Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 19


The reason why the female characters in the Illuminati’s Hollywood mind-control movies are always yelling and criticizing and slapping and questioning and reprimanding the male characters is because the devil wants to make exactly that type of women in society to further his purposes on this earth by creating divorce, feminist movement abortion, single mothers, lesbianism, depopulation of humans, and all the other evils that come with this inverted male female role. Nothing holy comes from this revolt of male authority, which is a rebellion against God’s authority. They have no humility toward men or respect toward God’s male creation or a heart of submission: it is a reptilian vile character of the witches. The most evil and depraved human women are easily brainwashed by this feminist women’s equality doctrine of Satan, and lured into its feminist movement, as in the days of Noah’s flood. This is reciprocal to this age’s men’s treating women as sexual objects and mistreatment of the female weaker vessel. Basically, Satan wants the human homo-sapiens women to imitate the very character of the reptilian feminist witch descendent nephilim women who he has placed in key positions of society: colleges, schools, education committees, media, Hollywood, propaganda magazines, publishing companies, Secretary of State, etc. These witches have been bred through the reptilian genes of their ancestors and given these key positions in society by Satan for a purpose and a vital role. It is to further Satan’s feminist movement agenda, just like in the past when he used these feminists to throw babies into the burning arms of Molech’s statue. The Satanists become the feminist activists because they are reptilian descendents in genetic brain structure and spirit, who are the witch race that has existed for thousands of years on this earth: they have always cannibalized children in their Satanist rituals. They gather together in their feminist movement all the demon-possessed easily controllable human servants through the witchcraft spell nephilim descendent powers. They pledge their allegiance to their reptilian vampire cannibal masters, whom they believe as their New Age alien gods. This whole program of Satan is working like perfectly, because the Western Jezebel culture women are starting to behave just like the Hollywood female characters played by the reptilian witch actresses. They do not even know that they are idolizing and filling their minds with images made by Hollywood reptile hybrid nephilim creatures. This is how easy it is to brainwash these humans who have no protection of the Holy Spirit. Basically, they may be intelligent in terms of IQ, but they are extremely dumb without the Holy Spirit, so they can be brainwashed quite easily by Hollywood and Satan’s mind-control program. Now, as you see judgment piling up in these End Times, we have this very evil Western culture Jezebel society and satanized world, just like it was during Noah’s flood’s times. We are seeing the last evil days, before these evil nephilim and humans will be destroyed in the coming judgment and wrath of God, for they would not accept the love of God—Jesus Christ and His apostles and prophets. These feminists or reptile witches cannot understand why they cannot kill me just like they have killed all those who stood up against feminism; but, they do not realize that I stand in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the God who brought Israel through the Red Sea against Pharaoh. I will use my own life to prove to you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant that God is the faithful God of Israel and He is love. No power in heaven and earth can stand against Him. My life itself serves as a testimony that God is God and the devil is the devil: just by the fact that Satan is trying to kill me proves clearly to all that he is evil. A loving, holy God gives life and comes as Jesus Christ to give His life for us, while the devil comes to kill, deceive, and steal. They and their Illuminati assassination program leaders are astounded to find out that there is still a lone voice preaching against feminism and the reptile witches of the serpent’s genes, which is a great threat to their human depopulation feminist program, but they do not understand that I come against Satan in the name of our God YHWH. He has chosen me to speak on His behalf, and they cannot silence me. God is God, and their devil is just the devil. With their technology, the Illuminati can kill any heathen at any time without even being prosecuted, and they do kill huge amounts of humans every day as part of their program, and the red welts on my chest by my heart from their EMP electromagnetic weapons every night is undeniable evidence of what I speak. People who do not have God’s protection are open prey to the reptilian hybrids and their human Satanists. It is amazing that people do not question why in every subject there are critics, but when it comes to feminism, there are seven billion people on this earth but I am the only person left alive to criticize feminism. The very fact of that should make people think that something strange is going on, but they have been dumb down by the Illuminati to not think. They can solve difficult mathematical equations, but they cannot even recognize the obvious inconsistencies happening around them. Jezebel’s Western Christianity tough-speaking effeminate pastors will not speak against the feminists, because they are afraid of the feminists and the women of their congregations, and they cower in fear from the women of Satan’s offspring and the witches’ spells. The feminist have been at the forefront of the Illuminati’s assassination extermination program. They have systematically assassinated all those who spoke up against feminism, so now, in this modern days, you have almost all of the people of the earth brainwashed and believing in the feminist women’s equality Jezebel doctrine of Illuminati Satanism and reptilian nephilim descendent feminist witch race. The feminists do not exterminate the hippy rogue pastors of their Western Christianity churches, because they promote their Western feminist values and thinking of Jezebelism, so they consider them allies. It is just like the multitudes of Illuminati assassination squads and Illuminati families have systematically assassinated all those people who do not fit into the world’s way of thinking, but think out of the box and are not brainwashed like the people of the world. These people who had these genes were the greatest threat to the Illuminati and Satan, because they cannot be controlled like livestock and prepared for the coming worldwide World War 3 slaughter. They have a danger of waking up other people. Hence, in these End Times, you have a population that are truly like dumb livestock, who are mind-controlled by the Illuminati, headed for the Illuminati reptilians’ and feminists’ slaughter Nazi concentration camps, and they are so dumb that they truly believe the Illuminati’s world view that we are conspiracy theorists, crazy and weird. They have extremely high IQs and academics, but they are as stupid as a cow headed for the butcher shop. This is the type of people that the Illuminati has bred genetically, raised up in their educational and media, and have not assassinated. This is why the modern day world has this very evil feminist, ungodly, pagan (or pagan Western Christianity religious belief), humanist, Satanist way of thinking, values and lifestyles. They are brain dead people like zombies: they are alive physically, but are spiritually blind and dead. They have been made to see the world as the Satanists’ view of reality, instead of God’s true reality, and that is how they keep them under their power and control. They see us, God’s apostles and prophets as being fanatic, weird, unrealistic, heretics and old-fashioned. This is true stupidity. But you, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant are not controlled by the flesh, but you have been given the Spirit of wisdom who is Christ. A few years ago, 29 cities in the United States had prepositioned nuclear weapons set to go off, but God intervened and stopped the Illuminati from starting World War 3, because it was not yet time for the rapture.


These hippy rogue pastors only reprimand and criticize the men and husbands in their Sunday sermons every week, and only express how dumb men are and how insensitive men are and how helpless men are without their wives. They try to appease the church wives for they are sly and smart people who know that the Western women wear the pants in the house, and the husbands are just servants of their wives deep inside. They only speak for themselves, because God’s born-again real Spirit-filled men are not like that, and this is why they are stinking Pharisees and religious charlatans who spread the ungodly Jezebel spirit in their overgrown lukewarm Western churches. They have placed a curse upon themselves by doing so. They have quenched the Holy Spirit and quenched the Torah Truth. In every country, you will see that those pastors who teach Jezebel doctrine and put women in leadership positions and teach good ethics religion, Satan gives huge churches, amazing wealth, popularity, beautiful wives, genetic descendents, happy life, power, multitude of followers, and all the comforts of life. These Pharisees of Satan speak great ethical teachings, and are great oratory comedians, and are given witchcraft to enchant many carnal hearts. They always use music as part of the deception, and emotional high. They have great musicians and excellent structured church programs. They keep the religious people and priests busy with community service and church group activities and Bible study Jezebel indoctrination cell groups. They separate them into races and age groups and gender, and mobilize them like Satan’s organizations and social communities. Everything is patterned after the Illuminati way. They keep the church congregations focused on religion, religious activities, economic pursuit, secular jobs, and political fervor. They skim off vast amounts of wealth from the foolish followers every week, who think they are giving to God. These priests always sell a lot of books, instead of giving the Word of God for free. They sell tapes and materials. They operate schools to make further money. They raise up those who are loyal to Jezebel’s Babylonian doctrines, and make them into Sunday School teachers and home cell group leaders. The pastors are chosen based on their submissiveness to the people, and their supposed nice personalities, academics, and loyalty to Jezebelism and humanism. The bigger the building and programs, the bigger the crowds they gather. These Pharisees seek to gain greater numbers for this is their proof of success as religious leaders. So, they cater to the carnal hearted and religious lovers. They promote religious faith, instead of love for the Torah Truth who is Christ or first love. They seek registration and approval from the Illuminati’s government organizations, instead of God. They satisfy these stupid religious masses’ spiritual needs by providing gatherings once a week on Sundays, and perhaps, their religious scriptural studies once a week. They provide youth’s and women’s and men’s fraternity and sorority gatherings for added preoccupation with what they call fellowship and camaraderie, religious recruitment programs like the cults, shopping list prayer sessions, and food consumption. They have great concerts and pep rallies to gather even more religious comrades. This is the diluted form of religion that they have, which is a very deceptive spell of Jezebel. It promotes comfort in numbers, and assurance in programs. Everything is systematic and predictable and well-controlled, just like the Illuminati and reptilians like it. People are lured by the magic and supernatural and the entertainment show. If you preach what the world wants, you will become a successful church. If you preach the Torah Truth, the crowds will leave you, you will be treated as a crazy lunatic, and persecuted to the ends of the earth. This is the world you live in. The Illuminati uses these hippy rogue pastors to have huge satanic Western Christian rock concerts to create the humungous populations of religious Christians by using the same mind-control and witchcraft spell they use with regular rock idol fans. It is the one and the same wild frenzy in both types of concerts: one having the appearance of a death metal Satan worship and the other having the appearance of a Christian worship concert. You look at the audience and they behave in the exact same crazy manner. You must choose this day, whom you will follow, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren—the true Light or the dark shadow. The Light will attract those with a pure heart and expose the shadows. God always has His faithful remnant though they are far and few in-between. Satan has a tendency to tempt Eve first every time with Jezebel feminism, and the carnal men will just follow the women. It is a proven technique. Women tend to be allured by the Jezebel spirit and witchcraft and occult, and Adam tend to be allured by women. This is why you should not marry with pagan occult wives nor adopt their idols or their lifestyles.


Jezebel worship and following after the doctrines of the witches is one thing that God will not tolerate in His House for it is witchcraft and a spell and a spirit and it is a desecration of the fundamentals of Torah Truth and who God is. The Illuminati wants every real Christian assassinated if they could, because we fight the system and do not go along with it, which is their reptilian world system that has one goal, and that goal is to exterminate all humankind from the face of this planet. All the alien technologies that we use in our homes every day in the last few decades all have been taught by the fallen angels, just like in the days of Noah’s flood’s Atlantis, and all the heathens are afraid to talk about them since they would get killed, but we Christians are not afraid to tell the world the truth and the secrets they are hiding. In exchange for technology, the Illuminati Satanists help in the kidnapping of humans for the nephilim’s hideous experiments and torture. It is ironic that the religious Christians think we are heretic and delusional and do not believe what we speak, while the demon-possessed Illuminati Satanists know that we speak from God and they believe we are sent by God, so they try to kill us. Their greatest fear is that God starts waking up a few people through me, who are not so stupid and realizes the truth about the feminist hidden reptilian agenda that is broadcasted every single day on the television and movies to brainwash the humans, and that truth starts spreading among the human homo-sapiens’ population, which would seriously damage their reptilian Illuminati plan for holocaust and all that they have worked to build up to this day to mind-control the men and women. This is why they are desperate in trying to kill and silence God’s apostles and prophets who disclose their deepest secrets of Jezebel feminism witchcraft. They have to stop God at all cost for their own very survival, so that they can eliminate the human population before the human population starts to find out the truth that they are being systematically executed. Many people die suddenly from heart attack, and babies die without warning. People have migraine headaches and die from sudden strokes, and the doctors try to make up some cause, but they do not know they are being targeted by the reptilian hybrid Satanist depopulation execution workers’ EMP electromagnetic weapons. God does not allow us to teach wrong doctrine, and God is faithful in accomplishing His plan through us.


Most universities have a women’s studies department, because the Illuminati has to provide jobs, professor titles, power, credentials, salaries, funds, etc. for their reptilian descendent feminist witches. Because of all the money of the world that the Illuminati owns through criminal organizations, black ops budgets, taxpayers’ moneys, money stolen from the world banking systems, etc., they can create all these university departments to house their feminist witches, as well as mafia organizations to do all their criminal activities, and other meaningless organizations to create jobs for their members. This is why their members like Luciano wore gold rings with the devil’s face with ruby eyes. They carry out the reptilians’ agenda, whether it is the mass murder depopulation programs of the witches’ feminist movement and abortion execution program of human homo-sapiens, or it is bringing in billions of dollars of drugs in from South America, or whatever movement or mission Satan orders through his puppets such as the Rothchild family. If you are not God’s apostles, and if you disclose all of these secrets of the reptilians and Satan, then they will assassinate you. This is why they will send their feminists and gangsters and Korean students and street gangs and mafia members and CIA Aryan Nazi descendent assassin squads and all the scums of the earth to try to kill you and gang-stalk you. If you an Illuminati Satanist reptilian feminist witch and descendent of the nephilim who is carrying out the devil’s mission, then the Illuminati will make up college departments such as the “Women’s Studies” departments and titles as professors for you to carry out the feminist movement, have their university leaders create a building and office for you and other witches by using Illuminati stolen money from the public, provide millions of dollars to fund your feminist activist undercover so-called “academic” and political work, give you a doctorate degree, give you a huge salary and comfortable stable job, give you the credentials as a professor of such and such a university to give you leverage in politics and society to sell books and write textbooks and be on television interviews and write articles and give speeches at important events and other brainwashing activities of the public, and other unimaginable benefits that are not disclosed and under the table. However, if you are God’s apostles teaching the Torah Truth about the feminist reptilian witch hybrids, Satan will send all his hordes of feminist assassins disguised under various job titles to follow you around in the hundreds and thousands to blatantly shoot at you with EMP electromagnetic weapons and disrupt your phone calls and bang on bookshelves behind you and say disgusting things as they walk by you, etc., etc., etc., every day. If you walk through even completely deserted parts of the college campuses, you will soon have all these groups of Women’s Studies Department professors following after you, gang stalking you, glaring at you, harassing you, because they are placed in those jobs by the Illuminati and given professor titles in order to further the reptilian Satanist feminist movement. If you feel the EMP electromagnetic weapon being shot at you, all you need to do is to look behind the wall, and you will always see these feminist Women’s Studies professors in their cars glaring at you, shooting their EMP electromagnetic weapons at you. It was surprising to find so many college professors coming around to shoot their electromagnetic weapons at me, and that is when I found out that the Illuminati gives its reptilian bloodline Satanist members all the most prestigious and wealthiest and powerful positions, such as professors and millionaire stock brokers and Hollywood actresses. This is why you do not find born-again Christian Hollywood actresses who preach the Torah Truth. The world is owned by the Illuminati Satanists and their religious Christian Satanist church ministers. These creatures are the scum of the earth, and they will not hesitate to violate every ethical standard and God’s precepts. They do not hesitate at all to violate people’s privacies or kill people or steal information or deceive. They are no different from the common criminals in prison or the mafia gangster or Nazi mass murderer. They are the same type of people. They will easily kill other people for food. It’s just that they do the evil in secret and unknown to the public, supported by the Satanist Illuminati. Their faces and demeanor gives them away, for they are Satanists and demon-possessed people. They are the opposite of God’s women. These college departments created artificially by the Illuminati is a cover-up for their groups of assassins: they are Women’s Studies professors and feminist activists by day, and cannibalistic reptilian witch Satanist assassins at night. If you are a reptilian, they will make you U.S. presidents and congressmen. You have to remember there is only one of you, but they have thousands of people on their salary program, so they can send 30 or 40 different people to harass you every day, and all they have to do is to take a one-day vacation each to do that. When the Illuminati calls them, these Satanists have to obey and leave their jobs, in order to carry out the Illuminati’s mission, whether it is to shoot God’s apostles with EMP weapons or to follow them around to bang on things or try to run over them with cars. They have more reptilian hybrid clone nephilim being manufactured in their factories and thrown into the human society as their Satanist soldiers. Everything they do are covered up by the CIA and police department and FBI and universities and their workplace’s bosses, who are also Satanist Illuminati members. This is why they create all these made-up fake Illuminati cover-up organizations like the Women’s Studies Departments in colleges and CIA black ops budgets and some NASA programs and cult assassin religions, etc.


It is the same thing in these huge major Illuminati corporations. The Illuminati give these Celtic violent-tempered nephilim descendent feminist witches high positions in the company and pay them enormous amounts of money and fancy titles. Since they cannot do their work, they make up global management jobs for them where they just collect reports and have interrogation meetings with people in each nation’s office who are actually doing the work, or they separate only leadership management from the training department, and create a leadership institute, and put these witches in charge of the institute, since they cannot do other work. However, they are all paid senior management salaries and given senior management titles. If you disclose child slavery and child pornography rings that these Illuminati company executives are conducting to these witches, they will do a fake investigation, get you fired, make you sign a non-disclosure contract if you want your final pay, and then threaten you with lawsuit if you disclose any truth to the public. Every single time, it is the same story over and over and over and over, again. These Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim descendent witch race people do the same thing in whatever country or whatever company or whatever situation they are in. It is in their DNA of their fathers—Satan and the fallen angels—to do evil and have their evil nature, no matter how nice a people they make themselves look like. They give each other all the top positions in the colleges, businesses, media, governments, military, police, intelligence agencies, churches, schools, organized crimes, entertainment celebrity world, music industry, artist industries, fashion industries, banks, etc. They use their black ops invisibility military devices received from their fallen angel alien technology in order to always sneak into people’s wives’ and daughters’ and granddaughters’ shower rooms and bathrooms and toilets and bedrooms, using all the trillions of black ops money they get from tax money and narcotics money and oil money and banking pirate system and stock market global sham system and armament business and child trafficking business and child pornography rings and cancer industry and many other sources. They are a plague and curse and parasite upon the human homo-sapiens race for thousands of years.


These Illuminati major corporations are no different from the Illuminati mafia mob gangsters organizations, Illuminati feminist organizations, Illuminati Korean student assassination groups, Illuminati Satanist organizations, Illuminati narcotics industry intelligence agency organizations, Illuminati child kidnapping slavery organizations, and Illuminati natural disaster depopulation organizations, Illuminati live kidnapped human homo-sapiens dissection and genetic engineering laboratory Nazi organizations, and Illuminati motorcycle gang occult drug runner assassination organizations, Illuminati Wall Street stock broker scam industry parasitical organizations. They are all different faces and sub-organizations of the same reptilian hybrid parent organization—the Illuminati, and do the same thing inside the organizations, hidden from human sight. If you say anything that do not agree with their values or beliefs, they assassinate you. If they think you do not fit into the dumb human population that can be mind controlled, and that you think on your own and are a creative thinker, then they assassinate you. If you are unlucky enough to just be the next house or family they decide to depopulate a member from, then they assassinate you. If you belong to a different race from whoever happens to be creating their biological weapons, then they genocide your race. If you are a homo-sapiens human race person and not an Illuminati reptilian hybrid race, then they assassinate you. If you belong to any other Illuminati reptilian hybrid faction that is different from their group such as the Gnostic Illuminati or Comm 12 or White Dragon Society or Green Dragon Society or Red Dragon Society or White Hat faction, then they assassinate you. If you are one of their Illuminati assassins, in order to make double sure that you do not speak about your assassinations, then they assassinate you. If one of your Illuminati subordinates or leaders do not like you for some reason, then they assassinate you. If you are just unlucky to be there in the way of the natural disaster or terrorist bombing or intentional plane crash, then they assassinate you. If a feminist happens to hear what you are saying and does not like it, then they assassinate you. If you have money or a wife or a daughter or status position that the Illuminati wants to steal from you, then they assassinate you. If any of their members just happens to see you on the streets and become jealous of how you happen to look, then they assassinate you. If they feel like killing someone today, then they assassinate you. If you happen to be there in a school or shopping mall or military installation or World Trade Center building or government building in which they plan to carry out their Illuminati reptilian satanic live sacrifice ritual by blowing it up or conducting mass shootings, then they assassinate you. If you happen to be in a rural village where they want to test their new military weapon that can wipe out the entire village and use some lame excuse to explain it away to the dumb public, then they assassinate you. If you live on this earth and are a victim of the diseases and crippling by the chem trails that they are pouring out onto the populace from their air force planes and commercial planes, then they assassinate you. If you are drinking or eating the toxins they are pouring into the tap waters and food sources or you are contracting germs that cause cancer that are created by the Illuminati Nazi laboratories, then they assassinate you. If you are victim of the financial recession that are designed to make you bankrupt and foreclose your house and become homeless and cannot feed your children, then they assassinate you. If you are unlucky to be a woman or man that they see on the streets and they do a digital recognition of your face to find out where you live and they come to UFO abduct you at night on their TR3-B alien technology military craft and rape you and dump your body in the ocean, then they assassinate you. If you are one of their Illuminati mind control program victims and they force you to commit suicide or conduct serial satanic ritual murders, then they assassinate you. If you a group of global bankers who oppose the Federal Reserve Bank, so they bunch you up onto the Titanic ship which they sink, then they assassinate you. If you are a religious Christian or a Jew of the twelve tribes who the Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodline Edomite cursed Tribe of Dan Zionist descendants hate, then they assassinate you. If you are a Japanese Hebrew descendant of the ten lost tribes whom the Illuminati Japanese of Korean ancestry hates and they can cause Fukushima nuclear tidal waves to wipe your ethnic group out, then they assassinate you. If you live on the African continent where the Illuminati wants to take over your natural resources and test their Ebola and AIDS biological weapons on, then they assassinate you. If you are the last homo-sapiens human race person alive during Noah’s flood’s days when they replaced mankind with alien reptilian hybrid Aryan nephilim creatures, then they assassinate you. If you are one of the millions of children kidnapped every year for their paedophile rape or Illuminati child sacrifice satanic rituals, then they assassinate you. If you are an Illuminati reptilian hybrid who they use to destroy the human race and once they are finished using you, then they will assassinate you. This is why the Illuminati has been gang-stalking me with their hordes of people and trying to assassinate me with EMP electromagnetic heart attack weapons and poisons and bankruptcies and hundreds of other methods. The society we live in is lawless, wild, mind-controlled and despicably evil.


The Illuminati reptilians are creating all these nephilim reptilian hybrid clone creatures without human souls but with demon spirits, and sending these witches and sorceress species created with homosexual and feminist genetic markers into the Western Christianity churches to carry out their father the devil’s purpose and to corrupt the churches with their feminist Illuminati doctrines. These creatures or clones have homosexual and feminist genes imbedded into their gene pool, making them very ungodly and perverted humanoids. Everything of Satan, including homosexual sodomy is a fake, artificial replacement by the reptilian hybrid nephilim for God’s real sex and truth. All these nephilim reptilian hybrid clones they are replacing the kidnapped human homo-sapiens are imbedded with homosexual genes, so the population of homosexual gays are sky-rocketing in numbers in these evil End Times. The nephilim descendent witch feminists carry the reptilian homosexual lesbian genes of the devil. These demon spirits that do not have human souls are perverted creatures and they are absolutely dedicated to getting rid of God’s precepts, and pushing forward reversal of genders. They have replaced so many human homo-sapiens with so many reptilian hybrid nephilim clones that this modern day End Times age is filled with so many homosexual and feminist people, so that it looks like some comedy freak show that Satan can mock God with, because humans were created originally in God’s image of normal male and normal female. All these reptilian nephilim descendent feminist witch race women and all these homosexual gene reptilian hybrid clones they are replacing abducted humans with, and filling the society with millions and millions with these nephilim creatures, are spreading hatred toward Christians and propaganda against God’s people as if they are the evil people. Therefore, as the nephilim race population grows (Satan’s genetic people or freak monsters), the End Times society is becoming increasingly more evil and filled with hatred toward Christians. The Illuminati’s spies and reptilian nephilim who have infiltrated the churches are trying to unite the church with Satan’s world religions, and turning their religious Christians against the real born-again spiritual Christians. This is a war between Christians against Christians. Just like the Pharisees were not concerned about the Torah Truth by bringing the adulterous woman to Jesus, but just concerned with discrediting Jesus, so also are these hippy rogue pastors not concerned about the Torah Truth, but just concerned with discrediting God’s prophets and apostles. It is becoming like the society right before Noah’s flood, which God destroyed with the Great Flood. As the nephilim population grows and fills our society and replaces all the kidnapped and exterminated humans, the society will become more anti-Christian, and they will start executing and martyring all the Christians and Jews, as the Bible prophesied that the Anti-Christ will kill all the Tribulation Saints. All these nephilim  tattoo their bodies, listen to rock music, take narcotics, have sex with everyone, conduct homosexual acts, spread feminist media and propaganda and beliefs, and join occult secret societies. We will see a mass execution of the human race, and massive replacement of the human race with the nephilim freak monster people in the coming days, just like right before Noah’s flood in the ancient days, when Satan and his fallen angels almost wiped out the entire human race and replaced them entirely with nephilim creatures. The nephilim reptilian hybrids already control all the world leaders’ positions, bankers’ positions, military leadership, intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, police, media, colleges, schools, churches, companies, and criminal organizations. The days will grow more evil and perilous, until Jesus comes back at Armageddon and destroys all the nephilim and Illuminati on the earth. 600,000 Americans disappear every year, and two percent of the population of the earth disappears every year, but the mainline media of the Illuminati reptilians do not say anything about it. If two percent of the human homo-sapiens population is disappearing every year, you would imagine that the major medias would be covering that issue every day. If the humans do not even realize this mass cover up by the reptilian hybrid government, they are so stupid that they deserve to be abducted and cut up into pieces.


In Noah’s ancient days, Satan was doing the same thing, and all these nephilim giants were homosexuals and feminists. These nephilim giants had sex with the same gender, and we are seeing the repeat of history in these modern day End Times, as the nephilim people take over the earth once more. They hate the Christians because the Christians preach against homosexuality and feminism. They corrupt the human homo-sapiens women with their ungodly values and teachings and behavior and lifestyle and books and preaching and thinking. It is because they do not have the Holy Spirit, and they have kicked the Holy Spirit out of the church, because they want their own Golden Calf idol Satanist doctrines of Western Christianity. Normally, men have a more stronger heart and emotional stability than women, and women have a more meek and gentle heart than men, but what the Illuminati Satanist that is possessed by Satan has done is to introduce all these toxic hormones and chemicals into the food sources of these End Times humans that the men have become like women and women have become like men. The televisions and mind control towers emit demonic frequencies and the Illuminati use them to control the men and women to become opposite genders. There are pre-adamite spirits that are interfering with the earth to move it into occultism and become more perverted, using their witch race feminists and Illuminati nephilim hybrid witch descendents who are the tools of these fallen angels and the devil on the earth. And these disgusting, putrid, self-proclaimed linguistic professors become the tools of these Illuminati Satanists to spread their satanic Western Christianity doctrines. These feminists’ names cannot be blotted out of the Book of Life mentioned in the Bible, because these cloned nephilim creatures’ names were never written in the Book of Life, since they are not human homo-sapiens with human souls, but they are hybrid reptilian creatures who carry Satan’s and the fallen angels’ genes. They are demonic spirits with electromagnetic holographic human bodies. They are more serpent than human. Military commanders of the spaceship fleet they have created are not humans, but they are alien beings. These reptilian hybrids are transported in huge masses in spaceships, and are released onto the earth. They look like ordinary humans, but they have the vicious reptilian consciousness and feminist values. They are spread into all strata of society, and many of them are police officers. So, during the martial law that they will enforce, these police officers are not humans, so they will not hesitate to slaughter huge masses of humans: men, women and children. They are only concerned about mass extermination of the human race and replacing humans with Satan’s serpentine hybrid people. They rape women in very sadistic ways. In the videos, you can see Barack Obama with parts of bodies that are transparent, just like in the vampire movies where vampires are invisible in the mirrors, and these vampires need to feed on human children’s blood in order to maintain their human forms. The Bible says that these serpents or vampires are the most cursed creatures. Many Christians are being gang-stalked by squads of helicopters, police officers knocking on the door, electromagnetic weapons being shot at them, and police cars harassing them by following them wherever they go, because they cannot kill Christians. They can only try to intimidate Christians. These Christians have family members who are police officers, so they recognize that these police officers are not humans, and that they are given authority by the police departments to conduct their harassment. All the technologies that they use to harass are alien technologies or fallen angel technologies. These people are not humans but reptilian hybrid people. The only thing that can protect a person from these vampires with supernatural powers is God and the Holy Spirit who is in them This is why these serpentine vampires are eating non-believer children by the thousands and thousands. Most of those who are speaking up against the Illuminati are Christians, because the Illuminati has killed off all the non-Christians who spoke against them. (Watch video “Aliens Among Us” at and “Aliens Among Us – The Proof! Pre Talk” at and “Lt. Col. Roy Potter: Wake Up Call (Most Honest Rant Ever)” at .)


The reason why these reptilian hybrid homo-capensis Illuminati avatar globalist elites and the reptilian hybrid clones they are replacing humans with at great numbers in these End Times for their secret invasion are all bisexual is because all reptilians are bisexual. Their bosses, the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens who control them are bisexual, and have both sexualities. This is why all the reptilian hybrid Illuminati homo-capensis nephilim descendant Satanist witches and Illuminati bloodline family people all have homosexual sexual rituals in their Satanist rituals, and rape and sodomize the little children in their Illuminati reptilian witch rituals, because reptilians are paedophiles. This is why they did the same things in their pagan Jezebel ancient religions, and threw the children into the fire of Moloch’s statue. They still do the same thing to sacrifice children in their Draco reptilian rituals and their feminist abortion system they have developed. The human sacrifices create dark energy and give them power as the fallen angels and Satan feeds on these dark energies that are created from these reptilian Satanism rituals.


These foolish people demonstrate on the tear gas ridden streets, sit down so that the police can carry them away and arrest them, they occupy sidewalks where people have to walk and business have to open shop, and they throw things at the police officers. They believe that they can change the hearts of the Illuminati Satanist reptilian hybrid bloodline family demon spirit world leaders to repent and become righteous and godly people by calling out to them to give them free election and democracy. They believe in their own strengths and abilities, and believe that evil will become good. They do this because evil has no common sense or godly wisdom. The only way that the Illuminati governments and the nephilim people will change is when Jesus returns at His Second Coming and annihilates them with His voice, so that the blood will flow up to the horse’s bridle and all the governments of the Illuminati are destroyed, and their father the devil and his fallen angels are thrown into the abyss and Lake of Fire. Meanwhile, our job is not to demonstrate and try to change politics physically like the foolish heathens and religious Christians do, but our job is to disciple those who will receive our Torah Truth who is Christ, teach God’s people, and inform the world about the Torah Truth and also about the Illuminati Satanists evil schemes to exterminate mankind and the devil’s plan, as well as inform the world’s people of God’s salvation and love and grace in Christ Jesus. Our job is to pray and to serve God faithfully while we are here on this earth, and to seek the Father’s will. This earth is dying and mankind will be annihilated soon. What purpose is there in trying to make the evil governments obey goodness or repent of their evil? What purpose is there in demonstrating and using violence and doing hippy things? Instead, we should be busily about the Lord’s business, sharing His Word the Torah Truth, and going to those people whom the Lord sends us to, whom He knows are His people. Do not waste your time on those who are headed to the Lake of Fire, or waste your time in changing the devil’s Illuminati governments hoping that they will listen to you and become good. The devil is the devil, and his Illuminati reptilian hybrid children who have killed babies for thousands of years are still nephilim, and they are not all of a sudden going to become godly kingdoms because you tell them to do so and you demonstrate on the streets. It is Jesus’ job to rid of this world of the devil and his governments when He returns, and our job on this earth is to share the truth to the people and make disciples for Christ, until He returns to rapture us out. Do not be like the rebellious hippies, but be like the born-again real Spirit-filled children of God. The Illuminati will try to assassinate you, but ignore them, because they are like a swarm of bees without their sting. Jesus has plucked out their bee’s sting and pulled out their serpent’s fangs and vacuumed out their skunk’s fart.


If you ever wondered why all these artists do not have any artistic sense or any creativity or any skill, but they are famous and rich and have positions of power in the art world, and they are all liberals and ungodly hippies, it is because they are Illuminati Satanist witch descendents. The Illuminati decides at childhood what jobs their members will receive when they become adults. Those who cannot be bankers or scientists or politicians or military generals are given positions as artists and art professors. This is why you do not find any rich famous artist who is a born-again Christian with godly values and worships God or honors the Torah Truth. All the artists are feminists, liberals, hippies, socialists, and wear slippers and Eastern occult mysticism clothes. They have all kinds of Hindu and Illuminati occult Eastern mysticism witchcraft idols and statues and tapestries and paintings in their homes and gardens. Meanwhile, the Illuminati makes sure that the born-again Christians are driven out of their homes, gang-stalked, their savings and assets destroyed, poisoned and shot with electromagnetic weapons at every street corner. Those who are Satan’s bloodline are given huge estates, 100 acre gardens, water fountains, swimming pools, dozens of luxurious cars, leer jets, private helicopters, 3 million dollar gardens, and all the sex and drugs and fine cuisine and titles that they want. Just like in Noah’s times of Atlantis, the nephilim rule the earth, steal from the humans, lord over them, enslave them, make them work, parasite off of the human populace, kill humans, rape humans, eat humans, and have their law enforcement personnel and mass media personnel protect their all their activities. Those who find out their secrets are murdered and made to look like suicide. The Illuminati can make up any kind of job and huge salary and prestigious title and give it to their members. If you hold allegiance to Satan, he will basically give you the world for selling your soul to the devil, or if you are a nephilim reptilian hybrid, you do not have a soul, so you are already a demon spirit and offspring of Satan and a feminist witch who receives the title as professor in the Women’s Studies department or a famous artist or famous fashion designer or museum director or food critic. Meanwhile, if you are a human homo-sapiens race person with a human soul, they will purposely create famine to kill you in Africa, or purposely contaminate your nation with a nuclear power plant disaster radiation so you will die with cancer as a child, or purposely create wars for you to go to the war to get crippled or hopefully die so that they can make money from the armament business, or overdose you with drugs so that they can make money from the narcotics industry, or have their full-time assassin workers shoot at you from neighboring houses and apartments to create sudden infant death or cancer or heart attack so that they can depopulate the human population. These reptilian hybrid nephilim witch world elites try to create race wars to make the human kill each other. Usually, the dumbest of the humans fall into their trap, and start hating and fighting their fellow humans who have different skin colors and races and ethnicities and nationalities, and later, the smart humans are dragged into the war. While the human homo-sapiens race kills each other, the reptilian hybrid elites watch them kill each other on video, in order to get orgasm in their Satanist ritual orgies. If you have Satan’s reptilian genes and are a witch, they will give you the wealth and all the good life that the world offers, but if you are a heathen who have human genes, they will treat you like stupid livestock or a bug to be exploited, parasite off of, and exterminated. Your children or grandchildren or great grandchildren will be kidnapped and sacrificed in their satanic rituals and shredded alive to be eaten. Satan has no regard for his human servants, but hates them with a passion, and after use, will kill them.


If you are an Illuminati feminist or homosexual genes reptilian nephilim descendant member, even if you cannot design, and you design the most hideous, gaudy clothes, they will make you a rich, famous designer. Even if you cannot draw, and just throw paint on the screen, they will make you a rich, famous artist. Even if you have absolutely no creativity, and you make morbid, satanic, illogical, meaningless, black and white movies, they will make you into a movie director. Even if you cannot sing in a lovely voice, but if you can just blurt out rap words, they make you famous and rich. Even if you cannot sing, but can grow your hair long and scream in the microphone, they give you money, sex and drugs. If you are a nephilim witch descendant, they will make you into a famous pastor and give you a large church. The most evil Illuminati female police officers, who make the male police officers catch and wrestle down a criminal, and then, come later to claim the arrest for herself, gets promoted to high positions. If you are an Illuminati demon, even if you are a chef in a dirty kitchen, they will choose your book, and make you into a wealthy, famous television host. All these family businesses on discovery channel that the Illuminati makes into weekly television programs, and prospers their business, and makes them into wealthy, famous celebrities, are Illuminati Satanist reptilian families. All the criminal Illuminati wealthy customers who give them business, are also Illuminati reptilian demon spirits. They circulate and give each other money, which they get from the Rothchild families producing digital money from nothing, and from their Illuminati CIA narcotics industry, and their Illuminati major corporations that they have taken over and crushed all the small, local human homo-sapiens businesses, and all the armament industry money and oil money that they make from creating wars and assassinating anyone who invents free energy from sound, and all the trillions of dollars of tax money they steal from the hard-working slave human homo-sapiens population, and the parasite Illuminati stock brokers who steal money from the human race by fluctuating the stock market prices up and down, and giving each other hundreds of millions of dollars of salaries, and giving each other presidents’ positions and prime ministers’ positions. Meanwhile, they call all the employers whom the real born-again apostles of God apply to and tell them that they are the CIA and not to hire these apostles of God because they are national threats, or they bring down the stock prices of all the companies that the apostles of God invest in, and they try to run God’s apostles into homelessness and starvation and death. You will have hordes of tech savvy Korean Illuminati gang-stalkers cutting off your internet connections or crashing your computers whenever you try to apply for a job, because their goal is to make you homeless and starve to death. All these groups of Illuminati Koreans will follow after you wherever you go, and they will block the computer WIFI connections and your mobile phone internet connections. They spend all day doing that. The Illuminati spend billions of our taxpayer’s tax money on trying to kill people. The Korean parents spend tons of money to have their children go to good colleges to learn computer technology, but that education and knowledge is used to kill and assassinate targeted individual victims.


The nephilim have run this earth for thousands of years and they still do. They give each other the riches and fame and powerful positions, like kings and queens, and make the dumb, livestock human populations worship them. Meanwhile, they try to kill all the apostles of God who speak the Torah Truth to the dumb human population, so that their nephilim crimes and secrets will not be disclosed to their livestock human slave populations. And, the dumb human populations always cooperate with these CIA Nazi descendant Satanists and global bankers to give private privacy information to them about the apostles or to cooperate in the assassination attempts against the apostles or detest the apostles as they are brainwashed by the Illuminati. These dumb human populations deserve to be thrown into the lake of fire with these nephilim and Satan and fallen angels, for they share in the murders and stealing of privacy and hatred, just like Pontius Pilate who claimed that he was innocent of Christ’s murder plot. These religious Christians in these Christian churches are the worst coconspirators and servants of the devil in trying to destroy God’s people. They are the scum of the earth. These pastors even misuse their pastoral salaries by spending all day hunting down the whereabouts of God’s apostles, so that they can report it to the Illuminati Satanists and the devil. The reason why all these popular industries to work for such as the fashion or art or music are all reptilian genes homosexual and feminist people just like Sodom Gomorrah and Atlantis is because the devil gives his nephilim all these unskilled, useless people jobs that can get away with doing terrible work but that makes the dumb human populace believe it is beautiful work. All the television celebrities in Japan are of Korean ancestry, and they debut always as male partners in pairs. In the Mormon church, the ministers have to always do field missions as male partners in pairs. In the U.S. military and celebrity world and all other Illuminati organizations, those who become generals or celebrities or Yale University Skull & Bones Society elites have to go through homosexual satanic sex rituals. The more humans they replace with reptilian clone demon spirit nephilim, the more and more homosexuality and feminism you will have in a society. Then, you end up with violent, satanic, evil societies like Sodom Gomorrah or Atlantis. When the world’s human homo-sapiens populations are killed and they become all reptilian demonic nephilim populations, then God’s judgment will come next time with fire upon the earth to consume everything, just like God judged Atlantis with the Great Flood with water, last time. People are becoming more and more homosexual and feminist, because their genetic markers are being changed by the devil and his fallen angels. It is a perversion of the normal human genes. These chemicals such as triazine astrazine that Satan’s Illuminati Luciferian reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist witch descendants are dumping into the tap water and chem trails  and food sources are altering the genes of the heathens who are most sinful and least protected by God to become homosexual and feminist. Christians’ genes are protected supernaturally by God. The homosexual bombs that the military uses makes their enemy males effeminate and not able to fight and become very timid. You have to remember that these reptilians are demon spirit descendants of the fallen angels and the devil, so they do not have human souls, and that is why these feminists and homosexuals hate God’s Christians and always try to martyr them. The feminists’ assassination squads have killed millions of human homo-sapiens race people. They are worse than the Nazis or Pol Pot or Count Dracula, who were also reptilians. All dictators, serial murderers, psychopaths, torturers and megalomaniacs in history were reptilians and nephilim.