Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 5


The Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elites will teach the doctrines of Satanism of the Sumer Babylonian Mystery religion that Satan is a hero who is helping humans and gave humans technology and protecting humankind from God YHWH and Jesus who they will make out as villains. All who do not know Christ will be deceived and destroyed. Because of this witchcraft and Satanism of Atlantis in these End Times, God’s wrath is coming. The Illuminati have known about these destructive planets coming toward the earth. They look like a fiery, iron oxide, red dragon. It will destroy the earth. These things must come as written in the Word of God the Bible and the Torah Truth. Praise be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ.


The degree of their devotion, activism and adherence to feminism and Satanism and hippy rogue pastors and religious Western Christianity and mob gangs and stock broker parasitism and banking parasitism and cults and witches and homosexuality and tattooing and paganism and wars and abortion and Nazism and liberalism and everything else evil on this earth depends on the degree of nephilim bloodline and genes of the reptilian fallen angels that that person has. This is why these people get into car accidents, get abducted by aliens, get horrendous diseases, get killed in natural disasters, get blown up and crippled in war, get eaten alive by animals, get maimed and violated, and all kinds of calamities happen to them. These demon spirits or nephilim feminist witch reptilian descendents are not protected by God or His holy angels. This is why they get assassinated and ritually sacrificed by their fellow reptilian hybrids. This is why all the royal families, kings and queens, presidents, first ladies, rulers, and global bankers who actually rule the earth are all shamans and witches and sorcerers and Satanists, because they are nephilim demon spirits and do not have human souls. They are the soulless, cursed, demonic, illegitimate, serpentine race manufactured by the devil and his fallen angels. This is why the hippy rogue pastors who are the nephilim descendents of the Pharisees use pagan African and hippy Eastern Mysticism Christian rock music to put their Illuminati Western Christian church people into religious trances, in order to attract thousands of members and to spread their Illuminati Satanist Mystery Babylon religion teachings of Western Christianity theology and hippy humanist feminist Jezebel doctrine Christianity. This is why most television programs now incorporate this disgusting rock music in them. They are the vampire race that are the descendents of those who escaped Atlantis and Lemuria and Rama and other ancient megalith high tech civilization in Noah’s flood’s days. This is the Ancient Alien Panspermia theory that they teach the nephilim descendent feminist reptilian witch Satanists as they go higher up in the Freemason ranks, which teach that they are super genetically modified Aryan race humans, and that the regular humans are scum contaminant race cockroach people that need to be parasite upon and squashed to extinction. This is Satan’s doctrine, and this is the belief of the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim elite who have ruled our earth for thousands of years. If anyone has a different way of thinking, and teaches that these reptilian psychopath hybrid nephilim elite of the world are not super race Aryans as they claim in their Satanist Sumerian religion, but that they are actually demon spirits that were manufactured artificially by the devil and his fallen angels to replace the human homo-sapiens race, and that is why they have assassinated millions of people throughout history and parasite off of the human race throughout history as the vampire race black nobility, then they try to assassinate that person for having a different belief from theirs, which proves that they are reptilian demon spirit people and that what God says about their evil is very true. This is their reptilian vampire cold-blooded blood-drinking child flesh-eating races’ psychopath brain and logic. So naturally, they have no hesitation in genocide exterminating every human man, woman and child, as they did during ancient Atlantis Noah’s flood’s days. The reptoid people do not operate on conscience, but they operate on cold-blooded, violent, satanic logic of survival and dominance and self greed. Normal loving ethical human thinking does not relate to these reptilian feminist witch race demon race people who are genetically perverted hybrid species of humanoids. Their giant nephilim ancestors skinned humans alive and cannibalized them, just like a crocodile or dinosaur or snake does, and their nature and reptilian brains have not changed over the thousands of years. The dumb human populace are deceived into thinking that these reptoids do not eat people in their satanic rituals or start and make money off of wars or replace millions of humans through alien abductions or own the narcotics industry or assassinate multitudes of people every day, because their electromagnetic holographic disguises makes them look like humans, so they assume that they think and act the same as humans. We are operating with a whole different species of soulless creatures who are more reptile than human, and who have the devil’s genes instead of God’s genes. The big folly of the humans is that they assume that the reptilians think like humans do. When the humans see these people shape shift into their real reptilian forms, these humans are shocked, scared out of their wits, and traumatized forever by the hideous and evil looking appearance of these reptilian human hybrids. However, when they disguise themselves as feminist politicians or rock stars or famous celebrities or royal family members, then these dumb humans worship them as if they are their gods and goddesses and idolize these reptilians. Now, will God save such stupid human populaces from the slaughter of the reptilians, if these dumb humans choose to worship these malevolent reptilians instead of God? There is no salvation for those dumb humans who choose to scorn Jesus, and choose to chase after their reptilian leaders. If they choose to worship the devil and his reptilian creatures, then they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with their devil and reptilian world elites. These demons like to work for defense contractors to design new weapons, because they have high intelligence. They rejoice and clap their hands when a new weapon is tested and passes the objective. About 15% of the United States and Europe are nephilim descendents, but they take extreme pleasure in designing and spending time in developing things that destroy humans.


These reptilian hybrid witch race feminist nephilim psychopath demon spirit soulless people put cameras onboard the commercial jet planes that they crash, and during their Illuminati satanic witch feminist ritual sex orgies, they get orgasms while having sex as they watch the people who are screaming and panicking and burning on the planes as it crashes to the ground. All these plane crashes throughout the history of the human homo-sapiens race was purposely done by the reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati elites, so that they can watch the people onboard the planes scream and cry and panic, so that they can get the greatest orgasm during their reptilian satanic rituals. The only ones who do not know this are the dumb human populace. The reason why the bodies of all these millions of children who they rape and sodomize and sacrifice in their reptilian witch feminist satanic Illuminati nephilim rituals is because these nephilim soulless Illuminati people eat the children or shred them to pieces or melt them or burn them up, so there are no traces of their corpses. They are professionals, and have been doing it for a long time, and they are protected by their police and intelligence agencies and judicial courts, so they are never caught. The only people who are caught killing people are those people who are not part of their Illuminati system. This is the true reality of the world we live in that is run by Satan and his fallen angels. The good people who do not want to do evil are murdered, and those who murder and can put on a smile on their face in front of the public are the ones who live. All the wealthy billionaires and politicians and celebrities and business leaders who achieve their top positions gain them through killing rivals and sacrificing a lot of people, in order to be accepted as an Illuminati mob gang member and person of fame and wealth and power in this world. All of them have sold their souls to the devil. The nephilim descendants of the fallen angels always reach the top of society and become the elites and royalty, because they are the most violent, sly, treacherous, deceitful and murderous.


These nephilim reptilian hybrid descendants of the fallen angels who do homosexual orgy satanic rituals become Satanists, because it is in their genes to worship Satan. These Satanists have a different genes from the human homo-sapiens race. This is why they become mob leaders and kill people without any conscience, or they become the royal families and politicians and global bankers Illuminati Satanists and genocide entire populations of humans.


The Illuminati used poisons and accidents and suicides to murder thousands of people in the old days, but now, they have their alien technologies to murder thousands and thousands of people with electromagnetic weapons and biological weapons and plane sabotages. They can kill anyone at anytime at anywhere very quickly at a whim or anytime they please. This is why when the apostles and prophets are warning these hippy church conference gurus to repent of their cult Jezebel Western Christianity teachings of the hippy, and there is a remote possibility that that guru may repent and overturn all the doctrines of Satanism that they had introduced through their Illuminati religious leaders surrounding that guru when the apostles and prophets warns that guru of judgment, that guru can be murdered very easily by the Illuminati through sudden series of heart attacks and lung cancer, since they are religious Christians who do not repent and accept the Torah Truth that came to them. The Illuminati and their CIA and MI6 and feminist and Korean assassin groups assassinate masses of people every day, but they are just dismissed by the Illuminati law enforcement and judiciary branches as just suicides or accidents or natural deaths. This is why there are so many heart attacks and cancers and traffic accidents and natural disasters and plane crashes and sudden infant deaths and all kinds of deaths in these modern times. A great number of them are assassinated by the Illuminati. There is a mass extermination program of the human homo-sapiens race underway by the reptilian hybrid alien nephilim elites. Just for a little comment they did not like that you may have said, they will kill you and your mother and daughter and all your descendents. They are on a killing spree. These Illuminati assassin group people kill hundreds of people and then they go to lunch and eat a sauerkraut or kimchi without any remorse or feeling or loss of appetite. These are the type of people we are dealing with. The more millions of human homo-sapiens their assassination squads kill every day and replace them with reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist witch race clones, the more and more you have homosexual, feminist, sexually liberal, God hating, Christian persecuting, demon spirits in humanoid clone bodies in the End Times society disguised as human beings walking our streets (they are actually reptilian hybrids), making the society more and more evil, just like there were no humans left on the earth except for Noah in the ancient Atlantis days and the world was full of evil nephilim alien hybrids, so God had to get rid of their nephilim and dinosaur and other genetically perverted creatures. Rape, terror, murder, massacre, cannibalism, torture, gruesome acts, homosexual rape, liberalism, half human half beast genetic engineering, and every type of creature you see on the Hollywood horror movies was sucking blood, eating humans, genocide humans, ripping humans apart with supernatural powers, and worshipping Satan, so God had to put an end to the horror, and restore His creation through Noah and his family and His Ark. Satan and his fallen angels should have learned their lesson the first time, but they are releasing all these human-disguised feminist witch creatures into our society at alarming rates so that they are taking over the earth, and therefore, God will put an end to this genetically perverted evil world. God will put an end to their genocidal Aryan superior race reptilian psychopath agenda. The humans do not say anything, but the reptilian hybrid witch descendents and their religious people always write comments on your blog sites to attack you, question you, ridicule you, and try to discourage you from teaching God’s Torah Truth, because it is in their nature as demon spirits and descendents of Satan and his fallen angels to do so. They cannot do anything else but to oppose God and His Saints. These Satanists will flood the internet with fake UFO and hoax photos to try to convince the public that they are all fictitious and pranks. Since these reptilian feminist witch descendents have demon spirits and not human souls, they get blown up, killed in disasters, sacrificed by Satanists, and abducted by aliens to breed hybrid reptilian creatures. The heathen human homo-sapiens who ridicule and attack and argue and persecute God’s apostles and prophets likewise do not have God’s protection, so they get blown up, killed in disasters, slaughtered and destroyed. They are not protected by God like us who are God’s apostles and children and have human souls and are of the human homo-sapiens race. This is why on the Illuminati television programs like the Ancient Alien series, you find all these reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents trying to teach the television viewers that their ancestors were aliens who genetically engineered the lowly apes into the more advanced humans, which is they claim are mankind. It is true that the fallen angels came to rape human women to breed these reptilian nephilim descendents, but it is not true that they are humans or have human souls, because they are demon spirits or manufactured creatures. This is why they avidly sell this Illuminati Babylonian Sumerian doctrine on their Illuminati Ancient Alien television programs that they are superior advanced humans genetically engineered by their ancestors who were the fallen angel aliens. This is their Sumerian panspermia theory of the Ancient Aliens theory. These Illuminati people consider God’s original humans who were created on the earth as apes and lowly evolved creatures. This is how the demons see humans. When the fallen angels were released from the dark abyss at recreation of the earth, God’s creation of man humiliated the devil. The earth existed outside time before the six day recreation. These nephilim demons are evil and perverted in their Satanist religion beliefs, because they carry Satan’s genes. The reptilian humans have lived amongst us alongside the humans from ancient times, and have always carried out the work of the devil their father, and have been the cause of all deceptive theories, suffering, Satanism, paganism, occultism, and evil on the earth. These people are still the same in modern days and they lead the world in all kinds of evil deeds and evil doctrines and the marketing of their Sumerian Illuminati religious beliefs of panspermia. This is why these reptilian hybrid demon spirit Satanist people or witch race use their trillions of dollars of black ops budgets that they have stolen from the hard-working taxpayers in order to buy electromagnetic weapons created with their alien fallen angel fathers’ technologies, and use them to shoot at us who are God’s apostles and prophets every time we start writing the Torah Truth letters to you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren. These demon spirit people or reptilian hybrids call God as Source, instead of God. They call the human brain that they have as the monkey brain, inferring that humans are monkeys. They believe that since they hijack human bodies over and over and over again through the ages, which they call reincarnation in their Buddhist and Hindu and New Age religions, they may have vague memories of past lives, and therefore, they may be attracted to a former lover that they mated with in past lives, which is where a lot of these satanic Hollywood movie stories come from. They call the humans as “earth humans,” because the human homo-sapiens are created by God on this earth, whereas these demons believe they come and have memories from their previous lives as other nephilim people or alien extraterrestrial beings, so they call themselves “ascended beings.” They are the psychics and new agers and witches and spiritualists and mediums and politicians and global bankers and occultists and Satanists and reptilian royal bloodlines and other demon spirit people or nephilim descendants that rule our society through the secret societies of Satanism or freemason. They call the holy angels of God as the real “light workers.” They call the reptilians as “draco.” They say that the group of reptilians or draco that live under the Vatican were trying to bring in reinforcements through CERN and the other star gates, before God and the holy angels destroyed them. The Roman colosseum gladiator games and Mayan satanic ritual sacrifices were all done to feed the negative energy created to their fallen angel reptilian fathers of these nephilim emperors and kings and nobilities.


All the nephilim and chimera extraterrestrial aliens have cooperated in the Great Experiment to experiment on the abducted humans to decipher their twelve strand energy DNA. The twelve strand DNA can travel much faster than any of them, who are four and five and six and seven and eight and nine dimensional energy beings, and do not need spacecrafts to travel. This is why the aliens have abducted humans, in order to decipher the twelve strand energetic DNAs, so that they can gain this faster travel and greater technology. The higher dimension they become, the less dense and more energic their bodies are. The humans have lost touch with their other energy DNA dimensions after the fall of mankind to sin. This is basically a slave planet. Simon Parkes and his god Gog the Chief Prince want God to rapture His Church Saints out of this earth, so that they can continue with their transhumanism agenda to hybridize humans with aliens. Simon says that this earth never belonged to human homo-sapiens, and it belongs to them, so the shepherds of God need to hurry and get God to rapture us out of earth, because we are holding up their agenda. But Gog seems to be a little bit more polite than Satan, because Simon Parkes said that it is a plea to all those who are called the shepherds of God’s homo-sapiens species humans. Gog is against Satan and his Western Illuminati, and the Pleiadian humanoid aliens are supporting Russia against the Draco reptilian aliens who control America and Western Europe. They are trying to ascend their alien hybrid populace to the new four dimensional earth. Simon Parkes has been created using parts from three spirits: a part of the spirit of Anu of the Anunnaki, king of the Draco reptilian aliens, who is a larger royal bloodline Draco Prime with white scale skin and red eyes who he calls dad, and a part of the spirit of the Mantis alien nephilim leader who he calls mom, and a part of the spirit of an five inner earth nations civilization Atlantis survivor humanoid nephilim. In their Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis Satanist witch movie “Harry Potter,” this technology or witchcraft of hiding a fragment of a nephilim’s spirit in different objects or people in order to gain immortality is called “Horcrux.” It is like when a human has sex with someone, a part of their soul goes along with that other person, and they receive a part of the soul of that other person. The fallen angels and aliens cannot live in this three dimensional earth, so they need to make alien human hybrids to use as avatar bodies, in order to survive and operate and live in this three dimension earth. Simon Parkes is called “The Adam” by the aliens, because he was supposed to be the first alien hybrid among many others, who were supposed to exterminate God’s humans and replace humans on the earth. To evil fallen angels and nations and people, family and genes are everything, and the first born holds very important meaning as the inheritor to these evil entities and humans. However, Simon Parkes rebelled against his father the chief fallen angel Draco reptilian alien and the devil Satan Lucifer by opposing their satanic agenda, and siding with protecting the humans and exposing the Dracos and the Illuminati, just like Satan tried to lead the human Adam to sin against God. They call God’s Church Saints the shepherds of the flock. As long as we the Church Saints are on this earth, they are not allowed to take over the earth or set up their kingdom. The Holy Spirit of God in the Church Saints is blocking them. When God’s children are taken out of the earth, then these fallen angels and alien beings can take over the earth with their alien hybrid avatar bodies. There are many factions of fallen angels and aliens beings that are fighting each other, and sometimes cooperating with each other. Satan and his Draco reptilians are controlling the Western world through their Vatican headquarters. Their Illuminati New World Order Bilderberg MJ-12 AQUARIUS Western royal bloodline family Nazi Zionist cabal’s religious headquarters where the chief white Draco reptilian chimera nephilim alien lives is in the Vatican, and their financial headquarters is in London with their Illuminati Pindar leader Rothschild family and British royal family, and their military headquarters is in Washington, D.C. underneath the Pentagon. They do not want us real Christians and God’s children to be here on this earth, because we are holding back their agenda and their transhumanism agenda of the human homo-sapiens race by replacing it with alien hybrids, just like they did during Noah’s Flood’s days of Atlantis. These fallen angels and aliens have lost much of their emotions and feelings, so to live inside these human alien hybrid bodies is like a tremendous exhilarating experience. This is why all these alien hybrids I know do crazy, insane, dangerous, hazardous things, such as rock climbing without any ropes, where they can fall thousands of feet and die, because these alien hybrids know that this material body that we live in is just a shell for the soul, and that they do not die, and that they can just create new bodies for their souls. This reincarnation by these demon spirits of the nephilim people have been continuing for thousands of years using fallen angel Atlantis technology of cloning, since Sumer and Babylon and Egypt and the royal bloodline Illuminati globalist elites of modern day. Hence, you have all these stories and rituals and oaths concerning Osiris and Isis from pagan Satanist Egyptian religion, in the Freemason Illuminati secret societies. These hybrids have been incarnating human bodies with their dimensional energy DNA, and have ruled the earth and humans as parasites, and as the kings and queens and emperors and U.S. presidents and global bankers and billionaire entrepreneurs and Hollywood celebrities and rock stars and astronauts and religious leaders like the Dalai Lama and popes and witches and wizards and psychics and black magicians. They do not have human souls, but are descendants of the fallen angels or nephilim or homo-capensis species, so they have demon spirits instead of souls. The modern day alien hybrids that they are replacing human homo-sapiens species populations in these end times through alien abductions and hybrid breeding programs are also the same demon spirit nephilim avatars for these aliens to dwell inside. This is what God prophesied about in the Book of Daniels in the Bible for the End Times that we are living in, and that it would be just like in the days of Noah. History repeats itself. And once again, God will destroy the nephilim hybrid race, but not with a flood and water this time, but with fire. No flesh would survive unless God shortens those days. During the Vietnam War, they used these clone imperial storm trooper soldiers. The MILAB and aliens can abduct and experiment on and breed alien hybrid children using these people, because they are genetically nephilim descendants. They do not have God’s spiritual protection, because they are not legitimate created beings by God, and this is why they are Satanists and join Freemason Satanist secret societies and are born into Illuminati bloodline witch race families. They are part reptilian and part human. The lot of the people they abduct are RH- rhesus negative blood type, have Celtic Druid Wiccan witch reptilian lineages, red hair, and have nephilim psychic telepathic supernatural abilities from birth. The portals that the witches use in their Illuminati movie “Harry Potter” is true, and the Illuminati has jump rooms in places which have wormhole portals to jump to different places.


The alien nephilim need the humans to create things, because they do not have the ability to create. Humans were created in the image of God, so they are able to think of something and create reality, according to God’s Torah Truth. This is why Satan and his Illuminati use Hollywood movies and feminist movements and literature to alter that belief with their fake reality of fear, despair, conflict between humans, weakness, destruction, terrorism, poverty, etc. If everyone in the world laughed, these fallen angels would not be able to survive, because there would be no negative energy to feed on that humans create for them. Humans were higher dimensional creatures with twelve strand energetic DNAs before their fall. Humans are very creative in composing all kinds of music, because they have God’s nature for creation. The aliens just listen to natural frequency sounds that come from planets or galaxy, such as the Schumann Resonance that tap their bodies into God’s natural healthy vibration. The old Illuminati are the royal bloodline reptilian Draco hybrid families. However, many different aliens’ alien hybrids and incarnates are popping up around the world now in these End Times, so they want a piece of the pie, too. This is why there is a lot of factions within the Illuminati now, and a lot of infighting. The reptilians talk to their reptilian satanic demonic entity gods. There is a battle between the various fallen angel gods. Now these new groups have abandoned the reptilian Draco gods, and are forming their own groups. The mantis aliens do not try to form empires and enslave like the reptilian aliens do. A lot of the Illuminati members are angry at the Illuminati, because they feel that all the human homo-sapiens should have been exterminated by now and the earth belong solely to them. However, God has been holding back Satan and his fallen angels, and they have not been able to get their New World Order to take over the earth and genocide the human homo-sapiens species populace of God.


The Bible is a story of two seeds: the seed of the woman and the seed of the snake. There are many Freemason Nazi Aryan race people who say that they are the chosen superior race of Seth, and that all the other people and nations in the world are of Cain’s seed, who was a child of Satan and Eve. The Bible says nothing about a sexual affair between the serpent and Eve. This is a lie. Eve ate a fruit, and did not have a sexual intercourse with a snake. In reality, there are two seeds: that of the wheat and the tare. The wheat are the children of God who were made to be God’s children, and they are the real born-again spiritual Christians. The tare are the children of the devil Satan who were not made by Satan, but they were manufactured through corrupting the human genes with that of the fallen angels’ genes through interbreeding. They are the Illuminati bloodline family homo-capensis reptilian hybrid witch race descendants who have ruled the earth for thousands of years. Satan has given them the positions as kings, queens, princes, barons, counts, dukes, global bankers, global elites, aristocracy, presidents, congressmen, prime ministers, celebrities, rock stars, pop singers, intelligence agency leaders, military leaders, college leaders, etc., through membership in their satanic secret societies like the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Templar Knights, Jesuits, European royal families, Council of Foreign Relations, Rosicrucians, Knights of Malta, etc. Satan and his fallen angels and Draco reptilian nephilim aliens and the Illuminati reptilian hybrid families search for the descendants of the reptilian nephilim families, and they invite them to join one of their secret societies. In the secret societies, they slowly disclose information to their members that they are a superior race of reptilian alien hybrid nephilim homo-capensis people that are superior to the monkey-type human homo-sapiens people. The homo-capensis nephilim people do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits. Basically, demon spirits are disembodied spirits of the nephilim. The more greater genes of the nephilim or serpent seed the member has, they are given higher levels in the Illuminati secret societies, and given greater knowledge of their Sumerian Snake religion that they are descendants of the reptilian aliens and that their alien gods will return someday to create a kingdom and make them kings and queens of this earth. It is a cheap fake imitation of the devil’s version of Christ’s millennial kingdom on the earth. Then, the Illuminati and Satan gives their serpent seed tare people key positions in society such as presidents, prime ministers, royal families, global banker elite billionaires, national dictators, etc., in order to rule the earth and be tools of Satan and the Illuminati through their secret society brotherhood. Behind the Illuminati men, the matriarchal reptilian nephilim witch descendant women manipulate and control and rule the earth with their witchcraft. They are the reptilian hybrid witch priestesses of Satanism who worship the devil and his reptilian fallen angels. In the Illuminati, the witches and feminists are called mothers. Therefore, a Grand Mother would be a high ranking witch and feminist and reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline family psychic. Each branch of the thirteen Illuminati bloodline family have these Grand Mothers who are grand feminists and grand witches and grand reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline family rulers who rule over them, just like in the Satanist Atlantis civilization during Noah’s days or in any other pagan society. They are the queens and celebrities and politicians who really are the rulers of the earth behind the scenes. The Council of Grand Mothers is a high grand council of these satanic witches of Satan and his fallen angels and the Draco nephilim aliens. This is why when the prophets of God went to Atlantis to warn them, the priestesses or Grand Mothers tried to kill them. When Elijah challenged Queen Jezebel, she tried to kill him. This is why when God sent me to the world to warn them as His last prophet, these Grand Mothers and grand feminists and reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline family grand witches tried to kill me. Just like Jesus had His twelve male apostles, Satan has his female witches. This is why in the reptilian Korean culture and society, you have these community shamans or female witches or Illuminati spiritualist women in charge of that society. The Korean society and culture and mind is very Draco reptilian and satanic, with its hierarchical thinking, strict rules and religious systemization, strict group gang conformity, family and bloodline and gene obsession, almost psychopathic hostility and millennial hatreds and feudalistic values and violence, lack of human homo-sapiens ethics, Draco reptilian mind-frame, warlike behavior, domineering, feminist, hot violent tempers like the red-haired green-eyed reptilian witch genetic groups, and usually the majority of Japanese Illuminati people are of Korean ancestry. These things are imbedded into a peoples’ or nations or family bloodlines’ genes. Every satanic culture is built around this matriarchal witch ruling system. This is why if you speak the Torah Truth of God and warn the religious Christians to repent, you will have hordes and masses and crowds of feminists and Koreans come out of every woodwork to gang-stalk you and try to assassinate you. Every day, you will have them following you in cars and moving into every next door room and following you on the streets to shoot at you with Illuminati directed energy weapons and poisoning you and using witchcraft psychic attacks against you and microwaving you and tapping your computers and crashing your computers and spreading slanders to your friends employers families and doing every imaginable evil that is possible against you. They are the demon-possessed human bodies through which Satan and his fallen angels operate through. When you understand the spiritual realm, you understand why this happens. People worship these queens and empresses and celebrities and female politicians and feminist leaders and powerful women, but they are worshipping Satan’s witches and reptilian priestesses. Through their witchcraft and demon-possession, they operate all these hordes and masses of feminists and Koreans and low-life people, just like puppet master operates a puppet. To them, trying to assassinate God’s prophets and people who speak up against feminism are all to be immediately assassinated, before the dumb human homo-sapiens listen and wake up to the truth. However, the religious Christian women in the Western Christianity churches will never wake up, because they love their feminism and Jezebel and Satanism teachings and humanism and Western values and pride and selfishness and Pharisee teachings. They love their Sananda hippy Jesus of the witches. They hate God and our Torah Truth and Jesus and everything that has to do with the truth and righteousness and godliness. The religious Christians are followers of these Illuminati Grand Mothers. If there were more real born-again Spirit-filled Christians and Bride of Christ and Church Saints, then there would be more people speaking up against them and speaking exactly as I speak. If people hear and repent, then God will hold back His judgment against them. But as it is, the religious Christians have fallen, and the world has turned toward the Grand Mothers and witches’ teachings and values and society. Therefore, God will no longer hold back His judgment and wrath upon this evil world and its evil people who have forsaken His precepts and Christ.


On the other hand, Satan and the Illuminati created all these Christian churches to try to take over Christianity, put their Illuminati Satanist pastors and ministers and Pharisees in the church to teach their Babylonian mystery religion, shut out the Torah Truth teachings of Jesus Christ and Almighty God YHWH, and keep track of any real children of God who come into the church in order to try to corrupt their beliefs or to try to kill them. Satan and the Illuminati’s purpose for institutionalizing the Christian churches into organizations and buildings and institutions is to destroy the true gospel of Christ and to try to destroy the wheat who are the seed of the woman and are the children of God and the real born-again spiritual Christians with the Holy Spirit. In the satanic secret societies, Satan and the Illuminati give all kinds of information about ancient advanced technology of the Satanist Atlantis civilization and esoteric knowledge of science and other fallen angel knowledge to their children who are the tare or weeds. On the other hand, Satan and the Illuminati has made sure through their Satanist Illuminati Christians ministers and pastors to deprive all these secrets and knowledge and true biblical Torah Truth teachings and Word of God from God’s people who are the wheat. The nephilim descendant homo-capensis people in the occult religions of the Illuminati have all these esoteric and scientific and health and sound frequency and other information, and they are used to gang-stalk and try to assassinate God’s children who are the wheat. This is why the human homo-sapiens people who are the real born-again Spirit-filled Christians or wheat are deprived by Satan and the Illuminati from the real teachings of the Bible and all esoteric occult knowledge, in order to try to keep them unhealthy, ignorant, spiritually weak, disconnected from God, and easy prey by Satan’s children, because the Illuminati’s Christian pastors will say all those esoteric occult knowledge are evil and not true. Witchcraft and occultism and the esoteric are evil and dangerous, but they have retained some truths about reality that they have secretly hidden away from the Christians and the general human homo-sapiens populace that would help them be healthy and understand the spiritual science of the universe and God’s creation and the true history of the earth. However, God gives knowledge and the Torah Truth of Christ to His real Christian children. This is why Satan and the Illuminati and the tare people create and run all the Christian churches and teach their teachings. This is why God’s children who are the real born-again spiritual Christians are kicked out of the churches, and they do not belong to the churches. The religious Christians who are in their Christian churches every Sunday are the prodigal sons and prodigal daughters of Satan or Lucifer, who are running after God YHWH, but in reality, they belong to Satan. This is why they follow after and love the teachings of the Christian churches and Western Christianity. The real Christians are sickened by the Christian churches and the Western Christianity teachings, because it is the teachings of Satanism. Those who are God’s sheep hear Jesus’ voice who is the Good Shepherd. However, the Christian churches’ religious Christians are not God’s sheep, so they hate God’s Torah Truth and they try to crucify us for alleged heresy just as they did to Jesus with criticism and ostracism. Even if people are born of the same womb, Cain runs after Satan and Abel runs after God, and Esau runs after Satan and Jacob runs after God. Also, wheat means the people of God, and the tare also means the non-believers. It is because they are different: one is a child of God and the other is a child of Satan. The wheat and tare are born into the same world, but they were created different by God. The tare run after Satan and the wheat run after God. There is a difference in the sheep and the goats. This is why the religious Christians spend their entire life doing philanthropic activities for the tare and Satan’s children and demon-possessed people, who they bring into the church by the dozens. This is why there are so many evil and demon-possessed and swindling and violent and legalistic and festival-loving people in the Christian churches. When God’s real Christian walks into the church, they all gang up and slander and steal and threaten and ostracize him or her, because that real Christian is a wheat and not a tare like them. There are many reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendant Illuminati people who are ministers and church leaders and Pharisees that gang-stalk and try to assassinate God’s children or real Christians. This war between the tare and the wheat has been continuing ever since the ancient Garden of Eden and Atlantis and up to now. This is why Satan and the Illuminati place all these tare or weed people in the lives of the wheat people to try to kill them, but they cannot kill them, so they try to corrupt them with sin and ignorance and weakness. They use all the other students to ostracize and bully them, they use the pediatricians to try to molest them, they use the coworkers to try to kick them out of all the companies, they use the people on the streets to yell and slam into them, and they use the parents to try to kill them, and they use the Satanists to gang-stalk and try to assassinate them secretly with EMP weapons that slowly weaken their bodies, and the restaurant workers poison their food. The real children of God do not know why their lives are that way since they were born, because they are taught by Satan’s Christian churches that they are the evil ones and they cause all the evil to come upon them and they need to see a psychiatrist Babylonian medicine witchdoctor and they need to repent of their sins. It is because the real children of God who are the real Christians are kept ignorant of God’s Torah Truth teachings of the Bible. If they knew God’s Torah Truth teachings, they would understand, and would be comforted, and would be empowered by the Holy Spirit to annihilate the enemy, and would be full of joy instead of being depressed by their sins all day long. This is why Satan and his fallen angels and Illuminati has been trying to assassinate me, because he does not want me teaching the Torah Truth to God’s people, because the Torah Truth is Christ. What Satan and the Illuminati does is to mentally break these children, so that demons can possess them, and make them into multiple personality patients, and make them into changelings by taking over their human souls with a demon spirit. These people are made senators and rock stars and billionaires and military leaders and celebrities and state governors. Many of them are already reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants of the fallen angels, and are not humans. They are the tare people of the earth, and they are used to try to inhibit and depress and ostracize and deprive of all skills and credentials from the wheat people. These tares are fake people that are mixed into the humans’ society, and they run the society.


The fourteen CERN type portal star gates around the world are designed to bring in dark matter anti-matter into this realm. It will affect the psyche of all the humans, and bring out all the evil in them. It will turn them into savages. It creates disorder and chaos. It is attached to creatures where it came from, so it brings in those demonic creatures into this realm. They are using it as a weapon against their enemies and rival nations. God has put a veil to keep that dark energy out of this realm. The only thing that it cannot breach is our faith in Jesus Christ. When they open these portals to evil, it will energetically change this world to pure evil. The matriarchal Illuminati witches in the Harry Potter movies use the wormhole portals of ancient Atlantis technology to teleport to different locations. Time travel and time-viewing have been conducted by these Illuminati government secret society Satanists for decades and decades. This is why I and other real born-again Christians have been targeted individuals of their reptilian homo-capensis nephilim witches of the Illuminati even before we were born. We have been attacked continuously since infancy, people around us demon-possessed, targeted with psychotronic weapons to make us fail in everything, trying to make us useless and deprived of anything abilities to live, ostracized by all the alien technology hive mind collective mind-controlled people around us, our controlled parents, poisonings, and every attack by these people and their god Lucifer to try to stop what God has destined for us. We are genetically different from the people of this world who are headed to hell. God is separating the sheep from the goats. This why we are not great Christian pastors like the Illuminati Satanists, and we who are God’s children are hated, ostracized, gang-stalked, and ridiculed by the world that is under Satan’s control. (See video “”The CERN deception the evil of dark matter shocking 2015” at .)



If the reptilian hybrid elite nephilim governments did not use trillions and trillions of dollars on their Illuminati shadow government black ops budgets to genocide millions and millions of humans and replace them with clones and for poisoning the human populations, then the amount of taxes taken from the human population would be so low that each human homo-sapiens person would be a millionaire by now.


These demons were created or bred by the fallen angels, because their descendents or witches or shamans are more easily demon-possessed and can be used by the fallen angels to operate in this physical dimension. The fallen angels use them as cloned organic robots or avatars to operate in this realm and to kill millions of humans through wars and assassinations and poisoning of our human society food sources and irradiate the atmosphere by blowing up the Fukushima nuclear power plants, in order to kill as much human homo-sapiens as possible to try to get back at God. These reptilian hybrid nephilim descendents who are demon spirits become the Satanists, Illuminati leaders, child sacrifice ritual murderers, paedophiles, child kidnappers, feminists, homosexuals, gang leaders, genocide dictators, joint human alien underground military base administrators, CIA Nazi assassin squad members, witch shaman occultists and sorcerers and spiritualist medians and abortionists, and every other Illuminati sub-organization members. They have conducted all kinds of evil upon the human race and society from ancient times of Sumer and Babylon and Atlantis, and they still continue to the will of their father the devil who is Satan on this earth and upon humankind who is the real legitimate creatures of God through Adam and Eve. The problem is that they are UFO alien abducting and CIA assassin squad kidnapping millions and millions of human homo-sapiens to kill them, and replacing them with imposter look alike clone reptilian hybrid demon humanoids, so that just like in the ancient times of Noah, you have in these End Times modern days a flooding of society with imposter clone humanoids who are humanists, liberals, Satanists, Illuminists, feminists, homosexuals, occultists, secret society members and hold to every other evil doctrine of their father Satan and the fallen angel aliens, turning the society into more and more evil times, just like in the ancient days of Atlantis right before Noah’s Great Flood when people with demon spirits starting outnumbering and replacing the people with human souls. They live among us in greater numbers now. For example, you look at these reptilian hybrid MI6 assassins who look like normal businessmen, and they have no emotions in their eyes; they have been abused and trained every day through childhood to be assassins, so they no longer have any human emotions, but they only have anger, hatred, emotional destruction, multi-personality disorder, demon-possession and a desire to hurt and kill as many humans as possible. For example, these reptilian demon Illuminati member mothers would starve their little daughter for a very long time, so that they would be thirsty, and come into the room and drink a cup of water in front of their daughter. Every time the daughter would ask for a drink, they would hit their daughters so that their daughters would fly across the room. Soon, the daughter learns the Illuminati Satanist families’ ways of withholding personal needs and putting priority on the Illuminati organization’s needs first. In this way, the Illuminati Nazis train their children to kill hundreds of innocent people, whenever they are ordered by the Illuminati to do so, without hesitation or emotion or ethics or convictions. This is the reptilian hybrid race demon spirits world value or philosophy on life of Satan, because they are a species of humans who do not have human souls like the homo-sapiens race.


According to naval intelligence reports, about 15% to 20% of the people on the streets walking amongst us are already demon spirit clones, and do not have human souls. It is becoming once more like the evil days of Noah’s flood. Research organizations have found that human I.Q.s have increased by 30% in a matter of a few years, because of evolution. They do not realize that it is the demon reptilian hybrids who are living amongst us that is changing our society. This is why the human homo-sapiens are very dumb, because they will believe everything is evolution and any excuse the reptilian hybrids give them. These disgusting nephilim geniuses like Steve Jobs practice their Illuminati Mystery Babylon religions such as Buddhism, and while they are conducting Buddhist meditation and supposedly tapping into the universal energy, they come up with huge breakthroughs in technology such as iPhones and iPads and Apple computers and Cloud Data Systems to store all the world’s human’s data, so that they can be controlled by fallen angels. The fallen angels are giving people like Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein and Bell and Tesla all kinds of technology, in order to further their evil agenda on this earth through demon-possession and occult practices of Buddhism and Catholicism and Islam and Hinduism and other religions or witchcraft. Buddha and Muhammad and Confucius and Shiva and Vishnu and Joseph Smith and all other originators of religions of the Mystery Babylon Satanism were nephilim descendants of the fallen angels. This is why God and our Lord Jesus Christ hates religion, because its roots are in Satanism and the Illuminati controls them. They are all connected in the background, whether it is the Vatican or the Protestant church conferences or Buddhists or Muslims or Judaist Kabbalists or Hindus or all other pagan religions of Mystery Babylon.


Women should be loved and cherished and protected (not the Western type women, but the real feminine godly women), but the feminist pigs kill millions of women and sell them into slavery and sexually abuse them and eat them in their Satanist witch rituals. These feminist activists are the worst thing that has ever happened to women. They will take most of the women of the earth and the religious Christian women to hell. Jesus Christ is the best thing that has happened to women, and provided women freedom, love and honor. However, the women of this world have betrayed Jesus by following after the feminists, in a desire to be considered equals to men and not have to submit to men.


Since God commanded the murderers to be executed, and God’s apostles and prophets teach the Torah Truth that the Illuminati reptilian hybrid demon spirit murderers and criminals should be executed because they conduct ritual live sacrifice of millions of children, mass shootings in the streets and schools, murder 6 million Jews in concentration camps, rape and pillage the innocent, etc.; the Illuminati reptilian hybrids become scared that if the Torah Truth is taught, they may be in danger of being executed or stoned. Therefore, they try to silence God’s apostles and prophets, and prevent them from teaching the Torah Truth by trying to murder them. In the next door room, when one of the Illuminati members questions killing a minister in the next door room, the other Illuminati member spends time convincing him that the minister needs to be killed, because people with such dangerous ideologies such as capital punishment need to be assassinated. These Illuminati reptilians are hypocrites. They try to assassinate an innocent, peaceful, righteous minister and apostle and prophet of God, because he teaches that reptilian hybrid demon spirit murderers should be executed so that the human society may get rid of the evil mass murderer reptilian nephilim criminal genes from getting carried over to their children, lest society become filled with murderers, because the sins of the fathers get carried over to the third and fourth generations. These Illuminati members know that they have killed large numbers of people, and eaten the flesh of live children in their Satanist rituals, and raped women, and stolen, and cheated, and tortured, and therefore, they adamantly disagree with the execution of criminals such as themselves. They are only trying to protect themselves and their evil and their criminal genes, and they try to kill the innocent people of God, so that they can continue to do their evil. They convince each other that God’s apostles and prophets are evil, because God’s apostles and prophets preach the execution of all reptilian hybrid demon spirit people murderers, while they close their eyes and ignore their own mass killings of the innocent human homo-sapiens and genocide attempts upon the human homo-sapiens species. What hypocrisy! This, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, is the state of the psychopath reptilian brain of the Illuminati nephilim descendent witch race people. They try to kill God’s apostles who preach that these mass murderer reptilian hybrids should be executed, because they do not want to be executed, and they want to continue their mass murder and genocide of the human race. Do you see how perverted these criminals’ minds and hearts are? This is because they do not have a human soul, so they are not created in God’s image, so they do not have a conscience, since they are demon spirits that are a reptilian race created by Satan. Over the thousands of years, they have murdered, raped, pillaged, parasite off the human race, lied, cheated, and done everything evil and heinous, and they have killed all those innocent humans who demanded justice and righteousness and execution of these psychopath serial killer reptilian nephilim gene people and Satanists and witches. All these serial murders and genocides and mass shootings and sinking of Titanic ships and crashing of planes and blowing up of World Trade Center buildings and causing of wars and murder of thousands of Japanese with Fukushima tidal waves have been done by the reptilian hybrid nephilim descendents of the fallen angels. Throughout history, the dumb human homo-sapiens populace have been led to believe that all these calamities and disasters and serial murders in history, and the huge natural disasters and hundreds of people dying in building fires and presidents getting assassinated and planes crashing and suicides and diseases and serial murders and cult killings and terrorist incidents and famous historical incidents that we see everyday on the television news just occur naturally by accident, but most of them are Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim Satanist mass human sacrifice rituals to create dark energy for their fallen angel fathers. This is why the black nobility have tortured humans from ancient times, just like their giant nephilim ancestors.


When you see these wealthy Illuminati people smiling and laughing when they are talking about these torture machines from medieval times, you know that these people are not human souls, but they are descendants of the nephilim reptilian psychopath brain people. These feminist witch race reptilian hybrid Illuminati people love bloody, gory, ghoulish, druid-like, grotesque things, and find these things amusing. They love horror films and satanic death metal music and hellish tattoos and wars and shooting people and torture of prisoners and other nephilim things. They are the sons and daughter of Satan and his fallen angels, and they are embodied demon spirits. This is when they die, they do not go to heaven or hell like human souls do, but they roam the earth as psychopath evil spirits or ghosts or unclean spirits or demons, until Christ returns and throws them into the Lake of Fire along with their reptilian fallen angel ancestors. The psychopath feminists are not humans, so the typical psychopath reptilian hybrids try to assassinate the typical masculine man because they cannot accept that type of character of nobleness and righteousness and strength. They can only accept the effeminate type of men. This is because Satan’s genes is the opposite of God’s nature. John the Baptist was the typical masculine man, so this is why Herodias’ daughter wanted him to be killed, just like all the reptilian feminist organizations have been trying to kill me for speaking the truth about their psychopath genes of the fallen angels. The typical psychopath reptilian is like a shark or crocodile, although they act like they have feelings. In school, these reptilian hybrid witch race demon spirit people were very intelligent, but they were cruel, heartless, violent, merciless, deceitful, ungodly and atrocious. (See video “Zeph Daniel’s Full Length Version of the Psychopath” at .)