Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 42


The Satanists teach that there are hundreds of different species of aliens: greys, insectoids, reptilians, reptoid humanoids, human Nordic, human Aryan, human colored, etc. They teach that some species are evil and plan to take over the earth. They teach that some plan to take over secretly by creating half-breed human alien hybrids to take over human society and cross-breeding. They teach that some aliens are allies of humans and have been protecting the humans from evil aliens for thousands of years. They teach that some aliens are our ancestors, and our human species, and they are friendly to humans, because they look like us. They teach that some human alien Lyran species were defeated by reptilian aliens, and they escaped and set up colonies throughout the universe, including the earth. They teach that the Arcturians, who are the most advanced alien species who are light emitting beings will come to save the humans from the reptilian and grey alien attacks and invasion. They teach that some aliens have dwelled underground on the earth for thousands of years after escaping Atlantis during Noah’s flood, and consider themselves the owners of the earth. There are huge underground bases under Los Angeles, too. The devil, Satan, and his fallen angels are master deceivers, so they will use this alien story to deceive mankind into believing that they are the good aliens protecting mankind from evil aliens, and try to unite them under the Anti-Christ and False-Prophet and gather the armies of the world to battle against God and Jesus when He returns at His Second-Coming. Satan and his fallen angels are using the Satanists in the various nations’ governments to cooperate in carrying out their genetic manipulation and cross-breeding nephilim program, and mass extermination program of all humans. They are doing it under the lie that they are alien beings who are here to help humans evolve to a higher being with supernatural powers and universal peace and to unite against evil aliens. This is the devil’s agenda. The heathen unbelievers and religious Christians will be deceived by this lie, just like in the ancient Atlantis civilization during Noah’s flood’s days. By receiving the Anti-Christ’s DNA altering Mark of the Beast 666 microchip implant on their body, they themselves will become nephilim, just like the inhabitants of ancient Atlantis. And again, God will have to wipe out the nephilim demonic creatures on the earth, who have become vampires and Satan’s zombies. It will be Satan’s Anti-Christ’s army of nephilim. The Bible prophesies that in the Tribulation Age, men’s hearts will fail them. However, you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren will be sealed by the Holy Spirit and protected from all these things genetically and blood wise. Love for God affects our DNA. God’s seal upon you will protect you from the Illuminati’s zombie and nephilim vampire bite genetically engineered viruses and parasites. In Noah’s Atlantis days, great walls were created to keep out the nephilim freak monsters. The Bible prophesies that the Illuminati have demon Godzilla monsters within the earth in hell, in the ancient underground cities that the fallen angels have constructed, that will be released during the Tribulation Age. Jonah was there. Tower of Babel was a star gate to bring in extraterrestrial satanic fallen angels. Just like the 10 god kings who ruled Atlantis, the 10 headed beast will rule the coming New World Order. Those Tribulation Saints who refuse to take the biochip implant will be executed by the Anti-Christ and his dictator government of the devil. It is interesting to hear these radio hosts who market Satan’s post-tribulation-rapture-theory arguing with each other that they should just quietly go to the Anti-Christ’s human experimentation Nazi FEMA camps like a good Christian by trusting God, or whether they should kill every Satanist that comes to arrest them, so there would be one less Satanist to harm other Christians. All the serial killers are Illuminati Satanists. According to Dr. Preston Bailey, the greatest number of child sex abusers in school are the female teachers. They do not believe in our God. Your mission, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, is to share the gospel of Christ and His salvation to the world, so that those who believe in Jesus will be saved from the coming deception of the devil.


There are nations that are members of this Western Illuminati criminal organization of the Aryan reptilian race, and there are nations that are not members of this Western Illuminati. There are millions of these Koreans and Arab Edomites immigrating into these Illuminati New World Order member nations in North America and Europe. This is why the Western Illuminati criminal organization has tried to kill the leaders of the 57 nations that oppose them, and who are not part of their Western Illuminati. For this reason, the Western Illuminati have tried to exterminate millions of people in the Eastern Illuminati through artificial earthquakes, tidal waves, HAARP created massacres, poisoning of the food and water sources, radiation dispersion by blowing up nuclear plants, and other covert terrorist activities within the non-New-World-Order nations. The number of this anti-Western-Illuminati coalition of nations that has risen up to fight against the Western Illuminati, have increased to over 80 nations, which also include the White Hat factions of the CIA, U.S. and European military, FBI, NSA, U.S. and European government, Pentagon top, and other bits and pieces of various groups who have awaken to the fact that they as human homo-sapiens will eventually be on the execution death list and dinner menu of the Western Illuminati Aryan reptilians, also. It is no longer a war between the Western Illuminati gangster cabal and the Eastern Illuminati secret societies’ alliance, but it is becoming a war of two global factions fighting for their very survival, since there are groups within organizations like the CIA and Pentagon who are waging war against the Western Illuminati, and there are groups in Asia and Russia, such as the Illuminati Freemason Satanist prime ministers and finance ministers and government leaders of Japan who are actually all Koreans disguised as Japanese that are puppet servants of the Western Illuminati gangster cabal of reptilian Aryans. The F-16s scrambled during the 9.11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon to stop the airliner jets were intentionally not armed with any weapons by the Illuminati. Why would a military fighter jet not be armed with any weapons, making it just like a flying balloon or something? The Illuminati destroyed the Twin Towers and built the Illuminati’s One World Trade Center that symbolized their one world New World Order. There are two CIAs: one ignorant CIA that is frantically looking for Muslim terrorists, and another Nazi reptilian hybrid Satanist CIA that is creating the terrorism and killing thousands of people with their black ops budgets. The United States is not a government of the people, by the people, for the people, but it is an artificially created nation of the Illuminati, by the Illuminati, for the Illuminati. Many in the Western Illuminati are breaking away from the reptilian Aryans, and starting to join the Eastern Illuminati secret societies’ reptilian dragon families side, so it is becoming more difficult to distinguish between friend and foe. Like I have taught you, brethren, it is not a war between national borders, but it is a war between various factions within the Illuminati, and a war between the reptilian race and human race as a whole, and there are a lot of humans aligned and serving the reptilians to exterminate all humans including themselves and their own human families, eventually.


For example, the reptilian Illuminati freemason President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the reptilian Illuminati freemason Korean ancestry Emperor Hirohito of Japan agreed to start World War 2 to kill as many Japanese Jews (ten lost tribe of Israel) as possible, and to have a mass extermination of human homo-sapiens using the Hiroshima nuclear bomb Illuminati human sacrifice Satanist ritual, while the United States continued to provide Japan with the armament and petroleum required to keep Japan fighting the United States throughout World War 2. Illuminati bloodline families like J. Robert Oppenheimer created the nuclear bomb to do this. Roosevelt (whose name means “Red World” in Edomite language or “Esau’s World” or “New World Order of Edom”) pulled out all the U.S. aircraft carriers from Pearl Harbor before Emperor Hirohito attacked Pearl Harbor, in order to keep the aircraft carrier fleet to keep World War 2 going. The amount of profit that the Illuminati Edomites Danites (fake Jew who are hell-bent in genocide holocaust of all Jews in Israel and Japan) and Illuminati Koreans gained from the war and armament business is astronomical. The Korean ancestry Illuminati freemason Japanese Emperor was, of course, pardoned and left to live in happiness and continue rule in the Eastern Illuminati by the Illuminati freemason General Douglas MacArthur of the Allied Occupational Forces. The amount of negative energy emitted from blown up shredded humans and dismembered humans and burnt humans and disemboweled humans and tortured human prisoners was astronomical, too, which fed their reptilian fallen angel fathers, who feed on this energy created from terror, shock, horror, pain, suffering, agony, despair, fear, hatred, anger, rage, sadness of the human homo-sapiens, as a result of the three world wars the Illuminati had planned (the third world war is still in the future). The Edomites and Koreans are very bloodthirsty and barbaric and brutal races, and that is why it is easy for Satan to use these nations and use their deceptive characters, too, in order to infiltrate God’s people as fake Israeli Hebrews and fake Japanese Hebrews. Meanwhile, he uses these races to create nations around them like North Korea and South Korea and Jordan and Iraq and Egypt and Palestine (Philistine) and Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, in order to try to destroy the Jewish tribes, too. This is Satan’s usual two-pronged attack strategy, from both inside and outside: basically, the Zionist Edomite Israeli government leaders and Korean ancestry Japanese government leaders within the Jewish nations, and the Edomite Arab surrounding nations and Korean surrounding nations outside the Jewish nations, to incite hatred against the Jews and annihilation of the Jews from both within and from outside. He uses this strategy everywhere, such as in the Christian churches, too, where Satan has his infiltrated “Bible Answer Man” and hippy rogue pastors and other Illuminati Pharisee religious leaders inside the churches, and the homosexuals / feminists / atheists / etc. who hate the Christians from the outside. You have Satan’s reptilian Illuminati inside the police and also in the mafia. Basically, it is these races that secretly control and rule the world through their Zionist regimes and Zionist world banking systems and Iluminati’s many “Brotherhood of the Serpent” occult secret societies like the Freemasonry, Esoterics, Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Communists, Imperialist Capitalists, Illuminati Muslim Brotherhood, Freemason Muslim Shriners, Christian Satanist Templar Knights and Knights of Malta, Shintoists, Buddhist and New Age cults, Vatican leadership, Hindu Kali Thuggee organizations, Bilderberg Society, Trilateral Commission, Committee of Three Hundred, royal families, Council on Foreign Relations, CIA, MI6, KGB, etc. It looks like human homo sapiens are killing other human homo sapiens, but in reality, it is just the reptilian nephilim elites creating opposing forces, and making the humans fight each other, in order to genocide exterminate the humans. However, they cannot control the continued growth of the human race and food depletion, so the reptilian Aryan Illuminati race has to resort to things like globally created biological warfare pandemic microorganisms that kill human genes only talked about in future Bible prophecy, nuclear wars talked about in future Bible prophecy, market crash created FEMA Nazi execution concentration camp mass genocides talked about in future Bible prophecy, HAARP created mega natural disasters like the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster and tidal wave talked about in future Bible prophecy, global mega famine talked about in future Bible prophecy, extermination of humans by the reptilian Illuminati using humanzee hybrid monsters and beasts talked about in future Bible prophecy, global mega earthquakes, chem trail poisoning, food source / tap water poisoning, global radiation dispersion, cancer-causing viruses that kill human homo-sapiens, reptilian witch feminist pro-choice movement mass abortion Satanist rituals of human fetuses, mass human children kidnappings for their reptilian witch pedophile live sacrifices, etc., etc., etc. There are many Christian brothers who were former gang members, who constantly kidnapped masses of human children and sold them to the reptilian Illuminati for their child sacrifice rituals, before they got saved and became Christians. When children are eaten by the feminist witch reptilian vampires and humans are shredded alive in war and humans are experimented upon in their underground secret U.S. military nephilim grey alien bases, it creates a lot of negative energy that allows the Illuminati Satanists to open up more star gate portals in the dimensional rift wormholes to allow demonic spirits to enter our physical dimension. This is added power to them, in their preparation for the Armageddon War with God in the future. This is why the feminists have their witches chants and prayers and incantations and Druid rituals to incite these unclean spirits for their reptilian agenda. This is why the Druid witches and wizards have the Druid symbol of the Red Dragon or Satan on their robes. In some old British schools, fortune telling is used as a part of class curriculum. God’s love and Holy Spirit in the real born-again spiritual Christians have kept these reptilians at bay, but God will not tolerate forever the sins of the non-believing human population, if they continue to be brainwashed and mind-controlled by the nephilim reptilians and witches’ spells, and they continue to blaspheme God and run after the idols and reptilian gods or fallen angels and demonic deceiving spirits. God allowed the ancient Atlantis civilization to go on, giving them a chance to repent, but due to the level of blaspheme against God through their genetic reengineering of humans and other occult practices, He had to bring in Noah’s flood to destroy that civilization, and in these modern End-Times, Satan and his reptilian nephilim have started the same old things, again—the mass extermination of humans and reengineering of the human genes through their Illuminati sponsored human genome project. The world is ripe for God’s judgment, again. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! When the feminists’ ancestors, the reptilian nephilim giants of ancient Atlantis dismembered, skinned, sacrificed, and vampirically ate humans, it created a lot of negative energy for their fallen angel fathers to eat. This is why I stand against these Edomites and Koreans, and all who do evil in the sight of God. Cursed are their descendents for their sins against the Jews and God’s people. How dare they rage and frenzy and gang-stalk and come out in drones against God’s apostles and prophets. This witch party will be put to an end. They are a bunch of overgrown lizards mixed blood illegitimate bastards. Goliath and his Edomite Philistines will be put down. These Illuminati freemason Edomite Danite ancestry U.S. presidents and Korean ancestry Illuminati freemason Japanese prime ministers of our modern End Times still continue to plot bloodshed, war, radiation, mass execution of the non-Aryan human race, and suffering upon God’s creation, not to mention the genetic perversion of the humans by creating chimera half-human monsters and feminist/homosexual gene human clone children. These Japanese prime ministers of Korean ancestry kill tens of thousands of Japanese people using nuclear bomb caused tidal waves, and then, their wives go to pay their respects to the Japanese victims of these tidal waves they caused, and pay their respects to the Japanese World War 2 national cemetery to show their concern for the Japanese people: the level of hypocrisy just like the Pharisees and mental conditions of these Illuminati politicians is beyond sane comprehension. The Japanese Prime Ministers always go to Yasukuni shrine to make themselves look like nationalists on the surface, but in secret, they plot to kill all Japanese. Some fools ask why would the Edomites and Koreans disguise themselves as Israeli Jews or Japanese Jews. You do not go up to a crowd of people who is voting for you to be their prime minister, and tell them that you are a Philistine spy, and that you are here to exterminate every single Jew. How long will they incite God to anger; how long will they rage against God’s apostles and prophets; how long do they think they can continue in their evil, perverted ways? Do they think God is blind to their evil deeds; do they think God turns the other way to the screams and wailing of His created humans; do they think the Holy and Righteous God sleeps? I stand in the Spirit of the Most High God, and rebuke them in Jesus’ name! The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords who was the slain Lamb will return as the Lion of Judah.


The Edomites disguised as Jews form Sicilian mafia and Jewish mob gangs to do atrocious things, just like the Koreans disguised as Japanese form yakuza mob gangs to do atrocious things. They are both very similar to each other. All the U.S. presidents have been Edomite Zionists and all the Japanese prime ministers have been Japanese of Korean ancestry. The Edomite Nazis blew up the World Trade Center twin towers on September 11, 2001, and the Korean Society in Japan blew up the nuclear bomb off the coast of Japan to create the March 11, 2011 massive tidal wave. The Edomites have a thousands of years old creed of Satan to exterminate all Israeli Jews, and the Koreans have an ancient creed of Satan to exterminate all Japanese Jews. Israel has been saturated by Edomite blood for thousands of years by Satan, and Japan has been saturated by Korean blood for thousands of years by Satan. This is Satan’s tactics. However, the Jewish heritage is carried on by the father’s genes. It is not possible for Satan to wipe out all of Abraham’s seed through Jacob, since God always has his remnant, as you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren are proof of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty. God has given power to His Israeli Jews and Japanese Jews over their enemies, so that they will not be annihilated. The enemy nations detest them. Satan is now mixing his fallen angels serpent genes with the human race, just like he did in the ancient Atlantis days of Noah to rid of the human race, but God kept the pure human race’s genes through Noah, and annihilated the nephilim hybrid monster soulless race.


The Illuminati almost succeeded in causing a nuclear war many times. God stopped it, because His children were still sharing the gospel to this lost world, and the wheat were still mixed with the weeds. There is no free world. The West is controlled by the banking elite imperialist Western Illuminati, and the East is controlled by the Illuminati’s communist elites. They are all tied together under the Illuminati’s New World Order. The human homo-sapiens are just its slaves. The Rothchild family and the other Zionist Illuminati bloodline families created Karl Marx and the communist revolution, just as much as they created Hitler and fascism. They created the modern day Russia, just as much as they created the modern day United States. They are all the same under the Illuminati. The Illuminati has to create two opposing forces every time, in order to create war, and kill more human homo-sapiens. It is the humans who are brainwashed by these clever reptilians who rule our earth, and end up killing each other in masses. The Americans and the so-called “Free World’s” humans live in a prefabricated fake democratic world and Illuminati created delusion, because no real democratic free world nation plans on mass extermination of its own citizens in the FEMA camps they are preparing for the humans, and bombs thousands of their own citizens in the Twin Towers on 9.11, and is currently planning mass carpet bombing of its citizens and civilians and elderly and women and children and human homo-sapiens populace in the millions. This is why these world leader reptilian nephilim hybrids are a different race with a different reptilian psychopath brain, just like Hilter was a hybrid reptilian psychopath and just happened to come out in the open. It is the hippy rogue pastors who will give patriotic speeches every Sunday sermon, in order to get popularity from their congregation, or else, the church members will get upset and leave their churches, and all the reputation and tithes will go with them. You may get very angry at these people for doing these horrendous things, but when you realize that they are creatures that do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits in human holographic bodies, then everything makes complete sense, for they are the same reptilian creatures as the ancient nephilim giants who cannibalized humans. Satan has placed all these Satanist reptilians in positions of power. This is why all the presidents in history have had hidden violent tempers.


These Illuminati’s branches like the Edomite Rothchild families, Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, CIA execution groups, etc., all lynched and tortured black people, systematically exterminated Jews, conducted human trafficking, killed millions of Russians, machine gun downed Greeks and Italians, drowned tens of thousands of Fukushima Japanese Jews, irradiated hundreds of millions of Asians, kidnapped millions of human families’ children for Satanist sacrifice rituals, systematically assassinated everyone who spoke up against feminism, etc.; but it is the Christians who gave rides to the black people to commute to work when they boycotted the buses in protest against discrimination, and provided visas to Jews from the Japanese embassies and sheltered Jews as German company employees during the Nazi holocaust and saved many lives, and stood up against these Illuminati reptilian Aryan supremacists in every segment of history. Evidence shows that normal German citizens and soldiers saw and knew all about the genocide of Jews, what was going on inside the concentration camps, torture, extermination of soldiers, and that after the war, all the blame for the atrocities were just placed on the SS, instead of the many normal people who carried them out. These mayors and police chiefs and judges and prosecutors and bankers and media people are all Illuminati Satanists and Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members, and they hire these black Afro-American families to stay in the adjoining hotel rooms where God’s apostles and prophets are staying, in order to try to lynch them with EMP electromagnetic Satanist weapons, so that the public has no clue as to the lynching that are taking place every day in our present day society. They beat their wives, just like the feminist witches beat their husbands, and higher ranking reptilian hybrids beat Queen Elizabeth of England who is a lower ranking reptilian hybrid witch descendent. This is why the Illuminati Satanists detest the Christians with a passion, because the Christians stand for everything that is against the reptilians agenda. In these End Times, it is the real born-again Spirit-filled Christians who stand against the execution of all humans on this earth by the Illuminati reptilians. The religious Christians could care less about the humans, because they are happy with their everyday fake church lives and Illuminati slavery secular workplaces, working as hive bees to pay for the huge mansions and private helicopters of these reptilian Illuminati elites with their enormous taxes. These religious Christians are in love with their nice houses and jobs and families and retirement pensions and music and satanic Western Christianity churches’ famous religious leaders, and tens of thousands do not want to give up their slavery under the Illuminati reptilians. Like the Illuminati says, if you make the dumb human livestock people love their slavery and believe that they have free will, then these dumb human homo-sapiens race people will embrace their peaceful slavery, and reject God’s apostles and the Torah Truth. They will be afraid to accept the truth, and will be brainwashed and mind controlled by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids to the point that they will feel that they are safe as long as they do not believe in the truth. This is the dumbing process of the Illuminati. This is why the dumb religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit will change the subject of the discussion or ignore what you tell them or even ridicule you when you talk about the Torah Truth and their slavery under the Illuminati. This is how evil their hearts are, so that Satan can control their hearts and minds completely to the extend of becoming like livestock cattle headed for the butcher’s factory, and believing that everything is free and happy and democracy, until their world suddenly comes crashing down upon them. They are dumber than a donkey’s ass. They have no respect for God or his messengers who bring His Torah Truth. If they reject God’s Word and Torah Truth and continue to adhere to Satan’s perverted version of the Bible, then God will reject them from the rapture.


What happens when these Caucasian children are brought up by these black housemaids is that they form a bond with them, and they become critical of discrimination against them. If enough humans rise up against the reptilian Illuminati before they can outnumber humans with their nephilim cloning projects, then the humans can easily depose all these reptilian hybrids from the governments and financial institutions and media and elementary schools and churches. This is what the Illuminati reptilians fear the most. This is why they are hell bent on trying to silence and kill all the real born-again Spirit-filled Christians. They do not care about the religious Christians because the religious Christians have the Illuminati reptilians’ Western values and preach the Illuminati’s Jezebel doctrines. Satan and the fallen angels are very worried about the real born-again spiritual Christians and God’s apostles, because they are filled by the Holy Spirit, and pose the greatest threat to his kingdom and human extinction plan and plans to populate the earth with his nephilim monsters, again, just like before the Great Flood of Noah. Why else would Satan mobilize thousands and thousands of his Illuminati families, and CIA / MI6 hit squads, mafia assassins, street gang thugs, and all his black ops government helicopters and military jets to try to kill me? Satan did the same thing to all the apostles and prophets of God, such as Moses and King David and Elijah, and the prophets sent to the Satanist Atlantean civilization, whose pyramids we see in Egypt and South America and Southeast Asia and China, etc. This is why they bring upon themselves a strong curse, and they get into terrible accidents, and have horrible illnesses, and tragedies never leave them. If they blessed God’s apostles and prophets, they would be blessed, too. To these Nazi occultist Satanist scum of the earth, it is cool to have a job as an assassin. This is why they are psychopathic. The reptilian Illuminati has stolen billions of dollars of taxes and criminal money to create their own black ops organization which is sort of like the Illuminati government sister organization of the mafia and other Illuminati organizations, in order to run rampant in doing everything they want from killing humans to sneaking into human homes and creating pandemic diseases that kill only the humans and surgically reengineering humans’ family members by kidnapping them. You will see these black ops people walk up to you in sunglasses with guns, if you approach any of their secret government Illuminati alien bases in the dessert, or their black painted non-marked helicopters fly over you, if you approach their Illuminati underground black ops bases where the reptilians plan out all their evil deeds. People are claiming that they are being abducted by the UFO crafts which are symbiotic with the alien gray nephilim themselves, and then handed over by the aliens to the U.S. reptilian military personnel for experimentation and harvesting of DNA, blood, and tissue samples in the black ops military bases, and used for breeding hybrids, and made to drink drugs that try to erase their memory. On scheduled dates and times, you will see these reversed engineered UFO crafts flying in formation next to the reptilians’ U.S. military fighter jets. Government documents evidencing this reverse engineering of the fallen angel’s technology and crashed UFO crafts have been authenticated by professors. Everyone who have talked about these things to the public have mysteriously died by assassinations made to look like natural deaths by these black ops reptilian men in black. These extra-dimensional reptilian hybrid nephilim are very powerful beings. They tried to kill me, too, but found Jesus standing in front of me facing them. The Illuminati reptilians will use their UFO and advanced mind-projecting technologies to fake a UFO arrival to earth to deceive all the heathen earth-dwellers who did not believe in Jesus Christ, and Satan and the fallen angels will do many great technological signs and wonders to mesmerize the unsaved humans, just as God prophesied in the Bible. If you are an Illuminati reptilian Satanist, they will make you into presidents and major corporation CEOs, and if you are God’s apostle, they will try to make you a homeless bum and kill you.


Since God’s Torah Truth is going out into the world at a very fast pace, due to internets and blogs and radios and information technology, uncovering all these genetic experiments that the Illuminati is doing, the Illuminati is frantically trying to spread disinformation and desensitization on their television programs like “Ancient Aliens” to try to explain away the truth with their deceptive alien panspermia theories and alien genetic chimera experimentation theories. What they claim as aliens are just hybrid genetically cloned Frankenstein monster nephilim that they are creating in their secret underground military bases, in order to deceive the world’s ignorant, foolish populace into believing in extraterrestrial beings. The Illuminati assembles all their most idiotic clowns and lying deceivers to speak their deceptive lies on these “Ancient Aliens” television series brainwashing programs who ignorantly and blatantly twist and pervert the Bible or Word of God or Torah Truth, in order to fit Satan’s lies; while at the same time, the Illuminati try to kill God’s apostles and prophets and stop them from preaching the truth. The evidence is so blatantly evident in the fact that those who spread Satan’s deceptive lies become famous and wealthy and published, while those who preach God’s Torah Truth become persecuted, hunted, and tried to be silenced. What other proof do you need to see that this world is controlled by Satan, and it is currently under the rule of the devil and his Illuminati reptilian people and world system? In these television programs, they interview so-called Western Christians, in order to attract the religious Christian viewers, but these so-called Western Christians only share enough information to sell their books and products, and they will not share the Torah Truth of God.


Satan uses the Edomites and Koreans for a reason, and it is because of their genetic traits. God loved Jacob (his name was changed to Israel by God) because he was a peaceful man, but hated Esau (the father of the Edomite genetic race of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and Bushs and Obamas and British royalty and Windsors the other Illuminati bloodlines) because he was violent and barbaric. Elizabeth is a derivation of the name Lilith—the feminist demon queen. The reptilian Edomite families like the Rothchilds and Roosevelts all carry the name “Red” because Esau’s skin was red and red stands for bloodshed. These races with Korean “Han” culture or “violent brutal hatred national character” culture, such as the Arabs and Koreans are easier for the devil to use and demonically possess, because of their sinful national genetic trait and witchcraft shaman demonic culture. The genes start with the original person who started that race or ethnic group, whether they were fugitives or pirates or convicts or castaways from the normal society. It is just like Satan used the Raphaim or the Sodomites, while God uses the Jews. The Jewish Israelis are very peaceful people, but the Danite Edomite Israelis are very violent, brutal and barbaric, just like the Arab Edomites. Therefore, the Israelis with strong Danite Edomite genes are always at war with the Arab nations who are the Edomite descendents, too. The Jewish Japanese are very peaceful people, but the Korean Japanese (Japanese who Satan has purposely and intentionally interbred the Korean genes over thousands of years into the Jewish Japanese, just like Satan purposely and intentionally interbred the Nephilim giants’ genes into the Raphaim purposely to obstruct the Jews from entering the promised land) are very violent, brutal and barbaric, just like the Koreans in Korea. Therefore, the Japanese with strong Korean genes are always at war and hatred with the Koreans in Korea, and there will be no peace between the Japanese and Koreans, just as there will be no peace between the Israelis and Arabs. This is because since the time Jacob (Jews) was in the womb with his twin brother Esau (Arabs), they fought with each other. Do you see how evil and deceitful and sly Satan is? Satan has interbred the Edomites into the Jews in Israel over thousands of years, so that the Edomite Israelis would do all kinds of evil against the Arabs who are Edomites also, so that all Arabs would hate the Jewish Israelis and try to genocide the Jews (God’s people). Satan has interbred the Koreans into the Japanese in Japan over thousands of years, so that they would do all kinds of evil against the Koreans who are Koreans also, so that all Koreans would hate the Jewish Japanese and try to genocide the Jews (God’s people). These two Jewish nations or descendents are at opposite ends of the world, but Satan always raises up his most violent barbaric genetic races to try to interbreed with the Jews, and then, to use the disguised Jews to fight with his other evil groups. This creates greater and greater hatred toward the peaceful Jews whether they are Israeli Jews or Japanese Jews, just like Satan wants. This is Satan’s tactic to infiltrate the Hebrew people and to annihilate them. East or West, he uses the same tactic. If you remember, Satan uses this same tactic with the Christians, too. Over thousands of years, Satan has infiltrated the Christian churches with his Illuminati violent cult people, and make them cause all kinds of trouble socially, so it would create war and bitterness between his satanic religious Christians and his other people like the homosexuals and feminists and orgy people and witches and Nephilim and Muslims. In every case, it gives Satan the opportunity to bring other people against God’s Christians or God’s Jewish Israelis or God’s Jewish Japanese or God’s apostles. This is the only way Satan can bring hatred and warfare to God’s peaceful people like the real spiritual born-again Christians or Jewish Israelis or Jewish Japanese. Satan uses this same cunning, deceitful, sly tactic and his evil genetic people to infiltrate, cause conflict, cause hatred, cause war, cause violence, and to ultimately try to destroy whoever are God’s people, whether they are Christians or Jews or apostles or prophets, by disguising themselves as God’s people. You can see this same tactic when Satan’s Illuminati hires all these vandals and hooligans and Illuminati occultists in Korea to demonstrate against the Japanese, and all these vandals and hooligans and Illuminati occultists in Japan to demonstrate against the Koreans, in order to try to cause World War 3, so that the Asians would kill each other and the Illuminati can decrease the population of Asians. Satan is a master deceiver when it comes to his favorite tactics in infiltrating his most evil genetic barbaric people into both sides, and using those same people on opposite sides who are disguised as people on different sides, in order to create war, hatred, conflict, and death. This is how he intends to exterminate Christians, Jews, and the human non-reptilian homo-sapiens race. The masses are stupid, so they have always fallen to these tactics of Satan to kill each other, and to try to kill God’s people. If you are wise, you see this recurring throughout the Bible and human history and even in modern times. We see what Satan is doing and his crafty schemes, but it is the foolish populace who are completely blind to what the devil is doing, and the religious lukewarm Christians are of course blind and ignorant and dumb, since they do not have the Holy Spirit, and they naturally cannot see this. They are absolutely dumb in concern to what Satan is doing. The Western Illuminati used opium to take over China, and used the Meiji Revolution to overthrow the Japanese government and place their own Freemason puppet government that we have now. Their Japanese government is a puppet of the Western Illuminati to kill Asians and blow up Fukushima nuclear power plants to kill more Asians. The Western Illuminati has infiltrated every aspect of Asian intelligence. The Western Illuminati (Committee of the Three Hundred and Majestic Twelve organization) Aryan Nazi criminal fanatic cabal is very similar to the Nazi SS fanatic troops, because they try to genocide as many Asians as possible with one tactic after another, and when the Eastern Illuminati (the ancient Dragon Societies and Triad organization) gets angry and arise to use their 60,000 ninjas to assassinate all the Western Illuminati Committee of the Three Hundred and Majestic Twelve members, they all come out of their fox holes with their hands up and waving white flags trying to surrender, after they had finished killing as many Asians as they could. It is a very reptilian Aryan tactic that is as sly as a snake, but very effective in decimating the enemy. The Muslims like Saladin or Arafat often use this technique of smiling and shaking hands and suing for peace, while holding a knife in the other hand to cut the enemy’s throat while the enemy is signing the peace treaty with them. It is a very serpentine reptilian characteristic. Satan and his fallen angels are serpentine reptilians, so their nephilim descendent Aryan race also shares their personality and tactics and deceptive strategies. They will tell the Jews that they are relocating them to a nicer and safer place, but in reality, the reptilian Aryans are just relocating them to Barack Obama’s FEMA federal Illuminati New World Order Aryan execution concentration camp gas chambers. They are not honest and holy and completely trustworthy like God and Jesus is. They are built on treachery, secret societies, hiding the truth, betrayal, brutality, dishonest money-making, reptilian mafia gangster omerta code penalty techniques, and if you are a good pirate and scoundrel who steals a lot of money from the Spanish galleons, then the reptilian royal family will reward you by dubbing you as a knight or lord. Things have not changed over the ages, and the reptilians still play the same tactics. This is how the “Brotherhood of the Snake” has maintained the power and control over the humans for six thousand years, and they will resort to every dirty trick in order to kill, steal and lie to continue maintaining the world elite’s position and owning 90% of the world’s money and being worshipped by the populace, even if it means killing or genocide of competitors, rival factions, or the whole homo-sapien non-Aryan non-reptilian race. They hate God’s apostles and prophets preaching the Torah Truth, because all their evil becomes public knowledge, so they try to eliminate those people who speak the truth, in order to keep their secrecy and keep their secret societies undetected. For many ages, these reptilian aristocracy and world elites use the “Droit du seigneur right of the first night with other people’s virgins” to steal the virgins of the humans to interbreed half-blood reptilian nephilim monster descendents with them. To them, the humans are like livestock to exploit.


James Forrestal (Secretary of Defense) who created the Illuminati Satanist’s shadow government “The Majestic Twelve” threatened to inform the public all about the Roswell Incident and the crashed UFO flying saucer and dead alien bodies that were retrieved and the existence of aliens. Therefore, the Majestic Twelve kidnapped him, incarcerated him in the naval hospital, and when his brother threatened to come and get him back, they threw him out of the hospital window to assassinate him. The naval investigation authorities claimed that it was a suicide, although there were scuff marks all over the window area and signs of tremendous struggle. The police could not investigate the murder, since it was on naval property, and the navy had complete jurisdiction over the investigation. The list of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of military leaders and politicians and scientists and witnesses and princesses and police officers and CIA agents and fathers and sons and mothers and daughters and normal citizens who have been killed and assassinated by the Illuminati Satanist criminal cabal is beyond count and numbers in the unimaginable amounts. The first COMM 12 person who was assassinated by the MJ-12 AQUARIUS was probably James Forrestal who set up the MJ-12 shadow government, because he realized the Majestic Twelve had gone rogue and not accountable to any government, and so he tried to inform the public about the dangers of the Majestic Twelve and their alien genocide program. These reptile children kill and assassinate people left and right every day without even a care, since they are nephilim. This shadow government of the Illuminati Satanists and Majestic Twelve reports to no one, is not accountable to anyone for their billions of dollars of black ops budget taxpayers’ money use, does everything evil and unethical without being prosecuted or arrested, creates its own philosophy and motives, and kills anyone who gets too close to knowing about them, using their Men In Black agents and military assets. The person who was responsible for the Roswell UFO crash, Major Jesse Marcel admitted before he died that he was ordered by the government to conceal the UFO crash, and to replace the alien flying saucer and alien bodies with a crashed hot air balloon. James Forrestal who created the Majestic Twelve felt that the Majestic Twelve people were getting out of hand and gaining unrestrained power and felt the public had a right to know about aliens, so the Majestic Twelve which he created felt threatened by Forrestal that he would compromise their secrecy and unlimited secret power and shadow government dictatorship. And, these stupid, dumb ass hippy rogue pastors and religious leaders are brainwashed by the Illuminati into believing that these are just conspiracy theories, and our nations stand for freedom, liberty, human dignity, righteousness, justice, preservation of human life, equality, fairness, truth, patriotism, fair trial, democracy, a nation controlled by the people and citizens, and honor. The U.S. presidents are low-ranking Illuminati members, so they are not given access to top secret alien information, except for presidents like Richard Nixon who took his close friend and UFO enthusiast actor Jackie Gleason to an Air Force base to show him several dead extraterrestrial alien bodies from crashed UFOs. CIA Director and later president George Bush told the president that the curiosity of presidents is not a justification for the president to receive information about extraterrestrial alien UFOs. George Bush is a member of the Majestic Twelve. The Nazi descendents’ CIA hold information about alien UFOs. When presidential candidates are running for the presidential office, they promise to disclose UFO secrets to the public, if they are elected as U.S. president. However, when they are elected as U.S. president, and given a disclosure briefing concerning UFOs, they become very silent and understand why they cannot disclose the information to the public. When former president Jimmy Carter was given the disclosure briefing about aliens, he was seen sitting with his elbows on his desk and crying profusely. The truth is too shocking and alarming and horrifying to them. Especially, when they find out things like why the alien abductions and lab experiments on humans are taking place, these presidents just cannot receive the truth calmly or without breaking down emotionally. However, we Christians are not surprised, because we know from the Bible that these horrific things happened during Noah’s Flood’s times in the Atlantis civilization and that is why God destroyed the nephilim and Satan’s society in those ancient times. History is only repeating itself, as these reptilian hybrid nephilim in these modern End Times do the same things that their predecessors did, in order to carry out Satan’s agenda. And these world leaders have the gall to come and try to kill me, God’s apostle and prophet sent to them to declare impending judgment, when I preach the Torah Truth? Who do they think they are, demigods? The Nazi’s United States and Germany are great cooperators in this human abduction program, so the grey aliens who work for the reptilian fallen angels started cloning the national leaders and replacing them with their malevolent reptilian hybrid creatures. In exchange, the Satanist humans received technology, so you see the sharp rise in technology in the 20th century, but they were eaten by the aliens and replaced. So is the result of those who betray the human race. There are now 4,000 underground joint human alien bases and human extermination concentration camps, where humans are processed as food or as lab rat experiments, and clones are manufactured to take over their places on the earth’s surface. These dracos or reptilians had been waiting for the return of their fallen angel gods in their underground bases and cities since the time of the Great Flood of Noah, waiting for the time when they can again just walk around normally and seen by all. According to the Illuminati NSA people, these reptilians are between 7 to 12 feet tall, have two hearts, they breed humans as food sources, have strength of 10 men, they can shape shift into human bodies using holographic technology, very religious and ritualistic, and speak English with a digital computerized voice. The story and character for the movie “Predator” was given to Hollywood by the NSA as a disinformation tactic. There are reptilians that look like the Predator Alien and they have thermoptic camouflage technologies of the Predator Alien on the movie, which the NSA and British military now use. They clone the world leaders to control the world, and kill the original world leaders. Some of these people shape shift into werewolf Lycan genetic super soldiers and others shape shift into reptilian genetic super soldiers. All the narcotics industry is run by the Illuminati. The Mormon church was created by the NSA and is a front for the NSA for its mind control program. It is the same Illuminati organization as the Freemasons, and teach occult teachings of the Illuminati Satanism. They have huge concentration extermination camps throughout the world called D-4 underground bases, where they color code people by their genetic races, and they have huge incinerators to genocide the human homo-sapiens race in the coming order out of chaos they are going to create on the earth. These humans may have high IQs, but they are utterly dumb. If they had any godly wisdom of the Holy Spirit, they would question why all these aliens that are supposed to have evolved on different planets are reptilians, when reptiles are indigenous to the earth. They would wonder why these reptilians look like humanoids when they are supposed to have evolved on other planets. They would wonder why if these reptilians destroy all other civilizations and life forms and are so technologically advanced, how any other alien civilizations can ever exist. They would wonder why the reptilians would wait until the population of humans increase over 7 billion, in order to start replacing them with their clones, instead of replacing humans when their population was only millions. These very intelligent scientists and academics and professors and so-called intelligentsia of this world who have tons of degrees do not think or question these things, because they are ridiculously dumb when they follow after their evil hearts and do not worship God, so they blindly follow after Satan and his fallen angels and fake aliens and Illuminati propaganda.


To prove to you how stupid the non-believers or heathens and religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit are, when they see a UFO in the sky, they pick up their phone and report it to the Illuminati government agencies and Satanists, who are trying to conceal their alien Babylonian Sumerian religion of Satanism. This is the extent of their utter stupidity and how extremely dumb down they have been made by the Illuminati, because they have not believed the Torah Truth of Christ, and that is why they are like brainless cattle walking into their Illuminati cattle slaughter house.


These hippy rogue pastors of the upside dove church conference and other Sanhedrin church conferences are sick people, and have brains and hearts like skunk dung, and this is why they fight against us God’s apostles and prophets day and night. They are a gangrene plague to God’s House, and spread their putrid Jezebel doctrines throughout the globe, and relish their monthly paychecks and retirement pensions and nice homes and church buildings and women’s equality. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, they are one of our greatest enemies for they impersonate ministers and Christians and as brethren and oppose the Torah Truth who is Christ. One rotten apple rots the whole carton of apples. A lot of them are not even humans, but they are reptilian witch descendent nephilim, so that is why they become witches, feminists, politicians, psychics, spiritualists, occultists, and pastors. They innately serve their fathers, the fallen angels’ purposes, and spread their Western Christianity Jezebel doctrines and church conference theologies into the human race.


They often say that the real enemy is not the person on the other side fighting for his country and family just like you, but the true enemy is war itself. However, this is not entirely true. The true real enemy is the Illuminati reptilian politicians who are purposely causing all the wars in history, with the goal of making the human homo-sapiens kill off other human homo-sapiens. This is the silent war the reptilians are waging against the humans. So, in other words, the humans are fighting the reptilians’ war for the reptilians against the humans to kill themselves and exterminate themselves and their own families. The crazy thing is that the reptilians have succeeded all through history in every war. After the war ends, they allow their enemy reptilians to live, just like General MacArthur spared the Japanese Emperor, who was cooperating together to keep the war going on to kill more humans and to test the nuclear bomb on humans as a mass satanic reptilian human sacrifice ritual. The real stupidity is that the humans hate the other nation’s humans who they were being made to fight with, but they love and worship as gods and heroes their own countries’ leaders who are the actual reptilians that were making them kill fellow humans and their own friends. People who do not believe in the Torah Truth who is God, become very stupid and are easily deceived by the devil, because they do not have the Holy Spirit, and this is why the hippy rogue pastors preach nationalism and patriotism to gain popularity and tithing from their religious church members who do not have the Holy Spirit.


It is a sin to create false riots and criticism toward a rival nation, in order to turn away the populace’s frustrations and irritations and dissatisfactions against the government’s bad leadership, which some nations are doing. Instead of feeding nationalism and patriotism and ethnic superiority, which are evil, a government needs to encourage their citizens to repent of their own sins and to receive Jesus Christ, rather than blaming rival nations for evil against their nation or holding “Han” hatred national genetic traits or criticizing neighboring nations. One must instead love the neighboring nation and love the enemy, and share Christ to them, so that they would also repent and be saved. These evil nations and people are usually family-oriented, ancestral oriented, gene oriented, Illuminati bloodline oriented, mafia family oriented, Korean nationalistic oriented, group and street gang oriented, family feud oriented, narrow-minded, hatred toward neighboring nation minded, nationalistic pride minded, carnal and base and animalistic minded, and barbarians, so if God’s prophets tell them to repent, they will all gang-stalk the prophets to try to kill them. This is the sign of a barbaric and evil genetic trait nation and people. These types of people and genetic families exist in each nation. In some nations, they are a small minority, and in some nations, they form the majority of the population. The more animalistic and barbaric a nation is, the more of these genetic traits the nation has. These little Korean children would come out of the church toilet with wet hands and wipe their wet hands on my trousers. Japanese children do not do those kinds of things. People must repent on an individual level, but they must repent at a national level, as well, or they will be judged both as an individual and as a nation. It is only by the grace of God that He withholds His judgment upon these nations and this earth. It is a time for each nation and people group to repent, to criticize their own selves, and love their neighboring rival nations, instead of rioting against them. And, instead of trying to kill God’s prophets who teach the Torah Truth, they should thank God for sending them His prophets to warn them of impending judgment against them. It is by the grace of God that they have been allowed time to repent of their nationalism and patriotism and family genetic solidarity and ethnic solidarity pride. These are things that each person must repent of, before they can have a relationship with Christ, just like each woman needs to repent of wearing trousers or each man repent of having sex with other men. The reason why genetic groups like the Koreans and Edomites or Amalekites have a very difficult time getting saved is because of their exceptionally strong pride, hatred, violence and deceitfulness, even to the deceiving of their own hearts. This is a sign of an evil heart. People may deceive themselves, but God is not deceived, since he knows the heart of each person, and every ethnic people group, and every nation. It is because I speak on behalf of God, the religious Christians despise and scorn and ignore me. They are part of the world and not of Christ.


The Korean synchronized dancing you see in the kindergartens and Korean pop singers is to create this Illuminati group mind-control to function like a horde of locusts without any individual minds. People are trained to move as a mindless mass and to conform. There is no one main singer. They are all just equal members of the group, although they have the regular Confucian Taoist hierarchy. All the Japanese music industry singer groups of Korean ancestry also come from this culture. This is why now this Korean synchronized kindergarten dancing has infiltrated and has been adopted into the all aspects of Japanese culture, too, including the Japanese singer groups and TV commercials and churches. It is the same satanic culture as the North Korean mass games or mass gymnastics and hundreds of South Korean k-pop singer groups that fans chase around in the thousands. The fans all dance in unison in the thousands with these k-pop group singers. If they are not willing to throw away their Korean genes and Korean families and Korean cultures and Korean churches, then leave these Korean religious Christians to their sins; and instead, go disciple those people who are willing to embrace Christ and the Torah Truth. It is truly ironic that these masses of people despise and abuse and poison God’s apostles and prophets, while they scream and chase after these Japanese of Korean ancestry Satanist singer groups who they consider national celebrities. The more evil their hearts are, the more they are that way, and the less evil their hearts are, the less they are that way. The devil finds it easier to control the more evil people of society, and ethnic groups and nationalities, for by their evil hearts they are led away by demon possession. The most evil Japanese of Korean ancestry people hold all the key leadership positions in the Christian churches, and they ridicule, bully, and attack the real born-again spiritual Christians as soon as they come to church.


The reptilian Illuminati caused the Crusade Wars using their fake Christian church called the Catholic church, which is their Satanist mystery religion church disguised as God’s church just like Islam which is also a part of the Satan’s mystery religion, for their own gain and also to feed negative energy to the fallen angels. The reptilians create these polar opposites like fake Christianity and Islam, communism and capitalism imperialism, axis power and allied powers, etc., in order to create war throughout history to profit from them and fulfill their purpose.