Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 13


Every time you are attacked by the feminists with their nephilim witchcraft and spells, fight back with the Word of God from the Bible. Have certain Bible verses ready in your head and recite them when attacked. Verses like the following:


Isaiah 54:17

No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me.

Psalm 23:5

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

1 John 4:4

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.


The Illuminati and Draco are using etheric parasites to energetically attack and mind-control human homo-sapiens people. The non-Christian heathens are being attacked through all the internet websites, mobile phones, and WIFI internet routers, as the Illuminati black magician psychics send etheric parasites through them to the humans. Play harp music 24 hours a day, and the demons hate that so they will stay away. (See video “Julien Wells update: psychic defense & 21st June 2013 psy-op” at and read article “Dislodging negative entity attachments” at .


All spiritual astral creatures from mythologies and legends are true and do exist. It is only that the human homo-sapiens are ignorant about them. The battle is not only physical, but it is spiritual. (See video “Interview with a dragon starseed – Tanaath of the Silver Legion” at .)


The Illuminati’s Nazi SS searched throughout the world for ancient texts on necromancy technology to bring their super soldiers back to life regardless of their wounds. This is the ancient alien technology from Atlantis that the Illuminati will use to bring back the Anti-Christ to life after his fatal head wound to deceive the world’s dumb people. Just like in the Illuminati disinformation movie “X-Men,” where Wolverine regenerates his wounds, there are super soldiers who can regenerate their bullet wounds and push the bullets out of the bodies. The NSA are connected closely with the hospitals where they harvest victims’ organs, and many patients are murdered. Many of the hospitals have alien bases underground that conduct lab experiments, according to NSA informants. Necromancy only works for nephilim descendents, because they do not have human souls that go to either heaven or hell after death. Their accursed demon spirits remain on the earth roaming as disembodied spirits, until their Nazi Illuminati fallen angels can create cloned bodies for them to return to. Those humans who are cloned are not the original human souls, but they are only nephilim demonic spirit creations with downloaded artificial memories. This is Satan and his Illuminati’s fake version of God’s true eternal life for His Saints.


When the Nazi Illuminati starts their chaos upon the world to create their New World Order, their mind-controlled unaware sleeping agents will start assassinating all the military officers and police officers and homeland security personnel, so that their Satanist forces can take over, overnight. It is sort of like the instantaneous assassination of Jedi Knights and takeover by the clones in the Star Wars movies. There is a war going on between the CIA / MI6 group “AQUARIUS” versus the 33rd and above degree “Illuminated” Masonic degrees such as the Scottish Rite, York Rite, Zion Rite, Nigerian Rite. The Nazi NSA CIA are said to be working with 118 different alien races called “The Link” who are fighting the patriotic secret societies allied with the COM-12 and CABAL alliance of the U.S. Naval Intelligence who are said to be backed by their so-called humanoid alien races from such places like the Pleiades star system. The Nazi NSA CIA MAJI MJ-12 and AQUARIUS alliance who are said to be backed by their alien greys hybrids and reptilians are hell bent on destroying the human race and nuking the planet earth and taking over the world and poisoning the skies and land and ocean, and are said to be conducting laboratory hybridization of humans in their underground bases. There is a brutal assassination war going on between these two intelligence agency factions and secret societies of the Illuminati. The COMM 12 and CABAL factions are disclosing to the public all the secrets and activities of the NSA Nazi MAJI and AQUARIUS reptilians. People like David Icke are receiving information about the reptilian agenda from these so-called light side aliens through new age spiritualists. The Nazi MAJI and AQUARIUS are said to be possessed and mind-controlled by the reptilians and used by them. Their possessed human reptilian hybrid people like the Pope and royal families and presidents are said to have ruled the earth for thousands of years and parasite off of the human race through their globalist banking systems. After God’s Noah’s flood, there are Atlantis nephilim who went out to the universe, because Satan rules over one-third of the universe, and they have a high technology lifestyle, but they have no souls. There are those Atlantis nephilim who went to underground cities, and who eat humans, but they do not human souls. All these nephilim are demon spirits. They have been waiting for the time to return and reclaim the earth from God’s human race, again. The earth has so many crimes and horrific activities and low-life wicked people, because the earth is a dumping ground by all the aliens throughout the universe of all the undesirable alien nephilim demon spirits to be exiled to, who steal human bodies and incarnate them and parade around as psychopathic humans. This is why the earth has so many evil people and psychopaths, compared to all the other alien civilizations throughout the universe. Earth is a garbage dumping ground for evil soulless aliens. However, the aliens come to earth to deceive the people saying that they are higher evolved humans from the future, who are sinless, and who are are ethical educators because they possess a higher evolved moral nature, and they do not require salvation of their souls.


What really angered the other Illuminati bloodline families was because they found out that the Nazi Illuminati bloodline families had top secret plans to betray them at the very end, after they set up their New World Order. These other Illuminati bloodline families had believed the Nazi Illuminati bloodline families and their promise to give them tickets for safe escape and passage to their Mars colony for survival, while the MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist cabal burned the earth with nuclear World War 3 and pandemics and biological weapons and chemical weapons and terrorist attacks and economic meltdowns. However, the other Illuminati bloodline families discovered that the Nazi Illuminati bloodline families never had such tickets for them, and they had planned to leave them behind and kill them off on the earth, too. If any of the other Illuminati bloodline families got to their safe havens, the Nazi Illuminati bloodline families were going to slaughter every one of them and their descendants from existence. It is in the very genes and nature of the Illuminati bloodline families to betray, kill and destroy until only one of them survive and rule their New World Order. Furthermore, the other Illuminati bloodline families also discovered that the Nazi Illuminati bloodline families were secretly trying to exterminate their family bloodlines with race-specific gene-specific family-specific biological weapons, and secret gang-stalking assassins using secretive ELF electronic low frequency and other undetectable energy weapons, microwave oven weapons, psychotronic mind weapons, strong acid poisons, chem trail nano tracking and poisoning, and other secret methods that we are aware of. This is why they tried to kill us and gang-stalk us to keep their evil secrets. The Illuminati people who were not part of the bloodline families and who were servants of the Nazi Illuminati bloodline famlies also discovered that they had been betrayed, and were about to be destroyed by the Nazi Illuminati bloodline families. They finally woke up to the truth that there is no peace treaty possible, and that it will only end when one Illuminati bloodline family is left alive.


There is a war going on between the thirteen Illuminati bloodline families. New Agers and spiritualists like David Wilcock and Corey Goode who serve the Blue Avians and Sphere Beings Alliance nephilim aliens who are considered the benevolent aliens, and Eastern Illuminati bloodline family members like the Chinese red dragon family and Benjamin Fulford of the Japanese black dragon family (who changed their name to the White Dragon Society) are all trying to destroy the Western Illuminati bloodline families and their Nazi Bilderberg Committee of Three Hundred MJ-12 AQURIUS European royal family bloodline cabal, and trying to establish a new one-world government, one-world economy, and one-world religion under them, and what they call an evolution of mankind to their next level of spiritual ascension into gods, and what they call a perfect utopian society of prosperity, clean energy and advanced nephilim alien technology lifestyle. They claim that religion is evil, and that we do not need God, and the Bible is not the truth, and we can make a perfect world under them.


The Dracos and Mantids and Nordics and Greys and all other nephilim alien species cooperate with each other on what they call their Grand Experiment on the human homo-sapiens and the hybridization of humans with their nephilim genes. During World War 2, the Illuminati Luciferian Satanist Tribe of Dan reptilian hybrid homo-capensis Aryan race Nazis genocide exterminated millions of Jews and other people, in order to open up star gate wormhole portals. When these star gate wormhole portals were opened, all these Watchers who were kept in Tartarus and demon spirits and foo fighter UFO nephilim aliens were allowed into this human earth realm. From there, we see huge activity by the Watcher fallen angels and nephilim demon spirit aliens to reestablish their ancient Atlantis nephilim civilization as they repeat history by creating nephilim alien hybrids between human genes and nephilim alien genes. They are not only creating nephilim who are not only giants as in Noah’s flood’s days, but normal human looking evil demon spirit alien human hybrid people who can infiltrate and take over the human homo-sapiens society. This is why now, in the modern End Times, we have so many alien hybrids reptilian witch race clones who have taken over our governments, military, banking world, colleges, schools, churches, intelligence agencies, police forces, mass media, etc. Now, these alien hybrids are trying to genocide exterminate the humans, just like did in Noah’s ancient days. The fallen angels are now preparing to return not from outer space, but from the inter-dimensional spiritual realm, disguised as benevolent aliens, in order to bring fake peace and fake evolutionary ascension to light and love higher consciousness New Age movement occult Satanist doctrines and society under Satan, again. This is the great deception that God talks about. The world will welcome these supposedly higher ethical, genetic ancestor, benevolent aliens as their gods and saviors, from the terrible wars and famine and pandemics that the Illuminati New World Order reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elites create. However, these benevolent aliens will be Satan and his fallen angels disguised as benevolent aliens, and they will lead the humans to receive their Anti-Christ’s microchip in order to change their DNA into nephilim beings, so that their human souls cannot be saved, since they will no longer have human souls.


There are many factions of Illuminati bloodline families who rule the earth, and many factions of nephilim alien beings that control them, and many nephilim alien beings disguised as human beings, and many factions of fallen angels are competing and fighting with each other. The Zionists have nothing to do with Jews, and Jews have nothing to do with Zionists. Zionists are a political belief by the Edomite Tribe of Dan descendant Nazi reptilian hybrids who want to bring in their New World Order and Nazi Fourth Reich, and to kill all Hebrews and Christians and human homo-sapiens. Dick Cheney commanded the Mars Colony Corporation and Mars Marine Corps, and his Rothchild Neo-Nazi Illuminati controls the indigenous human civilization on Mars, who are the Aryan reptilian nephilim witch race descendants of Nazi Germany and Hitler’s SS troops that are fighting the indigenous insect and reptilian nephilim aliens on Mars, along with the invading Draco reptilian nephilim species.


The AQUARIUS group is exterminating every single COM-12 member and their allies by using professional assassination spec ops groups and shooting missiles into the naval intelligence section of the Pentagon and other terrorist methods. The CIA and MI6 AQUARIUS group has all the money from their monopoly of the world’s criminal narcotics industry, so they have all the money to assassinate COM-12 people, dragon society members, Gnostic Illuminati members, scientists, government workers, people who have worked for them and know too much about their alien and narcotics and other businesses, and anyone and everyone. The gray aliens have a digestive disorder, so they use the human children as food to absorb protein mixtures through their skin. There are millions of children they are harvesting as livestock in their alien bases. The narcotics industry is many times bigger than the entire petroleum industry. These AQUARIUS groups are causing false flag fake terrorism in the world to gain control, using HAARP engineered earthquakes to kill Asians, and using laboratory created diseases like AIDS and Ebola virus and SARS and all other diseases to try to create a worldwide epidemic pandemic to kill major sections of the world’s population. When the United Nation leaders have their secret meetings in the underground bases, they sit on the lower level seats, and the Tall Grey aliens sit on the high level seats to dictate to the humans what they need to do, in order to kill more human homo-sapiens. According to people who have the highest level of security clearance Rhyolite 38 security clearance level 3, there are six levels of hierarchy: 1) Sirian Anunnaki & Draconian Reptilians (Supreme Group Leaders); 2) Tall Greys or Rigelian Greys (Section Commanders; 3) Short Greys or Zeta Reticulan Greys (Drone Workers); 4) Blue Kobolds (Drone Workers doing heavy lifting, abductions, etc.); 5) Human Illuminists and Committee 300 (33rd degree and above freemasons who have been initiated into the first level of the Illuminati); 6) PLF’s (Programmable Life Forms that are military robots used for abductions and other work like the Borg on the Star Trek movies or the Terminator on the Terminator movies). Black Magic is the control of electro-magnetic energy to harm people, which is the oldest military technique in human history. This is how they are exterminating thousands of normal citizens and neighbors who are human homo-sapiens every day to decrease the population. The Illuminati consisting of many secret societies such as The Magi, The Zoroastrians, The 33rd Degree of Zion, The White Lotus Society, The Rosicrucians, etc., are divided into basically two factions. There is an open war between the two factions. The Magi and Zoroastrians are known as the Muslim Illuminati. The White Lotus Society is known as the Chinese Illuminati with over 250,000 assassins. The Project Oak Tree was started to search for the bloodline of the Tribe of Dan to find children with psychic remote viewing abilities for espionage. These Satanists are constantly vying for power. For example, after some of them leave a meeting, the others are talking about assassinating some of those who just left the meeting and were talking to as friends just a minute ago. The Skull and Bones members are a good example. Some of these CIA people have killed hundreds of people, and they have no feelings about it. They kill people on the entire plane, just to get at one person, because to them it is just a job to get rid of one person who they are told is a so-called evil person. They have no hesitation whatsoever. These Illuminati leaders are told by their alien extraterrestrials (disguised fallen angels) through spiritualist channeling that there is a global calamity of unequaled devastation coming upon the earth that has been planned by generations of Illuminati Satanist elites for thousands of years, but it is so that humanity can understand restraint and evolve to a better awareness to create a better world, so that is why they are preparing their underground shelters from the neutron bombs that they are planning to unleash upon the earth. Some are told that Jesus was an alien and now calls himself Sananda (the fake Christ). Satan teaches the people that the Anunnaki fallen angels are not reptilians, but that they will be coming back to the earth to destroy the Satanist Illuminati and reptilians and grey aliens, and set up a New World Order by their Anunnaki Messiah Jesus Christ, who is the Anti Christ, in order to deceive the earth into accepting the Anti-Christ. In reality, the Anunnaki are the same nephilim fallen angels and their Anti-Christ is not Christ but he will be a false Christ. Jesus Christ will return at Armageddon and throw all these Anunnaki and their fake Christ and their worshippers and Agarthan nephilim into the Lake of Fire. Satan always uses the two-pronged strategy by creating two polar conflicting opposites to deceive the people.


The sphinx is said to have had the head of Anubis, the god of fake resurrecting nephilim through genetic cloning and a shape-shifting alien that looks like a werewolf, until it was carved into a head. It was re-carved into the shape of a human head by the Satanist Egyptian reptilian nephilim pharaohs, in order to disguise it. It was created before Noah’s flood by the Atlantis civilization to show the location where people after the flood can find the technologies of Atlantis and the fallen angels, and the technology to resurrect the nephilim bodies to life again using their mummy DNA, which was placed underneath it. Underneath the pyramids are libraries of ancient technology information left by the Atlantis civilization nephilim Satanists on crystals before the flood destroyed them. The pyramids are located in power grid areas of the earth that create huge energy to open portals or wormholes. The Nazi group with bases under the Egyptian pyramids called the “The Giza Intelligence Group” that run the IBIS program (ancient alien life extension technology found under the Giza pyramids) are bringing all their sub-group NSA and MI6 clones to their bases to train as assassins. The Illuminati claims that these clones are raised in test tubes using blue blood or blood prime, which is rhesus negative blood type annunaki alien descendents of the fallen angels, and that they raise them up using the Illuminati training program at Q552 Nelson base in British Columbia Canada, a black ops Nazi NSA facility, and Dulce base in the U.S. The babies were left in the aircraft hangers in the high altitude cold climate, as part of their trauma training program to create Hitler’s Uberman or Super Soldiers. The babies were guarded by Nazi NSA MI6 SS guards in the modern day Nazi black ops uniforms, because there are intelligence agency and military special ops units that try to rescue these children from the NSA MI6 CIA. The CIA was created by the MI6. There is a secret war going on within the Illuminati between the factions of the Nazis and anti-Nazi groups. The 500,000 strong Blackwater company Nazi army was created to destroy the U.S. army from the 2 trillion dollars stolen through the 9.11 terrorist attack by the MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUS Bilderberg cabal. The Illuminati’s big blonde black ops Nazi assassin squad people and British MI6 agents and American CIA agents who were trying to assassinate me are part of this Nazi group. Michael Prince, just like Max Spiers, was raised under this program as one of the Nazi super soldiers, but now, he is fighting against them with the Anti-Nazi factions of the MI6 NSA COM-12. These Anti-Nazi intelligence factions want the Nazi alien joint human extermination program truths to be publicized to the human population. President George Bush Senior and the Queen Mother of Britain (both low ranking reptilian hybrids) were handlers at these bases and other bases, so he would visit and talk to them back in the late 1970s. Wild animals like snakes would be put in the pen with these babies to train them. There would be screens put up in the pens where George Bush and Queen Mother’s faces would change from human to snake, to accustom the babies to the Annunaki shape shifting bodies of these people. The babies were trained to shape shift, too. The children are of the Aryan race (Annunaki Edomite Tribe of Dan people) and are trained to assassinate, track down werewolf aliens from crashed UFOs in Penang jungles where there are star gate facilities that bring in demonic creatures, MI6 bosses who stole suitcase nuclear bombs, etc. When the children were being transferred to Dulce, helicopters and special ops units appeared, and a gun battle began between the special ops units and SS Nazi NSA guards. The NSA Nazi guards killed some of the children, so that they would not be rescued. The special ops units that rescued the children belonged to the Naval Intelligence COM-12, which is part of the Majestic group. The Majestic group and MJ-12 Majestic Twelve Nazi group are connected, but are different organizations. At Q552 they were cybernizing the children with nano technology metallic worms that lay eggs, but since these alien metal alloys are integrated with these super soldiers’ bones, they could not remove them. They are given pistols with occult black dragon engravings on it, with a cube that they hold in front of them to focus their brain waves at the opponent. The guns are ancient alien technology and the bullets are made from special alien alloys that are able to penetrate the reinforced breast bones of the super soldiers they are shooting at. The bullets are also engraved with occult symbols and blessed at the Vatican with occult curses, so that it would penetrate physically as well as psychically against thought based force fields of the enemy. Michael Prince was informed on the day before the Fukushima Nuclear Bombing World Irradiation Contamination and Japan Tidal Wave Massacre by an MI6 agent that there was going to be a terrorist attack tomorrow, and they wish they could stop it. The nuclear bomb stolen from the Kursk was smuggled and kept by the Japanese of Korean ancestry Illuminati members to cause the 3.11 tidal wave in Japan, in order to massacre the Japanese people. All the Illuminati members and CIA death squads in Japan are Japanese of Korean ancestry. These Japanese of Korean ancestry own all the criminal industries, criminal organizations, cults, entertainment, politics, business in Japan through murder and stealing and blackmail and bribery and deception. They worship Satanism and hold allegiance to the Illuminati, and are puppets of the Western Illuminati Nazi cabal. Examples of some of the jobs of these Japanese of Korean ancestry CIA assassin yakuza mob gangsters is to dump tons of radioactive materials in Japan to pollute and genocide the Japanese, who are the descendants of God’s ten lost tribes of Israel. Satan uses the Koreans to genocide the Japanese population.


The Western Illuminati Nazi criminal cabal had planted four nuclear bombs at the base of Mount Fuji, and are testing many volcanoes in Asia, such as Mount Ontake, Mount Aso, Mount Iouyama, etc., to target the Sendai nuclear power plants, in order to wipe out the Eastern Illuminati, once and for all. The Western Illuminati Nazis are planning to sink Japan, along with other nations, which would weaken the Eastern Illuminati alliance. However, the Eastern Illuminati wiped out the Western Illuminati’s secret underground base in Nagano, where the Japanese of Korean ancestry politicians and Japanese of Korean ancestry Western Illuminati leaders were planning to hide in, and caused a Nagano earthquake. Parts of the Japanese right wing forces are rising up against them, also, because their own lives are at stake, too. However, a Satanist is a Satanist for life until killed, and they do not stop being a Satanist or give up their mission to exterminate all Eastern Illuminati members and humans. The Western Illuminati Nazis were also sending a HAARP super typhoon to Tokyo, but the Eastern Illuminati and the 87 nation alliance destroyed it. The alien extraterrestrials who control the Western Illuminati Nazis are planning an Ebola and new influenza strain pandemic and nuclear war. They have already wiped out half of the wildlife on the earth. The Japanese of Korean ancestry prime ministers have paid 60 trillion yen to their masters the Western Illuminati Nazis, so they are doubling and tripling the consumption taxes. The Eastern Illuminati is also wiping out the Korean politicians responsible for the murder of thousands of people in the Japan tidal wave and irradiation of the Asian continent. (See YouTube video “Apollo 20 ET Discovered on UFO Craft on Moon at Deporte Crater” at and read article “Project Mannequin, UK Cloning and Genetic Enhancement Program“ at .)


There are those who have switched sides from the MJ-12 / Elizabeth / Hillary / AQUARIUS / Nazi cabal to the COMM 12 / White Dragon Society Triad / Gnostic Illuminati / White Hat faction alliance, because they want to genuinely prevent the replacement of all homo-sapiens humankind with reptilian clones, and there are those who flipped sides to just save themselves and make others the villains. Beware of those who just want to save themselves. There are Illuminati members who are making it look like there are good Illuminati, because there are hundreds of thousands of people speaking out about the Illuminati’s assassination of millions of people who have spoken out, and they cannot hide that fact any longer from the hundreds of thousands of human homo-sapiens law enforcement personnel and military personnel. For example, the whole world’s eyes groups’ eyes are upon people like me and others who are speaking out. For example, the whole world’s eyes groups’ eyes are upon people like me and others who are speaking out. There is no good Illuminati or good Freemason or good Satanist or good reptilian or good demon or good devil, because they have all rebelled against God and are evil. Satan just always uses his two-pronged strategy by making the villains and the fake heroes, and make the dumb human populace believe that there are some devil’s people who are good. This is how he controls the dumb humans. All governing authorities and businesses and societies in this world are owned by the Illuminati thirteen bloodline families, and they are in turn owned by the devil Satan. So, although they fight among themselves, they are all trying to do Satan’s will to bring the world under him and kill all humans. Only the dumb people believe the Illuminati’s propaganda that there are good aliens that are fighting to help mankind, or that there are good Illuminati secret societies that are fighting to protect humans. Groups like the Galactic Federation of Light and Ishtar Asherah Ashtar Command who are people claiming to have spiritual demonic channeling with good aliens promote their Sananda Jesus as their fake satanic messiah to save the earth. Satan claims that they are humanoid aliens here to deliver humans from the Illuminati and reptilian aliens and evil elites. If foolish people follow after these reptilian aliens disguised as benevolent humanoid aliens, who come to imitate God’s rapture by carrying off many humans on their spacecrafts, then they will be eaten up, cut up, their organs sold, and their DNA sold since DNA is the biggest commodity in the universe among the aliens.


MJ-12・エリザベス・ヒラリー・AQUARIUS・ナチス犯罪組織からCOMM 12・白竜会三合会・ノスティックイルミナティ・白帽子派閥同盟へ寝返った者で、純粋にホモサピアン人類を爬虫類クローンで入れ替えられるのを阻止したい者もいれば、中には、他の者たちを悪者にして、自分たちの身を救うために寝返った者たちもおります。自分たちを救うために寝返った者たちにはご用心下さい。イルミナティによる何百万人という抗議で公表した者たちの暗殺に関して、何十万人という人たちが公的に抗議し初めているため、何十万人というホモサピアン人間の警察関係者や軍関係者に事実を隠す事が出来なくなったため、イルミナティの中には良いイルミナティがいるように見せかけているイルミナティのメンバーたちもおります。例えば私や他に話出ている者たちに世界や団体たちの目線が注目しております。


When the research vessels accidentally discover an ancient Atlantis spaceship from Noahs days in the frigid, isolated ocean depths of the Baltic Sea while hunting for ancient shipwreck wines and spirits, the Illuminati destroy one electrical equipment after another in quick succession, so that the only thing that the research vessel can do is to send a diver down to chip off a piece of the spaceship which is made from advanced technology metal alloy. The ocean surface shows a track on the ocean bed where the spaceship circular UFO slid for a long distance when it crashed, and broke into two complete circular objects sliding in different directions. The Illuminati scientists and professors are spreading disinformation that it is only rock formations. There are some spacecraft from ancient technologies in isolated areas being discovered, which the Illuminati Brotherhood of the Snake Babylonian Satanist religion people have not been able to confiscate and hide yet.


You know who the fake Christians are by their attitude toward the Torah Truth and Christ. They may have love and faith and good works, but they have no first love for the Torah Truth who is Christ. This is why they will not teach things that they do not agree with or things which they think would bring about persecution upon them. They just teach academics and knowledge that they have gained through human effort and not through the Holy Spirit. They are not the Bride but they are theologians. They are distorted scientific knowledge, so they are folly. They cannot attack the concepts in the Torah Truth, so they attack and call as lies the technical information in the Torah Truth. These ungodly religious people are always searching the Torah Truth to find something to criticize or discredit as the truth. This is the spirit of the devil and the Pharisees. They have a different spirit from what we have. They have a spirit of doubt, of hatred, of anger, of being offended, of pride to teach, of religiousness, and they try to adopt the truth but they cannot because they are children of perdition. They have a form of religion, but they miss the core of God’s Word. Their behavior against the Torah Truth exposes their hearts. These people all feel they are teaching the Word of God, but they are teaching academics and crafty arguments, and these types of people all converge to become Pharisees and teachers. They are just concerned about their genetic origins and are supremacists and slaves of their ethnicities/nationalities/families and very base people. Their personalities and characters do not exemplify Christ and they are very obnoxious and unpleasant people to be around. This is why they attack God’s apostles and prophets, and have no true respect for God. They will never lead people to God’s apostles and to Christ. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, do not be deceived: first you need the Holy Spirit, then you need First Love, then you need to love the Torah Truth, and then, you need to sacrifice your life and family and work and retirement and relationships and safety and everything to follow Christ. Everything. There will be many Pharisees who will try to imitate what you do, but they cannot, because they do not have the right spirit or the right Torah Truth. If they did, they would do what we do, and love what we love, and teach what we teach. What they teach seems like the truth mixed in, but it is not the whole truth and it is a vile attempt to bring to you only things that they want to bring to you to elevate themselves, always mixed with some truth. You will receive much hatred not respect from many Pharisees, and be discredited by them, and your Torah Truth will be filtered and edited by them, but hold the truth and love God. God is your originator and keeper and justifier and lover. Do not be alarmed or dejected for this is a wrong spirit, but rejoice and serve diligently, and love and trust God. He is your God and He has chosen you to be His people and representatives, not with academics but with the true and living Word who is Christ the Torah Truth.


What is the difference between Peter and John? Peter had faith, but he believed that God would allow him to be martyred, and that is the extent of his impression of God. John loved God, and he knew that the Lord would protect Him because He loved John, so they could not kill him. Likewise, Elijah and Enoch loved God, and God loved them, and they knew God would not allow them to be killed by the enemy, so God raptured them out into heaven. It is the same thing with the pre-tribulation rapture believer Church Saint Bride of Christ and the post-tribulation rapture theorist Tribulation Saints. The Bride of Christ or Church Saint loves Christ, so they trust Him and know His love, so they know they will be raptured out before the Tribulation Age and are pre-tribulation rapture believers. However, the Tribulation Saints do not believe that God loves them and they do not believe God as a God of love, so God will throw them into the Tribulation Age to be martyred by the devil, because that is what they believe and that is the type of God they believe through the post-tribulation rapture theory. If a person says they love God, but if they hate God’s Word and precepts, and wears men’s trousers, and refuse to wear women’s head coverings, and cheer on Illuminati reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race feminist female pastors like Joyce Meyers who are embodied demon spirit descendants of the fallen angels, then they are liars. If they truly loved God and had first love, they would love His Torah Truth and His Word who is Christ, and they would believe His Word, and they would not be opposing it. They would be wearing women’s head coverings, and not be wearing men’s trousers, and not believing in women’s equality, and worshipping Satanists like Joyce Meyers a matriarchal witch of the Illuminati Western Christianity Mystery Babylon religion. There is nothing that God hates more than people who make themselves look like Christians and God’s people, but they follow and worship the devil and love his precepts. To love the devil and his world is to hate God. To love God is to hate the things of this world.


The reason why these stupid religious Christians spend all their days feeding the poor and going on medical missions and protecting the environment and are preoccupied with politics is because that is Satan and the Illuminati’s way of keeping the religious Christians occupied and obsessed with religion, instead of teaching the Torah Truth and making disciples. In the first place, the religious Christians do not even believe in the Torah Truth, because they are feminists and humanists and environmental activists and royal family admirers and Hollywood movie fans and rock music listeners and tattoo pagans and genetic descendent breeders and medical witchcraft patients and fanatics in every ungodly Western values that originate in Jezebel’s Babylon. They are a stiff-necked people who will not repent. This is why God hates the religious people the most, because they are hypocrites and idolaters, and deny God. They claim to have religion and hippy love Christ, but they deny God’s Torah Truth who is Christ Himself. They ascribe to every ungodly values and thinking and beliefs.


It is more difficult for a religious Christian to enter Heaven than for a whale to enter a nano fiber hole. They are unwilling to sacrifice their daughters and wives and mothers’ lives, or give up their jobs and income and assets and retirement pensions, or give up going to doctors or hospital witchcraft institutions, or give up piercing ears and tattooing God’s bodies, or giving up Jezebel worship feminist women’s equality beliefs and wearing men’s trousers, or be willing to have their hearts and genitals be shot by the Illuminati assassin squads gang-stalking electromagnetic weapons every day or have their foods poisoned, or have their church congregation think they are crazy now because they teach the Torah Truth that they will never accept, in order to pick up the cross and follow Christ. This is why religious Christians are nauseating. They are religious hypocrites! They want the best of two worlds, so they are religious adulterers and whores. They are not willing to give up everything because of first love. Their love is for themselves, the world, Satan and what he offers them, and their comfortable lifestyles that they have now. The devil gives them a little pressure, and then, they quickly give up the cross and Christ. They only want the hippy rogue pastor’s Calvary Chapel Sananda hippy Christ that Satan offers them. They do not want the Christ with all the blood and ridicule and spitting on the face and back ripped open by Roman whips and crucified type of real Christian lifestyle. What kind of a Bride of Christ runs away to save their genetic descendents or protect their pastoral Pharisee jobs or maintain their love for satanic Christian rock and roll concerts, or adhere to the Sumerian Babylonian witchcraft hospitals and doctors whenever their lives or health is in jeopardy, and turns down the Groom who is Christ? That is not a real Bride, but a fake religious hypocrite, and non-salty vomit that is to be thrown on the wayside. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


How can a person claim to be a Christian, if they do not love God and have first love and love His Torah Truth? If they are busily trying to breed genetic descendents, earn lots of money, save for retirement, going to doctors and medical institutions and claiming that they are not practicing Babylonian witchcraft, looking for reproductive mates in church, divorcing, believing in women’s equality and arguing with men, piercing their ears for so-called beauty, worshipping satanic rock music, and living lives and having values identical to the heathen satanic people, how can they ever expect the Groom to rapture them out from coming judgment as His holy unblemished Bride with the oil of the Holy Spirit in their lamps? If they are not preaching what the Pharisees and Illuminati Satanists are doing from the mount in a clear and direct way, without hiding their expressions under ambiguous prose, even knowing that their families may be killed and their houses may be burned down and they may be gang stalked with electromagnetic weapons and their food poisoned and lose their jobs income, then how can they claim to love God and have first love and be the true Bride of Christ and expect to be raptured out before the coming judgment? They are either crazy, extremely dumb, or extremely deceitful and evil, if they believe that the Groom Christ will rapture them out before the Tribulation Age, when they do not even love Him and His people and His Torah Truth Word or do what His Holy Spirit leads them to do. They would only be fake religious Christians doing religious activities thinking that they are God’s people. They are only deceiving themselves by living such values and thinking and lives of Jezebel Babylonian Satanism disguised as Western Christianity developed by the Illuminati deception, and the Holy Spirit of the Torah Truth and Word who is Christ is not in them, and they are what God calls a fake bride and have only the appearance of being Christians. A Bride of Christ and true Church Saint must fully love the Word of God and the Torah Truth, who is Christ, because that is first love—to love God is to love His Word. In this is undeniable evidence of a person’s true nature and discloses what is truly in their heart. Love God and love His Torah Truth and Word, dear Children. The religious Christians all were afraid to help me, lest they be killed and persecuted by the Illuminati. None of them were willing to sacrifice their lives for their brother in Christ. They have a different spirit from us. The Holy Spirit is a spirit that sacrifice my life, in order to bring the Torah Truth to my brothers so that they may repent and may be ready when Jesus returns, even though the devil may try to kill me and my family and destroy all my income and I be shot with electromagnetic weapons. I do not hold back anything, because I love my brothers, since I love Christ. This is first love. If I am not willing to sacrifice my life for my brother, how can I say I have the Holy Spirit and am a servant of Jesus, who gave His own life for me? They are charlatans and religious people and fakes. The Spirit of Truth is not in them and Christ’s Spirit is not in them. They are the five virgins without oil in their lamps. They have a form of religion, but they deny the very essence of self-sacrifice and to live as Christ. They place their own lives, their families, their jobs, their future, and their other idols before God and Christ. This is how you can distinguish between a true Bride of Christ and a fake religious Christian. Be true and be real and be filled with the Holy Spirit, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, for you are not illegitimate religious Christians and religious people, but you have been born of the Holy Spirit and you are true servants of the Most High God and our Lord Jesus Christ.


The problem with these putrid fake religious Christians who worship religion is that they choose their reputations, fame, popularity, jobs, income, pastor’s positions, retirement pensions, family’s lives, health, safety from assassinations, comfort, homes, savings, health insurance, rock music, jewelry, children, humanism, men’s trousers, women’s equality, refusal to wear head coverings, church lives, hospitals and medical treatments, selling of God’s Word and discipling, possessions, and other things, instead of choosing to follow Christ and giving everything up for Him.


Beware of religious teachers who only teach precepts or only teach about the Illuminati or only teach about sexual abstinence to distract the congregation into religiousness, just like the hippy rogue pastors of the Illuminati. The Word of God and the Torah Truth is balanced, diverse, and not confined. The Word of God and the Torah Truth teaches every kind of wisdom for all types of issues, and is good for encouraging, admonishing, providing knowledge, exhorting, guiding, and living as children of God. Beware of the hippy rogue pastors who only teach religious ethical teachings such as sexual abstinence and Puritanism, which sound like unpleasant teaching, but it is rather what the religious people expect to hear and welcome to feel cleansed or purified by religious ethical teachings, but the hippy rogue pastors will never teach the real unpleasant truth such as women wearing head coverings or not wearing men’s trousers, because these things anger evil people, and they would be immediately kicked out of their church pastor’s jobs. These are the fake religious leaders who grow fat on the church people who come to the church to only hear what they expect and want to hear, and they will democratically oust any religious leader who teaches the Torah Truth and real Christ. Have nothing to do with these religious people and religious leaders, for they are revolting to God. Instead, seek the whole truth and love Christ who is the Torah Truth and the Word. The End Times society has been saturated by Satan with his Illuminati Mystery Babylon religion Western Christianity churches and religious leaders and institutions and teachings. This is by crafty design and intentional distortion by the enemy. The Western Christianity religious Christian women in the churches are demon-possessed by these Jezebel spirits, because of their pride and arrogance and stubbornness to put the middle finger up to God, and they refuse to wear head coverings that protect them from the fallen angels and they persist in wearing men’s trousers which are explicitly prohibited by God. This is why the age of tribulation is kept for these who live as the heathens do and worship their idols and Mystery Babylon religion teachings and seducing spirits. They love their master Satan than they love God and His Torah Truth: they are the lukewarm adulterous church. They imitate Satan’s women and people, instead of God’s women and people. They become one with Satan in life and practice and thinking, instead of becoming one with the Creator who is Christ. They fill themselves with the ungodly teachings of Satanism taught in their Illuminati Mystery Babylon religion Western Christianity churches, instead of coming out of them. They make their abode among the ungodly and ascribe to their teachings and values. They have a form of religiousness, but not the Spirit of Truth.


Whenever I go to a Western Christianity church or Eastern Christianity Church, it makes me nauseas and sick at the pit of my stomach. It is because these religious Christians will be Christians as long as they can happily eat and drink at church fellowships, joke around with other religious people, do religious activities that make them feel like their souls are saved, go to their jobs that bring in good income, live in nice homes, raise and breed genetic descendents, be liked by the world and church people, and have a comfortable normal life. However, they do not want to be Christians, if they get shot every minute of every day in their hearts and genitals and brains and eyes with EMP electromagnetic and microwave weapons that create heart attacks and leukemia and blindness, get their foods and waters poisoned every day, get their spouses and children and parents murdered, lose their reputation and become the laughing stock of their church by being branded a lunatic and heretic, lose all their jobs and income and assets, get their homes burned down, be gang stalked by CIA MI6 assassins and Koreans and feminists and mob gangsters and street gangs and Satanists, be followed around by CIA predator drone unmanned aerial vehicles and F15 air force jets, be chased around by dozens of CIA Nazi black-tinted window trucks wherever they go, be laughed at by Illuminati hippy rogue pastors, have cars run into them, have them try to crash planes into their homes, and have demons attack them at night, etc., etc. etc. This is why they are the same crowd who turned away and left Jesus, and only the disciples were left with Jesus. They are a nauseating crowd of religious people. Some of them will teach partials truths, but they will hide those Torah Truth that they do not agree with or that will make them unpopular. Hypocrites! 100% is the Word of God, and if they only love 50% or 99% of the Torah Truth and love only God partially, then they do not love God at all. They are not at a church buffet line where they can pick and choose only the Torah Truth that they like, but they are ambassadors of Christ who should represent Him entirely. How in the world can a person love God 99% and deny Him 1%? What kind of devious heart makes these people think they can get away with this or think that God is deceived? Are they crazy? How they insult God, and deceive themselves. A true Bride follows the Groom all the way, accepts all of Him, and honors Him all the time. Not partially and not part-time and not only the parts that she likes. The reason why these religious Christians do not understand 100% of what we teach is because their hearts are not 100% with God. They make up their own Christ and their own religion and their own Torah Truth based on their own self-righteousness, their own philosophy culture values, and by their evil hearts and not the Holy Spirit. One must choose to follow Him 100% or 0%. There is no middle lukewarm ground. Those who love God know Him who is the Torah Truth Word, and understand and accept His entire Torah Truth. Do not compromise or make self defining religions, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, but know God and accept Him for who He is and all His precepts. One cannot serve both God and self-righteousness.


The End Times Laodicea Church is the most ungodly and adulterous and religious and lukewarm church in history. Only a remnant is faithful. Satan’s usual two-pronged strategy is to create on the one hand a very Puritanical sexual abstinence Western Christianity through the hippy rogue pastors who are obsessed with teaching about that to gain consent from the religious Christians, because this is the Illuminati’s way of detracting people’s attention away from the Torah Truth, and making them focus on religious observances just like their Pharisees. On the other hand, on the other side of the two-pronged strategy, you have an extremely lewd bunch who preach sexual liberty, homosexuality, fornication, adultery and every kind of sexual sin as being perfectly fine. In this way, Satan catches the crowd in one trap or another. The Illuminati is therefore notorious in creating this two opposing forces, in order to maintain control: conservatives versus liberals, communism versus capitalism, Christians versus Muslims, Illuminati-funded Homeland Security versus Illuminati-funded terrorists, Illuminati-controlled FBI versus Illuminati-controlled mafia, etc., etc.


The Satanists’ Illuminati mind-control Hollywood movies depict men as dumb creatures who are easily enticed by promises of sex and as selfish creatures, while the women are depicted as being clever, insightful, mature and masterful in manipulating the more simple-minded and immature men. If you disclose this Illuminati Satanist reptilian hybrid witch descendent feminist mind-control project to the human populace and God’s children, then they will send in masses of their Illuminati assassins and witches to try to kill you and stop you from teaching the Torah Truth. This is why the Western Christianity churches’ hippy rogue pastors and traditional seminary-created ministers are so afraid of the devil and his assassins that they refuse to teach these Torah Truths, and instead, they make a big show at their Sunday sermon entertainment by hugging and kissing their wives in front of the dim-witted church congregations of religious Christians, and by reprimanding the church congregations’ husbands for their lack of respect and service to their wives. These pastors and ministers and religious leaders and Pharisees and charlatans have great ethical religious teachings, but they are the devil’s children, and that is why they are mind-controlled by the devil, and they do the devil’s propaganda brainwash work, and are sold out heart and soul to the devil’s Jezebel feminist doctrines of the Illuminati, and have a disdain for the Torah Truth and God’s children.


The religious Christians do not see the hypocrisy and illogic behind the Satanist doctrine behind the feminist Hollywood movie mind control. Moreover, the religious Christians agree with Satanism’s values and Jezebel mind control thinking, because they do not have the Holy Spirit. Satan and his Pharisees are always hypocrites. On the one hand, the Illuminati create the feminist movement using the most evil women in the world to claim that women are victims. On the other hand, the Illuminati create the Playboy magazine and their feminist women love to wear Playboy bunny costumes and skimpy clothes in their Hollywood movies to degrade the women’s body that is given by God. You see, in both ways, they are satanic, and full of hypocrisy. Unlike the reptilian witches or nephilim descendents or Illuminati female demon spirits, God’s women do not consider themselves equal to men and respect men as authority, and likewise, they do not dress in half-exposed clothes to lure men’s eyes, so these human Adam’s descendents are not hypocrites. In every Hollywood movie, the woman is always arrogantly daring to reprimand the head of the household and master of the house, who is the man, that he is not home to raise their children. It is the responsibility of the husband to work outside and not be present in the home, in order to bring in the income to feed the family. It is the duty of every wife and mother to watch over the home and to raise the children, and be with them. Contrary to the Satanists’ Hollywood movie brainwash values, it should be the husband reprimanding the wife for not being home to raise the kids, but working to worship money and self. The wife in the Hollywood movies should not be daring to scold her master, but she should be scolding herself for her own evil feminist values and Jezebel worship, and should be kicking herself in the rear. You see, every movie and media of the devil is upside down and inverse to God’s thinking and values. This is why the Western Christianity hippy rogue pastors all agree with the devil’s Hollywood movie values and brainwash doctrines, and they teach the devil’s Western values to their churches, in order to indoctrinate them with the Illuminati agenda. The hippy rogue pastors’ and Pharisees’ job is to support the Satanist purpose and further the devil’s mission, and to try to destroy God’s values and Torah Truth and do away with Christ. Their mission is to sell the devil’s fake Western christ that is only the devil’s idol. In the Hollywood movies, the woman is always yelling at the man for not being home and raising the children and being there for the kids. This is a lie of the devil. It should be the man scolding the Western woman for working and not being home for the children, since the man has to go out of the home to work, and depends on the woman to watch over the children. In the Hollywood movies, after the wife scolds the husband, the wife always yells at the husband to leave the house. This is another brainwash and mind control of the Illuminati reptilian nephilim demon Satanists. It should be the husband telling the wife to leave the home, if she is not going to submit to the husband or obey his commands. In the devil’s propaganda movies, everything is upside down and inverse, in order to try to make the man more weaker, and to place the woman in an authoritative role by making the woman the one to command the man to leave the house every time. And, every single time, in the Hollywood movies, the man sullenly obeys the woman, and leaves the house and children. This is trying to create a submissive weak man by brainwashing the men and women of the world. Since the humans are foolish, they are easily controlled and brainwashed by the Illuminati. This is why the ministers and pastors are so dumb and utterly stupid beyond imagination. It is as if they do not have any brains of themselves, but they are just clone robots of the Illuminati reptilians.