Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 44


After God raised up His apostle and prophet to teach the Torah Truth to His 144,000 Jewish Remnant, Satan immediately raised up hundreds of his Illuminati messianic Jewish pastors to try to mislead the 144,000 Jewish Remnant to ignore Christ’s grace and to be under the Law, again. They usually grow Rabbi beards. They put Th.D. titles after their names. They will always beg for money at the end. They talk by yelling and raising their voices to make people think that they are great teachers. They read the rabbis’ teachings, and teach them. They try to sell themselves as great teachers. They will have their books in the background in plain view, in order to market them to the viewers. They set up seminaries with heathen degree certifications. They are usually very fat and gluttonous. They will always teach you that their ancestors have been conducting occult worship for so long that the psychic abilities are imbedded into their genes, and this is why they were born and trained through the NSA Monarch mind control program. This is a lie. They have psychic abilities because they are not humans and they do not have human souls. They are nephilim or embodied demon spirits, and their genes are completely different from the human race. They try to justify themselves before men, and teach Satan’s false doctrines to mislead people. If they were from the Holy Spirit, then they would never advertise their books, try to make themselves famous, put themselves all over the internet video, and make God’s house into a business place. They would give the Word of God to you for free. This is why they have a different spirit. If they are famous and popular and well-known, this is evidence that they are of the devil and not of God. If they were of God, they would be hated, despised, targets of assassination attempts, and 99.99% of the people would not listen to them or follow after them. There are real servants of God who have ministries and God uses them to teach the Torah Truth, but it is God who told them to do the things they do, and prepared them to do them. They are not like those who try to make the ministry themselves and make themselves look like they are called by God, and then, they make money off of the religious people. This is why the former teach the Torah Truth, and the later teach Satan’s lies. They are extremely proud and arrogant and selfish and patriotic about their Hebrew roots, and try to bring Christians under their Hebrew cultural slavery and practices. They teach 90% truth from the teachings of the rabbis to gain trust, but their main reason for teaching is to try to lead the people into following the Messianic laws and Judaist regulations. There is deception at every level of the church and in every sect and every level of teaching. It is the 10% false doctrine that is the trap. It is like a minefield that the enemy has laid. They teach people that the End Times lukewarm church is religious, by imitating the teachings of God’s apostles and prophets in order to make themselves look like legitimate teachers, but they themselves are teaching religious false doctrines. Therein lies their deception and trap. When God teaches through his apostles and prophets, Satan immediately imitates them. They teach people to observe the Sabbath and circumcision and abstaining from eating pork and many other laws. Those were shadows of things to come, but we are in Christ. Obviously, we do not commit adultery or murder or homosexuality, since they are sin. However, our life in Christ is not in what we eat or drink, or what days to observe or not observe, or whether we sacrifice the Passover lamb or not. Our life is Christ’s love. Therefore, our lives are not in observing certain rules or regulations or practices, but our lives’ purpose, meaning, intention, motive, and action should be dictated by Christ’s love. Christ’s love fulfills the Law for He came to fulfill the Law, and we are now under His grace. Because we love Him, we obey Him and His precepts. We do not sin, because we love Him. Because Christ came and accomplished His salvation work on the cross, we know have the Holy Spirit in us, and the Holy Spirit testifies in our hearts what is right and what is wrong. Our desire is to please Him and to bring joy to Him, for we love Him. Therefore, let Christ’s love which is fulfillment of the Law fill your hearts and dictate your actions and thoughts and motives. If any religious person accuses you of not observing certain days or eating some food or not being circumcised or not having your name listed under any church membership or not attending church every Sunday or not memorizing Bible verses or not waking up at 4:00 a.m. to attend a Koran prayer session every morning or not tithing to the church or not memorizing all the names in the Bible or handing you hundreds of CDs because these linguistic professors are so lazy that they do not want to teach you themselves and accuse you of not listening to them, then do not be tossed by their legalistic doctrines and religious vain enforcement of practices, but rather go by the gut feeling of the Holy Spirit who lives in you who has given you a sound logical mind and Jesus’ love who is in you. If those of weak faith try to force you to sacrifice a Passover lamb, tell them that Jesus is our Passover Lamb. If those of weak faith tell you to get circumcised, tell them that Jesus has circumcised our hearts. If those of weak faith tell you to observe the Sabbath day, tell them that through Jesus, we not have Sabbath rest in Him. If those of weak faith tell you to not eat pork, tell them that what God has made clean, and we have asked for His blessing, it is not unclean. What makes a person unclean is the evil in His own heart and not what He eats. When God commanded His people to observe these commands, in order to understand His precepts and worship Him, Satan and His Illuminati Pharisee leaders, and modern day hippy rogue pastors and Western Christianity ministers came and made religions out of these practices. This is why Satan and His Western Christianity religious leaders have taken out the purpose and meaning of the commands, and used it to worship self pride works instead of God and His love. Now, Christ has come and fulfilled those things, because those practices were a shadow of Him who was to come. We are in Christ. However, we should not judge and hate brothers in Christ who keep those rules and regulations and practices, but we need to love them. They should not judge us and hate us for not practicing them or putting ourselves under their religious rules and regulations that were being done before Christ fulfilled them in Himself. Be also careful of those Illuminati Judaist Satanists of Babylonian religion who come disguised as Messianic Christians, in order to try to put the people under their laws and religion, so that they can void Christ out and make Him meaningless. I trust the Holy Spirit will lead you to all discernment and understanding, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren. You do not have to keep their religious regulations and laws of sacrificing your firstborn livestock or keeping the Jubilee Year or conduct burnt offerings like these Messianic pastors will command you to follow. Jesus who is in you is our sacrifice for sins once and for all. Whatever you do, do unto Christ in faith, and let love be your motive. Some religious Christians will scold you and command you not to pray for someone’s healing on a Sabbath day or not teach some Torah Truth because it offends them and it is not a loving act towards them. This is Satan’s attack to prevent you from loving someone or teaching the Torah Truth, so do not listen to these ungodly men. However, if they start yelling at you and making a fuss about you eating pork, then do not eat the pork, and out of love for them, be at peace with them. Instead, leave these religious people, and go to God’s people who are willing to listen to God’s Holy Spirit and who will welcome you with joy for you teach them the Torah Truth. Be wise servants of your time and effort. And someday, we will enter into the true Sabbath in our home in heaven with Jesus. The Sabbath will be observed in the millennial reign of Christ to commemorate Him. It is not sin to drink alcohol to sterilize the dirty drinking water, but what usefulness is there in drinking alcohol for selfish pleasures? It is alright to eat desserts, but it is sin to become like fat hippo American Western Christianity religious Christians. Likewise, one should fast and pray, but it is wrong for the Confucian Christianity Koreans to force you to fast every day out of sheer Confucian mental discipline will power and militaristic religious Korean discipline. Only barbarians need strict cultures to keep discipline and prevent chaos. In Christ, the Holy Spirit is the one who disciplines us and keeps us living in holiness, and we have rest and free way of life through Christ. Everything and everyone of Satan lives religious lives that are the extreme opposite to God, but the true children of God has the Holy Spirit’s complete logic and balance and discernment and beautiful lifestyles through Christ.


It is interesting, however, that when these barbaric people and races get saved through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, they become the most dedicated, most proactive, most faithful Christians. These former gangster bosses become dedicated pastors for Christ. It is like Apostle Paul, who fanatically hunted down Christians to kill them, but when he got saved and realized what he had one and remembered Steven’s face, he was used by God to bring Jesus to all the world whose blessings we are a recipient of, too. These “Bible Answer Man” and their rogue hippy pastor gangs Pharisees will again find this statement an opportunity to religiously attack me by saying that I insult their Holy Saint Paul who is a great apostle and man. Far be it that I should insult any man, for I am just a sinner like them, and nothing more. Moreover, I have the highest regard for our predecessors who have faithfully carried the cross of Christ and suffered for His love, to whom we are indebted in carrying on the legacy of sharing the gospel to others, too, with the same fanaticism and devotion to love of Christ. However, I also understand that these predecessors, or whom these Pharisees call “Great Awesome Supernatural Holy Men Who Are Half Gods” are nothing but humans like us with their short-comings and their weak flesh, who were chosen and used by God for His glory and in amazing ways to bless many whom God intended to save through His Christ. Therefore, I have respect for all of God’s creation, but at the same time, I also understand that they are just the creation and not God Himself, so we do not elevate anyone higher than we ought to. Humans are humans, and God is God. No one is a Holy Saint to be worshipped as little Gods, as these Pharisees’ Illuminati Mystery Babylon religion of the “Brotherhood of the Snake” teach (as the Mormons and Vatican and other Babylonian Satanism branches teach), and far be it that anyone should worship me as a great and awesome Saint of God, since I am also but a lowly servant saved by the grace of God, and used by Him for a noble amazing purpose. Have high respect for your brethren for their love for God, but do not worship them as gods like these Western Christian hippy rogue pastors do, to the extent of prohibiting others from speaking the Torah Truth about these apostles and great men of God and us. We are just what we are, servants of Christ, and no one should make any religion out of us; and at the same time, we should understand who God is who has called all these saints and made them holy by His calling, and is the justifier and sanctifier of all men. Glory and praise be to Jesus Christ whom we have been called to and serve.


Whether they are fake religious Christians or real spiritual Christians, Jews or Edomites, Koreans or Japanese, apostles or Satanists, peaceful people or barbarians, the only way to be saved is through the precious blood of Jesus Christ our God, who made the only and true way to salvation. There is no other way, but by God’s grace in Christ Jesus. We have to love those who persecute us, and share the gospel of Christ in season and out of season, in the hope that even our enemies will be saved by the Torah Truth that we preach. Revenge is not for us to take, but it belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ, since He spilled His blood to save us so that we do not have to die, and therefore, he deserves to take revenge for us; and for us, He has unimaginable rewards waiting for us in heaven. The twelve fruits of the tree of life for each month in heaven and the river of living water running next to them will give life. For now, while we are here in our current bodies, we need to eat food that alkalizes our bodies, such as green vegetables and stay away from food like sugar that acidifies the body, since cancer cells and bacteria and viruses and parasites can live in acidic blood, but die in alkaline blood. God’s honey and maple syrup is better than acidifying Illuminati made sugars and candies. God’s coral and limestone where ground water passes through provide natural H2 hydrogen rich water that neutralizes harmful hydroxyl oxidants that make us sick, because of its mineral content such as magnesium and calcium. When you put rock chips like Shungite in your drinking water, it neutralizes the radiation, detoxifies the heavy metals, kills all the bad microorganisms, and purifies the water, which in turn regenerates your body’s cell and tissue. It is a very powerful stone. The phytic acid (phytate) in grains inhibit the magnesium and calcium from being absorbed into our bodies, and also leeches the minerals from our bodies. The Illuminati has taken out the God’s ancient sprouting and sourdough fermentations from our grain bread that kill off the phytic acid (phytate), so that the phytic acid will kill us. The homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati of Satan and his fallen angels have introduced cancer viruses that create cancers in our bodies. Tooth cavity can be healed by not having Illuminati sugars in the diet, and by having absorption of calcium and magnesium and other minerals to heal the teeth and bones. The Illuminati has saturated our food and tap water and mineral water with poisonous fluoride to kill us off, while fluoride does not prevent cavities. These heavy metals acidify our bodies and kill us. At the same time, the Illuminati has taken out all the vitamins from our food, such as Vitamin D and Vitamin K that help to grow and build teeth and bones. The Illuminati witchdoctor dentists instead plaster our teeth with poisonous fluoride, and fill our teeth cavities with highly poisonous heavy metal fillings like mercury and estrogen filled white fillings. The mercury acidifies our bodies, destroys our nervous systems, and causes cancer. The estrogen feminizes men so that they cannot fight and become infertile and the women get breast cancer. This is all part of the Illuminati reptilians’ and Satan’s and the fallen angels depopulation program and extermination plan for the God’s human homo-sapiens, just like in the ancient days of Noah’s Atlantis civilization, when Satan and the Illuminati killed off all the humans except for Noah, and the world was filled with nephilim. The humans were changed into nephilim. Due to the cannibalism and evil and Satan worship, God had to destroy the nephilim using Noah’s Great Flood. Using baking soda to brush your teeth will prevent cavities by disinfecting, and alkalize your blood, because it acts as a pH buffer for the body, and alkalizes the cavity bacteria that create acid to melt the teeth to create cavities. The herbs such as cloves kill off the cavity bacteria. The Illuminati’s toothpaste are filled with toxins to exterminate the humans. Use Himalayan salt lamps that create negative ions that heal your bodies. Satan and his fallen angels’ Draco reptilians are masters of nanobot technology, and the leaven or yeast or fungus or sin in bread and other food are biological weapons by them to mind-control their human host’s body by connecting with the Draco commanders who run the nanobot germs. These viruses and bacteria and fungus and parasites of Satan’s Dracos have a collective Borg consciousness, and like the Borg, they take control of the human mind and body, making them more violent, emotional, lustful, greedy, and selfish. It ties them to these demon spirits that control these nanobot etheric parasites. Everything that the Illuminati uses have positive ions, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, radiation, toxic heavy metals like mercury, pharmaceutical drugs which are witchcraft, etc., and acidify the body. Stress, alcohol, tobacco, etc., all create acidic blood. Aromatherapy and listening to relaxing DNA repairing, cancer cell repairing, Hertz 528 Solfeggio frequency music heals the body and cures cancers. Illuminati rock and roll music disrupts the human vibration frequency and creates sickness, just like their gang stalking directed energy weapons and electromagnetic frequency weapons used to assassinate humans and depopulate humans. If you are God’s children, you have already researched these things and know them. The foolish heathen pagan lives an ungodly life and gets sick, because the wages of sin is death. This is why all these religious Christians in the Western Christianity churches of Satanism and Jezebel feminist humanism worship are getting sick and dying. They love Satan’s Western values and Western thinking, eating, drinking, marrying, breeding genetic descendents, money making, and women’s equality. Their Mystery Babylon religion’s beliefs of Western Christianity are diabolically opposed to our Torah Truth and God’s Word who is Jesus Christ and God YHWH. They love their Satanist Illuminati pastors’ teachings, and they hate and despise us who are God’s apostles and prophets, and hate our teachings and our Christ Jesus. This is how you can distinguish between a real born-again spiritual Spirit-filled Christian versus a fake carnal religious Christian. If you tell the person that you are being gang stalked by tens of thousands of Illuminati Satanists, the religious Christians will in 100% of the time refer you to someone else to help you. They will never offer to house you or protect you or support you or risk their lives for God’s children and apostles and prophets. In every one of my experience, all of these religious Christians would not help me, but they would just do a short prayer and introduce me to someone else, just like Pontius Pilate did not want anything to do with Jesus. The people they introduce you to will always call you crazy and tell you to go to a Satanism medical professional such as a psychiatrist because they are afraid to get involved with you, or they will not contact you at all because they do not want to have anything to do with you. On the other hand, a real born-again Christian and Church Saint and Bride of Christ will offer to house you and help you, even when it means they risk their own lives and the lives of all their families. This is a true Christian and a brother in Christ. This is Christ’s unconditional sacrificial love. They are your true spiritual family. There is nothing more sweet than the heart of a real Christian, and nothing more nauseating and disgusting than a fake religious Christian who walks around saying that they are Christians. If they are willing to sacrifice their own lives and jobs and safety and house and family’s lives, in order to help you, they are real followers of Christ. If they throw you to the wolves and curse you by calling you a coward and faithless and a fake and mentally insane and hallucinatory, in order to save themselves and their families, then they are fake religious Christians and religious people. That is why they are impossible to be raptured into heaven, because they are not Jesus’ Bride, and not true Christians, and surely not the Bride of Christ, and they could care less for Jesus and his children. However, these Tribulation Saints will have one more chance to be saved, if they are willing to die for Christ and sacrifice their entire family for the gospel and Jesus. This is the only way they can be saved now through martyrdom. If religious people love their lives and lifestyles and family and safety and comfort and benefits of Satan’s society, then they are not worthy to be children of God and followers of Christ. Dear, 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, the Word of God and Jesus’ Torah Truth is free and will forever be free, and I do not charge a cent of royalty for any of these teachings as the religious people do, for it is out of my love for God and you that I am persecuted daily to bring this Torah Truth who is Christ to you. I am a servant like you, and have the privilege of being allowed to preach His truth. If you love Him who sent us, you would do the same for your brothers and sisters. Know that wherever you go, whatever you do, whenever you exist, He is with you forevermore. May His grace and be with you, brethren. Glory to the King who rides justice and righteousness.


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Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons were using their ability to foretell the future against God’s children, so our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ took away their abilities, once and for all. They are now confined to this time and space. I agree with Zeph Daniel’s video below, but I disagree with one thing he said. He said we need to dig in and stand our ground. I do not agree. I believe we should be charging the enemy, and breaking into their headquarters and demolishing everything and everyone. I already threw Satan and his fallen angels into the abyss by asking God, until they are needed for the End Times purpose. He is probably not very happy in the abyss. We need to be tearing down the gates of hell, storming the enemy camp, knocking down everything, stomping on every Baal priest and witch, making snake skin handbags out of all reptilians, and freezing hell over. We need to be praying to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ to destroy every witch ritual, gang stalk all Illuminati leader and black magician and henchman, block all attacks of the enemy against our ICA ally members, devastate their criminal income sources and assets, taking out their personnel and spirits and throwing them into the abyss, annihilating their technologies and weapons, taking away their peace and comfort and safety, zapping their will power and bringing despair upon them, bringing panic and confusion to their midst, and disintegrate all reptilian aliens. We need to love human homo-sapiens of God, fight for them, and shove hell down the enemies’ throats. There are too many alien hybrid zombies and incarnate fallen angels and incarnate Dracos walking around our society killing and gang stalking humans, ritually sacrificing human children in their Illuminati witch rituals, black magician psychic attacking our ICA ally members and Galactic Federation of Planets ally members, beheading and eating humans, shooting masses of humans in their CIA DHS ISIS Al-Qaeda nephilim terrorist attacks, and disguised demon arrogant fake humans thinking as if they can attack us. They need to be put in their place—the cesspool. They need to know who our Lord Jesus Christ is and our Almighty God YHWH is, and His awesome power that holds Creation together, and the love of our Father in Heaven for His children. If God fights for us, who can stand against us? All these Illuminati Gods and Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel clowns are a bunch of cockroaches without legs turned upside down. Do you know how many human homo-sapiens they are killing every day in their Illuminati witch Luciferian Satanist rituals? Is not anyone aroused with holy anger? We are untouchable people. Christ Jesus is in us and He lives through us and He fights through us! Moreover, we need to be stomping out these cockroaches. Who are these fallen angels and their alien human hybrids to even think that they can fight our God and His people? Are they dumb or are they suicidal crazy? We need to mobilize all our earth ICA ally organizations into one mean fighting machine to kick the buttocks of these alien hybrids imperial clone storm trooper people walking amongst us, and mobilize all our Star Fleet armada against the evil Illuminati NWO cabal Empire rogue holdouts, and mobilize all our Andromeda Council and Galactic Federation of Planets and other extraterrestrial alien allies to burn these Draco reptilians and Archon with the garbage. If you compare this fight with an American football game, you should not be blocking enemies, but you need to be charging into the enemy lines, knocking down every opponent player down to the ground, and stepping every one of them down. The dark evil forces realize their time is up and they are done, so they are panicking and going crazy. Pray and destroy the dark witchcraft mind-control that has been placed over the human homo-sapiens populace, so that they may awaken to the truth and the light will permeate and drive out the darkness, and the humans freed from the deception. The enemy wants to deceive us into thinking that they can touch us, but they cannot touch us. Throw these Illuminati pagan witches into their own cauldrons and boil them double over. Fight them on the land! Fight them on the seas! Fight them in the skies! Fight them in the galaxy! Fight them in the astral! Drive them into hell! Fight for our Commander-In-Chief Lord Jesus Christ and our awesome God YHWH! Enjoy the fight, and see our God obliterate the enemy, and bite their buttocks with joy! The power that created heaven and earth is with us! (See video “Kick Ass Pep Talk for TI’s ~ by Zeph Daniel” at and see video “Gangstalkers are the Fallen Ones ~ Zeph Daniel” at .)


Beware of these famous, popular, well-known people, who are preaching the deceptive Post Tribulation Rapture Theory on their radio programs to sell their gold and emergency food supplies, and making huge amounts of money from their Corporate Christianity. As Ezekiel 7:19 says, gold will be useless to starving people. Food supplies will be confiscated by the government or stolen by marauding mobs of hungry people.  Hand guns they sell are going to be useless against the missiles and fighter jets of the Anti-Christ Illuminati New World Order. These authors on these radio programs who sell their books and the Word of God at exorbitant prices, and market them every few minutes on their radio shows expose their spiritual conditions in that they make their daughters into famous country singers who wear lewd clothes and sing feminist lyrics. The spiritual condition inside the family exposes the spiritual condition of the parent and spiritual condition of that home. They say that they became a Christian when Jesus came as an angel of light shimmering in brightness with eyes like burning fire and pure white hair. These famous authors say that God’s men are incompetent, weak, emasculate, useless, and despicable, so the strong, powerful, faithful, heroic women have to preach the gospel and teach God’s Word. This view comes from a very ungodly spirit and a feminist Jezebel spirit that has overtaken the religious Christians. It caters to the pride of the religious Christian women and female radio listener customers. However, this is a lie from the enemy, and it is not true. In these final days before the rapture of God’s Church Saints or Bride of Christ and the start of the Anti-Christ’s Illuminati New World Order, God is using His men to teach and His women to prophesy, because it is basically all hands on deck and every Christian has a role to play and a mission to fulfill.


God’s men are not emasculate and weak and useless. It is only the religious fake Christian men who are effeminate and weak and useless. God’s real, born-again, Holy Spirit filled, true Christian men are fighting tooth and nail, face to face with the devil and his Illuminati alien hybrids and fallen angels and CIA assassins, and preaching the Torah Truth. These religious Christian authors and radio program speakers did not preach things like aliens or Illuminati member identities and unpopular Bible teachings that anger female listeners and female customers, unlike the true men of God who have been preaching these things so they are gang-stalked and assassination attempts made upon them every day. So, if anyone is emasculate and weak and useless, it is these religious Christian authors and radio program speakers themselves who are accusing God’s men. They were going to stop their ministry when their military and intelligence sources informed them that the final days are coming, and they were going to hide in their bunkers. This shows their true identities.


These famous authors who sell their gold and their post-tribulation rapture theories accuse God’s men of being effeminate and weak and useless, but God’s men are preaching the Torah Truth of God and fighting the enemy face to face. God’s men are losing their homes, getting their hearts shot with electromagnetic CIA weapons that cause heart attacks, shot in the genitals 24 hours a day with directed energy weapons and psychic attacks, attacked with psychic witchcraft spells all day long, poisoned with strong acid that burns holes through plastic cups, refrigerator foods and restaurant foods poisoned with lethal poisons, and gang stalked by thousands upon thousands of feminists and mob gangsters and Satanists and Korean groups and CIA Nazi hit squad assassins and MI6 alien hybrid assassins and street gangs and convicts and thugs and homeless people and occultists and Freemason demon-possessed people and Wiccan witch reptilian hybrid feminist black magicians. God’s true men are being gang stalked by dozens of CIA NSA MI6 tinted-window white trucks with Nazi SS assassins, and drone unmanned aerial vehicle reconnaissance, and F-15 fighter jets, and helicopters. God’s men have been cooked alive by open microwave ovens with their doors removed and safety features removed from adjoining apartment rooms and every hotel room they move to. God’s men are deprived of sleep 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by thousands of gang stalkers dragging chairs and crushing cans and clapping hands and banging of library shelves and security guards coming to prevent sleep and dozens of teenagers making noise outside or fake construction work going on outside all night or motorcycle noise by gang stalkers and so forth. The Illuminati police and FBI just tell God’s men to go to a doctor or psychiatrist and refuse to help. Potential future employers refuse to hire, after the Illuminati CIA and DHS tell them that God’s men are terrorists, when it is the Illuminati CIA and DHS that created and fund and supply arms to the ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists who are ancient nephilim demon spirits incarnated into cloned bodies. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid globalist elites and Satan Lucifer and his Draco reptilian alien fallen angels attack God’s men constantly, and remote control thousands and thousands of gang stalkers and demon-possessed Satanists and organic robotoids and reptilian alien hybrids and clones against them. They raise the stock prices and precious metal prices when God’s men buy them, and lower the prices when God’s men sell them, in order to bankrupt God’s men. They destroy God’s men’s savings by making them spend on hotel costs every day and airfare from nation to nation, in order to try to make them homeless and starve them to death. The Illuminati and the fallen angels funnel poisonous gases through the ventilation vents to try to kill God’s men. The Illuminati spies go into the workplaces and churches to slander God’s men, so that God’s men will be alienated and ostracized by all their friends and coworkers, and will not receive any help from them. The fallen angels and Illuminati NWO demon-possess God’s men’s families so that their family members try to kill them or report their whereabouts to the Illuminati, and they assassinate God’s men’s families. At the request of the demon-possessed mothers of God’s men, the extremely stupid church ministers and postal workers are used by Satan and his fallen angels to spend their entire life frantically looking for God’s men thinking that they are doing a good thing, in order to report God’s men’s locations to the Illuminati Satanists and assassins, and thereby assist in the reptilian hunt and killing of God’s men. The Illuminati nephilim secret societies’ reptilian hybrid Wiccan witches sexually molest God’s men’s genitals while they are sleeping by coming in their etheric astral energetic forms or psychic form, just like Incubus and Succubus spirits. The Illuminati send etheric parasites through the digital televisions and internet websites against God’s men. The Illuminati black magicians use the WIFI and fake mobile phone towers and computers and mobile phones and digital televisions to try to fry God’s men with radiation electromagnetic waves and send psychic attacks using satellites that magnify them. The Illuminati monitor God’s men’s computers 24 hours a day, and whenever God’s men exposes the devil Satan’s schemes and secrets or exposes the Illuminati plans and agendas on the internet, they shoot God’s men’s genitals and brains and eyes and ears and kidneys and livers and hearts and bladders and colon and pancreas and shoulders and tailbones and feet with scalar and frequency weapons and their fallen angel Draco reptilian aliens come in their invisible forms to the room to inflict pain in God’s men’s bodies. The Draco reptilian alien fallen angels remote control the brain waves of the dozens of people on the streets every single day to slam their shoulders and crash their bicycles into and shout at and step on feet and spit at and throw things and cut as they pass and walk into and stick out legs to trip and glare at for hours and kick God’s men, all day long. The Illuminati and fallen angel avatars time travel into God’s men’s past and childhood to abuse them, bully them, molest them, hit with tremendous illness constantly, torment them, get them fired from companies, inhibit their studying, fatigue them, and harass them constantly. How dare these religious Christian famous radio hosts and book authors have the gall to criticize God’s men of being emasculate and feminine and weak and useless, and praise God’s women as having to take over God’s men’s roles to preach the gospel and do the Lord’s work. Who do these famous Christian radio guests who sell gold through their Christian ministries and sell the Word of God books at crazy high prices and preach the post tribulation rapture theory that God does not love His people and make their daughters into famous lewd feminist country singers, think that they are? What right to they have to criticize God’s men, and praise God’s women, just as the fame loving, tithing and donation seeking, church customer pleasing, religious Christian ministers do every week in their churches, in order to retain the masses of church women who are demon-possessed by the feminist Jezebel spirit of Satan? It is the religious fake Christian men who have been made emasculate and weak and ineffective for God’s work by the tons and tons of female hormone estrogens being dumped into the tap waters and food sources by the fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid globalist elites. It is because they do not have the Holy Spirit of God, and do not love our Lord Jesus Christ and do not like the Torah Truth of God. This is why they are effeminate and weak and spiritually castrated by Satan and his Illuminati. It is not God’s men who are emasculate and weak and useless as these foolish religious Christian men and famous radio program book authors claim.


There are those who could not take the gang stalking and persecution, so they have left. I am happy to take their places and do their work. I will take over the jobs of a hundred people for my Lord Jesus Christ, and a hundred of their persecutions and fight. It is because I understand the urgency of God’s work in warning His people and teaching His people and equipping His people with His Torah Truth, before the rapture. I do not expect the sisters to take on the humiliation of being monitored with radiation cameras 24 hours in their homes without any privacy in their nakedness, or being shot in their genitals 24 hours a day with the Illuminati alien hybrid Satanist gang stalker mobile phone electromagnetic directed energy weapons and satellites. They can go be raptured early to be with the Lord, and I will take on their roles and jobs here on this earth to the last moment before Jesus returns to rapture His Church Saints. I will preach the truth and fight the enemy until the very last moment until Noah’s Ark’s door clothes, and sound the alarm to all the inhabitants of the earth, until Jesus returns to take us up into heaven with the other brothers and sisters in Christ. If Jesus went through that horrendous suffering for me on the cross to die for my sins, then I will stay here on this earth to do His work of love for humanity, until Jesus comes to get me out. I know He will come to rapture me out with everyone or alone. I am God’s man, and I will fight like a man. No feminist, women flattering, religious Christian famous author who makes Christianity into a gold and book selling business on the radio programs is going to criticize God’s men as being emasculate and weak and useless. God’s true Christian men are fighting the devil and Illuminati alien hybrids and fallen angels and CIA assassin groups and Nazis and Satanists and Freemasons and feminist Wiccan witches and mafia mob gangsters and thousands of hired gang stalkers every day and going through tremendous persecutions, in order to carry out Jesus’ work and ministry, and to preach God’s real precepts and Torah Truth and scripture and Bible and Word, and to protect God’s people and God’s women by driving back the enemy. God’s men are not selling gold to become rich or sell books at expensive prices or spending their time to write books or find a full time job or get wealthy or find a stable income or trying to find breeding mates or trying to leave genetic descendants or making their daughters into famous lewd feminist country singers or making nuclear bunkers in the Montana mountains with the money they make selling gold or seeking after the things of the flesh or seeking self. God’s true men are sacrificing their time and energy and money to give God’s Word and teachings and Torah Truth to as many people for free without cost, amidst the persecutions and terrible attacks of the enemy. Why are these famous feminist Christian authors who are selling gold and books accusing God’s men of being weak and useless, and praising the women as being strong and useful to God? This is what Satan preaches in his Jezebel spirit feminist Christian churches throughout the world. This is why his Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant globalist elites have set up their Draco reptilian alien fallen angel technology “Nephilim Gender Reversal Grid” (NRG) under the earth, in order to suppress the male and female DNA gene expression, and to reverse the male and female gender behaviors, and to invert God’s male and female creation so that the men become emasculate and women become masculine. It is part of their Atlantis’ human homo-sapiens species extermination program, just like in Noah’s days when all humans were killed or genetically transformed into nephilim soulless creatures, except Noah and his family.

You have been lied to by the Illuminati nephilim royal family globalist elites. Space is not a vacuum. It is plasma. This is why the fighter planes can fly through space at thousands of miles per hour, and the large space battleships can travel many times more faster than them. The planets have different dimensions. This is why these aliens are not only extraterrestrial, but they are extra-dimensional. Higher dimensions have faster time, so that is why these aliens come from timelines that are millions of years in the future. The Draco reptilian alien fallen angels gave up their dimensions, in order to live in fourth dimensional bodies, so that they can enslave and parasite on the human homo-sapiens species of God. This is why they have to create external technology wonder weapons, unlike the benevolent aliens who are in higher dimensions and who create internal technology by imagining them in their mind, such as spacecrafts that are living beings. Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons have still kept their spiritual dimensions, so they will be coming to the earth after they are kicked out of heaven in the End Times, disguised as benevolent humanoid aliens, in order to deceive the heathens and pagans. They are the seraphim archangels who control the Draco reptilian alien fallen angels. Archons means archangels.