Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 24


If you are teaching the Torah Truth of God, then you will be a minority and remnant and hated by the religious people. The crowds left Jesus and only the disciples were left to follow Jesus. Thinking logically, do you not think that Satan will not create bigger and more numerous Western Christianity churches and organizations and conferences than God’s Church, if this earth is run by him at this moment, and his people are more numerous than God’s people? Obviously, the devil could not destroy the true Church, so he created a larger and more numerous fake church to try to drown out the real Church of God. This is why the Western Christianity churches attract the masses of religious people, and they judge the validity of the spirituality by the numbers of people who follow them or belong to their ungodly church roster. We base our validity of what we teach on the Spirit of Truth and Christ’s nature and His love, which is evidenced by the tremendous hatred toward us by the religious Christians and Satanists and End Times people and the very smallness of the number of people who accept our teachings. In these End Times, it is only the remnant who accept God and His Torah Truth who is Christ. Most accept the Illuminati’s fake Christianity that cater more to their evil desires and self-righteous nature. These church conference leaders have heart attacks and die from cancer, because they will not repent of their Jezebel worship.


There are no real actual nations called the United States of America or the United Kingdom or France or Germany or Italy or Belgium, etc., because they are just illusionary fake front nations developed by the Western Illuminati. They are just a ten-headed beast or New Roman Empire that has been formulated by the reptilian Illuminati, in order to manipulate one against the other, to manage the world. They start wars to thin out the human homo-sapiens population. This is why Illuminati Americans have killed over 200 Japanese politicians up to now, in order to control Japan and Asia. These nations institutions are professional assassin groups that use trillions of dollars of black ops budgets of taxpayers’ money to assassinate everyone who gets in the way of the Illuminati crime organization’s way or purpose. They are a gangster organization, which the mafia fear greatly. They kill people, such as Prime Minister Tanaka and Takeshita and Ohira and Obuchi using a drug that induces heart attacks. They have tried to create a heart attack in me many, many, many times. They try to kill God’s apostles and prophets without restraint. The Chinese secret society has warned the Illuminati that they will not tolerate any more assassinations and murders, and they have extended its protection to truth seekers in the West. Many groups like the naval intelligence COM-12 that have strived to release alien extraterrestrial video footage and UFO information to truth seekers in the West have been assassinated left and right by the CIA assassin squads like AQUARIUS and Majestic Twelve, but now they are joining the Eastern Illuminati Chinese Secret Societies. The Triad and Dragon Societies are not all organized crime organizations, but two-thirds of them people like professors, researchers and government bureaucrats. The yakuza crime gangs are the same organization as the Japanese imperial family, so they are both Japanese of Korean ancestry. The Japanese imperial family are descendents of the Koreans who were sent by Satan in the 6th century to destroy God’s Hebrew nation. The original invaders had a hard time conquering the Jomon era Hebrew people of God, so they brought over the most violent, treacherous, warlike and brutal Korean people from the Asian mainland who are the ancestors of the modern day yakuza mob gangsters and those Japanese who have strong Korean facial features like thin Mongolian eye folds and high cheekbones and Mongolian traits and violent Korean genes. They have been used throughout history to beat and extort taxes from the Hebrew Japanese people who they subjugated and raped. Children who were born to them are the hybrid people of Japan. They and their imperial families start wars, join the Western Illuminati Nazis to create World War 2, bomb the Fukushima coast to destroy nuclear reactors to irradiate Japanese people, cooperate to spread SARS and biological weapons, monopolize the Japanese politics and celebrity positions and wealth, carry out all the Illuminati assassinations, etc. You will often see their facial features on the news when the photos of criminals and murderers are broadcasted. The Japanese of Korean ancestry own the sex industry in Japan, and all the sex adult video male actors are Japanese of Korean ancestry, and the Illuminati own the sex industry in Japan, so there is an undeniable correlation there between the Illuminati and the Japanese of Korean ancestry. They are a violent, barbaric race, and Satan has successfully mixed their genes into the Japanese Hebrew people, so that Japan is now a mixed race of people with varied facial features and personalities. This is why, on the one hand, Japanese are known to be a very peaceful, gentle, law-abiding, kind-hearted, honest, respectful group of people on the one side, but on the other side, they are known as a very warlike, warrior type, violent, militaristic, sly people on the other side. It is because they have two groups of people living in the nation. One nation that descends from Satan’s pagan people, and another nation that descends from God’s people. They have complete opposite natures. Satan always tries to mix the genes of his pagan barbarian people with God’s Hebrew people, in order to exterminate the Jews, ever since the ancient times when he tried to mix Canaanites with Israelites. If Satan cannot genocide the Jews using conventional methods using the 6th century imperial family and Korean barbarian hordes, he uses genetic methods to genocide the Jews by mixing their Korean genes into the ancient Japanese Hebrew people. Satan did this in Babylon, too, by trying to mix the Babylonian’s genes and pagan Satan worship, into the genes of the Hebrew nation that was sent into slavery in Babylon. He also has used the same tactic in the Hebrews in Israel by mixing Esau’s descendents Edomites or Idumeans descendent genes into the Jews’ genes, so that they become Zionists, and so that they will be hated by all the world so that the world wants to kill Jews. This is why you will find a round eyed Japanese with strong Hebrew genes who will kindly pick up a handkerchief that you dropped and smile and bow respectfully in a very peaceful way, and then the next moment, a triangle eyed Japanese with strong Korean genes will come over and slam into you in order to try to push you off the train platform. It is because Japanese with strong Hebrew genes are very peaceful, but the Japanese with strong Korean genes are violent and easily possessed by demon spirits to attack Christians and try to kill thousands of Japanese using tidal waves caused by nuclear bombs imported by the “Chousen Souren” Korean Society in Japan. The Korean Japanese own the sex industry and most of the sex video male actors are Japanese of Korean ancestry, just like much of the mob gang is Japanese of Korean ancestry and other criminal organizations. It is not just a genetic war between two races, but it is a spiritual war in the heavens that is taking place, just like it was not a fight between Jacob and Esau, but it was a war between God and Satan. Once we lose sight of the spiritual aspect of the war, it only becomes a struggle between nations and physical genetic people, and we lose the real big picture of reality, and what the enemy Satan is doing, and how God counteracts Satan’s strategies. Satan has not been able to destroy all the Israeli and Japanese Hebrew Jews, and a remnant will return to God. The reason why the yakuza and Japanese feminists and Japanese freemasons and all these groups that pledge their allegiance to the Western Illuminati Nazi descendents try to kill me every day is because they are not Japanese, but they are actually Koreans who have disguised themselves as Japanese for thousands of years, just like the Edomites who tried to kill me in the United States who have disguised themselves as Zionist Jews for thousands of years. Satan is a master of disguise and deceit, and he comes as an angel of light. They have made plans to assassinate the Eastern Illuminati Asian secret society leaders and spokesman and assassins, and have made many attempt in the past, because their thousands of years old philosophy is to exterminate everyone who gets in their way, just like the 200 Japanese politicians they have already murdered. They wiped out all the bankers who were against their control of the Federal Reserve Bank at once on the Titanic. Their Illuminati Nazi philosophy for thousands of years has been to first wipe out the Jews and Christians and skin colored people, and then to wipe out all human homo-sapiens from the face of this earth (not necessarily in that order, since they will kill anyone and genocide nations anytime whenever they see fit). This time, they messed with the wrong person, because when they attack God’s apostle and prophet and spokesman to repent, they attack God Himself. All their bankers and leaders will die as a result. Terrible things will come upon those who even participated in trying to assassinate me. They had an opportunity to try to call fire down upon God’s representative from Baal, so now it is God’s turn to bring real fire down upon them, and not only them, but upon their devil and fallen angels, too. Since these lukewarm religious Christian hippy rogue pastors and “Bible Answer Man” are effeminate men like Ahab, they are very strong in violent temperaments and voicing attacks against God’s prophets and apostles, but they are very fearful of the Illuminati’s heart attack inducing EMP electromagnetic weapons, and food poisons, and having their job incomes destroyed, and families being assassinated, and having their houses burned down, and antagonizing all the women and church members in their churches, and antagonizing these feminist assassin groups, and moving from park to beach to forest every day with CIA UAV spy drones flying overhead chasing after them to lock their EMP weapons on them. They say they have Sananda Jesus hippy love, but they love themselves more than they love God. These effeminate Satan’s men and hippy rogue pastors are boneless, cowardly, violent, unloving, skunk fart religious leaders and Pharisees. They stink spiritually because they are putrid without salt preservation, so you want to vomit them out of your mouth. They are even afraid to teach the basic Bible precepts concerning women’s head coverings and women wearing men’s trousers. If so, how much more are they afraid to take on the Illuminati and lose everything in life and spend every day in battle for Jesus? That is their hippy post 1960s “Flower Children Mothers’” Western Christianity Sananda fake love. They are charlatans, so the millions and millions of religious Christians flock to their churches every Sunday to bring in their millions and millions of dollars of Corporate Christianity tithes and offerings.


The problem with these religious leaders of Western Christianity is that they marry the world, in order to bring in the numbers and people into their organizations. They welcome Satan’s hippy Satanist Illuminati doctrines, and they hire all these Illuminati Satanists who take over their churches and make money from it. They pass on their churches to their genetic bloodline families, just like the reptilian royal families of the Illuminati. They make a corporate Christianity company and sell books and video tapes, and say that God made them so popular. This is ridiculous hogwash. If they were truly teaching the Torah Truth and walking with God, all their church members would leave them and hate them, and their houses would be burned down, and their families would be killed, and they would have hordes of CIA and MI6 murder groups gang stalking them wherever they go with their assassination technologies and 24 hour surveillance gang stalking. All the churches would kick them out, and all the religious Christians would be persecuting and ridiculing and attacking them. The very fact that they are famous and popular and their churches are huge means that they are under Satan’s Illuminati and teaching the doctrines of Babylonian Satanism that the crowds want to hear. The type of spirit is revealed by the fruits of that person. If you teach God’s Torah Truth who is Christ, the religious Christians would be the first to detest you, and no one would associate with you, except for a very, very, very small remnant of true believers spread here and there throughout the globe. If they were truly believers, then they would believe you, because you come from the Son, and the Son of God is Truth. But they do not want the truth, so they reject you and the Torah Truth that you teach. They are immersed with Satan and not the Holy Spirit. This is why they brand God’s Book of Enoch as heresy and not God’s Word. The Illuminati has thrown out the Book of Enoch from the Bible because it is one of the main books in God’s Bible.


When you are the top donator to these churches and ministries, they will treat you like the Board of Directors Chairman. They will invite you to their board meetings with all their top donators from throughout the nation, to the most expensive resort in the nation, put you in the most expensive suite room, feed you the most lavish meals, allow you to sit at the head table with the founder’s family in front of hundreds of people, and bring in all these Arab dignitaries to give a show on how your money is contributing to the evangelism of the world, and give you several days of marketing and brainwashing. They will ask you to do an interview on national and international television on how the church and ministry has been beneficial for you, and thereby, use you for their corporate marketing ploy. These founders are treated like kings and spiritual gurus. Once they become famous, all these evil people come in to set up a corporate Christianity company for these ministers with all their television ministries and marketing programs and fancy business buildings. They parasite off of the ministry and church. What the minister should do is to tell their hundreds and thousands of employees that they are not going to pay any salaries or retirement pensions or health benefits, and that anyone who wants to serve the Lord should from now on do it for free without pay as a volunteer. Then, all these parasite people will leave the church and ministry, and probably no one will be left. These ministers and founders pass on the corporate church company to their sons and genetic descendents or their son-in-laws, because they are fleshly, carnal, Satanism worshipping humanist Jezebel Western Christianity people, and just like the reptilians, they give preference to their genetic descendents instead of God’s people. The fallen angels are of the flesh, so they put preference on their reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati children, instead of God’s human homo-sapiens. These nephilim family bloodlines inherit their riches and power to their fleshly children. They are obsessed with their bloodlines and genes, and not on the spiritual people of God who have no genetic relations. These nephilim families show fake perverted love toward their children, which is outward affection, and not real. They have an obsession with the family and genes. They have a mafia or street gang mentality that their family is everything, and no one messes with their family. This is why the End Times people adopt this type of value of the most evil type of people. It creates age old family feuds and gang warfare and Korean hatred toward other nations. It is a sign of a very fleshly, evil, barbaric people. It is a “we against you” type of genetic thinking. However, these nephilim family parents often have mental problems from their sins, and are alcoholics and drug users, and beat and abuse their children. Their children have emotional damages, too. Their children also have an obsession with the family, but they have emotional problems also, because their parents commit suicide or abuse them sexually. But their parents reinforce in their children’s minds that the family comes first and that the family is first in priority. This is the sign of an evil person and a typical reptilian trait. Godly people are not obsessed by their families or genes, but they show God’s love to their family, so their children grow up to be emotionally healthy, non-alcoholic, loving, and mentally sane. This is the difference between the nation of God’s people and a nation that is of Satan’s fallen angel’s reptilian genes. The reptilian genes are very mafia, street gang, Celtic clan, Arab family feud, gene group against gene group warfare, obsession with perverted family love and family protectionism, “we against you” type of mentality. This is the mind and values of the reptilian fallen angels and their devil Satan. It is the complete opposite of God’s love through Christ that is willing to sacrifice and leave behind one’s family in order to serve God’s people who may be complete strangers on the other side of the earth. This is non-genetic, unconditional love. This is the love that Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, and loved us who were yet His enemies. When one can abandon his family and let others bury his dead parents, and go off to love and serve his enemies, then he is truly a follower of Christ and God’s true child of the spirit and not of the flesh or genes. God rewards those who give up everything for Christ. God has to be first and everything in a saint’s life and heart. Satan’s ways look politically correct and righteous and loving, but it is perverted mafia love. God’s ways look cold, unloving and evil, but it is holy and perfectly righteous and it is true love. The people hate us who are God’s apostles and prophets, because to these religious Christians, we are extremely different and they consider us heretics and crazy and evil. It is because they are diabolically opposed to our Torah Truth, and they do not understand the things of God and the spirit, and these religious Christians are the extreme opposite of God’s values and precepts and truth. They share more values in common with the fallen angels and demons and mafia and street gangs and Korean families and the ungodly heathens of this world who follow the devil. It is because these religious Christians are adherents to their hippy rogue pastors’ Sananda Jesus hippy religious New Age love and Illuminati perverted reptilian love (which is a product of evil and selfish love), instead of God’s true holy love. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, do not love your genes and its continuation for the flesh is corrupt, but love God and the people whom He loves who have no genetic relations with you. They are your true spiritual, eternal family in heaven. The flesh is evil, but the spirit is holy. You understand the Torah Truth I teach, because you are children of the spirit and not children of the flesh. The parents with bad, sinful, fleshly genes are excessively obsessed with bearing children and reproduction of genetic descendants because of their base animal instinct nature, but since their children have their parents’ genes, they do not listen to them, and they take drugs and commit crimes and get pregnant, and die early. The parents complain about their children all the time that they do not listen. If they do not want children who have the parents’ same nature and personality and evil sins, they should not have children. But it is exactly these type of evil parents who are obsessed with having children. Then, they abuse their children, and their children cause all kinds of problems for their parents. They have sinful soul ties that are not cut, and repented before Jesus Christ, so their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and the nations that come out of their genes are also evil, and they continue to get stressed between their parent and child relations. The problem lies with the parents continuing to try to reproduce their genes to subsequent generations. They must repent of this, and give their lives to Christ.


(Read the article “Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati” at .)


People criticize the United States or European nations for imperialism or slave control of other nations, but it is because they are foolish and blind people, and do not see who controls those nations. It is not those nations or the people of those nation who control those policies and actions, but it is the Illuminati elite in power who created and control those nations who are doing those evil political activities. If they have no hesitance in kidnapping millions of children to sacrifice them and control almost all the narcotics industry to kill human homo-sapiens, would they hesitate to do imperialistic national agendas? Both the people of other nations who criticize those nations, and the people who belong to those nations, are both foolish and blind and mind controlled by the reptilian Illuminati hybrids. They are equally stupid, and just criticizing each other, instead of doing something against the Illuminati. It is like these effeminate hippy rogue pastors who have a lot of courage to just ridicule and attack God’s apostles and prophets, but they have no courage to speak up against the Illuminati’s CIA MI6 assassin squads and feminist assassin squads and Korean assassin squads and mass genocide organizations and child kidnapping Satanist organizations and narcotics rings and Nazi descendents and mafia hit men organizations. These hippy rogue pastors are effeminate men of Satan, and not masculine gentleman like Christ. They are so afraid of being pushed into a black-tinted CIA van to be used as a satanic ritual live sacrifice or being sent to an underground secret military alien base to be genetically reengineered into a half human half octopus freak. These hippy rogue pastor Pharisee punks are putrid, disgusting, dumb religious leaders who love to sell their books and receive applause from their church people after every Sunday sermon. They do not love God’s flock enough to teach them the Torah Truth. They love their pastoral salaries and retirement pensions, and they love their safety and comfortable life that the Illuminati has given them, or rather the devil himself has bought them off with. These religious leaders look like great religious leaders but they are scum rogues who earn money off of the Temple of God. They say that they take care of God’s people for the tithes and pastoral salaries, but what kind of lukewarm religious crowd that flock to them are they taking care of and pleasing with their satanic Jezebel doctrines of Western Christianity? May they have their lot with the heathens for propagating Satan’s Western Christianity Mystery Babylon Satanism and going along with the devil’s Illuminati religions. The effeminate hippy rogue pastors and their “Bible Answer Man” will ridicule and attack God’s prophets and apostles, because they know God’s prophets and apostles are peaceful people and will not assassinate their families or burn their houses down. Their nice religious church people will tell you not to criticize or expose their religious leaders, but to respect the religious leaders whom God has placed over them, because these religious church people are religious in nature, so they are easily mind-controllable, and since they live a very base level of existence, they have no wisdom or discernment of the Holy Spirit. These Western Christianity religious people are just like Buddhist or Muslim or Hindu or Mormon or any other cult or occult religious people. They live by their own world of self-righteous religious philosophies. I say to you, uncover these fake religious leaders, criticize them openly, and be offensive to them, and declare their sins from the rooftops, as long as you are not obnoxious or hostile like the cult people. You already know what is appropriate behavior by the Holy Spirit in you. Do not scream and heap dirty words and get into fist fights like the heathens do, but do overturn the money-changers’ tables and chase them out of the Temple with a rope and rebuke them openly, if necessary. Do not be afraid of having the Illuminati coming to retaliate against you, like the hippy rogue pastors are afraid. Dive head first into the battle. Carry the cross. Go across the globe. Be shot with EMP electromagnetic weapons and have CIA assassin squads gang-stalk you wherever you sleep. Let them use their EMP weapon frequencies from next door houses that they take over, in order to stop you from getting any sleep at all for months and months, because God will give you the ability to live without sleep for months and months. I say rejoice for God has found you worthy to be His Bride and to be a real Church Saint, and not to be a religious Christian like these millions who attend church every satanic “Osiris” Sunday. To live or die is Christ. To live for Christ is much harder than dying as martyrs for Christ. These hippy rogue pastors arrogantly preach that they are willing to die for Christ anytime, but they are afraid of living for Christ and having the Illuminati shooting their genitals with EMP electromagnetic weapons every 3 minutes every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, or their wives divorcing them with their children for preaching about women’s head coverings or women wearing men’s trousers, or losing their salaries and reputation in the churches and Temple gardens, or having CIA Nazi poisonous gases funneled into their rooms from next door, or their tap water infested from next door with fungal bacteria and infectious diseases, or demon-possessed people crashing into them every day with their bicycles and trying to pick fights with them, or the Illuminati making them age prematurely and lose their hair and receive oxidization blemishes all over the face, or have the Illuminati government and construction company follow wherever you move and jack hammer the street in front of your room every single night all through the night for years and years and no neighbor complains since they are paid off by the Illuminati or the CIA MI6 provides them replacement housing. These hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians are the biggest fakes and jokes that the Illuminati society has created. The devil and his fallen angels laugh at them for what they have created: a complete mockery of God’s Church. You want to vomit them out of your mouth, since they are a lukewarm religious church and make you nauseas.


This is what we have been called for by our Commander-In-Chief Lord Jesus Christ. Our weapon is the gospel, and our fuel is love. If these people demonically possessed by these fallen angels did not attack us, then that means something is wrong with us, and that we are not doing our jobs. Rejoice, brothers, when you are persecuted, for you have been counted worthy to suffer along with Christ. May you seek persecution joyfully, not because they are pleasant, but exactly because it sanctifies us and glorifies our King and brings salvation to the lost. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, do not be like the religious Christians, but keep the Holy Spirit kindled in your spirits and be bold for the Lord, for that fire can consume the thousands of the priests of Baal Molech Jezebel. Hallelujah! Tell the Tribulation Saints to rid themselves of that wretched woman Jezebel, lest they perish with her. The religious Christian will try to hand you over to the devil’s Illuminati, but do not worry, for our Lord Jesus has prayed for you. You are in His protection. Believe it, and do not believe in the fake reality that the Illuminati will try to lure you into believing through their hippy rogue pastors, for the only way they can destroy you is by trying to destroy your faith and love, which they cannot do. Stand firm in the foundation of Christ and His Torah Truth, and no wave will take you, my Jewish Remnant brothers.


These reptilian hybrid witch descendents consider human homo-sapiens and non-Aryan non-reptilian humans as sexual tools and sub-animals. The Western Illuminati’s U.S. military reptilians rape and sodomize and sexually assault tens of thousands of Afghan natives and U.S. military personnel human men and women every year. The atrocities and mutilation of live people in Vietnam are so ghoulish that it is very hard to even talk about. The soldiers are taught how to cut innocent civilian people from their genitals to their breasts and pull out all their organs out while their victims are still alive, using a rabbit during their training before going off to war, and that is exactly what they did in combat. They would kill hundreds of villagers in demon-possessed ways, and shoot innocent citizens just because they are bored and have nothing to do. The Vietnamese also did atrocious things. In war, it brings out the true human sin nature. In war, both the evils of people and the most noble, courageous, self-sacrificing aspects of people are shown. The reptilian witch descendents of the fallen angels are capable of the most heinous acts, while the descendents of the human homo-sapiens race are capable of the most noble and self-sacrificing acts of heroism. The Illuminati use their wars that they create, in order to bring out the real nature of that person out, so that their fallen angel fathers can absorb the dark energy created from all the hatred, horror, fear, trauma and shock. The Illuminati creates maximum hatred between both sides that are fighting so that they commit unspeakable atrocities, which create negative energy that serves as food for the fallen angel gods and demons. To the Illuminati reptilian hybrids, war is a mass Satanist sacrifice ritual to their gods—the fallen angels. Very few are reported, and only a very, very small fraction are prosecuted. If they are Illuminati bloodline witches, these criminals’ records are cleared, given an honorable discharge with all commendations, given money, and released. If any of the humans speak about these crimes, they are assassinated by the Illuminati reptilians. People are gutless and afraid to speak the truth. Those who have courage to speak the truth are killed, and made to look like accidents or natural deaths. The Satanists, feminists, gangsters, CIA hit squads, etc. are just the people on the lower rung who do the dirty work of killing for the Illuminati. Nothing has changed since the ancient reptilian nephilim days of Noah. It is up to the apostles of God and God’s children to speak the Torah Truth. The religious Christians and other humans are cowards to speak the truth about what these Satanists or reptilians are doing. These hippy rogue pastors will not even help those who speak the truth. The Illuminati CIA and Homeland Security and other tools of the Satanist secret societies call God’s apostles as “dangers to society” or “high threat profiles” because God’s apostles uncover all the black ops crimes and atrocities that these Satanists are doing. The Muslim terrorists are being financed by their Illuminati black ops budgets to create terrorism and kill masses of humans using taxpayers’ money, and they can easily kill them, so they are of course not a threat to them—they are just a tool to help build their reptilian New World Order and exterminate all humans. However, God’s apostles are not controlled by the Illuminati, cannot be bribed, cannot be killed, and cannot be stopped from preaching the truth to all human homo-sapiens about the reptilian evil agenda, so this is why God’s apostles and prophets are the most dangerous to them. It is because our weapons are not physical nor hatred nor in the Illuminati mode of physical warfare that they are accustomed to, but our weapons are spiritual, and are of love and preaching of the truth, and come from God that are not in the realm that the Illuminati can touch. This is why they tried to kill Jesus who spoke the truth. The reptilians hate to be incriminated by the Torah Truth, so this is why they love Satanism, because it allows them to do every type of evil and be justified in doing them. The secret societies are where they are taught these philosophies of the  thousands of years old religion of the “Brotherhood of the Snake.” Socrates, the founder of Western philosophy or Mystery Babylon religion Jezebel Western values of these post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ effeminate hippy rogue pastors, talked to lower gods whom he called “demon” spirits to receive the Western thinking and Western values, in order to propagate these philosophies of Satanism to all the Western nations and Western cultures. This is why the upside down dove Illuminati symbol church conference and other Western church leaders fight against us, and oppose our Torah Truth or Christ. They are Pharisees or followers of Satanism, and henchmen of Jezebel. How dare these “Bible Answer Man” and his gang of Pharisee hippy rogue pastors desecrate Jesus and crucify the Word of God on the cross, and raise up their Asherah pole Satanist Western value doctrines of their goddess Jezebel. They have succeeded in redefining Christianity, and setting up their own form of humanist religion based on the doctrines of Satanism. This has not been done overnight, but has been done for a long time, even before the 1960s hippy doctrines of these pastors. The 50% truth they teach is the lure, just like the Pharisees, but the other 50% of cleverly fashioned lie is what makes them dangerous. They believe in whoever attracts the masses to their Jezebel doctrine is the winner or truth, so their cult numbers have flooded the churches and overrun them with Satanist doctrines and filled them with religious dead Christians and have made themselves mainstream Christianity. They are a branch or form of the Babylonian mystery religion, along with the other religions the Anti-Christ will unite it with. Those true to the Torah Truth and those elect who will escape out of this Jezebel Satanist Western Christianity will be saved and not destroyed, but those who remain with Jezebel will be destroyed along with her, their queen.


A lot of these white American low-class soldiers are very vulgar people from the pit of society, and therefore, proportionately to their vulgarity, they are racially prejudice. This is why they call their enemies derogatory and discriminatory names, and consider themselves superior beings than the enemy. This is the reason why they are blown up, shot up, crippled and killed in war. How can they blame God if they get crippled and killed, if they are so vulgar? They are ungodly people. However, because of their pride, they consider themselves heroes. The populace is very dumb and easily brainwashed by the reptilian Illuminati media, so during the Vietnam war, when they see the atrocities of war, they blame the soldiers, and when the veterans come home, not a single, not a single, not a single American would sit next to these uniformed veterans in public areas, who fought for their nation to protect their families and fellow citizens and did many heroic deeds. Not a single American would even talk to them, but every single person who walks by would give them the stink eye and whisper about them in plain view about how these veterans are baby killers and savage monsters and bloodthirsty soldiers. However, in modern days, with all the movies and media praising soldiers and making them heroes, now all the American people praise these soldiers coming home from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars as heroes and wonderful patriots and loyal fine people and as being the pride of our nation, even when these soldiers had tortured and raped and used derogatory names for the enemy. You see, the populace is very stupid and evil and ungodly people. This is why they are always on one of two extremes, and are easily, easily, easily brainwashed by the Illuminati’s media and propaganda. They either hate or love the soldiers depending on the times and era they live in and the beliefs of those ages. As the Nazis said, it is relatively easy to brainwash these human homo-sapiens, because they are like dumb livestock. They do not think, but just believe the Hollywood movies and televisions and books and newspapers and schools. They have no mind of their own, or ability to think. It is because the Illuminati has made sure to identify those who do think and assassinated all those people and eliminated their leadership genes from the populace’s gene pool (just like they breed livestock for good meat and docile natures), and made certain that those human homo-sapiens that are alive and living in our society now are the stupid, dumb, idiot, brain dead, pig and cattle type of people who may have high IQs or academic knowledge, but do not have the ability to see or understand or figure out the truth. This is why they are easily, easily, easily brainwashed by the massive amount of hoaxes and ridiculous information and fake UFO photos that the Illuminati disinformation specialists have placed out in the media and internet, so that they call the Torah Truth as just conspiracy theory. To them, all the truth are just conspiracy theories, just like the Illuminati’s media teaches them and makes them believe. This is why in the coming Tribulation Age, these dumb, dumb, dumb human homo-sapiens populace will be genocide exterminated in the billions by these Illuminati reptilian hybrid elites. Most of the population of the earth will be murdered by the Illuminati’s World War 3, biological weapons, HAARP natural disasters, FEMA extermination Nazi camps, alien hybrid cloned soldiers and police officers, and carpet bombing. The Illuminati military generals have already received orders to carpet bomb every single fellow American men, women and children, and to blow them to pieces, just like exterminating cockroaches or something. The dumb populace will be bits and pieces of shredded meat soon. Instead of listening to God’s apostles and prophets’ warnings, they ridicule us and ignore us as crazy people and look upon us with scorn, while they wholeheartedly embrace the devil’s propaganda and lies and deception and alien agenda. The evil and sinful heart makes the intelligent dumb, while a righteous heart that loves God makes the foolish wise and intelligent. The foolish people hate me for speaking the truth and consider themselves smart and not dumb, because they are foolish. The wise people love me for speaking the truth and repent of their stupidity, because they are wise. For example, if I tell these arrogant, boasting enlisted personnel Veterans who always tell everyone they meet that they are heroes and great men every single day, the truth that they are just dumb people who joined the Illuminati’s created wars to be used to kill the human populace, they will get very angry. However, if you tell the more intelligent officer Veterans, and if they are Christians, they will realize the truth and fight against the Illuminati.


There is only one way of being saved from the coming judgment of FEMA camps, plagues, market crash famines, persecutions and martyrdom, and that is to receive Jesus Christ now, who is the Torah Truth. If people reject our Torah Truth we have taught, then they have already rejected Jesus Christ who is the Torah Truth and who sent us. The Illuminati found out that creating two opposing systems of communism and capitalism did not work in continuing the war in Vietnam to kill off human homo-sapiens, because it created anti-war sentiments, so they have now caused terrorism by bombing their own nation’s citizens and Twin Tower buildings on 9.11, in order to convince its citizens to go to war so that they can kill off more humans and to continue parasite off the human race through their armament business and to create more negative energy for their fallen angel gods. The human homo-sapiens populace is extremely dumb beyond dumbness, so they have all rushed as a group to the Illuminati cause of fighting terrorism by sending their sons off to Afghanistan and paying taxes to their Illuminati to pay for the war who are in fact the ones who carried out the terrorism. This is how dumb the human populace is, because the Illuminati reptilians have weeded out all the smart genes out of the human populace by assassinating the multitudes of people who were smart and were able to detect what the Illuminati was doing and spoke out. The only humans left on the earth are the ones with the dumb genes that follow the Illuminati’s propaganda to do anything they desire, whether it is to set up a Homeland Security Department police state or martial law or laws for gun control by the Illuminati or go off to war in Afghanistan to kill off more people or ridicule God’s apostles as conspiracy theorists or whatever the Illuminati mind controls them to do. This is true dumbness. If they are so dumb and evil, do they deserve not to be exterminated by the Illuminati reptilians?


The Illuminati’s mind-frame and culture is very reptilian, so they love hierarchy, authority, and ritualistic thinking. Jesus, on the other hand, calls us as “friends” though He is God of Heaven and Earth, and he humbled Himself to serve us lowly humans, and He is always doing new things. In God’s Kingdom, the lowliest are considered most highly with respect, and the highest is considered a servant of all. However, in the Illuminati reptilian world of royalty and hierarchical society of Satan, the most powerful are considered having the highest authority. Therefore, those feminist witches who have the greatest DNA genes of reptilian are considered high witches because of their powers, and those with less reptilian DNA genes of the nephilim ancestors are considered lower witches. Satan has illegitimately placed his reptilian hybrid nephilim children in the positions of kings and presidents on this earth, and taken over the human’s world. Human are not even considered worthy of being left alive on the earth by the Illuminati, because the Illuminati consider them lower creatures.


Half of the pilgrims who came to the United States on the Mayflower were reptilian witch descendents. The Templar Knights Illuminati Satanists were also prosecuted and hunted down and arrested, so the Illuminati knows the danger of the humans who know about the reptilian witches’ satanic agendas and the Illuminati’s genocide depopulation mission of humans. To them, their plot to exterminate every single Christian and Jew (God’s people) in their thousands of years old reptilian New World Order “Brotherhood of the Snake” goal and life mission, and ultimately the genocide of all human homo-sapiens just like in Noah’s flood’s times, must be kept a secret at all cost, only to be known among the top reptilian witch nephilim hybrid shape-shifters of the occult Satanist secret societies of the “Brotherhood of Satan” such as the Freemasons, which means the continued assassination and extermination of all those who are knowledgeable of the witches’ existence and satanic activities and mission. Now, most of the human population has been made stupid by the reptilian Illuminati’s media and school education, so if these stupid humans are told about witches and the Illuminati, they will just laugh and say that it is just a conspiracy theory and figment of people’s imagination. This is how dumb the reptilians have made the human population, and that is why the Illuminati calls the humans whom they consider as non-Aryan race inferior monkeys fit to be butchered in their FEMA camps, as the non-illuminated people or sub-animals to be exterminated. Since wars and feminist movement abortions and genetically-engineered diseases like cancer was not killing enough humans, and human populations continue to grow, they are now meeting to discuss World War 3 nuclear war and global pandemics and HAARP created natural mega disasters and terrorist mass murder Satanist human sacrifice rituals and dispersion of more radiation and poisoning of the food/water sources and many other witch activities to exterminate all humans once and for all, so that they can bring in their reptilian New World Order.


The reason why the Western Illuminati Nazi descendents and reptilian hybrids have created these massive never-before-seen category 5 hurricanes like Katrina using their HAARP weapons to destroy entire cities like New Orleans, so that the black African American people will riot and loot and shoot at the police officers, is because they have to justify the government budget for building the Illuminati reptilian hybrid Satanist New World Order Anti-Christ’s human homo-sapiens race mass genocide extermination program FEMA Nazi concentration camps throughout the United States, and stock up on thousands upon thousands upon thousands of coffins and guillotine execution machines. They now have the excuse to build these execution camps, because they have proven that when there is a national disaster and crisis, there is complete lawless anarchy among the heathen non-believers and religious Christians, people kill each other, they loot shops, they are violent, and they steal and kill without any conscience, in order to survive and also exploit the situation. The dumb human homo-sapiens population who have been thoroughly mind-controlled by the Illuminati media think that the guillotines and FEMA Nazi extermination camps are only for the Edomite Anti-Christ’s hated Jews and Christians and anti-Illuminati activists, but they do not know that the extermination camps are for all human homo-sapiens race politicians, police officers, business leaders, housewives, military personnel (they will be last to be exterminated), intelligence and homeland security personnel, teachers, artisans, musicians, intellectuals and non-educated, upper class and lower class and middle class, men, women, children, and anyone else who have the human homo-sapiens non-reptilian genes. Those who have the Holy Spirit of God know what the reptilian devil and his Illuminati Brotherhood of the Snake thousands of years old religion is doing, but the heathen non-believers and religious Christians are cleverly brainwashed, hypnotized, mind-controlled, and made dumb just like puppet dolls without brains ready to be slaughtered along with their descendents. They become Satanists and Luciferians and Freemasons and Illuminatists because they are promised by the fallen angels of Satan that they can mix their genes with the fallen angel aliens, and that is how their descendents can live as fifth dimensional evolutionary human creatures to rule the world with them, but they are so dumb (although they have high IQs) that they do not know that Satan is full of lying bull crap, and what he really has in store ready for them. They will be shockingly surprised, but it will be too late. And how foolish they are (although they have high IQs and rule the people) that they are being used by Satan to try to harass and kill and silence me who is trying to warn them about Satan’s agendas. Without God, humans become very foolish. But, those brainwashed and demon-possessed and mind controlled by Satan’s clever powers and programs have no true logic or wisdom or godly insight. The devil is a master of deception and manipulation and coercion. They are all headed for sudden destruction, which will come upon them like a flood. All these electromagnetic weapon attacks are a way for the devil and his Illuminati to try to distract you from teaching the Torah Truth. They truly believe that they can stop God’s Word and His apostles.


They have been trying everything to desperately kill me, which is stupid for they think they can kill and silence God’s apostles and prophets. These Pharisees and religious leaders of the “Brotherhood of the Snake Satan” Luciferian Mystery Babylon religion have tried everything to persecute and secretly murder God’s apostles and prophets, just like they tried to do to Jesus and to the prophets who were sent by God to the ancient Atlantis civilization thousands of years ago.


The Illuminati sends all of these Satanists into these ministries disguised as Christians, in order to kick out all of the real Christians and prevent the real Christians from sharing the Torah Truth. The Illuminati uses the ministries to make money using Christianity and God’s name, by disguising themselves as Christians and God’s servants. This is why when a real Christian approaches their ministries, they are hell-bent on kicking the real Christians out. Wherever the real born-again Christians go, the Illuminati’s horde of Satanists follow after them to gang-stalk and steal everything away from them. They stomp on the floor upstairs with their feet all day long, hoping that they can harass you, in their own silly way. They are the servants of Satan, whose nature is stealing, cheating, lying, disguising, impersonating, killing, and threatening. They are like parasites or vampires, who live off by stealing God’s blessings to His human homo-sapiens, through making humans addicted to drugs to finance their narcotics industries, sick so that they will spend money on the Illuminati pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, kill each other in war to finance the Illuminati armament companies, pay taxes to the Illuminati intelligence agency black ops budgets to kill humans and depopulate the earth of humans, pay taxes and have money stolen through the manipulated stock market and banking system of the Illuminati in order to bail out the Illuminati’s bankrupt corporations and pay off the billions of dollars of severance pay to their bankrupt Illuminati executives, etc. When God gives His real Christians a blessing, Satan’s Illuminati members come to steal it. It is like when a loving father gives his baby an ice cream, the villain is always following after the baby to come and steals it from the baby, as soon as the father gives the baby something. This is Satan’s and the Illuminati’s nature, and that is why they send in their members into the ministries, and this is why they own 90% of the world’s money: in every aspect and level of society and life, you can see the reptilian nature of these Illuminati Satanists. God and His people give in love, and Satan and his people steal and kill and parasite off of the human homo-sapiens. This is why they drink the human children’s blood like parasitic vampires, during their satanic child sacrifice rituals. They are always hacking God’s real Christians’ computers and mobile phones, ready to steal whatever God gives them, just like reptilian vampires parasite off of the host creature. This is how they survive by parasite on the human race and their society. This is why the Illuminati members have the huge mansions, yachts, billions of dollars to hack and tap Christians’ computers and mobile phones. What the Illuminati does is to give huge mobile phone companies to their Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati Satanist members, and make them buy up all the small non-Illuminati cell phone company competitors, so that the Illuminati can tap all the mobile phones and personal conversations in the nation. They control the stock markets to parasite billions of dollars from the human investors. They digitally create billions of dollars from nothing, in order to parasite from the human race.


The grey aliens and all the Nephilim feminist witch descendants and their fallen angel ancestors are a parasite race, and need the human homo-sapiens souls in order to survive or exist. They have been alienated from God, and have no life source of their own. This is why they keep the humans trapped in their deception that humans are weak and under their dimension or belief system of fear, hatred, lack of faith, and other negative energy. This is where the stories of vampires come from. Vampires do not feed on each other, but they need to feed on normal people, in order to survive. If they were all vampires, they would all die. This is why the grey aliens and their reptilian alien masters are scalping the souls of human abductees, and trying frantically to create their own souls, so that they can live indefinitely. Then, they can exterminate all the humans, instead of keeping them as livestock animals to feed on and parasite on. This is why the reptilian aliens and their biological robot alien grays and their NSA Nazi government leaders Nephilim witch race descendant hybrids (embodied demon spirits) Satanists are abducting humans into their UFO spacecraft and experimenting on them.


The Illuminati’s manipulation of the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) prices and stock prices are one of their greatest criminal activities. They are parasite Satanists who steal all that money from the helpless elderly who are investing in precious metals and stocks for their retirement and steal from the hard working human homo-sapiens who invest the money they saved up through sweat, blood and tears. These Illuminati Freemason member henchmen in Wall Street and London and other places earn millions and millions dollars by becoming stock brokers and precious metal investors. As for the human homo-sapiens, if they steal a few dollars, they get arrested and thrown into prison. However, these Illuminati occult secret society member stock brokers and precious metal investors steal trillions of dollars, but they are not arrested or imprisoned. Instead, they live like spoiled brats, having sex, smoking marijuana, riding red sports cars, living in luxurious apartments, traveling in their yachts, and having the Illuminati give them even more money by making their books famous.


The Illuminati parasite off of the human race without working at all through their criminal banking system and illegal manipulation of the stock market, and live as multi-billionaires and trillionaires, while they destroy all the savings and income of millions of human homo-sapiens, and drive them into either starvation or to become homeless. If anyone speaks up against the evil of the Illuminati reptilian psychopaths, the Illuminati reptilians will steal all the income and assets of that person, and drive that person to homelessness and poverty. It is a very reptilian behavior and thinking.


The Illuminati reptilian nephilim hybrid created oil petroleum energy system and industry is another of the greatest scam businesses that parasite off of the human homo-sapien race. The descendents of the Edomites and Arabs would normally be goat-herders and live primitive lives in poverty, but the Illuminati Edomites have given them trillions and trillions of dollars, so that they now live like millionaires and billionaires. These average Edomite Arabs live extravagant lifestyles of wealth and riches. Instead of using the oil in the United States or on free energy that can be made very easily from the air, they have made the world depend on the oil of the middle eastern nations, so that all the money earned through the hard work, blood, sweat and tears of the world’s people are all given to the Arab nations people to live as millionaires. The world’s people are the Illuminati’s slave workers, and the greatest way to keep a population of dumb human homo-sapiens as slaves is to keep them thinking that they are free and have liberty. This is one of the biggest scams that the reptilian hybrids have come up with. This is why the Edomite Arabs of the middle eastern Illuminati nations live as parasites on the world’s human homo-sapiens money, as leeches or vampires feed off their host. This is why the reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race is known as vampires, because they not only literally drink human children’s blood, but they also live off the hard earned income of the human population. In every way, their nature is parasitical just like their father Satan and his fallen angels. This is the nature of pure evil: they live off the blessings of the God upon the human race and feed on the life force of the righteous by stealing. This is why the Edomite Arab nation’s people and stock brokers and world bankers and black ops CIA MI6 assassins and black ops tax money funded government employees and all other Illuminati people are basically a group of thieves and pirates and parasites and bandits and burglars and criminals who should be locked up in prison. Any United States president or queen of England or global banker who is not elected by the humans, but have used the Illuminati to place themselves in their positions are worthy of being imprisoned for crimes against the human race. They not only steal and parasite from their human homo-sapiens population preys, but they drive them to overwork, fatigue, illness, cannibal food sources, satanic ritual sacrifice victims, unemployment starvation, poverty, debt, and death, much like parasite germs and bugs and animals often kill their prey victims. God’s people give and bless, while Satan’s people steal and parasite and steal the blessings from God’s people. The very existence of the evil people on this earth is living on this earth by the blessings of God’s people, because God will not destroy the righteous along with the evil, so God is allowing the evil to live among the righteous, lest the righteous be harmed if God brings judgment upon the earth before the righteous are taken out of the earth. Not only do these Illuminati evil doers and Satanist members have the gall to steal and parasite off of God’s created humans, but they have the nerve to assassinate any of them who speaks up against the Illuminati or any humans who carry smart genes to realize what the Illuminati is doing, and carry out their mass extermination program of all humans to be replaced with their reptilian hybrid nephilim race using the trillions of dollars of black ops money that was stolen from the human homo-sapiens population through the tax money and war industries to kill more humans and narcotics industries to kill more humans and slave trafficking of human children and banking system parasite and other methods.