Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 10


The pyramid was like a huge Tesla coil, and a crystal plasma generator that generated gravity. The pyramids allowed the nephilim anunnaki water bodies to be desiccated transformed to plasma, which would be shot electronically out of the pyramids to their planets in Orion and Sirius where their plasma would be reconstituted back into water based bodies. This is how their essence returned to join their own people back in Sirius and Orion. The chanting of certain frequency modulations activated the crystals. The pyramids also stabilized the wobble of the earth from the previous collision upon earth. The pyramids were also a sound beacon to guide spacecraft in to earth, and also a sound beam weapon to attack. It is very primitive and hewn roughly, because you have a small number of aliens using materials from only their spacecraft and working with primitive materials on earth with primitive people, in order to create them. When the Hebrews left Egypt during the Exodus, they were given one of these crystal power unit by God that gave the pharaoh great power and influence, so this is why the pharaoh and his army chased after the Israelites. The ancient Egyptian nephilim alien god worshipping freemason secret society Nazi Satanist Luciferian nephilim Illuminati royal bloodline of pharaoh hate the Hebrews, because of this.


These nephilim alien species have built technologies in the moon that keep the moon fixed in its position, so that the nephilim alien species can use the dark side of the moon to carry out their activities without being detected by the humans. This has altered the moon and that is why there are no other satellites around other planets that behave in the same way as our moon does. They use nephilim alien technology to keep the people of the earth from having the full potential that they have, and to keep them in the weak three-dimensional realm and hive mind collective mind-control. Our pineal glands that is called the Third Eye by the occultists and Babylonian religions allows us to become aware of the inter-dimensional multi-dimensional spiritual world, but it has been disrupted so that we can only see and operate in this three-dimensional world. Humans were much more powerful creatures that could travel through sound and water and air, and have a intimate oneness with God, but Satan and his fallen angels have blocked that. As Jesus kingdom approaches, their cloaking technology holograms are starting to fail, so people are starting to see Satan’s cities in the skies all over the world like in China. The Illuminati directors such as Hayao Miyazaki and George Lucas have been slowly desensitizing the humans with their animation stories of ancient cities in the sky such as Laputa or Star Wars movie city in the clouds.


Just like when you play nice music, water crystals beautifully, but if you have negative resonance, the water does not crystallize properly, our body is the same way. If we eat and drink proper food, our chakras balance, and our third eye pineal gland resonates properly. However, if we are thinking evil thoughts or negative thoughts all the time, evil spirits come around us to feed off of that, and Satanist secret societies like the Illuminati can lock onto us with scalar and electronic projected weapons and do damage to our bodies. If we are thinking godly thoughts and living in godly ways, the evil spirits cannot approach us, and the Satanist secret societies cannot lock unto us with their scalar and electronic projected weapons.


The Mars wormhole teleport “Jump Room” project is named ARC, in reference to Noah’s ark, where the globalist elites can escape immediately to Mars colonies after they cause the nuclear war or catastrophe. Nephilim Barrack Obama the Anti-Christ was part of the original Mars Colony program along with other children.


The American women are pretty much brainwashed and demon-possessed through the television electromagnetic waves and mobile phone transmission antennas that also transmit demon spirits, so the American human homo-sapiens women are also feminist and behave like the witch species Satan’s demon daughters. This is the End Times current condition of the United States, so due to its harlotry and adultery with the devil, the Babylonian nation will be judged severely and calamity will overtake them. Any nation that becomes fully feminist and homosexual and occultist is ripe for judgment by God. They will be destroyed in the soon coming Tribulation Age, after God pulls out His Church Saints and righteous ones. This is why at the motel rooms at 2:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. or all night, you will feel someone shooting electromagnetic weapons from behind the wall, and when you run outside, you will hear these women turn off the electromagnetic weapons (always the same beeping sound wherever you go in the world), and if you catch them, even if you do not say a single word, they will walk back toward you and start yelling at you saying things like, “What! What do you want! I work here! Alright! I’m just walking around! Alright!” If you ask them what they are doing walking around making beeping noises at 2:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. in the morning, they will always say things like, “I walk around at night! O.K.! What’s wrong with walking around at night!” They are not motel employees, but are just hired by the Illuminati reptilians and are demon-possessed tools of the Illuminati. That is why they do not do any work, but just walk around your room at night, shooting EMP weapons at you while you sleep. They are demonic people or what we call demoniacs. These demon-possessed demoniacs and Satanists and children killers and Koreans and feminists and all the other assassins can do anything they please without any investigation or arrest or questioning, because all they have to do is to flash their CIA or MI6 or Homeland Security badge and tell the hotel or motel staff that they are taking over the hotel or motel because of national security reasons which cannot be disclosed. These dumb hotel and motel workers are more than willing to help them out and remain silent and go along with the Illuminati Satanists, or vacate the place and have the CIA Nazi people take over the hotel or motel. This is how dumb these human homo-sapiens are. They will trust anything that is CIA or MI6 or Homeland Security, because of all the fake terrorist attacks and the fake war on terror and the fake Homeland Security organizations that the Illuminati Satanists have created. Even the police officers are dumb, too, because they just listen to the CIA or MI6 or police chiefs, and they will not go into any area that is restricted or not investigate or not help people who call them for help against these Illuminati Satanists. They are told not to interfere with CIA business. Therefore, the CIA and MI6 and other witch Satanist organizations and Nazi organizations kill thousands and thousands of people without any problem and without getting arrested and without anyone knowing what they are doing. If any law enforcement personnel finds out what is going on, they are immediately assassinated and also any family member they disclose the information to. This is how the Illuminati Satanists and their feminists and secret society occultists protect themselves and get away with almost genocide of the human homo-sapiens race. Behind them at the very top over the Pindar are the devil and his fallen angel aliens who are in-charge and pulling the strings. This is why they need these half reptile people to work through and do their evil on this earth. The CIA and FBI are just servants of the MI6 to take the heat and criticism for their thug work. The central headquarters that controls the CIA and FBI and the intelligence community is the MI6, which is run by the royal family and the Vatican. The Department of Homeland Security is the United States Nazi’s Gestapo, and they are at war with the other intelligence agency factions. The terrible thing about the nation called the United States is that there is no Freedom of Speech in the country, because if you teach the Torah Truth that is completely opposed to the Illuminati’s Western Christianity Satanist doctrines, they will assassinate you. There are no one left to stand up for righteousness or truth anymore, except for the real Christians, because the Illuminati and feminists have killed everyone who speaks up against their doctrines and discloses the truth. People would not believe the millions of people they have assassinated. So now, you only have the cowardly, dumb headed, brainwashed, evil religious Christians left on this earth, and their genetic descendents. It is just like in the days of Noah’s Flood’s Atlantis civilization. The Jezebel spirit that possesses these feminist reptilian hybrids is a very violent, evil spirit. These feminist witches guild kill anyone and everyone who even try to form any resistance toward their feminist movement. They are like any other mob or gang or mafia people, but just more murderous or genocidal. All the humans are afraid of them now, because of the EMP  electromagnetic scalar weapons attacks, poisoning, gang stalking, destruction of savings, threats, assassination attempts every day, 24 hour surveillance, tapping, hacking, slandering, killing of families, burning down of houses, and hiring of all these assassination groups by the feminists. In many ways, they are worse than the mafia or street gangs, or other Satanist witch group of the Illuminati, because the Jezebel spirit that controls them is a very violent and spiteful and persistent spirit among Satan’s spirits. They are the perfect role model for a baby eating Satanist reptilian hybrid nephilim, just like the ancient cannibalistic Canaanite nephilim who were possessed by this spirit. These CIA and Illuminati and feminist assassin squads trained from childhood to kill people kill thousands and thousands and thousands of people. The United States is a nation of censorship and mass murder. They are a professional assassination nation that has killed masses of people every day, every week, every month, every year, as like a conveyer belt extermination factory. Their black ops secret shadow government of the Illuminati is notorious for murder. This is not only the masses of people they assassinate every day, but also through their huge narcotics industry and child sacrifice kidnapping rings and biological poisoning program of tap water / food sources and HAARP weather wars and many other methods. God will destroy the United States for all the bloodshed of Esau’s Edomites and the blood that is on the hands of the United States. It is a nation built on suppression of the truth and mass assassination of its citizens. The Illuminati know that dictatorships do not last very long, but a populace that is under soft lenient slavery who are led to believe that they are a nation of freedom and liberty and human rights and freedom of speech do not revolt and mind control work a lot better and are held under slavery better. The birth certificate is a hidden death certificate, and it is owned by the Vatican who gives it to the devil who owns the world. The three trustees of the world are the Vatican, British royal family, and the U.S. Post Master. One must give consent to these notices in order to be under it. If we do not recognize their contract, we are not bound by it. Once we are in Christ, we are no longer under the law, but we are free in Christ. It is just like the movie “Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy always had the ability to go home, but she did not know. We need to wake up and get out of the matrix of the Illuminati and the devil, and know that we are not under his slavery. Why in the world are the disgusting religious Christians who claim to be children of God signing contracts with each other? An evil society makes everything into legal documents and lives on lawsuits. This is why the United States has become a nation of Satanism and evil. Contracts are exchanged even for marriage. Why in the world are the disgusting religious Christians getting into debt to buy homes and cars and luxuries? Christians are God’s children and do not have to be in debt to anyone like beggars, as if God does not provide. What insult to God YHWH the owner of the universe and heaven. If God wants us to have something, He will provide it. These religious Christian pastors and church goers make me nauseas. (See the video “GoldFish Report No. 26 The Ambassador Welcomes Actor/Activist John Otrin” at .) The MI6 is the headquarters of the CIA and NSA and Homeland Security and FBI and Mossad and feminist organizations and Korean groups and mafia other assassination squads. The founding fathers of the United States used a 33 feet measuring device of the 33rd degree freemason numbers of the Satanist organizations to design the city of Washington, D.C., so that their demonic fallen angel alien fathers and Satan can see this from the sky. The phoenix which is the symbol of the Illuminati Satanists which means order out of chaos, is the name of the city in Arizona that lies on the 33rd parallel latitude. In satanic top secret freemason occult Kabbalah magic perfect geometry fallen angel ancient Atlantis technology, when you take the satanic six pointed star and put it in a circle, the tip of the top of the Star of David hexagram lies on the circle is the 33rd parallel. When the earth is spinning, there are more powerful energy and portals on the 33rd parallel. In tetrahedron torsion physics of creating galaxies, when you spin the pure energy, they can manifest planets and animals and all kinds of things. This is what the swastika symbol of the Nazis and Buddhists and other Illuminati occults stand for. The Illuminati does not want the humans to find out about this free energy, because it would destroy their oil petroleum industry. When you spin atoms, you create time, space and gravity. Aleister Crowley and Nikola Tesla and Mayans and Atlanteans all got these freemason science from the extraterrestrial fallen angels and the devil who disguised themselves as aliens and gods. The reason why these reptilian hybrid nephilim Satanist occultists who created the Vatican Catholic Church martyred and massacred all the Christians who have knowledge of God’s wisdom, and tried to hide all of the knowledge from the human homo-sapiens populace. The founder of the Illuminati was a Jesuit Satanist of the Catholic Church. Satan knew he had to destroy the Christians and God’s people and hide the knowledge, so they created his Catholic church and called it the Christian church, in order to replace and control this Christianity. This is why the modern day Illuminati and Freemason hide this knowledge from the Christian churches that they have made, and try to kill all the real Christians who have the Holy Spirit. Then, the Illuminati and Freemasons and all of Satan’s occult Satanist organizations turn around and blame the Church for withholding the this truth from them in order to maintain power for themselves, when in reality, they are the ones who are members of Satanism along with the Catholic church that are trying to kill all of God’s people to hide the truth. This is why Satan and his Satanists are all hypocrites. This is why Jesus called the Pharisees Satanists of the fake Satanist Judaist church of God as hypocrites who were trying to kill Jesus to hide the truth from the humans. The homo-capensis nephilim descendants have always for thousands of years tried to kill God’s people to hide their truth, and turned around and blamed God’s people from trying to withhold the truth from the Satanists. They always turn the story around completely. This is how evil and tricky Satan and his nephilim race are. They call everything witchcraft, in order to make the dumb religious Christians hate knowledge and avoid it. Witchcraft is from Satan and it is to dabble with occult divination and activities. Knowledge and wisdom is from God to edify God’s people and carry out God’s purpose. The evidence is that the Illuminati Satanist doctrine says itself that these technologies need to be kept from the stupid human populace, and needs to be kept only by the reptilian hybrid nephilim illuminated ones of the Illuminati. Walt Disney who is an Illuminati bloodline family reptilian himself built the Club 33 for only Freemason 33rd degree members on the 33rd parallel in Disneyland.


The national leaders who created the nation of the United States designed their nation around their Luciferian religion shadow constitution of enslaving humanity, controlling people’s minds, censoring speech, assassinating anyone who jeopardize their evil enterprise, while deceiving its people into believing that the United States is a nation of freedom, liberty, equality, democracy by the people and dignity of life. There is no greater hypocrisy and deception and double-sided irony. It is not only a nation that has financed the drug industry and paedophile kidnapping industry and Molech feminist ritual abortion industry and genocide, but it has led the world in the assassination of millions of people. God has seen from heaven the sins and blood on the hands of this nation of the United States that has always stood for enslavement of its citizens through Illuminati media deception and has assassinated multitudes of its own citizens and its suppression of free speech through its assassination and murder industry. Now, the United States is getting ready to exterminate all of its citizens and to hand their nation over to the Illuminati’s New World Order. They will start by assassinating all of its military officers and police officers and intelligence personnel who are the greatest threat to their own nation. These dumb human homo-sapiens do not even imagine that the plans that these Illuminati reptilian leaders of their nation has prepared for them. They are like pigs ready to enter the butcher’s shop. To show you how stupid they are, they are helping their nation to set up the systems and police state and laws and programs and facilities to begin the mass extermination program of the human race and their fellow Americans. Ron Paul says that the FBI was created to track churches and people who are not brainwashed by the Illuminati, and that crime can be handled by the regular justice system. They just moved thousands of Nazis to the U.S. to create the CIA as continuation of the Illuminati’s fourth reich. A nation that does not follow God but follows after sin becomes blind and stupid. These utterly stupid American government snipers are feeling proud and good about themselves for assassinating dozens and dozens and dozens of child porn dealers and narcotic ring dealers, while their American politicians and top bankers and media people and celebrities and rock stars and actresses and ministers and intelligence agency leaders and military leaders and police leaders and congressmen and feminist activists and American Illuminati family neighbors next door are kidnapping tens of thousands of American children to sacrifice them in their satanic rituals and feed on their flesh and these vampire reptilian hybrid bloodlines drink these children’s blood? You have to ask the question, how stupid a person can be. They are a ridiculous bunch of people who are easily deceived and brainwashed and manipulated by their leaders. These trans-dimensional alien shape-shifting leaders of the Illuminati are laughing at these stupid human homo-sapiens who do their dirty work for them, because after they are through using them, they will use their alien hybrids to kill them, too. It almost seems like the word “dumb” was invented for them. And they continuously try to assassinate me, because I speak the Torah Truth, and say they are dumb? How dumb are they? This is true stupidity in its purest form. A dumb person with high IQs do not want to be called dumb. They think they are doing humanity and their nation and their Luciferian secret society a great service by trying to kill me? What can you say to a dumb person like that? Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, the beginnings of a wise man in God is a man who realizes his own stupidity and ignorance and weakness, and seeks God and His grace. For true wisdom is in Christ Jesus and His Torah Truth or Word. It is not intelligence or IQs or wittiness, because even the devil is intelligent and smart. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world’s intelligence, but has no salvation in Christ? This is why a dumb American with a lot of IQ will always boast to people that they chose their fiancé or fiancée because the fiancé or fiancée is very smart. This desire for intelligent or high IQ spouses is a base, savage, animal instinct of ungodly, evil, dumb, animalistic people. These American religious Christians’ values are the complete opposite of our Torah Truth values of those who are God’s children. This is why the effeminate hippy rogue pastors of Calvary Chapel will do a great propaganda show in front of their church congregations by praising how smart and intelligent their wife is, because this brings in the numbers of ungodly, Jezebel, American religious women into the church, which in return means more salary and bigger house and nicer car and larger retirement pension for these puke vomit hippy rogue pastors who are sons of the Illuminati feminist “Flower Children” hippies. A dumb hippy rogue pastor gets angry when you say they are dumb, but a wise man will learn and repent when he or she realizes he or she is dumb. This is true wisdom. Dear brethren, may you be wise as your God and Father in Heaven. I pray that He will give you wisdom and a spiritual heart. Jeremiah 7 and John 17:9 say to not pray for these religious Christians. They follow after their feminist Jezebel Satanism and Queen of Heaven. This generation has abandoned God. They do not listen to us the prophets who God sent. Truth has vanished from their lips, although they use Christian vocabularies. They practice all the doctrines of Western Christianity Satanism of the Illuminati, including medical science witchcraft, medical drugs, rock and roll music Christian Satan worship, women wearing trousers and refusing to wear head coverings, women’s equality, tattooing and ear-piercing, pension and insurance, breeding of genetic descendants and preoccupation with mating, eating drinking marrying, child rearing, remarriage adultery, religious works and philanthropy, political activism and patriotic nationalism and troop support, gluttonous obesity, mocking of God’s prophet’s Torah Truth teachings on nephilim aliens and Illuminati New World Order, refusing to help God’s prophets and turning them over to Satanists, institutionalization of Christianity and ritualistic programming of worship, acceptance of idolaters and Catholics and Mormons, and every corrupt and evil way imaginable. This stiff-necked generation of religious Christians will not repent, so God has hardened their hearts. They have no ears to hear or eyes to see. Together they have followed after Satan because of their evil hearts. There is no light in them. They live in darkness. They live and think just like the pagans do. They sell a phony love. How can they claim to love God when they hate God’s prophets and hate God’s Torah Truth that the prophets preach? Judgment will begin in the House of God. These religious Christians are political activists and make a who bunch of fuss about homosexuals gays, in order to try to antagonize the homosexual community. It should be taught that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is sin, but if the homosexual people want to live their homosexual lives, it is totally up to them, and no one should criticize them or try to stop them. Meanwhile, these religious Christians do not teach that feminism and women’s equality and wearing of men’s trousers and not wearing of women’s head coverings is sin, because of their Jezebel Satanism doctrines and philosophies of humanist self-righteousness. This is the hypocrisy of these religious Christians and their double-standard and their vain pursuits of political activism, but no adherence to the truth. They do everything wrong, an opposite of what is right. (Read article “Paul Elam—False Prophet or False Opposition” at .)


God created the male and female relationship, in order to show us how the relationship between God and His people should be. Just like when a woman questions the authority of a man, or women take over leadership in the church and society from men, it gets the men angry, when God’s people try to take over the authority from God, God gets angry. However, since the Illuminati reptilian feminist nephilim witches have introduced so much toxic chemicals into the tap water and food sources, and used television and mobile phone tower mind-control frequencies, and brainwash through media and television programs and movies, the men have been reduced to slave vegetable bodies walking around without brains of their own. They are now a hive mentality, controlled and under the satanic spell of the reptilian hybrid race witches. They are so mind-controlled that if you speak the Torah Truth, they will get upset. The nephilim descendent reptilian hybrid Illuminati Calvary Chapel hippy rogue pastors will teach Satanism’s doctrine of Jezebel by preaching that women can ignore submitting to men outside of marriage and do not have to respect men’s authority in the church or society. This is why the religious Christian women who have evil hearts teach men shamelessly in church inside Satanism’s Western Christianity churches and wear men’s trousers around in public without even being embarrassed anymore. This is how depraved and base and perverted and vomit lukewarm the religious people are. They have no saltiness, and behave and think and live just like the heathen pagan and savages do. This is why the Western Christianity religious women pierce their ears and tongues and tattoo their bodies and swear savage clothes with buttocks and breasts hanging out and imitate everything that the Illuminati reptilian hybrid feminist witch nephilim children of Satan do. The effeminate hippy rogue pastors of the post 1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ Sananda Jesus Movement are a plague to society and the church, and they spread like leprosy with their money and fame and popular doctrines of Satanism’s Western Christianity Mystery Babylon religion of the Brotherhood of the Snake. God created the relationship between parent and child, in order so that humans would know how the relationship between God and His people should be. Just like a parent gets angry if a child takes over the parent’s authority, God gets angry when His people take over the authority from Him. However, in this putrid End Times Church that has prostituted itself with Satan’s religion, the children have all the authority in the family, and the fathers just submit to their daughters and the daughters just scold the father all the time. Children and women rule the earth in a totally satanic world, where everything is upside down from God’s righteousness and Torah Truth. This is why the Calvary Chapel Illuminati reptilian hybrid hippy rogue pastors teach everything that is opposite to God’s Torah Truth and Word who is Christ, and despise us who are God’s people. However, they have a lot of Sananda Jesus hippy love for their church members who pay the tithes and offerings to pay their pastor’s salaries, as they hug and kiss them and flatter them with diplomatic words of cheap love, instead of teaching the Torah Truth of God in love to them so that they will hate them and try to kill them. They are deceived into following after the Illuminati’s fake Western Christianity and its Jezebel feminist humanist teachings that warp the Bible, because evil people will be deceived. If they had the Holy Spirit, they would know and recognize the Torah Truth, and they would not be deceived. Each person is deceived by the evil of their heart. Let those who are deceived by the evil of their heart, and refuse to follow the Torah Truth continue to follow after the self-righteous religious teachings of Satan’s Western Christianity. And let the righteous continue to do what is righteous and teach God’s Torah Truth. What good will it do if I speak a million words of praise and flattery and positive things about people and nations, just like the heathens and religious Christians do, and the people lose their souls feeling good about themselves and loving me? Instead, is it not love to speak God’s Torah Truth about people and nations so that they may repent of their evils and sins and wickedness, and their souls be saved, though they may hate me and try to kill me? This is how God lives, and this is how I live, also.


Tithing is taught by the churches, in order to parasite money from the people. They take bits of teaching from the Bible and mold it to their benefit, and ignore parts of the Bible that are inconvenient for them. Teaching on tithing is what the Illuminati’s Satanist pastors use to keep the church goers under bondage and to get money off of them. We are no longer under the law. We are under grace in Christ Jesus. If God tells us to give everything we own and even our son, we would give them. If God tell us to support a ministry or church, God will be the one who will tell us, and not the church. These pastors and their wives live like kings and queens. They use the church to get a salary and they withhold teaching the whole word of God. Instead of giving to these evil religious churches, one should be a good steward of God’s gifts, and invest that money in setting up a business or something that will support their living. This way, one would not be a slave to the church members and not have to listen to their ungodly demands and be under their control. One would be self-supporting, and not a burden on anyone. Then, you can do your ministry for God freely with no obligations or ties. You will not be stuck in a work office all day long, and be under Satan’s bondage to keep you tied down. This is what the church wants. Why are the religious Pharisees getting pastors’ salaries and retirement pensions and medical benefits and church homes? It is a ridiculous religious system that the Illuminati Satanists have come up with. One should go where God tells one to go, and God will provide all the needs. This is how a child of God should be living. They should not be working full-time in a secular office, breeding genetic descendants, and paying tithes to their church Pharisee religious leaders to fatten their bank accounts and pensions. The Illuminati Satanist pastors have spread the doctrine of marriage, settling down, breeding genetic fleshly descendants, investing in reproducing the flesh, getting a full time job to raise a family, and having your family pay 10% tithes to the church. This is preposterous. Marriage is only for the most carnal, flesh minded Christian who cannot control his lust, and as a final solution marriage is to be considered so that they may not fornicate. A normal bride of Christ is married to Jesus, so why in the world would he get married to a human, and occupy his or her time and money and effort in raising a genetic family of the flesh, who will probably go to hell, because Christianity is not inheritable and there are very few cases of two generations being a born-again Christian. If a person is getting married and having children, you know the spiritual condition of that person, so why would you expect their children to be real Christians? I have not yet met two generations of Christians in a family. They have always been fake religious Christians. It is because God saves by the individual, and does not make their children Christians because the parent is a Christian. The ridiculous religious Christians pray prayers like, “Lord, please give me the right man or right woman to be my husband or wife.” If they were the true Church Saint and bride of Christ, they would be praying, “Lord, I do not want a family or have children, but I want to serve you with all of my time, my effort, my resources, my soul, my spirit, my mind, my body, and my strength. Tell me what I need to do to serve you, and I will do it. I am available to go anywhere and do anything.” When the devil’s Illuminati comes (and they will surely come if you are a real Christian and doing the Lord’s work), they will try to assassinate you and bankrupt you and gang stalk you and destroy all your family ties. This will be even before you are born. If this is so, how in the world do these fake religious Christians expect to have a family and house and church institution and minister’s job and be rooted to one place. This is exactly what the devil and his Illuminati want the Christians to be doing. Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren, we are not like the fake religious Christians. We are dedicated 100% to the Lord and His purpose and mission, we are not tied to any location or satanic church institution or religious legalistic tithing to Pharisee Sanhedrin or concerned with breeding fleshly genetic descendants who will be surely killed and thrown into hell. The enemy always kills a Christian’s family or demon-possesses them and uses them to try to kill the Christian. We serve the God of all creation, and do not serve our fleshly animal instinct of breeding and propagating our genes. We are available for the Lord who saved us, and we do not follow religious practices and abstinence and prohibition of looking at nudity like Satan’s religious people do, so we do not need to marry or be enslaved to family systems. We are free in Christ and we are solely dedicated to Him. We do not prohibit marriage, but we cannot imagine ourselves ever wanting to get married, if we are true Christians and serving the true living God. This is how you can discern a carnal religious Christian and a true born-again Bride of Christ Church Saint.


These nephilim witch descendent reptilian hybrid are very intelligent, so they act as super nice people and are loved by the people of this world, but they have violent psychopath tempers underneath. They seem super mature and confident, but will try to kill 95% of the world’s population and do not hesitate in doing the most horrendous acts. These reptilian hybrid Satanists are foolish so they are led to believe by Satan that they will be given positions of greatness in the coming fake utopian New World Order, but little do they know that they themselves will be the first to be massacred, because they will kill their own kind first, in order to wipe out any competition. They usually are bisexual and have sex with many partners. They are liberal and hold to Satan’s values. They have an innate hatred toward God and born-again Christians and God’s children. They have a natural attraction to occultism and Eastern mysticism and everything demonic. They often get into terrible traffic accidents or have family problems. They lose limbs and have illnesses and get paralyzed and die terrible deaths, because they are outside of God’s protection and love. Since they are demonic spirits, and they do not have human souls, their dogs become similar to their keepers and very violent and fear filled and unrestrained. They love pets and animals, and are very protective of Mother Nature because they are Gaea worshippers and witches, but they kill humans and try to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets. Satan is at the root of all evil on the earth, and that is why it is his witch children who worship nature and the witches’ mother goddess or Gaea, and they created all the environmentalism activism, and their Illuminati make profit from the whale protection terrorist organizations, because their nature is self-righteousness, pride, and belief that they can save the earth. They are genetically oriented and family oriented and bloodline oriented, instead of spiritually oriented. They love witchcraft, spiritualism, psychics, and everything satanic. They call themselves Christians and love religiousness. By nature, they have caused all the evils throughout history, and have been the plague upon the human race since ancient times, and they have ruled society. By nature, they join the secret societies, and promote their own Satanist members to high positions in society. They always have feminist beliefs. They exhibit Jezebel and Ahab personalities and behavior. When they die, they do not go to heaven or earth like humans do, but their reptilian nephilim demon spirits roam the earth until Christ returns and throws them into the Lake of Fire. They love to tattoo their bodies and desecrate God’s image in humans, and they love rock music Satan worship. They become demon-possessed and used as tools by the devil. They are no longer giant nephilim like in the ancient days of Noah’s flood, but they have been sized down to human size.


Humans are created in God’s image, and we are children of the Most High God, and this enrages the devil and fills him with jealousy. His goal is to kill all human homo-sapiens, and replace humans with his alien fallen angel hybrid reptilian feminist Aryan witch race of nephilim creatures, and to also genetically reengineer the human race into nephilim creatures by infusing his reptilian DNA Mark of the Beast. The reptilians hybrids are psychopaths and Satanists, and that is why their groups like the Nazi SS storm troopers and Templar Knights are capable of fanatic violence and atrocities. These feminist Satanists use fiber optics to transmit demons into people, just like they use the television to transmit demons into the public. The Nazi scientists in the CIA researched this mind control technology. The Norway Blue Beam Project is technology to project into the demonic realm. They are using mobile phones and WIFIs and TVs and all kinds of technologies to manipulate the human homo-sapiens, in order to eradicate their species. The television technology was given to the Illuminati by the fallen angels, in order to use light frequencies to mind control the human homo-sapiens and make them dumb. It creates beta brain waves, instead of alpha brain waves. It is designed to feminize men. It tells you what to eat, what to wear, how to raise kids, what fears to have, what values to have, how to think, and gives you a fake reality created by the fallen angels. It gives you false political correctness, false ethics, false realities of what is really going on in the world. The debates on the television are all prepared beforehand, and conflicts between Christianity and Islam are created artificially by the Illuminati. Television is used to market the Illuminati created terrorism and the need for a police state Homeland Security laws and systems and forces. The foolish public is sold into these fake beliefs entirely mind and heart. Hollywood movies and television programs by the Illuminati media companies create the alien concepts and sell ungodly lifestyles and antagonize God’s values. It is a tool for the few reptilian hybrids to control the masses of humans. This is why the religious Christians hate the Torah Truth that we teach, and they ignore it to their own pitiful, dreadful destruction. They value the Illuminati’s television values and thinking and realities over the Torah Truth and God’s true reality. The Illuminati will use the blue beam technology to project holographic images to deceive the whole world with great signs and wonders, and convince the world of a false alien invasion by shooting lasers from the satellites, and welcoming Satan’s fallen angels and nephilim as the Anti Christ savior and messiah and friendly aliens. They will say that the elites of the world or Illuminati bloodline family people are the descendents of the fallen angels or aliens. I will tell you how stupid the human populace is: they are brainwashed by these scientists that when the aliens attack, it will be a conventional war with laser guns and blasts and city takeovers. They do not even think that if an alien race is able to travel through space, they would be able to instantly kill all humans on the earth without a war or takeover or battle. They do not realize that the Illuminati is brainwashing them with this fake Hollywood scenario of a battle with aliens, so that they would be tricked by the Illuminati’s fake alien invasion concept in order to unite the armies of the world to fight Jesus’ return. This is how dumb down the human populace has been made by the Illuminati’s reptilian hybrids. The scientists are the most dumb and illogical, because they only think by academics and science and past understandings. This is why the devil uses the scientists to deceive the populace, because the scientists and academics are the most stupid. This is why these scientists find fossil remains of both apes and humans in the same pile which the nephilim giants had eaten, and they will insist that those ape and human bones come from the same person, and that they are the missing link. This is in line with their Sumerian Ancient Astronaut Theory that humans were primitive apes, and their alien fallen angels came to make them into genetically evolved nephilim hybrid witch race. They can do mathematics and memorize a lot of information so they get doctorate degrees and are called doctors and they pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars to them, but they are the most stupidest of people. This is why for the religious Jezebel Christian reading this, it is full of nonsense and falsehood that deserves indifference and material for light entertainment, and definitely not something to be taught by themselves word for word. However, to you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren who are from God, everything I have taught you is more precious than any gold or silver, for the Torah Truth is life. (See website “” at .)


As you can see from the Apollo 20 video footages when they went to investigate the humungous pure gold mountains on the moon, it was a mission to retrieve advanced technology from the ancient abandoned lunar cities and space ships bigger than Manhattan island in New York. The alien astronauts were all feminist witches who were of the reptilian hybrid nephilim race, and had six fingers. The network of tubes along the ships walls were inhabited by many small creatures about 10 centimeter wide. They were instantly frozen in space, when the ships lost air and temperature from all the bombardment of rocks. The tubes that you find attached to the faces were piloting apparatus. The reason why these ancient astronaut feminist witches had braided hair is because they were pagans and evil, so they purposely messed around with God’s beautiful hair, just like the tattoos and earring pierces and braided hippy hair that satanic End Times people always resort to or pagan cannibals do. These reptilian hybrid nephilim witch race are violent creatures, just like those Illuminati feminist bloodlines alive today. This is why you find all these ancient nephilim’s bodies with huge laser weapon holes shot through them or their bodies hacked to pieces, when panic ensued. They were equally evil as the feminists that are alive today in our society. These ancient people lived in a violent, violent society. They are exactly the same as the feminists alive right now in these End Times, right before God’s judgment falls. These ancient astronaut women were extremely evil feminists, and the type of reptilian witches who you do not want to go near or introduce your mothers to, as some people have put it These feminists carried the fallen angels’ genes and nature, and that is why they were feminists. There have been many space missions to the moon by many nations from the 1950s all the way to recent times. Apollo 20, during the cold war, included a team of both American and Soviet astronauts to retrieve technology from the alien ship. When Apollo 20 astronaut Rutledge put these videos up on his website, the Illuminati kept hacking his website and erasing all his videos and photos, so he had to keep setting up different websites every time. Rutledge was chosen as the pilot for this special Apollo 20 mission because he replied that he did not believe in God, while all the other pilots believed in God. The Illuminati Satanists needed someone who did not believe in God.


Primitive rockets were not used to go to the moon, but a more advanced technology was used to get there. They said, “The eagle has landed,” in reference to the movie where the German commandos land safely in England, because the Apollo programs and NASA programs were all run by the Nazis. The Nazi Illuminati are planning to set up a New Roman Empire Nazi Fourth Reich centered around Germany. The moon is much larger than what is taught. Werner Von Braun accidentally leaked this out by slipping his mouth, so he was transferred out. The Nazis control all the businesses in the United States and intelligence agencies and military and government and media and education.


The Western Christianity churches of Babylonian Satanism will not teach you these Torah Truth, and moreover, the Illuminati hippy rogue pastors will oppose your teachings if you preach the truth of God and the Word of Christ. They were founded by Satan’s Illuminati, and they spread the doctrines of the Illuminati of Western Christianity. As you can hear from the distraught caller calling into the radio program until his phone call was cut off by the Illuminati technology, the reptilian hybrid race is trying to destroy the major population centers of the earth with major disasters made to look natural, just like the 9.11 terrorist attacks, but at a global level to kill 95% of the world’s human homo-sapiens population. We are living alongside demon spirits in humanoid bodies that rule our society. Basically, these Satanists in charge of our governments tax your income, and use that tax to secretly communicate with the fallen angels, and keep it secret from you who are paying them the tax money to do what they please with it. The reason why you can see so many faces on the UFOs under certain cameras is because these alien ships are fallen angels that transform themselves into these shapes, and that is why a lot of these crashed ships disappear, later. This is why the UFOs transform from balls of light to UFOs and then to dragons and many other shapes, and disappear into their inter-dimensional 666  shaped spiral portals. The fallen angels still have some of their original powers, and their children the nephilim demons have bits of their father’s powers. The fallen angels are lying to these government leaders that they are going to fly them off to another paradise planet and give them eternal life, if they will kill off all the human homo-sapiens race, and set up a New World Order government, and let them into this dimension by opening up the star gate portals. In the ancient Atlantean civilization, the ancient government leaders cooperated with these fallen angels who promised them so many things, which allowed them to access our dimensions more and more, such as creating hadron collider star gates. Normally, they can only access our dimension for short periods. When people hate God and do not believe in Christ, then God will no longer stop the gates of hell star gates like the CERN hadron collider from allowing all these demonic creatures from coming through. If these human homo-sapiens race have become so depraved and putrid evil to the extent that they agree with these reptilian hybrid nephilim witch descendant feminists who have the feminist Jezebel spirits, and behave just like these women’s equality feminists do, then God says that if they love feminism and the doctrines of demons and values of Satanism, then God will no longer stop the feminist witches from opening the CERN wormhole star gates to let all their horrific and utterly destructive demonic spirits into this realm from the abyss. If these human women want hell, then God will give them hell. Their hearts will fail them in the End Times, since horrific and nightmarish and grotesque creatures and beasts will be unleashed upon the wicked human race that has tried to spit in God’s face and follow after their feminist gods.


The CERN logo is the goddess Shiva dancing the cosmic dance within the 666 symbol. It will be a nightmare for these heathens and religious Christians. The Illuminati Rothchild Nazis receive much advanced technology from the aliens before World War 2, and this is why Hitler who escaped to the Nazi bases in the Antarctic after World War 2 had these vimana space ship in development. His replacement clone’s burnt corpse was found by the Soviets. The Illuminati took over 200 of their Nazi submarines to their Antarctic alien bases after World War 2. The Nazis who the Vatican helped to escape Germany after World War 2, created a huge Nazi government in Argentina after World War 2, which was funded by huge amounts of money. The Nazis kept most of the advanced technology to themselves. The Nazi scientists under the Illuminati’s Operation Paperclip who were simply transferred into the CIA and DARPA and NSA and MI6 and Australian intelligence and Canadian intelligence by the Illuminati from their German Nazi organizations. The Nazi scientists brought some of the lower technologies to the United States, in order to jump start the American space program and space fleet and interplanetary colonies, which the Nazis already had. This is why all the American presidents such as Obama and Bush and Clinton, and all the Western nations’ political leaders and military leaders and intelligence leaders are staunch adherents to the Nazi doctrine and cause. They are the neo-Nazis. This is why the goal of the Illuminati Luciferian Freemason Satanists is to set up their new Nazi Fourth Reich or European American union of nations or New World Order, with their Nazi esoteric occult Babylonian Satanism religion’s headquarters in the Vatican. We see in the United States, the fascist corporate Nazi government that they created. So, to summarize, the United States did not win World War 2 and the Nazis did not lose. Instead, the Illuminati that created both of the opposing sides of the World War 2 as part of their homo-capensis Illuminati bloodline family “divide and conquer the humans strategy” just finished the war, eliminated the national debts, made money from the war, depopulated the human homo-sapiens population, tested their war weapons on the human population, and simply moved their Nazi government from Germany to the United States. This is why a lot of the CIA and NSA and MI6 gang-stalker assassins who have been trying to murder me are all Blackwater Corporation Nazi SS troop members and Nazi intelligence agency professional assassins of the Illuminati. This is why the American corporations and German corporations worked together throughout World War 2, because they belong to the same Illuminati organization. All the royal families of Europe and American presidents are one big Illuminati Nazi bloodline family, and this is why you see the young Queen Elizabeth doing the “Heil Hilter!” salute. This is why the top administrator for the Nazi Bell project, Kurt Davis, a Nazi became the top administrator for the Apollo project for NASA. This is why you see Illuminati American officials like John Jay McCloy who was the Assistant Secretary of War, serve as the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany after World War 2 and pardon 70,000 Nazi war criminals, so that they can form the new German government. He was the president of the World Bank, the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, and later served on the Warren Commission that covered up their murder of President John F. Kennedy, and set up the CERN Hadron collider star gate to bring in the demonic spirits. This is why the American Thomas McKittrick, the leader of the central bank to all the central banks, which is the Bank of International Settlements that laundered all the criminal money of Nazi Germany, traveled all around the enemy Axis nations, and was welcomed by them with great hospitality. Germany has used these things to reconstruct its Nazi government after the war into an economic power. The MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi globalist cabal has its Temple of Pergamon or Satan’s throne in Berlin, and are trying to bring together the Fourth Reich with all the American and European nations as a New Roman Empire, under the Illuminati bloodline family Nazis. The Illuminati’s Hitler was originally supposed to attack Russia and take it over, but he made the mistake of going west to conquer the western nations. So, the Illuminati moved him to the Nazi government in Argentina after World War 2. The Illuminati’s Nazi’s goal has been the conquest and enslavement of Russia. The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church has always wanted to bring the Eastern Orthodox Church under its rule. They have purged the Judeo-Christian culture out of its Western nations, and made them into secular nations. This is what they tried to enforce in Russia, when they controlled the nation through their Soviet secularism. The Russians know this, and they have rejected Soviet rule. However, they do not understand that Vladimir Putin is a staunch Russian Orthodox Christian, and he has no intention of going back to the Soviet days of Western rule. He is trying to make an independent Russia, which is built upon the Judeo-Christian foundations in which its culture was founded. In other words, the West is in its post-war era phase, whereas Russia is in its post-post-war era phase, which is way more advanced than the West, because they have realized that throwing out the Judeo-Christian culture in which a nation was founded simply does not work. Genocide of all Christians, and enforcement of Vatican Luciferian Satanism only brings God’s curse and decadence and deterioration of society, and you cannot create a civilized nation. So, they have evolved way ahead of the West, while the West is still left behind. The Roman Catholics inversed all the Eastern Orthodox’s Christian doctrines upside down into its Luciferian Satanist religion of Babylon. This is why Russia changed all of the Soviet names of its cities back to the Judeo-Christian names. Gog Magog Russia has rejected Satan’s Draconian Vatican rule. The pope would travel to different countries, get off the plane, and kiss the ground, which was a papal assertion to claim of that land under Vatican ownership. You do not see this Draconian reptilian hierarchical authority in Russian Orthodoxy. There are spirits and extraterrestrial alien entities that are at war behind the Western Nazi imperialists under the Vatican and the Eastern Orthodox Russia under Putin, with opposing forces fighting it out.


The Illuminati created the good cop and bad cop strategy by creating the so-called evil Hitler and the so-called good America. However, Hitler was just used to bring the United States to prosperity and world superpower and the dollar to become the world currency. The Nazis moved to the United States and the Antarctic Nazi city after World War 2, and they set up all the intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies and non-profit organizations and other agencies. “Plan Parenthood” is a Nazi eugenics organization, and that is why they use baby body parts. FEMA was created by the Nazis, so that is why they have created all these FEMA Nazi SS holocaust concentration camps to exterminate all non-Aryan non-reptilian non-homo-capensis human homo-sapiens race people. NASA was created by the Nazis to continue their space program.


Whatever a person believes by faith or feels is the energy that that person attracts by thought or speech, whether it is positive energy of this side or the negative dark matter from beyond the CERN star gate anti-matter. Illuminati Satanists know that during the equinox there is increase in activity, and it draws dark energy from the other side of the realm, such as demonic entities, so that is why they have timed the activation of the CERN hadron collider. This is why during the last activation in 2012 winter solstice, people saw all kinds of terrible demonic entities and people started becoming violent. They know how much of that dark energy a person needs to create by their attitude or lack of faith in order to go wild or get demon-possessed. The Illuminati is creating synthetic bodies for the demons that they want to bring in through their CERN wormholes, so that they can function in this realm. These spirits from Noah’s times want to return and animate the Terracotta warrior armies.


During World War 2, the French and British armies were supposed to lose terribly, and not to provide any air support, so that their planes can be destroyed on the ground. Then, the Germans were supposed to come in and exterminate as many French and allied citizens and towns as they could. Then, the allied forces were supposed to come in and bomb the German cities and wipe out as many of the human homo-sapiens race as possible. They were not able to kill off as many human civilians during World War 1. Then, Hitler was shipped off to the Antarctic Nazi base by the Illuminati, while his clone was killed in Berlin and the corpse retrieved by the allied army. Stalin arranged for this. Later, Hitler’s sperm was frozen, and they created his daughter who is Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. The Illuminati reptilian hybrids exterminated huge amounts of the human homo-sapiens race through the war. Many humans lost their families, just like at the Illuminati sinking of the Titanic and blowing up the World Trade Center buildings on 9.11 and drowning of thousands of people via their Fukushima tidal wave and mass school shootings and feminist abortion program and MI6 CIA mass assassination programs and Illuminati world narcotics industry and cancer virus program. They are psychopath reptilian brains and they do not have human souls, but they are embodied demon spirits, nephilim children of the fallen angels who rule our earth. They want to exterminate the entire human race, and replace them with five hundred million reptilian hybrid clones who they are releasing in masses upon the earth through their underground alien military base manufacturing plants. They are doing the same thing they did during Noah’s flood’s ancient days. They are the Merovingian mafia bosses or royal bloodline tribal gang leaders or reptilian Sumerian dictator psychopaths who have ruled this earth for thousands of years—the Brotherhood of the Snake Babylonian religion worshippers of Satan.


There are Nazi cities owned by the Rothchild Illuminati colonies on the moon that have about 2 million people living there. The Nazis own the U.S. military bases, and after World War 2, they just moved their Nazi regime to places like Area 51. They live in a Star Trek highly advanced technology world. There are reptilian dinosaur type creatures that live on the moon and mars, created by the fallen angels. You will find pictures of their fossils. The fallen angels and devil created dinosaurs with their reptilian genes and bird genes, so that they were warm-blooded reptilians that had the healing metabolism of birds, but also the anti-microbial immunity of crocodiles, and the violent behavior of the fallen angels and devil. Since they are genetically engineered by Satan and his fallen angels, these ocean dinosaurs that people see have heads that look like horses and camels with fangs and body of snakes. They are nephilim, so they have supernatural powers, and can shape-shift and change forms and appear and disappear, as they wish, just like the big foot. The American natives call them skin walkers because they shape shift into different creatures. The American native elders will tell you that they are evil creatures and they eat humans.