Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 34


They are a super soldier nephilim army produced by each nation’s reptilian black ops budgets and Satanist nations’ leaders, and these are witches and reptilian hybrid nephilim children. We are at war with the witches or nephilim. These movies have witch names like “Sabrina” or “Matilda.” Like Harry Potter, the witches’ children discover that they have supernatural witchcraft demonic nephilim powers handed down from their fallen angel ancestors, such as psychic powers and remote viewing powers and fortune telling powers and telekinetic powers and teleportation powers, just like in the movie “Harry Potter” and other Illuminati movies. The foolish religious Christians’ children dream of having such powers, and love the Satanist movie. They have telepathic powers, just like between the reptilian wizard Gandalf and the nephilim elf witch in their Illuminati movie, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” This is why the reptilian nephilim descendent witches have “chi” power to communicate with animals telepathically. In the movie, the goblin reptilians live under the ground, and their leader says that he can smell fear, just like the demons can detect fear and lack of faith. The fallen angels and their hybrid witches and sorcerers can see little pieces of the future, just like in the movie, so that is why their prophets make prophecies, but they cannot see the future completely as God can see. This is why the demon evil spirits that roam our earth of these deceased nephilim reptilians or what the Illuminati call as “ghosts” can move objects and bring disease and possess people to shoot masses of school children and communicate telepathically to these witch spiritualists or Korean shamans. To the Illuminati reptilian hybrid witches, they are indeed spirits of their ancestors and deceased people, but these people are not humans, and they do not have souls, but they are demon spirits. It is in their very satanic serpentine nature to try to kill us who are God’s speakers, just like it was in their nature to try to kill Jesus. These disembodied spirits can possess much easier evil people like these Korean people and tattooed American society’s low-life people, and use them to gang-stalk and attack God’s apostles and prophets. Their leaders are serpentine half-blood nephilim descendents who live amongst us by shape shifting into human form as British royalty or U.S. presidents or Hollywood celebrities or superheroes or other people, whom the stupidest of humans idolize and worship and love and chase after and faint for. The hippy rogue pastors are terrified of these witches, so they flatter women and adore especially these witch type Amazoness Western women, and they refuse to help God’s apostles. They are sort of like the puppets of these demonic spirits, or the hands and arms to operate in our physical realm. The more ruffian these pastors are, the more effeminate they are, since they are Satan’s men. These Hollywood movie children are extremely smart, and they behave like adults. They are creating more of their reptilian kind in their Illuminati secret underground military bases, so there are more and more feminist witches and Satanist warlocks living in our human society every day. These reptile witches have supernatural superhero powers just like in their Illuminati movie “Push.” They are using reptilian descendent witches to breed more powerful nephilim in their secret bases, who are direct half breeds between these witches and fallen angels. Just like in Noah’s days during the Atlantis civilization, Satan is getting together an nephilim army to exterminate every human homo-sapiens man, woman and child from existence. This is a major Illuminati Nazi Aryan extermination program. This is why the high witches and high wizards who use their nephilim witchcraft spells to become popular and respected actresses and actors in Hollywood act like very nice people on the screen, but off the screen, they are obnoxious, dominating feminists, and treat the humans like lowly creature slaves, and intimidate them. Their personalities are 180 degree opposites. To the reptilian psychopath’s brain, what is right or wrong, or what is ethical or love has no meaning, because to them, what their perverted logic deems right is right and what is good is considered bad, so they have no problem with killing people or exterminating the human race or conducting serial murders.


To give you an example of the psychopath brain: they move into all the top and bottom and next door rooms to you by bribing or threatening or buying up the rooms or apartment. Then, they start shooting EMP electromagnetic weapons at you to try to kill you. When you use frequency 528 sound waves to protect yourself from their EMP electromagnetic weapons, they will file a complaint to the building management that your sound bothers them. They always start constructions next to your apartment all night long, make huge noise with their motorcycles all day long, send their ambulance  sirens every 30 minutes, drill and pound on your wall every day to build their EMP electromagnetic weapons, and when you complain to the Illuminati Satanist owned police department or apartment general manager, they will totally ignore you and continue to allow the assassins to try to kill you. If you get out of your hotel room to try to get some sleep in the hotel lobby or garden or poolside, they will come to crush cans by your head, or drag steel chairs, or clap their hands, or hire hundreds of teenagers to scream and sound their car engines, or drag race, or even hundreds of them will follow you to the beach or park where there are absolutely no people, and try to keep you awake. If you try to sleep on a deserted beach, they will send their F-15 jets and unmanned drones and helicopters to try to keep you awake. On the planes, they will charter the whole plane with their secret society Freemason members and keep the windows open and shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons and make noise for tens of hours to prevent any sleep. They will stomp on your ceiling or rooftop from early morning to late at night to try to deprive you of sleep. It is only by God’s miraculous grace and power that I am able to survive without sleep. They cannot kill me or make me sick by depriving sleep. They will continuously keep you awake and deprive you of sleep by shooting EMP electromagnetic weapons from all sides. In the park or beach or residential areas at night, they will set up their EMP electromagnetic weapons in the homes and hotels that adjoin the park or beach or residential streets or college campus buildings. Even if you walk a mile away, they will still continue to shoot at you, unless you find a hill to take cover behind. Their CIA Nazi descendent Aryan hit squad white trucks with tinted windows will all converge on the beaches or parks or forests or college campuses where you go into at midnight to stalk you and flash their truck headlights into your face and shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons. If you try to sleep in the library, they will send their professors and students and homeless people to bang on the bookshelf behind you, or send the library security guard to walk by and make noise or flash their camera light every few minutes to keep you awake. However, if God gives you the love frequency 528 sound wave to keep your DNA from being destroyed by their EMP electromagnetic weapons, then they immediately complain to the real estate company that you are making funny sounds in your apartment room and it is bothering them. In other words, it is like telling your enemy to throw down their shield, so that you can cut them to pieces with your sword. However, when the enemy tells you to throw down your shield, you refuse to do so, and go off to hire a thousand more people with shields and swords to kill your enemy. What hypocrites! When God gives a little ice cream to His baby, then the devil’s Illuminati Satanists will come to steal that ice cream from the baby. Whatever God gives, the devil steals away. When God gives an income source to His children, all the devil’s children come to try to steal it away to take the blessings from the side, and drive God’s children out through bullying and framing and blackmailing and bribing people. Their very nature is psychopathic perverted paedophile parasites or the PPPP (P Quad). They think they have superior numbers of Satanists, superior technological gadgets, superior billions of dollars of black ops budget stolen taxpayers’ money, superior trained CIA and MI6 hit squad assassins, superior tax payer’s money to hire all these homeless to gang stalk you with EMP electromagnetic weapons, and superior money that they have gotten from narcotic businesses and war armament business and extortion of non-Illuminati nations to hire these hordes of Koreans and neo-Nazis to gang stalk and shoot you with EMP electromagnetic weapons, and to put poison in your food and water and air. This is the example of how the psychopath satanic genetic descendent brain works and thinks. It is not human, it is not ethical, it is not fair, it is not honorable, it is not noble, it is not moral, it is not loving, it is not even of God’s natural creation. They are freak brains that have been developed artificially by mixing the devil’s fallen angels genes with human genes, and it is like a snake brain. The reptilian Illuminati Satanist hybrid feminist witch nephilim descendent brain is a freakish and grotesquely perverted brain. They have no reservation in killing God’s apostles or satanically sacrificing little children on their Satanist altars. These reptilian descendent psychopaths have created world wars to kill millions, introduced genetically created diseases, initiated genocide holocausts, kidnapped millions of children to sacrifice and eat in their Satanist rituals, stolen trillions of dollars through banking and crime and government black operations taxes, become kings and queens and royalty and presidents and rock stars and celebrities and famous billionaire entrepreneurs and all the nicest jobs, and conducted ship sinking and terrorist building destructions and tidal wave disasters and nuclear power plant radiation dispersions, and they have been a plague and suffering to God’s created humans for thousands of years, since the Atlantis civilization days of Noah’s flood when their nephilim giant ancestors skinned and raped and ate humans, and were worshipped as gods and aliens and royalty and great heroes and cruel dictators. Their psychopathic brains have not changed over the thousands of years, since they have strived to intermarry only among their own reptilian kin and keep their Illuminati bloodlines pure. They do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits just like their fallen angel ancestors who are spirit beings. They do not go to heaven or hell like human souls do after death, but after they die, since they are spirits, they roam the earth as ghosts or evil spirits or demons or unclean spirits, just like “Legion” in the Bible, until the Second-Coming of Christ when they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire with their fathers—the fallen angels and the devil. We are dealing with an entirely different type or species of people, who walk amongst us and rule our society disguised as humans. They have absolutely no hesitation in deceiving the human race with their so-called feminist movement doctrine and pro-choice movement, in order to carry out their mass genocide of the human race through millions of aborted fetuses, which is their mass satanic witch child sacrifice Illuminati ritual in disguise, by gathering an army of the most sinful, depraved, ungodly, prideful, selfish, mentally scarred, evil human women from society who are easily deceived by their own selfishness and pride. One thing that the children of the devil have is the same reptilian nature of the devil that they want to be gods themselves and have the right to choose to do evil and they want to have equal authority and power, and they will try to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets in order to silence anyone who says that Jezebel worship and feminism and homosexuality is a sin. They are like the people who tried to silence and do away with Moses who warned them of their sins. They have no concept of serving in humility, or being subservient, or Christ’s sacrificial love, or respecting God’s precepts, or recognizing God for that matter. They are civilized, nice-clothed, smiling people on the outside, but they are reptilian witch savages and child paedophiles in the inside of their hearts. These witches and women who always sit next to you in the restaurants to listen into your conversations, and disguise themselves as care workers to get into your parents’ homes to kill your parents, and follow you in the hundreds to shoot at you with their Satanist EMP electromagnetic weapons are not humans with human souls, but they are entirely a different species of reptilian demon people who have been born into these Satanist extraterrestrial bloodline families. This is why they believe what they believe, and join the organizations and movements that they join, become feminist activists to carry out their Illuminati Satanist agenda, join their witch covens, systematically assassinate adults and abort fetuses just like their Nazi war criminal ancestors and Nazi scientists forefathers from Germany did, set up Illuminati Satanist abortion clinics, develop biological weapons of mass extermination in their Illuminati laboratories, join the churches to put their witches’ spells on the dumb religious Christians, produce their feminist agenda Hollywood movies and books, control the media, brainwash the public, and await the return of their alien god Lucifer or Satan to lead them into the revived Atlantis Satanist empire. As I have always taught you, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, when you dig deeper into the roots of all these corruptions and sufferings in our society, it always, always are connected to each other and finally to the fallen angels and the devil himself, whether it is feminism or occultism or Nazi holocaust or global-warming terraform environmentalism or the assassination of Kennedy / Princess Diana / John Lennon or sinking of the Titanic or starting of wars or starting of artificially manufactured terrorism in the world or ritual sacrifice of millions of people through their biologically created AIDS virus.


To understand the reptilian psychopath mind, you have to understand Satan’s genetic seed, and his nature. The psychopathic reptilians justify their evils by their evolutionary theory and their form of perverted logic. Since evolution and panspermia are their religions (deceptive theories by the devil), they feel that they are justified to genetically manipulate humans and make hybrid monster nephilim witches and chimera freak monsters, just like the Alien in their Hollywood movie “Aliens,” and the Predator in their Hollywood movie “Predator,” in order for their race to survive. You see, in the reptilian psychopath mind and reasoning, they kill and eat all mice and smaller snakes, because it is the evolutionary religion’s theory of “the survival of the meanest.” They will not hesitate to mingle their genes with the fallen angels and alien gray nephilim, in order to make a super Nazi Aryan race of reptile humanoids that can tear all other alien enemy species apart. In other words, to the Illuminati reptilian psychopaths, it makes sense to have more powerful, evil, mean, terrible creatures like the Alien or Predator or super soldier or Humanzee half-ape or Frankenstein monster as the future form of all humans, so that they can rip any enemy soldier or alien apart. In the movie “Aliens,” the aliens have acid blood, so when an enemy shoots them, it kills the enemy with the splattered blood, and that is why the enemy cannot kill the Aliens. The Aliens are a super soldier race who can survive all attacks by Russia soldiers or Chinese soldiers or hostile alien beings. In their movie “Predator,” the Predators are a fearsome warrior race who have amazing technologically advanced weapons, such as the ones the Illuminati humans receive from the alien grey nephilim, in exchange for handing over human homo-sapiens to them for cutting up and hybridizing, so that the alien greys can mix their genes with the human specimens to prevent their over-cloned race’s extinction. As you can see from both reptilian Illuminati movies, the Alien and the Predator are both reptilian warrior races, and these are the gruesome grotesque creatures the reptilians aspire the human race to become in their New Age of Fifth Dimensional Evolution Aquarius or Aryan Fourth Reich or New World Order: basically, an invincible species, by borrowing the supernatural magical multi-dimensional genes of the alien greys and reptilian extra-dimensional fallen angels. This is why the U.S. military leader reptilians are warning the U.S. politician leaders reptilians that if we do not create these nephilim super soldiers now, we will irreversibly fall behind the nephilim super soldier experiments and developments by rival nations, such as Russia and China. To the reptilian psychopath leaders of the world’s governments, this tampering with God’s creation is a necessary evil that they justify as just survival of the fittest species, even if it means mixing genes of the fallen angels and nephilim and animals and plants. God destroyed the earth with the Great Flood thousands of years ago, because the reptilian nephilim were doing the same thing in their Atlantis civilization that extended throughout the globe. Satan would not submit to God’s command to serve and submit to Adam, because Satan felt that he was more powerful and greater than Adam and Eve. (Eve does not submit to Adam anymore either.) This is why Satan wants to exterminate Adam, and use Adam’s descendents to make his own hybrid monster race, and he will deceive the Illuminati world leaders with this deceptive theory of alien beings, in order to do the same thing he did during the Atlantis civilization. His goals and lies and tactics have not changed. And, to the reptilian psychopath mind, evolution and survival of the species is everything to them, so trying to kill God’s apostles and prophets to keep them silent and prevent them from sharing Satan’s and the Illuminati’s secrets is justified, for their agenda is survival. In order for their race to survive, they will kill, torture, steal, genocide, holocaust, kill all humans, deceive, cheat, pervert genes, and do anything. To people who do not believe God’s standards, there are no standards or rules, so they can do anything evil as long as they can hide it and get away with it. This is the nature of evil, and that is why evil people refuse to believe in God, for He is the standard of righteousness. These lluminati reptilian hybrids who live amongst the humans in our modern day society are a different race and have a different psychopathic brain of reptilians (just like the ancient nephilim brain of ancient Atlantis days who raped human women, ripped open their pregnant stomachs, put human heads on stakes, skinned humans alive, and ate human alive), whom God exterminated in the Great Flood. God could hear the cries of the humans He had created and their torment. The modern day reptilian nephilims who run our nations’ governments, and the ancient nephilim who made this earth into a horror show have the same genes and brain: that which comes from the devil or the Serpent god. To us humans, this psychopathic reptilian thinking is incomprehensible. They see our human compassion as a weakness to be exploited to destroy us. We humans think it would be better to have one’s own race become extinct and live for what is righteous and noble and good and love and honorable, instead of trying to make your species survive by mixing your genes with alien fallen angel genes to create a master Aryan reptilian race of half-human half-reptile half-animal half-plant half-octopus super soldiers, like the Alien or Predator, regardless of how fearsome and evil and violent and powerful they may be. No human wants their grandchildren and great grandchildren to be genetically enhanced Aliens and Predators and ancient Atlantis reptilian Gargoyles and Frankenstein and Centaurs and dinosaurs and vampires and clones that no other alien species or nations will dare fight with, just like they did during Noah’s days in the Atlantis civilization when the Illuminati killed all humans and transformed them into ghoulish freakish monster humanoids and half animals. The earth ended up like some kind of Halloween costume party, or a freak show of super soldier race monsters, or a scene from an Illuminati horror movie. They are already creating zombie cyborg “Star Trek Borg” terminator human hybrids in their underground secret military bases around the world to act as super soldiers in case of World War 3. They have killer robots. All the nations are competing to create these nephilim monster half ape half alligator half robot half human creatures, who they dream will be the future human race to replace what they consider the current weak livestock human homo-sapiens. They are getting the DNA from the monsters they created during Noah’s flood’s Atlantis days, and trying to genetically recreate those monsters, just like their movie “Jurassic Park.” We Christians and God’s people have a complete opposite view on life from what the reptilian Illuminati has, because we live by God’s Torah Truth that human homo-sapiens are a heavenly being that is beautiful and noble and perfectly created until the fall, and that through redemption in our Lord Jesus Christ, we will someday be transformed into spiritual beings once more, just like before the fall. Therefore, we honor God’s creation great and small, and we live in love, human compassion for each other, giving, encouraging, teaching, helping, and with the knowledge that we will be delivered from this fleshly bodies and its sinful nature someday, when we see Christ. For this reason, it is not Satan’s deceptive doctrine of evolution and rule of the jungle that dictates our thinking and values, but it is God’s Torah Truth of love, faith and hope that dictate our lives. If you accept Satan’s lying evolutionary theories and story of alien beings, then you will kill humans, but if you accept God’s Torah Truth and redemption through Jesus Christ, then you will love humans. The human Christians and the reptilian Illuminati nephilim have polar opposite values and view of life, because God and Satan’s values and view of life are polar opposites. Each person has to decide to believe either the false deception of the Illuminati school’s evolutionary teachings and Illuminati’s “survival of the fittest” media brainwashing, or to believe the Torah Truth of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ which leads to eternal life and salvation.


After the rapture of the Bride of Christ or Church Saints, once again, these Atlantis vampires and gargoyles and werewolves and zombies and dinosaurs and lake monsters and sasquatch big foots and fairies and gnomes and dwarves and elves and nephilim giants and chimera giants and dragons and godzillas and stinging insect demons and pixies and lake monsters and disgusting demonic entities will be released upon the earth, along with Satan and his minions from Nibiru Planet X, but they will not harm you the 144,000 Hebrew Remnant, and they will ignore and just pass you by. It is because you are sealed by the Holy Spirit of our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Yeshua. Nothing can harm you. Moreover, you will be given supernatural powers and authority of Christ to carry out your ministry.


In ancient times, there was an interplanetary civilization. The planet Krypton or Tiamat which became the modern day Asteroid Belt, was destroyed. Tiamat was creating transhumanism genetic engineered fish human hybrids and scorpion human hybrids as weapons in the war, and using HAARP weather warfare. This is why you find on mars, these half human half scorpion chimera monsters and half human half dog chimera monsters and carnivorous trolls and all kinds of human hybrid nephilim chimera creatures still living there. The huge velociraptor tyrannosaurus dinosaur chimera nephilim on mars are said to gnaw on their victims alive for two to three hours, if they their victims miss with their energy weapons and possibly shoot their legs or something. They are very satanic and evil genetically engineered creatures of Satan that was designed to destroy mankind, and that God destroyed with Noah’s Great Flood on the earth. They still survive on mars. These Superman people who escaped from Krypton to the earth and who were considered great men of renown in ancient times or superheroes were disgusting cursed demonic creatures that were manufactured by Satan. They have supernatural superhero powers. Much of the Mars atmosphere and water was blown off, so the Martians and mars colonies’ humans who live there now live under harsh conditions underground. The earth was devastated also. The descendants of the fallen angels’ reptilian hybrid homo-capensis nephilim of Atlantis that survived and were tasked to keep human homo-sapiens under slavery, parasite off of them, and recreate their Atlantis civilization so that their gods or Satan’s fallen angels can return to rule the second Atlantis are the current day reptilian hybrid homo-capensis Illuminati bloodline families’ global elite bankers and royal families who are not humans but they are nephilim descendants of Satan.


In the coming End Times Tribulation Age, it will once more be like the Atlantis days of Noah, where the paranormal and supernatural will be everyday normal reality and natural occurrences. It will be hell on the earth, just like the civilization in Noah’s times which God destroyed with the Great Flood. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid elites will use their beasts of the earth will wipe out the human homo-sapiens, or the genetically engineered half human half beast half monster creatures to kill the human race just like in Noah’s ancient times. These super soldiers and Satan’s newly evolved human monsters already exist among us and in the Illuminati secret underground military bases, ready to be unleashed by the Illuminati to exterminate the humans. These vampires and city destroying demonic creatures and microorganisms that create zombies and bigfoot humanzees and freak Anubis Egyptian God chimeras and cannibal giant nephilim and Frankenstein monsters and dinosaurs and hybrid aliens and the living dead and giant nephilim monsters and werewolves and witches all exist in real life, and will be unleashed to destroy the human population by the Illuminati, once the Church Saints are raptured into heaven when Christ returns. It is only the Holy Spirit in us the Church Saints who is holding back the Anti-Christ and all these monsters and demonic creatures from being revealed or unleashed upon the earth. It is only the dumb human population that does not believe that these creatures do not truly exist and that we are just making this up from Hollywood movies. The Hollywood movies are based on true creatures that exist in our world created by the devil. It will be a totally different world, when the Church Saints are raptured out of this world, and all hell is allowed to break lose upon the earth, once God closes Noah’s Ark’s door, and judgment is poured out upon an unbelieving wicked world. These dumb religious Christians or Tribulation Saints do not believe God’s apostles and prophets, and think the Torah Truth is just wild imaginations by crazy heretic people and cannot possibly happen. They will be in for a big surprise and rude awakening. This is why the Illuminati have been making all of these horror movies in order to program the minds and prepare the human population for these supernatural and paranormal and horrible creatures to be released onto society. Just like the Star Wars and Star Trek movies are a reality, so also are these horror movies. They are all based on reality, and not fiction. It is only the stupid religious Christians who do not know what is truly happening in their world, and they will realize it when they are left behind at the rapture. Men’s hearts will fail them. All these religious leaders who mock and ridicule us will be eating their own words and ridicule. (Read article “Icke’s Reptilians scientifically proven” at .)


How foolish these humans are not to only know these things, but not to believe it when they are told the truth. If you tell these nephilim that homosexuality is wrong, since they are bred genetically into Satan’s homosexual genes, they will get furious and react violently, in order to protect their evil. Same thing with the devil: if you preach he is evil, he will use his nephilim reptilians to attack you violently. This is the nature of evil, and the Pharisees want to continue in their evil ways, and will try to silence God. When they become immersed in sin, it opens people up to satanic perversion, spiritually. It is a satanic power at work. Belgium is a country created by the Illuminati, and that is why it is half Dutch and half French, and they have the largest gay couple population just like the other Western Illuminati nations, and their prime minister is homosexual, too. Islam bans homosexuality, but since Muslims are heavily homosexual, the gay activists do not go after them, but they cooperate with them to kill Christians with their new hate crime law socialist police state they are trying to establish, in order to silence teachings on homosexual sins, since the Muslims kill Christians, too. This is why the Luciferians’ homosexuals, feminists, Muslims, socialists, Satanists and other Illuminati factions are all allied together to try to kill Christians They share a common satanic hatred toward God’s people. But since light is coming cosmically, they cannot stop God by trying to stop Christians.


They have active feminism and gay genetic manipulation in the Illuminati nations, and all the vaccines, drugs, food sources, tap water sources, etc. are altered and poisoned. As this Illuminati feminism and gay genetic manipulation continues, you end up with entirely inverted men and women as in the case of Atlantis in Noah’s times or Sodom Gomorrah. If you are not a Christian, then you are not protected spiritually from these things. The more sin you have in your life, the more vulnerable you are to the devil’s tampering and control. The final result is hatred toward God, hatred toward Christians, violence, and murderous nature takes over. This point is what we call complete demon possession of a person by evil spirits. Satan and the fallen angels are laughing as they make the men wear women’s dresses, and make women wear men’s trousers. The people of the world and religious Christians are so blinded by the devil and Illuminati brainwashing that they do not realize their own hilarious appearance, as women walk around in trousers and men parade around in dresses. It is sort of like the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” where the emperor is deceived by the tailors into believing that he is wearing invisible clothes, but in reality, he is parading around naked with great pride.


The gay activist movement was started by the Illuminati Satanists as part of their depopulation project. It is part of their plan to create a master race of Nazi reptilians, and extinct human homo-sapiens. It is a strong mind-control to make all human children homosexual. Experimentations were conducted in the prisons to make people gay, and now, they are rapidly moving forward to brainwash the populace to become tolerant of homosexuality in society. They try to assassinate anyone who speaks against the sin. Just like feminism, homosexuality was bred and nurtured by the Illuminati Satanists, and by Satan, as an intimate part of their reptilian plan on this earth. This is why the Satanist Atlantean civilization during Noah’s flood’s days was feminist and homosexual, too. Every civilization judged by God was full on Satanist, feminist and homosexual. We are rapidly approaching the End Times where the Illuminati’s mind-control program will be complete. (See article “The Illuminati Want Your Child To Be Gay” at and “[Texas Daddy] What Will Come Next If Gay Marriage Is Made Legal?” “[テキサス親父]ゲイの結婚が許されればお次はどうなる?” at .)


Likewise, all the other diabolical evils in our society are developed and mind-controlled by the Illuminati and Satan. At the top of the list is feminism. Feminism always spearheads the Satanist agenda, whether it is in the technologically advanced Satanist ancient civilization of Atlantis that God destroyed with Noah’s Flood, or these present modern End Times that God will destroy with fire on the earth. Feminism is a essential backbone of making a satanic society. Satan always uses the most despicably evil women to lead the movement. It is the root of Satanism upon this earth. The more evil and devilish a society becomes, the more feminist it becomes. This is a law of natural law of nature. So, the litmus test in how satanic a civilization or nation is, you just need to see how feminist the civilization or nation is. The more stupid and evil a woman is, the more they are controlled by feminism. When they are fully demon-possessed by the devil, they will start assassinating everyone who speaks up against feminism. As I have taught you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, all the evils of the world and activist movements are related to each other at the roots with the Illuminati and the Satanists and Satan. All who have this Jezebel spirit, whether they are feminist activists or religious Christians, will perish in the fire of God’s judgment. There is a day coming when God will no longer tolerate its evil, and He will cleanse the earth of feminist filth and Satan worship. Jezebel and all her followers, great and small, will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. The Illuminati agenda for feminism is to depopulate the human homo-sapiens through destroying marriage; and to create more tax income by making half of the population work; and to take the children out of the homes and mother’s hands into their educational system in order to mind-control the children; and to break up the family unit; and to exterminate humans through abortion and pro-choice movement; and to make the women emasculate men; and many other great benefits for the devil’s agenda. The devil will use his Satanist women to assassinate and murder all opposition, so that there are no one speaking up against feminism, except for God’s Christians. How ripe is the earth in Satanism and for God’s impending judgment? You just need to see how much the people of the earth are immersed in feminist beliefs and feminism mind control and feminist values. Jezebel and her feminists are the age old enemies of God. They are not a modern appearance, but they have been upon this earth since as long as the reptilian hybrids of Satan had invaded the earth in ancient times. The most evil type of people are feminists, but since most of the people of the earth in these End Times are adherents of feminism and Jezebel worship, it tells you something about the society we are living in, right before Christ’s Second-Coming. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! (See article “How The Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women” at .)


By the Holy Spirit in us, we can immediately distinguish the reptilian women or the homo-serpens-vipera-hydrus as in “serpent” or “viper” or “hydra” (nephilim hybrid genes women), because they are either feminists or like to wear tight exposing clothes to show their sexual body parts or are sexually lewd or have very strong-willed dominating aggressive personalities, just like reptiles. The Western feminist reptilian witch female role models in Western Hollywood movies are not real women, but they are a perverted humanoid version of Satan’s manipulation of God’s original female creation. If you really met God’s originally created beautiful feminine women, you would be utterly shocked by the difference between reptilian feminist witch and human heavenly princess, or dark night and bright day, or putrid dung and aromatic rose. The Western men who grew up in these modern End-Times Illuminati mind-control world have no idea or imagination or concept of God’s original beautiful female creation, and they would fall on their backs in shock and sheer surprise at encountering true femininity and female attractiveness, if they met one of God’s original women. They are extinct now, because even the religious Western Christian women have been perverted by Satan, too, and are Jezebel Western value worshippers or idolaters. (And, I do not talk about the breast and butt hanging out Illuminati perverted grotesqueness of feminist reptilian women or the domineering brisk-walking feminist reptilian women, but I mean the true original gentle humble feminine spirit type of attractiveness of God’s human women. Satan always caters to the fleshly ugly sense of sight, but God always ministers through the spiritual edifying sense of hearing. The world was created by God’s Word or voice—His Jesus Christ.) The human race’s women of God are very gentle in spirit, feminine, humble toward men, respectful toward men, submissive, loyal, sexually pure, godly dressed, have clean normal hairstyles, no tattoos, no pierces, and spiritually attractive, because they have God’s Holy Spirit in them and they are from the human race of homo-sapiens. They are God’s princesses who deserve our highest respect and honor for they are noble creatures. The illegitimate feminist reptilian hybrid nephilim perverted descendent witches of the devil needs to be thrown into the Lake of Fire by God, in order to rid this world of their sinful stench. God will only allow holiness in His soon coming Millennial Kingdom of Christ. The streets of the New Jerusalem will be made of gold. Gold does not rust or corrode or tarnish. Gold is highly conductive of electricity and energy. Gold is everlasting, as the Father’s Light is, that will give all energy. Even the children’s movies like “The Muppets” are designed by the Illuminati to brainwash the next generation with the strong, masculine, dominating “Miss Piggy” female role model who is punching and slapping the weak, effeminate, timid “Kermit the Frog” male role model. The television program “Muppets” has gay characters in it, too. It markets to the coming generation, the New World Order’s world of half-human half-animal human intelligence animal chimera hybrid freak monsters intermingling with humans. In children’s animation movies like “Epic,” they are preparing children’s minds to accept fairies and leprechauns and gnomes and other demon spirits that the Illuminati is bringing through the star gate wormholes like CERN as cute, friendly creatures, just as the Bible prophesied. The foolish religious Christians believe that the nephilim are just fearsome, savage creatures. They do not know that some nephilim are cute and deceptive, like smurfs and grinchs and gremlins, and their danger is in their deception. Through alluring scenery and fantasy worlds, just like Disney the Illuminati bloodline family, Satan gives animation producers like Hayao Miyazaki fame and popularity, so that the entire children’s generation would be brainwashed and model their behavior after his animation movies’ feminist boyish female characters’ behaviors and values and thinking. You have a whole generations of End Times evil populations from the post 1960s becoming feminist Jezebel people who hate God’s apostle’s teachings and the Torah Truth and defy the female nature as God created the woman as. They all start modeling their behavior after Satan’s female feminist reptilian nephilim witch descendents and their Hollywood movie amazoness heroines, until you end up with the women of this generation. There is deep witchcraft and mind control and demonic possession at work here, and the feminists are what we called people who are fully possessed by demons. They lead the people and women of this world into the Lake of Fire. Many or most follow after them: almost all women after the 1960s. They are hastening their own destruction; even the religious Christian women. These demonic Jezebel spirits make women feminists and men into effeminate violent men.


The reason why there are so many Satanist people who are eager to gang stalk and kill God’s messengers is because these reptilian feminist men and women are sexually perverted creatures, so they go around marrying human feminist women to bear these Satanist half-blood children, and then they divorce the humans, later. Then, they go off to marry with reptilians to breed their real reptilian children and families. Therefore, you have a lot of part reptilian blood hybrid Satanist people walking around, who carry the unethical, non-conscience, sexually perverted, inversed gender, feminist, reptilian nature of their divorced non-human parent; and they are motivated by hatred and violence and murder and stealing, which is in their reptilian genes, and therefore, they kill people for Illuminati paid money and hatred. You see more serial killers. The world sees more violent crimes and mass shootings and occultism and “Flower Children” hippy revolution and hatred toward God, as the population of these people with reptilian witch psychopath genes increase in proportion to normal humans as we approach the End Times. All evil on this earth can be traced back to the Satanists with traces of this reptilian psychopath genes from their divorced reptilian sexually active seed-dispersing infidelity parent who see humans as sexual entertainment and livestock to be exploited, who can be traced back to the reptilian witch nephilim ancestors, who can be traced back to the evil fallen angels, who can be traced back to Satan and his serpentine seed. It’s like a police detective tracking down who the head of the gangsters is, or a pathological scientist tracing back where the source of the pandemic disease came from. They all lead to Satan eventually, sooner or later, in one form or another. This is why you can trace back Hitler’s grandparent as a Rothchild, who had illegitimate seed-dispersing sexual entertainment with Hitler’s grandparent. Therefore, we know Hitler was an Edomite Amalekite reptilian Aryan witch genes of the Rothchild Illuminati bloodline, and his daughter Angela Merkel who is the chancellor of Germany carries the same serpentine seed. Satan’s serpent seed has created much pain and suffering on God’s human race, ever since Adam and Eve’s age, and Noah’s Atlantis age, and Moses’ age, and Jesus’ age, and now in the modern End-Times age. A good example is cannibal practice that came from the reptilians, as well as all the wars in history that have been caused by them, and now, they are dumping tons and tons and tons of poisonous toxic heavy metals in our atmosphere with their jets, such as mercury and barium and strontium to kill more human homo-sapiens and create more suffering and make the humans lose their children. Whether they are the abortion mass global human sacrifice witch ritual, or feminist movement, or homosexual gay movement, or AIDS creation, or chem trail program, they all have the depopulation of humans and extermination of humans as the goal of the Illuminati reptilians. This is the so-called “little secret of Satan” that God talks about.


There are two races of people who walk our streets and live as we do every day. One that is of the seed of God’s Adam, and one that is of the seed of the Serpent the devil. Mankind’s gene pool which has not been corrupted, and nephilim’s gene pool which has been corrupted and reengineered just like in the days of Noah’s Atlantis when monsters walked on the earth alongside humans, and they are here, again, due to Satan’s tampering. God has left both to grow alongside each other without harvesting, so that the wheat would not be harmed along with the tare weed. However, when the wheat who is the Bride of Christ is raptured into heaven and harvested, then God’s judgment upon this earth will burn the weed which is the children of the devil or soulless ones. The race of humans have human souls. The race of nephilim reptilians do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits in bodies. Once they die, they will be released from their bodies, and will become wandering evil unclean spirits, and shall be thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is why the Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts is haunted and many supernatural things happen, since a lot of the demon spirits of the witches who were executed there still roam around. These demon spirits in human holographic disguised bodies are what we call the reptilian hybrid psychic witches and wizards, and their descendents hold all the positions of power and influence in our world through their occult satanic secret societies. This is why the top influential people who are reptilians are diagnosed often as having psychopathic brains, instead of human brains. The Aryan reptilian nephilim race are more intelligent than humans, so they are able to masquerade their true nature of reptilian psychopaths with a disguise of having a human heart of compassion, love, ethics, conscience, kindness, gentleness, etc. However, when these reptilians enter their satanic rituals, they rip human sacrifices and eat them as nephilim reptilian nature is their true nature, much as their ancestors the nephilim giants did in ancient Noah’s times.


These giants continue growing like giant reptiles. Nephilim giants can smell humans out, because these reptilian hybrids and witches are more like snakes that smell out their prey mice: they smell out little boys and girls. You can watch the Illuminati propaganda movie, “Jack the Giant Slayer,” and you will see how Satan always creates two fake opposing forces, to make the people worship his nephilim as superheroes and men of renown, and create his New World Order with his so-called Hitler and Anti-Christ heroes. These boneless, coward religious hippy rogue pastors and religious leaders are afraid of these filthy reptilian hybrid kings and queens and presidents and bankers and CIA assassination squads and feminists and witches, just like the Israelite army was afraid of the overgrown lizard man Goliath. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, it is now time to arise and fight for the Lord our King with the Word of God Torah Truth and the Sword of the Holy Spirit, and not to cower and hide like these religious scum “Bible Answer Man” and his fellow gang of Jezebel follower effeminate large church macho ministers who fear the Satanists and world leaders and their professional assassins. We have to tear down the idols and Asherah poles and Baal alters that these “Bible Answer Man” and his tough-speaking effeminate-men weak-men-gang-forming weak-fish-school-forming-type Pharisee-Sanhedrin-mafia-forming hippy-pastor-street-gang-forming church-conference-forming disgusting slime church ministers who have raised up their altars to Jezebel and Baal the feminism god of Western values. They need to be kicked out of God’s House, and we need to purge Jesus’ church of these foul Satanism doctrine religious leaders who parade like “Jesus Movement” crusaders and rock-and-roll stars of the New-Age Western Christianity and fake friend of women like the politicians.


All the evils you see in society and in your personal life are all interrelated with each other, and they all trace back to Satan, if you track them back far enough. I can give you an example. You look back 20 years ago through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, and you realize that the evil man who became a multi-millionaire was not a normal person, but he was an Illuminati Satanist, and that is why he was so evil and also was a multi-millionaire, though on the surface he was a nice person. He would be friends with Illuminati corporation executives. He got business from Illuminati company executives, who made him rich. He hired Illuminati people who he made managers, and they would make huge salaries, although they were the most arrogant and obnoxious evil people, and would get arrested using the company car full of prostitutes using drugs and drunk, and they were so dumb that they could not do any work at all, and they would send porn images to every single employee every day through the email, and they would get into fights with everyone. They would not get fired whatever they did. His wife was a feminist as expected. He was a typical Satan’s type of man like Ahab: domineering to other men, weak toward his wife Jezebel, violent, and lustful toward other female employees. His company would create rules where people would be worked to fatigue like slaves, and all their work would be confiscated, and they would be fired because they would not reach the quotas that the company purposely set. His last name shows that he comes from a reptilian ancestry. He is every intelligent, but pure evil like his nephilim ancestors. When you look at all these dozens and dozens of evil, they are all interrelated with each other, they come together like a puzzle fits together, and everything makes sense when you realize that these people were Illuminati Satanists. If you are a member of these Satanist secret societies and you are more loyal to the devil, then Satan makes you rich and powerful and influential. Basically, he gives the world to you, which he used to try to tempt Jesus in the wilderness with, just like a rock star gets wealth, sex, fame and drugs.


What these reptile hybrids do is to steal all the money through their stock market businesses and banking institutions and armament business and oil business and drugs and toxic food production corporations and Hollywood star jobs and political careers, etc., and then, they buy all these dogs, put ridiculous expensive designer clothes on them, make them eat dogs’ cupcakes and expensive steaks in dogs’ restaurants, put their dogs in pets’ yoga occult exercise classes, while they go around trying to kill humans. They all follow what the cult group’s Madonna and Lady Gaga and female goddesses of the Illuminati do. They love pets and money, but they hate humans and God’s precepts. Meanwhile, they create half-animal and half-human monsters, and believe it is for the furtherance of their New World Order. The reptile mind is full of hypocrisy. The nephilim and children of the fallen angels have always been this way since ancient Babylonian and Sumerian days. This is why the Pharisees were hypocrites, too. They have always lived as parasites of the human society, and taken all the money, fame, and power through inflicting death and stealing from God’s human race. Evil joins together to further their evil agenda, and they give these political and economic and stardom jobs to their own reptilian Satanists. As I have said before, it is Satan’s world and his tares among the wheat are sucking up all the water and nutrients and prospering through every deceit, wickedness, murder, poisoning of the population, and treachery. In the daytime, they go to their normal looking Wall Street thief jobs and Illuminati-created Western Christianity churches, while at night, they hold allegiance to their Satanist Luciferian cause and witches’ rituals. They mobilize to kill anyone who disclose their evil. These ghosts of the undead are demon spirits of deceased nephilim, and their children who are alive today are the reptilian witches who are demon-possessed by the fallen angels to be the three-dimensional physical hands and bodies to unleash their wicked work upon this three-dimensional physical earth. This is the war between the seed of the Spirit and the seed of the serpent. If God’s real born-again spiritual Christians have even a little blessing from God, then these reptilian descendents will all gang-stalk God’s children to try to inflict pain, suffering, stealing and murder on them using the billions of dollars of resources they have stolen and accumulated. They think God does not see these evils, as He saw the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. They underestimate God greatly, for God is a God of patience and is slow to anger. However, there will be a time of reckoning for what these serpent gene children have done to His children and His ambassadors. When you gang-stalk and steal all the stocks / precious metals and drive out of the homes and try to EMP God’s ambassadors, this is an act of declaration of war and infamy against Him. Just as nations go to war when an evil nation tries to kill all the ambassadors of another nation and pillages another nation’s people, so also, God is preparing to go to war in the soon coming judgment upon evil humans and the reptilian witch nephilim descendents, as all negotiations and act of peace-making have been sorely violated. Our Lord Jesus first sent us for peace as He came to make peace, but now, since all invitations by God’s ambassadors to make peace with God have failed, our Lord Jesus Christ is preparing for war, judgment and the unleashing of the full wrath of God upon this earth and its inhabitants. It will be terrible times for the reptilian children and the humans who follow after their Jezebel feminist Satanist doctrines that have saturated this End Times society, as Satan as moved to establish his Satanist society and Illuminati New World Order of Moloch. Their golden days of revelry, partying, drugs, Wall Street pillaging, murder, rape, cannibalistic witch rituals, fancy Beverly Hills life and fashion, fame and stardom is coming to a close. Soon, the night will be over, and the day will be here. Arise, my 144,000 Jewish brethren, for your time accounted for by God from the time of creation is here. This is what you have been called for. Your reinforcements, Michael and his angels are preparing for battle. The Lion of Judah is arising, and the Spirit of Truth is arising, and yes, the dark is being brought to light and passing, as the dawn of our Lord’s Kingdom approaches. You faithful remnant arise as your Commander-in-Chief calls you to assemble by the sound of the trumpet, for He is amassing a great army, and one final great work before the end. Then, the end will come. There will be no more pet’s cupcakes and cannibalism of humans in witch rituals, but it will be a society built on the righteous pillars of our Lord Jesus Christ who rules from Zion full of glory and power.


There are so many stupid people in the world who have been so dumb down by the Illuminati and do not have the Holy Spirit that they would even laugh and say, “God’s apostles are saying that the Muppets are Chimera nephilim.” They are stupid, so they think the stories of witches and giants and chimera and giant lizards are just fairy tales, which came out of thin air. They think humans are so imaginative to concoct these tales out of nowhere. The foolish will always be foolish, and the foolish you will always have around you, because like these hippy rogue pastors, they are obsessed with marrying and giving in marriage and breeding genetic descendents. The hippy rogue pastors laugh and scoff at us, because they are simply fools. They are the scum of the earth. They are the Pharisee Order of our modern times, although there are a few Nicodemus among them. These children’s programs have a deep impact on the children’s brains and their concept of reality is being molded into the Illuminati’s version of fake reality. Both the reptilian feminist movement and gay movement and other movements are all designed for the human depopulation program. They use a lot of humor and cute puppets to make it look harmless, just like Disney and Harry Potter does, but underneath them is a very satanic, perverse, demonic spirit working to sabotage the family and core of human society and God’s natural spiritual order. You can see through the Holy Spirit that these Illuminati Disney magic movies are like a satanic fake screen, and behind it is a dark, devilish power. If you look at the reptilian hybrid bloodline Disney’s movies like “Mary Poppins” written by a Celtic witch, you will see what kind of powers these witches have. These Western Christianity religious women do not want the Torah Truth, but they want Jezebel’s doctrine. This is why the reptilian descendent hippy rogue pastors adhere strongly to Satanism’s Jezebel doctrine, and actively oppose God’s prophets and apostles, and wage war against the Torah Truth who is Christ. There is a spiritual war going on in the church between the seed of Adam and the seed of the Serpent, in these End Times. All these reptilian feminist witch queens of Sumer and Egypt have coned heads with lots of brains. Their descendents are the witches and feminists who are alive in our present day society, who pervert the ways of man. Satan and his fallen angels take pleasure in producing more and more perverse people like the feminists and homosexuals whose genes have been perverted. When humans become evil, God hands them over to feminism and homosexuality. These things are judgments upon a city or society or civilization. This is why societies that become thoroughly evil, right before God’s judgment falls, they become feminist and homosexual, which are from the reptilian’s witchcraft and technology. All the Westerner humans who agree with their perverse doctrines of Sumerian witchcraft deserve to be thrown into the Lake of Fire, too, because it means they are diabolically opposed to God, although they may call themselves Christians. Satan and his circus of fallen angels think that by creating these alien grey nephilim and placing them in underwater bases and the moon and mars, they cannot be destroyed by God’s global flood on the earth, again. How wrong they are! The Illuminati Satanists are excitedly waiting for their anunnaki to return to give them another boost in technology and another boost in their so-called evolution and set up their New World Order, just like in Noah’s days before the global flood.


There has been a surge of television programs in these End Times like “Star Trek” which sell the idea of half-breed hybrid aliens who have human mothers, such as half Betazoid half human Counselor Troy, or half Klingon half human Warf, or half Vulcan half human Spock. These Illuminati television programs and Hollywood movies sell the idea of mating fallen angels and human women to create hybrid nephilim demon spirits in their secret underground military bases, just like they did in Noah’s flood’s days. It is to prepare the human populace for all the hybrid super soldier and superhero monsters they are creating in preparation for the New World Order and their Anti-Christ’s Satanist society.


These reptilian humanoid homo-serpen or homo-viperas or homo-hydrus have ruled over the humans for thousands of years, and they are vampires, so they eat the humans, just like their nephilim giant ancestors, and drink the human children’s blood in their human child sacrifice Satanist feminist witch rituals. They look and behave human during the daytime, but at night, they are more like the “goblin” and “orc” and “troll” races in their Illuminati movie, “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings.” These “troll” and “vampire” and “medusa” and “naga” legends and mythology of reptilian humanoids are derived from the ancient nephilim giants and genetically engineered chimeras that are mentioned in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch in the Bible. These cannibal ancestors of the modern day feminist vampires are depicted in their Illuminati movies like “The Wrath of the Titans” as sane benevolent creatures. They still walk amongst us now intermarrying between themselves to keep their Illuminati reptilian bloodlines pure. We are at war, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, and it is a war for the souls of humans. There is enmity between the seed of the serpent and the seed of Adam. The humans have a deep disgust toward cursed reptiles and do not want to even go near them, while on the other hand, the reptilian humanoids love to keep reptiles as pets and eat reptiles and have affinity toward reptiles. A fallen angel came the other night to try to kill me, but I laughed at it, and it ran away.