Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 14


You always see these American reptilian nephilim witch descendant wives asserting her authority and opinion over the timid, weak American reptilian husbands. These married couples do not realize how comical they look to God and His holy angels. The behavior of the masculine women and the feminine men is so perverted and separated from God’s holiness and righteousness that it almost looks like a comedy with clowns. It is hilarious watching these satanic couples going about their lives with the wives ordering the husbands around, and walking like gorillas or professional wrestlers in front of their husbands. The scene looks like a penguin kicking around a lion. Satan and his fallen angels watch this, and have a great laugh at how ridiculous it looks, and how he has perverted God’s men and women into his genetically perverted male and female reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants. And now, the human men and women have been brainwashed so thoroughly by the reptilian nephilim that they are imitating their male and female behaviors, which looks like a comedy show. Anyone like us, who are God’s children, and who do not fit into their feminist world mentality system, they try to assassinate and get rid of. They try to create their utopian reptilian witch feminist society for Satan. Everything is inverse and perverted in Satan’s society. They call the weak, submissive, servant men as gentlemen. They cheer on the powerful, strong women, as if they are their idols and role models. These soulless demon spirit descendants of the fallen angels look like humans, but their behavior is complete opposite, and they behave like clowns. You cannot help but burst out in laughter as you watch these nephilim husbands and wives and their ridiculous lifestyles. They have assassinated all the human homo-sapiens with human souls, who do not agree with their ridiculous lifestyles and feminist values, and who do not fit into their satanic world hive mind system. The humans who are allowed to live and walk around in these End Times are like zombies without their own minds, and they are completely mind-controlled by these demonic entities. They walk around like robots living the reptilian masters’ lifestyles and values and thinking. It is like the movie, “Matrix.”


If a woman does not obey the man, then the woman should be kicked out of the home, since it is better to not have a wife or such an evil mother, than to have one in the home, because a rotten apple will rot the whole box of apples. Sin spreads and evil influences the spiritual condition of the family, just like gangrene or leprosy spreads to the entire body. The leprosy of the Jezebel feminist spirit needs to be thrown out and burned up, since idols in the home will corrupt the household. This is why a Jewish man should not marry a pagan woman, nor should he bring in her pagan idols into the Jewish home. The home is a sacred place of the Lord, because it is a place to raise the next generation of humans in the human way, and not in the reptilian way. Only the feminist witches raise their children as single mother in the reptilian witch descendent feminist way. That is their Satanist way. God’s people must raise their family under God’s precepts. If the Western Christianity hippy rogue pastors and ministers teach the devil’s Western humanist values, then they should be thrown out of the church and stoned. It is because if they bring Jezebel’s feminist pagan idols into the church, they rot the entire religious Christian congregation to become rotten, too. If they do not do it, then God will throw the whole church congregation into the fiery persecution of the devil and his Anti-Christ. And they should not say in their typical way, “Why did God allow this to happen to us and our children?” because it is they themselves who forced God to exile them into the hands of Babylon and their enemies. They have continuously ignored God’s prophets’ warnings sent to them, and have even scorned and ridiculed the Torah Truth given to them. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers, teach these Tribulation Saints to repent of their stubborn worship of the Jezebel spirit that keeps them from God. Exhort and admonish these evil women and brainwashed men, so that they realize the mind control of the Illuminati’s movies and Illuminati education and Illuminati media and Illuminati churches. The hippy rogue pastors took part in the creation of this Satanist form of Western Christianity, and the present generation grew up in that vomit they created, so they are completely immersed in the Satanist vomit in both mind and heart. They are a stubborn and evil generation that will not repent. The hippy rogue pastors and their “Bible Answer Man” and Sanhedrin street gang religious thugs are saturated and filled with this Jezebel Spirit of Western ideologies in mind, soul and body. They reek Babylonian Satanism. The indispensible and vital key to any Satanist society and transforming a civilization into Satan’s kingdom is complete and thorough indoctrination and mind-control of the population into feminism, so that the people firmly believe that women are equal to men in authority, because a Satanist society cannot survive without independent, self-willed, non-subservient women. Feminism and women’s equality is the backbone and core of Satanism and the devil’s whole philosophy of rebellion. When the devil can upset the proper spiritual order of God’s creation, then he can bring a curse in, and he can throw everything into disarray and chaos from there, and the devil can manipulate people and environments where God is not present and a society that has cursed itself. Then, by Satan’s power, he can make men lust after men, and women lust after women. He can introduce occultism and witchcraft. He can create wars and terrorism. He can proliferate narcotics and crime. He can develop natural disasters and famine and toxins. He can spread death and suffering freely. He can draw the world into the negative energy of his reptilian descendents and Illuminati Satanists. This is the ultimate sinful world. This is the most evil state of mankind. That is why the most evil feminists who are the most evil of the evil people will try to murder anyone who is righteous enough to speak God’s Torah Truth. The reptilian nephilim hybrid feminists’ mind is built on this psychopath Korean “Han” culture of hatred, pride, selfishness, rebellion, despise of anything that is righteous and godly, murder, violence, killing of millions of human homo-sapiens and ritual sacrifice of millions of fetuses to their god Moloch, witchcraft, political and educational and media ambitions, mind-control, deception, stealing, treachery and rage. The Jezebel spirit is the age old enemy of God and everything righteous and noble and holy. Anyone who does not see this or agree with it is good indication that that person is controlled by the Jezebel spirit. The woman is able to exist because of the man and exists for the man and shares in his lordship, just like the Church is able to exist because of Christ and exists for Christ and shares in His lordship. Adam chose to join in Eve’s sin with Eve, because of man’s extreme love for the woman, just like Christ gave His life on the cross for the Church because of His extreme love for His Church.


The reason why the post 1960s “Flower Children Mothers’” effeminate hippy rogue pastors mock and ridicule God’s prophets and apostles is because they hate their Torah Truth teachings, since they will not tolerate any opposition against their Jezebel spirit. They honor feminism and oppose the Torah Truth. They claim to be masters of this Western Christianity adulterous fake Mystery Babylon religion, but do not have the Torah Truth and the Spirit of Truth. This is why they scorn and make fun of God’s prophets and apostles by saying, “Where is the Christ that you talk of; why did He not show up; is He tardy to His own wedding appointment with His Bride?” I have not set any definite dates for our Lord’s return, but have mentioned the season in which He shall return. Why do these degenerate idolatrous religious leaders assume what I did not say? We come in love to teach them, and they hate us, and they ridicule and attack us, and throw our Torah Truth by the wayside to trample over them? They are a cursed brood of vipers. They lead many to destruction. They are ruled by a spirit of deception. Many feel safety and comfort by going to their churches, and think they will be alright, because they are worshipping Jezebel’s Mystery Babylon religion of Western Christianity. Sudden and violent will be their fall: those who grew fat on the Illuminati society and its riches and its religions and its social systems and its philosophies that attracted the crowds and its adulterous beliefs and its happy lifestyles. It is time when they must either accept the Torah Truth or continue in their beliefs and reject the Torah Truth. They will either lose their lives or they will lose their eternal souls.


If we used the thousands of years advanced technology that the Illuminati is hiding, there would be no poverty in the world, and the poor guy eating his dinner every day at Subway sandwich shop would be eating like a king and living in a huge mansion. While what the Illuminati calls the ignorant human homo-sapiens wait hours for planes which travel at snail speed, the Illuminati has air vacuum trains that are twice as fast than the commercial airline jets that connect dozens and dozens and dozens of secret underground military bases. Workers travel within a small time frame from their Los Angeles offices to secret military underground bases in Nevada. The socialist liberal Illuminati are the greatest enemy of socialism and the working class and the human homo-sapiens race. They consider the human homo-sapiens race as a lower non-Aryan slave race fit for famine and poverty, in order to keep their power and knowledge and status and Illuminati oppression. Satan and the fallen angels are creating a star fleet of starships to prepare to fight God at Armageddon. The U.S. star fleet has 8 huge cigar-shaped starships that are the size of two football fields and 43 smaller intercept starships. These spacecrafts have antigravity technologies called magnetic field disrupters that defeat G force given to them by the fallen angels just like at Atlantis during Noah’s Flood’s time, and they can slow down and stop or they can go at lightning speeds. This star wars space weapons program is called Operation Solar Warden Fleet and Radiant Guardian Fleet. Captain Randy Cramer of the United States Marine Corps was stationed at the Lunar and Mars colonies, where he fought alongside with the indigenous reptilian and insectoid nephilim aliens against the invading reptilian nephilim alien species. According to Randy Cramer, who was genetically enhanced as a super soldier because of his nephilim bloodline descent, there is a space trading center where hundreds of nephilim alien species come to trade, just like in the movie “Star Wars.” In this fleet are alien officers who are extraterrestrial aliens or nephilim demonic entities, just like the Star Trek television program and movie. The government is dumping billions of dollars of hard worked sweat and blood and tears taxpayers’ money stolen from the human homo-sapiens race slaves, into their Illuminati reptilian hybrid black ops budgets to finance this space weapons program and star fleet. What Satan did was to create fake alien attacks upon the former Soviet Union Ukrainian nuclear missile bases, in order to create a fake threat to the world using his minions disguised as hostile aliens, in order to further convince the Illuminati that they need to create a star fleet of starships to battle hostile alien threats or the return of Christ at Armageddon. Satan and his fallen angels sent their nephilim aliens with a 90 foot spacecraft to the Ukrainian nuclear missile base on October 4, 1982, and took over the missile launch systems to start launching them. Then, he shut them down. What Satan and his fallen angels told the world’s government was a big lie that evil aliens tried to launch the nuclear weapons, in order to make the human destroy themselves, so that they can take over the earth, but that Satan and his fallen angels disguised as good aliens stopped them from doing that. So, this convinced that world’s governments that they need to cooperate with Satan and his fallen angels to create a spacecraft fleet to protect the earth and fight against God and His Jesus Christ’s return at Armageddon, who the devil and his fallen angels claimed were evil aliens. The dumb reptilian hybrid nephilim world government leaders believed Satan and his fallen angels who had disguised themselves as good aliens, and they started the “Star Wars” program or Strategic Defense Initiative (S.D.I. Program). By trying to assassinate me every day, the devil and his fallen angels actually think that they can convince me to stop disclosing this fact and their evil deception and wicked plot? The guy and his bunch of bozos are a complete joke, and are full of themselves with pride. Does the devil and his fallen angels not know that it is Almighty God YHWH and His Yeshua Ha’Mashiach who leads me to preach this to all of mankind, descendants of Adam, His Church, and His 144,000 Jewish Remnant, to uncover every plan and scheme of the devil: and it is the God of Heaven and Earth and His Jesus Christ who protects me and will rapture me out when the time comes and will be glorified in what He does through me and will humiliate the devil and his minions?


Many people experience missing time when they are abducted by UFOs through quantum dilation because these genetically engineered super soldiers who were created from laboratory test tubes are taken through a time portal by the U.S. military space command that opens up in their rooms when they are young. Then, they serve on the EDS Earth Defense Force or MDS Mars Defense Force for several decades, and they are returned to their same room back on earth in their original 17 year old young cloned body. Their memories are erased.


President Reagan began a space-based weapons program called the Strategic Defense Initiative (S.D.I.) using billions and billions and billions of dollars of black ops budget. This convinced the Illuminati that the hostile aliens have the capability to bring their UFOs close to the nuclear missile bases, and launch the missiles at each other’s nations to devastate the earth, and it came very close to an actual nuclear war holocaust when the missiles were being remotely prepared for launch by the hostile aliens UFOs. There are benevolent aliens dressed as military personnel in the nuclear missile launch facilities, and who know when there is someone who is thinking about or have intentions to launch the nuclear missiles to create World War 3. The devil is desperate to try to stop God from returning to throw Satan into the abyss and establish Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. He is getting ready his star fleet of nephilim alien officers and Illuminati Satanist military officers to fight Jesus when He returns at Armageddon. He is getting ready for his final battle. This is the doctrine of the 6,000 years old Brotherhood of the Snake religion of Satanism of the Illuminati, and they have been preparing for this battle for thousands of years. In movies like “Ender’s Game”, it shows their perspective, where these reptilian hybrid witch race cyborg children are depicted as the heroes who fight against the invading aliens to save the earth. Satan and his Illuminati are planning a fake alien invasion, in order to deceive the armies of the world to gather together to fight God and Jesus Christ. In secret underground military bases, his alien greys are breeding hybrid genetically engineered super soldier demon spirits that do not have human souls. They have them locked up in their cells. They will point to these creatures, and will tell you that this child is the most dangerous of all, because if it is released outside, it will destroy everything. That is how powerful some of these hybrid alien super soldier program demons are. Satan and his fallen angels and their Illuminati are creating an army of demons to prepare to fight at Armageddon against Jesus. If you try to teach this Torah Truth, they will try to kill you. The reason why the feminists cannot repent when they hear God’s apostles preaching the Torah Truth, and try to silence the apostles and prophets by trying to kill them is because they are reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents and demon spirits who do not have human souls, and demons cannot be saved for they are illegitimate creatures born from fallen angel genes. It is just like the Pharisee religious leaders who did not repent but tried to kill Jesus, because they were reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents and demon spirits who do not have human souls. In every age, the reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendents of the fallen angels take over all the religious leaders’ positions in God’s house, and this is why the hippy rogue pastors oppress and oppose us and the gospel with their doctrine of Satanism Western Christianity. This is Satan’s world, and it is run by his nephilim demon children, and that is why the Illuminati member Western nations’ women behave the way they behave. It makes complete sense, because the devil’s world is the extreme opposite of God’s precept and righteousness and holiness.  This is why feminist strong women love homosexual men, because similar people are attracted to each other, as reptilian hybrid people are attracted to other Satanist reptilian hybrids. Birds flock together, and they do not mingle with a herds of sheep. Religious Christians flock to the churches of the hippy rogue pastors of the upside down dove church conference and their hippy love fake Jesus, and they do not want anything to do with God’s apostles and Torah Truth teachings who is Christ, because opposites repel each other. Darkness has no fellowship with the Light, just like pig dung have no relationship with gold and pearls. A pig loves to wallow in dung, and hates the pearls, because it cannot eat the pearl. Sin attracts each other, and holiness attracts each other. Pigs were created using the genes of boars and humans. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, be holy as your Father in Heaven is holy. Have nothing to do with the ungodly lifestyles of these ungodly people and their pagan practices. This is why the Illuminati’s upside down dove church conference’s hippy rogue pastors look, speak, think, and act like Satan’s men instead of God’s men, since it is their way of popularizing Western Christianity to the masses which they take extreme pride in, and they have sold the Illuminati’s Satanist form of Christ and Christianity to the world. This is why they hate and persecuted God’s apostles and prophets and crucify Christ, while they form a pact of peace with the Illuminati and are very careful not to upset the devil. They use Christ’s name to sell their religion and make jobs for themselves and spread the values of Jezebel Babylonian Satanism. (See YouTube “[Texas Daddy] Why I Love Japan – Vol. 6 – Femininity” “[テキサス親父]俺が日本を愛する理由 – Vol. 6 – 女性編” at and [Texas Daddy] Japan Be Careful Of American Liberalism Gender Neutralization” “字幕[テキサス親父]日本も注意!無性別化する米国のリベラリズム” at .)


These feminists are not human souls, but they are nephilim spirits in reptilian bodies, so if you confront their evil sins at the workplace, they will travel out of their human holographic bodies and try to stop the breathing of God’s apostles and prophets at night. Satan will have one of his Illuminati Japanese witches of Korean ancestry use her witchcraft to kick out the wife of the president of your future workplace, and marry the president, and she will hire witches into the company, in order to kick you out of the company as soon as you join the company. These witch race descendents or feminists or reptilian hybrids or vampires or whatever else you call these people who walk amongst us are not humans since they do not have souls like us, but they are demon spirits and children of fallen angel ancestors and Luciferian Satanists. Just like the alien grey species and other UFO alien species, these Illuminati bloodline family people and world leaders do not have human souls, since these feminists are artificially created creatures by the devil and his fallen angels, and carry their genes and nature. They are the worst thing that has happened to mankind and this earth, and they have been responsible for 6,000 years of mayhem, wars, suffering, disease development, environmental contamination, crimes, satanic human sacrifice rituals, millions of child kidnappings, man-made natural disasters, epidemics, market crashes and job losses, famine, foreclosures, feminism, abortion activists, school mass shooting Illuminati human sacrifice rituals, plane crashes, and every type of horror on this earth. They are a curse to mankind. Since the time they were artificially manufactured by Satan and his fallen angels, they have been destined to be thrown into the Lake of Fire with their ancestors the fallen angels. These feminist witch creatures are an abomination to God and His creation. Their beliefs and values and political activism and purpose in life and existence is a putrid stench to God. This is why they try to kill us who are God’s apostles. They carry the nature of their nephilim giants’ ancestors, who skinned humans alive and ripped their limbs apart and cannibalized them and each other, and raped humans. This is why they used to throw babies into the burning statue of their fallen angel statue of Molech in ancient days, and in modern days, they rip human babies apart alive in the mothers’ wombs in the abortion clinics, and rape and eat human children in their Illuminati Satanist witch feminist child sacrifice rituals. They behave more like vampire reptiles just like their fallen angel reptilian ancestors, rather than humans with human souls. This is why they teach in their Illuminati religion of the 6,000 year old Sumerian Brotherhood of the Serpent belief that God and Satan were aliens who visited earth during Atlantis times and took monkey people’s genes to mix with their alien genes, in order to create the current evolved humans or nephilim feminist witch descendents to rule the other humans who are lower monkey people. They believe that they must exterminate all the lower non-Aryan monkey people, and create a Illuminati Satanist New World Order one-world government to prepare the reptilian hybrid nephilim feminist witch race descendents for the return of their fallen angel alien ancestors, in order to be genetically reengineered by mixing fallen angel genes with their genes to create the next stage of human evolution or the fifth dimensional evolution in New Age occult Satanism. Instead of believing God’s truth that they are artificially created nephilim demon spirits who do not have human souls and are destined for the Lake of Fire with their fallen angel fathers, they believe that they are demigod descendents and hybrid children of alien ancestors who will come back to evolve them into superhuman witch humans with advanced alien technology. They believe Satan disobeyed God and gave humans alien technology, and is getting ready with them to fight God at Armageddon. It is the opposite of God’s Torah Truth that teaches that God came as Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that our human souls can be saved, and that He will soon return to take His Christian human children to heaven, and bring judgment upon an evil earth with fire, and throw all of the devil’s and fallen angel’s hybrid children or demons into the Lake of Fire for eternity. This is why there is natural enmity between the feminists and God’s apostles, because the feminists are demon spirits and God’s apostles are human souls, and the feminists were illegitimately artificially created by the evil fallen angels and the devil’s genes, while the apostles of God were lovingly created by God with human genes. This is why the feminists originate from the Illuminati Satanists, and they come out in the masses to try to kill God’s apostles when God’s apostles teach the Torah Truth about the feminists. As the Bible teaches, there is enmity between the woman’s children (Adam’s genes) and the serpent’s children (devil’s genes). God keeps them together living side by side on this earth, and does not destroy the earth lest God’s children be harmed, but Jesus will return at the end of ages to take His children (real precious wheat) home with Him to heaven, and burn the earth to rid of the devil’s children (nephilim cursed weed); the harvester will collect the wheat and burn the tares.


They may be intelligent, but they have no wisdom, so they do not know who they are messing with. These overgrown lizard wizards and witch descendents who are demon spirits in humanoid bodies can also leave their bodies and time travel, so they can see bits and pieces of the future like the famous Satanist prophets of ancient times, just like in their Illuminati movie, “The Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring.” At the office, they will tell you that they have genealogical records of their fallen angel ancestors, and they will tell you that their Christian church believes that when they die, their souls will roam around their dead bodies until the body is buried. This is because unlike human souls that go to heaven or hell, they are nephilim demon spirits, so they roam around the earth, until it is their time to be thrown into the Lake of Fire at the end of days. This is why the demons in the demon-possessed man pleaded with Jesus that they would not be thrown into the Lake of Fire before their time, but to be allowed to possess the bodies of the herd of pigs. They can see bits and pieces of the future, so they know their ultimate destination. They may be feminist activists and cannibal witches and given honorable positions as professors in the colleges’ Women’s Studies Departments by the Illuminati, and many evil women worship them, but they are simply soulless evil spirits in holographic human bodies, who are ruling the earth but for a short time. They are artificially manufactured creatures by the fallen angel ancestors who pass on the evil reptilian bloodlines of the Illuminati, and they are not normal creations with human souls. They are demon-possessed by the fallen angel serpentine alien spirits, and are used by them as the physical bodies to conduct their atrocities and Satanic agendas on this earth, including the feminist Satanist agenda, since the fallen angels cannot directly operate in this realm for long periods of time. They cannot be seen with our naked eyes, because they exist outside our visual range of perceivable light spectrum. The idiotic religious Christians believe in their Western Christianity Satanist doctrines of “Out of the Body Experiences” and ghost spirits and stupidly burying the bodies of their families with ugly tombstones lying all over God’s beautiful natural landscape. They are evil creatures, and that is why they create evil Illuminati branch organizations like the Nazis and CIA and Ku Klux Klan and mafia and feminist organizations and other heavily occult organizations, etc. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid witch descendents have filled almost every single position of prestige and wealth and educator brainwasher with their own Satanist feminist members so that almost every single female professor in the universities are feminists or at least hold feminist mentalities. This is how they extend their control over the human homo-sapiens’ society and populaces’ minds. You cannot become an educator with a good prestigious position without being one of their Satanist members, because they want people educating the young generation humans to be their reptilian feminist witches and wizard descendents. If you have a human soul and are not a demon spirit, they will not allow you to get these jobs and positions. They will always send in their witches into your ministry or workplace to try to cast their spells on you and obstruct your work. To them, everything is about control. That is why it is unpleasant being around these Western women who hold all these high influential positions in the End Times Western society, because they are not human beings, they are witch descendents, they are reptile hybrids, they are nephilim illegitimate creatures, they hold their father the devil’s feminist values and thinking and behavior, and they are eager to become professors to spread their fanatic satanic values and thinking. Likewise, those human Satanist women who are elected to become professors in the colleges by the Illuminati are also pure feminists and those found fully fanatic and loyal to feminism. Their homosexual and feminist brainwash programs are so thorough that they are now the mainline thinking in these evil End Times days. Stay clear of these ungodly women for they are fanatic in their belief in women’s equality, just like the fanatic Muslims, or fanatic left-wing communists, and they will not turn away from their sins. Leave them to their monopoly of the professor positions and influential positions. Instead, go to disciple those people who are willing to receive the Torah Truth with joy and gratitude, whether they are widows or prostitutes or drug addicts or college girls or housewives. Do not waste your time and God’s precious Word on pigs, but go to God’s daughters wherever they are in the world who will embrace Christ. Leave the pigs in their academic prestige and Satanist job monopolies and mud pens. Instead, go to the princesses of God who do not yet know the Torah Truth and have a pure heart. They are the ones you should be sacrificing your life, time, effort and money for. You could share God’s salvation with demons all day long, but they will not and cannot receive Christ, because they are not human souls but they are a species of reptilian genetically perverted nephilim witch creatures. Instead go to the human homo-sapiens who have human souls, and whose souls can be saved, or else, you are just wasting your time, and throwing your pearls to pigs. You can share the gospel to the devil, but the devil will not repent and receive Christ, and cannot be saved. Snakes cannot become mammals.


The Satanists lose all godly wisdom when they draw away from God and worship Satan, so they do not even question the illogic and ridiculousness of their aliens from another world just happening to be same reptilians just like the reptilians on the earth, or why the grey aliens look humanoid with similar shapes as humans. An alien being according to their evolutionary theory should be a completely different type of entity. When they reject the Torah Truth, they become utterly stupid and will believe any lie of the devil. It is the most foolish, evil people of the world who get angry and criticize their spouses for flirting and being unfaithful, and have broken hearts, because they have no godly discernment or wisdom, and they are similar people with the people they get married with. If they had the Holy Spirit and God’s grace, they would not be the type of people who marry those type of people. Birds of a feather flock together. This is why a lot of religious Christians get married with the scum type of people and get divorced, because they are also scum type of people, too. They have no respect for the precepts of God or contemplate on the Lord. It is exactly these type of people who get angry and criticize their spouse who goes off to have sex with another person, because these type of people do not criticize themselves or repent, but they always blame others and get angry at other people. They are selfish, prideful, self-righteous, arrogant, hateful people. These religious Christians are blinded by hormonal, base, animalistic instinct romance, and they seek wealthy marriage partners, and their minds are just filled with reproducing and leaving genetic descendents. Their hearts and minds are not with God. If their hearts and minds were on God, and they were the real Bride of Christ, and the real Church Saints, then they would share the Torah Truth who is Christ to all the world, even when they know all their families will be killed by the Illuminati, and the devil will possess their families to attack and try to kill them, and they would know that God did not allow them to get married because they were to be set apart for God and to be a holy Bride to Christ. However, if you look at the Illuminati End Times Western Christianity church, you see that they live exactly like the heathens do, and their purpose in life is the same as the heathens: to earn money, to find a mate, reproduce children, buy a house, enjoy life, retire, and have a nice religious life full of religious activities. There are very few real Bride of Christ, who desire whole-heartedly to share in Christ’s life and suffering and sacrifice to bring the Torah Truth to their brothers and sisters, by having their families killed, their foods poisoned, their hearts shot with EMP electromagnetic weapons, have CIA MI6 assassin squads gang stalk them, and have their homes burned down. This is joy for us, because we are allowed to share in Christ’s suffering and glorify Him by serving Him and being set apart for Him as true Brides. War is not commuting to pastoral offices or raising children or getting promoted to higher pay or having parties with friends or participating in church evangelical activities. Real war for a true Bride of Christ is dirty and ugly and violent and dangerous and real and fighting the enemy face to face and grappling with the Illuminati world leaders. If they are living a normal life like the heathens do, then the question is what kind of a war are they in? Are they living the Illuminati society’s fake reality and lifestyle? The End Times lukewarm Laodicean church people think they are happy, blessed, wealthy, knowledgeable of God’s Word, comfortable, reproductive of children, and full of religious good works, but in reality, they are poor, naked, lukewarm, spiritually dead, and adulterous Brides to Christ, who flirt with the world and the devil’s Illuminati Mystery Babylon religion Western Christianity fake reality. Since they do not believe our Torah Truth, they are deceived by the devil with his fake Western Christianity and adulterous Satanism religion and a lie. It is their hearts that have led them astray. They will have nothing to do with God’s precepts or what we teach. If they are ashamed or indifferent to our teaching, then they have no part in God. They are illegitimates. They are spiritual adulterers. They are the fake Brides. They are too comfortable with their own lives that the devil has given them. Time for reckoning is at hand. There will come a time when no compromise is tolerated, and the sheep will be separated from the goats. Receive either 100% of the Torah Truth and Christ, or do not receive Him at all. Do not be adulterous, for God hates those who are married with God and the devil at the same time. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! I say, repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


If you teach them in kindness that God’s people are free from the curse of sin and sickness, then these religious Christians will get angry and start screaming at you. It is because they have diabetes and water-filled knees and gluttonous fat bodies, and both their parents have Alzheimer’s disease and do not recognize them. To tell them that they are not under the curse of sin and sickness is offending to them, and their pride is hurt, because they have to repent of the fact that it is sin that has made them sick and their parents died. They are very nice religious people, because they spend their life changing their parent’s diapers and feeding them and washing them, but they will not leave their family to follow Christ. They are under bondage to sin and its curse. This is exactly the reason why they are sick. If they believed in who God truly is, then they would not be under the curse of sin and sickness. The very fact that they get angry and start yelling is evidence of the hearts that they have and how they treat God’s representatives whom He sends with the message of freedom from sin’s curse and health. Do you see how these religious Christians are, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren? Do not waste your time on your parents who will not receive Christ or love God or are willing to be healed and healthy, or religious Christian friends who get angry and yell at you, or degenerate religious people who love their sickness and curse of sin. Leave them to their sicknesses and their sick parents and their genetic family connections and their miserable beliefs for that is the type of people they are, and instead, go to the real faithful children of God who love Him and receive His Torah Truth who is Christ and recognize His truth. Spend your time wisely, and not with foolish religious people, since it is a waste of time and energy. Go to the ones whom God loves, and who accept God and welcome Christ into their homes and hearts. As for the religious Mystery Babylon Jezebel Western Christianity worshippers, kick the dirt from your shoes on their porches, and leave them, even if they are your fathers or mothers or sons or daughters or brothers or sisters. Have nothing to do with those type of degenerates. Know the Lord’s will by His Holy Spirit and obey and go to the total strangers in the world, who are your true spiritual brothers and sisters, whom God loves. Do not be fools in the Torah Truth, but have God’s wisdom, discernment, and common sense. God has not given us a spirit of foolishness, or victimization to deceit, or confusion, or fear. He has given us a Spirit of wisdom, and truth, and discernment, and boldness, and a sound mind. Do not worry about what you will eat, or what you will wear, or how you will pay your bills, or what will happen to your parents whom you leave behind, or your retirement pension, or any sickness, or being killed by the Illuminati. Instead, acknowledge Christ in every way, and place your trust in Him, and glorify Him with your thoughts and beliefs and attitude and trust and love. Be holy as your Father is holy.


Some of the Illuminati members believe that the Green Dragon Society fifth-dimension ascended Tibetan monks who run the White Dragon Society are in communication with the Agarthans who are the giant nephilim descendents of Atlantis who escaped the flood into the hallow earth underground cities. The green dragon or reptilian Tibetan monks sent some of their monks to assist in the formation of the Nazi reptilian Aryan race group and to teach the Nazi Vrils to master their ethereal bodies to become super soldiers or fifth dimensional beings that would wield great power to defeat all enemies. They forced the Black Dragon Society members of the Japanese military to send people to the Nazis to assist them. Some of the Nazi Ahnenerbe Karotechia who were a group that researched the Nazi Aryan race roots to the Tibetan monks escaped to Japan by submarine to join their Japanese counterpart Unit 731 of the Black Dragon Society that conducted human experimentations, just like the Nazi’s Mengele units. Their American counterpart Delta Green of the Delta Force Green Berets was developed to stop the Nazi Karotechia from attaining Agarthan alien technology and psychic powers and super soldier abilities. After World War 2, the Nazis moved to the United States, so the Nazis now own the American intelligence agencies. Their Nazi CIA caused the 9.11 terrorist attacks to destroy the area of the Pentagon that had records of the trillions of dollars of black ops budget, so that they can steal that money to create the current Nazi NSA army and Nazi NSA secret underground bases around the world that is designed to destroy the parallel Pentagon army. According to Zen Buddhism  and Vajryana Buddhism and Tibet Khalachakra and Nazi Theosophical Madam Blavatsky teachings and Satanist Illuminati Freemason Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn and Dalai Lama’s emissary Gerald Yorke who is the secretary of Aleister Crowley and Hinduism and Sufi Islam and Jewish Kabbalah of Zionism and other Esoteric Satanism, Agartha or Agharti or Shambhala is a vast cavern network or underground city under Tibet inhabited by evil demons call Asuras in the hallow earth’s core, who are nephilim creatures who escaped God’s judgment of Noah’s flood by building underground cities using advanced technology of Atlantis to wait thousands of years for their Watcher angels to be released from Tartarus after 70 generations, in order to retake the earth and again try to destroy the human race, and set up their Illuminati New World Order under Satan and his reptilian fallen angels. Agartha nephilim are believed by the Illuminati to be the ancestors of their Aryan reptilian nephilim superior race. As in their Illuminati movie “Avatar,” they believe their fallen angel Hindu god Vishnu reincarnates into bodies of Aryan reptilian leaders to control the earth. These vampire nephilim race of the Atlantis civilization during Noah’s days that killed all humans during Noah’s days could not survive in the new ultraviolet sunlight that God brought in with the breaking of the sky water canopy to create the great flood, so they have all built cities underground to wait for the reptilian hybrid politicians and global bankers to create global warming and filter out the blue and violet lights from the sky with their Air Force and commercial jet chem trail poisoning, in order to once more come out to the surface of the earth like reptiles that love dark shades to wait for their prime draco alien Watcher fallen angels to return to set up serpent Satan’s kingdom.


The Agartha nation underground is a four dimensional realm, so 2 hours of our time is equivalent to 30 minutes of their time. They have been attacked by the Draco reptilian aliens’ plasma weapons, because the Dracos and their Illuminati are trying to exterminate the inner earth nations’ civilizations. The Agarthans are concerned about the Dracos trying to destroy the humans and earth. The Saturn ring is a weapon and mind-control technology glass ring that is used to control the minds of the humans on earth. These Agarthans do not want to be discovered by the surface humans.


As Jesus’ return becomes closer, the camouflage of Satan’s kingdom and people is fading away. Many people all over the world are seeing hologram cities in the skies. Satan and his people live there in the other dimension. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid globalist elites who are at the top of the occult organizations have known about these cities for thousands of years as occult knowledge, and they often travel to these invisible hidden cities. There is Satan’s underground city in Los Angeles from ancient times where the nephilim that live there kidnap and eat humans. It is a center of child trafficking ports, paedophile rings, drugs, Hollywood, homosexuality, and other forms of Satanism. These top witches in the Illuminati occult world get to go to these beautiful cities of Satan and his fallen angels and nephilim aliens in the extra-dimensional realm to have their feminist homosexual orgies and other satanic activities, so these so-called “Illuminated Ones” with illuminated knowledge feel they are special and they find it hilarious that we who are supposedly the dumb livestock human populace do not know anything about their special secrets of Satanism occult. You find them singing all about these secrets in their rock and roll songs to each other, but the listeners think they are singing about totally different things. These rock and hip hop and rap and contemporary pop songs contain a special satanic curse that mind-controls and demon-possesses these humans. So, just like in the military general level officer corps, these rock stars and contemporary pop singers, and Hollywood actors actresses have to go through their Illuminati homosexual orgy satanic witch rituals by their leaders, in order to become famous and wealthy. It is the same in whatever high position or organization in this world, and you have to go through Illuminati satanic homosexual orgy rituals (men with men and women with women), in order to be initiated into their higher ranks with the fame and wealth and sex and special privileges. On the other hand, music that is created by God’s people carry his resonance and blessings, because they are created by the Holy Spirit in them.


The New Agers call the devil Satan and his fallen angels as the Archons. The devil and his fallen angels or Archons (as they call themselves) who rule the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens have all of their alien species abducting and experimenting on humans, in order to try to break the secret of the human soul, so that they may achieve what humans have. This is what the 22 species of aliens who have tampered with the human species call the “Great Experiment.” Their whole discussion in the Space Council of alien species is based on this issue. The Illuminati claim that the Archons need the Dracos and their Illuminati reptilian hybrid servants to conduct their work here on the earth, because they cannot operate in this dimension for long. They are trying to find ways to have permanent physical bodies in order to operate in this realm on earth. Then, they will get rid of their Draco aliens and Illuminati hybrid globalist elites. The Red Dragon Family are from the Chinese Ming Dynasty. The MJ-12 Bilderberg Nazi European royal family Archons controlled the Manchu Qing Dynasty people that invited the Jesuits of Italy to overthrow the Red Dragan Family who are now based in Taiwan. The Red Dragon Family have been at war with the European royal family bloodline Archons for hundreds of years. The Red Dragon Family and Archons are fighting for control of China. The Rothchild European Black Nobility Archons are based in Hong Kong and Macao, which they took over from China. The Red Dragon Family in China are allied with Putin in Russia. The Green Dragon Family controls Iran and Middle Asia. Their family that controls Japan is called the Black Dragon Family, who created the International White Dragon Society in Japan to fight the Archon Nazi cabal. The Black Dragon Family is the police arm of the dragon family. There are also the Blue Dragon Family and Yellow Dragon Family and Purple Dragon Family in places like Vietnam and Indonesia and Philippines and other parts of Asia. The dragon family’s headquarters is in their temple in Korea with the Brown Dragon Family. They were a secret society and remained hidden through the ages, controlling the humans and society in the background, but now due to the MJ-12 MAJI AQUARIUS European royal bloodline Illuminati reptilian hybrid dragon family globalist cabal’s New World Order plan to exterminate 100% of the human homo-sapiens race, all these other Illuminati bloodline homo-capensis reptilian hybrid nephilim Asian dragon families have come out into the open to fight with them. The Roman Emperor descendant P2 Freemason Lodge that controls the Vatican Church of Satan and the Mafia worship Satan just like the Archon Nazi cabal. The Archon Nazi cabal will destroy the Vatican, in the future. The Vatican and Jesuits are Andromedan / Orion reptilian hybrid Satanists, and the Rothchilds are Orion Black Magi reptilian hybrid Satanists. The Red Dragon Family has powerful alien military technology and computer technology that is equivalent to the Archon Draconian alien technologies. The Japanese government is owned by the Archon European Black Nobility Nazi cabal. However, Yakuza crime gangs and the Japanese imperial family are the same Korean organization, and they are controlled by the Black Dragon Society. The Japanese imperial family are descendants of 6th century Koreans. They had a hard time defeating the Hebrew lost ten tribes’ Jomon indigenous Japanese, so they brought in the very violent, warlike Korean people who became the ancestors of the yakuza crime gangs. The yakuza now conduct all the assassinations and narcotics industries and other crimes for the Japanese imperial family. The Black Dragon Society control the yakuza and Chinese triad, but two-thirds of its members are professors and government bureaucrats and researchers, while being members of the Black Dragon Society. The Archon inbred family controls Europe and North America, mainly U.S., England, Europe, Japan, Africa, Iran, Canada, and Mexico.  They do not control Italy (they kicked them out in the 1970s), China, Russia (Putin kicked them out for the first time since 1917), India (they kicked them out during Ghandi’s times), South East Asia, South America, and Cuba. All the governments of the world are run by the Illuminati secret society brotherhood of the thirteen bloodline families of the Illuminati.


When the Illuminati people talk about star family, they mean the type of nephilim alien demon spirit they belongs to, whether they are draco reptilian aliens or honeycomb inner earth Nordics or pleiadian humanoid aliens or arcturian humanoid aliens or lyran humanoid aliens or Nordic humanoid aliens or tall white aliens or mantis aliens, and so forth. When the Illuminati people talk about “walk-in’s” it means their disembodied nephilim demon spirits that walk into a human infant’s body to take over the body. Therefore, a human can have multiple “walk-in” demon spirits, such as a draco alien and mantis alien and a pleiadian alien living inside them. This is what the religions of Satan call reincarnation They call God’s creation humans as earth-humans, instead of space humans or hollow earth humans, because they do not have prior lives, and they come into the earth for the first time when they are conceived in their mothers’ wombs, so they have no prior knowledge. The demon spirits have previous knowledge of prior lives as nephilim demon aliens on other planets and on earth. A lot of the people walking around in our communities are not human souls, but they are demon spirits that have taken over the human bodies. This is why they gang-stalk and try to assassinate God’s people, and attack them from birth. The Illuminati royal bloodline family elites regularly have their psychic demon nephilim witches scan newborn infants to make sure that there are no Pleiadian spirit walk-in’s into that child, who may have cause them and their Draco alien overlords great problems in previous lives, such as 50 or 60 years ago. They want to prevent those spirits from returning. Some demon-possessed people have huge numbers of demon spirits in them, so that is why the demons Jesus cast out were called “legion.” Most of the black magic MJ-12 AQUARIUS Illuminati Bilderberg Nazi cabal dark Satanist reptilian hybrid witches who are trying to kill all of mankind have spirits of Draco reptilian alien “walk-in’s.” A lot of those Illuminati “Love and Peace” New Ager witches who are fighting against their darker counterparts in the Bilderberg globalist elite witches have Pleiadian humanoid alien “walk-in’s” who are mortal enemies of the draco reptilian aliens for thousands of years. When these alien nephilim die, they go about looking for human bodies to inhabit. Many time, they will demon-possess people who have Illuminati royal bloodline family genes and who are descendents of the nephilim and who are of the witch race. This is why there is a psychic war going on between the dark Satanist witches of Satan and his draco aliens versus the New Age witches of the Pleiadian humanoid aliens, just as the draco and the Pleiadians are fighting also. The Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS dark witches of Satan are planning a false flag fake alien invasion in 2016, in order to unite all the nations of the world under them. The New Ager witches are trying to stop this false flag. It is called “soul swap” when the human soul is removed by the aliens and replaced with a nephilim demon spirit.


The movie “Avatar” is the exact story of Satanism and Luciferianism. It is the ancient  story of the Anunnaki of Sumerian religion of the devil. The Satanists or the reptilian hybrid descendants of the fallen angels who run the secret societies and the world believe that their ancestors were heroes. Just as in their Sumerian Brotherhood of the Snake religion, in the movie “Avatar,” it depicts the evil aliens coming to another planet to take over the planet and enslave the people. Just as in Satanism they teach that God  and His angels came to create a hybrid avatar nephilim race which they can possess as avatar bodies, and mine for gold, and enslave the humans as workers, the movie “Avatar” shows the aliens coming to steal the mineral unobtainium, and enslaving the Omaticaya natives. Just as in Satanism they teach that the devil Satan led a rebellion of one-third of the angels through his avatar the Anti-Christ to save the nephilim and humans and to teach them hidden technology banned by God, the movie “Avatar” shows the character Jake Sully possessing his avatar to make himself the Toruk Mato messiah to lead one third of the aliens like the pilot Trudy Chacon and the planet’s native in rebellion against the aliens. Just as Satanism teaches that the devil fell in love with humans and decided to rebel against God, the movie “Avatar” shows Jake falling in love with the natives and deciding to rebel against his own species. Just as Satanism’s New Age and occult esoterism teach that power comes through a universal energy consciousness, the movie “Avatar” shows that the power comes from a universal energy consciousness called eywa. The queen of the natives in the movie “Avatar” Neytiri is very similar to Nefertari who was one of the first reptilian hybrid nephilim queen of Egypt, and married a reptilian avatar who became king. In the movie, just like in our world, the avatar with hybrid genes becomes the next king and royal family or nephilim demon spirit ruling class. Just as in the movie, the fallen angels possess and operate through the bodies of their avatar or reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants or witch race that rule our earth as the royal families and presidents and global bankers and military leaders and religious leaders and celebrities. All the actors and actresses in the movie “Avatar” are nephilim witch decendant reptilians. The world of Satan is a hive mentality, so anyone who is not a born-again Christian is mind-controlled by them. This is why whichever nation or city you go to, these people gang-stalk Christians to try to kill them. They are all controlled by these nephilim alien beings with their advanced technology, just like in their Illuminati movie “Matrix.” This is why in the Illuminati movie “Avatar,” when they are trying to transfer the soul of Grace who was shot into her avatar, in order to do so, all the pagan tribe people join together in a pagan satanic ritual, with this hive mentality mind control that they call “eywa” or universal energy or “Eastern Mysticism chi spirit” or “alien demon-possession robotic control system.” They are all linked to this eywa or universal spirit energy or Satan’s alien’s mind control network or demon-possession. When all the animals come to attack the human army, Neytiri tells Jake that “Eywa heard their prayers,” because it means that Satan heard their prayers and brought all the hive mentality animals he controls to come to fight the human army. Everything in the movie has satanic underlying meaning, in order to turn the human populace against the Christians and God, and to turn them to universalism or one-world religion of common spiritualism or New Age spiritualism.


The movie “Avatar” was developed by the fallen angels through their nephilim avatar descendants in Hollywood, in order to brainwash the humans on the planet, to confirm the Sumerian Satanism religion with their reptilian hybrid nephilim secret society members, and have placed witchcraft spells on the movie to make it the highest selling movie in the history of motion pictures and cinema. There are opposing factions of the fallen angels or Watchers who are disclosing to the public everything about what the reptilian fallen angels and their reptilian hybrid descendant global elites are doing through the television and internet, and they are doing it through their Illuminati factions such as the Gnostic Illuminati and COMM 12 naval intelligence and Asian dragon family secret societies. These nephilim witch race psychics who claim that they are receiving information from Ashter (name of Satanism deity) and other aliens who are opposed to the reptilians are the ones who controlling these opposing Illuminati factions. For example, these factions of fallen angels and their psychic servants and intelligence agency servants are disclosing information that the reason why the Nazi faction Illuminati are converging all the world’s navy’s warships to the Gulf of Aden when there were no Somali pirate incidents is because there is a star gate there where the demonic spirits are being released into our realm. There is a war going on between the fallen angels and their alien hybrids and their human intelligence service agents against each other. This entire Sumerian religion of Satan’s Brotherhood of the Snake secret society Illuminati and the movie “Avatar” is a big lie of Satan to deceive the world into believing that he is the actual hero and that God is the villainous evil alien group. Satan the devil turns around the truth and makes it look like God is evil, when in reality, the loving God came in the form of Jesus Christ to die on the cross to pay for humanity’s sins, so that whoever believes in Him shall be saved, and would not have to be judged through eternity in the Lake of Fire, and will receive eternal life and forgiveness from God. When you see a movie become the highest selling movie in history, then you know that the devil and his fallen angels and his Illuminati are behind it. They are slowly brainwashing the human population with these information to prepare the world to accept Satanism and the great deception of aliens that Satan is going to use to take control of humanity.