Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 36


If you are a real born-again spiritual Christian with the Holy Spirit, they will know who you are and they will do all these things to you. You have to stop wondering why these things happen to you, and realize that they are being orchestrated by the gang-stalkers and the Illuminati feminist reptilian witches who order them and the fallen angels who control all of them, and you have to take action. The only person in the world who can help you and protect you and fight for you is the Lord Jesus Christ and our Lord God Almighty YHWH. There is no other solution. Only God can stop these things, and He will stop them in His timing, when the work in you is complete.


The Illuminati do not want to leave evidence, so your best guard is for them to see through your room that you are aware of their assassination activities and have started to collect evidence. It is amazing that the instant you turn on the electromagnetic sensor, they immediately stop shooting their electromagnetic weapons at your genitals and brain and liver and heart and kidney and colon and pancreas and eyes. Once you turn off the sensor, they start shooting, again, after a while. They also use witchcraft to use demonic spirits of infirmity to curse and make people sick. All these illnesses and sickness and sadness from loss of loved family members and trauma and stress and fear and depression created by these assassin Illuminati families and hired Illuminati murder trainees create a tremendous amount of negative energy food for their fallen angel fathers or malevolent alien entities or demonic spirits. They do not try to just exterminate humans through war and drugs and crime and kidnappings and chem trails and poisoning of the tap water and tidal waves, but they also have an ongoing mass assassin program, where they have multitudes of mind-controlled, demon-possessed, Illuminati trained assassins going out into the humans’ society to assassinate as many human families as possible. The two traits of the nephilim are stealing and killing ever since ancient times, so they steal live off the money they steal through their banking and financial systems, and they live to kill humans. They are like Satan’s little army to inflict the most pain, suffering, horror, and death on God’s human creation, and to mind-control them just as he did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. He still does the same thing, but at a greater scale. Since the ancient times, if you are a heathen and do not obey these reptilian nephilim ruling class of the earth, they just execute you. That is why all these masses of people submitted to these rulers who ran the earth with cold-blooded reptile power and torture and war. It has always been a very reptilian world—not a world run by humans. They have decided to declare war against me, so I must answer their challenge and spend my life disclosing all their secret agendas to the humans. The heathens, due to their sinful nature, do not follow people who are nice and in a weaker position than them, but they follow people who are more evil and can kill them. It reflects Satan’s demonic realm. Just like they do not listen to us who are God’s apostles and prophets, they would not listen to the police officers if they did not have guns and the court justice system behind them, but they would listen to the mob gangsters or motorcycle gang members because they are more evil and have the ability to harm them. This is why the Illuminati wants to rid of all born-again real spiritual Christians, because their witchcraft and spells and mind-control and blinding do not work on us, and we do not submit to their royal families and rulers and rock star worship leaders, unlike the heathens who adore and idolize and chase after these reptilian hybrid witches. The religious Christians hate God’s apostles and love the reptilian hybrid nephilim, because they give them the reptilians’ patriotic sermons, pastors’ offices, women’s equality, rock and roll, tattoos and ear pierces, women’s trousers, Disney movies, retirement pensions, marriage and breeding, glutton obesity, and everything else that is appealing to their sinful hearts and ungodly, just like the Israelites who danced before Jezebel’s golden calf idol preferred it over God. To me, they are crazy.


The reptilians send their hundreds of Koreans and reptilian witch feminists after me to try to kill me by paying the salary of these hundreds of most vile people in society, because the reptilians do not want me sharing the true reptilian Aryan Annunaki race agenda to kill all the humans to their human Illuminati members, lest their Illuminati members find out from me that the Illuminati intends to kill them and their families, too; because the Illuminati is deceiving their foolish human servants that they are promised to evolve into super gods someday and rule with the reptilians as part of their New World Order. This is the great fear of the reptilians toward people like me who hold the secrets of their true agenda on this earth toward the human race, and that is why they are desperate in using their Koreans and witch feminists and criminals and lowest most evil human servants to try to kill me. It is because these lowest level of humans have two qualities that make them good servants for the reptilians—first, they are extremely stupid and only see things as the reptilians mind control them to see things and are full of pride, arrogance, hatred, violence and barbarism, and second, they have the most evil genes passed on from their ancestors, which allow for easier demon-possession and less hesitation to conduct murders and other violent crimes that normal humans or nations would not be able to do. This has been the history of mankind, since Satan has used the most evil nations and genetic people to try to destroy the Jewish people and Christian servants of God and God’s prophets to ancient Atlantis. Those who are filled by the Holy Spirit are used by God, and those who are filled with demons are used by Satan. It is a natural law. These CIA and MI6 and their Illuminati Satanist hit squads are using hundreds of billions of black ops dollars they have stolen secretly from us through tax, in order to gang stalk us and try to kill us. Since they are indiscriminately conducting mass murders and assassinations of people who stand up against their crimes and killing of millions of innocent citizens and people’s family members and human homo-sapiens, it is getting even some of their own Illuminati White Hat faction members upset and start to doubt the level of brutality and indiscriminate killing of normal people, using the tax money they steal from them. These nephilim descendents who are reptilian witches and wizards have conducted all the extremely violent crimes and serial killer incidents and cult mass murders that become television news, but they are only the very few top of the iceberg that surface or get leaked out to the public’s human population, because most of the violent crimes and mass murders that are committed by these Illuminati reptilians are hidden, secretly covered up by the reptilians secret society human servants, intentionally covered up by the Illuminati’s police and law enforcement organizations and media organizations, and security is often very tight around these criminal activities that they conduct. The Illuminati control the reptilian-controlled mafia, the reptilian-controlled CIA murder squads, the reptilian-controlled murder and crime black ops budgets which are not accountable to any person or agency except to the reptilian top people, the reptilian-controlled police, the reptilian-controlled media, the reptilian-controlled the reptilian-controlled court systems and judiciary branches, the reptilian-controlled prisons, the reptilian-controlled military operations, etc. So, it is highly unlikely that any of these daily criminal activities and hideous, inhumane atrocities ever get out to the public’s knowledge or eyes. The reptilians fear humans and their numbers and their consciences which they think are weak inferior traits (breeding like livestock and being controlled by ethics over logic), and this is another reason for all their secrecy and secret societies, and the reason for controlling every organization and agency and government within the human society, and also, the reason for mind-controlling and keeping humans dumb with their fake media and deceptive education and Nazi-style Illuminati propaganda. Remember, the Illuminati name only came into existence through the Nazi Jesuit Freemason branch of the Satanists like Adam Weishaupt, but the Illuminati’s mother organization, the “Brotherhood of the Snake” or “Brotherhood of Satan” has been around for thousands of years, and they have broken up into hundreds of branches (the major religions of our world today, the secret societies, the cult groups, the international organizations, the government agencies, the New Age movements, the activist movements, etc.).


These feminists sacrifice so many children in their Satanist live human rituals every day, because these reptilian Nephilim vampires stay young by drinking the children’s blood and eating their flesh. The stem cells in the children’s blood is transferred to these feminist activists’ bodies that repair the body faster and keep the body tissues healthy, although they may not look young. This is not science fiction, but actual science tested with lab mice. It is only the most foolish of humans who are not aware of what is really going on in our world. The Illuminati spread tremendous amounts of disinformation and ridicule toward the wise, claiming that what the wise are saying about the Illuminati is just a conspiracy theory and far-fetched fairy tales. On the contrary, it is the foolish populace that follows after the devil’s Western values of Jezebel, who are living in the Illuminati created fairy tale fake world of democracy, human rights, court system justice, presumed elected leaders, and heroes overcoming villains as in the Illuminati movies. The true world is the world of conspiracy theories, which is ruled by the devil and his Satanists, and every unimaginable evil is being done, and all the suffering upon humans exist because of the reptilian children of Satan. The Soviet Russian leader’s wife said many decades ago that the Illuminati is planning to bring in their man of perdition whose name will be Barack Obama, who is being prepared in an elite school and groomed to be the future U.S. president, as well as the black, white, Arab Edomite leader of their coming New World Order. The world will get worse, until Jesus comes back and throws the devil into the abyss. Interracial marriage was illegal in many states due to discrimination until the Illuminati movie, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” which is a 1967 movie about interracial marriage between a black doctor and a Caucasian woman who met in Hawaii. This was to program the minds of the racist United States people to prepare them to vote for President Barack Obama, a black person, and to socially accept the marriage between Barack Obama’s father, a Muslim African and his Caucasian mother, Stanley Dunham, an Edomite woman disguised as a Jew. Just as in the movie, Barack Obama’s father and mother met in Hawaii and got married. Reptilian feminist witches often give their daughters male names and their sons female names in order to mix and confuse the gender identity of society. This reversal of gender is a big part of their depopulation program. The world had to be prepared to accept interracial marriage as part of the New World Order globalization and one-world government, because all the nations of the world has to be united under the Anti-Christ as one people. In order to do that, the Anti-Christ has to be half-white and half-colored skin and also a member of the Illuminati’s Muslim Brotherhood organization, in order to bring in all the Muslim nations and African nations into the New World Order. The Anti-Christ could not be just white, or the world would not accept him, but he had to be both white and colored and a fake Jew, in order to make him unite the Jews and Arabs with his soon coming peace treaty, so that he can be worshipped by the world as a man of peace and miracle worker who brought peace between the Jews and Arabs, finally. This is all part of the Illuminati’s plan. The Muslims will accept him as their Mahdi Muslim Messiah because he is a Muslim, and the Jews will accept him because he is considered a Jew, and the Freemasons consider him the Messianic Messiah, because he has been prepared by the Freemasons. In the movie, you will see the Illuminati advertising their pagan jungle trance dance, as the new age form of dance. It also advertises fornication and living together before marriage, in order to push forward the new values that Westerners now accept as normal and the new-fashioned way. The 1985 song made to help Africa by the most famous celebrities who were a mixture of both Caucasian and black celebrities, “We Are The World,” for a common global cause for black people seems like a good cause, but underneath is a very satanic agenda by the Illuminati for global domination mind-control. They make their reptilians into great celebrities and idols to be worshipped by the world’s people, and then, cleverly uses them to sway the minds of the stupid populace as they please. It is quite easy to control a stupid populace, although they may have a lot of human IQ intelligence, since they have no godly wisdom. This is why the Illuminati reptilians consider the human populace as a stupid, ignorant, monkey race who are to be herded and mind-controlled like livestock for satanic ritual food and blood-drinking, and satanic rituals to create tons of negative energy for the fallen angels. As soon as I start writing, again, on this letter, the Illuminati reptilians start bombarding my heart with EMP electromagnetic weapons fire to try to start a heart attack, which proves that what I am writing is true and by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to uncover the Illuminati’s agenda, because it has not happened only once or twice but it has happened hundreds of times every single day, every single time. They do not try to stop a person who does not write the truth, and a person who does not pose a threat to them. You have to understand the mind of the enemy, if you are to fight them. The Illuminati mind hates surprises, so that is why they create religions of the world, for religion is all systematic, repetitive, meaninglessly ritualistic, and very predictable and planned. It is not creative or spontaneous or inspirational like a very active relationship with a proactive living God. This is why the Illuminati likes to plan everything out, and you have to understand that they have not developed the plan for a world Anti-Christ leader and a reptilian New World Order in the last few generations, but they have made the plan thousands of years before with the inception of the Brotherhood of the Snake. Every one of their generation has worked toward this reptilian goal. The global flood by God in Noah’s days disrupted and interrupted this plan, because their Atlantis nephilim hybrid children were all annihilated, and became demon spirits that roam the earth. Whether it is these mind-control movies or global warming world protection or one-world religion ecumenical movement or women’s liberation or other Illuminati plans, they all look honorable and good and noble causes on the surface to the very stupidest people, but underneath them all is a very evil, wicked, satanic agenda, which the people with the Holy Spirit can recognize. The Illuminati reptilians are using their U.S. naval HAARP technology to heat up the earth to terra-form the earth to fit their reptilian species in preparation for the reptilian New World Order, because the reptilian rulers of society are colder-blooded than humans and need heat, and disguising with this global-warming deception. The stupid hippy rogue pastors are preaching “save the earth and worship the goddess Gaea” by saving plastics bags to stop global warming. (See YouTube “[Texas Daddy] The Scam Begging Of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Has Begun!” “[テキサス親父]嘘吐きシー・シェパードの物乞いが始まったぜ!” at .) How dumb down the religious Christians have been made by the reptilians. They have no discernment of the Holy Spirit. This is why the stupid religious Christians will accept the Anti-Christ and New World Order with open happy arms and hearts, just like the German people accepted Hitler, although this seems ridiculous to us who see through the Holy Spirit’s eyes. It is sometimes hard for us to understand how stupid and ignorant the religious Christians are, but if we acknowledge the fact that they do not have the Holy Spirit and they are the same as the heathens who are easily deceived by the devil, then it is totally understandable. The Illuminati always works from two extremes, and cleverly uses them for their purpose, pitting one of them against the other. On the one hand, they create extreme racist groups to use, and on the other hand, they promote global brotherhood for their New World Order agenda. If we told these ignorant populace that extraterrestrial alien hybrids are walking on our streets, they will laugh and call it a conspiracy theory.


These Illuminati devil worshippers are really the stupidest of the stupidest of all people, because they carry Satan’s evil genes and think like him, and they think that with their bunch of fallen angel misfits, Nephilim hodgepodge circus clowns, and their little army of Satanist humans and reptilian witches they can dare fight against and even dream of overcoming me God’s apostle and God’s elect, and my friends and brothers the holy angels, and my Father in Heaven who is the Almighty God of heaven and earth. There are more fighting for us in heaven, than there are of those who are fighting against us. They think they outnumber me, because they can only see me, and they see they have tens of thousands on their side. Evil not only makes them stupid, but it makes them suicidal, too, just like Goliath and Jezebel and Pharaoh. It is much worse than a flock of dodo birds coming against a pride of lions. Did they not yet learn from the Red Sea not to mess with God’s children and elect? I do not pity them, but I pity their situation. These people make disrespectful remarks about the holy angels, and have no respect for the heavenly beings who stand before God’s presence. The Jezebel doctrine of Satanism Western Christianity hippy rogue pastors say respect the devil and his fallen angels for they are heavenly beings. What idiots they are. Who wants to respect fallen creatures that defy God and have no respect for God? They teach Satanism from the depths of hell, and they purposely pervert God’s Word, in order to make the stupid religious Christians have reverence toward the devil and his fallen angels. In contrast, these hippy rogue pastors mock and ridicule and have no respect for God’s apostles and prophets. They are Satan’s children spreading Satan’s doctrines.


All these germs and diseases usually should not kill humans, but in the Atlantis days of Noah’s flood times, Satan and his Illuminati or the “Brotherhood of the Snake” created all these biological weapons to kill humans, and not themselves the reptilians. They almost succeeded, too, because Noah and his family were the only pure human genetic people left. The rest were all half-animal half-human half-fallen-angel half-plant, perverted, warped, disgusting creatures from horror stories. You have centaurs, chimeras, six-toed giants who ate people, giant reptiles, etc. And, the stupid, most foolish people ask why a loving God would use the flood to judge and kill off all of mankind, instead of thanking God that He did love His creation enough to do so, or else they would not have been born and they would not be here today. The foolishness of humans and their arrogance absolutely shocks me, at times! But, given their fallen state and sin nature, it is understandable. This is why God Himself came as a lowly human in the form of our Lord Jesus Christ to share the Torah Truth to them, but they do not believe. Then, what other hope of salvation is there for them, except to be thrown into the Lake of Fire with their devil whom they are brainwashed by and follow blindly. The Satanist Illuminati reptilian elites and their human henchman Satanist servants continue to create more and more lethal and transmittable and fast-killing germs and microorganisms and biological weapons to secretly spread into our world to carry out their depopulation and extermination program of humans. This is why the reptilian Nephilim who walk amongst us do not get a lot of these diseases. The Illuminati will inject these microchip vaccines that will change the DNA structure of humans into Nephilim reptilian monsters in the future (the Mark of the Beast “666”), and all the Tribulation Saints who refuse to take them will be executed for being biological hazards to society, just like the Satan’s Illuminati reptilians did in the Roman arenas with Christians in ancient times. The Christians hold the truth and share the truth with the mass populace, whom the Illuminati reptilians want to keep secret from the humans, and this is why the Christians are a target of the reptilian elite who rule the world every time, because the reptilians want to maintain their power and secret agenda to kill humans. Imagine all the people who have died because of disease in the history of mankind, including the common flu that is created by the Illuminati every year, not to mention all those humans who are being killed by the reptilian feminist activists and their Satanist abortion clinics they run, and the millions of children killed by these feminist witches who conduct live child sacrifice witch rituals in their government buildings and Christian church buildings and other places—thousands and thousands and thousands of children who are kidnapped every year, your children and your grandchildren, and the unregistered children. This is does not even include all the humans they kill through their created wars and narcotic drug industries and ethnically targeted extermination genocide programs for humans. Much of the narcotics industry is run by the Majestic 12 to eliminate the weak people of society. Soon, just like the Bible prophesies that it will be in these End Times as it was in the ancient days of Noah’s flood’s Atlantis civilization, all humans and their families and their descendents will be killed, and only the reptilian humanoid Nephilim and their grotesque monsters would be left on the earth, if God did not intervene. Do these fools ask why a loving God would annihilate all of mankind with the Great Flood? The Great Flood was God’s love to save mankind from these grotesque Nephilim half-breeds and reptilians who were trying to exterminate all of mankind, and who were sacrificing humans, eating them, and drinking their blood. What fools are these non-believers and heathens, who do not believe in the loving God! They blaspheme God by doubting God’s love and His very holy nature, just like these Post Tribulation Rapture Theory propagandists of the Illuminati try to convince religious Christians that God does not love them and He is going to throw them into the Tribulation judgment and wrath, or these moron hippy rogue Western Jezebel-worshipping, feminist, effeminate pastors and “Bible Answer Man” teach the religious Christians that God is helpless and does not love them enough to heal them, so they need to resort to Babylonian witchdoctor medical treatment and chemotherapy poison and surgical butchery and narcotic medical drugs and hospital institutions. How dare they rebuke me and blaspheme God as a heretic! May God deal with these religious Christians for they smell of vomit. The Light came to them, but they would not see it.


The major Illuminati food companies use flavorings derived from a process using fetal cells of babies who were aborted. What these Illuminati feminist witch race hybrid reptilian nephilim descendent bloodline people do is to take the bodies of babies who were murdered in their abortion cover-up mass satanic baby sacrifice witch rituals, and use their bodies to conduct research and development, in order to flavor the foods that they feed these human homo-sapiens. To those Satanist feminist witches and vampire alien hybrids who rule our world, and who eat and drink the flesh and blood of live children in their witch rituals, it means nothing to use the body parts of aborted children in order to flavor their foods.


Not a single Israelite was sick or dying after the Passover Feast in Egypt, because they had a covenant with God for health and divine protection. When Jesus bore our sins on the cross, He became our Passover blood covenant. Hebrew 8:6 tells us we have a better covenant based on better promises. 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 tells us that Jesus is our Passover Lamb and sin offering for all of us and God has entered a blood covenant with us. Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2:24 and Matthew 8:16-18 tells us that He bore our sins and carried our diseases and by His wounds we have been healed. 2 Corinthians 5:21 tells us that He became sin for us, who knew know sin, so that we may be made the righteousness of God in Him. The righteous of God are no longer under the curses of sin. As Luke 4:4 tells us, instead of praying for healing, we eat His Word and Torah Truth, so that we have health by faith. Illness is illegal in us. No devil or Illuminati is going to kill you or make you sick, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers and sisters Revelations 3:8 says that we have kept His Word or Torah Truth. Mark 11:23 says if you do not doubt in your heart, because doubt is a belief system that the Illuminati pastors try to instill, just like their boss the Serpent in the Garden of Eden came and asked Eve to instill doubt if God was really being honest and loving. It is a contradiction against the Word of God or Torah Truth. We have to train our spirit man so that there are no alternatives to the Word of God or Torah Truth. May these Illuminati hippy rogue pastors become sick for they practice Babylonian witchcraft medical technology, and they mock and oppose and fight us and the Torah Truth, and spread Jezebel feminist witchcraft Satanism doctrines of the reptilians or the Illuminati’s reality on the world they brainwash. Foul Pharisees, indeed. The devil and his Illuminati infiltrator ministers will try to draw you cleverly into their realm of fake reality and disbelief in God’s love, so that they can place you under their cursed lives. They practice and teach their Babylonian witchcraft of their feminist doctrine of Western values. Jezebel is their Western Christianity mother goddess. Do not pray for healing, since Jesus was tortured to take on the curses of your sins, but just give thanks to the Lord for your health. Do not pray for celibacy, since Jesus suffered and died to become your Groom who took your place by taking on the curses of your sins, but give thanks to the Lord for keeping you single. Do not pray for a place to stay, since Jesus slept without a roof over His head to take on the curses of your sins, so just give thanks to the Lord for providing you a home. Do not pray for food, since Jesus went hungry to take on the curses of your sins, so just give thanks to the Lord for providing you food. Understand, you are free from the curses of sin, no matter how much the Illuminati’s seminary institutions’ hippy rogue pastors will try to convince you still are under sin’s curse, according to their Jezebel doctrine of Western Christianity Babylonian Satanism and witchcraft. You must take up the Sword of the Holy Spirit and the His Word of Torah Truth, and fight against these Pharisee religious pastors and the spirits that control them. Do not be deceived, dear children, by their Western hugs and kisses and sweet talk (hippy one-world love and peace), for if they truly had the Spirit of first love, they would tell you the bitter truth and enemy-making Torah Truth. They would not have so much followers and huge churches and piles of money, but most of their congregation’s End Times people would have walked away shaking their heads along with their huge tithing and offerings and pastors’ salaries, and instead, they would have people chasing after them trying to kill them, poison them, and make them homeless bums. Their churches would be the few faithful remnant and Bride spread out throughout the globe, listening in to the radios, and reading the internet, and receiving your emails. Judge for yourselves if I speak the truth or not. To me, the religious Christians are lunatics, and they are not right in the head, for even after they have heard the Torah Truth, they refuse to believe because of the evil of their hearts, although they are super nice people. God knew their hearts and their decisions even before the foundations of creation. God has kept me from hunger, and from homelessness, and over ten times from death even before I was born from the attack of the devil, and has faithfully kept me from marriage since the time I was born. He is the faithful One, for those who love Him. He knew us before the foundations of creation were set up, and has planned carefully every part of our lives with care. (Watch YouTube video “How To: Possess Your Healing: It’s Supernatural With Sid Roth” at .)


Meanwhile, while these boneless, gutless, mediocre, lukewarm, mind-controlled, Illuminati Jezebel doctrine, Western value, spiritually stinking pastors and religious Pharisees ridicule me, refuse to provide help, and scold me for teaching the Torah Truth, these Illuminati reptilian Satanists carry out their genocide plans of all humans and mankind from this planet. In the ancient Atlantis days, they created all these disease germs, horrendous creatures, environmental destruction and perversion, abortion and child sacrifice rituals to the feminist god Moloch, nuclear war depopulation programs, etc., etc., etc. I can make a list that will make your mind dizzy and nauseas. No wonder, only Noah and his family were the only humans left on this earth. And these Illuminati Nephilim and pastors mocked and ridiculed Noah for building the ark by the command of God, just like they mock and make telephone calls and ridicule on their television news and newspaper articles those human (homo-sapiens) who report of UFO sightings or alien sightings or Illuminati or reptilians or other truths, and they brand them as conspiracy theorists and crazy lunatics, in order to drive them to silence and shame and social ruin. These pastors and religious Christians make me feel sick for they carry out the agenda of their Illuminati organization and their Satanist mind-control and disinformation for Jezebel’s feminist witches with their Western values. These religious pastors cheer their congregations on to support their patriotic U.S. military troops who they claim are fighting for freedom, while in reality, these U.S. troops are just one of the many rogue armies of the Western Illuminati to colonize nations and look for Atlantis Vril Thule technology and to genocide more non-Aryan non-Annunaki humans. How blind and naked and foolish these religious Western value feminist Christians are! They do not have the Torah Truth, nor acknowledge the Christ whom we preach, but the worship a different hippy peace and goodwill christ who looks like a blonde Swedish guru. How dare these reptilians experiment on human beings, and spread disease to kill off all humans and certain ethnic races, and kill our children, and replace them with cloned reptilian children. The number of fatal diseases and illnesses and ailments have sky-rocketed in the last few decades, because of the Western Illuminati’s human extermination program. My Daddy, the God of heaven and earth sent me to warn them, but instead of thanking me and repenting, they sent their Satanists and mobster gangsters and criminals and cutthroats and vandals and feminists and Koreans and uncircumcised Edomite reptilian vampire witches and pimps to try to kill me? Who do they think they are? They are in for some big shock when our God is through with them and their fallen angels and reptilian elites and human servants who try to kill their own human race! These feminists may have killed all their critics, such as old men and journalists and helpless fetuses in mother’s wombs and other heathens; and these Koreans may have killed millions of humans; but, this time, they have chosen to brawl with the wrong person, because I have friends in high places—the Lord of Heaven’s Armies and His holy angelic host. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, we live in perilous times, where the human race faces complete annihilation by the reptilian government leaders and reptilian half-breed witch populations who live amongst us, but be assured that our God is still on His throne, and He has heard the voices of His people and their suffering, and though slow to anger and judgment, He will certainly arise in the time appointed, and He will rid this world of its satanic perversion and perverted evil creatures, just as in the days of Noah. He is the God of righteousness and justice and love and faithfulness. Serve Him faithfully, and teach the Torah Truth, in the hope that even one soul can be saved from the coming terror of God’s wrath that is about to be unleashed upon a wicked world. Know what a wonderful God we serve. Hallelujah!


All the Japanese politicians are of Korean ancestry and Illuminati Satanists, and all the Japanese celebrities are of Korean ancestry and Illuminati Satanists, and are all related to each other in bloodlines, because the Koreans place preference by genetic connections like the reptilian royal bloodlines of the Illuminati. The Japanese of Korean ancestry in Japan are Illuminati members, and the Japanese Koreans are Satanist shamans and ancestral worshippers, and the Japanese Koreans form gangs or monopolies with those of their own genetic connections. They recruit each other into positions of money and power, and almost all Japanese celebrities are of course all Korean ancestry and are one of the most evil gangster type, rude, violent, unethical people, because they are Illuminati Satanists, and the more evil they are, the more Satan can use them. These Japanese celebrities of Korean ancestry were former motorcycle gang members and pimps and juvenile delinquents, but because they have Korean genes and are Illuminati Satanists, they are allowed to become celebrities in Japan. This is why they behave like the Japanese yakuza mobsters who are of Korean ancestry, and they are gamblers, alcoholics, narcotics users, they touch women’s bodies, they have connections with the underworld, they smoke in front of people’s faces, they talk down to people, they conduct bullying on people of weaker status, they make Illuminati Satanist symbols with their hands in front of the cameras, they live in huge mansions just like the Japanese yakuza gangsters of Korean ancestry, and they yell and scream at subordinates because of the typical Confucian Korean hierarchical culture. They give themselves multiple income sources at once, such as actor, director, authors, and other attractive jobs, because their parents are also given Illuminati Satanist positions, such as actresses and authors. They become extremely rich. What the Illuminati does is to block and prevent God’s apostles from publishing their books, while they have their Illuminati Satanists flock to God’s apostles writing and take the materials, pervert it to fit their Illuminati Satanist doctrines, and then, have them write books with those information, and publicize them using their television companies and media people, so that these Satanist authors become popular, famous, wealthy and have prestige. The dumb human populace welcome their doctrines and books and theories and buy their books and watch their television documentaries and follow their blogs.


Satan’s people are all about hording money to themselves, and making their own Satanist members profit from the disgusting networks that they have made with each other, giving favoritism to their own people. They have monopolized the books publishing companies, television companies, newspapers and magazines, museums, and political educational sponsorships. But I am not upset or concerned about that at all, because I know that the vast majority of the population do not want God and they would rather have Satan’s lies, so that is why God gives them over to the devil’s lies; and meanwhile, for those who seek the truth and God, God is faithful and loving and powerful to lead those faithful remnant to my materials I have written. Even if it is for just one of these children, all the persecutions I have received and all the assassination attempts I have received has been worth my effort, and I would do it, again, anytime. It is because I do not love money and book royalties and television show remunerations, but I love Christ, and I love those who are in Christ, you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant. I have spent much, much more money publishing my books, than what I have received from my book sales. Satan’s people are all about stealing, copying, cheating, monopolizing, playing favorites, hording, deceiving, profiting from lies, tapping, impersonating, and spying on privacy. The devil’s genetic descendents and their human Satanist servants do exactly the same things as what their ancestor the devil and his fallen angels do. One of the things that I have against the lukewarm church is that they are like the Satanists, and they sell God’s Word for profit, and they market their products, and they sheer the flock of God. How can they be kings and queens of God’s Kingdom if they are feeding off of God’s people and His Torah Truth?


This is how the Japanese of Korean ancestry controlled Japanese mass media propagates a very Illuminati Korean Confucian Taoist type of thinking and culture and philosophy and mind control upon the Japanese society and people. This is being done by Satan to draw God’s Hebrew people further away from God’s precepts and culture and thinking, and infiltrate with pagan gods and pagan people and pagan ways of thinking and pagan values and pagan idols of Satanist type of cultures. Satan has placed all his witches in all the key positions in society, especially in God’s Jewish Remnant nations to lead God’s people away from God’s Torah Truth. Therefore, the peaceful nature of the Hebrew nations become infiltrated with violence, crime, bullying, pagan values, idol worship, Jezebelism, sexual immorality, and other ungodly lifestyles. When God’s people abandon God, and start mixing their genes with the neighboring pagan nations’ people and adopting their cultures, then they become ungodly and satanic, just like the pagan people that Satan mixes into their nations. They must repent, or they will be destroyed along with the pagan nations. When Christianity enters these pagan nations, they transform Christianity into a Confucian Taoist form of Christianity, with strict hierarchies and strict legalistic discipline and mind control group culture and family genetic connection worship and other pagan values. Then, God allows the neighboring pagan nation’s people to start organized crime within God’s nations, and hands their politics and mass media over to the slave control of the neighboring pagan nation’s people. All the prime ministers and celebrities and mass media and wealth and yakuza mob gangsters and criminal activities within God’s nation becomes monopolized by that neighboring pagan nation’s people. In other words, God’s people are sent into slavery to that neighboring pagan nation’s control, just like they were sent into slavery in Babylon in ancient times, and they become saturated with the pagan people’s values and genes and control and perverted form of Christianity. Satan uses his people and ungodly nations to infiltrate and reproduce with God’s people, and God’s people become corrupted. God’s Hebrew people lose all respect or love for their God YHWH and His Christ. They must repent and return to their God through Jesus. The pagan neighboring nations’ people do not care about righteousness or justice or love for God, but their values are satanic, and their whole way of pagan life is built on deceit, selfishness, stealing territory, corruption and promoting their own genetic ethnic people, monopolizing institutions, kicking competitors down, violence, crime, organized crime, “han” hate culture, craftiness, bribery, hunger for wealth and money, sexual immorality, shaman Confucian Taoist witchcraft and superstitions, and fanatic nationalistic patriotism. Satan always mixes their genes into God’s people, and God’s people adopt their ungodly nature and values and personalities and lifestyles and gods and idols (money, sex, power, fame, etc.). Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


One of the biggest income for the Japanese yakuza mob gangsters of Korean ancestry is now the internet crimes. They reflect Satan’s character in every way. This is why many Japanese celebrities are assassinated, and made to look like suicide or accidents. Their children always get arrested for crimes. With the job incomes that they give each other as Illuminati member Japanese television celebrities of Korean ancestry, they buy shoes and bags that are worth thousands of dollars. These Japanese celebrities of Korean ancestry are Illuminati Satanist members, so they give each other an income of a hundred thousand dollars for one television program every week, and that is why they live in hotels and fly first class on the planes. Ten television programs over ten weeks, and they become millionaires. With the money they take, they have lost all concept of money value. Because they are Satanists, they gorge themselves on fine food and luxurious homes and meaningless expensive brand fashion. They are like pirates of society and parasites of civilization and gangster business. They are the scum of Japanese society. They may come from the ghetto gang “burakumin” Japanese of Korean ancestry slum discriminated people, but since they become Satanists and Illuminati members, they all become celebrity stars and multi-millionaires overnight. However, they spread their ungodly, satanic, evil values and behavior on television and on the movies. The reason why these Japanese celebrities of Korean ancestry spread their feminist values on television is because they are carrying out their brainwash program of the Illuminati feminist movement agenda. The Illuminati transports demons through electronic transmissions and fiber optic technology, and those who are brainwashed by feminism are demon-possessed, because of their evil nature. Their hearts are like an inviting nest for demon spirits. This is why the feminists become like the demons who inhabit them in mind and spirit. This is why you find thousands and thousands of feminists being used to assassinate people, and if you are an apostle of God, you will find hundreds and hundreds of feminists gang-stalking you, some 18 years old and some 80 years old, trying to kill you. The devil has full control of such people, and they are easy tools for the fallen angels to use, in order to operate in our realm. Feminists are rebels against God, just like Satan their father is a rebel against God, due to pride, selfishness, hatred, violence, and other sinful nature.


The Japanese celebrities of Korean ancestry are all sick and dying, because they have a lot of stress from their hatred, anger, bitterness, violence, pride, greed, craftiness, infidelity, genetic nature, and gluttony from all the luxurious food they eat from the money they have acquired through dishonest ethnic connections and methods. Due to this stress, they drink and smoke and take drugs (witchcraft), and give each other stress through their Korean Confucian Taoist hierarchical power harassment and abuse and bullying against each other, in order to try to relieve that stress. Though in terms of craftiness and evil they are geniuses, in terms of godly wisdom and health they are utter fools. God is not deceived, for the wages of sin is death. They are similar to the Zionist Jews of Edomite (Esau Idumean) ancestry in that they are geniuses in doing the devil’s evil, but they are made fools by God because of that false intelligence, which is not true godly wisdom. Those nations that continuously try to destroy God’s nations by disguising themselves as God’s people are under a curse. They are used by the devil and headed toward destruction.


There is a deliberate Illuminati program in place by the Japanese of Korean ancestry entertainment industry celebrities and media leaders to dumb down the Hebrew descendents of God in Japan. The Japanese television programs are so silly that they are designed to make the Japanese people very foolish and detached from the ability to believe what the reptilian hybrids are doing. Most Japanese chase after Korean hip hop Satanist rock stars, or they go on tour groups to Korea to visit their favorite Korean actor’s filming location on the Korean television dramas, or they pay huge amounts of money for posters and videos of these Japanese of Korean ancestry singers or actors, or watch silly Korean type kindergarten dance and running around naked comedy shows on TV, or watch these communist left-wing brainwashing television talk shows by Japanese of Korean ancestry politicians and comedians and professors and media people, or watch the Illuminati Japanese of Korean ancestry production company monopoly comedian pairs do absolute silly things on television. The Japanese of Korean ancestry have brought their own people in masses into Japan in order to mix their genes with the original Hebrew lost tribes of Israel Levi people in Japan. This is why God commands His Israelite people not to mingle with the pagan barbarians that surround the Israelites and to take up their idols and witchcraft and religions and foreign gods and television programs and actors and rock stars and brainwash media programs and political values and shamanism and values, because these things will corrupt the holy people of God. These are things that the reptilian nephilim descendents of Satan and his fallen angels do. They are explicitly warned not to mix their genes with these reptilian hybrid nephilim descendent bloodline people. It is because these barbarians and nephilim hybrid reptilian people will set up yakuza mob gang organizations, take over the mass media, intermarry their genes into the Israelite people to genocide them, bring in their Illuminati narcotics witchcraft industries, take over the military and start wars against other nations and commit atrocities in order to create hatred toward the Hebrew people. This is true in both the tribes of Hebrew people in Israel and the lost tribe Hebrew people in Japan. These Edomites and Koreans will come into that nation under the orders of Satan, and introduce their Judaism or Korean shamanism or ancestral worship or Confucian Taoist national values culture, and the Illuminati’s Babylonian religion branches and secret societies. This is how the devil works. God knows that, so He warns His people against these things. Once the devil mixes his serpent reptilian seed with God’s people, their descendents cease to be humans with human souls, but they become nephilim creatures with demon spirits without souls, for they are no longer humans. Satan’s offspring nations and people carry his genes of violence, barbarism, hatred, deceit, greed, crime, atrocities, idolatry, feminism, and devil worship. This is why the Koreans have brought in huge numbers of Eastern Christianity pagan idolatry churches into Japan, and have spread their Confucian Taoist Christianity throughout Japan. These Eastern Christianity churches are owned by the Illuminati, just like the Western Christianity churches in the United States and Europe are owned by the Illuminati. This is why the real Church Saints are not in the churches, but they are outside the churches. There are too few of us, so we are pretty much isolated from other Church Saints. This is why most Japanese people believe that the Illuminati are just a conspiracy theory, and they would rather chase after Mickey Mouse and Disney and the satanic gruesome or fantasy video games produced by the Japanese of Korean ancestry. They have been completely detached from reality, and made dumb by the Japanese of Korean ancestry’s media and video games and mind-control technology of the Illuminati. If you commit adultery with Satan’s barbarian nations, then you are no longer a Bride of Christ. Keep yourselves holy and pure. Do not adopt Satan’s people’s ways.


It shows the level of stupidity and ignorance and lack of awareness of the Japanese populace on what is happening to them. As evidence of the Japanese populace’s stupidity and ignorance, there has been an ongoing kidnapping project of hundreds and hundreds of Japanese citizens by the Koreans. They make the kidnapped Japanese into breeding slaves of the Japanese of Korean ancestry terrorists who blow up planes and escape to Korea for political protection. When the family members of the kidnapped victims ask the long line of Japanese prime ministers of Korean ancestry to boycott Korea, all the Japanese politicians who are all of Korean ancestry send tons and tons and tons of supplies and millions and millions and millions of dollars of aid to Korea, so that they can receive millions and millions and millions of dollars of commission from the Korean government for all the aid they give them. All the Japanese politicians are not Japanese, but they are Japanese of Korean ancestry, because they are Illuminati Satanists and Freemason Luciferians and anti-Japanese. This is their way of trying to destroy the Japanese, and carry out their generational “Han” hatred secret, undercover war against the Japanese Jews, just like the Rothchild fake Jews of Edomite ancestry are carrying out a secret, undercover ethnic cleansing holocaust nuclear war genocide plan against Israel and the Israeli Jews. It is only the stupid and ignorant Japanese populace that are not aware of what is really going on underneath their noses, and going about their daily lives like cattle commuting to their workplace pastures to graze and pay taxes to the Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry who are sending all the money to Korea, although they may have high IQ intelligence. IQ intelligence has nothing to do with godly wisdom or common sense or knowledge of the Torah Truth. The Japanese government of Korean ancestry of the Illuminati have created a social culture and educational system and mass media, which make the Japanese populace extremely brain dead and mind controlled and whom they call the “ignorant masses.” Those who know the truth are afraid to speak the truth, because they will be assassinated by the Japanese Illuminati Satanist hit squads of Korean ancestry and Japanese cult groups of Korean ancestry and Japanese yakuza mob gangster organizations of Korean ancestry and Japanese government of Korean ancestry and Japanese police of Korean ancestry who are tied closely with the Japanese yakuza mob gangsters of Korean ancestry. The religious Christians do not want to be attacked every few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by the Korean Satanist groups’ EMP electromagnetic weapons. They fear the devil more than they fear God. When all these city council members get arrested for possession of narcotics, and 15 out of 20 city council members of certain cities are arrested for bribery, you know these Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati politicians have no ethics; for them, anything and everything illegal is game, as long as they are not caught. Insiders have said the corruption level in the government and parliament is beyond imagination. Insiders have disclosed that almost all the Japanese female national parliament members spend the monthly ten thousand dollar allowance for work-related travel and expenses that does not need receipts or reporting on jewelry and fashion brand clothes and accessories. Insiders have said that the parliament member jobs attract the most ungodly, dishonest, evil, Illuminati Satanists who want money, fame and power. These parliament members are the same type of people as those people in the mob gangs and organized crimes, and you cannot tell these people apart, because they are the same criminal type people. It is just that one group only disguise themselves as decent citizens with titles as legislative government leaders. Just like the homosexuals are trying to suppress the Torah Truth by labeling God’s truth as “hate speech” in the U.S., the Tokyo governor who is like all Japanese politicians a Japanese of Korean ancestry is trying to label truths and information about the criminal activities and hidden agendas of the Japanese of Korean ancestry as “hate speech” toward Japanese of Korean ancestry, while parading around as a Japanese himself, and trying to hide the evil activities of the Illuminati Satanists. The reptilian descendents and Koreans have a tendency to become Satanists and become demon-possessed by Satan, just like the Edomites.


When two female cabinet members of Prime Minister Abe, a Japanese of Korean ancestry himself, just like his father and grandfather who were prime minister monopolists, quits the cabinet for illegal activities and criminal conduct on the same day (October 20, 2014) together, and one of them is the Minister of the Justice Department, if you are not stupid you know that all these politicians are the exact same type of people as the mob gangsters. You can look at their faces and see that they have similar faces to mob gangsters and Japanese yakuza gangsters of Korean ancestry. However, they are intelligent, sly and protected by the Illuminati from being arrested or often criminally discovered. These two feminist female cabinet ministers who resigned from their government cabinet positions on the same day do not get arrested or imprisoned, because they are all Illuminati Satanist members, and they are the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Trade and the daughter of former prime ministers, whereas if they were regular humans they would be arrested and imprisoned. This is the injustice and unfairness and corruption of the government and the Illuminati Satanists who run the reptilian hybrid governments. All these Japanese prime ministers of Korean ancestry have grandfathers who were prime ministers also, and who were all war criminals of World War 2, but they are not held accountable since they are Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanists. When these politicians quit for crimes they committed, they go off to continue walking the streets and living a rich wealthy life of pleasure and corruption and feminist activist activities to further Satan’s cause. When time passes, the foolish human public forgets all about it, and they bring in new Illuminati Satanists of Korean ancestry to take over the former positions as politicians, and the whole process just repeats itself over and over and over and over, again.


Three war criminals who did not get executed by the Illuminati Satanist allied occupational forces, Nobusuke Kishi, Ryouichi Sasagawa and Yoshio Kodama were Japanese of Korean ancestry, and they were used by the Illuminati Edomites to bring in the cult group Moonies to Japan that were created by the Korean intelligence which was created by the CIA and Rockefeller. Their descendants are the current Shouzou Abe prime minister, and that is why all of his cabinet female ministers are all Moonies and Korean CIA agents and Illuminati Satanist witches and Koreans. All the Illuminati in Japan are Koreans disguised as Japanese. (See video “Richard Koshimizu – Special Secret! Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party’s True Identity” at                 & イラク派遣自衛隊員35人が死亡 at .)