosexual imposter reptiles disguised as actual people. This is why you see increasing numbers of the most masses of these star children demonic people who are opposed to Christians and God and godly precepts in the United States. The more demon reptile people you have in a nation, the more that nation resembles the Satanist Atlantis civilization of Noah’s days. The nephilim bloodline Satanists are used to ally with the alien greys to create these underground secret military base demon nephilim black-eyed children super soldier manufacturing laboratory factories. They are churning out millions of these non-human entities to replace the identities of human homo-sapiens people and families. Soon, this world would be completely replaced by Aryan super race reptile beings just like at Atlantis in Noah’s era, unless God intervenes again—this time not with the Great Flood but with fire. One in fifteen to twenty people are already not humans, but they are reptilian hybrid alien clones of the original human victims, so they will not hesitate to kill or genocide when their mind control and true nature is turned on, according to third-generation Roper Reports of the RAAM corporation that build these alien bases underground naval intelligence documents naval intelligence documents. 10% to 15% of the United States is already soulless human alien hybrids. The people have allowed this to happen by following after Jezebel and letting their women think and behave like the reptilian feminist witches, which opens up a nation for Satan and his fallen angels to take over. This is why the Bible commands to protect the women spiritually by wearing head coverings of humility and prohibits them from wearing men’s trousers, or else, they will start thinking they are equal to men, just like the reptilian feminist witches do. Then black magic able to control a nation, and the nation abandons God, and is fully controlled by Satanism. This brings that nation under God’s wrath and judgment. The United States has led the world in worshipping Jezebel and feminism and reptilian witch doctrines, and have let them destroy the very foundations of God’s family and society, and have become like a Satanist pagan nation, and therefore, the United States will be destroyed by itself. A once and powerful superpower nation will be brought down to ruin, just like all the ancient nations of old that God judged, because they ran after Jezebel and Satanism. The signs of this pagan society are always the same, as women assert equality, men and women become opposite in nature, homosexuality and lesbianism run rampant, marriage and family are destroyed, Satan and dark magic are able to take over, and the nephilim start replacing that nation’s humans, and the nation runs toward all kinds of evil practices: handling of marriage as a business contract, legalism, narcotic witchcraft, rock music, Satanism, paganism, abortion and Satanist child sacrifice, gluttony and obesity, divorce, fornication, adultery, worship of other gods, decadence, corporate corruption and greed, MILAB abductions, genetic engineering, etc. The United States leads the world in all of these things, proportionately as they lead the world in feminist values and thinking of Jezebel Satanism. Will the women of the United States repent and return to their rightful positions of submission and will they restore God’s precepts to family and marriage and society, and quit their career jobs and return to their families? No, the women of the United States will continue in their Satanism and the values of the reptilian nephilim witch descendant feminists. This is why the United States cannot escape God’s judgment. The men of the United States just follow whatever their women tell them, so they will not repent either. They have been warned by God through me, because God always sends a prophet to warn a nation before He judges them, and calls them to repentance. I am a lone voice in the wilderness, because all the rest have run after Jezebel’s pagan gods, and they gang stalk and try to assassinate me because I have come to warn them from God. To try to kill God’s ambassador is to wage war against God. Will God remain silent? No! The United States has brought upon judgment to itself.