Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 32


When Phil Schneider disclosed information about the Dulce Wars between alien greys and human military delta force units, and that the aliens and the New World Order are both the same thing and they are planning the extermination of the human race, he was assassinated by the Illuminati. Phil Schneider was also a descendent of a Nazi from Germany who came over to the U.S. to work for the CIA black ops programs under Operation Paper Clip, and he was a scientist who helped the Illuminati Satanist CIA NSA FBI people develop the dozens of Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.) that are interconnected throughout the nation with a magnetic field alien technology train that can carry them throughout the U.S. in minutes. Dulce is a joint CIA Nazi and alien base in New Mexico. Throughout the satanic 37th parallel of the earth, there are multitudes of secret Illuminati Nazi alien bases connected by a tunnel system. Europe and the U.S. are connected by this tunnel and train system. Their train technology can take people to other bases in a matter of minutes. These tunnels are made by gigantic nuclear drilling machines that melt the rocks and solidifies them to create a wall simultaneously, and can drill many miles in very short periods of time. There are thousands of cages containing men and women and children there to be used for food for the aliens. On the “Nightmare Hall” sixth level, there are multi-armed and multi-legged people in cages and 7 foot tall humanoid bat-like giant humans with wings. Through what is called “soul scalping,” the spirits of these abductees are sometimes removed from the bodies and sold in the black market in jars or stored in boxes, and their bodies are taken over by demon spirits. That means these children who conform to the devil’s world system have their souls taken away by these alien demon nephilim who do it through their technological witchcraft, and they take over the bodies of these children, who become the world’s elites and wealthy globalists and people of influence and popularity. They are soulless robot puppets of these alien greys and reptilian alien demon spirits who possess their bodies using their advanced alien Atlantis nephilim technologies. They all work for Satan and his fallen angels. Before they got their hands on ancient Atlantis technology of cloning and resurrecting themselves by uploading their memories from the fallen angel alien computers into their cloned bodies, they used to remove the souls of babies, and through séance place their own demon spirits into the babies, in order to keep themselves alive. This is how these homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim witches kept themselves reincarnated through witchcraft. You see this in the movie “Avatar,” with the witch actress Sigourney Weaver. There are many soul scalped people walking around with demons now living inside their bodies, and their original souls that were scalped now sold in the black market between the alien extraterrestrial beings in the other planets. They had sold their souls to the devil by hating God and following after the world. This is why there are many people in our society walking around without human souls, because they are demons that have stolen the bodies of those humans. This is why the Bible has prophesied that in the End Times modern days, it will be just like in Noah’s times, and it will be a mixture of Adam’s human seed or double helix gene and the Serpent devil’s seed or triple helix gene. This is why these creatures such as the Pleiadians who have no emotion in their dimensional realm come to take over human bodies where they sense the beauty of the rainbow or the exhilaration of the wind in their hairs, so they go about doing very dangerous things, because it is like a holiday for them on the earth in a stolen sports car. They are extremely smart people, but they do absolutely stupid things like rock climbing without ropes just for the thrill of it, because they know that even if their bodies get killed, their spirit can take over another human body and live on. To us who are human, these very super intelligent people look crazy to us doing the things they do, but they do not care, because they are only living in stolen bodies and they know that their spirits can always come back by taking over another human body. This is why when we try to teach the Torah Truth who is Christ and preach these things in church, the Illuminati Satanist minister and the religious Christians who are mind-controlled by the nephilim aliens will throw you out of the church, and ban you from teaching Christ anymore. They will brand you as a heretic and they will report you to their Illuminati supervisors and they will gang-stalk you to try to kill you. All the churches are owned by Satan.


Even those regular people on the streets who conform to this world system, who never belonged to God can be possessed by these alien spirits to gang stalk the real Christians who are genetically different from them. According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children run by the government, 300,000 children are missing every year, but the numbers are much, much larger. That is at least 90 million children that has been used as food or harvested for bodies by the aliens. The hard work of tax paying humans have paid for the great mansions and space age cities that the Illuminati have built underground. They chip implant the human population using vaccination shots and flu shots, and other methods. There is an infestation and assimilation of aliens into our society as hybrids and clones and soul-scalped people. The dumb humans who work under them are ignorant of what is happening as they serve their alien leaders, and are just waiting around like stupid cattle livestock to have themselves and their families and all their future descendents and human race exterminated, abducted, used as food by the aliens, harvested for bodies or body parts, or simply nuked off the surface of this earth along with their human genes in the soon coming World War 3 human genocide plan. Radiation is food for these fallen angels. Anyone who releases information about the Bavarian Illuminati Draconian Illuminati government that runs the world’s governments is assassinated. The Catholic Vatican sits at the top of this Illuminati organization from where the reptilians of Satan run the whole show. The Illuminati Bavarian Nazi owned NSA and CIA pilot the black budget UFOs between the Luna (Alternative 3) base on Mars and the Area 51 base in Nevada. The NSA and DIA operate the space craft fleet of the Illuminati, alongside the alien UFOs. Soul scalping is where the people in these occult groups and secret societies take an oath to Satan, and this invites the fallen angel into them, so that eventually, the fallen angel or demon kicks their spirits out and takes over their vacant body. These vampires play the role of government leaders or next door neighbors, as if they are the former person in that body. Zombies are dead people’s bodies reanimated by demons or fallen angels. They take DNAs from people to create identical clones that do not have human souls, and place their demons in those bodies. These clones and people can have chip implants that control them and make them automatons or robotoids. Generational curses allow, for example, a Korean descendent of a Korean family who visited Korean shamans and were demon-possessed to be also demonically possessed like their ancestors. Blanking out one’s mind or doing Eastern religious meditation, such as in most of the Asian martial arts and self-defense practices allows that person to be demon-possessed. The Catholic churches and Protestant churches in these End Times are a death trap, since they are run by Satan and they are not God’s churches. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, stay away from the Christian churches for they are the lair of Satan and of demons, who worship Baal and their feminist Jezebel Satanism. Sananda the tall grey alien disguises as Jesus in near death experiences, and through the Satanist Michaelangelo, Sananda is depicted as Jesus in almost every Christian church and American home in these End Times. These fallen angels abduct humans and harvest them for body parts and use them as food and hybridize them into monsters, while the world’s governments receive alien technology in return for helping the aliens to abduct the humans, and help assassinate people to cover up the alien abductions and alien presence in the military bases to keep the aliens secret. This is the work of the Illuminati, which is to keep Satan’s works secret. The governments use these alien technologies on their own human populace. The security forces that protect these aliens’ secrets are groups like the Delta Force, Black Berets, FBI Division Five, CIA Nazi storm trooper units, the Secret Service, Air Force Blue Berets and the bases’ own security forces. They are traitors to the American people and the human race as they help to wipe out their own homo-sapiens race. These are but signs of the times, and it is naturally expected of, because God has already told us through Bible prophecy that Satan’s fallen angels will try to mix their genes with the genes of humans. The more human populations they eliminate, and the more genetically modified nephilim hybrids they release into the human community, the more feminism and homosexuality and occultism and rock music and tattooing and other things we will observe. Jesus’ return is not just close, but it is just around the corner. (Read article “Study: Gays made via epigenetics, not genetics” at .)


Likewise, as society becomes more satanized, you will begin to see in these evil, depraved End Times the devil and the Illuminati create a new classification of information called “hate speech.” They will classify any Torah Truth preached from the Bible as hate speech. Any teachings concerning perversion in sexual sins or sexual orientations, any speech against orgies and Satanists drinking urine and eating feces, any speech against abortion and murder, any speech against the state or government or Anti-Christ’s policies, any speech disclosing Illuminati agendas and genocide plans, any speech against the reptilians and witch race who control the media and laws and legislations, any speech against any evil nations to repent or people groups’ sins, any condemnation against the Western Illuminati Fourth Reich mass human homo-sapiens non-Aryan inferior non-reptilian race extermination program, etc., will be considered hate speech. Anything classified as hate speech by the reptilian hybrid nephilim demon spirit politicians and legislatures and police forces and homeland securities and royal families and other Nazi reptile alien fallen angel descendents will be prosecuted, arrested, imprisoned and executed during the final 7 year Tribulation Age. This so called classification of free speech as “hate speech” is already underway by the Western Illuminati Satanists, at a accelerated pace, since they need to establish their New World Order Fourth Reich in order to welcome in their Anti-Christ False Messiah and Satan’s kingdom of reptilian hybrid bloodline Illuminati descendents. This has happened in every satanic society. In Atlantis, they classified the Torah Truth as hate speech. In Nazi Germany, they classified the truth as hate speech and arrested everyone for speaking the truth. In Rome, they falsely accused the Christians of burning Rome down when it was Caesar who burned it down, and falsely accused the Christians of hate speech, and arrested and killed all the Christians. In these End Times, they will do the same thing to eliminate and suppress the freedom of speech. It is the dumb, extremely stupid religious Christians who do not believe this. The Illuminati’s United Nations is forcing many nations to adopt this classifying of certain information and truths as hate speech. They are forcing Japan to also adopt this hate speech classification, so that they can eliminate all opposing speech and information. You have to remember that the United Nations is not a democratic organization, and they do not support freedom of speech, but rather, they are actively moving to Anti-Christ’s Satanist one-world government of the Illuminati Satanists, and replace all freedom of speech with prosecution as hate speech. The world’s Illuminati reptilian leaders have all agreed to this, and they are working frantically to destroy the freedom of speech and all Torah Truth teachings, and replace them with their one-world religion Vatican-Muslim-Judaist ecumenical doctrine of the devil—the ancient Mystery Babylon religion of the Brotherhood of the Snake. On the one hand, the Illuminati pursue information and enlightenment and call themselves the “Illuminated Ones,” and they frantically disseminate their lies and deceptions through the media and literature and schools, but on the other hand, they frantically classify the Torah Truth teachings of God’s apostles and prophets as hate speech and eliminate the freedom of speech. What the Illuminati reptilian Satanists do is that they have created a monopoly of the internet by just a few of their Illuminati internet search engine companies. In those companies, you have masses of people checking through the internet search results, and rating them according to the Illuminati’s hate speech classifications. In that screening and censorship system of the Illuminati major search engine mega corporations, they rate all the Torah Truth teachings of God’s apostles and prophets as hate speech and give them a very, very low rating, so that they never come up on the search results of internet users. On the other hand, all the information that are deemed helpful and supportive to the Illuminati’s brainwash and mind-control are given very, very high ratings, so that they always show up at the top of all search results. This way, you fill the world’s internet information with all kinds of satanic media, literature, doctrines, movies, stories, occultism, ungodly perverse values, deceptive disinformation, cover ups by governments, and every and any wrong information by the devil and his fallen angels and reptilian hybrid bloodline world leaders. This is how they eliminate all of God’s Torah Truth from the internet, and fill the internet with the devil’s Satanist Western Christianity doctrines of Babylon and Hellenistic humanism of Jezebel, and the devil’s corrupt values and ideologies and occultism and humanist Western values. It is like the Illuminati has a chain leash on the minds of all the world’s people, whom they call the dumb stupid masses. Everything I am writing and teaching you write now, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, are considered hate speech and are censored from the internet search engine. It is not a direct censorship, but it is a rating classification censorship. However, these Illuminati reptilian witch race actively promote writings and movies that degrade Christians and God, and do not censor them as hate speech. They are double-standard, pro-Satan, bigots and hypocrites. Therefore, you have the Illuminati promoting all kinds of witch descendent glorification stories of reptilian bloodline heroes like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and Twilight Saga reptilian vampire race heroes (the undead and soulless) flooding the internet, and you have the Illuminati cutting out and classifying as hate speech all of my letters to you who are spread throughout the world. This is not just a war of flesh and blood, but it is a war in the heavens and spiritual realms, with demonic spirits and powers and principalities that are moving to eliminate God’s Torah Truth teachings, and to fill the world with the devil’s teachings. For this reason, they have all these ungodly activist groups screaming and yelling to eliminate all of God’s Word and Torah Truth and biblical teachings which they have classified as hate speech, and they actively market their ungodly activist values and propaganda by classifying them as “politically correct.” If you think this is just physical, it is not, since there are fallen angels and demonic spirits at work in these creatures making them do what they do. They are just following their father the devil’s orders and mandates. Meanwhile, these people who do not have human souls, but who are reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents actively go about trying to kill us who are God’s apostles and prophets, so that the Torah Truth cannot be preached to you. This is nothing new my friends, for their Pharisees did it to Jesus, and their nephilim did it to God’s prophets of old, and they will try to do it again to you who hold the Torah Truth teachings. To them, God’s gospel of love and salvation and call to repentance from sin is hate speech, and thereby, they are guilty of accusing God as being hateful and unloving and evil. They call their perversity and ungodly values and despicable lifestyles as being  righteous and loving and politically correct. For this reason, God’s judgment is soon coming, and He will not delay any longer. Cursed creatures are these soulless ones who call good as evil, and call evil as good. Even then, God is a merciful God, since He will have an angel calling out God’s Torah Truth and salvation in the last days, and He will have two other prophets calling the world to repentance before the end comes, but the world will not listen and hate them as well. (See YouTube “[Texas Daddy] Why I Love Japan – Vol. 10 – Religious Freedom 2”  “[テキサス親父] 俺が日本を愛する理由 – Vol. 10 – 宗教編2”at .)


The reptilian hybrid nephilim are very clever, so this is why they have taken over all the media organizations, since whoever controls the media control the people. In almost every television program in Japan, you have one or two Japanese homosexual celebrity people of Korean ancestry, so that the Japanese populace will grow accustomed to seeing men dressed in women’s clothes and women behaving like men, and they will come to accept it as normal. There is a reason why almost every Japanese television program has transvestites on them, along with effeminate men. This is always Satan’s technique to slowly bring society and individuals into sin, over a long period of time, so they do not recognize it. This great freedom and satanization movement began back in the 1960s hippy “Flower Generation” movement, who were demon-possessed through narcotic use and rock music and Eastern transcendental meditation occult witchcraft and many other methods. The Illuminati starts Vietnam Wars, send people to fight there, become crazy with fear or trauma so that they will take narcotic drugs to stay sane, and then through the medical drug witchcraft and rock music they become demon-possessed, and come back to society to introduce their demonic spirit control and values. Since then, there has been a surge in nephilim reptilian hybrid cloned star children’s population into the human society, and society is becoming infiltrated with feminist and homosexual nephilim children, who do not have human souls but are demonic spirits with humanoid bodies, since they are homosexual feminist orgy sexual ritual Satanist reptilian hybrid nephilim descendents. They have orgies, sacrifice humans in their rituals, take drugs, do witchcraft incantations, eat feces, drink urine, cover themselves with blood, and do other things that nephilim Satanists do. These star children half breed nephilim believe that they are the sons of the gods and demigods, just like in their Illuminati movie, “Percy Jackson,” and that they are the chosen ones like Hercules or Perseus. This is why in their movie, they say that there are these demigods in the White House, too. In their Illuminati movies, these demigods like Perseus talk to their father Poseidon, just like these reptilian nephilim vampire witch descendents talk to their fathers—the fallen angels. These Illuminati reptilian hybrids believe that they are the sons and daughters of gods or superior aliens.


As I have told you, feminism and homosexuality are witchcraft spells that are being placed on the human populace by the reptilian witches. There is a spell being placed on the children of this world. This creates demon activity. The reason is because the so-called Western Christianity church has been teaching the hippy rogue pastors’ Jezebel feminism Western values, who think and behave like the heathen Western men of the post-1960’s “Flower Children” hippy generation United States and Europe. The Illuminati reptilian witch feminist activists are attacking the very foundation of the family and preaching that women can wear trousers and do not need to cover their heads in humility, so the very foundations of society is being destroyed and perverted.  The reptilian feminists and reptilian homosexuals will legally ban calling parents “father” or “mother,” since they consider it sexual discrimination, and will require us to call them “progenitor A” and “progenitor B,” and they will ban the Bible as being hateful and discriminatory. The fake church defies God’s Word and commands and Torah Truth. It is winding down to a final battle between us God’s apostles and prophets versus Satan’s Pharisee hippy rogue pastors’ gangs and “Bible Answer Man.” The true Bride of Christ or Church Saints know this, just as we do. They are fighting alongside with us for the gospel of Christ and His Torah Truth. As a result of the Illuminati plan, there are more pets than number of human children in Japan, and there are now pet wedding halls where pets get married, and pets are treated with value over husbands. (See YouTube video “Homosexuality – Sid Roth It’s Supernatural” at .)


As scientific discoveries and advances progress every year, we are discovering that there are very strong ties between the Illuminati reptilians and much of the evil crimes and famous mass murder cases throughout history and dictators we have been taught about in school. Scientific research has discovered that the psychopaths are reptilian descendent witches who walk amongst the human homo-sapiens race. The psychopaths are the megalomaniacs, genocide dictators, mass serial killers, cult leaders, terrorists, and gangster leaders. They have a reptilian brain, which is constructed very differently from a human brain, and they are a different race. The reptilian psychopath brain has been scientifically found to have a smaller amygdala (the part of the brain that has emotions). The psychopath reptilian race’s brain has little emotion for humans, much like a snake has emotion for a mammal mouse that it eats. The psychopaths make up about 1% of the population, and are very prevalent in jobs like politicians, corporate leaders, law enforcement, court judges and military leaders. Often, on television, when psychologists do an evaluation of people in these jobs, the people are amused but not surprised that they are considered psychopaths by the scientific evaluations, much like Adolf Hitler or Al Capone. They have to be able to pathologically lie, have a sense of arrogance, have an insatiable desire to control people and circumstances, be manipulative, and have superficial charm, which describes people in a lot of these professions, or else, they would not last very long in these jobs. Many scientists from the University of British Columbia have discovered that psychopaths have inherited genetically smaller amygdala. The amygdala is found in mammals, but not in the reptiles. An alligator does not cry over and have compassion for the water buffalo it bites the head off of. A water buffalo does have emotion, so it tries to charge the alligator in order to save the baby buffalo in the alligator’s jaws. This is the difference between the mammal human homo-sapiens race that God created, and the reptile Illuminati nephilim hybrid psychopath homo-serpen homo-vipera homo-hydrus race that Satan has genetically manipulated and placed on this earth as the genetic descendents of the fallen angels. They are now creating homo-universalis nephilim in their underground secret military base sixth levels. The insatiable quest for power that these homo-carpensis species people who are in positions of power is a psychopathic trait. Their brains are essentially that of a different race of humanoids. Some of these shape shifter reptilian descendent witches are aware of this. They have absolutely no problem being congressmen and Vatican leaders and royal family queens and police chiefs and judges in the daytime, and then at night, turn into reptilian vampire Satanists in satanic rituals sacrificing little human children on their freemason altars in government buildings and churches and private mansions as they eat the human flesh and pour the child’s blood on top of their heads. This is not normal human behavior or a human brain, but this psychopathic brain is a reptilian brain of the witches that come from the hybrid descendents of the fallen angels or Watchers whom the Illuminati call as their reptilian alien gods. They have an inbuilt genetic nature to prey on humans, and to humiliate their prey by molesting the human children sexually before sacrificing them. The psychopath needs to win at all cost, and that is why they use every dishonest arsenal at their technological disposal to try to kill God’s apostles like me or Eastern Illuminati representatives like Benjamin Fulford. They will not accept defeat to the Eastern Illuminati, but they will negotiate peace, and look for opportunities to annihilate the Eastern Illuminati, because they brain is programmed as a reptilian psychopath. If they do not believe Satan is a reptilian serpent and a psychopath, then they are either a stupid fool or a religious lukewarm Christian, and if they do not believe that those world leaders and the Illuminati family members who live in our communities are not reptilian psychopaths, then they deserve to be a mouse walking right into the waiting jaws of the snake. One person puts it very well when he says many people wonder how these CEOs of major companies defraud thousands of retirees of their entire life savings, or when these military leaders issues orders that lead to the massacre of hundreds of thousands of humans, and that is because these humans do not understand that these psychopathic reptilians that run our society are a different animal from humans genetically. They do not care about killing millions of civilians through nuclear war. You can see from the secret society rituals of bloods and guts that these world elites participate in as secret fraternity hidden activities does not bother them at all, but they enjoy it. Bestiality did not start with the Illuminati reptilian family descendent witches, but it started with the fallen angels when they had sex with human women and animals, and the result was the reptilian hybrid Illuminati world leader elites that we see now and who live amongst us now. Since they are genetically predisposed to Satan and reptilian nature, they believe that Lucifer is their god, and that God is the devil. To them, Satan’s children, this is natural, and that is why they slowly disclose this secret lie in their secret societies, as people move up in its pyramidal hierarchy. The psychopath world elites will do everything to silence those who share these secrets, and to hide their own nature, because they have no problem with dishonesty as long as the ends justifies the means, and they are extremely intelligent nephilim, and have no human ethics that would normally make people hesitate. Again, it is the fool who says this is just fairy tales, and have absolutely no observatory perceptiveness concerning inconsistencies in our society, and do not have the will power to do any investigation; and therefore, they will be like the mouse that walks right into the jaw of the snake, and they will scream and wail “Oh, my God, oh, my God!” and fight over food when the Illuminati brings World War 3 crashing down on top of their ignorant heads. The Illuminati Aryans took all the prisoners from the Nazi concentration camps in order to erase all evidence of their war crimes, and put them onboard the Cap Arcona which was filled with explosives, and let the Illuminati British air force who knew about all this to bomb the ship. All the survivors who walked onto the shore were shot by the awaiting Illuminati Nazi SS troops. To the reptilian Illuminati brain, this psychopath behavior is just an ordinary day at work, and it does not bother them like it would bother humans. When it is not just one isolated criminal doing this, but a whole group of reptilians doing this, we know that this psychopath behavior is done by a species of people who are very different from humans. As the nephilim reptiles during Noah’s days exterminated the human race, the nephilim reptiles of our modern day End Times are exterminating millions of human homo-sapiens. If these reptilians eat human children in their satanic rituals, then of course, they are not going to feel any kind of human compassion even if they cause world wars and see little human girls with one arm blown off and the other arm hanging by the skin. The reason why these politicians’ eyes all of a sudden turn all black is because they are black-eyed children who have grown up into adults and placed into strategic positions in society: they are the reptilian nephilim children the Illuminati is cloning and sending them into the human society, and these witches and warlocks have been around for thousands of years. They are given fake identities by the federal governments, and they are given Illuminati Satanist families. You have these very intelligent black-eyed small infants on the Western Christianity churches’ altars preaching in Pentecostal churches using Illuminati witchcraft. They are grandchildren of Amazoness witches who claim to be Christian ministers, but they are female and hundreds of pounds in weight. These children wear bright, gaudy clothes, and they yell and make exaggerated gestures to make themselves look like great evangelists. Masses of religious Christians worship them. They make people hold each other’s hands, and they yell when they preach and they make people fall down when they lay hands on them. These tiny kid evangelists are popping up everywhere and the crowds are following them. Illuminati brainwash movies like, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” is about these hybrid nephilim clone black-eyed children who are part plant genes, and appear all of a sudden to these childless parents made infertile by the Illuminati’s food source depopulation program, as the child teaches them about love, and the movie ends in the typical emotionally moving touching music. In order to prepare for the reptilian world and extermination of humans, the Illuminati is creating movies like, “Secret Children,” which is about cloned, nephilim, reptilian children who are discriminated by the evil human homo-sapiens and hunted down. It is to brainwash the stupid human movie viewers that the reptilians are not trying to exterminate the humans, but the humans are evil and should not hunt down the reptilian cloned children, for the devil’s children are benevolent creatures placed here on the earth for the good of humans, and not to take over. There is a huge surge of Illuminati television dramas and movies like “Believe” that is preparing the minds of the public for acceptance of nephilim children who have supernatural alien hybrid demigod powers, just like Perseus or Hercules. There are many Illuminati Satanist television dramas like “Leftover” that try to explain away the future rapture disappearance of Christians and prepare the minds of the public. When you see crowds of stupid humans worshipping movies like this and “X-men” and “Avengers” about how great cloned demonic hybrid nephilim are, and that they are here to help humans, then you feel these crowds of stupid humans do deserve to be exterminated by the reptilians and fallen angels. We the apostles and prophets are here risking our lives to warn them about the devil’s plan, but they just ridicule us as if we are some kind of conspiracy theorists, and mock the Torah Truth; so they deserve to perish and to be exterminated and their children cannibalized by the reptilian hybrids who run our society. When they do not believe in the Torah Truth who is Christ, they become utterly stupid and led by delusional deceptions of the devil. Even a dumb water buffalo has the sense to avoid a hole in the ground, but these sinful humans are mind-controlled by the spells placed on the Illuminati movies. In movies like “Lucy,” it brainwashes the dumb human populace about how reptilian hybrid feminist witch descendents are given genetic upgrades to become super soldiers, and how the Illuminati will evolve witches to a fifth dimension evolution of nephilim beings with psychic and supernatural fallen angel alien powers. In the movie, their eyes turn into the reptilian nephilim vertical slit eyes.


In television series like “The Happening,” Scottish Illusionists and witches like Barry and Stuart are mocking Jesus’ miracles by walking on water, raising a headless corpse to life, getting a virgin pregnant, causing a blind person to see, etc. They also conduct alien abductions, in order to mock the alien abductions that are going on. They go around doing supernatural things to make the public believe that these conspiracy theorists are just there to spread fake rumors and are crazy, and that they disguise themselves as Men In Black to show how easy it is to convince the public that there are Men In Black, and that all of it is just magic illusions and mind tricks and assumptions of people. They enact conspiracy theorists going around a certain town doing supernatural tricks like shape shifting and teleportation, and informing people that there are “Men In Black” causing them, to show television viewers that it is very easy for conspiracy theorists to deceive people into believing that there are such things as Men In Black. This is evidence that the Illuminati are very alarmed by the sheer amount of information about them that is being informed through the internet to the world, and that they are desperate in spreading disinformation to disclaim and dispel all the information about the Illuminati. They introduce ten times more fake hoax photos and fake stories, in order to drown out the actual truth that is out on the internet. Their logo is the Illuminati pyramid. There are many reptilian hybrid nephilim witches parading around as great magicians with great supernatural powers. All these many Japanese of Korean ancestry magicians on Japanese television are Illuminati black magic demonic Satanists who use the fallen angels’ powers to do those supernatural magic as they make pacts with the devil and his fallen angels. They are like all the Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanists who take drugs and use demonic powers to become athletes to win Olympic gold medals, and once they become national heroes, they become television celebrities, and flood the Japanese televisions and make huge amounts of money from the Illuminati television companies. The whole Japanese society is controlled by these Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanists, just like the American and European society is controlled by these Jews of Edomite ancestry Illuminati Satanists.


Illuminati’s 6,000 year old Brotherhood of the Snake Babylonian religion branches like Islam is full of black magic sorcery, and their Muslims are always using the power of Jinn to stick swords and sharp objects into their bodies and pull them out without any injury or blood or scar. Other Illuminati religions of Satan like Hinduism and Judaism and Buddhism and other religions do the same type of black magic of Satanism, too, such as Buddhist monks floating in the air or not getting burned by coal or other tricks that these television demonic magician celebrities do. Powers to saw their bodies in half are all the same tricks that these magicians are given by evil spirits from the secret societies that they belong to. These secret societies are all branches of the Illuminati. They acquire a lot of wealth, fame and power by making pacts with these satanic spirits, just like the rock and roll singers and actresses and actors and politicians and business leaders do. They make things pass through other things by manipulating objects at the atomic level, and make things float, and imitate Jesus’ miracle to try to convince dumb people that Jesus is fake. They use the same black magic tricks that magicians have used for ages. These Illuminati magicians and witches have not changed, at all. They make a lot of money by betting on gambles. Like the freemason members, they make themselves vulnerable for the evil spirits to kill them early in the peak of their fame.


I will be an example to you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant of how a child and servant of God ought to be, with my own life, and show that the skunk fart pig buttocks fallen angels and hybrid demon freaks are a bunch of phonies and who truly your God is, and not the fake Christ that the Western Christianity depicts Him as. Their upside down dove Illuminati symbol church conference fake Illuminati hippy rogue pastors’ Sananda is a fake Christ. Remember, brethren, the fallen angels and demons are subject to your commands and authority in Christ. They have no power over you, but you have power over them. The reason why I call these upside down dove Illuminati symbol secret society church conference ministers as disgusting, putrid, feminist, humanist, hippy rogue pastor, Sanhedrin coalition bastards is because they continue to ignore parts of the Bible that do not agree with their self-righteous values (example: women wearing head coverings, etc.), and they only teach those parts of the Bible that are popular and favorable (example: pre-Christ tithing laws and regulations and statutes and ordinances, etc.), and they pollute the church with religious lukewarm Christians and Jezebel worship of their hippy love and peace Sananda Christ of their 1960s hippy Jesus movement, and their father is not God but their father is Satan whose values and satanic gospel they spread to attract and poison the minds. They set up all these fake churches with their fake Christianity and take over God’s House with their Illuminati Babylonian mystery religions. They have a form or shell of Christianity, but just like the other Catholic and Protestant and Judaist sects, they have Satanism’s teachings and propaganda. They attract the crowds who love their teachings, while the crowd hates us and Christ and the Torah Truth. This is why these reptilian demon spirit people love philanthropy and religion and good works, while on the other hand, they are trying to genocide the human race from the planet. They set up all kinds of foundations. Instead of making foundations for handicap children to promote the Illuminati’s fake reality of illness, handicap and disease, we need to be declaring the Kingdom of God and healing and freedom from the curses of sin and health in God. Only the religious people set up philanthropic foundations and hospitals and Mother Teresa services and Make A Wish Foundations for children. God’s people declare the Kingdom of God and Christ’s power and heal the sick and crippled through God for those who believe. God does not heal those who do not believe.


These Illuminati reptilians eat the human babies in their satanic secret societies as food just like in the ancient feminist Moloch rituals, and replace them with super intelligent reptilian hybrid black-eyed cloned babies in the hospital maternity wards. Their holograms make them look human in our visible light, but outside our light spectrum, their shape shift into their real reptilian forms. Due to their super high intelligence, they can act as if they have human compassion and feelings, and even talk like us. These aliens are now finally known by the scientific community as not coming from intergalactic locations, but that they are coming from inter-dimensional realms. There is a secret invasion and replacement program going on all over the world in these Illuminati Babylonian temple hospital maternity wards, and the harvesting of human sperm and eggs by the alien grey nephilim and hybrid government black ops employees is an intricate part of that nephilim clone super soldier manufacturing program that is being sent into the human families. When the switch is turned on by the Illuminati, these black-eyed hybrid children will happily kill their parents and all human homo-sapiens for they are reptilian witch vampires in disguise with much power. They believe they are humans, but they do not have souls. If you watch the Illuminati brainwash preparation movies like “Matilda” or “Carrie” to accept these black-eyed reptilian witch children, you will understand what is going on. These movies promote Satan’s typical Korean “Han” psychotic national character and Korean genetic personality of hatred, bitterness, violence, warfare, barbaric tribal family centered head-hunting revenge feudal society, and dark morbid heart. This is Satan’s “Han” culture of righteous revenge and revolt against God and His saints. Satan used the Koreans from the continent to invade and take over most of the peaceful Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in Japan, in order to exterminate and genocide, but God would not allow it. Satan has continuously over the millennia to dilute and interbreed his Koreans with the Israelites to exterminate and genocide them, but God has always kept His remnant. Our House of Levi and the High Priest is incorruptible, and Israel will return to their God YHWH who lives forevermore. Amen. Satan uses the Koreans to try to eliminate the Jewish Japanese, because although they look extremely Mongul, they are the same oriental as the Japanese, so it is easier for them to infiltrate the Japanese Hebrews, disguise themselves as Japanese, and destroy from within. Same thing with the Edomites. Satan uses the Edomite Amalekites to try to eliminate the Jewish Israelis, because although they are very hairy like their ancestor Esau, they are the same Middle Easterners as the Jews, so it is easier for them to infiltrate the Israeli Jews, disguise themselves as Israelis, and destroy from within.


The Illuminati Satanists in Israel are Edomites disguised as Israeli Jews, and the Illuminati Satanists in Japan are Koreans disguised as Japanese Jews, and this is why God says that not all of the people who call themselves my people are really my people. They are wolves in sheep’s clothes to create sabotage and destruction behind enemy lines: this is warfare basic strategy. It is like the Illuminati Satanist pastors and religious Christians and Pharisees and Babylonian Canaanite Judaism Rabbis who call themselves God’s people, but they actually belong to the Church of Satan. This infiltration and destroy tactic has been Satan’s tactics from ancient days. If you reveal these Edomites and Koreans to the world, then Satan will send them in mass to try to kill and silence you, in order to hide their secret. They have been placed strategically to settle in neighboring areas and nations to God’s people for a very good reason, just like the Raphaim reptilian hybrid nations were placed in the Promised Land when Moses arrived with the Israelites. These reptilian hybrids are violent and barbaric descendents who are there to carry out the devil’s purpose. Satan had tried to kill me even when I was still in my mother’s womb, and have tried countless times after that, because he knows I am of the high priest line and have a calling from God. This is why Satan has placed these reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants in every workplace and school and ministry where I go, in order to try to drive me out. These people are not humans. Satan will try to kill all Christians before they are born. If you are a Christian, the Illuminati will put their doctors in-charge of your birth and pediatrics and try to kill you by addicting you with antibiotics, carve out all your teeth to flood them with mercury fillings, put their nephilim children in your classes to attack you and try to kill you, use things to get you sick and poison you and stop your growth, use people to kick you out of each workplace, try to hinder your studies and prevent you from getting any skills, do everything and anything to try to deprive you of any ability to survive or prevent you from acquiring anything that helps you to gain any form of ability to live or function in society, and use your parents to try to sabotage you physically and mentally and spiritually. But, they cannot succeed, because God protects you and blesses you and strengthens you and guides you and loves you.


These devil and fallen angels and their nephilim people and aliens feed off of people’s fear and they cannot survive without that food. They have no other power source. They knew us Christians when we were born and have made us targeted individual TIs since birth. All these people that you thought were attacking you were just part of the hive mind that is controlled by these demonic aliens with their technologies. This is why when these Christians try to go to their mothers for help from this gang-stalking, then the mothers will join the gang-stalking and try to kill them. When you really think about it they are hilarious, and when we mock them they cannot believe it. They are the pathetic ones, and we are the ones who have been placed here by God. The religious people talk about a revival for Christ, but there is no revival, because we are already here, and God already knows His own. The churches are part of their hive, so if you go there they will kick you out. After these hippy rogue pastors ridicule you, and if they come back to read your materials, they will be tagged by God and will be cursed. They think they mock us, but it is God who mocks them. They spend billions and trillions of dollars on this “Truman Show” movie type of game to gang stalk us and watch us on their alien monitors, but in reality, it is God who is watching them instead. And some day, when we will judge the fallen angels, we will know all things as Christ knows, so that means that, in a way, we are watching them do everything, instead. They spend billions of dollars to maintain this hive mind control surveillance and gang stalking on the real Christians. The Illuminati reptilian nephilim are masters of stealing money from the humans and wasting the money for evil, ridiculous purposes. They use that much money to try to just keep their fake world going on. But, they realize that we are not deceived by that fake world and know everything that they are up to, so they are very scared of us. They realize that the Targeted Individuals or Pure Hearts are not controlled by them and not under their hive control. This is why they set up these fake people and actors around us, in order to keep the Christians separated from each other. All these neighbors and family members and gang-stalkers and other class students are fakes and set up by them, and they will disappear someday. People are deceived because their children look like them. This is why our battle is not to be fought physically, but rather, it needs to be fought spiritually. If people run away in fear, then they get gang-stalked, because they go under Satan’s fake reality. If they take you into their dimension, they can kill people and control them and do other things. If you mock them, stick your tongue at them, laugh at them, and bless them, the whole dimension changes over, and they have no memory of their gang-stalking or whistling or glaring or other hive controlled mind status, because it is no longer their dimension. They are psychic vampires. Instead, we need to fight and be bold and laugh at our enemy who is defeated dummies, and the devil will flee from us. Faith is key. (See video “Gang-Stalking Realities 101 ~ Zeph Daniel” at .)


Those who have God’s wisdom and Holy Spirit will have wisdom and insight into the Torah Truth, and those who are blind and foolish will remain blind and foolish and deceived by the devil. Esau and Dan’s descendants intermarried with reptilian women and created witch descendents. They are of Satan’s serpent genes and not of human genes. Their descendents rule the earth in modern present days. These nations controlled by them have tried to destroy God’s people. They are demon spirits in human bodies, and they were not created by God, and that is why they carry out the will of their father Satan. There are two genetic bloodlines on this earth, one that of homo-sapiens humans and one that of homo-capensis reptilian nephilim aliens. Naturally, those people of reptilian genes of the serpent Satan, who is the devil, will have the barbaric, deceitful, violent, hateful, putrid nature of the devil their father. The Israeli government has always been controlled by the Danite Edomites, just as in the case of King Herod who tried to kill Jesus. It is like a lot of the Japanese are not Jews, but they are disguised Koreans, and the emperor of Japan is Korean himself, and that is why the emperors of Japan have cooperated with the Illuminati and Satan to kill millions of Japanese people who are Israelites. Intermarriage with pagans corrupts God’s people. This is why the Danite Edomites and Koreans have actively infiltrated the Israelis and Japanese Jews, and intermingled their genes into them, and have taken over their society. There are deep spiritual agendas at work by the devil, which are disguised and secretly carried out at large scales in the physical realm.


The reptilian hybrid nephilim witch soulless descendant hippy rogue pastors of the upside down dove church conference will teach the multitudes of religious Christians the doctrines of Satanism of universal hippy Sananda Jesus love that God loves all people with their Jezebel hippy love and peace dude, and died on the cross for all people throughout the world with hippy Jesus 1960s love. But this is a lie of the devil, because God loves the wheat, but hates the tare. The hippy rogue pastors do not believe that God knows those people who are His own people who are of Abraham’s seed spread throughout the earth, and He knows those reptilian hybrids who call themselves His Zionist people and hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees, who are not of human genes and not of His people. The hippy rogue pastors teach everyone that God loves everyone, including themselves who are the reptilian hybrid nephilim church pastors, but how can God love demon spirits who do not have human souls? They spread this kind of Satanism’s universal love doctrine of their father the devil.


This is why the Jews are extremely angered by these Danite Edomites who are disguised as Jews, such as reptilian hybrid Hannah Arendt who hate the Jews and say that the mass genocide murder reptilian hybrid Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann is not a murderer but only a bureaucrat who was doing his job killing Jews. The Jews cannot understand why there are so many thousands and thousands of Jews who hate the Jews, because they do not understand that they are not Jews at all, but they are actually cursed tribe of Dan Edomite fake Hebrews whose thousands of years generational mission is to genocide all Israeli Hebrews, just like the generational mission of the Koreans is to genocide all Japanese Hebrews. Satan’s mission is to use his people to destroy God’s people. This is why you have on television, so many Korean looking Illuminati Japanese people of Korean ancestry like Osamu Hayashi brainwashing the foolish Japanese media people by doing a special television program on Hannah Arendt saying that we must honor her views and understand her great thoughts, and if we oppose Hannah Arendt’s philosophy, we are obstructing free thinking and liberal values. The Koreans support what the Danite Edomites did in Nazi Germany, and the Edomites support what the Koreans did in the Fukushima nuclear power plant and tidal wave off Miyagi coast. Both their philosophy is genocide of God’s people and creation of their Illuminati New World Order under Satan and his Anti-Christ. This is why all the henchmen of the Western Nazi Illuminati in the West and the East are Danite Edomites and Koreans. Satan always places his people amongst God’s people, just like Satan places the Pharisees and hippy rogue pastors amongst the Christians to fight against God’s apostles and prophets, and placed the Raphaim in the Promised Land. This is nothing new. Only the religious Christians are blind to the truth and what Satan is doing. This is why all the leaders of all these organizations like the Nazis and Mafia and Yakuza and Illuminati and governments and financial institutions and intelligence agencies and Satanist organizations are all Danite Edomites and Koreans. They have a monopoly on all these positions, in order to carry out their genocide of the Israelite descendents and to create their reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati New World Order under Satan, whom they call Lucifer. In the Japanese television programs controlled by the Illuminati Japanese of Korean ancestry, they always show these transvestites and they kiss the male celebrities, and these Japanese male celebrities of Korean ancestry all make it look like they are blushing and they share how they are sexually aroused. The Illuminati is actively promoting their reptilian nephilim homosexual and bisexual transgender brainwash upon the human homo-sapiens populace and television viewers. The mass media is controlled by the Illuminati’s Japanese of Korean ancestry and nephilim Satanists.


If you are a born-again Christian, then you can relate to my life, as Satan tried continuously to kill me throughout childhood. My parents would put huge amounts of sugar in every single dish that we ate, so that it acidified my body so much, I was getting terrible colds and influenzas, all the time, when my immune system was not completely developed. The world’s Illuminati has put sugar and sweeteners in every food and spread candies / soda drinks and marketed Illuminati Satanism’s Halloween and Valentine and Easter and Christmas and other pagan celebrations of Babylonian Satanism to acidify the bodies that is the cause of every type of disease and illness, and kill massive amounts of children, while hiring Illuminati assassin organizations to kidnap millions of children, abort millions of children, and shoot millions of children with electromagnetic weapons, as sort of a Nazi death camp execution program to exterminate this earth of eventually all human homo-sapiens beings, so that they can again create an alien Atlantis civilization Aryan reptilian hybrid witch race world. When Satan led my parents to his dentist for one small suspected tooth cavity, his dentist drilled almost all my teeth and imbedded mercury poison in each tooth, in order to try to compromise the human homo-sapiens immune system. Satan would send all his Korean children to whatever school I went to, in order to gang stalk and harass, to try to create stress and cancer and all kinds of disease, so that I would die. Satan even tried to kill me many times when I was still in my mother’s womb, just like he tried to kill our Lord when he was born through his reptilian Edomite servant Herod. I should have died many, many times, during childhood and afterwards, but God has been faithful in protecting me and keeping me alive. So also, Satan has made many attempts upon your life, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, but God has protected and kept you alive for the purpose of glorifying Him and carrying out His mission of love on a hateful world. Praise be to our God and King!


Just as he has used his Koreans to infiltrate Japan, Satan interbred his pagan barbarians with the Israelites through intermarriage to create the Samaritans, and made them adopt his pagan people’s gods’ idol worship in Samaria, too, as well as in the Vatican. His tactics do not change over the ages. For some reason, the Koreans try to frantically woo and marry with the most beautiful Japanese women, in order to try to hide their typical Korean traits in consequent descendents (thin triangle Mongolian eye fold and high Mongol cheekbones as you see in the Hollywood actors). This is how Satan has always worked, so even the Edomites look like Caucasian Rothchilds and Rockefellers and Kennedys now, instead of like the hairy, red-skinned Esau. The Japanese prefectures where the Koreans have migrated and interbred have very high crime rates, lots of gangsters, and the citizens are very violent and unethical. Whereas, those Japanese prefectures where there are minimal immigration and interbreeding by the Koreans have very low crime rates, hardly any gangsters organized crime, and the inhabitants who retain more of the Jewish genes tend to be docile and peaceful and kind-hearted and honest and respectful of the law. The Korean race came from Mongolia, whereas the Japanese race came from the Ten Tribes of Israel, and southern Japan has had Korean genes mixed into it. I did not want anything to do with this nation anymore, so I left the country. However, just like God used the large fish to bring Jonah back to warn Ninevah of their sins, God has used the devil and the Illuminati to gang stalk me half way across the world to bring me back to this nation to share the Torah Truth to the remnant of Israel and to minister to them. Even before creation itself, God had destined me to be an apostle to the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, and thereby, indirectly to the Tribulation Saints, also. I have been called to this mission by the grace of God, and He will fulfill His glorious purpose. Even now you see the descendents of the Korean-Japanese leading the Jewish-Japanese away from their God and misleading them to idolatry. They have set up their idols all over Japan, and made them lose their origins, just as Satan had instructed them to intermarry with the Hebrews and draw them into worshipping him. It is relatively easy to distinguish them, because the Korean-Japanese have a distinctive Mongolian thin triangle eyes and high cheekbones, and tend to have stronger, violent tempers, and are deceitful, so many join the yakuza mob gangsters, politics, the entertainment media world, the Illuminati, sex industry, Illuminati major company executives, and illegal businesses. The Hebrew-Japanese have rounder eyes, more Hebrew look with Jewish noses, more hair, and are very docile and peaceful. This is why the Japanese look very different from other Asians. They shall return to their God YHWH. Isaiah 27:12-13 tells us that the Jews will be returned to the lands that Israel will conquer from the nations that will be destroyed. God uses even the barbarian people and barbaric nations or even giant fish to gang stalk and pester or spit out His apostle and prophet back to Ninevah or Japan or wherever God has destined His spokesman to go and speak on His behalf. If I was afraid to call a barbarian a barbarian or to speak of God’s purpose, then I would be a liar, just like all the rest of the religious pastors and cowardly people of this society we live in, so I must speak the Torah Truth. A man or pastor is either a slave to a lie, or free in the Torah Truth. I have gone from not rags to riches, but rather, riches to rags, for the Groom I love, our Lord Jesus Christ, our King and righteous God who reigns forevermore. Praise God for choosing me. If I were not an apostle to the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, then every sacrifice and every work up to now would have been a complete waste of time, energy, and money, but God is not a God who wastes our lives, if He has called us, and furthermore, Satan would not have tried to kill me so many, many times from when I was a child, and even before I was born. I as an apostle of God to you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren am considered the greatest villain in the history of the Illuminati Satan worshippers. This is why they will scramble their military fighter jets and CIA unmanned vehicle drones and barbaric Korean hordes and Satanist mass murderers and mafia assassins and every technology and manpower they can throw at me. If people truly had love, they would speak the truth to the people, instead of fearing them or trying to be politically correct. Political , correctness is a sin. Evidence of a barbarian is a group of people who will not admit that their nation is a barbarian, and will not call their fellow countrymen to repent of their barbarism. Instead, a barbarian will dismiss the Torah Truth that they are barbarians, and instead, hate the person who speaks the truth for speaking the Torah Truth. This is a person who is truly a barbarian, and is only proving by doing so that they have the barbarian people’s genes. A righteous person and nation of people would admit the truth, repent of their sins and the evils of their nation, and ask God to forgive their fellow countrymen. This is the difference between a godly nation of people, and a nation of people who have the barbarian genes. The true nature and identity of a nation and its people is revealed by the reaction of those people to the truth, because the Torah Truth who is Christ will always reveal what is in the heart of that person or nation. If Jonah goes to Ninevah to call them to repent of their barbarism, and they repent, then they are a righteous nation. If I go to a nation and tell those people to repent of their barbarism, and they send their hordes of countrymen to try to kill me, then they are barbaric evil people ready to be judged by God.