Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 21


The man of the spirit is concerned with the things of the Holy Spirit. These reptilian royalty and reptilian Satanists are obsessed with orgies and witches’ sex and paedophile. The British queens and world leaders and Illuminati bloodline family members wear purple and red robes as mentioned in the book of Revelation, and they shape shift into reptilian nephilim, and eat the sacrificed human flesh and human blood. The blood helps them to maintain human form. They absorb their victim’s negative energy created as they look at the eyes of the children being sacrificed as they rip them apart and eat them alive. They get excited when they smell the blood, and they rip the victims throats and devour the fat in the intestinal areas. 275,000 children go missing every year in North America, but no one ever hears about it, because the Illuminati control the mass media, just like they control the police and judges. These feminists are mass murderers of millions of children. These reptilian hybrids are the Aryan race and they are the witch race and they are the feminists and they are the Illuminati bloodline families and they are the nephilim descendents. Since ancient times, these feminists and reptilians have sacrificed babies to the statue of Moloch, just like at the Bohemian Grove in modern times, which open up portals or star gates into the demonic realm to let the demons into this dimension. They had to bomb Libya which is in a special location for the star gates to work, because one of the star gates had gotten stuck and could not be closed, and Khadafy was not running from the bombs but he was running from the star gate. Many strange things came through the star gate. These reptilians live for hundreds of years, and once the Illuminati bloodline family body gets old, they move into another Illuminati bloodline family body. For example, the queen of Britain is a very cold-blooded person, and looks down on all who are below her, but she is afraid of the Pindar, and when she shape shifts, her nose becomes a snout and she whips her tails around and hisses. They have a disdain for humans and a love of hatred. The queen has been beaten by people higher in the satanic ranks. This is why the feminists since ancient days of Jezebel used to throw infants into the fire just like the feminists do in present days, in order to fry them, so that they can absorb the negative energy created from the horror and pain and agony. These creatures are vampires and reptilians, and they are pure evil creatures, just like their ancestors the nephilim of ancient times. The human population is going to lose, because they do not believe this. God’s people know the Truth and believe, because they have the Spirit of Truth, who sets them free. These reptilian hybrid bloodlines originated in the Middle East and moved itself up into Europe to take control. Jesus said that in these End Times, bestiality will return again as the fallen angels inseminate animals to create interspecies breeding.


These reptilian hybrids are being released in masses upon this earth to take over the earth, while masses of human homo-sapiens are being abducted and killed. There is a mass replacement program going on. 2,600 American people go missing every day, but no Illuminati media tells you that. Even the crime statistics show that over 800,000 Americans disappear every year, compared to 120,000 ten years ago. Many police officers and military generals and federal homeland security personnel are already not humans, but they are reptilian hybrids who have no remorse or feelings or hesitation to wipe out the human race. This is why you have increasing numbers of extremely evil feminist and homosexual and psychopathic creatures in these End Times increasing. They do not have human souls, but they are bio androids with demonic spirits. They are genetically engineered transhumanism offspring of the fallen angels. There are demon nephilim who shapeshift into innocent looking children that are kept in the secret military underground bases that will destroy everything, if they are released. Just as in Noah’s days, so shall it be in the End Times. God will once more wipe out the nephilim with fire, as He had done with the Great Flood. These reptilians have reptilian frequencies that shape the liquid crystals over their skins that create a holographic image of a human, but when they cannot hold that frequency, the liquid crystals get distorted and reveals their true form, which is shape shifting. By transmitting sound to disrupt the analog camera signals to digital frequencies, these fake holographic images can be defeated. In their secret bases, there are nephilim that are 25 feet tall, and they are getting ready for battle with God. They say that they are going to defeat God. In order to enter the secret underground military alien bases, people have to sign a contract that they will not mention the name of “Jesus” even when they are swearing. This is how much they fear the name of God. This is the only name that can stop these creatures. They are saying that they will capture and kill all the Tribulation Saints, and keep it a secret from the public by lying to the public that since the Tribulation Saints were in the way of progress, they had given them to the aliens who were protecting earth, in order to be used for experimentation. Lieutenant Colonel Greg Rinchich claims that if you walk down Chicago, for every 3 blocks you walk, you would have probably walked past 20 demonic reptilian hybrid imposter alien nephilin clones who hate mankind. He says that while he was a CIA assassin, he killed hundreds of innocent people. After he became a Christian, he went to apologize to the spouses of those victims, and some would slap him and hug him. Some people think that they can live through the coming Illuminati human homo-sapiens extermination program. They are beyond dumb, and they are crazy. The Illuminati has agents looking into each human homo-sapiens’ homes. All the humans and their families will be eradicated. The reptilian hybrid clones have technologies to protect themselves from their advanced weapons and diseases. Those people that these Illuminati high witches can absolutely demolish lives are those people whose ancestors have taken freemason oaths in their satanic rituals, which allows these high witches access to these people and their families. The reason why these why these feminists are so domineering, hateful, have fake nice person disguises, deceitful, and assassinate so many people without any human conscience is because they are high witches. People call them nephilim reptilian hybrid descendent or alien hybrids or Satanists or druid priestesses or feminists or Illuminati assassins or coven witches or many other different names, but they are all the same species of people they are talking about, and they yield tremendous demonic supernatural powers. The only power that renders these witches helpless is the name of Jesus Christ, because God’s name has power and authority over these demons. Since these feminists were abused by their fathers who were super nice men on the outside, the Jezebel spirits take over these women so that they have a tremendous hatred toward men and become demon-possessed. Much of the End Times women have these Jezebel spirits, and Jezebel spirits are a controlling spirit. The witches know much more than the religious Christians do. (Read article “NASA: The End Of Mankind ‘Document Leaked’ 2013” at and “Greg Rinchich [Lieutenant Colonel S.C.] – [Magic Mirror/Mirror Project 77] NWO DUMB Reptilians” at .)


Some foolish people say that their family’s spirits saved them from evil spirits, just like in their witchcraft psychic necromancy Harry Potter movies. Of course, their family spirits rescue them from other demon spirits, because they belong to the reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendent race and they do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits. Therefore, their family’s spirits do not go to heaven or earth, but they roam around just like the other demon spirits. The demon spirits are the offspring of the fallen angels and Satan, so they are likewise concerned about genetic connections and animalistic gene perpetuation, just like Satan and the Illuminati royal bloodlines. Instead of serving and loving other demon spirits, they only look after their own genetically connected demon spirits and those descendents still alive in human form on the earth. To them, everything they value is ungodly and base and evil, just like the mafia and small business owners and church conference leaders who hand over their businesses and crimes and wealth and sins and church conferences over to their sons and daughters and genetic descendents, just like the royal families of the reptilian witch race. They are like the religious Christian men and women who fanatically hunt for mates in the Western Christianity churches in order to breed their own genetic descendents who will be likewise non-Christians and will be destroyed in the Tribulation Age along with their whole families and genetic relatives and bloodlines that they spend their lifetime nurturing and perpetuating and toiling to support.


This is why these religious carnal lukewarm Christians keep bringing all these demon-possessed, psychotic, emotionally disturbed people, and these evil, sex-seeking, money-deceiving street scum, and all kinds of weirdo to the church, and have such a strong passion to save these demonic, mentally ill, maniac people, just like a Catholic. It is because they live by a perverted type of love which they call “Flower Children” Jesus love, and they live by good religious works, and they live by prideful self-righteousness. Then, all the ghouls and goblins and psychos and maniacs they bring into the church create all kinds of problems in church, and disrupt the spiritual harmony and purity of the church. Basically, they bring Satan into God’s church every time to create havoc in secret. These religious Christians hate the nice, honest, cultured people, because they have an inferiority complex; while they love to bring in these psychotic, mentally ill people, since they make them feel superior and as if they helped lower creatures. The ministers and hippy rogue pastors are carnal religious people, too, who teach and encourage this, so they surely do not stop these religious people from bringing in all those people possessed by the devil’s demons. It is because their Christianity churches are filled with carnal people anyway. This is Satan’s aim: to bring in all these religious people and weirdo people, so that people think God and Jesus is also religious and a weirdo. When religious Christians do not have the Holy Spirit, they do the most stupidest things. On the other hand, these hippy rogue pastors and these religious carnal Christians despise God’s apostles and prophets as being evil and heretic, because they speak the Torah Truth, so they persecute and discriminate and despise God’s people, and kick them out the church. This is again, Satan’s strategy. Satan uses all the demon-possessed weirdo people that the religious Christians bring into the church, in order to attack God’s real born-again spiritual Christians, too, because the demons know who the real Christians with the Holy Spirit are. These stupid Pharisee linguistic professors and religious Christians try to get these demonic suicidal maniac gangster psycho-schizophrenic thug people saved, and bring them to church, and spend hours and days and years and decades trying to share the gospel to them and force them to get saved. How idiotic these religious people are. God is not concerned about these demon-possessed people who hate God and choose to be emotionally disturbed; but rather, God is concerned in reaching out to people who are truly seeking the truth and have a heart to choose what is right. If these maniacs are coming to church to eat all the church refreshments and ask for money and stalking the opposite sex, then kick them out of the church, and kick out the religious Christian idiots who brought them into the church, as well; and then, go out into the world to the people who Christ leads you to who are truly seeking the truth and really hungry for Christ. Do not be like the religious Christians who are constantly doing religious vain work by feeding the lazy bums who do not work and counseling the depraved alcoholics and bandaging the sick who do not even believe in God’s healing and instead depend on medical science of the devil; but rather, teach the flock and go into every nation to share the Torah Truth, which transforms people into hard workers and sane and healthy and godly people. Do not toil on bad soil, because it is already full of salt and seeds do not grow on bad soil; but instead, go to the good soil, full of desire and hunger for the truth and Christ, since the seed will take root and bear much fruit. What are these idiotic religious Christians doing: they are just like the Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim or Catholic or Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness or pagan religious people—just religious in mind and thinking and values. They think and act out of the flesh, instead of the Holy Spirit. This is why they bring in the alcoholic bums into the church, and kick us out who are God’s representatives sent to them. This is why the religious Christians may be very intelligent and have high paying jobs, but they are marrying and breeding and doing church activities and have absolutely no common sense or spiritual discernment. Blind faith is being your own leader and bringing in mentally ill bums and drug-dealing Iranian illegal aliens and the sexiest women into the church and believing that they have received Christ, but true faith is being a servant of God and obeying Him by going out to the far reaches of the earth to bring the Torah Truth and God’s Word to the lost who are seeking and hungry for the truth and Christ, whom God has led you to go and share the Torah Truth teaching to them. Was not Ananaias sent to Paul, and Moses sent to Pharaoh? Has God stopped speaking to men or us? He is still the same God. Do not be like the religious Christians always having chow lines to feed the slum welfare people who take advantage of others without working, as if they are religious Catholic volunteer workers, or like the religious Christians who go and look for only handsome men who will be future spouses or mentally disturbed crazy people who they feel needs Christ the most. Instead, if God tells you to go and teach the Torah Truth to the serial killer or the king of Shangri-La or the blind man in the park, then go there and share the gospel to them. Brothers, do not waste your time on vain religions like the religious Christians do, but spend your life on Christ who is the Torah Truth and our guiding light. Do not do Christianity, but do Christ. Do the opposite of what these Illuminati upside-down dove symbol church conference hippy rogue pastors tell you. For example, if God sends you to your parents to tell them to repent of their sins, but your parents accuse you of being evil, try to force you to hate God and worship the devil, and they believe the Illuminati Satanists instead of you, and are demon-possessed and try to kill you, then leave them to their corrupt fate for that is their lot. Instead, go to those real spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ who welcome you and the Torah Truth that you teach them. These people are your true family, and Jesus will send you to them. The Satanist feminists try to kill your parents, and possess them with demon spirits. It is because the Illuminati is simple-minded, and believe that our parents gave us our values and ideologies, and they hold the parents responsible for God’s prophets and servants’ teachings. They do not know that the human parents provide evil values and ideologies of the world, while it is Jesus who gives us His godly values and Torah Truth when we are saved. If anyone deserves credit for our teachings and Torah Truth we declare, it is God and only God. Give praise and glory to God only who is worthy of praise and glory and honor! These people pushing for the feminist agenda are not even humans, but they are reptilian hybrids or witch descendents or nephilim or embodied demonic spirits or Satan’s genetic seed or any of the other names they have.


Be aware of cousins and their wives who are adept at using the computer, because they will search for you on the internet, and hand over your private information to your mother. Then, your mother will immediately inform the Illuminati Satanists who she worships and have access to her home as elderly care company workers, after they use EMP electromagnetic weapons to get her sick and thin, by moving into the neighbor’s house, whom they will kill or drive into insanity. When you leave your computers and health supplements at your mother’s house, since the Illuminati Satanists have the key to the house, they will imbed tapping devices and GPS locators into your computers and poison your health supplements. By that time, your mother will be so brainwashed and mind-controlled by the Illuminati that she will worship the elderly care company worker as a goddess for driving her around and assisting her while they do not help other elderly people, although it was the elderly care worker who got her sick, in the first place. The elderly care worker will use the EMP weapons from next door, where they will move in a weird looking, non-speaking, punk rocker, fake couple into a nice neighborhood home, to shoot EMP weapons at your father, so that he will deteriorate into Alzheimer in a matter of a few weeks and become an invalid from a completely healthy person in just a little while. The Illuminati Satanist care worker will then bring in a separate home helper company Satanist to charge exorbitant money to send in spies who will cook and clean for your parents who have been instantly made invalids and cripples purposely. They will check your parent’s savings passbooks and make them use up all of their savings, and then, they will make them sell their home and use that money to pay the Illuminati off. By this time, your parents will be so mind-controlled and demon-possessed by the Satanists that they will call the Satanist elderly care staff a goddess, and they will call you the devil. It is hilarious, but since all these hordes of Japanese feminists of Korean ancestry who are Satanists disguised as elderly care workers think in terms of the very carnal, fleshly, base, depraved, sinful cultural mindset of worshipping family and ethnic genes and nationalism, they believe that if they can kill your parents and family, they can somehow possibly make you sad and curse God. These are the four characteristics of those who will come into your home as elderly care workers hired by the Illuminati local governments: they are feminists and they are Japanese of Korean ancestry and they are Illuminati Satanists and they are CIA assassins. They always have these four characteristics. The people who move into the room next to you to try to microwave you or EMP you, or come into your home to poison your food with body melting strong acid, or come into your church to turn all the religious Christians against you with rumors, all share these four characteristics: they will be feminists and they will be Japanese of Korean ancestry and they will be Illuminati Satanists and they will be CIA hired assassins. They somehow have genetic traits that make them become those things and do those things and serve Satan. It is imbedded into their genes through generations to serve Satan and to be used by him. They are accursed people. Since their culture and tradition and lifestyle and mind is very sinful and fleshly, their way of thinking and concept of life is the extreme opposite from ours. These local Illuminati government officials’ city hall appointed elderly care volunteer Korean feminist hordes approach your elderly parents under the disguise of a government sanctioned private volunteer, and introduce an Illuminati elderly care company manager to them. Meanwhile, the Illuminati assassin squad couples will drive the next door lady crazy and drive her out of her home, and take over the house. They will set up their EMP electromagnetic weapons and start shooting from their house at your elderly parents. Your elderly parents who were completely healthy will get sick and will lose weight and will not be able to walk and their health will deteriorate in a matter of weeks. The elderly care volunteer Korean feminist will introduce their friend who is the Illuminati elderly care company manager, in order to take care of your parents who cannot walk all of a sudden. They will send their employees to cook, clean, bathe and drive to the hospital your parents at exorbitant high prices. They will shoot your father in the heart with EMP electromagnetic weapons, so that your father will have a mild heart attack. The Korean feminist volunteer will take them to their Illuminati doctor friend. The Illuminati doctor friend will stick a tube into your father’s penis and bladder by saying that his bladder is inflated with urine so they need to do that or he will die. The apparatus will have a balloon at the end that inflates, so your father will not be able to pull it out himself. The apparatus is designed to weaken his bladder and body, so that he cannot urinate by himself, and it will cripple him and make him sick and full of urinary toxin. When you go to the doctor with him to have it taken out, the doctor will not talk to you, but he will threaten your father that he will die if they take out the apparatus. Even though you tell your father that he did not have the apparatus a couple of weeks before and he was urinating without any problem at all and healthy, the doctor will scare him so much that the elderly father will listen to the professional medical witchdoctor of Babylon instead of you, and decide to keep the apparatus in his penis because he does not want to die. The Illuminati doctor will talk to him in a stern and scolding way, which will overpower him, and raise his voice at him by saying, “If you want to die, I will take it out, but you will die, I am telling you right now!” Even if you suggest later that he go to another doctor, your mother will be so mind controlled by the supposedly kind and thoughtful elderly care worker to not go to any other doctor because the Illuminati doctor is the best and they should not keep changing doctors, so that she will adamantly refuse to change doctors. Therefore, they will make your father pay a lot of money to the doctor and to the elderly care company, be weakened to the point that he will get more dependent on their Illuminati doctor and elderly care company. These Korean feminists do not like male penises, because it symbolizes manhood, and they take sick pleasure in your father wailing and crying how painful the tube in his penis is, and how degrading and humiliating it is. It is typical reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist mentality and pleasure they have in seeing men assassinated by them and torturing them in their very intelligently thought out ways. Even if you try to stop the Illuminati elderly care company services, they will bypass you, and purposely talk to your elderly parents, because they know they have them under mind-control. They will mind control your parents to such an extent that your parents will begin to hate you, and see you as an enemy, and yell at you to leave them, and they will keep saying how great and kind and helpful the Illuminati elderly care volunteer Korean feminist is. This is not physical, but it is a spiritual demonic power working to possess the minds and hearts of your non-Christian parents, so they are fully controlled by Satan and his Illuminati henchmen. Since you are a Christian and have the Holy Spirit, your parents will see you as an enemy and they will continue to yell at you to give up belief in Jesus and to stop being a Christian. Even when your mother and father are protected by your presence and the Holy Spirit in you, and they are able to walk around, they will continue to use the Illuminati’s elderly care service company, because they have grown accustomed to that easy lifestyle, even though you warn them that it will run their finances dry. The Illuminati has brain waves and frequency weapons to render your elderly parents brains useless and shut down their proper reasoning parts of their brain. Since the elderly care worker would have made your parents show them all their bank passbooks, they would know how long they can make them use their elderly care services to run their savings dry. Once they run out of their savings, they will make them sell their home, so that they can continue using their services. Once the money from selling their home runs out, then they will just throw your parents into the government run low-quality prison-like elderly home. This is how the Illuminati steal all of the elderly people victims’ money and home. If you tell the Illuminati run police or Illuminati government, they will not do anything, because the elderly care volunteer worker is sanctioned by the local city hall government and are friends with all the government people. The whole system is run by the Illuminati Satanists. The reason why they use the Koreans is because the Koreans are genetically inclined to violence and stealing and lying and have no conscience or remorse in doing such things. I know some nice decent Korean friends, too, but the majority of them have the violent and evil genes from their ancestors, so they make prime tools for the Illuminati. Also, the feminist Koreans are members of the Illuminati, because Satanists are always feminists and hold to Jezebel doctrines of Baal or Satan. If you come to your parent’s rescue, they will start shooting EMP electromagnetic weapons at your heart and brain. They will shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons which will prevent you from getting zero sleep for weeks and weeks and weeks, so that you will be forced to leave your parents home. They do not want you interfering with their robbery program of the Illuminati. This is how the Illuminati makes money from elderly people. If you tell your mother that you will sleep behind her bed to prove to her that the Illuminati couple next door is shooting EMP electromagnetic weapons from the northeast side to try to kill you, then your brainwashed mind-controlled mother will get extremely angry and adamantly forbid you from sleeping anywhere near her bed, because the elderly care volunteer Korean feminist had told her explicitly that if her son asks to sleep with her, she should not spoil her son and allow him to sleep with her because he is an adult. Her mind control by the Illuminati will be so thorough both verbally and electromagnetically, she will not even listen to your reasoning, and just explode with demonic anger. This is a sign of demonic control by the Illuminati’s fallen angel gods. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, we do not battle against flesh and blood, but we fight against the powers and principalities of darkness who are in the spiritual realm. As the Bible tells us, once you decide to follow Christ and teach His Torah Truth, your family and friends and pastors and church friends and police will become your enemies. Father will fight against son, and daughter will fight against mother, and brother will fight against brother. It is because light and darkness are opposites, and your family belong to the devil’s domain, so they are controlled by them. In the coming Tribulation Age, things will be much worse because the forces of darkness will be allowed to work unrestrained as soon as we the Church Saints and the Holy Spirit in us is taken out of this world into heaven. Father will betray daughter, and son will kill mother. The Tribulation Saints’ brothers and parents and children will report their whereabouts to the Illuminati Anti Christ’s reptilian hybrid Homeland security force and NATO forces to have them arrested and beheaded for your faith in Christ, and believe that they are doing them a favor. It will be a war of Christians against Christians. Religious Christians will arrest and murder the Tribulation Saints Christians because of their belief in Christ. The Church State has always killed and martyred the born-again real Christians, just like the Pharisee church ministers arrested and crucified Jesus on the cross. Even now, before the rapture, if people decide to become a real Church Age Saint and Bride of Christ, the Illuminati will kill their non-Christian parents, and turn their daughters and sons against them. Parents will disown Christian children, and children will disown Christian parents. Wives will divorce Christian husbands, and Illuminati member sisters will try to kill their Christian brothers. Remember the price of follow Christ and teaching the Torah Truth, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, and calculate the costs, because once you become a true servant of Christ, your family will turn against you 100% of the time without exception. There are very few cases where the entire family is a born-again Christian. Usually, one person in the family becomes a born-again Christian, and the rest of the family remain Satan’s religious Christians. This means war is inevitable with your family. It will depend on whether you have first love for Christ, or whether you love your genetically-related family of the carnal flesh more than God. The religious Christian brothers and sisters will hate you and drive you out and wage war against you, because you will no longer belong to their devil’s domain, but you would have changed sides to God’s side once you become a born-again Christian. This is inevitable. For me, I would have the entire world become my enemy and hate me and try to kill me, if it means that I can follow Christ and love God and teach His Torah Truth to feed His sheep. There is no greater honor and joy. If the world loves you, then that means you are either a devil’s rock star or the devil’s Anti-Christ nephilim or a religious Christian minister. The world’s people love these type of people, because they belong to the world. The fallen angels and Illuminati reptilian incest bloodlines and mafia gang families and druid clans and Koreans have a hard time leaving their families, because they are people of the flesh and not of the spirit, so they are obsessed with genetic animal instinct connections and gang mentality and family feuds and self genetic preservation. They are the most evil of all people. But as for you, 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, be concerned about the things of the spirit and not the flesh or genetic issues like the Satanist reptilians do, but rather seek the heavenly things and spiritually godly things of God and the eternal spiritual family of Christ in heaven.


The reason why a lot of these Babylonian medical science professionals have red hair is because they are not humans, but they are demon spirits or soulless ones or nephilim. The reason why they keep their patients lying on the table naked is because it is their Illuminati ritual of shaming and embarrassing and humiliating their human victims. These nephilim people and fallen angels absorb the negative energy created from the human victims. They are a parasitical and vampire species of reptilians. A lot of these medical witch doctors and witch nurses are homosexual. The reason why these nephilim and their fallen angel fathers are obsessed with nakedness and sexual organs and sex is because God has given humans the ability to reproduce life, and they are fascinated by this ability and fascinated with the human soul that is created in the image of God. A lot of these victims who are injured and crippled and sick and dying have tattoos on their bodies and pierce their ears. If they have no respect for God’s body that is created in the image of God, then they will get blown up and ripped apart and shot up and injured and crippled and sick. If they adhere to Jezebel’s feminist beliefs of Babylon and equality, then they will become victims of the feminists’ assassination programs. If they adhere to Western Christianity’s humanism, they will become victims of Western Christianity’s father who is Satan.


There are many witches who are sent into the churches, in order to turn them against you and accuse you of evil. If you are a true Church Saint and a Bride of Christ, then the Illuminati and their feminist witches will try to crash their huge jets into your homes to try to kill you and your children. All of the real born-again Christians go through these countless assassination attempts, but they cannot kill you. They can cut up your dogs into pieces and leave them on your porch; they can burn you home down and take away your jobs; they can poison you; they often try to crash their huge trucks into you or sabotage your brakes or power steering wheel on your car to try to make you cause traffic accidents; they try to cast feminist witchcraft spells on you; etc. But, God will always save you. The reason why your parents can get killed or a lot of the pastors and ministers get killed is because they are religious Christians and not the Bride of Christ. This is why they are able to kill so many of the lukewarm religious Christians. If people decide to become a true Bride of Christ and Church Saint and not a lukewarm fake religious Christians, then assassination attempts are a sure guarantee and they will lose family members and their lives will be turned upside down, just like Moses or David or Elijah. They will send all these witches into your adjoining rooms and upper / lower rooms to shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons at you and try to cast curses on you. They will mind control the people around you 24 hours a day, including your family, to try to kill you or attack you. But praise God, because it is evidence that you are a real Bride of Christ and Church Saint, and not a lukewarm religious Christian who do not teach the Torah Truth or who cares more about their own safety and job and family and reputation and house over Jesus Christ and first love for Him. God does not leave any compromise or middle ground. It is time for reckoning and either you are for Him or you are not, and God is separating the real Bride of Christ from the fake religious lukewarm Christians. The choice is up to these people. With God, things are very clear. It is only with these Western Christianity Illuminati pastors that things are very vague and living in a fantasy religious world. Things will get more worse and the battle will get more vicious as we approach the rapture of the Church, because Satan is throwing in so many of these reptilian hybrid super soldier genetically cloned nephilim witches disguised as human beings into our society, neighbor’s homes, workplaces, schools, military, police, and streets. These people who are trying to assassinate you are not people in your local towns, but they are Luciferian Satanists from the top of their Satanist organizations, witches covens, feminist organizations, military black ops units, mafia gang organizations, homosexual groups, Freemason lodges, royal family assassins, local police departments, street gang thugs, etc. They have infiltrated every aspect of society already. This is a war, and war is ugly. It is only the religious Christians who are eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, working in jobs, going to a church, divorcing spouses, eating donuts and coffee in the Illuminati created Sunday church services, singing happy songs in church, stocking up retirement pension, breeding genetic descendents, and happy with a lukewarm compromised religious fantasy life that the devil has given to them. They love their lives so much that they will not give it up in exchange for all the assassination attempts and gang stalking and homes burnt and families killed and EMP electromagnetic shots to the genitals. That is the type of people they are, and God knows, so He leaves them be. If the person really loved God and loved His Torah Truth who is Christ and had first love, God would have called them out to suffer along with Him in His persecution and to lose everything that they own for Christ, including their families and homes and jobs. You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren are proven of who you are in Christ by the fact that you have been called, and the attacks and hatred against you by the reptilian witches and Satanist Luciferian governments is evidence of your standing in Christ. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that the Lord’s Holy Spirit watch over you, brethren, and keep you in all of your ways. The reason why the Illuminati can use all the people around you is because they are either reptilian witches belonging to witch Satanist covens or they are controlled by the Illuminati’s alien technology brain wave and mind control frequencies. If people are not born-again Christians, then they are controlled by the Illuminati’s frequency wave mind control emitted from the mobile phone towers and satellites and televisions and HAARP installations. They are like robots of the Illuminati. This is why the whole world is turned into a gang stalking organization to attack them, when people become a born-again Christian. The reason why all these churches always have these mentally retarded, crazy, lunatic, evil people is because they are purposely sent into the churches to destroy the churches. When these witches are invited to the churches, it gives them the right to come in and destroy the church. They can place curses on people and pastors, kill them and make them sick. This is why these dumb Samoan missionaries bring in these foul smelling homeless to purposely sing terribly to disrupt the worship songs, Iranian gangs to sexually abuse the church members, reptilian hybrid nephilim witch top diplomats who are childhood friends of the reptilian bloodline imperial princesses and feminist witches, and all kinds of religious Christians to disrupt and drown out the true church and to make the church into a pagan pandemonium witches festival. This is why as I had written in my previous blogs, these church people do heinous and terrible things to you, if you are a born-again Christian. These Samoan missionaries do religion and evangelism out of the flesh and their own efforts, instead of letting God do His ministry through them, and they bring curses into the church, because they worship money and family and power and Samoan violent temperaments, and they are scared of the Illuminati so they do not help their brethren and God’s apostles, and even try to betray their friends to the Illuminati. The religious Christians do evangelism like other religions in order to get members, so that the church is doing the saving, instead of God leading His real Christians to His people to share Christ.


These religious Christians bring in all these nephilim reptilian hybrid demon spirit nephilim people who are members of these secret societies and are descendants of the fallen angels and are assassins into the church, in order to try to minister to them and get them saved, because they are religious people. These nephilim super soldiers are especially trained to bring chaos into the church, make pastors apostate and divorce their wives, to desecrate the inside of the church buildings, to desecrate the church food with polluted ingredients, and place curses. They belong to witch covens, and are highly trained by the Illuminati, and highly empowered by Satan to infiltrate the church. They usually talk Christian terminology, parade like a Christian in church, and do all the Christian routines. When they speak in tongues and place their hands over people without any godly interpretation, they are speaking demonic tongues and placing curses on these religious Christians. In church, when they are praising god, they are praising their god Satan. The Illuminati has trained tens of thousands of Satanist nephilim people with black ops budgets to infiltrate the Christian churches. The religious Christians love these nephilim demon people, because it makes them feel religious and makes them feel like they are saving all these mentally deranged and emotionally multiple personality people. This is why there are so many mentally deranged and evil people in the churches. They know I am a real Christian, so they all gather around me and try to attack me, and try to kick me out. These religious Christians try to show their ridiculous Sananda Christ hippy love to them by hugging and kissing these soulless creatures. In the daytime, they spend time in church, and at night, they sacrifice little children to Satan in their Satanist covens. I have been pestered and attacked by these demon spirit people and Satanist warrior monks in every church, whom all these religious Christians invite and bring into church, in order to get them saved. The Illuminati has intricate plans for each church and specialist agents assigned to the churches to destroy them, and they know who the real Christians are whom they need to attack and drive out. The religious Christians see us real Christians as unloving and discriminatory toward these demon reptilian assassin people, so they hate us apostles and ostracize us from their fellowship and church, and accuse us apostles of not loving these witches. During the hippy generation, they brought in all the Eastern mysticism witchcraft into the churches. These Satanists come into the church to do reconnaissance on the real Christians to find out who are threats, and they will take your items back to their satanic rituals to curse them. The Illuminati intelligence spies have information on all the Christians. This is why you have all these hippy rogue pastors infiltrating the churches. The satanic rituals of these nephilim people through feminist abortions, child sacrifices, and homosexual orgies create a lot of negative energy for these fallen angels that allow them to operate.


When the Illuminati pastors provide Western Christianity perverted, sick doctrines, and huge aquariums in the church entranceways, and colorful garbs for the choir people, and lots of dancing and singing, and happy donuts and cookies fellowship parties after Sunday sermons, and allow the women equal authority in the church, and their hippy rogue pastors who were scoundrels before wear their black leather coats and rebel personalities or show off their vast theological knowledge intellect, and provide a place where their ethnicity can come together, then it only brings in the dumb, disgusting hordes of religious Christians who all converge to those Satanist churches of Mystery Babylon religion. If God’s apostles and prophets teach the Torah Truth about not wearing men’s trousers or piercing their ears or hunting for genetic breeding mates in church, or not going to doctors, or not participating in retirement pension programs or health insurance programs, or the fact that if they become a real born-again spiritual Christians the Illuminati will shoot their hearts with EMP electromagnetic weapons to try to create heart attacks and poison their food and kill all their families and burn their homes down and try to cut off their income, then the hordes of dumb, disgusting religious Christians scorn God’s prophets and apostles and hate them and leave them. This is how you will know the difference between a fake religious Christian and a true Christian. A true Christians in these End Times who teaches the real Christ will be ostracized, hated, ridiculed, despised, scorned and avoided by the religious Christians. (Watch video “The Sharpening 065: Mary Lake and What Witches Don’t Want Christians To Know” at .)


These Illuminati Satanists do not and will never understand that we rejoice under persecution, and do not care if our genetic families are killed, as long as we share the gospel of salvation to them; and moreover, we care more about our spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ (you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren) for we love Christ, and for that love, we do not care if we lose a hundred mothers or daughters or nephilim clones or other genetically related beings. Their whole ethnic cultural mentality is animalistic and built on the concept of breeding genetic descendents, family ties, and ancestral worship. We are free from such base thinking. The more feminist and more Korean and more demon-possessed they are, the more they are family-oriented and genetics-oriented and royalty-oriented and Illuminati bloodline-oriented and nationalism-oriented and ethnic-oriented and animal-minded. This is why the prison gangs all congregate in their races and ethnic gangs, just like ants do not hang out with cockroaches, because they are more like animals than humans. This is the trait of the nephilim and Satan’s offspring. This is why the fallen angels have the perverted love and obsession toward their nephilim offspring: the giants from human mothers and the intelligent chimera monsters from animal mothers. This is why the fallen angels went to God to plead that He would forgive and spare their demon children who had eaten humans and tore them apart and skinned them alive. It is not a godly unconditional love that loves the enemy, but it is a perverted satanic mafia-like or Korean-like family love that puts ones genetic descendents over those of total strangers who are God’s spiritual children and not fleshly carnal genetic children. They are obsessed with reptilian bloodlines. This is why the mafia and Koreans and street gangs and feudal clans of reptilian bloodlines and carnal ungodly people do not love God’s spiritual people who are their enemies, but instead, they put preference upon their genetic children and race and gangs and mafia and Korean nationalism and family gangs and bloodline connections. However, these people usually suffer depression or alcoholism or anger problems or child abuse because their demonic parents would abuse them or ignore them or beat them or sell them off to the enemy, and they live lives of broken families, addiction, fighting, hundreds of years of feudal wars, national hatred toward Israel, clan wars, mafia gang wars, etc. It is a reverse psychology; since they were shown surface love of hugging and kissing, but they never experienced godly true love through their demon parents, they get obsessed with family love and over protectiveness of their clan family gang and continuously talk about how much their family means to them. They try to make themselves believe that they have what they do not have. The demon spirits or nephilim witch race are demons, so they are cursed creatures, and they will never have true love of God, because they are consigned to Satan’s reptilian genes, which is cruel, heartless, devilish, violent, treacherous, cold, genetically family oriented, gang nationality bloodline oriented, fleshly carnal, and demonic. However, since they are the fallen angels’ descendents, they are extremely intelligent, and they are able to put on a fake appearance that they are very loving toward their family and are family-oriented people. But demons are evil spirits after they die, because they do not have human souls that were made in the image of God and His love and His righteousness. God would not agree to save the fallen angels’ children, since they were perverted creatures who carried their serpent genes, and they are not God’s creation. God had to destroy these nephilim bloodline families with Noah’s Great Flood in ancient times, because they tried to genocide the human race; and again, as God prophesied in the Bible, the nephilim feminist witch race family bloodline reptilian people are trying to exterminate the human race again, because the human homo-sapiens do not belong to their genetic descendent family oriented gang species. This is why these demon spirit descendents are manufacturing these zombie viruses in their laboratories around the world, just like they did during Noah’s times, in order to wipe out the human race from the surface of this planet, because we do not belong to their family. The Christians who are God’s spiritual non-carnal children are sharing the gospel and Torah Truth to the enemies who hate us, so that the souls of total strangers can be saved, even at the expense of our genetic descendent families being killed by the Illuminati. This is the true unconditional love of God, and the transformed DNA nature of a spiritual man. The righteous children of God will reign with Christ in heaven forever, while the nephilim demons will burn in the Lake of Fire throughout eternity. The Bible is a story about the battle between two genetic lines of God’s spiritual seed through Christ’s Holy Spirit for the genetic line of Adam and Satan’s fleshly snake seed through the corrupted reptilian genes introduced into the human race through genetic engineering by his cursed fallen angels. This is why Calvary Chapel cult hippy rogue nephilim pastors have a strong family-oriented, gang-oriented, mob family oriented mentality and gang up on God’s apostles and prophets, just like their fellow family-oriented mafia mob gang people, and the family-oriented gang-oriented street gang criminals.


Satan’s mind is diabolically opposite to that of God’s mind, and likewise, the fleshly man’s mentality is diabolically opposite of the spiritual man’s mentality. Do not make a big fuss about the death of your fleshly family, and wail and scream, or praise the person at the funeral speech, or worship them like the Koreans worship their family and ancestors and bloodlines and genetic connections and nationalism and ethnicity. This is what these Satanists and pagans do. Why would you erect a memorial tomb to a human in remembrance of them, and have annual rituals to worship them like the Koreans and other ancestral worshippers do? You wonder what in the world is wrong with their heads, and if they have lost all sanity. What kind of a sick-minded person would cremate their family member’s body, and then, keep their ashes and bones of a dead person in their home living room? You have to be a pretty disgusting person in order to even consider following such Confucian Taoist Satanism practices of the devil. But most of the End Times religious Christian people do these kinds of things, imitating the pagans, so they are no different from Buddhists or Muslims or Hindus or Satanists. If your family dies, then just burn the body and throw it on the ground somewhere, and go about Christ’s business. You wonder if these ancestral worship Confucian Taoist people and nationalists and ethnic supremacists are crazy trying to make such a big event about their blood tie people who are only related by family genes or Korean national genes. Since they identify themselves in such ways with their families and national ethnic genes, this is why when God’s prophets comes to call their ethnicity and nation to repentance, they have tremendous hatred toward God’s messenger and try to kill them. This is evil and it is sin. They are carnal barbarians who live by Satan’s fleshly mind frame. The more a group of people and the genetic pool they share are evil, the more they are attached and obsessed with genetic ties and family worship and nationalism. It is the symbol of barbarians and an evil people group. Instead of burying a family member who is going to hell, is it not more important to spend that time going to those who will receive Christ with joy and be saved and will eternally be with us in heaven? This is why the people of the flesh are crazy, and the people of the Spirit live by God’s precepts and the Torah Truth. This is why the hippy rogue pastors are so obsessed with family breeding and pastor committee street gangs and Sanhedrin family solidarity and church conferences gangs and funerals of blood related people. These hippy rogue pastor Pharisees have elaborate funerals in their churches with feasting and wine and music and great sermons, since they want the church people who pay for their salaries to respect them for honoring their dead and family members at these funerals. These ancestral worshippers make me nauseas. If you look at the people of the flesh and the Pharisee religious leaders, they all share the same manner of Jezebel thinking and religiousness and fleshly behavior. For example, the Japanese of Korean ancestry women all want to become ministers and to be called “great teacher,” like the Korean community shaman women are called, so they all become missionary ministers to gain respect and donation money, since with their violent past and no credentials, they cannot make a living by joining a normal company; and likewise, the same thing with the hippy rogue pastors who cannot do normal jobs, because they were ruffians and surfers and hippies, so they all become ministers to make huge salaries and buy big homes and marry beautiful wives, since they are good at one thing which is acting. If you look at Saddam Hussein who murdered thousands and thousands of people, he killed only strangers who did not have genetic blood ties with him or were of other ethnicity like the Kurds, but he gave his inheritance and position of power to his genetically tied descendents and sons. Whether they are Japanese of Korean ancestry or hippy rogue pastor Pharisees or mass murderer dictators, the people of the flesh are no different, since they think, live, act and breathe the same way. They are far from God’s precepts and Torah Truth who is Christ. If you preach the Torah Truth to them, they will hate you and try to kill you, because Satan controls them mind and body. Beware of those who live by the flesh for they are an ungodly sort, putrid in every way. They are children of the flesh and destined for destruction. Even their own hearts deceive them. Dear brethren, if you preach the Torah Truth and carry the cross of Christ, you will attract two groups of people: a few of those who love God and repent and rejoice in hearing His Torah Truth, and masses upon masses of those people and nations and people groups who hate God and want to hide their sins and are angered at hearing the Torah Truth. This is why if you preach the gospel and you are the Bride of Christ, you will naturally attract thousands and thousands of these CIA hit squads, Satanists, feminists, Koreans and mob gangsters who will come to try to kill and silence you, because the more evil people and nations and people groups are, the more they are angered by the Torah Truth and God and what you preach. The Torah Truth who is Christ’s Word always reveals the true nature of that person or nation or people group, and the Light exposes any darkness. This is why if you are an apostle or prophet or born-again Christian, you will be attacked by all these demon-possessed people and reptilian hybrid witch race people. The Torah Truth who is Christ reveals who those people and nations are in the world by their reaction. This is why the most faithful and the most hateful were attracted to Jesus, while many of the crowd just shook their heads and walked away from the hard teachings to follow, just like the religious Christians walk away from the Torah Truth we preach. This is a natural law of the universe, just like physics is.


If you are a real spiritual born-again Christian and Bride of Christ Church Saint, you will always have hordes of Koreans come over to you and step on your heels or try to walk into you, whether you are on the streets or in a store or in a restaurant or in an office. Even if they are store clerks, and you walk into a store, they will walk over to you and follow after you, and step on your heels. When you look at them, they will not apologize, but just glare at you in their typical barbarian “han” culture hatred look. It seems they are demon possessed, so the demons that control them make them attack God’s people. If you tell their store supervisors, the supervisors will not do anything, because they are also Koreans. If you look at their distinctive Korean facial features and Korean temperaments and Korean characters, you can immediately identify that they are Koreans, and not other Asians. The Koreans hire their own ethnic people and kick out or discriminate against other ethnicities, because barbarians again worship their genes and family ties and nations. Those people who walk over to you and walk into you or crash their bicycle into you or step on your heels every day, in whatever nation you are in or city you are in, are always Koreans. In Japan, those who poison you or try to stick their feet out to trip you are all Japanese of Korean ancestry. In every workplace, Satan will send in his Koreans and use them to try to kick you out of the company. The Illuminati always sends the Japanese of Korean ancestry to spy on you. They will use the Koreans to always attack you. The Japanese of Japanese ancestry are more docile and peaceful, and do not agree to do evil things like the Koreans do. The Japanese of Japanese ancestry do not cheat or rape or deceive or murder or steal or join the criminal groups like the Japanese of Korean ancestry do. As undeniable evidence that the Japanese of Korean ancestry who are disguised as Japanese are the ones hired by the Illuminati to do all their killings, assassinations, gang stalking, stealing, disinformation, cheating, lying, and dirty work for the Illuminati, whenever you write the truth about what the Koreans or feminists are doing on your computer, they immediately shoot you with a barrage of EMP electromagnetic weapons from the adjoining rooms and surrounding buildings and satellites, which is ten times more than when writing about other things. This is clear proof that the Illuminati in Japan is run by the Koreans and they do all the unethical work for the Illuminati, because they look Asian and can disguise themselves as the Japanese. Although the true Japanese look more Hebrew with double eye folds, and the Koreans look more Mongolian with thin slanted eyes and high cheek bones. Their mixed breeding into the Japanese race and submerging into the Japanese populace has advanced quite a bit, just like the Edomites have infiltrated and disguised themselves as Zionist Jews who run the world. Satan always uses other nations to mix into God’s Hebrew people in Japan, in order to turn it to idolatry, shamanism, worship of other gods, and to eliminate the genes. This is why the Koreans hate the Japanese for millenniums with a unnatural, spiritual “han” culture hatred that is driven by Satan and his fallen angels, and try to destroy the people, but hypocritically, according to their doctrine, they want to mix their genes into the Japanese people of Hebrew ancestry, in order to try to eliminate them.


The first earthquake and tidal wave attack against Japan in 2011 through the Korean Societies in Japan to try to sink the nation completely by the Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Hillary Elizabeth Vatican globalist elite Nazi Zionist failed, because the Andromedans, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Arcturians, Setians, and other off planet entities, and God intervened. The Illuminati cabal is planning a second attack against Japan, in order to sink the Japanese nation and the descendants of the Hebrew in northern Japan, and kill off all the black dragon family members and imperial family and Japanese populace. This is a supernatural agenda that Satan and the fallen angels have been trying through his Illuminati and Illuminati Korean Satanists for a long time, in order to exterminate God’s Hebrew people. China and Russia are preparing territory in their nations, in order to accommodate the Japanese populace. The black dragon family and White Dragon Society Triad have bought islands off of Russia’s Kamchatka Krai, in order to emigrate their nation’s people to. The reason why the Western Illuminati bloodline families of the United States and Europe want to sink Japan and the Japanese people is because when they looked into the Roswell Orion Cube, they saw that the best condition for the future of the United States was to sink the Japan islands into the sea. All these things are being orchestrated supernaturally by Satan and his fallen angels and their nephilim aliens. There are supernatur,al powers always working behind nations and ethnic groups and organizations. If you teach this Torah Truth of God in love, then Satan will accuse us and God’s prophets of discrimination and prejudice, and he will send thousands of his Korean hordes to try to gang-stalk and assassinate you. They are only proving that they are completely controlled and demon-possessed by Satan and his fallen angels by trying to kill us in hatred who speak on God’s behalf.