Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 30


Satan and the fallen angels can see parts of the future, so they have imitated Christ’s communion with their Eucharist. Communion is Jesus’ symbolism of dedicating our lives to Christ. Eucharist is practiced by the Church of Satan in the Vatican and Freemasonry and all the other Brotherhood of the Snake secret occult societies of the pagan Mystery Babylon religion, because it is the ancient pagan satanic ritual of Babylon where they believe the wine and bread actually transforms into Osiris’ blood and body. This is a reptilian ritual, and in their reptilian satanic child sacrifice witch ritual, they kill the child and drink the blood and eat the body. The reptilians have always been cannibals, and this is why the witches have always eaten humans, and the ancient nephilim giants ate humans. The reptilians started cannibalism. This is why the first people to land on the moon, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong conducted the Freemason satanic ritual of drinking wine and eating bread on the moon. All the reptilians and satanic secret society members are allowed to become astronauts. As you know from my book, the meaning of the number 33 is symbolic for the Freemason Illuminati Satanists. This is why the space shuttle landing strips, launch pads, moon landing angle degree are all named 33. The Freemason rituals came from Mithraism or Satanism of Rome, Persian, Babylon and Sumer. It worships the sun god Osiris. The ancient Egyptian royalty nephilim and these present day Illuminati secret society nephilim Satanists believe that when they die, their demonic spirits (which they believe are human souls) will go to join their alien fallen angel fathers and the devil in Sirius in the Orion Constellation, just like all their Illuminati Egyptian pyramid alignments and NASA Orion emblems symbolize . The Illuminati secret society reptilian Satanists have hid from the public and humans all the technology and secrets of Atlantis and the pyramids and Sumer. They have hogged all the knowledge, and call themselves the smart illuminated ones, while they call the humans whom they consider inferior monkey creatures as stupid, and have deprived the human homo-sapiens from all the true knowledge and secret technologies, in order to control and steal from the humans. And these reptilian Illuminati witches try to kill God’s apostles and prophets, because we share all the technologies and secrets and knowledge that they hide from the humans freely to the humans, so they may know what the Illuminati had stolen from the humans. This is why Satan is so secret, while God shares the truth in love. If it were not so, then there is no reason for Satanism to be veiled under all their Satanist occult secret handshakes and symbols and signs and rituals. The gospel of God and our Jesus Christ is free and open to all who will listen, and we hold nothing back from the humans, because God has given even His own life for us on the cross. The evidence is evident to all to examine by the acts, outward behavior, and access to information. Satan is always like the villain who comes to steal the ice cream from God’s baby. God’s gives freely and blesses and imparts knowledge and wisdom through His children, while Satan’s children steals, hides, kills, assassinates, connives, schemes, genocides, holocausts, hordes, and lies freely. You look at the serpent genes, and you will know its behavior. Satan is called the serpent for a reason. I am a thorn in his side, and his worst nightmare. Satan intends to genocide the Jews, but God is preaching to the remnant through me, who will get saved. It spells the doom of Satan. God’s is holding back His wrath against the demon race, because He gives ample time for the evil to repent, and also, He wants to reward His Bride Church Saints with as much reward as possible when they get to heaven, and He is glorified by His mercy and patience.


There is tremendous hatred toward the Jews, because there are so many reptilians in the world, and their nephilim clones are increasing every day, and because of their media mind-control propaganda, and because of all the reptilian hybrids’ dead spirits that roam around the world controlling people and areas where Israel’s enemies control, since those are the exact territories that the ancient Israelites disobeyed God and did not drive the Raphaim reptilian hybrids out of the land.


Illuminati members and their Nazis believe that their Aryan race originated from the reptilian gods or aliens who were the ancient kings and queens and pharaohs. Illuminati people like Wernher von Braun and other Nazis who were reunited into the CIA and NSA firmly believed that their reptilian Aryan race descended from these aliens, and they were obsessed with creating technology to go to the stars. On the surface, the United States and Soviet Union were in an arms race and espionage war and racing for the moon, but in reality, they were sharing technologies to go to the moon together to get the alien technologies on the moon. The astronauts had to be Freemason members or Satanists, so that they would not share to the public about the alien technologies they would find on the moon.


There is much evil and hidden occult powers at work behind the scenes in our society, to purposely keep the human race in the dark and ignorance and dumbness, so that the Illuminati reptilians can keep power, keep control, keep secret information, keep the humans under ignorance and slavery, exterminate and use humans, and exploit the human homo-sapiens race. Any humans who realize this are assassinated with electromagnetic weapons to make it look like cancer or heart attacks or other diseases, or made to look like they committed suicide, or made to look like they got killed by crime, or made to look like they got killed in a car accident or Titanic sinking or many other methods that the Illuminati reptilians use. The foolish religious Christians are touched and moved by the Satanist Illuminati’s movies like the “Titanic,” while it was the Satanist Illuminati who purposely sank the Titanic, in order to get rid of 60 world bankers who were against the Illuminati creating a Federal Reserve Bank to steal all the world’s money. The religious Christian women make such a glamour and fall in love with the Satanist’s romantic mind-control propaganda movies like the “Titanic,” because they do not have the Holy Spirit, but in reality, if you have the Holy Spirit and are a real Christian, you know that the Titanic sinking was a brutal, gory, realistic (not fantasy love story) usual Satanic mass human sacrifice ritual.


During the last few months, over fifty bankers have died mysteriously. All those Illuminati bankers who financed my execution are now being executed by God. This is an irony. All who attack God’s apostle are attacked many times more, and destroyed, health, life, finance, peace, family and in every other way.


All the scholars and professors are receiving money from the Illuminati to misinform and play dumb on purpose, or are threatened by the Illuminati supervisors or receive peer pressure with the fear of losing their jobs or fear of being ridiculed or fear of being ostracized from the academic world or fear of even being killed, or are chosen for their inability to think logically or practically or flexibly, or they place all their own Satanist Illuminati members in these college professors’ positions. This explains why at every building I passed by in the college campuses, I would be shot from the buildings by Illuminati members with electromagnetic weapons and some of these professors would come out to attack me, because these universities are all full of Illuminati Satanist members. Just like the politicians or police or intelligence agencies or military or financial institutions or mob gangs or drug rings or media or motion picture industry or gambling industry or science industry or terrorist groups, the educational institutions are another area that the Satanist Illuminati have controlled for thousands of years, in order to control society.


There are nephilim who are small and some that are huge, depending on what use they are cloned for; and they can communicate telepathically for ease of controlling them. Others look like the alien grays, though they are considered inferior, and do menial tasks such as navigate, tend to food and to prisoners, and also due higher intellectual work like the inter-dimensional gray hybrid nephilim. The alien grays are a dying race, because cloning degenerates their genes, and they need a new gene pool from the humans to hybridize and survive. The reptilians created the gray hybrid nephilim, because they can function in our realm or dimension. There are also those reptilian nephilim who look human and walk amongst us as the presidents, politicians, police officers, teachers, television announcers, celebrities, queens, feminist activists, mafia gangsters, etc., in order to slowly take over the human planet quietly through a controlled and slow process, without a war and destruction. There are said to be those who do not even know they are reptilians, unless their genes are investigated, and they are controlled by the Illuminati, and they will be activated when the New World Order is launched, and they will be used like a terrorist cell group. These humans are being harvested for their sperm and eggs and DNA genes and blood and tissue, in order to create these disgusting nephilim in the underground secret military bases to become the presidents and prime ministers and your coworkers in your offices and your children’s school teachers and feminist activists to further their pro-choice movements or depopulation program. It is an invasion program by an extraterrestrial race. They are technologically more advanced. Most intelligent researchers like Dr. David Jacobs who have been researching them for 20 years are not optimistic but very pessimistic, and have very little hope for their children and grandchildren. These gray aliens are capable of neurologically controlling the human populace. The human abductees are mind controlled by being shown images by the gray aliens over and over again, where they are in the future to tell panicking human beings who run up to them saying that they are going to be killed, and to instruct these humans to go this way and that everything is going to be alright. These nephilim are the ones who have been shooting EMP weapons at me and gang-stalking me—they are filthy reptilian creatures disguised as your fellow humans and even church Christians. They are malevolent creatures who have a very sinister agenda, just like during Noah’s flood. They are not creating these nephilim like the ancient giants of Noah’s days, but they are creating them to human size, so that they can disguise themselves as humans. (See YouTube video “Hybrid Alien Invasion” at .)


The most stupid people in society are the most educated and the scholars, and this is why the Illuminati make them the professors and academic leaders of the human society. It makes absolute sense does it not, if you are a reptilian and trying to kill all humans? This is why the professors and scholars did not believe that energy and matter can be interchanged until very recently when the fallen angels informed the Edomite Albert Einstein, and these academic people and educators still do not believe that dinosaurs lived until recent times with humans, and they do not even believe in the legends of the dragons. They do not believe in any of Satan’s Illuminati’s legendary genetically reengineered perverted monster creatures. The Illuminati chooses as scholars the most stupid people who only store a lot of information in their brains and knowledge, but who will not really think logically or practically or have common sense. They look for the genetics in people who can store a lot of information and pass academic tests and write dissertations, but they kill off all the humans who have genes to question or have intuition or leadership or creativity or ability to think freely. These people are a threat to the reptilians, so their genes are killed off. So, you have left all the descendents of half-witted humans who can be herded and mind-controlled like cattle. Or, they place all of the Illuminati Satanist scientists into the key positions. The Illuminati aliens are mutilating livestock animals by surgically removing their organs without any bloodshed, in order to retrieve these animals’ DNAs and tissues to create disgusting chimera half-human half-animal nephilim witches. The ancestors of the Incas were Satanist violent fallen angels, who taught all kinds of evils to the humans, and were worshipped.


There is a systematic extermination and weeding program being conducted on the human homo-sapiens race by the reptilian hybrid Illuminati Satanists. They are assassinating all the humans who carry the leadership genes, as well as the genes to discern and question and stand up for righteousness. These people or genes are being eradicated by the reptilians, because they want a slave mind-controlled stupid human race, until they can exterminate all the humans through massive executions in the Illuminati FEMA concentration camps, World War 3 nuclear war, manufactured pandemics, global market crash starvation and carpet bombing of rioting masses, and other methods. It is not difficult to kill these people who stand up against the Illuminati Satanists and reptilians, or who stand up against feminism, or who stand up against the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank, or other things that the Satanists establish. All they have to do every time is to sink ships, crash planes, create car accidents, poison, etc. In the ancient days, they poisoned people and sank the Titanic. In modern days, they have added technology to murder massive amounts of human homo-sapiens who have the leadership gene and righteousness gene by shooting powerful electromagnetic beams at their heart while they sleep, which create massive heart attacks. Most of the murders on the evening television news are conducted by the Illuminati reptilian Satanists, and all the sudden deaths of the famous celebrities and politicians are part of their Satanist ritual sacrifices to the devil. This is why you have more and more stupid and mind-controlled and sinful and evil and unethical humans surviving and increasing on the earth, in these End Times. It is exactly like the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim Satanists’ breeding program to exterminate all the human leaders and righteous people, just like farmers kill off all the unwanted genes in pigs and cows and chicken, and they only breed the pigs and cows and chicken that are favorable for their business or agenda. The End Times generation is becoming more and more stupid and evil, as you can see from the world, right now. This is the Illuminati’s method of surviving as a minority reptilian race among the human race, and maintaining greater control over the human populace. Their goal is to gain all the positions of power and wealth and information in the human society, and once they are ready, they will start the global-warming terra-forming for the reptilian race, and the massive extermination of 99% of the world’s population, and repopulating of the world with their reptilian nephilim hybrid monster race of Nazi Aryan witch descendents, and start their New World Order of their Anti-Christ, and invite their father Satan to his position as world ruler. The people who are getting in the way of this are the born-again Christians, because they cannot kill the real Christians, and the Holy Spirit in the Christians are suppressing the evil of the Anti-Christ and New World Order from being realized. However, once the Christians are raptured out of this earth by Jesus, then the devil and his offspring nephilim race of reptilian witch descendents will be free to bring in their Anti-Christ dictator and New World Order of the Illuminati and their New Atlantis Satanist society, again, just like in Noah’s flood’s days. Just as in Noah’s days, they will start creating half-humans and half-animals, and hybrids between fallen angel reptilians and humans, and all kinds of grotesque creatures. They will try to create their utopia world of freaks and super soldiers and superheroes and dinosaurs and giants and chimeras and ugly demonic creatures. Just like the Illuminati bloodlines, they will not have human souls, but they will be demonic spirits or offspring of the fallen angels and Satan’s seed.


The Pharisee religious scholars of Jesus’ time are great examples of people who can store a lot of information in their brains, but they do not understand Jesus’ words of wisdom. Paul was gang-stalked by these Edomite nephilim Pharisees, so that because of his personality, he got so fed up that he went into Jerusalem to get his life over with. These overgrown Edomite financiers and bankers and billionaire Zionist fake Jews are overgrown slimy snake people walking around in fake human holographic images, but they are just high IQ nephilim reptiles. They do not have God’s wisdom or the Holy Spirit. If they had the Holy Spirit, then these religious hippy pastors and Pharisees would not attack God’s apostles and prophets. These gutless religious Christians like these linguistic professors will not declare that to the Illuminati and Pharisees, but they will just mumble bits and pieces of nonsense to their friends quietly, although they boast that they have a lot of faith and are great religious scholars. Boneless hypocrites! And they try to torment God’s apostles, because of jealousy toward the wisdom of the Holy Spirit? This is why they will be thrown into the fire with the weeds! They upset me and the Holy Spirit, more than the Satanists do. Those religious Christians who adhere to the Western values of women’s equality and humanism are not the Bride of Christ. They will be left with the tares on the earth. The Satanists do what Satanists do, but these linguistic professor hypocrites claim to be great religious leaders and academics of God. Cursed are they! They plot against and criticize God’s prophets day and night. They try to intimidate God’s apostles and prophets not to share the Torah Truth to others or preach about it. They oppose God’s people and Christ. They are not even real linguistic professors, but they are just self-proclaimed professors, and they are charlatans. They stalk after God’s people with satanic spirits like sexual stalkers (they have a stalking spirit), and try to use you to make money. Once they discover you are useless to them in making money and are a burden instead, they will throw you out to the wolves and to Satan. They worship mammon and they could care less for God’s people or apostles or for Christ. Their lives are built on deception and lies, as they do the opposite of what they preach, and they keep the Torah Truth from the world, and their every behavior and thought is of the spirit of this world and not of the Holy Spirit’s fruit. This is why they teach false doctrines, and they associate with the devil’s servants, and they try to make others their slaves while they remain lazy. They feed off of other people, but criticize their food, and they criticize fat people, but they are fat themselves. They are blind and hypocrites. They have violent tempers and falsely condemn God’s apostles.  This is why they are waiting to pounce on God’s apostles’ teachings out of their jealous hearts, for these Pharisees like to be called “sensei” or “teacher” and hate it when God’s apostles have God’s Holy Spirit’s wisdom and Torah Truth. Therefore, since they cannot find fault with the Torah Truth teachings, they will say how evil it is for God’s apostles to use PowerPoint five senses training material in their sermons. This is because they are lazy to make them themselves, and do not like the amazing presentations that God does through His people. Instead of learning and giving thanks, they start despising God’s apostles and try to find something to criticize and depress the apostles and prophets of God, for they are Pharisees who learn by academics. They do not have the Holy Spirit or the Spirit’s love, humility, gratefulness, wisdom, unlike God’s people who thank the apostles and try to incorporate what God does through the apostles, without laziness. This is why when these Pharisees and linguistic professors teach the Word, it is nonsensical and stolen verbatim from academics and they hide the main parts of the Torah Truth or circumvent the important parts. They are very dangerous, because when it seems like they are teaching the right doctrine from all the teachings they copy from God’s people, they suddenly, sneakily introduce wrong doctrine that kills. Those foolish religious Christians are deceived and led astray, because they cannot distinguish spirits. These religious leaders and linguistics professors are hypocrites. This is why they will point to someone walking on the streets and say, “That guy is fat!”, even though they are fat themselves, or they will say, “Filipino food is tribal junk food and tastes like crap,” even though they go to many, many Filipino churches an hour or two late in order to miss the sermon but only gorge on the food and force others to take home food for them. The linguistic professors buy new phones and computers every month, and they spend thousands of dollars on their pyramid business in the hope of becoming millionaires, but they will scream and yell at brothers in Christ not to use the heater and try to make them get sick and die from sub freezing temperature, or yell and scream at people if they take more than one shower a week. They do not have the Holy Spirit, so they always try to lead God’s people to wrong doctrines and wrong people and wrong business and wrong behavior. They have no discernment of the Torah Truth, but just copy or plagiarize what other people teach, and make themselves look like great teachers or holy men. They do not care about others, so they are too lazy to spend time developing their Bible teachings, but they just read verbatim what they have plagiarized. Since they do not have the faith to write or declare boldly about the Illuminati or Satanists, they do not get persecuted by the devil, at all. These linguistic professors are not real linguistic professors, but they are fakes. They think that humans have greater capabilities, but they do not know that dolphins have more sophisticated sonar language. They behave as if they are great learned men by saying things like, “Animals have no sense of the future,” but if that were so, the squirrels would not store away food for the winter. They think of themselves as great Pharisee scholars, but they are one of the most stupid imbeciles who are so blind they cannot even see their feet. When you see fish go and call other fish when there is food or get in between two fighting fish to stop the fight, you know that animals are much more intelligent and have more goodness than these fake linguistic professors whose hearts are as black as skunk fart. The reason why these so-called self-proclaimed linguistic professors talk a whole lot in clear sentences and with sweet talk to women and their criminal enterprise bosses, but to the people who they think are not important or beneficial to them, they just blurt out only one word or two words or at the most short phrases is because of two reasons. First, they are too lazy to speak whole sentences to humans who they think are unimportant and inferior to them. Second, they have a huge pride, so they want to make themselves look like they are very smart and mysterious, and want people to guess what they are trying to say. This is why people get angry at these linguistic specialist Pharisees, because they do not know linguistics or how to really communicate, but they only know the formulas and academics of linguistics teachings formulated in the educational institutions, and that is why they just mumble meaningless and nonsensical words and phrases every time you try to carry out a normal conversation with them. Dear brothers, do not be like these fake linguistic professors who are brain dead. Instead, speak clearly and simply so that even children can understand the gospel and Torah Truth. God did not make the Torah Truth difficult, so that only lawyers and CPAs can understand their professional language, in order that only they can make money off of their specialized language and legal financial documents to parasite fees off of society. No, God speaks clearly and directly. It is only the evil heart that does not have the Holy Spirit that does not understand the Torah Truth for they are already lost. Those who have the Holy Spirit understand His wisdom. Do not be like these sly, dishonest, so-called linguistic professor Pharisees who repent and sweet talk to God, but to God’s apostles and prophets who represent God, they think they can ignore and abuse and falsely accuse and starve and freeze and stalk thinking they can gain profit from them and discard once they are of no use to them. They do not know that what they have done to God’s children, they have done onto God, and what they did not do for God’s children, they did not do for God, for God’s apostles and prophets are representing God Himself. If they have contempt for God’s people, it means they have contempt for God. Their evil heart is proven.
These linguistic professors say that they went to the top seminaries in the world, but they cheated on their exams and got expelled from the seminary. What kind of a person with the Holy Spirit would try to cheat on God’s Word? They want to save a few yen on city authorized trash bags, so they illegally throw their trash away in the public parks, and get angry if others do not commit the same crimes. They tell everyone they are master cooks and that they can make the best Thai curry, but all they do is just go to the specialty shops to buy the canned Thai curry that are already made, and make it look to the people as if they cooked it. Their entire life is built on deception and lies. These so-called self-proclaimed linguistic professors who boast how others honor them, try to sell their outrageously overpriced health supplement pyramid scheme business bondage membership to all the people in church, in order to try to become instantly wealthy.


These so-called linguistic professors are hard-line ultra left-wing communist fanatics. They were part of the 1960’s left-wing violent uprising, but they will deny it. They call themselves linguistic professors in order to gain respect and trust from stupid religious Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit. Then, they infiltrate the Western Christianity churches where foreigners frequent and attend. They steal bits and pieces of Torah Truth teachings from religious teachers’ materials, in order to make it look like they know a lot about theology, in order to gain respect and trust from the stupid religious Christians, and drop down their guard. Once they got them wholly trusting them and pulled down their guards, they start introducing their ultra left-wing communist doctrines of Satan into the Western Christianity they teach. It is hidden in and woven into their teachings cleverly and slyly. This is how they sneak into God’s churches with Westerners and churches which have a lot of U.S. military personnel, in order to indoctrinate and brainwash them to Satan’s left-wing beliefs and values. This is how these spies recruit people into their ideologies by laying a trap. They believe that since religious people are easily brainwashed, it would be an ideal place to recruit spies and spread their communist manifesto. They are members of the communist party, but since they are not from God, they will lie easily, and deny any connection to the communist party. The self-proclaimed so-called linguistic professors of strong Korean ancestry are built on deception, and sent by Satan to lead many religious Christians into their form of left-wing communist Christianity and false-doctrines and Satan’s traps. These religious Pharisees are one of the most dangerous sort of people for their path leads to death. This is why they have a very harsh Korean temperament and deceitful trait. Beware, dear children, of these wolves in sheep’s clothes that infiltrate the churches and Christian para-church organizations. They will lure you into Satan’s path of death. However, the stupid religious Christians will worship these gurus and charlatans, and will be mesmerized by them, because they are stupid religious Christians. It is the destiny of those who do not love the truth to be deceived by the lie.


These self-proclaimed, so-called linguistic professors will hang out with criminals every time, in order to make money from them. Since they do not want to hang around these criminals alone, they will force Christians to go with them by deceiving them into thinking that it is for ministry and sharing Christ. In reality, it is just for them to make money. These people who make others respect them and trust them by saying that they are linguistic professors are charlatans and criminals. They will turn God’s church into a money-making enterprise. They are used by Satan to distract Christians from their real work and ministry, and to waste the Christians’ times and money and energy by diverting them to associate with criminals. These linguistic professors are given a lot of knowledge, which are a lot of times deceptive doctrines that float around the internet, in order to make the Christians think that these linguistic professors are great religious leaders, and to try to make them trust these linguistic professors. This is why these Japanese linguistic professors of Korean ancestry are master deceivers and charlatans and false-prophets. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, be very careful of these type of people who are sent into the church. Many will be sent by Satan to you to try to deceive you and distract you and obstruct you.


These fake linguistic professors who are hoarders that live in garbage dump apartments with their garbage and mildew and molds and bed bugs will scold you that you have no love because your human genes and body cell and Holy Spirit will not accept the reptilian hybrid witches that come out to the church to cause havoc among the Christians, and sexually stalk the Christians, and place curses on the Christians. This is why these fake Japanese linguistic professors of Korean ancestry are crazy and dumb. They attack God’s children and they ally with Satan’s witches.


This is why these upside down dove Illuminati symbol Calvary Chapel church conference and their hippy rogue pastor Pharisees teach everything that is from Satanism, such as the reptilian hybrids’ democracy doctrines of “we rule” principles; feminist doctrines of “women’s equality so wear men’s trousers and women do not need to wear head coverings” principles; medical doctor and hospital treatment doctrines of “Babylonian witchcraft” principles; patriotism doctrines of “our nation and support our troops” principles; increase religious members doctrines of “rock and roll Christian Satan worship concert” principles; stay in church and breed genetic descendents doctrines of “family love and create a Christian family” principles; pagan occult Satanist doctrines of “pierce your ears and tattoo your bodies to desecrate God’s holy temple” principles; Mammon worship doctrines of “get a good job and save up for retirement pensions and buy a house” principles; be a faithful Christian doctrine of “you have to attend a nice Christian church that is an Illuminati Mystery Babylon religious institution on their satanic occult Sunday” principles; preoccupation with Christianity doctrine of “just attend church on Sundays and conduct church ministries and finance missions and get members through religious evangelism and study satanic theology and listen to Illuminati spy ministers and create ridiculous church institutions of worship and pay religious bondage tithes faithfully and hug each other with hippy love Sananda Jesus greetings and be conservative political activists” doctrines; and hold dear and be a faithful adherent of the Illuminati Satanist values and systems of Western Christianity. The Church was never meant to be church buildings with full-time staff and with pastors / nuns / priests. These principles are from Satanism: the Synagogue of Satan, which hire priests for their religious ritual activities or freemason lodge grand master. A pastor is normally just a volunteer who is like a airplane stewardess or caretaker or spiritual mentor. In Satan’s Western Christianity churches, the pastor or minister or father has become a holder of Satanist doctrines and a teacher and an administrator and a full-time person who gets a regular salary to lead the religious people to what the Illuminati has ordered and instructed. For Satan, it is convenient to have such a pastor or minister or priest, because he can insure that the religious people are led to Satanism effectively and mind-controlled and demonically controlled spiritually in an organized fashion. The religious Christians who hold membership in these church institutions and go to church on Sundays is like livestock pigs that are led to the pig pen to wallow in feces. Their names are already registered with these Illuminati Nazi extermination and brainwash institutions of Western Christianity, and together they will be led like livestock pigs to the Illuminati Anti-Christ’s slaughter butcher program. A lot of their pastors and ministers and fathers have already reported their church members’ names and addresses and children’s information to the Illuminati government organizations and to Satan. This is why the hippy rogue pastors preach every Sunday to search for a spouse and have families and settle down with children, and have permanent jobs, and do not move around too much, or not to go out into the world to make disciples of all men. When you think about it, these religious Christians are surprisingly dumb, because they have rejected our Torah Truth who is Christ. They have loved Satan and his doctrines of Satanism over the Word of truth who is Jesus Christ. How dare they insult Jesus and ridicule Him by calling our Torah Truth as heresy and crazy teachings and politically incorrect and infringement of hate laws and old-fashioned and not Christianity. I do not want anything to do with their dirty, stinking, putrid, disgusting, vomit Christianity and church theology and church organizations and church programs and humanist Satanist doctrines of Jezebel and Illuminati created religion, because I worship God and God only and I preach Jesus and Jesus Christ only and live in the Spirit and the Holy Spirit only. I live Christ and I live Torah Truth and I live unto the Holy Spirit. Let this be your lives and lifestyles, too, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren who are spread out throughout the world and globe and every nation, for you are the true descendents of Israel and you are the holders of God’s promise and time has awaited you to rise up to pick up the banner for Christ. Arise now! Assume your roles! Make disciples of all nations and tongues and tribes. This is a battle between those of the Illuminati who have the serpent seed reptilian genes and you who have Israel’s seed human genes. It is a battle between the sons of the devil and the sons of God. It is a battle between demon spirits that do not have human souls and those who have human souls. It is a battle between freak monsters manufactured by Satan and God’s holy creation people. It is a battle between illegitimate sit in homeless parasite people of Satan and legitimate children of God who give freely the Word of Life. It is a battle of those feminist reptoid witch race of Satan and the holy priest kings of God It is a battle of those who are already headed to the Lake of Fire and of those who are already headed to heaven of God’s Kingdom. It is a battle that has raged from the ancient times and throughout the ancient prophets’ times, and a battle that still continues to modern times. The devil’s children had always ruled this earth through Nimrod and Caesar and Chinese Kings and Nazi dictators and Pharisees and King Herod’s and Barack Obamas and Anti-Christs and Rothchilds and Disneys and Kennedys. They are nephilim creatures or blue bloods. This is why these Caesars and Greek mythology heroes were nephilim giants. They have battled Adam’s children who have served God through the ancient prophets and apostles and men of God. The reptilian witch race nephilim feminists are not only aborting human fetuses by the millions in modern days, but they had sacrificed babies to their burning Moloch statues of Baal in ancient times, and in modern times in their witch rituals.


The reason why these reptilian hybrid feminist witch descendents called the Feminazi (the feminists and Nazis were both created for the Illuminati reptilian Satanist agenda and belong to the Brotherhood of the Snake Babylonian Sumerian religion of Satanism) always punch and kick pro-life demonstrators and continuously try to assassinate me is because they are the soulless ones or nephilim descendents of the fallen angels that the Bible talks about. They are creating more of these cloned creatures or alien reptilian hybrids who support abortion and family breakup and infertility poisoning of human food sources and assassinations and mass children kidnapping witch satanic live child sacrifice rituals and consumption of human children’s flesh is because they are entirely a different species of humanoids. These black nobility bloodline and newly created nephilim demon spirits are reptilian psychopath Satanists who have the genocide of the homo-sapiens human race and fetuses and children as a core purpose for their Illuminati feminist movement and Hollywood feminism brainwashing and giving of all professor positions to their witch race women. The humans are stupid, so they do not know what is going on behind the feminist activist movement. It has nothing to do with women’s rights, but it has everything to do with the extermination of the human race and replacement with the reptilian race. The humans are just food supplies for these reptilian vampires. If you disclose this secret, then they will try to kill you. That is why we need thousands of people disclosing their secrets to the humans. There are groups in Arizona that are practicing shooting down these feminist Nazi CIA Illuminati gang stalking unmanned aerial vehicle drones from the skies. There are groups that are disclosing these Illuminati feminist groups’ assassination squad electromagnetic weapons that these Satanist secret societies use against their human homo-sapiens race victims. The dumb downed human populace do not realize what is happening to them when the Illuminati reptilian propaganda departments claim that when there are more male student numbers in college, it is discrimination against women, but when there are more female students placed into the college, they claim that women are more smarter and committed than men while men like to just party more. When a few people dare to stand up and speak out with the Freedom of Speech to uncover these lies and mind-control tactics of the feminazi or feminist fascists, then the Illuminati reptilian descendents send their hundreds and hundreds of feminist assassins to try to kill us. The Illuminati’s agenda is the mind-control of all human homo-sapiens, in order to realize their reptilian world, and anyone who hinders their feminist agenda and human extermination agenda is assassinated. This is why they are killing everyone who opposes their brainwashing program, except for a few of their spies recruited to offer a counter argument, in order to create their usual bipolar extremism, so that they can control the populace, just like they created communism and capitalism, conservatism and liberalism, Western Christianity and Islam, Homeland Security police state martial laws and terrorist support programs, and Nazism and Allied forces, and every other polar opposites throughout history. But, they keep opposition to their agenda a bare minimum; only enough to convince the dumb human populace that there are opposition voices and arguments allowed in their fake so-called democratic system and fake freedom of speech. If the Christians try to disclose their true connection between the Illuminati and the feminists, and the true agenda behind the human extermination program and feminist activism, they try to immediately assassinate us by sending hundreds and hundreds of their reptilian feminist witch nephilim hybrid descendent demon spirit people. However, since the Christians are protected by God and they cannot kill us, it is only the Christians who are telling the truth and teaching the true secrets of the Illuminati Satanist feminists to the human populations. These are signs of the End Times and imminent judgment upon the earth by God, just like God judged the nephilim feminist witch reptilian hybrid genetically engineered infested earth with Noah’s Great Flood that wiped them out. Feminism is a direct measurement of the evil of a society, and the more nephilim they manufacture and release into the society by kidnapping and cloning humans is a direct measurement of how close we are to God’s judgment falling upon this earth and their reptilian alien fallen angel fathers, again. God will not allow Satan to infest this earth with his demon offspring genes completely and wipe out the children of Adam. Feminism and feminist Moloch sacrifice ritual worship is only allowed as long as Satan is allowed to roam about this earth. Once the devil is thrown into the Lake of Fire, his children will be thrown into the Lake of Fire and eternal judgment in hell, also. The reason why these feminists eat these human sacrifice victims in their witches’ nephilim race rituals is the same as the reason why the Islamic State (ISIS is the name of the goddess sister of Baal Moloch the feminists’ god and also known as Mother Mary to the Catholics) nephilim giants also execute their prisoners and cannibalize them, too. The feminists and ISIS 7 foot-tall giants are both nephilim descendents, and as the Bible tells us, they are cannibals of humans. The reptilian hybrids have always been cannibals and eat humans. They have been cloned by the Illuminati, and have returned to the land of the ancient Raphaim giants. Manufacturing of these genetic monsters is going on at fast pitch in the Illuminati magicians’ laboratories. These ISIS fighter nephilim clone armies were created by the Illuminati’s Mossad to create havoc in the Middle East and bloodshed and eat humans.


The nephilim U.S. presidents and royal families and world’s richest bankers devil bloodline families not only own most of the world’s money and power positions in modern days by creating their parasite banking systems and stock market systems and narcotics industries to steal from the human populace, but these nephilim giants bloodline descendents had ruled the earth since ancient times as emperors and kings and pharaohs and Caesars and aristocrats. Nothing has changed, and there is nothing new under the sun, but it is just a repeat of history, over and over again: a battle between two opposing bloodlines, that of the snakes and that of the human homo-sapiens. During Noah’s flood, these nephilim giants Illuminati bloodline families just hid in their alien fallen angel advanced technology shelters and cities under the ground and under the sea. They still create their cursed democracy principles to enslave the humans; and establish their governments to carry out their evil businesses; and set up their banking and stock market systems to parasite off and steal off of the humans; and set up their educational systems and schools and Christianity churches to mind control the humans; and develop their armament industries and weapons that were first made by Tubal Cain to create wars to sacrifice humans in their satanic ritual wars to feed negative energy to their fallen angel fathers; and have secret societies that infiltrate every aspect of our society to hide their child kidnap ring human sacrifice satanic rituals and feeding on human flesh just like their ancient nephilim giant forefathers cannibalized humans; and rape our women and kill our babies and parasite off of our men and disease our elderly and poison our environment. These lizard people are snakes and demons. They never belonged on this earth and should not be running the show. However, God created Satan and allowed these demons to rule the earth for a short time (several thousand years), because He loves His children; and by allowing His children to live in sin, they learn the horror of evil; and by fighting the battle against Satan in God’s power and protection, they develop in love toward God; and by living in weakness of the flesh, they understand humility so that they will never fall like Satan who fell to pride; and by going through suffering and persecution for Christ, they bring glory and praise to God; and by knowing the curses of this fallen world, they will know joy in the blessed eternal lives in heaven of God’s Kingdom; and by the redemption story of Christ created by God before creation, we have in heaven a God who is also visible and touchable and relatable in the flesh who talks and walks with us. By creating Satan and allowing evil to exist in the world for a while, God has taught and raised His children who were created in His own image to also be His image and rule as He rules, for leadership requires holiness and maturity and humility and godliness and righteousness. Only a dumb parent inherits his company to an immature brat spoiled son who never went through the hardships of being an employee himself and who will bankrupt his father’s company, but a wise parent will have his son start off as a lowly employee and learn the hardships of making money and will allow evil customers to deal with their sons and will allow the son to make sinful mistakes so that he can learn to some day take over the father’s company, and be wise rulers of God’s Kingdom. If it were not so, what reason would there be to create Satan or allow sin or even to go through this present battle with evil and even be created weaker than our adversary? There is a meaning in all things that God allows and does, for He is all wise and all knowing and all loving and all faithful. What an awesome God we have, and a very wise Father we have, and a loving parent we have! Praise be to our King and our God forever and ever! Hallelujah! May His name be praised! I have often wondered why God allowed Edomites and Koreans and feminists and Nazis to exist, but if it were not for them, there would be no one to mix their blood with the fallen angels or to gang stalk me to persecute me. Then, there would be no battle. There is a purpose to all things. So, do not resist the persecutions my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, but welcome them with joy and thanksgiving to God and praise Him in all things. How thankful my heart sings to Him. What an awesome God and awesome plan He has for my life and your lives. Rejoice for every single electromagnetic weapon attack by the Illuminati, because it is proof of God’s love! Amen! For every beating, jump and dance and sing with joy to the Lord, because we can share in Christ’s suffering! Then, we are truly able to know Him and what He went through for us and understand what He is and His love and be one with Him. This is wisdom for you, dear brethren. Know who He is. Live with Him. Live His life. His blessings to you.


These linguistic professors are Satan’s emissaries who will try to force you to stop teaching the Torah Truth to people, lest they stop associating with you. They will try to convince you to stop preaching the Torah Truth, in order to stop being attacked by the devil and his fallen angels. They will use every tactic to stop the gospel and God’s ministry. They will get very emotional and belligerent if you insist on preaching. They will not preach the Torah Truth themselves, but they will make you preach the Torah Truth, and later criticize and degrade your preaching, because of their Pharisee jealousy. If you think and act and live the exact opposite of these self-proclaimed linguistic professors: love, encourage, trust, give, support, honor, kindness, faithful, sacrifice, integrity, honesty, preach, serve, humility, then you will be doing and thinking what is right. God has allowed us to come in contact with these so-called linguistic professors, so that we can teach you what you should not be, and what you ought to be. These religious Christians know the Torah Truth, but they do not honor the Torah Truth, and they have incredible faith, but they do not honor the One who they have faith in, so that their faith is not real faith. If they had true faith, then they would love. If one does not love his brother, how could they love the One who has called us? Faith without love is meaningless. It is love that gives that faith meaning and effect. The problem of these religious Christians is that they consider themselves greater than others, they love the world, and they are slaves to the flesh nature. One must rid of these things and love the Lord who has called us.


These linguistic professors will constantly try to bother you and talk to you every couple of minutes for the entire day, if they realize that you are trying to study the Bible or prepare a sermon for Christians. If they see that it is annoying you and you put your ear plugs on, they will try even more desperately to bother you and keep talking to you nonsensical speech. If you put aside your work, and play video games with them, in order to value their friendship and personal communication time with them, then they will get very angry at you and yell at you, and accuse you of being lazy, playing around, and not working, even though they never work or prepare for teaching. They keep avoiding the responsibility to teach Bible study by not showing up every week, even when they are reminded to teach. When they are forced to teach, they will copy everything from the internet, and just read it off in class, to make it look like they prepared. They will not teach sermons, but they will make fun of and criticize other’s sermons. They will lay in their bed all day long playing video games, listening to music, watching movies, and bothering people who try to work or study. They have a spirit of Satan, and a spirit of trying to stop God’s apostles and prophets. They cannot keep any job for long, because of their evil. They live off of the inheritance money they got, and the money received from their siblings, just like beggars. They will constantly show people their financial statements to try to convince others that they do not have money. They will keep sharing to the churches that they do not have money, so that they can get money from the churches. They will not treat anyone, but they will go to all kinds of churches to feed on their food, and then tell everyone how disgusting the church sisters’ food is. They will boast how great chefs they are, although everything they cook taste like the same kim chee, because they put Korean kim chee in every single dish they cook. They smell like feces every time, because they only bathe once every few weeks, and they fart all day long. They cover their smell when they go out by showering themselves with cologne. They have avalanches every day in their rooms, because all the piles of garbage in their rooms keep toppling over. If you do something kind for them by taking your time and effort, then they will expect you to do the same thing every single time, because they do not want to do it themselves. They will keep people up all night. They are kind and polite to young girls, but very rude and bully men who have any attributes better than them. This is why they steal and teach bits of the Torah Truth to pull people’s guards down, and mix in Satan’s Jezebel doctrines by teaching things such it is alright for women to teach in the church, if the Pharisees or popes give permission to do so. They will openly deny the Bible, and make up their own Satan’s teachings. The danger is that this is how they always lure people away from the Torah Truth and God. Basically, what they are teaching is that it is alright to ignore God’s Word, as long as the religious leaders say it is alright to disobey. This is why these so-called linguistic professors wear kippahs when God commanded men not to cover their heads, and they abstain from eating pork or shellfish, even when they are not Jewish or Judaist, and follow the Babylonian religious traditions. Purge these deceivers and servants of Satan from the church. They have no foundation of the Word and have nothing to do with Christ. They deceive and lure the ignorant and religious Christians. They cannot tell the difference of their left hand from their right hand. They are full of dangerous wrong doctrine. They only love parts of the Torah Truth that they approve, and they try to pervert the Torah Truth to Satan’s socialist values. They are recruiters for Satan’s politics and doctrines of Satanism. This is why the religious Christians love them and welcome them with open arms. When the religious Christians welcome them, then you can be sure something is wrong with them. These self-proclaimed linguistic professors have depraved, base natures, so they have a super strong mother-complex, and are super effeminate men, unlike God’s real men. Therefore, they will constantly nag you and behave like a ungodly woman. They will tell you that it is alright for women to have authority over men and teach men, as long as human religious leaders approve of it. They will defy the precepts of the Bible, and worship all the theological academics, and try to constantly nag you to study the Satanist Babylonian Christian theology, and every time give you tons and tons of CDs and photo copies and useless religious material to keep you occupied and away from Christ. They will constantly try to force you to contact your demon-possessed mother who is trying to kill you, and try to let the Satanists who are controlling her find out where you are. These self-proclaimed professors are effeminate men with Satan’s nature and have strong mother complexes, so they have a very depraved, base, ungodly connection to their mothers, and they will controlled by their mothers to bully their wives. These Satan’s men are mother’s boys. They have no godly discernment or wisdom or common sense. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, do not be controlled or influenced by these religious theological leaders. Teach the Tribulation Saints to not give information to their religious Christian children or parents, unless they are born-again, because their children and parents and spouses will betray them to the Anti-Christ and disclose their locations and get them killed. The families will feel that they are doing what is righteous and politically correct.


These self-proclaimed linguistic professors try to do everything and anything that is against God’s precepts, and they do not even care. They will try to convince God’s prophets and apostles to stop teaching the Torah Truth, and say that those who warn people about eschatology are ungodly. When God sends His prophets to warn them, they beat, torment, throw abuse, bully, falsely incriminate, yell, and humiliate God’s prophets, just like the Satanists do. They are a cursed people. They are Pharisees of the modern age and hypocrites, for outside they parade around like “sensei” teachers of the law and like to be honored by the people, but inside, they are like clean white porcelain toilets with human feces inside. This is why their faith is taken away, because they scoff God’s righteousness. They scoff at the pre-tribulation rapture teaching.


The Pharisees will say that the devil did the rapture. In other words, these upside down dove Illuminati symbol church conference Western Christianity pastors are full of crap, and full of Satanist doctrines of their Queen Jezebel. This is why their churches grow huge. They make themselves look like they are part of the body of Christ and teach Jezebel feminist Christianity, but in reality, they are excrement that is flushed out of the body to clean the body of its waste. They want to become pastors to show that they have changed, and like any Pharisee they abstain from drugs and sex and murder and other things they used to do to follow the strict Law, but what cleanses a person is the Torah Truth, which they despise and persecute and ridicule. These are the type of people who are respected and honored in high esteem by the religious carnal lukewarm Christian congregations. Stay clear of them, for they will lead you on the wrong path. Those who love God and honor Him in their behavior will receive faith.