Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 38


People wonder why a small country like Britain which only has the world banking system and no manufactured products or real work have so much wealth, and the reason is because the Illuminati reptilian bloodline families who own 90% of the world’s money are based there in Britain, so all the money of the world is skimmed off and poured into Britain. You and the other human homo-sapiens own only 10% of the world’s money. You may think you own a lot of money, but the money you have is fake money created by the Illuminati reptilians, and in reality, they are the ones who create the fake money and take control of all the money and manipulate the world’s market to create job losses, famine, orphans, suicide, chronic depression and mental disorders, mortgage foreclosure surges, market crashes, etc. They are designed to create the maximum death, depopulation of human homo-sapiens, agony, loss of family, break up in relations, suicidal desires, depression, suffering, pain, and terror, just like the all the diseases we know, which are all designed by the Illuminati reptilians. These negative vibration energy are all food for their fathers, the fallen angel reptilian aliens. The invasion of the earth is not in the future, but it has already secretly started. The humans are just like livestock pigs to the Illuminati reptilians, so the human homo-sapiens are tortured and mass murdered so that they squeal and spill blood and squirm in horror, which creates the negative energy that feeds these reptilian elite world leader hybrids and their fallen angel fathers as extra-dimensional food source, just like the radiation they are dispersing into the atmosphere feeds these reptilian spirits or inter-dimensional extraterrestrial beings.


The human homo-sapiens have been so dumbed down by the reptilian Illuminati that not a single human questions the stupidity of launching one bomber group hours before the other bomber group grounded by a heavy fog, when it is absolutely critical to launch both bomber groups at the same time, since the mission is to split up the enemy fighter defense into smaller groups to decrease casualties. Not one of the Illuminati Satanist top military commanders communicate with the other bomber group commanders to delay take-off. The purpose of the Illuminati reptilians is to kill as many humans as possible and increase casualties by the thousands. These are thousands of human sons and fathers and brothers who will not be returning to their families. Then, the Illuminati lie to the public that there was only a small fraction of the actual number of casualties, and that they shot down multiple times the number of enemy planes than was actually really shot down. When the humans do not have the Holy Spirit, they may have high IQs, but they become ridiculously stupid, just like the Illuminati call the humans “stupid cattle” people, so that no one thinks something is strange why their military leaders are making these incomprehensible mistakes and killing thousands and thousands of their fellow citizens. Out of the hundreds of people, on a mission where it is mission critical to launch both bomber groups together, not a single person communicates with each other to synchronize the take-off? Are those hundreds of military leaders brain dead or are they purposely trying to maximize human death? The more surprising thing is that the Illuminati mind-control is so effective and so thorough that not one out of thousands of human soldiers or the public question these things. That is more amazing to me. Without God, humans can be very foolish. This is why in the future the entire human population of the earth will embrace with open arms the Illuminati’s great deception about extraterrestrial beings and benevolent aliens. They do not know that the people who control their media and their government are alien hybrids themselves, and they have an agenda to welcome their alien fathers, and kill all the humans, and claim the earth as their own Nazi Fourth Reich Aryan reptilian race Illuminati New World Order by systematic extermination of all humans. They laugh at the lower intelligence human race as if they are stupid livestock cattle without brains and can be taught to believe anything. As evidence, when you talk about these things to a human, they will either laugh at you or they will not believe you and brush it aside due to fear, just like a stupid ostrich hides its head in a hole in the ground and exposes its body to the predator, thinking that it is safe because it cannot see the predator.


The human homo-sapiens are so utterly ignorant that they think their fathers and sons and daughters who died in the Illuminati-caused wars are heroes of their respective nations. They do not realize that their nations do not really exist and they are just fake political entities created by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids to create their wars, so that they can profit off of the armament businesses, maintain their power and popularity through creating fake enemies, and the armies of their nations are actually armies of the Illuminati and not their nations armies. They are just mercenary armies serving the purpose of the Illuminati reptilian masters. Through the wars, the Illuminati create mass human sacrifice rituals, so that their fallen angel fathers can feed off of all the negative energies created from the war through hatred, sorrow, pain and homelessness. The human homo-sapiens are so utterly ignorant that their fathers and sons and daughters who died in the Illuminati created wars are not heroes of their fake nations, but they were just victims of the Illuminati reptilian hybrid depopulation program, who consider these soldiers as just unwanted extra pests to be exterminated like cockroaches. The Illuminati just cleverly put their dead bodies in nice coffins paid by their Illuminati owned armies, drape their respective nation’s flags over the coffins, and laugh at the fact that these foolish human homo-sapiens consider these dead people as their families’ heroes and fellow soldier buddies. These reptilian hybrid nephilim like John McCain  and other soldiers may be war heroes, but they will give orders to kill hundreds of their fellow soldiers and countrymen and friends for their reptilian Satanist cause, because they are a different species of reptilian brain psychopaths. The core problem of these dumb humans is that they keep defining these Satanist serpent bloodline people in terms of their own human made in God’s image conscience and ethics and normal thinking and values. The reptilians live by a totally different definition on life, because they are demon spirits and do not have human souls.


And to prove that what I am teaching the world’s human homo-sapiens is very true, whenever I write about these things, they start shooting me with barrages of electromagnetic weapons. If I am not writing the truth, would the Illuminati shoot me seconds after I write something about what they are doing, and their hackers notice I am writing about them on the computer? Why would they waste their resources and time, and why would it occur thousands and thousands of time, which shows it is beyond coincidence. If these human homo-sapiens think this is just false misunderstanding that I am writing down, there is no hope at all for these ignorant and foolish human homo-sapiens, and they cannot complain being considered as stupid livestock or ignorant pests by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids and their fallen angel alien fathers to be treated as garbage population to be killed off and made extinct. If God brings them the Torah Truth to them at the cost of the persecution of his apostle and prophet by the Illuminati, but they reject that Torah Truth and teachings as being lies or misunderstandings, then they have no more protection from God and they are too evil beyond hope of any salvation. If God’s apostles and prophets are spending their time and money and energy to share the Torah Truth to them and God’s salvation to them and the truth about what the Illuminati reptilian hybrids are doing to them, instead of spending that time and energy to work in jobs like them to make lots of money and buy homes and save for retirement, but if they do not listen to that Torah Truth and trample God’s love through his apostles and prophets, then what more can God do for them but to leave them alone to run toward their own destructions. How foolish these human homo-sapiens are to ignore God’s love through His apostles and prophets; and the sinful heart that does not love God or listen to Him makes that person’s ears deaf to the truth and godly wisdom.


During the Normandy shore landings of World War 2, the Illuminati reptilian military leaders and politicians would purposely make the bombers overrun the shorelines to drop their bombs, so that there would be no bomb holes on the beach for their soldiers to take cover in. The hundreds and hundreds of rocket launching ships would shoot all their rockets into the ocean a quarter of a mile short of the beach, so that there would be no bomb craters on the beach as they had promised the landing soldiers, and since there were no holes on the beach for soldiers to take cover in, they would be able to kill the maximum number of soldiers as part of their Illuminati mass satanic human sacrifice ritual. Heavy weapons were not allowed to land safely, and many of the useful weapons were not used, that would provide protective fire for the landing troops. The floating tanks were purposely dropped off far from the shoreline, so that all of the tanks would sink into the ocean, and there would be no tank support for their landing troops, so that they can create the maximum number of human slaughter on the beaches of Normandy. In World War 2, the Soviet Russian barrier troops were ordered to shoot any retreating Soviet Russian troop comrades, in a step by the reptilian hybrid Illuminati military leaders to try to depopulate the human homo-sapiens race. The dumb humans just follow orders and kill their fellow countrymen and friends. In many cases, the Allied Forces military leaders and German Nazi leaders were ordered by the Illuminati to allow the German forces to escape, so that they would survive to kill more humans and create the maximum amount of human depopulation. Both the Allied Forces and Nazi military belonged to the same Illuminati Rothchild organization, and Roosevelt and Hitler and Churchill and Emperor Hirohito and Stalin were just pawns or servants of Rothchild, following the Illuminati’s orders. They are made to look like high ranking influential leaders of nations, but in reality, they are just low-ranking, expendable pawns, carrying out their master’s commands to genocide humans. It is only the brave, dumb human soldiers who are brainwashed to believe that they are fighting for their nation and fake freedom. Meanwhile, the Illuminati makes tons of money off of the armament industry and gets to kill humans at the same time. The Illuminati reptilian hybrids do not care whether Germans or Americans or British or Canadians or French get killed, as long as they can make the humans kill as many of each other. When the humans fighting on opposite sides come together, they become friends and respect each other. However, when the reptilian hybrid politicians make the humans fight with each other, the humans hate each other with a passion, and kill each other. This negative energy that comes from hatred and thousands of humans getting blown apart alive is food for the reptilian hybrid politicians’ fallen angel ancestors, just as human flesh is food for these reptilian aliens. The human homo-sapiens are like livestock that create this negative energy food for their ranchers, the reptilian hybrid humanoids and their fallen angel extraterrestrial gods. These fallen angel and their humanoid children are like parasite leeches, because they cannot survive without feeding on this negative energy created by suffering and sacrificed humans, and they also make the humans work like livestock water buffaloes so that they can feed off their sweat and labor through their parasitical world banking system of the Illuminati. With the money they steal from the human population through the banking system and bank money laundering and narcotic business and war business and other methods, they kill more humans and live as billionaires and kings.


The navy ships were ordered by the Illuminati reptilians to not go near the shore to provide heavy gun support, because the ships would run aground, although they knew exactly how deep the shoreline was, in order to increase as many casualties as they can for their Satanist mass human sacrifice ritual that would create negative energy food for their fallen angel fathers and demons. Finally, some human homo-sapiens navy commanders had some common sense, and disobeyed orders to go into the shoreline to provide cover fire with their large ship guns, so that all of their landing troops will not be completely annihilated by the enemy. This allowed some survivors to move inland to take over enemy positions, and get off the beach. The Illuminati reptilians are now careful to not allow humans to take commanding positions, but have now placed all their Satanist reptilians in the military command positions. Their Illuminati Satanist leaders on both sides (the Allies and the Axis powers) gave orders (which the humans thought were both crazy and ridiculous and suicidal and illogical) that would exterminate the maximum number of homo sapiens humans. The Illuminati Satanist reptilian hybrid descendents who rule over the human populations do not care which side they are on, because their true enemy are the human homo sapiens, whether the humans beings are on their side or the enemy’s side. As I have taught you, dear brethren, the war is not between nations or skin color or ideologies or politics or territory, but the true war is the 6,000 year old war that the reptilian hybrid children are waging against God’s human children. The battle is for survival to the last species left. It is just that the reptilians use the humans to kill the other humans. The reptilians and fallen angels love it when humans hate other humans, and kill each other. This is why the reptilians and fallen angels find it easy to possess and use certain ethnicities like the Edomites and Koreans and Polynesians, because of the huge amounts of negative energy that is generated from the hatred and brutality and barbarism. They also use and promote their descendents, the reptilian hybrid nephilim witch races, into key positions in society, due to the amount of hatred and violence and sheer cold-blooded psychopath reptilian barbarism that they have, and the ability to possess these reptilian descendants’ bodies as their tools.


In every war, such as World War 1, the docile, peace-loving human homo-sapiens would try to come up with systems like the “Let and Let Live” system, where there was a unspoken agreement on both sides of the war that they would not shoot or kill each other, and they would try to save each other’s lives. However, the reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendent Illuminati Satanist military leaders and politicians would find out, and started forcing the soldiers to go on regular raids against the enemy to try to kill off more human homo-sapiens and create negative energy of hatred, anger, despair, terror, and insanity among the humans, which became food for their fallen angel fathers and themselves, since they are spirit entities than humanoid. Also, without the ritual sacrifice of human beings in the World War 1 trenches, the dark powers would not have food to become active and carry out their evil agendas in this physical realm or three dimensional world. In World War 1 and World War 2 and Vietnam War and other wars, the human homo-sapiens got smarter and made it look like they went on these suicidal missions, but they stayed behind to save the lives of their men, so that they would be able to go home to their mothers alive. However, the reptilian hybrid military leaders and politicians found out again, and ordered them to bring back pieces of German barbed wire from the German trenches as proof of their raids. The humans knew what the reptilian military leaders and reptilian politicians were up to, so they would collect German barb wire from nearby, clip off pieces of it, and show them to the reptilian leaders. Of course, the reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents are extremely intelligent and crafty creatures, so they now have come up with terrorism and homeland security by causing terrorist attacks on their own nations’ citizens that create a spirit of fear and hatred, and closely monitor the raids like the “Battle of Hamburger Hill” during the Vietnam War, so that the human homo-sapiens will be forced to kill each other. A few weeks after many Americans die taking Hamburger Hill, they vacate it, and the Vietnamese retake it without a fight. Is the purpose to win a war, or to depopulate human homo-sapiens by the reptilians? The reptilians also closely monitor and censor the media, so that the human homo-sapiens television viewers and YouTube viewers will not see the horrors of the war and reptilian extermination programs in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that the human homo-sapiens will not form anti-war rallies and demonstrations and political pressures like they did to stop the Vietnam War. They mind-control the humans with their Illuminati Satanist media leaders, in order to keep the human homo-sapiens like stupid cows going to the slaughter house by brainwashing them with patriotism and freedom and anti-terrorism. The reptilian hybrid leaders are very intelligent, so they learn and adapt. Since reasons of protecting the world from the communism they created was not convincing enough to the human populace to continue the Vietnam War to make money off of the armament business, the Illuminati came up with a new way of making profit through the armament business by creating terrorism, so that the people would be thoroughly convinced to continuing the Afghan war for decades, since it is their own lives and their economic health that are at stake by the terrorism and not some far off land in Southeast Asia that has no relation to their own lives. They know humans are selfish and look after their own interests, and they also brainwash the humans with the concept of fighting for freedom under the Illuminati’s slavery society. Originally, the human homo-sapiens due to their compassion would not shoot or sink an enemy civilian ship with their submarines without giving the enemy ship a warning first and letting all the enemy ships’ humans evacuate the ship before sinking it, but this would not exterminate humans and it would not serve as a mass satanic ritual sacrifice and it would not create the pain and horror negative energy that the Illuminati’s reptilian fallen angels feed upon, so that is why the Illuminati started arming their civilian ships with weapons and started firing on the enemy submarines as soon as the submarines gave them a warning to attack and surfaced. Naturally, the submarines stopped warning the enemy ships, and started attacking and sinking the ships with thousands of human homo-sapiens on board without giving any warnings anymore, just as the Illuminati reptilians wanted. This also created tremendous anger among the homo-sapiens humans against the other nations’ humans, so more nations would get involved in the World Wars, and this would create more human sacrifice rituals and negative energy for the devil’s fallen angels and their Illuminati reptilian hybrid descendent family bloodlines, and more revenue to the Illuminati armament businesses in terms of sales of weapons. Thereby, the Illuminati reptilians are very smart, so they killed two birds with one stone by always coming up ways to increase hatred between the humans, creating greater mass deaths of humans for their satanic mass global sacrifice rituals, and increasing the profit margins for their armament and weapons businesses. They have always tried to find ways to kill more human homo-sapiens they hate, and to become billionaires themselves through that killing. To them, doing both at once is like a dream come true. During World War 1, instead of stopping the fighting during the last 6 hours of the war when the armistice has already been signed and everyone knew the war was already ended, the Illuminati reptilian military leaders and politicians started sending waves and waves and waves of human homo-sapiens to attack the enemy, in order to exterminate as many human homo-sapiens as they could, during the few hours left in the war. All investigation reports about the Illuminati military leaders for sending in thousands of humans to their death in the last remaining few hours of World War 1 were covered up and deleted by the Illuminati politicians, and erased from history. The Illuminati members doing the Illuminati’s business are immune to any prosecution or publicity.


Satan’s Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim globalist elites’ United States CIA paid money to Russia to provide all the military weapons and vehicles to North Vietnam, and made North Korea attack South Korea. The reason why the Illuminati reptilian hybrids started the Vietnam War was to start the “Flower Children” hippy rebellion movement using their Illuminati reptilian hybrid people. Through the “Flower Children” hippy rebellion movement, they created sexual liberation, Illuminati manufactured narcotics drug industry business, feminist movement, women’s equality, environmentalism Gaia worship of the Illuminati witches’ Mother Earth goddess worship and save-the-whale movements, rock and roll satanic worship music, tattooing and ear-piercing pagan practices, etc. Now, all these ungodly, nauseating, putrid generation of hippies are the presidents, pastors, spiritual leaders, teachers, businessmen, law makers, music industry producers, media moguls, etc. As a result of this Vietnam War and the hippy movement that it created, our world has reached its full level of Satanist society and satanic worship. All people controlled by their Illuminati matriarchal organizations’ witches’ witchcraft spells and alien technology mind-control brain waves have become Satanists. They all worship Satan with their humanism, beliefs, values, behaviors, speeches and lifestyles of the Babylon religion. Due to the depravation of the people, the Illuminati Satanists have now taken control of every aspect of society. Now, the homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim witches of the Illuminati are in a position to exterminate all of God’s homo-sapiens human race, just like they did in Noah’s days. It is a repeat of history. The “Flower Children” hippy movement changed the churches, flooded in all the Satanists and satanic value people into Christianity. It brought in the Satanist pastors and their witch wives to pervert Christianity into Satanism, along with a lot of real Christians who were saved, too. One pastor who created a large church conference through this hippy movement said that you can tell a cult because only a few people follow it, while you can tell that you are teaching the truth if the majority of people are teaching what you are teaching, and that you can tell if a minister is being anointed by God if a large number of people start coming to your church. This is not true. Some of the people who attend Calvary Chapel are much nicer people than we are, but they are all spiritually dead people following after Satan blindly, who are in the Illuminati’s matrix, while the very few of us who are real born-again spiritual Christians are kicked out of their churches and not tolerated by them. They think we are crazy and evil and heresy. They will not accept our Torah Truth who is Christ. They hate God and His Torah Truth and His Christ. They have embraced their fake Satan’s Sananda Christ and religion. They love their Jezebel. They cannot tolerate the truth. They teach that it is legalism to avoid worshipping Christmas, and that Christmas is very Christian celebration of giving and thinking about God. They are basically like the freemason Satanists who say that they take the oaths in their freemason satanic rituals to Satan, because they are taking oaths to God or Grand Architect and if their heart is on the Lord, then it is alright to conduct these Satanist rituals, regardless of the witchcraft and demonic powers working behind them to bring them under their authority. Or, it is like joining the dancing and partying of the Israelites in front of the golden calf idol in pagan worship, and saying that they are just celebrating on that certain pagan day with the pagans and with pagan music, but it is alright since they are actually celebrating Jesus’ birthday and worshipping God inside their hearts.


The reptilian hybrid witch race of nephilim are very reptilian in nature and sly in their Aryan race pursuit to exterminate the human race. They create national borders, ideology differences, patriotism, capitalist versus communist conflicts, Christianity versus Islam conflicts, and other fake Illuminati systems and propaganda, in order to make the human homo-sapiens kill each other. They use the human tendency to protect and fight for their comrades fighting with them, in order to motivate them to kill each other. The uniforms and insignias are just concepts created by the Illuminati to make the humans feel they belong to one group and the other humans wearing different uniforms and insignia are the enemy to be killed. They used the same technique in ancient Atlantis, which ended up using nuclear weapons wiping out entire civilizations and nations. This is a satanic sacrifice ritual on a massive level, in order to provide negative energy food for their fallen angel ancestors. Every pagan culture has sacrificed humans to the fake gods or fallen angels. Technologies may advance, but the culture itself is still pagan and Satanist, and they just use nuclear weapons instead of bow and arrows now. The Illuminati uses their hippy rogue pastors in the Western Christianity churches of the Babylonian Mystery religion, in order to market this patriotism and love for their troops and democracy deception and cater to the church congregations’ pride. If God’s apostle preaches these Torah Truth, these hippy rogue pastors despise them and look down upon them with contempt. These Illuminati henchmen Western Christianity church pastors preaching Jezebel Satanism are not just dung but they are rotten dung with flies. All those headed for their own destruction follow them and their Babylonian Western Christianity and Christian theology and cleverly crafted philosophies.


Just like the Illuminati used its occult Satanist Nazi branch to cause war in Europe, the Illuminati also used its Asian reptilian occult Satanist secret societies to cause war in Asia, during World War 2. All the emperors and dictators and militarists and politicians and media leaders are Illuminati members and freemason members and Asian secret society Illuminati Satanist occult group members. It is only the foolish human populace that are used like chess pieces by the reptilian hybrids to kill each other and go off to war. At least the Japanese military dictators had the sense to take the blame for the war in the place of the emperor and commit suicide, but the emperor did not have the sense to admit that he caused the war with his fellow Illuminati American politician friends and admit that he is a reptilian hybrid demon spirit and not even a human being and commit suicide. After ritually sacrificing millions of Japanese humans and American humans and other humans, he denied intentionally exterminating humans using the war and that he is a reptile demon family bloodline who worships the devil, as he continued to live on and made visitations to less privileged humans to try to show that he is a compassionate leader or something. This is why the reptilians have split personalities or multi-personality syndromes and have reptilian psychopath brains, because it is not a sane brain or heart that can be explained by human reasoning. The foolish religious Christians ask why would anyone become a Satanist? The answer is very simple. These Satanists do not have human souls. Generation after generation, they come from a race of reptilian hybrid nephilim witch of humans. They do not have human souls like we do, but they have demon spirits, since their ancestors are spirit fallen angels. A demon spirit does not love God and praise God and give God glory. A demon spirit does what it is, which is to worship Satan and become a Satanist. Just like a reptile does not become a mammal, all of a sudden, a demon spirit does not become a human soul, and a Satanist does not become a Christian, and a feminist witch does not become a human woman, and a fallen angel does not become a holy angel, and the devil does not become Christ, and evil does not become righteous, and a nephilim race does not become part of the human race. All they can do is to marry the feminist human women, and bear more diluted genetic nephilim, but they still are born with demon spirits and not human souls. This is why they are shamans and spiritualists and psychics and sorcerers and witches, and they are not born-again Christians. Why else would these feminist witches or reptilian nephilim descendents be vampires, and eat children in their Satanist rituals, and try to genocide entire races, and spread so much radiation into our atmosphere, and global warm terraform the earth, and satanically ritually sacrifice millions of people with wars and manufactured viruses and tidal waves, and conduct all the famous disasters and crashes and assassinations and serial murders and school shootings and child pornography groups and abortion ritual sacrifice clinics and cult groups and prefabricated terrorist incidents and organized crime groups and every single evil that takes place in the history of mankind and on the television news programs? Are these religious Christians ignorant, blind and stupid? Yes they are, because they think we are making all of this up, and we are imagining all of this. They will not even acknowledge the Torah Truth, since they do not have the Holy Spirit. Instead, they are used by the devil to ridicule, scorn and oppose the Torah Truth and God’s apostles. That is why their women walk around the church in men’s trousers and the devil laughs at them. Their men also wear dresses and cosmetics. They are freaks and a depraved generation, just like Noah’s Atlantis and Sodom Gomorrah. Their women walk with legs spread wide and their men tattoo their bodies. Their women work in jobs and speak in front of church congregations, while their men go to secular jobs every day and pay premiums to health insurance and retirement plans. They are an ungodly people, just like those ungodly adulterers who danced to the golden calf idols in front of Moses and fell directly into hell as the ground opened up and swallowed them. So also, these religious Christians will be swallowed up into the coming Anti-Christ’s terror reign. They commit adultery with Jezebel and her idols of Hellenistic Babylonian Western cultural values of hippy post-1960s humanism, and have no consideration for God or His precepts, because of their evil hearts and selfishness and self-righteous pride and lusts and fears and faithlessness and unloving heart and love for the ungodly doctrines of Satanism handed down through Western culture and Western Christianity and theology and Pharisee teachings and every poison of Satan. How difficult it is for a hippy rogue pastor to give up his church members and reputation for sanity and big homes and nice salaries and safety from thousands of Satanist assassins, as well as how difficult it is for a religious Christian woman to give up her wearing trousers and speaking in front of men and making money in jobs and speaking to husbands as equals or subordinates, as it is difficult for a camel to enter the eye of a needle. They only listen with mild amusement to the Torah Truth, but do not entirely give themselves to Him heart and soul or take definitive action in their lives, and this is undeniable evidence of their adulterous hearts. They are like the farmer who sees a tornado coming, but forgets he saw it, and goes back into his living room to watch television and drink beer. They are no brain dead, but they are soul dead. Hearken unto the voice of our Lord, if you have an ear, lest you be swept away by a tornado.


If you preach and uncover all of these Torah Truths to the world, the Illuminati will send their hordes of feminists, mafia gangsters, freemason assassins, CIA MI6 hit squads, Korean barbarian hordes, Nazi descendent American psychopath murder specialists, full-fledged Satanists, hired released convict groups, assassin street gang members, other Illuminati hired people, and all the Huns to try to kill you. This is why the hippy rogue pastors will refuse to preach the Torah Truth or have anything to do with the Torah Truth.


The Illuminati reptilians uses these feminists masses and Korean masses in order to try to kill God’s apostles and prophets is because the more evil people and depraved people are and the more ungodly they are, the more easy their minds and hearts can be manipulated by the devil and his demons and Illuminati reptilians, and furthermore, the more evil people are, the more stupid they become, to the extent of that they are even hired by the reptilians who are trying to kill them, in order to try to assassinate the humans who are trying to warn them in love. This is why the Illuminati never has a shortage of gathering the most ungodly humans and barbaric humans, such as the hundreds of feminists and Koreans, in order to hire them even without salary by convincing them of why they need to hate and kill people, to try to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets, who are trying to warn them in love why the Illuminati reptilians are trying to genocide them and their families and nations. This is how stupid the most evil people become. They worship and are hired by the reptilians who are trying to exterminate them, to try to kill God’s apostles who are trying to warn them that the reptilians are trying to exterminate them and their fellow humans. In other words, it is just the same as a stupid, evil, barbaric dog that listens to a burglar’s command to bite its master who is trying to feed it. People who have high IQs can be more stupid than a dog, if they have a sinful heart, even if they are Korean college student computer hacker geniuses. A dog is better than these evil geniuses, because even a dog has more sense to know to bite the burglar and protect its master. A human becomes worse than an animal, when their minds and hearts are possessed by the devil and his demons, because of the evil of the genes they have inherited and the sins in their hearts. The only way these people can be saved from hell is by receiving Christ.


The United States deserve judgment, because this entire class of ungodly, wicked people have bred so many children, and they have increased into a huge number of descendants, and they are electing the Anti-Christ into the president’s position, because the Anti-Christ is paying to each of their households actually more money in welfare than the average family in the United States earns in a year, and giving out double food stamps now. These depraved, dumbest, low-level people of society love the Anti-Christ and are getting him elected into the United State’s presidency, as long as he is giving out huge amounts of welfare money to his voter masses. They are like pigs who will elect the devil as president, as long as they are being fed huge amounts of food stolen from the hard working taxpayers. The democratic party is using these scum people of the earth to get their Anti-Christ elected as president, so these people deserve to be genocide massacred by the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ does not see them as humans, but he sees them as excess population to be exterminated and as enemies of Islam and as tools to get himself elected as president. He uses the black Afro-American accent sometimes to make himself appear as if he is a friend of the black Afro-American people, but they do not know that he hates them and will execute all of them in typical Muslim style beheading and economic chaos.


The reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati Satanists have become very adept at the human homo-sapiens extermination projects. However, since the Illuminati reptilian hybrids’ conventional wars and feminist abortion Satanist ritual programs and famine weather control technologies and child kidnapping Satanist live child sacrifice rituals and tidal wave holocaust programs cannot kill enough human homo-sapiens fast enough, since the humans keep breeding so many children that the Illuminati Satanist reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents have been trying to create a World War 3 nuclear war to exterminate most of the human homo-sapiens population of the earth at one blow. The three world wars have been in their Illuminati reptilian manifesto plan to wipe out the human homo-sapiens race or non-Aryan inferior races, in order to wipe out the vegetation and irradiate the atmosphere and global warm the earth and terraform it to the reptilian environment, so that they can breed like rabbits after they come out of their nuclear war shelters to repopulate the earth with their Aryan reptilian superior race. However, God has stopped the devil and his Illuminati many times from carrying out the World War 3 nuclear war, since it is still not the allotted time. That is why the secret military underground bases in Colorado and Washington, D.C. were recently annihilated. However, the Nazi Western Illuminati will not give up their thousands of years old Sumerian commitment to genocide all their enemies: first the Jews and the real born-again Christians (not religious Christians who are their own Illuminati Satanist members), then all the Asians and Slavs and Africans and Middle-Easterners and their so-called brown-colored people, and eventually, all human homo-sapiens and competing reptilian Illuminati faction group members. Just like the ancient nephilim giants first skinned alive and cannibalized the human homo-sapiens and then later ate each other, the modern day feminist witch nephilim descendents will also try to kill the humans first, and then later try to kill each other, so that only one family bloodline will be left on the earth to repopulate it with their so-called superior race clones. Stupid Illuminati members think that all the Illuminati bloodlines are united with one cause, but they do not realize that each family bloodline detests and distrusts the other reptilian bloodlines, and they plan to kill off all the other families to repopulate with only their family genes. If they plan to kill off their own family members to rule the earth, they will obviously not hesitate to kill off the other reptilian Illuminati bloodlines. It is like the city and county police chief who retires and sets up a security company that gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from the city and county government to provide security for all the major facilities in that major American resort island; and sacrifices his son, in order to get a position as city and county council member, and consequently, a salary commissioner position that has the greatest power to decide the salaries of all city and county council members and top elected officials, thereby controlling the entire state. There is a huge Illuminati Nazi alien base underneath Hawaii. There are huge numbers of these Celtic nephilim descendants of the Tribe of Dan who become police officers, because they can do all kinds of evil in safety under the protection of their Illuminati secret societies.


They are demon spirits in humanoid bodies and they carry the same genes as their nephilim giants ancestors, so their nature and craftiness and treacherous psychopath ways have not changed. They do not even understand the human homo-sapiens soldiers’ “Let and Let Live” concepts present in every war in history or respect for their enemies’ lives since they are all same human homo-sapiens, because they do not have human souls created by God, and they are rather a witch race that have a reptilian brain and spirit (not soul). This, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, is what the Bible talks about when it says that the tares live among the wheat, who have different genes from us, and God will first take out the harvest wheat before burning the tare weeds, lest the wheat be harmed also. Jesus is coming and He will take us out to heaven before the devil comes and infests all the DNAs of the non-believing human homo-sapiens with his DNA altering “Mark of the Beast 666” microchip biochip global credit card and vaccine program. The religious Christian Tribulation Saints will be spared from being transformed into nephilim witches, since they will refuse to receive the DNA altering “Mark of the Beast 666” of the Snake just like Noah, and they will be massacred by the Anti-Christ. Do you know why they will be massacred. The stupid religious Christians teach that it is because they refuse to take the Mark of the Beast microchip, which allows the Illuminati reptilians to control all humans with a centralized information system. Truly, truly, I tell you, my brothers, that the reason why the Illuminati feminist witch descendent reptilians will holocaust genocide execute all those human homo-sapiens who refuse to take the Mark of the Beast is because unless they take the Mark of the Beast microchip, they will not become nephilim reptilian DNAs themselves, and all homo-sapiens humans will not be allowed to live or breed on this earth. They must be transformed into nephilim reptilians in order to be allowed to live on and breed in Satan’s soon coming reptilian kingdom or Nazi Fourth Reich or Illuminati New World Order or kingdom of the Anti-Christ. You can see how flabbergasting idiots and stupid the religious Christians are for believing these reptilian hippy rogue pastors’ church sermons, and they are frantically searching for mating partners going from church to church to breed genetic descendent children who will be either exterminated by the Anti-Christ or transformed into the nephilim reptilian witch race. Their entire sub-human animal-like existence is to marry, breed, make money, live in nice homes instead of being gang-stalked from park to park and beach to beach and hotel to hotel like us, and listening to Western Christianity’s Satanist Jezebel doctrine good teachings in church every Sunday and feeling religiously good, and wearing men’s trousers as if they are men, and adorning themselves with ear pierces and deceptive cosmetics, and going to Satan worship Christian rock concerts, and going to medical hospital witchcraft doctors, and living just like the Western civilization pagans do. It is because they love their feminist Western values and Jezebel more than God. It is because they love marriage and breeding more than preaching the Torah Truth by getting their hearts and genitals shot by hundreds of electromagnetic EMP weapons every second and their families killed. It is because they love wearing men’s trousers, instead of dresses. It is because they love to receive surgery for their cancers, instead of trusting God for healing. It is because they idolize these reptilian witch hippy rogue pastors of these upside down dove Illuminati symbol church conferences and their Jezebel Western Christianity doctrines, instead of accepting Christ and His Torah Truth that we have brought to them. It is because they love the religious hugging and kissing and sweet talk of their democratic Hellenistic elected hippy rogue pastors who appeal to them by wearing jeans and leather street gang jackets and long hair (we should not enforce certain attires like the religious hypocrites do, but it is the Holy Spirit that should speak to each person’s heart that transforms them, for the appearance is only a result of the change that has occurred in their hearts, and it is absolutely fine to wear jeans or business suits as long as a pastor is not wearing it to attract hippy church members or trying to appeal to a similar attire crowd to attain acceptance), instead of the Torah Truth we boldly preach in love about evil nationalities or women refusing to wear head coverings or how religious and stupid the church members are. The religious Christians are obsessed with sex and breeding and creating families, and the hippy rogue pastors gain huge masses of followers by teaching the dumb religious Christians what they want to be taught. It is stupid because the genetic descendents of Germans in America were killing German relatives in Germany, during the war. Japanese and Italian genetic relatives were helping to kill Japanese and Italian relatives in Japan and Italy. Brothers were killing brothers. They breed genetic descendents, but their genetic descendents end up killing each other, and stopping the gene dispersion that these hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians are so obsessed and occupied with, instead of God’s ministry. The CIA and MI6’s German Nazi descendents are killing thousands of distant genetic relatives in the United States of German ancestry through the terrorism that they create, in order to realize their New World Order. These hippy rogue pastors are carnal, fleshly Pharisee people obsessed with marriage and leaving genetic descendents, but their genetic descendents will end up killing each other. What use is it to leave genetic descendents on this earth, instead of spiritual brothers and sisters in heaven? They have a sort of hippy generation carnal animal-like existence like the rats in the gutters, who are obsessed with finding mates in the church and breeding offspring, but since their offspring are not born-again Christians, they get killed in car accidents and cancer and other gene ending incidents. They are like the earth women who sought the powerful fallen angels to have sex to reproduce powerful intelligent genetic descendents for breeding. They are just like the religious Christian women. The religious Christian women will not marry a real born-again Christian, whose life is sought by mafia assassins and who is gang stalked by Illuminati Korean hordes and whose income has been destroyed by the Satanist billionaire bankers, but these religious Christian women of Jezebel frantically seek marriage with the wealthy, popular, influential, weak Ahab type effeminate, hippy rogue pastors and Pharisee religious leaders, who have huge churches and big homes and nice cars and prestige and Sanhedrin street gang committee memberships and nice personality genes and adhere to their Western Satanist values of Hellenistic humanism that allow them to continue wearing men’s trousers in church and piercing their ears. Have nothing to do with these despicable, putrid, disgraceful religious Christian women for they insult God with their feminist ways: they refuse to obey their Groom and marry Christ and be hunted down by Satanists, but rather, they order God concerning who they want to marry by forcing their non-Christian boyfriends to become Christians, who must have a certain amount of income, and then divorce them when their relationship does not work well. These ungodly lukewarm religious Christian women are feminists, and they will not submit to Christ or to electromagnetic weapon persecution or poisoning, but instead, they will order God into obeying them, by forcing God to make their ungodly non-Christian boyfriends to become Christians and force God into making them marry their heathen boyfriends, until they get a divorce and marry another religious Christian man, especially when their former husband loses all their income. They are stinking daughters of Jezebel the witch feminist in heart and mind, and slaves of satanic End Times Western values of women’s equality and female independence and self worship. They dance around their idol of Jezebel, and they are adulterous women toward Christ their Groom. Their heart is filled with love for the world and themselves, instead of suffering for their Groom Christ. They love the flesh more, because they try to protect their fleshly genetic families by refusing to help God’s apostles and having all their fleshly genetic family members killed by the Satanists. You can see where their heart is: it is on the flesh instead of the spirit. They are people of the flesh and earth-dwellers, and not worthy of being the Bride of Christ and people of the spirit of heaven. This is the apostate, lukewarm End Times Laodicean church age of the Western Christianity Jezebel worshippers and their seminary graduates. They are the religious scum of the earth. Whatever they warp from the Torah Truth we teach, God will warp in their faith and lives; and whatever they delete and ignore from the Torah Truth we teach, God will delete and ignore from their blessings and protection; and whatever they add to the Torah Truth they teach, God will add to their troubles. By doing so, they are only fooling themselves by thinking that they are fooling God. God will not be denied the whole testimony and Torah Truth of Christ, no matter how offensive it is to the world. If they are offended by your Torah Truth you preach, then they are not worthy of the Torah Truth who is Christ, so just leave them and go to God’s true children who accept His teachings. Preach the Torah Truth I have taught you, my dear brothers, before you are raptured into heaven, so that even a few religious Christian Tribulation Saints may hear, repent, refuse to take the Mark of the Beast, and their souls may be saved. Do not despise or hate the Tribulation Saints for the countless abuses and mockery toward me, or their refusal to help me or provide protection to me and pretending to not know me in order to protect their own selves and families and religious Christian church members who do not even love them, but rather, follow my example as I preached to them the Torah Truth in love and boldness, despite knowing by the Holy Spirit that I would be rejected and ridiculed and ignored, just like Noah was. Therefore, you must preach the Torah Truth God has taught you through me, so that even a few of the religious Christians may repent of their Western Christianity doctrines and Western values, and refuse to take the Mark of the Beast and become Tribulation Saints, after we are raptured out. Stay true to God’ mission. Most will hate you, mock you, ignore you, have nothing to do with you, treat you as a lunatic, ostracize you, and even persecute you. This is expected of, since the beginning of time, and nothing has changed since ancient times. However, do God’s will, and remain true to your calling. Stay with the mission. Follow the track that I have laid by being an example unto you. And, all your ways will be blessed by the One who knows all and work all things out through you, according to His perfect will. I bless you in the name of the One who loves you and who never forsakes you, our Lord Jesus Christ.


You can see how stupid and evil the human populace is, and they have not learned anything from history. As long as sin and evil exists in the heart, and people do not recognize God and repent and accept the Torah Truth, that evil in the heart is never resolved, and no one learns from history. In World War 2, if the Illuminati tells the human populace that war is good, then they all rush to war. In modern times, if the Illuminati media brainwashes them that war is evil, then they all speak in unison that war is evil. It is not war that is evil, but it is the evil of the heart that is evil. If the devil attacks your children and kills them, but you say that you love peace so you are not going to wage war, then you are evil. If the Illuminati Satanist reptilians kill your parents because you become an apostle of Christ, and you try to take revenge and kill them, then you are evil. We do not live by Satan’s Illuminati’s propaganda mind-control whether we are for war or against war, but we follow God and His Holy Spirit whether we should fight against the Canaanites or if we should be peaceful toward the Roman guards who came to arrest Jesus. We wage war against Satan’s fallen angels, but we are men of peace and do not live by the sword. The evil man has no Holy Spirit, so that man does everything opposite of what is right by waging war when he should not, and by not fighting when he ought to. This is because they are controlled by a different spirit. This is why the religious Christians say they want peace and do not want to wage war against the Illuminati assassins by assisting or associating with you, but their churches support their relatives and fellow citizens fighting in the Illuminati Satanist troops against terrorism, and likewise, will in the future assemble to fight against God at Armageddon. The more evil a person’s heart is, the more they will proclaim that they are a man of peace and hippy love, but the more they will oppose your Torah Truth teachings and wage war against you who is a messenger of God to them. Be aware of this, my brethren. We live alongside an evil generation and an evil hypocritical, self-righteous populace of sinners. Since they have no foundation in Christ, and they are easily manipulated by the Illuminati media and their social propaganda, the people will again in the End Times run to war. A nation that boasts that they have abandoned war and is now a people of peace will easily return back to war at Armageddon. They are just dumb populace controlled by the Illuminati reptilians like a puppet doll, made to do whatever the Illuminati desires them to do, since they are mind-controlled easily. They have no foundation in God and His wisdom or His righteousness. This time, they will wage war against Christ and His saints at Armageddon. The human populace, such as in Japan, are taught not to have individual thinking capacities, but they are all mind-controlled by the reptilians to move and think like a school of fish. They think that they have individual thinking, but in reality, when everyone in the nation repeats the same view as all the other citizens of that nation, then it is evidence that they do not have any individual mind. The more evil a populace or generation is, the more easily they are mind-controlled by the Illuminati reptilians, and the more united thinking that a nation’s people have. They have a common culture, a common tradition, a common food taste, a common ideology, a common religion, a common political value, a common humanistic belief, a common behavior, and a common path to destruction. God unites us in the same Torah Truth, but we are all created with unique tastes, personalities, preferences, fashion, and behavior. A sign of a brainwashed slave nation is one where the people dress or behave in a way that they think they are rebelling against God’s values, but in reality, that dress and behavior is exactly the same as other people who think they are rebelling, and in reality, they are just made to believe they are dressing or behaving differently by Satan. It is a controlled form of mental slavery. Also, another aspect about these nations is that if you dress completely different or behave in a godly way or righteous way, the populace that see you will hate you and discriminate against you, because you are different. This is their hypocrisy. They think they are individualistic, but they all do the same that Satan has programmed their minds with, and consequently, they persecute and despise God’s apostles who think and do things different from their culture or normal behavior. So, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, when you see all the people of a nation talking in unison about “peace and security” and a one-world peace and a one-world united religion and anti-war rally and a one-world government and all the demonstrators all dress the same way in their rebellious hippy clothes and hippy long hair, then you know how evil the world has become, and judgment is right at the corner. When you see poop piling up in the toilet, you know it is going to overflow soon. You will be despised by the public, by the increasing number of reptilian clone people, by the religious Christians, and by the nations and nationalities that are evil. This is normal, and shows that you are God’s people and you have a different Spirit which is at enmity with their spirit of the world.