Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 20


One thing about Satan and his reptilian hybrids is that they like to be stealthy like snakes, and they like to kill without being noticed, and they hide their organizations and stolen money, and they do not like people who disclose to the public (the smart people and not the dumb brainwashed populace) all the secret agendas and underground activities that the Illuminati is doing. God declares the Torah Truth boldly through His apostles in love, while Satan hides his criminal activities through his Illuminati reptilian Satanists in hatred toward humanity. These are two opposite spirits. The evidence is in what they do, for the fruits of the spirit will always disclose what spirit they are from. Satan is the god of lying, stealing, destroying and killing. God is the God of truth, giving, creating and giving life. Those who do evil will try to hide their evil by killing those who speak the truth, and hate those who speak the truth about them, and they will use evil to accomplish their purpose without any reservation. Those who do the righteousness of God will openly declare the truth even at the risk of being killed, love those who speak the truth about them although the truth may be distasteful, and they will do good and oppose to do all evil no matter how self-sacrificing it may be. Isaiah 26:21 tells us that God is coming out of His dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins in the soon coming Tribulation Age, and everyone will see clearly the multitudes of people whom the feminists have assassinated secretly. Nothing will be hidden and all the evils and atrocities committed by them will be disclosed for all to see. These reptilians are smart, so they are very good at acting civilized like humans to the populace, but these reptilian witches are called “bitches” in the United States by their human slaves and human subordinates, because their behavior and thinking are more savage reptilian rather than human, since they carry the genetic characters of their nephilim ancestors. They are very nice and smile, but if you get them angry, they have a violent temper and show their real reptilian savage behavior and heinous Satanist tortures. Truly, truly, I tell you a Torah Truth: if you are a true servant of Christ and a real born-again spiritual Christian who has the Holy Spirit, they will try to kill you. If you are a religious Christian who does not have the Holy Spirit, they will not try to kill you. It is because the Torah Truth is offensive to them, and they do not want to be told that they are evil. So, whether they are feminists or Satanists or witches or Nazis or Koreans or mafia mobsters, they will despise you and try to kill you, if you preach Christ who is the Torah Truth. But, if you have the Holy Spirit, you cannot do anything else but to preach Christ and the Torah Truth, because the Holy Spirit in you impels you to do so at every opportunity to all peoples and nations out of love. The greater their evil, the greater their pride, and the greater their pride will be offended by the Torah Truth who is Christ, and the greater these people will try to assassinate you. The more righteous the person is, the more humble and repent they will be, and the more they will receive your preaching, repent of their evils, and accept the Torah Truth who is Christ with joy and thankfulness. Their actions will be directly proportionate to the condition of their hearts. And, there will always be those who do not like to be told that they are evil, so they will try to kill the messenger, because they do not like God who is sending the messenger to tell them to repent of their evil. But, does that make us stop being messengers and cringe in fear. No, it moves us to preach the Torah Truth who is Christ even more louder and even more bolder and even more with passion. The more they try to kill you, the greater dive into the midst of the enemy and the reptilian nephilim witch assassins, to wield the sword of the Holy Spirit and Torah Truth and gospel of Christ. God always has His faithful remnant who will teach the Torah Truth, and the truth will not be suppressed. Only the fools go about their daily lives being misled by the church ministers’ Western Christianity doctrines of ordinary safe living and comfortable life routines and preaching a diluted religious form of Jezebel’s Satanist Western Christianity and evangelism. Choose you this day who your master is. The reaction of the evil people of this world toward you (whether they love you or they try to kill you) will be a direct proof of your faith and your walk with Christ and the possession of the Holy Spirit. If the devil and his fallen angels and his horde of nephilim Satanist witches come after your life and your family and your home and your income and your health and your assets and your organs, you know you are safe in Christ and His Holy Spirit. You will lose everything, but you will be saved on the day He returns in the darkness. Christ will remember your sacrifices and hide you until the storm passes in His House. One cannot be His true disciple without sacrificing everything that is yours, since a holy sacrifice of your own life is required to be His true follower, just as He became a holy sacrifice for you as your Groom. Without sacrifice, it is impossible to please God nor to follow Him. Each man much give up everything (not just part or just some things), in order to follow Him. This is why those who love their jobs, love their investments, love their retirement pensions, love their homes, love their pastor reputations, love their families, love their comfortable lifestyles, love their medical science, love their rock and roll, love their fancy ear-pierces and fashions, love their weekly religious Sunday lifestyles, love their Western Christianity teachings and feminism and all its evils, love their pets, love their titles and positions, love the fact that they are not thought of by the people around them as being crazy, love not having to be hunted down from park to park and hotel to hotel, love not to be poisoned, love not to be gang stalked, love being a wealthy man, will not be delivered from the days of trouble that is coming. I tell you a truth, that kind of Western lifestyle everyday person will have a greater difficulty being delivered from the time of tribulation than a camel has difficulty going through an eye of a needle. Without a holy sacrifice of all that you have, and to follow Christ, it is impossible to please God. What is it that holds you back? What keeps you from following Him? Follow Christ who is the Torah Truth this day. Those who truly love Him will be evidenced by the fact that they preach the Torah Truth, and they are persecuted for Him, and will lose all things for Christ. Without losing everything, it is impossible to gain Christ. If you keep some sacrifice back, and try to live having both the normal life and Christ, you will lose both, and you are a foolish man. What man holds back his sacrifice from God, unless he is of Cain? A person who is not willing to leave his family and have them killed by the Illuminati, and who is not willing to leave his house and have it burned down by the Illuminati, and who is not willing to leave his wealth and lose all his pastoral retirement pensions and job reputations due to the Illuminati, and who is not willing to leave his life of peace and be shot by EMP electromagnetic weapons and gang stalked by the Illuminati, will have a harder time than a camel trying to go through an eye of a needle or a blemished lamb being accepted by God. Most of the crowd will say that these Torah Truth teachings are hard teachings to follow and leave Christ. Very few will take on the cross and stay with Christ sacrificing everything. Each man must make his own decision whether to follow Christ and preach His Torah Truth, or to deny that very lifestyle and purpose to pursue the normality of Western Christianity religious lifestyle. Choose you this day who your master is, and whether to follow Him who is the very Torah Truth we preach. We all have sacrificed everything and everything and everything, in order to bring this Torah Truth to you. There is no greater joy, no greater honor, no greater love, no greater attachment to this world, no greater thing we would rather have, than to be in our situation and our service to you and the Lord, and to sacrifice all that we had for Him and you. Upon hearing this Torah Truth, the wise man will do the same. A foolish man will say it is an honorable teaching, and continue in his own lifestyle or try to keep both sacrifices for himself. The Torah Truth always forces a decision, and will not come back empty. War is dirty, and if you are in a war, people lose families and wealth and retirement pensions and pastor’s jobs and houses and peaceful lifestyles. What war has peaceful donut and coffee pastor’s office in a religious church, and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job in a Wall Street office, and afternoon tea with other church housewives? This is war, and war means feminist and Korean hordes with EMP electromagnetic weapons, and Illuminati smuggled chefs with poison, and CIA predator drones, and your rooms monitored 24 hours a day, and demon-possessed Satanists outside your hotel lobby keeping surveillance if you leave. This is what it means to truly picking up the cross and following Christ. What idiotic Western Christianity religious person thinks that they can follow Christ, and thereby, declare war on Satan and his Illuminati and his nephilim reptilian children and think that they can continue to keep their regular comfortable Western lifestyle, and retire with a comfortable retirement pension in some nice tropic area, and keep alive his genetic descendents to populate this dying world? If 99.9% of the Western Christianity religious population believes this, then they are both deceived by the devil because of their evil hearts, and they are as foolish as a fly that jumps into a spider’s web, or a person who sits on a porcupine. War is war, and sacrifice is sacrifice. I am not going to paint a nice, rosy picture of a nice Western Christianity Jezebel church lifestyle to a person I am preaching the Torah Truth to, or they will think following Christ is like living a comfortable nice lifestyle like some dumb Western Christianity religious person who professes to be a Christian. I will tell them the truth about what it means to become a Christian and the costs of following Him and the sacrifice they must make. This is the Torah Truth. Anyone who paints a rosy picture of a happy religious Western Christianity life is a false prophet and charlatan of the devil. What kind of a idiot raises a genetic descendent family when he knows he has the honor of serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the world is about to come crashing down? You will be surprised that most religious Christians think that way, and are busily eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage. Fools, for their lives will soon come crashing down upon them like a compromised dam. The futility of the religious person’s mind is that they deceive themselves into thinking that they can pick and choose what they will teach and what they will avoid teaching. They only teach parts of the Torah Truth that they know will not make the church people hate them or the Illuminati attack them or in a way that the Illuminati will not find out who they are or will not make the church people think that they have become crazy or what they can only accept by their own carnal Western humanist values. This is because they worship themselves as gods and as supreme authorities of their own created Western Jezebel doctrine. If they do not preach the entire Torah Truth which includes women not wearing trousers and wearing head coverings or not marrying or openly proclaiming the Illuminati Satanists’ secret agenda to the public in every way and form, then their faith and love are fake, and what relation do they have with God? If they only accept the parts of Christ that they admire and make themselves to be great prophets of God, but they are embarrassed and fear and hide those parts of Christ that are the most important and displeasing to the world’s people (often those which are the most important Torah Truth are the most displeasing to people), then how can they in their minds dare to consider themselves as representatives and true servants of Christ. This is why they are just pseudo-Christians and fake servants and religious people, and not real born-again Spirit-filled Christians and Brides of Christ. If they even hold back one Torah Truth teaching from the flock, then it is the same as denying the entire Torah Truth from the flock, because the Torah Truth is not to be measured by percentages, but the whole and entire Torah Truth. Or else, who would be the true servant: a person who preaches 30% of Jesus or the person who preaches 99% of Jesus or a person who preaches 50% of Jesus? We declare 100% of Jesus in season and out of season, as the Holy Spirit moves us. Who cares if a thousand feminists try to kill us, or ten thousand Koreans try to kill us, or a hundred thousand nephilim reptilian Satanists try to kill us and our families: we continue to preach Christ because we love Him more than anything else—more than family, more than reputation, more than pastor’s jobs, more than incomes, more than peaceful life, more than our lives, more than personal security, and more than all the other idols in peoples’ lives. Christ is our first love, so preaching the entire and whole Torah Truth is our first love. This will reveal the person’s true heart and true faith and true relationship with Christ— undeniable proof of one’s relationship with Christ. The Torah Truth always reveals the true nature of a person, and the Light always reveals what is hidden in the heart. Who is the greater fool: a person who becomes a fool for Christ because he loves Him, or the fool who thinks he is wise because he is a hippy rogue pastor earning a salary from a religious institution? We preach the Torah Truth as it is, and it is up to the person to make a decision, not because they are in a trance emotional high at a Western Christianity hippy rock Christian satanic Jezebel concert, but because they love Christ. This is the first love. Most religious Christians hate us because we preach the Torah Truth, because they hate the Torah Truth who is Christ. They will have nothing to do with Him. If I did not have Christ, then I would just be a similar stupid religious Christian. But, as for you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant beloved brethren, you recognize Him and His Torah Truth, because you have His Holy Spirit and you are born of the Spirit, and you are children of the Light so you know the One who is the Light of the world.


The hippy rogue pastors are Gnostic Satanists, so they are intrigued by the scientific teachings of the Torah Truth, so they discreetly read the Torah Truth of God’s apostles to discover the truth about the world. They search for information and revelations that they can use in their upside down dove symbol church conference, in order to impress the church congregations and increase their church members and elevate their academic pride. However, as for the ethical and moral teachings of the Torah Truth, which are more important, they detest and hate it, because they know that the apostles are writing about them and their evils. So, they throw it away, walk over it, and hide it from their church members. They are identical to their forefathers the Pharisees, who followed after Jesus everywhere to listen to His sermons because they were intrigued by the Torah Truth, but they hated Him and the Torah Truth. Hypocrites! They are just like the Illuminati Satanists who hack God’s apostles and prophets’ computers 24 hours a day, because they are intrigued by the scientific knowledge of the Torah Truth which they consider Gnostic, but they detest and hate the ethical and moral teachings of the Torah Truth and the apostles who teach them. Evil is hypocrisy. You would wonder, if they hate the truth so much, why are they so fanatic about finding out about it. The hippy rogue pastors and Illuminati Satanists share the same nature. (See article “The New Humans: Indigos, 5th Root Race, China’s Super Psychics and Star Children: A Human Upgrade Program Orchestrated by Extraterrestrial Contact” at .)


There is a sharp rise in all kinds of diseases in these End Times and in the last few decades (which the humans are dumb downed so as not to notice or attribute it to some other causes), because the reptilian Western Illuminati depopulation planners now have masses of these reptilian clones and hired vampire servant human Satanists secretly  shooting human homo-sapiens mothers and sisters and daughters and fathers and sons  and brothers with EMP electromagnetic weapons (weak enough so that they do not notice it is an EMP electromagnetic weapons) over extended periods of time to cause heart attacks because they target the heart, diabetes because they target the pancreas, Alzheimer because they target the brain, infertility because they target the genitals, leukemia because they also use wide range microwave EMP weapons all day long, kidney failure and dialysis costs because they target the kidneys, and all kinds of cancers because they expose their victims to long-term EMP weapon attacks, and human homo-sapiens are dying in mass every day. To these hired assassins or so-called “exterminators,” it is just like going to work every day to exterminate cockroaches or inferior non-reptilian non-Aryan race rats, so that their alien hybrid race can take over the world and start their New World Order FEMA Nazi Fourth Reich concentration camp mass execution program. And, they believe that alien greys are benevolent creatures? The reptilians are nephilim, so they are very smart, and they know that EMP electromagnetic weapons can go through many walls, and it is a very efficient means of mass murder, without ever being noticed. Everything is all planned out and under way, while the stupid humans just wait for their slaughter house. The reason why they use these abortion clinics and EMP electromagnetic weapons and chem trail dispersion of toxins from the sky and poisoning of food water sources and blowing up of Eastern Illuminati nuclear power plants and abduction of hundreds of thousands of children for their satanic ritual reptilian witch feminist Moloch human sacrifices and secret replacement of humans with reptilian black-eyed children clones and other covert black ops budget methods is because no one becomes aware of the mass execution program of the reptilians that is underway, so there will be no angry populace or arresting of these Illuminati Nazi leaders or bringing to accountability these mass murderers, as long as the human homo-sapiens public has no knowledge that they are being mass executed. As the Illuminati is kidnaps, sacrifices, and assassinates hundreds of thousands of humans, they are creating and sending into our society hundreds of thousands of black-eyed demon reptilian hybrid people or their so-called 5th dimensional humans or the returning nephilim as the Bible prophesied, who are pure evil. If anyone tries to disclose these things, they are immediately targeted, assassinated, and silenced, and made to look like they had a heart attack in bed or a terrible car accident like Princess Diana and killed in the hospital. Except under WWIII and global market crash and starving mobs and martial law, you cannot have Nazi style execution camps, because it is too obvious to the human public.


All these CIA Illuminati MK Ultra Monarch mind-control little children and young teenagers who are 10 years old and 12 years old in these End Times generation are being allowed by their stupid parents to scream, cry, and dance in an ecstatic demonic trance wild frenzy like the Druid or American Indian or Wiccan witch rituals, controlled by this Illuminati feminist witches’ nephilim witchcraft spells, worshipping these young Illuminati female reptiles like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry or Madonna, with their cute cartoon backstage and colorful marvel comic child superhero costumes. The pathetic thing is the Illuminati hippy pastors are imitating these reptilians and witches, and having these demonic trance rock Christian concerts in God’s house, having an euphoric demonic pagan worship Molech drum-sound ritual in the name of fake christ. They use Christian phrases and lyrics, but they wail their voices in typical satanic African voodoo pagan yelling and screaming rock music, and dress in satanic cosmetics and hairstyles and Jezebel witch costumes. As usual, Satan started in the 1960s the rock and roll with mild music and slowly escalated the sin so that people would not notice, and now, the new generation is dancing full-blown African pagan tribal dances and worship to Satan in the night clubs and religious Christian worship concerts around the world every single night in the millions. It all began when the youngsters in the 1920s started dancing the African pagan jungle Charleston dance of the African natives. The young people behave like animals in the night clubs, drinking and having sex, demon-possessed, fighting and cursing, and they look like African tribal natives dancing in a savage demonic trance frenzy. People like Katy Perry come from the Illuminati created Pentacostal Jesus movement witchcraft, and Madonna and Lady Gaga come from the Satanism Catholic and Judaism Kabbalah witchcraft branches of the Illuminati. The Babylon Mystery religion and Judaism Kabbalism and Freemason and Templar Knights and the nephilim Brotherhood of the Snake and Egyptian ancient religion are all one and the same religion and they are another name for Satanism or devil worship. All witch reptilian politician and celebrity and royal family and global banker are all part of the same family and gene pool.


When you boldly preach the Torah Truth about these Illuminati female reptilian’s rock music and trance demon worship and mind-control spell of the witches, then these religious Christians and pastors will become very emotional and angry, and will oppose God’s people in the face to protect their witchcraft worship, and kick you out of their churches. This is a war between God’s real born-again spiritual Christians, and Satan’s Illuminati-created Western Christianity Jezebel worshipping carnal religious Christians. This is why the “Bible Answer Man” and his hippy ministers all protect and preach Jezebel’s values, and ridicule and maliciously denounce God’s apostles and prophets. These Satan’s people have always been there throughout ancient history to oppose Noah and Abraham and David and Elijah and Moses and Paul. Satan perverted the Torah Truth while the Israelites were in exile in Babylon with Satanism to create Judaism; then, Satan created a fake Torah Truth by creating Islam; then, Satan mixed Roman paganism Satanism with Christianity to create Catholicism; then, Satan infiltrated the Western Protestant churches to create a Christianity based on Jezebel Satanism of Western values. Satan throughout history has used his servants to try to corrupt the Torah Truth. These diabolical fiends have always been inside within the church and have opposed God’s saints. God is already aware of these people within the Church, who will say that they agree with some of the things that God’s apostles / prophets say, but they do not agree with some of the things that God’s apostles / prophets say for they are too radical and hard teachings to follow: they choose and select what they want to believe and do not want to believe: this is why they are reprobates: you either agree fully with God or you are in opposition to God—there is no compromise when it comes to the Torah Truth—you either accept Christ fully or you do not—it is not up to them to choose to follow Christ sometimes and live Satan’s values sometimes. They say to Christ, “These are difficult teachings you preach,” and they walk away. Only the few apostles are left with Christ. These people want a salvation from Christ, but they want to do it through their Satan’s rock and roll music, and women wearing trousers and women refusing to cover their heads, men putting cosmetics on, and reading of marvel comic books, and going to Disneyland, and hunting for animalistic instinct breeding partner pseudo-Christians in church to reproduce, and hanging onto their stable good pay secular jobs, and doing religious missionary work, and piercing their ears like the pagan reptilian witches, and everything ungodly and Jezebel. They will not repent.


Be especially careful of these large numbers of Samoans who come to Japan with the Youth With A Mission ministry, in order to get missionary visas to enter Japan and get married to Japanese women and receive ministry financial support. They will come to you and share stories about how much faith they have and how God changed them. Then, they will talk about how much financial problems they are having and how they cannot pay their bills and how God cannot provide for their needs. Then, they will take tons of money from you, and refuse to pay it back. They are like the common mafia or gangster or scam artist. They will make themselves look like missionaries with lots of faith, and deceive Japanese religious Christian girls into marrying them. Likewise, they will go to Hawaii to serve in famous Illuminati pastors’ churches, get their endorsement to use their church name to open a branch church in Japan, and make the church into a weekly hula dance dinner show, so that all the dumb, stupid, sick, religious Christians will all gather to these fun Hawaiian hula dance dinner show churches on Sunday mornings in huge numbers. These dumb, stupid, sick, religious Christians will stalk you and continue to contact you in order to slander you to any sister in church so that they can stop you from getting married out of jealousy, but once you tell them that the Illuminati Satanist CIA assassination squads are after your life and are trying to kill you, they will all of a sudden stop stalking you and trying to spy on you to try to destroy every human relationship you may form. These religious Christians are used by Satan to try to destroy your ministry, stalk and pester you, and drive away people from you who may possibly receive Christ into their hearts. However, God has a way to drive these evil religious Christians away from you, and that is to have the Satanists come after your life, so that these religious Christians will get afraid of being anywhere around you, and they will immediately stop contacting you. Praise the Lord God Almighty, because He knows exactly how to get rid of the evil religious Christians who try to destroy you and pester you, constantly. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, stay away from these Western Christianity churches and religious institutions, and especially have nothing to do with these religious Christians, since they will become a curse and Satan’s attack against you. Instead, go to God’s real people out in the streets and neighborhoods who will joyfully accept you and your Christ and His Torah Truth. Those are the people whom you have been called to Christ for.


If these religious putrid animal-like Christian women are hunting for Christian men to marry, or if you find a divorced religious Christian woman hunting for religious Christian men to remarry, throw them out of your midst. Do not associate with such ungodly people. If they tell you to go to a Babylonian witchdoctor medical hospital to seek healing, throw these witchcraft people out of your midst. These Babylonian Satanist Western Christianity religious Christians have made mockery of God’s Torah Truth by making for themselves offices of pastors and ministers and fathers, for political and economic reasons, and in order to centralize Christianity in the neighborhoods so that the Illuminati can infiltrate and corrupt them, as well as identify who the congregation people are.


This is how the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race Satanists work: whenever an apostle and prophet of God goes to a friend who is a religious Christian, the Illuminati will send in their Satanist spy into that church or home or workplace to befriend that religious Christian. Then, they will start speaking all kinds of Satan’s lies to vilify and defame and slander that apostle to that religious Christian friend, so that that religious Christians friend will abandon or hate that apostle. These religious Christians will one hundred percent of the time alienate themselves from the apostle, both because they believe Satan more than God, and they want to believe the Satanist, because they do not want to get involved with an apostle who is being attacked or targeted by the Illuminati governments and assassination squads, since they may also become targets for helping the apostle. This is why these religious Christians will be handed over to Satan.


These pastors and ministers and fathers brazenly and shamelessly expect salaries and retirement pensions and luxurious houses and health benefits from the church congregation. Kick out those pastors and ministers and fathers and Pharisees who expect salaries and retirement pensions and health benefits or live in luxurious houses, and even more, grab and throw out of the window those pastors and ministers and fathers and religious leaders who dare ask for a partial salary to help them financially in leading the church. Kick out all those religious dead Christians who agree to that. When the Bible Torah Truth talks about being a minister to God’s people, it means being a servant, and not a religious leader or priest or office or salaried office position. This pastor or minister or father’s position was made by Satan in Babylon to manipulate and control the church. The church should never be a church building. There should not be any pastors or ministers or fathers shearing off the flock, living off of the congregation, asking for tithes that should no longer exist after Christ came to bring grace, and living in fancy houses and having minister’s offices and titles. How did they come up with these fancy titles and positions and concept of office? They are a joke. How dare they mock God’s House and use it for a full-time job. God’s Word and Torah Truth is based on discipling brothers and sisters, and teaching them as Christ taught His disciples. Jesus did not make huge churches with dozens upon dozens of congregation members, get a salary from them, give Himself a title of pastor or minister or father, and receive a luxurious house and church car and retirement pension and health benefits and church building office room. These positions and concepts come from the depths of hell and from the great deceiver Satan himself. How can we disciple dozens and hundreds and thousands of people? We can preach wherever we go to the crowds, but we disciple to a few people, such as twelve people, so that we can equip them with God’s Torah Truth and share our life with them, so that in turn, they may go onto disciple others. It is a relationship with Christ, and not a Christian rock concert and trying to sell your theological books. Christianity was never meant to be organized into neighborhood church buildings with hired church staff and ministers / pastors and program sheets and hired church bands and church bazaars and church rock concerts and retirement pensions and health benefits and luxurious homes for religious leaders. That is what the Church of Satanism and the Satanists do. Why do they create religious Sanhedrin committees in the church to rule the body of Christ and Illuminati Satanist seminaries to teach pastors and ministers and fathers? Why in the world do these putrid religious Christian people need institutions to teach them theology, and why in the world do they create theologies in order to introduce their satanic poisonous doctrines into the church? These seminary graduates are emissaries of Illuminati Western Christianity and Mystery Babylon religion. That is why they have humanism and feminism and so many women in the Western Christianity churches refusing to wear head coverings and instead wearing men’s trousers, blatantly. The devil has a laugh at that circus scene every time, and how he has satanized the religious Christian women who talk to men as if men are their equals. They are equal in value but never equal in authority. Brethren, I am not talking about boasting or arrogant or lording over others type of authority as the Illuminati concept created world we live in does, but I talk about the authority of God that is loving, gentle, strong, steadfast, leads with commitment to God, and is always there to be depended on. This is true authority in God’s Kingdom. The authority that these feminists think of in the Western Christianity is one that comes from their Satanist concept of the Illuminati of oppression, boasting, pride, hatred, injustice, and harshness. Remember, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, their concept (the Illuminati world of our nations and societies) and the minds of the Western Christianity religious Christians that they control are diabolically opposed and opposites of the concept of the Torah Truth of God and thinking and values and lifestyles of Christ that we have. This is why these Pharisees and hippy rogue pastors of the upside down dove church conference hates us and despises our teachings and cannot understand what we preach and go on to continue to teach their Jezebel Western Christianity religion of Babylon to their spiritually depraved church congregations of post hippy generation people, and grow rich from their so-called tithes and offerings, and attract the millions of church members through their massive satanic Christian rock concerts and they market their hippy love doctrine that make people’s hearts warm and fuzzy. Meanwhile, these hippy rogue pastors and Western Christianity mainline church ministers get angry and scorn our Torah Truth teachings to them, because to them it is offensive and not life to them. They are all together the dead lukewarm Babylonian End Times Jezebel’s Laodicea church. Have nothing to do with them, their concepts, or their institutions, but come out of them, lest you be judged, too; and drink of the true living water of God’s Torah Truth that gives life, wisdom, and first love. If you preach the Torah Truth, the pastors and ministers and fathers and religious Christians will hate you and look down on you and purge you from their institutions. Instead, throw your dirty, smelly sandals in front of their feet, and go to the real born-again Christians still out there whom God knows are His real people and flock. Do not waste your diamonds and gold on pigs and skunks, but go to the true princes and princesses of God’s heavenly spiritual Kingdom to bring the joy of God’s salvation news and Torah Truth teachings. Why waste your time and God’s precious Word on ungodly people who are already headed to the Lake of Fire, when you can use that time and disciple God’s people who will be with you in heaven for eternity? Why waste your money tithing to Satan’s Western Christianity good works projects, when you could invest that money in heaven by using it to serve God’s people. God knows those who are His, and He loves them, while He also knows and hates those who despise Him and His prophets, and are destined to the Lake of Fire with the devil. Do not be like infants in the knowledge of the Torah Truth or be mind-controlled by the Illuminati world governing authorities like the Western Christianity people or Eastern Taoist Christianity people are, but receive the true springs of living water of the Torah Truth, so that you may be free and equipped to do all good works in Christ. Glory be to our Lord and Groom, Jesus Christ, who reigns forevermore!


These religious Christians are a circus group, and they make me puke. To be one with Christ united with Him means to hold and believe in His values and to have His will and to love His precepts. If the religious Christian pukes do not agree with Christ who is the Torah Truth and hold completely opposite Western value beliefs, then they are not one with Christ and they are not united with Him and the Father. All those who profess to follow Him must agree with Him, just as you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren have been chosen to follow Him and to be one with Him. This is my greatest prayer and hope, as an apostle called to the 144,000. You know who you are, and the Father knows you, for you are one with the Father, since you are one with Christ whom He has sent. This is the oneness with Christ which Jesus talks about, and not the hippy brotherly oneness Western Christianity Jezebel religious fraternity that the hippy rogue pastors teach their religious Christians. They do not care for God’s precepts or the Torah Truth. They are diabolically opposed to everything we teach, as a result of the devil’s Western Christianity “Mystery Babylon Religion” and all its sister religions throughout the world.


The passion in life for a carnal lukewarm Christian woman in these End Times is romantic love stories and marrying and breeding a family of the flesh (genetic descendents and fleshly children). The passion of a godly, born-again, Spirit-filled Christian woman is to be the Bride of Christ, and to commit themselves to serving Him and His family of the spirit (total strangers and former enemies who get saved). I highly respect God’s women who are feminine and subservient and respectful of men, and they go into Afghanistan all the time with their conspicuous blonde hair amidst a nation of black hair, and where it is filled with terrorists and bandits and kidnappers who want to kill blonde Americans, in order to share Christ to completely strangers, because they love God and have complete faith in God. Is not this what a Bride of Christ does? They do not aspire to talk in front of multitudes in church back home in the U.S. and receive acknowledgement from humans as having equal status with the men in church, but instead, they aspire to please God in secret, alone, and in a dangerous foreign land with a lot of bombs, serving the Lord in humility and femininity and love and gentleness, just as Mary Magdalene (a former slut, but now a loving feminine sister in Christ). It seems the more higher a position in heaven God gives a person, the more worse and evil genes God gives them on this earth, in order that the person would love God more and have more humility in heaven, unlike Satan. Satan was a spoiled powerful brat in heaven with beauty and glamour, but now, he is a metamorphosis slithering cursed reptilian slimy bum. God’s women are gentle, but very brave. Satan’s women are very domineering, but very cowardice. God’s masculine men are respectful and gentle, but are very bold and undaunted. Satan’s effeminate men are very power hungry and have inferiority complex and like to give orders and claim to have seniority, but very afraid of evil people and scared to speak the Torah Truth boldly. They boast how evil and mean they were before they became a Christian, in order to try to attempt to intimidate and scare God’s prophets. They are uncircumcised spiritually. I have risked my life to teach the Torah Truth boldly before you and all men, because of love without collecting any royalty, in order to prove with my very own life and my stolen assets that Satan and his reptilian children assassins are bloodthirsty, maniac, psychopaths out to silence the Torah Truth of Christ that they are here to exterminate all mankind, just like in Atlantis. What better proof is there—the evidence is very clear—the Torah Truth always creates either loving repentance or bitter hatred. The Word of God never comes back empty, but always creates a reaction in people, and reveals their inner core heart. This is why the demon spirits in reptilian holographic human bodies and the hippy rogue pastors hate me with a passion and heap insults at me, and the Bride of Christ Church Age Christians and the 144,000 Jewish Remnant love me and respect and honor what I speak. Do not fear humans or angels, but call what is slime “slime,” and what is noble “noble.” Being persecuted for speaking the Torah Truth is part of our job description, when we were commissioned into Christ’s army as officers and to carry out His mission and calling. The hippy rogue pastors often say not to judge others. They are so dead in the Spirit that they do not even know the difference between judging people and speaking the truth. If you were judging someone, you would not even care about those people, and would not even preach the truth, and risk your life in the hope that people will repent, so that you can bring the truth to God’s people. If you were judging people, then you would just remain silent, and look down on people, and not love people enough to risk your life to speak the truth to them, and spend that time to make money for yourself. This is how warped these hippy rogue pastors are. They have absolutely no discernment of the Holy Spirit. They judge God’s apostles by accusing God’s apostles of judging them, just like the Pharisees judged Jesus by accusing Him of judging them.


You share with them about picking up the cross and sharing Christ, and getting your heart and organs targeted by electromagnetic weapons, and being poisoned, and abandoning family, and having your home burned down, and getting your income cut off every time by the enemy, for the glory of our King and being a hot Christian. However, these lukewarm Christians who became professed Christians through emotions in one of the Illuminati’s rock and roll Christian concerts, will just nod their head and say, “Yah, yah, I feel I need to follow Christ, too,” but they will not do it. I will tell you why they will not do it: it is because they are lukewarm, and worthy to be vomited out, and they do not love the Groom nor recognize Him or His Torah Truth teachings, and they would rather have their comfortable, peaceful, affluent, fun lives, as they go about their business eating, drinking, and marrying, and having their emotional love in their fake Western Christianity churches, following after Jezebel Western values doctrines. They will not do it. You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant are different, because you do have the Holy Spirit. This is why you are not illegitimate children, but you are true sons and daughters of the Most High God and Jesus Christ is your true Groom. These religious Christians make no sense, at all. They look for rich, popular Illuminati mind-control reptilian hippy rogue pastors to marry and breed with. Then, they reproduce reptilian descendents, and spend their entire life breeding nephilim destined for the Lake of Fire.


If the hippy rogue pastors were God’s children, they would love us and thank us. However, they are children of their “Flower Children” mother Jezebel, so they despise us and ridicule us. Tell the reptilian nephilim Pharisees to go jump in the Lake of Fire. Bless those human Roman guards who persecute you because they are under orders, and it will be as if they will have burning coal poured on their heads.


The reason why the Illuminati Satanists believe that they can kill and intimidate God’s apostles and prophets and real born-again spiritual Christians is because they believe in God, but they do not have faith in God. They have no faith in God’s love, God’s faithfulness, God’s protection, God’s sovereignty, and God’s righteousness. They define God in the image of their own evil selves. How disrespectful can these creatures be toward God ! It is just like the hippy rogue pastors who believe in Christ, but they do not have faith in Christ. This is why they do not believe in the Torah Truth, but they believe in their hippy Jezebel goddess of Western Christianity. They are like the demons, who believe in God and shudder with fear, but they do not have faith in God. These Illuminati Satanist reptilian witches and upside-down dove Illuminati symbol church conference hippy pastors and the demons and the religious Christians are all the same: they believe in God, but do not have faith in God. If they were from God, they would know us, too, because we come from God. If they were of God, they would be doing the same thing we are doing, and teaching same thing we teach, and they would be persecuted as we are persecuted. The fact that they do not want those things shows clearly that they are not of God, but they are of their hippy Christ, who is not the real Christ. Belief and faith are two entirely different things; broad is the way to destruction and narrow is the way to life


These young Western and Asian girls cry with emotional excitement when they meet these idols or reptilian celebrity goddesses, just like the North Korean girls cry and wail when they see the North Korean mass murderer dictator, and just like the disgusting Atlanteans thousands and thousands of years ago when they saw one of their men of renown nephilim gods who are now disembodied evil demon spirits. Meanwhile, these young girls are hired by the Illuminati to chase after God’s apostles and prophets to shoot them with EMP electromagnetic weapons, and hired by the Illuminati to work in these restaurants to try to poison God’s apostles and prophets. They poison your food every day, hoping to kill you, because they do not believe in who God really is. The gates of hell cannot overcome the Church Saints, and all the witches and priests of Baal and fallen angels combined cannot overcome God’s Elect, because of who God is. Satan was the worship leader in heaven, so he is a master of bringing up narcotic-like emotional adrenalin through his rock star music and Samba Satan festival like concert euphoria, which is witchcraft just like in Indonesian pagan trance dance or Euro beat disco club trance music or Turkish swirling Muslim Sufi dance, and all the lyrics of Satan’s Illuminati music have to do with this animalistic instinct breeding romantic pheromone love and male/female reproductive hormone temporary frenzy emotions, just like the salmons spawning up river. It always deletes God’s unconditional love for the sinner and the serial killers and gangsters out of the picture. No one sings and jumps up and down to lyrics about God’s unconditional love that saved the mafia don and child molester neighbor and money stealing lawyer. I have yet to see a young girl or boy jumping up and down singing these lyrics in wild frenzy and African voodoo trance dance at a concert. Satan copies the musical worship in heaven to God, and turns it into genetic animal breeding romantic love music that lure many fleshly base humans to his slavery to the flesh and breeding. It is a mind preoccupied with animal breeding of children, instead of a mind focused upon God. The hippy rogue pastors despise me for teaching this Torah Truth, for they are animal-like fleshly base creatures, too, themselves.


The reason why these evil Japanese rock stars of Korean ancestry get all the fame and wealth and beautiful women and popularity is because Satan gives his worship leaders all these things in exchange for their allegiance to his Illuminati. There is strong black magic witchcraft spells and mind-control at work. This is why the Samoan ministers run church worships that are like hula dinner shows to attract the dumb religious masses of people. However, the Samoan religious people and Korean religious people are violent, so they end up punching each other out in church. You need to stay away from these religious Chrisitans.


The human male and female romantic eros love, and the human family filial love are not the central theme of human life, but they are only images of the real and true unconditional agape love of Christ and His Bride the Church Saints, and they are not even permanent. These human breeding romantic love and society constructing filial love will someday pass away, and they will be gone as the wind goes from the east and is no more. However, our love for Christ our King and our love for each other in Christ’s love will last forever, and this unconditional agape love of God is eternal in heaven. We will no longer be husbands and wives or parents and children or master and employees or commanders and soldiers, but we who are God’s children will be brothers and sisters in Christ, co-heirs in Christ’s inheritance, princes and princesses in the new and coming Kingdom of Christ. The heathens and Satan’s music and Satan’s movies make a hype and frenzy about romantic love and breeding, and the election campaign politicians and publicity hippy rogue pastors and mafia families make a show and hype about family love and blood ties, but we the children of God make a focus and hype about God’s unconditional love that made Him spill His own blood on the cross for us who were yet sinners and enemies. How shallow the love of this world is, and how theatrical the love of this world is, and how deceptive and misleading the love of this world is, and how carnal and animal instinct the love of this world is, and how temporary and insulting to God the love of this world is. The romantic breeding love and the family social unit love should reflect God’s unconditional love. Then, there would not be divorce or betrayal or adultery or rebellion or abuse or molestation or bitterness or feuds between families or preferential treatment based on bloodline ties or racial discrimination and patriotism or running away from home. The Illuminati’s romantic movies and songs, and the Western Christian church hippy rogue pastors’ family sermons and boasting are a deceptive strategy of Satan to what appeals to human emotions and pride. All that these hippy rogue pastors talk about in church every single week is family love and family love and family love, in order to gain popularity among the lukewarm dead religious Christians, and none of them talk about sacrificing their children for Christ. They are a disgusting bunch of people. How could a man who loves God and is His Bride ever even imagine chasing after women and marrying her and being preoccupied with a human wife rather than God? Or, a woman seek after a man to breed with? This is the hippy rogue pastor’s Jezebel apostate End Times church that was prophesied. It is not a sane mind or a right heart or of the same spirit. Those whose hearts are on this earth have their minds set on earthly things and relationships, but those whose hearts are focused upon heaven have their minds set on heavenly things and relationships. Those children of the flesh are chasing after future mates in church and Christian dating sites and partying, while those children of the Spirit are chasing after Christ and suffering persecution for their brothers and sisters in Christ. This is why there is a war going on between the religious Christians artificially created by the Illuminati, and the spiritual Christians born by the Holy Spirit of God, and religious Christians ridicule and scorn God’s people, and God’s people are made nauseas by the mere existence of the religious Christians. They are of opposing spirits.


If you are a true born-again spiritual Christians, God will protect you from marriage and the flesh, no matter how many people of the opposite sex come to you, in your lifetime. He will keep you bachelor single by the power of His love and grace. He is sovereign, and His love is steadfast. He is able to keep you from stumbling.


These pathetic arrogant linguistic professors heap insults toward God’s apostles for first seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and trusting in God for their provisions, while they place their trust in money and scrooge and militaristic business discipline by trying to make others their slaves to work, while they lie in bed playing video game and watching movies and listening to music all day. Who is the real fool: the one who trusts in money or the one who trusts in God’s love? They worship mammon, and since they were born into a filthy rich family, they believe they are the refined, upper class, gentleman. However, they are fake charlatans, and in fact, they are very low life people. If they were truly a gentleman, they would behave like Christ. However, instead, these so-called linguistic professors spit food out, have inches of mold and mildew growing in their refrigerators and bath and bed, they fart and burp, use filthy low class words, they have a lot of pride and arrogance that they are the elite, they do not shave or comb or take baths for weeks and weeks, they have disease on their toes, they spread their disease and laugh, they have no manners or etiquette but just criticize and boast and act like a pirate or inmate or boss chimpanzee, discriminate based on skin and hair color, look down on ethnic food, have no gentlemanly service heart to entertain others but are very proud so they are very shy to do anything such as stand in front of others and perform, talk and live like Ebenezer Scrooge, and behave like bums or prison inmates or a ghetto gang members, and are very stupid so they believe wealth equals nobility. They help people out only while they think they can make money off of them, but once they have no use, they throw people away like garbage. These linguistic professor scum let the criminals from their pyramid scheme business steal tens of thousands of yen every month by buying tons of their useless products, but they yell and scream at their guests who are there to help them if they take more than one shower a week, because their utility bill will rise by a couple of thousand yen. Even if someone is in trouble and their life is in danger, they tell them they do not care about other people. Brothers, do not be like these hypocrites, and scum of the earth, who exemplify the opposite of Christ though they call themselves Christians. Be generous, at every opportunity. Be charitable monetarily, so that you will be affluent spiritually. Be respectful of all men. Have humility for we are but servants of the Lord and brothers. Be faithful in sharing Christ and living holy lives. Imitate what Christ and we do, and let His Holy Spirit manifest through you. Whatever background you are saved from, God can make you into reflections of Christ. It is not the upbringing or wealth or academics that make one noble, but it is Christ’s nature and godliness that makes one a prince or princess of God. If any man or woman is married to Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, then why would they ever even think of being bonded to a human? This is why the carnal religious Christian church secretaries force their high school boyfriends to receive Christ, and then they dump them when they discover they never really became Christians but were faking their salvation, and they marry another better nicer religious Christian afterwards. However, you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant are virgins, because you are bonded to Christ, and have no reason to be distracted by human affairs and lowly earthly issues due to any weakness of the flesh or sinful lust which require religious Christians to get married. Learn from these type of religious Christians, and learn not to imitate their behavior. Instead, learn to imitate Christ, who was a carpenter, but a role model for all godly gentlemen, and a true noble of heaven.


These nephilim hybrid creatures that rule our earth now as the kings and queens and presidents and prime ministers are obsessed with keeping their royal reptilian nephilim bloodlines pure, so they intermarry only within their own kin, just like the religious Christians are absolutely obsessed with breeding and leaving genetic descendents behind on the earth. They are more like the animals that are obsessed with mating and breeding offspring. They are very base and carnal, and obsessed with the flesh and the animal instincts of the flesh. The last church age, the Laodicia lukewarm church is the most depraved and base type of religious people. They are identical to Satan’s children the Illuminati reptilian hybrids, because they are absolutely obsessed with the flesh instead of the spirit. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid witch nephilim demon spirits are obsessed with leaving their so-called superior Aryan genetic bloodline family descendents by genetically engineering hybrids with their fallen angel alien fathers. Likewise, the religious Christians of this end-times church are obsessed with finding reproductive mates in their religious Christian churches, mating with them, reproducing genetic descendents, and leaving people who have their same genes on this earth to be thrown into the Lake of Fire with the demon children of Satan. The Illuminati Western Christianity churches are fanatic about selling this hippy love family and reproducing children and flesh mentality of Satanism. There is no difference between the hearts of the demon races and the religious Christians for they share the same mind and values. These religious Christians are obsessed with marriage and breeding genetic bloodlines, just like the Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodlines of the nephilim. There is no difference for they are both depraved, and live for self and the flesh rather than for God and the spirit. They will not sacrifice the lives of their mothers and daughters and other fleshly genetic bloodline people, in order to pick up the cross and share the Torah Truth and oppose the Illuminati’s devil and to share the Torah Truth to their former enemies who will be real spiritual family members in heaven with our Lord. To these ungodly, disgusting, vomit religious people, the lives of their mothers and daughters are more important than total strangers who do not have any genetic relations to them and were once their mortal enemies. This is why they have nothing in common with God, and they are diabolically opposed in spirit and mind to Christ who gave His everything for us who were formerly His enemies. One must throw away one’s family and follow Christ, in order to even begin to follow Christ. I tell you a truth, there are many who would rather hang onto their genetic relatives of the flesh and their vast wealth and their job incomes and their hospitals and their homes and their retirement pensions and their medical insurances and their tattoos and their men’s trousers and their Western humanist feminist values and their fattening foods and their safety by not declaring openly of what the Illuminati Satanists are doing and their safety from being hit in the heart by electromagnetic weapons of the CIA Nazi assassin squads of the Illuminati, instead of following Christ and holding to the first love (love for God). This is the truth of the End-Times Church, the Laodicea lukewarm church and their religious Christians. They have a lot of faith and love and works and religion, but they do not have the first love. They are the opposites of the Church Saints or real born-again Christians or Bride of Christ, who are faithful to Christ and who love Him. A bride who does not love the Groom is not a Bride, at all. She would be a whore with the world. These putrid, vomit religious Christians are exactly the same type of people who used to follow Jesus in crowds, because they were just hungry and wanted miraculously created bread and food from Him, but when they heard His hard teachings, they did not want anything to do with Him. These putrid, vomit religious Christians want the miraculous healings and salvation of their souls and Sananda Jesus hippy love hugs and flattery, but they do not want anything to do with Jesus and His Torah Truth, which is having their genitals and hearts and brains hit for hours and days and weeks and months and years with electromagnetic weapons, and having their daughters and mothers and wives murdered with CIA MI6 assassination squad electromagnetic weapons, and having their families demon-possessed by Satan and try to kill them, and have all their Christian friends detest them, and having to give up wearing men’s trousers and required to wear head coverings and submit to men, and giving up Christian rock and roll concerts Satan worship, and having their houses burned down, and needing to have their homes and jobs and retirement pensions stolen by the Illuminati Satanist government rulers, and gang stalked by hordes of feminist and Korean assassin groups and unmanned CIA aerial vehicles, and having to give up receiving any treatment from Babylonian witchcraft city hospitals and family doctors and pharmaceutical medical drugs, and admitting that their patriotic national troops and nation are Illuminati mercenary troops and an evil nation created by and for the Illuminati, and admitting that Western Christianity and the churches they go to and their ministers are Illuminati spies and Illuminati institutions of Satanism. This is why they are like the crowds who just wanted bread from Jesus, but did not want His teachings. This is why these religious Christians are the scum of the earth and are like putrid vomit, because they claim to know the Torah Truth and claim to be servants of Christ and claim to represent God, but they are hypocrites and Mystery Babylon Jezebel Satanism religion worshippers and religious and selfish and self-righteous and cowards and lukewarm and spiritually blind and spiritually nude. They love their Western Christianity given to them by the Illuminati and Satan, and they hate God and anything that has to do with the Torah Truth.