Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 35


Soon, if it were up to Satan’s wiles, the human race (homo-sapiens) would be all abducted by the nephilim grey aliens of Satan’s fallen angels and genocide exterminated by the reptilian bloodline Illuminati family elites of our world, and this world would be replaced with reptilian nephilim men and women genetic clones (homo-serpens-vipera-hydrus), just like it was in Noah’s flood’s ancient Atlantis civilization age. Many of our fellow humans have already been exterminated secretly and have been replaced by their counterpart reptilian freak monsters, who walk amongst us as if they are humans. They cause all kinds of crimes and atrocities and sufferings and terrors and death and illness and idolatries in our society. You can trace all the evils and sufferings and disasters in our world to these reptilians. The entire British royal bloodline descends from the Satanist Illuminati founder of Islam or Mohammed their ancestor who was an Edomite. The Illuminati created all the religions and political ideologies that oppose each other, in order to control the world through polarization. Creating polar opposites like capitalism and communism is their way of keeping control of the world. By creating polar opposites like Islam and Western Christianity, and pitting them against each other, the Illuminati creates fake terrorist incidents with their CIA MI6 agents, so that the world will be emotionally moved by the terror on television, and the Illuminati can create greater control and screening and police state to manipulate and oversee and profit from the foolish human homo-sapiens populace. According to the Illuminati, the U.S. and Europe, the New Roman Empire or New World Order of the Anti-Christ have the highest RH- or rhesus negative reptilian blood populations which the Illuminati are trying to search for, while the Western Aryan Illuminati tries to kill off as many Chinese as possible, who have the world’s smallest rhesus negative reptilian blood people. The CIA has been researching who has rhesus negative blood. They do not want to kill off their own Aryan race. The Illuminati claim that the Celts in Basque and Ireland have the world’s greatest percentage of RH negative blood people, because the Celts are the descendents of the Hyperborea people of the Atlantis days of Noah’s flood who survived the flood and who are said to have interbred with the fallen angels to create reptilian half-breeds whose descendents are the RH negative blood people. Under the British Project Anvil and NSA Project Oak Tree to search for Rhesus Negative bloodline people, the NSA had been looking for bloodlines of the Tribe of Dan who were actually the same people as the Zionist British Israelites or Spartans or Nazi SS Aryans or Delta Force Navy Seals or Italian Merovingian mafia families or French royalty or Celtic Irish Scottish “Tuatha De Danann” dragon lord families like the Campbell family whose symbol of the eagle you find in the U.S. emblems or angel Ishtar owl, and who have very powerful psychic witchcraft abilities due to their fallen angel bloodlines. This is why God has excluded the Tribe of Dan from the Tribes of Israel. The Tribe of Dan hates the Tribes of Israel because they have been excluded from the twelve tribes, due to their worship of Satanism and mixing of their genes with Satan’s fallen angel seed of the serpent and Edomites. A curse has been placed upon them. The Illuminati keeps these families secret for military reasons. The Illuminati claim that the Celtic blue blood people of freemasonry have very strong psychic demonic powers, because their bodies process oxygen differently in the RH negative blood, which give supernatural abilities as in Tai Chi or Yoga. They are the druid witches of England just like Harry Potter’s bloodline in the novel. The red haired people of Ireland and Basque and Chechen who conduct terrorist bombings have a violent temper, because they carry the ancient red-haired, mixed skin freckles nephilim giants’ genes. As these red-haired nephilim witch race interbreed with humans, these features become less pronounced in the modern day generations, and their children appear as reddish-brown hair or reddish-brownish blonde hair with less freckles. These are of the serpent bloodlines or seed of the serpent. In the business offices in the U.S., they often go over to people and bawl them out or assert their power. It is a terrible working with these people in the same business office, because they always change personalities into very angry people and start chewing you out, but they become managers because they have intelligent nephilim brains. They are always feminists and witches who dabble with witchcraft and become Illuminati Satanists: it is in their nephilim genes to do so. This is why all the Queen Elizabeths in history have red hair and conduct ghoulish tortures and conduct Druid Satanist witchcraft. It is because they are nephilim creatures or demon spirits, and do not have human souls. These people groups tend to be very intelligent. Hitler was trying to create uberman or supermen using these psychic supernatural people with telepathy, and sent many explorer groups to find out ancient alien technology artifacts in Tibet and other places. Their Nazi genetic descendents in the NSA and CIA and MI6 who were brought to the West have continued the secret superman Aryan Nazi Operation Oak Tree programs of the nephilim. The name “Dan” means judge, and many of these Irish people of a particular type are judges and lawyers and police officers in the U.S. There are also many of these Merovingian mafia of Dan who are leaders of Western Christianity para-church organizations to try to lead the Christians to the Illuminati’s messianic movement, in order to make them Judaist Babylonian religion worshippers. Satan plans to use the apostate tribe of Dan to cover for the Anti Christ as the false messiah. The Tribe of Dan inherited the Baal worship from the pre-flood times or feminist god of infant Illuminati abortion sacrifice paedopile of the reptilian nephilim. As the Bible prophesies, the Tribe of Dan Nazi Zionist MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg globalist elites’ Illuminati royal bloodline family will give birth to the Anti-Christ who will set up the New World Order Sanhedrin to change the laws. The apostate Tribe of Dan has mixed their bloodline with the fallen angel reptilian nephilim families, and have become the witch race of the Church of Satan occult freemason Babylon religion that are jealous of Judah and Israel and have tried to destroy them, which is according to Bible prophesy. Dan’s personality was to kill Joseph his brother out of jealousy. The Danites settled near Mount Hermon where the fallen angels first landed, where the Illuminati witches worshipped Baal Satanism of Freemason Babylon religion. They run the Illuminati.


As the Edomites and Tribe of Dan jumped from Israel to Greece to Italy to Britain to the United States, they have set up their freemason and Illuminati secret societies and their royal families and their relatives who became the U.S. presidents of history. The Tribe of Dan settled near Mount Hermon, and mixed their genes with the fallen angels. They plagiarized the name of God’s holy mountain Zion, and called their evil Mount Hermon as Mount Sion, and they call themselves the Zionists. The Zionists disguise themselves as Jews and go about plotting the genocide of the Jews. Dan hated Joseph and plotted to kill him. They create Satanist Illuminati organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League to accuse anyone who speaks up against the reptilian Zionists who are trying to genocide the human homo-sapiens race as being anti-Jews, and try to silence any critics of the Illuminati, and they also use their Nazis CIA hit squads to assassinate anyone who speaks up against the Zionist fake Jews. These instructions come specifically from Satan. These Edomite Tribe of Dan Rothchild reptilian bloodline families and other Illuminati families disguise themselves as Jews, while they try to genocide all Jews because of their hatred of the Jews, and when people disclose their evil deeds, they accuse these people of being prejudice against Jews or anti-Semitic because they criticize the Illuminati fake Jews. The Illuminati Nazi Zionists accuse people who love the Jews as hating the Jews, because they accuse the Illuminati Nazi Zionists of disguising themselves as Jews and killing Jews, so that they can stop any opposition to killing the Jews. Is there is any greater hypocrisy and evil deception than this? This extreme level of hypocrisy and lying is the exact nature of their genetic father Satan the devil. They are like wolves in sheep’s clothes who are killing the sheep, and when the shepherd tries to stop this, these wolves in sheep clothes accuse the shepherd of attacking the sheep to all the villagers, because the shepherd tries to stop these wolves in sheep’s clothes. The dumb villagers think that the shepherd is attacking these sheep, even though these sheep are not sheep, but they are wolves disguised as sheep, and they are the actual ones who are attacking the sheep. The shepherd is only trying to stop these wolves. This is how tricky and deceptive and sly and cunning the Illuminati fake Jews are. What better way is there to kill the sheep than by disguising as a sheep, or killing the Jews by disguising as a Jew? Satan the devil disguises himself as an angel of light to deceive the public, and his half-blood nephilim descendent serpentine Illuminati children do the same thing. It proves they are of the same sly reptilian serpent genes. The Tribe of Dan adopted the pagan Satanism of the people they intermingled with, and that is why Zionism is another cover name for Illuminati Satanism. They worship Lucifer or Satan. Judaism and Catholicism are cover up names for the Babylonian religion, which is Satanism and worships Baal. In Hermon, many ancient fossils of people who were sacrificed to Baal are being excavated. The Anti-Christ will claim that he is the messiah of the Jews. These Greek Danites or Spartans set up the Greek gods and Roman gods and named Hermes after Hermon, and these French Danite Merovingian mafia people set up the Paris Zero Meridian and Prime Meridian and other Satanist monuments. They have used the eagle as their symbol wherever they left their marks, whether it be the Roman empire the United States. (Read article “Mount Hermon: Gate of the Fallen Angels” at .)


The Celtic Druids conduct heinous rituals of Satanism witch feminism religion of Babylon. They started Halloween and the Freemason. Their Anunnaki dragon bloodlines go back before the earth to previous worlds, when those Anunnaki gods whose return the Illuminati Freemasons are waiting for caused interplanetary wars, and the planet Tiamat was destroyed and became the asteroid belt and Mars lost its atmosphere. These psychic vampire race has been using the human race as livestock to feed upon for thousands of years, but since our Lord Jesus Christ’s return is imminent, the vibration frequency of the earth is increasing, which is making these reptilians lose the ability to hold their human holographic images less and less, so that more and more humans are seeing their true reptoid appearance through the television and video camera lightings. So now, their masses of CIA MI6 Nazi descendent and feminist and Korean and mafia Illuminati assassin squads cannot keep up with the assassination of all the humans who are speaking up and realizing the existence of these vampires, because there are too many of them. This is their greatest fear that the humans would be restored to their original form by Christ and they would lose their enslavement over them. The dumbest of these humans are worshipping these reptilians through the Freemason and other Babylonian religions. They have infected humans with this genetic infiltration and can activate control over these bloodline people using their various Babylonian religions of Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, New Age occultism, Freemason rituals and Hinduism. Their Mormon and DNA data banks have been working frantically to identify these reptoid bloodlines of the dragon devil. There is a war going on between the various factions within the NSA and MI6. For these reasons, the Illuminati keep advanced physics secret from the human population. The Illuminati use security companies of mercenaries owned by crime leaders to assassinate innocent citizens, and will use them in the coming martial law when police will not be able to control the mobs to exterminate large portions of the human race. (Read article “William Cooper Operation Majority and RH Negative Blood Type” at and “Notes About the Basque People” at .)


The reason why a lot of these red-haired people and blonde-haired people have had violent histories of torture and violence from ancient times, and to this day, in the business offices, they are complete witch bitch type of people who are always severe, overpowering, domineering, obnoxious, rude, easily angered, and like to assert authority against the human homo-sapiens mild tempered coworkers is because they are a completely different race altogether and more reptilian than human, since they do not have human souls as we know it, but they are demon spirits who are descendents of the fallen angels and their reptilian hybrid witch race. In the old days, the druids would go to a house to demand a maiden for their reptilian feminist witch live sacrifice Satanist Moloch rituals. If the house refused to give them their maiden or young girl, then the druid witches would draw the six-pointed Star of David magic symbol on their door with the blood of a male slave they would drag by the ankle and slaughter, in order to place a curse on the house so that a family member would die. This is the origin of Halloween’s trick or treat. Satan has made Halloween into a children’s festivity to hide the occult magic witchcraft to conjure up demons and control humans, just like he has used Disney and the magical kingdom of Disney animation movies to put occult demonic spells on the generations of new children to put them under the reptilian hybrids’ mind control. At Disneyland they will brainwash children continuously saying that everything is magical. This is disgusting Satanism at its greatest deceit. There is nothing cute about magic or fantastic about magic or loving about magic. Magic is witchcraft, and witchcraft is Satanism. It is an abomination to God. The Illuminati Satanists through their Disney Illuminati reptilian bloodline make magic sound like fun and warm and cute. However, magic is demonic. There is nothing enchanting about it, because it comes from the pit of hell. This is how the devil take control of the hearts and minds of the children and future adults. People do not know the dangers of magic and the occult. This is why the Illuminati hippy rogue pastors of Calvary Chapel churches will say that the six-pointed star is not a satanic witch symbol, but it is the symbol of God. This is why the Illuminati hippy rogue pastors of Calvary Chapel Eastern Mysticism drug culture who are demon-possessed nephilim descendants will teach their Western Christianity Illuminati cult followers that there is no eternal Lake of Fire that judges the devil and fallen angels and heathens, but that it is just a symbolism of eternal separation from God or that they will just disappear into nirvana nothingness. This is a lie of the devil and his fallen angels and their heathens, and the Torah Truth is that they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire which truly exists, and they will burn there through eternity, as an everlasting testament of evil and the consequences of evil and the victory over evil. However, the multitudes follow after Jezebel and her Calvary Chapel hippy effeminate nephilim pastors and their doctrines of Satanism to their ruin. They all work as pastors full time, and make enormous amounts of money and pension and benefits, and call themselves shepherds of the people and parasite off of the religious people. These religious leaders and Pharisees are nauseating, since they make God’s House into a full-time job and career and institution.


When these Illuminati media mind-controlled children of dumb parents watch these Disney movies and Harry Potter movies, and they are attracted to fantasy fun magic, then they open themselves up to the demonic realm and demonic possession. These movies and novels are designed my Satan and his reptilian hybrids to attract the kids. These entities that they conjure up through their magic play are not just demon spirits of dead Illuminati nephilim people that haunt houses, but they are actually fallen angels that come into their homes and start throwing their grandmothers around the room and making these children become violent. I suffered all through my childhood with frequent, terrible illnesses and demonic attacks at night because truly dumb parents would buy my perverted, sick brother these satanic chemical experiment kit toys to make ghoulish figurines and skeletons and Illuminati witchcraft shrunken head figures using plastic compounds, and were disgusting enough to keep these toys in my room’s closet. People do not know how much I suffered because of their dabbling with the Illuminati major toy companies’ toys and their dabbling with occult toys. You wonder what kind of a mad, insane parent would buy such ghoulish, perverted, nauseating toys for their children, and what kind of a child would want to buy such a thing. It is a perverted heart and mind and soul.


The six-sided star of David symbol is an Illuminati symbol of the Babylonian Zionist Edomites and rogue Tribe of Dan fallen angel hybrid bloodline descendents, and it is not God’s symbol or the Jew’s symbol. The Illuminati’s Calvary Chapel hippy rogue pastors will teach you that it is God’s symbol and not Satan’s, and thereby, they can force demons to have access to religious Christian church members. It is said the reason why the mafia and American Indians and all these Satanists cut their hands and mix it with the other member’s blood is to check if they are reptilian blood brothers, since when you mix RH negative blood and RH positive blood, it clumps together (agglutinates), which is easily identifiable. The Satanists, such as the Mormons and American Indian totem pole genealogy recorders and royal families are all obsessed with tracking genealogies. Many of the psychics and faith healers and witches and Illuminati Satanists and Nazi Aryans and royal family members and U.S. presidents and occult secret society members and UFO researchers and feminists and violent criminals and cult leaders and witchdoctors and rock stars and dictators and ancient astronaut theorists and those abducted by the alien grey nephilim and those used for reproducing nephilim in the secret military underground bases are said to all have rhesus negative bloods, which is not a natural occurrence blood type on this earth, and is said to be more reptilian than mammalian. These Zionist Edomites who impersonate Jews and control the world’s economies are super intelligent, because they are the descendents of the reptilian gods of ancient times. The diseases were designed to kill RH positive humans. The Illuminati claim that a lot of their RH negative blood type people like the royal families, presidents, celebrities, Aryan races, have blue or green eyes and red hair, and places like Ireland and Basque have very high rates of RH- blood types. Hitler had a active genetic reproduction program for Aryan people. They cannot connect this blood to the earth. It cannot be cloned. It will reject and attack RH positive fetuses in the womb. Creatures of this earth like the rhesus monkeys and humans have this RH protein, so they have RH positive blood type. The RH is an abbreviation for Rhesus protein on the blood cell, which Rhesus monkeys and other of God’s created animals have, and that is why Satan refused to serve the humans whom he called a bunch of monkeys. This is disrespectful to God, because God created mankind in the image of Himself. Only one percent of Asians and Africans have this type of RH minus blood type, but 15% of Caucasians have this RH negative blood type. The Illuminati claim that they have high IQs, psychic abilities, paranormal experiences, are involved in the occult, have lower body temperature. There are ancient red haired Irish giants’ mummies and fossils and legends being found all over the world, even in the U.S. Cancer is used as a biological weapon created to kill humans who have RH positive blood type. This virus that causes cancer is erased from all records and media. Anyone who discloses any secret is assassinated by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids. It is part of the mass extermination program of the human homo-sapiens race by the Aryan reptilian hybrids. The cancer industry is one of the most evil criminal industries of the Illuminati reptilian hybrids. They kill two birds with one stone by killing human homo-sapiens with cancer, and then, profiting billions of dollars from the cancer industry. This is why the hippy rogue pastors who preach Satanism promote this industry to their religious church congregations. They test disease biological weapons on blacks, Asians, American Indian reservations, and other races. The reason why all these pandemics and epidemics and plagues and regular viruses and bacteria kill RH positive human homo-sapiens is because they were created by Satan’s seed the reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline from the ancient days of Atlantis as biological warfare weapons to kill off all rhesus positive blood type homo-sapiens humans’ species. This is why there is so much sickness and illness and disease in our world now. Satan tried to exterminate humans in Noah’s flood’s ancient times, and he is trying to do so again. Dumb people believe that illnesses and sickness just appeared out of nothing through evolution. During the July 11, 1934 treaty between the Illuminati governments and the alien grays, they received nano technology to heal cancer and other diseases from the aliens, but since they are using cancer as a biological weapon against the human homo-sapiens race to exterminate the humans, they have kept those alien technologies secret and hidden. They are replacing millions of humans with feminist and homosexual reptilian hybrid clone demon spirit people. These Draco reptilian nephilim’s reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist witches are injecting nagalase enzymes that cause cancer tumors into our plastic bottles and into the intravenous in the hospitals and many other methods, in order to exterminate the human race. (Watch video “Cancer used as a weapon against Rhesus positive blood” at from the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” and Dr. John Coleman – 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300 – Wake Up America full at .) The Pharaoh or Aryan or Aristocracy all come from the same word. These kings enforced their laws to sleep with virgins before their wedding, so that they can spread their reptilian genes. Since ancient times, they have had their knights and police officers to protect them. Just like these vampires kill masses of children in these modern days, their ancestor kings and queens and presidents and nobles tortured and executed masses of people in ancient times in reptilian hybrid method. They killed thousands during the 9.11 World Trade Center Tower satanic sacrifice rituals. The 33 degrees of mason measure the degree of royal pharaonic bloodline. The Templar Knights were second and third born who could not get inheritance to the throne, so they formed their democracy through freemason, and the kings tried to destroy them. The North Koran pharaoh bloodlines and other royal families send their children to the Illuminati’s Switzerland. The Jewish holocaust was done in ancient times, and is still being conducted in Illuminati facilities throughout the world in modern days. (Watch video “Aristocracy’s Reign of the Pharaohic Bloodlines” at .)


These descendents of the nephilim witch race who have lived amongst us for thousands of years are hot-tempered, cruel, feminist, arrogant, violent, sexually immoral, homosexual, orgy loving, immoral, and get into witchcraft and occultism and New Age, and tattoo their bodies, because they are not humans with human souls, but they are demon spirits in holographic humanoid bodies. They may believe they are humans, but they are not humans. They are half reptilian hybrid creatures, but they believe they are the true humans who were genetically evolved by their alien fallen angel anunnaki ancestors. This is why they hate God, Jesus and real born-again Christians, and love religion and spiritualism. The fallen angels are secretly abducting human beings and replacing them with their alien reptilian hybrid clones for decades as a secret invasion of the human homo-sapiens race, just like in Noah’s flood’s ancient days. In Noah’s days, Noah was the only human left on the earth. After the fallen angels reduce the world’s population to only 500 million reptilian hybrid descendents (demons) through World War 3 and Nazi FEMA extermination camps and martial law, then they will use these reptilian hybrid descendents for their live sacrifice rituals, because the satanic live sacrifices create negative energy food for the fallen angels, and they will just continue to manufacture more clone reptilian hybrids to replace them. To Satan and his fallen angels, this is their utopian society, where these reptilian hybrid people are food for them as sort of a livestock food race whom they can eat and drink their blood while killing them in their rituals. You can tell who are the real born-again Christians, because they will start sharing the Torah Truth of what the Illuminati is doing to the human race to everyone and anyone and at all times because they are filled with the Holy Spirit. You can also tell who are the fake religious Christians, because they will just laugh or get scared or ignore this truth completely, and go on their merry way to eat, drink and marry, because they do not have the Holy Spirit.




Currently, there are two opposing armies inside the United States. One army is the homo-capensis reptilian hybrid MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist oligarch cabal’s Department of Homeland Security Blackwater Corporation Nazi SS clone troop of non-human clones that are programmed to genocide all human homo-sapiens. They are either Draco reptilian nephilim alien manufactured clones with demon spirits using dead human DNA, or they are bodies of former humans whose soul has been removed through the soul-scalping Draco technology. When people take oaths to Satan in their Freemason rituals, they allow Satan and the fallen angels and nephilim demons to take over their bodies. All the MJ-12 shadow government members who invited the aliens into the government have had their souls cut out, and their bodies are now controlled by demon spirits. The soul that was removed is sold in a box somewhere in a black market between aliens on other planets. There is another army in the United States which consists of human homo-sapiens patriots and Constitutionalists who are fighting to defend the human race from extermination and defend the Constitution of the United States. They are the Pentagon COMM 12 traditional U.S. military of which many human soldiers died protecting freedom and ethics and the Constitutional Law and the citizens. Their goal is to prevent the total annihilation of the world’s nations and 99% of the human homo-sapiens populace by the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens and their MJ-12 Bilderberg Illuminati Bavarian Nazi royal family shadow government. The MJ-12 Bilderberg Illuminati Bavarian Nazis are not Americans, but they are reptilian globalist Nazi Satanists, so their goal is to kill every single American and human in the world. On the other hand, the Pentagon COMM 12 army is formed by Americans and humans, so they are fighting every day to protect the American citizens and humans of the world. As the secret alien invasion proceeds, there are increasing numbers of soulless reptilian clones walking amongst us and less humans. The MJ-12 fake humans eat the humans and use them for chimera hybridization. (See video “SHOCKING !!! OMG!!!! – They can remove your soul and place it in a container. pt2“ at–6KE .


The reason why these ancient nephilim mummified their bodies and conduct ancestral worship is because these hybrid reptilians do not go to heaven or hell after they die like the humans do, but they do not have human souls, so their feminist activist witch spirits just roam the earth as demon spirits or unclean spirits. This is why the multitudes of demons in the demon-possessed man, who identified themselves as “legion” because they were many, asked Jesus if He had come to throw them into the Lake of Fire before their time was up in the End Times. They know they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire when Jesus returns to judge the world. These demon spirits are the ancestral spirits that these reptilian Illuminati bloodlines and Rothchild families and royal families worship as their kin and ancestors and great world leader kings and queens. They are cursed half-breed creatures that walk around in our offices and schools and governments and streets and royal palaces, with holographic images that disguise themselves as humans, and who are neither fully human nor fully reptilian fallen angels. They believe their family members go into a different dimension after they die, and they worship them. The Illuminati mummify their kings and royalty, and try to resurrect them by using the DNAs from the mummies to clone bodies, in order to bring these disembodied nephilim demon spirits back into their bodies. Demons are always looking for bodies to possess, because they lost their physical bodies when they died. This is why these New Age occult Satanist feminist activist leaders believe in reincarnation and spirit necromancy, because these reptilian witches are the descendents of the nephilim. Their propaganda movie, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” to the reptilian witch Illuminati members gives away their doctrine of their mystery religion, when the wizards and witches (the reptilian hybrid nephilim descendents) use magic necromancy to revive disembodied demon nephilim spirits by calling them into the bodies of witch kings who died in ancient days, to make nazguls and orcs in physical bodies. This is Satan’s plan for the End Times. These demon spirits in cloned bodies walk on our streets today. However, these half reptile witches have shape shifted into human holographic forms, so they are seen as humans by the human populace. In the movie, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” you see the underlying message of the Illuminati reptilians to its members, in the scene where the head orc says to Gandalf that they are “Legion,” where they are trying to resurrect the demon spirits through necromancy, just like the Illuminati are trying to fake resurrect the nephilim army from before Noah’s flood. “Legion” is the name of the demons who Jesus cast out in the Bible. The dumb religious Christians just watch the movie for entertainment.


This is why in the movie, “Star Wars,” the Jedi Knights wear hooded cloaks which the Illuminati Satanist reptilian witches and wizards do, as in the Harry Potter movies, and when the Jedi Knights die in the movie, their demon spirits are released from their physical bodies and the spirits of OB1-Kenobi and Yoda talk to Luke Skywalker. This is because the reptilian witches and wizards who live amongst us and descend from the nephilim, are not humans, and they are demon spirits in humanoid physical bodies. This is why they believe that their ancestors should be worshipped, and spirits of dead men roam the earth as ghosts or demons or evil spirits. This is a lie, because human souls go to heaven or hell after death. Only the reptilian nephilim witch people’s demon spirits leave their bodies and roam the earth after death as disembodied unclean spirits. These people are completely a different species or entities from humans. They are not created by God, so they do not have souls. They are of the same Satan’s serpent genes as the chimera monsters who were half-human half-animals half-serpent. You meet these reptilian descendent people, and they are very nice people on the surface, but inside their hearts they are pure evil, just like vampires. They have vicious tempers, which they hide. It is like a double personality: one outward and one inward, one personality that is imitating humans and one personality that is reptilian by genetic inheritance.


If you study the Illuminati’s propaganda materials, such as their movie “Stardust,” you will see the royal family princes dying and becoming ghosts of deceived people or demon spirits that roam our world, because since they are reptilian nephilim, these feminist witches do not have human souls, and they indeed roam the earth after their death, unlike we humans who go to either heaven or hell after death. All humans go to heaven to be with Christ if they are real born-again believers, and all humans go to hell if they are heathen non-believers. This is why the reptilian wizards and warlocks who are also the top leaders of the Vatican and Illuminati Christian churches teach in their Satanist Jezebel Western Christianity religion of Mystery Babylon the concept of purgatory, a temporary place where they are kept that is neither heaven nor hell, because these reptilian hybrid monsters or feminist activist leaders do not go to heaven or hell, but roam around looking for bodies to possess after they die, for they are the half-breed descendents of the nephilim.


They want to believe that in purgatory, they will have a chance to be redeemed and saved; but, God is very clear when He tells Brother Enoch that these feminists leaders or reptilian witches and their fallen angel fathers will never be redeemed or saved, and that they will forever be damned to the Lake of Fire for they are vile creatures. No demon can be saved, nor can their fallen angel parents. Purgatory is a Western Christianity philosophy of the reptilian Satanists “Brotherhood of the Snake” secret society Satanist religion, and it is not the Torah Truth of God. This is why all the Mystery Babylon religion of Satanism’s “Brotherhood of the Snake” religion all believe in the reptilian demons’ purgatory, whether it be Babylonian-Sumerian Judaism or Buddhist karma or American Indian shamanism. They believe in praying for their dead ancestors in purgatory or roaming the earth, since these nephilim’s spirits do indeed roam the earth as demons after their death and disembodiment. This is why you have haunted houses and ghost stories. The philosophy and beliefs of the Illuminati Satanists fit like a puzzle, if you understand things through the Torah Truth of the Holy Spirit. It is ironic that the stupid lukewarm religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit worship these Disney fantasy princes and princesses, who are nothing but the reptilian bloodlines of the nephilim ancestors’ Illuminati. When these princes and princesses of the British royal family or Japanese imperial family wave to the public and smile, all these stupid humans cheer and wave and jump in crazed trance frenzy just like worshipping Hitler or Kim Jong Il or the Beatles, and simply adore these reptilians witches, while they despise and discriminate against God’s apostles and prophets. This is Satan’s world of their fantasy Illuminati Disney world of evil, until Jesus returns and sets things right. The world’s royal families Illuminati bloodlines are illegitimate bloodlines for they are not humans or God’s creation, but they are genetically manipulated reptilian hybrid children of Satan who have taken over the humans’ world, and rule over them as kings and queens and emperors.


When the Illuminati reptilians try to spread their “Ancient Alien” theory to try to make all humans believe that they are descendents of these reptilian aliens or are hybrids of aliens and monkeys, they are lying to the humans. Their whole deception of the human race depends on deceiving humans to believe that the Illuminati people are humans and not reptilians, and that all humans will be evolved to a higher dimension when their alien gods return. In reality, the Illuminati reptilians are talking to their own reptilian nephilim descendent witches and feminists, who are indeed the hybrid descendents of the fallen angel’s half-breed nephilim monsters. In reality, they intend to exterminate and kill all humans who they consider as non-witch bloods or monkey people who are non-Aryan inferior creatures of slave people who deserve to be exterminated, so that the Illuminati reptilians can set up their own reptilian civilization called the Illuminati’s New World Order, just like in the ancient Atlantis civilization. For those who do not receive our Torah Truth and our Christ, and for those who believe in their Jezebel Western Christianity Mystery Babylon religion, God will hand them over to the most ridiculous of lies—the Ancient Alien descendent theory or panspermia theory lies.


If they do not believe in God’s truth, then they will be deceived by Satan’s lies. The reason why these Illuminati member people are psychics, and fortune tellers, and sorcerers, and their families have high nephilim IQ intelligence to take over the elite positions in society, and do not catch the diseases that the Illuminati develop, and become the dictators and mass murderers, and are abducted by aliens for reproducing nephilim, and are Satanists, and have witchcraft powers, is because they are indeed the descendents of these fallen angels just as the Ancient Alien theorists claim. This is because these reptilian nephilim descendent witches actually believe that they are humans and that they are part of the human race. However, they are not real humans, but they are nephilim, so they become disembodied demons spirits after they die, and they will not receive the Great White Throne Judgment of God after they die, but they will be thrown directly into the Lake of Fire without judgment for they do not have human souls, and in reality, they are demons or evil spirits in human form.


God considers His creation as humans, but as for those evil spirits and nephilim feminists who walk our streets and neighborhoods and offices and schools, He does not consider them His creation, since they are just freak demon spirits that Satan and his fallen angels have created through genetic manipulation to pervert God’s creation. This is why the witches and feminists are very evil and they have since ancient times sacrificed millions and millions of human babies to Moloch, and they become demons after they die and they become disembodied spirits. You now understand why these absolutely brutal and evil people exist in our society and do the disgusting things that they do, and that it is because they are not humans, but they are demons or evil spirits that are reptilian humanoids who disguise themselves as humans in holographic images, and they rule our world as the royal families and national leaders and multi-billionaires who have stolen all the money from the human populace. These reptilians are parasitic and thieves, because they have their father Satan’s nature. Throughout history, they have had the huge mansions and yachts and palaces and trillions of dollars, and taken beautiful human women for their own, and traveled in their leer jets, and had fame with thousands of fans chasing after them, and hired assassins to kill people, and profited from the world wars they have created, and controlled all the big businesses, and stolen taxes and created black ops budgets, and controlled all the intelligence agencies and controlled all their secret societies, and created pandemics to try to depopulate the humans, and drunk children’s blood in their Satanic live human sacrifice rituals, and paraded around during daytime like ordinary human trillionaire elites and royal families and church members and school teachers and coworkers of our society. It has always been that way throughout the thousands of years of history of their “Brotherhood of the Snake”, because they have since ancient times satanically sacrificed humans and ate them, and became the kings and pharaohs and dictators and royal families since the ancient Sumerian days and Atlantis civilization. Their descendents who rule our modern society today are no different, and that is why they are feminists and witches and sacrifice millions of children in their satanic freemason rituals, and have mass satanic rituals as you see in the 9.11 twin tower mass human sacrifice ritual, or Titanic ship sinking mass human sacrifice ritual, witches’ feminist “pro-choice movement” abortion clinic mass human sacrifice rituals, or World War 1 and 2 mass human sacrifice ritual, or Nazi holocaust mass human sacrifice ritual, or Fukushima earthquake tidal wave mass human sacrifice ritual, or Hiroshima nuclear bomb mass human sacrifice ritual, or other Israeli Jew or Japanese Jew extermination mass human sacrifice ritual, etc., etc., etc. This is the reason why the Illuminati families and reptilian gene witch families are so fanatically obsessed with bloodlines and intermarrying only within their own reptilian gene pools from the ancient gods, in order to keep their reptilian genes pure. This is why all the U.S. presidents and world leaders and all royal families share the same genes and are all related to each other by blood. Satan and his reptilian hybrid alien grey nephilim are again creating thousands upon thousands upon thousands of nephilim in their underground secret military bases, and planning the mass execution of the human population of the earth through global nuclear war and scientifically-engineered pandemic diseases and other atrocities, so God has to once more destroy all these nephilim reptilians in our society, just like He did during His Noah’s flood where He wiped out the entire population of the earth. It is because the humans are sinful and so stupid that they allow these nephilim to rule over them and to exterminate them, as if they are cows headed to the butcher’s factory, since they refuse to believe in God and His Christ Jesus. They are stubborn and sinful, and will not repent, so they are vulnerable and basically slaves of Satan and his reptilian offspring. The unbelieving heathen humans actually are stupid enough to worship these royal families and billionaires and U.S. presidents and rock stars and actress witches, and they scream and chase after them as if they are their idols or gods, instead of worshipping or believing in their true God who is Jesus Christ. They include the lukewarm sinful religious Jezebel worshipping feminist Western Christians, too, since they also worship these royal family princes and princesses and rock stars and actresses and presidents and rich billionaires and other reptilian witch nephilim, just like their ancestors in Noah’s flood’s times worshipped the nephilim men of renown and superheroes of ancient times—the Hercules and Superman half-breed monsters and celebrities and politicians. And on the other hand, they despise and ridicule us who are Jesus’ prophets and apostles? How foolish are these religious dead Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit. They kick us out of their religious Pharisee Western churches, because they do not want anything to do with Jesus who is the Torah Truth. This is why God will throw them into the coming tribulation period, and they will be handed over to the Anti-Christ and his homeland security law enforcement and FEMA Satanist occult executioners, just like it was in the Nazi times; and they will all perish before the last 3.5 year Great Tribulation Age when God’s wrath and anger will fall upon an unbelieving world. For them, I am but a crazy man who speaks gibberish and incomprehensible things, for they do not have ears to hear or minds to understand God’s loving call to repentance, nor will they accept our Torah Truth teachings. They love their Jezebel Western Christianity teachings of the Mystery Babylon religion of Satanism and local Illuminati Christian church pastors’ seminary teachings, and they love their feminist Western mentalities and Hellenist Socratic Western values of the United States and European thinking. This is why the Bible Answer Man and his gang of hippy thug Pharisee pastors and their evil Jezebel church conferences ridicule us and persecute us. This is why these post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ effeminate hippy pastors marry beautiful non-born-again carnal religious Christian wives. The world leaders, bankers and celebrities all gather at the Bohemian Grove every year to sacrifice humans at the altar of the great owl which symbolizes Baal or Moloch their god of human live sacrifice, and the god of the feminists or reptilian witches in their satanic live child sacrifice rituals of Jezebel. They are super hierarchical like the Koreans and Edomites. They are cold and atrocious, and any woman who accuses the presidents of rape will be found dead. These nephilim Illuminati reptilian bloodlines ruled the Sumerian civilization or Babylon, whose bloodlines ruled Egypt, whose bloodlines rule Rome, whose bloodlines became the European royalty, whose bloodlines became the U.S. presidents and first ladies: they are all related to each other by bloodline. These reptilian Aryan royal bloodlines demand that humans bow before them in subjugation for they consider their race superior. The reptilians or Satanists are homosexual and feminist and orgy people, and are sexually obsessed. All royalty from Europe to Asia to the Middle East have legends of descending from these reptilian gods. They operate just outside visible light, so to the humans, they look human in the visible holographic light, but their true appearance just outside the visible light is reptilian. They are easily possessed by the fallen angels, because they have half similar vibrational energy fields that allow them to lock on and the fallen angels through their network of secret societies they have set up to control these hybrids to rule the humans. The reason why people see them as human is because their brains decode these holograms as human in visible light. They can interject their DNAs through to this dimension to interbreed. Since these fallen angels can only enter our dimensional realm for a short while to attack me, they use these demon-possessed reptilian feminist witches to attack me. The fallen angels as in the times of Noah are breeding with humans and animals. Fritz Springmeier talks about these Cabalistic black magicians who hide behind the Watchtower societies of the Jehovah’s Witness that conjure up these demonic spirits that look like gray aliens that participate in these Illuminati rituals. This is the New Age deception. These Aryan race reptilians are taking over the world. All these homeland security leaders are all reptilian hybrids trying to genocide the human race. You will find tons of unedited YouTube videos where these reptilians are shape shifting back into their reptilian slit eyes and fangs of these vampire witches and warlocks. If the humans are stupid to the extent that they do not realize this, then they truly do deserve to be exterminated by the reptilians. The interbreeding program is going on at a accelerated pace in these End Times, just as God prophesied in the Bible would happen in the End Times to Brother Daniel. (See YouTube “Fritz Springmeier – Reptilian Entities (Rare Material)” at .)


The reason why your cell phones run out of battery so soon is because the reptilians are using alien technology more advanced than Cerberus to track your exact location with GPS technology, listen into your conversation, to watch through the cell phone cameras, and use electromagnetic weapons through your cell phone to microwave your body and slowly kill you with cancer and other illnesses. The Illuminati uses cell phones to make people infertile, too, which has been proven scientifically. The Illuminati reptilians get technology in return for kidnapping human beings for the alien grey Nephilim to experiment on and create half-octopus half-human monsters. To the reptilian Illuminati, humans are just like laboratory experiment guinea pigs or mice to cut up alive and use for experiments and transform them into hideous monsters. These are the mothers and daughters and wives of the human race families that are being cut up and transformed for the reptilians’ amusement, and replaced with reptilian clones. It is amazing and absolutely shocking that these humans and mass populace of homo-sapiens are so ignorant of these things, and extremely stupid to the point that they excuse it as just conspiracy theories. This is why they are getting sick by the masses and dying every day in the hundreds of thousands, due to these Illuminati technologies that are being used against them. The humans are truly ignorant, if they do not realize that their tax money is being used to finance the black operations budgets that pay for the EMP electromagnetic weapons that are being aimed from behind the walls at their fathers to cause heart attacks and at their daughters to cause cancer, in order to lessen the population. The humans wonder how they got these diseases or just assume that their family members simply got sick and died naturally, while the reptilian Illuminati hit squads keep up their daily extermination of human beings and Satanist sacrifice rituals using long-range EMP electromagnetic weapons. Who could blame them for being killed, if they are stupid to the extent that they are so ignorant of what the reptilian Illuminati is doing to them. Normally, humans do not get sick, but from the satanic Atlantis days of Noah’s flood, Satan’s nephilim Satanists have genetically reengineered and created all of the viruses and bacteria and germs that harm humans and cause sickness in the world, and as a result, so many humans die every day in the hospitals now, and some of your family members have died, too. Since the Satanist Illuminati Atlantis civilization of Noah’s Flood’s days, the Illuminati has created all these diseases and biological weapons, and that is why all viruses and bacteria and parasites are positively charged, since they were created by Satan. Logically, it makes sense for a bacteria or virus to help the human body, so that it can survive, too. It does not make logical sense for bacteria or virus to kill its human host in which it lives in, unless it has been perverted by Satan and his fallen angels to be specifically designed to kill human homo-sapiens, just like his giant reptilian genetic hybrid creatures and monsters. These evil spirits control these microorganisms and flies and all ungodly genetically reengineered creatures. They mutated God’s creatures into genetically reengineered hybrid giant monsters and creatures and diseases. The descendents of humans suffer now because of that. Satan is a master deceiver, and he will have his reptilian witches shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons at certain organs in your body, in order to inflict pain on that organ and try to make you believe that you are sick. They have masses of their reptilian Satanist hybrids going out into society as professional Illuminati assassins to shoot electromagnetic weapons at the human population, in order to disrupt their normal healthy bodily vibration frequency and try to bring about illness and death. The foolish human homo-sapiens do not even know that all these leukemia, migraine headaches, kidney renal failures, heart attacks, sudden deaths, cancers, pancreas diabetes, back pains, sudden infant deaths, etc., are all caused by these thousands and thousands and thousands of paid reptilian nephilim witch descendent Satanist assassin and human servants trained by the Illuminati to kill as many humans homo-sapiens as possible. They also use sound frequencies to make people sick and disrupt their bodies’ normal sub-atomic particle vibration. If you know of neighbors and family members who do not know why they are getting leukemia, kidney pains, chronic diarrhea, loss of vision, prostate cancer, atopic skin allergies, oral fungal infections, skin disease, etc., now they know that the Illuminati assassin squads are systematically exterminating them and their children by causing disease and illness. Have them check their shower and drinking waters, as well as electromagnetic sensors. If their have extreme pain in their hearts when they wake up in the morning, or during the day, if they have pain in their organs, it means they are shooting them with EMP electromagnetic weapons or psychic satellite attacks or ELF electronic low frequency weapons to cause sudden infant or adult death syndromes (Faraday cages and metal mesh suits and metallic blankets do not protect you from these ELF electronic low frequency weapons, they only work for EMP electromagnetic pulse weapons, but there are frequencies that nullify and incapacitate their frequencies). If they feel weak all the time or if they feel stinging on certain parts of their bodies, it means they are microwaving them and cooking them from the inside. If they keep having diarrhea, it means they are coming in to the home to poison their food and drinks. If they are getting dry mouths and no urine and bodies are hot every time, it means they are being microwave oven attacks from next door. If they cannot sleep at night and have insomnia, they are using frequency weapons on their brains to prevent sleeping and destroy their immune system and ministry. If they keep getting sleepy when they try to pray or read the Bible or do work to earn money, then they are shooting them with frequency weapons to shut down their brain waves. If they keep hearing buzzing noise or screeching noise or voices to commit suicide in their heads that is driving them to insanity and suicide, they are shooting them with frequency and scalar weapons. If they are being kept awake all night with loud construction noise outside their homes or apartment, or with loud motorcycle sounds all year round and every day, then they are using sound harassment to deprive them of sleep to get them sick. If they are getting mouth infections and genital infections, it means they are draining sewage water and fungus and bacteria into their shower and kitchen and bathroom tap water pipes. If they have pain or burning when they apply lotions or oils on their bodies that they bought through the internet mail orders, then it means they are putting strong acid in their lotions and oils and medicine to burn holes in their skins and stomachs. If they are getting blinding flashes in their eyes, they are being targeted by them with laser lights. If people are running into them with bicycles and walking into them and yelling at them on the streets and running them off the streets on their cars, then they are orchestrating all these things to get them angry so that they will fight back and get arrested. If they have indigestion all the time, or feel sick after eating the food in the supermarket shelves or restaurants, it means they are poisoning them. If they get yeast infections on their genitals after they go to their friend’s daughter’s birthday party and eat their food, it means they are poisoning their food. If there is any unusual sickness, pain, discomfort, attack, delay, financial loss, stalking by family members, etc., it means they are all being orchestrated by the Illuminati and the fallen angels and alien nephilim who are controlling these gang stalkers. If all the employers do not want to hire you or if customers place complaints about you or infiltrated coworkers sabotage you or spread rumors about you at work or in church or to your family, then they are using their CIA to brainwash and lie to them about you to defame you, and cut off all your income and finances. If all the stock prices of the companies you invest in plummets or the precious metals prices fall when you buy them, and their prices rise after you sell them, the Illuminati is doing it, because they control all those stock markets and precious metal markets. If people befriend you, a lot of times they will try to kill you, because they approach you to try to destroy you. If you smell horrible fumes through your home ventilation system, then they are funneling poisonous fumes into your rooms. They will always honk the car horn or scream certain phrases in the stores or place things in your homes or start talking about things that only you should know on the streets, so that only you will know that they are doing those things, in order to fight a psychological war against you. If you have hundreds of Koreans and feminists always shooting EMP electromagnetic weapons from the next door room or on the streets and following after you wherever you go, then they are orchestrating them by demon-possessing them and telling them lies about how evil a person you are. The gang stalkers feel they only attack you on one day, but they do not know the Illuminati hire different gang stalkers every day so that it makes it impossible to identify them and they cannot get arrested, so they do not feel any conscience doing those things and they do not know the victims and targeted individuals get those attacks every day and every hour. If the victims or targeted victims become homeless or get imprisoned or commit suicide, then the Illuminati and their fallen angels know that they have won. These gang stalkers who are hired and their Illuminati witches who are ordering them, get tagged by God when they gang stalk a Christian or God’s child. When they get targeted, they will receive many times more the pain and suffering and horrors than what they try to inflict on God’s people. God’s people will be strengthened, sanctified, purified, blessed, and rewarded for the persecutions they receive from the gang stalkers and their Illuminati reptilian feminist witches. Gang stalkers and Satanists cannot get saved and their end will be horrible, and they often face a horrific death, as well as their families, because they curse themselves by trying to curse God’s people. Their curses get backfired upon them seven times more or even trillions of times more. Since the Illuminati and the fallen angels attacked me who is a prophet and apostle of God to the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, now they are being gang stalked, destroyed, assassinated, financially ruined, hunted down, families being killed, health being destroyed, and losing everything they had. Some people wonder how the Apostle Paul got saved. The answer is that Paul was not a cowardly gang stalker hiding and shooting EMP and poisoning God’s children in secret, so he was not tagged by God. He believed going around and executing Christians was God’s will, and was a zealot for God. God knows who belong to Him, and they do not get tagged. Gang stalkers are cowards and they always attack their victims from their hiding spot without being identified, and take extreme pleasure and joy seeing their victims squirming and suffering from their hidden location. If you confront them, they run away, because they have extreme penalties from their feminist reptilian witch employers if they get caught or identified by their victims or targeted individuals. They are black-eyed children nephilim reptilian hybrid clones, so they do not have human souls that can be saved anyway, so they are already cursed demon spirit people, and they will get tagged by God. Apostle Paul did not conduct gang stalking so he was not tagged by God. Apostle Paul only searched for Christians and confronted them face to face in person boldly and arrested them and persecuted them. Paul was a loyal soldier and an official, just like the Roman guards who persecuted Jesus, acting under the orders and mission from his superiors. He was entirely different from these gang stalkers and their Satanist reptilian hybrid witch demons spirit people. The victims or targeted individuals (TIs) of gang stalking have to understand that they are not dealing with humans with consciences and human souls, but they are dealing with psychopath Illuminati witches who are demon spirits and reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants who are possessed by their reptilian fallen angel ancestors, so they feel no conscience like human do toward eating children alive and drinking their blood during their Illuminati witch satanic human live sacrifice rituals. They have been doing that since Noah’s days when their ancestor nephilim giants ate humans and skinned humans alive and raped human women, so nothing has changed since that time. They have just gone discrete and do them through their secret societies that are hidden from the society. They own the police and intelligence and military and judiciary courts and church pastors, so they are protected from all prosecution or arrest. If you talk about the Torah Truth and real Christian doctrines which the Illuminati’s Western Christianity churches deny, and speak about the Illuminati’s Satanism or about feminism, then Satan and his Illuminati witches will gang stalk you and target your families. All the people in the Bible were gang-stalked, and this is the life of a real Christian and child of God. We need to be grateful to God and dance for joy that we are gang stalked, because if we are not gang stalked, then that means we are a fake religious Christian who is headed to hell and the Lake of Fire with the devil through eternity. Just like Moses or King David or Elijah or Daniel or Joseph or John the Baptist or Jesus, we will be gang stalked if we belong to God and are genuine God’s children. The Tribulation Saints do not get gang stalked now, and they will not get raptured by God either, so they will be martyred by the Anti-Christ later. They will be forced to either die for Christ or to deny Him and receive the 666 Mark of the Beast. They will no longer be able to be lukewarm and they will have to make a decision as to who they serve.