Memo to 144,000 Hebrew Remnant – Two Bloodline War – Volume 1


Dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren,


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven Almighty God YHWH. Lead God’s people to His Torah Truth, and dispel the lies of the Illuminati Western Christianity churches and ministers and Pharisees and religious leaders and church conference leaders who have put a spiritual veil over God’s people. If you love God and his people, teach and feed them the Word of God who is Christ.


In a temporal rift that you fly into between Jupiter and Saturn, there is the super council of alien species federation space station. In this space station are seated galactic federation delegations from 40 to 60 different alien species. The human homo-sapiens have attained a seat to be represented, which a lot of the nephilim alien species resent. There are three empaths they rotate into the delegation group every time. Seated to the front and side of the leader are empaths, and to the left is seated the advisor. The person who sits in the leader’s seat can understand the monotone language they speak. The overall topic that is discussed is what they call the Grand Experiment and tampering of the human homo-sapiens genes. It is important to all the nephilim alien beings in this galaxy and other galaxies. There are twenty two experiments going on. Most of their personal contact and telephathic conversation also deal with their involvement in this Grand Experiment upon humans. There is generally a disdain for the humans for being there by many of the alien beings. The empaths are there to detect any psychic attacks or manipulation or dishonesty. Currently, there is a quarantine of the solar system by the Sphere Alliance upon the 22 alien species that have tampered and experimented on the humans as part of the Grand Experiment of the universe to decipher the human twelve strand energetic DNA. The twelve strand DNA of humans can move much faster than them, so if they decipher these higher dimensions, the nephilim aliens would be able to travel much faster than they do right now. All alien species will be liable for any actions committed against our human homo-sapiens race. No alien species can escape or hide. The nephilim alien species that have conducted this Great Experiment on the humans are: Ciakar (Reptilian), Vega / Lyrans (Humanoid), Orion (Humanoid Reptilian), Cygnus Alpha (Humanoid Aquatic Bird), Arcturians (Humanoid Reptilian), Pleiadians (Humanoid), Zeta Reticulans (Reptilian Plant), Sirians (Humanoid Reptilian Aquatic), Alderbaran (Human Reptilian), Andromedan (Humanoid), Mizarians (Humanoid), Mintakains (Humanoid Aquatic), Cassiopians (Insect Aquatic), Canes Venatici (Benevolent Reptilian), Pictorians (Animal Humanoid Yeti Sasquatch), Antarians (Humanoid), Sagittaria (Humanoid Feline), Nibiru Anunnaki (Humanoid Reptilian), Tau Cetians (Humanoid), Capellians (Now Neutral Reptilian), Procyons (Humanoid), Hyades (Humanoid), Els (Humanoid), Agarthans (Various Inner Earth Nation Species), etc., etc., etc. There are dozens of more alien species that have involved themselves in experimenting on humans. There are eight alien species that have formed a collaboration to create an Aryan alien hybrid race, and exterminate all of God’s homo-sapiens humans. They call themselves the “Covenant,” which is a cheap imitation of Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons of God’s covenant with His people. All of these alien nephilim chimera species were created by Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons during Noah’s ancient Atlantis days, and when they tried to exterminate all of mankind except for Noah, God wiped them out with the Great Flood. Many of these alien nephilim and chimeras escaped to underground cities inside the earth or escaped to outer space where they now inhabit one-third of the universe. They are all waiting for the opportunity to exterminate human homo-sapiens once more (Adam and Eve’s descendants), and to retake the earth. Our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ will once again wipe them out with fire this time. But first, Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons’ great deception of alien beings and alien agenda must take place to deceive the heathen unbelievers. Many will again worship these aliens as their gods and moral mentors, and follow after the devil. The reason why these so-called benevolent aliens do not recognize Jesus Christ and Almighty God YHWH is because to do so would mean that they would admit to their fallen state and that they cannot be saved through Jesus. Any entity whether fallen angels or aliens or demons who do not recognize Jesus is not a holy being. You will know the true nature of that entity or being by what their viewpoint of Jesus Christ is. A holy entity would never recognize a fake alien Christ, but only worship the true Christ. The reason why these so-called benevolent aliens do not recognize Jesus Christ and Almighty God YHWH is because to do so would mean that they would admit to their fallen state and that they cannot be saved through Jesus. Any entity whether fallen angels or aliens or demons who do not recognize Jesus is not a holy being. You will know the true nature of that entity or being by what their viewpoint of Jesus Christ is. A holy entity would never recognize a fake alien Christ, but only worship the true Christ. A holy entity would never recognize a fake alien Christ, but only worship the true Christ. The big question is why did all these supposedly benevolent aliens conduct the Grand Experiment on the human DNA for thousands of years to decipher the human soul, and right before Jesus is about to return, they all come out of the woodworks and declare that they are here to help and lead humans to evolve? The people should not be listening to the lie of ascension and evolving into powerful god beings and determining good timelines and be destroyed, but they should be repenting of their sins and receiving Jesus as their Savior. There is only one timeline and that is God’s timeline, in accordance with the Bible. (See article “In the beginning” at .)


As the following video says, the Pleiadian humanoid aliens are battling against the Orion Alliance of the Draco and Hydra reptilian and grey aliens. I have sent Satan and his fallen angels into the abyss, so after He the Holy Spirit of God is taken out of the way when we are raptured, Satan and his fallen angels will be released unto this earth to conduct their final work. Satan is not happy, and he will try to battle heaven, but he will be kicked out by Michael and his angels. The devil will be thrown down to the earth, and he will go about in great rage killing the Tribulation Saints. As the video says, the Tribulation Saints must return to God’s precepts and His Torah Truth, in order to be saved. They will have one more chance to be saved. However, they will be martyred by the Anti-Christ. Taurus of the Pleiades look like it is battling the great hunter Nimrod, the symbol of the coming Anti-Christ, when you look at the constellations. It talks about the seven lamp stand of the Pleiades seven stars. Satan and his fallen angels have corrupted and perverted God’s astrology, just as they polluted God’s church with their Illuminati Satanist Western Christianity fake doctrines. The Tribulation Saints must return to the truth and to their God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. Your job, dear 144,000 Hebrew Remnant brethren is to lead them back to God. The video talks about how the evil generation of this End Times tried to gang stalk us and assassinate us with microwave oven cooking alive, strong acid poison, flesh eating bacteria, drone aerial vehicles, pinpoint heart attack electromagnetic weapons, and thousands of Koreans and feminists and street gangs and CIA NSA assassin squads and Satanists, so they must now drink the bitter judgment of Wormwood. As the video says, Satan and his Illuminati nephilim witch race descendants have found Nimrod’s mummy by going into Iraq and pillaging it, made his clone, and resurrected him. (See video “Biblical Signs in the Constellation” at .)


These interdimensional nephilim aliens exist in higher dimensions, where they have many more dimensions that we do, depending on the alien species, so their time moves much faster than our three dimensional time, so that is why they come from thousands and millions of years in the future. However, in reality, these future timelines are fake, and they exist, but they do not really exist from eternity’s reality. So, when the time and space continuum disappears at the end of Jesus’ Millennial Kingdom, and we enter eternity, these future timelines will disappear. These interdimensional clone robotic nephilim extraterrestrial ET aliens’ genes deteriorate, as time passes. This is why they have to come into their past, which is this three dimensional world on earth, in order to abduct humans to harvest from the original genes of humans. Cattle mutilations are part of that, as the aliens collect DNA from the cattle, and leave their mutilated cut up corpses behind. Since earth is the original genes that these nephilim came from, they have to come back to this earth, which has an amazing variety and richness of DNA genes, in order to keep their alien species alive. Even clones manufactured by the fallen angels here on earth to act as three dimensional bodies for them do not function properly a lot of times. They break down. The Draco reptilians disdain their gray alien slaves, because they are Illuminati globalist elite humans from future timelines whose genes have been deteriorated through nuclear war and radiation, and just keep cloning new bodies for their spirits to survive. The earth is a big farm and humans are their livestock. They are jealous of humans, because God gave humans twelve strands of DNA. Twelve is the number of authority and government and number of disciples in God’s mathematics. This is why they use the glass ring weapon and mind-control and dimensional control that circles around Saturn that transmits frequency which bounce of their moon satellite that maintains the humans in this fake three dimensional realm or rather entraps humans in this heavy density realm, so that they can keep humans dumb, enslaved and as harvest specimens. If the humans regained their twelve strand DNA, they would be more powerful than the nephilim aliens. Even now, the humans are more powerful than the aliens, because humans can create things and reality by thinking about it. This is because God created humans in His image as creators and able to create things. This is why Lucifer Satan and his fallen angel reptilian Archons and their Draco reptilian nephilim alien avatars and Illuminati reptilian hybrid avatars on the earth that rule the humans have to make all these Hollywood movies and mass media to keep making the humans think that they are weak and in fear and unable to create and in a low vibration energy condition and think that this three dimensional world is reality. If the humans keep thinking this, then they will exist in the three dimensions. Then, the devil and his fallen angels and Draco aliens and Illuminati nephilim demons can continue to rule the earth and humans, and keep God out of His creation or from redeeming humans. They need to make the humans think this way, in order to keep their fake from of reality, so that they can continue to parasite off of the humans and survive. If all the humans found out the truth and they all laughed, there would no negative energy or soul of humans to feed upon, and they would cease to exist. This is why they keep the wars and deaths and sufferings and terrorisms and hatreds and killings and income tax slavery and other negative energy activities going on. These reptilian Satanists feed off of the negative energies created by children when they are being raped and sodomized and skinned alive and eaten alive by these Illuminati reptilian hybrid Luciferian Satanists and their Draco reptilian aliens, in their Illuminati witch human sacrifice rituals. They also feed on the human flesh of their sacrifices, too. So is the condition of the fallen angels. This is why their nephilim taught cannibalism to the humans in ancient times. They see humans as food energetically and physically. This is why in the End Times such as in Noah’s flood’s Atlantis days and in these modern days, you find a huge increase in cannibals and feminists and witches and Satanists and homosexuals and bisexuals and transgender transvestites and occultists as the number of alien hybrid imposter clone infiltrators secretly replace the real human homo-sapiens populace and increase in number proportionately. They are not human souls but they are demon spirits. They are the soulless ones or the living dead. Since they are clone robotic nephilim, they have a very, very small range of emotions. This is why they steal human bodies, incarnate into human bodies over and over again for thousands of years, experience the range of human emotions in this body and realm, and it is like a recreational vacation resort for them. This is why you have the human bodies incarnated by aliens that do very dangerous things, such as rock climbing without ropes, because they know that even if they die, their spirit only need to move into another clone body, and they can continue living. The basic doctrine of Satanism is that the aliens are humans’ ancestors and they are superior ethically due to their higher evolution, so they do not need salvation from Jesus, and they are our teachers. In reality, Satanism is a big fraud, and reality is quite the opposite of this. The alien nephilim branched off from the original genes of Adam and Eve’s human race, and they were created by Satan and the fallen angels. They are not ethically superior, but ethically terrible. They are surely not sinless, and they will not admit the existence of Jesus, because to admit Jesus’ existence would mean admitting to their destruction, since they cannot be saved. Fallen angels and their nephilim children cannot be saved as the Book of Enoch in the Bible says. This is why the Satanist reptilians have hidden the Book of Enoch from the Christians for thousands of years. Since it is the End Times, they are allowed to reappear again, and deceive the world that they are aliens and they are here to save mankind. This is the big deception that Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ talked about in the Bible. They are not here to lead humans into enlightenment and prosperity, but they will lead humans to destruction and to the fallen angels’ doctrines and form of fake reality. But these things and deceptions must come to destroy the wicked and to cleanse the earth of its filth. The earth is moving into Christ’s Millennial Kingdom fifth dimension where people will live very long ages, and there will be positive energy, where the reptilian alien negative low-vibration energy cannot exist. All the low vibration energy, evil, biological weapons, such as bacteria and viruses and parasites and pests and mosquitoes and flies that they created from ancient Atlantis times to exterminate humans also cannot survive in higher light vibration dimensions, and they will not be able to exist in Christ’s Millennial Kingdom fifth dimension. (See video “The Rapture, the US election, Obama, you will be surprised how it all ties together this fall” at .)


The nephilim and chimera enemies of old are back. They are just not in their original forms as giant cannibal nephilim and monster chimeras of Noah’s ancient Atlantis days. The Illuminati demon people brought back the disembodied demon spirits of these ancient nephilim and chimera into normal looking human bodies in these End Times. So, that is why they are walking around in our streets, working in our offices, going to our schools with our children, running our governments, and operating all the Illuminati criminal activities and gang stalking assassinations. People wonder how violent and cannibalistic and satanic and vile and utterly evil these people can be. It is because they are not human homo-sapiens species people like us. They are monsters in human form. We have cell memory, so if we suddenly saw all these occult transgender Satanist cannibalistic psychic giant humanoids and giant reptiles, we would fight them. It is imbedded in our DNA memory. That is why they disguised these demon spirits into human bodies. That is why these Illuminati New World Order genocidal psychopathic witches are crazy, kill masses of people, and conduct all the criminal industries and disasters and terror attacks and wars in the world. They look human, but they are not human. They are the ancient spirits of old, the giant nephilim and giant chimeras of old that our ancestors fought with. They are back, but they are just walking and talking as if they are your friends, that is the only difference. But, they will kill and eat you, without any hesitation. It is their nature. They are the offspring of the fallen angels. That is why they are able to gang stalk you, and try to microwave oven cook you alive, or poison you with strong acid, or infect you with flesh-eating bacteria, or skin and eat human children alive in their satanic reptilian witch rituals, and feel no compassion or guilt. They are not the same species as you, and not something that God created. They are the nephilim and chimera. They are the soulless ones and demon spirits that have taken over human bodies. They are the living dead that were prophesied in the Bible by God. Just know that they are all around you now, and extremely intelligent creatures. Just be careful, and watch your back. These clone imperial storm troopers will betray their commanders without any hesitation and kill them. Many are already not human, and do not have human souls. This is the reason why so many people are reporting that they see mixed groups of aliens and humans with black NSA Nazi SS Illuminati NWO military uniforms with badges emblems with a dragon inside a red triangle (Illuminati Luciferian Satanist Dragon Pyramid symbol) that come out of the UFO spaceships to abduct human homo-sapiens species people. These are genuine military personnel that run our nations’ rogue shadow government Nazi SS military black operations groups funded by our tax money, but they are not real humans, and they are in fact alien hybrids that look human. This is why they are working with the aliens to abduct humans, in order to create more aliens that look human. The aliens can use these avatar human bodies, in order to function in this three dimensional realm. This is Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and their Draco reptilian alien fallen angels and their Illuminati NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi Zionist criminal cabal’s agenda and purpose. Be aware that these alien hybrids and clones and organic robotoids and human avatar bodies with fallen angels or demon spirits inside them are already living amongst us and very much running our rogue shadow governments and Luciferian Satanist secret societies and witches covens and intelligence agencies and corporations and military and media and schools and the Illuminati New World Order MJ-12 CIA AQUARIUS Bilderberg Nazi global agenda. Instead of the Merkaba sacred geometry of God’s creation (that the witches and freemasons use as satanic six pointed star symbols) that is created from within us from love, the Lucifer Rebellion has tried to make this Merkaba externally through technology witchcraft. As the modern day nephilim descendants’ or snake bloodline families’ secret societies like the Freemasons and Illuminati teach, this sacred geometry or witchcraft ancient fallen angel forbidden sciences are called Enochian magic, because Cain’s lineage’s evil Enoch (not God’s Seth lineage Enoch) taught these Watcher fallen angel sciences and knowledge. It is the same Watcher and Draco and Anunnaki and fallen angel technological sciences or witchcraft taught in Wiccan witch covens and other nephilim descendant witch race Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis royal bloodline family secret societies and crafts (witchcraft). In Atlantis, these witch priestess rulers created this double inverse pyramid Merkaba, and it opened up a dimensional warp, and billions of demonic entities came in and entered the bodies of the Atlanteans. These demonic entities are still here, and many people have four or five of these demons inside their bodies. This is why if you are a real born-again Christian and a child of God, all these people attack you all the time, because there are so many people who are demon-possessed. They cause all the evil things in human society and run the human society through these people. Just like in Atlantis, these nephilim descendant reptilian hybrid bloodline family Luciferian Satanist priestesses or Illuminati Grand Mother Council of Thirteen Druid Witches rulers of the Illuminati nephilim descendants are again trying to restore the Atlantis civilization, and they are creating the CERN hadron collider Tower of Babel in Switzerland by extorting billions of dollars from nations, in order to create this star gate wormhole portal to bring in their fallen angels entrapped in the Tartarus abyss and try to march upon heaven to fight God.


The grey aliens cannot go into the earth’s dimensional shift to high vibrational fifth dimension with the humans, because of their evil energy low vibration, so they were trying to create half-breed hybrid bodies, so that some of them can achieve the shift. They are a left brain species, so they try to understand love logically and mathematically. 42+2 chromosomes are about 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall, and 44+2 chromosomes are the humans and are about 5 to 7.5 feet tall, and 46+2 chromosomes are the long-skulled nephilims and they are about 10 to 16 feet tall. There are 12 dimensions. The other dimension earths exist simultaneously with this dimension. The higher dimensions’ technology is internal, so they think of the technology to create it, instead of making the technology externally. The Draco reptilian alien fallen angels who gave up their dimensions to become fourth dimensional entities, in order to enslave humans in the third dimension and parasite off of their life force because humans are still connected to the life force of God, cannot create technology internally by thinking about them, like the fifth dimensional Pleiadians and higher dimensions like the eighth and ninth dimension Blue Avian Sphere Beings who are more energetic than solid. Therefore, the fourth dimension Draco reptilian alien fallen angels have to create their external technologies and Nazi wonder weapons. Their bodies are infested with nanobots like the Borg cyborgs of the fallen angel Archons or fallen angel Archangels, in order to keep their bodies alive for millions of years. This is why just like in their Illuminati movie “Predator,” these Draco reptilian alien fallen angels have these highly advanced technologies to augment their fallen limited condition. These Draco ancient Anunnaki Sumerian gods and their Illuminati reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elites who work for them are frantic in trying to keep the human homo-sapiens species populace under mind-control and banking enslavement and negative energies through suffering and death, so that they can feed off of this energy. However, they are losing control, because Jesus’ return is imminent, and their mind-control is starting to break down. People are waking up to reality of a slave earth. This is why they are trying to destroy the earth with nuclear war, in order to maintain their slave system. They knew that this time would come, and they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. But, they did not care. They hate humans and they hate the fact that God placed humans over the angels to reign over them, so they wanted to rebel against God. Their time has come to an end. Jesus’ rapture of His Church Saints or Bride of Christ and the Tribulation judgment and millennial kingdom is at hand.


During the six days of creation, pre-Adamic humans were created. They became the line of Cain, who later intermarried with fallen angels. After the six days of creation, the Seraphim fallen angels created nephilim giants and chimera giants. They created reptilian dinosaurs after their own kind. Later on, God created Adam and Eve. Be careful of Bible scholars like Zen Garcia have brought in all kinds of false doctrines such as a serpent lineage Cain and flat earth firmament and all kinds of confusing false doctrines, as knowledge is increased by God within His people in the modern End Times, although he has brought some helpful knowledge through the Apocrypha and other ancient texts. They claim the Bible is a wrong translation. (See video “Prehistory: The gap theory & dual creations with Gary Wayne” at and see video “The pre Adamic age and the gap theory with Zen Garcia and David Carrico” at .)


Lilith the reptilian feminist witch was the Lord of the Rings that all the Anunnaki Draco reptilian alien fallen angels held. She was the royal Illuminati bloodline family of the leviathan reptilian alien fallen angels from Tiamat planet that was destroyed by the Pleiadians. It was destroyed because they were doing genetic experiments with human and animal and plant and fallen angel DNA genes, and making monster, and they had created weapons that threatened the galaxy. Lilith is a reptilian nephilim or witch or feminist or vampire, which are essentially the same thing and same creatures. This is why the reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants or witches or feminists or blood drinking vampire race worship her as the owl in the Illuminati Bohemian Grove human sacrifice ritual of the global elites and world leaders. They are all descendants of the fairies or nephilim children of the seraphim snake fallen angels. (See video “Pre-Adamic Earth – John the Baptist and Zen Garcia 4” at and “Gary Wayne – The Dwarves, Elves, Fairies, Giants, and Gnomes of Ancient Mythology” at .) (Read article “The Omega File” by .)


The devil and his Illuminati are afraid and trying to keep our consciousness in fear and enslavement, using the money system survival mentality and using other methods to create fear. If you do not believe in God’s love you cannot love; if you do not believe in God’s protection, you are not protected; if you do not believe in God’s rapture, then you cannot be raptured; if you do not believe in God’s healing, you cannot be healed; and so forth. (See video “4th Dimensional Shift to NEW EARTH – Val Valerian” at .)



Our earth is moving into the photon belt of the galaxy, and our sun is changing dimensions from third dimension to fifth dimension from yellow to white, and the Draco reptilian aliens cannot survive in this fifth dimension as well as all the low vibration energy selfish, carnal, greedy, hateful, violent, lustful, lewd, ungodly humans. Darkness cannot exist in light. Only those who can change to a higher five dimensional energy vibration of love and generosity and humility and patience and self-sacrifice and kindness and godliness can exist in the new earth and sun dimension. In Christ’s Millennial Kingdom that He shall rule with an iron rod, the lion and sheep will lie down together, and the lion will eat grass, and people will live to long ages, and spears will be hammered into pruning hooks. This is why the Draco reptilian nephilim aliens and their Illuminati reptilian hybrid earth royal bloodline families have been trying to frantically stop the earth from changing and from escaping from their three dimension enslavement mind-control trap matrix, and being restored to its higher dimensional condition. They knew it was going to happen. Most of the malevolent aliens live in the fourth dimension, and they cannot survive in the fifth dimension benevolent aliens’ realm of peace and light and goodness. Jesus will rule His Millennial Kingdom with a rod of iron to keep forced order and justice, and keep evil in check. The lion will eat grass and lie down with the lamb. At the end of Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, Satan will be released once more, and he will go out throughout the universe to all civilizations to gather them for war against God and his anointed humans. However, God will melt away the elements, and all these dimensions and other timelines will disappear, and a new spiritual heaven and earth will be completed finally, where all evil will be purged completely, and only holiness and those who are holy will exist forever with God and our Lord Jesus Christ. We are currently in that creation process and waiting creation to be completed by God, and for us to be seated with Christ Jesus in our rightful position in that completed Creation. This process is a necessary process for us who are inheritors of God our Father’s Kingdom. For a son to be a true prince and a daughter to be a true princess, it is very important that we go through this experience and growth and process of becoming God’s co-rulers and children. In Christ Jesus we are complete. So, do not live according to this world that is passing away, but live as co-heirs with Christ and as children of the Most High God YHWH. The creation process so far has been also a process of separating the holy angels from the evil angels, because all that God creates, He creates with free will. God purposely made the angels a little higher than the humans, although this will be reversed in the future, so that the angels would be given a choice of either misusing that advantage or to exemplify God’s nature of ministering and serving the humans with love and humility. Those who misused their advantageous power over humans, and raped the human women, and rebelled against God have proven their heart. Those who believed in God’s holiness and loved God stayed with God, and they were not taken by evil. In this, the angels are tested as to who they are. So, everything works together in God’s infinite plan, and His creation is completed through that plan. As above, so below. Earth is modeled after heaven. This is why the animals of the earth are modeled after the angels of heaven, and humans are made in the image of our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ. Just as God rules over the angels in heaven, man was given authority to rule over all the animals of the earth. God created man as his child and heir. Satan Lucifer and the fallen angels and aliens did not like this. It is like a servant of the king who rebels against the king and tries to kill the king’s child, when a prince is born to the king. Soon, we will return to our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ who loves us, and rule with Him, just as we were to rule the earth. This is the true ascension. The New Age ascension is fake and false and a lie and a cheap imitation. Nibiru or Planet X is where God trapped 30 million of the Sumerian Anunnaki reptilian alien gods Draco fallen angels, and the Illuminati and Vatican all know they are returning very soon. The Torah Codes in the Bible points the planet returning this year in 2016. Satan had asked God to allow him to keep 10% of the fallen angels free to proceed with his work, while 90% were incarcerated by God. The Vatican has set up its Lucifer telescope to watch the planet return, and they have announced the possibility of aliens and their ancestors. As the Bible tells us, they will return to Shinar or Babylon Sumer to continue Noah’s Atlantis days. The Illuminati royal bloodline nephilim families teach in their secret societies that these Draco reptilian aliens are their ancestors and they made them. The Nibiru will cooperate with the Anti-Christ to create the Illuminati New World Order under Satan, after the real Christians are raptured into heaven. (See video “A Vision of the Fifth Dimension – YouTube.mp4” at and see video “Dream: The Coming Dimensional Shift” at .)


Satan’s New Age deceit is that if you have over 50% love and peace rather than selfish ego, then you will ascend to the fifth dimension, just like their fallen angel Ascended Masters. They say that you will get psychic abilities when you start changing. They say that many indigo children are being born who already have these psychic supernatural abilities. This is a bunch of ridiculous lies. Satan and his alien hybrid new age nephilim people who have infiltrated and invaded our society are selling this lie. They do not mention anything about our sins, our need to receive Jesus Christ to be saved, and about God’s coming judgment upon an unbelieving world. The indigo children are nothing but alien hybrids, and nephilim children of the fallen angels. If you watch their propaganda movie “X-Men” you will understand that they are saying that you are transforming into mutant supernatural psychic nephilim witch race reptilian hybrids. This is not true. They are just alien abducting humans, and replacing them with alien hybrids and clones and soul-scalped avatars with ancient nephilim demon spirits in those bodies and organic robotoids. These are not humans, and they do not have souls. They will be destroyed by God in the coming judgment upon these nephilim descendants and heathen humans. The only way to be saved is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His redemptive blood on the cross that He paid for our sins. Their lie is that since there are too many barbaric human homo-sapiens on earth, the earth is not ascending to 5th dimension, and that is why there are so many alien hybrids being incarnated into human bodies on the earth, in order to shift this earth to love and peace so that the earth can change to fifth dimension. This is just a ridiculous excuse to explain away all these alien hybrids that they are manufacturing and placing on this earth as part of their transhumanism, in order to replace human homo-sapiens with nephilims, just like in Noah’s Atlantis days.


Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and the inter-dimensional extraterrestrial alien angelic beings dwell in the second heavens, which are the planets and star systems and galaxies that exist in different dimensions. We have dominion over the first heaven, which is our sky and atmosphere. God dwells in the third heavens, which is beyond the stars in the north where there is a blank area. It has been six thousand years since the creation of man. However, the gap between Genesis 1:1 creation and Genesis 1:2 where we find the creation completely destroyed after the war with Satan and his fallen angels is a span of many years. This is because the time dimension that we live in is like a constructed holographic dimension, and it is deceptive in some ways. Time runs much faster in higher dimensions the higher you get. Therefore, a short period of time in our third dimension could be many number of years in higher dimensions. Outside time, you exist in the now. The lower angels or aliens in the firmament are not allowed into the third heavens where God and the holy angels dwell. The earth was dropped down to a third dimensional low density state after the fall of man. Humans were originally twelve dimensions, and twelve strand DNA. The more dimensions there are, the more etheric and energetic it is. This is why the Pleiadian aliens who are fifth dimensional move much faster than the Draco aliens who are fourth dimensional. Consequently, this is why the Draco reptilian aliens use star gate wormhole portals to attack the Pleiadians, all of a sudden. In the Pleiadian fifth dimension, they imagine a piece of technology or spacecraft and create it into existence. The fourth dimension Dracos rely heavily on physical technology. This is why they have seeded our earth with mobile phone towers and internets and spacecrafts, in order to control mankind. This is very fourth dimensional. (See video “Heaven, Rapture, Tribulation, Millennium, Creation and 2016 Election Perry Stone with Sid Roth” at .)


Humans were created with twelve strands of energetic DNA. The first dimension is: physical motion or time. The second dimension is: emotional motion or human feeling. The third dimension is: mental motion or human thought. The fourth dimension is: spherical separation or sphere. The fifth dimension is: circular separation or diameter. The sixth dimension is: linear separation or radius. The seventh dimension is: electric energy or physical matter. The eighth dimension is: magnetic energy or primal field. The ninth dimension is: etheric energy or life energy. The tenth dimension is: template of consciousness. The eleventh dimension is: Creator’s original feeling. The twelfth dimension is: Creator’s original thought. When you work backward from the starting twelfth dimension to the ending first dimension, you get the process of God’s creation.


The Draco reptilian alien fallen angels were the type of fallen angels that traded in their DNA twelve strands to drop down to becoming four-dimensional creatures where they can cut themselves off from God, so that they can breed with humans and trap humans in this three dimension frequency world, which they can control and harvest us. They compromised their dimensions, so that they became a vampire race that has to feed on the humans’ negative energy, such as hate, fear, depression, greed, suffering, pain, loss, etc. Hence, their Illuminati New World Order Luciferian Satanist homo-capensis reptilian hybrid globalist elite royal bloodline families have created wars, biological weapon diseases, cancer, SIDS, HIV, SARS, economic crashes, poverty, income tax systems, parasite banking systems, foreclosures, suicides, school mass shootings, 9.11 Pentagon explosions, Fukushima nuclear disaster global contamination, mass Satanist human sacrifice ritual tidal waves, HAARP earthquakes, nuclear bomb mass Draco Satanist human sacrifice rituals, chem trails, narcotics industries, human homo-sapiens children kidnap paedophile industries, MILAB alien abductions, human dissection chimera manufacturing, Illuminati Grand Mother Council of Thirteen Druid Witches rulers’ Luciferian Satanist routine child sacrifice rituals, gang stalking persecution of Christians and ICA ally members by Satanist black magicians and alien hybrid assassins, and so on, for thousands of years, in order to create this negative energy. The Illuminati NWO avatars are the Dracos’ extension and manifestation and tool on this earth to parasite on humans and eat humans and enslave humans. While the human homo-sapiens are facing home foreclosures, famine, sickness, and losing friends in war, these Illuminati nephilim elites are hording technology, sending all our income taxes to their space civilizations, building huge mansions, replacing own old bodies with young clone bodies, and traveling from planet to planet in luxury. The fallen angels’ Atlantis Lemuria nephilim children fought and killed each other, and the fallen angels had to watch their nephilim children destroy each other. These dead nephilim became disembodied demon spirits. The Illuminati has been creating cloned bodies for this demon imperial clone army to destroy human homo-sapiens again, so in these End Times, you have more and more infiltrator imposter demons walking around in human bodies. Therefore, society has become very ungodly and wicked and anti-Christian and anti-God and very Luciferian Satanist and feminist and emasculate and transgender and occult and transhumanism. If you preach God’s Torah Truth, they will try to gang stalk and assassinate you. You have many Draco fallen angels incarnating into cloned human bodies, so that is why there are so many genocidal, psychopathic, evil, Satanist, fake humans walking around our midst killing people. The Illuminati royal bloodline families are Luciferian Satanist reptilian alien hybrid nephilim of the Draco fallen angels, and the Nazis that have taken over all the corporations and government agencies in the Western nations are Aryan race hybrids of the Nordic reptilian humanoid aliens. The Nordics aliens have often been depicted as being good, but they run the Nazis, and desire to exterminate non-Aryan non-Nordic human homo-sapiens species. They have cooperated with the reptilians to genocide humans, and to recreate the Atlantis space fleets for Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels, in order to fight the Almighty God YHWH  and our Lord Jesus Christ upon Jesus’ second-coming at Armageddon. Any artificial intelligence aliens or other extraterrestrial nephilim alien species that is not connected to God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ do not have an energy source, so they have to feed off of the human race as vampire creatures. They have placed technologies on the earth energy grids that affect our DNA, because our DNA is directly connected to the earth grids, and this Satan Lucifer DNA project disrupts expression of masculinity and femininity. The “Nephilim Reversal Grid” underground unplugs the masculine and feminine DNA, as well as chem trails that inverse the masculine and feminine nature. The star gates are connected to the power centers in our human bodies and organs which are star gates, so that we have the capacity to move beyond this density. We humans lost dimensions and sank in density, because of the fall of mankind to sin. We have 7 chakras in the 3rd dimension, 15 chakras in the 4th dimension, 22 chakras in the 5th dimension, and so forth. The Illuminati New World Order nephilim have been dumping nanobots in their chem trails to use their Draco A.I. artificial intelligence parasite nano robots to enter the human populace’s body, in order to make the human homo-sapiens of God into Borg cyborg zombie slaves, and eventually destroy all organic life forms from the universe and Creation. This is the ultimate agenda of Satan Lucifer and his fallen angels.


Just as we humans were made in the image of God, the animals were created in the image of angelic beings. The things on the earth reflect the things of heaven. And, just as God rules over the angels, so also, humans rule over the animals of the earth. It is Satan who perverts this, and mixes men’s genes with animal genes; and thereby, trying to mix the image of god with the image of angels, and to bring himself equal to God. These nephilim feminist descendant witches and chimeras are therefore an abomination on this earth. These reptilian nephilim witches or what the people of the earth call as feminist women are an abomination to God, because God commanded all creatures to reproduce after their own kind, but the feminists were created by the devil and his fallen angels by mixing their reptilian genes with the genes of humans, therefore creating a violent, ungodly, destructive, murderous, Satanist, cannibalistic, vampire, hybrid race of women that are illegitimately manufactured. They are the homo-capensis race. The orbs that people see floating are witches who are projecting their spirits through traveling their astral consciousness out of their bodies. The nephilim descendants are the feminists and the witches and the reptilian globalist elites and the Illuminati bloodline families and the mafia and the fascist dictators and the Satanists and the child traffickers and the narcotics industry leaders and the pagan Satan worshippers of Baal abortion god, and all the evil things that are present in our world throughout the history of the human homo-sapiens race As Genesis and the Book of Enoch tells us, these homo-capensis nephilim ate humans and enslaved them since ancient times. This is why they lead the world in Satan’s agenda, and assassinate so many humans who oppose them, and carry out their witches’ sorcery which is Satan worship, and manifest the devil’s character and reptilian psychopath personality. They disguise themselves as human women who are fighting for women’s liberty from God. Just as in the Satanist nephilim Atlantis civilization that God destroyed with Noah’s flood, every Satanist civilization with ever increasing numbers of these female nephilim creatures is a civilization run by a feminist and a female satanic priestess order behind the scenes. The feminists who are the reptilian females and witch race and Satanist priestess class have controlled the human world for thousands of years since Atlantis by controlling the Illuminati men, so Satan’s world is a matriarchal society. They are the Illuminati bloodline families’ Grand Mother Council of Witches. It is a direct opposite of God’s kingdom that is led by godly men. They worship the so-called Queen of Heaven, instead of the Father in Heaven. They have a Jezebel spirit. Satan and his world always has his reptilian bloodline family women over the men. The sisterhood run the military, the government, the Hollywood, the media, the business, etc. You cannot become the president without the permission of the sisterhood of witches of the Illuminati. It is Satan’s way of trying to insult and mock God by perverting His creation, and making a Satanist society full of reptilian hybrid perverted female leaders to rule society using their witchcraft from behind the world scenes. President Obama is just a puppet, and the real president of the United States running the government behind the scenes is a woman called Valerie Jarrett. This world is a world Satanism and of witches running the world. Only the fools believe the lie that this is a man’s world. It never was, since Satan stole the world away from Adam. The sisterhood of the snake runs the world using witchcraft of Satanism, and that power comes from human sacrifice rituals and chanting and narcotics and orgies and pagan worship. They have to sacrifice children in order to travel to the stars and different planets. Satan’s kingdom is run by women. It appears in the physical as if the men run society, but this physical realm is a fake surface realm. The real realm is the spiritual realm and the real power is spiritual control, and the reptilian hybrid nephilim witches of the fallen angel ancestors control everything. It is a deception. This is why they are trying to effeminate the men, and in due time, they are thinking about castrating all men and make them eunuchs, and it will be selective breeding by certain men. This is the satanic perversion and philosophy of Satanism. This is why all these hive collective men of society are afraid to talk about the feminists. Anyone who talks against feminism or the witches get assassinated. This blood lust and killing and sexual perversion is the way of life of these reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants and Satanists. This is why President Obama watches videos of people he assassinates with drone attacks, and has sexual activities and orgasm by looking at it. They look at President Kennedy’s head being blown off and they masturbate over and over again watching it. The witches rituals involve rape and sodomy of young boys and girls, and killing them, and eating their flesh and drinking their blood. This is what all the Satanists that have taken over our government and Hollywood and every organization of human society do. The nephilim pagan life is that of human sacrifice and homosexual orgy and witchcraft. The most clean looking, nice behaving, popular, respected leaders are doing this. The witches are reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants, and the reptilian hybrid nephilim descendants are feminists, and the feminists are the Illuminati sisterhood that has ruled the earth for thousands of years, and the Illuminati sisterhood of Satan are Jezebels, and the Jezebels are the witches. They are all one and the same people. Their witches’ goddess Lilith the owl is worshipped in the Illuminati’s Bohemian Grove.


The seraphim reptilian snake Watcher fallen angel Azazel taught human women about abortion and feminism. From there, they started this ungodly, disgusting, ritual sacrifice of babies to the reptilian snake fallen angels through abortion. Azazel started the feminist movement thousands of years ago. This feminism and abortion is practiced, operated, promoted through the half human half reptilian snake nephilim witch race descendant witches, who are the modern day feminists. They run the feminist movement and the abortion movement and their witches’ covens and Illuminati witch sisterhood. The witches run the maternal Illuminati. The Grand Mother Council of Thirteen Druid Witches rule over the Illuminati from behind the scenes. This is why in these evilest End Times, just like in Noah’s ancient Atlantis, the women behave as if they are men’s equals, wear men’s trousers and clothing, have sex with many men, put on cosmetics taught by the fallen angels in order to deceive men, and conduct abortions. These are detestable to God and are evidence of a reprobate mind. All who practice this ungodly practice of abortion, and abide by these putrid doctrines of women’s equality will be thrown into the Lake of Fire at the final judgment, along with their fallen angel Azazel. Azazel is often depicted as a goat with horns. This bull cult with their feminist god Moloch or Baal is worshipped by the reptilian witch feminist abortionists. Everywhere in the ancient times, they would thrown their babies as sacrifice into the flaming fires of these feminist gods. In Greece, they would throw children into the labyrinth for these half bull half human Minotaur to eat. In modern days, the Illuminati reptilian witches still abort millions of children in their Illuminati Luciferian Satanist abortion clinics as part of their feminist movement, in order to create power black magic for their gods and opening up star gate wormhole portals to let in more demons into this earth. The human women of this world worship these feminists, and they follow after this evil doctrines of women’s equality and women’s independence and sexual liberation. The reason why the circle around the triangle is an Illuminati symbol is because the triangle is a symbol of the male energy, and the circle symbolizes suppression of that male energy. The entire feminist agenda of the Illuminati and Satan is to suppress and emasculate the strongest men of the world, so that they cannot protect the feminine energy. This is the reason for the extreme emasculation of men and masculinity of women. The reversal is so obvious, but it shows how dumb and mind-controlled the humans are. This is why women are not wearing head coverings and wearing trousers and behaving like men’s equals, and the men are so weak and subservient. (See video “Azazel leader of the Watchers – Book of Enoch – Gary Wayne – Genesis 6 conspiracy – NowYouSeeTV” at .)


The reptilian Seraph snake Satanism’s mystic witchcraft religions and freemason secret societies started with Cain’s descendant Tubal-Cain, and later on Cain’s daughters married with the fallen angels to create the Nephilim to further this Satanist religion. The descendants of the nephilim are the modern day Illuminati royal bloodline family reptilian hybrid people who rule the earth and belong to all these dark secret societies. The seven sacred illicit sciences were taught by the fallen angels, and that knowledge is continued through to this days’ secret societies. Enoch the descendant of Cain hid these Enochian witchcraft or Gnostic knowledge into these secret societies of the nephilim descendants. This is why these feminist nephilim witches conduct orgies and human sacrifices and black magic in their Satanist rituals. They have witchcraft psychic powers. All the polytheistic religions of the world are part of this mystic religion of the fallen angels and nephilim The Gnostic religions are more Christian in appearance, compared to the Luciferian Satanist, but they are still very much polytheistic in nature.  Many nephilim survived Noah’s floods on arks and in mountains. There were nephilims created after that, also, such as in Sodom and Gomorroah. Sodom and Gomorrah were full of these nephilim alien hybrids, so just like in these modern End Times, there was a rise and take over by the homosexual transgender, occult, God-hating, mystic, nephilim people. This is why in nephilim cultures, there are technological developments and prosperity, but tremendous evil, including Satanist human sacrifice rituals, witchcraft, drugs, orgies, sexual immorality, homosexuality, feminism, paganism, and all other evils described in the Bible. (See video “Genesis 6 Conspiracy: Nephilim [Giants] plan to enslave mankind / Book of Enoch: NOWYOUSEETV” at .)


This is why all the celebrities have six toes. Marilyn Monroe, Hall Berry, Oprah Winfrey, and all other reptilian feminist witches and descendants of the six fingered giant nephilim rulers of the earth or the modern day rich and famous or royal bloodline or hybrid descendant Illuminati descendant Satanists of the fallen angels have six toes, and once they are photographed by journalists, they surgically remove the sixth toe. They find it funny that all the inferior humans are ignorant of their special nephilim giant club of non-human non-earth hybrid reptilian homo-capensis people, who have stolen all the positions of power and wealth and fame. They are nice on the outside, but inside, they are like their nephilim giant soulless demon spirits, who are violent, arrogant, psychopathic, and cannibalize children in their Illuminati witch rituals. These politicians and billionaire bankers and celebrities are all nephilim giants who have grown smaller due to the inbreeding with humans, but their six toes remain along with their psychopath brain, and they have no human souls. (See article “Sometimes enlightenment strikes the one you’d least expect” at .)


All these Illuminati witches come out to the Christian churches, so that the churches are filled with all these Satanist witches and fake religious Christians, instead of real Christians. All the real Christians are outside the churches because they are nauseated by the churches and are kicked out for speaking the truth. These witches place curses on the churches and the church people, and put defiled food into the church food and refreshments. They give things to church people which have spells on them. They stalk the church men, and try to follow them home. If the real Christian men try to distance themselves from them, they complain to the pastor and fake religious Christians that the church men are not loving and are evil. The pastors and fake religious Christians try to force the real Christian men to tolerate these reptilian hybrid psychic witches and love them, in direct disobedience to the Bible. These demon spirit people are not human souls, so they have a very haunting and stalking and sexually perverted nature. They have Western names like “Jasmine,” and they look half Caucasian, although they claim to be Japanese. Their parent was a foreigner and an Illuminati Satanist and a reptilian homo-capensis species witch, so they left huge amounts of inheritance for these witches, and that is why they are super rich and do not have to work. They just go around stalking real Christians and real children of God who come out to the churches. However, all these inheritance money were gained through illegal, criminal, parasitical Illuminati industries and criminal enterprises, because their parents were witches. The reason why all these Illuminati NWO MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg Luciferian Satanist reptilian hybrid homo-capensis globalist elite Nazi Zionist criminal cabal’s black magician witches or now clone embodied nephilim descendant demon spirits want to visit human homo-sapiens ICA ally members at night while sleeping to try to kill them and have sex with them at the same time is because they are very confused entities. Evil and fallen creatures are confused unclean spirits. Their reptilian nature is both murderous and sexually perverted. So, they contradict themselves, since they want to kill you, but also want to have sex with you. And, at the same time, they try to infect you with disease while you are most vulnerable sleeping. They try to sexually excite human homo-sapiens species victims’ genitals while sleeping. They are incubus and succubus spirits that are now living in Illuminati Draco technology cloned bodies. They are simply being demons and fallen angels and witches, which is what they are, children of the reptilian fallen angels, and they cannot do otherwise than what they are. They are freak artificially created life forms, and God sees what they think they do in secret, and they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire very soon.Creation will be rid of both their murderousness and sexual perversion, at the same time. Pray that if any try to visit you, God will send His holy angels to throw them into the abyss. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of human homo-sapiens being abducted, harvested for body parts, and discarded by the Draco reptilian alien nephilim and their Illuminati New World Order MJ-12 AQUARIUS Bilderberg globalist elite homo-capensis reptilian hybrid royal bloodline genocidal psychopathic Luciferian Satanist Nazi Zionist cabal and Grand Mother Council of Thirteen Druid Witches rulers. Many scholar athetic young men are kidnapped from the bars or national parks or other places, and are later found weeks later with their pants down and barefoot in a pond. There are increasing numbers of reptilian alien hybrids amongst our human population, so these human homo-sapiens species men are being sodomized and their sperms harvested for cloning, and their corpses disposed of. These young men are observed and tracked in the campuses and bars and wherever they go, and people with Draco technology stealth invisibility cloaks on that make them invisible put drugs in their drinks, and then when these human victims go to the toilet, the witchcraft invisibility cloak is placed over these victims, and they are kidnapped. Their genes are being used to manufacture AI artificial intelligence organic robotoids to infiltrate the human homo-sapiens species population, in order to assassinate and genocide them slowly. It is a mass replacement program by Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and Draco reptilian alien nephilim fallen angels and their Illuminati NWO homo-capensis reptilian hybrid globalist elite Satanist witch race. If these nephilim appeared again on the earth just like in the ancient Atlantis days of Noah’s flood, we humans have cell memory of these ugly nephilim giants and reptilians, so we would fight them. This is why Satan Lucifer and his fallen angel Archons and the fallen angel Draco reptilian aliens are making nephilim organic robotoids with nephilim disembodied spirits living inside that look identical to humans, so that they can slip into human society and not be noticed. These soulless demonic creatures are the ones putting drugs in the drinks of your human homo-sapiens sons and husbands and fathers’ at the bar and kidnapping them and harvesting their body parts, fellow humans. They are clone human bodies which house these demon spirits or nephilim spirits of ancient cannibal giants and chimera, who are doing these alien abductions and MILAB kidnappings and CIA DHS ISIS terrorist cannibalism of humans, just like they ate humans in the ancient days of Noah’s Atlantis civilization. History repeats itself, and the human homo-sapiens species are being systematically exterminated and depopulated by these nephilim. This is why God will judge these nephilim and the fallen angels once more with fire, just as in the days of Noah when He judged them with water. These alien hybrid demon spirit nephilim sodomy people will not be tolerated. A day of reckoning has come. Wherever there are great lakes and large bodies of water, these reptilian abductions and sodomy occur. Many women and children are also being abducted and harvested for organs and genes and body parts and slavery. Human genes and souls are the most valuable black market commodities being traded between the alien species in the galaxy and universe. There are many alien underground bases in these great lakes and large bodies of water. They say that MILAB abductions are conducted by humans, but are these nephilim demon spirit alien hybrids in human bodies in our military organizations and government secret intelligence agencies considered humans? No, they are alien demons disguised as humans, who are abducting humans and using them to create more alien hybrids to house the ancient dead disembodied nephilim spirits. This will continue more and more as we approach the end. Woe to these entities and their Satan Lucifer and fallen angel Archons and fallen angel Dracos for our Almighty God YHWH and our Lord Jesus Christ knows what they are doing, and their wrath is coming upon them. Is our Lord God Amighty who reigns over heaven and earth blind and deaf like the idols they worship, as not to see this evil that is being done upon the earth? Who are these entities that they should desecrate God’s creation and conduct in such manner? Surely, God’s wrath and judgment will be swift and devastating for the evil they have done. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth for God’s anger is about to fall as fire and shake the earth.