Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 2


The reason why the God tells us that the modern End Times will be like the days of Noah is because of the many similarities. They are trying to break into the abyss to release the fallen angels, but they will not be able to do it until the Tribulation Age which God has predestined. They are trying to create an Illuminati New World Order to restore the Atlantis civilization. They promote their nephilim descendants from the Freemasons 33 degrees to the Illuminati degrees, and then to the Rosicrucians, and then to the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, and then to the Club of Rome. They have the Grand Mother Council of Thirteen Druid Witches of the Illuminati that imitate the priestesses of Atlantis who hid secret technology from the populace of Atlantis in order to maintain control, just like the current Illuminati secret space program nephilim bloodline families keep all the technology of the fallen angels secret from the human populace. Just like in Atlantis in Noah’s times, they are creating all these super soldier armies of demonic creatures who are tens of feet tall chimeras and beautiful looking dangerous evil alien hybrids and Godzilla monsters, in order to exterminate God’s human homo-sapiens species populace. Just as in their fairy tales of the Illuminati where all the gnomes and fairies and elves and dwarves and alien greys and nephilim went away because it was the age of the humans after the Atlantis flood, now they have been coming back in huge numbers as aliens and genetically engineered nephilim and chimera. They are trying to restore the same one-world government of Atlantis, ruled by the thirteen Illuminati nephilim royal bloodline families. They are creating clone bodies using Atlantis fallen angel alien technology to bring back the disembodied demon spirits of the Atlantis nephilim giants and chimeras that died in Noah’s flood. They are bringing into the open the Atlantis secrets that they had hid away through their freemason and esoteric and theosophical and Eastern mystic religions and other secret societies, in order to reestablish their Atlantis New World Order. As God said, it will be the same as in the days of Noah with all these Anunnaki Sumerian gods aliens and ghouls and dwarves and alien greys and goblins and gnomes and fairies and chimera and dinosaurs and Godzillas and vampires and werewolves and zombies and gargoyles and organic robotoids and Borg cyborg transhumanism hive mind zombie slaves and clone avatars for their snake seraphim fallen angel Archons and every ungodly evil creature.


A person who openly teaches that women are not equal to men in authority is a person who is awake and not under the black magic spell of Satan’s Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant feminist witch race Grand Mother Council of Thirteen Druid Witches, and is a true child of God, a Church Saint, a Bride of Christ, a prophet of God, and an apostle of God. They are the greatest threat to Satan and his fallen angels and the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist globalist elites. This is why the Illuminati reptilian witch feminists are always searching the Twitters and Facebooks and blog sites and literature and everywhere and anywhere for anyone who says that women are not equal to men in authority. If there is such a person, they immediately send their tens of thousands of gang stalkers, CIA hit squad assassins, CIA unmanned aerial drones, dozens of white trucks with tinted windows, their construction crews to make noise throughout the night, their poisoning people, their microwave oven cook victim alive people, their slanders into the churches and employers, their hackers and 24 hour surveillance teams, their black magic magicians and witches, their psychics and psionic warfare people, their mafia and yakuza mob gangster assassins, F-15 fighter jets, their military assets, their directed energy weapons, their satellites, and everything and anything they can throw at those people, in order to try to kill them. This is because feminism and the feminist doctrine is at the core of their corruption of human psyche and society and spiritual health and foundation of godly humanity. In order to topple God’s society and corrupt it, they need to put this feminism and its doctrine that women are equal to men in authority in place. If that is disrupted, their whole satanic agenda, their satanic society, and their doctrines of Satanism crumbles. The more alien hybrids are manufactured and replace human homo-sapiens in society as part of their secret invasion program, just like in the days of Noah, the more homosexual and feminist witch reptilian hybrids you have in society, and the more society gets corrupted, and the more gang-stalkers you have that hunt after God’s prophets and apostles and children. This is what you are seeing in these End Times, just as in the times of Noah. These alien hybrids are the fallen angels’ nephilim, so obviously, since they take over human bodies over and over again through thousands of years and they have lived in both male and female stolen bodies, they will be homosexual or bisexual, just like their Draco reptilian alien manufacturers who have both male and female genitals, and they will be feminist, because they will be diabolically opposed to God’s male authority system. So, whenever you have a society that is satanized and there are increasing numbers of alien hybrid nephilim in that population, the more reptilian homosexuals, the more reptilian feminists, the more reptilian witches, the more reptilian Satanists, the more reptilian psychics, and the more reptilian people who are opposed to Christ and God YHWH and His children you will find in that society. This explains why our End Times human society that has ever increasing numbers of alien abductions and alien hybridization has more reptilian homosexuals, feminists, witches, Satanists, psychics, anti-God people, and gang stalkers. They are the living dead or zombie race, because they have no human souls. They are demon spirits incarnate in human clone bodies, using Draco reptilian alien technology of the fallen angel Archons. If you understand this fundamental truth, you will understand what is happening to this earth and the human society, and why it is becoming the way it is becoming. This is why the earth and society is ready for God’s judgment and wrath, just as in Noah’s days, when the nephilim exterminated all the humans, so God destroyed the nephilim with the Great Flood. This time, He will destroy them with fire. This is why the Western Christianity ministers and church pastors and Pharisees and Illuminati Satanist Christian religious leaders of the Christian churches will not teach this truth about feminism or about women not being equal to men in authority. They will always in unison declare the Satanist doctrine that praise women and reprimand men. Even if they touch on the authority of men over women, they will keep it very obscure and mild and only mention it briefly, so as not to upset the women in the church. They want to keep their ministers’ popularity, job, retirement pension, tithing, reputation, and minister’s title. They are disgusting, putrid, pig dung type of religious leaders that represent Satan’s humanist Satanist doctrines of the Illuminati and witches. The very fact that they take ministers’ salaries and create church institutions and go to theological seminaries and call themselves ministers is evidence that they are diabolically opposed to everything that God is and Jesus stands for. They are the plague upon mankind that Satan uses to mislead many into Satanism’s Christianity. If they were teaching God’s Torah Truth and the Word of God who is Christ Jesus, then they would not have a comfortable minister’s job and respected reputation and a church institution and a wife and a Sunday worship service and selling their books and have titles like “pastor.” Instead, if they were truly God’s servants, they would have no titles, no minister’s job, no church institution, no family, no Sunday church service, no profits from their books, and they would be hated, ridiculed, thought of as being crazy and fanatic and discriminatory and “politically incorrect,” and they would be gang stalked by tens of thousands of Satanists and feminists and mob gangsters and Koreans and street gangs and CIA Nazi assassin groups and Illuminati members, microwave oven attacked, poisoned, hacked, bankrupted, kicked out of employments, have employment denied, slandered, families killed, and be attacked every day with directed energy weapons from satellites and other buildings, and they would be attacked every time with psychic and witchcraft and black magic. This, dear 144,000 Hebrew brethren, is how you can distinguish between a true Christian and a fake Christian. Satan and his fallen angels and his Illuminati Satanists and their alien hybrids are always inside the churches, and God and His children are always outside the churches. Wherever you find a religious institution, that is where you will find the enemy and their religious hordes who claim to be Christians, and wherever God and His true servants are, they will be moving from place to place declaring the Torah Truth of God and being gang-stalked by Satanists and demon-possessed people and alien hybrids and Draco reptilian aliens and fallen angels incarnate in human bodies and the CIA NSA MI6 mafia yakuza Satanist organizations. It is very clear and simple and logical. You cannot get any more clearer than this. It is not difficult to distinguish between the religious fake Christians and God’s real true Christians. If you ask them whether they believe that women are not equal to men in authority, their answer will reveal their true identities, whether they are true Christians and children of God, or whether they are fake religious Christians. God’s people will always agree with God, and Satan’s religious people will always agree with Satan’s thinking and values and doctrines. This is why a lot of the gang stalker assassins for the Illuminati Luciferian Satanists are feminists. It is because most of them are reptilian hybrid homo-capensis nephilim descendant Satanist witches, and many of them are newly manufactured alien hybrid clone imposters, and some are humans that had their souls scalped by the aliens and replaced with their demon spirits, because they would be humans with the most negative energies of pride, selfishness, rebellion, and bitterness. Many would deny it, but they would have been sexually abused by their fathers or other men around them or ridiculed by male school mates or hurt by male boyfriends. However, most of the feminists are not humans and do not have human souls, and this is why they are the way they are and they do the things they do and they ascribe to Satan’s values. A lot of these feminists and mob gangsters and Satanists and Koreans and street gangs and CIA Nazi SS hit squad people are not humans, but even if they were humans, they have such a dark, evil, low vibration, negative energy that they become the first people to be abducted by Satan’s aliens and have their souls scalped and their bodies used as avatars by the demon spirits and Draco reptilian aliens. Or, they are demon-possessed. They cannot gang stalk or assassinate another human being unless they are either demon-possessed or they are demons themselves. The more positive energy and high vibration and godly a person is, they have greater protection from God from these fallen angels and the devil and their aliens. The more evil a person is, the more they are open to demon-possession, alien abduction, used as breeding specimens for alien hybrid babies, sacrificed in Satanist witch Illuminati human sacrifice rituals, assassinated by the Illuminati, and vulnerable to Satan. The more righteous and loving and stronger faith in God, the devil cannot touch the person. Satan and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian aliens and their Illuminati royal bloodline nephilim have caused all suffering, evil, calamities, genocides, wars, crimes, terrorism, hatred, strife, poverty, famine, pain, disease, disasters, accidents, weather destructions, mass shootings, sinking of ships, crashing of planes, economic crashes, massive unemployment, and losses in human society for thousands of years. All evil comes from them.


Another purpose for Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien dimension-downed fallen angels and their Illuminati New World Order MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg homo-capensis reptilian hybrid royal bloodline families genocidal psychopathic Luciferian Satanist globalist elite Nazi Zionist cabal for creating and operating the feminist movement on the earth through their reptilian witch descendants is to carry out their alien hybridization program and replacement of human homo-sapiens species populace program. If you destroy the family unit of God by making women think they are independent and equal to men, and provide them a career job with financial independence, then it is natural for their evil sins and pride and selfishness to conduct divorce and become single mothers. Then, it would be so many single mothers in our human society that the homo-capensis nephilim descendant witch race mothers would not look so strange or suspicious or obvious when they start having children without fathers. This is how Satan Lucifer and the fallen angel Archons and the Draco reptilian aliens and the Illuminati NWO homo-capensis reptilian hybrid globalist elites are introducing millions and millions of alien hybrids, and replacing them with all the humans that they alien abduct or their alien hybrids MILAB abduct, and sell into slavery or DNA and organ harvesting or use as livestock human meat food sources on other planets. They are either fully adult clones or alien hybrids or organic robotoids or fallen angels in human soul-scalped avatar bodies that are fully functional and can impersonate the humans. Or, they are alien hybrids that are raised as children in the human schools and human society by these Illuminati Satanist nephilim reptilian hybrid witch descendant feminist single mothers. This is why in school you saw so many feminist looking single mother bringing highly intelligent children to school. Now, you have so many occult, transgender, psychic, alien hybrid children who have grown up and taken over all aspect of our society and government and military and mass media and celebrity entertainment and rock stars and schools and universities and business corporations, the silent invasion of earth is almost complete. All they need to do is cause an incident, declare martial law, and kill most of the human population with their DARPA biological weapons or nuclear wars or economic crash famine, and vaccine credit card microchip everyone with tracking and reptilian DNA changing microchips to make them into Satan’s transhumanism Borg cyborg zombie slaves, and make them work or put them in cages as livestock human meat food for the fallen angels and their vampire race alien hybrid cannibals, just like in Noah’s Atlantis days. This is why our society is filled with homosexual lesbian and occult and tattooed and anti-God and feminist people, because these alien hybrids do not have human souls, but rather they are demon spirits that are half-breeds or hybrids. They are the seed of Satan and not the seed of humans. They are not God’s creation, but they are manufactured entities. A lot of these clone avatars contain the Illuminati and Satan’s ancient Atlantis giant cannibal nephilim and giant cannibal chimera disembodied demon spirits that God destroyed with the flood. It is Draco alien technology of the fallen angels to create clone bodies and resurrect them artificially. It is Satan’s cheap imitation of the rapture and resurrection. They demon embodied in human bodies are all feminists and homosexuals and occult and anti-God or religious Christians (fake Christians who follow the Western Christianity Babylonian mystery religion doctrines). The feminist agenda was to make abortion legal, so that they can again abort and sacrifice millions of human babies to their Baal Moloch Satan god in their Illuminati Satanist witch abortion clinics, in order to release huge amounts of negative energy from the pain and terror and death of the fetuses, which empower their black magic to open all these ancient Atlantis star gate wormhole portals that let in their fallen angel and demon spirits into this third dimensional realm. So, you can say that the feminist women of this world and sinful men of this world who follow the doctrines of women’s equality and women working in jobs and women wearing men’s trousers and women’s liberation of the Illuminati Satanism are to blame for allowing Satan and his fallen angels and their Illuminati in taking over society and government and children’s minds. Now, many people are possessed with four or five demon spirits in these End Times. The level of Satanism has multiplied exponentially. These humans follow after their disgusting fake Western Christianity pastors and churches, their satanic black magic mind-control spell Disney movies, their demon possessing horror video games, their feministic view and Jezebel spirit possessions, their homosexual gay alien hybrid people’s rights movements, their occult Eastern transcendental mysticism New Age Satanism and white magic witchcraft, their rock and roll demon possessing trance jungle pagan music, their desecration of God’s human body temple with tattoos and ear pierces, their anti-Christian and anti-Jesus sentiments, their Illuminati corporate and money worship cultures, Illuminati 49% population socialist welfare and subsidy lifestyles, and all other ungodly and despicable values and practices which are foul to our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. The Illuminati Satanist Christian ministers will not preach these things, nor will they preach against themselves the Pharisee religious leaders of modern times, because their agenda is to keep their lukewarm religious Christians focused on religion and church activities and Illuminati religious institution prison lifestyles. They do not love YHWH or Jesus Yeshua. This generation that loves Jezebel’s feminism and women’s equality and women’s career work and women’s independence and women’s wearing men’s clothes have handed over human society and humanity over to Satan and his fallen angels and nephilim demons. Now, there is only God’s wrath and judgment to be poured out upon this wicked generation and perverted human society in these End Times. They are all Satanists in a way, who follow after the doctrines of demons instead of the precepts and Torah Truth of our Lord God YHWH and Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. When a nation and world becomes this feminist and homosexual, just like Sodom and Gomorrah, they are just waiting for destruction and judgment by God. They will not listen to God’s prophets and apostles. It is because of their evil hearts they cannot listen. Woe to this wicked generation for the time of reckoning is at hand.


When a nation like the United States have almost all of its women demon-possessed by Jezebel feminist spirits, then that nation is surely ripe for God’s wrath and destruction. They will have their evil fall upon them with sudden destruction, because they follow after the doctrines of Satanism and worship their Jezebel goddess of feminism. The men are equally guilty for they have not spoken out against this evil, since they are afraid to be assassinated by the feminist reptilian witches. Therefore, these nations will see the same nightmare scenario that fell upon Rome and Sodom and Gomorrah and Atlantis. When nations cheer on reptilian feminists to be elected as female U.S. presidents and female prime ministers and female chancellors to lead a nation, then that earth civilization has come to its peak of pure depravity and evil, and is awaiting imminent judgment by God. This is because it means that the women have reached a point of evil where they feel a woman should take leadership over the men. It shows that entire nations have been demon-possessed by evil spirits and Jezebel spirits. This is a state of total evil. Feminism is a gauge to measure a nations level of evil, because it measures a nations rebellion and hatred toward the Holy God and Almighty Righteous Creator.


All these rebellion of women in refusing to wear head coverings, and women wearing trousers, and women cutting their hair short, and women working in jobs and careers, and women considering themselves equal to men, and feminist movements, and women’s sexual liberation movements, and rebellion to marriage and over 50% divorce rates, and pursuit of lesbian relationships, and women taking leadership positions are all meant by Satan Lucifer and the fallen angel Archons to insult God, and to ridicule God’s order and Creation, and God’s precepts. This is why when Job was told by God that if he continues to destroy all of Satan’s temples, he will be attacked by Satan, and Job said, “Bring it on,” and after Job was bankrupted by Satan like me, and his wife became a beggar, Satan came to her as a bread dealer, and gave her one condition to receive bread and that is to shave her head. The fallen angels love the rebellious feminist short hair women. This is why all the nephilim desecendant feminist witch race reptilian hybrid who steal positions as Hollywood actresses cut their hair or shave their hair in the movies. This is why as the alien hybrids replace the human homo-sapiens species people in these modern day End Times, you see a tremendous increase in short hair, transgender, homosexual, lesbian, feminist women. This is a sign of impending wrath and judgment to be poured out upon that civilization. An ungodly, satanic society is one where women believe in their reptilian hybrid homo-capensis nephilim witch feminist world leaders that women are equal to men, and women should wear men’s trousers, and women should cut their hair short, and women should work in career jobs, and women should divorce and become single mothers, and women should have abortions, and women should talk to men as if they are equals, and women are more smarter and sensitive and peaceful than men. This is a society that is totally satanic and is about to be destroyed by God.


What greater insult is there than perverting God’s creation both male and female, who were made in God’s own image, and making human men and women behave like opposites? Men are emasculate, and women are masculine. The women are headstrong and independent. The men are timid and submissive. This is why they set up these “Nephilim Reversal Grid” alien technologies under the earth to suppress the male and female genes, and dump estrogen female hormones into the tap water and food sources. What greater insult is there than making all these human women walk around in trousers and behave like men? They are so drunk with their evil hearts that they do not even realize how comical they look. Satan has made them into clowns, and the fallen angels laugh at them. The greatest insult of Satan and his fallen angels is to make the so-called Christian women in supposedly God’s Christian churches behave like men, walk around in men’s trousers, adorn themselves with jewelry and cosmetics, jump up and down like men in their Christian satanic rock concert Satan worship services, refuse to wear head coverings, take leadership positions over men, and so forth. It is Satan sticking his profane middle finger in front of God’s face, saying “Look at your children and church Christians.” When in reality, these people are not God’s people nor are they God’s children, because God’s people and children do not behave in such way, and they do not follow Satan in such ways, because they belong to God and they have God’s Holy Spirit. These things along with perverting human homo-sapiens who are made in the image of God by genetically engineering them to create nephilims and chimeras by mixing their genes with fallen angels and animals and plants and other objects’ genes is all designed to insult and ridicule God and His Creation and His image. This is because Satan Lucifer and the fallen angel Archons and Draco reptilian alien chimera fallen angels are enraged at God for creating man in His image to rule over them, and making them as His children and co-rulers. Satan never had the opportunity to be a co-ruler, but he was a servant. This hatred toward God and His image which is mankind is what drives Satan to advance his feminist agenda through his Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis nephilim witch race royal bloodline family globalist elites, and to advance his genetic hybridization program of humans into nephilim and chimera. These feminism and genetic engineering are all designed to destroy humans’ original form that was created in God’s image both male and female. This is why Satan’s alien hybrids are homosexuals and bisexuals. There are spiritual intentions behind all this sin and evil and ungodliness and perversion. They shall all perish with their god Satan, because they will not accept Almighty God YHWH or His precepts or His Word or His Torah Truth or His Son Jesus Christ. They would rather run after false gods and false Christianity and false Christs and false teachings, because of the wickedness and pride and selfishness of their hearts. It is for this reason that they will be destroyed by fire and war and famine and plague and earthquakes and falling stars and wild beasts and demons in the coming judgment by God.









Two things contain power and that is blood and sex, so that is why those two things are always done in the reptilian witches’ Satanist live human sacrifice rituals. This is why all witches and Illuminati reptilians are paedophiles in their rituals and rape children. Their police and media protect these globalist elites from being exposed. People above a certain level in the Illuminati have to go through this live human sacrifice Satanist snake ritual in the Catholic Church Vatican. All the Hollywood celebrities, politicians, globalist bankers, business leaders, Catholic priests, and royal families conduct these reptilian sexual and sacrifice rituals to Satan, just like all Satanist reptilian societies like Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Korean shamans, Nazi Vril, Irish Druid, African voodoo, Romans, Egyptians, Babylon, Persians, Atlantis, and all other pagan Satanist societies have done for thousands of years. The reptilian feminist abortion movements and other baby sacrifice rituals have been done to Satan for thousands of years, just as Jezebel the queen in the Bible. The pagans and Satanists and reptilians and witches and feminists and Illuminati are all the same people. The reason why the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens and their Illuminati NWO Bilderberg Hillary Elizabeth Rothschild Vatican reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elite genocidal psychopathic Nazi Zionist cabal use the Hollywood movies and Marvel comics and media to warn the human public what they are about to do, and to mind program the human homo-sapiens species people about the things they want to do is because they need the human homo-sapiens species people’s ability to create reality. It is because the Dracos and the Illuminati do not have the power to create. They are parasites and have to feed off of the humans in order to survive, and also use the creational power of the humans to do anything or bring anything to happen. You have to remember that humans were created in the image of God to create, so with their thoughts they create reality. The Dracos and Illuminati need to program the humans through their media by flashing the numbers 9.11 or towers falling or terrorism, in order to make the humans bring in the reality of the 9.11 twin tower bombing. This is how they use the humans to bring about their purposes on the earth. The fallen angels cannot create. In this, the humans are much more powerful. This is why through Hollywood movies and media, the Dracos and Illuminati seed a feeling of fear and destruction and hatred and helplessness and despair into the human populace’s minds. It is to bring about their dark reality. If all the people in the world laughed, the Dracos and fallen angels could not survive, because they cannot feed off of our negative energies, so they would without energy or cease to operate. The reason why the Dracos and Illuminati create the wars and strife and fighting among the humans is to maintain the three dimensional illusion among the humans, in order to keep them enslaved and to continue parasite feeding upon the humans. If there were no wars or conflict or hatred, the three dimensional illusion will cease, and humanity would be freed from the Draco Illuminati fallen angel powers and right to control humans, and they would lose all power and control over the humans. This is what they are afraid of. They are a parasite vampire race that feed off of the humans’ life force that God has given. The fallen angel Archons are fallen beings, so they cannot have life force of their own. They have to feed off or parasite on the humans, in order to survive. According to super soldier Max Spiers, the sun is male energy and the moon is female energy. Currently, the Dracos and Illuminati’s false feminine energy from the lunar base is broadcasting energies to emasculate the earth’s strong male energy that protect the divine feminine energy. This is why Satan and his Illuminati are masculinizing the women, and emasculating the men on the earth. He says the transgender homosexual agenda of the nephilim descendant spirits who keep incarnating into both male and female human bodies over thousands of years after soul-scalping their original human soul occupants, are strongly mind-programmed through CIA MK Ultra Satanist handlers and trainers, in order to have emasculate or masculinized behaviors. This is Satan and his fallen angels’ secret agenda. You will see a greater occurrence of this as the earth’s humans becomes replaced with the alien hybrids. The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) will allow the Illuminati New World Order police state to get rid of all ethical and moral and Constitutional and human rights. It will force all the nations to accept the Illuminati New World Order’s tyrannical laws. Every nation will be forced to allow the Illuminati New World Order’s reptilian alien hybrid incarnate transgenders to choose to use either men’s toilets or women’s toilets, and freely use men’s locker rooms or women’s locker rooms. It is a very dangerous international police state law that will eliminate all Constitution and national laws, and eliminate all religious and moral and human rights. It will be a return back to the Illuminati New World Order’s Luciferian Satanist Draco reptilian ancient Atlantis civilization society that God destroyed. If the humans refuse to allow them to use their toilets and changing rooms, then they may be arrested and jailed by the soon coming Illuminati New World Order Atlantean government. The alien hybrid Draco Anti-Christ Barack Obama and his administration has threatened schools to allow their alien hybrid incarnates to use either male or female toilets and locker rooms.


The United States has been taken over by every unclean and fouls spirit who are the demon spirit alien hybrid clones that have taken over the nation. The nation’s population has been replaced by these creatures who do not have human souls, because the American people have openly welcomed the Illuminati witches and their feminist and homosexual and occult and pagan and money Mammon and rock music and hippy “Flower Children” witches’ culture and Western value Christianity. Most of all the Christian churches have welcomed their Jezebel and Satanism and Sananda hippy Jesus and feminist philosophy and genetic descendent breeding and marriage and every evil way. They have brought in these idols into the churches, and have allowed the Baal pastors to lead them. This is why judgment will fall on the United States. Those who hate God will be replaced by Satan’s creatures. These religious Christians scorned us, kicked us out, ridiculed us, and even tried to kill us.


Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco nephilim aliens and their Illuminati Luciferian Satanist royal bloodlines made my elementary school classes into a circus of freaks. They know who the real Christians are, because we have larger guardian angels when we are born. So, they place all of their alien hybrid freaks into my class. Some had homo-capensis reptilian hybrid elongated skulls, and were very intelligent nephilim descendants but very evil. Others were the typical half Druid Celtic and half shaman Korean kind whose Illuminati fathers were police chiefs and high ranking Illuminati committee members who decided the pay rate of the state legislative leaders. These children were extremely evil demon spirits in human bodies, and they would constantly attack the Christian children or God’s children. And other alien hybrid children had the typical German Nazi last names, were blonde, and super intelligent. They had the typical nephilim witch race feminist single mothers who wore men’s trousers and cut their hairs short in defiance to God, and looked nothing like their sons genetically. The devil and his aliens were filling our school classes with all these demon spirit alien hybrid children after the Roswell incident and Nazi Vril program and hippy liberation movement and after Israel became a nation. Now, our society is filled with all of these demon-possessed demon spirit avatar body people whose human souls have been scalped by the aliens and sold in the black markets between aliens in some far away planet, as well as clones and organic robotoids. The organic robotoids are like the Borg cyborgs with hive collective mind, and they communicate telepathically, and have no souls since they are machines. This is why my grammar school classes was a circus show with all these strange freaky children. These demon spirit children all hated God’s children and human homo-sapiens. These demons are feminists by nature, because they are opposed to God due to their fallen angel genes that are very evil.


This is why the feminists hate the man’s man, who manifest God’s creation nature of nobleness and righteousness and strength and goodness and godliness, so they always assassinate all the population who carries those type of genes, and create an earth full of effeminate men who reflect Satan’s nature. Now, you have a world full of effeminate men who are on one of either two extremes of Satan’s effeminized men: either they build muscles, put tattoos on, look mean, put on sunglasses, and talk as if they are tough men, or they put cosmetics on, talk like a nerd, behave timid, and just follow after their wives pushing the baby stroller. This is always the key first step in satanizing society and the reptilians’ agenda. They have put so much biological poison and chemical toxins into the tap water and food and chem trail atmosphere and vaccines and medical drugs that the men have become weak and cannot fight. The tons and tons of estrogen female hormones these Illuminati feminists have dumped into the plastics and food, in order to make all the men feminine is a ridiculous amount. All that estrogen poisoning is causing large numbers of breast cancer in women throughout the world. Since the time you are born, the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim and their Satan are trying to kill you by injecting all babies with vaccines that contain cancer-causing viruses, because they have to meet a quota for depopulation. The number of people they have to kill is calculated in the nephilim alien computers of Satan’s cities, and if the quota to kill human homo-sapiens do not meet the required numbers, they use abortion and warfare and poisoning and other methods to kill off more human homo-sapiens. Meanwhile, in their Illuminati armies, they feed so much drugs to their soldiers that it makes them violent, warlike, and full of trauma. Satan always works on two extremes and his two-pronged strategy, while those who live in God is well balanced and sound in mind. If the humans reject God and follow after their idols and money and fleshly genes, then God will hand them over to the feminists and the feminist reptilian Illuminati witches’ extermination program. The chem trails have alien nano technology in them that is used to control the human brains, and only Christians are protected from them.


Whenever pastors’ wives like Victoria Osteen and other women teach men, they start teaching wrong doctrines, because they are not anointed by God to teach men. The real Christian women Mary Magdalene and the other women who were with Jesus did not marry the twelve apostles to become pastors’ wives or become pastors in a church, and start teaching men. The Christian women are supposed to be teaching the younger Christian women on how to live as Christian women ought to live. Instead, they are exemplifying Satan’s women by standing next to their husbands and preaching as if they were equals to men, and taking on offices as ministers. This is the proof of a degenerate society, a Satanist society, and a totally depraved, ungodly civilization that has thrown God out, and have raised their proud head against Christ and His teachings, in order to taunt Him spiritually. The reason why the religious Christians cannot see this is because their hearts follow after Satan and not God.


If it were the other way around, and women were deprived, persecuted, mistreated and unappreciated, then I would be the greatest advocate and speaker on behalf of protecting women, cherishing them, appreciating them as God’s beautiful people, and standing up for their rights to proper treatment. However, as things are in this fallen world run by Satan and especially now in these most wicked End Times, the women have all run after Satan and Jezebel and their Satanist feminist witches’ values and thinking, to the extent that they even wear trousers and refuse to wear head coverings and talk to men as if they were equals. This is a grave offense to God indeed, and they will be judged severely for their imitation of the reptilian witches, and following after the pride and selfishness of their evil hearts. They will not listen to our Torah Truth teachings of God and His precepts, and they refuse to repent of their wicked ways, and even these who profess to be Christians live as these heathen pagan witch reptilian homo-capensis women do. Therefore, destruction is coming upon them. God is a faithful, fair and righteous God, and always sends His prophet to warn the people of this earth and the nations and the churches to repent, before bringing His wrath and judgment upon them. However, they despised me, considered me crazy, ignored me, and even tried to kill me, as they did to the ancient prophets of old. In this, their judgment has been sealed. They and their reptilian Illuminati witches of Jezebel whom they all worship and follow after, as if some sort of satanic pagan cult. Together they have turned their backs upon God, and flaunt His righteousness and Word, and behave like a band of reptilian witches. They walk in front of the men, as their husbands push the strollers from behind. They tell their husbands what to do. They hold positions of authority over men. They teach in church without shame. They dress in men’s trousers in church. They do not wear head coverings. They make husbands sign contracts of marriage for alimony when they divorce them. They constantly make jokes of how men are stupid and evil and brutes. They flaunt their martial arts in Hollywood movies beating the crap out of hundreds of men, and the dumb women of this society cheer them on. Female politicians speak blasphemous feminist words in campaign speeches, and the pagans idolize these Satanist reptilian witches. The so-called Pharisee church ministers teach that the wives do not have to submit to their husbands, in order to keep their popularity and salary, so they compromise the word of God, along with teachings of trousers and head coverings. Women sit with their legs apart. Women give orders to men. Women do not thank the men when the men open the door for them, and they just walk in briskly with indifferent faces. They have sex left and right with many men, just like the reptilian witches do. The women have sex with each other, and are even proud of it, and arrogantly defend their disgusting behavior in public. Women wear clothes with body parts partially exposed like the pagan reptilian witches do. Human women imitate the reptilian homo-capensis Satanist witches in every way and form, just like in Jezebel’s times, when my predecessor Elijah spoke up against them and their god. The women of this current age is more degenerate than the women of Elijah’s times. What despicable satanic pagan world is this? It is Satanism to the extreme degree, and the churches are guilty of following after it, too. God is now obligated to bring greater judgment to this earth and its wicked generation that is greater than the judgment upon the feminist homosexual Sodom and Gomorrah and Atlantis. The Bible tells us in Nahum 3:13 that, “Behold, your men are women in your midst! The gates of your land are opened wide to your enemies; Fire consumes your gate bars.” The curse that God places on a civilization or nation that is wicked and evil is that the men become women, and the women become men. The typical Jezebel spirit demon-possessed man is one who is scared of the woman, and does what he is told by the woman, and the typical Jezebel spirit demon-possessed woman is one who looks down on the man, and tells the man what to do. However, when the dominating, arrogant, strong-willed Jezebel woman is attacked back by another evil person, she starts crying and runs to the Jezebel man. Then, all of a sudden, the weak, effeminate Jezebel man gets angry at the attacker and gets very abusive and violent. This is the typical Satan’s man and woman and the behavior of people who are demon-possessed by demon spirits or reptilian hybrid homo-capensis nephilim descendant witch race people. They are not humans and do not have human souls, and they are an abomination to God, because their thinking, values, and behaviors are absolute opposite of God and righteousness, because they are demon spirit people. They are the Jezebel feminist and homosexual people who have taken over soul-scalped human bodies, or who are descendants of the nephilim. Why do the United States and Europe lead the world in feminism and homosexuality, where they ridiculing the rainbow which is God’s symbol of peace toward mankind by making it their gay movement symbol? It is because the fallen angels preferred to mate with Caucasian people, and the German people are the descendants of the German nephilim giants and the Irish people are the descendants of the Celtic nephilim giants, and the giants lived alongside the Europeans until recent times. The nephilim witch people created Druidism Satanism witchcraft occultism and Vatican Mystery Babylon Satanism religion, which runs the Luciferian Illuminati, and whose roots lies in all ancient cultures, including Canaan, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Persia, etc. The homo-capensis nephilim hybrids of the fallen angels were never godly people, but the nephilim giants were always feminists and homosexuals and bisexuals just like their Draco alien nephilim bosses who have both male and female genitals, so they sodomized each other and human homo-sapiens. These demon spirits get reincarnated over and over in soul-scalped human bodies that are hijacked, in both male and female bodies for thousands of years, so that is why these nephilim descendant witch race people feel that they are both homosexual men and lesbian women, since they have lived in both bodies for thousands of years. They do not have normal human homo-sapiens heterosexual orientation. This is why they shape shift into 8 feet tall reptilian blood drinking creatures in their Satanist human sacrifice rituals, when they get excited. The modern End Times is filled with their alien hybrid people who do not have souls, but are homosexual feminist nephilim spirits. This is why the Bible says that the end times will be just like in Noah’s ancient days, and Satan and his fallen angels will try to mix their snake reptilian genes with the human homo-sapiens genes. This earth and its spiritual stench must be purified with fire. Let men be men again, and women be women again. Purge this world of the reptilians and the humans who follow after their pagan ways. Let Christ’s Kingdom come, and His righteousness reign again. Let there be peace between man and God again. Come Lord Jesus!


The earth has headed down the path of annihilation and God’s judgment, ever since the Wade Versus Roe court case that allowed abortion mass pagan ritual sacrifice of human homo-sapiens children to their homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race descendant Illuminati feminists. These reptilian witches of the feminist movement could freely sacrifice large numbers of human children after that through their witch satanic ritual abortions, which create huge amounts of negative energy for the fallen angels that gives tremendous amounts of power to the witches. The feminists could now freely sacrifice their babies to their god Satan, just as their predecessors did in ancient times by throwing their babies into the burning statue of Baal or Moloch. It released a great outpouring of the Jezebel spirits upon the women of the world to demon-possess them, in the first step for the devil to destroy the family, destroy society, destroy Godly order, destroy ethics, destroy spiritual purity, and to bring in their Illuminati New World Order Luciferian Satanist witch society of Atlantis. The priestesses of Atlantis did the same thing by exterminating humans and creating nephilim populations, and were destroyed by God with Noah’s Great Flood. In these End Times modern times, the Illuminati’s rulers who are the sisterhood of the witches have now brought in their Luciferian Satanism society, again, to abort and exterminate the human homo-sapiens race, and to bring in their genetically engineered transhumanism reptilian hybrid Aryan race homo-capensis populace. The reptilian hybrid homo-capensis Illuminati royal bloodline family Nazi Aryan race feel they are the superior race and all human homo-sapiens race should be genocide exterminated, because their Draco reptilian alien nephilim overlords believe that the reptilian race is the most perfect form of life and that mammals are disgusting creatures. However, in reality, the mammals can adapt to the conditions and the environments, but the reptiles cannot adapt and are very weak.  The Illuminati bloodline families consider witches with green eyes and red hair and hot tempers (many in Ireland and Scotland Celtic regions) as descendents of their reptilian hybrid species the homo-capensis nephilim reptilian Aryan race. The Illuminati witches’ magic organizations will give high positions in Illuminati companies and organizations to these green-eyed red-haired females with rhesus negative blood who are reptilian hybrid descendants with reptilian spirits created by Satan. The blue-eyed blonde people are considered humanoid nordic nephilim spirits by the Illuminati. Some cats have reptilian vertical slit eyes and hiss like snakes, unlike other cats that have round eyes and docile personalities, because in ancient times, they tested transhumanism on cats first before testing on humans by hybridizing them into Satan and his fallen angels’ reptilian genes. When people receive Jesus as Savior and the Holy Spirit enters them, they change dimensionally and genetically for holiness. Likewise, when people are demon-possessed, they change dimensionally and genetically for the worse. This world is a history of a war between two genetic bloodlines: the seed of the woman and the seed of the snake, the humans and the nephilim descendants.


There has been a lot of New Age religion talk on the internet and radios about a new age of man is coming, as the dimensions are changing, and man’s DNA genes are awakening to higher dimensions. They want you to get in touch with your higher consciousness and become one with the universe. This basically means that they are going to exterminate all of God’s human homo-sapiens, introduce a human and fallen angel nephilim hybrid race who are higher dimensional beings that have a higher consciousness through being tied in with their mind-control satanic matrix network alien software. The chem trail nanobots in people’s bodies is changing their DNA. Satan’s plan is to change all humans into cyborg BORG creatures that can be controlled like robots by him.


The Illuminati’s GMO food is changing the genes of humans. Food companies that refuse to go along with the Illuminati’s poisoning of the human food sources for depopulation genocide are attacked by companies like Monsanto. These witches like Natasha Vita-More are trying to push through this Illuminati Satanist transhumanism agenda. The various species of dogs and other pets are starting to get all kinds of diseases and die, because they had been genetically engineered. It is not possible to take them back to their original genes before they were bred into the modern species of dogs we see today.


The age of the post 1960s hippy revolution of women’s rights and women’s liberation and women’s equality and women wearing trousers and women refusing to wear head coverings and women working in career jobs and women taking leadership and women leaving housewife roles and women’s sexual liberation and women’s abortion free choice was the pivotal point and very important key strategic turning point in Satan’s process to satanizing society and exterminating the human race. It was a time of narcotics witchcraft and rock music Satan worship and sexual orgy fornication debauchery and women’s equality abortion satanic human sacrifice and women wearing men’s trousers to mock God and take the women out of the home to the workplace and create women’s independence divorce for broken families’ traumatized demon-possessed children. This is why the feminist witches have assassinated all humans who opposed feminism and gang-stalked them to drive them to suicide or insanity. The people who empowered these reptilian feminists to bring in this annihilation of the human populace and God’s soon coming judgment upon the earth with fire from heaven are the women who worshipped Jezebel by embracing this feminist philosophy of women’s equality and women’s rights and women’s liberation and women’s independence and women’s authority. As the first fall was caused by Eve in the garden of Eden, this second fall was caused by the daughters of Eve who support the feminist doctrines of Satanism. When they opened their minds and hearts to Satan through this feminism, they opened themselves to demon-possession, and consequent destruction of the earth through fire by God. As I mentioned many times before, this feminism is the root to the corruption of society to turn it to Satan worship, and open rebellion to God, whether it is in the Garden of Eden or in the Atlantis Illuminati civilization or in the modern days after the post 1960s hippy “Flower Children” revolution. They have worshipped their feminist witch leaders, and have thereby sold their souls to Satan their witches’ god. There is something that happened spiritually behind the physical feminist movement. God has seen the millions and millions of babies that have been sacrificed in the satanic witch rituals of the Illuminati sisterhood through the abortion of babies, world wars, nuclear bomb of Hiroshima, gang-stalking assassinations of the righteous who stood up against them, chem trail poisoning of the populace, tap water fluoride poisoning of the humans, the irradiation of the earth, the tidal waves and earthquakes genocide using the HAARP, the false flag terrorist attacks massacres, and every kind of evil and stench that these Illuminati sisterhood ruler witches and their mind-controlled dumb evil human populace servants have conducted. They have pretty much signed their death sentence and agreed to their own destructions by doing all these things. This is why that all the religious Christians who worship and stick to Jezebel’s feminism will not be raptured or saved in the days of coming destruction. They will be destroyed along with their feminist leaders who defy God and make open ridicule of God’s creation and precepts. God has heard the blood cry out from the millions and millions and millions of children ritually sacrificed by abortion and Illuminati witch live child sacrifices rituals and paedophile rituals and reptilian homosexual orgy rituals.


If you are not a blind religious Christian, then you would immediately recognize that the Illuminati witches created the post-1960s “Flower Children” hippy movement and Calvary Chapel Jezebel worship, in order to bring the world to complete utter decadence and to God’s wrath. You recognize them with their hippy beliefs, spiritualism and Eastern mysticism New Age beliefs, flowers on their heads, worship of Gaia earth goddess, worship of environmentalism and obsession with saving the earth, worship of demon spirits of the earth and trees and forests, dancing their Hindu dances, wearing skimpy clothes, sexual liberation, witch ritual orgies, feminist beliefs, Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim homo-capensis demeanor, psychic abilities, and narcotic drug witchcraft. They are smarter than human homo-sapiens, so they control all aspect of society and organizations, and they receive those positions from Satan and their ancestor fallen angels. They make it look like they are nice and “Flower Children” with their hippy pagan behavior, but underneath, they are wicked witches and Satanists. They sacrifice human lives through murder and rituals, in order to gain more power from Satan.


These Satanist reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant witch feminists behave and think just like their fellow reptilian hybrid nephilim Draco aliens who also have human sacrifices and eat humans. These Satanists worship their Draco alien relatives and their fallen angel ancestors and Satan the snake.


For example, if you teach the Torah Truth on the blog site, then the feminist organizations will register their organizations’ name on your blog site as your followers, to show you that they know what you are teaching, and try to force you into their global system of the Illuminati witches, and to warn you to stop teaching God’s precepts and to stop disclosing all the horrendous atrocities and satanic rituals the feminists are doing. By having all these feminist organizations register as your blog followers, which are the female reptilian hybrid witch organizations that control the Illuminati men who control the world, they are telling you that if you do not quit teaching, they will kill you. However, if you quit teaching, you just become a slave of their ancient thousands of years old reptilian hybrid female maternal system global control called the Illuminati global elites anyway, and become just another follower of Satan, so that Satan can kill you. The world has always been controlled by these female nephilim who control the men in the background. If you refuse to stop teaching, and if you refuse to become a part of their system and be silent through fear, because you love Jesus Christ and YHWH God, then they will send all their feminist witches to attack you with their witchcraft to send their demon spirits and to attack you with their electronic weapons. Ninety percent of the gang-stalking is spiritual and ten percent is physical, because it is being orchestrated by Satan and his fallen angels from a different realm. They use their nephilim alien races spread across the universe with advanced technologies that are way beyond our own technologies, and beyond what we can understand. All the humans who gang-stalk you are just their mind-controlled drones and witches whom they demon-possess. This is why whatever nation or state you go to, you have thousands and thousands of people gang-stalking you, because they may be different people, but the same demonic spirits and alien beings are controlling them. Once you start talking about the evil that churches are doing, and all about the Satanism in the churches, then they will hate you and start organizing the gang stalking against you. All churches are infiltrated by the Satanists. If you do not belong to their satanic system and if you belong to God, they will target you. If they do not, then you are not a real Christian; and you are just part of the fake Christian churches that the Satanists have created. This is why these pastors of large churches in Chino, California are Illuminati Satanists and will issue threats of murder to the real born-again Christians if they teach the Torah Truth, and they are paedophiles and they rape and sodomize children. Without understanding the witchcraft behind gang-stalking, you cannot understand how it works. They use their spiritual witchcraft and it looks like magic to us, because of their very advanced technologies. Those reptilian hybrid nephilim people who died become roaming demon spirits because they do not have human souls, and they demon-possess one person after another to jump from one weak evil person to another, in order to attack you. The battle is spiritual more than physical, and only Jesus Christ can deliver us from the gang-stalking and give us victory. Mighty are our weapons through prayer and Jesus Christ. Any and all institutions are infiltrated and controlled by Satanists and the Illuminati. There is no church that is not infiltrated by Satan and controlled by him. Even a small church with a handful of people had Satanists, and the Illuminati brought many Satanists into the church as soon as I started going there. They brought back a Filipino civilian who worked for the Navy but in reality was a Satanist working for the CIA. He had moved overseas, but they brought him and his wife all the way back to Japan. He would always yell at me, and had a very haughty Satanist personality. They brought an Illuminati Satanist Japanese of Korean ancestry disguised as a Japanese person, who knocked on the door and asked to be allowed to be part of the home bible study. Wherever a Christian goes, all the Satanist gang-stalkers follow in hordes. The Filipino pastor disgustingly made even the female members in the church preach sermons and lead worship in his place, but he would never allow me to preach, because he was embarrassed that he could not teach God’s Torah Truth by the Holy Spirit like I did. Every single born-again true Christian is kicked out of the church, because the hive mind collective people of the churches are all controlled by the devil and his nephilim alien technologies, and they reject God’s children, just like oil and water do not mix or fire and water do not mix. Anyone who is not God’s child is a Satanist in some sense, and they worship Satan. Satan and his Illuminati have them going to church and doing Christian religion to make them be under the delusion that they are saved. These MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist elites have closed circuit televisions in which they watch their enemy International Coalition Alliance (ICA) member targeted individuals get gang-stalked and assassinated, and they play a gambling game among themselves with their money bets. For them, it is a game and a hunt and their Luciferian Satanist freemason live human sacrifice ritual. Then, they later kill their gang-stalker assassins, too, to hide their dirty little secret world of the occult from the public.