Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 12


Their concept of love is Satan’s cult religious love. They go to a demon infested Calvary Chapel hippy Satan worship rock concert. They hear that God loves them. They feel a warm, mind-control, brainwash emotion in their fleshly heart through the lure of the demons there. Then, they cry, say they had a saving experience in Christ, and start going to an Illuminati managed church. The Illuminati church uses that as one more notch in their scores on how many people they saved, and uses that number as a marketing ploy to brainwash their church members into thinking that the church is doing a wonderful evangelistic job. It is just like any other cult religion of Satan’s Mystery Babylon religion. However, if they find out that they will have to be gang-stalked by thousands of people wherever nation they go to, shot in the heart and genitals every few seconds by EMP electromagnetic weapons, have their families killed and have their families try to kill them, have their home refrigerator poisoned every time they step out of their homes, have CIA predator drone planes and police officers gang stalk them 24 hours a day, give up their jobs and retirement pensions and savings, have their homes burned, and have to stop wearing men’s trousers and have to wear women’s head coverings, they immediately stop preaching and they do not want to preach Christ. As far as preaching Satan’s fake Christianity Sananda hippy Jesus love, which is the same love that all the other satanic cult groups teach, they love to do that, and do cult evangelism. However, when it comes to preaching not wearing men’s trousers, or having to wear women’s head coverings, or considering medical science as witchcraft abomination, or teaching about aliens, or teaching about how the Illuminati will try to kill them if they become a real born-again Christian and not a fake religious Christian, then they despised the Torah Truth who is Christ and they hate God’s Word, or they ridicule the Torah Truth who is Christ, and call Christ a conspiracy theory and a mentally insane heretic doctrines. This is why they have the fake hippy love, and they do not have real First Love for God. Their love is a cult religious love of Satanism and all of its Satanist Mystery Babylon religions that disguises itself as Christianity. It is not real Christianity. True love is a will, and not an emotion like the cult religions. First Love for God is a will to repent, know God’s Torah Truth because you are chosen as His child before creation, and follow His Truth and teach it, even with all the persecutions and sufferings and losses that come with it. It requires a sacrifice. Sacrifice of everything they ever had or every family they had or every money they owned. This is a real Christian. The fake religious Christians just want the Sunday sermons, hugging and kissing, feeding the homeless religious good deeds, church coffee and donuts and bazaars, church picnics, comfortable job, breeding genetic descendants, evangelism missions, Christian rock concerts, and emotional love. They do not want the slamming of bicycles by demon-possessed people, or cutting of arms with sharp objects as demon-possessed people walk by, or the yelling by people as they walk by, or the poisoning of their restaurant food by demon-possessed people, or their demon-possessed family trying to kill them, or Christian church people and pastors despising them and kicking them out of every church they go to, or hundreds of demon-possessed Koreans following them on every bus, car, sidewalk, hallway, restaurant and office shooting them every minute with EMP electromagnetic weapons from behind walls in every neighborhood or city they go to. This is why these religious Christians are not of God, but they are of the devil. They are not real born-again Christians. If they were real God’s children, they would have all hell attacking them, and all their pastors and best friends and families would hate their guts and would be telling them to go to a psychiatrist or mentally retarded hospital. Instead, these religious Christians are living comfortable, ordinary lives that the devil and the aliens have given them, living their fake hippy love cult Christian lifestyles, eating and drinking and marrying, just like any other pagan heathen. God despises most, these religious people, who call themselves God’s people, but they are not God’s people. God loves His own children who were chosen before they were born, and who are willing to follow Him through anything and everything, and teach His Word and Torah Truth who is Christ Jesus—the true Jesus. The religious Christians pray before a football game that God will give them victory or God would give them a husband or God will help them win the lottery. This is how degenerate the church is. This is how Satan tries to insult God.


In reality, the church people are all part of Satan’s nephilim alien collective mind-control matrix, who are used by the devil to keep Christians depressed, persecuted, ostracized, deceived with Satan’s doctrines, trapped, and attacked. This is why if you tell a pastor about gang-stalking, they are waiting for you to come to them, and they will tell you to go back to the flock of God where the enemy has a harder time to attack you than being alone. However, when you go to the church, you will have the Illuminati Satanists already waiting for you to pounce upon you and attack you. If these church people are not controlled by Christ, they are controlled by Satan and his collective hive mind matrix and the demons that possess them. The only person who can help a gang-stalked victim and targeted individual is Jesus. He is the only person who understands and can protect you. Actually, there are other real Christians spread throughout the world, but since they are very few, you never see them, but just like all the bible characters who were gang-stalked and cried out to God, if they are Christians, they are also being persecuted in the same way. Gang-stalking is persecution, and persecution is gang-stalking, and all real Christians are persecuted. There is nothing special with you. But the real Christian stands up and moves on, because the Lord has chosen you for this. These Christian gang-stalkers will spread bad gossip about in church to turn everyone against you, and they will try to kill you, because they are Satanists. The Illuminati gives them a spouse and a desk in their jobs and a church, and because their minds controlled by the Illuminati’s hive mind collective technology, they are happy with their slavery and being part of the collective mindless matrix. If Jesus walked into the modern day evangelical church today, the religious Christians would try to lynch Him, just like they tried to do to us.


What kind of love have these perverted Calvary Chapel hippy Sananda Jesus love effeminate hippy rogue pastors been teaching the world? It is certainly not the Jesus we know, and it is certainly not the Torah Truth that is in the Bible, and it certainly is not the one that makes them get persecuted or assassins chasing after them desperately or lose their pastor jobs or be despised by the church congregations. Their fake Sananda Jesus hippy love is the fake love of Satan’s Illuminati Western Christianity that makes them famous pastors, well love by all church members, sells tens of thousands of their books, provides huge salaries and retirement pensions and pastoral homes, censored perverted ethical Sunday sermon teachings that edit God’s Bible, have fun music and theatrics on Sunday sermons, feel good and religiously feel cleansed, Pharisee type of love. How deep the End Times Church has fallen. Have nothing to do with such Sanhedrin organizations and institutions of Jezebel’s Mystery Babylon religion. Do not even take the elders to call these churches to repentance, because there are no elders left in this End Times for they are extinct, and even if you did go to them, they would ridicule you and mock you and hate your guts, and discredit you and argue with you. Leave the scum for the vultures, and you must go to God’s people who need to come to Him. Teach them the true love of God, and the real Torah Truth as it should be. Then, they will be blessed, and be called the people of God, holy and set aside and presentable to the Most High God. Bypass Satan’s churches, and go directly to God’s people. God will take you to them, for God knows who are His people, even if they are in the remotest parts of the world or inside the church of Satan or who have never heard of Jesus. These nephilim Pharisee people are genetically programmed, because they are demon spirits without human souls, to intentionally ask to go on internet television programs that they know that God’s prophets and apostles watch, in order to publically and nastily ridicule and refute and provoke and degrade God’s apostles and prophets and the Torah Truth that they teach, to fulfill their hatred. These demon spirits in pastor bodies are brutal, nasty, hate-oriented, blasphemously arrogant, bloodthirsty, druid people. They show outright hatred toward the Torah Truth, and are used by their fallen angel ancestors to actively pervert God’s precepts and the Word of God and become great Pharisee leaders. They are an accursed bunch.


The person of the flesh is preoccupied and obsessed with leaving genetic descendants of the flesh on this earth, because they are of the earth and not of heaven, and they are preoccupied with the things of the flesh which is genetic descendants of the flesh. The person of the spirit is preoccupied and obsessed with serving God and going about Jesus’ business instead of marriage or breeding children, because their hearts and preoccupation is with the things of the spirit and leaving spiritual performance for God and they are from heaven.


They pervert the Word of God, because they do not have the Holy Spirit. They teach only those parts of the Bible that are popular to the religious Christian masses, and they discard those parts of the Bible or pervert them which are not popular to the religious Christian masses. Does one discard and pervert God? Who in the hell do these religious bigots think they are? They pervert themselves, and they cannot pervert God or the Torah Truth. I teach especially over and over again those parts of the Bible and the Torah Truth which are unpopular to the religious Christian crowds, so that they will thoroughly hate me and kick me out. They have chosen the idols that they will worship, and will have nothing to do with God. They want their own type of god and Christianity and hippy Jesus and humanism idol. Their faith and love for God is tested in what they do with the unpopular parts of the Word of God, and not in what they do with the popular parts of the Scripture. Only the true Bride of Christ and Church Saint accepts the entire Word of God and the entire Torah Truth. Those who hate women’s head coverings and prohibition of wearing men’s trousers, and those who persist in tattooing and piercing ears, and those who cleave themselves to rock and roll Christian music, and those who worship royal families and Disney movies and princesses and fantasies, and those who believe in women’s equality, and those who insist on going to doctors and hospitals and taking medicine drugs, and those who continue to take pastoral salaries and pile up retirement pensions and invest in medical insurance, and those who place priority in finding mates in church and breeding genetic descendents and leaving bloodlines on the earth, and those who lift up national patriotism and troop support and political activism and church institutions, and those who earn profit from selling God’s Word books and turn church into Corporate Christianity, and those who refuse to teach everything and anything about the Illuminati and all of their internal secrets publically and boldly, and those who fear and refuse to have Satanists and governments send assassins and crowds after them, and those who deny the entire Torah Truth from God’s people, and those who fear being kicked out of the churches and losing pastor jobs and ridiculed by the religious Christians, and those who fear losing families and jobs and homes for Christ, and those who blame their disobedience to God’s Torah Truth on their need to submit to their ungodly Pharisee pastor husbands, and those who celebrate Christmas and Easter and Halloween and other pagan gods, and those who inherit their pastoral positions and churches to descendents and relatives, and conduct other Jezebel acts and witchcraft and idol worship and Satanism are both dumb and have no part in God. They are depraved religious people and idolaters and harlots, drunk with the wine of this world. They make God nauseas and want to vomit them out of His mouth. Why does the Illuminati insist on forming these pastor systems and church organizations, and why do not they disband the church institutions once the pastor dies and let the people be disciple by others? Why do they insist on carrying on the name and reputation of their so-called church conferences? What sick bastards are these people? Why do they get heathen seminary degrees in theology Satanism, and turn God’s house into a sick Western culture or Eastern culture or Judaist culture or African culture or South American culture religious belief? Are they crazy? What is wrong with them? What is wrong is that they do not have the Holy Spirit, but they follow after their own evil beliefs. They do not want to accept the Torah Truth and the Word of God. So, they make up their own religions and Christianity and Illuminati created cultures and beliefs, and follow the vain fake Christianity religions passed down to them through the generations by the Illuminati or church of Satan and their Pharisees. If they loved God, they would realize that Western Christianity is Satanism, and their souls would be deeply troubled by these religious institutions and their teachings. The evilness of their own hearts deceive them. They love their idols and cultures and philosophies and traditions and religions and vain institutions. They are so blinded by their evil hearts and saturated with the Illuminati’s brainwash witchcraft that they see God and Jesus and the Torah Truth and God’s Word as a heresy and a cult and extreme and nonsense, and they dismiss our teachings as garbage. It is because their hearts are garbage. Garbage goes after garbage, and gold recognizes gold. In this, their true identity is revealed, and their love for God or hatred toward God is tested.


Every earthquake, tidal wave, war, plane crash, ship sinking, mass school shootings, terrorist incident, influenza, plague, epidemic, famous murder, narcotic industry, mob gang organization, street gang, motorcycle gang, occult group, major religion, esoteric group, occult organization, intelligence agency, royal family, gang family, environmental pollution, etc. are caused by the Illuminati, which in turn is controlled and ordered by Satan. The physical world that we see and all its suffering, horrors, evils, disasters, illness, job loss, market crash, news incident, are directly tied to the reptilian hybrid Illuminati and the spiritual rulers of darkness that rule our world. It would be a much worse world if it were not for God and His intervention because of His people who have His Holy Spirit on this earth. When God raptures His Church Saints into heaven, then Satan and His people will not be stopped by God, so you will see masses of people ripped apart and eaten by nephilim creatures and satanic epidemics killing multitudes and all horror break loose on the earth. It will be like the days of Noah’s flood when dinosaurs ripped humans apart and ate them. We are talking about all kinds of demonic creatures appearing. It will be a living nightmare on the earth with vampires and ghouls and zombies and monsters and werewolves and giants and savage creatures. There have many outbreaks of vampire virus and zombie virus and werewolf virus, but the government contained them, and covered them up, just like in Key Biscayne, Florida in 1935, where 3,500 people died, as people were trying to escape from the zombies into the stormy ocean waves.


The reason why these human zombie dead bodies possessed by these zombie demon spirits eat humans alive and click their teeth like reptilian velociraptor dinosaurs and twitch their heads ever so often like reptilian velociraptors and jump really long distances like reptilian velociraptor nephilim chimera is because the demon spirits that possess their bodies are the demon spirits of these reptilian hybrid nephilim chimera monster dinosaurs of ancient times. You still see these velociraptor dinosaurs’ descendants living on mars eating humanoids, and gnawing on people for hours who shoot at them and hurt them but fail to kill them. In Noah’s days when Lucifer and his fallen angels genetically corrupted all life on the earth, they built huge walls like Jericho to keep these zombie demon-possessed people and nephilim giants out. It will be like that once more as Satan and his fallen angels and their Draco reptilian nephilim alien fleet start to genetically engineer clone bodies to house the disembodied spirits of the ancient nephilim creatures. They will try once more to wipe out all human homo-sapiens and God’s creation from the earth, just like they did in Noah’s times by imbedding the Anti-Christ’s Illuminati New World Order cash card tracking alien microchip in the hands and heads of the non-believer human homo-sapiens, in order to transform their DNA into nephilim creatures that no longer have human souls. However, just as God saved Noah who had uncorrupted pure human genes, God will save the Christians, and then, He will destroy the nephilim giants and chimera monsters and microchipped human nephilim populace with fire instead of by Noah’s Great Flood, this time.


These werewolves can shape-shift, and they are created in the Illuminati laboratories. These werewolves are cyber technology of the alien fallen angels imbedded, so they require special alloy bullets of the aliens to penetrate their breasts, which are the same alloys they use in the super soldiers’ chest exoskeleton chests. They have the Vatican place black magic on the bullets in some kind of occult blessing ritual, so that the silver bullets can penetrate the spiritual defense of these super soldiers. If you watch the movie, “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,” you will see that they sprinkle their guns and bows and bombs with ritual water. In the old vampire movies, they sprinkle the vampire with Vatican holy water to kill the vampires. These werewolf nephilim and super soldiers and other nephilim aliens can scurry up trees in a very short period of time, or teleport to other trees, just like in their Illuminati movies, “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” or “X-Men.” The super soldiers are given two hearts, in case one is injured. As the NSA Nazis imbed more cybernetics into these super soldiers or Nazi uberman of the military, they become more mechanized, and soon they are left without human organs, but are mainly made up of machines and animal parts and reptilian body parts. The reptilians have three bones that protrude from their knuckles that are used as weapons, and these are incorporated into the super soldiers or chimeras, and this is where they get the Wolverine in the Illuminati “X-Men” movies and the Predator in the Illuminati “Predator” movies where they have the three blades that come out of their hands. They are dumping tons of blood cells in their chem trails that can be triggered by the Illuminati in the population of the human homo-sapiens when the time comes for the New World Order. The Vatican armies fight these werewolf outbreaks and vampire wars and zombie infections. As in their Illuminati movie, “World War Z,” the zombies make reptilian clucking noise in their throats and twitch their heads left and right and eat humans, because they are possessed by the reptilian dinosaur carnivorous nephilim disembodied demon spirits that roam the earth, while their bodies are rotting because they are already dead bodies. They move very fast and jump very high and have tremendous strength and thirst for human flesh, just like the reptilian dinosaur carnivorous nephilim disembodied demon spirits that possess their bodies. They do not hurt other zombies who are possessed by their fellow demon spirits from the same herd, just like dinosaurs do not eat fellow dinosaurs from their own herd. However, just like nephilim ate nephilim giants in the ancient times, these zombies will eat zombies from other herds. At the ending of the movie, “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,” you see the desert witch shape shift into a reptilian hybrid. This is the true appearance of these Illuminati feminists.


All the warring factions of the Illuminati are Satanists and believe in a nuclear terrorism to create the New World Order for the Aryan reptilian race. All of their Vatican and Mormon assassination squads are the Illuminati. Top intelligence officials have said that most of the human military abductions (MILAB) nowadays are done for fun by the commanders of the black ops TR3-B UFO military crafts, where if they see a beautiful person, they use digital facial recognition technology to find out where they live, then they kidnap them and drug them, rape them, erase their memory, and then put them back into their homes. These may be human homo-sapiens people’s children. They have Fourth Reich Nazi ancient Atlantis technology created from blue energy that is a different type of energy mentioned in Nazi Norse mythology that is developed between ice and fire extreme temperatures, and the box shown in their Illuminati movies like “Avengers” is used by their super soldiers to control people and in assassinations. The Rothchild Illuminati created Nazism through Hitler Germany, and is still trying to create the Aryan uberman super soldiers in their NSA CIA MI6 secret bases and facilities, using the Aryan genes of their reptilian fallen angel ancestors and Satan’s nephilim seed. They believe in complete annihilation of God’s people the Jews, and as a whole, the entire human homo-sapiens race that God created on this earth. However, for Satan and his fallen angels, the uberman or superman cyborg reptilian hybrids are just a tool to take over the earth, and they are just expendable tools to be used and disposed.


The reason why the Illuminati reptilians consider these human homo-sapiens race as livestock pigs, instead of worthy life forms is because these human homo-sapiens are so base and depraved that they have only a one-track mind, which is to find breeding mates, fall in love, reproduce genetic descendents and create families, instead of seeking after God and the work of God and the things of heaven. The religious Christians are having a heyday of their lives searching for mates in their Western Christianity churches, copulating with each other, marrying and giving in marriage, breeding genetic descendents, and taking joy in raising children who will be slaughtered by the Illuminati reptilians and the Anti Christ, instead of being holy virgins unto God, and making disciples of all nations and peoples, and investing their time and labor wisely for the Kingdom of God, and being a faithful Bride to Christ. It is not forbidden to marry, because it is holy and right before God. The only question is where your priority is: eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, and searching for spouses in church, or is it first love for God and spending your life solely for God and His work. The level of depravity and lukewarm state of these religious Christians and reptilian hybrid Illuminati Pharisee pastors who teach them is putrid stench and like fresh vomit. They are more like animals or mass breeding rats that only think about having a family and creating more people who have the same genes as themselves. This is their entire outlook on life. They are no different from the pagan heathens of Satan. The Church has married Jezebel, and conduct adultery with the devil. The End Times Church and Western Christianity is a whore harlot and not a Bride. This is why they live and think and act like the heathen unbelievers. This is why the population that was 3.5 billion people in the 1950s has more than doubled to over 7.3 billion people in 2015, and the Illuminati reptilians are planning to exterminate all the human homo-sapiens race, so that only 500 million of their reptilian hybrid feminist witch race nephilim species would be left on the earth. Once they finish using the alien hybrids to exterminate the human race then they will genocide the alien hybrids too and take over the earth. 地球外生命体のハイブリッドを使って人類を抹殺した後彼達はエイリアン混血種そのものも抹殺し地球を乗っ取るつもりです

They are mass producing these demonic clone human creatures and chimeras in their D.U.M.B. or Deep Underground Military Bases, many of which are located underneath the Native American tribal reservations. This is why these American natives who are receiving living costs from the Illuminati do not allow people to enter their territory, such as the Ute nation. Many of these alien greys and reptilians have been living there since the time of Babylon. They had been waiting for the Watchers or white Draco alien overlords to return to the earth from Tartarus. The winged white Draco Prime give orders to the winged brownish-green winged draco reptilian aliens. The lower ranking dracos do not have wings. The king Draco lives in the Vatican, and the Rothschild family members go to him to make reports to him. Normally, with the advanced alien technology of the fallen angels that the Illuminati has, which is tens of thousands of years more advanced than our own technology, they could easily create free energy and make every human on this earth extremely wealthy and build other human colonies on Mars and the moon and other planets where they already have huge cities. They already have colonies on these planets and have star fleet spaceships and have traveled to distant stars. With the trillions and trillions of dollars made from the mining industry and military industry and aerospace industry and agricultural industry and energy industry and science technology industry on the five Mars colonies, they could make each person on this earth a millionaire wealthy person. There would be no poverty on this earth, and we would be living as kings and queens with super science fiction type technology lifestyles. However, a few of the reptilian hybrid globalist elites are hording those trillions of dollars and free energy and technology for themselves for their selfish reasons. The amount of money they make from trading with the dozens of nephilim alien species on the Galactic Trading Base is a ridiculous huge amount of wealth. Then, why are the humans poor and working like slaves on the earth? There was a intense secret project after World War 1 started by NASA, because Aleister Crowley the Satanist, often known as the most evil person in the world, who is the maternal grandfather of President Bush junior, had fallen angels and the devil disguised as aliens telling him back in the beginning of the 20th century that if they go to mars, they will find ancient Atlantis artifacts that would be very important for the. Freemasons and Nazi Satanist occult groups to bring in their Satanist New World Order. NASA is an organization made for the top occult Satanist reptilian hybrid leaders to further their goal of manipulating the three-dimensional world to attain the power of God of creation to make themselves gods. When God was writing my fiction novel book through me about all the secret documents and artifacts underneath the Vatican and in the South American jungles and Rosslyn Chapel and the Freemason headquarters and ancient ruins, I had no idea that those things existed. However, it is only when the Illuminati and Satan started trying to assassinate me by sending thousands of people and all these F-15 fighter jets and unmanned aerial drone vehicles that I realized that what God had written through me in my book was very real, and the Illuminati was alarmed that someone who was not part of their very small group of top leaders knew about all their secrets. Obviously, God knew about all of it. All the underground Pre-Adamic and Antediluvian cities and civilizations and tunnels are all connected throughout the world underneath these Catholic churches and ancient ruins and government buildings and nations’ capitols and underground undersea alien bases and underground military bases.


This NASA goal goes back to Freemason’s ancient roots in Egypt with their worship of Satan and Osiris and his fallen angels, and their development of that ancient Egypt Atlantis technology with the Tower of Babel mentioned in the Bible, to reach the dimension of God’s heaven. It is all about attaining power, and it is all about Satan trying to make himself God. This is what all these Satanists that run our governments and societies are working for, for thousands of years through their secret societies of Satan. The alchemist Satanists of ancient esoteric knew that they can control people’s consciousness through the ether or what we call the quantum field now, using the HAARP technology. The remote viewers use this energy that connects everything, which they call the Star Wars movie type “force” or Eastern mysticism Satanism “chi” energy to see distant places. This esoteric knowledge came from Babylon mystery religion when the Hebrews were exiled to Babylon and brought back the Kabbalah Satanism black magic occult teachings with Judaism. Kabbalah became the core religion of the 12th century French monarchy. The French king sent the Knights Templar Satanists to Solomon’s temple to steal these secrets from the Judaists. They translated it from Hebrew to Latin, and all this secret occult knowledge splintered into the different Satanist occult groups of the Freemasons and Catholic Jesuits and Illuminati. It spread through Europe. The power of Kabbalah is so powerful that the French king and the Vatican wanted to keep it a secret, so they killed all the Templar Knights who had more money than the king and the pope. It is a battle for power and who will have the secrets of this occult power. The Templar Knights’ freemason descendants later killed the French monarchy and through the French inquisition created a police state to murder all Christians and oppositions. The modern day Anti-Christ is trying to create the same New World Order of the Illuminati to create this police state and inquisition massacre of all Christians. These ancient occultists and Satan and the fallen angels can see the future, so they made up a fake story imitating the story of Christ’s resurrection, and they made up the occult story of Osiris and Isis. According to their Illuminati nephilim bloodline family Freemason Mystery Babylon religion, Osiris the nephilim is blown to pieces by his brother Set with an energy gun, and Isis takes his fragmented body and uses the DNA to create a clone body for him, in order to mate with him to conceive a son Horus, who is supposed to be their fake Jesus Christ Anti-Christ that creates a New World Order in the Atlantis civilization in Noah’s days. This is what is taught to the 33rd degree Freemasons, who are full-blown Satanists. These Nazi swastika and Japanese Buddhist swastika symbols all come from this Atlantis occult technology of spinning torque creation energy of galaxies from Babylonian mystery religion Kabbalah. This is the key to free energy that is limitless and free and easy, and that is why the Illuminati is killing anyone who finds out about it, in order to protect their oil petroleum parasitic industry. (See video “The Secret Mars Colony” at .)


Satan’s Illuminati wants to kill off all humans, and repopulate the earth with genetically modified nephilim witches, chimeras and other psychic supernatural telepathic star children who are what the Illuminati call genetically manipulated fifth dimensional evolution beings—in other words, the same nephilim as in the days of Noah and Atlantis, whose population on the earth was an abomination to God. They were feminists who conducted witch child sacrifices and abortions, Satanist rituals, homosexual sex, drugs and pharmacea witchcraft, women’s equality movements, wore men’s clothes, ruled over men, sneered at and made mockery of God’s order of authority and male authority, reversed all gender roles, and conducted every kind of evil under the sun. They lived and acted like the children of the devil, and corrupted the earth. They mixed their genes with human genes, and created more reptilian hybrid children and descendents of the fallen angels. These ancient Atlantis Illuminati nephilim feminist activists were a gruesome, hideous, despicably evil nest of vampires who fed on human children’s flesh, jublst like in these End Times modern days the feminists are secretly breeding Illuminati children and sacrificing them live in their witch covens and drinking their blood. These children of Satan and his genes are an abomination to God. They are illegitimate creations and half-breeds. They try to mix iron with clay. They make blood and gore and violent Hollywood movies and video games to brainwash the humans, so that they can become demon-possessed. The nuclear weapons at places like Greenham Commons Base were a way to maintain security over trafficking of children there. They channeled children from there to different facilities. There are Masonic Satanist rituals where they take children underground to these bases, throw one of them into a cage with a wild animal that rips them apart in front of all the other children. There are also many shaman snake rituals in Project Mannequin. The Project Mannequin is an occult intelligence agency program run by the MI6’s parent organization the National Security Agency, which they say uses blue blood Celtic Edomite Tribe of Dan reptilian hybrid nephilim descendant witch race people who have rhesus negative blood, and have demon spirit powers like telepathy and remote viewing abilities and other psychic powers for assassinating people, massacring riot mobs, conducting the Illuminati’s narcotics industries, and other programs. The eagle symbol of the NSA and White House and U.S. military and Romans and European aristocracy families and Nazis all represent the cursed Tribe of Dan, and the owl symbol of the Bilderberg Bohemian Grove and witches’ race represent Ishtar worship of these tribes. They are all one and the same thirteen bloodline families of the Illuminati. They mixed their blood with the reptilian fallen angels, so they have photographic memories and other supernatural powers that the NSA and Illuminati use for military and criminal purposes. They attend Babylonian Mystery schools where they show ancient technological artifacts, and are taught the history of their alien lineage, and Satan’s genes by Freemason trainers who are the modern day Ancient Egyptian Ishtar fallen angel alien race worshippers. They are trained from childhood through Satanist freemason druid Illuminati rituals by watching other children mauled to death in front of them, being given various drugs to control them, being trained in martial arts and assassinations, and communicating with reptilian and alien grey and other extraterrestrial demonic beings. They are tortured and shown many horrific satanic rituals in their trainings, in order to prepare them to work in the alien extraterrestrial beings’ laboratories where they will see horrendous things and experiments, as well as meet terrifying evil reptilian beings, and watch grotesque biological weapons tests conducted on kidnapped human homo-sapiens by the military and intelligence agencies. They work in various underwater NATO bases and underground biological genetic engineering laboratories, remote viewing facilities, intelligence training sites, etc. The more higher in the intelligence agencies you get, the more black magic (use of electromagnetic energy for harm) and occult rituals increase, and the top intelligence agency officials are all Zionists (who are Kabala witchcraft Satanists) and Rosicrucians (secret Satanist order) and Magi Zoroastrians (Muslim branch of the Illuminati Satanism) and White Lotus Society (Asian Illuminati secret occult Satanist organizations). They follow and descend from the fallen angels who came to the earth in the ancient biblical times thousands of years ago. There is a war for survival going on between the Western Illuminati Zionist Kabbalah Nazi groups and the Asian White Lotus Society’s dragon societies. The Asian dragon families are allied with the Gnostic Illuminati and the White Hat faction of the Western Illuminati.


There are two Illuminati factions fighting. The CIA and MI6 group called “AQUARIUS” who use deception and murder to hide the alien agenda is assassinating all the members of the Air Force and Naval Intelligence group called “COM-12” who are trying to release alien agenda information to the humans. There are strong possibilities that the “COM-12” may unite with the Eastern Illuminati alliance to fight against the CIA and MI6 Western Illuminati Nazi criminal cabal before they all get killed. This is why the fallen angels are telling these government Satanists to order the feminists and Koreans and CIA Nazi descendents to try to kill me, in order to prevent me from teaching the Torah Truth to you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, to whom I have been appointed as apostle by our Lord Jesus Christ. The Illuminati assassinated all the first Seal Team Six members who went in and killed Osama Bin Laden. These people kill the people who work for them to keep their secrets.


The CIA is just a cover up front organization for the NSA, which is the real parent organization. It does not stand for National Security Agency, but actually stands for the Nationalist Socialist Agency (Nazi Party) or Nephilim Surveillance Agency of the Watchers or fallen angels. The CIA and MI6 and Canadian Intelligence and Mossad and Australian intelligence and all the intelligence agencies that are part of the Illuminati’s NSA were organizations created by the Nazis after World War 2, in order to move the Nazi party to the United States. Germany and the United States are all part of the Illuminati shadow government of the Rothchild family’s Nazi organization or Illuminati organization. This is why there are NSA Nazi bases all over the earth in different nations and also on the moon and in the Antarctic. The reptilian hybrid Nazi Aryan nephilim NSA monitors all human homo-sapiens race people on the earth through the millions of cameras in each street and store and office and parking and beach and park and residential area, as well as the laptop and desktop computer cameras and the mobile phone cameras and satellite cameras. The Illuminati reptilians have all information on every single person, including all private information that people do not even know about. Everything is being monitored by the Illuminati’s NSA, and consequently by the Watchers or fallen angels who they report to. The Illuminati symbol of the “All Seeing Eye” on the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill and other Illuminati logos stand for this surveillance by the Watchers or fallen angels. The Watchers and fallen angels think they are watching everything we do, but in reality, it is our God YHWH and our holy angel brothers in arms who are watching everything they do. This is why I send in all kinds of different resumes to their Illuminati fake internet job ads for company executives, in order to confuse the hell out of them. So, all kinds of crazy information about me are floating around in their NSA Illuminati databases. The Watchers and fallen angels fight against each other. The fallen angels who control areas of Asia and also some who control areas in the West do not like Satan and his Nazi fallen angels, so they are uniting to fight against Satan. There are temporary truces, but they all distrust each other, and know that the others will betray them, so they form factions and try to destroy the other factions first.


The CIA and MI6 and Mossad and Australian Intelligence are the same Nazi organization, and they control all of the illegal narcotic drug trade in the world to finance their black ops and New World Order for the reptilians. Those MI6 agents who run the world’s illegal narcotics industry are also the executives in the mass media industry who control the illegal drug businesses information, and they are also the executives who run the financial institutions such as the Bank of England that launder the drug money. The reason why they are requiring all foreign nations’ banks to report to the American IRS information about the human homo-sapiens is not because they are trying to stop the laundering of illegal money, but they are just trying to get private information about all human homo-sapiens, because the people who are laundering the money are themselves. You have to remember that Satan and his children are hypocrites and liars. With the illegal drug business, they finance the over 4,000 Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B. or Octopus) around the world, which are on the average about four and a quarter miles deep and the size of medium sized cities. There are alien nephilim living in them. There are massive, massive numbers of children and adults disappearing from the world every day, and they are being kidnapped into these bases where they are experimented on like biology class frog specimens, while the aliens create grotesque hideous genetically engineered creatures with them. The NSA runs the bio-robot Zetan grey alien programs with the Draconian reptilians, in order to use them to abduct the human homo-sapiens under Project Mannequin. The Illuminati claims that the NSA looks for Celtic/Blueblood genetic bloodline people, since they have RH negative blood factors and they have paranormal abilities witchcraft, since it is in their genetic memory.


On July 11, 1934, a treaty was formed between the U.S. government, Nazi German government and British government, which are the same Illuminati government’s different branches. The representatives were President Franklin Roosevelt and the alien grey nephilim who represented their reptilian alien fallen angel bosses. The conference was held on one of the navy’s ships in Balboa, Panama. They ignored the Constitution of the United States and did not inform the populace. The treaty was for the aliens to give the technology to the reptilian hybrid world leaders, while the reptilian hybrid world leaders gave the aliens abducted human homo-sapiens for lab experiments. The same thing that took place back in Noah’s Flood’s ancient times was being repeated again. The aliens who represented the fallen angels made agreements with the Nazi Germany reptilian hybrid world leaders to give them mind control technologies to control the human homo-sapiens populace, in return for prisoners from the Jewish concentration camps and allied prisoner camps were handed over for laboratory genetic experiments. This is how the Germans got a lot of their advanced weapon systems, which were shared with the Americans and British who belonged to the same Illuminati government. Experiments were conducted on allied prisoners, too, where radiation exposure made the skin on their faces fall off. This is nothing new, because the black nobility or nephilim race has done horrible tortures and atrocities against God’s human homo-sapiens race throughout ancient times and through the history of the earth. This is why the nephilim demon spirit race is called the black nobility or reptilian hybrid cold-blooded blue blood race or feminist witch race. The alien nephilim greys who work for Satan have replaced all the world leaders with their nephilim clones that are under their control. The clones are like biogenetic robots. Even right now, in modern times, there are many places under sacred witch grounds like Stonehenge which are run by the Nazi governments of the Illuminati to torture human abducted subjects and conduct tests on them. There is an ancient alien base under the British Parliament building. Employees are injected with drugs and shown videos of horrific torture, in order to allow them to cope with the horrific things they will see in the alien underground concentration camps in the United States and Britain and other parts of the world. There are over 4,000 bases worldwide. Most of these are run by the National Security Agency. D-1 is deep underground military bases, D-2 is deep underwater military bases, D-3 is deep under mountain military bases, and D-4 deep underground military prisons. The grey aliens and draco reptilian aliens who are working with the world leaders of the various governments of the world are known as MIEC (Military Industrial Extra-terrestrial Complex). Only top world leaders who are in the degrees above the known Freemason Masonic 33rd degree are allowed access to the highly classified locations within the MIEC. The 33rd degree is called the first level of Illumination of the Illuminati, and that is the degree when a mason is allowed true knowledge of the Illuminati’s existence. George Bush, Senior, who is a Majestic Twelve member is a 42nd degree mason Satanist. People must be of the reptilian bloodline to be allowed into these degrees, or be Satanist humans who have done exceptional things for the Illuminati to show loyalty to Satan and betray their human race. The MIEC is also called “The Octopus.” This is why in their Illuminati marvel comics and Hollywood movie, “Captain America,” you see the Nazi MIEC bases run by the NSA CIA MI6 Nazis has the symbol of the skull with the octopus. Factions that are trying to inform the public about the ET situation disseminate information, but the factions that are trying to hide the information about the ET situation quickly spread disinformation out that drown the true information, so that it looks like hoaxes and conspiracy theories and wild fiction, with damage control and psychological warfare which is called “chickenfeed.” These factions are fighting against each other, and are split in every intelligence agency and government. The RAAM is also at war with Majestic Twelve. In 1954, the Grenada Treaty was signed between President Eisenhower’s NSA ULTRA unit and the aliens at Holloman Air Force Base. ULTRA is the most elite secretive unit of the NSA and is run by Nazis who joined the NSA after World War 2 in Operation Paperclip. All NSA ULTRA members are cloned humans. All treaty documents are kept in the Blue Moon facilities of the NSA in the Kirkland Air Force Base. At the Department of Energy facility in Blue Moon, experiments on free energy technology given by the alien greys is being tested for use in space. Meanwhile, on the earth, the Illuminati forces the human homo-sapiens slave race to use petroleum gasoline energy to make billions of dollars of money off of the humans. Leaders of the Space Command say that they control all the territory between the earth and Mars. They have technology now that are far more advanced than what the humans see in the “Star Wars” movies. They have spent trillions of dollars that have been parasite off of the human homo-sapiens race to develop these space fleets and space stations and space colony cities. Just like Atlantis was a super advanced city of Illuminati Satanist scientists who worked with the fallen angel aliens, during Noah’s Flood’s ancient times to genetically engineer human homo-sapiens to create their nephilim race, with technology that the human populace did not have, the Illuminati government in modern days also have super advanced technology of the fallen angel Watcher aliens which they have hidden from the human homo-sapiens populace. They download memory waves from the brain to the computer, and then, upload those memories to the cloned body, and kill the original human. In this way, they are replacing the human homo-sapiens population with nephilim clone aliens under the NSA super soldier program, and sending these fake people back into the society. The other people think that these half-human half-alien half-animal half-plant monsters are the original person. This is how they are exterminating the humans, and replacing them with clone demonic creatures. This is very advanced fallen angel alien technology. They do not have human souls. For example, they have tiger genes that make them faster, stronger and reactive. They click on a switch in their brain, and they will exterminate the entire human race upon orders from the NSA and aliens, and massacre riots of human created by the Illuminati. They spy on the humans and kill them using their remote-viewing psychic abilities using booster drugs and enhanced brain waves electronic equipment. The satellite homes them in to the exact place which they are supposed to remote view. Their consciousness gets integrated with all the NSA computers around the world. The NSA uses these star children or indigo children nephilim to remote view using the satellite to use electromagnetic scalar energy to attack the weak chakras of the victim human in order to assassinate them. This is a weapon that they are using against the humans. They use nephilim Illuminati bloodlines like people from the Edomite Tribe of Dan who are descendents of the Spartans and Roman Caesars and Merovingian mafia and Nazi SS members and witches and Druids and Templar Knights and Bolsheviks and French royal aristocracy and British royal families and Freemason leaders and feminist leaders and U.S. presidents and world bankers like the Rothchild and other Satanist nephilim reptilian Aryan race people known as the ancient sorcerer kings who can use electromagnetic energy to have matches with each other to contest for territory. In other words, it is a match between witches or nephilim. Throughout history, they are the same nephilim race that has terrorized the human homo-sapiens race. These Tribe of Dan bloodline people are very powerful psychic witches who have been hidden purposely by the Illuminati through history. The Tribe of Dan mixed their blood with the reptilian fallen angels, just like the Tibetan monks whom Hitler believed the Aryan reptilian race descended from. Nazism was started by the Rothchild family through Hitler acquiring all the occult powers from the Tibetan priests. They use occult satanic training such as Buddhist Tai Chi and Hindu Yoga with alien reverse engineered technology little black boxes on the belts that enhanced the brain waves, where super soldiers would bite huge chunks out of the other super soldier in matches. These super soldiers are very powerful. There are individuals with a special aura around them like a force field, so no matter how much electromagnetic energy the NSA shoots at them through the satellite remote viewing, it bounces off of them, and they cannot be harmed. Lieutenant Commander James Casbolt, the NSA’s assassin says that it was like throwing BBs at a tank, because no matter how much frequency the NSA turned up on their satellite, their electromagnetic weapons would just bounce off of these people and it would not harm them.


Ever since you are born, the devil and his nephilim descendant Satanists will attack you, if you are a Christian. The enemy knows that although you are living amongst them that you are not one of them, so they will hate you and focus their attacks on you. Your parents will be demon-possessed and try to deteriorate your soul and make you commit suicide. The other children in school will despise you and do all kinds of things. The pediatricians will try to molest you and shoot you with tons of antibiotics all the time. The dentists will drill out all your healthy teeth and fill your mouth with poisonous mercury amalgam teeth fillings. You will face many, many near death situations. Their feminist reptilian witches will attack you with psychic and witchcraft spells. They will send their feminist Jezebel spirits to attack you. You will have nightmares and your body will not be able to move while sleeping. Your parents will feed you tons of sugar, so that you will be sick all the time, and face death many times a year, and they will take you to Illuminati doctors who will give you toxic medicine. You will be shot with electromagnetic weapons by Satanist nephilim people and aliens, and you will have unexplainable pains all over your body. You are a target even while you are in your mother’s womb. People will always stare at you for hours sneering, or walk into you, or crash their bicycles into you, or want to fight you, because they are either reptilian hybrid black-eyed children nephilim descendants or they are humans who are demon-possessed.


This is how to protect yourself from the dark arts or black magic, and fight back. When these aliens and feminists attack you with witchcraft or psychic spells, you fight them spiritually through Christ. Our battle is not physical, but they are spiritual. You will know when they are attacking your chakra auras, because you will get pain in your head or eyes or heart or genital or kidneys or liver or bladder or intestines or pancreas or stomach or legs or feet, whenever you are at home. They call these witchcraft or psychic powers as physics psionic weapons. Every thought creates psionic energy—good or bad. The military has meters that measure psionic energies. The reptilians’ created martial arts and religions such as Zen Buddhism focus on that psionic training. These nephilim descendants or reptilian witches have these psychic powers. The spirit stores memory and have thoughts, and the body cells store memory. The brain just reflects those thoughts and is used to interact with the environment. This is why when the Mars Colony Corporation U.S. marine super soldiers created from various human nephilim and reptilian nephilim genes have their bodies blown up by the reptilians or insectoids, they can clone their bodies and resurrect them back to life, as long as their spirit is still attached to their brain nerves. Some of these nephilim super soldiers have been blown up and decapitated dozens of times in their battles on Mars, but their bodies have been regenerated or cloned and their spirits brought back into the body every time This is how these nephilim pharaohs and Illuminati globalist elite banker nephilim descendants have been cloning young bodies and resurrecting their old selves, and trying to mock God by saying that they have attained eternal life, when in reality they have not. These nephilim extraterrestrial aliens use this pionics or telepathy to communicate with each other, and they use this to attack God’s Christians through gang-stalking. These witches use this psychic power to attack the Christians’ male genitals all day long, because they have a perverted Jezebel feminist spirit and they are embodied demon spirits. Some of the gang stalking are electromagnetic EMP weapons, and others are psychic witchcraft attacks. ELF electronic low frequency alien weapons can go through faraday cages. The way to fight and kill these witches is by praying to our Lord Jesus Christ and having God fight for us. As the Bible says in Exodus 22, we should not suffer a witch to live. This is why God commanded the Israelites to go into the promised land and kill all men, women, children and beasts, because they were genetically engineered nephilim witches that worship pagan gods and conduct idolatry. God did not tell His people to go and live with them and marry them and worship their idols, just like these Western Christianity religious Christians are doing in their churches with their Western hippy Sananda Jesus. These draco reptilian nephilim aliens have a box weapon which they place in front of their stomachs to magnify this Star Wars type “force” or psychic power or Buddhist “chi” “ki” energy at their enemies to kill them. This is why the draco reptilian nephilim aliens believe in hand to hand battles with swords, because of their warrior type honor type mental-strength “chi” glorification, just like their reptilian hybrid globalist elite Nazi SS troop or Spartan soldier or Japanese imperial army or United States marine corps or Templar Knights Tribe of Dan reptilian hybrid nephilim belief system through their history. It is a very reptilian society and way of thinking. The more evil people join these mixed martial arts and athletic groups, because they love this reptilian mind set, which is Satan’s realm. God’s realm is about trusting and depending on God, and showing vulnerability, and standing strong in God’s Spirit and love and grace, who is Jesus.


The reptilian mind is the opposite of God and Jesus’ humor and equality and freedom and fun and laughing and relaxing and no rituals. God is free and Jesus provides true freedom. Satan and his reptilians are all about control, self discipline instead of trusting God, and they are all about fighting instead of God’s peace. Blood and bushido are very important to the Illuminati reptilians who control Japan and Europe and US. This is why the Illuminati reptilian bloodline families created all the martial arts in the world based on reptilian kiai (chi psionic force) and seishinryoku (will power) and witchcraft. This is why all the reptilians like the Spartans and Nazi SS troops and Templar Knights and Japanese army leaderships and Roman leaders and other reptilian people are vicious fighters and value honor. They kill without any remorse or tears or human feeling. This is when a Draco is wounded, they press a self-destruct button, so that their bodies disintegrate and cannot be taken by the enemy. The reptilians do not use weapons, because it is cowardly. They do gyokusai (banzai charges), and kill enemy with psychic powers. This is why in the Asian religion anime movie, “Dragon ball” or “reptilian ball” they use psychic “ki” to kill their enemies. It is what George Lucas calls “force” in the movie Star Wars to kill the enemy. The Atlantis civilization were reptilians (because they killed all of God’s humans), so they used psychics to attack all the other nations that would not join their Illuminati New World Order. The psychic attacks do more devastation on nations than conventional weapons. This is why during the wedding, when real Christians like me share the gospel of salvation, they attack me with black magic psychic attacks, which is magnified with their satellite psychotronic weapon systems. They do not want the gospel to go out, because once the last Christian gets saved, God will close Noah’s ark’s door, and bring judgment upon this world. This will be the end of satan. Just like Catholicism, Asian culture is built on reptilian religions, such as Taoism and Confucianism and Buddhism.