Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 31


Satan is a genius when it comes to evil. His Illuminati created world wars are not only designed to exterminate humans, but it is intentionally designed to screw up the minds of people. Those people who saw their friends shredded to pieces, or had their bodies dismembered, or had their families bombed, have their genes changed to become very disturbed, violent, depressive, traumatic, hateful, suspicious, fearful, uncaring, and insane. Instead of hating Satan and the reptilian Illuminati who always creates the war for profit and to genocide non-Aryan non-reptilian humans, these soldiers start to hate God for not saving their friends or putting them through the horrors of war, and when they have no more fear of God, they think they can do anything evil and get away with it. They killed enemies, so they become insensitive to human lives. They come back home, and start chopping up motorcycles to make chopper bikes, put tattoos on, and become unbelieving pagan atheists and occultists. They become alcoholics and drug addicts and require prescription drugs and become family abusers. They run to crime and motorcycle gang mentality. That is why their children grow up to be hippies, hateful of parents and authority, and rebellious drug addicts, and abused children feminist lesbians, and sexually molested children homosexuals, grow hair long in intentional opposition to the church teachings from previous generations, unethical, and see the world as not having God, because they think all the terrible things could not happen to them if there really was a God. So, they blame God for all their sins, their evils, their alienation of themselves from God’s love and protection, and Satan is easily able to control them through their sinful hearts of hatred, bitterness, pride, blaspheme, rebellious heart, and selfishness. This is the ultimate state of the human race and the society that Satan always wants, whether it is Atlantis or Sodom or Gomorrah or these modern End Times. With all the disbelief in God, there is no more ethics or standards, so people put themselves first, put money first, and put pride first, and start doing idolatry like the ancient Israelites did. You end up with a society and populace with a lot of hatred, pride, anger, bitterness, conflict, divorce, sexual lewdness, fornication, adultery, sexual promiscuity, jealousy, murder, drug witchcraft, stealing, etc., which are all negative vibration energy that the humans create that now the fallen angels and Satan can feed off of. This negative energy creates more demonic activity. This is the goal of Satan. Since humans have been dumb down the Illuminati reptilian bloodline elites, they only see parts of that process, such as war or hippies or feminism or motorcycle gangs or street gangs or rise in narcotics or New Age movement or abortion. However, they are so dumb down that they cannot see that they are all a process of Satan or are all interconnected with each other, and it is the plan of the Illuminati. Obviously, the religious Christians are doing all the hippy things and rock and roll Christian concerts, so they do not have the Holy Spirit to see or understand what is going on. It is only the very few remnant who are the true Bride of Christ or the real Church Saints who have the Holy Spirit that can see all these things that Satan is doing, and that is why these real Christians pose a great threat to Satan and the Illuminati, and that is why Satan and the Illuminati come out in drones to try to kill God’s real born-again Christians and apostles. It is very logical when you think about it, because a gangster does not try to murder a person who always comes to your Italian restaurant to eat, but that gangster will try to murder a person who tries to testify and witness in court about his or her crimes. If you ask these Young Men’s Christian Association managers if they are Christians, they will tell you that they became Christians in order to get the job, which tells you something about the validity of their faith.


The key to destroying mankind is for Satan to destroy God’s normal spiritual order and authority in the family and society, and inversing the male and female gender, and thereby, opening up the families and societies to Satan’s control; then, the family and society is open prey to perversion such as abortion and homosexuality and divorce and spiritually perverted children. The Illuminati television programs depict divorce and female autonomy as something absolutely normal nowadays, and single mothers as perfectly acceptable lifestyle. There has been a sharp increase of reptilian nephilim hybrid witch feminist single mothers raising all these cloned demonic nephilim children produced in the Illuminati factories, in order to massacre millions of human children through the witches’ feminist abortion pro-choice movement and to fill the human’s society with millions of reptilian demonic creature children. It is a massive extermination and replacement program from God’s creation to Satan’s production. It is terraforming to alien needs. This same deep witchcraft spell or demonic supernatural power is at work to make men lust after men and women lust after women. This is why the reptilian aristocracy from ancient times were all homosexual. A lot of reptiles show homosexual behavior. The Illuminati is dumping so much chemical effectors into the human homo-sapiens’ food sources and water sources and air atmosphere that change and modify the males’ physical characteristics (except for those masses of men who take male testosterone steroids) and male genes, and to change females. The reason why you see so much tons and tons of plastic products in the stores is because they mimic estrogen female hormones. The tons of estrogen the Illuminati feminists are dumping into the tap waters is emasculating all the men in the world, and making them weak and not stand up against the feminists and the Illuminati. The Illuminati’s feminists have assassinated all the people who spoke up against feminism, and they have taken over all the media, colleges, pulpits, politics, and taken over the hearts and minds of the populace. The tons of growth hormones they use in meat and dairy products inhibit male testosterone hormones. The reason why the Illuminati antagonized cholesterol which is required for keeping healthy hearts is because if they can cut out cholesterol, they can cut out testosterone male hormones that are made from cholesterol, and thereby emasculate the men. There is a flood of pesticides and fluoride in the water they dump in. They use the hippies and lowlife people of society to spread drugs and narcotics into society. George Bush and Bill Clinton were major players in the spread of the crack cocaine epidemic in the U.S. for Queen Elizabeth, and they did to the United States populace with cocaine what Britain did to the Chinese populace with opium, which brought in millions and millions of dollars to the Illuminati. The illegal drug business brings in trillions of dollars to the Illuminati to finance the black ops budgets, the secret space fleet star wars program, and huge joint alien and earth underground military bases where the Illuminati leaders plan to hide when they unleash the nuclear war extermination program on the surface of the earth. The Windsor Illuminati family is at the top of the drug ring. The Illuminati runs the world’s pedophile kidnap rings for live sacrifice and sex and pornography and prostitution. The kidnappers are a CIA unit called the Finders. The upper levels of the Illuminati Brotherhood of the Snake Satanists are all bisexuals, and the blue blood Edomites fake Jews consider the human masses as flies to be swatted. The reptilians hybrids run the homosexual prostitution rings, since the reptoids are homosexuals, since they carry the nephilim genes of the fallen angels. They are not human souls. The Illuminati’s Mormon church has a very fanatic genealogical investigation going on, in order to try to find their blue blood bloodline reptilioan families. (See the article “The God Machine – Gold, Oil and Drugs” at .) The Illuminati provides attorney licenses for their members, so that they can fight for legalizing cannabis marijuana, to conduct witchcraft, because drugs open people up the demonic spirits. The Illuminati’s East Indies Company spread drugs throughout the world. The people who influenced the way the world thinks, such as Shakespeare and other writers and singers and celebrities and Greek philosophers all took drugs and were guided by demonic spirits, and are Illuminati Satanists to receive their fame. The whole medical industry and medical educational institutions that the Illuminati’s Pharisee hippy rogue pastors market to all the religious Christians are built on this medical witchcraft that poison, kill, and curse people with Babylonian magic. The Illuminati spread opium to the Chinese population and Russian soldiers, so that they can kill as many human homo-sapiens as they could, and become the most wealthiest in the world since selling opium is like printing money. The Illuminati is herding masses of men into these secret society fraternity “brotherhoods” that require homosexual satanic orgy rituals and create homosexual behavior. The Illuminati is using surgical manipulation, genetic manipulation, and Illuminati pharmaceutical big name corporations to transform the human population to homosexual behavior, to further their depopulation program and extermination of all human homo-sapiens from the face of this planet, in order to usher in their new Illuminati Aryan reptilian race New World Order. The reptilians are transforming the very genetic sexual structure of the human genes to create homosexual behavior, just like they did in the ancient Atlantis civilization where they succeeded in replacing all human homo-sapiens populations with their reptilian nephilim and half-animal chimera populations, except for Noah and his family who still had the original human genes, which God used to repopulate the earth with humans, after destroying all the reptilian genetically engineered freak monsters with the Great Flood. Just as God prophesied will happen in these modern End Times, we are again seeing the same thing happen on this earth, as the reptilian children of Satan try to genocide all of God’s humans. And, the reptilians try to kill me every day, because they do not want me to preach the Torah Truth, and just want all human homo-sapiens to just be exterminated and murdered ignorantly and without resisting. No wonder the reptilians look down on human homo-sapiens as inferior gene monkeys, because they think humans are very stupid, worthy of being wiped out as a race. They think just like the nephilim of the ancient Atlantis civilization. Homosexuality is a control method of the reptilians now, using the enhanced perverted sexual lust of heathen non-believers who will do anything to fulfill their carnal pleasure, even as to the changing of laws and social norms and normal human behavior and societies’ perceptions. All the reptilians in the Vatican and mafia and secret societies and congress and Templar Knights conduct homosexual orgy rituals. They gang rape men with their dancing and singing satanic rituals. This is why the various branches of the Mystery Babylon religion of Satanism or the Brotherhood of the Snake such as the Templar Knights and Islam all have the ancient pagan crescent moon and star symbol, which came from the headdress of the goddess Queen of Heaven Jezebel or Asherah or Diana or Mother Mary or many other names they use to denote the feminist goddess who they believe is a co-ruler alongside with the Almighty God. The Western Christianity hippy rogue pastors do not worship her as a physical idol, but they worship her in spirit and spiritual adultery. This imperialistic Illuminati network that has lasted for thousands of years with the reptilian homosexual royal families of Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Britain, as well as the reptilians in every level of society from the rich mansions, banks, prisons, entertainment and media worlds, is conducting this world into a feminist and homosexual world, just like Atlantis, so that all this feminism and homosexual created negative energy feeds their reptilian alien gods and fallen angels, just like the radiation feeds them. This is all at the expense of the human race and the perversion of the homo-sapiens species. These genetically disgusting perverted Komodo dragons and sharks reproduce asexually. The reptilian lesbian Aspidoscelis lizards reproduce without a male. They have two sets of chromosomes. They have been created through a hybridization of many different sexual species. The U.S. military has reported that they need to genetically manipulate their soldiers now, or they will irreversibly fall behind the other enemy nations’ genetic manipulation nephilim monster super soldier programs. To the Illuminati reptilians, this genetic manipulation and creation of Frankenstein half-animal half-human half-reptilian half-plant freak monsters, just like in the ancient Atlantis civilization that God destroyed with Noah’s flood, is a necessity for survival. When Satan and his serpent seed children start messing around with His creation, and start making half-octopus half-human soldiers that can stay underwater and swim faster and can lose arms that can grow back again, this is an abomination to God. He will judge this world not with a flood this time, but with fire this time. I have been sent by God to warn humanity of God’s impending judgment and wrath, and these Satanist leaders of the world try to kill me, and these spiritually uncircumcised hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians mock me? They are cursed. The Illuminati’s alien gray nephilim’s technology of the fallen angels is eons more advanced than our own technology. They gave these technologies to the Atlantean Satanists of Atlantis. Methylation and histone modification can alter how genes are expressed without altering the DNA sequence. These homosexual genetic expressions can be controlled by the reptilian Illuminati through the action of repressor proteins which attach to the silencer areas of the DNA. These epigenetic manipulations can cause a human’s genes to behave completely different. When the Anti-Christ implants his Illuminati reptilian New World Order microchip Mark of the Beast 666, this will radically alter the genome of the human homo-sapiens, and make them into vampire nephilim reptile freak monsters, and this is why God tells us in His Bible prophecy that those who receive this mark of the Illuminati or Satan’s snake bite will no longer be considered human, and they will forever lose any chance of salvation. Since they will lose the genetic image of God, they will not be able to repent. Nimrod took on nephilim DNA, and built the Tower of Babel portal to try to access heaven and invade heaven with nephilim giants. The esoteric societies have been waiting 5,000 years to try again in these End Times. Nimrod is a hero among the freemasons, because he started as a human and genetically changed himself into a super soldier nephilim, or what the Illuminati calls the coming New Age evolution into the fifth dimension of mankind or super soldier program. The Watcher fallen angels have been released after 70 generations, and we now have a boom in technology in the 20th century. We see a rise in feminism and other doctrines of devils and all kinds of evil practices, and the world is becoming more evil and evil and evil. There are Jacob’s Ladder wormhole on the earth in certain areas where the angels can come and go. This is why Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church or us. Just like at the Tower of Babel when the people became nephilim, in these End Times, when the Mark of the Beast 666 changes their image from God to the image of the Beast Satan, they will tune into the devil’s frequency instead of God’s voice, and they will not be able to be saved or hear God. Being created in the image of God allows our souls to be able to repent, but when the DNA is changed, a person is no longer in the image of God or has a soul, so a nephilim cannot repent, just like the fallen angels cannot understand the concept of repentance. The earth and humans are resonating at 7.83 while the devil resonates at a 6.66 frequency which are both frequencies that can be picked up by the mind through projection in TV or computers or radios. The Watchers or fallen angels created genetically mixed humans, so that as the Bible says, they can leave their own habitations or forms, and download themselves into these mixed totally different frequency genes nephilim to operate in this realm. Since they are not humans and humans souls do not inhabit them, the Bible tells us that these future super soldier half animal half human genetic bodies will be bodies for the fallen angels to operate in this physical realm during the End Times. This is why the Bible says that their names were never written in the Book of Life in heaven. The Illuminati bloodline families or blue blood families are moving forward to create these super soldiers in every nation. You will have human type creatures with animal instincts, because the genotype will be changed. These people think that they can attain eternal life. They will try to create a computer hive mentality like ants or like the Borg aliens in the “Star Trek” movies, in order to control them. These Illuminati nephilim descendent bloodline feminist reptilian hybrids are trained from childhood to kill innocent people for the sake of the Illuminati organization, which is a hive mentality, so when they are ordered to assassinate all the people who speak out the truth and preach against the evil that the Illuminati reptilian hybrids are doing, they do not hesitate to assassinate all these innocent, righteous, truthful, brave people who are a threat to uncovering and opposing the Illuminati organization and its reptilian leaders. The reptilian fallen angels needed to create these nephilim who have their same genes of heartless, cold-blooded, no conscience, reptilian, pure malevolent evil nature, in order to carry out their freemason assassinations and help attain their goal of eliminating mankind and setting up their kingdom of hell on this earth. The nephilim are just tools of the Illuminati fallen angel reptiles to destroy humankind and the earth and every trace of God’s creation. They failed during Noah’s Flood’s Atlantis civilization, so they are trying again in these End Times. They move from house to house, abducting families, using them as food for the reptilians, and replace them with fake clones to take their places with their downloaded memories. Satan makes these nephilim worship him, because he wanted to be god. Since these nephilim Illuminati people carry his evil genes, evil’s nature is to worship evil. This is why they worship Satan their father, and they are Satanists. A cold-blooded snake that has snake genes does not become a bunny rabbit all of a sudden. This is why these Illuminati reptilian witch race feminists who do not have human souls since they are demon spirits do not become a godly, holy, born-again Christian who has a human soul, all of a sudden. A nephilim remains a nephilim, and a human is a human; they are two different species. The nephilim cannot even be classified as a specie, because they are evil unclean spirits that were created by Satan artificially, and are not real creations. They are an abomination to God. The fallen angels through their Rothchild bodies tell their assassin servants that these born-again Christian apostles and prophets of God need to be assassinated, because they have dangerous ideologies. It is because Satan and the fallen angels do not like the truth, and they do not like God’s children and humans teaching the truth about themselves. So, they try to kill them to silence them. This is why they use their CIA and MI6 Nazi assassins and feminist assassins and Korean student hordes and street gangs and nephilim professional assassins to try to kill God’s apostles and prophets. When you think about it, it is a very simple issue. Evil lives by doing evil, and the righteous of God live by God’s righteousness. If you become a real born-again Christian, then you will turn all of the Illuminati, feminists, Korean student hordes, CIA MI6 Nazi assassins and street gang killers against you. The reason why they do not try to kill the religious Christians who attend church every Sunday is because they are not real born-again Christians, and they are just fake Christians. They spread religion which is a concept created by Satan. God hates religion, and especially Jezebel worshippers. When you follow God, you enter a battle—a spiritual battle—a battle against the reptile hive. The entire world that Satan owns will come after you to try to kill you, when you become a true child of God. And obviously, you will have a natural detest in entering Satan’s Western Christianity churches for that is the domain of devils and demons that is owned by the Illuminati—corporate Christianity of money changers.


Only after the Illuminati uses freemason key to conduct their freemason rituals with the Washington Monument male genital and Capitol Building female genital to bring in Nimrod’s Apollyon spirit into the Anti-Christ. We the Bride of Christ or Church Saints remnant will be so in tune with God’s Torah Truth and Word and living in obedience to His Precepts and we would have matured and be so strong that as the Bible says, the devil cannot touch us and we would be demolishing the works of the devil, and rather than rapturing us out to heaven to protect us, Jesus Christ will have to rapture us out so that He can continue His work in the Tribulation Age in bringing His judgment upon this earth and the unrepentant earth dwellers As Dr. Michael Lake says, “We are going to give the devil hell.” Whenever real spiritual born-again Christians and Church Saints and the Bride of Christ prays and teaches and conducts ministry, it reverberates to heaven, and it creates a whole lot of action in heaven and among the army of holy angels, and the Holy Spirit moves, and the very foundations of Satan is shaken and thrown down. This scares the devil and his fallen angels. The devil and the fallen angels can see from their multiple dimensions not only our physical three dimensions, but also our intentions and see any cracks in the armor or sins where they can attack. But, when we are covered by Jesus’ blood, they cannot see through us. A multiple dimension being can not only see outside a jar, but also inside the jar. Heaven coexists with our dimension, so our prayers immediately reaches the throne of God, because it is the same as we are right now in the front of God’s throne.


Satan and his Illuminati had to destroy the U.S. from a superpower status, in order to bring in their satanic New World Order. This is the reason why they had to bring in all these hippy pastors, in order to introduce their feminism women’s equality Jezebel worship, occultism New Age medical pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries, rock and roll satanic worship Christian concerts, tattooing and piercing paganism, quick expanding into huge influential churches by setting up in wealthy Chino Hills neighborhoods, developing a book selling corporate Christianity with pastor pensions and huge salaries, ridiculing and open mockery of God’s apostles and prophets and their Torah Truth on their media enterprises, giving huge retirement money to non-retired fellow Sanhedrin Pharisee members by creating street gang thug church conferences, teaching false doctrines and promoting ungodly precepts of Illuminati Satanism, diverting the church peoples’ attention away from God unto political activism like pro-life versus pro-choice instead of the spiritual causes, denying the church the truth about aliens since they worship their own reputations and minster pay, traveling and having resort vacations by stealing from the religious people under the name of ministry, befriending powerful church conference gurus to parasite off of their fame and popularity to gain stable lifestyles away from their thug pasts, deceiving the church people to national patriotism that is quick path to popularity and promoting the Illuminati’s Satanist system instead of God, making God’s House into a Las Vegas show and institution and popularity contest, adulterating not only their bodies but the church to Satan, worshipping credentials and institutionalism and programs instead of choosing and encouraging persecution and perilous warfare with the CIA assassins, putting emphasis genetic breeding and what the people want to hear instead of what is good for God, selling Sananda hippy Christ instead of the Torah Truth who is Christ, and bringing in everything evil and hypocritical under the sun and refusing to repent when told to do so by God’s prophets. Woe to these religious leaders for they have destroyed the only defense of the United States from Satan and judgment, and they have condemned its people to destruction, genocide and debauchery. They have had their rewards and wealth and comfort and peace and luxury and breeding and safety and fame and popularity and extravagant lifestyles and religion. The thing is that they have destroyed everything sacred and dear to God.


They will be damned to the Lake of Fire, along with all the other nephilim and witch descendents of the thousands of years old “Brotherhood of the Snake” Illuminati family bloodlines of the alien gods. The tons and tons and tons of chemical toxins and genetic alteration chemicals that the Illuminati is dumping and spreading in their chem trails through the sky every day (you can see these anywhere you are in the world nowadays), and in the tap waters of the world, and the food sources through the Illuminati’s monopolies of the food corporations that monopolize 90% of the world’s food, and the drugs and vaccines that their doctors’ prescribe, and all the almost genius ways of dispersing these gene altering chemicals into the human homo-sapien race to pervert their behaviors and make them infertile and make them get cancer and other diseases and to deform their babies is just astronomical in these End Times. The food is genetically modifying people, just like the Illuminati’s radio frequencies are changing DNA of humans. And, these stupid brainwashed mind-controlled humans call me a conspiracy theorists? It shows how far they have been made dumb by the Illuminati alien gray nephilim and reptilian hybrid government leaders’ chemicals and electromagnetic waves and television entertainment programs and other technologies. The level of evil in these End Times has gotten to an extreme level where there are Western women walking around in trousers, and Western men walking around in dresses, and no one thinks anything is strange. We are living in modern day Sodomy and Gomorrah, which is ripe for God’s judgment; especially, nations like the United States which is almost entirely converted to feminism and homosexuality beliefs. The scientific world has discovered and announced its finding that these homosexual and feminist epi-marks which regulate molecular gene expression and androgen-dependent sexual development that are passed down from parent to child without modifying the genes. This solves the mystery how sin can be passed on from one generation to the third and fourth generations, without being seen in the family genes. The only power that can break this power of sin is Jesus’ supernatural intervention at a molecular and spiritual level. Genes hold the information, but it is the epi-marks that regulate how those information are carried out. This is why reptilians create reptilian behaving children, and criminals create broken family street gang type children, and sinful parents create sinful children, and alcoholic parents create alcoholic children, and fat selfish gluttonous parents create fat selfish gluttonous children, and ungodly reptilian witch mothers create ungodly reptilian homosexual children, and violent unethical Korean mothers create violent unethical Korean children. When one receives Jesus Christ as Savior, this genetic sin that carry from the parent to their children for continuous generations is broken. This is why when you preach that the Bible teaches that these psychopathic reptilian nephilim descendants who commit murder and rape and parasite off of the humans and cannibalize them in their satanic Illuminati rituals must be put to death, in order to rid the society of those reptilian psychopathic genocidal genes, then these Illuminati low life people will get very angry and gang stalk you to try to kill you by justifying it by telling each other that people like us who are God’s prophets need to be killed because we have dangerous anti-social beliefs. Who has dangerous anti-social beliefs? Is it the God’s prophets who preaches God’s truth to protect the human race from these reptilian psychopath nephilim hybrids who have since Noah’s days eaten humans, enslaved them, skinned them alive, aborted millions of them through their reptilian witch feminist movement abortion clinics to Baal Molech, raped them, sodomized them, and tortured them, or is it those reptilian psychopath genes nephilim descendants who do not have human souls but are demon spirits of the fallen angels and have been trying to genocide exterminate the entire human homo-sapiens race? You answer the question!


If the Illuminati in the coming Tribulation Age can imbed their nephilim reptilian genes or parasite serpent strand DNA into the human population in the coming Tribulation Age, they can make very evil people who would no longer be human souls but they would be nephilim unworthy of salvation through Christ. These epi-marks which are developed in the early stages of a fetuses development are there for protecting the humans from fluctuations in sexual hormones. However, when these epi-marks are transmitted from the parents to the children, they cause a reversal in sexual traits, such as in the genitals, or personal sexual identities, or preference of same gender partners. These epi-marks are usually there for a reason, and that is to protect the male fetuses from being feminized and female fetuses from being masculinized. This is much like Adam and Eve’s sin nature is passed along to every human being that has ever lived. Violent parents create violent children, and alcoholic parents tend to create alcoholic children, and gangster lying parents create lying children, unless the power of Christ intervenes. When each generation becomes more and more extreme in sin, then you have men behaving like women, and women behaving like men, just as we see now in these modern day End Times Western society, or in the ancient Satanist society of Atlantis during Noah’s flood. This is why God prophesied that it will be just like the times of Noah in these modern day End Times. You see a reversal of male and female roles and behaviors and a very satanic civilization. Feminism and homosexuality are an intimate part of the reptilian Illuminati Satanist scheme and purpose. The Illuminati reptilians are dumping tons and tons and tons of toxins into the human populaces’ food sources that genetically alter the human children to become homosexual. Those evil people have no spiritual protection from these toxins, so they become homosexual and feminist. Of course, unlike the Bride of Christ and the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, the religious lukewarm Christians will not listen to us who are God’s messengers and apostles to warn a fallen world of God’s imminent judgment, because they belong to this world and they are partakers in Satan’s values and lifestyle. They belong mind and body to this satanic society, and therefore, the Torah Truth that we preach sounds so foreign to them, and far-fetched, and untrustworthy. Darkness does not understand light, my children, only light understands light. These epi-marks that God has created in humans normally protect the parents from fluctuations in sexual hormones during the development of the fetus, but this disorder creates strongly feminist women like Jezebel or strongly effeminate men like the violent Ahab. When people have so much sex with so many partners, they become bored with the opposite sex, and they start lusting after homosexual partners. It is a level of depravity that perverts a person from the inside. As the Bible tells us, homosexuality is a curse of sin that God hands people over to, when they continue to sin against God. Just like there are genetic epi-marks imbedded in the feminists that make them feminists due to their hearts, there are epi-marks imbedded in the genes of homosexual people because of their sins, since they have no protection from the reptilian hybrid Illuminati’s genetic tampering, unlike God’s Christians who are protected. There is a point where God will not protect you from perversion, but God will just hand over a generation to its sin. As sin grows, it gets worse and more perverted. When a person becomes a Satanist or Freemason Illuminati secret society orgy member, God’s spiritual protection is taken away, so the fraternity college student or Satanist becomes open to satanic perversion of sexual behavior and sin, and demons control their minds and hearts more readily. Then, their sin and and feminist homosexual genetic perversions are carried on to their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. They choose the reptilian hybrid nephilim bloodline witches for their satanic fraternity and occult secret societies. The reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents already have sexually inverted perverted homosexual genes of the fallen angels as their bloodlines descend from them through thousands of years, as well as the masses of reptilian hybrid nephilim homosexual and feminist clones they are manufacturing in their secret underground bases and are introducing into the human society. Hence, homosexuality and feminist behavior will multiply many times more as society becomes more satanic and God’s judgment is just around the corner in the End Times, just like right before God judged the earth with Noah’s flood. It is not just an increase of sin in humans, but it is a homosexual and feminist perversion created by the reptilian Illuminati through chemical and genetic reengineering and physical manipulation and poisoning of the human race through the medical hospital pediatric vaccine and drugs and injection systems. Since they are at a very sinful and the lowest level of depravity without any ethics and morals and possessed by demons, if people point out that homosexuality and feminism are sins, then these homosexuals and feminists will get very angry and protest adamantly and demonstrate violently and form hit squads to try to assassinate you. Sinful people and nephilim demon spirit descendents do not repent and they also hate to have their sins and evil to be exposed, so what they do is to fight it politically, economically, socially, legally, and physically by assassinating those who speak the truth about homosexual and feminist sins and evil. It is like the Pharisee religious leaders who hated Jesus for exposing all their sins and hypocrisy, so they plotted to crucify Jesus on the cross. These are signs of a most lowest state of corruption and sin and depravity that a society can be transformed into by the devil and his fallen angels, and this is the point where God’s judgment age is usually unleashed. Humanity becomes no longer humanity, as we know it. They have been mass producing these nephilim demonic clone people in their Illuminati factories and replacing the human race with these imposter reptilian hybrid fakes into our society even as back as the Roswell UFO crash back in the 1950s. The aliens and the reptilian hybrid elite has had a treaty or unified program of kidnapping masses of humans, exterminating them, and replacing them with look-alike homosexual and feminist reptilian alien hybrid creatures to drive through their feminist and homosexual and New World Order agendas. They have gained support from the most evil humans in our society who ascribe to the devil’s feminist values and doctrines and activism. There is an Illuminati program to eliminate all the righteous people from the world, and replace them with the most evil people in the world. This is why just like in Noah’s Atlantis ancient days, our End Times modern world is filled with feminists and homosexuals and pagan occultists and religious people and every kind of Satanism.


You have to remember that the Draco nephilim aliens are bisexual creatures and abominations created by Satan and his fallen angels. They are demon spirits and not God’s holy creations. This is why the Illuminati hybrid reptilian witch nephilim descendant globalist elites are also bisexual in their Luciferian Satanist orgy sex rituals. This is why all the millions and millions of reptilian alien hybrid clones they have replaced humans with and released into our society are bisexual and homosexual and lesbian. This is why there is a surge in the number of homosexuals and bisexual Satanists in the End Times, just like in Noah’s days when the nephilim exterminated all humans except for Noah’s family. This is why these violent, evil, cannibalistic nephilim are very unethical, and they will accuse God’s Christians of “hate speech” and “political incorrectness” for teaching that God considers homosexuality as sin. The Bible prophesies that these reptilian alien hybrid clones or demon spirits will use “hate speech laws” and “political correctness” doctrines of Satanism, just like their Nazi nephilim ancestors did in World War 2, in order to arrest Christians and execute them. These reptilian demons do not want to hear that their behavior is sin and evil, and since these nephilim are evil creatures, their entire lifestyle is built on hatred, arresting, execution, cannibalism, and genocide. They are genetically homosexual and bisexual and Satanists, because they are of Satan’s reptilian genes. They represent everything that is evil and anti-God. This is why they hate God and hate His children, just like Satan hates God and hates His Christians. This is why all these millions and millions of alien hybrids that have taken over our human society say that if someone says that homosexuality is sin, they will throw that person out of their homes. This is why they say that homosexuality is good, and that feminism is great, and that abortion is wonderful. They look at God’s people who teach the truth as being evil people. To these nephilim who are alien human hybrid clones with demon spirits of nephilim alien species from various planets and star systems living in those human bodies, and call themselves the “star seed children” and “the new evolved psychic humans,” evil is good, and good is evil. Everything is opposite in their thinking. This is why God says in the Bible that those who say that evil is good, and good is evil, are cursed. When they increase in number in these End Times modern days, just like in Noah’s days, then the entire society becomes satanic, homosexual, feminist and occult pagan. To them, this is utopia. You have to remember that before they reincarnated into these new stolen human bodies whose souls have been soul-scalped by the aliens to house their ancient nephilim giant hybrid star seed children demon spirits, these nephilim giants in ancient times were already homosexual and lesbian and bisexual, just like the Draco reptilian nephilim chimera aliens who have both sexual organs. These demon spirits have possessed and taken over human bodies through thousands of years, and incarnated in both male and female bodies, so that is why they have sex with both male and female people. To them, their memories contain both male and female sexual orientations. This is why the homosexuals are hell bent in killing Christians who preach the Bible. They hate God, so they hate those who teach God’s teachings on homosexuality and bisexuality and bestiality and witchcraft and Satanism. They are not human souls, but they were artificially created when the fallen angels bred with human women, and they are still creating more alien hybrid demon spirit star seed psychic witch children. Currently, 10% to 15% of the people in the United States do not have human souls, but they are already demon spirits. The Bible warned us that this would happen in the End Times, just like it did in Noah’s times, when the fallen angels will once more try to mix their seed with the seed of humans. This is the extermination plan for the human homo-sapiens race, and the replacement with homo-capensis reptilian race by Satan, just as he tried to do in Noah’s ancient days of Atlantis.


Another way Satan and the fallen angels create feminist lesbians and gay homosexuals is through alien abduction and mind-programming. A lot those alien abducted by the reptilians disguised as other alien species are nephilim descendant witch race reptilian hybrid bloodline people and rhesus negative blue blood nephilim Illuminati Wicca witches and Illuminati men. It is because they do not have God’s protection as His creation. They are not God’s creation. The Dracos abduct these people, and technologically spiritually project images of having sex with the opposite sex, but when they are about to have sex, they are sexually assaulted by the Draco reptilian nephilim alien in a homosexual way. This occurs many times, in order to program the mind of these reptilian hybrid people into becoming homosexuals. The Draco reptilians also use the same mind-programming method to create serial killers also. (See video “The end of the reptilian overlordship Part 2 –James Bartley” at .)


In every Satanist run society like ancient Atlantis during Noah’s days, you have the Illuminati introducing chemicals into the food and atmosphere that disrupts the evil, spiritually unprotected people’s genetic epi mark, so that they become homosexuals and feminists. It is a way to destroy God’s family system unit and society and depopulate or exterminate the human homo-sapiens through feminist homosexuality lesbianism and infertility diseases. In the ancient Atlantis civilization, the Anunnaki Draco reptilians’ Illuminati governments mixed the genes of animals and humans to make chimeras, in order to use these chimeras for sexual pleasures. In the ancient Atlantis civilization, they created all these nephilim people with human bodies and demon spirits, so that they after these demon spirits or fallen angel hybrids reincarnated into both male and female hijacked human bodies so many times, they lost their sexual identity, and started becoming feminists and homosexuals. This is why in our present day End Times society, where there are so many hijacked bodies with nephilim demon spirits living inside of them, you have these people who are demon spirits and not human souls, and they love feminism and homosexuality. If God’s prophets teaches the human homo-sapiens that feminism and homosexuality are sin and not to practice them, then these feminists and homosexuals will become very angry, hateful, violent, accuse you of “hate speech against them”, and try to assassinate you. These reptilian witches and also the millions of reptilian alien human hybrid nephilim people they are creating in these modern current day End Times, just like in the ancient Atlantis days, are all homosexuals and feminists, because they are not human souls. This is why God says in the Bible that the fallen angels will once more try to mix their genes with human homo-sapiens in these final End Times, just like in the ancient Atlantis days of Noah that God destroyed. This is the true reason behind the massive increase of reptilian homosexual and feminist people in our modern day society. However, if you speak God’s Torah Truth to the human homo-sapiens, just like the ancient prophets of God spoke to the ancient Atlantis people about these truths, the Illuminati and their thousands and thousands of reptilian homosexual and feminist soulless people will come to try to kill you and silence you. They use their CIA unmanned vehicles, devices that can see you from the room next door to microwave you, put sulfuric acid in your products, poison you, gang-stalk you on every street corner and every room, hack your computer, block all your employers, and send thousands and thousands of their feminists and homosexuals and Koreans and Nazis and CIA assassin squads to shoot at you every few minutes with electromagnetic weapons. The demon spirits of nephilim that inhabit their stolen human bodies hate you because you speak God’s truth, and they hate all Christians who speak the truth from God’s Bible. The goal of their Illuminati is to exterminate all Christians and God’s people, and exterminate all human homo-sapiens who God created, and to convert the earth into an Illuminati utopia of reptilian homo-capensis nephilim people and chimera half-human half-animal sex people, and all kinds of genetically engineered satanic creatures like the dinosaurs. This is why God sent me to warn this world as the last prophet of God, and to warn the Illuminati, and to warn Satan, and to warn the heathen non-believers, and to warn the wicked religious Christians in the churches, to repent and turn from their evil. However, just like they did to the prophets who were sent to the ancient Atlantis civilization to warn them, the Illuminati and their reptilian hybrid people gang-stalked me and tried to assassinate me. Therefore, God will now judge them, and allow them to be genetically altered into nephilim by the Illuminati, and bring destruction upon this earth with fire, just as He did to the Atlantis civilization in Noah’s ancient times with the flood. The Atlantis people were also transformed into soulless nephilim by the reptilian Illuminati. This is where their sins have led them to. I was the last chance they had to repent. They blew their chance. Their genes do not mix properly with human genes, so along with the red hair, they have freckled skin. This is why in all of their children’s witchcraft Satanist novels like “Harry Potter,” the witches have red hair and freckles and live in Britain.


The Atlantis nephilim red-haired giants moved to Ireland and settled there as the Celts, so this is why a lot of the reptilian witches of Irish descent have red-hair, are intelligent, worship violent gruesome druid activities and witchcraft, have violent tempers, are feminists, and run the Illuminati, and want to revive the Illuminati New World Order Atlantis civilization. This nephilim witch homo-capensis race is different from our human homo-sapiens race. They are psychic and run the world.


Muammar Gaddafi was not running away from the American jet bombers, but rather, he was running away from the star gates that they had opened up in Libya that would not close and all these demonic spirits were coming out of them, so the American jet bombers had to bomb the star gates. As the Book of Revelation tells us, the gates of hell will open up and demonic creatures will come out to deceive the kings of the world. The Americans and Israelis and Muslims all cooperate under their Illuminati to carry out the work of the Illuminati in the background, while making it look to the humans that they do not get along with each other. There is no better way of unifying a people and making them follow you willingly and do your will than to create a common enemy. This is why the devil has done this throughout history, and his Illuminati has profited greatly through political popularity and the armament business created through this method, and in the End Times, Satan will once again use this technique by creating a common fake alien enemy, in order to unite all the kings and nations’ armies together to try to fight against God. Satan is a master of deception and he manipulates the dumb human populace at will. The National Security Agency (NSA) downloads human homo-sapiens peoples’ memories and emotions, and then destroy the body, and download the memories into a cloned body, in a practice of necromancy which is an abomination to God, called Magik Occultism. Tools of Magick and not Magic are things like wands and staffs and pendulums and pentagrams and other ancient alien tools of the feminists or witches. It is an alien technology of the fallen angels. A Masonic ritual above the 33rd degree involves an ancient ritual of the Brotherhood of the Snake Babylon Mystery religion where a human homo-sapiens person is thrown into a faraday cage where they are ripped apart by a large lion or tiger or snake, and their soul or bioplasmic energy is absorbed by the electromagnetic cage to be downloaded into a computer to be transferred to the clone body. The Nazis through the SSs Himmler perfected this technique that the Greek Spartans used to conduct. The Nazis found a way to bring back dead soldiers (necromancy) regardless of their wounds, and it is practiced in the NSA underground facilities in Brecon Beacon Wales and Dulce New Mexico called the Osiris procedure (Osiris is the Egyptian god of the Freemasons who was brought back to life). This is the way the Anti Christ will be brought back to life from his fatal head wounds (described in Bible prophecy). It is a cheap imitation attempt of Satan of Christ’s resurrection, using demon possession. This is not raising the dead as in the Bible, but it is just cloning. For example, the demon spirit nephilim that inhabited Edgar Cayce the psychic sorcerer was reincarnated from a demon spirit nephilim who used to be a reptilian hybrid priest in ancient Egypt. A lot these people who are gang stalking me with electromagnetic weapons and poisons and predator drone CIA aircrafts and Air Force jets and white vans are not people with human souls, but they are cloned feminist witch race nephilim creatures who are demon spirits in humanoid cloned bodies. They are the offspring of the fallen angels. They walk amongst us on the streets and work in our offices and attend our schools. These creatures are pure evil, and are replacing the human population. But if the humans are so incredibly dumb as to dismiss this Torah Truth as just conspiracy theorists, God will not protect them.


The reptilian hybrid genes of the nephilim are not normal genes, but they are a warped genetic deviation by Satan and his fallen angels, and that is why they are the modern day witches and warlocks, and they do not behave like normal humans. They behave more like the ancient nephilim giants of old. The epi-mark disorders are not erased, but they are carried over from generation to generation, so when the Illuminati starts converting everyone to this reptilian lifestyle and artificially chemically altered human populace, the number of feminist and homosexual humans among the human populace grows exponentially, which will culminate with an entirely feminist/homosexual society like that of Atlantis or Sodom and Gomorrah. Throughout the history of the planet earth and mars, whenever Satan and his fallen angels intervene in the affairs of mankind, it has resulted in the perversion and genetic alteration of the human race toward their reptilian agenda and Illuminati goals. This transmission of sexually antagonistic epi-marks from generation to generation is advancing at heightened levels in these End Times, as the earth’s population increases. As the science community such as the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis which brings together top scientists from various different disciplines through the sponsor of organizations like the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and research professors from the University of Tennessee and University of California Santa Barbara and Swedish Uppsala University advances in scientific discoveries and research findings, we begin to understand how these epi-marks of the human genes are being intentionally manipulated by the Illuminati reptilians, and how the feminist and homosexual population numbers will grow exponentially as we see the current known history of mankind comes to an end. The reason why these reptilian hybrid witch race descendents become homosexual is because they have a different genetic inheritance from the human homo-sapiens race. They are not souls but they are spirits, and very different from humans. They are now coming out more boldly with their sexual orientations, and parading their sins on the streets, and starting to persecute Christians with their new hate speech laws. When Joan Rivers announced to the world that Michelle Obama is a transvestite and Barack Obama is homosexual, she was immediately assassinated by the Illuminati.


These Draco reptilian nephilim aliens have abducted humans for thousands of years, and conducted genetic experiments on them. This is what is called the Great Experiment among the various alien species. They take over the humans’ bodies, soul scalp the human soul, sell it on the alien black market, and place in the body a nephilim reptilian demon spirit. The ancient nephilim reptilian demon spirit reincarnates in different human bodies age after age for thousands of years. This is why all of Satan’s Satanist religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism and pagan religions believe in reincarnation. These reptilian hybrids like the queen of England or Buddhist monks or New Age psychic prophets or Egyptian pharaohs and Illuminati bloodline families and rhesus negative blood type people and Hollywood actress witches and Dalai Lama keep reincarnating into new children’s bodies generation to generation. This is how these reptilian feminist Satanist bisexual demon spirit nephilim creatures have been parasites on human bodies for thousands of years. When these demon spirits have been reincarnating in female bodies for thousands of years, but all of a sudden is placed in a male body, the nephilim demon spirit is confused, and it feels like a female spirit in a male body, so it becomes homosexual. This is why all these Illuminati witches are bisexual and their Illuminati Satanist rituals involve bisexual homosexual activities, since the reptilian nephilim witch homo-capensis people are bisexual and homosexual. This is because they are a parasite species that have stolen human bodies through the thousands of years, and those bodies have been both male and female. For these demon spirits, they themselves are both male and female, and have sex with both homosexuals and lesbians. The spirit starts to take on the genetic signature of the body around it, and the body starts to take the genetic signature of the spirit inside it. These alien hybrid star children are very valuable to the aliens and the Illuminati. This is why God said that in the present modern End Times, it will be the same as in Noah’s days, when all the humans were exterminated by Satan and the fallen angels, and the Atlantis civilization was filled with nephilim reptilian hybrids. Therefore, in these last days that we are living in, as Satan’s aliens abduct more women, take their fetus, take out the human soul, replace it with their ancient nephilim demon reptilian spirits, and place it back into the women’s wombs, and then harvest the alien hybrid baby to raise it up according to their alien Satanist mind-programming, and then release millions and millions of these reptilian hybrid people into our human society that have demon spirits and not human souls, you have a tremendous surge of both homosexual bisexual and feminist people in society. The End Times just like in ancient Noah’s days is filled with these hybridized alien demon soulless creatures that are homosexual bisexual and feminist in nature, and they become ever more hateful and outspoken against God’s children the Christians and God’s Christian values, and they have gay pride parades in modern day Sodom and Gomorrah cities, and they enter government to enact “hate speech laws” to stop God’s Christians from teaching God’s truth concerning homosexual and feminist abominations against God’s creation. These reptilians are homosexual and feminist, so this is why when we who are God’s prophets preach that homosexuality and feminism are sins and an abomination to God, they send thousands and thousands of their Illuminati reptilian star children transhumanism genetically engineered alien hybrid people who look just like humans to gang stalk us and try to assassinate us and to try to silence us. A lot of these thousands of feminists and homosexuals and Koreans and mafia gangster mobsters and street gangs and NSA CIA MI6 Nazi assassin squad members and Illuminati assassins and Satanists who gang-stalk us and try to kill us are not humans, but they are star children hybridized alien reptilian demon spirit soulless creatures that have human bodies but do not have human souls. Since they are reptilian homo-capensis species people, they are psychopaths and sexually immoral and have no problems in killing humans. They are Luciferian Satanists because they are not human souls and they are demon spirits. God never created these creatures. Satan’s aliens are manufacturing them by stealing humans’ bodies. The current End Times human society is flooded with them, and these Illuminati people who are alien hybrids now control the government, presidential offices, legislative congress, judiciary courts, military, intelligence, police, schools, colleges, television medias, newspaper medias, Hollywood movie entertainment, religious organizations, cult groups, Satanist secret societies, feminist activist groups, homosexual activist groups, anti-Christian groups, business corporations, banking systems, Nazi laboratories, space programs, and every other aspect of human society. It is just like in Noah’s flood’s days, so this is why God will exterminate these nephilim people with fire this time. These new alien human hybrids who look just like us humans are satanic creatures along with their thousands of years old Illuminati bloodline family reptilian hybrid nephilim witch people, so God has to annihilate them, or else, they will annihilate God’s human homo-sapiens race. If you are a Christian and teach this Torah Truth to the world, then Satan and his reptilian alien hybrid government and Satanist Illuminati will try to silence you and kill you, just like they tried to do to with Jesus and Elijah and Moses and King David and Apostle Paul and Jeremiah and all the ancient prophets of God. Nothing has changed for thousands of years. As the Bible says, it is always the Serpent’s seed descendants trying to kill and genocide the human woman’s seed descendants. This has been the history of the earth.