Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 17


Getting plenty of sleep and rest the night before is very important. You can take the amino acid tryptophan, since tryptophan is a natural product that changes to vitamin B in the body, and tryptophan also changes to melatonin which then changes to serotonin in the body which is a stress suppressor. When vitamin B is depleted from the body due to stress, then l-tryptophan is depleted, since the body uses it to create vitamin B. The Illuminati has depleted all our modern food sources of any protective nutrition, essential amino-acids, polyphenol fighting chemicals, minerals, and vitamins, in order to compromise the human homo-sapiens’ immune systems, while at the same time increasing nuclear bomb testing radiation into the air and food, and toxins into the human population with chem trails from planes that destroy the human immune systems, so that your children will die young. With the crazy amount of chem trails of toxins and disease the Illuminati reptilians are dumping from the skies, as well as the outrageous amount of radiation they have poured into the atmosphere and ocean, the young children are losing mental motor functions, physical coordination and strength, proper brain functions, maturity and balance. Ever since they have been dumping toxic chemicals and disease microorganisms into our skies, there has been an alarming sharp increase in diseases and illnesses among the human homo-sapiens race. The small children are aging at alarming rates, so that when they try to stand up from a squat, they fall down. People are having so much body aches in this End Times age, and no one can explain the reasons. The Illuminati reptilians are making unbelievable amount of money from the Babylonian witchcraft medical institutions and the pharmacea witchcraft medical drug industries. The reptilians or Satan’s genetic nephilim are parasites off of the human race by making the humans sick. The Illuminati hides every single news about the chem trails and poisoning of our food and water supplies by the Illuminati that the human populace is absolutely ignorant and dumb about what is happening to them. All the truthful data is being manipulated by the Illuminati. They are making the earth’s environment compatible for them, so that they can return to the earth as gods, and the Illuminati nephilim children have been working for 6,000 years to prepare the soon coming New World Order for Satan and his fallen angels to return to the earth. The Illuminati reptilian hybrids feel that as long as they provide the dumb human monkey race favorite sports teams and make them work like slaves to pay taxes to them and put them in the fake world of television, then the humans will just be genocide exterminated quietly and easily. They laugh at how stupid the human homo-sapiens species are.


The reptilians have been waging a war against the human race to eradicate all humans from the face of the earth, eventually, one hundred percent extinction. They will just create half human half octopus and half human half apes to serve as their servants, but these creatures have only demonic spirits since they are not created with human souls. Whenever I eat the Illuminati reptilians’ processed food that are meant to kill more human homo-sapiens, I start getting sick and mentally affected, but when I eat God’s natural food, I start getting healthy and mentally vibrant. If you eat the devil’s people’s food which is intentionally poisoned with toxins, you will die, but if you eat God’s foods of blessings and love, you will be healthy. All the various branches of Satanism or the Mystery Babylon religion (originated in Sumer Babylon), such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, etc., use beads, because the various gem stones vibrate at certain frequencies, and those frequencies restore the natural vibration frequencies of the human body. Gem stones are natural products made by God, and not man-made, so they are healthy. The Satanists have kept these secrets within their Babylonian religion branches and secret societies and New Age occultism, and have hidden them from the public. Instead, they introduce non-solfeggio satanic frequency vibrations through their rock music and electromagnetic assassination weapons to disrupt the natural vibration frequency of our electromagnetic frequency holographic physical bodies, in order to try to disrupt our bodies and try to create all kinds of diseases. The ankh was used to create frequency waves. In the Bible, God had his high priest wear the breastplate of gem stones, but the Illuminati’s Western Christianity has kicked out all such things. If you teach the Torah Truth, then the religious Christians will attack you viciously, and when they get sick, they go to their Babylonian witchcraft doctors and hospitals to get medical treatment and take drugs, which are witchcraft invented in ancient Babylon. These dumb ass religious Christians are sick and putrid people, and worthy of being vomited out because they are lukewarm, religious like the Pharisees and do not have the Holy Spirit of wisdom and life. Religious people are the worst bunch of people, because all they talk about is sexual abstinence and breeding genetic descendents by having family love, while they dance to Christian satanic rock concerts and pierce their ears and take medications. What hypocrites! They are like whitewashed tombs on the outside, but full of dead bodies in the inside of their hearts.


What the Illuminati does is to globalize the economy, so that their food companies can take over foreign markets, and kick out all the non-Illuminati competitors. Then, they use their food companies to poison and kill the world`s population. They used the NAFTA treaty so that their beef companies can take over the Canadian market to bankrupt all the Canadian beef companies, and spread all the toxic Illuminati beef to the world`s human homo-sapiens.


They hide the brainwashing under stories of romantic love and stories that attract foolish girls, and where they will flock to the movies theaters. They have slowly increased the extremity of this satanic female role model from the 1960s to now in the 2010s, so that the female reptilian feminist witch actresses sell a ten or twenty times more satanic role model of the woman, compared to their predecessors of the 1960s who started the brainwashing process. This is how Satan does brainwashing of a society and corrupts humans, just like in the days of Noah’s flood’s Atlantis civilization, so that people are gradually, and ever so slowly brainwashed and mind-controlled as Satan increases the intensity of the propaganda and ungodly female role model. Feminism is a key for Satan in destroying a civilization and satanizing a populace, so that is why in every ancient and modern age, he uses feminism, and he places his reptilian hybrid Nephilim witches who are feminists into these positions as movie actresses, television hosts, authors, professors, feminist activists, politicians, etc., and makes them millionaires or gives them positions of influence and power to change society; while cutting out all Christians and humans from these key positions. They are more reptilian than human. Behind the female role model reptilians who lead our society, whom the crowds of brain-dead human girls all scream and chase after for autographs and to shake hands, there is a very devilish, dark, putrid agenda by the Satanists and Satan. The reason why they do not behave like women is because they are not humans. The human women are now imitating the behavior and thinking of these Hollywood brainwash role models.


Their Illuminati reptilian feminist witch movies that control the weak mind with witchcraft spells built into them, and frothed with this Illuminati brainwash, such as “Oz: The Great and Wonderful,” blame men for forcing women to become evil wicked witches, but this is a lie of the devil, for each person is led to sin by the evil of one’s own heart, regardless of what these sexist Illuminati reptilians’ movies program into the minds of mind-controlled children who will be the next generation of even more wicked adults. (In the movie, “Oz: The Great and Wonderful,” you will see the Illuminati “All-Seeing Eye” at the beginning of the movie, just like in the beginning of the Illuminati movie “Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” that the religious Christians’ children are watching.)


If the human girls are so stupid, so foolish, so simple-minded to idolize these foreign gods of Asherah and Jezebel and Isis and Astarte and Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie and reptilian royal family princesses, then something is not only wrong with their heads but something is seriously wrong with their spiritual heart, and they deserved to be deceived by Satan’s Illuminati, and to be genocide exterminated by the Illuminati reptilians. Just as God prophesied, these End Times are just like the times of Noah’s flood’s ancient Atlantis satanic society, and the world is fully saturated with feminism of the reptilian Nephilim witches. The Illuminati is manufacturing tens of thousands of these clone reptilian hybrid Nephilim creatures who have feminist genes of the reptilian fallen angels. This is why the skulls of the star child do not have human DNAs of the mother or father, but they are alien DNA. The skulls of these star child fossils show tendons and sinews that are not human, and their bones have a red pigment and many times the density of humans although lighter than human bones. Though the skull is that of a 5 year old child, it has already 10% more brain capacity than a human adult, which shows that the nephilim hybrids have higher intelligence. Throughout the world, we have children who have supernatural witchcraft powers and super genius brains, whose genes the Illuminati’s military is frantically gathering. The fallen angels mixed their genes with humans and took some of these children to disguise as gray aliens, while they left some of these children on the earth to breed future feminist witch reptilian hybrid descendents to take over the earth and be the Illuminati Satanists to prepare the New World Order for the devil’s fallen angels when they return. These witches or vampires or black-eyed children or star children or reptilian hybrid nephilim can fly through the air instantly or possess supernatural strength and powers, because they are the fallen angels’ descendents, and this is why they feed on humans: these nephilim or Asian hungry ghosts were always cannibals. The eyes of these vampires have no white part, but they are entirely black. This is why there are so many feminist activist witches or demonic creatures, who have become more bold and surfaced on the earth to spearhead the feminist movement to lead evil human women. The feminist activist program agenda is to conduct reptilian witch descendent Molech child sacrifice rituals in their Illuminati abortion clinics on millions of human homo-sapiens fetuses to create the negative energy food for their fallen angel fathers to open the star gate wormholes to let demonic spirits into our realm, and to genetically reengineer and release into the human society millions of their black-eyed children nephilim hybrid witch, people in order to massively replace the human race with their reptilian demon spirit race. The feminist movement is a joke: it has nothing to do with women’s rights, but its purpose is to eradicate the human race, and raising unregistered children as livestock for their reptilian witches’ coven live child sacrifice rituals. Thousands of children are killed every day. Feminism and abortion and tearing up of children’s bodies is a vengeance of Satan against God and His creation. These feminist coven witches laugh every day as children are aborted and ripped apart, and it gives them orgasm in their satanic orgy rituals. The “Roe Versus Wade case” was just a sham by these reptilian Satanist witches to start their abortion satanic rituals, just like in ancient Sumer Atlantis. This is why God’s judgment is coming, because they tried to do the same thing in Atlantis during Noah’s Flood’s judgment when no more humans were left except Noah’s family. This is why these feminist witch race children try to kill me, God’s apostle to the 144,000 Jewish Remnant and the End Times. The feminists are feminists because they are the daughters of the fallen angels (serpent aliens) and they are nephilim creatures who hold to the devil and his fallen angel’s cursed values and evil nature. They have no choice except to be feminist activists, because they are genetically not part of the human race, but they are accursed reptilian hybrid creatures that do not have human souls. Everything makes complete sense when you connect all the hidden dotted lines that connect the feminists and nephilim descendents and witchcraft Satanists and all the other aspects of these female daughters of the serpent seed or Satan’s seed, and God shows you that these female beings or demonic spirits born illegitimately into the human society are all of the same people or species, who were previously misunderstood to be all different people. As a matter of fact, the feminists and witches and reptilian hybrid alien genetically engineered species and biblical demons and nephilim descendents and druid priestesses and abortion activists are all the same species of humanoids or race of people whom we call the Illuminati people. The reason why Satan genetically reengineers humans who are created in God’s image into perverted nephilim feminist witch daughters abominations, and Satan’s perverted nephilim feminists try to inverse the human male and female genders who were created in God’s image is because Satan hates God, and he wants to pervert and insult God’s image present in the humans. By abducting God’s humans using aliens, and then genetically reengineering them to create feminist witches and homosexual men to replace the humans, Satan is trying to get rid of God’s image in humans, and replace it with his perverted version of humanoid freak monsters—the feminists and homosexuals and other reptilian hybrid children. Those religious Christian men who are afraid to speak against these feminists in the church and their puppet feminist Illuminati Satanist pastors in the Christian churches are also guilty of bowing down to Satan and his world system.


They are trying to genetically reengineer super human advanced psychic telekinesis fifth dimensional evolution Illuminati children for their new era. These witches or wizard children like Harry Potter can move objects without touching them or make flowers bloom instantly, because they are supernatural entities and demon spirits. They are highly intelligent and become the queens and royal families, and become doctors and scientists and geniuses while they are still small children. Satan has mixed his genes and seeds into the human race for his devilish plan. These are the people who are trying to kill me every single day. They are not humans nor do they have human souls, but they are demon spirits in human cloned bodies and Satanist witches and our society’s leading feminist activist Illuminati Satan-worshippers. They are here walking amongst the human race, in order to carry out their father Satan’s agenda upon the earth—the extermination of all human fetuses, babies, elderly, men, women and children—a total annihilation of the human race. These feminists who gang stalk me from hotel to hotel, apartment to apartment, home to home, in order to shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons and frequency weapons from all the other surrounding rooms to try to kill me, and come out into the lobby when I go into the lobby to harass me with their insults about men and the human males, are demon possessed, or they are descendents of the reptilian witches and wizard race, and do not have human souls. This is why they take part in the mass satanic human child sacrifice rituals to Molech, in their pro-choice feminist Satanist movement to sacrifice to their god Satan millions and millions of babies in the abortion clinics owned by the Illuminati reptilians’ doctors who are members of this secret society of the Satanist “Brotherhood of the Serpent.” They want mass extermination and sacrifice of human babies and fetuses. They will try to kill any of God’s apostles who speak against their activities and uncover their evil agenda, hidden behind their so-called “women’s liberation movement.” This is why they always aim for the male genitals with their EMP electromagnetic weapons and frequency weapons, because it is the symbol they detest, along with the heart and brain and kidneys. Can you imagine standing before God on judgment day and saying to Him that you spent your entire life instructing and financing people to hide behind walls to shoot at people’s genitals, and that this was the contribution you made to the world and was the purpose of your life, and that you enjoyed it because you were a Satanist sexual pervert. Furthermore, you have to contemplate your perversion and sins forever and ever throughout eternity as your soul burns in the Lake of Fire. How pathetic these people are, and how miserable these creatures’ existences are. Their mere existence is pitiful. How sad that Satan manufactured them by perverting God’s creatures’ genes, and their nephilim witch descendents live on to this present day creating suffering and pain and disaster and death upon the human society like parasites and germs, shooting the genitals with EMP electromagnetic weapons and frequency weapons all day long of whoever discloses their evil activities. This is why these reptilian feminist witches love to torture little kidnapped children sexually, during their Satanist witch rituals, before sacrificing them to the devil. Paedophilia is an intricate part of Satanism and reptilian lifestyle. The humans have been made so dumb by the reptilian witches’ spells and fake reality of this world that the Illuminati has created that not a single human wonders why there are so many children disappearing every month never to be seen ever again. They now own the police and FBI and court judges and congress. This is why all the court judges and church ministers and college professors and coven witches wear the black robes, which comes from their reptilian hybrid nephilim Satanist secret society ancient religions. It is nothing new, because since ancient times, these pagan feminist witch reptilian Satanists like Queen Jezebel and Canaanites used to sacrifice children to Molech or Satan. Times have changed, but their activities have not changed.


One thing that people may be surprised about is the obnoxious, arrogant, rude behavior of a lot of Japanese police officers. It is because they are the exact same people as the mob gangsters. This is why you often have these police officers causing all kinds of crimes, and those police officers who are not protected by the Illuminati are usually caught. All of these military generals and police leaders and detectives are mob gang members, and they do all the assassinations for the Illuminati. They kill thousands and thousands of people, but no one can touch them, because they are above the law and immune to all arrests. They are Illuminati and Nazis and reptilians and mob members; all one and the same people. They kill people and enjoy it, just like their nephilim giant ancestors killed humans. They are very cold-blooded reptilians, as you can see in their mafia wars. They get all their money for black ops from narcotics industry. If I were not speaking the truth about the Illuminati, then they would not try to kill me every day, and they just prove who they are by trying to kill me every day. The television companies broadcast television programs on the very few cases where kidnapped children were saved. However, these are kidnappings done by private individuals and not by the Illuminati. The dumb human homo-sapiens race population think the police are doing their job and protecting them. This is Illuminati propaganda to brainwash the dumb public. The vast majority of kidnappings are done by the Illuminati government agencies and law enforcement. These kidnappers who work for the Illuminati are protected, so the police and government will not touch them or arrest them. This is how millions and millions of children and people are being kidnapped every year. Many people are replaced by reptilian demon nephilim clones who have their downloaded memories, so people do not notice they are different people. Some realize that their children may look like their children, but are not their children and are what they call from ancient history as changelings. In ancient times, the dumb human homo-sapiens race people thought that the changelings were replaced by little fairies and elves. In these third world countries and throughout history, masses of people and whole villages and entire civilizations of people disappear instantly, but the Illuminati media and law enforcement agencies never talk about these things or broadcast them. They are harvested for body parts, organs, genes, biological weapons development experiment specimens, reptilian hybrid food, Illuminati member rape and sodomy and paedophile victims, Illuminati ritual satanic child sacrifice feminist witch rituals, money-making business, etc.


These evil cultures and people are family-oriented animal instinct societies. So, they kidnap children to continue their family names, and to have them look after them in old life. It is all about family and self and descendants. They kidnap women to make them their son’s brides. These people live at a very base and degenerate animalistic instinct level of existence and thinking and lifestyle. It is satanic. They have no godliness or ethics or conscience or love or faith in God or righteousness or any goodness. They live like animals. And if God’s apostles speak the truth and call them to repent, they become filled with hatred toward God’s apostles. This is why the Pharisees tried to kill Jesus, too. This is why all the organizations of the world want me dead and to silence me, but I will continue to preach God’s Torah Truth who is Christ.


If God’s apostles preach this Torah Truth, the Illuminati send their hordes of Koreans and feminists and mob gangsters and Nazi assassination squads and street gang members to try to kill us. If we tell the police and law enforcement agencies that these people are trying to assassinate us, they just rudely tell us to go to the hospital psychiatrists. Psychiatrists and doctors are the Illuminati world’s witchdoctors and Babylonian witchcraft medical science satanic sorcerers. Moreover, the police and law enforcement agencies will aid the Illuminati in trying to kill God’s apostles. It is because Satan and his fallen angels control all these organizations and people, and they have had a monopoly on human society. Justice and righteousness are just fake fronts or propaganda to make the dumb humans believe they live in a just and righteous world with goodness and human rights. And because God’s apostles preach that these disgusting kidnappers, rapists, sodomy people, and Illuminati Satanists should be executed and their reptilian psychopath nephilim genes eliminated from society, these Illuminati reptilian hybrid people tell their hordes of feminists and Koreans and criminals that God’s apostles have dangerous ideologies that threaten society and that is why God’s apostles should be assassinated for “political correctness” sake. They hire all these criminals, gangs, feminists, Koreans, Nazis, cutthroats, vandals, thugs, and scum bags to assassinate all the humans who stand up for righteousness or who speak up against feminism or disclose what the reptilian hybrids are doing to the human race. These demon spirits and reptilian clone nephilim do not repent if you point out their evil, but they will call you evil and try to hide their evilness by trying to assassinate you. God’s children will listen to your Torah Truth, repent, receive Jesus’ salvation, and turn away from their evil deeds. This is the difference between the reptilian psychopath genes of the fallen angel descendants and the genes of God’s human race. There is enmity between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.


The wide angle electromagnetic weapons are used in mob control like the ADS (Active Denial System). They are used by the Satanists and feminists to try kill as many human homo-sapiens from behind buildings and walls by microwaving and destroying the people’s DNAs and cells: in other words, burning them alive from inside their bodies. This is a typical reptilian psychopath method. Exposed for a long time, the victims end up dead, sooner or later. They target any humans of the homo-sapiens race or who they consider non-Aryan monkeys, and any of their own people, in order to gain powerful positions by killing competitors. The reptilian hybrid nephilim Illuminati’s government black ops have all these masses of CIA MI6 Nazi descendents and Koreans and feminists and Satanist assassins systematically eliminating humans from behind walls.  No one is safe, except those who are in Christ. The humans do not know why they are getting sick and weaker and having all kinds of physical problems. They end up dying from one or two or three types of diseases or illnesses, sooner or later. They take a longer time to die and incur long periods of suffering, whereas the pinpoint electromagnetic weapons the reptilian hybrids use are targeted at hearts and kidneys and pancreas to cause quicker death through things such as heart attacks.


The human body usually is created to be healthy and painless. But, so many people get sick and die and have pain. Those pain are not created by the body. The pain in the body is caused by the 6,000 year old Brotherhood of the Snake Illuminati witches who use their ancient technology electromagnetic weapons of Atlantis to kill humans and exterminate them. This is witchcraft and curses. If you have pain in the heart, that means that one of them is shooting at you from a remote location at your heart. If you feel indigestion and nauseas, someone is shooting at your stomach or pancreas to create diabetes. If you get forgetful and get Alzheimer’s disease, they have been targeting your brain for a long, long time. If you get cancer, they have been shooting broad-range microwaves at you. You get very hot, lose water, mouth becomes dry, get extremely weak, and feel stinging in your skin that faces your wall, because they move in next door and take off the safety door of the microwave oven and place it against your wall and shoot at you all day with microwaves. They basically cook you alive. The building general manager will not do anything, because he is a Illuminati Satanist and gets his job and money from them. The police are told to ignore any complaints from their superiors. If you have back pains, they are targeting your back and kidneys. Doctors make ridiculous reasons why people get cysts in their kidneys or cannot explain their reasons. The Illuminati electromagnetic weapons destroy the cells, forcing the human victims to have renal failure and having to get kidney dialysis three times a week, which devastates the person mentally, physically, spiritually, relationship-wise, job-wise, and financially. This creates more negative energy in the world for their fallen angel fathers to feed on and to operate in this realm. The fallen angels are not dumb, so they know what they are doing. It is the human victims and their families who are dumb, and do not believe what the Illuminati is doing to them, and keep going to the Illuminati’s medical industry by paying huge amounts of money to the Illuminati industries without trusting in God. They understand that you are made up of electromagnetism, and by disrupting that electromagnetic balance, they can get you sick. The doctors cannot explain the reasons for the diseases, or they just treat the after effect diseases, and do not deal with the causes of the diseases—the Illuminati extermination families and squads and part-timers. The worldwide Illuminati Satanist organizations and secret societies and banks and royalties and politicians and media and intelligence agencies and religions are connected together, but these factions are now blaming other factions for the assassinations and extermination of mankind plans and poisoning of the ecosystem, in order to divert the human homo-sapiens’ angry attention away from their own blame and claiming that their ancestors are also humans from another planet and not fallen angel aliens. This is how Satan and his fallen angels and their human Satanist religion people whom they control have reaped havoc on the human population since ancient times, and continue to kill off humans whom God has created. The devil and his fallen angels and their Satanist servants’ sole purpose is to kill, steal, destroy, and to eradicate planet earth of God’s homo-sapiens humans, and to create an Atlantis utopia of demonic hybrid humanoids, just like those that God exterminated in the flood. No evidence is left, so they can conduct mass genocide of the homo-sapiens human race, at an even greater level than the Nazi concentration camps, which only killed 6 million Jews. They try to shut down your breathing while you sleep and suffocate you to death. The Eastern Illuminati broadcasts through their representatives that the good guys have taken over the CIA Nazi descendents, and now control the majority of the CIA. This is a complete farce. As evidence of this farce, the CIA assassin squads and the Illuminati hired henchmen would not be trying to kill me every night while I sleep, just like a coward would do from behind walls with their witchcraft and electromagnetic toys, if all the CIA Nazi assassin squads and Nazi hired hands were truly destroyed as the Eastern Illuminati alliance are claiming. The New World Order is going according to their plan, and the world is united to bring it into existence. Do not be deceived and know Satan’s propaganda tactics. The millions and millions and millions of fathers, grandmothers, daughters, cousins, friends, coworkers, wives and grandchildren they are assassinating as part of their Satanist Illuminati ritual’s human homo-sapiens race complete extermination program is horrendous. And they are replacing them with multitudes of their Aryan race genetically reengineered clone demon spirit hybrid creatures that they create in their underground Illuminati base laboratories and releasing into this society through their Illuminati member families. It is just like in the days of Noah, when they tried to wipe out the human race and replace it with their demon vampire race of the undead, until God intervened and saved the human race through Noah and the Great Flood. The Illuminati spread ridiculous lies to their stupid human Satanist servants that they intend to leave 500 million humans alive to run their New World Order. This is a joke. Satan has ordered his reptilian hybrids to eliminate all of mankind, and to replace them with his own genetically reengineered freak race, just like in the days of Noah. The skull is a symbol that pops up everywhere in the Illuminati, whether it is the Nazi SS Aryan race symbol or the Yale University Skull & Bones Society (German Illuminati Freemason group) or the pirates who work for the Queen of England, because the skull symbolizes the complete extermination of the human homo-sapiens race which God allowed to survive through Noah’s flood as He wiped out the reptilian hybrid witch nephilim race, and the cross bones underneath them symbolize the unholy cross of the Anti-Christ who they hope will accomplish this to set up their demon alien hybrid race on this earth. They have carried this thousands of years of hatred toward God’s human homo-sapiens race, and the goal of their one-world New World Order is to eliminate the humans and restore the Atlantis nephilim civilization for Satan. This is the beginning of a Luciferian war against humankind. These people who have seen these horrific supersoldier demonic beings that are going to be released upon the earth and the new influenza virus that is to be released on the earth’s humans are scared straight and keep saying, “I have to warn the people about this,” so dozens and dozens of scientists who worked on these biological weapons and those assassins who killed them are being murdered. These are the perilous times that Jesus Christ told us about in the Bible.


The Nazi concentration camps during the World War 2 were just an experiment by the Illuminati bloodline families who were financing the Nazis to kill as many Jews whom they detest and hate, since these Illuminati bloodline Zionists are Edomites or fake Jews, who are arch enemies of the Jews, dedicated to the genocide of the Jewish race. The Illuminati created Israel and tried to bring all the Jews there, in order to eliminate them through their third world war that they had planned centuries ago. The Nazi scientists who were invited by the Illuminati Satanists into the CIA and NSA and MI6 and Australian intelligence and Plum Island biological warfare laboratories and all the other major government and private organizations through Operation Paperclip were assigned the mission to kill massive amounts of homo-sapiens humans without being discovered like the Nazi concentration camps of World War 2. The Nazi concentration camps during World War 2 was a test experiment by the Illuminati, and it exposed limitations and vulnerability to leaving evidence of genocide. Therefore, they had to come up with methods for exterminating the inferior human race through untracked and unnoticed and natural murder methods. Of course, any government Satanist who even mentions about such things would be assassinated before they can talk, because the reptilian hybrid people’s ancestor fallen angels know the thoughts of these people and those with such intentions. The children of the devil and the nephilim race have always tried to eliminate God’s human race. Now, the Illuminati is planning a massive World War 3 destruction, which would give them an excuse for mass execution of homo-sapiens humans, in order to create their New World Order of Aryan reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents, which would also irradiate and global warm the earth to fit their fallen angels’ and reptilian climate.


When these feminists and Koreans and Satanists have evil hearts, they get possessed by demons, and the fallen angels are the ones who use their bodies as a tool to attack God’s apostles and prophets, because the demonic spirits cannot attack directly since they are not physical beings, but rather, they are spiritual beings. It is just like in their Illuminati movie, “The Exorcist.” Those races and families and nationalities and murderer descendents that have evil genes are easier to be controlled by these evil spirits. They can only be saved by receiving Christ into their hearts. However, in real life, these people walk around and talk and laugh just like other humans, so no one knows they are demon-possessed and that they sodomize and sacrifice little children in private life or try to kill God’s apostles or eat human flesh in their Satanic rituals. This is why when you go shopping, you always find these people right behind you peering over your shoulders to record what you are buying. These people are like the robots that serve as the eyes and ears and hands of the fallen angels that possess and control their bodies, just like humans use remote control robots to spy on enemy military forces. Those who sought Jesus’ and Moses’ and King David’s and Elijah’s and Daniel’s and Paul’s lives and the lives of the 6 million Jews in the holocaust were also demon-possessed to carry out Satan’s will, just like the hordes of feminists and Koreans and Edomites and Satanists who have tried to kill me, in these last days. May every single Illuminati member know who I am, for I come in the name of our Lord to call all who do evil to repent, and this is their last chance to turn from their evil ways.


It is a very interesting observation to notice that those people who are shooting EMP electromagnetic weapons at you, and come out to secretly look at you to see in person their victim’s, although they themselves have no courage to be identified, are usually feminists who look like they have had cruel abusive fathers (not in public, but in private secret life), who have similar genetic characters as them, that opens their daughters up to extreme demonic influence and hatred and emotional problems; and gangster types who seem to have been brought up in genetically unethical families; and Satanists who have opened themselves up to complete demonic possession by fallen angels because they use witchcraft drugs and are mind-controlled by the Illuminati; and Koreans who have the typical Mongul triangle eyes and high cheek bones and barbaric violent temperaments as they glare at you or point fingers at you in an intimidating way and scowl at you as they follow you around in their cars. This is why all the feminists in Japan are Japanese of Korean ancestry, or those who have strong Korean genes. However, since the Illuminati needs so many people to constantly shoot at you, they have to hire the people who are the scum of society. There is a difference in these type of people, depending on the nation you are in. In the United States, they look like jobless people with tattoos covering their entire bodies and ear pierces. They are the type that deal drugs and shoplift, and instead of working in a supermarket bagging groceries, they would rather work as assassins for the CIA, which is better money. In Japan, they look like mentally ill jobless people who cannot work in a normal job; and young girls who look like they have a chronic mental illness to want to buy a lot of brand fashion since they have a damaged self-esteem in their own attractiveness as a person, and get into heavy debt through shopping illness; and young boys who look like they have a chronic mental illness in interacting with people, and they buy anime cartoon female character dolls to molest in their fantasy lives, and they cannot get married, and since they cannot get normal jobs they work for the Illuminati to assassinate people. All of the people I mentioned do not look like gentlemen and ladies who boldly confront a person with courage and nobleness, but rather, when I look at them, they all look like cowardly people who cannot stab or shoot a person face-to-face, but they have no problem slowly killing people in secret from behind the walls or cars with EMP electromagnetic weapons without being identified by the victim, because it does not feel like assassinating someone, but instead, it feels like just playing a video game killing character in the game. There is a certain alienation in these people’s minds about the fact that they are killing people, because since the Illuminati gives them CIA high-technology assassination weapons, they do not see the blood and guts of killing someone; so, to them, they do not have to deal with the reality that they are killing another human being. To them, in their minds, if they can earn a living by playing a video game every day, whenever the Illuminati tells them to shoot at the victim, it is a wonderful lifestyle for them. Basically, a dream come true. When the victim gets cancer or gets a heart attack, then to them, it feels like they were not the one who killed them, but that the victim just died on their own. Also, since there are hundreds of other people involved in the murder, they feel like they are not responsible. They are also deceived by the Illuminati Satanists into believing that the victim is a very evil person and deserves to die, because that person is a menace to society, so this mind-control further desensitizes these assassin boys and girls and feminists and Koreans from the real fact that they are actually murdering another human being. This is why the Illuminati does not have to hire prison convicts, although they do use prison convicts, too, because they can just hire these boys and girls and feminist activists and feminist professors (they get them these professor jobs to their members) and groups of Korean students to do their killing and assassination. It is great for the Illuminati, because it does not get any attention, and they can be discrete about their assassination of thousands of people, since their assassins are just ordinary boys and girls and professors and housewives and students. Some of these girls are recruited through the loan sharks, who purposely get these kids into big debt with them, as they buy all the expensive brand handbags and shoes. The Illuminati just threaten them that their gangsters will kill them unless they do a little assassination work for them, and that it will just be like playing a video game. These scum people of society who get into these debts are originally genetically depraved people, so they of course, accept the assassination jobs from the Illuminati’s sub-organizations like the CIA, because it is better than being killed themselves, and they feel important for the first time in their entire life by being called a CIA agent. They are the scum of the world, and they are more like leeches in existence than humans, because they yell and complain to all kinds of companies in order to get money and coupons from them.


This is how the devil Satan deceives the most evil and stupid people to do his dirty job. It is just like in the Hollywood vampire movies, where the Illuminati reptilian cannibalistic vampire hybrids who run our society hire these evil human servants to do their evil work, in an agreement that they will not kill them, if they work for them. They think up of these evil deeds because they have Satan’s reptile brains and genes or seed, just like the dinosaurs monsters It will be just like the days of Noah’s fllood’s Atlantis days with the Illuminati reptilians’ genetic reengineering and creation of hybrid giant monsters. They will be wiped out by God’s judgment by fire soon, just like they were wiped out before by God’s judgment by water in Noah’s age.


The reason why the Satanist hit squad people and Illuminati spies who are trying to kill you look like feminist type of people and horror video game player type of people and Korean student type of people and street gang tattoo type of people and prison convict type of people is because the Illuminati recruits their assassins from these groups and organizations, because they know very well who the most evil people on this earth are, and who would be willing to kill people. So, it is no accident that these Illuminati assassin people look like these type of people, because they are actually recruited by the Illuminati from the feminist organizations and horror video game player nerds and Korean students and street gangs and prison convicts who want their criminal charges dropped if they do work for the Illuminati Satanists. The Illuminati Satanist leaders gather all the scum of the earth to do their low dirty work, who love working for the Illuminati as henchmen because they can spend their lives playing around and killing people, as they receive money to live from the Illuminati multi billionaire organization, who do not want blood on their hands or do the actual killing themselves. These top Illuminati people just watch the videos and security cameras enjoying the dirty killing job as their victims run in horror and suffer, just like they watch a sports game on television or a reptilian hybrid witch descendent pervert peeping tom watches their nude victim on the Illuminati black ops CIA camera technologies. To them, killing human homo-sapiens is like a game and it is very enjoyable, as they live their billionaire lives playing golf and traveling on their yachts and conducting live child sacrifice Satanist rituals in their homes and government secure facilities protected by their Satanist Illuminati security law enforcement personnel. This is the reality and lifestyle of the Illuminati Satanist reptilian hybrid witch descendents and their human Satanist servants. It has been the same for thousands of years, since Noah’s flood’s Atlantis civilization days, when their predecessor reptilian hybrid nephilim giants skinned people alive, ripped off their limbs, cannibalized humans, and took the most beautiful women for their wives. This is why God brought Noah’s flood judgment to destroy the nephilim, just like He will do again, very soon. Why does God allow Satan and his feminist reptilian hybrids to make Illuminati movies like “Noah” that are a complete farce and defames God and are an Illuminati Satanist propaganda? The religious Christian hippy pastors make a hype about them. The reason is so that the evil multitudes will be deceived by the evil of their own hearts and will believe what the evil in their hearts want to believe. Those who will be deceived by Satan and their own evil hearts will be deceived. So, it does not matter if Satan and his Illuminati make a hundred movies or a thousand movies to defame God and to sell their Illuminati story. It is only the religious people who make a hype about them. You see, dear brethren, God knows who are His own, and the righteous will follow God no matter what kind of propaganda they are fed by the devil, and those who are evil will be deceived and welcome every deceptive Illuminati movie, no matter how many times they may hear the Torah Truth. The Torah Truth is for those who will hear, believe, love God and come to Him. Satan’s lies are for the multitudes who will follow and believe the lies of their own hearts, and who were already headed toward destruction and everlasting judgment before the beginning of creation and whose names are not written in the Book of Life. So be at peace, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, and go about the Lord’s business for His Spirit is not of trouble but of a sound mind. Be wise in the Lord and know His heart and understand things by His Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit will lead you to proper thinking, proper understanding, proper behavior, proper emotion, proper worship and a proper relationship with the Father in Heaven. In all things, trust Him. And the reptile feminist witches will continue to make their Illuminati movies, because they do not have human souls but are demon spirits, so they cannot do anything but to hate God and defame Him for they are the descendents of the fallen angels and nephilim hybrids.


For the Illuminati homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant demon spirit people, this current life is the only paradise they will know. For God’s homo-sapiens human children with human souls, this current life is the only misery they will know. Why does God allow it this way. It is because the greater the paradise now, the greater the misery for the demons in their eternal Lake of Fire. It is because the greater the misery now, the greater the joy for God’s children in their eternal heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ and Father YHWH. This current life and condition that we have multiplies either the misery or joy that we will have in our eternal abode. You need to see things through the eyes of our Lord God Almighty and through eternity, and not through what you see around you now. Have God’s wisdom, my friends. Be wise and holy as our Father is for you have His Spirit.


The reason why the Illuminati governments and CIA MI6 and other government agencies go around trying to assassinate so many people like us is because we are not brainwashed by their propaganda, and we are a great threat to their human race eradication program. Any Vietnam veteran or college student peaceful demonstrator can tell you that the Illuminati’s media is a bunch of hogwash lies and deception. If we speak out the Torah Truth about the Illuminati reptilian hybrids causing the wars and creating the weapons to exterminate the human populace, then it may create a huge anger and revolt like the anti-war rallies during the Vietnam War, which forced the Illuminati to stop the war and killing. Therefore, they now keep the killing secret and have gone underground, and control their Illuminati media now control the media. Anyone who informs the public about the truth are immediately assassinated. They use their feminists, mafia, Koreans, Satanists, street gangs, cloned hybrid nephilim creatures, CIA MI6 assassin squads and professional Illuminati assassin families to gang stalk us and try to hunt us down. There is a systematic assassination program of all who may cause problems or affect the populace’s awareness or wake up the people of society. This is yours and our governments that are doing this murder. They are supposed to be upholding justice and the law and arresting murderers, but the irony is that they are going around murdering multitudes of innocent people who are only trying to help the human homo-sapiens race survive. They are even killing their own CIA and police officers and military officers and government officials, so why would these criminals hesitate to assassinate the president or a commoner like you? These are evil, evil people we are dealing with. There are children of the flesh, so they are slaves of genetic survival of evolution, and that is why they will kill anyone and everyone, in order to make their genes and descendents survive and prosper and take over the earth. They are not spiritual men of godly righteousness and holiness, but they are base, depraved, fleshly, carnal, genetic obsessed creatures who live by Satan’s precepts, and not God’s precepts.


These motorcycle gangs just like the street gangs or mob, are sourced by the military to carry out all the narcotic drug business and murders and other miscellaneous work for the Illuminati, and they are secret societies that are Satanist, too. This is why they hear me talking through my mobile phone which park I am escaping to that night, and they send masses of these motorcycle gangs and street gangs and vandals to flood that park with people to make noise and prevent any sleep, while they prohibit the police from driving them away or arresting them. To the hotels pool sides where I escape to get sleep, they send the hordes of Korean barbarians to surround you and scream and yell and clap their hands and drag chairs and create noise all night long. The hotel security will not reprimand them at all, but they are sent by the Illuminati to reprimand you for sleeping on the pool side reclining chair and try to force you back to the hotel rooms where they can irradiate you with electromagnetic assassination weapons from next door hotel rooms where their CIA and MI6 and Satanists and feminists and Nazis and Korean assassin squads and every other evil group have set up. These multitudes of Hawaiians who tried to deprive God’s apostles and prophets of any sleep by banging the iron gates in schools where they went to get some sleep, or who drag raced in the adjoining parking lots or made loud noises at 4:30 a.m. swimming lessons at the hotels where they stayed, or when God’s apostles and prophets asked for different hotel rooms, they came out in hordes to scream and yell and sound their cars outside that new room, in order to force God’s apostles and prophets to return to the room where the Satanists had set up EMP electromagnetic microwave weapons next door or into the lobby area where the hotel staff would make noise to keep God’s apostles and prophets awake, will die horrible deaths when God’s judgment falls upon this earth. They will blame God for not protecting them from the calamities and terror that will befall them, and not blame themselves for the evil they had done against God’s anointed servants, and how they tried to kill God’s apostles and prophets by following them to every hotel and park and beach and school and campus and residential area to try to deprive them of any sleep, by order of the Illuminati. The most evil nephilim people and depraved pimps of this world do not blame themselves for their atrocities and evil sins, but they blame the righteous God of being evil. The righteous repent of their own evil sins, and praise God for His love and faithfulness and righteousness and holiness. These things are proportionate to the evil or righteousness of that person’s heart. The reason why the Illuminati Satanists try to deprive their victims’ of any sleep is for three reasons. Firstly, it is to try to kill them from lack of sleep. Secondly, it is to try to force them to go back to their hotel rooms, so that they can shoot EMP electromagnetic weapons at them from the next door rooms to try to kill them. Thirdly, it is to make their victim fall asleep in the completely deserted parks and beaches and forests, so that their Illuminati people can come by and always put poison into the health supplements that their victims keep in their bags to protect themselves from the Illuminati EMP electromagnetic microwave weapon’s oxidation effect.


Since President Eisenhower’s time, a state of anarchy exists as the president lost all control of all the security operations, and now all these shadow governments use billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of taxpayers’ money for black ops budget Satanist work, such as assassinations, narcotic drug trades, child kidnappings for Satanist sacrifice rituals, alien abduction assistance for genetically reengineering these kidnapped humans, creating weapons of mass destruction and biological weapons to cause world extermination of humans to set up their Nazi New World Order, etc. The Illuminati Satanists reptilian hybrids are parasites on the human race who work with their blood, sweat, and tears, and steal that taxpayers’ money laughing, and pay huge outrageous amounts of that money to the Egyptian governments to keep secret all the nephilim and chimera fossils that are excavated to hide the information from the human homo-sapiens populace, so that they will not believe the Bible. This is why President Eisenhower feared that now the security industries have gotten out of control, and will rule the earth in the future as they pursue their own individual interests. One of these is also to hide and reverse engineer the alien technologies for themselves to gain power and money, and kill thousands and thousands and thousands of people who may speak about them or write about them or disclose any information concerning the evil activities they are conducting. These people of the Illuminati security organizations and law enforcement and military and intelligence communities are pure evil for these Satanists have no godly morals or ethics or conscience or honor codes or standards of conduct or laws or boundaries. For them, anything and everything goes, as far as what they want to do whenever they want to do them. If they get angry at a neighbor, they just use their electromagnetic weapons to cause a massive heart attack on that neighbor, and they do not get arrested for murder, because there is no evidence. Their Illuminati connections and law enforcement and hospitals just dismiss the incidents as a natural cause of death or suicide or accident. They murder people left and right, and will murder a princess of a nation, also, without even a second thought. They will not stop at anything, because they cannot be caught. As Eisenhower said, there is absolutely no oversight over these Satan worshippers and demonic creatures or hybrid reptilian witch descendent people, and they operate beyond any law or ethics or authorities or national boundaries. Each of these organizations do what they want to do, and anyone who tries to investigate their secrets or talk about their secrets to the outside are immediately murdered and silenced. We live in a very evil world run by very evil people, because the devil controls these Illuminati demon-possessed people and organizations. Whenever they join these criminal gangs or government agencies’ secret societies like the Freemasons or Nazi party or feminist organizations or motorcycle gangs, they take an oath to Lucifer, and this opens them up to demon-possession by these evil spirits. Their bodies become just tools for these fallen angels to control and use to further their purpose on this earth. They are like zombie bodies acting on behalf of the devil and his fallen angels and demons. So, to them, killing is just another day at the office and a regular 8 hour job to get a salary. They enjoy killing as a sport. Not only do they enjoy killing, but they take extreme pleasure in the person suffering in agony. Many of those who get demon-possessed are reptilian nephilim witch descendents, so they do not have human brains, but they have the typical reptilian psychopath brains. These creatures or entities do not have human souls, but they are offspring of evil spirits, so they are what the Christians call demon spirits. As they stalked and pestered Jesus, these same offspring of the snake follow wherever I go on the earth, and they shoot their electromagnetic weapons from every adjoining room and poison my food and do everything to stop me from writing and teaching the Torah Truth of Jesus Christ to you. We do not battle against flesh and blood, but against every power and principality of darkness that reign over this earth. Our weapons are spiritual, and the one who fights for us is our Lord Jesus Christ. Every time they attack you, fight back by preaching the Torah Truth and teaching about what they are doing. Their attacks are good, because it reminds you that you need to teach the Torah Truth every time, and it motivates you to fight back. Complacency is the biggest enemy.