Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 11


As always, the scientists and doctors and scholars are the most dumbest people on the earth and history, so their preaching about the dinosaurs through their evolutionary theory is one of the biggest lies in the world. God had to wipe them off the earth with Noah’s flood, because these nephilim and chimeras made hell on earth, and destroyed all humans. Their Atlantis and Lemuria and Rama witch descendants live now as the kings and queens and presidents and global bankers of our modern day society. They are one big family of thirteen bloodline families of the Illuminati. The fallen angels would block the astronauts on the moon because they want to hide all the evil things they are doing up there. The Rothchild Illuminati Nazi Germans renovated all the ancient Atlantis airports on the moon when they got there. The American astronauts took back all the ancient technologies from these ancient buildings like circuits and wires and components that the ancient humans used. There are demon spirits of dead reptilian hybrid humanoids who died on the moon during Noah’s Flood that haunt the astronauts. The Hollywood movies of Noah’s Flood are disinformation brainwash by the Illuminati to purposely hide the advanced technological ancient civilizations, during Noah’s times.


Satan is very sly and a master of deception and mind control. First, he uses his Illuminati bloodline family Disney to create cute fantasy entertaining animations like Sleeping Beauty to mind program the dumb human homo-sapiens while they are children. Then, after fifty five years later, after the children who were saturated and mind controlled with Disney are adults, he creates the sequel to the story. All the dumb adult human homo-sapiens who were brainwashed when they were children with the fun, happy, dream-like “Sleeping Beauty” animation all flock to watch the sequel movie after 55 years. However, the sequel is the net that closes the 55 year trap. The sequel shows that the evil witch is not evil, but is a victim of the evil of those who appeared to be good. This is exactly the 6,000 year old Brotherhood of the Snake Babylonian Mystery religion of Sumer Atlantis, which teaches the Satanist that Satan was the good hero who was betrayed by God and made out to be evil by God, and that Satan is actually trying to help mankind. This is the doctrine of the devil that is working through the Hollywood and college and mass media and marvel comics brainwash and brainwashing the dumb human populace. The dumb human populace is so dumb that it is very easy to control their brains with a simple movie. The kids will fall heads over heels for this animation story, and that poisonous lie will become their reality because Satan and his fallen angels are in the business of warping the realities of the human population to their deceptive fake reality. The mind controlled dumb parents all flock to the sequel to their favorite Disney animation movie which they grew up watching and loving, to show their children. The evil witch in the Illuminati witch movie, “Maleficent” shows the witch or reptilian hybrid nephilim female queen as having fallen angel wings and horns and serpentine vampire hissing facial expression, just like the nephilim witches during ancient Noah’s flood’s times. This is to desensitize the dumb humans and slowly get their brains used to accepting that the witch in their favorite Disney animation is really a good-hearted, fairy, and a fallen angel or nephilim offspring. It depicts the humans as being evil, and the reptilian feminist witches and nephilim creatures as being righteous and heroes. In this new sequel movie, she leads an army of nephilim half-human half-tree nephilim giants, just like in the times of Noah’s flood, when God eliminated all the nephilim from the earth with the flood. It shows all these chimera giant genetically engineered monsters that they created during Noah’s flood’s Atlantis days, and are again in modern days creating in their Illuminati Nazi NSA CIA underground alien bases. If you disclose this truth, they try to assassinate you. If they had shown this movie 55 years ago, then people would have said that Disney is a satanic organization and it is full of heresy, but now that the brainwashing has completed its work through the 55 years, the dumb mind-controlled humans think nothing is wrong with all these satanic aspects of the movie. Through the movie’s brainwashing, people are now starting to believe that fallen angels and nephilim witches are not all bad, but that they are good and pure at heart and only have been misunderstood. The dumb, stupid, brain-dead humans are being programmed like dumb cattle livestock to accept Satan and his fallen angels, and their doctrine of Satanism that the devil is good and only have been misunderstood and that God is the evil one. Satan and the Illuminati are manufacturing millions of these reptilian hybrid nephilim witches, and replacing the kidnapped humans with them, and their job is to impersonate the humans they replace and spread Satan’s black gospel that Satan and his fallen angels are aliens and that they are good at heart and only been misunderstood because of the Bible. All the dumb stupid humans get mind-controlled by their friends and coworkers and teachers and authors who are reptilian hybrid nephilim clones into believing this doctrine of Satanism or Mystery Babylon religion. The dumbest are the religious Christians, because they do not even think it is strange that the witch in the new sequel movie to the “Sleeping Beauty” movie has baphomet horns of the devil and black wings of the fallen angels and have nephilim psychic super soldier powers of their fallen angel fathers to destroy human armies. However, they are dumb because of their evil hearts that denies God and will not believe the Torah Truth, and therefore, they fall victim to Satan’s lies. At this phase in Satan’s deception, the Hollywood movies are one step further in the mind-control process, and the movies are becoming more darker, occult, satanic and Mystery Babylon religion doctrine. All those acting in the movies, such as Angelina Jolie, are reptilian hybrid witch nephilim descendents. What is surprising is not Satan’s deceptions and tactics, because he has been using them since Noah’s flood’s Atlantis days, but what is really surprising is how stupid and dumb the human homo-sapiens can become when they do not believe in God and Jesus and decline the love of the Holy Spirit and deny the Torah Truth. The dumb humans cooperate with the NSA and CIA and MI6 and police that are reptilian hybrid nephilim who have replaced humans, and cooperate to try to kill God’s apostles and prophets who are warning them of their imminent genocide, believing that they are helping the NSA CIA MI6 to kill terrorism, which the NSA CIA MI6 actually created. On the other hand, they love and treat as heroes the NSA CIA MI6 reptilian hybrid nephilim alien clone witches, and adore all these Hollywood celebrities who play these roles in the movies as their idols and favorite role models and people to adore. In other words, the humans are dumb, because they cooperate in trying to kill God’s ambassadors of peace, while they worship the reptilian alien hybrid nephilim who are trying to exterminate the human race. But, if you call them dumb, they will get angry, because they are dumb. If they were smart, they would admit they are dumb, and repent, and realize the deception. Since this world is controlled by Satan and the humans are evil, they hate God and all those who preach the Torah Truth of God, and they love Satan and all his reptilian children who lie to them and try to kill them. However, this has been the same ever since the ancient times of Abel and Cain, and Jesus, and Noah’s flood’s Atlantis, and the twelve disciples. Nothing has changed, as long as Satan is still allowed to control the world, until Jesus returns and His holy angel throws Satan’s reptile butt into the abyss. In the new movie, the dragon is not evil, but is depicted as a savior. We need to warn the humans in love. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!


As you know, the throne of Satan is in Germany, and Germany will always be the tool of Satan to lead his evil work on the earth. There are shops in Germany where people can go and have sex with animals. Those neutral countries that claim to be nations of peace are neutral because they supported Nazi Germany and were not invaded by Germany. Sweden gained huge wealth through the war by exporting huge amounts of iron and steel to the Nazis, and Switzerland also profited from the Nazis and all the killing. They take pride in being neutral and peace loving people, but their hands and hearts are dipped in blood for all the massacres and fattening of themselves, which is just as guilty as being a Illuminati Nazi. The Munich Olympic Massacre of Israeli athletes was an Illuminati ritual sacrifice. This is why the Illuminati Nazis in Germany ignored prior warnings about the planned terrorist attack three weeks before the attack; and Germany dropped all prosecutions against the terrorists; and Germany hid all evidence and documents concerning the investigations; and Germany who had the greatest snipers in World War 2 sent to the terrorist attacks amateur street police officers with the worst sniper rifles without telescopic sights or light and purposely messed up the rescue mission; and Germany sent only three snipers against the eight terrorists. The German nations’ Illuminati Nazi leaders cooperate and work closely with their counterpart Illuminati Nazi descendent leaders in the CIA and NSA and MI6. In the coming Tribulation Age, the Illuminati Nazi leaders will go out to conduct a mass Illuminati Satanist sacrifice ritual genocide of two-thirds of the Jewish people, which is the dream of the Edomite Zionist Illuminati leaders who hate the Jews with a passion for thousands of years. Satan uses the Edomites in the West to rid of God’s Jewish people in Israel, and Satan uses the Koreans in the East to rid of God’s Jewish people in Japan. They are his two people groups that he uses in the West and the East to carry out his diabolical plan. This is why you will always find Koreans and Illuminati families standing next to you making it look like they are looking at their mobile phone while they shoot electromagnetic weapons at you, and once they notice that you know that they are shooting at you, they immediately run away. They may shoot at organs like your kidneys so that your kidneys start hearting, or they may shoot wide range radiation that make your body become really weak and tired. They know that our bodies are made by electromagnetism, so they try to kill by destroying that electromagnetism. People have all kinds of illness or pain or malfunctions in the body, but they do not know what is causing them. It is impossible to have pain with no reason or cause in the law of physics: all pain is caused by Satan’s assassins shooting human homo-sapiens with scalar weapons from satellites or neighboring areas, in order to depopulate the human population. The doctors just make up stupid reasons, because they have to give an explanation for the patients’ pain. The negative energy created from the pain and suffering and illness and death serves as energy for the Illuminati reptilians’ fathers—the fallen angels. These malevolent extraterrestrial spirit beings are a parasite race that feeds off of the negative energies created by humans. And the dumb, stupid human populace keep wondering why the politicians keep causing wars and suffering. They will not believe you even if you tell them the truth, because they are that dumb. They do not realize that it is the devil who is doing it through his Illuminati CIA MI6 feminist Satanist occult assassin squads trained in their jobs to go around exterminating human homo-sapiens, just to try to keep up with the birth rate of the human homo-sapiens. Satan makes up some ridiculous reason to his Satanist henchmen assassins, such as a righteous cause to control population growth or something of wicked humans who do not go under their mind-control or who are breeding like rabbits. The nephilim race have always been a plague upon the human homo-sapiens race even from ancient times. That is their sole purpose and role on this earth. They are the Aryan race or demon spirit creatures that are neither human or angels, but a special race of hybrids that Satan has created to replace God’s human homo-sapiens race on this earth. They work through the ancient Atlantis deceptive theory of so-called inter-dimensional alien extraterrestrials here to help the human race whom they supposed to have seeded on this earth, and are genetically reengineering human and fallen angel hybrid aliens to make superhero psychic superpower humans that will propel humans into their New Age Illuminati fifth dimension of evolution, and no longer be tied to the four dimensions that we exist in now. This is why they are flooding the world’s atmosphere and ocean with radiation and doing everything to compromise the immune system of the humans. And these dumb people think that there are benevolent alien species out there that are trying to protect humans and are our ancestors? They deserve to be deceived and destroyed. They are carnal fleshly base depraved people who are only concerned about mating, breeding, marrying, raising families, leaving their genetic descendents on this earth by mixing their genes with more technologically and so-called evolved alien races to create evolved humans. They think just like the Calvary Chapel ministers and their religious Christian congregations. God created reproduction and continuation of the human race through raising a family, and it is something good and noble; but the question is why in the world are these religious Christians spending their lives and resources breeding descendents, rather than investing their time, life, money, labor and love in serving God and carrying out the purposes of God? You wonder where is their first love? Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, you are not whores with the world and its values like the hippy rogue pastors advertise to establish their Pharisee church corporate organizations, but you are holy virgins set apart for the Lord Jesus Christ, our commander who gave his life for us instead of having a family and who carried out His ministry instead of planning a mortgage and retirement pension plan like the heathens. It is for this purpose that the Lord has placed us on this earth and allowed us to be born in this age and era, in order to preach the gospel and teach the Torah Truth and to carry out our YHWH’s purpose on this earth for this End Times. Serve Him well, my brethren.


Today, I will teach you what love is. Love is God and God is love. Those who love Him know Him for who He is. What Satan has done is to replace God’s true love with a fake religious love in the Western Christianity churches and End Times evil society. Satan’s Illuminati hippy rogue pastors teach that love is a warm, fuzzy, weak love, where if someone does evil to you, you need to just turn the cheek to them, and let them continue to punch you until you die as you continue to laugh and tell them it is alright to punch you and kick you and kill you. This is why a lot of the apostles and believers get martyred and massacred and tortured, because they believe that that is the truth and that is love. However, those who love God, such as Enoch, Elijah and John cannot be killed, because they know God’s love and they believe it and they live by it. To let evil people continue to do evil unto you as you laugh and act weak is not love. It is just plain stupidity and weirdness. This is what Satan has made the Western Christianity religious Christians—stupid and weird—through his religion. This is what religious does. Love is strong and love is a will. Love is not a warm, fuzzy feeling as the religious hippy rogue pastors teach. That kind of love is the Satanism love of occultism and Sananda Jesus hippy love and peace. This is why from the 1960s, Satan flooded the churches with hippies and their Satanism teachings of Jezebel. They still spread this kind of fake, stinking love in the churches throughout the world. Toward evil people, one needs to be direct, strong and oppose them in the truth and power of God. Not oppose them by physical weapons or cleverly crafted wits, but face them in the wisdom of God and the Holy Spirit’s power. Being trampled by evil people is not true love. If they are God’s children, then God will tell us to love them and pray for them and share the gospel to them, so that they may be saved and come to Christ. These hippy rogue pastors and religious Christians may accuse you of not loving these evil people, and they will say that you should not oppose them with the Spirit of Truth and boldness, but you need to welcome their evil acts and let them continue to do evil to you with a welcome heart and weak attitude. To speak the truth to all people is true love. Love is not a warm, fuzzy, religious love, but it is a strong, determined will. If you love the people, you will speak the truth, because you love the people that God has created. This is why I was chosen by God as the apostle to you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, and thereby, indirectly to the millions and millions of Tribulation Saints who are the greatest revival in history. This is why all the Satanists, Illuminati members, CIA assassins, feminists, witches, homosexuals, occultists, Koreans, Nazis, MI6 assassins, street gangs, Polynesians, pagan natives, criminals, bankers, Freemasons, politicians, celebrities, mob gangsters, ministers and all who do evil hate me and are trying to kill me. The whole world hates me and tries to kill me, because the whole world has turned to evil instead of God. All who love evil hate God and since God is the truth, they hate the truth and those whom God sends to preach the Torah Truth. The whole world is trying to kill me. This is true love—to preach to those who hate you so that they may repent and be saved from God’s coming wrath and judgment. Love is not a warm, fuzzy, fake religious love that Satan’s ministers and church pastors teach in Western Christianity. Their love is male female eros love and family filial love. These love are those love that the Illuminati Satanists love with in their witches’ orgy and Satanic rituals, and that is why the Western Christianity churches teach these religious, warm, fuzzy, eros and filial love of hugs and kisses in church. They are types of love that God created for good, but Satan has deceived people into believing them as God’s agape love and made them into religious love to replace God’s true love. It is a deception of the highest degree. This must be dispelled, even if Satan sends his entire army of fallen angels and demonic spirits and Illuminati Satanist governments and intelligence agency assassins and feminist witch race murders after me. This is what I have been chosen for—to teach God’s people what true God’s love is, and to deliver them from the lies and deceptive love of the devil. These religious Christians do not have God’s love, so that they do not teach the truth to the Satanists and feminists and Wicca witches and homosexuals and Nazis and street gangs and mafia gangsters, because then, they will come after them to kill them and their family. I do not mind if the whole world comes to try to kill me and my wife and children. If my wife and children are not real born-again Christians who love God, they would be killed. And if you are a true servant of God who loves God, you would not want a wife or children, in the first place, because you do not want anything that distracts you from your work for the Lord, although it is not sin to marry. It is not true love to just have a fuzzy, warm, emotional eros and filial and religious love toward someone who does evil to you and let them continue punching you. To turn the other cheek to them has a spiritual meaning, but Satan has made it into a literal physical teaching through his Western Christianity hippy rogue pastors. You do not keep turning the cheek so that an evil person can punch you to death. This is not love. What the Bible means is not to hate people and not to take revenge on them or fight back. It is better to let the person say or do evil to you and steal from you, rather than to drive yourself into a bitter feud and argument and sin by having malice toward that person. This is what turning the other cheek to the person who is hitting you means. It never meant to be religious person who is weak and fuzzy and religious and weak and stupid and weird and boneless and love to be killed. That is only a dumb person. Love is always strong and active and bold and it is a will to love that person, even if that person is an enemy or does evil to you. These religious Christian hippy rogue pastors preach their Sanada Jesus hippy love and peace, and these Pharisees will always accuse you of not loving the evil person, but they will be the first ones to run away to save their own lives and their wives and daughters lives, instead of risking their own lives and families lives in order to save that evil person. This is because the love that they preach and rebuke you with is a fake Satan’s love. I would risk my life and my wife and daughter’s life to save the person who does evil to me and who is my enemy, if God commands me to do so, because that is God’s true love. Jesus died for us on the cross while we were yet sinners and His enemies. It does not mean that I like the person or have a warm, fuzzy emotion of affection toward that person. I may not like that person and the person may be detestable to me, but I will love that person and risk my life to save that person, because love is a will, and God’s love is a decision and action and strong. None of these fake religious Western Christianity ministers and pastors will risk their life to save the life of this evil person who has done sinister things to them and have said much words of hatred in their faces. If these fake religious hippy rogue pastors hate me and ridicule me on their broadcast publically to all Christians, because I teach them the truth about their sins and their evil deeds, then what makes you think they will love those evil people who do atrocious things to them and curse them in their faces. And these hippy rogue pastors accuse me of not loving those people who do evil to me? What hypocrites these Pharisees are? They hate me who loves them enough to tell them to repent, but they accuse me of not being loving to those who try to kill me? Their perverted religious love is nauseating and sick to me. It is Satan’s fake love that he teaches the churches through them. It is not the love that we teach and God’s true love. As evidence, none of these fake religious hippy rogue pastors will teach the world God’s Torah Truth, so that all the feminists and CIA assassins and Satanists and Illuminati members and politicians and mafia mob gangsters and street gangs and Nazis and Freemasons come to kill them and their families. It is because they do not have God’s true love. Their love is fake. They fear these feminists and mob gangsters and reptilian hybrid police officers and fallen angels and witches and occult murderers, instead of love them. And, fear is the opposite of God’s love. If we have love, then there should be no fear, because they are opposite spirits. These fake religious Christians will amass to these mega churches of these hippy rogue pastors, because they just love the warm, fuzzy, hippy love of Satan’s Sananda Jesus, but none of them would welcome me into their house to shelter me from these Illuminati government CIA assassins and Air Force predator drone planes and Satanist murder groups and feminists and Wicca witches and Korean hordes, because their love is a fake religious love. It is not God’s true love. If they had God’s true love, then they would not only welcome me into their homes, but they would preach the Torah Truths to these Satanists with me. Instead, all they do is to tell me to share the gospel to these Satanists, and they refuse to have anything to do with me and God. They abandon their brother in Christ to these Satanists, and they just say that they prayed for me. What hypocrites of great hypocrites! Prayer without action is not true prayer. Praying something, and doing the complete opposite yourself is not only irresponsible, but it is the ultimate evil hypocrisy of these religious pastors and religious Western Christianity church people. I tell you, instead of praying for that person a thousand prayers that they be saved from the Satanists, bring that person into your house and feed them and shelter them and join them in preaching boldly and publically the Torah Truth against these members of Satan’s church. Then, you are truly a real servant of Christ and a person who loves God. You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant are not like these religious fake Christians, but your love is true, bold, active and strong, because your love is from the Holy Spirit. This is the love that I preach and that I believe and that which I have taught you, dear brethren. It is not Satan’s fake religious love which he has used to replace the love in these Western Christianity churches. Their fake love is an idolatrous love. It is Jezebel love. Jezebel loves sex and Jezebel loves family, just like the mafia and Satanists and street gangs and Koreans love eros sexual love and filial family genetic connection love. Our love has nothing to do with genetic breeding or hippy love, but it is genuine love that will force the entire world to hate us and persecute us and chase after us wherever we go in the world to try to kill us. If we preach the truth, and are truly preaching God’s love, it must make everyone in this world angry at us, and despise us, and seek to kill us at every opportunity, because loving a person will force us to preach the truth to them, and every evil person who does not have Christ in their heart will hate to have their sins disclosed and uncovered by us. This is why the world hates Jesus and the world sought to kill Jesus. Only those who love God truly followed Jesus, and they did what Jesus did by teaching the Torah Truth to the world, so they were also hated by the world and persecuted by the people of the world and the governments. The very fact that the church people and masses of religious Christians love these fake hippy rogue pastors and flock to their fake Illuminati Western Christianity churches is evidence that they are fake religious leaders and they preach Satan’s fake love. Normally, the religious Christians should be hating them and leaving them as the crowds left Jesus and as the crowds tried to stone Jesus. Their popularity and being loved by the multitudes is proof that these hippy rogue pastors and Western Christianity ministers are fakes and charlatans and worship Satan’s fake religious love. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, have the wisdom and heart of the Holy Spirit, and have true love, and be witnesses for Christ to a fallen world, and do as Christ and I and all the men of God have done. The world hated Moses and Elijah and David and all those who have preceded you for they loved God. Love will always create a reaction in both the evil person and the righteous person, and they will either hate you or love you. This is true love. Praise be to God who is true love!


Any pastor with a large church, and is loved by their church members, and is well-known and famous is not God’s people, but they belong to Satan and his fallen angels. It is immovable evidence of their true identity.


God showed me first hand that these religious Christians are fake, and they have a lot of hippy love and peace and Illuminati occult religious euphoria, but they are not God’s people. The Illuminati assassins who move in next door and the apartment general manager will reroute sewage pipes into your shower and washbasin. Therefore, your shower and washbasin will be full of fungus, mildew, molds, viruses, and bacteria. You will get all kinds of skin and mouth infections. If you tell the Illuminati government water bureau, they will just tell you that they are testing the water, and you should hire your own expensive water testing company to test your tap water. The Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elite avatar Nazi Zionist cabal’s assassins will pour their own feces and urine into your pipes while you are taking a shower or washing your face. To love Jesus and to follow Him means to have people defecate and urinate on you. This is true love. If you go to a religious Christian friend and tell them that you need assistance because the Satanists are gang-stalking you, they will get afraid and just refer you their Illuminati pastors, just like Pontius Pilate handed over Jesus to the angry mob. The pastors will get afraid and just tell you that you are mentally insane, and that you need to go to the psychiatrist, and kick you out of the church. This is their true religious Christian hippy love and peace and religious warm fuzzy feelings. The religious Christians will love you when you are donating tens of thousands of dollars like I gave to them and even give you a seat at the head table and give you a medal, but when the Satanists are defecating and urinating on you and trying to assassinate you, the religious Christians will attack you viciously by accusing you of lying and being crazy and throw you out of their churches. God showed me first hand what their religious Christian hippy love and peace is made of. They are not God’s real children. They are illegitimate, fake charlatans, who only want salvation and fuzzy warm feelings in Christ and have euphoric singing in church, but they do not to follow after Jesus and love Jesus, so that they will be defecated on and urinated on and have assassination attempts made upon them. To truly love Jesus means to have feces and urine poured upon you. Any other Christian life is a fake religious life created by Satan and his Illuminati churches and fake Western Christianity Mystery Babylon church. This is why the pastors worship Jezebel and humanism and feminism and women’s equality and pastor’s fixed salaries and ban people from praying for the opposite gender or even looking at naked bodies. They are fanatic Puritan Pharisee religious zealots in banning normal sexual activities and attitudes toward nakedness, but they sexually abuse children in secret hiding or have extramarital affairs, and they are ultra liberals when it comes to allowing women to teach in church or hold leadership positions. They are extremists in all the ungodly ways, and through this, these pastors and Pharisees are considered great Christian leaders and people of religious authority and the idols of church women. They make me nauseas to the extent that I want to vomit them out of my mouth. They are lukewarm and parade around like God’s people with their fake love and religious fervor. How dare they call themselves God’s people. If they were truly God’s people and loved Jesus with true love, then they will happily have the Satanists defecate and urinate upon them every day, if it means to follow Christ. These religious vomit Christians will hug and kiss and comment how beautiful the other person’s new hairstyle is with a hippy religious church smile, but they will not even have the commitment to put feces in their mouth or pour urine over their cosmetics for the love of Christ. This is how sick they are spiritually. They are the ones who are crazy and they are the ones who should be going to their Babylonian witchdoctor medical science psychiatrists to have their heads checked. Not us. Why are they telling God’s prophets and apostles to go to these witchcraft psychiatrists for preaching the truth? How dare they insult us and God who sent us in such ways. Everything is upside down with these religious Christians. There is nothing worse than a religious Christian. The Satanists do evil, because they are Satanists, so they are being very straightforward. However, the religious Christians claim to be Christ’s followers and to have love, but they live absolutely opposite to Christ’s love and precepts and Torah Truth. That is truly disgusting. It is not the feces and urines that are disgusting, but it is the fake love of the religious Christians that is disgusting. They need to take their Jezebel feminism worship and hippy Pharisee love and gently push them up their buttocks where it belongs. That is true feces to us who are the real Christians and followers of Christ.


People wonder why I disclose on the internet all the countermeasures to the Illuminati Luciferian Satanists alien hybrid cabal’s gang stalker assassination attacks. The Illuminati MJ-12 AQUARIUS CIA alien hybrid gang stalkers think I am extremely stupid, because they read my blog articles every day, and sneak into my room to sabotage all the countermeasures I disclose on the internet. It is because these Satanist servants do not understand God’s love. If I have God’s love, I cannot keep all the countermeasures secret from millions of fellow human homo-sapiens targeted individual (TI) victims. There are many ICA ally buddies and fellow humans who are being gang stalked and killed by the Illuminati reptilian hybrid MJ-12 AQUARIUS genocidal psychopathic Satanists. If I kept the countermeasures secret from them, it would be a sin. I am protected by my father Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ, but there are millions of non-believer non-Christians who are out there who have no protection from God, and they and their families are being cooked alive by microwave ovens and poisoned with super strong acids and infected with flesh-eating bacteria and shot every day with electromagnetic weapons and getting their families killed. If I have God’s love, how can I keep silent about the countermeasures to the gang-stalking attacks and weapons that the Illuminati Satanist alien hybrids are using against these millions of ICA organizations’ ally members and fellow human homo-sapiens? Most gang stalked victims I listen to say that they do not disclose their countermeasures publically, because the alien hybrid Illuminati gang stalkers will sabotage and destroy those countermeasures. It is perfectly up to them to keep their countermeasures secret, but as for myself, I will inform every countermeasure and remedy and defensive tactics possible over the internet to everyone, because they need that information. To them, it means either life or death. The Illuminati NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS CIA Satanist gang stalkers laugh every time I disclose a countermeasure to their attacks on the internet, and they take immediate action to destroy or sabotage or counter the countermeasures I disclose. It is because they do not understand God’s love. They think I am just stupid to disclose the countermeasures on the internet every time. These Illuminati NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS royal bloodline family reptilian hybrid alien hybrid CIA gang stalkers and reptilian witches are the scums of the earth, degenerate, demon-possessed, piece of feces people. They are not even people, because they do not have human souls, and they are witch nephilim demon spirit entities incarnated into stolen human bodies. They will never understand God’s love or nobleness or compassion. They live for killing, hatred, poisoning, gang stalking, genocide extermination of human homo-sapiens species, and torture. They are destined for hell and the Lake of Fire with their devil, very soon. God will throw them in there for what they did to God’s children, and multiply the suffering upon them for eternity. Brothers, our mission is not finished until every one of these Illuminati NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS royal bloodline family Nazi Zionist criminal cabal member and their witches are eradicated. Jesus will return and clean them up. Dear comrades, you are the human homo-sapiens species resistance against the homo-capensis reptilian alien hybrid infiltrators and their imperial clone army and their organic robotoid Borg zombie slaves that walk amongst us now and are the cabal’s gang stalkers perpetrators (Perps). You the targeted individuals (TIs) are the resistance, and you are being targeted by them since you are a threat to them.





Most of the congress members and governors in the United States are CIA members that are salaried workers of the Central Intelligence Agency. The MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist homo-capensis cabal has a monopoly on the government. Anyone who does not expose this is a boneless coward, and a traitor to his nation and the human homo-sapiens race. If they want to shoot hearts and brains and eyes and kidneys with pinpoint powerful EMP ELF weapons to cause heart attacks, use microwave oven weapons to cook us alive, use frequency scalar weapons, use non-electronic Draco alien technology weapons against our genitals all day long, use acid poisons, use flesh-eating bacteria in our tap waters, destroy our savings and stocks and precious metal investments, deprive 24 hours of sleep every day, kill family, burn homes, slander to all our friends as the so-called fake CIA and DHS, cut off all employers and income, have lluminati witches use psychic satellite weapons, track us with unmanned CIA drones and F-15 fighter jets, follow us with dozens of black-tinted window trucks every day, send hundreds and hundreds of Nazi gang-stalkers to shoot us with EMP mobile phones, then I say let them come with everything they can muster against me. Bring it on—I welcome a brawl with the devil and his entire Draco reptilian nephilim alien armada fleet! Our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ is greater than all those things, and just like Pharaoh’s army, He will strike back at them and utterly destroy them. Let them kill our families! Do they really believe we real born-again Spirit-filled Christians care if they even kill all our children and wives and parents? How ridiculous! We are not like the fake religious Christians. They insult us by putting us in the same category. Who do these uncircumcised scumbags think they are? I come in the name of our God YHWH and Jesus! All real Christians are being attacked by these Freemason Satanist gang-stalkers, and the scars are our medals to show, but God will arise and take revenge upon them.


殆どの米国の議員と州知事は、中央情報局から収入をもらっている従業員でCIAのメンバーたちです。MJ-12 AQUARIUSビルダーバーグ・ナチス・グローバリストhomo-capensis秘密結社は政府を独占しているのです。これを暴露しない者は、骨なしの臆病者であり、国とホモサピエンス人間種に対し裏切り物です。もし心臓麻痺を起こすため心臓や脳や目や腎臓を強烈なEMP ELF武器でピンポイントで撃ち、我々を生きたまま料理する電子レンジの武器を使い、波長武器を使い、一日中我々の性器に対し電気使用ではないDraco宇宙人科学技術の武器を使い、酸の毒を使い、人食いバクテリアを我々の水道に使い、我々の貯金と株と貴金属投資を破壊し、睡眠を毎日24時間奪い、家族を殺し、家を燃やし、いわゆる偽のCIAやDHS国土安全保障省にふんして我々の友達たちに噂を広げ、全ての雇い主と収入を切り、イルミナティの魔女のサイキック宇宙衛星武器を使い、CIAの無人ドローンやF-15戦闘機で追跡し、何十台もの黒いティントの窓のトラックで毎日付きまとい、何百人のナチス集団ギャング・ストーカーを送りEMP電磁波携帯電話武器で我々を撃ちたいのであれば、全力をかけて私に攻撃してこいと言います。かかってこいと言います。悪魔と全Draco爬虫類ネフィリム宇宙人艦隊との闘いを歓迎します!我々の全能神YHWHと主イエス・キリストは、それ全てより偉大であり、神はファラオの軍勢と同じく彼たちに反撃し、彼たちを完全に破壊します。我々の家族を彼たちが殺すのであればそれでよし。我々の子供たちや妻たちや両親たちを皆彼たちが殺しても我々本物の生まれ変わった聖霊様に満たされたクリスチャンたちは、動揺するとでも本当に彼たちは思うのでしょうか?馬鹿げております!我々は、偽の宗教的クリスチャンたちとは違います。同じ分類に我々をするのは侮辱です。この割礼を受けていないカスどもは、自分たちが誰様だと思っているのでしょうか?私は我々の神YHWHとイエスの名により来るのです。全ての本物のクリスチャンたちは、これらフリーメイソン悪魔崇拝者集団ギャング・ストーカーたちに攻撃されており、傷などは我々の勲章であり、神は立ち上がり彼たちに対し復讐をします。


Here is how to identify a religious Christian and Pharisee. They spend all day looking through God’s apostles and prophets’ teachings, trying to nitpick and find something they can refute or find fault with. Although they have curiosity toward God’s apostles and prophets’ teachings and follow them everywhere, they hate God’s apostles and prophets and the Torah Truth teachings. It is because they are full of pride and arrogance and follow the letters of the law, instead of Christ. Instead of teaching the most important Torah Truth on things like women not wearing head coverings and women wearing men’s trousers and tattoos and ear piercing and rock music and human medical treatments and retirement pensions and pastor hiring systems and gluttony pot bellies and patriotism and other lukewarm religious Christian evils, and as a result, having the Illuminati CIA MI6 hit squads and feminist groups and Korean hordes and mobs and Satanists gang stalking them and trying to assassinate them, they spend all day long just following after God’s apostles and prophets’ blog sites to look for things to criticize. If they were real leaders of Jesus Christ, they would be teaching all of the above biblical issues to the religious Christians so that the religious Christians will hate their guts, and they would be teaching all the internal secrets about the Illuminati, so that every organization and government and secret society in the world will be trying to assassinate them and make them homeless and kill their families, instead of following after God’s apostles and prophets’ blog sites like flies and criticizing God’s teachings day and night. These religious Christians are the scum of the earth. Their father is the devil and they do the devil’s work. This is why they do not do what the Holy Spirit would do, and they oppose us and ridicule us, calling us fakes and heretics. This is a war against the religious Christians and their devil. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, when you teach the Torah Truth so that the world may repent and return to their God, the Illuminati Satanists may try to kill you, but it will be the religious Christians that will fight you, criticize you, refute you, follow after you, read your blogs, ridicule you, hate you, question you, tell you not to teach certain things, and try to hand you over to the devil’s assassins. They are the modern day Pharisees and serpent children and religious people and embodied demons and hippy rogue pastors.


Whenever you start talking about Satanism or Illuminati or aliens or how they time travel to Atlantis, the Christian church religious people will tell you to shut up and sit down and just become part of their alien technology Satanist hive collective mind-controlled masses. They will always say they are not concerned about all those Torah Truth of God who is Christ, because they have Jesus and the Bible. Then, they go back to their zombie religious hive collective group to worship their fake religious Christianity that Satan has given them. They will ask you why you are doing outside the group, and they will try to force you to return into their hive. They will never understand the spiritual real Christians’ life of persecution, laughing at it, and having a cup of coffee.


Satan knows that if he can keep the religious Christians entertained and teach them ethics through his hippy rogue pastors, then they would be happy in their church and stay in church, and worship Satanism. They will not go out and start teaching the Torah Truth. There is something seriously wrong with the religious Christians. They behave more like heathen adults, rather than as a child. They have a different spirit. If they do not have childlikeness, then they will surely not enter heaven.


If there is a group of people deserted on an island, and one person does no work and refuses to help, then they should remove that person from the group, until the prson is willing to repent. Such a person is a risk to the group and will get everyone killed because of their attitude and stupidity. Such a person will say things like, “I am feeling sick, and I cannot do work,” and they do not realize that everyone else is tired, too, but they are working hard to contribute to the team. Such a person will either burn the shelter down with everyone else in it, or let the fire go out, or throw away food leftovers around the camp that will attract dangerous animals, or catch a cold and transmit the illness to everyone else, or find some other way to kill everyone else in the team. If the person sulks and walks off on his or her own, it is only the evil people who chase after him or her to get them back to the camp. This is not love, but it is religious fake love and self-righteousness. True love is to let that person face the consequences of his actions, if he does not listen to the warnings, and let that person learn for himself or herself. It is only stupidity to risk the life of others to go after the person, and disrupt the contributions that those people can make to the group, by wasting a whole day searching for the imbecile who ran off sulking. This is not true love, but it is stupidity and self-righteous love and it is evil. It is humanism. Anyone who helps a fool is a fool himself or herself. All religious people are fools, because this is the type of self-righteous religious love that they always practice, which is only stupidity and evil perverted love. However, if the person returns and apologizes to everyone, and is trying his or her best, do not nag the person all day, but give praise to that person for even a small effort. Most likely, that person will not return, because it is in their genes to not work, be lazy, sulk, rebel, not cooperate in teamwork, and walks off on their own. Only receiving Jesus into their heart can change who they are. But, a righteous, wise person does not go after the imbecile who ran off, and risk their own lives, and risk losing their contribution to the other people in the team, by self-righteously thinking that it is love to search for the fool. On the other hand, if there is a person is having difficulty yielding results, but is trying very hard to work and contribute to the team, then do not criticize that person or ostracize them. True love is to accept anyone and everyone, even if they are not skilled or knowledgeable or able to perform at the level of the other people. What is important is that that person is trying his or her best to work hard and contribute to the whole team and serve others. Even if you have to sacrifice half of your own food, share your food with that person, even though they may not have been able to catch any food or find any food or start any fire or failed to correctly construct a shelter. This is true love. If the person is having trouble surviving, help them with brotherly love, and teach them how to create a shelter, and help them in catching food or starting a fire. If the person keeps making mistakes, and if the mistakes are not caused by carelessness or laziness, then do not reprimand them, but teach them how they can avoid making mistakes. Check up on them regularly, to make sure they do not make mistakes or fails, and provide helpful advice to them. This is God’s true love. There is a big difference between a righteous person who may not be smart and may make mistakes unintentionally, and an evil person who makes mistakes intentionally by being lazy or being careless or not carrying about other’s lives. If the person asks for your help, and you feel it is justified, sacrifice your own time and energy to help the person. If they are discouraged, then encourage them. You see, there is a huge difference between dumb, fake, hippy rogue pastor, Sananda Jesus, hippy love and peace that is a religious love and a fake self-righteous humanist love, and a real, godly, true, love of Jesus through the Holy Spirit that is established on wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit and is a righteous love. That love is from God. The other type of love is a fake hippy love that is created by Satan. Do not be confused between the two. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of wisdom and a sound mind and wise discernment. Follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, and do as Jesus would do. Do not be stupid like the religious people who spend their days conducting useless, meaningless, stupid, fake love. This kind of fake love is done by Satan’s religious people and his humanists and Satanists and evil people. This is why his self-righteous people are always spending their entire life and money and time and effort saving animals, instead of spending that time and money and effort saving humans. They spend their life trying to help monkeys in the jungle that are about to get extinct, instead of helping that human across the street who does not have anything or discipling someone in the way of the Lord. Do you see the difference between the fake, perverted, humanist, religious love that Satan tries to get people to focus on, and the true, real, God generated, wise, unconditional love of God that even loves the enemy? Satan is a master deceiver, so he has the entire religious Western Christianity community deceived and following after fake, religious, humanist love. They spend their entire life following after Satan’s fake love, instead of loving God, which is First Love. If they loved God and His Word Jesus, then they would love the Torah Truth. However, they ridicule the Torah Truth, and consider God’s Word as heresy and radical and not according to the Western Christianity teachings that Satan created. They do not recognize the Torah Truth and the Word who is Christ, so they follow after Western Christianity religion of the Illuminati. They wear men’s trousers, listen to Christian rock, and tattoo their bodies and go to human doctors. These religious crowds that follow after Jesus in the thousands of Christian churches do not want God and Jesus Christ, but they just want salvation and a loving deity. They will only follow after their fake Sananda Jesus of the hippy rogue pastors, as long as they do not have to have their mothers and daughters killed by the Illuminati CIA MI6 Nazi assassin squads, gang-stalked by hundreds of reptilian feminists armed with EMP electromagnetic weapons, have their genitals and hearts and brains shot with energy and frequency weapons every few minutes, have their refrigerator food and water poisoned every day, be stalked by predator drones and F-15s and dozens of tinted-window trucks from beach to beach and park to park and nation to nation, have Korean hordes keep them awake all night every night, have their homes burned down, have their friends and church colleagues brainwashed by Illuminati spies and have them hate them and avoid them, have all their income stopped and savings destroyed, and have to give up wearing men’s trousers and give up values of women’s equality and feminism, etc. They do not have first love and love for the true real Jesus Christ and our God, so they will abandon God and Jesus, if they have to go through all these things. God knows each person’s true heart, and He knows His true children, and He knows those who truly love Him. From a man who had the great riches of the world and giving tens of thousands of dollars to these churches, I lost everything I had including my family and home and job, and I was reduced to only one suitcase of personal belongings, for the Illuminati took everything away from me, but God has returned much more, and I am grateful to God for allowing me lose everything. These crowds will walk away shaking their heads and saying, “these are hard teachings to follow,” because they disagree with the Torah Truth, and they do not want to abandon all their wealth to follow Christ, and follow a life of Christ’s suffering through genitals shot with EMP weapons and food poisoned and daughters killed and houses burned and incomes destroyed. They are the fake, lukewarm, religious crowd of charlatan Christians that infest the modern day churches. One or two or three or more things will hold them back from following Christ, whether it is family or health or safety or money or comfort or reputation or women’s equality doctrine or whatever it is. They are not the true Bride of Christ and Church Saints, because if they were, the true Bride would follow Christ whatever it incurs, because they love Him. This is first love. This is the litmus test. These Calvary Chapel churches and other Laodicea End Times churches teach some truths that are not as dangerous to the devil, in order to attract those hordes of religious crowds and flood pseudo-Christianity with millions and millions of fake Christians, in order to try to mislead the elect real born-again Christians who are the Bride of Christ and also to flood out the real Torah Truth Word of God. You have fake Christianity working at different levels from the full-blown cult Mormon level to the not so obvious Calvary Chapel churches parading as main line Christianity. Satan does not just set one trap but he sets multiple traps at many different levels. This is why the religious Christians and the so-called mainline Christianity hate our Torah Truth and our real Jesus Christ. Love God and have true love that is established on the Torah Truth, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, for this kind of love is from God, and it is everlasting.


These Sananda Jesus followers of the hippy love and peace movement teach that God loves the Satanists and reptilian hybrid Illuminati nephilim, so that is why God makes the Christians share the gospel to them, so that they can be saved, even at the terrible suffering and expense of His Christians. This is not true, and it is their typical “love all” peace and love Sananda hippy Jesus religion. God does not love these people who belong to the church of Satan, and those who are reptilian nephilim witch race descendents who are sacrificing millions of little children to Satan on their death altars. How they pervert God’s love and His righteousness with their “love all” and “accept all” teachings of Satanism. God hates the evil doer and He hates the hybrid nephilim witches. God knows where they are headed. They are headed for the Lake of Fire. Why would you spend years of making your Christians to suffer, so that those Satanists can inflict pain and suffering and persecutions upon them, and for the sake of the Satanists who will be spending eternity in the Lake of Fire anyway? This is how foolish and cheap their Western Christianity Sananda hippy love and peace is. God allow Satan and these Satanists to persecute His Christians, for the sake of the Christians, so that His Christians can grow in Christ, be sanctified, receive much rewards in heaven for their faithfulness and endurance, and so that God may be glorified for all He does through the battle process. It is for the sake that God may show His love and protection and provision and grace and nature to His people, so that they will know who He is, and grow in faith and love toward Him, and draw them closer to Him. All this suffering and persecution is for the sake of the Elect Church Saints and not for the Satanists who will be thrown into the Lake of Fire anyway. Why would God waste the time and energy at the expense of His Saints, in order to entertain the Satanists who are headed to the Lake of Fire anyway? God is a logical God and He is a righteous God and He is a faithful God and He is a loving God, and He is not the Sananda hippy Jesus of “love all” and “peace all” that these Western Christian hippies teach. They teach Jezebel Mystery Babylon religion Satanism, which shares its roots with Catholicism and Islam and Hinduism and Buddhism and Esotericism and New Age and Druidism and Wicca Witchcraft and pagan religions and all other occult religions of Satan. God does not love the Pharisees who spread Satanism’s doctrine in the churches, or the money changers who collect tithes from the temple pilgrims in order to pay their hippy pastor salaries and pensions, or Esau and His descendents who have exterminated millions and millions of God’s human homo-sapiens. If there are any Christians among the Satanists or Pharisees who still need to be saved and come to Him, Jesus already knows who they are, and He will bring them to Him, in His timing. He is all-knowing and all-powerful and all-faithful. God is ever so patient and ever so loving. It is His love that for the Elect Church Saints that He allows the wheat and weeds to grow side by side until the time before judgment when the wheat is to be harvested. It is not that He loves the weed. The weed He could care less for, and He will throw them into the coming judgment and wrath of God to be burned up. However, love is not the hippy Sananda Jesus “filial family love” of emotions and warm fuzzy feelings of church hugs and kisses, but it is a will to love the enemy, so this is why Jesus asked for forgiveness for those who were persecuting Him, and God is glorified by showing His grace by sharing the gospel of salvation to those evil doers who are headed to destruction and even those Satanists who persecute His Church Saints. Love is never an emotion, but it is a will to do good to those who do evil to you. If it were not so, why would I spend all this time preaching salvation not only directly to 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, but also indirectly to the Satanist servants and mob gangsters and Koreans and feminists and criminals who are trying to kill me? It is so that God may show His love and grace and fairness and mercy and faithfulness and His very nature through me, and be glorified. However, God knows those who continuously do evil, rape and kill millions of children in their satanic rituals, conduct witchcraft against His people, blaspheme God publically day and night, have their satanic feminist witch orgies, and conduct every abomination under the sun; and this is why those who reject God get into car accidents and plane crashes and get eaten by wild animals and get blown up in battle and get horrible diseases and are allowed to join the church of Satan. Anyone who goes into the ocean is as stupid as a person who walks into a cage with a tiger. God will not stop them from getting eaten by sharks, if they have no godly wisdom. The Illuminati witches are using the alien spacecrafts to beam their witchcraft to the sharks in Hawaii to attack the humans, which is just another form of their Satanist ritual sacrifices to get negative energy to get personal gains from the fallen angels. You have to remember that all evil in the world comes from these nephilim descendant feminist witches and behind them is Satan who is at the root of all suffering, disaster, death, crime, disease, and bad news on the television, and these nephilim are just his instruments to bring these things about through witchcraft, just like God’s children are God’s instrument on the earth to bring about His salvation, love, faith, hope, peace, joy, grace and blessing. If they were God’s Elect Bride of Christ, they would be protected and taught and guided and provided for and anointed. There is a big difference between the wheat (those who are the Elect of God) and the weeds (those who are destined to everlasting judgment by God). God just allows them to live side by side for now. But a time of reckoning will soon come. The crowds will not receive Jesus, and Jesus knows that, but He will still in love feed the crowds. If they continuously just follow after Him for the food and treat Him as a free grocery store, there is a time when He will turn them away. But His disciples will come to know Him in deeper ways through witnessing Jesus’ feeding of the crowds and His eventual rejection of them. What these Tribulation Saints need to understand is that God is a person, and He has compassion, kindness, mercy, peace, reconciliation through repentance, acceptance for all sinners who repent, giving, grace and faithfulness, but He also has righteousness, logic, a sound mind, decisiveness, wisdom, divine anger, power to enforce, non-compromise, clarity, battle ready, upholder of those who are righteous and who are His people, and a discerner of people’s hearts. He is never the fake Western Christianity Sananda hippy rogue pastors’ version of disguised Satan guru leader Jesus of Eastern hippy Mysticism with “love all,” “peace all,” “accept all,” “Satan’s people over God’s people,” “compromise,” “emotion and fuzzy filial love emotions.” Jesus’ love is not that cheap as the religious Christian followers of the Sananda hippy Jesus Western Christianity make it out to be, but His love is precious and powerful and logical. Jesus’ love is not the street gang filial brotherhood love of the Calvary Chapel Sanhedrin pastors’ committee to gang up on God’s apostle and prophets, or the warm and fuzzy emotions of their hippy Western Christianity churches’ hugs and kisses and complements and flattery and baking cakes after Sunday sermons and going to the restaurant after church and good community service activities and evangelical missions that Satan has made the church out to be. Jesus’ love is the love to tell the hippy rogue pastors in their face that they are stinking perverts of God’s Torah Truth and they need to repent and return to God’s truth, and to stand up and call these barbarian nations to repentance even when they send hundreds of their countrymen to try to assassinate you, and to stand up for God and teach the Torah Truth to ALL the world even when they murder your family and poison you and shoot your heart with EMP electromagnetic weapons and burn your house down and destroy your income / assets / pensions / jobs and stalk you with fighter jets / predator CIA drones / dozens of trucks and gang stalk you wherever you go in the world or whatever hotel / beach / park / remote mountain forest you stay in.