Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 43


Korea will be laid in ruins, and there will be no singing heard in its lands anymore; nor will there be marrying. Its land will be desolate as the deserts of the Middle East. They have plotted and schemed against God’s people. They are a treacherous race—a nation of bloodthirsty, violent, barbaric people. They are genetically inclined to violence and killing. They have persecuted God’s apostles and prophets, and sought after their lives. They practice sorcery blatantly, and practice every kind of black art. They spread their gangrene to other nations. They spread their form of satanic sorcery Christianity, and its Taoist Confucian spirits. They desecrate the Lord’s house with money and religion and Korean culture of Confucianism. They call their national culture a culture instead of sin. Their end is near, and soon, they will be no more. Their evil will be buried with them. They boast of their families and worship their ancestors, but their descendents will be cut off. The world will be freed of their evil and treachery. Their boasting and patriotic slogans will be seen no more. The reason why there is a huge population of Illuminati Satanists in Hawaii is because Hawaii has a huge population of Koreans and Polynesians. They are very similar genetically and in temperament.


As for Edom and Amalek, their descendents will be cut off. They have sought to destroy God’s people and apostles and prophets. They have sought to cut off Israel through their financed holocausts and creation of Nazism and anti-semitism. They have led the world in Satanism through their secret societies of Luciferianism and other religions. They have taken over every office of king and world leader. They will end up as the Koreans and the Moabites and the Babylonians. They will be remembered no more: they and their accursed descendents. Their intelligence will be their own downfall. They and their father Satan the Serpent will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, where there will be wailing and anguish and weeping. Their many evils will kindle against them. So shall be the end of Edom and its descendents and Satan’s seed. Satan and his Satanist people are all about family-oriented self-righteousness and genetic descendants and ethnic kin and the evil flesh and genetic engineering. They want to leave their genes in this world. This is why they always try to mix their genes with the aliens or fallen angels, because they believe that is the only possibility for survival for the human race. They are very base and fleshly and degenerate in their thinking. They are not spiritual creatures, but very carnal and sinful in their way of thinking and values. This is why barbarian nations are obsessed with family, nationalistic patriotism, genetic superiority, ethnic discrimination and Han culture hatred toward neighboring nations and breeding genetic descendants and kicking down other people who do not share their genes. These barbarians think in terms of Satan’s way of thinking and evil values. They will not sacrifice their genetic families and parents and children, in order to save strangers who are our real spiritual families who will spend eternity in heaven with us. They are base, carnal people, just like the hippy rogue pastors and the religious carnal Christians, who share their values. The carnal flesh based religious Christians who live by base animal instinct existence instead of the Holy Spirit are obsessed with breeding of genetic descendents, but they do not realize that the Illuminati in the coming Tribulation Age have the technology and viruses to create zombies. Ancient walls in Noah’s flood’s days of Atlantis were constructed very fast to keep these nephilim armies of Satan Lucifer out of the cities.


The more evil a nation or people or that genetic pool is, the more they hate God’s apostles and prophets who inform them their sins, since they want to hide their sin and their sinful pride will simply not accept it. So, they try to silence those who speak the truth, and they will not listen to God’s warning and will not repent or apologize for their evil. The more evil a nation or race or ethnicity is, the more they will come out in rage and mass to gang stalk and attack and despise you; for they are barbarians and have no consideration for the truth or God’s holy things. They are like the Ninevites and Amalekites. These are the signs of a barbaric people, and their parents’ sins and curses will carry over to the third and fourth generations. They love hatred, the Korean “han” firm belief of rage and murder, deceit, cowardice, hiding, stealing, inflicting suffering, taking, tormenting, depriving, hurting, and every evil you can imagine. This is why God despises such nations and people for they oppose God’s very precepts and are full of evil. They are like the genetic shark family species, compared to the more gentle, peaceful genetic guppy species; or, like the aggressive lion species, compared to the more docile home kitten species.


For example, all these Korean women wanted to work for the Japanese army during World War 2 as prostitutes to make money, but after the war, they claim to have been forced into prostitution, and try to get reparation money from the Japanese government. They have no truth or ethics, and only have greed and dishonesty. It is a very base, depraved, barbaric genetic trait. However, during the Vietnam War, the Korean army kidnapped and enslaved and raped and used as prostitutes tens of thousands of Vietnamese women, by force unwillingly, but they do not make amends or apologize or publicize any of their own sins. To claim that someone did evil to you when you are the one who prostituted yourself for money and greed, and then, to go around and rape and kill other nation’s women is utter hypocrisy to the extreme level. These are signs of a barbaric race. There is no godliness or ethics or honesty with such nations. There is only judgment by God awaiting such nations. The atrocities committed by the Koreans during the wars exceeds imagination. Cutting up women alive and torturing them is only what barbarians do. Women should be loved and protected and cherished. These organizations such as the Light House impersonate human rights organizations and make money by accusing Japan of running human slavery, when in reality, all those who are running the human slavery criminal activities are Koreans and the Korean organizations. This is like stealing from the store, and blaming the store owner of stealing. These people groups are very unethical and sly, and they do evil things, and then blame them on the nations they do not like. Even waitress jobs are made to look like human slavery conducted by the Japanese. The evil Koreans use these types of sentiments to add flame to the Korean “Han” murder and hatred national value system and culture, in order to gain donation money and turn other nations against Japan. They also blame the Japanese yakuza mafia of doing evil, but the Japanese yakuza mafia is mostly owned by the Japanese of Korean ancestry, just like the Japanese politicians and celebrities are almost all Japanese of Korean ancestry. The Korean media advertises to the world that the prostitution rings of Korean students in Japan run by the Korean brokers are done by the Japanese and blame all the Korean criminal activities in Japan on the Japanese, but this is deliberate propaganda warfare against the Japanese and the Japanese nation. These are traits of a sinful people and evil nation, just like the Pharisees blamed Jesus of doing evil, when they themselves were the ones who were actually doing the evil. This is sin, both at the individual level and ethnic level and genetic level, which will be judged by God. What evil that is done in secret by people groups and nations will be exposed before God, and no sin will be hidden. It is not right to do evil and blame others for your sin. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


All the people who start cults in Japan like the Soka Gakkai Nichiren Soshu and Aum and Moonies are Japanese of Korean ancestry. They indoctrinate people in terrorist activities and make huge groups of Japanese sex slaves and make the Japanese money contributors as parasites to finance their criminal interests and Korea. The terrorist groups like the Japan Red Army are all Japanese of Korean ancestry, who carry out the terrorism in the world and in Japan to kill more Japanese. The ultra left-wing activists who take over buildings and shoot Japanese riot police officers are Japanese of Korean ancestry, and that is why they kill all of their fellow ultra left-wing activists who are Japanese and bury their bodies. All these drug arrests of Japanese celebrities who are almost all of Korean ancestry are just scapegoats for the Illuminati for their convenience. When you do investigation, you find out a whole network of the Korean Illuminati criminal activities connected underneath, which they prevent from being discovered by just assassinating their Japanese celebrities of Korean ancestry or having them take all the blame. The narcotics coming into Japan come from the Operation Paperclip Nazi descendents’ CIA, and go to North Korea, and then to the Soka Gakkai cult group and their Komeito political party, and then to the various Korean organizations and Korean secret societies within Japan, and finally, to the end users. If you find out the truth, and share their vast criminal enterprise and Korean network within Japan, including within the organized crime, police, politicians, economic leaders, celebrities, then these Koreans will try to assassinate you to conceal their secrets. How it all works is that the Japanese of Korean ancestry are very pro-American, pro-Korean and anti-Japanese. Therefore, these Japanese of Korean ancestry pimps all go to the United State schools or China to study, and get indoctrinated by the Western Illuminati criminal cabal Satanists, and get sent back to Japan as their secret CIA intelligence agents and Illuminati secret assassins. This is why all these big Illuminati companies’ top executives and senior managers who get huge pays and wear gold watches and fancy brand clothes are all disguised Japanese of Korean ancestry who hide their identities with Japanese names. They hire and promote their own kind or ethnicity or Satanists—the Japanese of Korean ancestry. I have seen over and over and over again in all these huge, famous Illuminati corporations, the Japanese of Korean ancestry people monopolize the top management positions by promoting all Japanese of Korean ancestry people to top positions, and kicking out all the Japanese executives and managers using corporate politics. They are exactly the same as the Edomites in the West who monopolize all the top management positions in these major Illuminati corporations, who are disguised as Jews. The Japanese employees think they are serving Japanese managers, because all these Japanese of Korean ancestry management people are disguised as Japanese. They all go overseas, become Illuminati members, and receive supernatural abilities from Satan. You look at their faces and their personalities and temper and ethical standards, you can tell immediately that these people are not Japanese, although they have Japanese names and speak Japanese and act Japanese. People wonder how they know that the others are Koreans. They meet at these secret society assemblies, and from there, they get introduced to the others, and get hired into their companies. So, as soon as you have a Japanese of Korean ancestry who does evil things to gain power in a company, you will find that person hiring and promoting all these other Japanese of Korean ancestry, and surrounding themselves with their same ethnicity. This is not only true in the foreign-owned Illuminati companies, but also in the Japanese entertainment world, Japanese political world, Japanese mob gangster world, and Japanese cult occult world. They have spiritual realm help from the demons and fallen angels and Satan to control all facets of society. They promote and surround themselves and monopolize all the top and influential positions with other Japanese of Korean ancestry, because they do not live by God’s righteous values and precepts, but they live by Satan’s corruption, fleshly genetic focus, deception, sabotage, propaganda, threats, bribery, brainwash, stealing, lying, and every other technique to gain what they want. The Japanese are usually nice and do not do those things, so they get kicked out or removed by these Japanese of Korean ancestry.


They believe that by attaining demonic “chi” powers, they become supernaturally immune to knife stabs and gun shots, because Satan’s evil spirits actually protect these people’s bodies. This is what the military intelligence is researching and developing. The Illuminati major corporations’ Satanist Human Resources and Legal Departments threaten you, if you try to disclose the human trafficking going on within their top ranks. All the executives of these Illuminati mega-corporations in Japan are actually disguised Koreans, and when you work with them, you can immediately discover that through their physical appearance and national traits and their genetic characters and their connections. It can be said that Japan is politically, economically, religiously, media brainwash, and socially controlled by their Korean Illuminati leaders and celebrities and criminals and assassin groups. They all work as one under Satan’s control to exterminate the Jewish Japanese, and it is part of the Japanese of Korean ancestry business leaders’ unified mission to bankrupt and destroy Japan’s economy and create ultra national debts and market crash. The trait of the Jewish people is that Satan’s nations surrounding them always hate them and are used by the devil to try to holocaust genocide them. The Korean genetic and Edomite genetic traits fit in perfectly with Satan’s mission and purpose and mentality. This is why he uses these people groups as his servants and Satanists. At first, people do not understand why all these hordes of Korean assassins are gang-stalking them and trying to kill them frantically, but when you understand the Korean people group, their Illuminati and Satanist background, their fleshly based values and corruption and criminal activities and national sentiments, every dot starts to connect perfectly and make perfect sense. It is not right to be prejudice or discriminatory toward any people group, but the truth should and must be shared about these people groups, and their sins revealed before heaven and earth, so that they are given a chance to repent, and people are delivered from the brainwash and mind control and from being genocide exterminated. These gang-stalkers are one of the most base, vulgar, stupidest people, because if God’s people disappear from the earth, God would have no reason to keep them around, because their only purpose by God is to persecute God’s people to bless them and to accomplish His work of love for His people. Likewise, the gang-stalkers are the stupidest people, because their boss Satan and his fallen angels plan to kill them first, and eventually kill all of mankind, and after that, to destroy the physical world to undo God’s creation.


The reason why the Illuminati is successful in hiring thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of evil people to try to gang-stalk and assassinate God’s prophets is because these evil people have evil genes. They are the low-life scum people of society and the people of wicked ethnic groups and nationalities. Their genes and their sins are handed down from their fathers and mothers and grandparents and great grandparents. Likewise, their genes and evil are handed down to the third and fourth and hundredth generations, and they become ethnic groups and nations like the Ninevites and Sodomites. They are people of the carnal flesh instead of the spirit, so they are obsessed with genes, family ties, reproducing genetic descendant, family feuds, shaman family demon spirits that control them who they believe are ancestral spirits, ethnic superiority, nationalism, street gang mentality, group identity, blood feud between genetic families and street gangs and mobster gangster families, national “han” culture of hatred and revenge and killing, self genetic pride, and flesh reproduction lust. The only way they can be freed from these evil genes and ethnic sin and family demon-possession and national traits is by the power of Jesus Christ when they become Christians. They hate God’s prophets who teach this Torah Truth, because the most evil people want to hide their sins and their own evil, and therefore, they try to silence God’s prophets who expose the truth about them and call them to repent. They are like the Pharisees who hated Jesus for exposing their evil and sins, so they conspired to silence Him by killing Him. This is the nature of evil people. It is in their genes that have been handed down through the generations, and because of their sexual obsession to leave genetic descendants, they will hand those genes down to many following generations. However, they cannot attain true happiness in life, because these low-life people live miserable lives of fornication, narcotic drugs, divorce, family feud and hatred toward family members, child sexual molestation and feminism, murder, street gang warfare, nationalism and hatred of neighboring nations, obsession with genetic descendants and breeding, group mentality, violence, fighting, hatred, ethnic and national pride, warfare, bloodshed, revenge, feelings of superiority over others, stress, fear, depression, suicide, betrayal through greed, and many other sins and evils that they are slaves of. These people will not listen to these truths about their genes or their family demon spirits or their sins or their ethnic group’s sins or their nation’s sins, but they will try to kill and silence God’s prophets who warn them in love about their sins and tell them to repent so that they and their family and their ethnic group and nation can be saved through Jesus Christ. They are a wicked people. They are the most prejudice and discriminatory and racist and sexist and feminist and wicked people you can find on the earth. However, when the Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist oligarch elites’ CIA NSA MI6 people tell these low-life, wicked, vulgar, scum of society type of people that God’s prophets are very prejudice and discriminatory and racist and sexist against their nation and their ethnicity and their family and them, so they need to be silenced and assassinated, they gladly receive the pay from the CIA NSA MI6 people, and gather in the thousands to try to kill God’s prophets. Because of their evil minds, they do not understand that it is the CIA NSA MI6 Aryan reptilian homo-capensis race people who are trying to exterminate their Korean ethnic group and Korean nation and Asian people and women through the Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist oligarch cabal’s CIA NSA MI6 genetically engineered ethnicity specific plagues and HAARP tidal waves and by causing nuclear wars with their neighboring nations of the same race and trying to make the human homo-sapiens kill each other. The Illuminati reptilians use these low-life, scum bag human homo-sapiens people of the earth because they are the most easiest to manipulate and use, because of their fleshly nature and greed for CIA pay and their hatred toward God’s prophets and their ethnic pride and their nationalism and their violent ethnic genes. Then, the Illuminati reptilians plan to kill them also later on with nuclear war, World War 3, DARPA genetically engineered biological weapon germs and plagues, economic crash and mobs and rioting and starvation, and through worldwide FEMA Nazi execution camps for human homo-sapiens, and HAARP earthquakes and tidal waves, and many other methods, in order to create their Illuminati New World Order for the reptilian hybrid homo-capensis race through genocide of the human homo-sapiens race. The low-life people and the evil ethnic groups are just their tools to use to kill the innocent and truth speakers like God’s prophets, and after they finish using them to kill the innocent and truth speakers, the Illuminati will kill and exterminate these dumb, stupid, low life, vulgar, genetically evil people and nations also. They need these genetically evil people and nations to accomplish their purpose and gain power, so that they can eventually kill all humans from the planet. The evil humans have always been used by the reptilian hybrid homo-capensis people to kill each other and fight wars and conduct mass satanic live human sacrifice ritual global wars to exterminate each other. The oligarch nephilim reptilian people laugh as the dumb, genetically evil, low life people run around killing each other and trying to assassinate God’s prophets who they think are evil and racist and sexist and need to be silenced, and they end up committing suicide later due to depression and stress and anger and pride and heartbroken romance and drug deliriousness. So is the life and death of these low-life, genetically evil, scum of the earth people. They were created that way by God, so that the righteous people of God will shine even brighter and glorify God through their righteousness and love and holiness, and that love for God and His truth and His Word will be proven by the persecutions they endure for their Lord Jesus Christ, at the hands of these low-life, vulgar, genetically evil, scum of the earth people and ethnic groups and gangs and nations. So, they serve a purpose for Satan and his Illuminati in one sense, but ultimately, they serve God’s purpose, until they are thrown into hell and the Lake of Fire for their sins and evil. I teach you this Torah Truth of Christ and the Word of God, because I know you have been surprised as to where these thousands and thousands and thousands of demon-possessed gang-stalkers, Koreans, feminists, Satanists, mafia mobster gangsters of Sicilian Arab ancestry, yakuza mobster gangsters of Korean ancestry, street gang punks, low life scum people with evil genes, witches controlled by their family ancestral demon spirits, CIA freed prison convicts, CIA NSA MI6 Nazi assassin squad members, Freemason Luciferian demon-possessed members, thugs and cutthroats and vagabonds all come from, and how the Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis oligarchs can hire so many gang-stalkers to try to assassinate and silence your preaching in Jesus Christ. The reason is that the Illuminati has no problem in hiring these tens of thousands of people and even hundreds of thousands of people, because they have killed off all the innocent and peaceful people from this planet, just like in ancient Noah’s days of the Atlantis civilization, and you now have in these End Times huge masses of people who have evil genes and nationalities and ethnic groups and bloodthirsty mobs and low life scumbag type of people left who will kill the innocent and truth speakers without hesitation so that they and their family and genetic kin and ethnic group and nation can survive. They are the ungodly bunch, who have no ethics or morals or true godly love or truth or righteousness or innocence or fear of Almighty God YHWH or respect for humans or humility or compassion or conscience. They are the bunch of evil genetic people who worship their ancestral spirits who are actually demonic spirits, run after their Asian pop singers, cheer on their national leaders who are trying to genocide them, go to Disneyland to enjoy their fake world that the Illuminati has given them, and live for sex and food and money and power and all the other things of the flesh, instead of the Spirit of God. They are the brain dead, and they are no longer on a human level, but they are at a base, decadent, sick, evil animal level of existence and thinking and values. This is why God is ready to destroy them for they have all forsaken God’s Torah Truth, and they have all run after Satanism and its values and its worship of the devil. All these evils lead to the worship of the devil, consequently. This is why when I start writing this to you, dear beloved 144,000 Hebrew Remnant, these genetically evil scum of society type of people keep crashing my computer, so that this letter will be lost. As soon as I start writing the Torah Truth teachings, they hit me with a barrage of directed energy weapons. However, God will not be stopped. He keeps a memory in my mind of all the things and the Torah Truth that I need to teach you before I leave for heaven. God’s love for you will not be so easily pushed aside by these genetically evil and nationalist and Satanist computer hackers and reptilian hybrid oligarch’s human slaves. Their sudden barrage of directed energy weapons and countless attempts to crash my computer whenever I star writing the Torah Truth is clear evidence that they hate the truth and they will do everything to stop it from being preached to the world, even if it means blaming God’s prophets as racists and sexists and evil people with dangerous ideologies. This has always been the case through the thousands of years, as Satan’s children have tried to blame God’s children of being evil. To those who belong to the devil and are evil people, the righteous people are evil, and they themselves consider their evil as being good. Everything is the opposite to those who are Satan’s people, because to them, evil is good, and good is evil. Satan and his people reverse everything. This is a spiritual war between the devil’s children and God’s children. If these things do not happen to them, then it means they are not teaching God’s truth. If they are attacked and hindered, then it is undeniable evidence that they are preaching God’s Torah Truth, because the devil will use the most evil people and genetically usable people and nations to attack those who are doing God’s work. You will suddenly see thousands of them come out of the woodworks in order to attack you, when you preach the Torah Truth. The reason why the Illuminati’s Christian churches do not get attacked is because they teach the Mystery Babylon religion Satanism. God’s truth will be heard, and the truth is God’s Word and God’s Word is Christ. God will always have His faithful remnant, who are not afraid to preach the truth, because they love God. Someday, these evil people and their devil and their genes and their evil deeds and their evil ideologies and their pathetic existence will perish, but God’s truth and glory and righteousness and love and Word will live on eternally. Praise be to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ!


God has given me as His prophet the mission to go to the nations and nationalities and ethnicities and people groups and tribes of the world and warn them of their sins, and their need to repent. However, the devil and his Illuminati Nazi reptilian hybrid nephilim homo-capensis people go around slandering me to all the nations and ethnicities and people groups that I am prejudice and need to be assassinated and silenced, just like they did to Jesus who spoke up against their homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim Pharisees and Saducees and religious leader ancestors. They try to do the same thing to me, and spend billions and billions of our taxpayers’ tax money to send their thousands and thousands of people from these nations and reptilian hybrid nephilim witch feminists to try to gang-stalk us and assassinate us and silence us. In reality, I have no prejudice or discrimination for I do not care about race or ethnicity or nationality or skin color or gender or age or religion or any other categorizations. I  speak against these nations and ethnicities and people groups and governments and Illuminati Satanist activist groups and what they are doing, because God has given me a mission to speak on His behalf to an evil generation, just as many prophets of ancient times were led to speak against peoples and nations and groups. God will always have His prophets and apostles. In reality, it is the Illuminati that are who are prejudice and discriminatory. They create the race genes specific pandemic biological weapons, and they hit certain nations with Hiroshima atomic bomb and Fukushima radiation terrorist attacks and Tohoku earthquake tidal wave genocide attacks using their imbedded Illuminati Japanese of Korean ancestry politicians and yakuza mobster gangsters and Japanese of Korean society organizations to kill thousands of people as part of their mass Illuminati live human sacrifice rituals, in order to kill off Japanese of Hebrew ancestry. Satan used his Tribe of Dan Edomite ancestry Illuminati bloodline family Nazis to genocide 6 million Europeans of Hebrew ancestry, during World War 2, and will again try to do so in the coming Tribulation Age. When I speak against these Korean people who are doing all the evil criminal activities in Japan, or the Tribe of Dan Edomite people who are doing all the evil criminal activities in Israel, or these other reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline family people who are conducting the child slave trafficking, and sex slave industry, and CIA narcotics industry, and manipulation of stock market and precious metals markets crimes, and poisoning of the tap waters and food sources to kill millions of human homo-sapiens race people, chem trail poisoning by planes, development of cancer creating viruses, and Asian genes SARS biological weapons, and African genes Ebola biological weapons, and other influenza and DARPA pandemics to kill rhesus positive blood human homo-sapiens race people, and kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of humans, and many other sins that God has seen them doing, then the Illuminati spend billions of dollars to hire their Illuminati Korean people and feminist people and mafia people and Satanist people and CIA hit squad people and Nazis and street gangs and narcotic ring people to try to gang-stalk me and assassinate me, by telling them that I am a prejudice and discriminatory person who speaks up against their New World Order genocide of 99% of the human homo-sapiens race. What kind of hypocrites are these Illuminati people? They accuse me of prejudice and discrimination when I speak warnings of God in love, while they are the ones who claim to be “politically correct” and noble people who are not prejudice or discriminatory, when they are the ones who actually create these ethnic-specific gene genocide germs and pandemics, conduct terrorist attacks against certain nationalities because of their “han” culture of racial ethnic hatred, and they consider their Nazi Aryan race reptilian hybrid nephilim homo-capensis descendants as being superior to human homo-sapiens people so that they are trying to exterminate all human homo-sapiens with nuclear war and pandemics to start their reptilian Draco New World Order, and even their Draco reptilian nephilim alien overlords are prejudice because they consider their white winged Draco prime reptilian aliens as being superior to their brownish greenish non-winged Draco reptoids. They accuse me of being sexist because I preach God’s Torah Truth and call out to them to repent, and expose their child slavery of girls and Illuminati rape and sodomy Satanist rituals and their fake Draco reptilian witch feminist movement that aborts millions of baby girls and their slavery rings of women to make billions of dollars. What hypocrites these Illuminati children of the devil are. They accuse me of being anti-government, when I have been loyal and supportive of my governments, while they have infiltrated our government congress and judiciary systems and law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to carry out their narcotics industry and human trafficking industry and gun smuggling industry and plan to kill 99% of the human homo-sapiens race with their homo-capensis race New World Order through nuclear war and biological weapon plagues and starvation.  What hypocrites these people are! They accuse me who speaks the Torah Truth of God as being evil, and they themselves claim to be righteous when they actually do evil. What hypocrites! They spend thousands and thousands of dollars to hire thousands and thousands of these Koreans and Satanists and feminists and street gangs and mafia mobster gangsters and CIA hit squads and prison convicts to gang-stalk me and try to kill me with their thousands of cellular phone EMP weapons and predator aerial drone crafts and F-15 jets and dozens of black-tinted-window trucks and microwave oven cook alive weapons and Illuminati witch psychic satellite genital attacks and sulfuric acid poisonings and bankruptcy of savings and precious metal investments and slandering me to everyone I know, because they want to silence me about their criminal activities and homo-capensis globalist elites’ enslavement and parasite on the human homo-sapiens populace by accusing me of hate crimes and hate speech and political incorrectness. What hypocrites they are! They accuse me of being rude and offensive and radical for speaking out the truth about their evil Illuminati crimes against humanity, when all other humans are afraid to speak out lest they be assassinated and gang-stalked and are boneless cowards who do not love mankind. What hypocrites these people are! Just like they accused our Lord Jesus Christ as being rude and offensive and heretic and crazy and of hate speech and of hate crimes and political incorrectness, and thereby crucified Him who came to warn in love and preach salvation to them, they also accuse us of the same things. What hypocrites! I was sent by God, just like the ancient prophets of old to declare God’s Torah Truth in love and warn them to repent and preach salvation and expose their ethnic and gender and government and national sins, but they want to accuse me of being evil for doing so. What hypocrites! I was sent by God to speak against their evil sins, but they accuse me of being evil instead. What hypocrites! Just like their Pharisee and Sadducee ancestors and nepilim giants ancestors and Satan who is their father, they are hypocrites. I have done my duty to warn them in love. Now, it is time for God to bring His judgment and wrath upon these evil nations and ethnicities and governments and nationalities and people groups and families and individuals and gang-stalker perpetrators (perps). There is a time for God’s mercy, and there is a time for God’s revenge. They have tried to kill and silence me and call me evil, who God has sent as ambassador to them. To try to kill God’s prophet and ambassador is to wage war against the Holy God our Creator and the King and His Kingdom. It is an act of war!


Of course, just like all other ethnicities, there are very nice Korean people who are good people, also. Most people love to say things about their enemies in secret, but they do not want to teach those things publically to all of mankind, because they have no love for the enemy. If they loved their enemy, they would boldly speak the Torah Truth about the enemy, and call the world to repentance. It is an unfortunate truth that evil people groups and genetic people do not want to declare their own evil activities and repent of them, but they want to hide them and assassinate those who disclose them, in order to silence them. This is why the people who come to deliver your fixed computer with their Illuminati bugging systems and hacking tools imbedded are all Japanese of Korean ancestry, and all the new managers and chefs who get sent in to the restaurants you eat lunch every day, in order to poison your food every day, are all Japanese of Korean ancestry, and all the Illuminati assassination squad members who move into the apartment rooms adjoining you to shoot their EMP electromagnetic weapons are Japanese of Korean ancestry. Normal descent Japanese do not do those types of criminal things and are more ethical, and that is why the devil’s Satanist Illuminati depend entirely on these Japanese of Korean ancestry to do all their criminal and dirty work. This is why when you start doing research about the Koreans’ secret Illuminati network and criminal activities in Japan, they immediately try to freeze your computer or block your access, and start barraging you with EMP weapons from every direction. They have a 24 hour 7 days a week monitoring of your computer and mobile phone and room. This is the devil’s character and sentiment, and the nature of evil. They revel in their Satanic secret society rituals, extermination of masses of Japanese people or Jewish ancestry, criminal Illuminati enterprises that give them high positions and unlimited wealth and sex with Japanese, fame, power, and everything else that the devil provides to them. It is the traits of barbaric people like the Nazis and Koreans and Edomites and Ninevites and Canaanites that Satan always finds easy to use for his purpose and evil mission. In return, Satan gives them power, money, sex, fame, glamour and political protection. It is the same temptation that Satan used when he offered Jesus the world and all its riches and powers, if Jesus would only bow down and worship him. Cursed are these people, for they do the devil’s bidding, and they persecute God’s apostles and prophets every day. However, someone must take up the cross, and disclose the sins and systematic extermination and financial bankrupting and rape and sodomy of the Japanese Jews that are taking place every day by these satanic barbaric people groups. All these Japanese politicians and economic leaders and social leaders are being assassinated by the Korean Illuminati henchmen, but the Korean controlled Japanese police will not arrest the Korean controlled mobsters or Korean assassination squad networks, and they are just made to look like daily suicide and accidents and disappearances by the Illuminati Korean controlled media and law enforcement agencies.


These hippy rogue pastors of Western “Flower Children” Jezebel hippy Christianity preach their Jezebel doctrines of Satanism’s teachings not to talk about God’s righteousness and judgment and soon coming wrath, but to only talk about their hippy christ peace and love, because it is God’s love that gets people saved. It almost seems that if you do everything opposite of what these hippy rogue pastors of Jezebelism teach, then you will be doing what is right in God’s eyes. God’s love is already evident in our gospel of Jesus’ self-sacrifice on the cross to save us, and there is no greater evidence of God’s love. There is no reason for the hippy rogue pastors to sugar coat everything for God. We need to preach the Torah Truth straight and true, and that Torah Truth is usually not sugar-coated or sweet, but it is bitter to those who do evil and joyous to those who have an upright heart. Sharing the Torah Truth is to share God’s righteousness and His justice and to warn the people and nations of His coming judgment. This is what is true, whether the people want to hear it or not, or they want to continue in their homosexuality or feminism or witchcraft or other sins. This is the gospel that wakes up the people to the reality of their sins, and brings repentance. This awareness of sin and one’s circumstance is the beginning of repentance of a righteous heart. The fear of God is the beginning of righteousness, and without this fear, there is no repentance, and you only have a fuzzy hippy love of a hippy christ of the Illuminati. The reality of sin and God’s coming judgment must be preached, for this is the foundation of the gospel of Christ coming to give His life on the cross to save us, which proves His love. When the hippy rogue pastors teach to not talk about people’s sins or to present the evil conditions of man, then they do the gospel a great disservice, and again, they have diced up, hid, and perverted God’s Word, who is Christ. Satan controls these people and their form of religion. We present the gospel as it is, and we do not hide the unpleasant parts, and only present the pleasant parts that attract the multitudes of lukewarm, religious Christians, who fill the multitudes of church offering baskets of these disgusting religious leaders. These Pharisees are politicians and they think like politicians and they smell like politicians and businessmen, for it is in their blood vessels. They have created this Illuminati form of the gospel of Christ with their hippy son christ of Jezebel, with their hippy “peace” and “love” gospel of Western values. It is the people’s popular gospel and not the gospel of Christ that we preach. We preach the truth straight and true, as it is, and should be, for this is what convicts the heart and brings one to repentance, though the majority of the lukewarm religious Christians will abhor this kind of gospel and say it is a hard teaching to follow and the masses will walk away. The Koreans and Edomite Amalekites will try to kill you, and the fallen angels will amass an army against you to try to hunt you and your family down to the last person, but we preach this gospel boldly, because we can do no other by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the Bride testifies to the Groom even at the loss of the church congregations and income and jobs and reputations and families and homes. We consider these things lost already, when we first decided to pick up the cross and follow Jesus. With this gospel, rather than attracting the crowds at the hippy Western Christianity rock concerts, you will anger the crowds and drive most of them away. This is because the gospel is not appealing, in all ages to the masses. Only the faithful remnant flock hear the Good Shepherd’s voice and come to Him. As I have said, these religious pastors wage war against us and despise us, for their father is the devil, and they preach a different gospel from us. We, however, proclaim the Torah Truth which is our gospel in its entirety, unblemished, undiluted, and unrelenting for it is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is who saves a man, and not the hippy rogue pastors’ clever conniving and manipulation of that gospel to what they think saves people. Stay true, dear brethren, and soon your redemption will be here. Oppose these hippy pastors who disseminate the Illuminati’s created gospel of Satanism.


Satan uses these upside down dove Illuminati symbol church conference hippy rogue pastors to spread their Jezebel doctrine and opposite image of God. They will teach you their hippy doctrine that if you pray that you are available for Him, He will keep to your word and suddenly throw you into ministry to become a hippy minister with hundreds of thousands of dollars of income and retirement pension and benefits, and a luxurious house in a rich neighborhood, and a nice pastor’s office in a nice church building, and bring in the hordes of religious lukewarm Christians to listen to your Jezebel doctrines. This is a lie, and Satan makes God out to be a very cruel, heartless, spiteful, strict, Illuminati god. This is not God’s true nature and His personality. If you pray that if God can use you for His ministry, to please do so, God is a gentleman, and He will always ask you if you are willing to be a real Bride of Christ and a Church Saint, and go through persecution and suffering for Him, even to the point of death. If you say yes and ask who else can we follow but Him, and He knows your heart, then and only then will He allow you to join Him as a Bride of Christ and Church Saint to share in His sufferings and persecutions; and then and only then will the Illuminati be allowed to shoot at your heart with EMP electromagnetic weapons to try to create a heart attack, or shoot your kidneys and brain and genitals and liver and pancreas every few minutes when you are in your room sleeping or in the workplace or walking on the street, and allow you to be poisoned by the Illuminati as they put poison in your food supply, and allow the Illuminati to put infectious diseases in your water supply, and have their Illuminati people scream at you as you walk by them on the streets, and have your family demon-possessed and killed by the Illuminati, and your savings and income and job and residence and stocks and precious metals and assets all destroyed by the Illuminati, and continuously followed by their unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters and fleet of white tinted-window trucks. Do not listen to the Jezebel teachings of these hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees who strive to depict a wrong image of God, as a strict, ungentlemanly, sarcastic Illuminati god who will all of a sudden without warning keep you to your prayer and make you quit your cheap job, and throw you into His wealthy and lavish hippy pastor’s job with lots of tithes and offerings and pastoral home and corporate Christianity pastoral car. This is simply not true, and God will always confirm with you, before He allow you to be part of His ministry and have all the hundreds and thousands of Koreans and Satanists and feminists and reptilian hybrid witch descendent Illuminati families and world bankers and CIA MI6 assassin hit squads and mafia mob gang and street gang pimps and all the other Illuminati hired hands gang stalk you every day. This is the true life of a real born-again Spirit-filled Christians, and virgins with oil in their lamps, and the Church Saints, and the Bride of Christ, and a true follower of Christ, and a person who the devil and fallen angels hate with a passion and dogged persistence, and a person who will be raptured out before the Tribulation Age begins, and a person who loves God and has the First Love, and a hot Christians who is neither lukewarm nor cold, and a normal life of a true believer, and the destiny of all those who serve the Most High Living God YHWH and His true Christ, and how the End Times church-goers really ought to be living. Instead, the End Times church-goers are having a heyday in Satan’s kingdom by holding allegiance to his feminist Jezebel doctrines, and living like the heathens non-believers do by pursuing a career of wealth, spouse to breed genetic descendents who will be destroyed in the Tribulation Age, continuing to feed the thousands who do not care for Christ and just come out for free food without working or asking God for work, and planning their church bazaars to finance their religious church activities, requiring people to go to their ungodly Sunday Osiris church entertainment and Puritan church ethics sermons and having fun socializing like a pagan party, and having pastoral home parties eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, and going to their Babylonian witchcraft doctors and medical clinics, refusing to wear women’s head coverings, wearing men’s trousers, denying parts of the Bible that do not agree with their Jezebel Satanist doctrines of Western Christianity and perverting the Bible teachings by taking only parts of the Bible such as on ancient tithing laws to enforce pre-Christ laws upon their Temple visitors, patriotically cheering on their Illuminati mercenary army troops and family members killing people in distant lands for the Illuminati Satanist sacrifice rituals, registering their church institutions with the Illuminati’s tax office Nazi Tribulation Saints extermination camp institution rosters with a list of all their church leaders in order to get tax exemption, making a whole fake political show about exhibiting their wives to the church congregation and praising her in front of the public and doing their hippy love and peace kisses and hugs while they have sex in secret with other women, and horde pastors’ savings and gold in their bank accounts, and go to ridiculous absurd seminaries to get Illuminati Jezebel doctrine Western Christianity minister degrees in order to get jobs in the Illuminati churches, and praise Hellenistic Satanist democracy and their Satanist founding fathers of their nations, and eat their ungodly disgusting food to become gluttons and hippo buttocks, and rush to get their Illuminati microchip vaccines, and spend their ministers’ entire work time hunting down God’s apostles whereabouts by retrieving privacy information from various churches’ internal documents and reporting them to the apostle’s family members who in turn report it to Satan’s Illuminati Satanists and assassin squads, and jump up and down in demonic frenzy in their Western Christianity rock concerts and Illuminati Satan worship services, and mark their bodies with pierces and tattoos, and attack God’s apostle to stop teaching the Torah Truth because it offends their brothers and it is not love, and buy Satan’s health insurances and retirement pension programs, and watch their Illuminati reptilian hybrid idols’ Hollywood movies or concerts or magazines, and allow their women to teach men and their Jezebel spirit wives to give orders to their Ahab spirit husbands, and preoccupy themselves with their church political activities of pro-life and right-wing conservative parties and environmental protection Gaea Satanism by collecting church cans and donating to the Illuminati Satanist save the whales campaigns and reptilian terra-forming global warming, and ridiculing and scorning God’s apostles and prophets’ Torah Truth teachings, allowing their wives to work in jobs and letting the religious heathens to babysit and raise their children, cheering their favorite sports teams, fervently supporting their charismatic Anti-Christ nephilim political leader who is kidnapping and killing millions of children and running the entire global narcotic business while taking tax money to finance black ops budgets to try to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets and to finance their criminal enterprises, and hunting for marriage partners in their Illuminati religious Western Christianity churches like animals in mating heat, listening to their ungodly Satanic rock music, and recycling cans and plastic bags, and going to the Illuminati bloodline Disney family’s occult Disneyland and worshipping Mickey Mouse, and reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson nephilim novels to their children, and supporting their military who are dumping tons of toxic poison from their planes onto their fellow citizens and schools, and following the Eastern Mysticism teachings by becoming a animal lover vegetarian, and giving nail polishes and ribbons to their pets, and their preposterous church institutions and buildings instead of going out into the world to make disciples of all men and people groups and tribes. The Illuminati pastors of Satan teach them that they do not have to go out, but all they need to do is to finance some fake missionaries who make a living by scamming off of the churches by writing monthly missionary newsletters, and that that would fulfill their duty to the Great Commission, instead of going out themselves to disciple men. They think they can buy their way into Christ’s service, and they and their fat buttocks are comfortable with their Western lifestyles that Satan has prepared for them, and they are financiers of the Illuminati’s Corporate Christianity. They hate me with a deep-seated hatred for they hate the Torah Truth who is Christ, and they have an opposite spirit that controls their souls, and will have nothing to do with the true Bible, and they want their satanically perverted Western Christianity bible made by the Illuminati. They love their Jezebel hippy Jesus Sananda of their Western Christianity Satanism more than the true and only living God Jesus Christ. This is why they and their nation will be judged first, since God’s judgment begins first in His House or the churches that are disguising themselves as His Church, but in fact are extensions of the Babylonian Mystery religion of Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, pagan religions, Eastern occult mysticism, witchcraft, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Esotericism, Freemason, etc. Thinking about these religious Christians truly makes one nauseas and want to vomit them out of the mouth. They have had countless and long, long, long periods of warning from God’s apostle and prophet because of Christ’s patience and love, as God’s apostle and prophet suffer through persecution for their sake, but they are a stubborn generation and sinful people, and refuse to have anything to do with the Torah Truth and Christ, and continue to adhere fervently to their satanic teachings of Western Christianity and their perverted interpretation of the Bible taught by these Illuminati ministers. They are even fearful of proclaiming about what the Illuminati Satanists are doing from the rooftops and mounds and street corners and internet, lest they be tapped and gang-stalked and their family killed to look like car accidents and their income taken away and houses burned. What religious scum they are, and how has the church become so weak and disgustingly putrid? They have adopted the ways of the pagans and love their foreign gods of humanism and feminism and religion more than the Almighty God. However, you my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren have been given the Word of Truth and His Spirit to do all good works in Him who lives forevermore and is the Torah Truth. Praise be to His name, and glory be to Him, and I give thanks to Him for you, and pray that He will keep you in His grace!


You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant who have the Holy Spirit know what I speak of and why the End-Times churches are so lukewarm and religious and do not have the Holy Spirit. Satan sends out thousands upon thousands of his Illuminati Satanist pastors and missionaries throughout the world to preach the Satanist form of Christ, so that they flood the world with their reptilian form of Jezebel doctrine Western Christianity. They believe strength in numbers, and saturation of the entire market to shut out the competitors. Therefore, if any real born-again Spirit-filled Christians and God’s apostles should come along and start preaching the Torah Truth who is Christ, then they can call them heretics, and kick them out of the churches. Basically, it is Satan’s monopoly on the Western Christianity. This is why the pastors and missionaries are nice people, but once you share the Torah Truth of God to them, they will get very abrasive, obstinate, offensive, irate, and drive you out. The Torah Truth who is Christ always reveals the true heart when comes into contact with any person. It creates either rebellion or obedience, and it creates either hatred or love. These hippy rogue pastors love their hippy rogue culture of wearing black clothes, leather jackets, and aloha shirts, which appeal to the hippy generation of the post 1960s age of counter culture rebellion, who now are the big money makers and retirees. This is ironic, because they tolerate all these troublemakers and demon-possessed and deranged people in their churches, but they immediately kick out God’s apostles and prophets and children. This is why it is a different spirit that is at work in the End-Times Western Christianity churches—a spirit of Jezebel “hippy love and peace” type of Christ with hugging and kissing and religious ethics teachings and superficial transformed perverted “Bible religious ethics” teachings. They love to hang around the similar people and form pastor gangs with similar rebellious hippy pastors, and will not tolerate God’s apostles and prophets who teach opposite of their culture. They call God’s people evil, because God’s people do not display their Western Christianity hippy peace and love and religious narcotic high emotions and refuse to fit into their hippy rogue pastor Sanhedrin gangs. They only accept people with similar post 1960s Western Christianity values of humanism into their restricted minister ranks, but they have no tolerance for God’s people and the Torah Truth, since it is complete opposite of what they preach and what they stand for.


The Calvary Chapel people preach that God always was. Their brains can only understand the dimension of time, so they create their Western Christianity doctrines, and teach silly things. If they had the Holy Spirit, they would know that God is, for He exists outside of time and He created the dimension of time. It is not that He always was, but He is. So, when people ask these hippy rogue pastors what the origins of God is, they answer by saying that God always was. This confuses the person, because they do not get their question answered, and start wondering how far back God has existed, and how long He has been around, and how did He come into existence back then. Do not listen to the hippy rogue pastors and church conferences that teach their hippy jesus, for they will mislead and confuse and introduce the Illuminati’s doctrines. I tell you, surely, God is not from the past, but He is. These hippy rogue pastors have their fat retirement pension lives and Satanist national holidays and church days off. For us the apostles of God, we do not have any of these, for we preach the Torah Truth, and every day is an opportunity for ministry. We do not prepare retirement programs or go to church gatherings on Sundays like a routine hippy rogue pastor does or increase genetic descendents for the future like they do, under their Illuminati created religious systems, but we live in the here and now, for our God is here and now, and we live each day by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are not here to make huge gatherings, but we go wherever the Lord leads to speak to whoever He leads us to speak to. It used to be a good thing to gather together with the brethren, but now, since the Illuminati has taken over all the churches, it is not beneficial to go to church, but rather, it is detrimental for one’s spiritual health to go to church. It is better to associate with the heathens rather than the religious Christians. There is nothing worse than religious Christians, because they live by the Jezebel doctrine of the Babylon mystery religion.