Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 28


When Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elites’ genocide extermination of the human homo-sapiens race begins soon, there will be civil war in the United States. The Chinese and Russian air force and navy will be supporting the Pentagon COMM 12 human homo-sapiens U.S. military patriots that will be trying to protect the American citizens and the U.S. Constitution. The Rothschild family’s NATO Corporation air force and navy will be supporting the U.S. government MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg genocidal psychopath alien nephilim hybrid Nazi SS troops. It will be a clone war between imperialist forces and rebel forces. The Illuminati has chosen their Indonesian Muslim U.S. president to be their imperial forces’ wicked emperor. Rebel forces will have to escape to Russia and China to fight on.  Half of the U.S. military who are anti-genocide and pro-human homo-sapiens will be evacuated to outlying regions of China and Russia where they will set up a provisional resistance government. This is the prophesy of things that must come to pass. We were here to warn God’s people, who were destined before creation of time to be saved, and they have all returned to God, and are ready to be raptured out. Meanwhile, the religious Christians are doing their meaningless, ridiculous, hilarious, religious, Babylonian evangelical mission church programs to recruit church members for more donation, and trying to convert the heathens to become religious Christians, who God says not to pray for since they are lost people. Satan has these religious Christians running around like dumb rats, chasing after demon-possessed mentality deranged people on the streets, and doing their religious food distribution philanthropic activities, and conducting their political anti-homosexual Illuminati programs to purposely make the Illuminati homosexual activists hate the Christians, and enjoying their luxurious Illuminati Satanist Christian minister gangs’ home parties with the wealth they have stolen from the dumb religious Christian masses who love their feminist Jezebel goddess of the Wiccan witches.


The Illuminati reptilians are not only spreading the regular common colds, but every kind of disease into the human populace to kill more human homo-sapiens elderly and children. If people are not angered by this, there is something seriously wrong with their heads. Many humans’ homes are being annihilated by the weather wars that the Illuminati is waging on God’s earth. The droughts are creating famine genocide. These Air Force pilots are saying that this is to wipe out the entire 7 billion human race. They are waging a full scale war creating volcano eruptions and earthquakes. They are terraforming and changing the air and climate of the earth for their fallen angel reptilian race, and melting the ice in the North Pole and South Pole, sinking many of the South Pacific nations and whom the Illuminati called the “inferior brown people.” These people put it softly saying that it is “population control” but it is in reality “population annihilation.” These Illuminati people walk our streets and work in our offices and attend our schools and eat in our restaurants, but they are nephilim, so they do not have compassionate human souls, but rather, they are evil demonic spirits in reptilian bodies that are disguised as human holographically. This is why these Illuminati people, just like the ancient nephilim who are now disembodied demon spirits that roam the earth after they died in Noah’s flood, can do these reptilian psychopath brain genocide plans for mankind, because they do not have human souls like we do. They are a completely different species that have been created by Satan. They are more like the orcs in Tolkien’s novels, who are more reptilian than human. This is why the hippy rogue pastors are prone to teach Jezebel witchcraft in the Western churches, are extremely popular among the religious people, and constantly attack us. It is like those with reptilian witches’ genes are prone to become feminists and serial killers and other psychopath occupations. This is why they form strange religious cult and occult groups, and end up killing masses of people. (Listen to “Afghanistan Our Soldiers Killing 12 Feet Tall Giants Part 1” at .)


These “Bible Answer Man” and their religious hippy pastor gang members boast that the religious Western Christians of Jezebel all hug and kiss and exchange nice words about each other, so they have the hippy christ’s love. What warped Jezebel type of love they have of the post 1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ perverted “peace” and “love” hippy effeminate ruffian pastors’ love. God’s real love of the Holy Spirit is a love that stands up boldly in the unconditional love of Christ, and tells these hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees in a rude direct way that they are sinners and they need to repent and not being hated because of they do that. If they call God’s true love as hateful and rude and heretic and fanatic and unsociable, then let our love be offensive to them. God’s love is offensive to Satan and his fallen angels and their Jezebel Satanism Western value Western Christianity religious Christians who are perishing. Are not what the police officers do seen as offensive and evil by the mafia gangsters, and the gangsters call police officers as “pigs” because of that. To them, we are pigs. What fake Satanism love and hippy love these religious Christians and their Pharisees have. True Torah Truth love of the real Jesus is a tough love, a persevering love, a direct love, a love not of Western Christianity theatrics and fake drama but a love that does not care about being hated or mocked or ostracized by these religious Christians for our Lord Jesus Christ, because we love Christ. This is true love. If you are a nice religious person, you cannot love sometimes, because you have to be tough, and you have to be determined, and you have to be willing to jump into the brawl with Satan and his people, in order to bring God’s Torah Truth to a lost world and to bring lost souls to Christ. The question is are you a worshipper of these “Bible Answer Man” and hippy rogue pastors’ love, or are you made of the solid love that cuts through bone and marrow and spirit? Are you of Jezebel’s religion or are you from God? We know, dear Jewish Remnant brethren, that you are made of God’s love, and that is why we the apostles of God bring His Torah Truth to you in solid love, amidst persecution, mockery, hatred, abuse and ostracism, to show you with our own very lives what true Torah Truth love is. Who has the true love of Christ and faith: all these highly respected and famous pastors who were afraid of Satan and his Illuminati and refused to help God’s apostles out, or the brothers who were willing to risk the safety of their wives and daughters in order to help God’s apostles out? It is very evident, and God sees each heart. I have prayed that the Lord will find favor for these true brethren of Christ when He returns to take us home. These brothers who were willing to help their brother out will be hidden in Jesus’ house of peace; but those who were not willing to risk their wives and children’s lives to help their brothers out who is Christ, then they will be hunted down themselves with their wives and children by the Anti-Christ. So is their lot. One of the greatest tragedies of the hippy rogue pastors is that they have religious love and family love and hippy love, but they have never known God’s true love.


The hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians like people very much, so they hug and kiss their hippy church people with lots of hippy love and peace, but they do not have love, so they refuse to have their mothers and daughters slaughtered by the Illuminati Satanists and to be poisoned every 3 or 6 months by offering help to God’s apostles and prophets. On the extreme opposite end, you have God’s apostles who do not like these stinking, putrid hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians who make them spiritually nauseas, but they have love, so they keep preaching the Torah Truth in love to them hoping that even one would be saved, even when they are poisoned every 3 to 6 months and all their families assassinated by the Illuminati hit squads. This is the litmus test of a true Christian and a fake Christian. You look at these fake Christians and you will see them mind block everything that I have taught them, and to continue the present life that they have, because the Word of God is powerless in their lives for they have no Spirit within them. The true Christians will joyfully accept the Torah Truth that I teach them, and they will aggressively jump into the midst of the spiritual battle by abandoning their families and income, and joyfully praising God for the honorable opportunity to be chased from beach to beach at midnight by the Satanist’s F-15 fighter jets and predator drones and CIA hit squad black-tinted window trucks, and to be shot every few minutes at every street corner and toilet stall by EMP electromagnetic weapons, and to have their tap water poisoned and filled with all kinds of dangerous microbes developed in the Illuminati Nazi laboratories. Hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians are expert actors and actresses with their smiles and hugging and kind words, but their actions cannot lie, and they are exposed for the charlatans that they are. They are a disgrace to God’s Kingdom. They are like the money exchangers who have infiltrated God’s Temple, and act as authorities and helpers. They are like the muck that clogs up the rain drains with their Jezebel westernized doctrines. See that you do not have anything to do with these people, but go to those who truly seek God and His Torah Truth and His love. They are the ones we need to be with, no matter how much they are despised by the world and the Satanist assassins. For them, we endure all suffering for Christ with great joy and praise to God for such great privilege and blessing of persecution! Be careful of these masses of religious Christians and big wealthy church hippy rogue pastors and Western Christianity “Bible Answer Man,” because they lure members with 90% truth and 10% lies. It is the 10% falsehood that Satan preaches through them which spiritually kills people. They are firm adherents of their hippy doctrines and Western Hellenist humanist values of love and peace dude, Christian love, encouraged religious church attendance, Sunday sermon ethics teachings which blind people to the Torah Truth and reality, sifted censored Satanist religious teachings, patriotic slogans, Babylonian witchcraft medical science and pharmaceutical propagation, insurance plan and retirement pension promotions, active Illuminati marriage and courting marketing, disgusting pastor salaries and benefits programs, Osiris sun worship Sunday routines, wearing of men’s trousers and ear pierces, karaoke worship programs, religious Puritan teachings, legalistic tithing systems, Christmas activities, and every other ungodly evil Western Christianity practice and Illuminati infiltrated belief under the sun. The proof that these people are religious Christians is that they will always leave out the most important Torah Truth from our teachings, and sift it, in order to be accepted by humans. In order to counter the Torah Truth that we teach, the Illuminati Satanists and the devil has sent in their Illuminati members to grow long beards and call themselves Rabbis and teach 90% Torah Truth and 10% lies, in order to mislead many, as well as to try to identify who the 144,000 Jewish Remnant are so that they can exterminate them during the soon coming Illuminati New World Order Anti-Christ dictatorship. Many religious fools who do not have the Holy Spirit are deceived and follow after these guru spies of the Illuminati. They claim they are getting together the 144,000 Jewish Remnant in their churches, and call themselves Rabbi so and so or Rabbi such and such, dressing up in Judaist clothes and growing long beards. Wherever God goes, Satan follows behind copying, disguising and laying traps for the souls that are not established upon the rock of Christ. The real Hebrews do not have hooked noses and horde money all the time for they are different from the Jewish people who are Judaists from another ethnicity that Satan replaced, just like all the Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati people who hold all the influential positions and Japanese society and have mixed into the Japanese populace. The Japanese people do not do all the unethical, barbarous, criminal things that the Koreans do, and that is why the Satan’s Illuminati has to infiltrate Japanese society with Koreans, and use the Koreans for all their reptilian hybrid nephilim witch agendas to destroy God’s people and fight God. Just as in ancient times when Satan used his Canaanite reptilian hybrid nephilim pagan Baal Satanists to rule over the Israelites as their kings, Pharisee religious leaders, men of renown, wealthy merchants, criminal groups and pagan idolaters, in the West, Satan has used his Tribe of Dan Zionist Edomite reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati Satanists to rule over the Israeli Hebrews as presidents, politicians, celebrities, financiers, mafia mobster gangsters and cults, and in the East, Satan has used his Korean reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati Satanists to rule over the Japanese Hebrews as emperors, politicians, celebrities, financiers, yakuza gangsters and cults. Satan’s tactics are always the same: to infiltrate God’s peoples’ descendants, corrupt them, turn them to idolatrous Satanism, and genocide them from within. But, God has kept His faithful remnant who have not been corrupted and who have not bowed down to Baal. You are that promised remnant, dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren.


The United States is a nation of performance evaluations and work appraisal, whether you are a business executive or a lawyer or a military officer or a salesman or a pastor. Therefore, the pastors have very eloquent speeches and teach emotional ethics teachings. However, this is just the same as any other religion’s ethics teachings, such as Buddhism or Hinduism or Islam or Taoism or Confucianism. Without the Holy Spirit, it is impossible to teach the Torah Truth who is Christ. Moreover, they will ridicule and scorn the Torah Truth when they hear it. Furthermore, the Pharisee pastors are filled with jealousy toward God’s apostles and prophets. It will do you good to avoid these people and spiritual charlatans who have nice church buildings and are very intelligent. There is a high possibility you may be walking into an Illuminati sanctioned highly intelligent, performance-based reptilian descendent minister’s church that teaches Jezebel Western values and Jezebel ethics and hippy “love” and “peace” generation thinking, which is white magic. They judge themselves by how many people they can put this ethics teaching white magic upon, how large their congregation grows, how much revenue their institution generates, how famous they become, and how popular their Jezebel Western value teachings and ethics sermons are. People flock to these churches and ministers, because they go where their ears are itching to hear, for the Torah Truth is nonsense and repulsive to them. This is the plight of the modern day church, and the religious Christians. Do not walk their paths, and do not stand in their company, and do not sit at their tables. The white witches of the devil whom he has placed in church leadership will cast spells on all those who are not established in the Holy Spirit. These are the ones who seek Western jobs and families and clothes and food and homes and entertainment, instead of suffering, pain, persecution, and facing death every day. They are the modern day Laodiceans or pukes. They have a foul spiritual smell. They are the Pharisee followers. The nephilim witches use magic to gain admiration from the human audiences. They cast spells on people to gain money, fame and power.


Intelligence is not how God evaluates people. There are some “otaku” nerd people who are very arrogant and prideful, because they believe they are smart and they look down on the other population as inferior. However, they are only like robots with boosted memory circuits to store extra data in their brains. They may be able to become doctors or professors or computer engineers, because they can memorize a lot of information, but they do not have any social skills or godly wisdom or common sense. They are socially handicapped. This is why they keep plastic dolls of anime female characters in their refrigerators, chase after female idol singer groups, go to cafes where the waitresses feed them with baby bottles, and they love to hack people’s computers, and cannot diagnose illnesses properly because they only go by past data and have no intuitive intelligence or creative thinking or analytical skills. They are mentally deranged, but people believe they are smart, only because they can memorize a lot of academics and pass a lot of exams. This is the world’s way of appraisal of people. However, God bases his measure on love, faith, hope, kindness, uprightness, giving, compassion, longsuffering, and other fruits of the Spirit. These “otaku” nerd boys get demon-possessed through the violent, satanic, gruesome video games they play, which lure them into more and more stimulus in ripping bodies apart and role-playing as hideous demonic monsters with amazing powers which they did not have in school, so they got bullied all the time due to their weakness, that created a deep-seated hatred and rage in them. So, once Satan gets these “otaku” nerd mentally ill boys through his grotesque video games made by demon-possessed Illuminati Satanist game creators, he uses these “otaku” nerds as assassins to shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons from behind apartment walls at God’s apostles and prophets, because they obviously are cowardly and do not have the courage to face their enemy one-on-one face-to-face. Satan has programmed their minds to think of assassinating another human being in real life as just another video game killing digital simulation character monsters in their games. They feel safe not being identified by the victim, who do not know where they are being shot from, and they feel a morbid pleasure in trying to kill other humans, in order to relieve their stress and anger at society and their own plight of not being seen attractive by girls and being bullied in their school years. They do not believe that they will stand before the Almighty God and all their evil deeds will be brought into the open. They will not be able to hide behind walls or EMP weapons at that time. Often, Satan leads them to drugs or suicide or murder. The other most evil people of the earth who are used by Satan and the Illuminati to assassinate people are people like the feminists and Satanists and CIA neo-Nazis and jobless and mobsters and secret society members. These multitudes and hordes of Korean girls who are used by Satan to try to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets, because of their cultural genes and “han” hatred culture and nationalistic pride and other deep-seated sins also have a very strong inferiority complex, because of their strong Korean facial features. In Korea, it is said that the girls go to the plastic surgeon’s office, just like they would go to a convenience store. Almost every single girl in Korea goes to a plastic surgeon. They cut up and mark up their bodies that God gave them, in direct disobedience to the commands in the Bible not to do so, because of their strong pride to be seen more attractive. This is a sin. With the money they earn from the Illuminati in trying to assassinate people, they go to the plastic surgeons to refigure their faces. What good is it if you change your face, but your heart is demon-possessed or you are a reptile nephilim descendent? First, one has to repent of their evil genes and family sins and ancestral sins and national sins, then change their heart and not change their faces that God has given them. It is my hope that even one Korean girl who is trying to kill me will repent and get saved through the Torah Truth that I preach who is Christ. It is just like the human feminists who get demon possessed because of their pride and selfishness and rebellious heart and hatred and haughty look. Dear brethren, you may wonder why the reptilian feminists behave and think as savage pagans. It is because snakes that carry reptilian genes do not behave like a cute, cuddly, feminine lamb that has a lamb’s genetic descent. They may hide behind smiles and cosmetics and female bodies and look like human homo-sapiens on the outside appearance, but inside, a reptilian feminist is a soulless nephilim creature, and a snake cannot help but act and think and breathe like a snake. So, it is all natural.


These lukewarm carnal religious Christians are super nice people, though they do not have the Holy Spirit, so they cannot refuse to sponsor these Iranians in Japan with their missionary organizations in Australia, so that these Iranian criminals can skip the country to Australia. These Iranians comes out to church to look for women in Japan, while they conduct criminal activities for the gangsters and earn a lot of money. These Iranians plead to these religious Christians to help them get out of the country, when the Japanese government starts cracking down on illegal aliens who do not have visas in Japan, and who work for the gangsters. These Iranians get angry and detest the real born-again spiritual Christians because the Spirit-filled Christians know what these Iranians are doing in Japan through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and they tell these Iranians directly that they will not sponsor them for their visa. The real born-again Spirit-filled Christians are not very nice people, because they speak the truth and are considered rude and unloving by these criminals and those who do evil, just like Jesus was considered evil by the Pharisees. They did not consider Jesus a nice person, though they would consider the Western Jezebel hippy “love” and “peace” Illuminati “Jesus movement” generation pastors and religious Christians as super nice people, but instead, they considered Jesus to be rude, unloving, obnoxious, insolent, a disturber of public peace, disrespectful of authority, and guilty under their “hate laws.” These hippy rogue pastors like to be rebellious to traditional Torah Truth and like the hippy rebellious Jezebel Christianity, but they do not like it when the apostles of God are rebellious against them and do not submit to their leadership, and furthermore, contradict what they preach. This is hypocrisy. These “Bible Answer Man” and their horde of religious hippy rogue pastors are very nice to the religious church members who pay them their tithe church taxes and pastors’ salaries by hugging and kissing and flattering them, but to the apostles of God, they are very cold, uncaring, viciously attacking, and openly mocking. You will know the spirit by the fruits of the spirit.


So, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, whatever your genes, whatever your personality, whatever your past sins, whatever your faults, whatever your short-comings, whatever your imperfection on this earth while you are in the fleshly sinful bodies, whatever struggle you have because of your sinful natures, it is a blessing in disguise from God and it is His love to work out His sanctification and purification process in us which creates character and holiness in us, since unlike the angels, we will have that much more rewards and that much more love and that much more deeper understanding of God’s grace and love throughout our eternal lives in heaven; and a deeper more intimate relationship with the Father. This time on the earth is but a very short while, but eternity is forever. Furthermore, for those who love God, God is able to use any personality, any shortcoming, any weakness, as a strength, and as a blessing, and for our benefit and good. To Satan’s children, all things become a curse, whether it is good or bad, since even the niceness of nice people can make them think they are nice so they do not need Jesus’ salvation. For those God foreknew would choose to love Him, He predestined to choose Him, and those who choose Him, He created as vessels of honor, and for those vessels of honor, He led them to believe in Him, so that they may be saved. Doubting Thomas loved Jesus and trusted in Him, so Jesus allowed Thomas to  stop doubting but to believe, since Jesus foreknew that Thomas was one of God’s child, even before the creation of the world. God loved Jacob and hated Esau, because God foreknew that Jacob would love Him and was His child, while Esau hated Him and was not His child. God planned it that way, so that there would be free will and there will be what we call a distinguishing of vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor. If there were no vessels of dishonor, the vessels of honor would not be distinguished, and proven for their righteousness through faith. That faith is given by God, so that we cannot boast. However, we were created to choose Him and be vessels of honor to spend eternity with Him to glorify Him and be evidence of His fairness and grace, for those He knew would choose Him. Free choice and predestination are not polar opposites, but they are completely compatible with each other, and they both coexist in harmony with each other as one. They can exist as one truth, both being true. People of the flesh cannot understand the coexistence and complete compatibility of free choice and predestination, and will falsely accuse God as being evil and unfair because of their arrogant pride, but the people of the spirit will understand the coexistence and complete compatibility of free choice and predestination through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and faith, and will be grateful to God as being love and fair because of their trust and love for God. The Torah Truth who is Christ will reveal the heart of a person when we speak it to that person by how that person will react to the Torah Truth who is Christ. The Word of God will not come back empty, but it will create some reaction in the person, which may even be an indifferent uncaring spirit. This is why when you preach the Torah Truth to the religious Christians, they will hate you, condemn you, ridicule you, ostracize you, and claim that you are mentally ill and need to go to a Western value hospital Babylonian psychiatrist medicine man. You, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren chose God, but God also chose you to accomplish His purpose of love and be recipients of His grace and love, and to glorify Him. How blessed are you, and give praise to your God and His redemption through Christ Jesus our Lord. Here is wisdom through the Holy Spirit and understanding of spiritual things—the Torah Truth. Where would be the glory to God, if we did not suffer in Christ’s suffering, and receive persecution for the love of serving the Lord and serving His people? The persecution also sanctifies us and molds us more into the image of our Lord and His love, and His patience, and His perseverance, and in dependence in Him, and growing in faith in Him, and strengthens us. Therefore, the Satanists and nephilim reptilians do serve a purpose by being the instigators of the persecution. This is their purpose, that through their evil, the righteous may glorify God. If it were not for the Satanists and Pharisees, then there would not have been the persecution toward Christ, and no cross, and no salvation, and so, God planned for the existence of evil and Satan and his people on this earth to coexist with God’s righteous saints for a short while. But, once their purpose is finished, they will be dumped into the Lake of Fire, where they will spend eternity, and the world will be rid of their stench. Then, with the reward received from God for the persecution and service and love, which God allowed us to have, we will shine forevermore with the Lord in heaven, as a testimony of God’s grace, God’s love, God’s righteousness, and God’s infinite wisdom in salvation through Christ. There will be greater glory to God in heaven and greater joy for us and the Lord, as a result of experiencing that persecution while we were on the earth. The relationship with the Lord will be that much deeper, that much meaningful, and that much thankful, and that much joyful, and that much more intimate, and that much more love. He is treating us as children to share in His suffering here on this earth, and He is gracious enough to allow us to experience the persecution. A person who is not God’s child can enjoy their life on this earth and party every day, since they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. But for those who will spend eternity with God in heaven, and those whom God loves, God treats as His children, and God does not spoil His children, for they are being trained to be royal priests and princes in heaven to govern the angels and the things of God. No mind can imagine the amazing status we shall have in heaven and the greatness of our role in heaven. This is why I do not want to waste my life on this earth by having a spoiled brat’s life, doing nothing for God, and experiencing no suffering for Christ, and not accomplishing anything for God, and wasting this life on this earth by not glorifying the Lord. My prayer is that every moment of my life, every thing I can do for the King, all my strength and focus be in serving the Lord, so that I will not regret passing by the thankful privilege of serving Him here while on this earth, and also glorifying our Loving Lord through sharing in His suffering in persecution while on this earth. This is one life, and one chance, and we should live each day without wasting it. Live and run the race well, my brothers. In a combat situation with the Satanists, you become very closely bonded to Jesus, because you eat together, you sleep together, you fight together, and you get to know each other very well, and you trust your buddy with your life: you know Jesus is watching your back, and He even gave His life to save yours on the cross, and that is a true combat buddy. You learn not to fear anything in your life for your buddy, because when you sit down and really think about it, you truly understand how much you love your commander Jesus and your fellow buddies the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers who you share the combat trench with; and you know that every one of them will risk their lives to come and help you, and you know that you would risk your life to go and help them; they are closer than brothers. Fleshly genetic brothers will betray you, or have other mafia gangsters assassinate you to save their own lives, or poison you in order to steal the king’s title from you, or steal your girlfriend from you. However, real spiritual brothers in Christ, though you never grew up with each other or share genetic bloodlines, will not even hesitate for a moment to give their lives to save your life, because Jesus’ spiritual family is built on the unconditional love of the Father in Heaven. These are true brothers whom you will spend eternity with in heaven.


Those who bless God’s children will be blessed by God, and those who try to curse God’s children will have the curses backfire upon them multiple times over.


I would rather be a child of God and lose all the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Illuminati thieves and be loved by God, rather than be a Korean Illuminati member and receive millions of dollars of business from the Illuminati and be hated by God. I would rather be a child of God and have one of the lowest human intelligence in the world, rather than be a cursed super high intelligence half-breed reptilian nephilim royal family descendent in England or Ireland or something, and be respected by mankind, but thrown into the Lake of Fire by God. I would rather be despised by the world’s people, and ridiculed and mocked by the “Bible Answer Man” and his gang of Jezebel preist rogue hippy pastors, and shot every day by the Illuminati’s Koreans with EMP electromagnetic weapons, and be rewarded in heaven by God, rather than be loved and worshipped by all the people of the world as the Anti-Christ nephilim dictator of the Illuminati, and be cursed by God as the Man of Perdition. I would rather be an outcast by the holy church state, and purged from every Western Christian church from the shores of the Baltic to the islands of the Pacific, and be used by God as an apostle to the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, rather than be worshipped as the great holy Christian leader of the world and False-Prophet of the Illuminati, and be nuked overnight as judgment falls on the Mystery Babylon religion in the Vatican. I would rather be brought into this world by God with the extreme blessing of having nothing, and be able to trust God for all of my needs and existence, rather than be born into this world with inherited titles or inherited wealth or family connections or skills or academic credentials or superior wits or disciplined genetic personalities or breath-taking looks or unmatched strength or genetically nice personalities, and not trust in God for anything. I would rather have no weapons and have God as my defender and Father, rather than have all the armies of the world at my disposal with their nuclear arsenals and fast flying jets and fire-breathing tanks and destructive fleets, only to be destroyed by the powerful voice of Christ. I would rather be a servant of the Most High God and sleep in complete peace every night amidst persecution, rather than control all the finances and political power of the world and live every moment in fear of being assassinated by the Eastern Illuminati’s ninja assassins. I would rather be considered the lowest of humans on this earth, and spend eternity in heaven with the Lord, rather than be considered the most highest among the reptilians on this earth, and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with the devil and his angels. I would rather have no fancy titles and feed God’s Torah Truth to the small faithful remnants for God, rather than have fancy titles like “pastor,” have a huge income, and be regarded by the multitudes of religious dead Christians as a great minister, and teach Satan’s Western Christianity Jezebel doctrines of the Illuminati Satanists. I would rather be gang-stalked by the barbaric Korean hordes and feminist maniacs and Queen Jezebel’s gods and the most evil people in existence for the defense of the Faith, rather than be surrounded by the mediocre multitudes of the nicest personality religious dead Christians in church workplaces as a result of turning my back on the Torah Truth which is distasteful to them. I would rather follow Christ our Groom and have my fleshly family try to kill me and hand me over to the enemy, rather than follow Jezebel’s Western Christianity and get married and lead a meaningless life surrounded by non-born-again genetic descendents and dozens of grandchildren. I would rather stand my ground on the sure foundation of the Torah Truth Word of God, and be scorned and jeered by the “Bible Answer Man” and his gang of ruffian effeminate male hippy pastors, rather than compromise and pervert the Torah Truth Word of God, and be accepted and welcomed into the Pharisee gang ring of the “Bible Answer Man” and his Sanhedrin street gang leaders who are priests of Jezebel. If they are unwilling to accept the Torah Truth, then it would have been better if they had not known the Torah Truth, because by knowing the Torah Truth and rejecting it, they bring greater judgment upon themselves. It is the religious carnal Christians who have the luxurious, peaceful, routine, spoiled lifestyles, just like the Illuminati members have: Lazarus had much trouble in this earthly life, while the rich man had the extravagant, pampered life on earth. They are the sleeping church that was prophesied to appear in the End Times—they are the Illuminati-created Christian churches. The “Bible Answer Man” and his gang of religious Pharisees are very polite to these reptilians who are famous and powerful, but they are very rude to God’s apostles and prophets. Evil people believe good people who are gentle as being weak and can be bullied, but gentleness and meekness are God’s strength; whereas, evil people are the most cowardice among people, because they are afraid of greater evil and those who have power. This is why God’s people do not fear, but boldly declare the Torah Truth because they love God and the people; whereas, the religious Christians and Illuminati people are constantly in fear of reputation, their living expenses, their bosses, being killed, their wives, insurance plans for sickness and accidents, Satanist leaders, church congregations, the fallen angels, terrorists, losing money or home, losing family, Satan, etc., etc., etc. This is why the hippy rogue pastors talk arrogantly and viciously toward God’s prophets, but they are effeminate and afraid to teach the Torah Truth to their church congregations. They are Satan’s effeminate men, just like Jezebel their queen is Satan’s masculine woman. They are violent, prideful, critical, selfish, and every character of Ahab, as well as being great actors just like the Pharisee predecessors, in front of their tithe givers. They make themselves look gentle and kind, but inside they are full of hatred and scorn and pride and selfishness and ridicule, and it is not a true inner gentleness of spirit or kindness in the core of the heart. They are not of the Holy Spirit, but they are of their father the devil. The more you are loved by the people of the world, the more you are despised by God. That is why the hippy rogue pastors’ churches grow large and their books sell, using the Illuminati Christian church conferences popularity. That is why the Anti-Christ nephilim “Man of Perdition” will be the most loved person in the world. The more loved by God, the more you will be despised by the world’s people, the enemy, and your religious church congregations. It is a very dangerous thing to be popular from the religious Christians. The bigger your church is, the more dangerous situation you are in as a pastor, for it is a direct measurement of your spirituality; and the smaller your church is, the more blessed you are as a pastor, because it is a direct measurement of how closer you are to the Torah Truth who is Christ. This is why it is very, very difficult for a minister to become a Bride of Christ.


I have told the religious carnal Christians to stop thinking like people of the flesh and religious heathen unbelievers like they are: why would they try to put priority to try to save their fleshly genetic descendent daughters who are not born-again Christians over a complete stranger who used to be a serial murderer but is now a saved brother in Christ? How selfish and prejudice and religious and base their thinking is. They believe that just because their daughter goes to church with them and talks Christian religious jargon and agrees with their views that that daughter must automatically be a born-again Christian who is saved. If the parent is religious and carnal, then what are the chances of the daughter being spiritual? The daughter is going to the Lake of Fire and will be judged, whereas, the former serial murderer stranger in Samaria or their enemy nation is a brother in Christ who will be with them in heaven eternally. What kind of silly, base, fleshly mind these religious Western Christianity Christians have—they have the same minds as heathen non-believers have. They think with the flesh, instead of the spirit. They are so silly and childish in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that they actually believe that by praying by will-power faith and human fleshly genetic animal instinct attachment to their genetic families, they can force God to save the daughter—this makes them God and it is white magic and witchcraft. One should rather pray to God to allow them to leave family and daughters, so that they may go where the Lord will lead them, in order that they may be used by the Lord to preach to His real spiritual children and disciple them as their spiritual children, just like Apostle Paul and I have done. However, these “Bible Answer Man” and his gang of Pharisee thug hippy pastors do a tremendous display acting of hugging their wives and daughters in front of the church congregations to show what great fathers they are, and appeal to the carnal warm feelings and filial family love emotions of their depraved Jezebel Christian Western values church members, in order to gain consent from the church elders and to be highly regarded as their spiritual pastors. How evil and carnal and base they are. Instead, they should leave these heathen families who live artificial religious Christian church lives, and they should go into the world into the nations of the enemy to serve God’s true spiritual children, who are our true born-again spiritual brothers and sisters and children. They are our true family in Christ. In this, the true heart of a person is revealed, whether they are creatures of the flesh or people of the Holy Spirit. This is why these religious Christians worship Mother Mary and fleshly family members of Jesus, because Western Christianity Jezebel worship caters to the family love and animal genetic connections, just like the Illuminati reptilian family bloodlines and royal families, instead of the mind of the Holy Spirit and the things of God. This is why the Illuminati tries to put priority on their daughters who are the same reptile genes, while trying to genocide the humans who have human genes—how fleshly and base their thinking and values are. God’s will is to throw their daughters into the Lake of Fire, because their genetically related fleshly daughters are hybrid freak monsters, and God’s will is to save the complete strangers who are not genetically connected or have a filial family love relationship with them, because they are humans who God created. Who are they to pray and force God to save their reptilian fallen angel hybrid daughters, while they do not even care about going out into the world to help genetically unrelated human homo-sapiens strangers with God’s unconditional agape love? How satanic their Illuminati nephilim minds are! No wonder they become demon evil spirits when they die and become disembodied spirits—it is because they have the evil nature of Satan. These human carnal Western Christianity religious Christians do the same things as the reptilians do, and think like the people of Satan do, and hold to the thinking of the Jezebel doctrines instead of God’s Torah Truth. Who are they to dictate to God who should be saved or who should not be saved? Should they not as diligently pray for the serial murderer or Satanist who are lost children of God, as they do for their genetically related daughter’s who are not God’s children? These Illuminati Jezebel Western Hellenist Christianity religious people need to seek to be God’s servants and seek His will, instead of making themselves the master over God and forcing God to do their wishes by their sheer willpower faith witchcraft praying mind power, and thereby, trying to make themselves as gods just as Illuminati Jezebel doctrines teaches that they will be gods themselves, and like Lucifer will rise above the throne of God.


These feminist activists who are high witches have a lot more nephilim supernatural witchcraft power than lower witches, because they have more reptilian genes. This is how the feminists have exterminated all humans who stood against the evils of Western feminism and Babylonian feminist witchcraft, and not only have they cursed people to death, but they have put a magic spell on these heathen men in the West to be effeminate though they use steroids to build muscle and act tough or they act like boneless weak men, so that they have a strong inner spiritual fear of women’s power and are always flattering women’s rights to their female coworkers and wives. Normal human men would normally be less afraid of women and they are more masculine, so they are more humble and have no need to build muscles or act tough like the effeminate men of Satan, and they are not boneless and weak like Satan’s men either. God’s men are humble, but they are not weak toward women, and they behave more like Jesus, because they have the Spirit of God in them. This witchcraft spell that the Illuminati witches have placed over the minds of the Western men is to make Hollywood movie actress reptilian women who are feminists and have disgusting personalities look attractive to them. In every Hollywood mind-controlling movie, they sell the idea of a man who is always apologizing to their wives and girlfriends for being a bad man, and the image of a submissive man who is always begging the women and doing whatever the women want. The Hollywood reptilian actresses always play the role of a woman who is upset at their husband or boyfriend, and scolds them and walks out of the room. What kind of a raving, maniac man would ever even imagine in seeing any attractiveness in such a feminist End Times satanic woman, not alone even want to go close to her or smell her spiritual stench? This does not just show how evil and unimaginably disgusting the End Times women are, but it also shows how unimaginably crazy and Illuminati media brainwashed and dumb sin has made the End Times men. Together they are a cursed generation: the last generation before the wrath of God falls upon this wicked inhabitants of this earth. Just like in their propaganda Illuminati movie “Star Wars,” where their so-called force or “chi” has power to manipulate people of weak minds, the witches and nephilim descendents use witchcraft spells to control the minds of sinful heathens. The Illuminati is reptilian gene nephilim and they have spiritualist instructions given to them by their unclean spirits or who they call alien beings, so they are very intelligent and superior brain functions; so that is why they can create superior brainwashing tools like their Hollywood Illuminati movies, where they continuously bombard the Western men’s minds (the Western Illuminati controls the United States and Europe) with the image of an immature man who still acts like a selfish little boy, and the image of a mature woman (wife or girlfriend) who is always reprimanding and dominating the boyfriend or silly husband by saying, “You need to grow up!” or frowning at their husband or boyfriend with their arms crossed in contempt toward the man. Just like the Illuminati’s Nazi propaganda during World War 2, if you keep feeding this image into the foolish humans’ minds, they will start believing it; and their whole world and lifestyle and thinking reflects the Illuminati’s values and satanic world, where the woman is subliminally understood to be more mature, superior, intelligent, ethical, and has authority, while the man is subliminally believed to be immature, inferior, lacking intelligence, childish, unethical and always getting into trouble with their wives or girlfriends, lacking any ability to have authority in the family, and incompetent when compared with the woman. This is sexist, and that is why the hundreds and hundreds of groups of feminists who gang-stalk me and follow me into every hotel room all approach me and tell me how men are so incompetent and childish and unperceptive, which is the exact propaganda of the Illuminati in the Western culture and Satan’s agenda to corrupt God’s order of creation and spiritual order. The reason why the most evil, selfish, arrogant, treacherous, violent people in the world become feminists is because they are more prone to demon possession, and that is why they are the ones who always get controlled the most by Satan and used to try to kill God’s children. This is the lowest state that a human can drop to of sheer depravity and sub-animal demonic state. In these End Times, there is a sudden surge of Illuminati Hollywood movies like “Pacific Rim” and “Avatar” and “Star Trek” that sells the deceptive doctrine of “mind melting” of two people’s minds together, when in reality, mind-melting is not a fusion of two chemical reaction neural memory link up, but it is rather a demon-possession by the evil spirits that take control of these nephilim reptilian hybrid witch descendents to use them in this three-dimensional realm to accomplish their horrific purpose through the Illuminati. You can think of these reptilian hybrid nephilim witch bloodline descendent families as the remotely operated humanoid bodies of these fallen angels and evil spirits to accomplish their satanic devilish agenda. It is these flesh and blood creatures that Satan uses to gang-stalk and shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons against God’s apostles and prophets, but the foolish humans do not recognize them, since they have been integrated secretly into the human population with human names and human identities and holographic human images. They are worshipped by the foolish humans as gods and great men and feminist freedom fighters, while the foolish human population detests and discriminates against God’s apostles and prophets. History has always been that way. This is why the royal families and famous celebrities are so popular, and God’s children are persecuted. The Sumerian Babylonian religion Illuminati movies preach about stargates or wormholes where aliens come through, instead of coming from outer space, because they are indeed demon spirits that are coming through portals from the spiritual realm. They are not aliens from other dimensional planets as Satan preaches, but they are demon spirits from other spiritual dimensions. It shows that actors from other nations are Illuminati members, too, united for one Satanist cause.


The Illuminati movie “Star Trek: Into The Darkness” teaches the Satanist Mystery Babylon religion story. In the movie, they mention the planet Nibiru, where the reptilian hybrid nephilim believe that their fallen angel forefathers or Annunaki came from and taught humans the Sumerian culture and mixed their genes with humans to make the nephilim. In the movie, the hero rebels against the Star Fleet Command, in order to save a primitive race of people on a different planet called Nibiru, just like the Illuminati Satanist’s Mystery Babylon religion of their “Brotherhood of the Snake” believe that the devil rebelled against God in order to give mankind technology and free humans. They believe that the Annunaki rebelled against their leader to give humankind scientific technology, and was therefore banished from heaven and made the devil and fallen angels. All the Illuminati movies are designed to show the Annunaki that if the roles were reversed, then humans would save the Annunaki, too, in order to try to gain favor from their Annunaki alien gods and create goodwill impressions. They are also hoping and waiting for the promised return of their alien gods to lead them into the fifth evolutionary stage of humans, where they will be genetically reengineered with alien genes to be like the fallen angels to have tremendous supernatural abilities and nephilim extra-dimensional powers. With all their Illuminati movies, they want to show how evolved and noble and considerate humans are toward alien species, too. Everything about these lizard people hybrids who make the Hollywood movies are based on selfish reasons, and to appease their lizard gods, and to create their reptilian New World Order to prepare for the return of the Annunaki fallen angel alien ancestors, just as their 6,000 year old “Illuminati Brotherhood of the Snake” Mystery Babylon religion teaches. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, you have to remember that Satan is not an originator and Creator, but he is a deceiver and imitator and a thief, so he steals the gospel story of Jesus Christ and God every single time. This whole alien deception that the End Times earth dwellers will be enchanted under the witchcraft will be an exact copy of God’s gospel that Jesus will come to rapture His Christians and give them a spiritual body to live and reign with Him in His millennial kingdom. The Satanist Illuminati religion of the Snake Brotherhood teach a copy of this story that Satan and his serpentine fallen angels will return in the last days to reengineer the human’s genes with alien genes, so that they will receive a new supernatural nephilim body to reign and live with the devil’s New World Order Illuminati kingdom. As always, this is Satan’s bunch of crap story, because he is full of crap, also. The Satanists who are the world leaders and world banking leaders and military leaders and law enforcement leaders and school leader and media leaders believe this crap story of the devil whom they call Lucifer, in accordance to their 6,000 snake god (Satan) religion, and await eagerly to set up Satan’s kingdom with his returned Annunaki fallen angels. Watch their movies and Illuminati propaganda, and every one of them reflect this belief and doctrine of Illuminism of Atlantis. Guard your hearts with the Torah Truth who is Christ, so that you will not be deceived by every wind and wave of Satanist doctrine and alien deceit. Then, you will recognize all the fake of freemason and Mormon and religious deceptions created by the Brotherhood of the Snake secret society, since you will know the Torah Truth, and the Torah Truth will set you free from all falsehood and false doctrines. You have the truth and the religious Christians do not have the truth, and that is why you will know Him who is the Torah Truth, and the religious Christians will be deceived by the alien doctrines of the devil’s evolutionary theory. If you love Christ, then feed the Tribulation Saints flock with the Torah Truth. In the Illuminati movie “Star Trek,” the Vulcans are cold-blooded and logical, and the Klingons are hot-blooded and barbaric. The humans are shown as being in the middle and balanced with both compassion and being civilized to show the aliens that humans are worthy to be given technology by Satan in rebellion to God, and to be evolved by Satan’s aliens to a higher evolved being. In the Star Trek movie, the aliens give technology to humans, so that humans can evolve to higher levels. The Illuminati movies are a subliminal message to the aliens to show that humans (or in reality the Illuminati reptilian hybrid Satanist nephilim descendents) should not be destroyed by God and thrown into the Lake of Fire, but should be saved by Satan and his fallen angels and given the technology by their aliens to defend themselves from God who is the evil alien. This is how the demon spirits who are the offspring of Satan and his fallen angels think, and it is the basis of their 6,000 year old “Brotherhood of the Snake” Babylonian mystery religion. It is hypocritical, because they want to evolve to more powerful super soldier beings by mixing their genes with the fallen angels’ genes, but they want to exterminate all non-Aryan homo-sapiens humans from the earth. This is why the demons carry the evil nature and genes of the fallen angels and the devil. They have stolen all the positions of political leaders, economic leaders, educational leaders, and media leaders in our human society, in order to bring in their reptilian globally warmed Illuminati New World Order of cloned reptilian demon spirit beings and freaks, just like the civilization of cloned nephilim and reptilian feminist witches that God destroyed with Noah’s Flood. In these Star Trek movies, those who call themselves God are depicted always as evil aliens. This is the Illuminati doctrine. They are Satanists. In the movie, Captain Kirk is a symbol of Satan, who keeps disobeying Star Fleet Command in order to save the Nibiru planet primitive humanoids. They believe that the devil disobeyed God, in order to help primitive mankind. This is the underlying theme in every Satanist Hollywood movie. Only those with evil hearts and hate God are deceived by the devil, and those with righteous hearts that love God cannot be deceived by the devil’s propaganda. This is the distinguishing difference between the children of God and the children of Satan, and those born-again Christian humans who are the descendents of Adam and those Satanist reptilian hybrid descendents of the fallen angels. In the movie, Spock and Khan are a message to all their Illuminati Satanist members concerning their New World Order’s fifth dimensional evolution of mankind with a newly evolved reptilian hybrid nephilim race of half alien half human genetically reengineered witch and wizard race of humans with supernatural powers. These Illuminati television movies like “Falling Skies” depict aliens allying with humans to fight bad aliens, and these reptilian aliens breeding with humans to create a new race of super humans. In the movie, “Star Trek: Into the darkness,” Khan says he is a genetically engineered Nephilim super soldier from an ancient age of higher technology during Noah’s times, and he is bent on killing all humans. This is the Illuminati religion and belief of the reptilian hybrid witch race Aryan Nazi people.