Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 41


All the real born-again spiritual Christians and human homo-sapiens descendents get weeded out and dropped before getting up to a certain level in any company or college or government or military or law enforcement agency or intelligence agency or church, because only those of reptilian descent or witches get promoted or chosen to higher positions in the organizations. This is why a Russian president’s wife could declare several decades ago that there will come a world leader whose name will be Barack Obama, who is being grown and programmed to be the U.S. president several decades later, and who will be part black and who will be a communist and who will be Muslim and who will be brought up in the elite schools to become the world leader. The Illuminati does not like surprises, and they like to plan everything out, so that everything goes according to their exact plans. Any Christian or human of the homo-sapiens race who has a conscience and stands up against evil will be kicked out or assassinated or ignored or bypassed. This is why lukewarm carnal religious Christians do well in this world, because they are loyal followers of Satanism’s Jezebel Western Christianity which originated in Babylonian doctrines. People just cannot understand why there are so much intentional evil and incongruence in this world, but when they understand that this world is not owned by the humans, but it is owned by the reptilians for reptilian agendas, of the reptilians, by the reptilians, for the reptilians, it is like a light going on in the brain and everything starts to make perfect sense.


Benjamin Fulford, the Forbes magazine Asia Pacific regional bureau chief and most highest selling author in Japan, started investigating where all the money trail of huge amounts of money from the taxpayers that could be used to make the humans of the world all rich and end all poverty were disappearing to. He discovered it was all going to the Illuminati. The Western Illuminati gave him a choice of either being killed or becoming the Japanese Finance Minister and owner of General Electric and General Motor companies. The Eastern Illuminati offered to protect him from the Western Illuminati, if he would act as their spokesman against the Western Illuminati to tell them to stop their plot to kill the 7 billion humans and replace them with the reptilian hybrid nephilim. The Western Illuminati was using the Japanese of Korean ancestry and Japanese yakuza gangsters of Korean ancestry to control Japan and make it a colony to be the generator of all their money. Benjamin found out about this, but since he was a foreigner and an editor of a famous magazine, they had tried to recruit him. Normally, all Japanese journalists or investigators would be assassinated by the Japanese of Korean ancestry to hide all the evil that they are doing in Japan and their secret control of Japan. The Western Illuminati and their Korean Satanists are now faced with war against Benjamin Fulford and his Eastern Illuminati secret societies. They always fill all the seats on the plane around you with their Japanese of Korean ancestry, and they shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons from under your seat from the cargo bay. They come up with these plans, because they know you just changed seats before to avoid their members from shooting EMPs at your kidney from behind. The Western Illuminati criminal cabal are able to crash any Asian plane at their whim, but if you are onboard, they cannot crash it, so that is why they just send all their multitudes of Koreans to harass you. Their Illuminati member TSA agents at the airport will harass you, too, by following after you and cracking jokes about EMP electromagnetic as you go through the baggage security area.


Every single time, I see the same thing happen over and over, again. These Korean Iluminati Soka Gakkai occultist women put aphrodisiac spells on these rich wealthy company owners and wealthy politicians and wealthy celebrities, prostitute themselves to them, and like thieves they steal them away from their former wives, put their Korean shaman witchcraft spell curses on their new husbands to kill them, and take over the money or business or assets. Then, they steal the company or form their own company with the stolen money or take over the assets and become millionaires. They do the same thing that Queen Himiko the shaman witch of ancient Japan did, in order to kill all others to gain power, just like the witch Jezebel. Then, they become prideful, arrogant company presidents or wealthy witches who live in rich neighborhoods, but their demeanor is very low-life and crude, though they believe they have joined the upper class elite because they have money. These Japanese of Korean ancestry in Japan who are secretly disguised as Japanese, form businesses and all the Illuminati Satanist members and Illuminati institutions give them business, so they become rich and affluent.


The people have high regards for these female company owners of wealth and power and authority, though they despise God’s apostles and prophets, even though these women are nothing but queen harlots and are no different from the common murderers and thieves in the prisons, and even worse than them because they are guilty of the sin of demonic witchcraft. They behave just like Jezebel of ancient times who married the King Ahab and made the kingdom worship Baal or the feminist god Molech, the witches’ god of abortion clinic Satanist temples and throwing infants into the burning statue of Moloch. Naturally, since they have evil hearts they are feminists, too, and believe they are the representatives of women’s justice and saviors of righteousness, though they are the devil’s feminist freak monsters. Like the devil Satan, they believe they are righteous and the Holy God is evil and a male chauvinist. These reptilian hybrid children of Satan’s fallen angels are very intelligent, since they are nephilim Frankenstein monsters, so they hold positions of key influence in our society like Hillary Clinton. And since they are nephilim, just like their ancestors nephilim ate and skinned humans alive, they are the feminist leaders and feminist activists, who lead the human society to more Satanist values. During the day, they go about these key roles in our society, and at night, these reptilian witches and wizards sacrifice live human children in their Satanist rituals and eat them, just like their nephilim ancestors. These feminists shape shift in their witch Satanist rituals, because their bodies are just like shells for these reptilian fallen angels, in order to carry out the abortion extermination plan and women’s rebellion plan and corruption of the human mind. Their human servants say that it has been scientifically proven that they do not come from ungodly parents and sinful backgrounds, but this is a lie just like all of Satan’s people, because a person does not become that evil and completely messed up and feminist unless there is deep demonic possession and demonic control of that person. Feminists and witches and abortion has contributed more than anything else to unleash demonic satanic control, power, activity, takeover, and star gate release of demon spirits, and perversion and change of human society. Feminism is at the core of the Illuminati and the devil, just as in Noah’s days.


The nephilim hybrids of the fallen angel fathers and feminist human women in ancient times of Noah’s flood skinned humans alive and tore their limbs off and ate humans. Some were tens of feets tall. They became the ancient kings and royal families, and their descendents are the modern day royal families and reptilian Illuminati bloodlines. These Big Foots or Sasquatch or Yeti or Yowie or Abominable Snowman or Meh-Teh or Kikomba or Momo or Skunk Ape or Goliath nephilim giants have elongated brains and heads just like the ancient gods’ fossils for greater intelligence which are found all over the world in archaeological excavations, have six fingers and toes, have two rows of teeth, are usually six to ten feet tall. Some of these bigfoot nephilim giants are over 10 feet tall. The Israelite warriors were afraid to face Philistine or Palestinian Goliath in battle, so David the servant of God killed this giant. These nephilim giant Big Foot Sasquatch Yeti Abominable Snowman nephilim can materialize and dematerialize into different dimensions because they are half fallen angel when they are shot at, and when they died, they became the demon spirits that haunt our world today. They are often seen where UFOs are sighted and animal mutilations occur. These nephilim that these fallen angels and Illuminati are creating are much more powerful than the most powerful high witch feminists who are the descendents of these demonic nephilim, who have these demonic witchcraft reptilian genetic powers of Wiccan witches and shamans. They weigh like a thousand pounds, are very strong, and there are modern genetic hybridization going on in these Illuminati secret military underground bases creating these half human half ape chimera monsters. Some of these nephilim in the military underground bases are huge giants just like in Noah’s flood’s times, so if you go under the new Denver Airport, you will find urinals that are three times the normal size in the toilets. They are still digging under the airport in the middle of nowhere, and it is billions of dollars over budget. Some of these alien bases are under the ocean. The Atlantis society was full of these giants and monsters and Medusa and Anubis and Naga and dinosaurs, and Noah was the only human left with God’s original human genes, so God had to wipe out these monsters due to the absolute terror and horror and brutality and cannibalism they were conducting. Satan’s fallen angels’ nephilim offspring have always tried to kill and genocide and exterminate God’s beautiful human creations and homo-sapiens race, so this is why even now, their descendents the reptilian witch feminists and reptilian Illuminati bloodline families are trying to depopulate the world by genocide exterminating all humans from this earth. They are the royalty and presidents and prime ministers and economic leaders and college professors and Hollywood celebrities and rock stars and Illuminati genetic scientists and coworkers who walk amongst the humans, and shape-shift into human holographic images and disguise themselves as humans. They will not settle for anything less than the entire extermination of all mankind and humans. These half breed nephilim alien greys were genetically engineered by the reptilian fallen angels and Satan, and these alien greys are themselves genetically engineering all kinds of nephilim hybrid chimera monsters. These feminists or witch race are impregnated by their ancestor fallen angels, in order to give birth to these reptilian half-breed hybrid nephilim clone creatures. They are feminists because they are witches and demon spirits in humanoid bodies, and are offspring of the devil, or what people call “star children” since they are half alien beings with psychopath genes. I have been raised by God to pray against these nephilim and to suppress the activities until the real born-again Christians are raptured out of this earth when Jesus returns. After the rapture, all hell will break loose on this earth, and it will pretty much be like the days of Noah’s flood’s Atlantis ancient civilization with all these monsters and abominations walking around the human society, because the Holy Spirit in the Christians who is suppressing the spirit of the Anti-Christ will no longer be here after the rapture; although the Holy Spirit will be with you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant. These Satanist Illuminati shaman trance witchdoctors like Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla and Socrates (founder of Western values and thinking or in other words Satanism) and Srinivasa Ramanujan all receive special knowledge from the fallen angels through trance altered states and witchcraft, just like the fallen angels taught science and medicine and astronomy and arts and weapons and feminism and cosmetics and architecture and pyramid constructions and electromagnetic power and nuclear weapons and all kinds of evil to the people of the Satanist Atlantis civilization during Noah’s flood’s ancient times, just like they are teaching these Illuminati famous genius scientists in our modern End Times. This is why people like Da Vinci paint extremely ugly and grotesque women like Mona Lisa, because Mona Lisa is not a woman at all, but it is Leonardo Da Vinci’s young transvestite boyfriend, since all these reptilian nephilim Satanists are homosexual in nature. The fallen angels and their alien hybrids abduct the most evil nephilim descendant witch people, and pervert their genes to reptilian homosexual genes. The more ungodly the society becomes and more satanic, the more feminist and homosexual it becomes, since the humans are replaced with reptilian clones.


This is why the Illuminati Freemason murals at the new Denver airport, where they are creating huge underground nuclear bomb evacuation military bases for the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist elites and Illuminati bloodline homo-capensis families, have pictures of many people dead and global disaster and fascist soldiers with gas masks killing the human homo-sapiens population and dead bodies in coffins and people in terror and people with Noah’s Ark life-support glass boxes with animal species to be preserved. It is a message to their Illuminati members that they are about to bring about war and disaster and a police state and a New World Order on the earth through destruction and chaos. It is a symbol of their Satan’s Aryan homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendant victory over God’s homo-sapiens human race. People thought they were creepy murals and started talking about them, so they replaced them later.


These shamans like Genghis Khan and Himiko and Korean women go into an altered trance state, where they feel their bodies broken into pieces and reconstructed by the evil spirits or whom they call extraterrestrial aliens. They are said to get sick or die like the future assassinated Anti-Christ, and then be possessed by these devils or fallen angels or aliens, as their genetic strain allows them to go through genetic restructuring. Rhythm instruments like the drum help the shamans or Western Christianity rock concert audience to enter into a trance. Through these rhythmic sound or movement, they can alter their consciousness, such as spinning or dancing or jumping. Their brain waves are tied into this rhythm, just like the Pentecostal Christians enter this trance in their rock music, or Catholics and Buddhists and Muslims and Hindus use the beads to create this rhythm. These altered states allow the shamans or witches to communicate with the fallen angels and demons, and opens a channel to them. These Amazonian shamans receive knowledge from these evil spirits on how to combine two plants out of a 150,000 different plants in the Amazon, in order to create a strong witchcraft hallucinogen, just like in modern medical science and medical drugs witchcraft. These shamans can control weathers or magical powers of the fallen angels to manipulate the world around them. These modern day witches inside our society who worship the devil and his spirits and are considered spiritualists pray for the apostasy of Christians, and are always sent in to try to obstruct God’s ministry. They try to create sleepiness or lack of concentration or nervousness or confusion or anxiety.


Satan is considered by the Illuminati reptilian descendents as their great hero who gave them advanced alien technology, and gave rise to a great technologically advanced Satanist Atlantis civilization where genetic manipulation was rampant. They are trying to bring back the old Atlantis civilization, which these Illuminati reptilians call the New World Order or the Nazi reptilian Aryan Fourth Reich. This technology has a devilish purpose, and the Illuminati worship these hidden sciences and illuminated knowledge of the thousands of years old Brotherhood of the Snake of the devil Satan. Dr. Wood’s investigation confirmed by government documents prove that the government had gotten all the major technologies from fallen angel crashed UFO alien craft reverse engineering, such as transistor technology, integrated circuit technology, laser technology, and fiber optics technology which they had since 1947. The fallen angels were giving the Nazi branch of the Illuminati all kinds of advanced technology already. The devil and his fallen angels are purposely crashing UFOs to jump start technology, in order to bring about their plan. Technologies include things like Element 115 which manipulate time and space and pull it using electromagnetic energy, in order to travel to a certain destination. The technology that these Illuminati Nazi in the secret U.S. military bases and Illuminati bases throughout the world have are beyond the technologies in the Star Wars and Star Trek Hollywood movies. They hide these technologies from the human homo-sapiens, and they will kill any humans who try to disclose anything. They can travel to the stars. They have the technologies of Atlantis that the devil and fallen angels gave to the Atlanteans, too. The human homo-sapiens would be very angry if they found out the highly advanced technology that the Illuminati are hiding from them, if they found out, which could provide humanity with amazing lifestyles and wealth. Hitler had technology from these crashed alien UFOs. Satan and the fallen angels are crashing these unidentified flying objects all over the world in many different countries to provide technologies to different nations. Obviously, these demon spirit children of Satan use these black ops technologies that they have retrieved from UFOs to harass God’s apostles and prophets, and to exterminate humans. Bob Lazar who worked at the secret base S4 has already told everyone that the fallen angels had given the Illuminati Satanists all the microwave, transistor, fiber optics, computers, stealth technologies through the Roswell U.F.O. crash incident and the 9 flying saucer alien crafts that they have through reverse engineering of alien technology that Satan has given them, just like in the times of Noah. The element 115 that has been recently discovered in science (the heaviest matter) was not retrieved from crashed alien crafts, but was given by the aliens to the Illuminati Satanists. Ben Rich has admitted that the government is hiding all the technologies that have taken people to the stars already and higher technology than any Hollywood sci-fi movie that can make all humans on this earth wealthy and comfortable, but they are hiding that technology for their own evil purposes of power and wealth and selfishness and reptilian hybrid agenda. Ben Rich said that it will take an act of God to make the Illuminati Satanists disclose and share that technology with the human homo-sapiens populace for their benefit, because it is hidden in deep black operations budget programs—through the trillions of dollars they are stealing and parasite off of the human population.


These people think there are ghosts in the house and buildings when an invisible hand touches their crotches or hits them or they hear footsteps on the stairs, but they are not ghosts. They are just stealth alien technologies called Thermoptic Camouflage that these pervert secret society members and intelligence agency agents are using to sneak into people’s daughter’s or favorite boy’s toilets and changing rooms and bedrooms, or people they just want to freak out. The alien technology allows them to become invisible. They carry the device on their belts that make them invisible. They can go through a thermoptic field that makes them invisible, but that only lasts for 48 hours and it wears off, so the portable device is more convenient. These Illuminati people are having a heyday having fun going around scaring people and spying on them secretly and destroying your family’s privacy. This is why people hear creaks on the hallway floor or things get toppled off the table or blankets get pulled off.


Iran used their crashed UFO reverse engineered tractor beam force field and alien UFO technology to capture an American military drone plane, so now the White Dragon Society and Russian Gnostic Illuminati and Triad have captured the Western Illuminati Nazi stealth drone plane technology. This is what happens when they use their drone plane to gang stalk God’s apostle and prophet every day: God takes their technology and hands it over to their enemies, so their enemy can now use it to gang stalk them. God is not mocked or to be taken for a fool. In places like South Korea, the Anti-Christ’s Illuminati has cameras on every street block, so these Illuminati Satanists are able to keep track and hunt down at all times any Tribulation Saint or Jew or anyone who will not receive the Mark of the Beast 666. In contrast, one of the Illuminati’s major corporations Apple has developed technology to allow the Illuminati to shut down all mobile phone and tablet cameras and videos, if people try to video Illuminati violence or crimes or Satanist rituals as evidence. Since the Western Illuminati Nazi descendents gang stalked God’s apostle, now God is using their mortal enemies to gang stalk them with their tens of thousands of Eastern Illuminati ninja assassins; and since they annihilated God’s apostle’s savings and assets, God is using their arch rivals to bankrupt them and confiscate all their assets; and since they tried to poison and irradiate God’s apostle, they are now plagued with illness and physical maladies and curses. Since they used their military and CIA assets to harass and try to kill God’s apostle, God will annihilate their military and intelligence forces, and blood will flow up to the horse’s bridle. God will now build up the military power of their enemies to destroy them. They used their Baal priests to try to bring little fire down on God’s apostle, so now God will bring down huge fire down upon their heads to show them what true fire is. If they use Pharaoh’s army to harass God’s people, God will use the Red Sea to harass Pharaoh’s army. The more they attack God’s apostle and prophet, God will just multiply and return that attack back upon their heads. Remember brethren, it is not a battle of flesh and blood, but it is God who is the one who fights on our behalf, and mighty is He. If they even knew who God the Father is, they would never pick on His children. They have disturbed a hornet’s nest, awoken a sleeping giant, and poked the apple of God’s eyes, at the same time, and they must get ready to pay the consequences. Terrible and fearful is the wrath of the Almighty God. However, it is too late for them to undo what they have done. They have signed their own death warrant. They should have repented when God’s sent His apostle and prophet to speak to them.


These reptilian Illuminati believe that we the apostles of God who disclose their plans for the complete extermination of humans are dangerous to their plan and we hold dangerous thinking, so they desperately try to kill us. DARPA is adding a 47th chromosome to humans. The British scientific organizations are trying to add non-humans for protection under the constitutions. They are creating all these nephilim humanoids with homosexual and feminist genes for depopulation programs, just like in Sodom and Gomorrah and Atlantis. The reason why these carnal, lukewarm, spiritually dead, evil, religious Christians insult God’s apostles and Christ’s Bride as liars, and dishonest, and deny the Torah Truth and Christ is because they are afraid of Satan and the Illuminati, and they do not want to be obligated to help the apostles, and they do not have to preach the truth or Christ. They are disgusting putrid people. They are worse than the heathens, who do not claim to be Christians. They are the worst kind of people. They are the ones who will most vehemently oppose you, and declare in front of others that you are a liar and the Torah Truth is a complete lie, although they claim to know the religious christ. These religious Christians who parade around disguised as real Christians will call God’s apostles and prophets and Bride as being crazy and delirious, and will try to force them to go to Satan’s medical institution witchdoctors; or even worse, these religious Christians are medical physicians themselves who prescribe witchcraft medical drugs. They will try to hand the real Christians over to the ambulances and Babylonian witchdoctor medical hospitals. It is because they are afraid of the devil and his Illuminati, and do not want to be considered by the enemy as knowing the Torah Truth, so they will vehemently deny the Torah Truth, deny God’s people, and deny Christ. They will try to get rid of you by handing you over to Satan and his hospitals, because they do not want to take responsibility for God’s people, and they believe that the devil can kill God’s people, and they will be left with a corpse. This is their bottom line belief and life. This is why the “Bible Answer Men” and the gang of hippy rogue pastors ridicule and scorn God’s signs in the heavens, and will mock God’s apostles. They are reprobate men who ridicule God’s Torah Truth who is Christ. They declare war on God’s people, on God’s Torah Truth, and on God, though they avidly follow after God’s apostle’s and prophet’s teachings, much like the Pharisees followed after Jesus wherever He went, but they oppose and scorn the Torah Truth teachings. They call themselves religious leaders, and gain respect from men for their academics, and have people call them pastors and teachers. They take pride in the number of people who follow them. Hypocrites! These upside down dove symbol church conference pastors teach half truth and half lies and cleverly mix in humanism and Satan’s Jezebel Satanist teachings into the Western Christianity churches that is very alluring to the evil hearted, and that is what makes them very effective in misleading the masses, as well as very dangerous. However, the Bride of Christ, who are the faithful remnant cannot be deceived.


Prayer is not the kind of prayer that the hippy rogue pastors do in their churches with their nice sounding prayers that appeal to the church congregation, but it is an intimate everyday conversation with God, where God gives you wisdom on what or how to do something or gives you a Torah Truth, and you talk to him about your ministry or aquarium or schedule or recipes or child-rearing or which route to take the dog for a walk. Often, He tells you to make the decision and His decision will be your decision. How can you go wrong with a God who loves you and is sovereign and who even knows the decision you will make? It is the religious people who just recite the Lord’s Prayer over and over again like a robot or broken record. If humans find a person who keeps repeating the same sentence whenever they meet for a date without ever listening to what they are saying quite irritating, then how much more annoying to God is a religious Christian who just repeats the same sentence everyday during prayer.


They have evil hearts, so that is why they adhere and spread the doctrines of Western values Satanism. This is why Satan prospers their churches and their fame and their riches, for they do his bidding. The Illuminati does not bother them, but rather, they support them. This is why these hippy pastors who worship Satanism and its Hellenist doctrines speak arrogant words of treachery from the deceptive evil spirits, taunting God’s apostles and people to heal people by faith, if they do not believe in Babylonian medical science. How despicable people they are to taunt God in such ways. God is a gentleman, and He does not force His love or His healing or His deliverance from evil spirits on people who do not want to believe in God’s healing or love. These hippy rogue pastors of Satan blame us for not loving these sick people and healing them, and they mock God for not healing them. It is not even us who heal people, but it is God who heals all people. Their thinking, their behavior, their words, their sermons, their attitudes are all from the pit of hell and exemplify their father the devil. This is why these religious Christians are like the heathen unbelievers, and when there is a crisis, they go to the store and buy up all the products for themselves, and leave the store empty. They will place value on their own families over other Christians. They are base, depraved, ungodly religious people, who are Christians only in fake title. Their have complete opposite minds from the real, born-again, spiritual Christians, who have the Holy Spirit.


The Illuminati form their pyramidal hierarchies—their Draco Empire or dragon reptilian society. This is why they created the caste system. These Ford, Carnegie, Heinz, J.P. Morgan, Wilson, Campbell, Oppenheimer, and other Illuminati families worship the Atlantean knowledge. These Iluminati reptilians worship science and knowledge, instead of the God who created them, while they hide these secret sciences and knowledge from the public masses. These medical half-bird half-human gods like the Chinese Bian Que and Egyptian Thoth and Indian Dhanvantari and Celtic Dian Cecht taught the humans the black arts of medical science and technology. This is why these Jezebel worshippers’ Calvary Chapel hippy pastors teach the religious Christians to worship these Jezebel black arts of medical science and witchcraft medical healing and Babylonian clinical sciences taught in these medical colleges. They have been thoroughly trained and sent out by the Illuminati with their Jezebel Western Christianity teachings of Satanism. These Bible Answer Man Pharisee thugs continue to despise and ridicule and persecute God’s apostles and prophets, because they worship Socrates’ Western academics and sciences and the Edomite Steve Jobs and medical witchcraft and Jezebel reptilian Western feminism and all kinds of satanic black arts. They have formed their own satanic Western Christianity to replace God’s people, and set up their own idol of Babylonian Mystery religion hippy 1960’s jesus movement idol of rock and roll and Western church religious life. Since these church conferences that grow big are made by the Illuminati to flood God’s church with their religious rock concert Christians and Satanist Western value Jezebel doctrines, they will teach you their doctrines of Satanism that you can get killed, you can get hurt, you can get into accidents, you can get sick, you can be overrun by the Illuminati Satanists, and you need weapons to protect yourself as if you are a Tribulation Saint or something. The actresses on the Hollywood movies scream in terror so loud that it brainwashes the foolish heathens and religious Christians into thinking that humans can get killed or hurt and are still under the curse of sin. The heathens and religious Christians are still under the curse of sin and they suffer the consequences of them. However, a Church Saint or Bride of Christ cannot get killed or hurt or sick or is no longer under the curses of sin. They do not believe in God’s love, but only believe in the hippy peace of love of Sananda Jesus their god, so that is why they can get killed or hurt or eaten alive or bitten or cut or get into a car accident or get cancer or get into a plane crash. What they believe is what will happen to them Through the Hollywood movies, they are led to believe in Satan’s fake reality of the world, and that is why he is able to hurt them. You can tell immediately by these teachings and their views on women’s equality that they are not of Christ or Torah Truth, but they are from the Illuminati’s Satanism Western Christianity which has its roots in the ancient pagan teachings of the Babylon mystery religion. They will call us God’s apostles and God’s born-again real Christians as being heretics and unrealistic and cultic and unscriptural. It is because they are here to spread Satan’s doctrine and defame God’s Church and people and His Torah Truth and Christ.


Satan is a master of deception, so he comes as an angel of light to all these branches of the Satanist “Brotherhood of the Snake’s” Babylonian Mystery religion and those who refuse to believe in the truth and our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Satan and his fallen angels comes as the angel Moroni to the Mormons, or as the angel Gabriel to the Muslims, or as benevolent extraterrestrial aliens to the Illuminati, or as familiar spirits to these New Age spiritualist shaman fortune-teller witches, or as buddhas to these Buddhists, or as gods to these Hindus, or as spirits to these American Indians, or as ancestral spirits to these ancestral worshippers.


As in their Illuminati movie “Prometheus,” which is a sequel to their movie “Alien,” they spread their panspermia brainwash theory that Satan and his fallen angels are aliens who engineered humans from monkeys. This is the thousands of years old “Brotherhood of the Snake” Sumerian Illuminati Satanist religion and their belief. A lot of the proponents of the Ancient Alien Theory “Mystery Babylon religion” panspermia theory are nephilim reptilian hybrid descendents, because since they are not human but are demon offspring of the fallen angel aliens, they are more susceptible to demon possession by the evil spirits, and thereby, they are used by their evil spirit forefathers to spread Satan’s deceptive Ancient Alien Theory Mystery Babylon reptilian religion panspermia theory that teach that they are the elite offspring of the gods or aliens, and that human homo-sapiens are inferior non-Aryan monkey-like cockroach-like livestock creatures to be enslaved and exterminated and to be cannibalized by the reptilian offspring in their Satanist rituals.


Why are the Satanists tend to be reptilian hybrid nephilim descendents of the fallen angels? It is because demon spirits in humanoid bodies tend to worship their father the devil by nature. Why are the Illuminati Satanists the rulers and presidents and queens and billionaire key bankers and holders of all the great positions in the humans’ society, and push forth their ungodly, evil, sinful values to change society to believe those evil beliefs and values and cultures? It is because evil’s nature is to gang up together to form secret societies and street gangs and drug rings and criminal organizations (by nature, the righteous people do not gang up together to do evil), and to only give and promote their fellow evil secret society Satanist members to these key positions of power in society to rule the earth. This is why they only inherit their royal kingships and presidential positions and billionaire banker positions to their own Satanist reptilian Illuminati bloodline family members, and only intermarry within their genes. This is why reptilian cultures like the Koreans are obsessed with genes and family and Draconian hierarchy. This is why the freemason Illuminati’s Japanese imperial crown prince of Korean ancestry was infatuated with the human homo-sapiens idol singer Yoshie Kashiwabara, but he was not allowed to marry her, and he married the homo-capensis reptilian hybrid Naoko Ueda’s best friend the reptilian hybrid feminist witch race Masako Owada. Also, it is because Satan is, right now, ruling the earth, and chooses who he will promote to these key positions of leadership on the earth and who to give the billions of dollars and who to give fame and popularity. This is why God’s Christians are hated and despised and discriminated and persecuted, because the devil is running the show on the earth. God is using the devil for a short time to accomplish his glorious purpose, and to prove evil people are evil and righteous people are righteous, so the evil people will burn forever in the Lake of Fire for their evil and the righteous people will shine forever in heaven to rule with Christ. Evil’s nature is to horde the power on this earth only among their evil group members, and these demon children of the fallen angels use every unethical and evil method to gain power and horde all the money. This is their father the devil’s nature. The demon spirits or reptilian humanoids who rule as our politicians and bankers and celebrities only promote their species or secret society members into these positions of inheritance. Evil will always behave in evil ways. They cannot do what is righteous. It is not in their nature to do what is right or righteous or good. Just like a rabbit does not hang around on trees like monkeys, Satan’s genetic hybrid people are demon spirits in humanoid bodies, so they cannot behave like human homo-sapiens. If the demon humanoid people were righteous, they would admit that they are evil, and give all their power and money to God’s children and humans, and they would jump into the Lake of Fire themselves, but this will not happen, because evil will not admit that they are evil and they cannot do what is righteous. This is why the devil Satan will not repent and jump into the Lake of Fire himself, but he will use all his Satanist reptilian hybrid nephilim children to persecute Christians and maintain power and rebellion on the earth. This is the nature of evil. Those who are God’s children are slaves to righteousness, and those who are Satan’s reptilian children are slaves to evil and sin. Their free choice is to choose evil, just like it is in the nature of snakes to kill in cold blood. This is why they cause all the wars and pandemics and natural disasters, and strive to exterminate the human race in both the ancient days of Noah and in present modern days. Satan gives his reptilian hybrid witch children on this earth through his alien witchcraft the knowledge of scientific technology, secrets of developing weapons of mass destruction, academic knowledge to create devastating biological weapons, revelations to create the religions of the earth, inspirations to produce mind-controlling Hollywood films, and Satanist connections to be promoted to presidents and queens and prime ministers. This is why the more evil a human is, the more they imitate the reptilian Illuminati bloodlines, and they hand their inheritance and power and position and money to their genetic bloodline children, just like the Western Christianity pastors who make their children the second-generation pastors of their churches. Evil gives favor to their own fleshly genetic bloodline children and gangs up together in Sanhedrin pastors’ committee street gangs, just like the hippy rogue pastors of the upside down dove Illuminati symbol church conference. It is like corporate Western Christianity church conferences handing over their company ownership and money to their children and genetic descendents. They are disgusting Pharisee religious scum who make Christianity and the House of God into an enterprise of teaching Jezebel doctrines and values. These hippy rogue pastors and Koreans and Illuminati Satanist reptilian hybrid cold-blooded nephilim witch descendent people like warm places and wealthy neighborhoods, so they live in southern California and Beverly Hills and Hawaii and Manhattan living like Pharisees with fat purses and comfortable homes. God’s apostles and prophets are warm-blooded and love God and His Japanese Jewish Remnant, so they live in the cold Illuminati sabotaged Fukushima super radiation contamination area sharing the gospel salvation and Torah Truth. When people eat the radiation contaminated vegetables and meat, their gums and tongues start bleeding and they keep getting colds, so the Illuminati people believe that they are going to be healthy and happy, and God’s apostles and prophets are going to get sick and die, but they are very mistaken, because it will be the opposite. The Korean Society in Japan are mass murderers and genocide maniacs who carry psychopath genes, because they killed thousands of innocent Japanese men, women, children and elderly with the Tohoku tidal wave, due to their national Han violence culture, and are even now still killing thousands of Japanese people through their radiation contamination sabotage from their Fukushima nuclear power plant terrorist bombings, including collateral damage radiation breathing and eating victims throughout North America and Europe.


They erect these ridiculous, foolish tombstones all over the earth. Soon, all the space on the earth will be filled with billions of them. They try to worship these tombstones by visiting them. They do not know that there are two types of men: those who are with Christ in heaven and those who are in hell. How foolish humans are. These tombstones will fall apart and get buried someday, and thousands of years later, they will be forgotten by people. No one will know who these people were nor care. The futility of the way these humans think. Everything they do is of an animal instinct existence of the flesh of courting, breeding, and proliferating their genetic descendents. They do not know that their genetic descendents will be in hell someday. They have no regard for God or the everlasting things or spiritual descendents of Abraham’s faith, but they are tied to the things of the flesh. If given the choice, these lousy religious Christians will choose to save the life of their own fleshly non-Christian daughters at the expense of the life of a complete stranger who is God’s prophet and who comes to point out all their evils and sins. They despise God’s prophet and scorn and ridicule them. These Pharisees are putrid gangrene that makes God’s House into their book sales campaign. They do not even have human souls, but they are evil hybrid nephilim spirits. Their stench rise up to heaven like a garbage heap. They try to grow rich and famous through their church conference, and use Jezebel doctrines to attract the masses who pay for their bloated salaries. Hypocrites! Instead of ridiculing God’s prophets and hiding all their teachings, they should be disclosing all the secrets of the Illuminati assassin squads that come after their and their families’ lives. Hypocrites! They make themselves fat through the crumbs that Satan feeds them from his Jezebel Western Christianity. They and their wives are a cursed bunch. If there are any sane or faithful among them, then let them abandon their church, their families, their fame, their retirement pensions, their health insurances, their jobs, their homes and their roofs over their heads, their personal safety, their families’ lives, their non-electromagnetic weapons attacked lifestyles and non-poisoned lives and non-assassin gang stalked lives, and come out of their cursed religious street gangs and jump into the hand-to-hand brawl with the bloodthirsty reptilian Satanist secret societies assassin squads and CIA smuggled Nazi descendents and FBI and NSA and United Nations and royal families and Catholic church and mafia and Freemasons and feminist organizations and KKK and Korean killer hordes and occultist murder rings and motorcycle Satanist street gang servants and their former Pharisee hippy pastor gang friends and the rest of Satan’s army. After they lose everything precious to them and are left in the wilderness or state park bench at night, let them wear sackcloth and cry and wail in repentance for the battle they have waged against God’s apostles and prophets. Then, they shall find God and they shall be saved and be true followers of Christ and a Bride of Christ. They shall wear the scars on their back and the crown of life. The question is simple: do they choose the world and all its comfort and try to play one foot on each side or do they choose the suffering of Christ? What say them? I already know the answer that you the beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren will give, just as the Lord knows. You will lose family members to the Illuminati and burnt homes and jobs and personal safety and savings and retirement pensions and the ability to dine in Illuminati assassin infested restaurants and polite civilized behavior from your religious Christian friends in your churches and your privacy and all your assets to the devil, but you will gain life eternal and a heavenly inheritance which is yours. These things will be indicative and true measurements of whether you are a real born-again spiritual Christian or just a regular religious lukewarm Christian whom the devil does not even care about. This is because if the Lord God Almighty knows you personally, then you can be sure the devil and his reptilian nephilim bloodline Satanists will know you for sure, also. This is why on judgment day, many will come to the Lord to say, “Lord, Lord,” but He will say to them, “I never knew you, depart from me.” If the religious Christians have been taught otherwise by Satan’s pastors and Illuminati Christian churches, then they have been misinformed greatly and their hearts do not realize it. A callous sleeping heart does not know the Torah Truth nor understand the things of the Spirit. It is indeed a slumbering heart. When the holographic space continuum of the universe is rolled up like a scroll, and heaven is revealed, all will realize the truth. Our life on this earth is but a record of our faith and choices like a video tape—a record.


These Illuminati or Freemason reptilian Satanists who follow their Sumerian Mystery Babylon religion of the Brotherhood of the Snake Satan believe that just like Prometheus who in Greek mythology gave fire to mankind and was penalized by Zeus for doing that, Satan (whom they call Lucifer) gave science and technology to mankind and was banished from heaven by God for doing that. These Luciferians believe that Satan is a hero alien, and that God is an evil alien, so they are trying to set up a Luciferian satanic kingdom, just like they did in the ancient civilization of Atlantis many thousands of years ago. They created the reptilian hybrid nephilim to kill or exterminate all of mankind, except for Noah, just as in their movie “Alien” or “Prometheus” where they create a biological weapon alien to massacre all humans. The Illuminati are creating nephilim monsters in the U.S. military underground bases and other bases throughout the world, which are thousands of times more powerful and dangerous than the alien in the movie “Alien.” They will be unleashed by the Illuminati reptilian elites of our world very soon to massacre the entire human race. This is why God says in His Bible how could any flesh survive, if God did not intervene, just like He did with Noah’s flood in ancient times, in order to save His creation—humans. In their Illuminati brainwashing movie “Prometheus,” they ask the question why the extraterrestrial engineers created mankind and why they tried to destroy mankind later. They try to make God look unjust by trying to destroy mankind with Noah’s flood, during the Atlantis times. Their “Ancient Alien” television series produced by the “Prometheus” production company states that Satan is the one who gave humans the knowledge of science, technology, warfare, weapons, medical science, cosmetics, mathematics, arts, etc., and they were reptilians, and that God is the evil one who wanted to keep humans ignorant and under slavery, which is exactly the Illuminati Sumerian “Brotherhood of the Snake” Mystery Babylon religion teachings taught in the Freemason temples and other secret society occult Satanist church of Satan. They believe that the Watchers or fallen angels who were sent to watch over humans and interact with them, rebelled against God to provide humans technology like Prometheus did, making them out to be heroes. The Illuminati are Luciferian Satanists who spread the lies of Satan’s Atlantean alien deception propaganda. Seraphim means “Serpent Giants.” These serpent gods appear in every South American ancient lore and American Indian lore and Asian lore and Middle Eastern Sumerian lore and European lore and legends from all over the world. This is why the Nazi eagle symbol is the same symbol as the Sumerian Anunnaki symbol of the reptilian seraphims depicted as winged fallen angels. These Satanists now rule the earth and believe that the devil is good, and God is evil. They drink human sacrifice blood at night like the Incas or Druids, but during the daytime, they parade around like secret society occult member presidents and astronauts and court judges and police chiefs and celebrities. They are chosen by the Satanists and the Illuminati’s various secret societies by how firmly they believe the lie that Satan and the fallen angels are the supporters of humans, and that they were maligned unjustly, just as the devil discloses slowly in the secret satanic rituals of the freemason, as members show more loyalty and ability to be brainwashed, as they rise up the freemason and other secret society Satanist organizations. There is a very strong demonic deception going on in our world, and these most loyal Satanists have pretty much taken over all royal thrones, economies and political positions of human society. They are demon-possessed. Just like the Mormon branch of the Illuminati Satanism believes that they will become gods themselves, these Illuminati Satanists believe that they will receive scientific technology from the fallen angel aliens and someday become gods themselves. This is how the devil creates Satanists: it is not someone all of a sudden becoming crazy and becoming absolutely evil and sacrificing children like a lot of people imagine, but there is a slow process of deception and a carefully orchestrated selection process of developing a full-blown Satanist, and that is why these secret societies are so critical in that brainwashing and selection process, so that they can find and develop Satanists who can be nurtured to be placed into these positions as presidents and banking leaders and celebrities and other positions of power. However, all these top positions are taken by reptilian nephilim hybrids, and the human Satanists who are recruited from the human non-Aryan homo-sapien race are just used as menial servants of these reptilian vampire masters. This is why God tells us in the Bible that Satan comes as an angel of light and not as a devil: the disguise is for the purpose of deceiving, killing and stealing. If he came in his real identity as the devil, no one would follow him or be deceived by him.


They deny the Bible which teaches that God did not destroy mankind, but Satan killed off all the humans and replaced them with his reptilian nephilim and chimera monsters, so God had to wipe out the nephilim humanoid monsters because of their violent horrible evil, and restart mankind with Noah’s original human genes, once more. Nephilim are vampires and eat humans, as you can see from the Book of Enoch, and that is why the feminists eat human children in their satanic witch rituals. Satan is a master deceiver and a master liar, and in his Freemason and other secret society occult initiation ceremonies, he slowly discloses to the initiates that he is the hero alien who is out to save mankind, and that God is an evil alien out to destroy mankind. He tells them that they are a reptilian master race of Aryan witches who are superior to humans, and that is why they need to holocaust genocide the inferior human race, and replace them with their nephilim Forth Reich or New World Order of the Illuminati. In order to do so, they have to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of humans through war and natural disasters and plagues and drugs and abortions and terrorist attacks and their satanic child sacrifice rituals, in order to open up the forbidden star gate wormhole portals, to let in all these demonic spirits. They have to create an army of chimera monsters and nephilim in their underground grey alien nephilim secret military bases of the CIA and other nation’s intelligence agencies owned by the disguised reptilian nephilim witches, in order to deceive the world into believing in a invasion by evil aliens, and to prepare to fight God at Armageddon with the devil and his fallen angels. This is the thousands of years old Satanist Mystery Babylon religion lie of the Sumerian “Brotherhood of the Serpent or devil” occult society, and its many sub-branch organizations, such as the freemasons, Mormons, Wicca witches, Druids, Templar Knights, Knights of Malta, Esoterics, Kabbalist Judaists, Anti-Jew Zionist Edomites, Theosophists, Nazi Thule Vril, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Korean shamanism, Germanic paganism, Scandinavian Norse mythology, Roman and Greek and Egyptian paganism, Soka Gakkai cult, Illuminati Luciferians, Jehovah’s Witness cult, Vatican Catholicism, African voodoo, CIA, MI6, Mafia, drug rings, occult motorcycle gangs, Rosicrucians, British and European royal families, U.S. presidents, Federal Reserve Bank, Trilateral Commission, Committee of Three Hundred, Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, feminist movement leaders, etc. They are all united toward one goal: to bring in the reptilians’ New World Order of the Illuminati and to depopulate the earth and to fight God at Armageddon with their alien super military technology black ops programs. This is the biggest alien panspermia theory deception of the devil that the world has seen, but it is the same deceptive alien theory that Satan used in the ancient Atlantis civilization to turn the world into his nephilim offspring utopia and living hell for humans, thousands and thousands of years ago. The occult teach that there are many alien species in the world, including these reptilians, hybrid reptilian greys clones, and these blonde, white skinned, identically human-looking aliens, and that they created humans with their genes by mixing it with earthly monkey genes. Satan’s lies and tactics have not changed, and it is always the stupid, unbelieving, heathen humans who fall for the devil’s same lies in all ages, and follow after his Illuminati reptilians, and end up in hell, because they stubbornly reject God. There is not a single movie in Hollywood with godly feminine women that depicts Jesus as being the righteous loving God, who returns to destroy the Illuminati reptilian race and feminists and holographic disguised British royal family and chimera half-animal monsters, and God throws the devil and his heathen unbelievers into the Lake of Fire. You have to wonder why, because they have made every other book that is occult and anti-God into a Hollywood movie, except the Bible and the Book of Revelation. The reason is obvious—this world is ruled by Satan and his reptilian descendent bloodline families—and they will not make a Hollywood movie that depicts themselves as evil and being destroyed. This whole world and its media is Satan’s circus with his reptilian clowns running around making circus shows that fit their purpose and propaganda. When Jesus returns, He will kick their butts and trash their occult Nazi CIA. These stories and legends about witches and giants and vampires and dragons do not pop up, all of a sudden, into people’s minds. People are not that imaginative. These creatures exist in reality, and they have their origins with Satan, for all evil comes from Satan and his Illuminati, whereas, all goodness and beauty comes from God. This is why the feminists come from Satan and godly women come from God. Mary Magdalene was a miserable scum, but she became a lovely, feminine woman of God after she believed in Christ. However, reptilian witches like first lady Hillary Clinton cannot change by the Holy Spirit or get saved, because they are not humans, but they are demons with holographic human bodies and they have Satan’s evil reptilian genes. That is why they are extremely intelligent, but they are evil feminists. They are shape-shifters.


If you investigate all of the Illuminati Satanist’s movies for children like “Aliens in the Attic” and “The Watch,” they are basically imbedding into the minds of the next generation, the lies and doctrines of the Satanist reptilian Illuminati or 6,000 year old “Brotherhood of the Snake Society” or Freemasonry. In every movie, the alien leaders who represent God is evil and trying to invade earth and make humans slaves, while Satan is represented as a good alien who revolts against the other aliens, in order to protect mankind and free mankind by giving technology to mankind to protect themselves. This is the Sumerian Babylonian mystery religion doctrine that has been handed down through the secret societies of the Satanists, such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati and NASA. They promote all the secret society Satanists who believe this doctrine of the Church of Satan to all the powerful and influential high positions in society.