Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 33


The reason why in Western Japan, people slam their bicycles into born-again Christians, yell at real spiritual Christians as they walk by, and try to shove the Bride of Christ into the train tracks, and poison the restaurant food of the Church Saints every day is because as the children of God approach these people, the Illuminati uses their brain waves and thought projection frequencies from their mobile phone towers and satellites and HAARP installations to inject anger emotions and hatred and emotional brain receptors in these people. The Illuminati reptilian CIA and MI6 are using alien technology to attack the real Christians through mind controlling the people who they come near. This is why the religious lukewarm Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit do not experience these things, and think that the real Christians are hallucinating or are crazy, because according to the Illuminati’s database on that person, the religious Christians are not a threat to them. Only the real born-again Christians are a threat and an enemy to the Illuminati and the grey alien nephilim and their fallen angel gods. This is why if you tell the religious Christians about these things, they will accuse you of insanity or they will say that these things happen because you are ungodly or they try to convince you that you are physically ill. It is because the religious Christians are dumb, blind, naked, lukewarm and evil, and do not have wisdom of the Holy Spirit. These attacks are more prevalent in Western Japan, because there are stronger Korean descent genes in Western Japan, where there was greater immigration from ancient times from the Korean peninsula. Eastern Japan is predominantly more ancient Hebrew genes, so they tend to be more docile and peaceful. They are different genetic people. In the ancient times, the Yayoi invaders brought in violent, evil, barbaric people from the Korean peninsula to defeat the Jomon native people in Japan, because they were having a hard time defeating them. These violent, evil, barbarian Korean mercenaries were the ancestors of the modern day yakuza mob gangsters. The remaining portions of the yakuza mob gangsters are new Koreans who immigrated to Japan in recent centuries. Those people who attack real Christians in Eastern Japan are those who are in sin, such as people who watch horror films or play horror video games or are involved in Buddhist cults or abused as a child, so they are more easily controllable by the Illuminati’s brain waves and frequency mind control. Dear brethren, we do not fight against flesh and blood, but we fight against the evil spirits and Illuminati reptilian hybrid demon spirits of this world. These ethnicities and bloodlines are controlled by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids, who are in turn controlled by the evil fallen angels. They use their fallen angel gods’ alien technologies to control these evil men and evil ethnicities and barbarian nations who invade us. Satan is using all these Japanese prime ministers of Korean ancestry and Japanese emperors of Korean ancestry and Japanese yakuza mob gangs of Korean ancestry and other Korean Illuminati members to turn Japan into a haven for the Illuminati. There are genetic factors in the Korean people that can be more easily controlled to kill or gang stalk or steal or cheat or deceive or rape or attack, so that is why the Illuminati depends heavily every time on these hordes of Koreans from the Korean peninsula to follow after the real Christians to gang stalk and attack them with the Illuminati’s EMP electromagnetic weapons and other methods. This is why the majority of the Illuminati members in Japan are Koreans and Japanese of Korean ancestry, and they are being used to kill thousands and thousands and thousands of Japanese people. This is why there are so many Polynesians who are Illuminati members, because their ancestors were cannibals and violent barbarians, so their genetic markers are much more easier to control to conduct their Illuminati dirty work, such as assassinations. These savage Polynesian genetic people conduct demon-possessions, witchcraft, cannibalism, intoxication, devil worship, murders, tribal warfare, tattooing and sex with everyone and anyone, including savage Caucasian sailors, as well as everything ungodly and satanic. This is why there are huge numbers of them in the Illuminati doing the demons’ works. There are nationalities and ethnicities and bloodlines that are more easily demon-possessed or used by the Illuminati, because of their genetic inclinations. This is why the Koreans have spread their witchcraft shaman Christianity religion throughout the world, and have replaced God with their devil’s form of Christianity. They place witchcraft spells of demons on women to believing that since they are a hula dance family (just like the other Illuminati Satanism mafia family brotherhoods), they should have no shame in taking off their clothes in front of these men in their hula dance groups, in order to change into their hula skirts and Polynesian garb, while these men gape at their nudity. Just as these pagan people’s cultures and thinking and traditions corrupt societies, so also has all these Illuminati Eastern Mysticism Babylonian mystery hippy religions have converted the United States into a nation of paganism and utter ungodliness. They have forgotten their God and turned to devil worship. The Americans and the Christian churches have become just like the Polynesians and Koreans and other ungodly races, and followed after their cultures and thinking and idols and lifestyles and values and religions and traditions and customs and behavior and Satanism disguised as a fake Christianity. Woe to these people and nations that spread their spiritual gangrene and ungodly cultures and genetic curses throughout God’s world and turn it into a haven of demons. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


As the Bible teaches us, the sins of the fathers are carried over to the second and third generations genetically. When a person becomes a believer in Christ, the person’s becomes a new creation in Christ. He or she is no longer a slave to his or her genes and barbaric nationality. There are people who teach Post Tribulation Rapture Theory satanic doctrines who refuse to teach you about these ethnic and nationality genetic markers, because they are evil, self-righteous, and want to be “politically correct” as Satan always says. To teach these ethnic and national sins is to incriminate their own selves and their ancestors and their nation, so since they are evil people of the flesh, they worship their flesh and their national patriotism and genetic descent, and therefore, they will withhold and hide the Torah Truth teachings from God’s people, in order that God’s people will spiritually starve due to the lack of information. God’s people are deprived of God’s Word, so they do not know how to fight sin and fight evil and be spiritual conquerors. They will only teach about the End Times happenings, because it does not upset any ethnicities or nationalities, and it will sell a lot of their books, and make them famous among the radio listeners. However, you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant spread throughout the world are lovers of the Torah Truth, since you love Christ who is the Torah Truth.


The DNA is a recording system, and the sins of that person is recorded into that person’s DNA, and transferred to the descendents, and the sins are transferred to the descendents or ethnicities or nations which come from that person’s seed. This is why it is important, since good or bad hearts are transferred to the children and children’s children. This is why an alcoholic’s child becomes alcoholic, a fat glutton’s child becomes a fat glutton, a angry person’s child become angry, a child abuser’s child becomes a child abuser, a thief’s child becomes a thief, a sexually lewd person’s child becomes sexually lewd, a lazy laid-back nation’s descendents become lazy and laid-back, a sly tricky nation’s descendents become sly and tricky, and a violent sinful barbaric nation’s descendents become violent sinful barbarians who value the “han” hatred culture. This is why instead of repenting, these nations come out in the hordes to try to kill me for preaching the Torah Truth of Christ, just like they come out in the hordes to try to destroy the Israelites. This is why Satan has used these neighboring pagan barbaric nations to intermingle their genes with the ancient Israelites and modern day Israeli Jews and Japanese Jews, in order to try to eradicate the Israelite genes. This is why the modern day Israelites do not look like the ancient Israelites. Only receiving Jesus can save that person or ethnicity or nation from judgment. The hippy rogue pastors teach Satan’s religion of Western Christianity Jezebel doctrine humanism that God loves everyone. Jesus died for all humans, so that they can be saved if they repent. But, God does love certain people and hate certain people, because He knows those who will love Him, and those who hate Him and do horrendous things. The hippy rogue pastors of the Illuminati symbol upside down dove church conference teach that God loves all humans, because they believe in their Jezebel doctrine “hippy love and peace dude” philosophy of Satanism and Eastern occultism, where the hippy culture comes from and where these church conferences began. This is why these Satan’s men are effeminate and feminists and hippy pastors. There are evil people, evil forefathers, evil descendents, evil families, evil ethnicities, evil people groups, evil bloodlines, and evil nations. Their evil genes are transferred from one generation to another, making them behave like barbarians. It is better not to marry and transfer those evil genes to one’s children, but it is exactly those evil people who strive to create descendents, and have strong animalistic reproductive base instincts. Instead of striving to spread those genes, one should understand one’s own evil, repent, put an end to generational sins, and serve Christ to do what is right and true and holy. They need to reprogram the genes with God’s Word and love and Holy Spirit. Each human group have their certain genetic appearance and personality and ethics and temperament and barbarism and docile nature and physical size and tolerance to alcohol, which are different from other human groups, just like each fish species have different genetic behavior, temperament, viciousness, peacefulness, appearance and size, or the bird species have their own genetic difference. It is not enough to have economic affluence or modern laws or wear modern clothes or have modern technologies, but a nation of barbarians need to put off its barbaric genes, and put on the Holy Spirit of God, and truly change in the heart to be holy as He is holy. This is a last call to all nations to repent and submit to God. This is why North Korea and South Korea have the highest suicide rates in the world, ranking in as number one and two on the suicide rate. After Japan realized its high suicide rates, they drew away from the Korean Confucian strict and barbaric culture, and adopted a more Christian Americanized thinking and fun society for their young people, so that the suicide rate dropped, dramatically. The young generation of Japanese are completely different people with different thinking and lifestyles from the older generation of Japanese.


In places like Tokyo where there are many Japanese of Korean ancestry and many Korean genetic recordings into the populace by Satan, there are many, many, many people who are demon-possessed, so every day, you will have dozens of people yelling at you as you walk by, or walking into you as you walk by, or poisoning you in the restaurants, or kicking your briefcase down as they walk by, or glaring at you for hours, or cutting your arm as you walk by, or offering to give you a strange box as you walk by, or slamming their bicycle or car into you as you walk by and blaming you and reporting you to the police, or blocking you from entering the train, or come up with false accusations to try to kick you out of your job, or shooting electromagnetic weapons at your vital organs as you walk by, because the demons and fallen angels who control these people know that you are a real born-again Spirit-filled Christian and a Bride of Christ and a Church Saint and an apostle of Christ. It will be the same thing in any school you go to, Satan will send Americans of Korean ancestry and Filipinos of Korean ancestry and Irish of Korean ancestry, etc., in order to gang stalk and try to attack you. If you are the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, you will experience the same persecution and malice from these people. In places like Fukushima or Windermere or Kuching or Freeport or Seattle where there are no Japanese of Korean ancestry, you do not experience any of these persecutions or demon-possessed people. Satan and his Illuminati will also send their manufactured clone nephilim who are human bodies controlled by demons and fallen angels to attack you; they are not humans with human souls, but rather, just shells or tools or zombies the fallen angels use to operate in our realm to attack God’s people. Satan and his fallen angels will also send their reptilian bloodline hybrid nephilim offspring family witch descendents to try to attack you, too, since they have psychic powers and are demonic spirits in human bodies and are full Satanists. The religious Christians do not experience this, because they do not love God.


There are certain nations of people who are very evil like the Ninevites, Goth pagan barbarians, Koreans, and Edomites or Amalekites (God even ordered to kill every Amalekite man, woman, child and beast, because of the extent of their evil and atrocities. Since Israel disobeyed God and allowed the Amalekites to live, Israel has an enemy from generation to generation that seeks to genocide it. God knew what would happen. The Amalekite Nazis own the CIA that has funded and trained the Muslim terrorists. This is why God will pour out His judgment bowl on Satan’s throne that is in Germany in the coming Great Tribulation. Amalek is a descent of Edom that seeks to destroy Israel.) The Illuminati Bavarians’ Mystery Babylon religion will return to Babylon in Iraq after its Vatican is burned. The New Roman Empire Nazi Zionist cabal’s Anti-Christ will destroy the Freemason P2 Lodge in Rome with a nuclear suitcase bomb, because the Freemason P2 Lodge that runs the Vatican and the Mafia will be at war with the Anti-Christ. The Edomite Amalekite Nazis will be running the future Illuminati CIA FEMA mass execution camps. You are either for Israel or against Israel. Israel will be victorious, because God fights on its behalf, just as God fought the Amalekites when Moses’ staff was raised. Raising of the staff symbolizes Israel keeping the Torah Truth. Though the Edomite Amalekite Freemason secret society plots against Israel, they will be destroyed. The Nazis were Amalekite descent, just like the Illuminati Aryan bloodlines that created the banking system. This is why the Illuminati financed the Nazis and the extermination of 6 million Jews (one-third of the Jewish population), and brought all of them over to the CIA covertly after World War 2 to integrate the Nazi Fourth Reich into the U.S. within the CIA and NSA and other occult secret society brotherhoods, because the Nazi are basically another name of the Illuminati’s many branch organizations. They make the American CIA agents do the dangerous, low paid, tough work, and they themselves (CIA Nazi privileged grandchildren), in their typical black sunglasses hours of haughty glare from their window-tinted trucks, just play around every day using the taxpayers’ black ops budgets to pay their high salaries, to play their reptilian hunt game of gang stalking and assassinating those humans who speak up against the Illuminati. This is why the CIA hit squad people in their dozens of white trucks with dark-tinted windows and EMP electromagnetic weapons who were chasing after me from residential neighborhood to residential neighborhood and park to park and beach to beach at midnight with their headlights and helicopters and unmanned drones all looked and talked and behaved like ordinary Americans, but they are descendents of the Nazi Aryans who were integrated into the CIA. The CIA was created by the Illuminati, and Nazi criminals like Dr. Josef Mengele were smuggled into the United States after the war to lead the CIA’s MK Ultra Monarch program to torture, mind program children, experiment in the Cabalistic Magic, and advance the reptilian Aryan feminist abortion movement. The systematic trauma program before age six creates “multiple personality disorders” in children. The children are programmed by the Nazis for assassination, espionage, sexual services, and other uses. Only those prominent Nazis were executed at the Nuremberg Trials, but the bulk of the Nazis were either absorbed back into the Illuminati in Germany or in countries like the British MI6 or Australia or the U.S. under their Project Paperclip and other covert programs. This is why you have so many of these pairs of FBI men in their sunglasses, who are Illuminati freemason Satanists following after you wherever you go, staring at you, harassing you, shooting at you with EMP weapons, tracking you, and reporting your whereabouts to their Illuminati reptilian leaders, because they are descendents of the Nazi mass murderers and scientist torturers who were smuggled to the U.S. under Operation Paper Clip into the NSA and FBI and CIA and MI6 and other Satanist black ops criminal organizations. This is why the FBI will refuse to assist you, even if you tell them about the Illuminati Satanists. The Druids, Gaul, Wicca witches, Nazi occultists, rock stars, Germanic pagans, Bilderberg Society, Freemasons, Satanists, and other Illuminati groups essentially worship the same religion. These Edomite Amalekite descent Nazi Aryan psychopaths who have now disguised themselves as Americans and British and Australians have ensconced themselves in the intelligence agencies, military leadership, space programs, banking system, corporate leadership, FEMA Nazi execution camp reestablishment projects, Vatican, and other key Nazi SS positions. They have been subverting the world and have been training the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda to destroy Israel and to create their Homeland Security Department martial law police state system after they crash the economy, in order to usher in the Fourth Reich or New World Order or reptilian race psychopath Age of Aquarius. The Illuminati assassin tall blonde girl next door who was trying to kill me would scream at me whenever she walked by me like a Nazi concentration camp guard, because she was a descendent of these Nazi criminals smuggled into the CIA and MI6 after World War 2, and that is why the General Manager of the hotel was afraid to help me or to try to stop her. She would walk around with like 6 or 7 sex slave men around her, because she is a witch and has spells on them, so they would be visiting her room all the time. The reason why the Illuminati Satanists smuggled all of their Edomite Nazi war criminals to the U.S., Britain, Australia, and other countries was because the Edomite Nazis are the Edomite Illuminati, and the Illuminati are the Nazis, and they belong to the same Edomite Satanist secret occult society of the Brotherhood of the Snake Aryans, and they are one and the same, and Hitler was just another hidden child of the Rothchild Edomites.


President Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, President Obama, Rothchild family, Angela Merkel, Stalin, Hitler, Nazi leaders, Caesar, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Jefferson, Rockefeller, Walt Disney, Dwight Eisenhower, the Pope, Rock Band Kiss, Madonna, Lady Gaga, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Lenin, Karl Marx, Al Capone, Martin Luther, George Soros, Kissinger, Mamoud Ahmadinejad, Churchill, Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jehovah’s Witness’ Charles Taze Russell, Judaist Rabbis, Bloomberg, Yassir Arafat, Mohammed, and all other people placed into famous and key strategic influential positions by the Illuminati Satanists are of hidden secret disguised Edomite bloodline and are related to each other. It is just like Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Kan, Prime Minister Koizumi, Prime Minister Mori, Prime Minister Takeshita, Prime Minister Hatoyama, Prime Minister Noda, Social Democratic Party Chair Doi Takako, Matsuda Yuusaku, Iwaki Kouichi, Wada Akiko, Kyokudouzan, Nishikino Akira, Izumi Pinko, Biito Takeshi, Yamaguchi Momoe, Takakura Ken, Matsuda Seiko, Kuraki Mai, Yazawa Eikichi, Misora Hibari, SMAP members, Kiyohara Kazuhiro, Hoshino Sen’ichi, Ichiro, Hamada Masatoshi, all Yamaguchi-gumi Yakuza mob leaders, Choushuu Riki, and all other people placed in key strategic influential and famous positions by the Illuminati Satanists are all of hidden secret Korean bloodlines disguised as Japanese.


The Showa Emperor of Japan started World War 2 by order of the Western Illuminati Satanist cabal, because the Illuminati assassinated the Meiji Emperor and replaced him with their own fake Korean Meiji Emperor. The current imperial family is not Japanese, but Satan’s Korean Satanist servants. That is why the Showa Emperor agreed happily to start World War 2 to kill masses of Japanese, just like the Korean prime ministers of Japan agreed to smuggle nuclear bombs into Japan to create the March 11, 2011 tidal wave to exterminate masses of Japanese Jews. The Japanese were not allowed to look upon the Emperor, but to bow with their head on the ground whenever he passed by, so they would not know even if the Emperor was replaced, except for his closest Korean aids. No Japanese had ever seen the Emperor until they saw the photo of the Showa Emperor standing next to General Douglas MacArthur of the occupational forces after World War 2. People who disclose these secrets of the Western Illuminati Nazi cabal will be assassinated and made to look like accidents or suicides or sudden death.


The problem arises because the Satanist Illuminati have done extensive genetic analysis and they know the “Han” nature of people groups like the Koreans and Edomites, so they give these hordes and hordes of Koreans their electromagnetic EMP weapons and infrared scope cell phones to see through walls, because they know these nationalities do not hesitate at all in killing people. This is why if you go into a public toilet, a few seconds later, you will have large groups of these Koreans banging and kicking the door as you use the toilet, and they will all take out their electromagnetic EMP weapon cell phones and start shooting you. If you become God’s apostle and prophet, you will have huge groups of Koreans following you wherever you go in the world, harassing you and trying to obstruct your ministry for God. It just comes with the job of being an apostle or prophet. If you become God’s apostle and prophet, you will have huge groups of Koreans following you wherever you go in the world, harassing you and trying to obstruct your ministry for God. It just comes with the job. If you want to be a true child of God, then it is a guarantee that the Korean masses will follow you to every city you go in the world to try to harass, obstruct and assassinate you. The Edomite fake Jews who financed the Nazi holocaust will also finance the Koreans to carry out their Korean “Han” culture of seeking out, destroying, stealing, and trying to kill God’s people. The “Han” culture of killing is their greatest satisfaction in life, and they will spend their lifetime pursuing their tradition and custom of hatred and murder.  The Korean hordes not only come out in the hundreds to try to kill God’s apostles and prophets, but they are a cannibal race that slaughter people and import human flesh from China, and God’s judgment will fall on this wicked race of people. They are like the Satanist feminists who eat children in their Moloch worship rituals. There are reptilian nephilim who have built cities underneath the earth, during Noah’s flood’s times to escape the flood, and they use humans as food, just as the nephilim of ancient times. They are waiting for the Watchers to return to the earth to set up their New World Order, and just like in Noah’s times, to exterminate the human race.


It is just like the red-haired giants’ descendent Celt druids nephilim families have turned Britain into an Illuminati witches’ nation and spread their Illuminati Satanist rituals like Christmas and Easter and Halloween and dunking for apples to all the nations in the world, so that witches can attack the descendents of those people who observed those practices. Their Disney family as spread witchcraft magic to all the people of this world. The British nephilim witches spearheaded the feminist movement into the world, as well. Britain has been the center of witches, ghouls, goblins, fairies, giants, ghosts, occult activities, and sorcery, because of the Druid nephilim Celtic descendents. Their satanic rituals are well known for atrocities, ghoulishness, torture and morbid creativity. They brought these witchcraft to the United States, and their descendents have violent tempers and controlling Jezebel spirits of their ancestors. Americans dread these women in their workplace offices, who usually have influential positions in society because of their demonic witchcraft, lack of ethical practices, nephilim intelligence, and Illuminati membership connections. It is a nightmare to associate with these Jezebel feminist witch descendents who have reptilian tempers and domineering demon spirits, and since they do not have human souls, they lack any conscience This is why they show nephilim giants in the British Harry Potter movies. There is a reason why a lot of the main character witch children in the Harry Potter novels are hot-tempered red-haired people, just like the elongated skull red-haired fossils of nephlim giants that are excavated and the Illuminati confiscate to hide. The Illuminati’s disinformation specialists will spread superstitions that if people uncover these giant skeletons, a curse will come upon them, and then they assassinate those who excavate the fossils, so that people will get scared and stop excavating fossil evidence of the Bible. What they do is typical nephilim evil. The witch race is the nephilim race, and the nephilim race is the reptilian race, and the reptilian race is the feminist race, and the feminist race is the witch race. In the Harry Potter movies, they call these feminist witch race reptilian nephilim people as pure blood witch family bloodlines, who are supposed to be superior to the “muggles” human homo-sapiens race that do not have the nephilim supernatural psychic power of witchcraft. The Jezebel spirit is not only a lewd seductive spirit, but it makes the women paint their faces and fight violently. It is a witch spirit. This spirit now controls almost all women after the alien technologies rise since the 1960s to send demon spirits through the television cables, just like in the days of Noah’s flood. For this spirit to have taken control of all the women’s hearts of the world, tremendous numbers of children counting in the millions have been sacrificed live in the witches’ satanic rituals. All these children killed in the witch sacrifices have made these witches extremely powerful, so now in these End Times modern days, the feminist high witches control all the politician, professor, business executive, mega-church minister, military leader, and Hollywood actress jobs. All these witch Christians have taken over the Christian churches. They serve defiled food in their church services. They spread satanic doctrines of Jezebel in the churches. Those who adhere to Jezebelism will be thrown into the Tribulation Age judgment with the heathens. These reptilian nephilim descendent witch race feminists now control every aspect of society and power and wealth that Satan gives them. The witches have all kinds of knowledge, where the Christians have no knowledge at all. The witches have castrated the Christian churches of God’s Torah Truth and Holy Spirit and precepts, and made them effeminate men and mindless religion. They follow after their own hearts. They will not teach this to you, and even if they do, they will just touch on these Torah Truth Word of God slightly, because their hearts are filled with Jezebel and they love Satan more than they love God who is the Torah Truth. They are the weak, blind, naked powerless, lukewarm, adulterous End Times Laodicea Age church that was prophesied. There are few who teach you these Torah Truth, because the witches have more knowledge, and the Christians have been deprived of knowledge; and Satan has convinced the prideful religious Christians that they are great apostles and prophets and Rabbis, so that they will teach his false doctrines and flood the internet blog sites with Satanism’s teachings, in order to try to drown out God’s Torah Truth teachings. There are huge numbers of religious freaks and Illuminati spies all over the internet teaching everything and anything to throw off God’s people and hide the Torah Truth. I teach you these things knowing that the Illuminati and evil people and the feminist witches of the world will hate me and try to kill me, because of the love for Christ in me. These feminist high witches are killing ministers and religious Christians left and right, and pastors are jumping off buildings, hanging themselves, getting into car accidents, getting heart attacks, getting cancers, getting shot, getting murdered, etc., because they have unlimited resources in the governments, the banks, the occult groups, the mob gangs, etc. Mary Lou Lake says that these high witches are arrogant, because every single religious Christian they went after were easily killed, because there are very few people who are friends of God who is the Torah Truth, and they have never seen the power of God. The religious Christians will not accept the Torah Truth or teach it. In the witches’ world, the women are more powerful than the men, because everything is the opposite of God’s system. The effeminate men serve the female high witches, just like the hippy rogue pastors of the Illuminati. The Illuminati witches have more knowledge of the Torah Truth of God than the religious Christian women, so this is why all these lesbian witches keep their husbands to use their male headship cover. So, even the witches know about the male leadership blessing. It is the religious Christian women who do not respect God’s system, and they consider themselves men’s equals, and thereby, they open themselves to demonic control by the Jezebel demon spirit who is a very powerful spirit. It has been scientifically proven that the Jezebel spirit causes cancer in the spouses. The Calvary Chapel hippy effeminate pastors have the Jezebel spirit and Ahab spirit. Mary Lou Lake says it is almost comical when she sees the men who are very weak and effeminate and subservient toward their wives since they have the Ahab spirit, but sometimes, these Jezebel women when they are hurt cry and say, “Oh, I’m hurt,” and then these effeminate Ahab men all of a sudden become very domineering and overbearing Jezebel men toward other men by saying things like, “You don’t talk like that to my wife or my mob family or I will beat you up!” I and other born-again Christians have seen the exact same behavior by these Jezebel spirit women and Ahab spirit men, so we all know what Mary is talking about, more than clearly. The more evil people are, the more they are controlled and manifest the Jezebel demon control and Ahab demon spirit manifestations. When they draw away from God, the personality of demons become their personality and behavior. Dear, 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, the feminist reptilian witches ask, “Why did not God choose women as the twelve disciples, or choose women instead of Moses or King David or Noah or Elijah or Daniel or John?” Do these soulless demon spirits question the affairs of those who have human souls? God not only chose the men, but He made them men before the time of creation itself. God has used many women, too, such as Esther and Ruth and Mary Magdalene, but they were not reptilian feminist Jezebel-possessed maniac raving psychopaths, but rather, they were godly, feminine, gentle, loving, submissive, caring, humble, beautiful women of God. Mary Lou Lake, who is the wife of Dr. Michael Lake, also had been gang stalked and poisoned and assassinations attempted upon them and the Illuminati has tried to crash jets into their homes, but God warned them ahead of time. These are all signs and evidence that they are real spiritual born-again Christians and Church Saints and the Bride of Christ Remnant, and that they are not religious lukewarm carnal Christians. Even words like “man cave” which refers to a husband’s library or study are strategically introduced into the human populace by the Illuminati reptilian feminist witches, in order to brainwash the dumb human populace into thinking that men are vulgar and cave man like, while women are intelligent, more sensitive and higher evolved creatures. The dumb human men even use these words themselves. The Illuminati feminist agenda is to create the mentality in the dumb humans that masculinity and anything that has to do with the men are vulgar, uncivilized, violent, crude, insensitive, dumb, and savage like, and requires women to put men in their place. Even the normal everyday housewife or woman walking on the street in America or Europe will say that and believe that. This is how evil and totally degraded the world is. They have no respect for God and the men He has appointed over the women in authority. This is why this End Times world is ripe for God’s wrath and judgment. Anyone who speaks up against these things are immediately identified by the Illuminati CIA and NSA and MI6 Nazi descendents through their worldwide information network, and assassinated or put on the list to be abducted by the alien greys to be dissected in their underground military secret bases, so now, in these End Times wicked modern days, you only have left on the earth the dumb and stupid humans who can be brainwashed and mind controlled by the Illuminati feminists to believe in their feminist values and Satanist beliefs of feminism. Meanwhile the Illuminati reptilians are replacing those millions of smart humans they kill or adduct with their own reptilian hybrid nephilim witch clones who have the lesbian genes, so that they marry other women, and use sperm from the sperm bank to give birth to more reptilian hybrid children. This world is being replaced with Satan’s nephilim reptilian race, and it is becoming more feminist and homosexual and anti-God and anti-Christian. It is like Noah’s Flood’s days when Satan tried to replace all humans with his nephilim reptoid half-blood race. As a society becomes more evil, you will see more nephilim in our society, and more dumb brainwashed mind-controlled humans. The feminists use deceptions, lies and assassinations to change a society. Since the feminists live on lies, they lie that they have been sexually molested by Illuminati paedophile reptilian men when they were Illuminati girls, and that has created a tremendous hatred toward men, and that is why they feel comfortable and safe marrying other women and having sex with lesbian women. These reptilian hybrid nephilim witch fathers are super nice men on the surface, but they rape paedophilia children and eat them in their Satanist rituals. This is why the feminists reptilian witches lie that their fathers and uncles and fathers’ friends were all nice men and kind and not abusers, in order to discredit the theory that feminists become feminists because they were sexually abused by men in their childhood and hate men. In their mind, they try to shut out the truth and deny the truth, and make themselves believe that their fathers were nice men. However, since they are mentally and spiritually perverted and traumatized, they put all their hatred into the feminist values and feminist propaganda and feminist ideologies. Since the fathers are nephilim demon spirits and do not have human souls, their daughters are also demon spirits and do not have human souls, so they become feminists, since they have Satan’s serpent seed or nephilim witch genes. They are not the human race. Those human women who are feminists are severely traumatized and perverted women, and because of their childhood sexual abuse, they have become demon possessed by the Jezebel spirits. Their mentality and behavior reflect this demon-possession by the Jezebel demon spirits, and that is why they are feminist. Ethnic groups like the Celts where the fathers are often alcoholics and abusers have a lot of feminist daughters. They have a perverted love for their fathers, because their fathers are super nice people when they are not doing these evil things. So, in their minds the daughters are confused, and they try to believe the nice parts of their fathers, and deny the evil side. But, they have a deep seated anger against men. They feel safe by degrading men, making them into effeminate sons, and lowering men’s status in society. The Jezebel spirit that possess these Western women are the same evil spirits that possessed the ancient Canaanite women who aborted their babies to the burning statues of Moloch. Most Western women of these End Times are possessed by these demon spirits, because the evil in their hearts and the pride in their hearts and their denial of the Torah Truth who is Christ opens themselves up to these demons and Satan. Demons are able to use these evil hearts to control a woman and use them for their feminist agenda, which is used to exterminate the human homo-sapiens race by Satan. The feminist women are just temporary tools of the devil to fulfill his human race extermination program, and then, when he is finished exterminating humans, he will either kill the feminist humans or convert them to nephilim Frankenstein monsters. Feminists and feminism is his tool for the genocide of the human race.


Forbes magazine listed the most powerful women in the world, and the top woman was Angela Merkel, second was Hillary Clinton, and third was Melinda Gates. All the most powerful, loved and popular women among the dumb human homo-sapiens race are reptilian hybrid women of the Illuminati, who are all daughters of genocide megalomaniac dictator Adolf Hitler, high witch reptilian hybrid child cannibals, and Satanist freaks. These are the female heroes of these End Times dumb, stupid, brain dead human homo-sapiens—their heroes are all demon spirits and witch race people who do not have human souls. The modern day End Times is the most wicked age in human history, so the world has become fully feminist, and therefore, has been mind controlled to love their feminist Wiccan witches and nephilim women and devil’s children.


These most popular men’s rock star magazines in Japan have male models who have cosmetics on and dressed like women. On them, they have female models who are dressed like men. On the television programs, they invite these female models, and make it look like all the young girls want to hug and kiss them. They bring up some of the most famous idols of the Japanese fans, and make it look like they want to hug and kiss these female models dressed like men. These female models wear men’s underwear, but they deny that they are lesbians. The Japanese televisions make famous male celebrities who like to dress up in female students’ sailor school uniforms, and they deny that they are gay. All these lesbians and gays lie and always deny that they are lesbian or gay, although they are always wearing the opposite sex’s clothes like transvestites. The television is bombarding the dumb human viewers every day, so that people on the streets now accept the transvestites and feel that it is alright. The Illuminati’s Japanese of Korean ancestry have turned the Japanese media and entertainment world into a disgusting, ungodly, perverted brainwash tool to pervert the minds of the Japanese populace. Since the Japanese are one of the most easily brainwashed people in the world, the Koreans have no problem brainwashing them into the Illuminati’s homosexuality and reversal of genders. If you watch the Japanese television and magazines with their Japanese of Korean ancestry television hosts and Japanese of Korean ancestry celebrities, in order to learn how the Illuminati reptilians are doing brainwashing the human homo-sapiens populace, their Japanese of Korean ancestry entertainment media is so disgusting that it makes people want to vomit.


Many actresses have been assassinated by being given cancer through EMP electromagnetic weapons and cancer-causing viruses because of jealousy by these Japanese of Korean ancestry feminists. They kill people left and right by the masses, just by their whim. If they do not like someone for some reason, these Japanese of Korean ancestry feminists just kill them.


She also used to be controlled by a Jezebel spirit, before she became a Christian, so she had to repent and cut all curses of the devil in her life brought in through undealt sins. These are symptoms of Satan’s people who are possessed by demons. The satanic men and women of the evil End Times behave the complete opposite behavior of that of the godly men and women of God; a woman who is feminine and subservient, and a man who is masculine and loving. This is why the Calvary Chapel hippy pastors will get angry if you teach the Torah Truth who is Christ to them, and they will say, “The woman does not have to be subservient to any man.” This is why there is coming a war between the real born-again Christians against the religious Satanism Christians, and the war is being fought already for the hearts and souls of humans in the churches. The enemy and the Jezebel “Flower Children Mothers’” hippies already control the churches. The remnant of God is fighting a guerilla warfare from isolated outposts outside the churches teaching the true Church Saints through blog spots and YouTube videos and internet radio programs. God is going to kick the butts of these hippy rogue Western Christianity pastors, because He who is in us is greater than the devil who is in them and their Illuminati witches who control the churches. (Watch video  “World News Reporter” at  and “Reptilians Eat Humans” at and “Reptilians Eat Humans 2” at and “!!Harvest Live Human Organs in China!!! – Between Life and Death” and “Chinese Cannibalism and the Fetus Picture” .)


The ISIS Illuminati branch henchmen are killing multitudes of Christians and cannibalizing them, as they hang them in their meat shops. The Muslims have been doing this from ancient times. The Turks massacred the Armenians and Greeks. There is a time coming during the soon future Tribulation Age where Americans will be cannibalizing each other. All the Doomsday Preppers families will be raided by the government and killed and their food and weapons confiscated. The Anti-Christ’s Illuminati know exactly who has food stored and who has weapons and who has Christian records. They do not even believe that the government has reptilian alien weapons and sensors that are thousands of years more advanced than their own primitive weapons, and that the Illuminati have super soldier demon beasts that have supernatural powers. It would be like a battle between an eagle and a mouse, and not a battle but a simple extermination. This is how dumb the religious Christian doomsday preparation people are. The religious Christians’ genetic descendent children, whom they spent their entire life and energy breeding and raising with their animalistic breeding instincts instead of following Christ and giving up everything for Christ, will be paraded off to rape camps, and the Illuminati reptilian paedophile elites will use their children for satanic sexual pleasures and then get rid of them. The soon coming Anti-Christ’s Dr. Moreau type Illuminati’s FEMA Nazi extermination camps will conduct horrendous transhumanism experiments of the fallen angels that will make Nazi doctor Mengele and Roman coliseum and Pol Pot camps look like paradise. When people see these people being cut up and attached to animals to create freak monsters by the Illuminati aliens, and these people are calling out for help, these people cannot bear to see it. The Illuminati New World Order’s Anti-Christ dictator will be a Muslim, so he will decapitate the Americans and Christians whom he hates in typical Muslim fashion. This will be the plight of the Tribulation Saints who will be left behind on the earth after the rapture of the Church Saints into heaven. If the cold-blooded reptilian leaders are proposing UMAV drone strikes on their state militia and Bundy ranch protestors and anyone who opposes them, then they will have no hesitation to carpet bomb their citizens. If they try to kill people like journalist Michael Hastings and me and tens of thousands of others, then the reptile psychopath alien hybrids have no hesitation in killing all human men, women and children, even when they are fellow citizens. These are people who run the children slavery rings, so they are truly demonic entities. The police officers will be blackmailed by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids to do atrocities against the fellow citizens, because their children will be taken as hostage. The genetic descendent children of the flesh-worshipping carnal ungodly religious Christians will be their weakness, because they worship their children instead of God. This is why they will do evil things in order to save their children. They are religious people. This is why they are going from church to church looking for marriage partners, romance, reproducing children and making money from jobs. They could care less for following Christ, right now, and having the Illuminati CIA assassin squads gang-stalking them by shooting their hearts with electromagnetic weapons, and their food poisoned, and their families murdered, and their houses burned down, and their income sources destroyed, just like they did to me, because they are so happy and comfortable raising children, having good paying minister jobs, living in a comfortable house, and not being gang-stalked by predator drones and F-15 fighter jets from beach to beach and park to park and hotel room to hotel room. They are the lukewarm Laodicea End-Times Church. I would rather have a thousand persecutions and lose everything and gain Christ, rather than live like these sick, dumb, sleeping religious Christians do, raising children and getting nice salaries and living a life without having the reptilian hybrid alien nephilim clone Satanists constantly trying to kill them. They make me nauseas and want to vomit them out of my mouth. They believe that being a Christian means living the fake religious life that Satan has taught them through his Western Christianity Illuminati churches of Babylonian mystery Satanist religion doctrines and hippy rogue pastors. They usually have photos on their church websites with their wives and children to show how wonderful husbands and fathers they are that are worthy of being their pastors, which is the doctrine and deception of the Mystery Babylon religion Satanism Western Christianity. These dumb Illuminati Calvary Chapel hippy rogue pastors are patriotically deceiving their religious Christians that the U.S. military is more powerful than any other nations’, but they do not tell their churches that their technologies could be wiped out in a matter of minutes. When God’s apostles and prophets start referring to their people by their titles that they have given themselves, such as “Bible Answer Man” or “hippy rogue pastor,” the Illuminati immediately change the titles of their people to other titles, and then, start referring to people who have absolutely no relevance with these titles on the internet with these titles, in order to divert attention away from their own people who used to be referred by these titles. This is how cowardly, deceitful, cunning, sly, disgusting and evil the Illuminati and these people are. This is why I must mention these evil people by their names and not by their titles they have given themselves, because they will just change their titles, again, and have the Illuminati disinformation intelligence specialists start using their old titles to refer to completely irrelevant people to throw off the readers.


During the coming Tribulation Age, the Illuminati reptilians will mark each heathen with the Mark of the Beast, which is a third strand of DNA or 666. It is not a strand but a transparent serpent parasite that clings onto the two strand DNA with dragon claws and to each other to form a net. It transforms the humans into reptilian nephilim beasts. All the Illuminati bloodline nephilim royal inbreeding families have three strands of DNA, instead of two strands. This is why their symbol of the three strand DNA is everyone on the Illuminati symbolism, such as the pyramid or on bible book logos and their Celtic bloodline emblems and other blue blood symbols. The Illuminati reptilians believe that their degree of level in freemason is determined by the degree of reptile fallen angel Satan’s gene seed they have in them. The more they have, the greater Satanist they are. Satan is their father. They are not of Adam’s seed. The alien grey nephilim cannot abduct and give Christians the three strand genes or parasite snake strand gene.


The Illuminati and Satan has been trying to kill all the people whose twelve strands of DNA are starting to reawaken. When the person has twelve dimensional bodies, they would be more shimmering energy and they can return to God. Alchemy witchcraft and the renaissance was all about deciphering the twelve strand DNA.


The evil nephilim aliens who are fourth dimensional and those who may have something like five or six strands of DNA can only travel at 3 or 4 times the speed of light. Their spacecrafts have furniture that are grown along with the craft, and the pilots are connected to the spacecraft to pilot them by thought. This is why the nephilim alien species are very interested in the human homo-sapiens that God created who have souls, because if they can discover the secrets of it, it would give them greater power. This is why they have created a prison planet and they experiment on the humans, which these 22 species assembly call the “Great Experiment.”


This is why their ancient Sumer Brotherhood of the Snake Satanist secret society symbol is the caduceus or the medical science Babylonian witchcraft symbol which the Calvary Chapel nephilim hippy rogue pastors worship, because it stands for the three strands of DNA of the reptilian hybrid Aryan race or nephilim feminist witch race or Satanist Atlantis civilization descendants or soulless demon spirit creatures. Atlantis was a global network civilization made by the fallen angel advanced alien technology. This is why in ancient sculptures found, you will find an egg with this three-strand DNA symbol engraved into it. The “Ancient Alien” television program is an Illuminati television program developed by the accursed nephilim descendants as a message to all their fellow nephilim descendants that they are the descendants of the aliens or gods, which is basically the doctrine of Satanism or Sumer religion or Mormonism or all the cults and religions and secret societies of the Illuminati.


The rod symbol of the Babylonian witchcraft medical physicians and medical institutions with the double helix DNA and rod staff is their feminist witch races’ symbol of the third serpentine parasite DNA strand. All these reptilian Ancient Alien theorists on television try to sell this Satanist Sumer Babylonian Mystery Religion doctrine that their alien gods or fallen angels came to earth and mixed their genes with the monkey human homo-sapiens to create the nephilim demon bloodline descendents and that they are all descendents of this panspermia theory of ancient Sumer Babylonia. They claim that they are higher evolved creatures made by the aliens. This is Satan’s deceptive Ancient Alien theory, and this is why these reptilian children of the Pharisees, who are the Calvary Chapel hippy rogue pastors promote every Christian to go to the medical institutions to consume their witchcraft pharmaceutical drugs and receive diagnosis from their witchdoctor physicians who have medical doctorates. They mislead the people, because they are Pharisees and their father is Satan. They hate me, because I speak the Torah Truth. They control the churches and Sanhedrin. They try to crucify me and the Torah Truth, because I disclose their evil. They claim to be great pastors of God. Hypocrites! If they truly were from God, why do they persecute me whom God has sent? A kingdom that is divided cannot stand. They hate me because I speak the truth about them.


The Satanists know that they cannot attract huge masses of people willing to kill for joy among the more gentle, docile genetic ethnic groups. This is why they have to resort to recruitment of their assassination squads among these specific nationalities and people groups and activist groups and occult groups and mob gangster groups and other pinpointed genetic cultural groups. These nationalities and people groups also tend to have a very high rate of demon-possession, too, which means the hatred and unethical heart allows for demons to operate or control these nationalities more readily and easily. If you become a real born-again spiritual Christian who shares the gospel Torah Truth to the world, then you will find that huge groups of these certain nationalities and reptilian occult feminist organizations’ people will start gang-stalking wherever you go in huge groups, and start shooting EMP electromagnetic weapons at you. These snake people feed on humans. This is an abomination to God. Most of the sex adult video male actors are Japanese of Korean ancestry and the sex industry is owned by the Japanese of Korean ancestry.. Wherever the devil is, you will find his people, too. Nice people do not kill other people; only the most evil people take joy in murdering others. Murder is sin. Satan knew the type of person Cain was, so he taught him how to kill Abel. Satan knew the type of person Jezebel was, so he used her to gang-stalk Elijah. Satan knew the type of person Pharaoh was, so he used him to gang-stalk Moses. Satan knew the type of person Esau or Edom was, so he used him to gang-stalk Jacob or Israel. Satan knew the type of person Hitler and the Nazis were, so he used them to genocide the Jews. Satan knows who his people and genetic people groups and nationalities and activist groups and reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents are, so he will use them to murder and steal and do almost all the evil that you see in our human society today and in history. Likewise, God knows who His people are and how He will use them for His divine purpose which He has predestined and appointed, according to His infinite knowledge, just as He knew you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant and the work He will do through you, even before the foundations of the universe were established and the stars were place in the heavens. You are most blessed among the people, that God should even regards us, but moreover, to have ordained us for such a work. Finish the purpose of your life well.


There are many difficult days ahead for our people, which will be many, many times worse than the Nazi Holocaust. The Edom Amalekite Illuminati is already moving to destroy Israel and to exterminate all Jews in America and other nations in their FEMA concentration camps, when their New World Order plan is activated. If there are any brethren of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in their Western Illuminati controlled countries like the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and Japan, then tell them to flee to another country or stay undercover for their Edomite Amalekite Anti-Christ will arrest and genocide two-thirds of the Jewish population this time, during the Great Tribulation Age or the time of “Jacob’s Trouble,” when the martial law police state one-world government is established. If you are one of the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, you are safe, since you have God’s Holy Spirit and Jesus’ protection and live in obedience to the Torah Truth. You will not be destroyed like the Tribulation Saints who do not have the Holy Spirit. Brothers, the war is our Jesus’ fight with the physical descendents of Edom and Amalek, and the evil spirits that control them. Hallelujah! Praise be to the God of Torah Truth.). (Read article “10 Lost Tribes of Israel: Amalek the Nazi,” at .) (See YouTube “[Texas Daddy] Why I Love Japan – Vol. 13 – Korean Han Century Old Hatred Culture Versus Japanese Respect For Enemy Culture” “字幕[テキサス親父]俺が日本を愛する理由 – Vol. 13 – 韓国人の世紀に渡る恨ハン文化対日本人の敵への敬意文化” and “[Texas Daddy] Why I love Japan – Vol. 12 – Respect” “字幕[テキサス親父]俺が日本を愛する理由 – Vol. 12 – 戦争現地論” at and “[Texas Daddy] Korea Is A Country Where An Assassin Becomes A National Hero And Korean Nazi Soccer” “[テキサス親父]暗殺者が英雄になる国「韓国」とナチス・サッカー” at and “[Texas Daddy] The Barbarian Korean Cannibals Who Eat Human Flesh And The Monster Chinese Who Provide The Fetuses” “[テキサス親父]野蛮な人食い韓国人とそれを支える化け物シナ人” at .)