Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 4


In order to restore their Satanist Babylonian religion’s Satanist Atlantis civilization under Satan and his fallen angels and his Draco reptilian nephilim aliens and his matriarchal Illuminati reptilian bloodline family witches, they need enormous amounts of money. A level one civilization requires all the resources and finance of a planet. A level two civilization requires all the resources of a star or sun. A level three civilization requires the resources and finance of a galaxy. This is why their reptilian hybrid homo-capensis Freemason Templar Knights started the banking system to parasite off of the human homo-sapiens race and to make them their working slaves. This is why the United States which is owned by the Illuminati made agreements with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan which were owned also by the Illuminati to bring in all their war criminals into the United States and allied countries, if they brought all the money that they stole and looted from the countries and humans they conquered and killed. This includes all the artwork they stole and the gold they extracted from the millions of Jewish people who they massacred and the gold that the Chinese royal families had stolen for thousands of years from the human populace. All those war crime money flowed into the pockets of the Illuminati globalist elites, who stole a whole lot of money by purposely causing World War 1 and World War 2. Now, they have created 7 colonies in planets throughout the solar system, with a huge fleet of starships and spacecraft fighters throughout the galaxy. This type of colonization of the galaxy and creation of military space fleet would not have been possible without putting the human slaves under trillions of dollars of national debt, which need to be reset every time by causing a world war. It would not have been possible without all the money they make from child trafficking of humans and making humans addicted on CIA narcotics industries and manipulating the humans’ stock market to steal trillions of dollars and developing cancer viruses to infect millions of humans to make money from the medical industries and killing millions of human homo-sapiens to create world wars to cancel all the national debts. Basically, in order to create their Satanist Draco reptilian civilization of killing, pillaging, stealing, parasite feeding, and enjoying themselves in the reptilian ritual bloodshed of warfare, they have killed millions of humans through thousands and thousands and thousands of years. Finally, they are about to be able to recreate their Atlantis fallen angel advanced alien technology civilization again, in order to try to defeat God. However, as God prophesied in the Bible, Jesus will destroy them and throw them into eternal judgment for all the evil they have done. In order to create their UFOs, the Nazi Germans forged half of the British pounds that existed after World War 2 and it was undistinguishable from the real money. The people who created the CIA and all the secret intelligence agencies are all the people who were the professionals in forging money. The amount of money they forged is beyond earthly imagination or comprehension. After the war, Illuminati member Emperor Hirohito had mountains and mountains of gold hidden away, which was stolen during World War 2, and only he knew where it was, which was actually in the Illuminati Vatican bank and Illuminati President Marcos in the Philippines. So, the U.S. Illuminati approached him to strike up a deal. The Federal Reserve bonds (not U.S. treasury bonds in order to keep everything secret) given in return for the gold was forged and fake. The bonds given to Chang Kai Shek was all fake. If they play along, they get part of it redeemed. However, if they do not play along, they do not accept the bonds back and tell them it is fake. The gold was melted, had new serial numbers imprinted on them, and used over and over and over, again, to deceive the human homo-sapiens. These quadrillions of dollars were needed to create their space civilization and space military fleet for Satan and his fallen angels. So, the CIA and all the Illuminati intelligence agencies have the technology and ability to counterfeit all the banks’ own securities. The Illuminati’s intelligence agencies like the CIA now run the world’s banks and control the world’s finance. This is why the fascist mafia intelligence agencies are ordering their lieutenants to kill each other. This space fleet with huge plasma canons on their huge Earth Defense Force (EDS) and Mars Defense Force (MDS) can melt through the hulls of any nephilim alien UFO or spacecraft, so the aliens cannot come into the earth to steal its resources. There are many UFOs that trespass the solar system without permission from the Illuminati’s space defense command which are being shot down. Now, the nephilim aliens have to trade with the underground city nephilim Atlantis survivors and undersea city nephilim Atlantis survivors through the surface civilization space defense forces or secret shadow earth government at the Trading Center bases in the solar system, in order to trade for resources. This gives the wealth and power to the earth’s Illuminati governments. This is why it was necessary for the reptilian hybrid homo-capensis Illuminati bloodline families to enslave the human homo-sapiens race with their mind-control technologies and create a world banking system to steal money from the homo-sapiens humans and to keep the human homo-sapiens race ignorant about the burglary and enslavement and the secret space military program and mind-boggling technology.


The Illuminati uses British Nazi member Edomites like Audrey Hepburn, who are the 1960’s pre-punk-rocker type rebel feminist boyish reptilian witches in their Hollywood brainwashing programs to mind-control the foolish populace. By foolish populace, I mean those with absolutely no godly wisdom and true intelligence, although they may have very high IQ human intelligence or academic intelligence. The Illuminati raises up these Illuminati girls from these fascist families and rebellious hippy type girls into positions of glamour and Hollywood fame, so that they will be idolized as role models for the human women. The very foolish human women are completely brainwashed by the Illuminati, and idolize these reptilian witch actresses, and imitate and adopt their values. There is a satanic witchcraft spell that is at work in these media. The Illuminati through actresses like Audrey Hepburn promote ungodly, disgusting values on their Illuminati movies, such as shoplifting or psycho-schizophrenia in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, or cutting hair short to mock God’s commandments or throwing away ice cream cones on the stairs or getting drunk or running away from proper behavior in “Roman Holiday”, or turning on all the cars’ exhaust and promoting carbon dioxide poisoning suicide in “Sabrina”, or forging and stealing in “How to Steal a Million,” etc. as a pre-programming of society’s degeneration of godly values for the 1960s satanization era. It is subliminal, and it is intended to be subliminal, because people will not be brainwashed into adopting such ways of thinking and values, if it was too obvious and radically deviant; so they purposely hide these subliminal programming of the foolish movie viewers under the image of a pretty cute princess which foolish girls idolize, or a liberal and free socialite who lives an extravagant lifestyle of parties and fashion which foolish girls dream about. The Illuminati’s Hollywood makes up these rebellious, tomboy type of girls and makes them into actress idols and singer idols to promote a rebellious, tomboyish, psychotic, emotionally disturbed, selfish, independent, strong, feminist, New Age, new thinking, reptilian witch thinking female role model. Audrey Hepburn was one of the this tool that they used to start the change in thinking, and to start the satanization of mankind right before the post 1960s “Flower Children” sin liberation movement. And now, that satanization is almost complete, and we have similar values and ways of thinking and witchcraft mind-control as in the ancient days of Noah’s flood’s Atlantis civilization. It has all been done by Satan thousands of years ago, and it is just a repeat of history, and the reptilian Satanists’ feminism is always the catalyst for degradation of mankind. The reptilian nephilim witches’ doctrines of Satanism are very alluring to the End Times wicked generation, because feminism is very alluring to a base, degenerate, haughty heart that refuses to submit, for Satan is the father of pride and rebellion. The more evil the heart, the more lured it is by feminism’s spirit, and the more fanatic is one’s devotion to the feminist religion of the witch god Molech. Feminism is at the core of Satanism and the nephilim demon spirit feminist witch descendent activists, and feminism exemplifies everything evil. The religious Christians have committed adultery with Jezebel and have drunk the wine of feminism. God originally created women as a beautiful creature, but Satan has perverted the End Times women into warped, grotesque creatures beyond recognition, who consider themselves equal to men and haughtily speak their satanic beliefs that lead to death. This angers me very much, because women used to be honorable creatures worthy of great admiration and love, but now, in these End Times, they are a symbol of Satan’s grotesque perversion and putrid women’s equality arrogance. Originally they were made in God’s image, and now, they are an example of Satan’s putrefaction into Satan’s image. From God’s daughters of submissiveness, humility, gentleness, cuteness, affection and femininity, they have been made into the devil’s daughters of independence, rebelliousness, pride, desire for equality, control and domination.


This is the secret agenda of Satan: he is using genetic and hormonal and brain wave engineering to tamper with the human homo-sapiens race men and women to reverse their characters and roles, in order to exterminate the human race. The Illuminati feminists are throwing in tons of chemicals and biological weapons into the human populations’ water and food supplies, in order to make the men more effeminate and the women more masculine. They are genetically altering the newborn children’s genes and hormones to become more satanic. The boys are becoming weaker and effeminate, and the girls are becoming more dominating and strong-willed. The men have smaller reproductive organs than older generations, and there is increase of infertility among the humans. The population decreases, since the women are not having families, and there are less children. In the third-world countries like in Africa, they are increasing in population, so that is why the Illuminati reptilians are using biological Illuminati laboratory weapons like Ebola viruses and HIV viruses to try to exterminate Africans. The mind-control waves from the mobile phone towers and televisions and HAARP weapons are changing the men’s brain waves and making them more timid and effeminate, and making the women’s brain waves more dominating and evil. The Illuminati reptilians are trying to make the men not able to fight. The U.S. military and Chinese military and other nations’ militaries are different, because they are filling these soldiers with tons of drugs and chemicals that make them aggressive and violent. This is why a lot of soldiers who come back from war become crazy, and they become very violent. The Illuminati calls it just a simple Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is psychological and have Illuminati counselors to make it look like they are dealing with it, but in reality, it is the Illuminati drugging the soldiers and screwing up their brains and emotions and souls. It makes them more open to control by their Illuminati demon spirits. At the same time, they are using Hollywood movies and media and education systems to brainwash the men to become more effeminate, and the women to become more feminist. This is why most of the women of this End Times is very feminist and evil, and they believe in women’s equality and walk around wearing men’s trousers instead of dresses, and the satanic Western Christianity women refuse to wear head coverings. This is a blatant blasphemy against our Creator and God. The masses of reptilian Satanist Illuminati feminist assassin squads have gone around to every corner of the world to assassinate masses of men who do not become effeminate or who do not agree with feminist religious doctrines of women’s equality and any other human homo-sapiens race people who do not submit to their Illuminati reptilian feminist ideology. All the reptilian great villains’ secret criminal organizations of the Illuminati and the assassination feminist organizations know my secret identity; it is only the normal citizens who do not know my true identity. The feminist witches are mass murderers and psychopath demon spirits in nephilim human bodies, and are worse than the most genocidal dictators like Hitler or Mao Tse Tung or Stalin or Pol Pot or Count Dracula. They have not only aborted millions and millions of human race fetuses, but they have also assassinated millions of men. They are hell bent on bringing in their god Satan and his perverted utopian satanic reptilian demon world and witch kingdom. Do they not know that God will judge them severely for the millions of men these feminists have assassinated? Do they think God is blind to their turning the human homo-sapiens population into a perverted Satanist utopian gender reversed society? God’s is slow to wrath, but His wrath is surely coming, and it is a fearful thing to fall under the wrath of the true and living God. It is the most evil of evil, most scum bag of scum bag, the most putrid of putrid human women who follow after these reptilian demon nephilim feminists, touting women’s equality, wearing men’s trousers, taking leadership positions in society over men, preaching the strong woman doctrine, and talking to men as if men are their equals. This putrefaction of the human race and the human society must be stopped, and God is patient, but He will bring down judgment upon this wicked generation, soon. They will all perish together in the Lake of Fire with their devil and his feminist Jezebel doctrines.


These nephilim descendant men are either effeminate and violent and weak toward their wives and daughters, or they are dominating and rude and critical and sexually abusive, because all Satanist reptilian hybrid nephilim are paedophile child molesting creatures genetically, since they carry the fallen angels’ genes. This is why they breed feminist daughters who are reptilian hybrid witches that look down on men, are rebellious, mentally and spiritually perverted, molest children in their witch rituals and sacrifice them, tout women’s equality, and behave like nephilim reptilian hybrid daughters. They were sexually abused, so they hate men, and they sexually abuse children. These children grow up hating women, so they go around abusing women. This is why these reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendants conduct all these serial murders, mass shootings, genocide of races, rapes, sodomies, feminist activities, homosexual sexually perverted transvestite activities, paedophile rings, child sacrifice witch rituals, join occults and cult groups, join mobs and gangs, become Illuminati assassins and super soldiers and mind-controlled operatives, Illuminati created terrorists, etc. The nephilim race has always been a plague upon the human society and human homo-sapiens race, and they still are at the root of all hatred, suffering, death, genocide, crimes, narcotics, natural disasters, mechanical disasters, pollution, poisoning of the earth, wars, parasite global banking systems and stock markets, cancers and other epidemics and all kinds of disease, and everything evil that you see around the world. Their giants do not go around skinning humans alive and ripping their limbs off and eating them in public like in the days of Noah’s Atlantis civilization, but they do the same thing in their satanic rituals behind closed doors and eat their victims by the hundreds of thousands. These aliens need paedophilia to energize themselves and their spacecrafts, or they cannot exist without it. The rock and roll concerts are to have a witchcraft hive mind that is controlled by the aliens. When people come to a Christian concert or to a church and spill out their stress and pain and negative energies before idol statues of deities, there are demon spirits that feed on these negative energies. These demonic spirits parasite off of the humans’ emotions and thoughts. If you have faith and love and joy in Christ Jesus, then these demon spirits cannot survive. It is like the viruses and bacteria that these demon spirits exist in and control. If you are stressed, angry, depressed and fearful, your blood become acidic, and these viruses and bacteria can infect and take over the body. If you are joyful, at peace, and have love, and in Christ, your blood is alkaline, so these microorganisms cannot survive in your body, and the demons cannot make you sick. Your body’s frequency would be vibrating at God’s frequency, and not vibrating at a low, ungodly frequency. The environment affects the type of creatures that inhabit that body or home or building or haunted location or place of worship. In laboratories, in a test tube that sterile, if it is left in a negative energy environment, it will grow fungus and parasitical bugs will start growing in the fungus. Where God’s presence is, no darkness can exist. This is the same in what kind of energy or spirit a person is emitting. Bitterness creates cancer, jealousy creates bacteria and viruses, and feelings of unworthiness create fungus. If people are spiritually imbalanced and negative, the Illuminati’s chem trail nanobot Morgellons disease can take over the person’s body and start growing computers and cables in that person’s body, as part of the Illuminati’s “Star Trek” movie type “Borg” cyborg transhumanism creature. The picture of the internet web looks like a spiritual fungus. The question is whether you are feeding negative energy into the internet or using it for Jesus to share the truth. Many people say that the Archons who control the Draco who in turn control the Illuminati are an artificial intelligence, but the fallen angels incarnate in the artificial intelligence. The military technological weapons that house the artificial intelligence are like the spores of the fungus infection that the archon’s fallen angels incarnate. This is why the real Christians cannot get sick, but the religious Christians are all sick and going to the Illuminati’s medical witchcraft institutions to feed the Illuminati’s pharmaceutical witchcraft industry business. The sickness is an expression of their spiritual condition. However, if God’s prophet and apostles teaches this in love, the religious Christians will hate you, attack you, call you a heretic, and try to crucify you. This is a reflection of the religious Christians’ spirits. They have been like that since ancient times, just like the Pharisees.


These people who conform to the world and reject God can be used by the aliens to gang stalk and murder people, but they will not remember it. The nephilim aliens watch Christians on their television screens in their hidden underwater spiritual cities, and keep a book of sins to condemn God’s people before God. Saturn finds it entertainment to place all the mindless demon-possessed world’s people who are mind-controlled by the aliens in the Christians’ childhood, in order to gang stalk and traumatize and obstruct them. But, there is a purpose to all this. If you belong to God, you do not belong to their hive mind, so you become a target of their gang stalking. All churches are owned by this hive mind control. If these people try to poison you or shoot EMP, they cannot harm us, but they get cursed by God, and their health and finance and safety become deteriorate. If they do not belong to God from creation and their genes are not changed, then they will be stuck in their lower realms with their aliens and spacecrafts and technologies, and they will not be able to exist in YHWH’s higher octave dimensions of New Jerusalem, because the entire creation will be transformed to God’s higher dimensions. We will know Christ as He knows us, and we will know what each other is thinking, just like the angels. This is the type of intimacy we will have. Since it is not a mind controlled hive mentality like Satan’s evil kingdom, we will have our individual characters and thoughts and awareness, but in heaven, we will be one with God and therefore one with each other at a level of intimate love that the world does not know or has ever known or can ever imagine. It will be a different level of awareness. (See video “The EVENT, Revelation, Psychopaths & Gangstalking ~ by Zeph Daniel” at .)


In their Illuminati brainwash movies, the reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant witch race actresses enact a strong woman who tells the man off and punches men around, but when they are faced with danger of being killed, they scream with the most blood curdling voice, in order to brainwash the viewers into believing that they are also vulnerable and to instill fear and to bring the them into the fake reality realm of their devil of fear. People do not question this inconsistency in the movie characters’ behaviors. Why does a woman who does not fear a hundred men, and kicks and punches and cuts down and shoots up hundreds of men, all of a sudden start screaming with pure horror and terror and fear, when they are in danger? Both are the brainwash techniques of the devil’s Hollywood movies that are used to brainwash the dumb religious Christians. A godly woman would respect men and serve them, but they would not be even afraid of any danger, because of their love for Christ. Everything about the Illuminati movies is the opposite of God and tries to instill thinking that are opposite to God—a fake form of reality that they try to draw the mind-controlled humans into, so that they would become vulnerable to the devil, due to their lack of faith and doubt and fear and worry and despair. The devil is a master deceiver. For example, he raises up his Illuminati reptilian hybrid Satanists to become pastors, in order to purposely behave in a rude, obnoxious, ranting, ungodly, psychotic way to criticize the other nephilim hippy rogue pastor, in order to make it look like any apostle or prophet of God who criticizes that pastor is also a maniac, heretic psychopath, to divert the dumb religious Christians attentions away from God’s apostles and prophets and the Torah Truth. It is the devil and the Illuminati’s way of protecting their pastor and his fame and his satanic deceptive doctrines. The devil and his CIA AQUARIUS are masters of disinformation and misleading and misrepresentation and diversion. Satan used the nephilim bloodline of the P2 Freemason Lodge’s Emperor Constantine of the Roman empire to make a fake Christian church based on Satanism, which the nephilim can manage and control politically and financially and socially and doctrinally. This is why they threw out a lot of the Word of God. All the current day Western Christianity churches have sprung out of all of these altered doctrines, and parade around as if they are God’s people and Church. In reality, they are the Babylon Mystery religion of Satanism.


Satan is a master deceiver, so he starts off very subtly, then slowly increases the sin. If you heat up the water immediately, the frog will jump out, but if you heat up the water very slowly, the frog will boil to death; just like sin slowly increases from alchohol to marijuana to cocaine to heroin and death. When there is an increase of nephilim clone imposters replacing humans in the United States, and increasing people consuming marijuana to conduct witchcraft to enter the demonic realm, then that nation deserves to be invaded by a foreign nation. Almost all of the people in the nephilim reptilian descendents’ nations of the Western Illuminati (Americas and Europe), especially the English-speaking cultures and Scandinavian German pagan countries, are completely and thoroughly saturated with the Jezebel spirit of feminism as an effective result  of decades of the Illuminati reptilian mind-control, and controlled by the Jezebel spirit. It is a witchcraft spirit and highly possessive of people’s minds and souls. An absolute evidence of this is that if you speak against women’s equality in these Western Illuminati reptilian controlled media nations of the United States and Europe, they will despise you and think that those who speak God’s Torah Truth are the evil people. Their mind and soul has been controlled by demonic spirits and the devil due to their sins and evil hearts to the extent of completely being controlled in mind and soul by these evil entities, and this is why they will vehemently oppose God’s people and God’s righteousness. In these evil End Times, everything has become the complete opposite of God’s precepts, and people are pretty much owned by the devil due to the level of evil of this last generation. Good is called evil, and evil is called good by them, which the Bible tells us is a curse upon them. Men shall lust after men, and women will lust after women, and feminists will lust after other reptilian Satanists in their Molech baby sacrifice witch rituals of demon frenzy sexual orgies and cannibalism. In the End Times Western nations, the women punch and kick the men every day, but if the men punch back, then they are arrested for violence. The women feel they can use violence, because the men are so effeminate through Illuminati brainwash media that they feel they cannot punch back. The worst are the hippy rogue pastors who raise up the banner of Jezebel’s army and try to mislead many religious Christians to idolatry of Molech. These Pharisees and hippy rogue pastors do not have human souls, but they are reptilian bloodlines, so that is why they preach the Illuminati’s form of Satanist Christianity, and gather the tens of thousands of godless to them, just like in ancient times with their forefather Pharisees. A lot of reptilian fathers’ seed nephilim witch descendent demon spirits in humanoid bodies become hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians, because it is in their innate nature to try to justify their salvation through pastor positions and Pharisee positions, and since they love the devil’s Satanism doctrines of Jezebel Western values, they are used by their father the devil to preach his Western Christianity religion to gather the multitudes of religious people to their churches. They are also used by the devil to hate, despise, be jealous, refute, and oppose God’s apostles and prophet’s Torah Truth teachings, and to scorn it as heresy and lunacy and fanaticism. It is because they do not have human souls, but they were born demon spirits or descendents of the fallen angels. It is in their nature to love feminism and theology and every other ungodly doctrine, because they were born of the witch and wizard race. Obviously, these hippy rogue pastors will be super popular among the religious Christians, because they preach the Satanism Babylonian doctrines of the religious Christians, and the multitudes worship them and flock to their churches, since the sons of the witches plant Jezebel Christianity among God’s house. These religious Christians and hippy rogue pastors will tell you that the Christian fish symbol is Christian, but it is their satanic symbol from pagan roots. Western Christianity is one of the branches of the Illuminati’s satanic Mystery Babylon religion. If you are the devil, you would obviously use the massive numbers to try to drown out God’s Torah Truth by going to the massive numbers of hippies in 1960s and 1970s. These hippies are heavily indoctrinated in humanism and Eastern mysticism, so they will bring in their doctrines and Western values into Christianity. If you are the Illuminati, you would preach what the hippies like, so that it will appeal to them, as well as throw the possibility of salvation of their souls, and bring in their multitudes through hippy peace and love, feminism, liberalism, humanism, and music. Music is a key, in order to hypnotize the emotions of these hippies. Instead of bringing the hippies to the Torah Truth, they intermarried the hippies doctrines with Christianity to create the modern day Western Christianity, just like the Romans mixed the Roman paganism with Christianity to develop Roman Catholicism. But all of their roots are in Satanism and Babylon.


If we teach that medical science and pharmaceuticals are satanic, these Christian ministers and hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees say that we anger them because medicine and drugs are good. If we teach that women are not equal to men, then these pastor teach that women are equal to men. If we teach that tattoos and piercing are pagan and wrong, they preach that tattoos and piercing are alright. If we teach that rock and roll music is satanic worship and changes the DNA, they teach that Christian rock concerts are alright, and boast how many people came to Christ. If we preach pre-tribulation rapture, they preach post-tribulation rapture. If we preach about the Illuminati and aliens and warn humans, then they call us conspiracy theorists. If we say that the U.S. navy aircraft carriers are obsolete and useless, and that the U.S. military cannot stand up against Chinese and Russian military forces, they preach that the U.S. military is powerful and stronger. If we preach that the U.S. economy is in a shamble is about to crash, they preach that the U.S. economy is powerful and strong and recovering. Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren, have you ever wondered why these Christian ministers and hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees always teach the opposite of what we teach? It is because these Christian ministers and hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees are emissaries of Satan to spread Satan’s lies, and they are the nephilim children of Satan, and they are Illuminati Luciferian Satanists. It is quite obvious if they are opposed to everything that is God’s Torah Truth and His Word who is Christ Jesus, and teach the opposite which is their Satanist doctrines. This is the reason why Satan has given them positions as religious leaders, and big salaries, and comfortable air-conditioned pastoral offices, and respectful Pharisee pastor titles, and Illuminati Satanist seminary degrees, and church homes, and church cars, and minister retirement pensions, and minister fame and reputation, and comfortable minister jobs, and his demon-possession lying spirits. Why are they building Illuminati religious church institutions, making buildings, making church programs, making minister jobs, making minister’s salaries, making seminaries, making minister’s resumes and job experience credentials, and making genetic descendants, when they should be going from place to place making disciples of all men in every part of the world? Do you not think this is a strange phenomenon and spectacle? Since when did supposed God’s children start acting like Satan’s religious people? Did you not find that strange? Why do wolves in sheep clothes behave like wolves? It is because they are wolves. They are the enemy. That is why they love Satan’s teachings and hate our God’s teachings. They are diabolically opposed to us and what we preach, but they parade around as if they are God’s people. Hypocrites!


The reason why these homosexual Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati rock musician drummers like Yoshiki can perform at incredible beats on the drum is because they are empowered by demonic spirits. This is why you see thousands and thousands of evil feminist Jezebel worshipping women tossing their hair up and down in demonic frenzy during their concerts. A lot of these religious Christian women write their first name before their husband’s names, and some of them even write their maiden name in between their first name and last name, which shows how absolutely disgusting and putrid and mentally deranged and spiritually depraved these religious Christians are. Hippy rogue pastors do things that force their wives to divorce them, even when they have two teenage girls, and then elopes with a new woman and gets married with her to commit adultery before their daughters find out, but they get called to teach the Bible in many conferences as great religious Pharisee leader hippy rogue pastors. The whole Western Christianity churches are owned by the Illuminati and run by the Illuminati’s reptilian hybrids. This is why the Japanese churches’ staff are so arrogant and evil and disgusting people. They just make themselves seem like religious devout people, because they can get a stable job with good income, even when they do not have intelligence or have academic perseverance or a good heart, and they are the scum dirt bag people of society. They kick out all of God’s real Christians, and they monopolize the church staff and church worship leader and church television director and church administrator and church secretary positions. They are revolting and nauseating people, who are spiritually putrid like egg that has been buried in the ground for a week. This is why the Japanese ministers are very prideful and arrogant, and they will be very offended if you call them by their first names as a friend like Jesus, because they want to be called “sensei” or great master. The Christian churches are a breeding ground for demons and evil unclean spirits. They will talk down to you, as if you are an inferior creature to them. Their culture is very religious and reptilian. Just as the Edomites and Canaanites have infiltrated the Tribe of Dan and the Israeli Hebrews with their foreign idols and witchcraft and sorcery and pagan gods, the Koreans have infiltrated the Japanese Hebrews with their Korean shaman witchcrafts, Korean Confucian cultures, Korean Taoist cultures, Korean yakuza mafia mob culture, Korean ultra nationalist right wing cultures, Korean factionalism cultures, Korean kindergarten dance idol group music and entertainment cultures, Korean Illuminati organizations, secret replacement of the Japanese emperor and imperial family with their fake Korean emperor and imperial bloodline, etc., etc., etc. This is how Satan always works to corrupt God’s people and the Hebrew people by mixing his people and genes and cultures and witchcraft and religions and sins with them.


Who is to blame for all the millions and millions and millions of abducted human homo-sapiens and their extermination, and their replacement with these million and millions and millions of cloned homosexual reptilian clones, and laboratory bred reptilian alien homosexual feminist witches, and soul scalped soulless creature demonic spirit homosexual body entities, and Satanist reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant homosexual people, who have practically replaced God’s human homo-sapiens in all political and economic and military and law enforcement and intelligence and education and media job leadership positions, during these wicked evil times just like in ancient Noah’s times. Now, society is controlled fully by these homosexual and feminist non-human creatures who have no souls and have demon spirits that have been manufactured by Satan and his fallen angels and their alien nephilim, so that God will once more have to exterminate them from the earth with fire, just like he did during Noah’s times with the Great Flood, because they are again exterminating the human race and replacing it with reptilian homosexual and feminist creatures. It is the religious Christians who are to blame for this, because they hated God and loved themselves, so they cut out all of God’s Torah Truth from the Bible, and made their own doctrines of Satanism into the Western churches. This is why they will not be left behind after the rapture, and will pay dearly for their wickedness, by being martyred by the Anti-Christ nephilim and his fifth evolution world population of nephilim soulless people. There will be a mass execution of Tribulation Saints that are left behind at the rapture by these reptilian nephilim Nazi Aryan race extermination camp world leaders, because the Church Saints Bride of Christ and the Holy Spirit in them will be taken out of the earth with them, and there will no longer be the Holy Spirit on the earth to stop the nephilim homosexual feminist creatures from killing off all the Tribulation Saints.


The Holy Spirit will only be within you the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant, who will be protected by the Holy Spirit from the nephilim people. You will be filled with the Holy Spirit and you will be in a different dimension so that that no harm can come upon you. You shall preach the gospel of Christ to all the earth. Those who believe in God’s love will be protected and annihilate the enemy by supernatural powers given to them by God, and those who do not believe in God’s love will be arrested and martyred. As Satan and his Anti-Christ power starts to grow, God is starting to give spiritual power to His Church Saints Bride to annihilate the enemy, to heal, to raise the dead, to teleport, to drive out demons, to bring down fire from heaven, to shut out the rain, to bring in plagues upon the enemy, to rescue the righteous, to feed the poor, to see visions, to prophesy, and all kinds of other spiritual powers.


The Illuminati reptilians alter the genetic sexual orientation to homosexual and feminist genes of the most vulnerable infants of the parents with the most sinful evil genes, in their Illuminati hospitals, since they have the least spiritual protection. The nephilim descendant children have no spiritual protection, because they carry the witch race reptilian genes of their ancestors and they do not have human souls. The Nazis realized after two World Wars that they cannot defeat the United States, so they made a treaty with their fellow Illuminati Satanists in the United States to move to the CIA and NSA and MI6 and Canadian Intelligence and Australian Intelligence, so that they can continue their Nazi Doctor Mengele experiments on making Aryan reptilian hybrid clone people and homosexual feminist reptilian people, using their fallen angel alien genetic engineering technologies.  They have now created, just like in Noah’s times, a huge army of millions of homosexual feminist witch race reptilian hybrid demon spirit people to secretly replace God’s human homo-sapiens race, so now, many of the people walking around in our cities are not humans. This is why you always see an increase of homosexuality and feminism, whenever a society becomes more satanic, and millions and millions and millions of the human homo-sapiens population are secretly replaced with homosexual feminist Satanist witch clones and people. The humans are abducted by the Illuminati alien spacecraft, and secretly replaced with their fake clones that look like them or with their soul-scalped bodies that now carry demon spirits inside them, or these black-eyed children demons are raised by Illuminati Satanist families and given identities by the Illuminati governments. This is why just like in Noah’s times, in these End-Times, before God’s judgment falls upon the nephilim society as they move to exterminate the human population, you always see a huge increase in numbers and fanaticism of homosexuality and feminism on the earth. They are placed on the earth to hate and arrest and exterminate all Christians and God’s people on the earth. This is why the feminists and homosexual radicals are hell bent on creating their Illuminati New World Order one-world government Nazi Anti-Christ police state, in to arrest and execute all Christians in their FEMA Nazi concentration camps throughout the world. They plan to take over the earth, rid of God’s people and God Himself, and set up their reptilian hybrid Satanist government under their devil Satan and his fallen angels and alien hybrids, and make a satanic homosexual and feminist utopian society. These nephilim creatures are bisexual, so in their homes they have heterosexual sex with their spouses, and in their Satanist witch rituals they have homosexual orgies. If you have God’s Holy Spirit, you will know the truth and you will know what the devil and his descendants are doing. (Watch video “Black Nobility, Manufactured Counterculture of 60’s and 70’s and NWO” at and “Forbidden History of the World.mpg” at .)


*** Intelligence News Update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) battlefront. As the White Dragon Society and the Red Dragon Family Ambassador and Putin and Pentagon COMM 12 has exposed, the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi Zionist globalist elites have their reptilian alien technology that can feed a hundred times more the current population of the earth, and they have already built colonies on different terraformed planets. However, in order to maintain dictatorship and power and control over the homo-sapiens human race populace, they hide that technology from the humans to parasite off of them. They assassinate everyone who exposes that fact. The humans work like slaves to support these parasite reptilian hybrids. The MJ-12 AQUARIUS Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist cabal even lie to their own people that they plan to exterminate only 95% of the earth’s human homo-sapiens population so that there would be enough food, when in reality, they have top secret plans to kill all homo-carpensis reptilian hybrids along with all the human homo-sapiens, too, in order to replace them with robotoids cyborg creatures that will serve them without rebelling and with a hive mind. This is one of their biggest kept secrets. This is so that only a few of the elites at the top can live in their New World Order so-called fake utopian kingdom like kings and queens. But what Lucifer has not told them is that he plans to kill them, too, because he sees them as inferior beings. In order to try to keep this secret from their reptilian hybrid people, they are trying desperately to microwave me alive and poison me with strong acid and trying to bankrupt me. Anyone who is does not inform the humans about this is a boneless coward. Gog Magog and the Asian Dragons are very angry at Satan, because if Satan destroys all their energy source, they will not be able to feed, and they will die, and Satan is planning to kill their children, too. ***


*** ホモサピエンス人間種生き残り抵抗本部(HRSR)とWDS国際連合同盟(ICA)の前戦からの最新諜報ニュース。白龍会と赤龍家大使とプーチンとペンタゴンCOMM 12が暴露しているように、MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・シオニスト・グローバリスト・エリートたちは、現在の地球の人口の百倍の人口の食料を支えられる彼たちの爬虫類宇宙人の科学技術を持っており、彼たちは、既にテラフォームterraformされた惑星などにコロニー町を築いております。しかし、自分たちの独裁政権と権力を維持し、ホモサピエンス人間種の人口をコントロールするため、そして人間種に寄生するため、彼たちはその科学技術を隠しております。彼たちは、それを暴露する者を全て暗殺しております。これら寄生する爬虫類混血ハイブリッドたちを支えるため、人間たちは奴隷のように働かされております。事実上、全てのhomo-carpensisホモカルペンシス種爬虫類混血ハイブリッドたちもホモサピエンス人間種と同様に殺し、反乱をせず集団知能で動くロボトイド・サイボーグ生物で入れ替える極秘計画を彼たちMJ-12 AQUARIUS三百人委員会ナチス・シオニスト秘密結社は持っているのですが、食料が足りないため地球のホモサピエンス人間種だけの人口の95%を抹殺する計画をしていると、自分たちの爬虫類混血ハイブリッドの手下たちにも嘘をついております。これは、彼たちの最大の秘密の一つです。これは、一番上にいる数人のエリートたちだけが、彼たちの新世界秩序のいわゆる偽のユートピア王国で王様や王女様のように暮らせるためです。しかし、Luciferルシファーは、彼たちを下等生物とみなしているため、彼たち自身も殺す計画を持っている事を、Luciferルシファーは、彼たちから隠しております。これら事実を自分たちの爬虫類混血ハイブリッドの人々から隠すため、彼たちは、一生懸命、私を電子レンジで生きたまま焼こうとしており、強い酸の毒を与えようとしており、私を破産させようとしているのです。これを人間たちに知らせない者は、骨なしの臆病です。Gog Magogとアジアの龍たちは、悪魔サタンに怒りまくっているのです。なぜならば、もしサタンが彼たちの全てのエネルギー源を破壊してしまうと、彼たちは死んでしまうからです。同時に、サタンは、彼たちの子供たちを殺そうと計画しているからです。 ***


To prove to you how dumb and stupid these religious Christians are, they spend all day long going back and forth responding to these obnoxious, mocking, critical, hostile people who comment on their blogs to tell the readers that the blogger is on drugs and is speaking a lot of delirious fantasies about the Illuminati and Jesus and other Torah Truths and sometimes insulting the blogger with dirty foul words. These dumb, stupid religious Christians do not have the Holy Spirit, so they actually believe that they are communicating all day and responding to humans commenting on their blogs. They believe that if they reason with them, they will see the truth and accept Christ. They do not know that they are communicating with demonic spirits and fallen angels. Because these unclean spirits and evil entities speak in modern kids’ jargon and slang on their blogs, these dumb, stupid religious Christins think they are honorably responding to blog commenters and critics of their blogs. This is the spiritual condition of the modern day Jezebel worshipping feminist humanist religious Christians. In other words, because they will not accept the Torah Truth, they become dumb and they evangelize all day long to these fallen angels and demonic spirits, hoping that they will receive Christ. When I see these Western Christianity mystery Babylon religion religious Christians speaking with the devil all day long on their blogs trying to get the devil to receive Christ into his heart, you wonder what kind of idiots these religious Christians are. If they are wearing men’s trousers and huting for spouses in churches and jumping up during the Christian rock satanic worship concerts and tattoing their bodies and going to doctors and going to Illuminati Christian churches and considering themselves equal to male authority, then they deserve to be dumb enough to spend all day speaking to demons and fallen angels. They have no godly common sense. This is why they go to these places to give food and try to evangelize demon-possessed and ungodly people who just want their food and money. They do not go to the sinners whom God leads them to disciple them or to assist God’s apostles who are gang stalked by Illuminati assassins or go to Illuminati super radiation contaminated areas or teach the Torah Truth so that the feminists and Koreans try to assassinate them and burn their houses down and kill their families. This is how sick and dumb and stinking and perverted and lukewarm puke these religious Christians are, and it is because although they have a lot of love and faith and works, they do not love God and they do not love His Word and they do not love His Torah Truth. They would rather just start churches and sell their books / CDs and sell their patriotic Messianic beliefs of the Illuminati and behave as if women are equal to men and be fat Western food gluttons and teach Illuminati humanism in church and reproduce genetic descendents and live like total pagans and heathens. There is no difference between a pagan heathen and a religious Christian, because they live and think and act and smell the same, except that the religious Christian just goes to church and does evangelism and earn Christian academic degrees and use a lot of Christian jargons. This is how sick and perverted the churches have become, thanks to the Illuminati. And if I teach the Torah Truth, these Pharisees come after me with a vengeance of hatred. These Illuminati nephilim carry the genes of the human women also, who married the fallen angels in ancient times, because they loved people with power, fame and wealth, and considered these fallen angels as gods and superheroes. This is why these nephilim wives marry these Illuminati nephilim Pharisee hippy rogue pastors who are famous, rich and powerful. It is in their genes and their nature to do so.


When the Grande Dame is ritually sacrificed and her head is served on a silver platter, a new Grande Dame is chosen. There are regular children sacrifices conducted in their castle and Catholic cathedral in Belgium called Chateau des Amerois. There are many people in the Mothers of Darkness Illuminati coven, such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Queen Beatrix, Elizabeth Taylor, Oprah, Elizabeth II, Carla Bruni, etc., and many more in training, such as Angelina Jolie, The Olsen Twins, Farah Fawcett, Brigitte Bardot, Sarah Jessica Parker, Goldie Hawn, etc. For some reason, the witches want positions in society as celebrities and politicians, because of the fame and wealth and power. None of them want to be missionaries for God, because missionaries do not have fame or wealth or power of their own, although they have everything in God. As evidence of how stupid and easily mind-controlled the human race is, if you are God’s apostle and tell the people how evil they are and how they need to repent and how their nation is a terrible nation that is a slave to the Illuminati, then they will not vote me to president or prime minister or king or emperor; however, if you are an Illuminati Satanist and tell the people how good people they are and they are doing what is right and how their nation is a great nation that stands for freedom, then they will vote you to president or prime minister or king or emperor or any other position under heaven. This is why they will love Satan and his Anti Christ with charismatic charm, and hate God and our Torah Truth. This is the stupidity of people who do not know God, and the human homo-sapiens race that the Illuminati consider as a dumb livestock cattle race headed toward their Nazi FEMA camp slaughter houses in their soon coming market crash, world war and global chaos they are planning to unleash. The people love the Satanist ritual child-eating politicians with a frenzy, because the politicians lie to them and hate the people and want to genocide their human race, but the people hate me with deep-seated anger, because I tell them the truth and love them so that they may be saved. So, it will be the same with you, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant, for you speak the Torah Truth, but those who love God and love His truth will listen to you and God will bring them to you. The witches genetically hate God and all Christians. There are other groups like the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, who include the shamans and witches from all the pagan religions of the tribal native people from around the world. This is why you will often find pagan native looking women amongst the feminists who are trying to kill you. All paganism and occults are connected with Satanism and the Illuminati and the devil. They all unite together to do Satan’s work or to try to kill God’s apostles or to try to bring the world together with the Illuminati. Hollywood has always been a gathering of cloned Illuminati royal bloodline movie stars and celebrities. At the very top of the United States’ Illuminati bloodline and Satanic cults and black magic witchcraft covens officiating as High Priestess in the national occult ritual ceremonies is Shirley MacLaine. These reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendent feminist actresses allow themselves to be possessed by demon spirits who act out the characters in their ungodly Hollywood movies, in order to carry out Satan’s agenda. Her father was a CIA agent, and she served as a sex slave for the CIA. She slept with the key people who would get her famous in show business. She was married with a person from the NSA. Her name MacLaine was taken from the CIA in McLean, Virginia, where she was mind programmed. The CIA used her as a sex slave to compromise the Australian minister Andrew Peacock, in order to set up the Nugen-Hand bank for their dirty money laundering and other criminal activities. She is a clone of Victoria the Duchess of Kent, and therefore, she is the genetic ancestor of all the members of the current British royal family. The celebrities are replaced with clones, and the clones are possessed and controlled by these demons or fallen angels. The famous Hollywood and television celebrities are of the Illuminati family bloodlines, so since they are reptilian hybrids, they are genetically predisposed to demon-possession, because they are the descendents of the fallen angels. They can be easily killed, sacrificed, cloned and replaced by the Illuminati, since the nephilim do not have God’s protection. Since they are aliens in replicated bodies, they are prone to drugs and alcohol and schizophrenia and other demonic behavior. All the male actors are also witches. Scientology and Mormonism and all the religions are run by the witches. Movies like Star Wars gained 1 million witches. The Los Angeles Police Department has an occult division specifically assigned to covering up the witches’ activities like the hundreds of missing young people for their human sacrifice rituals. If you reach the fifth or sixth level as a witch, you are required to do a human sacrifice yourself. The Illuminti’s Aleister Crowley the Satanist was a top witch. The witches are the Illuminati and the Illuminati are the Hollywood actresses and the Hollywood actresses are the Satanists and the Satanists are the reptilian bloodline and the reptilian bloodline are the demon possessed alien clones and the demon possessed alien clones are the nephilim descendents and the nephilim descendents are the feminists and the feminists are the witches. They are all one and the same people or creatures. They carry the genes of Satan the devil and his fallen angels. This is why they are behind all of the evils in human society and history, and they are all Hollywood celebrities. This is why a lot of the Caucasian Hollywood actresses start to look like witches when they grow older, because they are real witches, and not human homo-sapiens. There are brotherhoods of homosexual witches. The witches always orgy in their Satanist rituals. The masons are the Satanists and witches. They are all part of the Illuminati, just like the Nazis and mafia and feminist organizations and CIA and all other organizations. All the famous Christians and famous ministers like Pat Robertson are top Illuminists and Satanists or Luciferians. All the church conferences are owned by the Illuminati Satanists. The one thing that they cannot be is a true born-again Christian with the Holy Spirit. They all share one thing in common and that is a tremendous hatred toward real Christians and God. These demon spirits or witches in humanoid bodies detest with a passion God and His people. This is why you have hundreds and hundreds of these feminists and witches and nephilim gang stalking me, in order to try to kill me every day. Satan and his children have a monopoly on the human society. As you can see from their Illuminati brainwash movies like “Stardust,” they believe that they the Illuminati bloodline royal families are reptilian alien hybrids of the fallen stars or fallen angels’ and humans. Brother Enoch has already told them that they are damned forever. Truly, truly, I tell you, no evil or unclean spirit can survive in God’s everlasting Light.


According to the black magicians, there is no such thing as white magic. They say that basically white magicians are black magicians, because they are usng hidden demonic entities to cause something on their own. The only opposite to black magic is the act of praying to Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ to have the Creator and Sovereign God do something for us. As soon as people use magic or witchcraft or spells or spiritual powers or self to invoke or create or cause something, they are using black magic, because black magic is the art of doing things on your own instead of by God doing it. The black magicians say that the highest demonic entities that they can invoke are the kings level of demons. They specialize in everything from manifesting things, attacking, gaining material things, accessing information, concealing things, manipulating people’s minds and decisions, revealing secrets, foretell futures, destroy obstacles, have people lust after you, protection, alchemy, and illusion. They say you have to be possessed by the spirits, in order to conduct the witchcraft. They believe that these fallen angels are not fallen angels, but they are ancient gods who are helpful and not evil. The fallen angels make the black magicians believe that they are in control and command, and that they are only tapping into their own power. If they are in control or in command, then the question is why do they need help from these fallen angels? These Illuminati witches believe that these spirits give them supernatural powers. These fallen angels have like 80 legions to hundreds of thousands of fallen angels working under them. When they invoke these kings spirits, they bring thousands of their subordinate spirits, too. They call these spirits into these objects and talisman and amulets in order to have continous manifestation and power from these spirits. (See video “Secrets of the demonic hierarchy – full seminar” at .)


These reptilian hybrid nephilim descendent witches use their witchcraft supernatural powers to place themselves into the most glamorous and wealthy Hollywood actress positions, so this is why not a single Hollywood actress speaks up against feminism and against the Illuminati reptilian witch race and speaks the Torah Truth. They all fight and beat up the male characters on the Hollywood movies, promote women’s equality and other Satanist values of the devil in the Hollywood movies, and depict illicit sexual relations in the Hollywood movies, and conduct acts of occultism in the movies, and behave like Satan’s serpentine genetic children. The humans have been made so dumb by the Illuminati reptilians that not a single human movie viewer questions the ridiculousness of this fact. From a simple statistical perspective, you would expect at least one Hollywood actress would speak up against women’s equality and feminism and reptilian witch race monopoly of the Hollywood movie industry, but why is it that not even one Hollywood actress speaks out about these things? People are so blinded by the reptilian Satanists that they agree with the values of Satanism and no one questions the unnaturalness of this fact. When all the people of a nation worship and follow Adolf Hitler and follow him into war or worship the Hollywood movie witches and their values, you have to wonder how stupid the human race has become. All those smart people who speak up vocally against feminism are assassinated by the Illuminati reptilian Satanists, so you are left with a human populace of all dumb and fearful and indifferent and stupid genetic pool of people. The Illuminati assassinates all those who have what the scientists call the “leadership genes” or those who think and questions and speaks up against things. They have a thorough CIA MI6 Nazi assassination squad and Illuminati children assassination training program in place, so that millions are assassinated. The Nazi SS owns and runs the MI6 and NSA, and the CIA is their front. Only the Christians who are protected by God (the minority and not the religious Christians) are the only ones speaking out against these evil things and disclosing Satan’s plans. The religious Christians are filled with Satanist values, so they surely do not speak against these things. Moreover, they agree with Satan’s Jezebel values or post 1960s Western values. They do not repent, so they will be thrown into the World War 3 massacre by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids. Evil people and evil nations and evil generations are headed toward destruction and judgment. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! Every single time I have done good things and tried to help the religious Christians, they have hated me, and tried to betray me to the Satanists, and have stolen from me, and abused me, and stalked me, and ridiculed me. It is because the demon spirits or nephilim descendents always like religion and they become religious Christians, just like the Pharisees who killed Jesus were nephilim descendents. The Christian churches are full of nephilim people. The eighth king in the Book of Revelations belong to the other seven. The Nazis are the Illuminati and they were not destroyed after World War 2, but they only moved to the United States and Britain and Australia to join the NSA and CIA and MI6 and other Illuminati organizations and underground cities. The post-tribulation rapture theory people embrace their cold-blooded god who will throw them into the tribulation torture and massacre, so the Lord God Almighty will allow them to embrace their god, and throw them into the tribulation age of torture and massacre. Satan willl start the World War 3 in order so that the people of the world will cry out for a one-world government and one-world religion and one-world economy to gain peace and security, and embrace the Anti-Christ and the False-Prophet and the fallen angels of the devil who will be disguised as aliens. These fallen angels will come as benevolent aliens to lead them out of the horrors of war into a new one-world religion of fake peace, worship of nature goddess Gaia environmentalism of the good aliens’ white magic white witches that teach higher consciousness and psychic witchcraft higher dimensional consciousness, tapping into the energetic power and demonic spirits of the mother earth and universe, and satanic universal brotherhood with the nephilim aliens who escaped Atlantis to other planets when God destroyed them with Noah’s flood. The nephilim aliens will claim that they are not demon spirits, but that they have human souls like the humans, and are the genetic brothers of the humans who are higher evolved humanoids. They will criticize the New Age teachings, but they will be exactly the representation of the hippy “Flower Children” white magic witches’ nature worship and universal energy worship. The Vatican will lead the whole world to the devil Satan’s final great deception. God will allow the gates of hell to open after He removes His Church Saints Bride of Christ, and all the demon spirits, fallen angels, nephilim giants, chimera giant monsters, and hideous creatures of hell will be unleashed upon the earth, and the hearts of humans will fail from fear. These things were held back by the love of God, but they will be released on the earth to destroy the unrepentant, wicked, unbelieving human population. Even now, there are millions and millions of these white magic witch alien human hybrids on the earth, who are deceiving the humans on the earth toward their New Age doctrines of Satanism of higher consciousness and 4th dimensional earth change psychic earth energy universal connection and becoming gods themselves and alien higher technology global utopia mentality. They teach that we humans are all reaching a higher consciousness as the earth’s dimension changes to four dimensions, and that we are all gods, and that we can defeat the evil aliens by sending light and love thought intent. They say that the aliens all contributed their genes in creating humans, so they are our brothers. They say that since they never sinned, and since they are more higher evolved, they are the higher morality than us earth humans. This is the deceptive doctrine that Satan and his fallen angels are brainwashing the heathen masses of unbelievers on the earth in order to drag them all to hell, and to bring the nations of the earth together to fight Jesus Christ and our God YHWH.