Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 27


Truly, truly, I tell you a Torah Truth. Those jobs considered honorable on the earth like presidents and queens and rock stars and doctors and Wall Street stock broker millionaires and celebrities and professors and bankers and ministers with their nice offices and comfortable lifestyles who are loved by the people are cursed and considered diabolical jobs in heaven, and those jobs considered despicable and heretic on the earth like God’s apostles and prophets and teachers of the Torah Truth who are gang-stalked by thousands of assassins and continuously attacked by EMP electromagnetic weapons and sometimes do not have roofs over their heads are considered noble jobs in heaven. The measurement in heaven is the opposite of the measurement that the Illuminati has created on the earth, which these pagans or religious Christians worship. This is why the church congregations love the hippy rogue pastors and they are celebrities of the Illuminati in their own right, instead of the church congregations spitting on them, yelling at them, throwing their shoes at them, and firing them from their ministers’ jobs. The evidence is right there, and clear for all to see. The classic composers who were considered geniuses and loved by the people and received skills from their Illuminati demonic spirits were Satanists, and became the forerunners of the modern day rock stars. They started turning music into a satanic sound. Just like when the women listened to the classic composers and screamed and fainted, the modern day women listen to the reptilian rock stars and scream and faint out of a demonic frenzy. The same witchcraft and demonic powers of the nephilim reptilians’ Illuminati are at work today as in the past. Nothing has changed. History just repeats itself. Those considered heroes like Commodore Perry who opened Japan from Shogunate isolation were Illuminati Satanists. The Illuminati has governed the course of earthly events from ancient times. The Illuminati Satanists use sound frequency weapons to make people sick and drive them crazy.


From even a small saltwater marine aquarium or from nature, God can teach you the Torah Truth and about how He feels towards His creation. God is like the aquarium keeper looking inside the world of the time-space continuum we call the four-dimensional curved space and linear time world, much like an aquarium. Much of the real world is outside, and our world is only a small fraction of it. None the less, we coexist. God can operate both in the dimension of water where we exist, and in the dimension of air outside the aquarium. Our world is like a linear time video recorder recording everything that we do and decide. The aquarium keeper loves fish that trust in him; and do not run away, but knows that the aquarium keeper has all good intentions for it and feeds it and takes care of its aquarium, much like a loving father for a son; and is peaceful toward the other fish; and moreover, goes over to the other fish to bring them over when there is food being given, in order to notify its comrades—this is love. However, the aquarium keeper hates fish that do not trust in him; and always runs away, no matter how good the aquarium keeper has been to it and fed it and taken care of its aquarium, much like an illegitimate son is to a person who is not his true father, and therefore does not know him; and is very violent toward other fish; and moreover, chases other fish away and bites them and kills them when the aquarium keeper gives food to them, in order to horde all the food by killing the other fish, until it is the only one left—this is hatred. We can liken this to you, the good fish, or the 144,000 Jewish Remnant homo-sapiens humans who are Gods chosen and God’s created children whom He loves, and you love Him and trust in Him, and you take care of your brethren as commandos of God going to every corner of the world to share Jesus Christ, unlike the Jezebel-worshipping pagan Satanism Western Christianity lukewarm religious Christians. You keep the Torah Truth of Christ that is written in these letters and in your hearts, and you are faithful to the Word of God who is Christ Himself. Likewise, we can liken the evil fish to Satan’ children, the Illuminati reptilian nephilim witch descendents who have inherited the ancient Atlantis giants’ reptilian psychopath brain and their homo-serpens homo-vipera homo-hydrus genes and their vampire’s Satanist human servants, who hate God and believe He is the devil, and distrust Him who sustains their lives and allows them to breathe, and who steal, parasite off of, kill, maim, cannibalize, deceive, torture, manipulate, reengineer and pervert the genetic make-up of, and genocide the human homo-sapiens in both the ancient Atlantis culture which God wiped out with the global flood, and in these End Times we currently live in which God will wipe out with the fire. The reptilian dinosaur monsters and the reptilian nephilim hybrid alien descendents must be removed from this planet, before they destroy all flesh and all of creation, and make this world into a hell-hole freak show of monsters and ghouls and half-human half-octopuses, just like they did in the Atlantis society that God destroyed. This is where their evolutionary theory of Satan and alien theory of Satan eventually always takes them: the making of half-human half-octopus children and grandchildren and reptile descendents, and the extermination of all humans from the earth. They want to make their species the ultimate fighting super soldier or Alien Predator lizard man: homo-universalis. This is what the Illuminati Nazi Aryan reptilian bloodline families call their New Age evolution of mankind into the fifth dimension when their Freemason alien fallen angel gods return or Age of Aquarius or Fourth Reich or reptilian New World Order or restoration of Atlantis. The Illuminati shipped 360 tons of 100 dollar bills to Iraq in order to restore the Mystery Babylon religion and headquarters of Satanism—Babylon. Their goal is to starve as many human homo-sapiens as possible, and take all the tax money for their Illuminati black ops budgets.


Satan is like the vicious, ugly fish in the other tank who bangs against the glass to make himself look powerful, but God’s thick glass of love separates him from us. He can only intimidate. The Holy Spirit who is in us is greater than the devil who is in the world. Even though we walk through the darkest valley or Freemason lodge or Jesuit sacrificial chamber, we do not fear any evil, for God is with us. Laugh at your enemies. God has hardened the hearts of the world leaders and brought Pharaoh’s army against us, so that His righteous judgment may fall on them and their armies, and His glory and deliverance will be made known to all. I have called upon these world leaders to repent, and to abandon their plans to destroy the Israelites, but they will not listen. It is the last and final warning they shall receive.


The reason why these Illuminati people always appear, all of a sudden, and they start talking to you, and they know a lot about you, is because they are not human souls, but they are demon spirits. This is why they can see through the walls and know exactly where your heart or your kidneys or your liver or your genitals or your brain or your eyes are, when they shoot their EMP electromagnetic weapons all day long. However, since the Illuminati is watching you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even when you are bathing or sleeping or eating or walking on the streets or using the toilet (imagine God making them, who consider themselves superior suffer, having to watch you poop), you feel safe because no criminal can just walk up to you and shoot you or stab you or harm you. All the street gangs and mafia gangsters and CIA MI6 hit squads and feminist witches and Satanists are all strictly monitored and supervised and controlled by the Illuminati. They cannot do anything more than they are allowed. They cannot touch you. It is the reptilian elites who control these creatures, because the Illuminati is carefully organized, and no one can act outside of those restraints. The fallen angels control the reptilian elite hybrids who govern our human society. Satan controls the fallen angels. God controls Satan. Therefore, it is God who allows the Illuminati henchmen at the bottom of the organization to persecute you. It is God who allows them to have the superior technology, the EMP electromagnetic weapons, the ability to see through the walls, the finances to pay for their food and living costs every day, the gas to run their trucks and jets and helicopters, the connections and power and bribery to place their people in the restaurant kitchens you go to, and even breathe or exist. God allows evil to exist for a time for His glorious purpose. God uses the Illuminati to persecute you, and that persecution sanctifies you as a saint, and creates character and holiness and commitment; and that persecution makes you get closer to God, and to love Him more, and to trust Him more, and to deepen your faith, and know Him in deeper ways. Therefore, it is a blessing, and God just uses the devil and his Illuminati for His glorious purpose, and for His love toward you. If God did not love you, He would not allow you to share in His sufferings, and to pick up the burden of His cross and Torah Truth Word, and to go through the persecution. Therefore, give thanks to God and praise Him and give glory to Him, every single time you are persecuted for the gospel and Jesus Christ. God is increasing your reward and joy and riches in heaven, every single time the Illuminati and the devil persecutes you. And some day, you will judge the fallen angels and the devil and the people of the Church of Satan. The worse thing that could happen is for God to allow you to be a religious carnal lukewarm Christian, and not let the devil make the Illuminati persecute you, and allow you to be lukewarm and indifferent and be preoccupied with the routines of this world that the heathens partake in (eating, drinking, partying and marrying like the hippy rogue pastors). You become worse and worse when you are in lukewarm water, but the fire tempers steel and purifies it. When God allows the Illuminati to take away your savings, assets, stocks, precious metals, income and apartment, then you get blessed to see God’s beautiful nature and be freed from the weakness toward money. When God allows the Illuminati to infect you with all kinds of disease one after another, then it allows you to stop going to the ridiculously stupid and unhealthy doctors and to trust in God only.  When the Illuminati places their Satanist members in the fast food restaurants where you went once before, in order to poison you if you go there the second time, you stop going to restaurants and stop eating fast food, and this is how God uses everything that the devil and his Illuminati Satanists do, to keep you healthy and bless you and use all things that the devil does and turns them around for your good. So, simply said, the more evil the devil and his people do to you, they end up bringing more blessing to you, because God turns them all into blessings. In their stupidity or pride or both which blinds people to reason, they do not realize that the more gasoline they throw at the fire to try to put it out, the more bigger the flame gets. When God allows the Illuminati to have people persecute you, it creates a holy anger against evil and a greater loyalty to the King and Lord of heaven’s army. Therefore, though the devil tries to create depression, fear, bitterness, despair, worry and suffering, just like in the heathens, God uses the persecution to create joy, peace, forgiveness, hope, faith, love, holiness and strength in us, for we are weak and sinful. See how good the Lord God Almighty is, and give praise and glory to Him! Just like the alien greys nephilim are totally baffled when people laugh and put their arms around their shoulders and pull off their eye coverings, the Illuminati are baffled when Christians dance and give praise to God when they are persecuted. It just does not make sense to them, because their reality is so diametrically opposite of ours. They live in the devil’s realm. We live in God’s Kingdom. Pray that the Lord will forgive those humans who are New Roman Empire soldiers that are just carrying out orders to try to kill you, and they do not know what they are doing. As for those demon spirits in reptilian humanoid bodies who are nephilim that are trying to kill you, just like the Pharisees, pray that the Lord will throw them into the Lake of Fire before their time.


The true Christians repent when God sends me to point out their sins, but the religious Christians accuse and criticize me when God sends me to point out their sins, and therefore, they are just like the unbelievers’ who hate the Torah Truth and Christ. They call God’s calling through His prophet for repentance as being evil. Woe to them, for they call God evil, who has sent the messenger in love. There is no forgiveness, if there is no repentance, and one calls God evil. These skunk fart religious Christians get extremely irate and angry at me when I tell them the Illuminati Satanists are trying to kill me and ask for their backup reinforcement, and call me mentally insane, in order to disassociate themselves from me, in order to protect themselves, and they tell me that I need to be sharing the gospel Torah Truth to the reptilian hybrid nephilim demon spirit people who are trying to kill me. How stupid and evil are these religious Christians. Do they not know that the reason why the devil and his fallen angels’ offspring are persecuting me, in the first place, is exactly because I am sharing the Torah Truth gospel? Do they accuse me of not sharing the gospel Torah Truth? Why are they not being persecuted and their lives sought after, if they are truly sharing the Torah Truth gospel themselves as they claim they are doing? It is because the truth is, they are not sharing the Torah Truth gospel. They are even afraid to get involved in the fight together with God’s prophets, so why would they even dare to share the gospel to the Satanists assassins? These religious Christians do not even have the common sense of a three year old child, because the devil has filled their hearts. This is why they are practicing religion. They are exactly like a cult group, because they act really caring and spiritual when they are trying to recruit people into their Western Christianity cult group, and have a cult group fellowship with other religious Christians, just like the other cult religions do. However, if you become a real born-again spiritual Christian, and get into the thick of the spiritual battle, they do not want anything to do with you or anything to do with your spiritual battle. They consider you a sacrifice to be fed to the wolves as they draw their own self away from the battle line, so that their brother in Christ can be left behind to fight alone. While they are running away, they accuse you of being a coward and not sharing the Torah Truth gospel to the enemy reptilian Satanist demons and being a mentally ill patient and a liar. If they truly believe that you are a liar and mentally ill, why are they afraid and running away and accusing you of not sharing the gospel to people whom they believe do not even exist? They do not realize that they are the liars themselves and hypocrites by falsely accusing God’s prophets while acting as if they do not believe the truth, while they are well aware of the truth. These religious Pharisees or religious Christians or Jezebel Western Christianity worshippers are hypocrites! They always hand the issue over to their pastors, and the pastors do not even want to get involved either. They are lukewarm dung. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


In order to not allow the reptilian hybrid nephilim people and the Illuminati from stopping their persecutions upon you, you have to continue to preach the Torah Truth and to uncover their evils and sins. Then, they will be forced to continue their persecutions upon you, and you will be able to glorify God, and continue His sanctifying work in you. Even if the devil wants to stop the persecution, God is the one who decides. The most wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life is for the reptilians and Illuminati and Satan to completely destroy my life and everything I owned was gotten rid of. Without God’s help, it is sometimes impossible. I thank and praise God for using the devil to allow me to suffer in Christ’s suffering and to glorify Jesus. With man, it is impossible, but with God and His infinite love, all things are possible; and God is faithful enough to do it. Without fire, there is no tempering of steel. Without trials, there is no transformation to godliness and to Christ’s nature. This is why we welcome persecution and trials with joy, brothers, whenever we are persecuted, for it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Praise God for the very concept of persecution! Hallelujah! There is no greater honor, and we will be glad also in heaven for deciding to choose Christ and share in His glorious suffering. Our suffering is joy, and through hardship we experience His love. The religious Christians are illegitimate children, so they never experience this persecution and great blessing. How blessed are you, when people hate you and the world rejects you, for your faith is proven true. Great will be your joy here and in heaven. So, welcome every opportunity for persecution and attack, because it is good for you and it glorifies God. Every time you are shot by electromagnetic weapons, laugh at the devil and his fallen angels for the ridiculousness of their attempts, and dance and rejoice and praise God and give glory to God for having the privilege of being counted worthy to suffer in Christ’s suffering. The more they attack you, the more opportunity you will have to rejoice and give thanks and praise God and give glory to God. Every time you are persecuted, the devil and the Illuminati help in adding rewards to you in heaven. They also add judgment and suffering and despair upon their own selves. This drives the devil crazy with anguish. To him, it is like shooting himself in the foot every time. The physical attacks should be treated just like the spiritual attacks when evil spirits attack you: you just laugh at them, and praise God every single time, and go back to sleep. You have only one life to live for Christ on the surface of this earth, so why not make it worthwhile, and go for the maximum results. Go get the devil and Illuminati and reptilians and Satanists angry, poke the beehive, and strive to uncover more and more about their evil. This should force them to come after you. All the way! No, lukewarm faith. Dive headfirst into the battle. Live or die, it is all for Christ. Hallelujah!


The reptilian hybrid psychopaths who rule our earth are very afraid that through people who know the inside story of what they are doing to the human homo-sapiens race, the truth about them would get out, and the humans would get angry about being genocide by the reptilian hybrids. This is why the top reptilian echelon have issued a command to their Hollywood reptilian producers to create massive amounts of propaganda brainwash movies like “X-Men” and “Terminator” that falsely depicts some reptilian hybrid witches as being benevolent good creatures who do not have reptilian psychopathic brains and are here to protect humans from the bad aliens. The fact that the Illuminati is producing tons of these movies is proof enough that they are very intent on selling this lie about the psychopaths as being non-psychopathic. However, a reptilian psychopathic brain cannot be non-psychopathic, just like a snake’s brain cannot be a non-snake brain that refuses to eat mice because it feels emotions. Just like you cannot transform a mammal brain to a reptile brain, you cannot change a reptile brain into a mammal brain. Human homo-sapiens and reptilian homo-serpens homo-vipera homo-hydrus are two completely different races of people on this earth. One race is created by God in His image with emotions and compassion and love, while the other race is created by Satan with his genes of psychopath and logical cold-blooded Hitler like utopian dream mass murder thinking. One race has human souls that God created, and the other race has demon spirits which are embodied in reptilian nephilim bodies that are disguised to look like humans through their advanced Illuminati holographic light imaging technology. This is why during heightened excitement during their reptilian Satanist ritual sex orgies and eating of human children, these Satanists start to shape shift into their reptilian hybrid forms as they tear apart the children. These are the war-causing politicians and thief billionaires and narcotic witchcraft Hollywood celebrities and other witches and warlocks that the people of this world worship and love, who hide behind this fake “good people non-psychopath” disguise, while they kill millions of people and put millions of people unemployed and make millions of people sick with their engineered diseases, in order to further their agenda. In the workplace, these reptilian descendent people behave like normal humans, but sometimes explode and bawl people out, because they have a vicious temper. They turn into different people—their true selves. I would talk to these reptilian descendents, and they would walk really fast to the managers, and tell them, “I want to talk to you, right now, in the other room!” and chew them out. They are like the nephilim Merlin the wizard in British lore, whose father was a fallen angel. These wizards or vicar always served the king or pharaoh or Caesar or emperor. These Greek and Persian goddesses and royalty were reptilian witches who would use witches wands or king’s scepters or wizard’s staffs to wield magical technology to shape shift people into animals, just like in the Illuminati movie, “Harry Potter.” Every pagan culture and religion uses drugs, which is witchcraft, in order to heighten the human’s lost senses, so that they can perceive the spiritual realm. The Greeks used drugs to connect with the fallen angel gods, which came from Babylon, and developed into Western culture as we know it now—a continuation of Satanism and witchcraft. This is why Judaism, which was born during captivity in Babylon and its witchcraft and occultism, are tolerant of drugs. This is why the Illuminati is trying to legalize marijuana.


You have to remember, dear brethren, that these Illuminati reptilian people are more closer to snakes in thinking than human, although they may take their children to school like you do, or be in the same choir with you in your church, or be a well-respected coworker in your office. When they attend their Satanist secret society rituals, they kill children and drink their blood, just like any other vampire. In the Bible, God commanded the Israelites to kill every Canaanite genetically reengineered man, woman, child, and animal, because like Hitler’s Nazis went to Nepal to find the genes of the Celtic Aryan giants super race who grew like giant growing reptile trolls in the Illuminati movie “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” or “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure,” they were doing atrocities and bestiality and unspeakable Satanist rituals. The word Pharaoh means “son of Ra” because the giant nephilim hybrid reptilian children of Ra were called Raphaim, who Satan placed in Canaan to purposely prevent the Jews from entering God’s promised land. The Raphaim were giant reptiles like the Anakim. This is why in the Illuminati movie, “Star Wars,” George Lucas calls his Darth Vader character Anakin Skywalker, and his son Luke Skywalker who carries the nephilim witch power of the reptilian race, which he calls the “force” or “chi” in Chinese Illuminati dragon families and dragon societies. The dragon societies are the Eastern Illuminati who are fighting against plan of human genocide by the Western Illuminati. The Polynesian pagan Satanists believe the “chi” or what they call “mana” is stronger the older their ancestor is, because the more stronger the reptilian DNA, the stronger nephilim powers they have. The skull signifies the death of the human homo-sapiens race by the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim. This is why Heinrich Himmler owned one of the crystal skulls, just like the Tibetan monks owned crystal skulls and the skull has special meaning in Tibetan Buddhism, and the Mayans owned crystal skulls, and other groups all over the world. The SS Aryan Nazi symbol is the skull, the the U.S. presidents’ Yale University Skull and Bones Society symbol is the skull, the Atlantis’ 13 crystal skull which is supposed to propel mankind into the next evolutionary stage when they all come together to share their information in the New Age occult is symbolized by the skull, the reptilian Queen of England’s pirates’ flag is symbolized by the skull, it is said that the ancient Atlantis Satanist priests recorded all the data in the crystal skulls, and so forth.


Cannibalism on the earth was started by the Canaanites and nephilim giants. Reptiles eat their own species, so this is natural for the nephilim reptilian hybrids. The reptilian elites of our world eat human children in their satanic rituals. This is why the U.S. military staff who transported these giants out of Afghanistan in stasis will tell you that the giant ate the U.S. military troops that were sent there by the Illuminati. In the Illuminati “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” movies, they call them reptilian cave trolls. Until the U.S. military came into the American continent, the American Indians were fighting a war against the white-skinned, red-haired Celtic giants, who were the true American indigenous natives. Esau or Edom had red hair. This is why in China, dozens of these 12 feet tall red-haired white-skinned Celtic giants’ mummies are found. The Illuminati is resurrecting them with their mummified DNA in their underground secret military bases, so that they can run havoc during the Tribulation Age when the Illuminati reptilian will unleash them to exterminate the human populace. The Illuminati military invaded the Iraqi Babylonian museum and systematically confiscated all the ancient artifacts and evidence from the ancient times. The monsters they are genetically creating to unleash on the human populations to wipe them out are just like the monsters they had created to destroy humans during the ancient Atlantis civilization that God wiped out with the Noah’s flood. The reptilian hybrid nephilim clones who are disguised as humans that the Illuminati are secretly infiltrating into our society by the masses to replace all those humans the Illuminati has abducted and killed, do not grow into giants but their sizes are suppressed to look more human. This is the secret silent invasion this time by the nephilim. You may be very surprised to know that in this world, there are tremendously stupid dumb-downed humans who have amazing high IQs and are scientists, but have no godly wisdom, and they will ask silly mocking questions like, “If the extraterrestrials are trying to invade the earth, why would they go through all the trouble of secrecy and infiltration and silent take over?” Obviously, you can answer them by saying, “If you are trying to exterminate all human homo-sapiens from the face of this planet (men, women and children), would you publically announce from the White House lawn that you are a disguised reptilian and you are going to kill all humans, and then, create a panic and war, and have all the natural resources and infrastructures destroyed by the war?”, but if the person is so stupid and dumb-downed by the Illuminati disinformation propagandists to ask such questions, then it is better not to waste your time answering such fools, but leave them to their own destruction and ignorance and future torment. They were surprised at Pearl Harbor, and they were surprised at 9.11 Twin Tower bombing, and they will be surprised, again, because history has a tendency to repeat itself, and you will always have the fools who get destroyed, just as you will always have the poor who do not trust in God. A good evidence is that I am here preaching the Torah Truth of God, but very few listen or take any action, just like it was in the time of Jesus. Instead, the hippy rogue pastors ridicule and oppose me. These fallen angels operate through these reptilian nephilim hybrid feminist witch / wizard descendents and reptilian vampire’s human Satanist servants by possessing their bodies, in order to function in our dimension.


Since these religious Christians are exactly the same as the Buddhists and Muslims and Hindus and Mormons and Catholics and Judaists and other Mystery Babylon religion groups of the Illuminati, they conduct religious activities and have religious thinking and behave religiously. They love volunteer work. They go to medical school and learn medical witchcraft and become doctors. They go to the poor and violent and mentally disturbed people on the streets to provide physical help with human academics and physical methods and witchcraft drugs, instead of discipling people with the Torah Truth of God. It is because they do not believe in the true and living God and His Torah Truth, and they believe in their Jezebel doctrines of Western Christianity Satanism. This is why they get murdered by these poor and violent and mentally disturbed people, and their corpses are found floating in the rivers. They do not have God’s protection, because they will have nothing to do with Christ who is the Torah Truth. They reject everything that is of God and the Torah Truth. They just go to Christian churches every week, and sing hymns, and do repetitive prayers, and put cross pendants around their necks. They are very strange people and look very strange also, because they are cult people and occult people. They have tombstones made for their dead family members and worship the dead and stone idols. This is why going to these religious Christian churches make you nauseas and depressed. These Japanese pastors and their girlfriends are thrown off the buildings by the Illuminati yakuza mob gangsters, and make to look as suicide. The reason why a lot of the children of these Japanese pastors are like criminals and scum bags of society is because their fathers were criminals and scum bags of society who could not stay in other jobs, so they decided to become pastors since all they need to do is to go to seminary and graduate. Some of these people are nice people, just like Mother Teresa, but they are nice because they are religious, and their hearts do not have the Holy Spirit or true goodness. They are just nice people. Some of thesm are very unpleasant, evil people, and they will hate you and do evil things to you when they realize that you have no interest in marrying any human being, or they will treat you with cold sub-human contempt, because they only like foreign men. These Japanese religious Christians will never go to share the gospel to wealthy people or nice people or handsome people or cultured people, because they detest the wealthy and nice and handsome and cultured people with a passion. They always go to the poor and violent and mentally insane people to share the gospel, because it makes them feel superior, and they are religious so they only help those who are poor because the poor will have nothing to do with God’s blessings or provisions. The poor will always depend on these religious Christians, and not trust in God. On the other hand, the American hippy rogue pastor religious Christians love to go to the wealthy class people and make their churches in rich neighborhoods that pay huge amounts of tithes and offerings to their church and pastor’s salary. These terrible things happen to these religious Christians, because they do evil things to God’s apostles and prophets, and they kick aside God’s protection. God’s apostles and prophets represent God, and what they do to God’s representatives they do to God. Those who bless God’s apostles and prophets receive blessings from God, even when they are not Christians themselves. This is why those who scorn and ignore the apostle’s teachings are scorned and ignored by God, even though they may call out to God later for help. Those who ridicule and attack God’s apostles and prophets ridicule and attack God. Their true inner being and nature is revealed when they come in contact with God’s apostles and prophets, because the apostles and prophets represent God, and the Holy Spirit reveals the true heart of a person. This is not only in face to face encounters with God’s apostles and prophets, but when a person reads the Torah Truth written by the apostles and prophets, and they hate it and criticize it and proclaim it as being a lie and teach contrary to it or pervert it or ignore parts of it or add their lies to it. Those who agree with God’s apostles and prophets and believe 100% of it, also agree with God and the Torah Truth who is Christ. Those who believe and teach God’s apostles and prophets’ Torah Truth teachings, and are attacked by CIA Nazi assassin squads and have their homes burned down and their families killed and are poisoned and have hordes of feminists and Koreans and other Satanists gang-stalking them and have their income and savings destroyed, are blessed by God and sanctified by God and protected by God and used by God and set apart by God as the Bride of Christ and 144,000 Jewish Remnant. Those who scorn and ridicule and ignore God’s apostles and prophets’ Torah Truth teachings are scorned and ridiculed and ignored by God, and they receive hippy rogue pastor titles from the Illuminati and receive wealth and receive prestige and fame and receive nice religious office jobs with air conditioning and receive money from their book royalties and get beautiful money-seeking wives and get huge homes and receive huge church congregations. This is the natural law of life. Those who follow Christ will be hid by Him from the time of trouble, and those who follow the hippy rogue pastors and their Illuminati Western Christianity will be thrown into the time of trouble and follow them into destruction. This is why these religious people are fanatic about recruiting people into their Western Christianity and making them do Bible study, but they do not disciple them with the Torah Truth. They are in the business of increasing church numbers and not discipling people.


The military generals are telling us that the Illuminati reptilians are terraforming the earth with HAARP and by spreading chem-trail chemicals from their jets to change the atmosphere, in preparation for their New World Order and Aryan reptilian race. They are dumping tons of chem trail toxic heavy metals on the human homo-sapiens like mercury, uranium, strontium, barium, etc., and making acid rain. It is getting many human homo-sapiens get pneumonia, cancers, etc., and many of their pets are dying. They contain Anthrax and nerve gas, and when the time to start martial law and the New World Order, they will spread the trigger agent so that it will make the human homo-sapiens populace sick, which will make them easier to arrest and exterminate. The biological weapons the reptilian nephilim hybrids are using to wipe out masses of human population through their chem trail sprays from military planes are microplasmas They are dumping minute particles, including anthrax. They remain dormant until during the coming global crisis they will create, they will release the activation agent, so that all these people will come into the hospitals to be treated, at which time they can arrest them. They have diseases that create zombies. The zombies viruses are their bio weapons for the depopulation program. It is a mass extermination program of mankind. All the chem trails are designed to create End Times sharp increase of diseases, lower life expectancy, infertility, and to compromise the humans’ immune system. They are deliberately poisoning the body through food, water and air, as part of their Satanist execution project. They are working from both ends by implanting specific genes in the labs and they are spreading binary activation agents into the atmosphere, which activate these genes. Morgellons disease is a nano warfare that grows fibers in people’s body. These man-made germs are sprayed from the planes, and you will find the Morgellons germs in the lakes and soil and forests, besides the humans exposed to them. When the time comes, they can drop chem trails from their planes with trigger agents to trigger the diseases. They are experimenting with Ebola and small pox and anthrax and zombie viruses. The Homeland Security and military and CDC spent huge amounts of money to write a zombie manual, and have drills for police to train to deal with zombie outbreaks, just like in Noah’s flood’s times. They are creating rabies vaccines for the chimeras they are developing to spread the zombie diseases. They are using Pepsi flavorings created by the feminist abortion fetuses to prepare the population for cannibalistic taste. Just as Psalm tells us, the zombies will not be able to harm you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren. ISIS people are cutting up people, filleting them, and eating the bodies of people. There are videos leaked out to the public of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s CIA’s black ops seven or eight feet tall genetically engineered nephilim giant ISIS super soldiers with faces concealed marching off Egyptian Coptic Christians to the beach and beheading them in masses, and hanging their bodies in the meat shops for nephilim cannibalism. During the three and a half years of the Great Tribulation Age, these nephilim creatures will behead all the Tribulation Saints and Jews who are God’s people. They will have surveillance and tracking of all Tribulation Saints and Jews using the advanced alien fallen angel technology to track them down. It will be part of the seven year Tribulation Age. According to Doug Hagmann, they have discovered U.S. federal government officials training the Jihadist terrorists in their terrorist camps. When he warned the U.S. law enforcement agencies, the Homeland Security warned the Jihadist terrorists that Doug Hagmann was spying on them, so he received death threats from the Jihadist terrorists. The Illuminati elites are making the Western intelligence agencies set up, train, and stir up hatred among the Middle Eastern terrorists to create the wars and global terrorism. They are funding and supporting and training the terrorists. Anyone who speaks up against this are assassinated. The chem. trails are also changing the dimensions of the earth, so that the fallen angel fathers of the Illuminati can exist in our realm. They are taking out God’s protective blue violet color spectrum from the atmosphere with chem. trails and HAARP and blue beam projects, in order to allow the dark forces of Satan to operate in this realm, just like they were able to operate during the atmospherically altered ancient Atlantis civilization, until God restored the earth’s atmosphere with the Great Flood of Noah. They are using HAARP technologies, stargate technologies around the world, and other technologies to open up the portals to hell or the gates of hell to bring in all these demon spirits of giants who will devastate the earth in the End Times. We are talking about huge monsters and armies of demonic locust type monsters that will annihilate the human race. It is Satan’s war against God’s human race, just like when God wiped out the fearsome nephilim armies during Noah’s flood. There will be a war between God’s Tribulation Saint Christians and the devil’s institutional Christians who will kill without remorse when their fallen DNAs are triggered by Satan, just like these religious Christians tried to leave me for dead without any remorse. These demon spirit reptilian hybrid alien clones that they are releasing into the human race are pushing forward feminism and gay rights, and they are restricting Christian prayer in the public schools, and they are arresting pastors for preaching against homosexual sins in church sermons with hate laws, and introducing corporate infertility toxins into the human food supplies. The reptilian species people believe that the Christians are standing in the way of genetic transhuman manipulation to heal diseases, so they are murderers. They are committed to the extermination of the Christians. The Bible tells us that whoever kills the Tribulation Saints in the future will believe that they do God a favor. (Watch video “Caravan To Midnight – Episode 94 Doug Hagmann” at .)


The reason why the Mayans and Aztecs and Incas and Indios and American natives are one of the most savage, barbaric, cannibalistic people in the world is because they are of the same genes as the Polynesian people of Hawaii and Samoa and Tonga and Marquesas Island and Easter Island. This is why most of the Polynesians are Illuminati Satanist members: the famous Hawaiian “shaka” greeting is the Illuminati hand baphomet sign. The giant Moai nephilim with large earlobes were the royal families of Easter island who enslaved the little humans. They moved the Moai statues to their spots with alien levitation technology, which the Polynesians call “mana” spiritual witchcraft powers that is the same as the Chinese “chi” spiritual power or Japanese “ki” spiritual witchcraft power. This is the “chi” or “ki” Satanist religion of all the martial arts that the reptilian nephilim created on the earth. The Illuminati scientists will tell you a lie that it was the savage, cannibal, pagan natives who were extremely intelligent, and moved the humungous Moai statues with their ingenuity and hands. However, once the Westerners discovered their island, they all disappeared overnight. The descendents of the cannibalistic Polynesians have turned Mexico into practically a narcotics combat zone where full automatic machine gun bullets are flying by school children and shopping housewives and covering the cars with blood stains almost every day. The Illuminati formed and are financing these drug cartel rings. The Illuminati government agencies kill thousands of their own police officers, military officers, drug enforcement agency officers, intelligence officers, and special ops military elite unit members to hide their secrets and crime industries. To prove how stupid these high IQ intelligent humans are, when you tell them these things, they get scared and change the subject, and do not research themselves or share the truth to others. They are so stupid, they are just like ostrich that hide their heads in a small hole, and think the predators cannot see their bodies. It is like these academic lop-sided brain highly intelligent doctors who are so stupid that they refuse to go to other doctors when they get symptoms of illness, because they are afraid to find out that they are sick. If you tell these Torah Truth to the highly intelligent religious Christian doctors, they will accuse you of being mentally ill and a liar and ridicule you. This is how stupid these high intelligent quotient people are. The Illuminati say that chem trails are the only way to deal with these “useless eaters” in their words, which means useless life forms that should be exterminated. The Illuminati thirteen bloodline families are called the black nobility, because of the complete cold-blooded, heinous, torturous, violent and vile behavior they have shown throughout history. The reason why they are killing all these scientists who are working for them is because they might talk to the public about what they are doing, and that may bring retaliation against the Illuminati elites. The Illuminati only has contempt for the human homo-sapiens. People see these alien or demonic creatures working with these scientists in the labs. When you have horrors like zombies, people will willingly rush to the government’s vaccines, and the vaccines can exterminate masses of people. Cannibalism and zombies go together. Zombies eat humans because the demon spirits that possess them are dead nephilim who used to eat humans. They are releasing the Nazi zombie virus into the gay population, so you have many cases where homosexuals are eating their partners.


These ancient Atlantis Noah’s times dinosaur chimera super soldiers were genetically manufactured by Satan and his fallen angels as weapons against the human homo-sapiens population to exterminate them, just like all these bacterias and viruses and diseases that we have on the earth now were created in the ancient Atlantis Noah’s times as biological weapons to kill human homo-sapiens people to eradicate them. They are like the alien on the Illuminati movie “Alien” which was created as a military biological weapon. This is why God destroyed that world of nephilim feminist witch reptilian races and chimera monsters and super soldiers and freak genetic creatures with Noah’s Great Flood to save the human homo-sapiens race. This is the love of God who died on the cross for His creation the human children of Adam. There is a species genocide war going on between Satan’s seed and the seed of the woman, as the Bible tells us. Let’s get into the fight and kick some butts of these feminist witch demons and unclean spirits and fallen angels and their reptilian hybrid children with the Word of God and the Torah Truth and the gospel of Jesus Christ, fellow 144,000 Jewish Remnant warriors of God.


A nation that plays zombie video games can be completely demon-possessed. A nation whose religious Christians go to the doctors and hospitals and receive drugs and conduct drug pharmacea witchcraft by taking those drugs is ready for judgment. Which nation leads the world in feminist values, and whose women wear men’s trousers and consider themselves men’s equals? If they reject His Word the Torah Truth, then they reject Him. What nation leads the world in rock concerts of Satan worship? Which nation conducts genocide? What nation creates race specific viruses to try to kill entire races? Which nation kidnaps tens of thousands of children to sacrifice them in their satanic witch rituals? Which nation has men parading in women’s clothes and homosexuals bash Christians? The homosexuals are used by Satan to attack Christians. Will God save them if the zombies start eating them? A Babylon that has attacked Christ and His apostles and prophets, and have tried to kill us, and no religious Christian would even try to help us? If they did not help us because they wanted to protect their genetic children from the Satanists, then they will end up eating their children in the coming civil war. These religious Christians entire life purpose of breeding genetic descendants and hunting for breeding mates in Christian churches will come crashing down on their heads, as their children are sold into the Anti-Christ’s Nazi Fourth Reich Illuminati regime Satanist child sex paedophile slavery and Baal Satanist witch live child sacrifice rituals of the Freemasons.


To the religious Christian women, Christianity is just another cult religion like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, or Judaism, to become a member of. This is why they join a church and look frantically for a religious Christian man to mate with and unsaved breed genetic descendants. If the person is searching for mates and focused on breeding, then their children are usually not saved either. They will all die together under judgment. These religious Christian women do not want to break up with their boyfriends after they become a religious Christian member, so they try to convert their boyfriends to become religious Christian members, too. Then, they marry them, and they divorce them, and then, they look for more religious nice men to remarry with. They see Christianity as a membership. This is why they convert people to Christianity. In reality, you do not convert people to Christ. In reality, you are led by God to those children of God to minister who are already chosen by God before creation. This is our work. Converting heathens to religious people is what the religions do, so there is no difference between religious Christianity and Buddhism or Islam or Hinduism. The religious Christian will never want to marry a real, born-again, Spirit-filled, spiritual Christian or child of God, because if they marry a real Christian man, then they would be gang-stalked all day long by hundreds of Koreans and Satanists and Nazis, and their genitals and hearts and brains will be shot with directed energy weapons, and they would be cooked alive with microwave oven weapons, and they would be followed by predator drone planes and F-15 jets and black-tinted window trucks, family would be killed, and house burned down, and home food and water poisoned with strong acid and biologically engineered bacteria, and kicked out of their jobs, and their savings destroyed. This is why the religious Christian women hunt fervently for religious dead fleshly ungodly Christian men in church to breed with, but the religious Christian women will never marry a real born-again Spirit-filled Christian man. On the contrary, the Illuminati Satanists will spend billions of dollars to send in spies into the church, and tell these religious Christian women how evil the real born-again Christian man is, so the religious Christian women whose minds are controlled by Satan will start hating and looking down on the real born-again Christian man. This is how sick and perverted the modern day religious Christian women are. The religious Christian men are likewise sick and perverted and look for mates to breed genetic descendants and make money from jobs and retire comfortably. They do not want to really follow the Lord Jesus Christ and have their genitals attacked all day by Illuminati witches’ psychic attacks, and deprived of any sleep by the Illuminati so they cannot even sleep a few minutes. The Illuminati have sensors that tell them by someone’s brain wave if that person is falling asleep, so that they can go over and bang something or sound their motorcycle or clap their hands or drag chairs around or crush cans by the ear or do other things to deprive of complete sleep so that their targeted individual will die. The religious Christian would never want to marry a real Christian and lead such a difficult life, because they would either go crazy or get sick or commit suicide or get assassinated. This is why the religious Christian women do not want to follow Jesus, but they just want to follow religion and find fake religious Christian men in church to just breed genetic descendants who will die anyway and go to hell. They spend all their life raising children who will go to hell eternally, instead of serving God and investing in God’s people who are complete genetic strangers but will be spiritual eternal family members in heaven. This is the futility and stupidity and evil of the religious Christian people. They are not of God but they are of Satan. The Illuminati Satanist ministers in Christian churches just preach every Sunday how Christians should marry and have children, and get full-time jobs, and buy a home near the church, and pay regular tithes to church, and convert people and increase church memberships, and eat, drink, marry, and party with other ministers’ families, assume church roles, and basically be a religious useless person. They love their Satanism form of Christianity, and they hate God’s Torah Truth, so that is why they will not tolerate our teachings and will always ask us to leave the church because our teachings are supposedly heresy. They want the commonly accepted nice teachings of Satan’s Christianity, and they do not want the hard, difficult, dangerous Torah Truth teachings of God’s real Word, because God’s truth is not “politically correct” and does not go along with their Western democratic, humanist, religious teachings of Christianity Satanism religion of Babylon. The religious Christians are nauseating, just being around them. They treat us as crazy people and as criminals and people who poison their Christian teachings. If Jesus walked into the modern day Christian church, the religious Christians would be so upset that they would crucify Jesus. If they try to gang-stalk and kill us, then they will certainly try to kill Jesus, too. They will not tolerate sound teachings, because their hearts lust after evil, such as breeding genetic descendants, wearing men’s trousers, refusing to wear women’s head coverings, medical science witchcraft, medical prescription drug witchcraft, health insurance, retirement pension, tattooing, ear-piercing, rock and roll Christian concerts, democracy, nationalism and troop support, gluttonous obesity, comfortable lifestyles without assassination attempts and gang-stalking, Christmas Easter Halloween, Sunday Osiris worship, political activism, job promotions, Christian counseling and seminary degrees and certifications, and all kinds of other evil teachings of Satanism Babylon Christianity religion taught by the Illuminati Satanist Christian ministers in the churches every Sunday. They are a stiff-necked generation that will not repent. They prefer their golden calf idol over Almighty God YHWH.


How can they blame God, if God hands them over to Satan’s zombies for judgment? The Illuminati is already creating zombie viruses. If they have rejected God’s love through Christ’s blood. The Bible says that in the End Times, men’s hearts will fail them due to fear and horror. I have warned them with God’s love, but they tried to kill me, and the religious Christians scorned my teachings. My teachings are not my own, but they are from God. If they reject our teachings and warnings, whom God has sent, then they reject God. They are altogether different from you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren.


Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Illuminati New World Order MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg reptilian hybrid homo-capensis Luciferian Satanist globalist elite genocidal psychopathic Nazi Zionist criminal cabal and their Grand Mother Council of Thirteen Druid Witches rulers will be suspending the presidential election after the Church Saints are raptured into heaven. God tells us in the Bible that the Anti-Christ Barack Obama will change the laws and the times. It is because he will change the Constitution into a tyrannical polce state martial law, and he will change the timelines from a positive timeline to a negative timeline by manipulating the time and space. The Anti-Christ Beast Barack Obama will declare martial law and a police state, and take over complete power. Since the Christians who have the Holy Spirit of Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ are taken away, Satan and his fallen angels will be allowed to expose their Anti-Christ Beast and to start their Illuminati New World Order. They will activate their FEMA Nazi holocaust extermination camps that they have prepared, and their FEMA DHS Nazi SS shadow rogue government imperial clone storm trooper alien hybrid army to arrest and kill all government human homo-sapiens and intellectual human homo-sapiens through their Order 666. They will set up their one-world government, one-world economy, one-world religion, one-world currency, and global rule. They will implant every human homo-sapiens species people with their Draco reptilian microchip implant, and behead anyone who refuses to receive it. The Vatican Pope Francis will declare the existence of aliens and set up a one-world religion based on it. He will give over power to the first Beast who is the Anti-Christ Barack Obama. The Illuminati will use nuclear wars, biological weapons pandemics, global economic crash famine, and FEMA Nazi holocaust camp exterminations to try to genocide exterminate all human homo-sapiens species people of God. After the Anti-Christ Beast Barack Obama sets up his image in the holy of holies in the Temple of God in Jerusalem, and declares himself as God, most of the population of the earth will be destroyed with natural disasters as God’s judgment is poured out on the earth and an unrepentant inhabitant. Then, at Armageddon, our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ will return to set up Christ’s Millennial Kingdom upon this earth. These are the things that shall soon come to pass.