Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 37


All these Japanese actors playing the role of Japanese villains in Hollywood movies with evil looking faces are not Japanese, but they are Japanese of Korean ancestry who are disguised as Japanese. Up to now, the Japanese fanatic ultra nationalist groups were very friendly with Koreans, because they are Japanese of Korean ancestry. They belonged to the Japanese yakuza mob gangs, which are mostly of Korean ancestry, and the Japanese fanatic ultra nationalist right wing groups were not really nationalist right wing groups, but they were mob gang money making donation collecting criminal profit groups run by the Japanese of Korean ancestry. Now, these fanatic ultra nationalist right wing groups at the order of their Illuminati to create conflict and war between Korea and Japan, have started to create fake mobs and fake riots and fake staged demonstrations against Korea to incite violence and destruction among Asians. It is a sin to hate a person because of their ethnicity or race. This is why both the Korean ultra nationalist right wing groups and the Japanese ultra nationalist right wing groups both wear the same black uniforms, ride around in the same black buses with megaphones and music blasting, behave in the same way, and do the exact same thing in Korea and Japan. They are both one and the same people running both groups. The Japanese populace is foolish, so they believe that these ultra nationalist right wing groups are Japanese people, whereas in reality, they are run by the Japanese of Korean ancestry. There is a dark secret behind the fake façade developed by the Illuminati Satanist groups. These Japanese of Korean ancestry diet parliament members have created laws that pay a full month’s salary to themselves even when they only do one day of work throughout the entire month. Even when the diet parliament is dissolved and they have the entire month off, if they work even one day during that month, they pay themselves their salary with the Japanese taxpayers’ tax money. They are crooks and criminals. If a part-time Japanese taxpayer only works one day out of a month in his or her job, his or her salary will be deducted and he or she will be paid for only one day. This is how the Illuminati Satanists give favorable conditions to their members, and parasite off of the human homo-sapiens populace. All these Japanese professional wrestlers are Japanese of Korean ancestry, and they have no knowledge of politics or economics, but they get placed into all the diet parliament legislative congressmen’s positions with enormous salaries and multiple huge allowances that they give themselves through the laws that they have created. If you are a Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanist, then just like a fake Jew of Edomite ancestry Illuminati Satanist, you get high positions, fame, wealth, narcotics, sex, and power in the world, because your ethnic group is faithful in exterminating God’s Israeli Jews and Japanese Jews and hold allegiance to the Illuminati Satanist New World Order and setting up the devil’s kingdom on this earth. The usual pattern is for the Japanese of Korean ancestry athletes to win tournaments, and then become television celebrities or politicians with as a result of the fame or titles they win, because the Illuminati gives their athletes special types of drugs that improve their athletic performance. Many of those winners win in this way. It is one of the biggest shams. It is just like all the other sham and parasite industries of the Illuminati reptilians, such as the music industry where Illuminati tone-deaf people are hired, or the modern arts industry where Illuminati inept amateurs are hired, or the fashion design industry where Illuminati inept homosexual organization gaudy people are hired, or the stock broker industry where Illuminati white collar criminals are hired to share inside information from all the major Illuminati corporations to the Illuminati stock brokers and intentionally fluctuate their company stock prices to make billions of dollars, or the American Illuminati major corporations where all the Illuminati Japanese of Korean ancestry criminals are hired and promoted into key management positions, or the Illuminati global banking system industry where Illuminati criminals are hired and promoted into the multi-million dollar jobs because they will do all the criminal things for the Illuminati, and all other thief parasite Illuminati industries that feed off of the blood, sweat and tears of the human homo-sapiens race. This world is run by a bunch of Illuminati criminals, gangsters, frauds, parasites, cut throats, vandals, thugs, fakes, scam artists, scum bags, and reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race people for their enjoyment and prosperity and sexual desires and power hunger and appetites and greed. And they try to assassinate God’s apostles, because we stand up for the truth and call the world to repentance? May God deal with these evil, putrid, feces bag people.


The reason why the Japan national farmers’ union has a monopoly middle man parasite organization position to buy and sell all produce between farmers and consumers all throughout Japan, and they force all the farmers and regional prefectures to vote for the Liberal Democratic party Japanese of Korean ancestry politicians is because they are servants of the Liberal Democratic Party, who are in turn servants of the Western Nazi MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS Committee of Three Hundred Bilderberg Illuminati Satanists. This is why the Japanese of Korean ancestry politicians send billions and billions of dollars to Korea and China as aid and to the United States when the Illuminati extorts the money from them by threatening another tidal wave and nuclear disaster terrorism. This is why the Japan national farmers’ union members are seen traveling in groups to resorts throughout the world, sexually harassing airline crews, yelling loudly wherever they go, acting like mob gang leaders, spending billions of dollars on expensive cuisine in high class restaurants, having parties every day, and acting like gangsters and parasites and criminals. The Japan national farmers’ union attracts these type of evil people who are willing to do evil people by monopolizing the farmers’ products and selling it at ridiculous prices to the public to steal money in between. They are like the Western stock market Illuminati who use the stock market to steal trillions of dollars from the human homo-sapiens populace.


The devil and his Illuminati give the Japanese of Korean ancestry a monopoly over all the politician positions, celebrity positions, yakuza mob gangster positions, media positions, business corporation positions, banking positions, and the most nicest positions in Japanese society, because the Koreans adhere to Satan’s values of murder, deceit, stealing, parasite, cheating, lying, monopolizing, occult witchcraft, narcotics, and everything else that the Illuminati conducts. Likewise, Satan give the Zionist Edomites ancestry a monopoly over all the politician positions, celebrity positions, mafia mob gangster positions, media positions, business corporation positions, banking positions, and the most nicest positions in American and European societies, because the Edomites adhere to Satan’s values of murder, deceit, stealing, parasite, cheating, lying, monopolizing, occult witchcraft, narcotics, and everything else the Illuminati conducts. Satan loves his family with perverted filial love and is obsessed with the fleshly genetic descendents, just like the Korean families and Edomite families and Illuminati reptilian bloodlines and mafia families and street gangs and other occult secret society brotherhoods. This is why the Pharisees form religious street gangs to gang up and bully God’s apostles and prophets, because they believe in brotherhoods and family love and gang ties and genetic relations prevailing over spiritual relations and base degenerate family feud perverted family-oriented values. To them, the family and bloodline and flesh is everything, and they hate everything that has to do with the spiritual family of God. Just like Satan loves the family, his people and nations love the family. Family is everything to them. Those who are not their families they care less for and will allow them to be killed in order to save their own families. However, just like these carnal fleshly satanic people and nations will betray and hate their family members and abuse them, Satan also will betray and hate and abuse his fallen angels and demons and nephilim and Satanist humans and Satan’s nations. In order to save himself, he will betray and sacrifice his own people without hesitation. Jesus, on the other hand, sacrifices His own life on the cross, in order to save total strangers and sinners like us, while we were yet enemies to Him. God does not care for genetic ties or families or Illuminati bloodlines or Korean families or Korean nationalism or favoritism toward Edomites or Esau’s family love. God cares for the spiritual family and those who live by the spirit and total strangers united by God’s love who have no genetic relations with each other. This is the difference between evil and good. As long as these religious Christians are living for their genetic relations, they have no relation with God. One cannot serve two masters. This is the difference between a Bride of Christ true Church Saint, and the fake religious Christian of the flesh. Whoever tries to gain the family will lose it, and whoever loses the family for Christ will gain a new family.


Japanese of Korean ancestry Minister of Economics like Heizo Takenaka are Illuminati Satanists, and they and the Japanese of Korean ancestry Prime Ministers and other Cabinet Ministers are dedicated to the selling of Japan and destruction of Japan from within. Just like the Edomite Zionists disguised as Jews hate the Israelis Jews, the  Koreans disguised as Japanese hate the Japanese Jews. They are led by Satan for the total annihilation of God’s Jewish people. His Korean genes have not been disguised properly with Japanese genes, so he still retains the typical triangle Korean eyes, which almost all Korean women get plastic surgery to disguise, so this is a dead give-away of his genetic origins. He disguises himself as a Japanese, making it look like he is serving the Japanese and Japan, but he is a Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanist bent on the destruction and annihilation of Japan and the Japanese people. They are servants of the Western Illuminati Nazi leaders who rule Japan. The reason why all the “Shamintou” (Social Democratic) political party member leaders are women and all fanatic feminists and Illuminati Satanists is because they are also Japanese of Korean ancestry, and obviously, they have connections with the Japanese underworld yakuza mob gang who are also Japanese of Korean ancestry. They do not just make the yakuza mob gangsters kill everyone who discloses their feminist and Korean and Satanist Illuminati agenda, but they use the feminists themselves to kill masses of people. If they do not hesitate to sacrifice millions of aborted fetuses, they have no consideration for adult human homo-sapiens lives either, and anyone who opposes their views, they will frantically search and assassinate using their Illuminati feminist and Korean and Satanist and mob gang murder networks. The front is a political party and mob gang and peace activist NGO and so forth, but the real identity is an Illuminati Satanist network run by the Japanese of Korean ancestry or fake Japanese in power and Idumean Edomites or Zionist Nazi fake Jews. These top Edomite and Korean Satanist Illuminati leaders are instructed by their fallen angel alien spirits to carry out the devil’s purpose on this earth. People may not believe they communicate with these entities that command them on what to do on this earth and give them power and authority, but these Satanists truly believe in these alien spirits and they really communicate with them as they materialize in these live human sacrifice Satanist rituals. Again, I reiterate that these are no grounds for prejudice against Koreans or Edom people, but all you need to do is to preach the truth as it is and have no fear. It is the ungodly people who hide the truth since they have fear and they do not believe in God. Also, beware of these Illuminati spy white supremacist religious false prophets who are fanatic racists, and go around teaching that the white Caucasian race is the superior human race of Adam and that all the colored people and races are of Satan’s seed. There are also evil sexists who say one gender is more superior than the other, or evil reptilian hybrid witch descendents who preach that nephilim descendent witches are superior to God’s original human homo-sapiens race. The Edomites have mixed their genes into the Caucasian race so that now the European royal families and U.S. presidents and Hillary Clintons and Rothchilds and Rockefellers and Kennedys and Disneys and DuPonts and all other Illuminati bloodline family members and celebrities all look as if they are white Caucasians. The Koreans have mixed their genes into the Japanese Hebrew descendents so that now all the Japanese politicians, Japanese prime ministers, Japanese celebrities, Japanese yakuza mob gangsters and Japanese Illuminati Satanists all look as if they are Japanese. Now, Satan is mixing the genes of all the kidnapped humans in the underground military secret alien bases with his fallen angels’ reptilian genes, so that the cloned nephilim star children that are secretly being replaced into the human society and political positions and economic positions and schools and offices all look as if they are real human homo-sapiens. Satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light, instead of the devil. Satan is a master of mixing genes and polluting God’s creation, and deceit and disguise and trickery. And he uses his Edomites and Koreans and cloned nephilim reptilians and fallen angels to try to kill me an apostle and prophet of God for preaching the Torah Truth and all his secrets to the world and whoever will be warned and believe? What stupidity that he thinks he can keep his secrets from God’s people. God holds back His judgment and wrath upon the wicked, because of us, so that we may fulfill our purpose by preaching the gospel and the salvation of our Christ. When they attack us for warning them of impending judgment and their need to repent of their evils, then they attack God Himself, whom we represent and are ambassadors of. No more quarter will be given for such an evil world and the disobedient and blasphemers and religious people. God has seen their ridicule and their evil deeds.


This world is controlled by spiritually dark forces of Satan and his fallen angels in high places, and his hybrid reptilian children are having a heyday of power, fame, wealth, special immunity from criminal indictment, secret evil activities, secret society conspiracy and evil, just like their nephilim ancestors did for thousands of years. Now they are using hate speech laws to suppress the speaking of the truth about these Satanist Illuminati feminist, homosexual, Korean ancestry, Edomite ancestry Satanist agendas and activities, by trying to destroy all freedom of speech and the Torah Truth, since they are not politically not correct, just like the Nazi government and other dictators did. How absolutely sick and disgusting and sly these Illuminati Satanists are, just like their father the devil. This is how the devil and his Anti-Christ plans to ban the Bible and the Word of God by branding the Bible as hate speech against homosexuals, feminists, reptilian hybrids and corrupt nations and people groups. Not only do they try to ban the Torah Truth I teach, but they send their hordes of feminists and Koreans and Satanists and mob assassins and CIA hit squads to try to kill me, in order to silence me? What corruption and evil. For example, if a prophet of God orders a nationality to ethnic group to repent of their “Han” hatred genes and culture and tradition and evil deeds, they will accuse the prophet of God for hate speech against them, and will not repent of their hatred, but rather, hate the prophet of God who warns them in love and orders them to repent of their hatred. This is why Satan and his nations and people are hypocrites. They accuse the good people of doing evil, and they do the very evil that they accuse the good people of doing. Throughout the history of the world, evil people have accused good people of hate speech against them, because they do not want their evil deeds to be disclosed by the good people who speak the truth about them. This is how they try to hide their evil. This is why the Edomite Pharisee nationalities and genetic people accused Jesus of hate speech against them, and tried to kill Jesus to silence Him, because He was disclosing all their evil deeds. What hypocrisy evil is? Satan’s people and nations and ethnic groups do exactly what Satan does, which is hypocrisy, since instead of repenting of their evil, they want to hide their evil and continue doing the evils of their hearts and genetic history. And, since they are evil, they will try to kill all who come in love to warn them of their evil deeds and order them to repent. This is the nature of evil. The ancient Atlantis civilization did this to the prophets whom God sent to them, and accused the prophets of hate speech, just like the feminists and homosexuals and all who do evil deeds do. In contrast, the nature of the righteousness is to repent of sins, be grateful to God’s prophets, and rejoice that God has saved their souls. The reason why the Illuminati Satanists try to silence God’s prophets and apostles from preaching the Torah Truth and brand it as hate speech to ban it is because the feminist family destruction agenda and abortion genocide agenda and homosexual non-reproduction agenda and HIV AIDS virus biological weapon development agenda and Korean Society organization’s massive radiation world contamination agenda and all these other evil depopulation extermination agendas we see in the world in the End Times are created by the Illuminati Satanists to serve the devil’s End Times evil agenda and human homo-sapiens extermination depopulation program. The same thing as the Satanist Atlantis civilization in Noah’s Flood’s times is happening, again.


Benjamin Fulford, in his article says that the Eastern Illuminati Dragon families will put an end to the Western Illuminati Nazi ISIS and Ebola biological weapon tactics. Many Asians and Asian nations like South Korea are being threatened by the Western Illuminati Aryan Nazi descendents with nuclear holocausts and massive radiation contamination just like the Fukushima nuclear power plant attack and Miyagi earthquake ocean bottom attack, if instead of creating war with Japan, South Korea keeps trying to become friendly with Japan. But, the Eastern Illuminati sources reassured the Asian population that they have sunk all of those Western Illuminati Nazi submarines. The Eastern Illuminati White Dragon White Lotus Society and Triad and Russian Gnostic Illuminati and Western White Hat Faction’s ninja assassins are systematically assassinating the Western Illuminati Nazi Criminal Cabal’s yakuza mafia and Freemason assassins around the world, just like they did to the Rockefellers. There is a war for survival going on. The question is who will be left at the end? The Western Illuminati is trying to create a joint Korean and Japanese nation called Kopan, and to place their U.S. military there. The Western Illuminati’s Japanese of Korean ancestry government created a pre-war Japan government in North Korea, and used the abducted girl, Megumi Yokota to give birth to their current North Korean dictator, since she has both Japanese and Korean Illuminati Li bloodline genes. The two Japanese female cabinet ministers (Minister of Justice and Minister of Trade) who resigned on the same day for criminal activities were henchmen of the Western Illuminati CIA. The children and grandchildren of these Japanese prime ministers and Japanese parliament members of Korean ancestry are given whatever positions in society that they desire such as congressman, rock star, cartoonist, celebrity, etc., and all the wealthy and famous and loved and prestigious and comfortable positions in society are given to these Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanist members’ family members and relatives.


The doctors would say a lot of people get blisters in their kidneys and renal failures and kidney cancers, and they do not know the cause for them. We now know that the Illuminati Satanist assassins go around causing them with their electromagnetic weapons from other rooms and buildings, as part of their depopulation extermination program of human homo-sapiens. They also use remote-viewing psychic abilities and project the electromagnetic frequencies through the NSA satellites to assassinate people in distant places and inside their homes. They aim for the chakras that are weak. Because of the internet and information age, the activities of the Illuminati Satanists are now being exposed to more and more people, as people communicate with each other and find correlations and everything logically clicks in their heads as evidences fit together like a puzzle. Now, they know why a completely healthy mother all of a sudden had a heart attack or why their daughter all of a sudden came down with cancer. Doctors do not have answers, but people who have experienced the same thing can answer for them thanks to the information age and internet and non-mainline-Illuminati-media crevice media where the truths are leaking out. The Illuminati is so busy now sending out false information to counter the truth and broadcasting disinformation to mock the truth and those who speak the truth.


If you investigate the business expenses of these Japanese prefectural legislative assembly members of Korean ancestry, according to their fake receipts, these thousands of politicians spend thousands of dollars on stamps even when they never used stamps but mail through the post office; they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on tours to resorts and famous travel spots around the world, and stay in the most expensive hotels and spend thousands of dollars on breakfast; they spend tens of thousands of dollars on hundreds of New Year’s parties in January and even February, which is normally impossible for one person to attend in two months; they spend tens of thousands of dollars fake apartment rental costs when they are living in their own home; all with taxpayers’ tax money. When these Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry use tens of thousands of dollars on hostess brothel bars with the taxpayers’ tax money, they record the expense as “economic climate research” expenses; and when the legislature’s audit office questions these politicians about these costs, they yell at the auditors “who in the world do you think you are questioning” just like a Japanese yakuza gangster of Korean ancestry do to the people they extort, so the auditors become scared of these Illuminati Satanist politicians and become quiet. They use the hundreds of thousands of dollars they are budgeted for business expenses to the very last yen, so that their balance at the year comes out exactly to zero yen, which is almost impossible to do, normally. This is not just one or two isolated cases, but it is almost all of these thousands of Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry who are doing it. When the prefectural governments are approached about these issues, they will tell you that they have no problem with these expenses, because they are all Illuminati Satanist members and they cover up for their own members. If these white color crimes get leaked out and the public finds out and the people are enraged, they do not arrest these Illuminati Satanist Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry, since they are above the law and Illuminati members, so they just make them retire from their position, and pay them huge amounts of retirement pension, because they are fellow Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanist members. They receive a completely different treatment and punishment compared to non-Illuminati people. If people talk too much about these Japanese of Korean ancestry and disclose all these Japanese about their Korean ancestry, they just get assassinated, because the Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry and Japanese celebrities of Korean ancestry just hire the Japanese yakuza gangster assassins of Korean ancestry to kill people. To them, killing, cheating, lying, stealing, acting, and manipulating are just normal acceptable behavior. During the prefectural assembly meetings, you will see all these politicians sleeping during the meeting. They will tell you that they are thinking while they close their eyes at the meetings. All they do is read prepared scripts, just to make it look like they are debating issues, but all these scripts are just a show, much like a kindergarten drama where the scripts are prepared. All the questioning and answers are prepared before the prefectural assembly meetings. It is simply a big drama show prepared by the Japanese Illuminati Satanist politicians of Korean ancestry, but the amazing thing is that most of the Japanese populace is so ignorant that they actually believe these politicians are asking real questions and doing work. These prefectural assembly politicians even hire companies to prepare their questions and answers, because they do not want to take time preparing them. All the money spent doing these are being paid by taxpayers’ tax money. The Illuminati government officials say that the most favorable politicians are those who do not study about politics or political issues. Some politicians who know their jobs and politics are considered a nuisance to the government officials. The Illuminati Satanist Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry will do what is natural for their nature and ethics, but what is amazing is that the Illuminati has made the Japanese public so stupid and mind-controlled that no one questions the politicians. If the Western Illuminati Satanists tell the Japanese populace that the emperor is a god and a militaristic government is good, then they all follow the emperor and militaristic government; and if they are told the Western Illuminati’s servant Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry are leaders for freedom and democracy, then they all follow the Illuminati Satanist Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry like some kind of idols. The Illuminati Satanist control the Japanese populace and various Western Illuminati member nations’ populace like livestock cattle using their media and education and literature and television and newspapers and MK Ultra Monarch mind-control frequency technologies and chemicals they are introducing into their food sources. It is very easy to control a populace that does not have God’s Holy Spirit. This is why the devil tries to attack those very few people who have God’s Holy Spirit and preach the Torah Truth—the real born-again spiritual Christians. The truth sets one free, while the lie entraps those who deny God.


In the cities where there is a high population of Japanese of Korean ancestry, there are huge populations of yakuza mob gangsters, and high crime rates, and large populations of Illuminati Satanists, and people tend to have very bad temperaments, and a lot of street fights and white color crimes. In cities where there are very few Japanese of Korean ancestry, the people are more peaceful, there are less yakuza mob gangsters, low crime rates, people are nicer, lower populations of Satanists and cult groups, and ethical communities. They talk and behave like criminals, but they are made famous celebrities and powerful politicians by the Illuminati. The Japanese worship these Korean Satanists as their gods and celebrities and rock stars, and Satan gives them and their descendents all the power, money, sex and drugs they want. The Japanese of Korean ancestry love to become Satanists, love spiritualism witchcraft form of Christianity, start strange cult groups, consult Korean shamans and fortune tellers, and manage all the ungodly businesses in Japan like illegal waste disposals, sex industry shops, gambling slot machine joints, narcotics industry, extortion bars, etc. They will not repent of their ethnic sins, and allow themselves to be possessed by demonic spirits.


All Japanese prime ministers have been hidden disguised Koreans. Even all five members of the Beatles of Japan (SMAP) and all the most popular young Japanese idols are all Koreans, who are hiding their Korean identity and lineage to the public. You cannot get these famous powerful wealthy positions without being a hidden disguised Korean and Illuminati Satanist. All the Japanese rock stars and Japanese professional wrestlers and Japanese famous designers and Japanese religious cult leaders whom all the most foolish Japanese girls scream and chase after are Satanist Koreans who are hiding their Korean lineage and Korean underground connection and Korean Satanist worship. It is just like all the mobsters in Japan are hiding their Korean lineage, too. When you do the research, everything is exposed, and the Holy Spirit discloses all the hidden secrets of Satan and his satanic agenda. The Satanist Koreans have a monopoly of all the famous, powerful, wealthy positions in Japan. All the leaders and members of the Illuminati’s feminist movement in Japan are led and created by the Japanese of Korean ancestry. All the drug narcotic rings and gun smuggling and prostitution rings are run by the Japanese of Korean ancestry groups. If you expose these facts, the Satanist Koreans will come out in the hundreds and thousands to try to kill you and silence you. Their greatest fear is that the Japanese populace will find out. Satan is using all these Korean celebrities and politicians and yakuza gangsters to lead the ten tribes of Israel in Japan to sin and idolatry, and to lead them away from their God and their roots, just like the Korean shaman Himiko led them astray in the ancient days, and the Edomite Babylonian leaders led the two tribes of Israel to idolatry and sin in Babylon (we see in Psalm 137 that the Edomites created a Jewish holocaust and burned God’s Temple down). Himiko the Korean queen of ancient Japan used marijuana and witchcraft to worship Satan and wield power to try to destroy the ancient Jewish residents of Japan. They were sent by Satan through the Tsushima Strait. She pierced her ears, just like they have started to do in these post 1960s End Times. She used mirrors that were said to house evil spirits to conduct her spells upon Japan and takeover of God’s people. These Korean priestess witches are Satan’s Jezebels in the East. They have mixed their blood into Israel and Japan, in order to try to eradicate God’s remnant. Do they think God’s servants do not know these things? Do they think God is blind like the idols of wood and stone they make? They try to assassinate God’s servants who disclose the Torah Truth? Do they take God for a clown? These Himiko’s shaman Satanist witches worshipped the sun god with their sun emblem mirrors, just like the Freemasons and ancient Egyptian Osiris worshippers and other Satanists do, and believe that their emperor is of the reptilian bloodline of the sun goddess fallen angels. This is why in all of the Illuminati reptilian Satanist branch organizations’ symbols, such as the Nazi symbol or the Catholic symbol or the Freemason symbol, the sun emblem is used. The Japanese flag is designed after their worship of the emperor’s ancestor sun goddess or reptilian freemason grand architect or extraterrestrial alien evil spirits. The I Ching which is used in witchcraft and divination was written by nephilim survivors of ancient Atlantis, just like the Mayan calendar was written by nephilim survivors of Noah’s flood. The I Ching is a binary code, and it represents the Korean national flag of witches and Korean culture and Korean psychology and Korean lifestyle and the Korean people and the Japanese of Korean ancestry of the Illuminati. There are a lot of Korean and Polynesian Satanists because of their genes. Wherever Satan’s people go, they bring evil and destruction and curse. In Israel, Satan used his people to mix the Torah Truth with his Babylonian Judaism Satanism, and in Japan, Satan used his people to mix the Torah Truth with his Korean Shinto shamanism animism Satanism. Satan’s pattern or strategy is always to intermarry, dilute, compromise, mix cultures, mix Satanist pagan worship into the Torah Truth, whether it is Israel or the church, and to try to eliminate God’s people. He tries to make his people intermarry with the Israelites and worship his pagan Satanist people’s Asherah poles. He uses the hippy rogue pastors to bring in their Jezebel doctrines into the churches. He tries to mix his reptilian fallen angels’ genes into the human genes, in order to make a nephilim world. He tries to plant sin and evil and gangrene wherever God’s people are. This is why God wiped out the genetically polluted ancient Atlantean nephilim world with the Great Flood, and started the human race all over again through Noah. Although Satan may intermix the Koreans disguised as Japanese into the Japanese population, and they cleverly disguise their genetic appearance as Japanese, the ethical genes and slyness and behavioral genes exposes their Korean ancestry and those with the Holy Spirit can identify them. Entire human populations may be blinded and deceived, but God who is in heaven cannot be deceived nor is He blind. The Edomites or Idumeans or Esau’s descendents may also disguise themselves as Zionist Jews, but their hatred toward the Jews and mission to eradicate the Jews and their adherence to Zionism and their sly attempt to mix into the Jews and their genetic behavioral ethics exposes them for who they are and whose genes they carry, and God knows who they are.


All the Japanese politicians and 90% of the yakuza Japanese mobsters are Korean, so they are naturally servants of the CIA Nazi holocaust Aryan people and Rothchild of the Western Illuminati who try to kill tens of thousands of Japanese through underwater nuclear detonations and tidal waves, and they are enemies of the Eastern Illuminati which is an alliance of the White Dragon Society and Triads and Russian Gnostic Illuminati and White Hat Faction and 87 nations. The Western Illuminati Nazi cabal are trying to assassinate not only God’s apostles like me, but they are also trying to assassinate Benjamin Fulford (who is exposing the political social economic secrets of the Western Illuminati), David Icke (who is exposing the religious social scientific secrets of the Western Illuminati), Steve Quayle (who is exposing the transhumanism genetic hybridization programs and global warming terra-forming and deliberate environmental poisoning of the Western Illuminati), and the 87 nation alliance’s leaders, and the Gnostic Illuminati leaders, and White Dragon Society leaders, and Triad leaders, ninja secret societies, and other Eastern Illuminati leaders, as well as many other people who have the courage to expose the deep Western Illuminati Nazi secrets. This is why the Gnostic Illuminati, Triad, Asian Dragon families, and the White Hat faction have placed a million dollar bounty on George Bush, Junior (Aleister Crowley’s grandson) and other Western Illuminati Nazi leaders to be delivered into their hands, since the Western Illuminati have and will try to kill them first. There is a war going on between the Illuminati Nazi faction that is owned by the Rothchild family and that owns the CIA and Nazi base on the moon and other groups, and between the Illuminati factions that own the Triads and Dragon Families in Asia. The Illuminati factions claim that there are good Illuminati factions fighting against those who are trying to kill the human race, but this is not true. All Illuminati factions are evil and Satanists. They are all united with one cause, and that is to exterminate the humans, and to set up their New World Order of the reptilians. All Illuminati bloodline families around the world are reptilian hybrids and demon spirits and carry the fallen angels’ genes. The fallen angels were very beautiful holy creatures before, but after their fall, they have become ugly, grotesque, perverted, hideous, evil creatures. Nothing good comes from their offspring who share their genes. They have been cursed, and their descendents are accursed. The Chinese armies will fight the Western armies during Armageddon, but the Chinese communists are also owned by the Illuminati, so they are together united with the Western Illuminati to create the New World Order one-world government and economy. The world is united under Satan to follow the Brotherhood of the Snake’s world takeover agenda for the reptilian bloodline families.


Huge numbers of Al Qaida terrorists are invited to come into the United States by the CIA Nazis who pay them welfare for living costs and pay them to develop bombs. After World War 2, the Nazis just set up their own operations and organizations under the Rothchild Illuminati, and conduct their work for them.


The way the Western Illuminati Nazi cabal criminal organization works is they try to form a peace treaty with you, invite you to the most expensive hotel in the most expensive cities with elaborate hospitality, and then they poison you to try to kill you. This has been their thousands of years old method their royal family Illuminati bloodlines have used, in order to dominate the world for themselves.


The Zionist Edomite Satanists also hide their identity and if you reveal them, they will come out in full force to try to kill you, using the CIA, the mob, the Satanists, the feminists, the prison convicts, the street gangs, etc. These Illuminati Zionist Edomites disguised as Jews own or monopolize 90% of the world’s money, and they finance the Nazi holocausts and Fukushima nuclear power plant bombings, in order to try to genocide the Israeli Jews and Japanese Jews, and the Japanese national leaders who are Korean Satanists cooperate with them to mass exterminate the Japanese populace, not only with tidal waves but with the poisoned food sources and chem trails and all the other methods. This is why Japan is part of the Western Illuminati member of nations that are controlled by them. They work hand in hand with the Koreans to further their Illuminati agendas. They make their fellow Edomite race people like Bill Gates (whom the Illuminati’s corporations gave the Microsoft operating system to which was stolen from Kindall), Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, John Paulson, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Michael Dell, Forrest Mars, George Soros, etc., into billionaires. The Zionist Edomites have a monopoly on all the famous, wealthy, powerful positions in the world, and you cannot get these positions unless you are a Zionist Edomite. Like the Koreans, the Edomites are genetically oriented, family oriented, and race oriented. These Edomites through their national governments like Saudi Arabia contract out billions of dollars of business to these terrorist Illuminati member families like Osama Bin Laden, who are on their payroll. Illuminati member nations like Qatar are conducting thievery on a national level, when you see that they charge 5 times the gasoline price in Japan compared to Qatar. It is a national sin of the that nations’ people to steal and live like millionaires in luxurious homes and shop at huge brand store shopping malls with the money they have stolen from the world’s people. A Christian should never take advantage of his power or position, even if he finds billions of barrels of oil under his backyard, but a Christian should be fair in God’s Temple with the scales for measurement and giving, instead of stealing like the religious fanatic people of the world who are self-seeking hypocrites. Religious people are selfish, and selfish people are religious, and religious selfish people are hypocrites.


The Illuminati Satanists must stop being parasites and living off of the black ops tax money they have stolen from the taxpayers by working as Illuminati assassins to kill the human tax payers. The Japanese of Korean ancestry celebrities should stop stealing millions of dollars by eliminating decent innocent Japanese people who have worked hard to be celebrities, and stop giving celebrity jobs to only the other Koreans, because this is a form of stealing, too. It is no different from a car thief, but much worse, because of the millions of yen they earn as celebrities in Japan whose positions they stole and monopolized among themselves. If people do the same work and amount of work, they should be paid the same equal amount, regardless of whether they are men or women, black or white, favored by bosses or hated by bosses, or Christians or non-Christians. If people are the Illuminati’s Wall Street stock brokers who are parasites on normal working people’s investments by manipulating the stock prices, which is one of the most biggest scam crime organizations in the world’s history, and that is why the Illuminati stock companies hire all their own Illuminati members as employees so that they can distribute the spoils of their criminal gangster stock broker jobs with each other, then they should repent and from now on start giving money to those brethren in need, instead of taking. If they are dishonest Japanese of Korean ancestry who have monopolized the Japanese society’s yakuza mob gangs, politician positions, celebrity jobs, economic positions, and all the prime wealthy fattening jobs and positions of fame, then they should repent and return everything to the Japanese, and stop killing the Japanese people, and return back to Korea in peace where their ancestors came from, or else, live among the Japanese with honesty like the Japanese do. If a group of Japanese company engineers invent the world’s greatest computer operating system OS, then the Illuminati Satanists should not put all those engineers on the same Japan Airlines plane and purposely crash the plane to kill all of them, and then steal that technology and give it to their own Illuminati company Microsoft to rename it as Windows OS, in order to monopolize the entire world’s people’s private information and home computer systems, and thereby, become multi-billionaires as a result of the murder and stealing. They should apologize to the families of those human homo-sapiens who they killed in the plane crash, return the OS technology to its rightful owners’ inheritors, and go to spend time in prison and live an honest life, or if they are nephilim descendents and demon spirits, then they should jump into the Lake of Fire before God throws them in there. There were many, many passengers still alive after the crash, and the U.S. military helicopters were about to land and save them. However, the Illuminati ordered them to stop rescue operations, and left the people to die for 14 hours. This is to confirm that the passengers were dead before the rescue teams went in. Even in Japanese companies, the Japanese Illuminati members are trying to stop the Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati members. All the Edomites and Tribe of Dan fake Jews who carry the reptilian hybrid witch genes of the Illuminati bloodlines should stop trying to kill all human homo-sapiens from the earth, and stop paedophile satanic live sacrifice rituals, and then, apologize to God for their evils, and immediately volunteer to jump into the Lake of Fire, so that they do not cause anymore evil upon the human race. The devil should apologize to God for rebelling against Him and causing untold horrors upon God’s creation through his offspring Illuminati reptilian hybrid witch feminist nephilim descendents, and take all of his fallen angels’ children to jump into the Lake of Fire. If I were an evil fallen angel, I would try to do good to all of God’s created human homo-sapiens race, and try to make amends for all the horrors committed on the humans, and grab as many other fallen angels and demons, and jump into the Lake of Fire, because evil has no place in the Kingdom of God, and therefore, if I am evil, I should destroy myself to rid of the world of evil. However, these fallen angels and their offspring demons are crazy, so they try to manufacture more of their demon kind through breeding with alien abducted people’s reproductive organs, and are creating an demonic army of super soldiers in their underground secret military bases to fight against God. They do the opposite of what is righteous and true and just and love and holy.


There are a lot of half-Caucasian and half-Asian celebrities in Japan recently, but all of them are Illuminati members, and some descend from the Illuminati royal bloodlines of England. Their parents are Illuminati foreigners, so they are chosen to be celebrities. Just like after World War 2, the Americans felt like they were the center of civilization and affluence, and all their Hollywood movies made foreigners look like weirdoes and inferior creatures, which made all the people of the world despise Americans with a passion, while the Americans could not understand why they were always targeted by the world, twenty five years ago, the Japanese were still very prejudice and discriminatory toward foreigners, and looked at them as being goofy, weirdo, freaks. The Japanese are disgusted to see foreign countries pervert their Japanese food, but they do not notice that they pervert the foreign nations’ food themselves. Non-believer heathens are innately sinful and evil, so it is a natural tendency in humans to be arrogant, selfish, and discriminatory. However, twenty five years later, since the Illuminati has to brainwash the people of its Illuminati nations to accept globalization and world unity and their New World Order propaganda, to bring in their dictatorship police state one-world government, they have flooded the Japanese televisions every single day with celebrities who are foreigners and half-blood foreigners, so the young generation viewers now see foreigners and half-bloods as classy and cool and attractive and intimate and normal and as idols. Almost all of the Japanese television celebrities are half Caucasian Illuminati children or Illuminati gay homosexual transvestites dressed in women’s clothes or former motorcycle gang members who are Japanese of Korean ancestry and are now disguised as normal people or Freemason politicians’ children who have Illuminati connections. All wealth and popularity and jobs are through connections with the Illuminati. Whenever there are filming of male nude scenes, all the male executives of the media world happen to come out to the filming location, according to the actors, because all the top Japanese media leaders are Illuminati members. Satan’s world is a very perverted world, and that is why the world famous Satanist Aleister Crowley, who is called the most evil person in the world, would molest children, eat feces, and have orgies, just like all the reptilian Illuminati members. The world that we live in is Satan’s world. Of course, the public sees only the glamorous side of these world leaders and celebrities and dignitaries, and they do not see their hidden Satanist life.


The method these Illuminati Edomites who are super intelligent use in order to get the woman they want is always the same tactics. They make arrangements to get work in Japan through the Illuminati. Then, they make the woman they are interested in to work in their same office. Then, they use the Illuminati henchmen to keep surveillance on their female victim 24 hours a day. Then, they go to the restaurants and shops where their victim goes to, and make it look like they keep meeting by coincidence, and convince the victim that it is fate that keeps bringing them together. They also get a room in the same apartment as their female target, and make it look like they meet on the same elevator every time by accident. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid elites have technology of their alien fallen angels to monitor people’s rooms and know exactly when their victims are about to leave their rooms. Usually, their female victims hate the Illuminati high-ranking, super rich person, at first. However, they use witchcraft, spells, Satanist fallen angel evil spirit occult powers, and their high reptilian IQ to change the mind of their female victim. Then, they marry them. After they marry them, they take them back to their nation overseas. To them, everything is about breeding and leaving genetic descendents. But they do not have human souls, so their children will also roam around the earth as ghost evil spirits after they die. They are the nephilim witch race. Their existence is built on deceit, breeding, genetic bloodlines, gaining power and wealth, doing everything dirty that the black nobility is known for throughout history from Sumerian Babylonian ancient times, and using the money and influence they have gained through parasite on the human race to get what they want. After the victim gets tired of their Illuminati husband’s evil, and their relationship breaks down, then these Illuminati husbands have their wives assassinated, just like Princess Diana or Princess Grace Kelly. They put on a fake love life by exhibiting all these photos of themselves kissing and hugging and with lots of hearts on their desks and shelves. It is part of these Satanists’ fake love and fake lifestyles. It is because they are animalistic creatures, so they have an obsession with family and are viciously protective of their family from reproach by others, but when they get angry at their family, they kill their family immediately. However, at their wives’ funerals, they say how they loved their wives and their family is the greatest thing in their lives. It is because these demon spirit people or nephilim are psychopath brain reptilians. They are very defensive and overprotective of their evil families and spouses and their gangs, but they will not hesitate to kill their family members in order to get promoted in their Satanist Illuminati secret societies and get higher positions in society. These reptilian Satanists have to sacrifice family members in order to get higher positions.


These Illuminati men are like the feminists and other Illuminati organizations and children of the Serpent’s seed, who live by falsifying data, deceiving, cheating, hiding, brainwashing, and using every dirty trick. These Edomite and Tribe of Dan reptilian descendents are the founders of the mafia and royal families and other criminal groups. Their female victims are sinful people, so they are mesmerized by the wealthy lifestyles and luxurious extravagance of these Illuminati members, and marry them. In the ancient times, during Noah’s days, the fallen angel watchers came to the earth, and since the most evil women are animalistic and carnal in their instinct and existence, they sought to breed with the most powerful and supernatural and intelligent and wealthiest and who were considered their gods, so they married the fallen angels. Between them were born reptilian hybrid witch nephilim creatures who were giants and ate humans, and became the kings and emperors and queens and rulers and royal families of the world. These evil feminist rebellious women got what they wanted by marrying the fallen angels, which was power, wealth, an intelligent genetic descendent, and children who would be royalty to rule the people. Things have not changed from ancient times. The most selfish women want to marry the Illuminati’s billionaires and parasite stock brokers and powerful people. These children who carry these reptilian genes of the devil Satan and his fallen angels become the Illuminati high witches and feminist activists and Satanist leaders who move forward the Illuminati’s agenda on this earth. It is because they carry the demon genes of their reptilian forefathers. No End Times modern woman wants to marry a poor missionary who serves God, and does not know where the money for their food tomorrow will come from, because they do not trust in God. Even these End Times religious Christians are so evil and lukewarm that they do not wish to marry a missionary or apostle, who does not know where his money will come from tomorrow, and whose life is sought day and night by the Illuminati Satanist children of Satan. These evil religious Christian women of the End Times modern day Laodicea church want to marry the rich, famous, popular, stable income, nice guy, religious pastors and ministers of the Illuminati, who have a good retirement pension and health insurance and nice stable job. None of these religious lukewarm vomit Christian women want to marry an apostle and prophet of God who is gang stalked by the hordes of Korean assassins and whose income have been destroyed by the Illuminati and who have unmanned military aerial vehicle drones following them, and share in the persecutions together with the apostle or prophet with joy. This is how disgusting and perverted and sick these religious Christian women of the End Times are. They are the worst of all the churches throughout history, because they are hypocrites. This is why when you are a super wealthy executive of a global company and live in a hotel and give tens of thousands of dollars to these churches and have tons of stocks and precious metals and wear nice clothes, these religious Christian women flock to you in the masses to ask you to marry them and try to date you and stalk you and approach you and follow after you. However, when you decide to become a poor missionary who is continuously hunted by the Illuminati reptilians with EMP electromagnetic weapons and poisoned by them and have non-Christian families killed by them and houses burned down, then all these religious Christian women of the End Times Laodicea Age Church will all leave, ignore you, refuse to help, do not want to marry you, and do not even approach you or care about you. They are complete opposites of God’s women and true born-again spiritual Christian women, who do not care about men with stable incomes and safe conditions, but truly desire to share the dangers and persecutions with God’s men. This is how you can tell the difference between a woman of the flesh and a woman of the spirit, and between a fake imposter in the church and a true daughter of God, and between a lukewarm religious Christian vomit woman and a real born-again Bride of Christ Church Saint woman. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, never, never look at how nice or religious a person is, but look at the fruits of that person’s life, and you will be able to see by their values and commitments and lifestyles and purpose of their lives, as well as whether they are true sons and daughters of the Most High God or whether they are fake religious crowds that just follow after Jesus because they are hungry and want salvation without paying the cost of following Christ. The wheat will be harvested when Jesus returns, and the weeds will be thrown into the fire to be burned. Let your hearts be pure in all things, let your faith be true, and may you examine your motives with the Light who has come into this world. The evidence is irrefutable and clear, indeed. Just as oil and water separates, so also the real and fake is exposed by the Holy Spirit for the Spirit reveals everything. Have no fellowship with these religious people, but instead, go to God’s children and share the Torah Truth with them. These money-changers in God’s Temple who love to go on radio programs to market End Times scares to sell their satanic post tribulation rapture theory, in order to sell their gold and their books will not teach these Torah Truths to you, because if they did, they would expose their own evil deeds and fake faiths, and they do not teach the truth. Discern by the Holy Spirit those people who teach you. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


You can find Illuminati symbols like the eagle on places like the United Arab Emirates customs department emblems. Airline passengers who cause trouble on the planes can be arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in some Muslim countries. However, Illuminati high ranking senior vice presidents of Illuminati corporations are allowed to go free without any punishment. These Illuminati high-ranking people behave rudely and obnoxiously, because they know they have all the power in the world, and they are free from arrest or indictment or punishment, and that they are above the law or immune from the law.