Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 25


The Illuminati frame innocent people and get them arrested, while they themselves conduct horrendous crimes and atrocities, but they are not arrested and are protected by the law enforcement agencies and judicial court systems. The law enforcement agencies are a big farce and a huge joke. They are only law enforcement agencies and judiciary courts in the imagination of people’s minds, but in reality, they are just a cover up system for their own Illuminati Satanist members and reptilian hybrid elites. Matter of fact, these organizations of the Illuminati are often used to conduct their crimes. Satan always uses a two-pronged strategy by creating two polar opposites to control the human population. He creates fake law enforcement organizations and criminal organizations, and pits them against one another to make it look like there is justice being done in the Illuminati government and nations to the dumb mind controlled human populace. In reality, the Illuminati uses both of their law enforcement agencies and criminal organizations to conduct their criminal activities and make money off of them, while giving the humans a fake assurance that they live in a law-governed, righteous, civilized, democratic society. This is one of the biggest farce, and the method in which the Illuminati reptilians exploit the human homo-sapiens race.


These modern day occultist secret society Illuminati Satanist members are exactly the same people as the pirates of ancient times, but they have taken off their beards and eye patches, and now conduct criminal activities in suits and ties at their Wall Street and The City and other business offices. (London is the Illuminati’s economic capitol, and Washington, D.C. is the Illuminati’s military capitol, and Rome is the Illuminati’s religious capitol.) The gullible human homo-sapiens invest their money, just so that their money can be stolen by these Illuminati members through legitimate criminal secret global enterprises. The nephilim have always since Atlantis times made the human homo-sapiens work, produce food for them, and when the food ran out, they would eat the humans, and later would even eat each other. The reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist witch giants would carve up their tied up prisoners and eat their flesh while they were still alive. The fallen angels can adjust their sizes, and change their hideous ugly forms into beautiful angelic forms or human forms, and have rape the human homo-sapiens’ daughters. However, their offspring, the nephilim giants cannot adjust their sizes, so they would kill the human homo-sapiens’s daughters when raping them, so God would throw fireballs down from heaven and destroy all these nephilim giants. And these disgusting Satanists and ungodly people accuse God of destroying all the nephilim Aryan feminist witch reptoid hybrid races during the Great Flood of Noah and at Sodom Gomorrah? Who in the hell do they think they are accusing God of evil? How would they feel if they were gang raped or sodomized by these fallen angels’ offspring or the homosexual Satanists? They should jump into the everlasting Lake of Fire of judgment. How dare they accuse the holy and righteous and loving God!


If you are an attractive woman, what these Illuminati Satanists do is listen into your conversations through your mobile phones, and they have technologies to watch you using the toilet or taking a shower or having sex. They tap every aspect of the human homo-sapiens people’s lives for their entertainment. If you still believe in human rights and protective laws for your privacy, then you must be delirious or the stupidest person on this earth, because with the Illuminati intelligence agencies and secret society members and feminists and Satanists and Korean part-time hired hands, they have no concern for your privacy or your human rights or your life or your children’s lives. What they do is watch you day and night in your enclosed rooms, kidnap your children to sacrifice them in their satanic rituals, and assassinate you if you show any signs of speaking against their feminist agenda, and they use all the military and government assets that they have to tap your mobile phones and computers and security cameras. They have no consideration for your life or privacy or human dignity. If you are a CIA intelligence personnel or law enforcement officer and think you are safe from their tapping and assassinations, you are very mistaken. They are black ops budget people, so they are accountable to no one, since everything they do are considered top national security secret by a shadow government, and they do not exist as far as any records are concerned, and they take the blood oath of Satan when they become members of these secret societies that they will be assassinated if they disclose any secrets to anyone. So, given the sin nature of humans and the evil nature of reptilian hybrids, they do everything disgusting and putrid and illegal that you would never even imagine. The stupid homo-sapiens humans think this is all conspiracy theories by crazy people, and they do not know their private lives are being violated every single day by these Satanists who control our society and government technology and black operations budgets for their personal entertainment and pleasure. If you happen to be unlucky enough to get any of these criminal Illuminati members upset, you will most likely end up in a fake car accident or committing a fake suicide or your children will end up being kidnapped for their secret live child sacrifice Satanist feminist witch rituals. People think these Illuminati Satanist criminals are famous celebrities and politicians and police chiefs and intelligence department directors and billionaire bankers and famous company CEOs and top religious leaders and military leaders and smiling housewife neighbors who take their children to school every day, so they are nice people, but they have no idea what these Satanists are capable of or the putrid things that they do in secret. They may be decent, honest, fellow Homeland Security officers fighting terrorism and criminals on the weekdays, but on the weekends, they may be sacrificing children to Satan or covering up a murder conducted by an Illuminati assassin or even be the ones conducting the murders. The hilarious thing is that these Illuminati Satanists do not know that they are being spied on by other Satanists, since the Satanists do not trust each other or any of their own people, and often kill their own people, and there are factions within the Illuminati spying on each other and assassinating each other. This is Satan’s world of anything and everything is justified for one’s own survival: the law of the jungle and trust no one. This is why they often use an Illuminati assassin to assassinate another Illuminati assassin who assassinated another of their own Illuminati assassins who assassinated another person for triple secrecy, and they have Illuminati spies spying on their own spies who are spying on another Illuminati spy. The Illuminati can hire hundreds of regular Korean civilians and Korean students to assassinate the hundreds of other Koreans who they hire to do their assassination work. They may kill dozens and hundreds of people to conceal their secret and protect themselves, all made to look like accidents or suicides or illness or disappearances, and they are off limit to law enforcement real investigation. They have done this for thousands of years, and this is how they have survived by being a shadow government behind governments. This is how they have protected the knowledge of their existence (the Brotherhood of the Snake religion) for 6,000 years: they are professionals when it comes to secrecy and assassinations and criminal activities. This is why they control every aspect of government and society and law enforcement and thousands of years old secret organizations. No human on this earth has any privacy or human dignity or human rights: it is just a fake concept that the Illuminati has created for their own benefit by deceiving the human population into believing that they have privacy and human rights and a right to life. Nothing can be farther from the truth. If you are not a born-again Christian, you could be dead in bed tonight with a massive heart attack sudden death syndrome by the Illuminati or have your children mysteriously kidnapped tomorrow on their way home from school by the Illuminati or your daughter’s shower room tapped for the entertainment of these Illuminati people. If you believe they do not have the billions of dollars of black ops budget from the taxpayer’s money or the military and intelligence department technologies or the hired pimp manpower to do these things which occur in real life every day, then you are living a fake dream world and are under their media mind-control. Wake up from your dream world and repent for Christ’s return is imminent, and He will judge all those who do evil and slumber.


These Illuminati Satanist members have buildings and buildings and buildings of rusty, old, broken down, dusty, filthy junk collections, ranging from hundreds of rusty motorcycles to hundreds of broken toys to hundreds of smashed gasoline stand signs, because they get millions and millions of dollars from the Illuminati. They do not work, but just spend their time building their own town of buildings on their huge properties with all kinds of collections and junk merchandise, because they parasite millions and millions of dollars off of the human homo-sapiens’ society through all the money that comes in from the Illuminati’s criminal activities and banking parasite systems and Satanist profit sharing distribution. These reptilian secret society members basically live in a junkyard pile of rust and molds and dirt junk collectibles bought with all of the money they have pilfered and parasite off of the human’s society. With the money and authority and influence that they have, they can buy as many children as they want, sacrifice them in their satanic rituals, and eat them in typical reptilian vampire methods. If you tell this Torah Truth to the Illuminati reptilian Satanists, they will get very angry at you, just like their Pharisees got very angry at Jesus for telling them the truth about themselves, and they will send their human vampire servant hordes to try to kill you. If you preach the Torah Truth to the righteous people, they will repent of their sins and thank you, and give to you. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, you will know the nature of the people by how they react to the Torah Truth or Christ, when you preach the Torah Truth or Christ to them. The Torah Truth who is Christ is powerful enough to reveal the true nature of a person and heart. The light shines on people and their inner hearts are revealed. The feminists are reptilian witches and nephilim offspring of the fallen angels, so they will react in hatred and assassination. God’s people are born-again by God’s Holy Spirit, so they will react in love and giving to show their gratefulness. By the fruits of the spirit, you will know what spirit it is—a spirit of God or a spirit of Satan. The Spirit of God is love, giving, loyalty, patience, joy, peace, diligence, fearlessness, gentleness, kindness, faith and hope. For these things, there is no judgment. The spirit of the reptilian Satanists is hatred, stealing, parasitism, fear, worry, violence, brutality, assassinations, distrust, despair, destruction and depopulation, and total extermination of the human race or genocide spirit. The Illuminati believe that God is blind and deaf to His children. I would rather lose everything for Christ and gain Christ, rather than to be part of the Illuminati’s world system and gain the whole world. I rejoice whenever I am persecuted, for it brings glory to God, and I suffer for you, dear brothers, and for the gospel of Christ. If the demon possessed people of the Illuminati are ordered to immediately shoot you with EMP electromagnetic weapons the instant you write the Torah Truth on your computer, then it is just solid evidence that Satan and his fallen angels are very fearful of you and the Torah Truth, and they are frantic in trying to stop the Torah Truth from being taught. This proves that you are dealing a huge blow on Satan, and makes you want to preach the Torah Truth even more diligently. You would be confused if you wonder how humans can do such evil things, but when you realize these creatures that are shooting EMP electromagnetic weapons at you are reptilian hybrid nephilim, just like their nephilim giants who cannibalized humans in ancient times and do not have human souls and now are disembodied demon spirits, you can comprehend why they do what they do, since they are not humans but they are actually Satan’s fallen angels’ offspring and demons in human form that walk amongst us disguised as God’s human homo-sapiens.


The purpose of the soulless nephilim reptilian hybrid Satanist descendents being bred into this earth is one thing: it is to live off of and parasite off of the human homo-sapiens race almost all the money they produce and often kidnapping their children to eat them in their satanic rituals (this is why Satan gives them money, sex, power, and fame); then to try to exterminate every living human man, woman, and child; and finally, to try to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets who warn the human homo-sapiens about these nephilim and their plans on this earth. Basically, ever since ancient times, their ancestors have been created by Satan to kill, destroy, pillage, steal, parasite, lie, deceive, inflict suffering, kidnap, poison, maim, create war, create mayhem, assassinate, and cause satanic evil on God’s human creation and population. It is their innate nature, whether they were ancient nephilim giants who ripped off the heads of humans, or whether they are modern day nephilim descendent secret society member Satanists who kill humans remotely using EMP electromagnetic weapons or poisoning or causing accidents. Their greatest joy and sole purpose in life is to shoot humans with their Satanist reptilian electromagnetic EMP weapons and poison humans and gang stalk humans and try to make humans miserable and drive the humans out of their homes and kill the humans’ families and take pleasure in doing evil to others. They have a perverted sense of enjoyment and satisfaction and life purpose. They are psychopathic hate-filled maniacs, who are demonic spirits in humanoid hybrid bodies, and they have no human soul or humanity or goodness, as well as bloodline abomination created by the devil’s genetic manipulation through mixture with fallen angel reptilian genes.  They are evil to the core. Their deceased spirits possess Satanist demon-possessed human servants to do their assassinations in this three dimensional physical realm.


Their basic reptilian nature of Satan’s seed has not changed and will never change, and that is why God considers them cursed creatures without human souls or demon spirits taking human form. They are born into Illuminati witch families, go to our schools, splurge on fashion in the expensive brand shops, race around our streets in expensive red sports cars, have yachts, live off the money they steal through the Illuminati banking system and crime industries and armament industries, and become feminists who gang stalk God’s messengers in order to try to kill them. They are the nephilim giants or Goliaths of our modern day End Times. God prophesied that they would be here. This is why these Satanist reptilians can do the things they do without any conscience, and believe that they are doing good. It is because they are a different race, and have a different psychopath, reptile brain, and they do not have any soul. This is why these witches with reptilian genes become feminists, and they join secret societies like the freemasons or Wicca to become Luciferian Satanists, and conduct the most heinous crimes in society. The human mind and heart has a hard time understanding these nephilim creatures and their mentality, because they are so different: a sheep and a snake have two different genes and different behavior—the snake can wear sheep’s clothing, but it cannot change its inner nature. That is why they become Nazis and kill six million Jews, or become the Caesars, or become mafia gangsters, or become the family across the street that sings in the church choir on Sundays and assassinates people at night. They currently live in the royal palaces and White Houses and Vatican and believe they own the world and can do anything they please to humans, but when our Lord Jesus Christ returns, they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. These “Brotherhood of the Snake” Satanist secret society “Ancient Alien theorist” soulless demon spirit reptilian witch descendents teach that they are descendents of fallen angel’s nephilim hybrid alien genes of the “Panspermia theory” of their thousands of years old Babylonian religion Illuminati Hollywood science fiction movies, and they preach the truth because they do not have human souls, but they indeed are descendents of Satan’s reptilian genes. These royal families and Eric Von Daniken’s and Illuminati bloodline witches are children of the aliens and not humans. This is why all the religions of the Illuminati Satanism Mystery Babylon religion like Mormonism and Freemason believe that after they die, their demon spirits will join their alien gods or fallen angel fathers and become gods themselves. This is the nephilim hybrids’ belief and Satanist religion. These are the reptilian tares that live among the human wheat.


The Babylonian witchcraft medical industry and pharmaceutical industry are used by the Illuminati to exterminate human beings. The Illuminati almost caused a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, but they were stopped. Benjamin Fulford also has had assassination attempts made against him by the German Nazi Knights of the P2 Lodge of the Freemasons, which is the Illuminati parent organization of the mafia and Vatican. As prophesied in the Bible, the Nazi Illuminati will destroy the P2 Freemason lodge Illuminati with a suitcase nuclear bomb. Usually they poison them or create fake heart attacks, or in many cases, force people to write suicide wills at gunpoint and are made to drink poison to look as if it is a suicide. Ben’s lungs almost collapsed and he almost was assassinated. (Japanese YouTube video by Benjamin Fulford of the Eastern Illuminati and Western break-away faction alliance talking about the Western Illuminati megalomaniacs trying to kill all Asians, as well as their rival Dragon society members and Triad society members: . This is war. Asians are fighting for their survival and the survival of their children. Benjamin Fulford is pleading with tears to the Japanese and Asians to wake up, so that they will not be exterminated by the Western Illuminati cabal gangster organization with Asian targeted pandemics like SARS that is created from a mixture of rat genes, super contagious Ebola virus genes, cow genes, and even human non-reptilian genes, etc., radiation poisoning Asian nuclear power plant bombing terrorist attacks, poisoning of Asian tap waters and food sources by these Japanese politicians of Korean ancestry who are the Western Illuminati’s servants, and so forth. Over fifty biologists have already been sodomized and assassinated and silenced in the most atrocious and weirdest ways by these Western Illuminati Satanists.) People will not believe the horrific pandemic germs these psychopath reptilian Satanists are creating in their government laboratories all over the world to exterminate all the human homo-sapiens population. To these demon spirits in humanoid physical form (children of Satan’s genes), it is just like exterminating rodents or cockroaches to annihilate humans. They are planning to kill you, your parents, your children, your spouses, your friends and all other humans.


God told me that they would try to kill me and persecute me if I serve Him, but I take it as an honor to serve the King of Heaven, and I dive into the ministry and the fight with joy. If you are a real born-again spiritual Christian, it is guaranteed that the enemy will be after your life and persecute you. There is no greater noble purpose for a saint, and how grateful is the privilege to share in the suffering of Christ! One thing I absolutely completely refuse to be is a Western religious Christian who attends a church every Sunday, gets married and have children, works in a secular job every day or in an Illuminati Western Christian church, and talks Jezebel Christian philosophy of the Western values. If they truly have a relationship with Christ, then the question is why is not Satan trying to kill them and sending his horde of Satanists and reptilians after them and destroying all their income and poisoning them? If Satan does not send Pharaoh after the Israelites into the Red Sea or Saul after David or Jezebel’s army after Elijah, then are they real Israelites or David or Elijah? Or, are they just a part of the rest of the huge masses of lukewarm Western Illuminati Christianity Hellenist philosophy Laodicean Jezebel worshipper religious Christians? The more you preach the Truth, the more the Illuminati will avidly hack your computer and follow after everything you write every minute of your day, and this is perfectly according to the Lord’s will, since having the Truth, they have no excuse for their sins and evil. The Pharisees who followed Jesus wherever He went and avidly listened to what Jesus had to say, while plotting to try to kill Him and hating Him, were condemned by the Truth that they listened to. If no Jezebel Western value carnal religious Western effeminate Christian is not going to prove God’s Torah Truth with their lives, I will risk my life to prove that the Almighty God of heaven and earth is greater than the Illuminati’s god Lucifer, and I will put my life on the line to prove to all creation throughout eternity that God is my Defender, my Sustainer, my Love, and my God, and that He is holy, pure, faithful, sovereign, all-powerful, all-wise, righteous, just, true and faithful to His Word and promise, a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, and He is love. There is no greater name than that of Jesus, and no other name in heaven or earth that will be worshipped. In the name of Jesus I stand my ground and I declare His name and His Truth, against any angel, any devil, any spirit, any government, any Satanist secret society, any reptilian elite, any Illuminati owned mafia, any military, any power in heaven or earth. The power of God’s love is greater than all.


These religious Christians and lukewarm minister think that by remaining quiet, simply teaching the word of God, and just nipping at the Torah Truth in their prefabricated sermons is going to keep them from the time of trial that is coming. How foolish they are. Either they are for Christ or against Christ, and they cannot be half-way for Christ. They either teach all the Torah Truth or not teach the Torah Truth at all. They are afraid to teach the full Torah Truth, because the Satanists and Satan and the fallen angels and the reptilian elites of the world will come after their lives, and destroy their carnal families and lukewarm churches. They are afraid that all the lukewarm religious Western Christian church members will leave them, and brand them as maniacs and kick them out of their churches. They do not love Christ to the extent of giving everything for Him: fame, popularity, life, safety, health, family, savings, income, peace, nice pastor’s office, home, car, wife, children, retirement pension, etc. They want to hang on to these things, instead of Christ. How foolish can a person be? They love food and descendents and reputation and pride and income more than God. You wonder how foolish a person can be. If there was no God, I would rather be starved by the Illuminati than by withholding the Torah Truth from God’s people; and if there were no Christ, I would rather lose family, income, home, and social reputation to the Illuminati than by not honoring God’s Torah Truth precepts. However, there is a God, and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, and are willing to brawl with Satan, and lose family, income, church members, life and limb for the furtherance of His Torah Truth gospel. The question is why are they afraid to lose their wives and children, and lose their retirement pension, and get poisoned or get an electromagnetic weapon heart attack, and lose their jobs and income, and have their homes burned down like some brethren? Do they have something they are trying to hang on in this life? If so, where is their priority, where is their loyalty, where is their foundation of faith, where is their purpose in life, and where is their first love for Christ? What is wrong with their heads? Are they imbecile religious Western Christians? What is more important than Christ? Why do they have such an attachment to the world? If they cannot give up family and all their belongings for Christ, they are not worthy to follow Him. They are lukewarm water, non-salty salt, and boneless chicken. If they are going to do religious Christianity, they mind as well join the Vatican or the Freemasonry or the Tibetan monks. What in the Hades is wrong with these people’s heads? The problem is not a problem of the head, but it is a problem of the heart. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, be on fire with the Holy Spirit, and be filled by the Holy Spirit, and jump in the midst of the pitch battle hand-to-hand combat with Satan’s Illuminati Satanists, because there are people’s souls at stake, and the honor of God at stake, and name of our Lord at stake. Wake up these imbeciles. It is time to fight! It is time to pick up the cross. It is time to pick up that first love. Tell them to lose everything, and go all the way, or not use Christ’s name at all. They insult God’s love and Christ’s blood on the cross. They have a form of religiousness, but they do not have the Holy Spirit. If they are not willing to sacrifice their churches, wife and children, money, pastors’ titles and reputations toward congregations, their own safety and security, the avoidance of poisoning and electromagnetic weapons attack and gang stalking and hacking, peace, homes, cars, retirement pensions, nice office jobs and salaries, comfortable living in their own nation, etc. for Christ, just like Christ sacrificed Himself and everything for them, then they are not worthy of Christ and are not of Christ. They follow Christ only in mouth and religion, and not by heart or true faith. When a man gives up everything, he gains everything, but when he tries to keep the world, he loses everything. It is harder for a camel to go through an eye of a needle, than a hippy rogue pastor and religious Christians to give up all they have—they always have something that they want to keep, just like the rich man. In the Illuminati propaganda Hollywood movies, the main character always, always gives over the password to the nuclear weapon that can kill millions of people, when the terrorists threaten to kill the main character’s wife and children. Humans are innately evil and place precedence on their families over strangers, and they are not willing to give up all for Christ. Just like the rich man in the Bible, these religious Christians will not have their mothers and wives and daughters killed by the Satanist reptilians, in order to share the Torah Truth gospel to millions of total strangers so that their eternal souls may be saved, since they do not love Christ, but they love the things of the world more than Christ. They are like the crowd of religious Western Christians who told Jesus that His teachings are hard teachings to follow and they walked away, and they were not worthy to follow Christ or be partakers in the things of heaven. This is why they are so hell-bent on marrying, breeding genetic descendents, romance, making money, stable jobs, retirement pension contributions, health insurance, becoming pastors, selling books, keeping pastoral reputations so that they will not be called a crazy lunatic by the church congregations, and avoiding having their houses burned down and their lives sought after from city to city. They are the modern day lukewarm Laodicean church religious Christians worthy of being spit out of the mouth. They worship the Illuminati’s Jezebel form of Christianity, which is not a faith, but is a religion just like all the other mystery religions of Satan.


This is the way to distinguish between an evil man and a righteous man: the evil putrid scum bag of a person goes around searching on the internet twitter site and websites for information to write books about and make a lot of money but will not write about sensitive Illuminati internal information because they will get assassinated, while the righteous godly spiritual man receives wisdom from God to write on the internet without getting any money for it and will proactively write about every sensitive Illuminati internal information because he loves Christ and wants to share in His persecutions. The evil author will burn in the Lake of Fire forever, while the righteous servant of Christ will reign with Him in heaven forever. This distinguishes whether that pastor’s heart worships money or worships Christ, very clearly.


So what if you get poisoned everyday; so what if you get your genitals shot by EMP electromagnetic weapons all day long; so what if your family gets killed; so what if your job and income and savings get destroyed; so what if you get your house burned down. That is the best thing that could happen to you. Praise God and give thanks to Him for allowing you to share in Christ’s suffering and persecution. Is that not first love? How can one say that he or she loves God, if he or she is not willing to thrown down everything to follow Christ? These are the costs of being His Bride and Church. Choose this day whom you will follow and count the costs involved. Does not a wise investor measure the costs, too, when investing in a business? So also, you must measure the costs, too, of following Christ. You may have all the love, faith, good works, and hippy rogue pastor Jezebel religion, but if you do not have first love, you are like lukewarm water or tasteless salt. If you love God, you would dive in to the opportunity to teach the Torah Truth who is Christ. And, if all hell breaks loose against you, then rejoice and be grateful, because you have been counted worthy to be His Bride and Church Saint. If one does not agree with the Torah Truth and hides the Light, then the person is not a true Bride of Christ.


It is ironic that when you preach the Torah Truth, you get a lot of followers on your website who are Illuminati top politicians, Illuminati top defense ministers, Illuminati mega church famous leaders, Illuminati Wiccan witches, Illuminati feminist reptilian activist secret societies, Illuminati Freemasons, and every shape and size of Illuminati occultists and sorcerers and Satanists, because they know the truth, which they have hidden from the human race. In contrast, you hardly get any carnal, lukewarm, dead, religious Western Christians followers on your website, because they have been so brainwashed and dumbed down and become ignorant by the Illuminati, that they do not recognize the truth, nor do they care for it. Only the very few faithful remnant, who are the Bride of Christ (the real born-again Spirit-filled Christians) recognize the Torah Truth by the Holy Spirit in them. This is the great irony of this apostate, satanic society of the End Times. The Illuminati has done everything to send in their ministers into the churches, and spread their Western value Jezebel doctrines of the Mystery Babylon religion, so that the churches are ignorant and saturated with the teachings of Babylonian/Hellenistic/Roman Satanism, and since they are the sleeping church, they do not recognize Christ and His Torah Truth. The Illuminati members have hidden a lot of the ancient secrets from the knowledge of the human race and non-reptilian non-Aryan race.


When you are donating tens of thousands of dollars to these Western Christian churches, they will treat you like a god, and put you in the biggest hotel suite, and all the senior pastors and top church executives will know you by name even amongst all the hundreds of top donators. The leaders of all these churches and Christian para-church organizations will tell you that everyone in the organization knows you. They will give you medals, and introduce you in front of everyone, and they will applaud you with great welcome. They will treat you to the nicest food, and they will even put you on international television broadcast. They will write personal letters to you from the senior ministers. However, when they know you are no longer an executive or have hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they find out you are a poor missionary and apostle for Christ, they will change their attitude a hundred eighty degrees, and reject you. If they find out the Satanists are after your life, and you are God’s apostle and prophet, these churches and para-churches and their senior ministers and executives will refuse to even meet you, and they will turn you away at the door. They will refuse to help you, or even listen or respond. They will make it look as if they do not know you. So, in reality, these putrid Western Christianity churches and Christian organizations knows money, but they do not accept Christ, since if they have accepted Christ, they would accept us, too, who are from Christ. They know religion, but they do not know the Torah Truth who came from the Father in Heaven. They are reprobate Jezebel worshippers who parade around as Christians, but they further the disinformation of the Illuminati. The more bigger the churches are, and the more these ministers seem like they teach sound doctrine, and the more they attract the religious Christian masses, it seems the more they are farther from the Lord, and the less Torah Truth doctrine they teach, and the more religious and Jezebel doctrine they preach, and the more they are blessed by the Illuminati. The more closer you are to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Torah Truth, and the more bolder you preach the truth, the less you are accepted by the masses, and the more enemies you will have, and the more you will be kicked out of the Western Christian churches, and the more you will be alone doing ministry, and the more the Illuminati will try to kill you. Therefore, this is the spiritual litmus test: if you are a popular minister and have a big church movement, and have a big home and lots of money, and are loved by the people and the Illuminati, and are highly regarded by the religious Western Christian community, the more opposed to God you are; and if you are despised by the people and the Illuminati, and have been made outcast and made poor for Christ, and have lost family and all possessions for Christ, the more closer you are to God. This is a spiritual truth, especially the more evil a society is, the more Atlantean a society is, and the closer we are to the End Times and God’s judgment and the apostasy of the church. We are living in those apostate times, and it will take a great persecution by the Anti-Christ and the Illuminati reptilians, as well as a clear enforced choice of whether to take the nephilim DNA converting Mark of the Beast microchip implant or to be executed as a martyr by not taking the Mark of the Snake, in order to bring back a great revival amongst the Tribulation Saints as never seen since the days of the original apostles at the beginning of the Church Age. However, by that time, the Church Age would have ended, and the Church Saints would have been raptured into heaven, before this great revival will happen—a revival that has never been seen in the past. Then, these Tribulation Saints who will be saved will remember the Torah Truth written here, through you the 144,000 who are spread throughout the world. Hence, Satan and the Illuminati are fanatically trying to track genealogies, taking DNA samples through their Babylonian witchcraft medical institutions, and trying to identify all who are descendents of Abraham and Jacob, for execution purposes, but you, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, will be supernaturally protected by the Most High God, and not a hair on your head will be harmed. We are invincible in Christ. For you have a purpose to bring to the Tribulation Saints the Torah Truth, and to return them back the Torah Truth who is the true Christ, and then, you will be raptured out before the last three and a half years of the Great Tribulation Age. If you do not speak the Torah Truth and preach what is right and true, and if the Illuminati does not try to kill you, and if the religious Western Christians do not despise you and think you are fanatic, then you are just like salt that is not salty and completely useless, and you deserve to be thrown out onto the road and trodden upon.


As God’s children and apostles, you will bring out one of two reactions in people around you. If you are filled by the Holy Spirit, you cannot help but bring out reactions by people, because the Spirit will never bring back an empty reaction. The Holy Spirit in you will reveal the true heart of the person whom you come into contract. They will either love you and repent, or they will despise you and try to get rid of you. In almost all cases, they will despise you and try to get rid of you, because broad is the way to destruction, and narrow is the way to salvation. Most people do not like their own evil to be revealed, so they try to shut off the light that reveals their darkness. This is why the hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees despise you, and try to counter the Torah Truth you teach. A true child of God and Bride of Christ is always hated by the religious Christians, and not loved by the religious Christians like the hippy rogue pastors are loved or worshipped like the church conference gurus who teach what they want to hear. They attract the crowd of fans and followers and worshippers and cult people who follow a church name, but we attract the gang stalkers and assassins and mocking religious leaders and stone throwers (or EMP weapons shooters). This is evidence of whether you are a religious lukewarm Laodicean Western Christian or you are a true Bride of Christ and real Church Saint. The Holy Spirit always reveals by fire, and not by sweet flowery hippy “groovy peace and love, brother.” The true Bride of Christ and Church Saint who will be raptured will have their faith tested by gang stalking. They will do everything to kill you and your family and take away all income and harass you with their military jets and CIA hit squads and imbedded coworkers and defamation through mind control. Those who are not of Christ will be weeded out by God, and they will not be gang stalked or have assassination attempt made upon them continuously. This is how you will know whether you are the true Church or the fake religious Christians. If Jesus was not an enemy of Satan, Satan would not have gang stalked Him. If the lukewarm End Times vomit religious Christians are not an enemy of Satan, Satan will not gang stalk them and he will not shoot their genitals and hearts and colons with EMP electromagnetic weapons every minute of every day of every week. If people are religious lukewarm puke Christians, then they will keep their jobs and pastoral positions, be respected by their dumb church members, will not have families killed, will not be poisoned, will not have EMP electromagnetic weapons shot at them all day long, and will not have their houses burned down or be driven out of their apartments. But they will be thrown into the Tribulation Age. These are the ones who do not love the Torah Truth (Christ) enough to teach it to the world openly and loudly. (Watch video “Gang Stalking” at .)


The amount of persecution and amount of people and unclean spirits and government black ops budgets and equipment and biological / toxic agents and financial cut off and sheer number of gang-stalkers who despise and hate you and shoot at you with electromagnetic Illuminati weapons that are amassed against you by the devil to kill you and starve you and ail you is directly proportionate to your walk with God and your love for God and your standing with God. Vice versa, the amount of comfortable and happy Western lifestyle, large residence, job stability and income, insurance investment, animal instinct genetic breeding, travel and leisure, retirement pension investment, size of the pastoral office, extravagant brand clothes, jewelry collection, make-up cosmetic collection, preoccupation with child-rearing, obesity and illness, popularity from people around you, and all the other Western value daily preoccupations of Jezebel worship and Satanist society affluence is directly proportionate to your walk with Christ and your love for Christ and your standing with Christ. The question is are you an Abraham who is with God, or are you a Lot who is in Sodom and Gomorrah? Those who are having a heyday on this earth right now will be in for much tribulation, and those who are going through much suffering of Christ on this earth right now will be sheltered and comforted from the coming tribulation. The Illuminati’s “Bible Answer Man” and their gang cabal hippy pastors will all teach you that you can live in both worlds, and have the benefits of both worlds, and you are completely alright and safe. Those who listen to these Illuminati Pharisees hired by them are fools. And, with the Illuminati, they will also perish. God has predestined this. However, for you, the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, who will pick up the cross of Christ and its burden, its sufferings, its persecutions, its spiritual warfare, its abandonment to the things of this Western lifestyle affluence and breeding and job securities, you are not fools, but you are wise in the Lord; for you have chosen Him who is just and the reward of all those who love Him and diligently follow Him. However, I must clarify, again here, because Satan always raises up his two-pronged attack extremists who will try to lead you astray with his tempting deceptive doctrines. One group of extremists Satan will raise are those who are prideful. The religious prideful will take what I have taught (out of context without the Holy Spirit’s understanding) and say that we must all live humble lives by shaving our heads, locking ourselves up in monasteries to manufacture wine to make people drunk and not share the gospel or disciple people, wear sackcloth and rags and act religiously pious, and live like some weird cult group isolated from the public, living without electricity and everyday appliances. The other group of extremists that Satan will raise up are those who are indifferent to the Torah Truth who is Christ. The religious indifferent will take what I have taught (out of context without the Holy Spirit’s understanding) and say that what God really means is not physical but spiritual, so it is alright to continue to be preoccupied with secular money-making jobs, having animal instinct breeding and spouse-hunting desires and to have a family, plan for accidents and retirement by investing in human insurance plans, have brand clothes and jewelry, since it is not to be taken literally, but only as a spiritual lesson of the condition of the heart. You wonder what fools follow after these Satan’s two-pronged extremist strategies every time—they are the spiritually undiscerning and carnal religious people. Like their spiritual leaders and mentors, even though I write these clarifications, their eyes will just skim over this section and ignore it, and run to one extreme or the other extreme of Satan’s deceptive doctrines, just like they ignore Apostle Paul’s certain sections in the Bible that do not agree with their feminist Jezebel Western values and pervert the teaching, in order to keep popularity from their depraved church members and prevent them from murmuring in protest. It is because they do not have the Holy Spirit: they are religious people. God has shown me this. If they are going to choose and pick parts of the Torah Truth that we teach, carefully throwing out those teachings that will offend their church congregations, then it shows a very dishonest and evil heart, and it would have been better if they did not even try to teach the Torah Truth in the first place, because they insult God by trying to do so. How dare these rogue pastors and religious leader morons choose and pick God’s Word who is Christ, just like they choose fruits at a grocery market. They are an offensive bunch, indeed. This is why they urge their church congregations to partake in human medicine pharmaceutical alchemy witchcraft. And, the religious carnal lukewarm Western church members have not even the basic sense to question this, but rather, there are even those among these Illuminati hippy rogue upside down dove pastors’ church congregations who are sorcerers and alchemists that have titles as doctors and nurses and pharmacists and X-ray technicians and ambulance paramedics and insurance salespeople. If these religious Christians consider themselves Christians, why in the world do they go to these ridiculous healing ministries and Charismatic healing seminars? They should be already healed by God in their homes and everyday life. If they were real children of God, then they would not be going to healing ministers or healing gatherings, in order to get healed. The question is not only what is wrong with their heads, but what is wrong with their hearts. These religious people and religious Christians will follow any religion or god, as long as they get healed or see apparitions. This is why these Western Christianity people are religious people, just like all the other pagans and heathens and religious that have arisen from Babylon (the Brotherhood of the Snake), because they worship people, miracles, magic, witchcraft, festivity atmospheres, and emotions of hippy love. However, when the lives of their families and their job incomes and careers and homes and pensions and feminist Western values and pastor positions and reputations and public shame and health and life and other rich man thing is required of them, then they quickly abandon Christ and God, shaking their heads and saying that these are difficult teachings to follow. Hypocrites! They are the lukewarm vomit church of the End Times, and spiritual whores. These religious leaders and carnal Western Jezebel worshippers are disgusting and make me want to vomit. They desecrate God’s house with their Jezebel feminist witchcraft and money-making enterprise and pagan Jezebel practices and Western values they bring into the churches. It is not praying while you are using the toilet that makes you unclean—I am sure the disciples as friends talked to Jesus while they were urinating. The Confucian Taoist Eastern Christianity Korean ministers protest profusely if someone used the Bible as a footstool or sat on the Bible, but they do not respond to a lowly church member’s email who is sick and ill. What hypocrites! It is not eating with hands that have not been ceremonially cleansed that makes you dirty or eating food that have been sacrificed to idols that make you unclean, but it is the religiousness of these Korean Confucian Taoist Eastern Christianity ministers that make them unclean and unholy. They live in a strict, abusive, legalistic, not fun, rigid, cold, abusive, hierarchical, structured, religious Korean Confucian Taoist Eastern Christianity world of Mystery Babylon religion Satanism’s legalism and religiousness and power pride and rigid systems to discipline barbaric people. If you are civilized in Christ and have love and compassion, these disciplinary systems and rigid religious legalism is not necessary, since all the members in Christ work in total unison of Spirit, love, self-control, politeness and servant heart. It is only the most violent, unruly, cruel, treacherous, murderous, deceitful, and untamed of barbarians who need such rigid systems and harsh disciplines and social control and Confucian Taoist cultures. Under Christ, we are slaves to righteousness and Christ’s love and holiness, so we are no longer slaves to Satan’s religiousness and legalism and man-made systems to suppress the evil heart. We are truly free in Christ, and free from sin. In the ancient days, the Koreans brought over the Confucian Taoist culture into the Japanese Hebrews, thereby bringing in Satan’s social system and culture to replace God’s Hebrew precepts and social system. The Japanese people must repent and return to their God YHWH and His precepts, and abandon their Confucian Taoist values and ways of thinking and lifestyles. The 144,000 Jewish Remnant must remember the ways of our Lord and our God, and teach the lost world of a life of the Torah Truth.


A lot of those people who cannot do academic studies resort to joining sports teams or music schools or Ministry of Transportation government bureaucrat driving evaluators, and they create this culture of conducting this strict, religious, power harassment, barbaric, abusive lifestyle and social systems. They even have to develop legal systems to prevent the hazing and bullying. They are the worst people of society and that is why they have a lifestyle and way of thinking that reflect Satan’s social structure and behavioral culture. It is diabolically opposed to Jesus’ compassion, humility, respect, servant heart, love, peace, and washing the disciples’ feet. We serve a wonderful God who created the mountains and put the stars in the universe, but He also came to wash our feet and serve us in humility and love; we who He just created from dirt. We must do likewise as Christ does. This is why, for example, half of the female soccer team members in the World Cup tournaments are lesbians, and are kissing in the locker rooms. I have taught the Word of Life and repentance to those who try to kill me, and have tried to feed and pay the salaries of those who try to poison me, and have prayed for those who persecuted me. Thereby, it is like you are pouring hot coal into their pants. In the martial arts teams, it is the lowest novice who is forced to wash the uniforms and underwear of all the team members. It should be the opposite, and the highest leader or head instructor who should wash the uniforms and underwear of all the team members. It is the same when they join the yakuza, the lowest rookie opens the door for the yakuza top boss. It should be the opposite, and the highest mob gang boss should open the door for the lowest ranking rookie mob gangster. Then, they are no longer Confucian Taoist barbarians, but they are truly servants of Christ.


If kneeling and closing eyes and praying beautiful words makes you a spiritually dead, robotic religious Christian bigot, then just lie down on the hilly grass, look up at the clouds, use modern casual words, laugh and joke as you pray, as if you are talking to your friend or Father in Heaven. It is better to have a casual intimate relationship with God and fear Him with reverence toward His Torah Truth, rather than be like the hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians who are religiously strict in attending prayer meetings and following the formalities of prayer bowing heads, while having absolutely no respect for the Torah Truth, and scorning God’s prophets. What makes a man unclean is a disrespectful heart and sin toward the Torah Truth who is Christ. We do not need hundreds of thousands more of these religious lukewarm carnal Christians who get saved in the rock-and-roll Christian satanic worship concerts, and change diapers every day, and eat ice cream every day, and sit in their fat pastors’ chairs every day, but we need the faithful few real born-again Spirit-filled Christians who will have their hearts and organs shot every day by Satanist EMP electromagnetic weapons, and their food poisoned every day, and their assets and income destroyed by the Illuminati Satanists, and their families killed. These are the real Christians we need, who have not sold their souls to Western Jezebel. The religious Christians have Western women’s equality values, they pierce their ears and desecrate God’s temple, they hunt around in church for a spouse to breed with, they go to Christian rock and roll satanic trance concerts, and live like the heathens, and when they get cancer or something, they blame God by asking the question, “Why me, God?” instead of asking the question, “What in the world is wrong with my head, I must be crazy and evil?” They feel affinity with Catholics because they share the same doctrines and beliefs of Satanism. Sixty percent of the population of the U.S. is considered obese, because of the sin of gluttony. Selfishness and gluttony go hand-in-hand with each other. You can prove that by placing an obese person in a group, and put one plate of food in the center. The fat person will always try to eat most of the food on the plate before the other can. This is why they become fat. If you are a nation that puts self and money before strangers, then you end up having the biggest population of fat people. A nation that fasts and prays, and denies the flesh its carnal lusts, and lets others eat first and gives your money to others instead of keeping any for yourself, then that nation is a godly nation and a spiritual nation. This is why the churches in the United States has the largest population of fattest people in the world. The genes of the sin gluttony and selfishness is handed down from generation to generation, and the child inherits this nature, unless the parents repent. Diligent fasting and prayer can break this sin and the power of the flesh and genes. If you eat normal calories like a normal human, then you cannot get fat. It is only when you take excessive calories, you get fat. The fat people get fat, because they make excuses such as their bodies being naturally inclined toward obesity, and they keep eating most of the other people’s portion of food at the table, due to selfishness. If they were truly in Christ, they would not make excuses, but they would lessen their food intake. Indifference to their obesity shows indifference toward Christ, also. The anorexic and the obese share similar sins. It is not a problem of the body, but a problem of the heart. Sin’s wages is illness and eventual death. The pastors always say, “God bless America,” so that the church members will love them and continue to come out to their churches in hordes, but they really ought to be telling them, “May God judge America for its evil, so that it will repent!” The ministers teach everything opposite of the Torah Truth.


Due to their evil, these religious Western Christianity college ministry leaders working for a salary and money, always make fun and imitate the fellow Christian brothers’ national language, show jealousy, or purposely knock them down during friendly football games. When a bigger person gets angry at them for doing that and threatens to knock them down, they laugh and play innocent. When a Christian brother needs a place to live, because he is being oppressed by demonic spirits, these religious Western Christianity college ministry leaders refuse to let them move into the Christian college ministry men’s apartment, because he is afraid that the Christian brother will be disgusted at the behavior of the so-called mature Christians. It is because these so-called mature Christian brothers always get into fist fights and live like the heathens do. These most carnal, evil college ministry Christians later on become ministers in the churches. This is not a hypothetical interjection, but it is a fact, for all the most evil people from the ministry went on to become ministers. These carnal hippy rogue pastors and nephilim hybrid reptilian Pharisees believe that if they become minister, it will guarantee their salvation as Christians, and they take assurance in their titles and fame and their long years of service and books they write. This is a lack of faith, and it is a trust in religion. Nephilim cannot be saved, no matter how much they are worshipped by the stupid religious Christian multitudes. This is why they are Pharisees and religious leaders and so-called “Bible Answer Man.” The religious Western Christianity Christian Jezebel worshippers always give the excuse that they behave the way they behave, because they are only humans, and although they are Christians, they still have the old carnal nature. It is true that we still have our sinful nature, but that should not be used by the religious Christians to always give as an excuse to behave in their appalling, carnal, ungodly, sinful ways, and to intentionally choose to do them. It is because they believe in a religious Christ, but they do not love Christ and His Torah Truth. They reject Jesus’ Torah Truth, and believe it is a bunch of crap, and that is why they reject the Holy Spirit who is the Torah Truth Himself. If they reject the Holy Spirit, then they do not have the Holy Spirit in them, and that is why they behave in the way they behave. This is why the Tribulation Saints do not have the Holy Spirit, though they will realize their fault and try to return to Christ. They should either be willing to die now, or to die later as Tribulation Saints. It is their choice, and they can only blame themselves later.