Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 16


The Constitution and Bill of Human Rights of the United States is one of the biggest farce and deception in the history of mankind. If you speak out under the Right of Free Speech, the feminists will assassinate you. The Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States is just a deceptive tool of the Illuminati to keep the human homo-sapiens slaves enslaved by thinking that they are free and have liberty and equal opportunity, while the reptilian hybrid Illuminati elites parasite off of them with trillions and trillions and trillions of black ops secret budgets. If there were no reptilian hybrids, then each human homosapiens person would be a millionaire. Instead, the Illuminati parasites off so much money from their salary and property and employer and investments and consumption tax and dependence on petrol oil and other methods that the humans are very, very poor. And the Illuminati make them think that they are the middle class. It is a joke! With free energy and the technologies of science fiction movies and the amount of gold that they have hidden, the human populace would be living like kings and queens. Instead, the Illuminati forces the human population to live miserable lifestyles, so that they can maintain their power and wealth. The Brotherhood of the Snakes’ nephilim kings and queens and national leaders and bankers have done this for 6,000 years. If you uncover the secrets of the Illuminati reptilian human homo-sapiens race genocide plans, they will send their CIA hit squads, unmanned aerial vehicles, Air Force fighter jets, dozens of tinted window trucks, and motorcycle gangs to gang stalk you wherever you go. They are perverted peeping toms who spy into your rooms and your computers and your bank accounts and your family records and your toilets and privacy information about yourself that you do not even know about. People are absolutely dumb and mind controlled by the Illuminati’s media and education systems that they think the United States of America honors peoples’ privacy and private information? It is a complete joke! There is not a single information that they cannot and will not access, and they already have megabytes and terabytes of information about you. Women think they have privacy? What a big farce. No woman or no daughter or no wife has any privacy, because the Illuminati has seen them all, at the whim of any of these Illuminati members. It just shows how dumb the Illuminati has made the humans, so that they do not know the full extent of the Illuminati’s reptilian technologies and what they can and do with your mobile phone cameras and television technologies and security cameras and electromagnetic scopes and visualization imagery systems and vaccine body microchips and satellite spying systems and tapping systems and remote viewing. Their Illuminati reptilian technologies are tens of thousands of years more advanced than the humans’ technologies. Ever so often, the Illuminati gives out a few very primitive low technologies, such as fiber optics or radio transmitters or microwave ovens or GPS or super computers or stealth technology to their Illuminati business companies for dispersion to the human populace; but it is like the Europeans giving pots and mirrors and hats to the American Indian natives in the old days. People would be shocked at the space age technologies that the Illuminati had in the 1950s. The space fleet that the Illuminati currently has under Operation Solar Warden is much, much more advanced than the “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” movies technologies. They can beam up or teleport people with no problem from one location to another. It was the same in the ancient Atlantis civilization where the fallen angel aliens gave technologies to the ancient Illuminati, in exchange for the Illuminati kidnapping humans to give to the fallen angel aliens for dissecting, cutting up, combining with animal bodies, and making freak monster half humans. To them, it is like dissecting frogs or burning insects or infecting rats in an experimental laboratory. And these dumb, idiotic, stupid, brain dead American citizens believe that the government follows the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Human Rights to protect their lives and freedom and families, while their government is selling their daughters and sons and grandchildren to the fallen angel aliens for dissecting and cutting up and merging bodies with octopuses? How stupid can heathens and religious Christian be? For every single American and other nations’ people, they should require each human homo-sapiens to take a tour of the underground sixth floor “hall of horrors” in the underground secret military bases where the fallen angel aliens are abducting and cutting up thousands and thousands and thousands of human homo sapiens in every nation. To them, it would be a greater shock than the allied troops who first walked into the Nazi execution camps during World War 2. In the Nazi execution camps they did not find their daughter’s body cut in half and attached to an octopus body to form a new creature. The Illuminati reptilians are kidnapping and eating tens of thousands of their children in their satanic human live sacrifice rituals and going around shooting their family member’s hearts with electromagnetic weapons from the cars across the street to make them heart attacks or sudden infant death syndromes, and they still believe that their American government and other nation’s governments respect the Constitutions and Human Rights and laws of the nation? How completely blind and dumb the humans are. These police officers think they are upholding the laws and justice of their nation, while their leaders rape their children in their satanic rituals, and the police officers will be the first to be exterminated by the Illuminati super soldier humanzee armies? How stupid. The United States Constitution and Bill of Human Rights is an illusion, and it does not really exist. It is one of the biggest scam by the Illuminati reptilians on the human populace. You keep a populace quiet and enslaved and parasite preys by deceiving them into thinking that they are free and safe and happy. It’s like a dumb livestock cattle while the vampires suck its blood and eat its calf. What difference is there? These perverted Illuminati Satanist secret society member Nazi descendents of the National Security Agency use our taxpayers money to enjoy their lives every day, with the alien technologies that they bartered in exchange for abducting your families for lab experiment dissections, those technology that are tens of thousands of years more advanced than our own, to sit behind their computer monitors hooked up to satellites as if they are childish nerds playing a video game, to look into people’s thoughts all day, spy underneath women’s clothes to see them nude, spy into toilets and share their videos with each other, send zapping EMP electromagnetic weapons through the computers / mobile phones / televisions / electricity sockets / etc. to laugh as if they are playing a video game, and gang stalk people with microwaves, create insomnia, create depression, cause all kinds of disease to kill millions of human homo-sapiens race people, and harass them for fun. This is why seconds after you write something about the Illuminati, they will start zapping you with EMP electromagnetic weapons and frequency weapons. The Illuminati MJ-12 MAJI NSA AQUARIUS  Hillary Elizabeth Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist criminal cabal also use satellites to attack you. They also have other type of energy weapons or black magic weapons that attack the hearts, brains, genitals, livers, kidneys, pancreas, etc. of these White Dragon Society and Red Dragon Society and Green Dragon Society and Gnostic Illuminati and Pentagon COMM 12 and White Hat faction and 87 nation leader alliance leaders, in order to kill them. This is why the faraday cages and EMP electromagnetic detection devices do not work on these type of weapons. The MJ-12 MAJI CIA AQUARIUS Hillary Elizabeth Committee of Three Hundred Nazi Zionist Illuminati is using poisons and EMP electromagnetic weapons and scalar weapons and satellite psychic weapons and other energy weapons to try to create heart attacks and other diseases on the Asian dragon family elders and leaders, in order to assassinate them. They have frequency weapons to cause insomnia so that people cannot sleep, or cause sleepiness when reading the Bible or praying, just like they cause extreme chronic fatigue, or chronic headaches or indigestion or backaches in real Christians. These aliens and Illuminati reptilian hybrid elites have all kinds of  advanced technologies. (See YouTube video “Ambassador Discloses Bioweapons Attack; Red Dragon Family Seeking Positive Paradigm Change“ at .)


*** The reptilian extraterrestrial entities that control the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi cabal witches are using psychotronic weapons to gang-stalk and assassinate our coalition alliance members. . ***


*** MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス秘密結社の魔女たちをコントロールしている爬虫類地球外生命体たちが我々の連合同盟のメンバーたちをサイコトロニックpsychotronic電磁波武器で集団ギャング・ストーカーをし、暗殺しているのです。 ***


They not only shoot at you to try to kill you or make you sick, but they use your money to do it. They do not even have the decency to use their own hard earned income to try to kill human homo-sapiens, but they use all the money they have pillaged from tax money, narcotics money, oil money, armament money, child slavery money, stock and banking parasite money to try to kill the human homo-sapiens, because they themselves do not work. They hack into your computer to watch what you write on your computer, so your computer curser keeps getting stuck every second of every minute so that it takes long hours to type anything, and it takes minutes to open a single file, too. They keep crashing the computer, in order to try to make you lose everything. Satan is the lord of the flies and pests. They not only steal your privacy, but they also hinder your work and daily life.


If people are smart, they would ask the question: if the Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race descendant feminists have fallen angel technology energy weapons and psychic nephilim powers to attack chakras using satellites and billions of dollars and thousands of people and all their fancy tracking technology, why do they use it to attack only God’s apostles who are just normal citizens, and why they do not use that ability to get rid of all their Illuminati Muslim henchmen whom they call terrorists? They claim that the terrorists were not created by them, and that they are trying to get rid of the terrorists. Something does not make since here, and it is illogical. This is good evidence that the nephilim demon spirits are liars and deceptive creatures.


For example, if they shoot their EMP electromagnetic weapons from the hotel room on the right, then in the morning, your right arm and right side of your heart will heart bad, because they shoot the energy weapon through your arm into your heart, to try to create a heart attack. However, if you are a child of God and a real Christian, they cannot kill you, unlike the millions of other humans that they assassinate everyday and replace with alien hybrid clones that look and talk and have the same downloaded memory as they do using their advanced alien technologies. Ninety percent of the gang-stalking is witchcraft, and these witches are in psychic communication with the devil’s nephilim races spread throughout one-third of the universe with their advanced Atlantis civilization technologies. Even when you wear a metal mesh suit a night, the witches can inflict pain on your heart or kidney or brain or genitals all night, but they cannot burst your heart like they can with other human victims. These reptilian hybrid nephilim psychic witch feminists are not allowed to harm God’s children. A lot of the body pains are deceptions by Satan and his aliens and witches, in order to make God’s children believe that they are being attacked by EMP electromagnetic weapons. However, if a child of God has the shield of faith to trust God that the Illuminati cannot attack them, then the pain goes away, because their attacks are rendered ineffective. If you put up signs on your door and refrigerator with Bible verses about the fact that they are walking on holy ground and how those who attack God’s people will be dealt with God’s vengeance, then they will not enter your home anymore. Jesus who is in you is greater than the devil who is in the world.


There are many of these dead nephilim people being resurrected into their DNA cloned bodies in these Illuminati reptilian NSA CIA laboratories, so that they arise again to try to fight with God and His chosen people. This is why their Illuminati religions like Buddhism and Hinduism and ancient Egyptian freemason religions of preserving DNA in mummified bodies, knowing the fallen angel’s advanced technologies of cloning DNA, believe in reincarnation. They believe this cheap trick and fake resurrection is eternal life. However, only demon spirits of nephilim people can be revived in cloned bodies, because human souls either go to heaven or hell after death and cannot be recalled. This is their Illuminati Nazi ubermann or super soldier program of resurrecting their Tribe of Dan Edomite reptilian hybrid Aryan race super soldiers who are killed in battle. It is the aliens or nephilim or Atlantis descendants who escaped to other planets, who have these technologies that the fallen angels had taught them, and they are the ones controlling the gang stalking of God’s people and God’s apostles, by controlling all the people’s minds of the world who are not Christians. Anyone who is not a Christian is controlled by Satan and his alien species with their advanced technology and UFO spacecraft and interplanetary cities. They are the soulless ones or cursed creatures that will be thrown into the Lake of Fire by God. This is why wherever you go or whatever nation you go, these people seem to be waiting for you to shoot you with EMP weapons and chase you around with white trucks and poison your food. All the people of the world are controlled by these aliens from space and mind controlled as a hive mentality under Satan. If you do not belong to their system, they will attack you and try to kill you. This is why as soon as you start uncovering the evil, the aliens will coordinate their NSA and CIA and military and feminists and Koreans and mafia and yakuza mob gangsters and street gangs and Women’s Studies Department female professors and police officers and even your mothers and wives to try to kill you and assassinate you and gang stalk you. They are all part of Satan’s Illuminati hive mind. All your friends will hate you and try to turn you over to the Satanists. The religious Christians will be afraid to help you, and they will angrily yell at you to witness and share the gospel to the Satanists who are trying to kill you. Are they so dumb to not realize that the Satanists are trying to kill us because we shared the gospel salvation to them already? They are more concerned about the salvation of Satanists and nephilim descendant demon spirit creatures who are trying to kill their brother in Christ, rather than God’s people who are going to be in heaven with us through eternity. God knows who are His people, and He has sent us out to share Christ with them. Those who do not yet know who Christ is, already know Him, too, because they are His own. From the time they were born, they have already been chosen by God and they were created to be God’s children. The dumb, unsaved religious Christians are busy doing the devil’s work by evangelizing to demon-possessed scum people who they bring into the churches, and the churches get filled with these demon-possessed people who attack God’s people and drive them out of church. God says not to pray for these people in Jeremiah 7:16 and John 17:9, because they are not going to be saved, and they are not His people. God will tell you who to preach and talk to, who are His people that are going to be saved, because they are already His people. They just need to come to Him. That is why we are here on this earth. We are here to reach out to God’s people who we need to share Christ with. The evil people do not care about God and they hate God. You do not throw pearls to pigs. When these religious Christians yell at you to pray in love for these Satanist gang-stalkers who have sold their souls to Satan, then it shows what kind of people they are. These religious Christians will refuse to help their brothers in Christ when they are being attacked by the nephilim alien hybrid gang stalker assassins, because they are afraid, and they will criticize their Christian brothers for not loving and praying for the salvation of the nephilim alien hybrid clone Satanists, and throw their brothers in Christ out to the Satanist wolves outside. They only want to save themselves. Therefore, they protect and support the alien hybrid nephilim Satanists who are trying to kill their brothers in Christ, and they criticize and scold and accuse their brothers in Christ of not loving the Satanists and for being evil. In God’s eyes, who is more evil: the religious Christian who accuses his brother in Christ who is being attacked by the Satanists and tells the brother that he should be praying for the nephilim alien hybrid soulless demon people who are trying to kill their brother, and throws that brother out of his home to be killed by the Satanists, because he wants to protect his own self from the Satanists by not getting involved, or the real child of God Christian who went to that religious Christian to ask for back up against the alien hybrid nephilim Satanist gang stalker assassins. This is how hypocritical and evil these religious Christians are. Furthermore, these religious Christians always assist the Satanists in trying to report the locations of their brother in Christ so that they can be killed by the Satanist wolves, while they refuse to house or provide shelter or food or protection or encouragement to those brothers in Christ who are being attacked by the alien hybrid nephilim Satanists. In order to save their own selves from the Satanists, these religious Christians will accuse these gang stalked victims and brothers in Christ of being crazy for claiming that they are being gang stalked by Satanists, and tell them to go to the Satanism medical science witchdoctor psychiatrists in the hospitals to get their head checked, because they do not want to become targets of the Satanists themselves by helping their brothers in Christ. These religious Christians are more evil and worse than the alien hybrid nephilim demon spirit Satanist gang stalkers, because they do not try to kill their brother’s bodies only, but they try to kill the hearts and minds of God’s people and prophets, and thereby, God Himself, by disguising themselves as if they are real Christians. They will say that the brothers in Christ need to pray for the salvation of these alien hybrid nephilim demon spirit gang stalker Satanists, because Jesus prayed for the people who were crucifying Him, and that Jesus outranks King David who wrote in the Book of Psalms to ask God to judge and destroy his enemies. Thereby, they are saying that God’s Bible contradicts itself, and that part of the Bible is true and part of the Bible is a lie. Thereby, they are saying that God contradicts Himself, and that part of His Word the Bible is a lie. What kind of a Christian believer is this, just because he does not want to get gang stalked himself by the alien hybrid gang stalkers, for helping his brother in Christ? The Bible and God teaches that there is God’s timing to pray for the forgiveness of God and salvation for those persecutors like Apostle Paul who persecuted the Christians, and there is God’s timing to pray for the righteous of God to destroy and kill these utterly wicked heathens and nephilim Satanist people. War is not always evil, because God sometimes commands us to go to war and destroy the enemy in Christ’s authority and power. These religious Christians will yell and scold you and judge you for waging war against Satan and his people, because they believe that we should pray for forgiveness and salvation for these nephilim Satanists who sacrifice their babies to Satan and cannibalize eat them and skin people alive. This is why these religious Christians will be handed over to Satan and his Satanists to be tortured and killed. The question is whether these religious Christians will pray for God’s forgiveness and salvation for the alien hybrid nephilim Satanists when they are being gang stalked and exterminated by them. The question is whether they will peacefully and willingly be arrested by Satan and his Satanists, and go off to be tortured, maimed, raped, sodomized, dismembered, eaten alive, skinned alive, and killed. The question is whether these religious Christians will criticize themselves for being crazy and not believe that the Satanists are trying to kill them, and go off to Satan’s medical institution psychiatrists to have their own heads checked for insanity. There is a time coming when these religious Christians who refused to help God’s people and prophets and accused God’s people and prophets will themselves be gang stalked and tortured and killed, because of the evil they had done to God’s children and prophets and apostles when they sought help. Meanwhile, God’s children and prophets and apostles will be raptured out before the Tribulation Age comes, and be protected by God in heaven and will be celebrating in heaven while the earth turns into a blood bath and carnage and men’s hearts will fail them out of fear and these religious Christians will see hell on earth happen to them. These religious Christians who verbally and mentally attacked and tried to force God’s apostles and prophets to contact their mothers who worked for the Satanist assassins, will themselves be betrayed by those who are close to them, because they tried to hand over God’s people to Satan and their mothers who worked for Satan. These religious Christians have done great evil to God’s children and to God’s apostles and prophets.


It is because these religious Christians belong to the world and Satan, and all who have not been chosen by God before time and creation are Satanists because they follow after the world instead of God. They are of Satan’s hive-mind collective matrix, which are the people of this world. They were created as dishonorable vessels for eternal judgment and wrath of God for their wickedness. We should pray for God’s forgiveness to those who crucify us, because they do not know what they are doing, and they are following orders as loyal soldiers. Paul was a loyal soldier as he hunted down Christians, thinking that he was doing it for God, until he became a Christian and came to God. The nephilim descendant Satanists and feminist reptilian hybrid witches cannot be saved, because they do not have human souls, and they are demon spirits although they are disguised as humans. The reason why these Christian churches tell their members to convert people to Christ and increase their membership is because it is a great marketing ploy by Satan to keep religious Christians preoccupied with gaining memberships and increasing their donation money. Brethren, we are here on this earth to minister and preach and disciple those chosen by God and who the Lord wants us to go to. We are not here to waste our time in these Illuminati Christian churches doing their religious activities to convert the world to Christianity, and bringing in masses of religious people into their churches through evangelical missions and rock concerts and bake events and religious philanthropic activities and piggy-backing demon-possessed homeless people into the churches. The Illuminati makes the religious Christians do these things, in order to make them think they are Christians and to keep them preoccupied with their Satanism teachings and activities of Mystery Babylon religion. Dear brethren, come out from these Catholic and Protestant and Orthodox and Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness and Moonies and Christian churches, because God is ready to bring judgment and destruction upon them for their worship of Satanism and their fake Sananda Jesus and idolatry and Jezebelism and humanism and religious harlotry.


This is why I do not go to church and God’s children should not go to church, because the religious Christians have filled the churches with demon-possessed people and Satanists and Illuminati witches. It is because the religious Christians are not God’s people, but they are ungodly, evil, religious people, just like people from any other religion of Satan’s Mystery Babylon religion or Satanism. Instead, get out of the church, and go to God’s people who are outside the churches, to share Christ with them and disciple them in the Torah Truth which the church people hate. The Christian churches and religious Christians will never accept God’s Torah Truth, because they are not God’s children, but they belong to the devil. If they were God’s children and real born-again Christians who have the Holy Spirit, then they would accept our teachings because our teachings are from God. Instead, Satan’s Illuminati Satanist Christian churches have thrown out God’s Torah Truth from the churches, and replaced it with the devil’s doctrines brought in by their hippy rogue pastor witches and Satanist spies. The stupid religious Christians think they are great teachings and follow after these religious leaders and Calvary Chapel hippy effeminate pastors, as if they are rock stars. They are all headed to destruction, for they do not like God’s Torah Truth, they do not like God’s Word, and they do not love the true Christ. They all belong to the Mystery Babylon religion of Satan, just like the Buddhists and Muslims and Hindus and New Agers and pagan occultists. Those who are God’s people and who have the Holy Spirit will understand what I am talking about. I speak the truth no matter how many assassins the Calvary Chapel Satanists send against me, for I love God, and I have no fear. Do not fear or hesitate, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, for God has given you His Spirit of love, boldness and a sound mind. You have been set apart for all good works through Him who is able to save to the uttermost, even before you were created, and even before Creation was made, because He knew you, and He loved you. All the fallen angels and Satan and the people of the world who belong to their world system are nothing, and are not real. They are real, but this is a digital hologram simulation that was created by God to test you and mold you and prepare you for your kingship in heaven with Him. He chose you and has placed you here, so that you may be prepared in all good things of the Lord, polished and presentable as a bride to Christ. You are real, and this whole present condition exists because of you, whom the Lord loves. It is not truly for us, but it is for God and His glory, and therefore, it is for us whom He has willed and we who belong to His glory. In all and through all God is glorified, even through what Satan is allowed to do and what the nephilim hybrid offspring of the fallen angels and evil humans are allowed to do. They all have a purpose for God, and therefore, a purpose for you the chosen ones, whom God created to be chosen by Him, for you belong to Him and His glory. Evil equals nothing and they will return to nothing. It is a digital hologram. But for you, who are chosen and created to spend eternity with Him, this is the story of God’s love for you and His holiness. The people who are around you look like you, but their existence is not real for they are passing away. Yours is, because God knows you, and you know Him. Christ in you is the hope of glory and our everything. If you have the Holy Spirit, you know what I am talking about. Therefore, laugh at the devil and his meaningless minions, and go about the Lord’s business. You have been called by the Lord Most High YHWH. God will use His prophets to call the world to repentance until the Satanist reptilian hybrid feminist nephilim make the world too polluted and dangerous for God’s children to stay, then God will rapture His children out to heaven, and bring His judgment and wrath upon the people of the earth who followed after Illuminati Satanism and its world system and its heathen values, and for rejecting God, and refusing to repent.


The religious church Christians are controlled by a satanic spirit of pestering, disrupting, wasting your time, and stalking you. They will continuously keep contacting you to meet or to come to church or try to invite you to their Babylonian Mystery religion Satanism Christianity teachings bible studies. They will take all your time trying to get you involved in their religious activities and missions and philanthropic events, so that you have no time to do God’s work. However, once you go to church or their events, they will ostracize you and will shut you out of their group. They will all stand around the barbecue grill so that you cannot get any food, and they will ridicule you by asking why you came because I am not eating anything. This means that all the religious Christians are all remotely controlled by Satan’s nephilim alien technology, and their minds are not their own. They do not do that to each other or to other religious Christians. They only do that to real born-again Spirit-filled Christians who are real children of God. They have a hive mind and all think and operate as a collective matrix group like a bunch of puppets controlled by these alien demonic entities. If a girl comes and tries to become friends with you, these religious Christian women will slander you to them, and try to keep all girls away from you, because you showed no interest in them and their pride was hurt. The religious Christians’ goal is to try to entrap you into their hive-mind collective of Satan and his alien mind-control system, and keep you unproductive by being in their churches. If you try to break away, they will do everything to try to pull you back into their trap of Satan, and at the same time, when you go to their churches, they will do all kinds of evil things to you and shut you out from their groups and friendship. It will just be a surface relationship. In other words, the churches are Satan’s traps, and the religious Christians are Satan’s puppet servants to try to capture you and enslave you. They all operate together to entrap God’s children, because they are all controlled by the nephilim aliens’ demons and mind-control technology. They have no mind of their own, although they think they have their own mind. This is why Satan and his nephilim aliens will use their mind-control technology to make one religious Christian to take you to a church. Then, Satan and his nephilim aliens will have already sent several other religious Christians you know to that church. They will act very surprised to see you, because they do not know that it was Satan who had place them in that church, because Satan saw the future timeline that you would be going to that church by being forced to do so by Satan’s other religious Christian. Then, after those religious Christians you know from the past find out your address and phone number, they will inform it to the Satanist spy Christians in the church who had told them that they wanted to meet you. This is how the Satanist spies in the Christian churches use the religious Christian zombie people to get in contact with you, befriend you, spy on you, and possibly try to have the Illuminati try to assassinate you. Everything is controlled by Satan, if they are not controlled by God.


Satan and his children’s nature is that of nuisance, stealing, pillaging, killing, deceiving, parasite and every kind of cockroach like pest behavior upon the human homo-sapiens race, since mankind was created 6,000 years ago. In Japan alone, there are hundreds of thousands of CIA computer hackers, CIA privacy peeping toms, CIA mob gangsters, CIA assassins, CIA narcotics dealers, CIA child kidnap rings, CIA tapping specialists, CIA natural disaster genocide specialists, CIA terrorist trainers, CIA biological weapons disease spreading specialists, CIA riot creators, CIA Korean groups, CIA disinformation specialists, CIA chaos creators, CIA brainwash and cult creation specialists, CIA spies in police force and defense force, CIA prime ministers and cabinet members and parliament members, CIA business moguls, CIA media leaders, CIA church sabotage witches, CIA Nazi Satanists, CIA plane crash and traffic accident specialists, CIA depopulation specialists, CIA food water toxins and chem trail poisoning specialists, CIA gang stalking specialists, CIA feminist family destruction program specialists, CIA black ops budget spec ops squads, CIA radiation proliferation groups, etc. They are sometimes integrated, but much of the time compartmentalized. The CIA’s parent organization is the MI6, and the MI6’s parent organization is the Illuminati. There are CIA factions and NSA factions fighting against each other. There are Pentagon factions who are on the Dragon families’ side, and fighting against the CIA. There are Naval Intelligence COM-12 factions battling with CIA AQUARIUS factions. There are Russian Gnostic Illuminati factions killing Majestic Twelve Nazi Illuminati faction people. There are million dollar bounty hunter prize money given by the Russian Gnostic Illuminati for each Majestic Twelve Nazi Cabal leaders assassinated. Much of all the intelligence agencies’ parasite money and effort is used to retrieve ancient Atlantis Satanist technology and fallen angel alien technology to create super soldier nephilim and weapons. The thirteen stripes of the flag of the United States does not stand for the first thirteen colonies of America, but it stands for the thirteen satanic reptilian nephilim bloodline families of the Illuminati, who do not work at all, but just parasite off of the human homo-sapiens race. The police and law enforcement institutions are a big joke and a farce, because they not only do not help you, but they ridicule you, and moreover, they are the ones cooperating with the Illuminati to kill you, because they belong to the Illuminati. The judiciary system is a big farce and sham, and just a big fake front to make people believe that they are living in a fair, just, righteous society. However, there are masses of descent, honest, innocent people that speak out the truth against the Illuminati, who are being framed with fake criminal charges and being arrested and imprisoned. These Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim people are pure evil, and they will do everything and anything evil, including lying, framing, cheating, stealing, killing, raping, molesting, narcotics, manipulating the stock market, crashing planes, creating ebola viruses, creating terrorism, etc. They are reptilian psychopath brains. If you upset any one of them, they will put you on their blacklist, and they will use their government and criminal organizations and technology and authority to torment, stalk, bankrupt, frame, hurt, widow, infect, spy, confiscate and harass you. They are like hyenas that follow wherever their prey escapes to, and they will rip that prey apart when it gets tired of running away. These Illuminati reptilian nephilim descendents are sick, disgusting, putrid, perverted creatures that were genetically engineered by the devil and his fallen angels, and this is why they become Illuminati Satanists. They are called the “black nobility” because they have been known for thousands of years for their atrocities, parasitism, violence, hatred, cruelty, deceitfulness, stealing, slavery, and downright pure evil, because they share Satan’s serpent genes. Their ancestors, the nephilim giants used to skin humans alive and eat them, just like they do now in their Illuminati Freemason Satanist rituals. They run our police, our military, our government, our intelligence agencies, our businesses, our banks, our churches, our schools, our media, and everything else. They are accursed creatures who do not have human souls, but they are demon spirits, and descendents of fallen reptilian angels, who are an abomination to God. Everything evil in our society and history can be directly connected to them. It is in their nature to create mayhem and chaos and terror and suffering and illness and death and torment upon God’s human homo-sapiens race. They have made the earth into a big nightmare and place of horror. They are the worst thing that has happened to mankind and to creation itself. Satan and the cursed Watchers deliberately placed them on the earth to try to destroy God’s creation and further their agenda to kill all of mankind. They are like the scum that you find collecting at the bottom of a garbage can. They make everything rot by their very nature. In due time, they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire by God, in eternal judgment along with their ancestors the devil and his fallen angels. This is their end. Evil is equal to nothing. Satan and Azazel said that they are more noble because the angels were created from fire and the humans are dirt bags because they were created from the earth. Therefore, Satan and Azazel will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire in judgment, the very fire in which they take so much pride in. As for the humans, they were created from the earth, because they were destined to rule the earth. Satan and Azazel and other seraphim reptilian snake fallen angels wanted to steal the inheritance of God to His children who were the humans by interjecting their seeds into humanity, so that their nephilim hybrid children would receive the inheritance instead of mankind, and replace mankind by killing off mankind. This was their jealous revenge. Currently, the red haired, nephilim reptilian hybrid witch descendents of the fallen angels hold all the positions of royalty and presidency and global banking and military power and stardom and celebrity on the earth, but they will soon be thrown into the Lake of Fire with their fallen angel fathers and the devil. The reptoid nephilim psychopath brain of the Freemason people is very robotic, cold-blooded, snake-like and instinctive. These reptoid people can act and imitate human behavior as if they have love and joke around and smile and talk about compassion, but their psychopath minds and reptilian hearts are the extreme opposite, and they are like reptiles and are very cruel, uncompassionate, violent, territorial, religiously predictable, systematic, vampires, and demonic. Their job is to infiltrate human society, exterminate God’s humans, take over the earth, and create a satanic society. These Illuminati bloodline reptoid people carry the evil nature of their fallen angel ancestors and the devil. The grey aliens are crossbreeds, and the reptilians are above them, and the winged dracos are their royal elites, and the white scaled draco prime are above all of them. This is why all cultures and ethnicities that follow these reptilian emperors and kings have very reptilian hierarchical caste-like seniority systems of the Nicolaitans, and these reptilian people behave like the devil who lords over people who are weaker than them. The reptilian people think and behave opposite to the Christians who serve and wash the feet of those who are under them and weaker, just like Jesus did. The feminists behave and think and speak the way they do, because they are not humans but they are reptilian psychopath creatures and share Satan’s reptile genes. Naturally, they are opposed to everything that is characteristic of God’s feminine godly submissive women.


If anyone has ever used a mobile phone or Illuminati Microsoft/Apple computer or video camera, then the NSA’s reptilian hybrid aliens already know everything about that person, including all passwords. Using their alien technology, the Illuminati NSA watches every toilet, shower room, locker room and secret meeting. Privacy is a joke.




(Watch video “Psychotronic Warfare: NSA, GWEN Towers, Optikinesis” at and “True Story of a Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking Death Attempted Murder” at and “Dulce alien underground base nightmare hall top secret leaked images exposed by Jeremiah Prophet” at  .)




変態のイルミナティ悪魔崇拝者秘密結社会員のナチス子孫のNSA国家公安局の人たちは、我々の税金を使って毎日人生を楽しみ、貴方の家族を宇宙人実験験解剖と交換にもらった我々の技術より何万年も進んだエイリアン科学技術を使って、ビデオゲームを遊ぶ子供っぽいオタクのように、宇宙衛星に繋がったコンピューター・モニターなどの前に座り、一日中、人々の考えを見物したり、裸を見るため女性たちの服の中を覗き込んだり、お手洗いを盗撮したビデオをお互い交換したり、コンピューターや携帯電話やテレビや電気コンセント等などを通じて電磁波武器で人々を撃ったりして、ビデオゲームをまるで遊んでいるように、電子レンジ波で被害者たちを集団ストーキングしたり、睡眠妨害したり、うつ病を起こしたり、何百万人のホモサピアン種の人間たちを宇宙衛星の電磁波武器を使ってあらゆる病気を起こし殺害し、楽しむためにハラスメントを行っております。ですから、イルミナティの事を何か書いた数秒後に彼達はEMP電磁波武器で貴方を撃ち始めるのです。(「神経エレクトロニック戦争:国家公安局、GWENタワー、視力観察」「Psychotronic Warfare: NSA, GWEN Towers, Optikinesis」のユーチューブ・ビデオをご覧下さい: and “True Story of a Targeted Individuals Gang Stalking Death Attempted Murder” at and “Dulce alien underground base nightmare hall top secret leaked images exposed by Jeremiah Prophet” at 。)


—Latest Illuminati War News: Million Dollar Prize Money—


The Russian Gnostic Illuminati and Asian Dragon families are offering a million dollar bounty hunter prize money for each MJ-12 Majestic Twelve Nazi Criminal Cabal leader or Committee of Three Hundred member that is assassinated, according to Benjamin Fulford and Alexander Romanov. As for any prize money from the Naval Intelligence COM-12 group for assassination of CIA AQUARIUS members, or any prize money from the NSA faction and Pentagon White Hat factions for assassination of CIA Nazi descendent members has not been made clear by them yet. Battle for survival is heating up.





The thousands and thousands and thousands of Illuminati reptilian hybrid clones released into our human society and their Satanist human servants are assassinating thousands and thousands and thousands of police officers, SEAL soldiers, military officers, law enforcement agents, scientists, politicians, bankers, teachers, housewives, small children and infants, but these fellow human homo-sapiens are doing nothing and going about happily with their lives which are an Illuminati illusionary life. Since none of them even tried to help me God’s apostle and prophet, they will be destroyed by the Illuminati and the nation will be destroyed.


The reason why the Illuminati shoots your saliva glands at night so that you mouth will be completely dry is because when there is no saliva disinfecting your mouth, you are prone to viral and bacterial infection. They are hoping that they can make you sick and die. God laughs at them from heaven for the way they regard Him. They are very childish in their beliefs. If you preach in public the Torah Truth and gospel, they will use electromagnetic weapons and vibration frequencies and witchcraft and spells and reptilian nephilim psychic powers to try to create stress and disrupt your speech. Many people wear onyx necklaces to protect themselves against these spells created using onyx, because stones like crystals and tourmaline are alive and have vibration frequencies that are close to the human body’s vibration frequencies and they create negative ions when in contact with body heat, in order to normalize the body’s normal vibration frequency.


Elixir for gemstone and herb essence elixir to bring up body high frequency, so that bacteria and viruses and cancer cells and parasites and demons and depression and anxiety that are low frequency cannot lock on


For essential oil tincture elixir (if you do not like to use alcohol or vinegar stabilizers)


  • Leave “GLASS!!!” jar with water and gemstones and flower and organic herbs in the sun for 3 to 5 hours. (Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy for you, so it should be left out in the sun for 24 hours or more. The sun cleanses and recharges the tourmaline.) Put saran wrap with holes and a net over the top opening.
  • Fill tincture bottle with water up to top.
  • Add 5 drops of essential oil.
  • Add 3 drops of raw flower/gemstone/herb water that you left out in the sun.
  • Drink 2 to 3 drops, 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Store the tincture in a dark place. It will last a good six month or more, because of the stabilizers you put in.
  • This will bring up your body frequency to higher vibration.
  • The more you dilute the elixir every time you add water to replenish the tincture bottle, the more potent and stronger the elixir becomes, even though there may be no traces of the original gemstone or flower or herb molecule is left in the tincture. This is the scientific fact behind holistic medicine.
  • You can put a few drops in a spray bottle to spray yourself and your room to erase any negative energy, just like smudging gemstones or rooms with sage or sandalwood or cedar incense. With a black tourmaline or black obsidian spray, you can any negativity you pick up at the workplace.


For alcohol or vinegar stabilizer tincture elixir


  • Leave “GLASS!!!” jar with water and gemstones and flower and organic herbs in the sun for 3 to 5 hours. (Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy for you, so it should be left out in the sun for 24 hours or more. The sun cleanses and recharges the tourmaline.) Put saran wrap with holes and a net over the top opening.
  • Fill mother tincture bottle that will be used during the following months as your main elixir source, and fill it two-thirds of the way with the raw flower/gemstone/herb water that you left out in the sun. Fill the other one-third with any stabilizer such as vodka or organic apple vinegar to lock in the frequency of the flower/gemstone/herb.
  • Fill your daily use tincture bottle with a 10% vodka or organic apple vinegar, fill the rest with water, and put two drops from the mother tincture bottle that you had stored away.
  • Drink 2 to 3 drops, 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Store the tincture in a dark place. It will last a good six month or more, because of the stabilizers you put in.
  • This will bring up your body frequency to higher vibration.
  • The more you dilute the elixir every time you add water to replenish the tincture bottle, the more potent and stronger the elixir becomes, even though there may be no traces of the original gemstone or flower or herb molecule is left in the tincture. This is the scientific fact behind holistic medicine.


A blessed water creates beautiful crystals, because they are alive. A dirty water with toxins creates deformed, ugly crystals. If you pray that God bless the dirty water, the water transforms into a pure, vibrant, energized water with beautiful crystals.


Anointing by oil on the head brings up a person’s vibration, because essential oils have the highest vibration of all things on the earth. This is why when you gargle with essential oil it kills all the germs that have a low vibration frequency that the fallen angels and Draco reptilian alien nephilim created, just like the evil spirits have low vibrational frequency.


The Illuminati New World Order MJ-12 AQUARIUS BLACK MAJIC Bilderberg Nazi cabal’s imperial clone storm trooper alien hybrid army’s secret gang stalking and assassination methods of people is psychic witchcraft. In the Star Wars movie, they call it the “Force.” In Chinese culture, they call it the “chi.” In Japanese culture, they call it the “ki.” In African culture, they call it “voodoo.” In English, they call it “psychic.” In the military, they call it “psionic warfare.” In the Solar Warden’s Earth Defense Force and Mars Defense Force, they call it the aliens’ telepathic attacks. In the Bible, this manipulation of electromagnetic is called witchcraft, along with invoking demons to attack people.


You can use water or sunlight or smudging with sage or cedar or sandalwood incense to cleanse and deprogram the gemstone from whatever negative energy it may have accumulated from other people, and you can use sunlight or burying or prayer to Jesus to recharge and reprogram the crystal to do what you want it to do. For example, you can put your intent and prayer to God into the gemstone to protect you from the Illuminati NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS MAJIC Luciferian Satanist black magicians of Satan. The ancient Hebrew priests were told to wear breastplates with gemstones on it by God. Incense is also used in heaven as we see in the Book of Revelation. When God created Creation, He made it with His love in perfect sacred geometry. When you put God’s 9 solfeggio frequency sounds on a pan with sand on it using cymatics, the sand forms perfect, beautiful geometry. The more higher the vibration, the more complicated shapes appear. Illuminati reptilian homo-capensis NWO alien hybrids’ tap water that has been poisoned to kill human homo-sapiens species populations form ugly, deformed shape water crystals. However, if you put a paper with the word “love” on it on the water bottle, or if you pray that God will bless the water, the toxic water becomes purified and forms beautiful crystals. Shungite also purifies the water, and coral adds minerals to the water that brings up the vibration of your body, nullifying the Illuminati reptilians’ poisoned water. You have to protect your children from these Illuminati poisons. Vitamin D will protect you from their Illuminati reptilian chem trail toxins and infections. Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian aliens said that someone had very good results in blocking the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist witches’ electromagnetic weapons by putting blue painter’s tape or blue vinyl tape or blue plastic tape around the chairs and beds and computers and WIFI routers and mobile phones, and by grounding the electricity by putting four railway pegs or tent spikes or metal rods in the four corners of the house or apartment room. Inform your fellow human homo-sapiens species friends. All of these godly knowledge had been concealed by the reptilian Illuminati from the human homo-sapiens through their occult religions and secret societies and witches’ organizations and Satanist groups, in order to kill as many humans as possible using their biological weapons. Satan’s Illuminati royal bloodline families nephilims has always tried to exterminate God’s human race, and replace it with alien hybrid reptilian demon people. These reptilian alien hybrids who rule the earth has horded knowledge, because they believe humans are dumb, unworthy, non-Aryan inferior race, cockroach existence people, who should be exterminated. God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ has always protected the human homo-sapiens race. (See video “Radio And Microwave Frequency Protection” at .)


The evil spirits and the Illuminati’s created evil germs all vibrate at a low frequency. They cannot survive in a high vibration frequency body. Light is a vibration that ranges from low to high. If you look at the light spectrum, it ranges from infrared to ultraviolet. This is why if you put on an infrared camera, you can see these demons and UFOs and aliens and Satan’s creatures. Grumpy, hateful, bitter, angry, selfish, greedy people vibrate at a low frequency, just like the Archon fallen angels and Draco reptilian aliens and Illuminati reptilian hybrids homo-capensis demon spirit people, so they need to feed off of the souls of human homo-sapiens, in order to survive. They are fallen creatures and vampires that feed on humans to survive. When you vibrate at a higher frequency with God’s love, faith, giving, self-sacrifice, patience, forgiveness, trust, joy, peace, and all other godly precepts and God’s Word, then the enemy’s germs and cancers and demons cannot lock on to you. The light purges out the dark. To raise your vibration, loving God, giving, having godly thoughts, having peace in Jesus, trusting in Him, having joy in Christ, etc. is important. Eating God’s food and natural water that has a high vibration is important, and not eating Satan’s Illuminati poisoned food and water that vibrate at a lower frequency is important. Everything that God creates has life and vibrates. The reason why these evil people are so carnal and fleshly and vibrate at a low frequency, and hate and kill and reproduce like animals is because they do not use the frontal lobe of their brain, and they live in the primitive reptilian brain of animal instinct and selfish needs. They are fixed in the routine life. They love pagan drum music and ungodly rock music, because these soul music cater to the emotion. These low vibrating, evil people live by emotions. This is why their frontal lobe of the brain does not control their angers, crying, fears, gluttony, greed, selfish animalistic behavior, and desire to breed genetic descendants. That is all they think about. People who vibrate at a high frequency, and whose frontal lobes of the brain are functional, will not be living according to these fleshly, emotional, primitive lifestyles. Their spirit and the Holy Spirit will be controlling their bodies, unlike the low vibrating people whose bodies control their minds. Evil people live by the body and emotion and instinct, and this is why their whole life is dwelling on the Korean “Han” culture and mentality and philosophy of hatred, revenge, gang mentality, ultra nationalism, genetic relations, family oriented gang gene thinking, fast-tempered rage, fighting, yelling, sexual romance, breeding, ethnic discrimination, hatred toward neighboring nations and people, prejudice, Draco religious lifestyles and customs, shaman crying and screaming and praying, watching base dramas and crying, jumping up and down and getting drunk on pop star music, picking fights, gang stalking and trying to assassinate God’s prophets and apostles, etc., etc. On the other hand, godly people groups honor God, trust Him, rejoice in Him, forgive, love, have peace, live by faith and the Spirit, use their frontal brain lobes, are not controlled by emotions, are not controlled by animal instinct of sex and food and money, give freely, and are not controlled by the flesh. This is the difference between a fleshly evil person who vibrate at a low frequency, and a spiritual godly person who vibrates at a high frequency. Those who are evil attract evil, and those who are godly will attract godly things and people. Karma is not what the Buddhist and Hindu and occult people make of it, but it is a natural law of the universe where the nature of the person will create that result and it will attract that energy. Good energy attracts good energy, and evil energy attracts evil energy. Our thoughts is a big transmitter into the universe. It is broadcasted from us who are a transmitter. Our thoughts and intentions affect our environment. Vibration frequency ranges from infrared to red to yellow to green to blue to violet and to ultraviolet. Then it ranges from heat to then light and then to thoughts of humans, as the frequency increases. These things are emitted into the surrounding ether and travels through the ether to others and the universe. It is because our bodies and earth and nature and thoughts and everything are a vibration and a frequency. Emotions are a vibration, too. It is transmitted. Our body is a liquid crystal. Water can be changed to good vibration by sticking paper with “love” written on it, instead of a paper with “hate” written on it, and its crystal formation becomes very beautiful under the microscope. Sound upon water, and sound frequency upon our body that is made with water is important. What you speak, whether it is Korean “han” culture evil, or Jesus’ love Bible and Holy Spirit, makes the difference on all things, because Word is alive. It depends whether that person lives by their genetic traits and are slaves to their genes, or if they live by God’s Word and God’s love and His Holy Spirit. God created the Creation with His voice who is Christ and His Word. If you want to raise your vibration, then you need to live by God’s love and precepts and Torah Truth. In cymatics, godly praise music forms beautiful crystal water formations in our bodies, while heavy metal rock music of Satan destroys and creates ugly disfigured water crystals by human intention. The thought vibration of the human is placed in the music that the person develops. It affects those who listen to them. What we say to others affects people and us and the creation. This is the universal law, and the Torah Truth of God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. Our thoughts extend for kilometers as we are energy beings. Our intentions and thoughts affect the earth and society. This is why Satan and his fallen angels and his Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis demon spirit globalist elite world leaders conduct terrorist attacks such as the CIA’s 9.11 bombing of the New York World Trade Center twin towers, because it creates fear and anger and shock and negativity through their media. It is just like when the Illuminati Luciferian Satanists sacrifice children to Moloch Baal Satan, in order to create fear and shock and horror which release negative energies that the fallen angels feed on, and can be used to open the CERN star gate wormhole portals to bring in demon spirits. This is black magic. Evil nations live by their evil genes. Righteous people live by God’s precepts and Bible and Torah Truth.