Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 39


Satan’s Illuminati reptilian hybrid Hollywood producers that these fallen angels possess and control, create all these Illuminati Hollywood movies where ghosts kill people and people get into terrible accidents and catastrophes. These fallen angels and demons disguise themselves as ghosts to create fear. They transfigure into fairies and gnomes and ghosts and aliens and fake spirits of deceived relatives and all kinds of deceptive creatures. In Illuminati movies like “Jurassic Park,” they purposely choose the children who can act the most terrified in the auditions, because the movies are produced to brainwash people into believing this fear and helplessness of their fake plight. This fake reality of being killed and hurt is the Illuminati Jezebel doctrine that these punk ass hippy rogue pastors teach to their religious church congregations day in and day out with their fear of helping God’s apostles, and dependence on medical treatments and insurance plans, and fear of women and popularity. If they did not fear these things, they would have taught the Torah Truth long time ago, and they would have lost their church members or would have been kicked out of their pastoral jobs long, long time ago, and would be hunted down by the Illuminati like the real Christians are hunted. This is to brainwash humans into believing Satan and his Illuminati’s fake reality, because fear is a negative energy created by non-belief and non-faith in God. Satan and his fallen angels feed on this negative energy. If they can draw humans into their beliefs, then they can keep humans enslaved to this fear, and the fallen angels can use humans as livestock to harvest this negative energy for them, which are their food. This is why the Illuminati reptilian Hollywood propaganda team always, always, always makes very sure that the vampire or witch or ghost demon character inside the movie has a scene in the movie where they say the famous phrase, “God cannot help you, hah, hah, hah, there is no use praying!” All the stupid religious Christians watch these movies and get brainwashed after watching about three of these Illuminati movies, and that is why the religious ministers and Christians refuse to help God’s apostles, because they are afraid of the Satanists and the Illuminati and the fallen angels who control them. God does not need their help, since He just tests these ministers through His apostles to show them for who they really are—Illuminati propagandists and Jezebel doctrine Pharisees pastors. If they are afraid, you wonder why they ever decided to become Christians or to follow Christ, because they should have known they were getting into a war. Why follow the king and put your armor on, if you are going to hide in the bushes. The smart people with the Holy Spirit would start wondering after they research the second or third Illuminati movie why the Illuminati always, always, always makes sure that that the vampire or witch or ghost demon character inside the movie has a scene in the movie where they say the famous phrase, “God cannot help you, hah, hah, hah, there is no use praying!” It would make no sense for the Illuminati put that comment in their movies unless they knew themselves that God exists for real, and their greatest fear in the world is for a human homo-sapiens person to fall in love with God and to wield that power of faith in God that could annihilate any fallen angel, including the devil. For the Illuminati reptilians, it is absolutely essential for them to drag the human homo-sapiens into their belief system of fear, terror, disbelief in God, doubt in God, or to ask the question if God does not want us to eat the fruit in the Garden of Eden because He wants to maliciously keep scientific knowledge from humans, which is their Satanist doctrine. This is why the Illuminati’s hippy rogue pastors and Western Christianity Satanism ministers fanatically preach this Jezebel doctrine to the church people that Christians can be killed and get sick and get into terrible accidents. They pervert and cut out God’s Torah Truth which says that God will send His angels to keep us from dashing our foot on the rock. If we the apostles of God tell them that they teach lies from Babylonian Satanism, they ridicule us and oppose us, just like their predecessor the Pharisees. Satan and his Illuminati cannot harm us because they cannot pull God’s real born-again spiritual Christians into their deceptive beliefs and fake reality, because we do not accept that doctrine of Jezebel Satanism. If we do not believe it, they cannot have power over us. We are under God’s Torah Truth and His power and authority in us, who is Christ. We have authority over them. They shudder in fear because of the Holy Spirit in us. This is their greatest fear that all people will realize this, and that the devil and the Illuminati are just like an overgrown Goliath who cannot do anything against us. We can walk through Nebuchadnezzar‘s fiery furnace and not be harmed for mighty and faithful is the Lord in us. For those who love God, God will command His angels to lift us up so that we do not dash our feet against the stones. Psalm 91 tells us that no disease can reach us. This is why Satan tries to destroy the shield of faith. Humans were much more powerful creatures before the fall, when humans had the other 95% DNA which the Illuminati calls “Junk DNA,” and before humans lost other dimensions. Even the common hiccup shows us that man could live under water, and even fly before the fall of mankind. Humans have a natural disgust and hatred toward reptiles and snakes for a purpose. The reptilian hybrid nephilim love reptiles and cursed creatures, just like they love horror movies—it is in their nature. It is the religious Illuminati Pharisees who scorn the Torah Truth we teach, for they are ignorant. You can identify these Babylonian witchcraft Western Christianity Illuminati pastors, because they preach these Jezebel doctrines of fear, feminism, medical science Babylonian witchcraft, breeding, and everything satanic and ungodly. This is why they ridicule and oppose us every day. Next time you watch kid’s Disney movies like “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,” and the reptilian witch character in the movie says the famous phrase, “God cannot help you, hah, hah, hah, there is no use praying,” you will see their faces overlap with these religious Pharisee Jezebel-worshipper hippy rogue pastors and their jeering, since the same demonic spirits control both of them, and they basically preach the same hidden Illuminati doctrine—one in the church and one in kid’s movies. In movies like the Illuminati’s “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Seventh Son,” they make some reptilian nephilim witches look like they are good witches. The Wizard is depicted in the movie in a holographic image with a nephilim large brain cone head, green reptilian face, and fangs, just like the witch Illuminati bloodline families. In Illuminati propaganda movies like “Saving Mr. Banks,” you see these arrogant, obnoxious, nephilim personality descendent witches, who write books about witches like “Mary Poppins,” and prosper under Satan’s kingdom. They receive directions from demonic spirits. Their parents dabble in black magic which is drugs and spiritualism. Satan makes wealthy those movie makers who produce movies about witches like, “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” that makes Satan’s reptilian witches into idols to young human girls, and makes witches look cute and friendly. Whether they are witches or Satanists or Hollywood filmmakers or Nazis or gangster organized crime or feminists or Japanese of Korean ancestry or Illuminati assassins, they all belong to the same parent organizations, which is Satan’s ancient Mystery Babylon religion “Brotherhood of the Snake.” From the perspective of these people of the “Brotherhood of the Snake,” they are fighting a holy war against God, in order to try to place Satan as the ruler of the earth, and to create their reptilian form of utopia, which is the devil’s hell on earth, who they believe as the alien ally of mankind. It is like Hollywood, where you get all the most male chauvinist, sexual harasser, feminist, sexually lewd and unfaithful, sly, ungodly, criminal people gathering. In the past, only the Asian warrior class practiced the martial arts. However, in these End-Times, you have all these scum and low-life and convicts of the Illuminati practicing the MMA mixed martial arts from all the Asian martial arts, because they want to be powerful for selfish pride, and they do not have to do any work for a living, since they live off as parasites of the human homo-sapiens society from all the criminal income that they get paid monthly. Truly, truly, I tell you, true power is not in one’s martial arts knowledge or experience or physical strength or intelligence or money or technology or army or connections or the devil, but true power is in our Almighty God who fights for us. For example, the Western Illuminati Nazi criminal cabal thought they outnumber me, and out finance me, and out technology me, and out power me; but, they did not put God into the calculation. Now, since they have always been trying to secretly assassinate the Gnostic Illuminati and White Hat faction and White Dragon Society and 87 world leaders on ships in Monaco, and trying to exterminate all Asians and Blacks and Middle-Easterners and their so-called non-Aryan “little brown-colored inferior race” people and all Caucasian human homo-sapiens who consist of 95% of the world’s population, they in turn are the ones who are being gang-stalked, EMP shot, assassinated by 60,000 Eastern Illuminati ninjas, their families being eliminated systematically, their finances being bankrupted, arrested and imprisoned, their two underground military bases being blown up, their food and water and air being poisoned, hit with level 5 hurricanes and earthquakes, and being hunted down by the Eastern Illuminati alliance like scattering rats fleeing into a mousetrap. The devil and his fallen angels are also being gang-stalked and hunted down. What they tried to do to God’s apostle, they are receiving it back a million times more with interest. You can think of it as a hand ball, where the more harder you hit the ball, the harder it bounces back at you to hit you. Adolf Hitler attacked God’s people, and he learned his lesson not to disturb the bee hive, since he got hit back a hundred times harder, which demolished him. When they had annihilated 95% of the world’s population and established their New World Order, these Western Illuminati Nazis had planned to systematically execute all the Gnostic Illuminati members and White Dragon Society members and White faction members. Now, they are realizing that things are not as simple as they planned.


As for the Church Age Saints, they cannot be martyred, unless they believe that they can be martyred. Or, they want to hasten their death, so that they can get to heaven earlier. These Jezebel hippy rogue pastors of Western Christianity will sell this belief that the devil can get you or the boogie man can get you. This is the doctrine of Satanism that the Illuminati tries to spread through its Illuminati pastors and religious leaders of Western Christianity and their Hollywood movies. Even if you are in an arena full of lions or have the entire army of Jezebel after you or Pharaoh’s army after you, you cannot be killed. If you believe the devil can get you, then he can get you. If you do not trust God or love God, then the enemy can get you. However, if you trust and love God, nothing in the world can touch you. You can walk through burning hot furnace without even being singed. You can be raptured and delivered from the Great Flood. This is the Torah Truth that these “Bible Answer Man” and his religious Pharisee vagabond pastors try to deny and suppress. They are a plague to the church. However, only the carnal are deceived by their lies and false doctrines. As for you, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, listen to God, follow God and walk with His Spirit. Know Him through trust and love. These Illuminati Pharisee pastors of Western Christianity of Jezebel’s Satanism try to indoctrinate the religious Christians with this fake faith that if you believe hard enough that God will do something, you can somehow force Him to do it, making themselves masters and God an Illuminati brainwash movie genie. True faith is trusting God in His protection and love, and having His peace, when you have the entire CIA Nazi descendents, mafia and Satanists trying to assassinate you, or when you have the entire Saul’s army after you. It is not forcing God to stop persecution or give you a million dollars through faith, but it is rejoicing and thanking God for allowing persecution and trusting in His perfect good will. This is true trusting faith of God, and it is not the white-magic mind-power witchcraft-incantation faith that the Illuminati’s Western Christianity ministers teach and spread.


If you are a real Christian and a child of God, then you will get kicked out of the church and the Christian groups immediately, because we speak the truth and respect God’s Torah Truth. The Israelite Hebrew ten lost tribes have been spread to every nation and far away land, and they look like the people of those nations and far away lands, but they are Hebrews and God remembers them. These remnants of the ten tribes of Israel that have been spread to distant lands and nations, who were not even aware that they were Hebrews, are being saved and returning to our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are in Christ Jesus, you are Israel. (See video “The Witching Hour – The District of the goddess Columbia” at .)