Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 18


The Delta Force and other Spec Ops troops operate outside the law and the military. The Illuminati uses them to do all the dirty work. It is the opposite of the Illuminati’s brainwash of the public through their movies and media making the Delta Force and Spec Ops troops as heroes doing good things for the country. These troops do not serve the nation, but they serve the Illuminati to fulfill their dark work. For example, in the battle of Tora Bora in 2001, the U.S. Army’s Delta Force was called in to ensure that the terrorist Osama Bin Ladin escape safely, so that the war on terror could continue. If Osama Bin Ladin was apprehended, the Illuminati would not have been able to take away our civil liberties so easily, and enforce their new Homeland Security programs and martial law legal preparations and develop their police state. They cannot bring in the Illuminati reptilian hybrids’ New World Order one-world government if people are still protected by certain rights and freedoms and legal barriers, so this is why the Illuminati’s CIA Nazis blew up the 9.11 World Trade Centers to start this war on terror and start their brainwash of the public. These religious Christian ministers are hired to sell the Illuminati’s propaganda of national patriotism and troop support and the idea that the U.S. military serves the U.S. people instead of the Illuminati Satanists and reptilian agenda. The hordes of dumb religious Christians follow these Illuminati ministers. The Delta Force symbol is the Illuminati symbol. The Illuminati can use their electromagnetic pulse weapons to knock out the United States.


MJ-12 Bilderberg Nazi cabal’s Muslim Barrack Obama is bringing in 85,000 more fellow Muslim terrorists into the United States to prepare to take over the United States. Obama’s MJ-12 Bilderberg Nazi cabal is preparing multitudes of groups to kill all the police officers and Pentagon military leaders when they bring in their emergency martial law. When they trigger the chaos and huge mobs of black Afro-African people start killing everyone and raping and stealing in the cities and neighborhoods, then the people of the United States will actually call the Anti-Christ’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to come in and plead for him to become their Anti-Christ dictator and protect them. They are preparing to bring in their Cuban and Mexican and South American and other military forces to come into the United States to subdue the black Afro-American mobs and rioters, and enforce martial law. Obama has already made himself the United Nations’ Security Council Chairman, so he controls all the United Nations’ military force. (See video and and and .)


The Illuminati has technology to hijack and land planes in their military bases. People are told lies when planes like MH370 (Malaysian Airlines Flight 370) disappear, all of a sudden. The governments have been very cooperative with alien greys in abducting huge amounts of human homo-sapiens, and then dissecting and experimenting on them, in order to create freak Frankenstein genetically engineered nephilim creatures. They keep these humans like livestock in their DUMB or Deep Underground Military Bases. In exchange, these reptilian hybrid leaders of the Illuminati and Black Ops Budget organizations receive fallen angel alien technology in return.


The reason why these MI6 agents always make the senior elderly British Airway check-in staff to open a counter right before it is my turn in line, and call me over to check me in by separating me from my friends in line is because they want me to act as a buffer against potential Muslim terrorists that might be on the plane. They will assign me to a seat right next to these difficult, temperamental, Arab, Muslim, potential terrorist people on the plane. Once they check me in at the airline counter and assign me to a seat right next to these most problematic, temperamental, elbowing, Arab people, they will close the counter and walk back into the back office. Their purpose for coming out of the office and opening up the counter was to just check me in. They will place the Arab Muslim in the window seat, place me as a buffer in the middle seat, and their MI6 agents will sit on the aisle seat and the seat behind our row. If the Arab person should attack people, they intend to use me as a buffer shield to be stabbed or shot or punched, which will provide time for their MI6 agents to wrestle down the criminal. They always choose the most disciplined and muscular and upright nice looking person to sit next to these potential terrorists, in order to be their buffer and sacrifice. They know righteous and upright people like me would risk my life to protect other people and wrestle down any terrorists. They will place my friends next to cute, nice, young ladies, and place me next to these very angry Arab businessmen who are upset because they feel they were discriminated by being searched thoroughly before boarding, compared to the other passengers. This is why these MI6 agents are very evil, evil people, who have absolutely no righteousness, ethics, conscience or godliness. They live purely by their Satanist freemason secret society rule of fake logic, evolution, exploiting people, and doing anything evil in order to fulfill their own selfish, faithless, perverse patriotic, unethical purpose. To them, it is alright to sacrifice or kill innocent people or use innocent people or inconvenience people for a whole day on a plane or throw them under a bus, if they can justify it under their perverse doctrine of right and wrong. They are evolutionists, Illuminati doctrine people, and rule-of-the-jungle, survival-of-the-fittest, sacrifice-as-many-people to accomplish national interests type of people. You cannot talk God’s sense or precepts to such ungodly, demonic people who worship Satan and his ways. They are as far from God as the crocodile is a vegetarian. They live by Satan’s precepts and values. He is their father. Their purpose in life is not God’s love or righteousness, but their purpose in life is the devil’s self-preservation and survival and brute animal instinct of sin. All the Illuminati organizations and secret society members’ values are this brute, perverse sense of logic and satanic values. May God forgive them for their evil. Some of you were like this before you knew Christ, but now, you must live and think and breathe Christ. You are a new creation in Christ, and you have put off the old nature. You are now a slave to righteousness and to God’s love, and no longer a slave to the sin nature like these heathen pagan unbelievers are who call themselves religious Christians. Just like the Hitler Youth are the most fanatic Nazis alive today, because they were indoctrinated in the Nazi beliefs from young childhood, so also are the last generation on this earth in these End Times the most satanic, because they have been completely deprived of God’s values from the education and media and internet, and they have been completely indoctrinated with feminist, humanist, Satanist values of the Illuminati and the religious values of Sumer and Atlantis. In Japan, it is considered cool and fashionable to be a little evil, because the Japanese of Korean ancestry have brainwashed the youth of Japan through their manga anime comics and satanic video games with hero characters who are a little evil. It is considered good to be bad, and bad to be good. To be a little bad is considered attractive and desirable and respected, while to be good is considered unattractive and goofy and hard-headed. Satan uses his Illuminati Japanese of Korean ancestry Satanist media people, and comic and video game writers and developers to mind-control the young generation of Japan. It is just like Michael Jackson’s song lyrics, “I’m bad,” that has come to be known as good. As it says in the Bible, cursed is the man who calls good as bad, and bad as good, since that is the devil’s doctrine. However, that is the way of thinking of this last generation that will be judged by God’s fire. In Korea, there are tons of child model agencies that have all these half Western Illuminati and half Korean nephilim children paraded in the mass media as celebrities, and the Illuminati is a world of paedophile.


The Aryan occult Nazi descendents organizations like the CIA and MI6 have two faces. One face is the few people who are fake media marketing ploy façades of being the heroes who go after the so-called terrorists who supposedly caused all the terrorist attacks that were actually caused by the CIA and MI6 Satanist Nazi black ops Illuminati reptilian hybrids’ Satanist servants. The second face is the real function of Nazi secret societies of the Western Illuminati like the CIA and MI6 and other intelligence agencies, which are the thousands of hit squads that go around killing millions of human homo-sapiens in their bed every night with their EMP electromagnetic weapons, as part of their mass execution and depopulation programs of human homo-sapiens. This is why all the CIA and MI6 hit squad group people who gang stalk you in their dozens of tinted window white trucks and move into all the adjoining rooms to try to assassinate you all look like they are just going to another day of work, and behave like they are just doing a routine daily work of killing people. If they did not kill humans every day, they would not be able to unload their trucks with their EMP electromagnetic weapons to enter the hotel and follow you around in their trucks shooting you without any emotion on their faces, just staring at you for hours. They are psychopath Nazis, so to genocide masses of people is just like a daily work at a factory or something. They especially take pleasure in killing Jews. It is exactly like the Korean hit squads take pleasure killing Japanese. Only the Korean hit squad people glare at you or point their finger at you to show that they are going to kill you tonight or come out of their adjoining rooms when you try to leave the room.


A lot of the Illuminati Satanist assassins are young Korean girls and students, and even Korean families with kids who move into the adjoining rooms with their electromagnetic weapons. It is a great cover up for assassins, because people would never suspect Korean families with kids. It is also interesting that the CIA American reptilian Nazi assassins have sunglasses and black t-shirts, and look like former marines G.I. Aryan gang member bar fighting bouncers as they unload their white trucks with luggage full of electromagnetic weapons and come up to all the rooms adjoining yours; while the MI6 British reptilian Nazi assassins do not wear sunglasses or black t-shirts, but they look like ordinary British businessmen or tourists, as they come up with their tourist wheeled luggage with electromagnetic weapons and come up to all the rooms adjoining yours. The interesting thing is that the CIA American assassin groups all dress in rough t-shirts and have a look of evil about them. However, the MI6 British assassin groups all dress in more finer casual clothes, and behave like normal people and they even greet you. The level of British deception, just like in World War 2 is unparalleled by other nations. Although a few of the British MI6 assassins have absolutely no emotions on their faces, but have a cold-blooded look, as they just go about their jobs of killing like they are just there to do a normal everyday job, as if they are some audio systems company who are there to set up the equipment or something. These reptilian hybrid cold-blooded demon spirits in humanoid holographic bodies live amongst us, and look just like the human homo-sapiens. They eat like us, talk like us, wear the same clothes, and behave in much the same way, except that they do not have human souls, but they have the fallen angel and the devil’s genes, so they are pure evil inside their hearts. To them, they have no hesitation in killing a few human homo-sapiens. To them, it is just an everyday job and work to get income, just like doing paperwork in the office or fixing the plumbing or serving in the army. They see no difference between killing human homo-sapiens for a living and commuting to a regular office job in a bank for a living. So, it should not surprise you if they shoot EMP weapons at you every day, every hour and every minute, if you teach the Torah Truth, because that is what they were created by Satan for, and that is their innate nature as evil spirits who are descendents of the reptilian fallen angels. The feminist assassins have an evil, sinister, reptilian demeanor. These creatures who walk amongst us look human in appearance and have human names, but they have the feeling and appearance of evil creatures and a sense of a sinister spirit about them, although they may laugh and behave like humans and deceive the foolish humans.


These Nazis and Koreans and feminist witches are psychopathic, so they do not feel anything but pleasure about killing thousands of people every night. You could say that they almost enjoy their jobs. To them, killing people is like exterminating cockroaches or pests. They are very systematic about killing human homo-sapiens and truly believe that they are doing the Satanist reptilian elite bosses a favor by exterminating humans. These CIA and MI6 Nazi descendents talk and behave and joke around like ordinary Americans or British or Australians, but they think and kill people like Nazi SS prison guards. They are nice people outwardly and associate with darker-skinned people in front of the camera, but you can feel their hidden hatred and eyes change when they see interracial couples or when they talk about other races among themselves. These reptilians with their father Satan’s technology think they rule the earth. They are like a little bully at school with a BB gun who thinks he is greater than the school principal. Be still and know your Father is God. He is your avenger. Destruction comes upon them as soon as they even look upon us or contemplate anything against us. In the old days, they killed the apostles. Now, they cannot destroy the Church. There is tremendous power manifested by Christ through us, and we cannot be touched. The moment these demon-possessed gang stalkers decide to attack us, they are marked for damnation. They take pride in their fallen angels and technologies and high witches and priestesses and organizations, and God allows them to continue thinking that they can do something to us, but they cannot do anything, and their end is horrific. Basically, they cannibalize each other, because their entire world is cannibalistic and self-destructive. In order to hide their crime, they kill their own who they use for the crimes. God is the one who has control over all the evil they are doing, and He watches over His sheep, so we do not fear. He will not let His loved ones to be harmed. We just laugh at the gang stalkers and they cannot understand it. Then they all disperse and run away, because they cannot handle it. They fear it and also envy what we have: our Father is YHWH, and He has our backs. If they are stupid enough to mess with us, they will get marked by YHWH, and their own people will turn on them. (See video “Gang Stalking Spiritual Warfare Paradigm – Part 5 (Zeph Daniel) at .)


At the core Mystery Babylon religion belief of the Western Illuminati Nazi descendents in the CIA, NSA, FBI, MI6, Homeland Security, FEMA, etc. is their heart and soul belief to the death that all inferior human homo-sapiens races need to be exterminated eventually after being used, in order to realize the Nazi Fourth Reich or Illuminati New World Order. Their occult terrorist belief is that they are descended from the Norse gods or fallen angel reptilian aliens, who have superior genes than the monkey human genes, and realize the Nazi’s Illuminati New World Order of only reptilian hybrids or witch race or nephilim race, by restoring their ancient Illuminati “Brotherhood of the Snake” Atlantis civilization, which they believe was a superior civilization of Satanists that was destroyed by God’s Noah’s flood. They believe that the Asian and Slav reptilian hybrid nephilim descendents evolve from an inferior race of inferior alien gods. They firmly believe that all human homo-sapiens people need to be exterminated from this planet, in order to have a pure blood reptilian hybrid earth population, descended from their Illuminati fallen angel gods or reptilian alien forefathers, by first eliminating the Jews, then the inferior Slavs, then the inferior Asians, then the inferior so-called “brown-skinned” people, then the non-reptilian white Caucasians, and finally, all the Gnostic Illuminati members and Asian secret society members and all White Hat faction Illuminati members. Without this, they believe that they cannot realize true utopia on the earth. Everyone must be bred by their genetic reproduction program of the reptilian race, and everyone must be indoctrinated by their Nazi occult Illuminati 6,000 year old “Brotherhood of the Snake” Atlantis Norse myth alien belief of a superior race and only of a superior race. They believe that their alien gods gave them knowledge of superior Nazi war technology and they fervently search for lost alien technology archaeological artifacts throughout the world. This is why their intelligence agencies create all these fake terrorist attacks that kill human homo-sapiens, in order to make excuses to the stupid human homo-sapiens mind-controlled populaces, to cause a lot of wars in the past and in recent times, so that they can go into these non-Illuminati nations to retrieve these lost ancient technologies and artifacts. They have always been obsessed with this from ancient times. They believe that if they control this alien technology, then they can defeat the Asian and Slav and brown-skinned reptilian hybrid people and Gnostic Illuminati members eventually to rule the earth. This is why the Rothchild Edomite family created the Nazi faction through their grandson Hitler and financed their hate-filled holocaust genocide and attempted take-over of the earth to exterminate one monkey human race to another, until all the nations only had their Norse god reptilian alien nephilim pure-blood superior race. This is why Hitler’s faction of the Illuminati German Nazis spend millions of dollars to send German expeditions to Tibet and around the world to look for ancient alien artifacts that would give them military power, and the modern day German Nazi descendent children in the American CIA and NSA and British MI6 send black ops personnel with machine guns and sunglasses and headsets to pillage the Iraqi museums and archaeological caves in the Grand Canyon caves and Afghanistan caves to retrieve these extraterrestrial alien artifacts and technologies to confiscate them in secret. By getting the 6,000 year old Sumerian cylinder seals in Iraq’s Bagdad Museum which the invading Illuminati special operations units stole, the Illuminati is now able to open up the star gate wormholes around the world.  They have a star gate in the S4 secret base that is called the Looking Glass. It is called that because the world they enter through it is completely different. People have to wear what they call a Flip Book on their arms in order to know where they are going, which is like a Galactic Positioning System or space GPS. The shadow government Majestic Twelve freak psychopath mass murderer leaders have apartments inside the base when they go there. Dr. Dan Burisch of Naval Intelligence exposes everything about the S4 base. James Casbolt, a Illuminati assassin who has killed over 200 people, talks about how there are factions within the intelligence agencies that are assassinating each other. There are groups that have stolen suitcase nuclear devices. He mentions that in places like Penang, in the Illuminati NSA bases, they are bringing in werewolf demon spirits through the star gate wormholes using the alien technologies. As the SAS soldiers were killing each other, these demon spirits were feeding off of the negative energy that were being created from this fight. James Casbolt mentions that there are many factions within the intelligence agencies fighting each other. Some groups are trying to disclose these information to the public to warn about the human extermination program and demon spirits influx into this realm, and there are other groups that are trying to keep them secret. There seems to be many intelligence agency factions fighting each other around the world. Some are trying to hide this human extermination program and alien agenda and Illuminati reptilian agenda, while there are opposing groups relying on the Christians to disclose these information to the public, since they cannot. These groups are putting up million dollar bounty money for assassination of other groups. There are factions within the NSA, CIA, MI6, SAS, Delta Force, Naval Intelligence, Dragon Families, Russian Gnostic Illuminati, Pentagon, FBI, MJ-12, Nazi Cabal and other groups assassinating each other. After President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, there were Illuminati groups belonging to Vice President Lyndon Johnson and FBI Director Edgar Hoover who were trying to steal the president’s corpse from Texas before any autopsy can be done, while groups that belonged to Robert Kennedy’s group were trying to stop them. The secret service Illuminati groups were drawing guns against the Texas police Illuminati groups who were threatening them at gunpoint, and no bullets were fired, but there was scuffling, shoving and punching between the president’s secret service and Texas police and security forces. Lyndon Johnson rushed to take the oath of office to presidency, and they were successful in abducting the body and preventing autopsy of Kennedy’s body by the police. Whether there were real fire fights between the secret service and police force is kept secret and all evidence of this has been erased from history. As soon as Lyndon Johnson got back to the White House, he told John Kennedy’s staff to immediately pack their bags and get out of the White House. The staff complained to Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy argued with Lyndon Johnson why he has driven the Kennedy people out even before John Kennedy’s body has been buried, just a few hours after the assassination. A lot of those intelligence factions that are trying to kill as many civilians are not humans, but they are cloned creatures by the aliens. They do not have human souls, so they have no human conscience concerning good or bad.


President Kennedy was informed by his staff that the soviets cannot recognize the difference between an American missile and a UFO, so the soviets might shoot down a UFO and cause the demise of the human race. A soviet rocket was shot out of the sky by a alien UFO. This alarmed Kennedy, and he sent a written order to the CIA to disclose all UFO information with the soviets, in order to prevent a world war. Before the order could be carried out, Kennedy was assassinated by the Illuminati’s MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS Nazi Satanists, because they did not want to jeopardize national military technological secrets with their cold war enemy. Instead, they wanted to keep the alien technologies and information for themselves, in order to maintain military power over the soviet enemy and power for themselves. The Illuminati secret society rules the entire world, but there are many different factions competing for power and dominance in the world. Kennedy had tried to shut down the CIA and MJ-12, which caused them to assassinate Kennedy. Truman was the one who set up the shadow government MJ-12 that is not under the law or under the peoples’ democracy scrutiny or under the law enforcement agencies. They are a rogue government unto themselves, and this is why they murder tons of people every day. These are not human souls, but they are alien hybrids placed in these positions to maintain their Satanist secret society reptilian alien agenda to massacre the human race and take over with hybrid robot clones.  (Watch video “Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Full Documentary Watch Now! UFO Sightings” at and “James Casbolt – MK-ULTRA Super Soldier Assassin” at .)


Their goal is to restore Atlantis or Nimrod’s kingdom or the Nazi Fourth Reich or Illuminati New World Order of the genetically reengineered superior reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race of Aryans of the ancient Atlantis civilization that God destroyed with Noah’s Flood, along with its monsters and freaks and chimeras and super soldiers and all the other devil’s clone people. In ancient Hellenist culture, they manufactured super soldiers by genetically reengineering insect ants and human clones. They operated like army ants. The foolish humans are brainwashed by the Illuminati propaganda mass media that Hitler was a crazy dictator and a megalomaniac and all the blame for the massacre is placed on him, but in reality, Hitler is only a low-ranking little servant of the Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodline people who really rules the earth and has the authority, and Hitler was just doing what he was ordered to do by the Illuminati Satanist leaders. Emperor Hirohito, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, Mao Tse Tung, Mussolini, De Gaul and all these politicians who caused World War 2 are just small servants of the Illuminati, who were just obeying and doing what they were ordered to do: to try to cause war and kill as many human homo-sapiens as possible to depopulate the earth, so that their reptilian hybrid race can set up their New World Order under their Lucifer. The dumb populace only believe what they are taught by the Illuminati media and educational systems, and they do not look at the reality or even believe the truth. We who do not fit into this dumb livestock human homo-sapiens race image who believe anything that they are taught are considered very dangerous and a threat, because we are not deceived so easily by the Illuminati, and we teach the Torah Truth. Satan said he is not going to serve these little monkeys, when God created man in His own image. The angels look like the various animals of the earth, because the animals of the earth were made in resemblance to the creatures of heaven. Therefore, humans were made in the image of God, and have authority over the animals of the earth, just as God is sovereign over all the angelic creatures in heaven. As it is above, so it is below. Therefore, we were created to rule with Jesus in heaven as His brothers and sisters. Satan and the fallen angels did not like that, so he decided to pick on God’s little sons and daughters like a bully does. It is jealousy and pride and selfishness and hatred. It is like the woman who says she does not want to be man’s helper, or the fallen angels who say they do not want to submit to God, or the animals that do not want to submit to the humans, or a child that does not want to submit to the parents, or an employee who does not want to submit to an employer. There is only chaos and disorder of Satan.


The Nazi SS national socialist party’s core doctrine and teaching was that they are a superior Illuminati bloodline reptilian hybrid race called the Aryan race. They believed that they descended from gods or nephilim in somewhere near Tibet. They believed the Tibet occult Buddhist priests were their ancestors, who believe that they have nephilim powers to levitate and meditate and walk through walls, and other witch race’s powers like telekinetic and psychic powers. The Nazi SS believed that as descendents of these aliens or gods or nephilim hybrids, they had special powers. They believed that humans have an innate electromagnetic power, and if they learned how to unleash that power, they did not need any weapons or planes or ships or tanks, because each Aryan person can use that power to destroy the enemy. The Nazi SS believed that the reason why they lost those powers was because of one cardinal sin, which was to have intermarried with inferior human homo-sapiens monkey people that diluted their god or reptilian genes. The Nazi SS adhered to the Vril or Thule Society Illuminati belief, and conducted séances and secret society satanic rituals in their Nazi government buildings. The Nazis believed that they descended from a superior race of giant beings or nephilim from the Atlantis age civilization. The Nazis regularly communicated with fallen angel ancestors or alien beings to receive advanced alien technologies, in return for genocide or extermination of all human homo-sapiens and nations, starting with Satan’s most hated people groups who were the Jews and real born-again Christians. You will find a lot of photos of Hitler shaking hands with alien greys. The Satanist Catholics were considered part of the same Illuminati or 6,000 year old Brotherhood of the Snake, just like the Nazis or other occult New Age groups and global religions. Their headquarters were located in Wewelsburg Castle. They believe their Nazi Germanic pagan occult satanic gospels have continued for thousands of years. Hitler and Himmler and all other Nazis believed in supernatural powers of the descendents of the fallen angels and a super Aryan race of super soldiers with great witchcraft powers. They were angry that all the witches were persecuted by Christianity in the ancient days. Himmler and the Nazis’ mission were to get rid of centuries of Christianity rule, and to restore Germany and the world to the Illuminati pagan Germanic religions of bloody human sacrifice and satanic rituals. They believed that the gods demanded these human sacrifices. The Aryans claimed that they remember all the reincarnations they have had over the thousands of years, as their Aryan demon spirits possessed bodies; and they claimed that they remember the days when the Aryans were nephilim giants who ruled over the genetically engineered hybrid monsters, dinosaurs, half human half animal chimeras, dwarves, dragons and all kinds of creatures manufactured by Satan in his Atlantis civilization. The Nazis conducted satanic human sacrifice rituals that were supposed to have been conducted in the ancient Atlantis days on the hot summer solstice day, as the Nazis have continued at the Bohemian Grove every summer solstice day in the United States up to the present day. All the reptilian Aryan U.S. presidents and global banker billionaires and business leaders and politicians and celebrities still gather at the Bohemian Grove every year. The generational life mission of all CIA and MI6 Nazi descendent and Illuminati Satanist is to restore the Fourth Reich for Lucifer. As the Book of Genesis in the Bible shows, the Nazis still believe to this day that their goal is to restore their Aryan race on this earth by once more genetically engineering their nephilim giants’ bodies to rule over the earth and eradicate humans again, just like in the Atlantis civilization scientifically advanced ancient days, before God wiped out all the Illuminati Nazis and Aryan nephilim race with Noah’s Flood. They were fanatic about searching for Atlantis civilization weapons like their forefathers’ Aryan god Thor’s hammer scientifically advanced weapon and Vimana UFO fighter planes of Atlantis and other weapons of the ancient gods or men of renown. The Nazis know the nature of Germans, so they planned to use them to kill all the humans, and then to kill the human Germans, after they use them to kill the others. Now, the Nazi Illuminati are using the Freemasons and feminists and mob gangs and Koreans and Satanists to kill other humans, and plan to kill them off later, too, after they use them to kill others. Their tactics have not changed over the ages. To them, humans are just to be used and exploited, and exterminated for Aryan nephilim reptilian purposes. The human scientists are extremely stupid because they worship only academics, so they think that Himmler and the Nazis believed in fiction and fairy tales and ancient mythological dream weapons of the gods and goddesses. These dumb scientists do not have God’s Holy Spirit, so they do not realize that the Nazis’ beliefs were handed down for thousands of years by the Babylonian Sumerian Brotherhood of the Snake Illuminati religion, and what they believed are fact and very true. The Nazis receive information from their fallen angels through psychic witches and séances. The nephilim witch race and Aryans do exist in reality, and Atlantis technology are being used in Nazi moon bases and Antarctic bases and the Nazi U.S. military underground bases of the CIA Illuminati. These dumb scientists will be exterminated by the Illuminati Nazis along with all the earth dwelling human homo-sapiens race and their worship of narrow-minded academics they gain through their academic degrees. How dare they call 97% of our DNA as “Junk DNA.” The Nazis believed in the Illuminati creating a new race of humans through genetic engineering fifth evolution of Aryan pseudo-humans and creating a New World Order and nephilim society. They are still working inside the U.S. government and other nation’s governments to realize that Rothchild Illuminati mission. After World War 2, the Illuminati just relocated their Nazis who are the Illuminati into their CIA and NSA and MI6 and U.S. human experiment laboratories and secret U.S. military underground bases and the Nazi moon and Antarctic bases to continue their work. The Nazis are the Illuminati and the Illuminati are the Rothchild Illuminati bloodlines and the Rothchilds are the Thule Vrils and the Thule Vrils are the Aryans and the Aryans are the reptilian hybrids and the reptilians are the nephilim and the nephilim are the Nazis. They are all one and the same. When will the foolish human populace realize this? Never. They will unknowingly and ignorantly be shoved into the Nazi FEMA execution camps during the future Tribulation Age. Those who do not believe in the only true God will be deceived by Satan. The Anti Defamation League is a good example of the Zionists who are of the same Illuminati as the Nazis. The Illuminati always creates two conflicting sides in order to control the humans. The Anti Defamation League is not owned by peace loving Jews, but they are owned by the Zionist Nazi Edomites and Tribe of Dan who are the reptilian hybrids and are planning the extermination of all Jews. They use the Illuminati’s and Satan’s favorite “Hate Crime Allegations” of the Nazis to try to suppress the truth about the reptilians’ existence. This is why they are trying to protect the Zionist Nazi Edo mites and calling anyone who criticizes them as being anti Semitic. This is how deceptive the Illuminati is. These Illuminati Satanist Jew-killing Edomites disguise themselves as Anti-Defamation League Jews, and attack and ridicule and do everything to try to stop the freedom of speech by people who are trying to uncover the reptilian Zionist Nazis’ existence, by trying to say that speaking against the reptilians is speaking against Jews. These holocaust financing Jews who own the Anti-Defamation League are not real Jews, but they are Edomites and Tribe of Dan people who hate the Jews. Why else would the Zionists finance the holocaust and put Hitler in power to genocide the Jews, as well as try to stop anyone who speaks against these reptilian Zionist Illuminati people? They are financed by the Edomite Rothchild Jew hating Zionists. People hate Jews because they wonder why the Zionists and Israel do bad things, but it is not the Jews but the Edomites who created Israel and own Israel and carry out the evil agendas of the Illuminati. The Jewish populace desire peace and have nothing to do with these Zionists and their Anti Defamation League. Do not be deceived by the Illuminati and their propaganda and organizations. It just shows how intelligent and powerful these Zionist Nazi Illuminati reptilian hybrid bloodlines are and how they use their money and organizations. They claim to be protecting the Jews and that they are Jews, but they are killing Jews and hate the Jews. This is the Illuminati tactics. If they cannot kill you, they will try to defame you. Why are these hippy rogue pastors attacking and ridiculing God’s prophets and apostles; it is because they are parading as if they are God’s ministers and that is why they teach Jezebel Satanism Western Christianity instead of God’s Torah Truth who is Christ. Why are those U.S. military generals going to carpet bomb fellow Americans who they are supposed to protect during the soon coming Tribulation Age; it is because they are Illuminati members. Why are the CIA who are supposed to be protecting the Americans going around killing Americans by running the narcotics industry, and getting ready to mass exterminate the Americans and destroy the United States, and blew up the World Trade Center: because they are Illuminati Nazi Satanists. The world is not what it looks like; do not be deceived by the Illuminati.


This is why when a repossession agent from the bank repossesses a plane in which the owner had not kept up with the payment for the plane to the bank, and while flying the plane to the bank people, the repossession agent reads the flight log and finds out that it had been flying to all kinds of drug trade destinations in South America without passengers, and when he tries to land the plane at the airport, a whole team of CIA NSA agents in black ops black unmarked t-shirts and trucks will swarm the landed plane with automatic weapons pointed at the repossession agent, and confiscate the plane, the drugs, and the flight log, immediately. This is to hide any traces of the narcotics industry back to the CIA NSA Nazi world narcotics industry organizations and their criminal Illuminati money-making activities. The bank and the repossession agent will be left without their properties and their prize money. But, they will immediately hand over the plane to the government authorities, because the government agents have guns pointed at them, and they think the government agents are there to enforce the law and justice. It is a big joke, because the government and their Nazi descendants run the narcotics and criminal businesses.


The reptilians control all facets of society, but they have one disadvantage, and that is their numbers. There are much greater numbers of humans. This is why they plan to exterminate the humans.


As Captain Randy Cramer has stated, United States Marine Corps Special Section Special Code Article 31 signed into law by President Eisenhower of the U.S. government’s law stipulates that if there is more than 49% compromise in government leadership by invasive action, or if the government’s operation has been reduced to 75% or less, every government official, military officer, police officer, intelligence agent, law enforcement agent must disregard any other former secrecy oaths or contracts or agreements or treaties, in order to restore functionality of the government and its Constitution of the United States and every moral conduct and ethics. It gives the right and moral obligation to arrest any rogue government official and restore any program to legal Constitutionality. Any other order they receive by their rogue superior or organization or treaty or paper they sign is illegal, and they have one obligation and priority that supercede everything else, and that is their sworn oath to protect the people and earth and the Constitution and restore legality to those rogue organizations. This means that they have a legal obligation to arrest all MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist elite cabal members and their rogue Nazi SS troops and ISIS terrorists that they have created, and to stop their narcotics industries and child trafficking industries, and their plans to kill 99% of the human race through nuclear war and biological weapon DARPA Ebola pandemics and economic destabilization and Nazi FEMA execution camp martial laws. All these rogue shadow government freemason Draconian Satanist Luciferians and Draco reptilian alien hybrid infiltrated government non-human members, such as U.S. presidents, congressmen, military leaders, NSA CIA MI6 agents, government assassins, and Blackwater Corporation Nazi SS troop rogue army, Operation Paperclip genocide Nazi DARPA scientists, must be arrested, and brought back under legal prosecution by the United States Constitution. (See video “Mars Roundtable with Andrew Basaigo, Laura Eisenhower, Alfred Lambremont Webre, & Randy Cramer” at .)


Most of the congress members and governors in the United States are CIA members that are salaried workers of the Central Intelligence Agency.


These reptilian feminist activist witches or occult spiritualists can communicate with the disembodied demon spirits, who were also once reptilian nephilim with bodies, too, because they are also spirits and do not have human souls. This is why they call them sorceresses and witches and spiritualists and shamans and necromancers. When you take away the holographic disguises of these feminist activists like Hillary, you see that they are not human homo-sapiens women, but they are reptilian hybrid nephilim creatures or reptoids. When they communicate with the murder victim’s demon spirit, they find out that the person who is sentenced to execution is innocent, and that the state police’s Illuminati homicide department police officer is the real murderer, where upon further investigation is proven true. These demon spirits do not go to heaven or hell after they die like humans’ souls do, but they just roam around the earth after death, often in the area they were murdered. Usually, the reptilian Satanist Illuminati will try to cover up these Illuminati member police officer’s crimes and erase the evidence from the police records. These disembodied demon spirits will often come to these witches or psychics to present their case against the murderer who killed them and inform these psychic witch descendents where their own murdered corpses are located, since they do not go to heaven or hell, but just roam around the earth. These disembodied demon spirits will often come to these witches or psychics to present their case against the murderer who killed them. These nephilim reptilian hybrid witch descendent Illuminati people get murdered in heinous crimes, because since they are demons, they do not have faith in God, and their very nature is fear and no faith and are cursed because they are not of this creation. The nephilim demon spirits in cloned children’s bodies who act in the Hollywood movies are masters of trying to instill this sense of fear and terror and helplessness in the audience to draw the humans from faith in God into faithless fear in situations, monsters, and so-called prefabricated ghosts, in order to draw the foolish human homo-sapiens and stupid religious Christians into a mind control of their sense of reality, so that they would be within attacking range for the devil and the fallen angels. They do not have protection from God like human homo-sapiens do. In movies like “Mississippi Burning,” they play the gospel African jungle satanic pagan Western Christianity songs that say, “Trust in Jesus, trust in Jesus, trust in Jesus…” over and over, again. This is a typical Illuminati reptilian Hollywood brainwash movie by Satan. On the surface, it looks like a pro-Christian and God favorable movie. On the contrary, it serves the opposite purpose. In the movie, all these black people who go to church and seem to be full of faith in Jesus by dancing their African pagan dances in front of the church altar are getting lynched and genitals cut off and sodomized by Illuminati Satanist Ku Klux Klan branch people, and at the end of the movie, their black Afro-American gospel songs are saying, “Trust in Jesus,” over and over, again. In other words, these Illuminati Satanist movies are sending to their movie viewers the subliminal brainwash message that you can be super religious, on fire for Christ, Western Christianity people, but all these terrible things will happen to you, because God is not a protector and is not dependable and does not care. This is bull crap. If these people were not religious people, but real born-again Spirit-filled Christians, then no Illuminati Satanists or feminists or mafia killer or army or Ku Klux Klan member or Nazi descendent or giant Goliath or the devil himself would be able to kill them or torture them or hurt them or harm them. All these Illuminati Satanist movies serve to destroy faith and paint a wrong picture of God and to sell the Satanist version of Western Christianity, which is the Mystery Babylon religion.


The human homo-sapiens police officers are either blindly ignorant or just stupidly follow orders without questioning or are afraid of the Illuminati Satanists or do not have any godly ethical conscience just like most of the humans in these End Times. They do not even deserve to be called police officers. They disgrace the name of the police and their very oath and existence, and betray the citizens and family who trust in them. They are no better than the criminals they pretend to arrest, because they are just slaves of the reptilian Illuminati Satanists and all their horrendous activities to murder, pillage, steal, lie, cover up, assassinate, cheat, rape children, sacrifice humans, and genocide the human homo-sapiens race. They believe for the realization of their Illuminati reptilian New World Order and Nazi Fourth Reich, all evil is permissible and justified. If you look at the Nazis, you will know who the Illuminati are, because the Illuminati is the organization that created the Nazis. This is why all the Nazi symbols are Illuminati symbols. This is why although they wear police uniforms, they are psychotic criminals like Hitler and other Illuminati members. When both the police and the mob gangsters gang-stalk you and try to kill you, then you will know that they both belong to the same organization—the Satanist reptilian Illuminati. People ask, “Will God judge the righteous?”, and the answer is, “No!” Those who believe in Christ will be saved, but all those who practice evil, whether they wear gangster suits or police uniforms or court judge robes or convict clothes will be judged. It is only the blind who do not see that this world is thoroughly and entirely corrupt and under Satan’s control. When the police cooperate with the assassination of U.S. presidents, you know that something is not right with this world, starting at the very top. The Illuminati goes into a nation and takes it over by placing its Satanists in all the key positions of politics, economics, media, entertainment, law enforcement, education, etc., and uses the nation for its own bloodline family’s profit like a parasite and uses the citizen for its purpose. These religious Christians are ignorant beyond belief, and do not know what is going on around them, because they do not have the Holy Spirit. If they think God’s apostles and prophets are lunatics blabbering evil nonsense and kick us out, then they kick out the Holy Spirit who is the Torah Truth. Anyone who is of the Holy Spirit and Bride of Christ does not choose and pick bits and parts that they want to believe and throw out other parts of the Torah Truth that does not agree with their own thoughts and beliefs, but they love the entire Torah Truth and the entire Jesus Christ and the entire gospel Word of God. There is an element of reality in the Illuminati movies, and it is not that someone all of a sudden has this wild inspiration to come up with an idea of a vampire out of thin air, because they are geniuses. This goes with a lot of the science fiction stories, too. These assassins do not know that I know who they are through the Holy Spirit, so it is amusing to see that when I walk up to them hiding behind the library bookshelves, they run away, or when I suddenly walk up to them hiding in their cars, they drive off at great speed, or I turn around when they are shooting at my back as usual and point my mobile phone at them, they run away for their lives because they do not want to be shot themselves. Who can blame God for destroying the earth in the soon coming judgment, if the people of these last days are so evil that they try to kill God’s ambassadors who have come to warn them to repent?


They are the world’s worst scum, who think it is cool to be an assassin for the Illuminati. Deep inside they know they are the scum people of society, but they want to deceive themselves into believing that they are killing people for a noble purpose for Satan and the New World Order and the Nazi Fourth Reich and the New Age’s Age of Aquarius. This is why they are degenerate people, who are the worst of the worst. The Illuminati may make up university feminist departments for them and provide them professor titles, in order to carry out their political activist movement, but they are lower than the common murder convict in prison, who at least murder people openly without hiding behind fake university department titles or intelligence agency law enforcement badges or fake Korean student appearances while on Illuminati tourist visas or happy tourist family façades. Moreover, they take perverse pleasure in it and love the job. This is why they are degenerate people from the time they were manufactured. The reptilian witches are easier to demon-possess by the fallen angels, because they do not have human souls, but they are a totally different race altogether—the nephilim descendents. Because of their reptilian genes and non-soul demon spirits and fallen angel ancestry, they become feminist activists and Wicca witches and join Satanist Freemason secret societies and become Illuminati assassins and practice child sacrifices and become Nazi Vril spiritualists and Neo-Nazis activists and KKK members and mobster leaders and mind-controlled Satanist human sacrifice mass public shooting pawns and cult leaders and secret underground military base nephilim clone producing mothers, and become basically the plague of all humanity, just like in the days of Noah’s flood’s Atlantis when the nephilim made the world into a living hell and God had to wipe them out; and when they died, they became the disembodied demonic evil spirits that roam the earth. They are the royal families, bankers, presidents, congressmen, celebrities, religious leaders, academics, military leaders, United Nations heads, etc, who cannibalize children at their satanic rituals and start the wars to genocide the homo-sapiens humans and disperse chem trail toxins through their airplanes. They hold all the top and key positions in the world, just as they have done through ancient times, and create suffering and terror on the earth to feed their fallen angel fathers with negative energy created by their human victims through war and crime and human sacrifice and drugs and abortion and mass school campus shooting rituals and sinking of the Titanic and demolition of the World Trade Center twin buildings and shooting missiles into the Pentagon and causing all types of plane crashes and creating all the revolutions in history and assassinating famous princesses and Satanist ritual sacrificing celebrities / presidents and developing cancer viruses and creating AIDS / SARS / other diseases and poisoning food / water sources and causing mass execution of human homo-sapiens through tidal waves / earthquakes / nuclear power plant disasters and millions of child kidnapping paedophile every year. The Western Illuminati have killed tens of thousands of people in Sichuan, China with their Nazi scientist descendent’ HAARP earthquake weapons, and are targeting many other Asian areas to depopulate Asians, and try to assassinate anyone who discloses those plans. It makes me feel sick. The Russian Gnostic Illuminati and White Hat factions and White Dragon Society ninjas are trying desperately to assassinate these Nazis before they try to kill more Asians and assassinate more people. If you wonder how a human with a human soul can do these things aside from being demon-possessed by fallen angels, you will be confused, but if you know the truth that they are not real humans, but they are reptilian feminist vampirical witches who disguise themselves in holographic human form and have demon spirits instead of human souls due to their nephilim ancestry, then it makes complete sense. They have extraterrestrial origins and are not of this planet earth or of God’s creation. They are artificially manufactured beings without a true conscience or respect for God’s created humans. This is why basically every single one of their values is the extreme opposite of ours, and they despise us because of that. Due to their spirit, which is created from the fallen angels, it is impossible for them to have holy values or to agree with the things of God. This is why it is impossible for an Illuminati reptilian feminist vampircal cannibalistic witch or wizard to get saved. If you do not have a human soul to be saved, you cannot be saved.


If this world did not have Satan’s genetic reptilian children, then it would be a peaceful and happy world of normal humans—God’s creation. However, since the ancient times, the nephilim giants skinned alive humans and started cannibalism on the earth and enslaved humans and raped human women, and in modern days, their same reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline descendents create all the wars, famines, pollution, dependence on oil and making money from oil, pandemics, abortions, paedophile, Satanist child sacrifice rituals, global warming terra-forming, drug industries, terrorisms, occult group subway sarin nerve gas attacks, airplane and ship accidents, assassinations, HAARP earthquakes and tidal waves and hurricanes, etc. In a simple term, the nephilim witch descendents are a plague and a curse to mankind, since they carry the devil’s genes and bloodline. Furthermore, they do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits in humanoid bodies. When these people die, they become the demons and evil spirits that roam the earth. They are demon-possessed and controlled by their reptilian fallen angel ancestors, who rule the earth through these nephilim children of the devil in this three dimensional world, since they themselves cannot operate in our realm freely. These reptilian bloodline creatures have taken over all the elite positions of our human society, such as the royal families, world leaders, bankers, mob gangsters, military leaders, media moguls, rock stars, etc., and made this earth into their Satanist Luciferian nightmare world of pain, suffering, death, genocide, terrorism, horror, disease, natural disasters, market crashes, job losses, family losses, radiation dispersion, and toxic pollution. They profit from all these suffering of the humans, and become billionaires and powerful elites and popular influential people. These nephilim hybrid Satanists get all the big titles and huge pay and popularity and easy jobs and big homes from being part of this Satanist Illuminati organization secret society that they have created over thousands of years to control the earth and human homo-sapiens. The human homo-sapiens are made to work like slaves every day, while these nephilim creatures parasite billions and trillions of dollars from the human society and mind-control the humans through their reptilian mass media and educational institutions and MK Ultra Monarch projects. If you have any significance or wealth, the Illuminati will force you o join the Illuminati or kill you and take your money anyway. If you are a Japanese of Korean ancestry, they will promote you, and put you in powerful positions, and make you wealthy and famous, and use your hatred to exterminate the Japanese. However, if you are a righteous person who disclose the evil of the Japanese of Korean ancestry and their Illuminati, they will try to kill you.


By creating all this hatred and violence among the homo-sapiens humans through war and terrorism, their fallen angel ancestors feed on this negative energy of hatred that the humans generate for them. In other words, these Illuminati Satanist nephilim reptilian hybrids create the hatred and suffering among the humans to feed their fathers, so that the homo-sapiens humans are just like livestock cows and pigs and chickens that create this negative energy food for their fallen angel gods or aliens or fathers. The reptilians are very clever, because they just create the strife among the humans, so that the humans will hate each other and kill each other, so that it will save the reptilians the burden of doing the killing themselves. You sometimes wonder how stupid the humans are. The Illuminati reptilian hybrids start wars, put thousands of human children on evacuation cargo ships, and torpedo them to pieces, as a mass Satanic child sacrifice ritual; but the stupid humans hate the fellow humans of the other nation who own the submarines that torpedoed them, instead of hating the Illuminati reptilian hybrid Satanist of their own nation and other nations who actually are ordering and causing the extermination and holocaust. This is how dumb the human homo-sapiens populace has been made by the reptilian Illuminati’s propaganda. The reptilian hybrids make these human homo-sapiens kill each other, and these stupid brainwashed, mind-controlled, mindless robotic human heathens and religious Christians buy war bonds to support the war effort and call the other nation’s people derogatory names and cheer on their Illuminati military. How utterly stupid are the unbelievers and religious Christians for they are just tools of the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race. They are just used by the Illuminati reptilian hybrids as livestock food to create negative energy for their fallen angel fathers.


The Americans call these cannibal vampire feminist witch reptilians as “bitches,” because they are dominating, malicious, hot-tempered, and cold-blooded reptilians. They are descendents of half human and half nephilim reptile genes of the fallen angels. The reason why they have high level positions in these major Illuminati corporations, even though they cannot work and they have terrible personalities is because they are Satanists and have connections with the Illuminati. They look and behave like witches.