Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 7


Satan and his fallen angels are hypocrites, because they call humans as a bunch of monkeys, but they still want to breed with humans and mix their reptilian genes with them. They are like their Calvary Chapel hippy rogue pastor children, who claim to be Christians and servants of God, but they despise God and His Torah Truth and persecute His people. Hypocrisy is the nature of evil. These hippy rogue pastors will not teach you the Torah Truth about the aliens and the Illuminati secret agendas, because they love themselves, their reputations, their money, and their jobs, since if they taught the Torah Truth, they would lose most of their church congregation members and offerings and salaries, they would be ridiculed in all Christian medias, they would be gang stalked by multitudes of assassination groups, they would have their families killed and their homes burned and be sacrificed in live satanic rituals, and they would have mobs of angry religious Christians and Illuminati organizations demonstrating outside their doors and throwing things at them, and they would be the ridicule of all society. They do not love God, and they are nephilim, so that is why they ridicule us who are God’s prophets and apostles, and they hide the Torah Truth who is Christ from the people, and they oppose us. They are sick Pharisees. They act like great religious teachers, but they have no love or truth or faith. Their father is Satan.


While I was wondering in the wilderness like Elijah. moving from hotel to hotel and nation to nation, thinking that I can elude Satan and his fallen angels’ F-15 fighter jets and drone aerial reconnaissance vehicles and dozens of black-tinted trucks, and their thousands and thousands and thousands of Satanists and feminists and Koreans and mafia mob gangsters and street gangs and alien hybrid Nazi SS assassination squads, I went to a Calvary Chapel church in Hawaii where the pastor preached about End Times Bible prophecy every single week. I asked for reinforcements to fight against the Satanists and Satan. They literally threw me out, and were so afraid that they did not want anything to do with God’s children, and thereby, they wanted nothing to do with Jesus Christ. It is ironic, because the Arab-American pastor there always in his Arab feud way tells his congregation on the internet video that no one insults his God, because they will get a good reprimand from him. However, when God shows up on his churches front door through me to ask for assistance, he cares nothing about me or the God who sent me to him, and he does not even have the decency or manner to answer. Therefore, his standing up for God is more like a religious Christians carnal fleshly mafia mob gangster family feud type of mentality of “if you give my family trouble, I will go after your family” kind of thing. It is not true love for God, because if he truly loved God, then he would not have turned God away at the door or ignored God when God showed up at his front doorstep through me. I represent God for I am his prophet and apostle and ambassador and child and Christian. Basically, the Arab American pastor there was on his vacation, having a fun time somewhere relaxing and enjoying himself. The elders sent an email to him that there was someone at his church service who fighting the Satanists and needed reinforcements in the fight. The Arab American pastor ignored the email, never replied, and just continued to enjoy his vacation with his family. He only cares about his non-Christian fleshly genetic family, but cares nothing about his real spiritual family of heaven. The elder there was a young firefighter, and he seems willing to go into a building to save non-Christians from fires, but did not seem to want to help Christians who are fighting the Satanists. He just told me that it is good to be martyred, and just returned me to my hotel where I was getting cooked alive by microwave ovens by Illuminati assassins. He and his wife did not want anything to do with me either, just like the pastor. It is just like the biggest, most famous Calvary Chapel church in Hawaii, where the assistant pastor would not even allow me to talk to the head pastor. The head pastor who is a surfboard maker, who found it more profitable to be a minister, told me that they have to watch after their own selves, so they cannot help me in any way. The elder at the Arab American pastor’s church told me not to preach about Satan’s alien deception that is coming to deceive all religious Christians, because people will just think I am crazy. He tried to suppress me from preaching God’s Torah Truth and to warn the human homo-sapiens species populace that Satan and his nephilim aliens were trying to replace them with alien hybrids and clone avatar bodies and organic robotoids and fallen angels in human avatar bodies. The other elders at the Arab American pastor’s Calvary Chapel church kept telling me to not be worried and to have faith. Maybe they can tell themselves to not worry and have faith when their families are being raped, tortured, skinned alive, and killed by the Anti-Christ during the Tribulation Age. Not a single person in any Christian church I went to ask for back up in the fight against the Satanists offered to help, or provide shelter or food or money or anything. All they do is just do a short prayer, and refer you to their pastor. The pastor will just throw you out of the church. They believe that they fulfilled their responsibility to God by referring you to their pastor, just like Pontius Pilate handed over Jesus to the angry mob and assumed that he was no longer responsible for the death of an innocent man. Basically, all the Christian churches and religious Christians I went to ask for help in fighting the enemy wanted to just throw God’s sheep to the wolves, and not help in any way, shape or form. Even worse, the famous Hawaiian minister who had taken over for the Arab American pastor while he was on vacation, to teach his Sunday service which I went to, was preaching at that Sunday service that “the apostle Paul would not have been able to do his ministry and survive, if people like Ananias and Aquila helped him, so we need to help fellow brothers and sisters who are in need of help and shelter them and provide food for them and look after their needs and support them. The church elders did not want to have anything to do with me or to help me in any way, so they basically just dumped me into the lap of this guest speaker famous Hawaiian pastor who had taken over that week’s Sunday sermon, while the regular Arab American pastor was on vacation. However, the guest speaker famous Hawaiian minister just told me that I was crazy to think that the Satanists and Satan were fighting me, and that I need to go to the secular psychiatrist witchdoctors to be tested for insanity, and he just left in a hurry. He seemed really scared of Satan and did not want to have any association with me who was fighting Satan. It was ironic, because a few minutes ago, he had been preaching proudly and boastfully like some important religious Pharisee that they need to help and support fellow Christians, because if Ananias and Aquila had not helped Apostle Paul while Paul was being persecuted for the gospel of Jesus Christ by Satan, we would not have had any Apostle Paul, and we would not have had most of the New Testament Bible that Paul wrote, but a few minutes later, this same famous Hawaiian minister who was preaching that did not want to help me in any way, and he basically just cursed me and ran away in a hurry. He was the same minister who had told another famous Hawaiian minister that Apostle Paul was not the twelfth apostle chosen by God, because Matthias was the twelfth apostle chosen by Peter to replace Judas Iscariot. God had taken me to this church, and shown me these pastors and church elders and religious Christians, in order to show me how degraded and despicable and lukewarm the Christian churches were. Jesus wanted to show me firsthand that He was not in the Christian churches, but that He had been rejected by the religious Christians and Christian churches, and they wanted nothing to do with Him. I went to many of my Christian friends who I had considered brothers and sisters in Christ, but they all rejected me, and did not want to support me in any way in my fight against Satan. They had rejected Jesus by rejecting me. They are happy and willing to provide food to homeless people who care nothing for God and just want food, and they are willing to hug and kiss and greet fellow church members with fake hippy love, but they are not willing to help God’s children in their fight against Satan and his Illuminati Satanists, because they love their own comfortable lifestyles and genetic carnal families and nice jobs and peaceful lives and religious Christian church lifestyles and all other things that Satan has given them. This is why they reject us, throw us out of the church to the Satanists, and just want to continue living their religious Christians lives in church. If you tell them that you need back up in the fight against the Illuminati and Satan and the Satanists, they will always do the same thing, which is either to just to do a short prayer for you or refer you to their pastor or tell you that you are crazy and throw you out of their church. They are a disgusting people, and they are putrid hypocrites to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. Woe to these religious Christians, who are not God’s sheep, but they are Satan’s goats. They will be thrown into the Tribulation Age. If they want their souls to be saved, they will have to be martyred by Satan and his Anti-Christ. The question is: if they cannot live for Jesus during this Church Age, how can they die for Jesus in the soon coming Tribulation Age? They care only for themselves and will follow fake Christianity as long as they are safe and comfortable and can have a fun religious life on Sundays at church, but if they have to fight Satan and his Satanists and their Illuminati and their Anti-Christ, they will throw Jesus out to the wolves, and try to save their own lives and families. This is the type of people these religious Christians are. They are fake Christians. At the first sign of having themselves and their families tortured, or being starved, or being infected with plagues, they will reject Christ, and happily receive Satan’s microchip implant or believe in Satan’s aliens or deny being Christians. This is what they are and what they are made of. They are the fake religious Christians. They will be left behind at the rapture of the Church Saints or true Bride of Christ.


If you go to your religious Christian friends for back up and reinforcements in your fight against Satan and the Illuminati nephilims, they will listen to the slandering against you by the Illuminati alien hybrids and demon-possessed spies who are sent into those churches where your friends go, instead of listening to you. The Illuminati spies will befriend your friends, and tell them that you wrote a book on God’s Torah Truth that is heretical and not according to the Illuminati Satanist Western Christianity religious teachings that are being taught in the modern day Christian churches. Since your religious Christian friends are usually either demon-possessed or mind controlled by the Draco reptilian aliens and their Illuminati Satanist MK Ultra CIA brain wave technologies, they will believe these Satanists disguised as Christians who recently come into the church to befriend them, instead of believing you who they have known for many decades. It is because of the evil of their hearts that allow the devil and his aliens and Illuminati alien hybrid Satanists to demon possess them and mind control them. They will usually believe the Satanists in their Christian churches, and start to distance themselves from you. Other religious Christian friends will attack and criticize you, because they do not want to be targeted themselves by the devil and his Illuminati government by helping you. Other religious Christian friends will just associate with you while you have money, and although they know you are moving from hotel to hotel and nation to nation, they will go to very expensive restaurants and make you pay for the food. They will say that if you behave nicely to them, they will consider allowing you to sleep in their back porch. They do not consider you as a Christian brother or God’s child, but they consider you as a dog. This is why they tell you just like a dog that if you behave yourself, they will allow you to sleep in their back porch. They do not want to be attacked by the Illuminati themselves, so they will not allow you to sleep in their house or offer to provide shelter, because the hotels are usually filled with Illuminati CIA gang stalkers who have electromagnetic weapons and microwave weapons in all adjoining rooms. However, 99.99% of your religious Christians will not even want anything to do with you, and they will surely not want to associate with you in any way, if you tell them honestly that you are fighting the devil and his Illuminati alien hybrids. They have known you for decades, so they know you are telling them the truth, and they know your righteous character, too, but they are just looking after their own selves. That is the type of scum, putrid, depraved people these religious Christians are. They are by nature that way. That is why they will see that you are miraculously surviving the microwave oven attacks and poisonings and CIA helicopters and sleep deprivations, but if you tell them that sickness comes from living in sin, they will get very angry at you and yell, “Are you telling me that my parents died because they were sinful?!” The answer is of course “yes.” People are sick because of they are still living in sin, and they go to the Illuminati’s medical institutions and medical professionals to be healed. However, since these religious Christians are people who treat you like dogs instead of Christian brothers, they will naturally be sick themselves with diabetes and constant knee pains and obesity. These are not just regular religious Christians, but they are people who shared Christ to you first and led you to Christ, many decades ago. To them, Christianity is a religion, so they are only concerned in converting people to Christianity, and only concerned with the numbers of people who were saved in their churches. They are the same as any other religion or cult. It is a fake Christianity, and it belongs to the devil who made it. For the real, born-again, Spirit-filled, Bride of Christ, children of God like us, God keeps us healthy and joyful and provides for all our needs, even though the enemy has attempted every day to microwave us, and give us heart attacks with pinpoint CIA alien hybrid electromagnetic weapons, and poison us with deadly poison, and gang stalk us from park to park and beach to beach and forest to forest and hotel to hotel. The Illuminati witches do not understand why we are still alive and joyful. However, these disgusting religious Christian friends who are afraid to help you in your fight against Satan and his Illuminati, and who accuse you of being crazy for claiming that you are being gang stalked so that they do not have to get involved in your persecution by the devil, are all sick and dying, losing income and jobs, poor and stingy, divorced and having family problems. This is an irony. Those who try to keep their ungodly lives will lose it, and those who lose their lives for Christ will gain it. They do not even understand this basic precept of God and His Torah Truth, so that is why they accuse you of being a heretic, and their callous hearts are like talking to an idol that has no ears to hear or eyes to see or spirit to understand. Together, they are a bunch of depraved people. They are genetically much nicer and courteous and gentle and religious than we are, but their hearts are absolutely depraved and degenerate. They are religious carnal Christian and not spiritual godly Christians.


The Illuminati’s Cult Department manufactures all these cult groups. For example, all the members of the cult group “Heaven’s Gate” were Illuminati members. Their forefathers the nephilim giants ate humans and caused havoc on the earth during Noah’s flood and almost exterminated the human race from the earth by command of the devil, and their modern day descendents of the Illuminati still do the same things. The nature of evil is to ignore one’s own evil, and to murder those who are innocent and calls out for justice. It is not a normal brain and it is not a logical sane mind. These Illuminati criminals’ minds are a perverted, self-righteous, crazy, illogical, wicked, devilish, psychopath mind. God is right in commanding that these psychopath criminals be executed under capital punishment. The only problem is that the Illuminati clones these psychopath criminals’ genes, and uses these criminals’ clones to conduct assassination jobs for them. The Illuminati is increasing in the human society exactly those criminal genes that God commanded to be eliminated from society, and that is why the society in these End Times modern days is getting more and more evil, and more and more occultist. These cloned hybrid reptilian nephilim that they are releasing into the human society to assassinate the human homo-sapiens are vampires and witches and nephilim freak monsters and they are the living dead because they are the soulless ones. You have people walking amongst us who do not have souls! They are not humans.


All nations are creating nephilim and super soldiers. The Western MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist Western Illuminati is selling all of its top secret American military technologies to the Communist China Eastern Illuminati to make trillions of dollars of Rothschild profit and to maintain the delicate balance in military power, so that they can keep power from dividing the human race and keep enslaving them by controlling the two polar opposites through political propaganda and parasite from the armament business. It is their divide and rule tactics of the devil and his Illuminati. The MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi cabal globalists has top secret plans to invade after Iraq and Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. When they invade Africa, Russia and China will come upon the Anti-Christ’s army at Armageddon. It is probably better to be in the BRIC nations like Russia and China, rather than Europe and the Americas which will be under Satan’s Anti-Christ dictatorship rule of the “Mark of the Beast 666.” The reptilian Illuminati created the Mujahideen and Taliban and CIA and global Islamic terrorism and FEMA Nazi police state and Soviet Army and U.S. Army, in order to make money from their armament weapons industry, and also to create a lot of negative energy for its fallen angels through the war, killing, hatred, suffering, pain, crippling, fear and trauma created upon the human homo-sapiens. It is the dumb, stupid humans who are joining all of these opposing groups of the Illuminati and killing each other and fellow humans, in order to feed the insatiable greed and blood lust of the Illuminati reptilian hybrid global elites. The Illuminati reptilian hybrids create military technology in their hollow earth underground alien bases in places like Nevada, and then detonate their chemical weapons in remote villages around the world such as Lake Nyos to kill entire villages of human homo-sapiens, in order to depopulate exterminate the humans, and as part of their Illuminati satanic sacrifice rituals, and to test their new military weapons on the human population. Even though the victims have terrible wounds and burns on their bodies, the Illuminati global media just tell the world’s people that it was just a natural CO2 explosion from the lake, because they know very well how dumb and stupid the human race is, and that the human homo-sapiens will believe anything that they tell them even if it is an absolutely ridiculous, hilarious reason. They laugh every time at how stupid the human homo-sapiens race is, and how they can be led to believe anything and everything, and how they can even make the dumb human homo-sapiens populace laugh at God’s apostles and prophets as if they are some kind of dumb conspiracy theorists who blame the Illuminati for all evil on the earth. So, this is why the dumb human homo-sapiens population will join Satan and his fallen angels and Illuminati reptilian hybrids in the Lake of Fire in eternal judgment, because they would rather believe the devil than to believe God and His spokesmen.


The Illuminati reptilian hybrids used to use conventional methods to depopulate and genocide the human homo-sapiens, as you can see them executing 22,000 Polish officers in Katyn, but they found out that it was not efficient enough and it left evidence of the genocide. Therefore, the Illuminati reptilian hybrids now just use their hordes of special NSA CIA MI6 assassin squads and feminist squads and Korean squads and Satanist squads to go around shooting humans and family members during the night while they sleep with EMP electromagnetic weapons or other energy weapons or psychic satellite weapons to shoot peoples’ chakras to cause heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, uterine cancers, renal failures, diabetes, sudden infant deaths, infertility, leukemia, and every other natural death conceivable, in order to systematically eliminate the human homo-sapiens population.


The White Dragon Society and the Gnostic Illuminati and the White Hat faction and COMM 12 know who they need to assassinate, because the MAJI MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUS disinformants identify themselves by ridiculing our blogs and sending obnoxious comments in order to discourage us from disclosing more of their Nazi descendants’ secrets. All they have to do is to monitor who are the ones who are shooting us with EMP weapons and frequency weapons and other energy weapons from neighboring areas and take them out one by one to eliminate their assassination squads, and the Green Society elders just need to identify who are attacking us with psychic chakra attacks via their satellites and black magic, and take out those Nazi uberman who are doing them. Simple. And identify who are poisoning our food and follow them & they will lead them to the perpetrators who are orchestrating attacks against their elders and leaders. And determine the agents who are hacking and monitoring our computers. The dragon families have better cyber warfare skills. These CIA MAJI AQUARIUS disinformation specialists criticize all the people who are teaching the truth on the web, develop fake photos and stories to make the truth also sound like fake, and they spread meaningless theories like the “Flat Earth Theory” to mislead many religious people.


The Illuminati’s aliens and witches use a variety of witchcraft and alien technologies to gang stalk and kill victims. (See video “WTB REVEALS…TOP SECRET LEAKS! Gang Stalkers don’t want us to know!” at . The perpetrators can be divided into two groups: 1) The Illuminati reptilian hybrids who are controlled by their fallen angel fathers and run the intelligence agency advanced alien technologies; 2) Those hired the Illuminati reptilian hybrids to follow after the Targeted Individual victims to harass them and shoot weapons from behind walls and buildings. (See article “The Perpetrators. Who would want this job?” at .) The police are ordered and trained to ignore anyone who comes to complain about gang-stalking, and to tell them to get psychiatric help.


The Gnostic Illuminati are the non-aristocrat class of Illuminati members who are opposed to the aristocratic bloodline rule of the thirteen Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodlines, which include all these royal families and presidents and prime ministers and celebrities and global bankers and emperors and dynastic families. This is why they caused the French revolution and Russian revolution and American revolution and Chinese communist revolution, etc., in order to topple the Illuminati bloodline families. They are an equally powerful faction of the Illuminati that is at war with these bloodline families and former imperial families through assassinations and financial wars and biological wars and weather wars, because they know that they will be exterminated by the aristocracy after the New World Order is established.



イルミナティ爬虫類混血人種たちは、カティンの森で22,000人のポーランド将校を抹殺したように、古い方法で人口を減らし、ホモサピアン人間種を抹殺しておりましたが、非効率的で証拠が残る事が分ったのです。そのため、イルミナティの爬虫類混血人種たちは、現在は、特別なNSA CIA MI6暗殺隊やフェミニスト隊や韓国人隊や悪魔崇拝者隊の隊群を使って、人間や家族メンバー達を夜寝ている間にEMP電磁波武器や他のエネルギー武器や衛星サイキック武器などを使って人々達のチャクラを撃ち、心臓発作やアルツハイマーや子宮癌や腎不全や糖尿病や乳幼児突然死や不妊症や白血病や他の考え出せれる自然死を使って、ホモサピアン人間種の人口をシステマチックに抹殺しているのです。

白竜会とロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティと白帽子派閥とCOMM 12は、誰を暗殺するべきか直ぐ分かります。なぜならば、MAJI MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUSの偽情報提供者たちは、我々のブログを冷やかしたり、失礼なコメントを送ってきたりして、我々が彼らのナチス子孫の秘密を暴露するのを阻止しようとしているからです。彼達がするべき事は実に簡単です:誰が、我々をEMP電磁波武器や波長武器や他のエネルギー武器で周辺から撃っているのか特定し、彼達を一人一人消す事で、彼達の暗殺チームを破壊し、緑会の長老たちが、我々を宇宙衛星を利用しサイキック・チャクラ攻撃や黒魔術を使っている超人兵士を見付けて彼達を消せばよいだけの事です。そして、誰たちが我々の冷蔵庫の食べ物に毒物を入れているか確認し、彼達を尾行すれば、彼達は、長老たちやリーダーたちの攻撃を計画・司令を出している張本人たちに導いてくれるはずです。そして、どの工作員たちが我々のコンピューターをハッキングしているか、嗅ぎ出せば良いのです。竜家のほうたちが、もっと優れたサイバー戦争技術を持っているのです。


*** 竜家とノスティック・イルミナティ・ロマノッフたちとCOMM 12海軍本部の方々を攻撃している暗殺グループの嗅ぎ出し方 ***


白竜会とロシア・ノスティック・イルミナティと白帽子派閥とCOMM 12は、誰を暗殺するべきか直ぐ分かります。なぜならば、MAJI MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUSの偽情報提供者たちは、我々のブログを冷やかしたり、失礼なコメントを送ってきたりして、我々が彼らのナチス子孫の秘密を暴露するのを阻止しようとしているからです。彼達がするべき事は実に簡単です:誰が、我々をEMP電磁波武器や波長武器や他のエネルギー武器で周辺から撃っているのか特定し、彼達を一人一人消す事で、彼達の暗殺チームを破壊し、緑会の長老たちが、我々を宇宙衛星を利用しサイキック・チャクラ攻撃や黒魔術を使っている超人兵士を見付けて彼達を消せばよいだけの事です。そして、誰たちが我々の冷蔵庫の食べ物に毒物を入れているか確認し、彼達を尾行すれば、彼達は、長老たちやリーダーたちの攻撃を計画・司令を出している張本人たちに導いてくれるはずです。そして、どの工作員たちが我々のコンピューターをハッキングしているか、嗅ぎ出せば良いのです。竜家のほうたちが、もっと優れたサイバー戦争技術を持っているのです。



*** Public announcement to all UFO investigators: Where you can get information on UFOs and aliens and extraterrestrial existence ***


If you are a UFO investigator or want the answer to the question of do aliens exist?, contact the U.S. naval intelligence COMM 12 and Chinese red dragon family ambassador and Japanese white dragon society triad and Russian president Putin alliance’s specified contracted contactees, or publically advertise your desire for MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS Nazi top secret files and evidence of UFO existence and alien existence, and a regional linguistic representative will contact you. However, due to the sheer number of inquiries, please do not contact MUFON, if you just want to find out for personal interest. Only contact the naval intelligence COMM 12 private contractors if you are actively and faithfully going to release to the public information and photos about the highest top secrets of the MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS reptilian alien hybrid clones and UFO existence and their agenda, and their plans to start nuclear world war 3 to replace the human homo-sapiens race and Asians and blacks and hispanics and Middle Easterners with their reptilian hybrid nephilim race.


*** 全てのUFO研究者への公表:UFOと宇宙人と地球外生命体の存在に関しての情報をどこで入手できるか ***


もし、貴方がUFO研究員であるのなら、又は、宇宙人が存在するかの質問の答えを知りたい場合は、米海軍諜報部COMM 12と中国赤龍家大使と日本白龍会三合会とロシア大統領プーチンの同盟の指名された契約連絡者へ連絡するか、又は、MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUSナチスの極秘ファイルとUFOの存在の証拠と宇宙人の存在の証拠を欲しいという事を広告で公表してくだされば、地域言語担当者が連絡を取ります。しかし、大量の問い合わせの量のため、もし、個人の興味だけのためであれば、MUFONに連絡しないで下さい。MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS爬虫類宇宙人混血クローンたちとUFOの存在と彼たちの計画の極秘秘密と、第三次大戦核戦争でホモサピエンス人間種とアジア人と黒人とヒスパニック人と中近東人を彼らの爬虫類混血ネピリム人種で入れ替える計画の情報と写真を積極的に忠実に民衆に公開する場合のみ海軍諜報部COMM 12の個人契約者たちに連絡下さい。


Just like their Illuminati Spartan and Illuminati Merovingian Mafia ancestors, these modern day Illuminati Edomite reptilian hybrid descendents live according to their fallen angel aliens’ lifestyle. The men would rape the women to make them their wives, as their nephilim giants ancestors did. The women are born feminists, because the feminists are reptilians, so they would fight. These occult Satanist bloodlines are very spiritual, so they would receive directions from the oracles at Delphi or spirits that the mafia worship, and they would sacrifice people, just like the current day Illuminati family children are required to participate in Satanist child live sacrifice rituals in order to become adults. Just like the Spartans and Merovingian mafia were required to assassinate a person, in order to become an adult, the modern day Illuminati reptilian family kids are required to assassinate someone. Just like their Spartan and Merovingian mafia ancestors were trained in battle and fighting, the modern day Illuminati family descendent witch race families’ children are trained by Illuminati trainers in mixed martial arts (MMA) and shooting guns. This is the nephilim reptilian hybrid family way. If their babies have any defects, these Nazi Aryan Illuminati families would practice eugenics, just like their Spartan and Merovingian mafia and Nazi SS ancestors did, and kill their babies. This is why when you look carefully at the shorts of these mixed martial arts modern day gladiators who have carried on their reptilian Roman emperors’ traditions of bloodshed and fighting, you will see the hidden Illuminati symbols of Satanism. The reptilians started all the various forms of martial arts, and these reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants of the fallen angels revel in violence and killing and eugenics. It is their way of life, since the times of Noah. They are psychopathic creatures. All these revived Roman gladiator mixed martial arts event companies are owned by the reptilian Illuminati mafia gangster members. The Roman gladiator arenas were to create negative energy for their reptilian black magic powers. The reason why the feminists who are Illuminati reptilian hybrid witches want to exterminate all Christians in their New World Order is because in order to pass their law that allows for the abortion of children up to three years of age who do not meet their health and intellectual Nazi reptilian hybrid Aryan witch race standards, they have to get rid of all the Christians and God who object to that Satan’s eugenic doctrines of Illuminati Satanism. Then, they believe they would be at last free to have their satanic civilization. In order to go to the nursery school or kindergarten, the new law will force all human homo-sapiens children to receive the Illuminati vaccine shots designed to infect children with dangerous Nazi DARPA viruses and poisonous toxins, in order to carry out eugenics of all non-Aryan non-reptilian children. It is a mass genocide extermination.


The Illuminati matriarchal system reptilian hybrid nephilim witches have to get rid of the Christians through their New World Order police state FEMA execution camps, who are an ethical opposition to their plans for depopulation and aborting children who are up to three years of age, because of their Nazi eugenics Illuminati Aryan Spartan Babylon religion of Satanism. The Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim witches use the most evil, sick, perverted human homo-sapiens women to further their feminist agenda and women’s equality agenda and women’s liberation movement, in order to conduct their abortions of millions of children. Abortion is just a Satanist child live sacrifice ritual to their devil Satan, in order to create tremendous spiritual power and wealth for themselves in return. The feminists do not care for the human homo-sapiens women and their rights. On the contrary, they kill and sacrifice millions of human women and girls. All the dumbest and most evil human women worship the feminists as their gods and heroes and leaders. Abortion is just Baal worship and sacrifice of children into the live fire of Baal Molech’s statue by the Jezebel pagan witches of Satanism, just like it has been done for thousands of year. Abortion is nothing new. Satanic sacrifice is nothing new. The blood of all this satanic sacrifice is on the hands of the feminists and their perverted, zombie, brain-dead human women. This is why they send thousands upon thousands upon thousands of these feminist human women to try to assassinate us who are God’s apostles and prophets that preach the Torah Truth. The religious Christian women think we are bigots, heretics and evil people, and they despise us with a passion. So, we who speak with God’s love is seen as people who speak in hatred, while the feminists who try to kill us and thousands of others are seen as good people. This is how messed up and screwed up and crazy these religious Christian women and human feminist are. They are just like the ancient human women who followed after their Baal Molech Satanist witches in ancient times. They are the most prideful, selfish, violent, anti-God people on this earth. So, this is why they are used by Satan to assassinate thousands of people who speak up against feminism, and they are used by Satan to genocide millions of children through abortion.


For thousands of years since the time the first infant was thrown into the fires of Baal’s statue in feminist witch pagan worship of Satan, abortion and live child sacrifice has continued in satanic Illuminati rituals. God knowing that Eve would eat of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, and Adam out of love for her would choose to follow her, it was all a part of His creation process. His salvation through Jesus was part of that creation process. Currently, that process is ongoing. In the New Jerusalem, that new multi-dimensional creation will be completed. Everything physical will disappear. If everything physical disappears, then the Babylonian science and Masonic sacred geometry that the Illuminati Satanists or Freemasons worship will disappear. This is why Satan’s reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendant feminists are hell bent on abortion and wars, since they are the two ways to get rid of or abort the homo-sapiens humans who are God’s creation. If God’s creation is completed, then it mean the end of all the fallen angels and reptilian hybrid bloodline families and nephilim aliens and Satan, so they want to stop the creation. They think the dumb human homo-sapiens do not know that they are still in the process of creation and are in the womb, so they want to abort mankind and kill off all humans from the planet. These reptilian homo-capensis nephilim feminists believe that then they can prevent their judgment from coming and from being thrown into the everlasting Lake of Fire. These feminists’ whole philosophy is built on this principle of abortion, and getting rid of God’s creation, so that the creation cannot be completed by God and they can continue to exist. The final creation written in the Bible in Revelations 21 and 22 is that final creation phase. It will be a completely different dimensional reality, and there will be no evil or darkness there, and there will only be righteousness and holiness and light. The light source is God and the light is Jesus and His light will be in each of us. God is light and He is life.


The reptilian hybrid nephilim created all martial arts in the world, including Greco-Roman wrestling, and this is why they have occult practices. The fallen angels or Watchers taught the humans the art of war and making weapons and killing. Ever since, they have been making the human homo-sapiens race fight each other and kill each other for their own selfish purposes. They love the martial art, religious, hierarchical, strict, disciplined, Spartan lifestyle and thinking, because they are demon spirits. There is no joy in their lives, but only violence, hatred, fear, discipline, death, punishment, brutality, mafia lifestyle, traditions and customs, strictly set rules and satanic character. It is the opposite world from the non-religious real born-again Christians, who live by joy, peace, love, gentleness, patience, humility, fun, humor, freedom, creativeness, variation, newness, excitement, and all the traits of God. The reptile mind and the human mind are two different species. The watcher fallen angels impregnated human women with their fallen angel gene seeds, and their nephilim reptilian alien children burst out of the human women’s stomachs, much like in the movie “Alien.” Their descendants are the modern day globalist elite homo-capensis nephilim psychopath people. Humans were created by God, while the reptilian nephilim were illegitimately manufactured by Satan using genetic engineering of the devil’s genes. Humans were created by God from the earth to tend the earth and rule, while the reptilian nephilim do not belong to this earth and their nature is destruction and violence and hatred. This world and society was created by the draco reptilian fallen angels and their reptilian hybrid global elites, so it is a very reptilian type of earth, right now, with its typical reptilian hierarchy, greed, Darwin evolutionary theory manufactured by Satan and the reptilians, “survival of the fittest” mentality, war, killing, Bilderberg Satanist live ritual sacrifices, hate, revenge, bloodshed, religion and rituals, tradition and culture, methods and customs, discipline and honor, gang and feuds, rape and pillaging. These are all traits of the Draco dragon Satan and his fallen angels. One super soldier Captain Randy Cramer of the United States Marine Corps Special Space Command Service of the Mars Colony Corporation run by Dick Cheney was once captured by the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens with his squad. The Dracos did a genetic test on all of them. They asked Randy why he was more like them, instead of human genetically. They told him that they would save him, but the rest of his squad would be killed. Randy told the Dracos that if his squad was going to die, then he would die with them. The Dracos put their scimitar sword to his throat, but Randy did not scream out for mercy. So, the Dracos told him that through his willingness to die, he had proved that he was more reptilian than human, and they took him in for 6 months to train in the reptilian Draco traditions and customs and culture, and if he learned their ways, he would be allowed to live. This tribe of Dracos refused to use energy weapons, but would use only their swords to fight, because they believed that was more honorable, just as in their Illuminati movie, “Predator” and “Predators.” There are actually reptilian Draco nephilim aliens that look like the predator in the movie “Predator.” The Dracos from the Draco constellation look more ugly and are more vicious than the indigenous reptilians on Mars, because they emit a more darker evil energy. These Draco reptilian nephilim aliens run the earth through their reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline families, and in turn, report to the reptilian fallen angels. The earth is like a farm and they harvest the human populations as their food source. A typical Draco reptilian mind is the reptilian Confucian culture with its hierarchies, discipline, rigid strictness, militaristic regime, will-power, warlike violence, and predator animalistic existence of breeding genetic descendants, eating, making money, and fighting. It is very primitive, base, despicable, vulgar level of existence that is the complete opposite of God’s life of doing everything new, peace, love, joy, humor, equality, childlikeness, innocence, selflessness, giving, and pursuit of God and His Spirit instead of the genes and the flesh. The more evil a society and people and nation is, the more Draco reptilian it is, just like the Korean culture with its “Han” hatred culture, greed, crimes, deceit, murder, violence, fighting, family feuds, family gang oriented society, Draco type genetic bloodline obsession, group oriented mentality, discipline and strictness, hierarchical power and pride system, titles and ranks, Spartan culture, Nazi SS troop type atrocities and torture in the battlefield, hot-blooded rage, vengeance, obsession with honor, gang-stalking hordes, yakuza organizations in neighboring nations, torture, and Eastern mysticism. This is why nearly all the Illuminati Satanists in Japan who are assassinating Japanese and causing nuclear bomb tidal waves and creating World War 2 to kill Japanese and the Hebrew descendants in Japan are Japanese of Korean ancestry sent in by Satan and his fallen angels, just like the Edomites were sent in as Zionist Satanists into the Hebrew descendants in Israel. Taosim and Confucianism and Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism and all martial arts were created by the reptilians. God hates these things and lifestyles and ways of thinking. They are diabolically reptilian and opposed to God’s precepts. Wherever the Dracos reptilians have gone, they have created mayhem, suffering and negative energy. As the Bible prophesies, the Japanese islands and the descendants of those satanic nations that Satan has mixed into the Japanese people will sink into the ocean, and the Hebrew descendants in Japan will escape to Petra, Jordan, to join the rest of the remnants of God’s Hebrew people from around the world.


Mars is a perfect example of Satan’s reptilian society. Nothing has changed there since Noah’s days when God wiped out the nephilim with the Great Flood. On Mars you still find the nephilim monster humans, and human animal hybrids, and dinosaurs, and trolls, and transhumanism genetically engineered hybrid grotesque chimera creatures. You find dumb humanoids being eaten by reptilian creatures. Satan wants to always present this symbolism of reptiles eating humans, in order to show his objection to God for placing humans above the angels, and his rebellion that resulted from him refusing to submit to Adam. This is why Satan turns the evil women of the earth into bosses and the men into effeminate imbeciles. It is Satan’s way of inversing the creation of God to try to insult God. This is why the more evil the woman is, the more she shows this dominating, arrogant, feminist behavior and mind.


The current U.S. military is designed after the Edomite Tribe of Dan reptilian Spartan and Templar Knights principles. These Illuminati generals recruit little boys foreigners and psychopaths with strong mothers and weak fathers (same personalities) to train through the U.S. military system to assassinate innocent people and shoot people like ducks using the taxpayer money. A lot of the local judges are Illuminati JAG members and have had their wives assassinated. The military generals are actually reptilian mafia mob members, too, and conduct the narcotics business. The mob owns the military and the military carries out the assassinations for them to kill the good people. They have to go through the Satanist homosexual sex rituals in order to become generals. These existentialists who believe in killing and doing anything evil to keep political power has for millennia controlled the Egyptian empire and the Roman empire and the Greek empire and the Nazi empire, etc. These military leaders are all Nazis and have carried over all the Nazi work into the U.S. and military. They are freemason Nazi existentialist Germans who are part of the New Jersey Brooklyn mafia mob or global Illuminati Satanists, and care nothing for the United States. They are lobbyists for the reptilian homosexuals and feminists. They know that they can do anything and will not be arrested. All the Illuminati police and judges and media people know the Illuminati term “Code White,” which means “do not prosecute this person.” This is why the police will not arrest Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles for the murder of Princess Diana, and they will not arrest the Prince of Monaco for he murder of Princess Grace Kelly. They are the blue blood nephilim witch race descendents of the Illuminati, and run the world’s narcotic industry and assassinations and terrorist organizations. They rape boys in their military Satanist rituals and conduct all the criminal activities for the mob gang. Homosexuals are all reptilian hybrid witch race nephilim descendents, just like John Edgar Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower and Aleister Crowley and Pope Francis and other Illuminati Satanists. These reptilians are homosexual, but they are bisexual also. Sexual orgy satanic rituals with anyone and everyone is their reptilian way of life. They come from Satan’s genetic race and are demon spirits. This is why the reptilian nephilim race Illuminati runs the world’s biggest paedophile ring. The U.S. is a fake country which is actually the Babylon religion paedophile ring where you have all the feminist witches like Hillary Clinton and celebrities and actresses and politicians go to places like Jeffrey Epstein’s paedophile island to orgy with children and kill them to silence them.


Their nephilim giants ancestors also conducted homosexual acts with each other. It is a nephilim reptilian hybrid trait. This is why when there is an increase in these manufactured clones or nephilim hybrids on the earth with genetically manipulated homosexual gene markers, there is an increase of homosexuals and feminists on the earth or in a city. This is why you have an increase in reptilian feminists, too, as more witch race clones or nephilim are used to replace human homo-sapiens who are abducted and exterminated. Feminism and homosexuality are traits of the reptilian race or nephilim race of the fallen reptilian angels. They carry on Mengele and the Nazis’ nuclear weapon and biological weapons and chemical weapons industry business, and all the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were sold by them. All these intelligence agency people and everyone above the rank of colonel are homosexual reptilian hybrids who belong to this Satanist club from ancient times, and go through these homosexual initiation ceremonies All good people are assassinated. All military chaplains are intelligence officers who collect information on people, just like their predecessors the Illuminati Nazi Gestapo secret police. It is the modern version of the reptilian nephilim race Sodom and Gomorrah society. This is why in the military officers’ training programs, there were a lot of people who looked and behaved like mob gangsters and homosexual Spartans, and I wondered why they were doing there, but they would get the positions of high responsibility. Many were from the mafia’s homosexual youth club of the Illuminati military assassins’ elite—the VMI and other military institutions. It is not only the reptilian Satanist military leaders, but also the police leaders and law enforcement homosexual Satanist leaders, too. The military is controlled by the mob to sell armament. They put Caesar in power and put Napoleon in power and put Hitler in power and put Eisenhower in power. and put Pol Pot in power. This is why the urinals in public toilets are all out in the open and are not in stalls. These reptilian Satanist church-goers conduct homosexual acts against little boys and are all bisexual. Each top college like Princeton has their own Yale version of the Skull and Bones Society elite secret society fraternity where the new nephilim witch descendent initiate college student boys are homosexually sodomized in their satanic initiation rituals in their Freemason secret meetings. The spec ops nephilim Satanist teams go around raping and killing women, just like they have done through all their nephilim empires. If you listen to Kay Griggs’ videos, she uncovers all their secrets, because she was the wife of Illuminati assassin Colonel Griggs, and was in the center of the Illuminati leadership. Just like their Freemason Knights Templar ancestors who made the freemasons were known for the ferociousness in butchering and torturing their holy crusade enemies, these reptilian hybrid witch descendent Illuminati family members are known for the assassinations and paedophile rings and Satanist ritual live sacrifices.


On Mars, they have weekly skirmishes with the other two reptilian and insectoid nephilim alien species to supposedly keep a balance of power instead of trying to conquer each other. However, this is a deception by Satan and his fallen angels. It is a way to create negative energy which is food for them. It energizes them. These skirmishes and battles and cut up dismembered people and screaming people covered with shreds of flesh and blood and traumatized soldiers are all designed to create huge amounts of negative Satanist energy to feed the devil and his fallen angels regularly. Sometimes, thousands of these soldiers are annihilated with purposely set up ambushes and traps. For example, four divisions of soldiers were wiped out in a cavern with orders to retrieve reptilian technological artifact. When there was no sign of artifacts and their communication transmissions were cut off, they knew they had been tricked. The doors in the huge reptilian sacred temple cavern opened up on the every side, and they were overpowered by huge numbers of reptilians with blades. As the reptilians rotated counterclockwise, it became a blender for human flesh. The transmissions were jammed, and they could not open up the regular wormholes, so they had to open up the ship size wormhole. Finally, through the wormhole they lifted out 35 survivors, but many were dismembered when the wormhole closed, so on the medical platform, there were many people screaming and crying out in horror with blood everywhere. One female soldier died when the wormhole event horizon closed and her bottom half of the body was cut off, and she lied dying on the medical platform. This is how Satan and the fallen angels feed and create negative energy for themselves.


They sometimes send thousands of super soldiers to be slaughtered in front of the reptilian Saurian sacred temple, on a suicide mission which is a trap, so that they are all killed in a horrible way not by instant energy weapons but by being cut up in pieces alive by the reptilian swords, in order to create maximum horror and pain and suffering and shock. Satan and his fallen angels command this as an Illuminati Satanist live sacrifice ritual. Satan and his fallen angels feed off of the massive negative energy created from the mutilation and trauma. They feed on the few survivors who are traumatized by the experience, too. Then, they replace the units with thousands of other super soldiers, constantly. It is like their food factory. The super soldiers do not know why they were ordered by their superiors on this mission, and why they did not find the mission enemy artifact, and why they are sent into a reptilian sacred temple to Satan in an enclosed cavern with over 1,000 men to break a peace treaty on purpose, and why their transmissions were all cut off, and why they Illuminati leadership delayed opening the wormholes to rescue them, and why the trap was designed to create maximum horror and bloodshed. It is because the super soldiers do not understand that their birth in the Illuminati test tube laboratories, their training, their wars, their slaughter, are all an Illuminati satanic ritual and they are the sacrifice. This is why they do not have a war to completely take over the mars planet by any one species of humans or insectoids or reptilians. Instead, they have set up a system of having battles every 5 to 10 days. They are told that by attacking and being attacked, the species on mars have created a way of keeping each other in check and balance. Again, this is a big lie by their god Satan and his fallen angels. Constant war and battle keeps providing satanic live sacrifice ritual to their gods Satan and the fallen angels. This is why when you look at the mars photos, the grounds are littered with wrecked vehicles, weapons and dead corpses. These are nephilim Mars Defense Force super soldiers who are like the ancient Greek superheroes with unbelievable high IQs, but they cannot figure it out. The nephilim super soldier women and men are allowed to freely have reptilian nephilim style homosexual and bisexual sex, because the sex also releases a lot of spiritual energy that becomes food for the fallen angels. All super soldiers are chosen by their Illuminati bloodline family genetic ancestry.


After the Draco reptilian nephilim infiltrated mars, and tried to cause destruction among the nephilim insectoids and indigenous reptilians and humans, the three species found out that it was the Dracos, and they signed a peace treaty to form an alliance to fight the Dracos. They drove the Dracos out of the planet. The soldiers were happy that they now finally had peace after so many decades of war. But the Illuminati did not want peace and since they could no longer test their weapons in war anymore, they decided to break the peace treaty by attacking the indigenous reptilians sacred temple by making up a fake reason that they wanted to retrieve some technological artifact, but that never existed. The super soldiers felt something was wrong when their Illuminati superiors told them that they were going to send a huge army of 1,000 troops on this mission. They argued with the Illuminati Mars Colony commanders that it is not a good idea to send a thousand super soldiers into a indigenous reptoid sacred temple which they had agreed not to enter in the peace treaty conditions, because it would destroy the peace treaty and cause a war, again. The Illuminati leadership ordered the super soldiers to carry out the mission anyway. Satan and the Illuminati hate me exposing all their secrets. You warn the humans about this and they will laugh in your face, because they are so dumb and their hearts do not respect God.