Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 40


Beware of Satan who seems to be doing everything and anything, at all levels of ministry, to mislead and identify and infiltrate the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren with his religious Western Christianity Illuminati spies. He makes them into famous radio hosts and famous authors and discloses internal Illuminati information to them to gain the public’s trust and makes them very wealthy. Meanwhile, they make huge amounts of money off of their listeners and followers. This is not the Holy Spirit and not of God. God’s true servants do not do such things.


Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren, Satan has two levels of false-prophets. One type of false-prophet is the regular ones you see on the internet blog sites claiming to be prophets of God, and teaching all kinds of false doctrine based on their human beliefs and what their spirits instruct them. The second type of false prophet is the more dangerous ones who you see with their YouTube videos and radio programs and books and CDs and DVDs. They advertise their names and they become quite famous to the religious Christians. They receive huge amounts of donations from the religious Christian communities. They advertise their home address or office address where people are able to send checks and money orders for their tithing. They come in with many amazing teachings that regular people do not know or with “wow” revelations, especially with their amazing in-depth knowledge about Satanism and the Illuminati and esoteric and witchcraft and occults and astral knowledge and Eastern Mysticism and spiritualism. They claim to be always hearing God speak to them to give them amazing knowledge and information. Some claim to be able to read your thoughts and start yelling and arguing with you over the YouTube videos and podcast recordings. Although they teach a lot of amazing, “wow” teachings from the Bible with their amazing intelligence, they sneak in the dangerous heresies and false teachings of Satan that throw off the listeners’ spiritual soundness and biblical foundation. They teach things such as “no rapture” and “no Anti-Christ” and “no End-Times prophecy” and “reincarnation and past life” and “I am also gods and the Great I Am” and many other false deceptive dangerous doctrines. They claim to have great anointing from God, but also claim that demons have taken control of their studio volume switches and they call out to the listeners for help. They teach all kinds of New Age and Eastern Mysticism teachings, and claim to have psychic knowledge of people and events and the future. They are fervent and fanatic and obsessed in making their listeners believe that there are no more prophets of God and we prophets do not exist anymore, and they claim that God no longer has the office or positions of prophets. They make the prophets’ mission by God into some kind of human offices or positions. They will adamantly attack the role of God’s prophets and apostles, citing the many fake false-prophets on the internet and Corporate Christianity End Times prophecy money-making institutions of the Illuminati, as some kind of evidence that God’s prophets are fake prophets also because they should not exist. They will always claim that they are not prophets or apostles in a very arrogant and prideful and boastful way, and may even claim that they are some other type of people sent by God by giving themselves titles like “Watchmen” or “Bible Answer Man” or “Brother so and so,” but some of them will continuously give all kinds of prophesies about the future, and boast how their prophetic utterances and what they call “insights” proved to be correct later on, in order to further vindicate themselves to their religious listeners and masses. A real prophet and man of God will just tell you what is going to be happening, instead of saying things like, “I will tell you what’s going to happen,” or “Let me tell you what you see happening,” and so forth. They will always claim to have a close relationship with God or some kind of spirit, and claim to be always talking with God, and tell you what God told them. If God wanted you to know, and it was that important, God would tell you yourself. This is how these carnal, religious Christians get deceived so easily, and follow after these people on the internet ministries, with names that they have given themselves that sound very friendly and people can feel intimate with. They may have long hair and obnoxious behavior, instead of a clean cut appearance and hair. They will always try to capture the hearts of minds of the real born-again spiritual Christians and children of God who have been hurt by the Illuminati churches and ostracized from the devil’s Christians churches by showing how much they hate the Christian churches and sharing how unspiritual the Christian churches are, and by telling their listeners and followers that they were also rejected by the church and they are fellow companions and persecuted brothers of the real born-again spiritual Christian and God’s children. If Satan cannot deceive the real Christians in church and keep them there, then Satan has these famous people on the internet to capture and ensnare the real Christians who have left the Christian churches and who are disgruntled with the churches. The enemy always uses a two-pronged tactic using two extremes to ensnare their religious Christian victims, just like a military maneuver pincer movement from both sides, since foolish humans tend to go to one extreme or the other. For example, the first type of false prophets will be all obsessed with the rapture and be escapists and festival celebrators, and just make a whole big fuss all day long about the rapture making all kinds of occult esoteric calculations as to when it will be using crazy mathematical formulas or arguing about the timing all day long. Then, the second type of false prophets will get very angry and fed up with these first type of false prophets, and they will start criticizing the rapture teachings, and deny that there will be any rapture, and that all who teach the rapture are stupid evil people. The first type of false prophets and the second type of false prophets are very similar type of people, just like the capitalist fascist imperialists and communist socialists are the same type of people, and the religious people and the atheists are the same type of people, and the Pharisees and Sadducees are the same type of people, and white neo-Nazi supremacists are the same type of people as the black genocidal racist fanatics, and the people of two neighboring nations who hate each other are the same type of people. God is always balanced and He is the Torah Truth, and all who know and love Him are in the Torah Truth and logical, so they do not go under Satan’s two extremisms nor do they compromise by being neutral in the middle, but they discern each situation and each truth by the Holy Spirit of God. God has given us wisdom through His Holy Spirit and understanding through Him and a sound mind. We look with great expectation with joy for the rapture of God’s Bride the Church Saints and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ before the Tribulation Age begins, and we believe what God has said about the rapture in the Bible, but we do not make huge amounts of money by making the rapture into a crowd attracting campaign or stop doing God’s ministry here because we are so busy making a big fuss about the rapture or so busy arguing about nonsense religious rapture issues like the Pharisees and Sadducees always did, as well. The religious people and immature and carnal and stupid people always run to these two extremes of Satan, or Satan’s neutral middle ground of complacency and compromise and universalism. Rather, we who are in Christ and His Torah Truth know what is the truth, have the mind of Christ, discern through His Spirit, teach by His Spirit and Bible, and have a sound mind. If you find immature, stupid, religious people trying to argue with you about religious issues and matters of the law, ignore these religious people and mindless crowds and Pharisees, and go about the Lord’s business by preaching and discipling God’s children, instead of letting Satan waste your time on Satan’s religious Christians and heathens. We are better than that, and we do not stoop to their level of ungodliness, because we are in Christ, and we live in the complete wisdom of Christ, and we are firmly grounded on the foundation of Christ, and we are led by Him. One way of identifying these false prophets is that they will always identify who they are to their listeners and followers and readers, and they will make known their names to the crowds and to the public, and they will attract a following of people on the internet and radios and bookstores. They will also make known to people about the books that they have written, and they will disclose to the people their addresses, so that people might send donations to them. Whenever a person becomes known to the public or famous, that is a warning sign of a false prophet, and it is Satan’s opportunity to lead many astray. It seems like for one true prophet of God, there are tens of thousands of false prophets of Satan to draw the masses and crowds to deception, just like for every real UFO photo Satan has thousands of fake photos that purposely look fake to deceive the dumb crowds to thinking that all of them are fake. The enemy’s false prophets always adopt a lot of the teachings of God’s prophets, and they themselves believe that they are real teachers of God, but it is always that one false doctrine that they slip into their preaching that will make many people stumble from the truth and it will be spiritually detrimental. The false prophets may even have good intentions and are religious Christians, but they teach wrong doctrine because they are led by wrong spirits. Satan has multi-layers of traps and many methods of deceiving God’s people, although the real Christians and the Elect cannot be deceived because they have God’s Holy Spirit and discernment of spirits. Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren, teach the Tribulation Saints to be extra careful of these second type of false prophets for they are more dangerous and sneaky and deceptive. The first type of false-prophets are easy to notice, but these second type of false-prophets come to us as if they are one of us and that they are real born-again Christians who does not fit into the Illuminati Christian churches and they will have a lot of amazing “wow” teachings, especially concerning these End Times and Satanism. They imitate and steal and emulate and take much of the teachings of God’s modern day prophets and apostles, in order to gain trust and attain credibility and respect from the mindless religious crowds, but they twist them and pervert them in the most important key points. They will also pick Bible verses and teach nice ethical teachings ever so often to make themselves sound legitimate teachers of God, but they will ignore the core doctrines that the Illuminati Christians have changed and deleted and ignored and trampled under their feet, and will hardly touch on those topics or hardly call the people to repent and return to those proper core Torah Truth precepts that have been thrown out of the churches, such as Jezebel-ism in the church, or rock music, or medical science witchcraft, or health insurance, or retirement pension, or taking pastoral salaries, or breeding genetic descendants (these people will usually have families themselves so they cannot speak concerning this issue), or selling books, women wearing men’s trousers, gluttonous obesity, sports fans, masturbation and viewing naked bodies, pursuing careers, pre-tribulation rapture, etc. Those are the key teachings and precepts that make the church repent and return to Jesus Christ, but they will avoid those subjects and precepts that the church has thrown out. These false prophets do not teach them, because they do not agree with them, and they do not agree with God’s Word and Torah Truth who is Christ. They may just touch on those subjects lightly or just teach superficially about them by diverting it to another issue related to it, but they will not teach about them directly or in depth or its true essence. These false prophets who are led by the enemy will just take bits and pieces of what God’s prophets teach, use them to gain credibility for themselves, then mix in the rest with their own perverted beliefs and obsessions of how things should be and their biases. They teach to put forward their own ideologies and Christianity or cult, instead of God’s precepts or what is written in the Bible, because their concern is not on those things of God. They are like supermarket shoppers who pick and choose only what they want to eat, and not what is healthy for their family. They could care less for Christ who is the Word or for the things in the Bible or the Torah Truth that they do not like or if they have to change things in their lives or change their doctrines, in order to follow the truth or follow Christ. They will put Christ into their own box and shape, and will deliver only the frosting that they like. They are like cult leaders who just express their personal opinions, using parts of the Bible to justify their own egocentric philosophies for their cults Their reward is their fame of their name and gaining a cult following of people who agree with their perverted philosophies and the sales of their books. This is why they yell and scream and argue with fictitious listeners who may be disagreeing with what they are preaching. If they were truly preaching God’s Torah Truth, they would just preach and not scream at fictitious listeners of their YouTube video or Podcast recordings who they think disagree with their thinking. They do not get along with similar famous people on the radios and on the internet, who do the exact same things as they do, because they will get into fights and arguments with them. They are just like the Pharisees and Sadducees of ancient times. A lot of these false prophets teach their fad theologies that they are obsessed with, but they will not teach about the secrets of the Illuminati government or Draco nephilim alien fleets or Satanism or feminist witches, because they are afraid of getting gang-stalked, tortured and killed, which shows the short-reaching extent of their love for the brethren and love for God. Some of them will only teach about Satanism and the Illuminati and End Times prophecy, in order to become famous and sell their books, and they will not teach the Torah Truth about the things that people need to repent of, because their focus is not on leading the people of God to a pure life or leading the people back to God and His precepts. If they taught the Torah Truth, then the Satanists and feminist witches and Illuminati and Draco reptilian alien nephilim and the fallen angels to microwave oven them alive or poison them with strong acids or infect them with flesh-eating bacteria or kill their families or gang-stalk them with missile laden predator aerial drones.


God is using real Christian female sisters to teach the Word of God or Torah Truth in these End Times is because there are so few men who are real Christians, and there are so few men who are teaching the true Word of God or Torah Truth. This is the circumstance that we face in this most evil period of human society and most lukewarm, satanic Christian church. Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels and fake Jewish people and Illuminati took away a lot of the important books of the Bible such as the Apocrypha and verses in the ancient times for thousands of years. The current Christianity is a fake imitation, and owned by the Illuminati. The current homo-capensis reptilian hybrid leaders and Satanist ministers of the Christian churches have been hiding all these true important scriptures and Word of God from the human homo-sapiens species people. They have tried to kill me off many times, because God has been giving me directly through the gift of wisdom a lot these truths that were removed from the Bible by the Illuminati Luciferian Satanists. If these scum bag Satanist try to remove the books, then God will just give the truths to His prophets, once again. They cannot stop God’s Torah Truth. Those who are of God will recognize the truth, because they are in Christ. Those who are evil will reject it as not being in the Bible. (See video “The Lost Books of the Bible” at .)


When I taught biblical physics, and biblical anthropology, and biblical archaeology, biblical geo-politics, and biblical history, there were hordes of authors following my articles. Some would copy entire portions of my blog to write their books, and make huge money from it. They would throw out everything that had to do with Jesus Christ and Almighty God YHWH and the Torah Truth, and use only the parts that were pleasing to hear for their readers or customers, so that they would buy their books. But now, when I am exposing all the inner secrets of the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist rogue government that has taken over our nations and their criminal activities, they do not want to write about it, because they know they and their family will be assassinated. They are not concerned about the human homo-sapiens race’s welfare, at all, but they are only concerned about the immediate money-making and selfish pleasures. These authors are sick, disgusting, evil people. Because they have done this, they have now incurred God’s wrath and judgment upon themselves. Basically, these writers are only concerned about making money off of the human homo-sapiens species people and for their personal gain. They have no intention of warning and helping the human homo-sapiens species people by exposing all the dark secrets and agendas and activities of Satan and his fallen angels and their Draco reptilian aliens and Illuminati reptilian hybrid globalist elites, because they are afraid of being assassinated and tortured by the CIA and having their families killed and being gang-stalked by hundreds of thousands of alien hybrids. These authors are the worst scum bag, stinking crap people of the earth, and are like leeches. They are boneless cowards, and the shame of the entire humanity, and a symbol of a degenerate person. If they even had a fraction of any decency or right heart, they would be exposing everything about the Illuminati and the CIA and the Luciferian Satanists and Draco reptilian aliens, and they would write for free of charge on their internet blogs and charge bare minimum costs for their books. Instead, they only write things that do not get them into trouble and keep themselves safe from harm, and they try to make money off of their books. They cannot complain if they are eaten by the zombies in the coming apocalypse judgment tribulation age for their Pharisee mentality and values and depravity and putrid reprobate hearts. The worst are the fake religious Christian writers who write about Christian Illuminati theology academics and do not teach the real Torah Truth of God. They are cursed people. Brothers, do not be like these pig dung people, and shout out the warnings to your fellow human homo-sapiens species populace with Almighty God YHWH and Lord Jesus Christ’s unconditional love.


Some of these false-prophets under the disguise of being famous Christian radio hosts and Bible prophecy book authors are members of Satanist factions that want to oppose and expose the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Draco reptilian hybrid globalists, so they do not get gang-stalked and people do not try to assassinate them, because they are protected by their own intelligence agency or their Satanist organizations or Illuminati factions. They get a tremendous amount of money. These false prophets will often scold you and rebuke you, as if they have great spiritual authority, in order to make you feel they are somehow great teachers and men of God. A lot of them are Tribe of Dan Edomite people, just like the Illuminati Bilderberg oligarch royal bloodline families, and are extremely intelligent people, although they will claim that they themselves are not intelligent people. They will certainly not come and live in a place like this where it is full of Illuminati nuclear power plant terrorist attack radiation contamination. The first type of false prophets are there to catch the religious Christians who love sensationalism and raptures and prophecies and wild occult, and the second type of false prophets are there to catch the religious Christians who are disgruntled with the churches and who have been persecuted by the churches. These are double traps that Satan has set to catch those religious Christians who do not fall under the mind-control and hive-mind of those who are in church and go to Sunday sermons every week and go about church religious life every time. Many of them are Illuminati PSYOPS intelligence agents who belong to the Illuminati factions that oppose the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist oligarch Illuminati royal bloodline elite’s cabal, and are teaching to disclose all their activities and crimes of Satanism, and to expose the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens’ agenda and Satan’s agenda. This is why their knowledge base is very psychic or white magic or Pleiadean humanoid nephilim alien or Andromedan nephilim alien or mantis nephilim alien in nature, similar to David Icke who ministers to the non-religious secular people. These factions of fallen angels and nephilim descendant entities hate Satan and his Draco Prime reptilian fallen angels and Draco nephilim aliens and their MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist oligarch royal bloodline elites’ government. These fallen angels and nephilim alien entities are also very anti-pre-tribulation rapture in belief and doctrinal teaching, because the pre-tribulation rapture would mean the end of their chance for ascension and salvation, and it symbolizes the beginning of the end of their own existence in this universe. Currently, they enjoy their “Star Wars movie” type of life in their advanced technology cities and jumping around planets in their spacecrafts. Test the spirits and look at the fruits of that person, dear brethren, and God will lead you in the straight path. Trust the Lord and seek His glory and not personal notoriety like these people. You will know who these people are by the Holy Spirit, unlike the religious Christians who walk blindly into traps. Know the Bible and the Word of God, and compare what people teach whether they really match the Scriptures or not, and whether their behavior and manner and speech exemplify Christ, and whether it sits well with the Holy Spirit gut-feeling in you or not. Most of all love God and know that He will not lead you astray. You have the Holy Spirit, so you can discern for yourselves.


The judgment against those who disguise themselves as God’s children and use their disguise as ambassadors of God’s kingdom, and make money off of God’s name, will be much greater and severe. How dare they make money by impersonating God’s servants to make money and wealth, whether it is writing books or becoming pastors or conducting weddings, and how dare they disguise themselves as an ambassador of an enemy nation of which they are not even citizens of. These people are crazy to think that God is going to be lenient against them. These demon spirits have no fear of God and no godly principles and no human soul for they are the offspring of the fallen angels and are not God’s creation.



Now, I say that these religious Christians are stupid, but you have to remember that I used to be as stupid as they were, before God gave me wisdom and understanding and discernment and knowledge and Torah Truth through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. This is so that no man can boast. I was an ardent Nazi and a fanatic nationalist patriot and idolater and a zealot against Christianity before the Lord saved me. We are wise and blessed and protected and assured of our safety only through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of our Father in Heaven YHWH, the Almighty God, and the only true and living God. Glory and honor and praise be to Him! And now, you my blessed brethren, share along with me that same wonderful relationship that you have with our Father and Jesus by His will and love for you. He ordained you before creation to be servants to Him for the Torah Truth.


As for you, the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, be wise in the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and store up gold and silver, in preparation for the market crash and epidemics and World War 3 that the Illuminati will soon unleash upon the earth. Swords and guns will not stop the servants of Satan who have the alien fallen angels’ technologies, but your protector is Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit who led your forefathers through the Red Sea. Michael the prince will rise up to fight for you. As the abomination of desolation is set up in the Temple by the Anti Christ the Jewish nation will to go to Petra in Jordan. The Lord will rapture you out when the appointed time comes. Store up food and water purifiers and everything you need for the coming tribulation and persecution. There is no need to advertise to the hungry murderous mobs that you have food and water and gold. Your paper money will be useless. Do not trust those who seem most trustworthy for the devil is a master of deception, but follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. He will warn you and be a light unto your feet. He will be with you in difficult times and even through dark valleys. Do not trust Christians and the disguised nephilim religious leaders the most. They are like a snare that awaits its prey. Move as the Lord leads you. Perilous times are here. Be wary of those Illuminati religious leaders who taught post-tribulation-rapture theories to lead many into the Tribulation Age horror. The Tribulation Saints’ nice jobs and nice families and nice houses and retirement pensions and medical treatments and tattoos and ear pierces and men’s trousers and rock music and book sales and doctorate degrees and past titles and cross pendants and garlic and patriotic military troops will not save them. No HAARP natural disaster can harm you. Go out into the whole world, and share the gospel to the Tribulation Saints. Be wise teachers and be full of the Holy Spirit. Pray at all times for mighty is the power of the Lord and great in miracles. The Lord can shut up the heavens and open the heavens. He can summon the earth to swallow up your enemies, and He can blind your enemies, and He can cause your enemies to fall upon their swords. Meditate on the Lord’s Torah Truth Word who is the Holy Spirit. Obey His precepts at all times. Keep them dear to your heart. Do not have families or children, for they will burden you. Give yourselves entirely to the Lord and to His people, as I taught you. And,, the grace and blessing and love of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, now and forevermore.


It is the dumb ass, evil, communist, self-righteous, left-wing radical, religious Christian, self-proclaimed linguistic professors who say that all war is evil, and God’s people should quietly let the devil capture and murder them and martyr them. They imply that Israel should let the devil’s armies destroy them, and should sit around and not protect themselves. They imply that God is evil because He fights wars, and uses men and nations to fight for God and His righteousness. These Japanese of Korean ancestry, Pharisee, self-proclaimed linguistic professors name themselves after King David and make people call them David, but they accuse King David of fighting against Goliath and battling against the devil’s armies. They do not agree with the Israelites warring and destroying every male, female and child nephilim demon spirits or Raphaim of Satan’s genetic descent in God’s Promised Land where they conduct witchcraft and Satanism and sacrifice children. They feel that God’s people should not fight wars and that they should be cannibalized by God’s enemies and ISIS raphaim. What kind of heathen people use women and children as human shields to protect their rockets they shoot into Israel to kill innocent people, and what kind of dumb heathen people do not listen to God, but rather listen to the terrorists to become human shields, even when Israel constantly warns them to leave the area because they are going to bomb it? Israel needs to trust God to protect them. It is right to pray for vengeance against the evil people who shed the blood of the innocent people. The war is not physical, but it is first spiritual. The Church Saints of the Church Age and the 144,000 Jewish Remnant do not have to fight in wars, because they are protected by the Holy Spirit, and God fights the battles for them, because they have the Holy Spirit and love God. For every attack of the enemy, God will shield us, and attack them many times over that the enemy will fear even the idea of attacking us. It is because if the God of heaven and earth fights for us, what devastation can He inflict on the enemy, and if He protects us, what attack can reach us? We will trample on every serpent and devil, upon every scorpion and poison, every scheme and plot, every technology and witchcraft, and against all weapons forged against us and spirit that wages war against us, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Spirit and His love for us. God tells us in His Bible that we will trample over serpents and scorpions, because we will overpower and destroy the fourth dimensional Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Mantis insect alien fallen angels. These aliens or interdimensional nephilim have no power over us, and moreover, we have power over them. God has given us his authority and power through Christ Jesus our Lord. Be encouraged, dear brethren, for we have the God of all Creation your Father fighting for us.


Israel and the Tribulation Saints do not have the Holy Spirit. These self-proclaimed linguistic professors learn and speak fluent Hebrew, but they hate Israel and Israel protecting themselves from the devil. These self-proclaimed linguistic professors are one of the most evil and disgusting people, although they have faith comparable to the demons. They hunger to know about the Torah Truth, but they are afraid to teach it lest they be hunted down by the Illuminati, so they make God’s apostle teach it, but then, they get jealous at God’s apostles who speak in the Spirit of God, because they themselves cannot hardly speak proper sentences or grammatical linguistic sense due to weak brains, so they bully and torture God’s apostles and try to hand them over to Satan’s Illuminati. They spend all their time and energy trying to make money through pyramid multi-layer-marketing MLM businesses by making others work for them, so that they can grow rich, although the people at the bottom cannot make money. They say that they work with these MLM people, in order to do God’s ministry to them, even when they hate God. These criminal self-proclaimed linguistic professor scum bag feces people will use the most vulnerable times when people’s savings and income have been destroyed by the Illuminati and require financial income to lure them into their evil MLM multi-layer marketing business. They hang around with other criminal gang leaders of the MLM multi-layered marketing business who are like mob gangster leaders by making excuses that they are ministering to them for God. These criminal self-proclaimed linguistic professor scum bag people will adopt the same MLM mob gangster leaders’ intimidation and threat and abuse and power harassment and mental torture techniques to drive people into slavery and bondage. They are exactly the same type of people as the mafia or yakuza or any other mob gangster people. They go to dozens of different churches impersonating a great Christian leader and theologian, in order to deceive the religious Christians into putting their defensive guards down, so that they can enslave them under their MLM business and parasite off of them like the typical yakuza mafia gangsters they are. They know that the Temple of God is a ideal place to make money and steal from the visitors and make people think God is going to provide them a lot of money so they need to support these fake linguistic professors. They make them call them “sensei” or “great teacher” or “great theologian,” in order to make people respect them, put down their spiritual guards, become vulnerable victims, so that they can treat them like slaves and gang subordinates and parasite off of them. This is why they yell and scream and abuse and mentally torture and belittle and humiliate and bully and spy and slander and exploit and threaten and drive people to absolute break down. This is why they steal off of the government by dumping all their trash in the government parks in illegal shopping bags, instead of paying for government sanctioned trash bags, in order to rip off a few dollars from the government and other taxpayers. They yell and abuse God’s apostles and prophets knowing that God’s people will not harm them because they have a good spirit, but they are scared straight of demon-possessed, evil old ladies who live downstairs. They will boast that they have great faith and they are not afraid of anything. But, they are afraid to speak up against the Illuminati and CIA and Satanists and Nazis and mafia and street gangs. They are a wonderful example of an ungodly carnal person who does not know God, and denies everything that He is and stands for. They are a perfect example of a person who is led by the devil and lives by the devil’s precepts. This is why they will try to force God’s apostles and prophets to continue being victims to Illuminati reptilian witches by accusing God’s apostles and prophets that they are not loving and not godly and they do not love the Illuminati reptilian witch demon spirits. They ally themselves with all who are of the devil, and fight to destroy all who are with God.


Be especially careful of religious Christians in the church who talk Christian terms and behave like Christian brothers, but they will start sharing to you that they are homeless and have not eaten anything that day, or they will tell you how they are having financial problems and cannot pay the electricity water bills or feed their families. These people will always take money from the religious people who give out tons of money to religious activities, and they will never return the money. It is because they are thieves in their nature and genetic structure. If you give money to these people, you must believe that your money will never be returned, and you are wasting your money to evil people. If the person was a real born-again spiritual Christian, then he would be telling you that God always provides for his needs, and he needs nothing at all, and that God is faithful in providing his food and income and shelter and all other needs. Also, be careful of pastors who come to ask the church Sandhedrin elders committee for help in finances through monthly support or salary, because you know already that these are not real Christians but religious ungodly people, although they are super nice people, very minister-like, and extremely religious and pious. A true pastor would be giving money, and not asking for money. This is how you distinguish between a false spirit and the Holy Spirit.


What allowed Enoch and Elijah to be raptured and Apostle John to live a long life: it was love and trust. Do not listen to these Western Christianity big church religious hippy rogue pastors and their “Bible Answer Man” and Jezebel worshippers, but listen to God and His Torah Truth. There is absolutely no problem in accepting the “Flower Children” hippies into the church, and teaching them the “Torah Truth,” for that is what one should do. However, one should not bring into the church the idols of the hippies’ Jezebel humanism or Satanism, and receive those doctrines in order to be accepted by the hippies and to grow the church into a huge church conference. If you do, you are not teaching the Torah Truth, but you are throwing out the Torah Truth, and receiving in the doctrines of the devil or Jezebelism, just like in ancient Babylon, the Torah Truth was thrown out, and the doctrines of Babylonian mystery religion Judaism were brought into amongst the Israelites. This is how the devil cleverly works to poison the True Way with his seeds of deceptive doctrines. Then, all kinds of bad crop grow from them, such as women’s equality, Babylonian medical science, tattooing, rock music, astrology, Roman calendars, Hellenistic church democracy, women wearing trousers and not head coverings, men wearing dresses and covering heads, patriotism and political right-wing conservatism, “Bible Answer Man” and hippy pastor street gang Sanhedrin religious mobsters, strange rituals and Satanist pastoral garbs, post-tribulation rapture theories, ear-piercing, Disneyland goers, superhero comic and Star Wars idolaters, and every other stinking doctrine of Western Christianity of Babylon.


These hippy rogue pastors believe that since they do not punch people in the bars anymore, or take drugs, or sleep with any woman, they are now Christians. This is not true. To be born-again means to have a real trust and love relationship with Jesus. Not just being a nice person. Even the heathens can change their lives to become nice people. If they do not even believe the Torah Truth who is Christ and reject His prophets, then how can they have a relationship with someone who they do not believe in or trust or love. They say they have a prayer with God, but they have to first get the foremost things right. If they truly have a relationship with Christ, then they need to accept His Torah Truth.


The religious Christians are led by their base, animal, breeding instinct, and that is why they divorce their spouses and flirt with other men and women by getting marrying with them. They have no consideration for the Torah Truth. God is just a convenience for them. When He is inconvenient, they just throw Him out. This is why they refuse to accept or support His prophets. They just consider themselves servants of God. They are led to marriage by that carnal, animal instinct, and they are led to divorce and flirt with other people by that same carnal, animal instinct.


The problem is that the human race has been dumb down by the Illuminati’s media, education, MK Ultra Monarch HAARP mind control frequencies, mobile phone mind-control frequencies, open ridicule of so-called “conspiracy theorists” and open intentional disinformation to counter the conspiracy theorists, that the human homo-sapien race is now really like livestock pigs that are just herded by the Illuminati toward their butcher’s shack every day. Tens of thousands of their human children are kidnapped right under their noses for the reptilians’ Satanist live sacrifice rituals, and yet, they just wonder what happened to all the children who disappear every day, while the reptilian government and media covers up these Illuminati criminal rings. If they are not ignorant livestock pigs, when they reach this level of stupidity, I do not know what is; and their children deserve to be eaten by these hybrid vampire elites of our world and their reptilian extraterrestrial beings that invade our society every day. Although people may have super high IQ human intelligence, when they alienate themselves from the Holy Spirit of God, they become brain dead to reality and common sense, to the extent that they ridicule the Torah Truth as just being far-fetched “conspiracy theories” (a phrase coined by the Illuminati). Even such blatant and obvious inconsistencies in our society, these mind-controlled human populaces have been made not to question or research or analyze. The level of stupidity is sometimes incomprehensible to us. These religious Christians are happy with their golf courses, their chocolate cakes, their breeding family lives, their 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. timecard secular jobs, their Sunday sermons in church by their Western Jezebel-doctrine Illuminati-created hippy ministers, their Friday night partying, their comfortable retirement pension investments, their Sunday evening sports matches on television, their cosmetics, and they just constantly stuff their brains with the Illuminati’s television mind-control and stuff their bodies with the Illuminati’s toxic poisoned food and tap water every day. How stupid can they get?! They have an existence more like animals, rather than children of the Most High God. What is wrong with them? You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant have to speak godly sense into them if you love them, for they are like sheep headed for the butcher’s cutting block.


The Illuminati reptilians make it look like the humans are polluting the earth with their propaganda for global unity and their New World Order one-world central government plan, but in reality, it is the Illuminati reptilians who are dispersing tons of radiation into the atmosphere to kill off humans with things like diabetes and cancer and immune lowered diseases that come from radiation. Even though we can have absolute clean and absolute free and absolute instant energy, but the Illuminati is hiding these many technologies, and keeping the humans dependent on pollution creating smog creating petroleum fuel in order to profit trillions of dollars. They are using 80 billion dollars of taxpayers’ black ops budgets to kill human homo-sapiens, while they hide alien technology that can make each human homo-sapiens on this planet into wealthy multi-millionaires and eradicate poverty from the earth. The Illuminati is polluting the world with tons and tons of dangerously toxic chemicals from their planes all over the world, which are seen worldwide recently as chem trails in the sky, in order to get more humans and children sick so that they can exterminate humans. The Illuminati is polluting the waters, and even the tap water we drink with dangerous toxins, and flooding the sea with radiation, so that the seafood the humans eat and the rain ground water will exterminate more humans. The Illuminati reptilians are polluting our environment with toxins by spreading dangerous poison into the crops and food sources, so that the vegetables and livestock that humans eat will further compromise their immune systems and kill more humans with cancer and other diseases. All these poisons and radiation and toxins and chemicals in the environment and food that they are poisoning is designed to make the human infertility rates to sky rocket and humans to get dead fetuses and infant deformities and infant mortality, so that they can carry out their reptilian witch depopulation program of humans. The list goes on and on and on. It is not just wars, crime, narcotics, child kidnappings, natural disasters, feminist witch abortion pro-choice Nazi mass murder movements, terrorist bombings, daily assassinations by Illuminati local community murder hit squads families, designing of nephilim chimera creatures in their secret underground military bases specifically created for killing mass populations of humans and cities after they create the global market crash and famine and civil unrest and martial law, and polluting the food sources and the environment, but there is so much more evil things that the reptilian Aryan Illuminati is doing to destroy the earth and destroy humans, a normal mind-controlled human would not believe it because it sounds almost like a horror movie or fairy tale to them. The average human has been made so stupid by the Illuminati mind-control and witchcraft and alien gray brain technology that they would rather walk into the butcher’s shack and be butchered pretending ignorance, rather than to admit the truth and face the horror of reality. If you do not believe humans are this stupid, you can look at nature, and see the ostrich hides it head in a small hole while the lion tears its body apart. What is more surprising is not the reptilians extremity of evil, since they carry Satan’s genes or the Serpent’s seed, but it is the extremity of the stupidity of humans and their stubborn, stubborn, stubborn insistence on ignorance and denial of the truth that is happening to them. It is sort of like livestock pigs that do not believe that the ranchers are herding them into the butcher shop, but they insist on believing that they are being led into a five star hotel, and the butcher shop is a safe refuge where they are being led. The Bible says how could any flesh survive, unless God intervened, and Christ returns at Armageddon to stop this nonsense, just like He did during the age of Atlantis with Noah’s flood, when it was sheer terror for humans on this earth caused by Satan’s reptilian nephilim and chimera monsters. The reptilian nephilim giants were skinning homo-sapien humans alive and eating them. All flesh was corrupted on this earth during Noah’s days, for Satan and his fallen angels genetically reengineered all humans and animals and life on this earth. Therefore, God had to destroy everything with His global flood, and restart everything through Noah’s Ark with each animal species without corrupted genes. History repeats itself. These pagan religions and Illuminati worship them as their gods and ancestors. These fallen angels teach these primitive people about distant star systems that cannot be seen with the naked eyes, but only with high-powered telescopes. These people and hippy pastors eating donuts and coffee in church laughing with each other will tell you it is not a terrible world, but for the masses of children who are being sacrificed alive and being eaten in the Illuminati Satanist rituals every day and the drugged humans in the secret underground military gray alien Illuminati bases in cages calling out for help while they are being transformed to half-octopuses half-humans, it is very real and it is a terrible world. I tell these stiff-necked, spiritually stinking, Jezebel Pharisee “Bible Answer Man” and their gang of hippy rogue pastors to wake up and know the Torah Truth, and then, they ridicule me and blurt out words of abuse and blaspheme the Lord Most High? May God deal with them.


The Illuminati steals or parasites billions of dollars from the hard-working human taxpayers, and lets their reptilian Illuminati members create their silly miniature companies, and they distribute billions of dollars to these Illuminati Satanist company owners. They steal and pillage and plunder from the human homo-sapiens taxpayers and honest investor human populace through taxing and various despicable market manipulations, and share that spoil and money with their own secret society members and fellow Satanists. The Illuminati members get promoted to top positions with the multi-million dollar salaries and personal jets and big titles and huge mansions. This is why if you monitor these company owners, they go to these Italian restaurants owned by the Illuminati reptilian organized crime syndicates, and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for simple dinners, in order to contribute money for secret services and favors from the Illuminati. All those who succeed in this world are in one form or another attached with the Illuminati reptilians, and all the top positions have been taken over by the reptilian hybrid nephilim, and all the Satanist human servants have been kicked out of these positions, as more and more reptilians get cloned and integrated into the human society.


To become a company larger than a certain size, you have to be an Illuminati owned company. I could not understand why in many of these huge Illuminati companies, the women who have monopolized all the human resources management positions are feminists and very unethical. In order to be promoted over a certain level in the Illuminati companies, you have to be an Illuminati Satanist. The higher the reptilian witch genes they have, the higher the position they get. Therefore, the high witches get all the positions as Hollywood actresses and politicians and company executives and best-selling authors. That is why when I tell the Human Resources Departments about the human trafficking and homo-sapiens child and female slavery that is going on in the company, the Human Resources Department feminists and corporate attorneys tries to kick me out of the company by making up all kinds of false claims, because they cannot frame me on any issues; while completely incompetent, schizophrenic, psychopathic people who want to steal your position join up with them and get promoted and get pay raises. The corporate attorneys are also conducting these perverse, corrupt things, so if they prosecute all the Japanese of Korean ancestry upper management members, they would also have to prosecute themselves. Then, these Illuminati company all-female Human Resources Departments always threaten to sue you, if you speak anything about the corruption or criminal activities of all of their Japanese of Korean ancestry upper management members, and force you to sign legal documents to remain silent if you want to get paid your final salary. They will all gang up on you to force you to quit. In the corporate world that is owned by the Illuminati Satanists and reptilians, it does not matter how good you are, but it matters how evil you are. The more evil you are, the more higher positions you get. This is why all the scum float to the top management positions in these Illuminati Satanist major mega-corporations, whether they are feminists or Satanists or Japanese of Korean ancestry factions or slave owners or hidden psychopaths.


These Illuminati major global bank vice presidents of human resources will ask you to develop and send them materials for their companies’ employee evaluation programs and business management training materials. Once you send them the material, they will always tell you that they are no longer interested in hiring your services. Then, they will take credit for the materials by themselves, and give the training materials to their cheaply-employed, low-quality, in-house trainers to deliver the training courses, using the material you gave them. These Illuminati Satanist creatures are not only parasites, but they are also thieves and swindlers. This is their fallen angel ancestors’ reptilian nature. The huge global corporation Illuminati Satanist human resources executives and other executives are all criminals, Satan worshippers, unethical, and do everything evil to get promoted to their high positions and high salaries through their Illuminati membership Satanist secret society connections. They are no different from the common criminal. On the outside, they wear nice clothes, have fancy titles, get respect from their employees or soldiers or government workers, talk with amazing intelligence, but inside their hearts, they are demon creatures that have no human soul. They were not created by God, but they were manufactured artificially by the devil’s genetic reengineering, and they are descendents of the nephilim witch family bloodlines. They feed off of the human homo-sapiens’ society, and take all the nice positions of honor, wealth, influence, power and fame, through their evil methods, evil secret society connections, and the power of their fallen angel ancestors’ witchcraft. This is how they have taken over all the positions of power over the humans, whether it be the royal families, global bankers, multi-billionaires, military leaders, intelligence agency leaders, media moguls, mega-corporation executives, college Women’s Studies department feminist professor titles, college deans, police chiefs, famous celebrities, million seller authors, NASA top scientists, world leaders and top politicians, mega-church ministers, etc. These demons in human bodies are having a heyday of their lives and a pandemonium festival on this earth, and it is the reptilian descendants’ world, until Jesus comes back and throws them into the Lake of Fire.


The reptilians have done away with God’s ethical system, and brought in their legal system, which is a sign of a corrupt organization and nation. In the Illuminati major corporations, you have all these Japanese of Korean ancestry who get high level positions because all their bosses are Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanists also, even though they buy and keep many human slaves in Thailand, and do not show up to work without calling the company every time, and do not show up to meetings that they set up every time, and do not come into work because they are alcoholics, and keep making major mistakes. They kidnap these children, poke their eyes out so that they provide equal service to all customers, chain their feet, and force them into sexual slavery. And these are the type of feminist people who claim to be fighting for women’s rights—the hypocrisy—it’s a joke. The human homo-sapiens need to open their eyes. The Illuminati owns all the companies, and the Illuminati own all the unions through their mob organizations, and they own the law enforcement agencies. Since the mob and the politicians both have the reptilian psychopath brains, they both kill people indiscriminately. The public always criticizes the mob for the killings, but they do not realize that the Illuminati kills many, many, many times more people than the mob ever does. You can think of the Illuminati like a mega mafia mob parent organization that kills hundreds and hundreds of people, whereas, the mafia only kill people ever so often. Therefore, the mafia is scared of their parent organization the Illuminati, since the entire mafia can be killed by the Illuminati main organization, which has more manpower, technology, weapon firepower, stealth, court systems, assassins, money, and power. The mafia is only a small branch of the Western Illuminati organization that does the dirty work for them and earns money for them. Organized crime groups are just the henchmen of the Illuminati, and the Illuminati sometimes allow these mob gangsters to get indicted by their own Illuminati court judges, in order to deceive the public and low-ranking law enforcement officials into believing the justice system is working and effective. The organized crime groups are not criminal organizations, as people believe they are, but they are rather branch organizations of the bigger parent organization—the Illuminati. This is why the mob gangs, the intelligence agencies, the bankers, the politicians, are at odds with each other, but they also cooperate and work closely with each other for their Illuminati. It is a little complicated, because the yakuza Japanese mob owned by the Japanese of Korean ancestry are part of the Western Illuminati Freemason Nazi cabal and the Western Black Hat faction, while on the other side, the Triad Japanese and Chinese secret society is part of the Eastern Illuminati’s White Dragon Society and the Western White Hat faction. So, this is why the yakuza and freemason assassins try to kill the Eastern Illuminati leaders, and the White Dragon Society ninjas and Western White Hat faction assassins try to kill the Western Illuminati leaders. The mob is fighting on the side of whomever they are a branch of. This is why there are Asians who are fighting against the Eastern Illuminati, and there are Americans and Europeans who are fighting against the Western Illuminati. For example, you may wonder why in the world is Benjamin Fulford, who is a Westerner and was a former Forbes chief editor, fighting with the Triads and Gnostic Illuminati, while the yakuza mob and freemason assassins are trying to murder him, but you will understand that it is not by national borders, but a more complicated war going on between allied groups. This war goes back for ages, because Ben’s great grandfather was murdered by the Western Illuminati’s Rockefeller family (who made millions with Standard Oil company’s petroleum industry) because he was going to fund Nikola Tesla’s free energy technology. The Western Illuminati is not stupid, so they know very well that a lot of their assassins are Asians themselves, but they are willing to sacrifice a lot of their own member’s lives and mob organizations by targeting all Asians with SARS diseases and massive tidal waves and massive nuclear contamination and tons of chem trails and thousands of other methods to carry out their mass depopulation murder firm religious doctrine of Satanism. You can think of it as an extension of the Western Illuminati’s Nazi doctrine of the Jewish holocaust during World War 2 being realized at a much larger scale at a global level that is not only targeting Jews but also Asians and blacks and Slavs and middle-easterners and whom they call “little brown people” and others who carry the non-reptilian-Aryan human genes. If you have the Holy Spirit, you know what is going on, but if you are a religious Christian, you are dumb as a cow in a holocaust butcher shack, because you are basically spiritually blind to realize what is going on in the world.