Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 29


In the movie “Star Trek 3,” they download Spock’s memory back into Spock’s remanufactured body, in order to revive him. This is exactly a depiction of what the Illuminati is doing with the fallen angels’ alien technology, by downloading memory patterns unto their computers and downloading them unto their manufactured clones, but their clones do not have human souls. This is what the Bible calls the abomination of necromancy witchcraft, and it is Satan’s cheap imitation of God’s true resurrection of His Christians into their glorified spiritual bodies and Christ’s resurrection. This is why these Illuminati branches like Mormonism teach the Illuminati’s Brotherhood of the Snake Mystery Babylon religion belief that they will become gods themselves and rule their own planets. They look frantically for the DNAs of these evil nephilim giant kings and pharaohs and other reptilian hybrid dictators of history, and try to use their DNAs to clone bodies, in order to bring their demon spirits back into their bodies to resurrect them. This is what these demons had been waiting for thousands of years, after God destroyed their nephilim giant bodies with the Great Flood of Noah. Now, they are trying to resurrect themselves to rise up to fight God at Armageddon. They are also creating new nephilim super soldier demon people who have spiritual powers that if people approach within a certain distance from them, they disintegrate. This is how they got the idea for the scene in the Indiana Jones movie where all the Nazi soldiers melt away, and Indiana Jones tells the girl to not open her eyes and look at the demons or she will disintegrate, too. These giant monsters feed on radiation. This is where they get their idea for movies like Godzilla come from. They are highly toxic to approach them. They emit radioactivity. This is why their UFOs leave highly radioactive traces. These demons say that they will win this time. They will join all the armies of the world to fight Jesus and the Church Saints and the holy angels when we return with Jesus at His Second Coming during the battle of Armageddon. Jesus with His spoken Word will annihilate the demons and the world’s armies in an instant, so that the blood will flow as high as the horse’s bridle. Jesus will set up His millennial kingdom after that. The Illuminati is hiding all information concerning the highly radioactive blood cells that contain no DNA genes that are raining down all over the earth in recent times.


Who is to say God is not fair, because He does not give salvation to these nephilim demon spirit descendents, and give salvation to only human homo-sapiens descendents? Who thinks they have the right to command the God who spread the heavens out and laid the earth’s foundations? Nephilim descendents who are demon spirits are not legitimate creatures, but they are children of reptilian hybrids that are evil by nature for they carry Satan’s genetic seed. These people who do not have human souls cannot be saved. They are Nazis and Satanists and genocide exterminators of mankind for that is in their nature: Satan’s nature is to kill, steal, destroy, and deceive. Who is it that tells God, the Creator of the universe that He is not fair for creating women as helpers to men, and unequal in authority? Will these half breed reptilian nephilim descendent witches or feminists activists rage and war against God and His saints daily? Who is it that dares accuse God of evil? Is He not the God that defined righteousness, and lives in everlasting holiness, and judges all evil? Who are these scum bag witches who perform their unholy witchcraft and devil worship and rule our modern society now and consider themselves judges of God? Will they even redefine God and accuse Him of unfairness, so that they can justify their own evils? Every one of these fallen angels and their descendent witches and feminists will be thrown into eternal fire for all unclean spirits have no place in the Kingdom of Christ. They belong with their father the devil in eternal damnation, along with their satanic values and beliefs and activist movements and rebellion and ungodly existence.


When humans start living this Jezebel doctrine of the Illuminati Satanists, then there is a spiritual detachment of God from that society or nation, and then, that nation will be thrown into homosexuality and occult New Age thinking and mammon money worship and socialist/fascist governments and sexual promiscuity and narcotic drug culture witchcraft and other judgments by God. It is a cause and effect, just like a chain reaction, until God has to wipe out that nation like He did with Sodom and Gomorrah or Atlantis, and this is why Satan always starts with the very foundation of God’s ethics by reversing the authority of the man and woman, and inversing the personalities of the male role and female role: it is critical catalyst in the corruption of any society, and then, it is a chain reaction from one sin to another, until it reaches the sin of genetically reengineering the human race by mixing the fallen angels’ reptilian genes and mixing animal genes with human genes, which finally results in God wiping out the earth’s population with Noah’s global flood or with the soon coming fire from heaven in the End Times. Just like in Noah’s days, God will destroy the earth’s population with fire during the soon coming Great Tribulation Age, because just like in Noah’s days, the Illuminati would have replaced all the human homo-sapiens race with Satan’s nephilim hybrid reptilian race, except for a remnant God will rescue. This is why Satan and his reptilian Illuminati elite are obsessed and hell-bent in making the world a feminist and female independent/dominant society, which attacks the very foundation and ethics of God’s society and spiritual protection, and this is why the reptilian Wiccan witches and reptilian Druid witches and reptilian Hollywood witches and reptilian Thule Vril witches and reptilian European royal family witches and reptilian European Germanic pagan occult witches are all hell-bent and obsessed in brainwashing the homo-sapiens humans to take away the authority of the men, and making women their equals, which they call under their farce nice-sounding slogan as “women’s liberation,” which is just another name for the “depopulation extermination plan of all humans through abortion and pro-choice movement” and “New World Order in the nephilim reptilian way.” This creates degenerate satanic minds or effeminate men like Ahab and the Bible Answer Man and his hippy pastor gangs. As we approach the End Times just before God’s judgment falls upon an evil world, you will see a greater and greater perversion of this male and female authoritative roles, and you will see a more reptilian witch society where the women is more dominant and the men are submissive, just like in Sodomy and Gomorrah or Atlantis or other satanic societies. In Japan, one-tenth of the customers who come to the eyelash extension beauty salons are men in their forties and fifties: this is how extensive the Illuminati’s mind-control and Satan’s feminist gender reversal brainwash program is. This means the Lord’s return is very imminent. You will see a greater persecution of God’s people as we approach the Lord’s return, because of the Illuminati’s increase of government black ops budgets to kill God’s people using the taxpayers’ taxes, right under the noses of the dumb down populace who are in a frenzy as a result of the Illuminati’s artificially created Muslim terrorism movement. It is because the Torah Truth that we preach is very dangerous to the Illuminati’s reptilian cause and purpose to brainwash and deceive mankind. The truth sets people free and makes the humans wise, whom they consider as non-Aryan non-reptilian inferior-intellect stupid livestock people just like pigs, who are only worthy to be sacrificed in their reptilian human live sacrifice rituals and to be eaten and their bloods drunk by the reptilians who are disguised as our society’s human leaders. When you bombard a mind with the same movie plot over and over again, and put strong demonic witchcraft spells on the world’s men, then they become in mind and body satanic effeminate men like Ahab and just robotic slaves of the Illuminati. They start seeing Jezebel women as attractive, and start seeing reptilian witches as being good, and God’s feminine women as bad. It is a strong witchcraft spell that is released by sacrificing a lot of children in their feminist child sacrifice satanic rituals and abortion clinic fetus sacrifice rituals to their god Molech, and massive sacrifice of human homo-sapiens in such satanic rituals like the 9.11 twin tower or Fukushima earthquake tidal wave or World War 2 mass human sacrifice rituals of the Illuminati. In the Illuminati’s movies, the most obnoxious, selfish, domineering, disrespectful reptilian witches are depicted as very attractive women who men should even beg on their knees to not break up with them or divorce them, and should be worshipped as Jezebel goddesses. Likewise, the gun-wielding, sword-fighting, face-kicking Amazoness reptilian women of the Illuminati, who wear lewd skimpy clothes, or the business suit wearing super intelligent career women are depicted as being attractive and women who should be sought after by the world’s men. It is because these Western men and the heathen religious Christian men do not have the Holy Spirit and not born-again in Christ, that they are so easily mind-controlled and brainwashed by the Illuminati’s propaganda media just like Nazi Germany, and this is why they believe and live the Jezebel values of this satanic society we live in, and have these witches’ demonic witchcraft spells placed upon them, and though they have high human IQ intelligence, they walk around like the Illuminati’s cloned zombies living out the artificial reality of the Illuminati created world and its prefabricated values. Also, on the other side of the spectrum, when the Christian women submit to the husbands, if the husband is an immature man, he becomes puffed up with pride and tyrannical in the house, instead of being loving, gentle, humble, and caring like Jesus was toward women.


The reason why the Illuminati has created only a few internet search engine companies, is so that they can monopolize and control the information and media, and to filter out the Torah Truth, and only allow people to link to the Illuminati’s lies and favorable websites. They use their search engine Illuminati companies such as Google to give web pages that disclose the truth a very low search rating, falsely accusing these pages as being violations of the Illuminati Hate Laws that the CIA AQUARIUS Nazis came up with to control media and brainwash the public. The Nazis uses the same tactic back in Nazi Germany back in World War 2 to arrest all those who spoke up against the Aryans by accusing them of Hate Crimes against a race or ethnicity, but they were hypocrites because they did not arrest themselves with Hate Crimes against the Jews whom they massacred in the millions, as well as Hate Speeches they made against Jews. Again, in these modern End Times, the Operation Paperclip CIA AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Rothchild Nazi Zionist Illuminati are using the same HATE CRIME technique to brainwash the dumb populace and filter information and prosecute those who oppose the Nazi Illuminati. Meanwhile, they give high search ratings for their own Illuminati Nazi disinformation and lie web pages, so that they pop up at the top of all searches by the populace, citing these pages as being “political correctness.” As always, these dumb, stupid, brain dead human homo-sapiens food source and lab rats for the Illuminati Nazi reptilian hybrid Aryans are not very smart, so just like in World War 2 Nazi Germany, these dumb human homo-sapiens race are following after whole-heartedly the CIA AQUARIUS Hillary Clinton Queen Elizabeth Rothchild Nazi Zionist Illuminati information control and HATE CRIME HATE LAW HATE SPEECH strategies of the devil. The dumb humans are so dumb that they never learn from history. If I write about this, then the Illuminati’s few consolidated search engine companies will not allow the humans to find my web pages by branding it as hate speech and hate crimes against ethnicities or sexual orientations or political groups or individuals or organizations, and giving them a low search rating, because they cannot shut down the websites due to the Freedom of Speech of the Constitution and people will get suspicious if they do so. What hypocrites these Illuminati Satanist propaganda information control department people are! This is why they have consolidated all information to a few of their Illuminati companies like Google and Yahoo and Firefox and NBC and ABC and CBS and Microsoft and Apple. The dumb humans are following after the Illuminati propaganda and disinformation like dumb livestock cattle, just like they did during World War 2 Nazi Germany, and when they are ordered by the Illuminati to assassinate people like me because of our dangerous ideologies and radical thinking, then they believe the Illuminati Satanists’ accusation of us as some kind of hate monger, sexist, racist, religious fanatic, heretic, politically dangerous monsters, and they try to assassinate us who are God’s apostles and prophets who are warning the world of imminent judgment and their need to repent of their evil. The devil and his fallen angels do want us preaching the Torah Truth, lest the religious Christians repent.


They also allow people to link to religious Christian websites and secular conspiracy theory websites, because they do not disclose Satan’s strategies and Illuminati’s secret agenda, except for the publically known agendas of the Illuminati which are considered just conspiracy theories. They are hypocrites, just like their father Satan, because they even hack God’s apostles’ and prophets’ computers to avidly try to read their blog articles every single day, even before they are published on the blog sites, but they do not want anyone else to read them. They want the humans to remain ignorant, sick and under slavery. They just want to keep the Torah Truth to themselves.  If you buy a mobile phone from a small company that the Illuminati does not own, then the Illuminati’s Japanese of Korean ancestry mobile phone company will immediately buy up that company, so that they can hack your mobile phone and know your location at all times. The Illuminati shoot you with EMP electromagnetic weapons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in the hope of keeping you from working or preaching or doing anything. The Illuminati told a girl’s boyfriend to stay away from her, because she is a threat to national security. This is how the scum reptile hybrid psychopath Illuminati Satanists brainwash these dumb, idiot, brain-dead humans to turn against their friends and family members who fight against the Illuminati. Both these Illuminati reptilians and dumb humans are evil, and will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. The Illuminati Men-In-Black will tell the dumb humans who they consider lower than cockroaches because of their stupidity that the UFOs were top secret military balloons and that crashed alien bodies were just government experiment dummy manikins, because they know these non-assassinated left-over humans are the dumbest creatures whose minds can be manipulated at the whim of the reptilian hybrid nephilim people. Satan does not want his strategies to be discovered. Every time God’s apostles and prophets start writing something on the computer, the Illuminati’s Satanist servants barrage the apostles and prophets with EMP electromagnetic weapons from all sides. The high frequency electromagnetic weapons can go through buildings, metal, walls, wood and most other materials. They try to microwave God’s people alive, hoping that they can make them sick and die, so that the Torah Truth may be silenced. However, God’s Hertz 528 frequency of love and sound is more powerful than electromagnetic energy or the devil’s Hertz 741 frequency that causes fear and dissonance and chaos and darkness. All music in the modern world was changed from God’s solfeggio 9 frequencies to Satan’s 440 frequency by the Nazis. The Illuminati is trying to smother out the sounds of earth’s praise to God, with their HAARP electromagnetic weapons and drown out the beautiful creation resounding with praise to God. Satan used the pope in the old days to purposely remove all trace of the six solfeggio frequencies from the church music, that heals our DNAs and makes us vibrate at proper frequencies, and thereby, the Illuminati reptilians tried to control humans and kill them. The reptilian nephilim Rockefeller and their Nazi Third Reich made the music industry tune to a global standard of 440 hertz and changed it from the previous 432 hertz standard. Their heavy metal Christian music and rock tries to destroy God’s natural sound. This is why the Illuminati mixed martial arts people and Freemason homosexual Satanists all play the same rock and roll over and over and over again in the next door room, and when you try to move into the public area to sleep, they turn on the same music there, too, in order to disrupt your healthy vibration. The Illuminati building management will come over and agree that they hear the cacophony, but the next day, they will join their other Illuminati Satanists to accuse you of being the troublemaker, and refuse to return your deposited rent money. They keep surveillance on you in your room or in the shower and whenever you leave the house. What they do is quite ingenious. They use their Satanist who befriends you to give you a list of apartments you can live in. However, all those apartments are full of Satanists. One of them vacates a room and moves downstairs. When you move in, they will shoot you with EMP electromagnetic weapons from all sides and poison your food to try to kill you. They play and dance rock music, screaming and pounding and slamming things, at 10:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning (the witching hours), and try to deprive you of any sleep. The CIA pays off all the neighbors. The landlords are Satanist Illuminati who just bought the place to try to trap God’s apostles. If you leave, then they refuse to return your deposit and rent, and share the spoils with each other, like the parasites these Satanists are, and they threaten to sue you if you complain to anyone about the rent and deposit. Once you move out of the house, the Satanist staying downstairs will return to your room that he vacated. He would have left all his disgusting Satanist books and demonic illustrations in the drawers, since he knew that he would be returning to his room, after you are dead or leave. Whenever you stay at a remote motel, they move in all their Satanists into all the adjoining rooms and replace the motel staff with their own CIA people. They know where you are staying every day, because they tap your mobile phone and internet and motel reservation company operators. The fallen angels will also inform them where you are planning to stay, too. Then, they shoot microwaves all night long to try to kill you. They always have people sleeping in the cars outside to guard, and if you try to sneak up on them at night for fun, they have infrared scopes, so they warn their people in the cars with three car horns to warn them that you are coming out. This seems to be their universal signal, whether you are staying at a hotel or motel or hostel or apartment or house or beach or park or college campus or residential neighborhood to show that you are coming or leaving. (Leaving is two car horns.) They also use the horns to play a psychological warfare on their victims to show them that they are being tracked and monitored 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year, in order to try to drive their human preys to insanity and nervousness and fear, in their fear-filled Satanist thinking. They know that the all the people around them do not know what the car horns mean, and the only person who knows is the victim himself. This is how the Illuminati constantly try to drive their faithless weak victims toward their side of the negative energy of fear, horror, terror, faithlessness, and despair. Once they get the non-Christian in that state, the fallen angels are able to get to them. The funny thing is, when they try to do it to God’s apostles, God returns those negative energies right back on themselves, so that the Satanists are the ones who have to live in constant terror of being hunted down and satanically sacrificed. This is where your hard-earned tax money is going—to harass and try to play spy for the reptilians as a sort of Satanist ritual hunting game of innocent fellow citizens who disclose their secret societies and evil criminal activities. This is why when you disclose the Illuminati, all these CIA low-life looking people with their prideful black sunglasses and self-important look will always be standing by you on the streets and shopping malls and parking lots and hotels. They are the ones who cannot do normal intellectual work, but they are just scum people of the lower tiers of society hired by the Illuminati, made to think that they are important CIA agents now and secret society heroes, and gang stalk harmless people with their infrared night scopes and EMP electromagnetic weapon mobile phones and cheap sunglasses and government issued white trucks and silly haughty looks. It is sort of like a comedy show. To hire thousands of them to gang stalk you with their exorbitant expensive equipment, they must be pouring in tons of tax money and narcotics earned money into their Satanist activities; not to mention all the child kidnappings and child satanic live sacrifice rituals that they conduct. The children follow after these kind-looking, CIA Nazi descendent young girls who are professional Illuminati kidnappers, and have appearances of innocent blondes, but have the heart of a Nazi holocaust prison guard. The foolish human homo-sapiens think the Illuminati kidnappers are always big hairy Sicilian men, but in reality, they are gentle-speaking, young blonde, CIA Nazi descendent young girls trained to kidnap and conduct child live sacrifices by the Illuminati. It is a huge child kidnapping network and reptilian livestock program for the Satanists. They consider raping Jewish and colored children as just sport. This is why we call these Nazi Illuminati as reptilian psychopath brains. Some of these alien human hybrid clone Illuminati gang stalker assassins are hybrids between humans and apes who are very violent and animalistic.


*** Mystery Babylon Religion Vatican Satanism Exposed: The Catholic Church conducts part of the child trafficking industry for their Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalists. The priests and nuns are the child kidnap ring workers who smuggle the human homo-sapiens children for the reptilian hybrid homo-carpensis globalist elites. The Vatican makes hundreds of billions of dollars through the child trafficking industry, which support the globalists. Our coalition alliance needs to stop this income source. Strike at the heart of the enemy. The Catholic Church’s assassins murder masses of righteous homo-sapiens humans. All Vatican priests have to go through their Illuminati Luciferian satanic child live sacrifice rituals and paedophile sex rituals, and drink the children’s blood. They sell the kidnapped children to all the Illuminati reptilian hybrid Satanists throughout the world for their live sacrifice rituals. The reason why the Catholic priests are celibate and do not marry is because these reptilian hybrid nephilim people are paedophiles, and they sodomize little boys in their Illuminati Satanist live child sacrifice rituals, and they have homosexual orgies with each other in their Luciferian devil rituals. Anyone who does not share this with the humans is a boneless coward. The P2 Freemason Lodge that manages the Vatican and the Mafia of the Illuminati Bilderberg is trying to join the alliance of the Russia Putin and China Red Dragon Family and Japan White Dragon Society Triad and Pentagon COMM 12 against the Anti-Christ and his Nazi globalist cabal in secret, but on the other hand, they are selling the children of these groups to the Nazi globalists for their Satanist child live sacrifice rituals. The MJ-12 AQUARIUS has secret plans to destroy the P2 Freemason Lodge, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. ***


*** ミステリー・バビロン宗教バチカンの悪魔崇拝を暴露:MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・グローバリストたちのために、カソリック教会は、児童売買産業の一部を行っております。司祭たちや修道女たちは、ホモサピエンス人間種の児童たちを爬虫類混血ハイブリッドhomo-carpensisホモカルペンシス種のグローバリスト・エリートのために密輸する児童誘拐組織の働き人たちです。児童売買産業を通じてグローバリストたちを支援する何千億ドルも稼いでおります。我々連合同盟は、この収入源を断つ必要があります。敵の心臓を突く。カソリック教会の暗殺者たちは、多くのホモサピエンス人間種の人たちを殺害しております。全てのバチカンの司祭たちは、イルミナティLuciferian悪魔崇拝児童生贄儀式とペドファイル児童性儀式を行い、子供たちの血を飲むのが義務付けられている。彼たちの生贄儀式のために世界中のイルミナティ爬虫類混血ハイブリッド悪魔崇拝者たちに誘拐した子供たちを売っているのです。人間たちにこれを明かさない者たちは、骨なしの臆病者たちです。密かに反キリストと彼のナチス・グローバリスト秘密結社に敵対するために、イルミナティのバチカンとマフィアを管理するP2フリーメイソン・ロッジは、ロシア・プーチンと中国赤龍家と日本白龍会三合会とペンタゴン国防総省COMM 12の同盟に加わろうとしておりますが、もう一方では、これら組織などの子供たちを悪魔崇拝者児童生贄儀式のためナチス・グローバリストたちに売っているのです。黙示録に予言されていますように、MJ-12 AQUARIUSは、P2フリーメイソン・ロッジを破壊する秘密計画があります。***


If you look at their Illuminati movie “Taken,” you will see how these MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist Illuminati Satanist Blackwater CIA agents disguise themselves as Illuminati security company bodyguards, and about the NSA MI6 CIA’s child trafficking industry. In the movie, you see them giving the viewer a lot of Illuminati Satanist hand signs, when the father character signals a phone call extending two fingers instead of a clasped fist, and also in the daughter character photo. It shows all their interrogation and torture methods, also, and how they outsource a lot of these tortures to other foreigners. They are perverted enough to ridicule and boast it in their movies. They have tortured and killed a lot of WDS International Coalition Alliance (ICA) members. In the movie, it shows how the reptilian homo-capensis race CIA auctions off the daughters of human homo-sapiens race fathers to foreigners, whom they consider as homo-sapiens monkey sexual livestock people. If we are monkeys, are they raping and sodomizing juvenile monkeys in their reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanist child live sacrifice Illuminati witch rituals? Anyone who does not share this and about the reptilian Illuminati witches with the world is a boneless coward, and a disgrace to the human homo-sapiens race. These gang-stalker assassins will be brought to justice.


All matter is made of sound frequencies. Fear vibrates at a low frequency, but love vibrates at a high frequency so it has expanded criss-cross of the wave patterns. The higher frequency, the more complicated geometric forms the water forms, and when you lower the frequency, the more simple the pattern becomes. This is the ancient knowledge that the Illuminati and Satan are hiding. God created the world through Jesus who is the Word of God. The world was sung into creation. The ancient Solfeggio frequencies upset the evil fallen angels and demons, and they cannot stay. If you have a room full of evil and darkness, and you light a candle, the darkness and evil must leave. However, it does not work in the opposite. You cannot bring a little evil and darkness into a lighted up room, and make the room dark. Evil is nothing compared to the Creator. So, if you are in Christ’s love and His Holy Spirit, the NSA’s remote viewing electromagnetic particle weapons via their satellites cannot hit your any weak chakras to create heart attack assassinations or something, because their electromagnetic frequencies, no matter how much they turn the frequencies up, will just bounce off of you. Their frequencies cannot lock onto you. As the super soldiers and nephilim descendent MI6 NSA assassins have said, the NSAs EMP weapons just bounce off the born-again real spiritual Christians. They cannot kill them like they can kill a religious Christian. The battle against the Illuminati and their alien technologies and esoteric occult powers and nephilim super soldiers and fallen angels and Satan cannot be won by military weapons or technology, but it is won through spiritual weapons of love for God and prayer to God and faith in Jesus, and our weapons are mighty through God. The name of Jesus has authority over alien abductors or military abductors. The consciousness of a person creates the reality of that person and his surrounding and situation. If the person fears and is deceived into the devil and Illuminati’s fake reality that is created by their propaganda and media and mind control, then that person will be overcome by them. However, if the person does not accept their lies and deceptive reality, and accepts God’s Torah Truth and love and purity and lives by the Word of God who is Jesus, then they cannot affect that person. Instead, that person will demolish the devil and the Illuminati through prayer and preaching the Word of God and God’s Holy Spirit of love and faith and righteousness. This is what the devil and the Illuminati and the fallen angels and the NSA and CIA and Nazis and witches and Satanists and nephilim and demons all fear greatly. The Freemason Temple has furniture and wall carvings and paintings full of geometry that hide the secret of ancient technology of levitating huge stones to build the pyramids and megaliths of Atlantis days. These occult symbols hide these secrets of the ancient fallen angels or watchers who taught evil men the secrets of the universe and science and war and cosmetics and astrology and electromagnetism and levitation and alien technology weapons. People like Edward Leedskalnin levitated huge coral garden boulders using ancient alien fallen angel technology by holding up two levitation devices to the boulders that look like two ice cream cones. You will find tons of these ice cream cone shaped stones with Sumerian writings excavated throughout the world. Whenever someone discovers free energy such as a method to make energy from sound, then the Illuminati assassinates them immediately, so that they can protect their oil petroleum and electricity industry that parasite off of the human homo-sapiens race. These evil feminist women wanted to breed with these fallen angels who they considered gods, so that their genetic descendents can be half-gods. They are the nephilim ancestors of the witch race feminists of modern days who are aborting millions of fetuses to their god Moloch in order to create negative energy for their fallen angel ancestors to operate and feed off of. You can download the six solfeggio frequencies at using your free Real Player download application. If it does not download, do not erase the previous download, but just repeat the download process, again: . (See article, “Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies” at .)


The Illuminati reptilians invented the Bacillus X, or BX virus that causes the cancer disease, which changes from a bacteria to a virus-size microbe. It has a vibration frequency that is unnatural to God’s nature’s natural frequency vibration, so Dr. Royal Raymond Rife used frequencies to destroy cancer in patients, but the Illuminati and their cancer research Babylonian witchdoctor medical institutions confiscated all the equipment and research results, so that it would not hinder the Illuminati reptilians’ genocide programs for the human homo-sapiens race, just like their feminist abortion projects, as well as their AIDS and Ebola virus development projects to exterminate non-Aryan black African populations. The Western Illuminati Nazi criminal cabal has tried to keep Africa poor, in famine, in economic chaos, and have tried to exterminate as many human homo-sapiens in Africa, as possible. The Eastern Illuminati has tried to help Africa grow and develop. When the Anti-Christ’s European army moves into Africa, the Chinese army will move in to intercept them in the valley of Armageddon for the last battle, as the Bible prophesies.


The Illuminati medical professional reptilians tell the dumb human populace that the sun creates skin cancer, so to avoid the sun. The sun provides health and protection, and it is the Illuminati reptilians’ sun tan lotions and sun block lotions that cause the skin cancers. With all this modern technology, and they still cannot cure cancer? It is a joke. There have been many cures discovered in the past. They just kill anyone who discover a cure, and confiscate all the research information, because it jeopardizes their human homo-sapiens race extermination program. Consider all the humans who have died from cancer and abortion and AIDS and war and narcotics and disasters. Does anyone still question the fact that the reptilian hybrids are not mass genocide psychopaths for killing entire portions of the earth’s population, your children and parents and friends? This is how dumb the human homo-sapiens have been made by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids through the television and mobile phone tower frequencies that control the brain and dumb them down. No one questions these things. How stupid. They think their government and fellow citizens would ever do things like this. That is why the 6 million Jews walked quietly into the trains and Nazi gas chambers. The human homo-sapiens are like dumb livestock creatures. And they ridicule me as a conspiracy theorist, because the Illuminati’s disinformation department puts out a lot of silly information to make the truth look like ridiculous conspiracy theories? This is how dumb the humans are. It is just like you telling the human homo-sapiens that they are going to walk into a hole and die, they laugh at you, and keep walking until they fall into the hole. How absolutely and utterly dumb these people are. What hope is there for them? Only Jesus Christ.


This is what the Illuminati reptilian hybrids do: when a truth is leaked out to the public or is about to be disclosed, then the Illuminati’s Hollywood industry is immediately instructed by the Illuminati leaders to develop a movie on the subject, in order to make it look like a fantasy story. It is so that the dumb, idiotic, brain dead human homo-sapiens public will look at the movie, and when the truth comes out, they will just laugh and make fun of the people who disclose the truth as some crazy conspiracy theorists and movie influenced maniacs. You may not believe it, but this is how dumb, stupid and idiotic the human homo-sapiens race is. It is as if they have been reduced to mere livestock creatures by the reptilian elite, so that all that the human race does is to eat, drink, marry, breed like rabbits, be obsessed with reproducing genetic descendents, create a 7 billion population, make money, and live for the pleasures of life and the five senses, until they are ready to be satanically sacrificed in their next war or tidal wave or virus caused cancer or mass street shooting or alien abduction. This is why much of the Hollywood movies are based on facts and the truth and are not fiction, whether it is the “Terminator,” or “Star Wars,” or “Star Trek,” or “Harry Potter,” or “Jurassic Park,” etc. The CIA Nazi descendent assassin squad members who were trying to kill me and gang stalking me looked exactly like those actors playing the roles of federal agents in the movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” with sunglasses and tattoos and black t-shirts and missing arms and tinted-window vans and typical Satanist reptilian glares. When people take the freemason oaths to Lucifer, they open themselves up to demon possession, and the demon spirit takes over them and they become helpless hosts to these unclean spirits. Sometimes, some of them look like ordinary guys who you just walk by on the streets. They are usually used for more menial labor like coming over to you with a backpack or bicycle in a completely deserted area to pull out a GPS marker tool and point it to you so that it beeps, in order to record your exact position, so that the MI6 guys can lock their electromagnetic weapons unto you. They usually send in their unmanned vehicle drones or F-15 fighter jets to get your general location among the vegetation using their infrared cameras. This is how they try to hunt down those who disclose the reptilians’ evil crimes, and try to assassinate those who speak out the truth, according to the freedom of speech. In one night, they use up all the black ops budget money that they stole from my income tax money I paid to them by working hard long hours for an entire year. It is because they do not care about the taxpayers’ money, because they can always raise tax rates and parasite off more black ops budget from the hard working overtime working honest citizens, in order to use it to assassinate tens of thousands of more human homo-sapiens. To give you a parable, it is like a Nazi guard who forces you to make a gun in their concentration camp factory, and then use that gun to shoot you and all your family, and then they sell the gun to make a living for themselves. When will the human race ever wake up to realize what is being done to them?


There are factions within the Illuminati who feel that the public should know about the alien agenda and disclose top secret information to the public, and there are factions that go around making Hollywood fantasy and science fiction movies to discredit the truth, and assassinating all those faction members who disclose the truth, as well as any scientists who develop technology or biological weapons for them. This is a additional security measure for these Illuminati people. Once they are finished using the scientists for their evil purpose, then they just kill those scientists, so that there is no risk of those scientists ever talking to the public about the evil secrets. To them, human life is just like expendable toilet paper to be used and thrown away. They are like the evil henchmen on the movies who cooperate with the villain, and after they are used by the villain, they are in turn killed by the villain themselves. Or, demonic clones are made to replace them. It is just like the reptilian kings of old like Genghis Khan who welcome the enemy traitors to get information, and once they help him to fulfill his purpose, he has them tortured and killed, because he does not trust traitors. The people who usually betray the human race to serve the Illuminati are usually the dumbest of people, because they think they have been promised by the reptilians to be rulers in the coming reptilian kingdom New World Order, but they will soon find out that the reptilians just intend to use them and kill them, too. But what can you do with these stupid people, because there is no cure for evil and stupid people who think they are smart and feel it is better to cooperate with the reptilian aliens or fallen angels. These 10,000 to 14,000 people who work in each underground base receive 20,000 dollars a month, according to Phil Schneider, so they are happy to go along with whatever the Illuminati tells them to do. If they speak out, they and their families are killed. They all have different security levels of knowledge, and they are compartmentalized heavily, so they do not know what the other departments are doing. Many of the reptilian hybrids do not know that though they have been promised to populate the earth after the humans are exterminated, they will just be used by the alien fallen angels as their food source and livestock. They are dumb. They trust the fallen angels or draco prime overlord aliens with all their hearts and minds until they end up on their menus.


All scientists who discover cures for the Illuminati’s genocide plans for humans and their engineered diseases like cancer are systematically assassinated and silenced. The Illuminati creates dangerous medical devices that cause harm that are claimed as the technologies of these scientists, in order to purposely defame and discredit these scientists. The Illuminati reptilians burned Dr. Rife’s research laboratory down and killed him with an artificially caused heart attack and poisoning after he arrived at their hospital, in the usual way, just like millions of other people who try to help out the human homo-sapiens. The “Bible Answer Man” and their Illuminati minister Pharisee gangs are a part of the Satanists’ scheme, so they preach treatment by Babylonian witchcraft medical healing, instead of God’s healing. There is a war going on between these Calvary hippy ministers of the Illuminati who fight with their Jezebel Western Christianity doctrines of Satanism and the apostles of God who fight with their Torah Truth of Christ. When Jesus returns at Armageddon, He will destroy these evil-doers with the Sword from His Mouth which is His Word of God or His pure sound vibration. Evil bacteria and germs created by Satan’s Atlantis fallen angels and the Illuminati reptilian nephilim descendents cannot survive in a naturally resounding environment that is tuned into God’s love frequency, because God’s frequency destroys those bad microorganisms engineered artificially by the devil and his reptilian hybrids. They are illegitimate microbes, just like these disgusting animals that are illegitimately created and cause disease and kill. The Illuminati are creating all kinds of nephilim chimera animals and germs in their underground secret military bases that will be unleashed during the Tribulation Age to make it a living hell for the earth-dwellers. They will break forth in sores. Nazi war criminal biological warfare scientists of holocaust atrocities experiments like Eric Traub and their descendents who have been smuggled into the CIA and NSA and FBI and MI6 and Australian intelligence and other Nazi cover-up organizations after World War 2 are creating all kinds of viruses that are being released into the human populace, as well as grotesque creatures. (Read article “Vibrational Medicine” at .)



The Illuminati reptilians are sexually perverted creatures just like their fallen angel ancestors who raped women to bear hybrid nephilim offspring. This is why these Illuminati witches target the apostles’ and prophets’ male sex organs with their electromagnetic weapons all day long, and they sexually torture children in their live human child sacrifice feminist witch Satanist rituals, and they have sexual homosexual orgies during their satanic rituals to call up their inter-dimensional reptilian alien contacts. They are obsessed with everything perverted and sexually lewd. The feminist reptilians greatest hatred is God’s created male sex organ, but at the same time, they are hypocrites, so they love perverted orgy sex and sexual pedophilia. They are extremely satanic creatures. There is maximum negative energy that is created just before a human child is sacrificed and just at the orgasm moment of sex between people who do not love each other, so that is why sexual torture and sexual intercourse are at the heart of every Illuminati reptilian witch Satanist ritual. The fallen angels feed off of this negative energy, and hence, their reptilian offspring elite who rule our world create the wars where millions of people are killed, maimed, burned to death, dismembered, and ripped to pieces, because it all creates negative energy which their fallen angel fathers can feed off of. The reptilian fallen angels physically materialize in these satanic feminist rituals where there is maximum negative energy release, in order to gorge and feed on the human bodies, along with their nephilim offspring reptilian Satanist elites of our world. The fallen angels also feed off of radiation, so they have a lot of nuclear bomb tests and dirty bomb wars and terrorist bombing of nuclear power plants and other things to release radiation into the environment. You can see this back in the ancient days of Atlantis where they did the same thing, and such ancient cities like Mohenjo-daro in India that were destroyed by nuclear weapons still have extremely high radiation levels and evidence of high temperature melting after thousands and thousands of years after the nuclear war. These nuclear wars are depicted vividly in the ancient Hindu texts like the Ramayana and Mahabharata, which are legends of the Bharatas, a Vedic Aryan group. In great natural disasters that the Illuminati cause that kill multitudes of humans, which is their large scale Satanist human sacrifice rituals, such as the Fukushima tidal wave or Haiti earthquake, people always see a lot of UFO light spheres. These light spheres which the ancient Japanese call ghost spirits, are not UFOs, but they are fallen angels. It is the fallen angels who possess and control these reptilian hybrid government leaders, in order to operate in this physical dimension, and to carry out their mass human extermination rituals, to absorb the negative energy created by dying and suffering human homo-sapiens. The Illuminati’s Playboy magazine was used to instill fornication, adultery, sexual revolution, abortion, and reptilian feminist witch group orgy rituals into the human society.


The university professors and these barbaric native people’s scholars boast that these pagan occult savage societies were far more advanced than our own technology and scientific knowledge. They do not realize that these naked savages have no such intelligence, but these advanced architectures and scientific knowledge actually belonged to ancient civilizations thousands upon thousands of years ago, during the Atlantis civilization. Naked savage cannibal ancestors of these modern day tribal native descendents used stones and wooden tools, and did not have the ability to use laser and acoustic levitation technology to construct complex architecture far more advanced than our own modern day technology or to see into far distant stars which the naked eye cannot see without advanced telescopes. Under the microscope, scientists see that the Puma Punku ancient ruins are cut with advanced technology which cannot be matched with any technology that we have in modern times, whether it be diamond cutters or lasers. The native people say that according to their history, the Watchers or fallen angels with wings came to build the Puma Punku building overnight. The H blocks are cut at precision levels that are beyond our technology and since there are no trees grow up there, they could not roll the huge H blocks up to that altitude. The Bolivian army tried to move the blocks using ancient manpower, but they could only move it a few centimeters. The Sumerian Anunnaki gods or extraterrestrial fallen angels went all over the world, so you see the identical ancient constructions whether it is in North Africa or Southeast Asia or South America. The scientists agree that the H blocks and huge rocks in Puma Punku were destroyed by the Great Flood of Noah, because only water would lift up such huge rocks and disperse them in the way that they are found in these modern times. The native people say that the scientists are stupid because they depend too much on technology and preconceived ideas to try to find out about Puma Punku, and they do not listen to the native people’s history or live in the place or know the culture or logically deduce the facts. This is why I say over and over again that the most stupid, most idiotic, most narrow-minded, most imbecile, most brain-dead people in the world are the college professors and scholars, because they have no capacity or intellect to think outside the box. They only rely on past information and their own narrow definitions and only on limited available information (which is not much) and what other idiots teach them in college or high school. Therefore, they have the excellent ability to stuff their brains with wrong textbook facts and store knowledge in their memories, but they have no ability to think logically or creatively or practically or have even basic common sense. The more illogical and the more limited brain capacity people seem to make very good college professors and scholars and academics of our society. It almost seems like the Illuminati society reptilian elite purposely only allow the most stupidest, narrow minded, illogical, non-common-sensed humans to become the educators and research scholars and literary publishers, as well as their own reptilian liars who are made scholars to purposely teach wrong disinformation to further dumb down the human race and college students and the educated people of this world. There is a deliberate intentional attempt to make the most stupidest of people into the academic scholars and professors of our educational systems today, and the Illuminati members who are placed in the universities to deliberately keep the human race ignorant, misinformed, and misled, and to not think with common sense. It is inconvenient for the Illuminati to have God’s apostles and prophets as academics, who question things, and lives by God’s wisdom and common sense. The devil instead needs to place in these academic positions, the most stupidest people who just blindly follow figures and numbers and data, and base truth on these limited, narrow-minded, current information. This is why the stupid scientists believe that the cannibal savages came up with the advanced technologies and megaliths of Egyptian and Mayan cultures. You will not find anyone more stupid than the scientists and academics and Pharisee scholars. The name “Illuminati” is derived from those who worship information or scientific knowledge or Sumerian mythology of Satanism, and call themselves the “Illuminated” ones. Their entire Satanist Babylonian medical science industry is based on Babylonian mystery religion witchcraft medicine and surgery and pharmaceutics taught by the fallen angels, so naturally, they worship figures and data and past medical research information, and do not have any common sense or godly healing.


There is a strong witchcraft demonic power at work amongst the humans by the reptilian witches. Or else, a person cannot be so dumb downed and illogical like the college professors and scholars in our educational institutions. There is supernatural powers at work there. If God’s apostles and prophets teach the Torah Truth, there is an intense and focused attack and ridicule by these Illuminati reptilian professors and educators and scholars placed strategically in these most prestigious universities, in order to hide the truth from the public and keep the human populace blind. It is like the hordes of Illuminati people who point fingers and ridicule and harass all the humans who claim to have seen UFOs or aliens, and the Illuminati members are hired to make fun and drive to humiliation those people who come out to honestly declare that they have seen UFOs and aliens. When you think about it logically, it is very strange for hordes and hordes of people and media professionals to all converge on these pilots and police officers and whole townspeople to make fun of them for reporting seeing UFOs. Just the fact that the masses of people and even media people who are sworn to investigation and researching strange phenomenon all immediately pounce on these witnesses without even listening carefully show that these are Illuminati family members and Satanists ordered to ridicule and discredit the UFO witnesses. The very fact that someone has the time and energy and money and almost fanatic devotion to go around making fun of witnesses, and the very purpose of taking the action to ridicule the witnesses, and spending the effort and time to write and broadcast mockery at the witnesses, and even spending the effort and time and money to write tons of letters of ridicule to the witnesses, shows obviously that this mockery and ridicule to discourage witnesses from talking or coming out to disclose their UFO sightings is intentional, organized, and has a mass motive to hide and spread disinformation. You can tell immediately who the reptilian hybrid Satanist Illuminati members are quite easily, because they are the ones on the Illuminati UFO television programs saying that the people who saw UFOs and aliens were just misinterpreting what they saw or their minds were just playing tricks on themselves. Satan’s children are masters of disinformation and lying and cheating. This is how they have enslaved the human race for so long. The Illuminati’s 6,000 year old Brotherhood of the Snake religion (Mystery Babylon Satanism) is based on their false doctrine of the devil that they are children of aliens, and they need to kill off all the humans, and prepare the earth over a 6,000 year period to welcome back their devil and fallen angel alien ancestors with a New World Order government and society only of Illuminati member reptilian hybrid witch descendents. To them, it is a war of genetic bloodlines (the seed of the serpent and the seed of Adam), and their goal is to genocide the human race, and take it over with the nephilim reptilian hybrid Aryan race. This is why the royal families only interbred to keep their race’s genes pure. They are extremely scared of the human population because the humans outnumber them greatly, so that is why they have used deception and lying and cheating.


The reason why the Illuminati reptilian hybrid descendents tell the human homo-sapiens populace that what they saw were not UFO flying saucers, but they just saw top secret military hot air balloons, and what they saw were not injured alien bodies, but they just saw crash dummies lying around, is because the Illuminati reptilian hybrids have a strong belief that the non-Aryan race non-reptilian human homo-sapiens are dumb as livestock cattle and intellectually vastly inferior creatures ready for extermination, and if you give them disinformation long enough, the majority of them will believe it even if it sounds utterly stupid, and even start doubting what they even saw with their own eyes. If there are any smart humans who do not get mind-controlled by the Illuminati and insist on the Illuminati lying, then the Illuminati tells the stupid human populace that these smart humans are just conspiracy theorists and stupid people, and then, the stupid human populace will believe that and go about their daily lives as if nothing happened until they are ready for extermination by the Illuminati through their third world war. Sometimes, even the Illuminati reptilian hybrids are surprised by the stupidity of the human race who do not believe in Christ. The human race populace is so stupid that for the Illuminati reptilian hybrid race, it is just like twisting a baby’s arm or funneling a herd of cows into a gas chamber butcher shop. If there are any smart humans who question the way things are and the ludicrousness of what the Illuminati are feeding the human homo-sapiens populace through their propaganda, then the Illuminati just identifies these high risk individuals and assassinate them using their stupid human homo-sapiens Satanist servants or use their media to ridicule them to discredit them. The Illuminati reptilian hybrids do not have a very high regard for human homo-sapiens. Meanwhile, the Illuminati Satanists’ TR-3B UFOs are filling our skies doing right angle movements, silent flight and physics defying speed flights.


On the Japanese television programs, they have many Iluminati Satanist Japanese of Korean ancestry who have purposely disguised themselves as weird, mentally retarded people who claim to have seen aliens taking baths in their bathtubs or running around in women’s underwear or UFOs that changed into flying penguins, and they show photos of aliens that look like humans in gorilla suits or show photos they took of aliens eating hotdogs at the hotdog stand. All the Japanese celebrities of Korean ancestry who are interviewing these Japanese Illuminati Satanists of Korean ancestry who are posing like crazy, lunatic, funny UFO witnesses all mock the supposed witnesses to show the stupid, mind-controlled Japanese populace television viewers that all these UFO witnesses are crazy, weird people. They are all hired by the Illuminati Satanist reptilian hybrids, and make the whole issue about aliens and UFOs into a big laughing television show on purpose. Of course, the stupid human homo-sapiens watch their Illuminati television programs, believe that those who claim to have seen aliens are crazy and money-mongers, and are whole-heartedly deceived easily by the reptilian hybrids, as if they are some kind of stupid cattle herd without any brains. These Illuminati hired Japanese comedian Illuminati Satanists of Korean ancestry who claim to have played ping pong with the aliens mock God’s apostles’ teachings by claiming that all the American politicians are disguised aliens and that Noah’s Ark in the Bible was a giant metal UFO and that the aliens are trying to take over the world. They mix the Torah Truth with intentional funny lies in order to make the Torah Truth sound like funny lies, also. This is how intelligent and crafty Satan and his reptilian hybrid children Illuminati members are. The best way to hide the Torah Truth is to spread funny lies along with bits of the Torah Truth mixed in. Obviously, the human homo-sapiens race is so stupid and dumb down by the Illuminati and government and media that their minds are easily controlled by the Illuminati reptilians like programmed robots or a herd of stupid pigs. You will be surprised how utterly stupid the human populace is, who do not know God. It is like all these Illuminati hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees who immediately come out to deny and ridicule the people Christ speaks through is evidence of intentional suppression of the Word and to try to kill the truth. This is even more stranger than the Men In Black who always show up to threaten the UFO witnesses to prevent them from speaking, and the many people who disappear or die when they do speak about it. Now, in these End Times, you see the Illuminati slowly hinting at the existence of aliens and UFOs on their mass media, along with their Brotherhood of the Snake Freemasonry Mystery Babylon religion occult secret society Satanism doctrine of panspermia, in order to prepare the world for the great deception of aliens that is coming.


When there have been millions and millions and millions and millions of people who have seen UFOs and claim to have been abducted and seen alien underground bases run by the Illuminati CIA and military, if a person makes fun of all those millions of real photos and witnesses and videos along with all the fake photos and videos that the Illuminati have purposely sent out into the public as disinformation in order to make the real photos and videos look like fake also, and claims there are millions and millions and millions and millions of hoaxers and people who have the time and energy to make all those photos and videos just for entertainment to deceive mankind, then that person is either extremely stupid and brain dead to the point of hopelessness like the scientists and academics who have no common sense or that person is an Illuminati disinformation professional hired to ridicule and maliciously depress those who have the courage to speak out the truth about the UFO they saw. Most of the human homo-sapiens know already and believe that the UFOs and aliens exist, and that the Majestic 12 Men In Black and governments and military reverse-engineering facilities are hiding them. It is only the Illuminati Satanist members who are ridiculing and attacking witnesses, in order to hide their Illuminati agenda and Illuminati created UFOs, and arguing that there are no such things as UFOs and aliens.