Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 23


All their Illuminati movies like the “Rise of the Guardians” depict nephilim reptilian hybrid descendents like Jack Frost who die by drowning in the lake, and his demon spirit roams the earth causing all kinds of trouble as a ghost. Humans can pass right through his body, because he is a different dimension. They have nephilim powers. Humans cannot see them. They try to create fear in the humans, in order to feed on that fear as food, just like their fathers the fallen angels. Fear is an ultimate insult toward God, because it is a disbelief in God’s love and very nature. It takes people from God’s realm to the evil side’s realm. In the movie, as Jack Frost roams the earth for three hundred years, he talks to the moon, since the evil spirits dwell on the moon: the astronauts all see UFOs on the moon, the Muslims worship the moon god Allah, etc. In the movie “Avatar,” these reptilian hybrid witch descendent nephilim can move from one body into another avatar body, because they do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits or half-bloods of the fallen angels. These Illuminati bloodline people are not humans, and all their Illuminati Hollywood movies reflect their belief. In movies like the “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” these reptilian hybrid witch race children of fallen angels are considered superheroes as in the movie “Avengers” and battle against evil forces, just as it was in Noah’s days when these nephilim were men of renown and supernatural superheroes. This is why at the beginning of the movie, they show the fallen angel and chimera nephilim, nd the Rune symbol that symbolizes power for the nephilim children in the movies is a symbol of baphomet.


The Illuminati is creating their propaganda brainwash television programs like the fictional documentary “Alien Encounters: Offspring” that depict the nephilim reptilian hybrid alien cloned children as innocent creatures, and the human homo-sapiens as evil creatures who are discriminating against the hybrid alien people out of fear and the human police officers unjustly arresting the so-called innocent alien hybrid children. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid controlled mass media television companies are hiding the fact that they are exterminating millions of humans by kidnapping them and replacing them with demon spirit fallen angel alien hybrid clones to take over the earth. The dumb brainwashed humans are watching and believing these television programs of the reptilians while they are getting slaughtered like dumb livestock and becoming the food sources of these reptilians. This is how dumb the humans who do not have Christ are. Satan is a master of reversing the truth and making the dumb humans docile with their “political correctness” doctrines they instill in the humans. The whole “X-Men” cartoon series to brainwash the human children are designed exactly with this intention to convince them that the alien hybrid mutant clone children and superheroes are here to help us and are benevolent creatures that have the nicest intent for the human race. In reality, the Illuminati reptilian hybrids are massacring humans. Satan is a master of the two-pronged strategy theatrics by creating his so-called friendly alien heroes and evil villainous aliens, so that they people would follow after these supposedly friendly benevolent alien allies and hybrid children and superheroes. This is hogwash, because there is no good demon or alien, because they are Satan’s malevolent evil creatures carrying out his great plan of deception and extermination and propaganda. They are creating huge numbers of alien hybrids that look human to integrate into the earth’s society, and replace the human homo-sapiens. The human scientists have classrooms where they teach these reptilian hybrids how to use a human coffee maker. They walk on our streets and work in our offices and eat in our restaurants. They have reptilian demon spirits and not human souls. They will not hesitate to kill their human friends and coworkers, when their Draco honor requires them to follow orders.


Television dramas like the “Falling Skies” are the Illuminati’s mind control to make the human populace believe that there are good aliens like the devil, who they can unite under to fight the evil aliens like God, which is the Sumerian Babylonian Mystery religion Satanist doctrine of the Freemasons and other secret societies. Movies such as the Illuminati Satanists’ “Cloud Atlas” instill in the viewer the concept of this reincarnation taught in all the religions of Satanism or occultism or Eastern mystery religions, by saying that these reptilian hybrid nephilim’s demon spirits die and then possess other people after death, so their memories and consciousness can be technologically transferred. They show a statue of the Queen of Heaven, Jezebel, Astarte, Mother Mary, Fatimah of the Illuminati. They depict God as a deity of evil religion that is an ancient myth, and try to sell the Sumerian Babylonian Mystery religion Satanist belief to embrace science and mankind’s move to a new planet. They try to prepare the future populaces’ brain to believe that the genetically engineered nephilim demon spirit clones are human beings with human rights and human souls, and they deserve to fight for liberty, and it is alright for them to reproduce reptilian witch descendents. All the Hollywood movies brainwash that Satan’s perverted world is right and God’s holy precepts are evil. (See article “Cloud Atlas – Esoteric Analysis: The Gospel of Illuminism” at .)


The perverted, sick, demon-possessed people who write animation cartoon series like “Shingeki No Kyojin” which is about giant nephilim going around eating human homo-sapiens, or “Youkai Watch” which is about kids using their watch to find nephilim demons who will help them solve mysteries, become multi-millionaires from their fame and popularity, while God’s apostles and prophets who come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to call the world to repentance and teach the Torah Truth are hated by the humans and have hundreds of assassins sent to try to kill them, then these humans are so disgusting and perverted as to deserve being eaten by nephilim or destroyed by the Illuminati.


The people of the earth have been brainwashed constantly everyday by the devil’s media, and they are ready to accept the devil’s deceptive theory of the Mystery Babylon religion or Satanism. It is because the hippy rogue pastors are afraid to teach their religious Christian church people about the Illuminati and the Satanist deception, because they are afraid that their houses will be burned down and their families killed, and all the church members will think they have become crazy and leave the church. This is why the hippy rogue pastors of Western Christianity are Pharisee punks or religious pimps, who are great actors and masters of speaking Christian jargon trash and gaining religious respect by teaching Jezebel Satanist doctrines. These disgusting religious Christians will deny the Torah Truth to millions of spiritual brothers and sisters, in order to save their own genetic descendents. They will not allow their unsaved daughters and sons and mothers and sisters to be killed by the Illuminati, because they preach the Torah Truth to the thousands of serial killers and prostitutes and sinners who will become their true spiritual family in heaven. These are the vomit religious Christians who refused to assist me, and shut their church doors on God’s apostles and prophets, so that they may save themselves from the devil’s rampage. These stinking religious Christians will not abandon their whole families that they created through animalistic instinct breeding carnal Jezebel doctrine Western Christianity desires, and carry the cross of Christ to follow Him, so that the thousands may be saved and hear the Torah Truth from their own lips.


These disgusting upside down dove church conference “Bible Answer Man” and his horde of putrid post 1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ effeminate hippy rogue pastors and Pharisee Sanhedrin street gang will have a made up religious smirk on their faces, gentle voice, and tell you not to be rude to people, but just share about Jesus’ love and they will get saved. What a bunch of Illuminati devil doctrine these hippies bring with their “Flower Children” peace and love and pharmaceutical drugs Jezebel hippy religion! I say be rude, just as Jesus was rude to the Pharisees. If it is rude to love and speak the Torah Truth, then be rude. The truth hurts and it is unpleasant to those who do evil. If they are offended, let them be offended. But, you must speak the truth at all times, and not cover up the truth with their form of Western Christianity that Satan has created through these hippies. True Christianity is direct, straightforward, loving, courageous and bold. Be kind to those sinners who repent and seek the truth, just like Jesus was compassionate and dined with sinners. However, to those Pharisees who condemned eating with sinners, be rude and tell them they stink spiritually. Why are these hippy pastors afraid of the Satanists and the Illuminati, so that they will not even lend a helping hand to the apostles and prophets of God? It is because they are religious scum. They are what they came from, and they will always be the scum that they are. However, if there is a repentant Nicodemus among them, then accept him, for that is love. Do not accept this filth of Illuminati manufactured Western Christianity and its Jezebelism that these pastors practice and teach. Rather, speak the Torah Truth in love boldly, and your Father will be with you. If you love, you will speak the Torah Truth, no matter how much people and the fallen angels hate you for it. If Satan wants to shoot at you with his toy EMP guns, let him. If they want to shoot little EMPs at us, God will rain solar flares down at them, so that they will cry for the mountains to fall down on them, because Jesus lives in our hearts, and every time they shoot EMPs at us, they are shooting at God who lives in us. We will see who the true God is. We serve the true and living God. True love is not the hippy rogue pastors’ religious sweet-talk to their congregations; and reprimanding of husbands at every Sunday sermon to gain female popularity; and gentle voice and smirk religious smile as they shake hands and hug their lukewarm congregations. This is true love: that you tell the church the bitter truth that they need to get their rears in order and the pastors stink; and that the wives should act like women instead of men’s equals, and 99% of them can leave the church if they do not like what we preach; and tell the lukewarm puke religious people to get out of our churches, but show kindness and compassion and gentleness to those sinners who are repentant and need encouragement and need help. You know the difference between being rude in love, and being obnoxious in sin. One comes from a Spirit of holiness, and the other comes from a spirit of sinful man. Since you have the Holy Spirit, you have perfect discernment.


Preach Christ in season and out of season to all, armed by the spiritual sword of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit. For this reason, the religious Christians do not even stop to think why Hollywood has made movies on every possible topic and subject they can, and they normally jump on conspiracy theory stories, but they never, never, never make a movie on how our world leaders are reptilian hybrids, and how they have a human extermination program, and how Satan is going to deceive the world using the alien deception. You often wonder how strange this is, but this is how far down the religious Christians have been dumbed down by the Illuminati hippy rogue pastors. They are so utterly dumb that they do not even realize that they are being genetically bred like livestock, and that their infants are taken from the hospitals after birth to be sacrificed alive in the reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist witches’ Satanist Illuminati rituals, and secretly being replaced in the hospitals by these “Star Child” half-breed reptilian alien nephilim demon spirit humanoid creatures, and they are raising these freak monsters thinking that they are their own children. This is Satan’s genetic replacement program of the Illuminati reptilians, where they are systematically exterminating the human homo-sapiens’ children as soon as they are born, and their parents are being made to unknowingly raise these demon children who are half reptiles hybrids of the fallen angels or aliens. They are not their own children who have been killed, but they are just black-eyed demons that have been replaced—sort of like a changeling—which are half serpentine. And these hippy rogue pastors are perverting the Word of God by encouraging searching for mating partners in their religious churches to breed genetic descendents, and to receive church parental Western Christianity Jezebel value counseling, so that they will continue paying donations to their Pharisee Sanhedrin churches? What dumb idiots these religious people are. They are like the blind leading the blind, because of their love for Jezebel and her values and doctrines. That is why their women wear pants and refuse to wear head coverings. Since they have a form of religiousness, but deny its power who is Christ and the Torah Truth, God has handed them over to the devil and his deception and to revel in his values. How stupid a person can become when they become religious and run after the desires of their heart? They worship a religiously fabricated christ manufactured by the Illuminati. It is because they love Western Christianity idolatry and Jezebel more than God, and stubbornly deny God and His Torah Truth by perverting His Word. And they call us heretics and drive us out of their midst, just like the Pharisees called Jesus a heretic and drove Him out of their midst? When a religious Christian becomes religious, they are used by Satan. However, you my brothers the 144,000 Jewish Remnant must preach the Torah Truth, no matter how much you are despised, ridiculed and persecuted by the Western Christianity churches and religious institutions. The religious Christians will hate you because they are feminists and they abide by Satan’s precepts. They are idolaters and pagans. 223 genes were not there in the human children several decades ago, but have been added in modern times. They walk through walls, communicate telepathically, become invisible, they see people’s auras, they speak with spirits and fallen angels, and sometimes are autistic. They are like the reptilian nephilim witch and wizard bloodline descendents. They can tell the actual percentage of extraterrestrial genes in each of the people they walk by. They operate on a broader multidimensional frequency than ours. They are a new race of humans who are here to lead the world to a evolutionary deception and destruction. Every day they block my doorway, or cut in line in front of me, or try to poison me. The things they do are so childish. They try to reprogram our DNAs with language and frequency waves and other holographic programs and music and video and food and HAARP and witchcraft medical science pharmaceutical drugs, but we Christians are protected by God. Words and rock music and frequencies reprogram our DNAs, transforming us, just like God’s Word transforms us. This is why it is dangerous to listen and be programmed by the hippy rogue pastors and their words. This is why the more farther they are from God, the more they move as schools of fish and connect to group consciousness such as the Nazis or North Koreans or the new Star Children. They all tap into this Chi power or Star Wars occult universal energy or force. They can read other’s thoughts and open flower buds by concentrating on them, just like the witches and wizard reptilian descendents. This is why the governments of the world and the militaries of the world are very interested in these super soldier Star Child programs. In China, only the fake charlatan “chi” illusionists are allowed to travel to foreign countries to conduct their magic shows, but those real nephilim reptilian witch descendents who have real supernatural “chi” powers are not allowed to step outside of China’s national boundaries, and they are used by the military for spy activities.


The Nazi psychopaths are treacherous. Every time we approach a more satanic civilization judgment age, there is a huge increase in feminist and homosexual populations, until the whole population become Satanists and nephilim like in Sodom and Gomorroah or Atlantis that God destroyed. We have jumped in technology in just a few decades while in the past there was no such progress. They are adding new nephilim spirit children to those old nephilim demon spirits that they are reincarnating in genetically cloned witch bodies. This is why all the Illuminati religions believe in reincarnation. People are stupid that they do not question these things. The stupid self-proclaimed linguistic professor Pharisees love and spread the movies for Satan created by these demonic creature Hollywood directors. These feminist Western women work in career jobs all day, and as the children become mentally and spiritually disturbed, they just drug them with tons of Illuminati medical witchcraft drugs to maintain normal behavior. These End Times people are evil. The religious Christians will laugh at you if you preach the Torah Truth. How dare these demons in humanoid bodies try to kill me, God’s apostle and prophet, for I do not come in my own name, but I come in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The love of money is the root of all evil, and that is why so many women want to work in career jobs, instead of raise children. This is why the more evil a nation is and the more its people love money, the more women you will find working in jobs. The United States and Western nations that lead the world in sin is ripe for judgment.


All the Illuminati movies like “Chronicle,” where kids acquire supernatural powers, are designed to prepare people for the nephilim’s return. The generations after the hippy post 1960s have been completely brainwashed by Satan’s Illuminati to believe in their Satanist Mystery Babylon religion that humans are going to evolve into higher power beings or fifth dimension when the alien creators of mankind return. The Illuminati Satanist nephilim reptilian hybrid descendent feminist witches believe that they are humans, so they think the aliens created them. It is true that the fallen angels created them using their own reptilian genes, but it is not true that they are humans, because they are the descendents of the nephilim demon spirits in humanoid bodies. They do not have human souls for they are demon spirits or nephilim spirits. This is why the Bigfoot nephilim can appear and disappear and the famous Solomon islands nephilim giants can appear and disappear, since they are spirits and do not have human souls. They can shape-shift into river monsters and werewolves and Bigfoot. The native Americans still escort their women in order to protect them from Bigfoot, because these Sasquatch’s nephilim giant Neanderthal creatures raped human women, as well as ate humans. In Malta, 30 children and their teacher disappeared, and their parents could hear them screaming from the underground caverns where the groups of giants were seen. The giants have supernatural demonic powers. In those caverns, 33,000 human bones were found. The nephilim giants have always been cannibals. The cavern in Malta is connected to the Vatican underground. After this news got out, the Illuminati caved in the cavern, so that no one can enter. The Illuminati’s major media does not even touch on this news, and hide all information from the public. Not a single local newspaper article could be found on it, disclosing the secrets of the nephilim giant survivors of Atlantis in hallow earth underground cities. If someone disclosed such information, they would be assassinated by the Illuminati.


The post 1960s generations now have been saturated with the superhero comic books and witchcraft and occult Hollywood movies and occult video games and occult novels, such as the movie “Chronicle.” So, they would smoothly accept Satan’s great deception that is coming, when he reveals his alien nephilim and superhero nephilim and military super soldier chimera. These nephilim monster clones have slowly and secretly been smuggled into the human society to replace the humans, so at Satan’s command for the deception to begin, and the Illuminati starts their New World Order of the reptilians, all these nephilim living amongst humans will suddenly claim to have gotten supernatural powers, and all these nephilim monsters and aliens will appear. The stupid human populace who do not believe the Torah Truth will easily be deceived by Satan’s great deception of aliens arriving and pushing human evolution ahead to have supernatural alien powers. This was why the deception of the humans to accept the Darwin evolutionary theory was important. It sets the stage for the deception to believe the Illuminati Brotherhood of the Snake’s 6,000 year old Satanism religion of panspermia and aliens coming to create humans from apes. Furthermore, now, Satan has succeeded in using all the Western churches’ hippy rogue pastors and “Bible Answer Man” to brainwash the religious Christians to believe in their Western Christianity farce of feminism women’s equality, humanism, patriotism, capitalism, tattooing and piercing ears, listening to rock and roll, women wearing trousers and not wearing head coverings, medical treatments, insurance and pension plans, marriage and genetic breeding, church attendance, Sunday worship, political right wing conservatism, and all the other foul deceptions of Illuminati Satanism’s Jezebel religion of Western Christianity. The world’s humans and religious lukewarm Christians are now ripe for Satan’s deception that is coming upon the earth that was prophesied in the Bible to accept the aliens, new one-world ecumenical religion, one-world economy and government, medical treatment “666 Mark of the Beast” microchip vaccination program, Nazi FEMA mass human extermination camps, charismatic Anti-Christ dictator, nephilim superheroes with supernatural powers, etc., etc., etc. They will be deceived because they are evil and foolish. They are so foolish that they believe that they are intelligent and that we are crazy, delusional, immersed in science fiction fairy tales, heretic, and nonsensical. The Torah Truth is foolish to those who are perishing, but it is wisdom to those who love the Lord. Praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!


If people look at the reptilian Illuminati’s Hollywood movies, they would immediately know that the Satanists are in-charge of the world, because if they make a movie about animals, then people flock to the movie theaters, since the animals are depicted as loving, affectionate, intelligent, cute and cuddly, noble, godly, faithful, kind, and honorable as in their movies like “War Horse”; but, the Christians and God’s children are always depicted in the reptilian feminist witches’ written movies as savage, animal-like, wild, crazy, maniac, base and instinctive as if they are animals instead of human as in their movies like “Judge Dredd” or “Clash of the Titans.” Every single Hollywood movie consists of this animal instinct Illuminati sexual romantic fantasy love, which cater to the animal-existence level instinct of the viewers who flock to these movies for that stimulus, just like lab rats seeking biscuits. You can also see if the stupid, brain-dead populace of human homo-sapiens are brainwashed or mind-controlled by the reptilians by seeing the fact that the humans flock to the animal movies and they earn hundreds of millions of dollars, while the reptilian feminist witch writers never write movies that depict Christians as godly, noble, honorable, kind, compassionate, and human-like creatures who are here to share the truth and call the world to repentance. Whenever Satan comes into control of the world and the people and society becomes satanic, then animals are loved and respected and given diamond necklaces as part of the family, while Christians and God’s children and human homo-sapiens are gang-stalked, harassed and assassination attempts are made continuously against them. The religious Christians never will understand this, because they are happy and content living their comfortable and affluent lives under the devil and his Jezebel’s fake Christianity.


Do not these stupid religious Christians realize that their feminist Western god Baal, the demon of electricity who is using government black ops budgets HAARP to tamper the light that is protecting from demonic star gate intrusion, will use electromagnetic weapons to knock out life as it is so that a day is coming when no man can work their silly secular jobs, so that after we the Bride of Christ is raptured out, the Anti Christ will use many technological wonders of the fallen angels’ Atlantis civilization to bring Tesla energy to make the earth-dwellers worship him, and bring in the Mark of the Beast “666” microchip implant on all people. Even now, the man whose name means falling lightening is planning with his other reptilians a EMP war and banking crash and famine and rioting and martial law and killing by the nephilim hybrid chimera beasts of the earth and the Anti Christ’s wondrous signs of Atlantis fallen angel alien technology and Illuminati manufactured disease biological weapons and Mark of the Beast “666” chimera gene rewriting immune microchip implant solution and mass Illuminati FEMA camp execution of all the homo-sapiens human race and stealing of their livestock bodies and genes. The DNA that will be introduced through the microchip implant is reptilian or Satan’s serpent seed: the ancient nephilim giants were filthy like the Bigfoot of now, and since the reptiles often live in filthy habitations and have bacteria growing in their jaws, they have a strong immune system, and that immune system can be used as a justification for making all humans take the reptilian DNA microchip implant to protect against the Illuminati’s intentionally transmitted biological germ weapons. This is why the ancient nephilim giants were filthy creatures, because they were reptilian. They also ate the humans raw, just like the reptilian hybrids in modern times in their satanic witch rituals eat the human children raw, because reptiles eat their prey raw.


The Illuminati invade countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to steal ancient Atlantis technology and captured red-haired Celtic nephilim giants. Some of them have eaten entire U.S. black ops military units, until special forces units supernatural psychic nephilim super soldiers can be brought in to kill these giants, so that their DNA can be extracted by the Illuminati globalist elites to create their super soldiers. A lot of these Anunnaki reptilian hybrid ancient Atlantis Sumerian giant rulers of the ancient civilization have been found in stasis chambers throughout the world, and have awoken during this transition period by the vibration frequency sounds, much like star gate wormhole portals are opened. They are put in stasis where they experience time differently, so when they go to sleep for a few minutes, many thousands of years had gone by. Now that the earth and sun’s density and dimensions are changing to fifth dimension, these Anunnaki are waking up. They have very strong psychic powers like the Illuminati reptilian nephilim witch race royal bloodline rulers, so these nephilim giants that are kept in the underground military bases have tremendous electromagnetic energy that disintegrates humans that approach them just like in their Illuminati movie “Indiana Jones.” For example, the Draco reptilian alien chimeras are genetically engineered bred into four castes: royal white scale families, administrators, military officers, and servants. The higher the caste, the bigger they are, and the more psychic powers they have. These ancient Anunnaki reptilian hybrid nephilim giants who are awakening from stasis have been transported by the Illuminati globalist elites to their military secret bases. They are found with Egyptian and Sumerian and Indian serpent artifacts, because they ruled the world in ancient times. They call them the ancient builder race. The reptilians are master builders, just like in their Illuminati movie “Predator.” Just as the Illuminati storybook “Jack and the Beanstalk,” where the giants say, “Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman,” these nephilim giants are reptilian, so they hunt by smell, and they can smell DNA genes. Therefore, the Illuminati reptilian hybrid globalist elites are trying to use these nephilim giants’ genes to make their super soldiers that will hunt down and exterminate all human homo-sapiens DNA genes people, just like in Noah’s Atlantis days when they genocide exterminated the human race, except for Noah. It is Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons’ weaponization program and human homo-sapiens extermination program. Our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ will once more step in to intervene and stop this satanic agenda. There are now 36 members in the MJ-12 BLACK MAJIC. They are creating clone bodies to house all their demon nephilim spirits to create an imperial storm trooper clone army. The human homo-sapiens invasion program and the clone wars has begun. (See video “Awakened stasis giants secretly located & imprisoned by global elites” at and “Laura Eisenhower reptilian invasion has already occurred…” at .)


Woe to those who will be left on the earth and the religious Jezebel worshipping Western Christians and their animalistic instinct breeding genetic descendents who have opposed our Torah Truth Christ Jesus and His love and His salvation. Their cyborg (cybernetic organism) descendents will be beast-tech nephilim and perish, too. The star gates of hell will not prevail over us the Church Saints or you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant. The star gate portals of hell will only overcome the Tribulation Saints, who will be left on this earth. In those days, there will be a war in the churches between the Tribulation Saints who refuse to take the microchip and the Illuminati Satanist Christians and ministers who will urge to take the biometric ID microchip. This is why the churches and religious Christians are trying to kill me to try to stop me from preaching the Torah Truth, and these “Bible Answer Man” and their gang of ruffian Calvary ministers have done everything to oppose me and the Torah Truth who is Christ and conceal the truth. Woe to them. They spread a false Illuminati prefabricated Western Christianity gospel and christ from the belly of Babylon. These stinking, scum post-1960s “Flower Children mothers’” effeminate hippy rogue pastors make a profession out of religion, and make Corporate Christianity a source of their income through ungodly tithes and collections. They like to be called “pastor.” They continue to teach their Jezebel Western Christianity Satanist doctrines, and refuse to accept or teach the Torah Truth. They hide the truth. They teach what is popular and is of Satan, so that they may keep their fattening jobs. They will have nothing to do with God, His Word or the persecutions that come with it. They just hate us and criticize us and oppose our Torah Truth. However, they like to follow after us and our letters to the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, and they just try to entrap and criticize what we teach. Hypocrites! They are a bucket of vomit puke.


Heinrich Himmler, who was a Thule Vril occultist Nazi, just like all the other Nazis like Hitler who tried to genocide all of God’s Jews, was very angered and upset when he read about the old accounts about how witches were prosecuted and hunted down. He was a witch race descendent himself or Aryan race or reptilian nephilim descendent or soulless descendants of the fallen angels. The Nazis believed in a world with only the Aryan reptilian race, with all humans exterminated, and the witches are the reptilian Aryans super race with Thule Vril witchcraft demonic nephilim supernatural powers. He was not very happy that God had brought to judgment these reptilian witches who were the nephilim’s descendents, and were Satanists eating human babies and bringing all kinds of sufferings upon the human homo-sapiens with their nephilim demonic witchcraft powers and curses. This is because Heinrich Himmler was a Aryan reptilian witch himself, just like all the Illuminati Nazis, and just like all the other nephilim descendents of the Nazi war criminals who escaped Germany after World War 2 and joined the CIA. The present day modern Thule Society who are the Nazis and the CIA and Majestic Twelve Men In Black shadow government of Illuminati Satanists control the communication and cooperation with these aliens or fallen angels. Since the CIA and MI6 and other reptilian witches see apostles and prophets of God like us as a threat to uncovering their existence and their Illuminati Satanist atrocities, they were saying in the next door room how people with dangerous ideas like me, who endanger uncovering the Illuminati reptilian agenda to genocide the human race, must be assassinated and silenced. No one teaches what I teach, and what I teach is the greatest threat and detriment to the Illuminati’s cause. The best way for them to prevent witches or Satanists or reptilian hybrid nephilim like them from being uncovered and prosecuted and hunted down like in previous ages for conspiring against humans, is to try to assassinate and silence all of God’s apostles and prophets. They are very careful to prevent history repeating itself, so they have infiltrated all the positions of power and authority, including the CIA to tap phones and hack computers without accountability to no one, political positions, economic control over all the world’s finances, media and schools to mind-control the people to dumb them down and convince them that witches and the Illuminati do not exist and they have no agenda to annihilate and depopulate all human homo-sapiens, and control all the top echelons of the police and courts. This is their assurance that witches and Satanists and reptilian hybrids are never again prosecuted and hunted down. Witchcraft is an abomination that is punishable by death. This is why the witches’ Illuminati is very secretive and have quietly gone about to take over every aspect of human society, because their great fear is that humans outnumber them. Through their Illuminati propaganda and education system, they have demonized all those who have hunted down reptilian witches in history as being crazy and evil and paranoid, for these witches in ancient times under interrogation disclosed all the network of reptilian nephilim descendent families and Illuminati Satanists. The Illuminati has hid the connection between the shape-shifting reptilian alien hybrids and the witch race and the fallen angels’ nephilim hybrids and the human-blood drinking vampires legends, who are all one and the same species that deal in the black magic arts, and are the descendents of the fallen angels. They are foul creatures with reptilian psychopath brains. The more reptilian blood they have kept through careful inbreeding like the royal families and Illuminati bloodline families, the more nephilim power they have retained, and they are able to shape-shift into reptilian form, and they are considered high witches of the Druids and Illuminati and Freemason and Wicca, etc. Just like Medusa the witch, the modern day high witches can also kill people by looking at them, and exploding their hearts. The Illuminati is so scared that their evil nephilim race will be discovered by the humans that they are desperately making all these television programs trying to tie together the ancient witch hunts based on superstitions with the modern day disclosure of the Illuminati reptilian witch race, and trying to convince these dumb, stupid, brainwashed humans that it is a bad thing to accuse the Illuminati of being a reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race. In other words, the Illuminati is brainwashing the most stupidest of humans to believe that it is a wrong witch hunt superstition and unjustified hysteria to uncover the presence of the Illuminati reptilian race and to oppose their human extermination programs and their Satan worship, because to do so would be an imaginary witch hunt superstitious frenzy like in the ancient times. This is how the Illuminati tries to crush the truth about themselves from being disclosed, and to destroy all oppositions to them. They will think of every evil method to hide their atrocities and make themselves look like the victims with their Illuminati Nazi style fake “hate crime laws.” Meanwhile, they are secretly exterminating millions of humans, and replacing them with reptilian clone hybrids. In other words, it is like a snake brainwashing a mouse that it is not ethical to hysterically and unjustifiably accuse the snake of being a snake, while the snake secretly plots to kill the mouse after making the mouse stop accusing the snake of trying to kill the mouse. These reptilian hybrid witch race are very crafty, deceitful, sly, dishonest, tricky, and cunning like a snake, because they carry Satan’s snake genes.. The modern day reptilian nephilim they are breeding in mass in the secret underground military bases throughout the world by the DARPA’s alien grey nephilim black ops government projects are much more powerful like the Bigfoot who can dematerialize when shot at, just like the kings and queens of ancient civilizations like Sumeria’s Anunnaki, who are an nephilim army being bred to exterminate all humans from the face of this earth by the reptilian fallen angels. It is all being done secretly through the reptilian secret societies that control all the governments and militaries of the world. It is a mass execution plan of seven billion homo-sapiens humans, and a takeover of planet earth by the reptilian nephilim witches. The Anunnaki are recorded in cuneiform tablets as extra-dimensional reptilian spirit god beings who could shape-shift into human form, and came from the skies. The most foolish Ancient Alien television program Illuminati members claim that the Anunnaki came to upgrade monkey people on earth by using their own genes to create higher evolved humans. This is because they consider the reptilian freak witch monsters as the real humans. In reality, what the Anunnaki fallen angels did was to take God’s perfect human creation on the earth, raped the human women, bred reptilian hybrid nephilim witches, and made these Illuminati bloodline reptilian shape-shifting hybrids into the kings and queens to enslave the humans and systematically execute the human race. The descendents of these coned-head blood-drinking witches are easier to demonically possess, so they are used by the fallen angels to spread their deceptive theories on the Illuminati “Ancient Alien” television programs and Illuminati publishing companies. This is why their television programs get financed and their books get published by the Illuminati Satanists. However, the Holy Spirit of by God is disclosing the Torah Truth in these End Times and the secrets of the Illuminati, since it is time for the world to make a final decision whether to follow God or to follow Satan. They think they rule the earth and rule over whom they consider the measly roach human creations of God, but their downfall is imminent. Satan has created his 13 Illuminati bloodlines to mock God’s twelve tribes of Israel. One of these bloodlines of reptilian witches, the Collins have powerful magic. The Rothchild family witches have financial power. One family is from Freemason Egyptian pagan Satanism and Celtic Druidism. Ishmael’s Arab bloodline developed alchemy witchcraft and assassination techniques. The mafia comes from the Illuminati, just like the Nazis come from the Illuminati, and the feminists come from the Illuminati. One bloodline is from the Canaanites, and their names have changed from Asherah poles to the goddess Astarte and is now the Astor family. The Jewish tribe of Dan which is cursed in the Bible is a powerful satanic bloodline. This is why the flag symbol of the Tribe of Dan was the serpent and changed to the eagle, because they are of the serpent seed, and their symbols, such as the White House or the flags of Europe are of the eagle. One of the bloodlines descends from the first nephilim Anti-Christ Nimrod’s genes. The Babylonian mystery religions operate and recruit through their secret societies like the Freemasons and other gangster criminal organizations and witch covens and other feminist witch Satanist activist groups. They control the modern day Christianity and churches. Basically, Satan put his seed into the bloodlines, brought together the most evil of human genes, and created an elite to rule through, on this earth. He appears in these Feast of the Beast Satanist rituals as a man and shape-shifting reptile. They have tried to keep their existence secret through the ancient dark ages, but due to information technology and God’s light, their secrecy and mystery religions are being exposed. Normally, they just assassinate anyone who exposes their evil. The MI-6 in Britain is the intelligence headquarters of the Illuminati reptilian witches, just like their financial and Nazi and witch coven headquarters are, and that is why when they gang stalk me, it is the British who are out there coordinating the others; and when you also preach the Torah Truth, it will the British MI-6 who will be coordinating the assassination attempts against you, also, in the future. If you teach the Torah Truth, Satan will try to assassinate you, or else, it means you are not part of the war. Likewise, the Illuminati hippy rogue pastors will ridicule and mock you. It comes with the job of being a real servant of Christ. If you are a Christian, then you will be targeted by Satan, since you hold the truth, and you are threat to him. This is why it is dangerous to share the Torah Truth who is Christ, if you are a religious Christian like the Seven Sons of Sceva, because the devil will get you, and you do not have the protection of the Holy Spirit. However, if you are a real born-again spiritual Christian, you have the protection of the Holy Spirit, and you cannot refrain from preaching the Torah Truth because the Holy Spirit in the real Christian drives the person to preach the Torah Truth of Christ, just like Paul or Elijah or Moses. How much a person does not believe in this Torah Truth about the Illuminati and reptilian feminist witches and UFO deception, etc., is a direct measurement of that person not having the Holy Spirit, and also, a direct measurement of the evil of that person’s heart that makes that person disbelieving and completely blind to what is happening around him or her in our world and Satan’s activities. The reptilian witches can easily mind-control such sinful religious Christians and deceive them with their spells to the extent that these religious Christians think alien UFOs and Illuminati are just conspiracy theories. Satan and his world’s wealthy, popular, powerful Satanist citizens and the Illuminati mass media hate the real Christians, because the real born-again Spirit-filled Christians cannot be deceived by their secrecy and the Christians preach and expose all of Satan’s Illuminati activities and alien deceptions and that the feminists are actually reptilian witch descendents. Furthermore, the real Christians are not afraid to preach the Torah Truth. It is the religious lukewarm spiritually-dead Christians who are afraid to preach the Torah Truth against feminism to their church women who have the power over tithes, and who are afraid to preach the entire Torah Truth about the Illuminati’s activities and deeper secrets of the Babylonian mystery religions of Satan and their agenda. The question comes down to who is their god—the Jezebel spirit of religious Western popular Christianity and its fake church populace made by the Illuminati or the Holy Spirit of the Torah Truth and the true living God YHWH. This is the litmus test: they cannot pick and choose the topics or subjects that they do not mind teaching, and those topics or subjects that they would rather keep secret and brush aside under the carpet. What an insult to the Torah Truth who is Christ, and what do they take God for? Who are they to choose, what is right doctrine by their own foolish Western self-righteous humanist values and Western culture standards of Satanism? Are they God? These religious charlatans only preach or use methods to the extent that they feel safe and which will keep them out of trouble or persecution. Hypocrites! This is why their lukewarm presence makes me vomit. They are afraid to lose their families, they are afraid to lose their assets, they are afraid to lose their million-dollar homes fleeced off the flock, they are afraid of losing most of their congregation members, they are afraid of having thousands of Koreans and feminists and Satanists and MI-6 agents trying to assassinate them with EMP weapons and poison and gas, they are afraid of losing their jobs, they are afraid of the religious Christian crowds thinking that they have become crazy and delusional. They are afraid of everything, and that spirit of fear and faithlessness is the opposite spirit of the Spirit of love and faith. That is the litmus test between a religious lukewarm carnal Christian and a true Spirit-filled born-again Bride of Christ Church Age Saint. Nothing can be so clear than the fruits of the Holy Spirit or the lack of it. Do they love Christ? No! They want to keep the best of two worlds—that of Satan and that of God. They want to keep both their families of this world and the riches of heaven in one discount package. Their form of Western Christianity is fake, just like the Illuminati’s other mystery religions. You would think this persecution is such a waste of time and energy and money, but it is part of our job description and it comes with the job as Christians. We are at war with the devil and his children, and any war incurs inconveniences, because we are in a battle. How in the world can you fight a war, if you are a gutless, limp soul, coward like the hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians? All you do is keep moving forward deeper into the midst of the battle, and into the midst of the assassins and feminists and mafia and Satanists and reptilian witches, and not sit in the Illuminati Western Christianity church pews.


It used to be in the ancient days, God’s people had the authority of God to cut down every Illuminati member and feminist nephilim descendent reptilian witch race person and nations with the sword, and all of them who worshipped pagan idols and witchcraft and Satanism, and rid the world of every nephilim man, woman and child. The real, spiritual, born-again Christians who are the true Church Saints still have this authority, because they love God. However, the dumb, stupid, evil, lukewarm, religious Christians do not have that authority, and they are at the mercy of the Illuminati and Satan and the witches, because they deny God’s Torah Truth and do not love His Word, and they cut out pieces of His Bible verses, and continue to wear men’s trousers, and tattoo their bodies, and listen to rock music, and go to hospitals, and fear the Satanist world leaders and intelligence agency assassins and demon spirits. Who do they love? They love Satan and believe in him and they hate God and do not believe in Him, because they believe in the Illuminati’s school teachings and literatures and television medias and government propaganda, while they ridicule and scorn and ignore us the apostles and prophets of God who are ambassadors and messenger sent to them. They believe in Satan’s Western Christianity teachings of the Mystery Babylon religion, and they believe our Torah Truth teachings are heresy and nonsense and unbiblical and cultic and satanic and unorthodox. It is because they neither know God or the Holy Spirit or the Bible. This is why they believe in Western Christianity religion, instead of God’s Torah Truth. Don’t these fools know that to wear men’s trousers is to worship Jezebel and identify as her followers, and to celebrate Christmas is to celebrate Satan, and to sell God’s Word and gold in the church is to trample on God’s Word and cheapen Him and use Him, and to go to doctors is witchcraft, and to pursue after genetic breeding is prioritizing the flesh over God’s things? They have all turned to dancing and orgy and drunkenness and pagan worship before the golden calf. They will be thrown into the coming fire, and the fire will test if their faith is true or not. The reason why all these Calvary Chapel hippy rogue pastors of the Illuminati scorn and detest me and the Torah Truth is because these demons have an innate hatred toward God and His Torah Truth and all those who preach it. They have an innate love for Sananda Jesus and his teachings of Satanism. They are Pharisees, so they believe that they worship the true god. The hearts of the wives of these nephilim hippy rogue pastors have not changed since ancient times. These women loved the flesh, so they would marry the fallen angels and great men of reknown, in order to leave wealthy, powerful children and live lives of popularity and wealth. These pastors wives love these Pharisees and their wealth and popularity and fame and status. They breed nephilim children and demon spirits. To God, these intelligence agency personnel nephilim and hippy rogue pastor nephilim and college Women’s Studies feminist activist professor nephilim and banking system global leader nephilim and politician nephilim and gangster nephilim and Illuminati narcotics industry personnel nephilim and Illuminati black ops nephilim all have no benefit to society or humankind, and on the contrary, they are a plague and parasite to society and mankind and to God’s creation, just like their nephilim giant and chimera ancestors during ancient Noah’s Flood’s Atlantis days. God is our protector, our teacher, our provider, and our king. They add absolutely no benefit to civilization, but they are a tremendous curse to civilization. All the religious Christians who oppose us and follow after the nephilim and their systems and values are also not salt but useless people, and they provide absolutely no benefit to God’s kingdom, but rather, they act as a detriment and hindrance to God’s purpose.


These reptilian hybrids use reptilians like Princess Diana to breed more reptilian hybrids, even when they have other girlfriends already. If people speak the truth about this, then the MI6 Illuminati Satanists just buy up the room next to their rooms, and shoot them with EMP electromagnetic weapons or satellites so that they get all kinds of illnesses and die. They have done this for 6,000 years. It is built into their demon spirit genes. Since they do not have human souls like we do, and are not created in God’s image, they have no conscience and they are psychopathic in nature. They make fun of people like David Icke by saying that David calls them “lizard people,” in order to brainwash the public into imagining cute lizards and to make the whole idea sound hilarious, but in reality, these nephilim descendents are “snake people” and they are as hideous and atrocious and violent and merciless and utterly evil like the snake ancestors who are the fallen angels and the devil. This is why when the black ops people see their reptilian form, they freak out, because just their appearance and presence creates panic and shock and fear in them. They are forever traumatized by seeing them. They are not cute, funny “lizard people” that the Illuminati makes themselves out to be, in their disinformation media. They are reptilian demonic creatures that make these black ops huge soldiers urinate in their pants with traumatic fear and trembling. It is because they do not know God, they do not love God, and they do not believe in God, and they do not stand in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ—the name above all names.





It is not that I am righteous or powerful or intelligent. I am the worst of the worst, and we should always consider ourselves the worst among all, and others as better than we are. However, it is the Lord Jesus the Christ who gives me strength and love and wisdom and righteousness. It is not that I have knowledge of the Torah Truth, but it is the Holy Spirit who gives me revelation into the Torah Truth, so that I can teach you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, so that you can in turn teach the others. I have taken an oath when I enlisted in God’s army to go through the depths of hell and back, and follow our Commander and King. Who cares if one has his wife killed or his daughter killed or his mother killed, or has his house burned down, or we have to sleep from beach to beach, and move from park to park, and lose our jobs, and lose our millions of dollars of savings and stocks and precious metals. That is war. We fight and we fight hard. Do not people lose family and houses and jobs and assets when they decide to go into a physical war, and the enemy bombs your cities and neighborhoods? Why would a spiritual war be any different? If these reptilian nephilim tried to kill God by crucifying Jesus on the cross, what makes people think that these reptilian nephilim will not try to kill them also, in order to silence them from speaking the Torah Truth that the reptilian nephilim’s homosexuality and feminism is a sin? One thing that they detest the most is for their evil to be revealed, so they will hate people who speak the truth, and try to kill them to silence them, in order for their sins to be kept secret. This is the nature of evil and evil people. You may lose hair and get white hair and get skin blemishes from the food poisons and gaseous toxic warfare and radiation they may hit you with, but we stand right up and we continue fighting. We may have pain in the heart and kidneys and brain and pancreas and genitals and liver and lungs and bladder and legs and shoulders and eyes from the electromagnetic weapon attacks, but we pick up the Sword of God’s Word and continue preaching the Torah Truth to all: even more harder and diligent every time we are attacked. We laugh and dance and rejoice when these things happen to us, because there is no other greater blessing. If you join a human army, do you not fight? Or, would you throw your sword away and run and hide like the hippy rogue pastors? Moreover, would you yell and criticize and try to incriminate God’s apostle and prophets like the religious Christians do every time? No, because we are soldiers. If our commander leads, we follow. War is ugly and bloody and horrific. We should count the cost when we join God’s army. If becoming a real born-again spiritual Christian and Bride of Christ was to just go to Sunday church sermons and do street evangelism and attend Christian rock concerts and go on overseas missions and have donut coffee Bible studies like these religious freaks do, then everyone would want to become a Christian and receive salvation, just like we see in these End Times Western churches. But no, to become a real, true child of God means to be persecuted, hunted, stolen from, and having all the people around you killed. If these things are not happening, then you wonder how these religious Christians ever believe that they are real Christians? The gall! This is the difference between true faith and belief by demons. The Tribulation Saints will miss the rapture, but they will have one last chance to be saved, if they are willing to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and have their daughters and wives and mothers killed, and be poisoned, and hunted down from beach to beach, and hit with electromagnetic weapons, and have their heads chopped off in the FEMA Nazi concentration camps of the reptilians’ Anti-Christ during the Tribulation Age. The religious Christians are the slumbering church. They are not fighting the war, because they are sleeping. They are sleeping in the Jezebel form of Western Christianity that the devil has created. They deserve to be left behind if they are adherents to the devil’s idol of Jezebel feminism and women are dressing up in trousers like men, in direct disobedience to the Bible who is Christ. They are nibblers, because they nibble on the Torah Truth and will just teach a bit of the Torah Truth to try to squeeze their way into heaven, instead of boldly teaching the whole and entire Torah Truth loudly. Call the people to arms and assemble an army, for it is time to teach the Torah Truth and purge the churches of Jezebel feminist doctrines and wake up the religious sleepers. These Jezebel Christians would rather have Israel be through Ruth’s seed and covenant to Ruth, rather than Abraham’s seed and God’s covenant to Abraham, and make Jesus into a half man and half woman transvestite, and make half of the priests and pastors into Atlantis witch priestesses and female pastors. The religious Christians are appalled to hear the Torah Truth, because they believe in the Illuminati’s Jezebel doctrines that the hippy rogue pastors teach in the Western Christianity churches of family love, church and religious duty, and being nice and pious Christians, and satanic democracy capitalism patriotism conservatism. These “Bible Answer Man” and the post 1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ effeminate hippy rogue pastors teach that God is the holy trinity through their Satanist Jezebel doctrine of Babylon, but truly, truly I tell you that your God is One. These religious Christians love to form tours and pilgrimage to places which they consider sacred places, and touch items that they consider are holy. How stupid are these religious Christians. They do not know that God lives in us. They inspire their stupid church congregations on with patriotic slogans and speeches to support their Illuminati pawn mercenary American and European troops, in order to gain humungous church memberships and national fame and horde huge amounts of gold and silver. If they taught the Torah Truth about these satanic Illuminati mercenary troops, then the religious Christians will fire them from the church leadership, because it is based on Jezebel Satanism’s doctrine of a Hellenist democratic church by the people and for the people, and not a theocracy by Christ. This is because they base God’s approval by how many people support their church conferences and how many membership their churches have. Idiots! They cheer on these Pharisees who cheer their satanic troops on with patriotism, while they scorn God’s apostles and prophets who tell them to repent and accept the Torah Truth. They scorn us because we have no followers and everyone comes after us to seek to kill us, while they approve and accept their fellow pastor street gang church conference Sanhedrin members as buddies and fellow minister gang members. They have not changed at all from their bar fighting ruffian surfer marine grunt scum non-Christian days. They have only changed their titles and outer layer. They have only cleverly sneaked into the popular church conferences, gained clergy titles, and gained huge followers among their similar lukewarm vomit people who love only the form of Christian religion that they want to hear and accept. Just thinking about these religious Christians and everything about them makes me nauseas. The only things that these religious Christians and Pharisees do is to hate us, yell at us, reject us, ignore us, despise us, scorn us, shut the door in our faces, accuse us of mental illness and lying, condemn us, judge us, heap insults at us, oppose our teachings, mock our teachings, and ridicule us. We come with the gospel of peace with love, risking our lives, and they return it with hatred and indifference and ridicule. They are freaky hippy Jezebel worshippers. They will only be saved if they throw away their pastoral titles and jobs, leave their families and churches, and declare boldly the Torah Truth to the world, so that the Satanist assassins will come after them with a demonic hatred and blood thirst.  A pastor of the hippy movement church once said that if most of the churches are preaching what you teach, then you can be sure that you are teaching the truth, but if you are the only one teaching something, then you are a cult. This is not true. If you are preaching what the majority of the churches of Western Christianity are teaching, then you are preaching Satan’s Jezebel doctrine Mystery Babylon religion, which are part of the same religion as Buddhism and Islam and Freemason and Wiccan Witchcraft and Esotericism and Hinduism and Mormonism and other religions which the Illuminati has created. This is why you see the same mandalas (supposed home of the fallen angels) in Buddhism and Hinduism and ancient Nazca Lines in South America and crop circles, because all of these religions were created by Satan. All of these ancient civilization Mystery Babylon Satanism religion Aztec, Mayan, Inca mandalas, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim mandalas, Atlantis city shape mandalas, and UFO crop circle mandalas are all cheap imitations by Satan of God’s New Jerusalem which will be our future eternal home. This is why when all these Babylon religion branches’ priests like the Buddhist priest Kukai go into caves, fallen angels possess them, and they attain amazing wisdom, and develop things such as the Japanese kana writing system. When these Babylon religion branches’ priests like the Muslim priest Muhammad go into caves, fallen angels possess them, and are led to write the Quran. When these Babylonian religion priests like the Mormon priest Joseph Smith go into caves, fallen angels possess them, and are led to write the Book of Mormon.